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Actar D Spring 2014

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A Generous Medium Abalos+Sentkiewicz Agenda. JDS architects Architecture & Violence Barcelona Masala BCN Noteguide Beyond Environment Beyond Patronage Bracket 2 Bracket 3 Catalyst Chiharu Shiota City Sense Clip, Stamp, Fold Constructing Europe Create! Critical Prison Design Digital & Parametric Architecture Edward P. Bass Distinguished Visiting Architecture Fellowship Series eVolo back issues eVolo Skyscrapers 2 Experiments With Life Itself Fuksas Object Fuksas Building GSD Platform 6 (IN)formal LA Interdisciplinary Design Journeys Judgement Landscape Futures Louis I. Kahn Visiting Assistant Professorship Series

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Ma Yansong Many Norths Mapping China New Natures Open Enclosed: Donald Judd Popular Lies About Graphic Design Projective Ecologies Public Catalyst Public Space Acupuncture Renewing Architectural Typologies Retrospecta Scarcity in Excess Social Infrastructure: New York The Arsenal of Exclusion / Inclusion The Car in 2035 The Cornell Journal of Architecture 08 The Cornell Journal of Architecture 09 The Function of Style The Monuments Power the Cars The Petropolis of Tomorrow The Self Sufficient City The Sniper’s Log Thermodynamic Interactions Total Blueprint Total Landscape Total Singular Housing Traces Venezia, Venezia What Modern is?

Image of the cover: Casa Lara Ríos by F451 arquitectura, project inside “Total Singular Housing”

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Spring 14

The Function of Style Farshid Moussavi

Farshid Moussavi is Professor in Practice in the Department of Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design. She trained at Harvard GSD, the Bartlett School of Architecture University College London and Dundee University. Moussavi was co-founder and co-principal of Foreign Office Architects before establishing her own practice, Farshid Moussavi Architecture, in London in 2011. During the 19th and most of the 20th century, discussions of style revolved around pure formalism or pure functionalism. Style, as the way of assembling forms, was trapped in producing consistency and sameness across architectural forms. This publication is the third in a series at the GSD focused at researching a contemporary idea of style in architecture. The previous publication investigated the architecture of the latter part of the 20th century which defies the senselessness and anonymity of early 20th century city. The aim was to establish whether the systems of differentiation identified earlier were exploring their style as formalism or they were based on a new idea of style that would work with form and function simultaneously as a way to use form to subvert function as set out for each type by early 20th century modernism. This book will interrogate further the formfunction relationship of those projects. It will focus particularly on the history of drawing techniques of describing different concepts of function. All will be shown through drawings that describe amongst other criteria the structural function [arrangement of activities or materials], the physical function [such as acoustics, traffic, lighting], the psychological function or the social function of built forms.

Published with Harvard Graduate School of Design November 2014 English 978-1-940291-30-7 17,2 × 21,8 cm // 640 pages Flexibound cover // Color images Price € 34,75 / $ 44.95 / £ 29.75

bestseller trilogy The Function of Form, 2009; 978-84-96954-73-1 “The book is ideal for students, as it enables them to discover how subtle differences in the manipulation of structure impact the spaces, articulated as the affects noted for each entry.” —Archidose

The Function of Ornament, 2006; 978-84-96540-50-7


Spring 14

What Modern is? Aaron Betsky

Modernism is a monument to or memory of that act, which in its own making tries to remake the world it is pretending to represent. Aaron Betsky (born 1958) is a critic, curator, educator, lecturer, and writer on architecture and design, who since August 2006 has been the director of the Cincinnati Art Museum. Betsky was named as the director of the 11th Exhibition of the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2008. From 1995-2001 Betsky was Curator of Architecture, Design and Digital Projects at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. He worked as a designer for Frank Gehry and Hodgetts & Fung. Traces the astonishing opening up of a brave new world of open empty space, the arrival of the beauty and terror of the machine into daily life, and the attempts to represent them in the construction of a modernist world At its root, modernism is that fundamental. It is a question of having something to represent that is of the moment. In the most radical interpretation, modernism always comes too late. The modern is that which is always new, which is to say, always changing and already old by the time it has appeared. Modernism is always a retrospective act, one of documenting or trying to catch what has already appeared –an attempt to fix life as it is being lived. Modernity is just the very fact that we as human beings are continually remaking the world around us through our actions, and are doing so consciously.

December 2014 English 978-1-940291-15-4

16,5 × 23,5 cm 256 pages Soft cover Color images Price € 25 / $ 29.95 / £ 23 Related title: Looking for Mies, 2008; 978-8496954373; Domesticity at War, 2007; 978-0262033619;


Spring 14

Many Norths Building in A Shifting Territory Lola Sheppard, Mason White (eds.)

and infrastructure development over the past 100 years.” Content as a part of the Canada Pavilion, in Arctic Adaptations: Nunavut at 15 exhibition, at the 2014 Venice Biennale in Architecture. May 2015 English 978-1-940291-31-4

By employing research techniques and spatial analysis that describe building in Arctic regions, Many Norths explores how Arctic settlements have responded to climate and geography, as well as everincreasing global pressures, to ask: What is next for the North? “Many Norths charts unique, often surreal spatial realities of Canada’s arctic regions, documenting the geospatial, infrastructural, techno-cultural, and architectural innovations that have enabled modern life in this territory of climatic and cultural extremes. It is a region where the reality of daily life is often stranger and more extraordinary than any fiction one could envision. This unprecedented book documents the region through five themes: settlements, architecture, mobility, monitoring, and resources. Many Norths reveals the challenges and opportunities of building, mobility, and culture in the dispersed communities of the Canadian North, and speculates the emergence of a contemporary northern, or arctic, vernacular. Many Norths offer a unique look at Canada’s “next North”, uncovering the compelling story of northern inhabitation and cultural adaptation through architecture, landscape,

20 × 27 cm 408 pages Hard cover Color images Price € 40 / $ 54.95 / £ 36


Spring 14

Beyond Patronage Reconsidering Models of Practice Joyce Hwang and Martha Bohm

partnerships with not-for-profits, granting agencies, educational institutions, and other public organizations. How are these broader relationships redefining the role of patronage in architecture? Have our current economic, ecological, and political climates provoked architecture to confront its own priorities and assumptions? How can the practice of architecture be shaped not only through relationships of power, but also through strategies of empowerment? How are emerging practitioners today grappling with issues of inclusion and exclusion in the field? Explores contemporary architectural practices and design agendas that are being shaped or enabled by new forms of ‘patronage’ Essays, projects, and interviews will examine emerging forms of sponsorship, new forms of connectivity –technological or social– that produce innovative modes of collaboration, and strategies for cultivating relationships that allow us to rethink typical hierarchies between those in power and those in service. One could argue that the profession of architecture has traditionally been characterized by patronage. Throughout the twentieth century, private clients have enabled architects to develop and realize their most significant work. Today, the landscape of patronage is shifting. While the role of private clients is still central to the survival of the profession, an increasing number of architects and design practitioners are actively cultivating

Joyce Hwang, AIA, received a postprofessional Master of Architecture degree from Princeton University and a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cornell University, where she was awarded the Charles Goodwin Sands Memorial Bronze Medal. Since 1997, she has practiced professionally with offices in San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia, and Barcelona, Spain. Hwang is a Registered Architect in New York State and an Assistant Professor of Architecture at University at Buffalo, SUNY. Published with University of Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning. December 2014 English 978-1-940291-18-5 16,5 × 23,5 cm 208 pages Soft cover Color images Price € 25 / $ 29.95 / £ 23


Spring 14

Public Catalyst Manuel Bailo

the First “Annual Commercial Space Award” in China 2011. And they have received the prestigious Spanish Award FAD twice. Published with University of Virginia School of Architecture October 2014 English 978-1-940291-20-8

Demonstrates the existence of public space catalysts, as well as the need of their presence for an expectant or indifferent place to be activated This work, which understands that the city, now and ever, has had and must have public spaces of intensity, proposes the urban catalysts as agents capable of activating a place that was previously indifferent. The comparative work of historical and recent cases, developed by research and drawings work, has allowed us to discover that the vivid public spaces of identity and reference have been formed due to the urban effect caused by these agents that we call “catalysts”. Manuel Bailo’s work includes a wide range of projects, moving from urban scale to interiorism. It has been fully published and awarded. Some examples are: GardenHouse 0.96; Hotel Ciutat d’Igualada, and Façade-Steps Landscape of Manresa Town Hall, shown at On Site: New Spanish Architecture, MoMA Museum of New York in 2006, and won in 2010 the prestigious international Contracworld Award. They have also received

16,5 × 23,5 cm 265 pages Soft cover Color images Price € 22 / $ 24.95 / £ 19.95


Spring 14

Total Singular Housing Alternatives to Private Domain Ricardo Devesa (ed.) Seemingly, in contraposition to an interiororiented habitat, the house opens itself to the exterior and to the landscape. And lastly, in contraposition to the environmental carelessness, the house seeks and demands a low environmental footprint. The postmodern house, exuberant, full of useless devices, becomes obsolete; a more sustainable, inexpensive home (but at the same time vibrant, intrepid and evolved) is preferred today. Projects by: MVRDV, Sou Fujimoto, OFFICE KGDVS, Tato Architects, CLOUD 9, Andres Jaque, Adjaye, Lacaton&Vassal, Pezo Von Ellrichshausen, Rural Studio, LOHA, Amunt Architects among others. Selection of houses from the 21st century. New houses in response to new needs: Global Domesticity, resourceenhanced, docile indoors, and colonized outdoors The single-family house, the jewel of the crown of architecture since 19th century, constitutes a fine and subtle transmissor and detector of changes—by adopting the formal, technical and theorical advances in architecture, but also by being responsive to the social and cultural changes of the times. The house incorporates and reacts to the mutations imposed by the globalization, the spread of the new technologies and the environmental, social and financial crisis from the 21st century. In contraposition to the globalization, a new approach arises to recover the traditional and ancient building knowledge. In contraposition to the single-family house for the highest social classes, comes that from lower classes, with tight budgets, who do not want to give up their domestic dreams.

September 2014 English 978-1-940291-10-9

16,5 × 23,5 cm 396 pages Softcover Color illustrations Price € 39 / $ 49.95 / £ 34.95 Related title: Total Housing; 2010; 978-84-96540-88-0


Spring 14

Total Blueprint Analyzing Singular Housing Design Ricardo Devesa (ed.) EFICIENCIA ENERGÉTICA CUBIERTA AJARDINADA



MANTO TÉRMICO: Solución pasiva


Las pérdidas de calor se minimizan al estar el volumen recubierto por una envolvente continua formada por 10 cm de poliestireno extruido.


La estructura sobre rasante está formada por un caparazón metálico que constituye el acabado interior y el soporte de manto térmico


Climatización eficiente mediante suelo radiante ya que requiere temperaturas de funionamiento muy bajas. El intercambio de calor se realiza mediante aerotermia.




Los elementos de contención y los forjados realizados en hormigón proporcionan inercia térmica al sistema

An analysis of the paradigmatic transformations in house design since the turn of the last century The aim of the research gathered in this book is the use of redrawn graphic documentation on a selection of free-standing single-family homes in order to analyze the most significant changes in house design since the turn of the last century. Based on a systematic representation of eighty houses, it will examine their spatial, programmatic, technical and cultural compositions. The selection of the projects under study comes from the archives that Actar Publishers has built up over twenty years of publishing and reflects on the most fundamental changes the architecture has undergone. The documentation for each project, redrawn and examined in detail, will begin with the location and move on to plans, elevations and sections, accompanied by analytical outlines that sum up each project’s main contributions. Finally, there will be a number of annexes with comparative charts including similar-scale drawings to demonstrate those paradigmatic transformations.

Ricardo Devesa received his degree in architecture from the Valencia School of Architecture (1999). He holds a PhD from Barcelona Tech University (2012) for his dissertation Houses & Trees. He is currently an editor-in-chief at Actar Publishers and an associate professor at the Barcelona School of Architecture of Barcelona (ETSAB). He also teaches at the Elisava School of Design, and the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IaaC). He served as a member of the editorial staff of the magazine Quaderns d’Arquitectura i Urbanisme (19971999), and was a member of the editorial board for the magazine Basa (2004-2008). He is co-editor of Otra mirada. Posiciones contra crónicas. La acción crítica como reactivo en la arquitectura española reciente (Gustavo Gili, 2010), as well as the Barcelona Modern Architecture Guide (Actar D, 2013). December 2015 English 978-1-940291-24-6

16,5 × 23,5 cm // 400 pages Soft cover Color images Price € 35 / $ 44.95 / £ 32 Related Titles: Total Singular Housing, 2014; 978-1-940291-10-9. Total Housing; 2010; 978-84-96540-88-0


Spring Available 14

Total Landscape Sensitive Alternatives to the Post-Industrial Landscape Erica Sogbe, Ricardo Devesa (eds.)

variables from a global perspective. Finally, the threat of change will have become an opportunity: that postindustrial landscape will serve as the framework for the appearance of a new kind of urban space, which can reflect the different working scales, the interdisciplinarity and the diversity of programs demanded by the global system.

A selection of landscape projects from the 21st Century. Regeneration, integration and new challenges in contemporary public space At present, the global landscape is unifying regions through new ecological, cultural and political networks, especially in the wake of recent changes in economic systems. At the beginning of what seems like the era of biofuels, territory is acquiring a new connotation of power; at the same time, the boom in ecologically sensitive programs is bringing public space for the future into the center of debate. When facing this dilemma, contemporary landscaping teams are challenged to establish new frameworks to mediate between the idea of preservation and radical changes in the environment. Our current designation of landscape seems to dilute the dichotomy between what is seen as cultural and what is considered to be natural. The key may lie in the recent understanding of landscape design as the interpretation of a place–understood as the overlapping of infinite layers of culture and natural processes–, while it is still capable of managing and integrating

With works by West 8, Field Operation, Michel Desvigne, Shlomo Aronson, OKRA, Latz & Partner, Atelier Loidl, Taylor Cullity Lethlean, Martí Franch, RCR, among others. December 2014 English 978-1-940291-29-1

16,5 × 23,5 cm 400 pages Soft cover Color images Price € 35 / $ 44.95 / £ 31.50 Related title: Projective Ecologies, 2014; 978-84-15391-30-2

Spring 14

Erica Sogbe received her degree in architecture at the Central University of Venezuela [FAU-UCV]. She holds a PhD from Barcelona Tech University (UPC), where she also has been professor of Landscape Projects in the Landscaping University Master Program [MUP, UPC] and guest professor in several workshops and master programs. Erica has developed researches in the Barcelona Center for Landscape Research and Projects [CRPPb, UPC] collaborating in several projects amongst which stands the Region of Girona Landscape Catalogue, winner of the Territorial Award by the Catalan Society of Land Planning [SCOT]. She has been part of the management and organization team of the V and VI European Biennial of Landscape Architecture and coordinator of the V International Exhibition of Landscape and Architecture Schools.



Spring 14

Essays On Thermodynamics Architecture and Beauty Iñaki Ábalos, Renata Sentkiewicz Lluís Ortega (ed.)

September 2014 English 978-1-940291-19-2 Spanish 978-1-940291-28-4 16,5 × 23,5 cm // 320 pages Soft cover // Color images Price € 30 / $ 34.95 / £ 27.95 Related title: Recycling Madrid; 1999; 978-8495273437

New Natures Intermodal Station in Logroño A compendium of essays and projects, that creates a projective document able to set up new scenarios for the Architecture of the next decade Essays on Thermodynamics, Architecture and Beauty, is a book that unfolds arguments and designs around the concept of “thermodynamic beauty”. This new aesthetic category opens up new and unexpected directions to the architect’s work, connecting architecture and thermodynamics without giving up the tectonic tradition. The compendium will be developed through the concepts of Somatisms, Monsters Assemblage, Verticalism and Thermodynamic Materialism, summarizing design strategies, and opening new territories at the scales of building, public space and landscape. Iñaki Ábalos has Master’s degree in Architecture (1978) and Ph.D. Architecture (1991) from the School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM). Had the RIBA International Felowship 2009. Royal Institute of British Architects, and is Chair of Department of Architecture GSD Harvard University from 2013.

Ábalos+Sentkiewicz arquitectos Inma E. Maluenda, Enrique Encabo (eds.)

Monograph dedicated to the new Intermodal Station Logroño, Spain by Iñaki Abalos and Renata Sentkiewicz, tells how the authors started from the intention to exploit the underground of the tracks and the train station to create a memorable urban event. English 978-84-616-5441-3 Spanish 978-84-616-5141-2 320 pages // 16,5 × 23,5 cm Soft cover // Color images Price € 19,25 / $ 24.95 / £ 17.50 Published by Q! estudio


Spring 14

Thermodynamic Interactions An Exploration into Material, Physiological and Territorial Atmospheres Javier García-Germán (ed.) Iñaki Ábalos for Material Atmospheres and Philippe Rahm for Physiological Atmospheres, who will work together with the editor defining the context of the book.

Energy and sustainability is a complex topic that needs to address simultaneously core disciplinary values and ideas that come from other fields of knowledge The interconnection between the environment and its climate, its built structures and the human body requires overlying architecture with other disciplines such as meteorology, thermodynamics or physiology to engage them in a holistic way. The book is structured in three blocks —Territorial Atmospheres, Material Atmospheres and Physiological Atmospheres— which present three distinct and successive realms at which thermodynamic exchanges are taking place. Territorial Atmospheres deals with the thermodynamic interaction between the environment and its built structures. Material Atmospheres focuses on the interaction between a building and the climate it generates. And lastly, Physiological Atmospheres centers on the interaction between indoor ambient and the physiological and psychological effects on human beings. Each of the blocks has a coeditor: Silvia Benedito for Territorial Atmospheres;

Javier García-Germán (Madrid, 1974) has Master’s degree from the School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM), he studied at the Oxford School of Architecture and at Harvard University Graduate School of Design, where he was Fulbright scholar. Currently heads the office TAA (ToTem associated architects) and is associate Projects professor at ETSAM. November 2014 English 978-1-940291-22-2 12 × 16,5 cm 160 pages Soft cover Color images Price € 20 / $ 24.95 / £ 18


Spring 14

Scarcity in Excess The Built Environment and the Economic Crisis in Iceland Arna Mathiesen with Thomas Forget and Giambattista Zaccariotto (eds.)

A guiding model that seeks to address the relationship between the economic meltdown and the built environment in Iceland using eco- logical approaches. New solutions that aspiere a long-term balance between economic objectives and ecological issues

It is the work of the participants in the case study and a number of invited contributors from different fields; researchers, artists and activists that offer different perspectives on the case. The case study is a part of a larger European project, Scarcity and Creativity in the built Environment (SCIBE), funded by HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area). September 2014 English 978-1-940291-32-1 16,5 × 23,5 cm // 250 pages Soft cover // Color images Price € 35 / $ 44.95 / £ 31.50

Barcelona Masala Narratives and Interactions in Cultural Space Robert E. D’Souza, Daniel Cid Moragas (eds.)

Barcelona Masala documents an innovative educational design project conducted in the Raval district of Barcelona over a threeyear period. Winchester School of Art and the Elisava, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering have formulated a series of workshops that have challenged design students to develop inter and transdisciplinary methods and strategies of working

applied to the changing needs of an urban community in Barcelona. The projects and associated workshops were conducted to promote cultural understanding and exchange while developing dialogues between the Asian immigrant population of the Raval and the wider city in a period of time that the Raval has transformed through migratory change. This publication looks at how design activism and social engagement could contribute to better understanding of peoples and societies within the context of the globalised urban situation. March 2014 English 978-1-940291-23-9

208 pages // 16,5 × 23,5 cm Soft cover // Color images Price € 22 / $ 24.95 / £ 18.00


Spring 14

Beyond Environment Emanuele Piccardo and Amit Wolf (eds.)

architectural sensibly concerned with the effects of variedly compounded, highly eidetic architectural surfaces. Emanuele Piccardo is an architect and a curator working from Genoa, Italy; Amit Wolf is an architect, curator, and Lecturer at Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles.

A new architectural sensibility developed by Gianni Pettena through incorporations of art and architecture, bourgeoning youth culture and the discothèque Beyond Environment presents the potent interchange between architecture, Land Art, and Performance Art that emerged through Italian architect Gianni Pettena’s idealized collaboration with American artists Allan Kaprow and Robert Smithson in the 1970s. Captivated by a journey to the USA in 1971, Pettena would converse with the American Midwest, a conversation culminating in his meeting with Robert Smithson in Salt Lake City. Earlier in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Pettena’s experiments in material transformations helped create some of the architect’s most iconic works. Staged in an abandoned school and in a non-descriptive suburban house, and titled Ice House I and II, Pettena would pour water into the mold works he created around the buildings’ perimeter walls. Curing during the winter night to a coat of ice, the houses resonated with their conceptual predecessor, Kaprow’s Fluids of 1967, as well as with an incomparable contemporary

With contributions and works of Peter Cook, Allan Kaprow, Robert Smithson, Gordon Matta Clark, Superarchitecture; and interviews with Gianni Pettena, Ugo La Pietra, Lapo Binazzi, Fabio Sargentini. June 2014 English 978-1-940291-33-8

14,5 × 20,5 cm // 176 pages Soft cover // Color images Price € 25 / $ 34.95 / £ 22.00


Spring 14

The Monuments Power The Cars And Other Artistic Views Of Energy Paul Andersen and Adam Lerner

Published with Museum of Contemporary Art Denver June 2015 English 978-1-940291-17-8

16,5 × 23,5 cm // 240 pages Soft cover Color images Price € 25 / $ 29.95 / £ 23

The Monuments Power The Cars is a visual essay that broadens the current understanding of energy by identifying cultural, as opposed to natural, sources The book follows a large scale exhibition Energy Effects: Art and Artifacts from the Landscape of Glorious Excess, which was presented at the MCA Denver, JulySeptember 2010. The exhibition was one of the museums most visited, and received extensive press coverage in The Atlantic, The Denver Post, and Westword. A second exhibition will be organized to coincide with the book’s publication. Research for this book was supported by the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, the Denver Biennial of the Americas, MetLife Foundation, and the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs. With works by Francis Alys, Rebecca Horn, Marina Abramovic, Michael Heizer, Christian Marclay, Luis Camnitzer, Willard Wigan, Liza Lou, Dennis Adams, Nancy Rubins, Agata Oleksiak, Jumi Janairo Roth, Magda Sayeg, among many others.


Spring 14

Open Enclosed: Donald Judd Gillermo Zuaznabar

November 2014 English 978-1-940291-21-5

Spanish 978-1-940291-27-7 14,5 × 20 cm // 128 pages Soft cover B&W and color images Price € 18 / $ 19.95 / £ 16

In this brilliant essay, Gillermo Zuaznabar sets out to describe Donald Judd as if he were an unknown figure, a pioneer Taking “Specific,” the seminal text written by Judd in the mid-sixties, as the central theme, the author analyzes the artist’s main concepts and his whole career from a new perspective: “what one seeks is an object that speaks of the world in which it is moving or of the world from which it is moving away. One searches for a boundary work, a frontier, that says, simultaneously, where it is coming from and where it is going, a work in which interests overlap. A work that will function as a mark or a crossroads, locating this work is the first exercise.” Gillermo Zuaznabar received his degree in Fine Arts. He holds a PhD from Barcelona Tech University. He teaches Architectural History and Theory in the School of Architecture (EAR) at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Reus, Spain. Zauzanabar works on depth critic and reflection about the relationships between art, architecture, and the landscapes of the last 60 years. He is author of the book Jorge Oteiza animal fronterizo (Actar, 2001).


Spring 14

Mapping China Construction and Deliberation: Architecture as a Generator of the Chinese Metropolis Li Xiangning

December 2014 English 978-1-940291-01-7

Spanish 978-1-940291-35-2 16,5 × 23,5 cm 400 pages Soft cover Color images Price € 35 / $ 44.95 / £ 31.50

The point of entry of this compilation of the best Contemporary Chinese Architecture is the WEST BUND 2013: A BIENNIAL OF ARCHITECTURE AND CONTEMPORARY ART, held in the waterfront of Xuhui District, Shanghai on October, 2013 and wound up on December. Architecture in China is currently the forefront of cultural innovation, and in the meantime, it is the inner drive of social development. The purpose of this book is to review its relationships with the international debate, as well as show the space of the Chinese architects and its social imagination. China has become a worldwide “test field” for the architecture. “China Speed” -- its collectivistic mass production and explosive development -- draws the world’s attention. This publication will present and review the architectural climate and practice progress of contemporary Chinese architecture during the first decade of the new millennium. Through analyzing and reflecting on the best Chinese architectural production, a new cultural era will be shown in Mapping China. Published with West Bund 2013, Biennial of Architecture and Contemporary Art



Projective Ecologies Chris Reed and Nina-Marie Lister (eds.)

Where are ecological thinking and theory now? What do current trajectories of research suggest for future practice? How can advances in ecological research and modeling, in social theory, and in digital visualization inform, with greater rigor, more robust design thinking and practice? New original essays by Peter Del Tredici, Erle Ellis, Christopher Hight, Sanford Kwinter, Sean Lally, Nina-Marie Lister, Chris Reed, Jane Wolff Reprinted/excerpted essays by Robert Cook, David Fletcher, Richard T.T. Forman, C.S. Holling. Ecological research applied to current architectural practice The past two decades have witnessed a resurgence of ecological ideas and ecological thinking in discussions of urbanism, society, culture, and design. The field of ecology has moved from classical determinism and a reductionist Newtonian concern with stability, certainty, and order in favor of more contemporary understandings of dynamic systemic change and the related phenomena of adaptability, resilience, and flexibility. But ecology is not simply a project of the natural sciences. Researchers, theorists, social commentators, and designers have all used ecology as a broader idea or metaphor for a set of conditions and relationships with political, economic, and social implications. Projective Ecologies takes stock of the diversity of contemporary ecological research and theory—embracing Felix Guattari’s broader definition of ecology as at once environmental, social, and existential—and speculates on potential paths forward for design practices.

With drawings by, Gross.MAX, James Corner Field Operations, Sean Lally, Anuradha Mathur and Dilip DaCunha, OMA, Stoss Landscape Urbanism, West 8. Published with Harvard Graduate School of Design May 2014 English 978-1-940291-12-3 16,5 × 22 cm 288 pages Soft cover Color illustrations Price € 32 / $ 34.95 / £ 29.90



Bracket 3 [at extremes] Lola Sheppard, Maya Przybylski (eds.)

With projects by: Lindsay Bremner, Caty Newell, Casey Mack, Fabrizio Gallanti, Elija Huge, Martin Hogue, Bart Overly and Beth Blostein, Jonathan Scelsa, Mathias Kempton, Brett Milligan. Contributions: Alessandra Ponte, Keller Easterling, Michael Hensel, Julien De Smedt, Lola Sheppard, Maya Przybylski, and others. [bracket] is a collaboration of Archinect and InfraNet Lab, and is composed of a collection of diverse editors and an open-source contributing membership. Bracket 3 [at extremes] includes critical articles and unpublished design projects that investigate architecture, infrastructure and technology as they operate in conditions of imbalance, negotiate tipping points and test limit states We are conditioned, as designers of the built environment, towards the organization of people, programs and movement. Indeed the history of modern urbanism, architecture and building science has been predicated on an anti-entropic notion of programmatic and social order. But are there scenarios in which a state of extremity or imbalance is productive? Bracket [at extremes] seeks to understand what new spatial orders emerge in this liminal space. How might it be leveraged as an opportunity for invention? What are the limits of wilderness and control, of the natural and artificial, the real and the virtual? What new landscapes, networks, and urban models might emerge in the wake of destabilized economic, social and environmental conditions?

September 2014 English 978-0-9893317-6-0

20,3 × 26,5 cm 270 pages Softcover Color and duotone Price € 34.00 / $ 39.95 / £ 32.00 Related title: Bracket 2 [goes soft]; bestseller 2012; 978-84-15391-02-9 “This is a book for architects, designers, planners, philosophers, and, perhaps, science fiction writers seeking inspiration from some daring and imaginative thinkers.” —Reference & Research Book News



Chiharu Shiota

Create! NO.MAD / Eduardo Arroyo living, thinking and creating Eduardo Arroyo, Amadeu Santacana (ed.)

Casa Asia presents the contents of the first exhibition by Chiharu Shiota (Osaka, 1972) in Barcelona, showing installations integrated in a unique project at its headquarters Shiota’s installations produce their own spaces, where hundreds of invisible threads that bond us to things can be seen. In these domestic scenarios she proposes, threads become bridges between a bride’s dress and the absent subject, a piano, suitcases and a mirror. In her work, these threads are veins with tears, fear for abyss, life and death; threads that are plots of particular and universal stories, interweaving like the inverted roots of a tree, just like a rhizome through multiple branches that hold up the relationship between she and the world. Published with Casa Asia March 2014 English 978-1-940291-07-9 16,5 × 23,5 cm 440 pages Softcover Color illustrations Price € 45 / $ 49.95 / £ 40

Shapes a thick network of experiences and crossed interests opened throughout last twenty-five years in the office NO.MAD and its founder Eduardo Arroyo. In its pages there are mixed reflections, anecdotes and creations that shape an exciting cocktail between living, thinking and creating Topics like the origin and the memory, the soul and the precision, the random and the instability, the empathy, the instants and the choice, the hybridization and the blurry systems, the cloning, the invisible orders and the essential complexity or the combination of matter and energy turn out to be here interlaced. March 2014 English 978-1-940291-05-5 Spanish 978-1-940291-14-7 13 × 17 cm 350 pages Hardcover Color and b/w images Price € 27 / $ 34.95 / £ 24.50


Critical Prison Design


Fuksas Object

Mas d’Enric Penitentiary by AiB arquitectes + Estudi PSP Arquitectura Roger Paez

The newly built Mas d’Enric penitentiary sparks a series of reflections on architecture’s role in the problematic subject of prison design The prison is an uncomfortable institution and its architecture is often subjugated to technocratic criteria. “Mas d’Enric” is a new penitentiary that overturns preconceptions and posits architecture as a medium to critically rethink contemporary prison buildings. Contributions: Keller Easterling, Adrià Carbonell, Lluís Ortega, Juan Azulay, Juan Elvira, Ramon Faura, Èoghann MacColl, Josep M. Camí, Angela Kay Bunning, Jordi Bernadó, José Hevia, Paula Arroyo. April 2014 English 978-0-9893317-7-7 Catalan 978-1-940291-37-6 16,5 × 21 cm // 240 pages Softcover Color and b/w illustrations Price € 28.80 / $ 34.95 / £ 28.00

Objects, pieces of furniture, scenographies, interior design... another dimension in the work of Fuksas architects This companion book to Fuksas Buildings features the works by the studio focused on product design, interior design, scenographies, furniture and jewelery. Perhaps the less known aspect of Fuksas work, their product design emphasizes a natural condition in changing scales, materials and uses. Research is also very present behind every piece. Richly illustrated projects such as the Armani stores, the Alessi collection and the furniture for Haworth Castelli, among many others. March 2014 English 978-1-940291-11-6

21 × 28,5 cm // 360 pages Hardcover Color images Price € 35 / $ 49.95 / £ 32.00



The Self Sufficient City

Public Space Acupuncture

Inhabiting at the Information Society

Strategies to renovate infrastructure, landscapes and urban elements in the city

Vicente Guallart

Helena Casanova, Jesús Hernández (eds.)

The Barcelona Architect in Chief peels the axes in which the cities must be sustained to adapt them to the new information age, and to generate its own resources Internet has changed our lives but it has not yet changed our cities. If the age of the car and the oil shaped the cities of the 20th century, the society of the information will form those of the 21st century. It is an unstoppable evolution that, nevertheless, it is necessary to be able to lead with criterion. It is a question of taking advantage of the urban experiences accumulated for centuries by the human beings and having present that the growth cannot be unlimited and the energetic resources that our planet offers have expiry date. March 2014 English 978-1-940291-03-1 16,5 × 23 cm // 256 pages Hardcover // Duotone images Price € 19,25 / $ 24.95 / £ 16.50

Acupuncture strategies to renovate infrastructure, landscape elements and public space of a city As the financial crisis deepens in many European countries and the construction sector remains in a slump, many plans for urban regeneration have been shelved. Cities are cutting their spending on large public works, so the time is ripe for low-cost strategies that have a positive impact on the urban habitat. One such strategy is Public Space Acupuncture, in which independent, but coordinated small interventions help regenerate urban public space and city life. It is based on Zygmunt Bauman’s characterization of the current era as Liquid Modernity. Contributions: Oriol Bohigas, Arnold Reijdorp and Casanova+Hernandez October 2014 English 978-0-9893317-0-8

24 × 18,5 cm
// 350 pages Softcover // Color and b/w Price € 35 / $ 44.95 / £ 31.50


The Arsenal of Exclusion / Inclusion


Traces LAN (Local Architecture Network) Umberto Napolitano, Benoit Jallon

101 Things that open and close the city Interboro Partners

50 leading experts provide tools for analysing how the Open City is made and unmade The Arsenal of Exclusion / Inclusion is a book about 101 “weapons” that architects, planners, policy-makers, developers, real estate brokers, community activists and other urban agents use to restrict or promote access to the space of the city. With contributions from Charles Connerly, Beryl Satter, Nathan Connolly, Gerald Frug, Bradford Hunt, Wendy Plotkin, Naa Oyo Kwate, David Freund, Raymond Mohl, Andrew Kahrl June 2015 English 978-1-940291-34-5

16,5 × 23,5 cm // 288 pages Softcover Color images Price € 34 / $ 39.95 / £ 32

Undertaken at the occasion of LAN’s 10th anniversary, Traces recalls the journey of Umberto Napolitano and Benoit Jallon through their projects and their travel impressions The city is the point of departure and arrival for the “architectural experience”. It is, therefore, a palpable, external fact as well as a product of the mind, an abstraction. This book attempts to recreate this trajectory and to describe this exchange between the mind and the world through the traces it has produced. Two separate moments lie at the heart of this book’s very structure and shape: one when the city is the site of an experience and of reflection and the other, when architects modify this site through a new project. February 2014 English 978-1-940291-02-4 French 978-1-940291-09-3 16,5 × 23,5 cm 624 pages Hardcover // B&W and Color images Price € 35 / $ 44.95 / £ 31.50



GSD Platform 6 Rosetta S. Elkin (ed.)

Rosetta Sarah Elkin is the Daniel Urban Kiley Fellow and Lecturer in Landscape Architecture at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, a registered landscape architect, and principal of r.s.e. landscape, a design consultancy and landscape studio. Her work has been featured internationally, including installations at Les Jardins de Metis, CASLA, and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Published with Harvard Graduate School of Design

A year of research through studio work, theses, lectures, exhibitions and events GSD has always recognized the indispensable importance and values of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and urban design, yet has transcended their individual aspirations through intellectual cross-fertilization and collaboration. The material presented in this publication forms a small part of the incredible range and diversity of proposals and visions that our students and faculty have produced during the past academic year. This work is indicative of the School’s commitment, as a global leader in the field, to exploring and articulating transformative ideas through the power of design. It is as important for us to share and communicate the outcome of our research and design investigations as it is to show the fertile circumstances and conditions for the making of these projects.

English 978-1-940291-06-2 15,2 × 22,8 cm 368 pages Flexibound cover Color illustrations Price € 30 / $ 34.95 / £ 26.00 Available Related titles: GSD Platform 08; 2008; 978-1-934510-16-2 GSD Platform 2; 2009; 978-84-92861-00-2 GSD Platform 3; 2010; 978-84-92861-50-7



Catalyst Conditions Ghazal Abbasy-Asbagh (ed.)

Published with University of Virginia School of Architecture English 978-1-940291-00-0 14,5 × 21 cm 256 pages Hardcover Color images Price € 28 / $ 29.95 / £ 24.50

An interdisciplinary monograph, this volume examines the work of multiple disciplines, many peoples and a multitude of approaches, all operating under the umbrella of one institution This volume examines one year of research and pedagogy at the University of Virginia School of Architecture, engaged in the conditions of the built environment, relative to 3 states of Flux, Stasis and Crisis. The questions we ask are: What is the impact of design on the forces that shape our contemporary reality? To what extent do contingencies of time and place impact our practice, and in return how effective is our response in re-shaping the same contingencies? Contributions: Ghazal Abbasy-Asbagh, Iñaki Alday, Robin Dripps, Rebecca Hora, Ryan Metcalf, Matthew Pinyan



The Petropolis of Tomorrow Neeraj Bhatia & Mary Casper (eds.)

The Petropolis of Tomorrow examines the role of resource extraction infrastructure in the production of new forms of urbanism Published with Rice School of Architecture English 978-0-9893317-8-4 15,2 × 22,8 cm 576 pages Hardcover Color and b/w illustrations Price € 29,50 / $ 34.95 / £ 23.10

Landscape Futures Instruments, Devices and Architectural Inventions Geoff Manaugh (ed.) transformed by technology and design. It travels the shifting terrains of architectural invention, where new spatial devices on a variety of scales—from the handheld to the inhabitable— reveal previously overlooked dimensions of the built and natural environments. “...Manaugh gives readers plenty to learn and think about, as well as a snapshot of how some practitioners and academics are trying to take architecture and landscape in new directions.” —A Weekly Dose of Architecture

Published with Nevada Museum of Art

A speculative look into the future of our built environment Landscape Futures explores how landscapes, and our perceptions of them, can be utterly

English 978-84-15391-14-2 15,2 × 21,8 cm // 232 pages Soft cover Color and b/w images Price € 30 / $ 34.95 / £ 28.00



“...this is a tremendous source of information about a period in architecture that has become the subject of renewed focus…” —Library Journal

Clip, Stamp, Fold

Venezia, Venezia

The Radical Architecture of Little Magazines 196X–197X Beatriz Colomina (ed.)

Alfredo Jaar

English 978-84-96954-52-6 19 × 25,5 cm // 672 pages Hard cover // Color and duotone images Price € 45 / $ 54.95 / £ 40

English 978-0-989331-73-9 16,5 × 23,5 cm 296 pages Hardcover Color images Price € 35 / $ 39.95 / £ 31.50 Winner of The Inland Empire Section of the American Planning Association Media Award —The American Planning Association

A Generous Medium

The Car in 2035

Photography at Wellesley 1972-2012

Mobility Planning for the Near Future Kati Rubinyi (ed.)

Lisa Fischman (ed.) Published by Davis Museum

English 978-0-985824-90-7 24 × 32,5 cm 304 pages Hardcover Color images Price € 50 / $ 65 / £ 45.00

Published by Civic Projects Foundation

English 978-84-15391-26-5 17,5 × 25,5 cm 288 pages Softcover Color images Price € 29 / $ 34.95 / £ 27.00



Constructing Europe 25 Years of Architecture Diane Gray (ed.)

Ma Yansong From (Global) Modernity to (Local) Tradition

English 978-84-936901-6-8 16,5 × 23,5 cm // 308 pages Hardcover // Duotone images Price € 35 / $ 49.95 / £ 32.95

Spanish 978-84-15391-36-4 16,5 × 23,5 cm // 384 pages Flexibound // Color and b/w images Price € 38 / $ 39.95 / £ 36.00 Published with Casa Asia and Fundación ICO

A seminal body of work, “The Sniper’s Log” is a highly recommended addition to professional and academic library Contemporary Architectural Studies reference collections and supplemental reading lists. —Midwest Book Review

“...highly recommended...Students and working graphic designers alike will find it informative and revealing, challenging popular assumptions in the industry.” —The Bookwatch

Popular Lies About Graphic Design

The Sniper’s Log

Craig Ward

Architectural Chronicles of Generation X. Alejandro Zaera-Polo

English 978-84-15391-35-7 14 × 17,5 cm 160 pages Soft cover // b/w images Price € 14 / $ 16.95 / £ 13.00

English 978-84-92861-22-4 15,5 × 22,5 cm 592 pages Soft cover // Black & white illustrations Price € 34 / $ 39.95 / £ 32.00



“Recommended for all architecture students and schools.” —Library Journal

“A Designers & Books Notable Design Book of 2013” —Designers & Books

Fuksas Building

Experiments With Life Itself

New and extended edition of Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas’ work

Radical domestic architectures of the 1940s and 1950s Francisco González de Canales

English 978-84-92861-78-1 22 × 33 cm // 520 pages Hard cover Color images Price € 45 / $ 59.95 / £ 40.00

English 978-84-92861-65-1, Spanish 978-84-92861-66-8 14,5 × 20,5 cm // 176 pages Soft cover // Color and b/w images Price € 25 / $ 34.95 / £ 22.00

“Highly recommended for any advanced architectural holding.” —The Bookwatch

Interdisciplinary Design

City Sense

New Lessons from Architecture and Engineering

Shaping our environment with real-time data 4th Advanced Architecture Contest

Hanif Kara, Andreas Georgoulias (eds.)

English 978-84-15391-08-1 17 × 22 cm // 288 pages Hard cover // Color illustrations Price € 32 / $ 34.95 / £ 29.90 Published with Harvard University Graduate School of Design

English 978-84-15391-29-6 12 × 16 cm // 368 pages Soft cover // 600 color images Price € 25 / $ 34.95 / £ 22.00 Published with IAAC



“...Journeys takes an eclectic spin along the contours and way stations of globalization….” —The Design Observer

“This is a book for architects, designers, planners, philosophers, and, perhaps, science fiction writers seeking inspiration from some daring and imaginative thinkers.” —Reference & Research Book News

Bracket 2


Goes soft

How travelling fruit, ideas and buildings rearrange our environment

Neeraj Bhatia, Lola Sheppard (eds.)

Giovanna Borasi (ed.)

English 978-84-15391-02-9 20 × 26,5 cm // 284 pages Soft cover // Color and duotone Price € 34 / $ 39.95 / £ 32.00

English 978-84-92861-54-5 French 978-84-92861-55-2 17 × 24 cm // 320 pages Soft cover // Color images Price € 30 / $ 36.00 / £ 27.00 “Fine discussions of the social, political and artistic impact of architectural choices and design concepts….” —Midwest Book Review

Agenda. JDS Architects

Architecture and Violence

Can We Sustain our Ability to Crisis?

Bechir Kenzari (ed.)

Jesse Seegers, Benedict Clouette, Julien de Smedt, Ryan Neiheiser (eds.)

English 978-84-92861-62-0 21 × 27 cm // 544 pages Soft cover // Color images Price € 35 / $ 42 / £ 32

English 978-84-92861-73-6 13,5 × 20 cm 320 pages Soft cover Color and b/w images Price € 19.50 / $ 29.95 / £ 18.00


Available Rice School of Architecture

Judgment Scott Colman and Ron Witte (eds.)

Scott Colman is a theorist, critic, and historian of architecture. Colman is a Senior Lecturer at the Rice School of Architecture in Houston, Texas. Neil Denari is an architect and founder of NMDA, an architectural practice. Denari is also a Professor at the UCLA School of Architecture and Urban Design in Los Angeles, California. Other authors: Sarah Whiting, Hal Foster, Markus Miessen, Jeffrey Kipnis, Sylvia Lavin, R. E. Somol, and Brett Steele. Judgment is how architecture gets from A to B: how architecture is produced by architects and cultures, how it is received by critics and publics, and how it extends histories and forms futures This book, based on conversations at the Rice School of Architecture in 2011-2012, illuminates a set of exchanges among architects, critics and art historians including Sarah Whiting, Hal Foster, Neil Denari, Ben van Berkel, Markus Miessen, Jeffrey Kipnis, Sylvia Lavin, R. E. Somol, and Brett Steele. First and foremost, Judgment is a conversation about architecture’s partisanships, the indispensable and biased engagements that catalyze architecture’s progress. Ben van Berkel is an architect and co-founder of UN Studio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Van Berkel is also Professor of Conceptual Design at the Städelschule in Frankfurt, Germany.

September 2014 English 978-0-9899612-0-2 15,5 × 21 cm 208 pages Soft cover B&W images Price € 12 / $ 15 / £ 10 Published by Rice School of Architecture


(IN)formal LA The Space of Politics Victor Jones (ed.)


eVolo Skyscrapers 2 150 New Projects Redefine Building High Carlo Aiello (ed.)

Traces another course to uncover Los Angeles’ primal sources of creation - land and opportunity Often portrayed as a confluence of cars and movies, this book traces another course to uncover Los Angeles’ primal sources of creation - land and opportunity. Within the endless sprawl there reside flurries of uncodified spatial configurations that no high-definition map or satellite image can accurately capture nor present. (IN)formal LA explores a range of unique spatial practices and pedagogies through the lens of politics in Los Angeles. While this book articulates growing skepticism in current design discourse and education, it also provides a spatial awareness that is culturally rooted, socially responsive and vitally connected to the city. Composed of essays, photos, projects and interviews, (IN)formal LA embraces the quirky. January 2014 English 978-1-938740-04-6 14 × 23,5 cm // 110 pages Softcover // Color illustrations Price € 23.04 / $ 29.95 / £ 20.95 Published by eVolo

150 new skyscrapers submitted to the eVolo Skyscraper Competition are categorized and examined This publication is the follow-up to the highly acclaimed book eVolo Skyscrapers. 150 new skyscrapers submitted to the eVolo Skyscraper Competition are categorized and examined. These super-tall structures take into consideration the advances in technology, the exploration of sustainable systems, and the establishment of new urban and architectural methods to solve economic, social, and cultural problems of the contemporary city; including the scarcity of natural resources and infrastructure and the exponential increase of inhabitants, pollution, economic division, and unplanned urban sprawl. March 2014 English 978-1-938740-05-3 24 × 28 cm 650 pages Hardcover Color images Price € 100 / $ 75 / £ 75.00 Published by eVolo



Digital & Parametric Architecture eVolo 06 Carlo Aiello (ed.)

Architecture and Design, Urbanus, and Xefirotarch among others. April 2014 English 978-1-938740-06-0 22,8 × 29 cm 300 pages Softcover Color images Price € 20 / $ 24.95 / £ 16.00 Published by eVolo Related title: eVolo Skycrapers; 978-0-9816658-4-9; $120.00; 9/1/12

Digital & Parametric Architecture explores the development of the latest digital tools including advance-modeling software and computer aided design in the production of architecture. It is a journey through the most fascinating projects, digitally designed and fabricated, during the second decade of the 21st century. The book highlights the use of these technologies to explore tectonic operations such as sectioning, folding, contouring, and tessellating. A wide variety of projects that range in scale and location offer an insight into the architecture of the future. This publication compiles the latest work produced by the leading architects and designers immersed in digital and parametric architecture including: Achim Menges, Ball Nogues Studio, Daniel Widrig, Gramazio Kohler, Hohizon, Iwamoto Scott, Kas Oosterhuis, Magnus Larsson, Mark Goulthorpe, Matsys, Matter Design, Michael Hansmeyer, Nervous Ether, Ocean North, Oproject, Philip Beesley, Skylar Tibbits, Supermanouevre, Synthesis



eVolo back issues eVolo 05: Architecture Xenoculture Xenoculture is a term coined by Iranian writer and philosopher Reza Negarestani that describes the need for embracing and exploring the unexpected, the alien. In this issue we borrow the idea and explore the realm of Architecture Xenoculture -- the work of architects and designers who detach from

everything that architecture is supposed to be and look like, including preconceived forms and aesthetics, to look into new architectural and design possibilities. An architectural form that emerges from mathematical processes and new material explorations and propose something never before seen -- an aesthetic yet to be determined. English 978-1-938740-03-9 22,8 × 29 cm // 300 pages Softcover // Color images Price € 20 / $ 24.95 / £ 16.00 Published by eVolo

eVolo 01: Housing for the 21st Century

eVolo 02: Skyscrapers of the Future

English 9780981665818 Price € 20 / $ 24.95 / £ 16.00 Published by eVolo

English 9780981665825 Price € 20 / $ 24.95 / £ 16.00 Published by eVolo

eVolo 03: Cities of Tomorrow

eVolo 04: Re-Imaging the Contemporary Museum

English 9780981665832 Price € 20 / $ 24.95 / £ 16.00 Published by eVolo

English 9780981665856 Price € 20 / $ 24.95 / £ 16.00 Published by eVolo


Cornell School of Architecture

The Cornell Journal of Architecture

The Cornell Journal of Architecture

09: Mathematics

08: RE

The Cornell Journal of Architecture is a critical journal of architecture and urbanism produced by editors in the Department of Architecture at the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, Cornell University.

This issue of the Cornell Journal of Architecture is about the now, the new, and the next in architecture, while simultaneously acknowledging that every possible future is intrinsically linked to the existent, to the present and its attendant past. At the heart of issue 8: RE is the understanding that the creative act itself is reiterative; that in rethinking, recombining, reshuffling, recycling, and reimagining aspects of the world around us, we produce work that both belongs to the current moment and establishes new future trajectories.

With contributions from: Val Warke, James Siena, Jenny E. Sabin, Francois Roche, Caroline O’Donnell, Archie B. MacKenzie, Mark Morris, Maria Hurtado de Mendoza, Tom Fecht, Dana Čupková + Kevin Pratt, Gang Chen, Mario Carpo, Bernard Cache, Gisela Baurmann + Daina Taimina, Joseph Choma, Michael Young, and interviews with: Jerry Wells + Arthur Ovaska, Anthony Vidler, Shohei Shigematsu English 978-0-9785061-2-4 22,3 × 17,7 cm 196 pages Soft cover Color illustrations Price € 15.95 / $ 20.00 / £ 14.95 Published by Cornell AAP Publications

English 978-0-9785061-2-4 22,3 × 17,7 cm 196 pages Soft cover Color illustrations Price € 15.95 / $ 20.00 / £ 14.95 Published by Cornell AAP Publications


Yale School of Architecture

Retrospecta An annual journal of student work at Yale School of Architecture

January 2014 English 978-0-9772362-9-9

23 × 32 cm 192 pages Softcover Color images Price € 20 / $ 25 / £ 16.00 Published by Yale School of Architecture

An annual journal that includes samples of student work and activities at the School during each academic year, is edited by students and published by the School Retrospecta is the annual journal of student work at the Yale School of Architecture. Part historical record, part monograph, Retrospecta seeks to capture and record the current life of the school. Documenting one academic year, each issue contains exemplary work from both the design studios and support courses. The daily activities of the school, including lectures, symposia, exhibitions, and studio reviews, are also highlighted through numerous candid photographs and quotations. The journal is edited by students and published by the school.


Yale School of Architecture

Edward P. Bass Distinguished Visiting Architecture Fellowship Series:

Social Infrastructure: New York Douglas Durst, Bjarke Ingels

March 2014 English 978-1-940291-25-3

17,7 x 28 cm 192 pages Softcover Color images Price â‚Ź 27 / $ 35 / ÂŁ 24.50

Social Infrastructure: New York, one of a series that documents the Bass Fellowship at the Yale School of Architecture studio led by real estate developer Douglas Durst of the Durst Organization, a leading New York firm known for spearheading sustainable high-rise developments, and architect Bjarke Ingels, founder of Copenhagen- and New York-based Bjarke Ingels Group. Their students explored potential synergies between public and private programs in the design of inhabited bridges crossing major waterways in metropolitan New York. The group traveled to Denmark, Sweden, and Norway to research developments that successfully integrated the needs of numerous stakeholders. The featured projects from the studio demonstrate a diverse range of approaches for combining residential, cultural, and commercial activities on complex and dense infrastructural sites in imaginative and productive ways.


Yale School of Architecture Edward P. Bass Distinguished Visiting Architecture Fellowship Series:

Poetry, Property, Future Proofing 02 and Place, 01 English 978-0-3937322-0-7 192 pages // 17,7 x 28 cm Softcover Color images Price € 23.00 / $ 30 / £ 20.50

English 978-0-3937323-7-5 192 pages // 17,7 x 28 cm Softcover Color images Price € 23.00 / $ 30 / £ 20.50

The Human City 03

Urban Integration 04

Learning in Las Vegas 05

English 978-0-3937324-7-4 192 pages // 17,7 x 28 cm Softcover Color images Price € 23.00 / $ 30 / £ 20.50

English 978-0-3937332-2-8 192 pages // 17,7 x 28 cm Softcover Color images Price € 27.00 / $ 35 / £ 24.50

English 978-0-3937333-4-1 192 pages // 17,7 x 28 cm Softcover Color images Price € 27.00 / $ 35 / £ 24.50

Urban Intersections: São Paulo 06 Nina Rappaport, Noah Biklen, Eliza Higgins (eds.) English and Portuguese 978-0-3937335-2-5 160 pages 17,7 x 28 cm Softcover Color images Price € 27.00 / $ 35 / £ 24.50

Rethinking Chongqing: Mixed-Use and SuperDense 07 Nina Rappaport, Andrei Harwell, Emmett Zeifman (eds.) March 2014 English 978-0-9893317-4-6

192 pages 17,7 x 28 cm Softcover Color images Price € 27.00 / $ 35 / £ 24.50


Yale School of Architecture Louis I. Kahn Visiting Assistant Professorship Series:

Renewing Architectural Typologies Mosque, House, Library Hernan Diaz Alonzo, Makram El Kadi and AOC Architecture: Tom Coward, Daisy Froud, Vincent Lacovara, Geoff Shearcroft

the students critiqued architecturally both an imported Modernism that is dissociated from contextual consideration and a reconstruction of the present in the image of an idealized past. The program of the mosque does not only serve a purely liturgical function, but is also an important community gathering place. The studio examined how the physical space of the mosque and social space of Islam can have a dialogue with other programs, religious or secular.

This is the fifth book documenting the Louis I. Kahn Visiting Assistant Professorship featuring the work of young architect-practitioners teaching in the advanced studios at Yale The studios each explore new typologies and include the themes, “Once Upon A House,” taught by Hernan Diaz Alonzo of the L.A. based architectural practice Xefirotarch, which examined the relationship of types versus species, where type is viewed as “categories of standardization, then species are malleable entities in constant metamorphosis.” The brief called for a house to occupy a site in three acts by employing a cellular spatial logic. In subverting the typology of the house, the studio presents radical possibilities of inhabitation. In the “Expanded Mosque,” taught by Makram El Kadi and Ziad Jamaleddine of the New York and Beirut-based architectural practice L.E.F.T.

In the advanced studio, “Re-Storing Public Possessions,” Geoff Shearcroft, Vincent Lacovara, Tom Coward, and Daisy Froud of the London-based architectural practice AOC investigated the increasing emphasis on material artifacts and demand for ‘hard’ storage in this digital world. The studio examined the established public repositories of London—the V&A Museum, the Tate Gallery, the British Museum, the British Library, and the Royal Armouries—and how they might evolve in response to the changing demands of the contemporary public to create a participative and productive architecture. The book features interviews with the professors. January 2014 English 978-0-9893317-5-3

20,3 × 30,5 cm 160 pages Softcover Color images Price € 27.00 / $ 35 / £ 24.50


Yale School of Architecture Louis I. Kahn Visiting Assistant Professorship Series:

Layered Urbanisms

Negotiated Terrains


Volume one, Layered Urbanisms, presents the work and the advanced studios of Gregg Pasquarelli in “Versioning 6.0,” Galia Solomonoff in “Brooklyn Civic Space,” and Mario Gooden in “Global Typologies.”

This second volume, features the advanced studios of Jeanne Gang in “Assembly as Medium,” Sunil Bald in “Institution Dissolution,” and Marc Tsurumaki in “Amphibious Tactics.”

This third volume follows the research and design work of three studios of Ali Rahim of Contemporary Architecture Practice, Christopher Sharples, and William Sharples of SHoP Architects. The three studios are united by a focus on the future of milehigh design.

English 978-0-3937325-0-4 20,3 × 30,5 cm 160 pages Softcover // Color images Price € 23.00 / $ 30 / £ 20.50

English 978-0-3937332-3-5 20,3 × 30,5 cm 144 pages Softcover // Color images Price € 27.00 / $ 35 / £ 24.50

English 978-0-3937335-0-1 20,3 × 30,5 cm 184 pages Softcover // Color images Price € 27.00 / $ 35 / £ 24.50

Architecture Inserted Nina Rappaport, Francisco Waltersdorfer, David Yang (eds.) The fourth book documenting the Louis I. Kahn Visiting Assistant Professorship at Yale School of Architecture Architecture Inserted features the advanced studios of Chris Perry, Eric Bunge and Mimi Hoang, and Liza Fior with Katherine Clarke the Louis I. Kahn Visiting Assistant Professors at Yale. The research and projects grapple with the issues of how to insert new pieces of architecture both as infrastructural and individual cultural buildings, into sites where existing physical and social issues are at conflict. The design solutions in each case Cern headquarters in Geneva, the Périphérique of

Paris, and the London 2012 Olympic site unify the urban design and piece together the sites as bits of urban acupuncture creating new amenities and resources for the future. The book includes interviews with the architects, essays about their themes, and the work of the students in the advanced studios at Yale. English 978-0-3937335-1-8 20,3 × 30,5 cm 160 pages Softcover Color images Price € 27.00 / $ 35 / £ 24.50



BCN Noteguide My own vision of Barcelona

Lapeña and Elías Torres, FOA, Rafael Vargas, Miguel de Guzmán, José Miguel Hernandez, Christian Richters, David Cardelús, Roldán+Berengué arquitectes, Toyo Ito. Map infography: Àngels Soler January 2014 English 978-84-941264-0-6

15,8 × 21 cm 256 pages Hardcover Black and white images Price € 19 / $ 24.95 / £ 16 60 of the best works of architecture in the city of Barcelona, from art nouveau until the present, chosen by well-known architects Each technical information page contains: address, a location map, an artistic photograph and an explanatory text written by an expert. In addition to a short list of specifications, a QR code refers to qualified institutional websites where more information can be found. At the foot of each page, there is a reference to the maps in the final pages, organized by area and marked with routes adapted to the proximity of each work. Four blank pages follow for writing, drawing or pasting in memories of your visit, to turn the guide into a personalized object and a souvenir at the end of your trip. Photographs: Giovanni Zanzi, Ucha Aratangui, Amadeu Santacana, Jaume Orpinell, Jordi Bernardo, Manolo Laguillo, Franc Aparicio, Alejo Bagué, Alex Gaultier, Filippo Poli, Julio Cunill, José Hevia, Jordi Surroca, Duccio Malagamba, Lluís Casals, Pedro Antonio Perez, Enrich Duch, José Antonio Martínez



North & South America Ingram Publisher Services 1280 Ingram Drive Chambersburg, PA 17202 USA T +1 800 263 1686

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EDITORIAL Ricardo Devesa Actar D

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Backcover image: On the roof of a new building of Keio University of Tokyo, 2005. Michel Desvigne Paysagiste (MDP).

Total Landscape Sensitive Alternatives to the Post-Industrial Landscape Coming Soon

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