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SEPTEMBER HAPPY HOUR (Every Monday Night ) Cocktail Night Buy one and get one free







Health is Wealth: Being Healthy, Having Beauty and Not Feeling Guilty


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2013 ACC Golf Society Golf @ Tung Hua






Seminar – Estate Planning and U.S. Tax Compliance for Cross Border Families


Tango Dream Night





Welcome Back Tennis Margarita Mixer Round Robin






Rendezvous Music – Spotlight Night

Gyosan Grand Opening


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OUR MISSION The American Club in China is a non-profit organization established for the sole purpose of serving the American and International communities in a family atmosphere, providing the highest quality food, recreational and social activities. The club will endeavor to enhance a cultural exchange with the R.O.C., effectively utilizing all available resources and assuring proper responses to Members needs.

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Donald Bailey Dear Members, I hope that everyone enjoyed a great Summer. For those of you who have traveled abroad during the Summer welcome back. It had been a busy Summer at the Club and we are looking forward to a number of exciting events at the Club this Fall including our annual Extravaganza. Over the Summer we have continued to work on the Club’s Strategic Plan for the next 3-5 years. Thanks to those of you who took time to complete the Strategic Planning Questionnaire. Your input and comments have been very valuable in developing our road map for the future. Your Club is very well positioned and we currently have a waiting list of effectively 92 families. The success we are currently enjoying is due to great support from you, our Members, the committed effort of management and the direction and support of the Board. Together, we have created an environment at the Club that is unparalleled by any other Club in Taiwan which is creating the demand for membership in the Club and our steadily growing waiting list. However, we must continue to improve and invest into the Club for continued success in the future and the Strategic Plan will be designed to help guide and facilitate our continued success in line with the long-term needs of the Membership. We are limited to some degree by our location and we experience compaction issues primarily related to the lack of sufficient parking, tennis courts and swimming facilities. We are looking at these issues as well as ways to better make use of the under utilized areas of the Club. We look forward to presenting the Strategic Vision for ACC at the Extravaganza party on 19 October and we sincerely appreciate the input that many of you have provided to assist in its development. We opened our newest outlet, Gyoson, in early August and thus far it has been very well received. The Japanese fishing village concept for the outlet is very cozy and relaxing. Our goal with Gyoson is to provide you with high quality and fresh food consistent with a 4-star quality restaurant. With the outlet only open for 1 month, we seem to be well on our way. We are actively reviewing the initial feedback from Members to make the necessary adjustments to best suit the expectations of the overall Membership. If you haven’t tried Gyoson, please give it a visit. From a financial perspective your Club continues to do well. We finished our fiscal year on June 30 and finished with a positive net income for the year. We fell slightly short of budget primarily due to the operational expenses related to the locker room renovations, the transition cost in closing Napa and the hiring the key staff and initial setup cost for Gyoson which opened in the following fiscal year. Overall, covers and Members usage remained strong which has also helped to reconfirm the Board’s decision on capping Membership at 1500 (which was the same cap when we were last on a waiting list in 1996). July results were good so we are off to a good start for the current year. All of you should have received an email link to our annual Member Survey. If you have not, please contact the Club to have a new link sent to you. The results are closely reviewed by the Board, the respective committees and management to compare changes from prior year, evaluate the overall sentiment within the Club and to it assists in identifying the priorities from our future. It is very valuable tool for us to help continue to improve our Club and to prioritize our efforts on the issues that are most important to you. Please take the time to provide your feedback. Thank you for your support and remember not to miss the annual Extravaganza party where you will be able to see a visual representation of our Club’s future vision. If you have any comments or suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact Todd, me or any other Board member. See you at the Club.

Donald Bailey President



Todd Bretzlaff Dear Members, Fortunately, the hot summer is pretty much over and we should be able to look forward to more comfortable, cooler days. But despite the heat, the summer was busy with usage and activities, we were able to open the our Japanese dining outlet, Gyoson, on time and our expanded summer camp program was able to accommodate 40% more children. We are particularly excited about the soft opening of Gyoson on 5th August which was on time and within budget.Overall, the design and fit-out of the outlet has been well received with a look and feel of Japan while also flowing with the contemporary feel of ACC. Our soft opening on 5 August was overly well patronized with almost three times the average covers than that originally presented to Board as the expected business levels. Although the first week was a little bit challenging with just opening and so many Members interested in trying the outlet, the staff are now getting into a steady routine for a good consistent experience. We welcome you to try Gyoson at your earliest convenience and provide us your feedback prior to our “Grand Opening” on 21 September 2013 where we will be holding a ribbon cutting ceremony at 11:30 am. Everyone should have already received this year’s annual Member Survey so please be sure to participate. Overall, the survey will remain the same as last year to compare trends and progress with the Club but this year we have removed the “level of importance ratings” to reduce the time required to complete the survey.. It has been relatively consistent over the last two years and we have received numerous requests from Members to make the survey shorter. As with prior years, there is a section included that queries current topics in which we seek your views and direction. We look forward to your very important views and comments to assist the Board in identifying the best direction moving into the future. With everyone back from Summer break, we need to remind all Members of a number of very important Club rules. Compliance to the Club rules was a concern raised last year in the Member Survey and I want to thank all Members for much better compliance to not using mobile phones within the Club premise. Although with all families returning from their family vacations, it become more important than ever for parents to ensure that their children refrain from running in the hallways. It really makes a huge difference in the overall enjoyment of the Club for all Members. We need to remind all Members that children 12 years old and below must be accompanied by their parents or a responsible adult Member while on the Club premise. I have had several Members ask me to remind everyone if they could please remember to keep the locker rooms clean and remember to put soiled towels in the towel bins. We appreciate everyone’s support in complying with the rules as they are in place for the overall enjoyment and safety of all Members. With Fall right around the corner, it is time for our “Extravaganza” party on 19th October. This annual event is becoming a Club tradition and an opportunity to throw a party for the Members to thank them for the tremendous support that they have provided the Club. Usage is up, the Membership waiting list has steadily grown to effectively 92 families and with the opening of our new Japanese dining outlet; we have more reasons to celebrate now than ever. We are fortunate enough to retain Capital Motors Mercedes Benz as the primary sponsor to make this party even more spectacular with a variety of great live entertainment, sumptuous food throughout the Club with Carlsberg beer, wine and mixed drinks readily available. The party is not for another month but we want to give you plenty of time to arrange your schedule so that you don’t miss this party of the year which everyone will be talking about. Last but not least, if you have not seen our New ACC Club website, please be sure to check it out. With our new website, Members can now find anything they need to know about the Club and what is happening quickly and easily. Most current items can be found on the main page which offers the ability to easily scroll down into subcategories to find less frequently searched topics and the new search engine will allow Members to go anywhere from the page on the website. All items are color coded to their respective category and the Club Calendar offers an additional means to find everything that is happening in the Club. The next step for our website will be a private social network;“Members to Members” which will allow Members to easily communicate with other participating Members. We look forward to continuing with the Club’s progress to meet your ever progressing needs and in keeping the ACC an integral part of your family’s daily lives. Look forward to seeing you at the Club! Todd Bretzlaff General Manager




2013 Board of Governors and Supervisors Election

The Nominating Committee Chair, Mr. Donald Bailey, would like to invite Members to consider running as candidates for the 2014-2015 Board of Governors or Supervisors. If you are interested, for further details please contact the Club Administration Office, Anne Cheng at 2885-8260 ext. 21 or by September 12.




Need-to-Know Section

Food Ordering

. We wish to point out to Members that the cross ordering of food between the ACC dining outlets is not permitted. The exception to this limitation is the ordering of cakes and pastries from the refrigerator display in the Terrace.

Dress Code and Children Discipline.

. We wish to remind all Members to observe proper dress code within The Club. The dress codes are contained in the ACC Website. (The dress code for Gyoson is the same as Sigis) . We also wish to remind Members to ensure their children behave in an appropriate manner within the Club premises. Rules for children’s discipline are contained in the ACC Website.

We appreciate your understanding and consideration in maintaining The Club as an enjoyable environment for all Members and guests.

A Warm Welcome to New Members Syed Akbar Zane Ball & Cara Lacy Tony & Penny Brewer Devin & Vanessa Burnett Brian Chang & Siren Wan David & Grace Chen Jacy Chen & Linda Hsu Jeffrey Chen& Claire Bang Steve Chen & Huei Meng Wen Teresa & Patrick Chen Jacky Cheng & Lesley Su Christine & Calvin Chiang Wayne Chiu & Amanda Choi James Chou & Sheena Chiang Fannie Chung & James Su Sudhir & Poonam Dhawan Nir Dvir & Naomi Kaly

David & Karen Freeman Gilbert & Shana Garcia Gary & Amy Gilpin Ross & Michelle Hennessy Daphne Hwa & Abraham Wang Rupesh & Shalini Jain Scott Kuo Ted Lai & Christina Ahn Kenneth Lau & Irene Kuo Jeffrey & Christy Lin Bernard Liu & Wenhsin Wu Ken & Karen Liu Jennifer & Aaron Marshall Laura & Phillip Matz Mekhala Nethipo Jina & Mark Pan Ketan Patel & Ashley Turek

Scott & Siobhon Pollock Tommy Quek Alexander Schubert & Justyna Forys-Schubert Matthew & Catherine Schwab Eric Sun Matthew & Kathryn Thieme Mayank Trivedi & Shruti Bajpai Jason & Kristie Truell Vicky Tu & Tim Kuei Edward Wang Victoria Wang & Andrew Chen Nobutaka Watanabe & Deni Cheng Eugene Yang & Sandia Lee Hsuan Emily Yeh & Marc Lajoie Jessica Yu

Bon Voyage to Resigned Members Dennis & Kay Brown David & Rebecca Brown Kah Chong Chan & Justina Tan Bo-Ming & Monica Cheng Matthew & Liselott Costello Gregg & Janet Geerdes Altug & Pelin Guver Hazzaa Hasher & Haya Alhouban Louis & Ling Heng Jack & Alice Huang Shenkai Huang & Tina Chen Steffan & Silke Huber


Teen Che Ip & Joyce Chan Christopher James & Morag Campbell Kevin & Candace Kreiling Mei-Ni Kuo Danny Lam & Florence Wool-Smith Hong Swee Lau & Gillian Lee Huifeng Lu & Maryline Plathey Robert Mihalik & Yvonne Wu Ben Ng & Jiun Chan Michael & Luisa O’Riordan Abram & Erna Reef Jason Skinner & Hui-Min Su

Bruce & Michelle Smith Hak Hong Soo & Po Yin Ng Jeffrey Soong & Julia Wang Tosiyuki & Yuka Tanaka Ido Wallach & Anna Calini Joseph Wang & Debbie Lee Alpha Wu & Stephanie Liu Connal Yan & Ray Chen Mei-Huan Yang Angela Yu

Fishing Village in ACC? Gyoson is now open!


CC has always been committed to providing Members with an excellent standard, a highly personalised service complete with quality sports, social and f & b activities. And of course the areas that touches Members most is our dining. We take pride in offering a casual international selection at the Terrace, family style Italian / Mediterranean cuisine at Sigis, simple elegance at our Poolbar and a relaxed adult environment and bar snacks at the Rendezvous. Now we are proud to offer another distinct and always popular cuisine option – Japanese. On 5 August, ACC commenced a soft opening of its newest f & b dining outlet, “Gyoson”, which was designed to encompass the rustic ambiance of a Japanese fishing village, and to offer a good upper mid-range standard of sushi, sashimi, yakatori, with a variety of noodle dishes and grilled fish and meats priced to provide good value for money. During the soft opening, we focused on fine-tuning our delivery, systems and menu while also incorporating Member’s feedback to ensure Gyoson is positioned best for the overall Club market. This will put ACC in the perfect position to kick-off Gyoson’s GRAND OPENING on Saturday, 21 September at 11:30 am with a product and dining experience that will enhance the Member’s enjoyment. Formerly the Napa Grille; Gyoson embodies the rustic charm and quaint appeal of a Japanese fishing village. Designed and constructed by the internationally renowned design firm, StevenLeach, the outlet portrays a unique style and ambience that cannot be matched in Taipei city. Inspired by the traditional Japanese fishing village which is the heart of most Japanese cuisine , the design represents the feel with materials and elements found in a fishing village such as bamboo, wood, hemp, roofing tiles, fishing baskets and straw plastered walls aimed to create a warm, rustic and comfortable environment to compliment Japanese cuisine




Seafood Platter for Two

Available Thursday to Sunday (6:00 pm~9:00 pm) Specially prepared by our Master Chef from the fresh seafood available in Taipei, including Crab Meat Salad, Scallops, Grilled Lobster, Tiger Shrimp and Grilled Squid. Please ask your server about our wine special which is available with the seafood platter!!



Monthly Promotion Menu

Thai Spicy Seafood Broad Noodles in Tom Yum Soup Tom Yum is a Thai hot and sour soup. Tom Yum is characterized by its distinct hot and sour flavors, with fragrant herbs generously used in the broth. The noodles soup is cooked with mixed seafood such as prawns, fish, calamari, clams and mushrooms.


Maple Glazed Chicken Salad Maple glazed half chicken topped with chopped tomato on top of a mixed green salad with lemon vinaigrette dressing.


$320 Ginjer Cakes ‘n More

Taiwan’s first and best cupcakes specialty shop Ginjer will have their cupcakes available for sale at ACC Market Starting from September 1 to end of October 2013.

The flavors available are:

$60 Chocolate with Chocolate Frosting


$60 Red Velvet with Cheese Icing

For further information, please contact ACC Market Staff for assistance.

$60 Vanilla with Butter Cream

$60 Lemon with Lemon Frosting



Mid - Autumn Festival Promotion

The packages start from NT$1,000+10% per person. This year, the ACC Banquet presents three different packages for private events. Whether it is family reunion, gathering of friends, or company party, the Club offers a superb atmosphere with the highest level of personalized service. For more information, please contact our Banquet Team at 2885-8260 ext.50 or 61.


Happy Hour

Monday Night is Cocktail Night (6:00 pm~10:00 pm) Come down and unwind your Monday blues with wide a range of cocktails in Rendezvous.

Buy one and have one on the house.

Rendezvous Spotlight Come and welcome new talented singers who will sing Jazz, R&B, Soul or Lounge Classic music with a twist of Bosa Nova in Rendezvous on September 21st.

Look for further update details in the coming weeks.



ACC Tennis Starting Dates to Remember: Women’s Clinics – Wednesday, August 28 Women’s Doubles League – Thursday, September 5 Men’s Doubles League – Thursday, September 5 Women’s Singles League – Monday, September 9 Men’s Singles League – Monday, September 9 Junior League – Friday, September 13 Sign-up is outside the Pro-Shop.

Junior Tennis Olympics Our Junior Tennis Olympics will be lots of fun for children ages 7 and up who can play matches. It will be on Saturday, September 21 from 10:00am to 12:00noon. Players will compete country against country. Sign-up will be outside the Pro-Shop.

Welcome Back “ Margarita Mixer” Tennis Event Welcome Back! Doubles, Drinks, and Dropshots! Margaritas and Tennis… doesn’t get any better than that! Come on out for what should be a great night of fun with friends. It will be on Friday, September 6 from 7pm-10pm. There will be a 500NT charge for attendance.

Squash League The Squash league will start again Monday, September 9. The league is a great way to get in at least one Squash game a week, which is important to keep up your skill and fitness levels. If once a week is just not enough, then you can also join one of our Travelling Teams and compete against other local players. If interested in either of these programs, then contact Robert at the Pro-Shop.

Tennis Friendly The Hong Kong Football Club will come to Taiwan to challenge our best players in a tennis friendly. It will be on Sunday, September 29 from 3:30pm-7:30pm. We look to be great hosts and great competitors!



Health & Lifestyle in Taiwan Larissa & Tony Tapsall ●

When did you arrive in Taiwan?

We moved to Taiwan January 2012 ●

When did you begin to use the ACC Fitness Center?

We became Members a few weeks after arriving in Taiwan ●

Did you ever workout before?

Larissa: Yes, I have always worked out. I grew up very active in Australia. Our family was very involved in surf life saving so we spent most of our weekends at the beach. I have been a swimmer my whole life and represented Queensland as a teenager. After finishing school I really didn't swim much so I am now enjoying getting back in the pool at ACC. I had maintained my fitness by running and from time-to-time joining a gym. Tony: Like Larissa and many other Australians, I grew up playing sport. Depending on the sport, we played before school, at school, after school and on the weekends. There is no doubt this impacted my academic scores! I played a lot of cricket, also at representative levels and rugby league. Later, I rode endurance motorcycle events and then moved to racing bicycles for a number of years. As a family, have enjoyed plenty of surfing and snow holidays as well. ●

Why did you start working out?

Larissa: I work out now as I am training for a half ironman in Yeppoon next month in Australia and the we are doing the Kenting half ironman in November. But mainly I work out to be healthy and fit. Tony: These days it is to stay fit and healthy and I find it a great way to relax and clear my head. Also, I was 'lucky' enough to receive a lottery position at the Hawaiian Ironman in October, so I have some serious training to do! ●

What kinds of activities do you do at the Center?

What other activities do you like to do besides your regular workout?

Larissa: I do enjoy a hike from time to time and a walk along the bike path is also rewarding in the evenings to take in the atmosphere here in Taipei. It’s always great to see so many locals out and about exercises along the river. When I am running I don't really get a chance to enjoy it so it is always refreshing to slow down every so often to enjoy Taiwan and the people. Love the dancing under the bridges. Tony: Like Larissa mentioned, the hiking trails are excellent, as are the network of paths around the rivers. The diversity of people out and about is a sight in itself. Recently I have started doing long bike rides again; this is a great way to see the mountains, beaches and villages around Taiwan. The roads and scenery are spectacular. ●

Have you made any changes in your eating habits?

Larissa: Yes recently especially as Tony is training for Kona the full ironman in Hawaii and I have starting studying nutrition, and we have made some modifications to our diet. As the training hours are a little full on it is important to eat the right foods that are going to help fuel your body. Tony: We have. The fruit and vegetables in Taiwan are as good as any I have had anywhere, so it is very easy to enjoy them. I think we eat 'lighter' meals than we did before. There are tons of opinions of what is good to eat, when to eat it etc but I find everything in moderation works pretty well. ●

What is it that you like best about the Fitness Center?

Larissa: As much as I don't want to say this: as they are so hard to get into but I would have to say Billy's spin classes for sure. I am sure a lot of people would agree with me we could do with a few more classes during the day.

Larissa: I swim 3 times a week and enjoy Billy's spin classes a few times a week. I also like to get in at least one weight-training workout if I can fit it in. I also play a little bit of tennis when I can and enjoy the Monday morning single ladies fixtures.

Tony: The new dressing rooms! I think the variety actually, there is always something you can do and it caters very well for everyone's needs.

Tony: Lately, I have been using the pool quite a bit (Larissa is coaching me!). I was playing tennis and squash but I have stopped those for the moment. I must admit, I do not use the gym much but I have been to some of Billy's spin classes. I also make good use of the hot and cold pools in the dressing rooms near the tennis courts.

Larissa: To remain fit and live an active life for as long as I can. Taiwan has given us the opportunity to compete in half ironman's and triathlon so I guess I am enjoying that challenge at the moment and who know where it may take me.

What changes have you seen in yourself since you started working out?

Larissa: Since being in Taiwan, we started doing triathlons. I have never been much of a bike rider and up until now can't really say I have enjoyed it but now I am loving getting out on my bike and discovering Taiwan. It is a great place to ride. Billy's spin classes have definitely helped with my fitness on the bike. Tony: I generally feel more energetic and I certainly sleep much better. I am more aware of what I eat now also.

What are you future fitness goals?

Tony: My immediate goal is to make it to the start line in Hawaii and then to complete the race. There is a long history of heart disease in my family, so I am doing everything I can to live a long, healthy and happy life! ●

What kind of fitness advice would you give to others?

Larissa: To enjoy it and have a goal. Sometimes it’s hard to keep motivated but I find if you have a goal in mind whether it be; I want to be able to run 5km without stopping or a race in mind then this helps you you to keep going to achieve that goal. It is always so much more rewarding when you put in all the hard work and achieve something. Most of all just have fun and enjoy your workouts. Tony: I agree with Larissa on this one! I would also add, use your body while you can and stretch!



Fitness Classes Schedule for September 10:00 - 10:40 10:45 - 11:30 11:30 - 12:15


Belly Belly (Wendy) Strength Lab (Joanne) Zumba (Joanne)

Tuesday 09:25 - 10:45 10:00 - 11:15 11:00 - 11:45 16:00 - 19:00 19:00 - 19:45

The “Power” (Mandy/Billy/Tommy) Gentle Yoga *# (Jen) Total Body Fitness (Billy) Mixed Martial Arts * (Anthony) Pilates (Jenny)

Wednesday 10:00 - 10:45 10:45 - 11:30 11:30 - 12:30 12:45 - 13:30 19:00 - 19:45 10:00 - 10:45 11:00 - 11:45 18:45 - 20:00

Body Attack (Mandy) Mat Science (Mandy) Belly Belly (Wendy) Group TRX (Ivan) Cycle Fit (Billy)


Cardio Step (Tommy) Pilates (Mandy) Gentle Yoga *# (Jen)

Friday 09:25 - 10:45 11:00 - 11:45 12:30 - 13:15

The “Power”(Mandy/Jimmy/Vincent) Cycle Fit (Billy) Group TRX (Kevin)

Saturday 10:00 - 10:45 11:00 - 11:45 16:00 - 17:00 11:00 - 11:45 14:15 - 15:30 15:45 - 16:30

Pilates (Jenny) Latin Fever (Darry) Kids’ Mixed Martial Arts * (Anthony)


Zumba (Jerry/Joanne) The “Power” (Mandy/Billy/Tommy) Cycle Fit (Niko)

Classes with * charge a fee Classes with # meet in the small fitness room

BELLY BELLY:This oriental dance class combines elements of flexibility, muscle toning and cardiovascular exercise and will strengthen and firm your abs and trim your waist. LATIN FEVER: A dancy aerobics class with fun Latin style moves for a great fat-burning cardio workout. ZUMBA: The joy of movement inspired by Latin rhythms , hip hop and funk keeps you moving through the hour. BODY ATTACK: Powerful cardio training for the athlete in you. This class combines movements of Martial Arts and Kickboxing into a fun and exciting aerobic workout. CARDIO STEP : Suitable for those familiar with Step. Class starts with basic (yet high intensity) combinations on the Step and then finish your workout with a relaxation stretch. CYCLE FIT: This indoor stationary fitness cycling class gives you an intense and effective cardio workout with exciting music. Limited to ten members only per class. THE "POWER": A tough but fun "Barbell" weightlifting class which is being taught for its simplicity, consistency, results, and excitement. Never done it before? See an instructor first for an introduction to the various moves, for your own safety and to have an effective workout. GROUP TRX : Developed by a Navy Seal, the TRX suspension training is a form of resistance training that includes body weight exercises in which a variety of compound exercise movements develops strength, balance, and core stability. Class is designed for fitness levels from intermediate to advanced. TOTAL BODY FITNESS: This 45 mins class provides cardio workout and resistance training for the entire body. STRENGTH LAB : A lively fusion of ballet conditioning, core strength, abdominal work, balance work and incorporates resistance exercises. GENTLE YOGA*: Learn and practice the basics of bending and blending mind and body through yoga modified for different levels. PILATES: A different kind of strength and flexibility class for a mind-body fitness experience with graceful movements and powerful postures. MAT SCIENCE: A combination of Yoga and Pilates, this class will energize, sculpt and relax the body as it improves the quality of your effort. KIDS’ MIXED MARTIAL ARTS*: A practical and modern approach, combining the best that Martial Arts and Self Defense have to offer. For adults and kids 6 Yrs old and above.

2013 ACC Golf Society Brought to you by Capital Motors Inc - Mercedes-Benz

Date: Wednesday, September 18 Time: 7:30am at the Tung Hua Clubhouse (rain or shine) Cost : NT$2,800 per person (will be charged to the ACC account) Includes: Course Fees and awards for “Nearest to the Pin” and “Longest Drive” . 東華高爾夫球場



For more information, please contact the ACC at 28858260.

Please sign up at Member Services Desk before Monday, September 16



Fitness Tips From Personal Trainer - Kevin Liu Straight Leg Deadlift: A great posterior chain exercise that trains lower back, butt and hamstrings. 1. Correct form: 1-1 Preparation: Grasp the barbell with shoulder width or slightly wider overhand grip, stand tall with shoulder width stance, keep shoulders back, chest out, and tuck in the stomach. 1-2 Execution: With knees slightly bent and back straight, lower barbell to knees by pushing butt to the back, Lift barbell up by extending hips until upright, keep neck in neutral alignment with the spine. Repeat.

2. Incorrect form: 2-1 Preparation: Standing with shoulders forward and back rounded. 2-2 Execution: Lower barbell to knees with rounder back and hyper extended neck, core muscles are not engaged during the movement. 1-1








2013 ACC Swimming Championship. This annual event will be held on Sunday, October 13. Entry forms are now available at the Lifeguard Office by the Pool. Last day to return the registration forms is Sunday, September 29. The Swimming Pool Staff has complete details for this event and will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.



Feet First for Health – Reflexology (foot massage) Reflexology is a gentle, noninvasive, totally holistic therapy based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears that correspond to every organ, gland and part of the body. It is a whole body treatment - not just a foot massage. In a reflexology treatment, pressure is exerted on these reflexes by the thumbs and fingers, combining this with massage, relaxation and joint mobilization techniques. The result is homeostasis (internal balance) in the body. People who have not yet experienced the healing benefits and immense pleasure of reflexology find it hard to believe that something so enjoyable can be so good for you!

Why you need Reflexology? It will benefit you on: . Stress Reduction . Improved Circulation . Stimulated Nerve Function . Improved Immune System . Increased Energy Reflexology equal to the therapy of “the acupuncture point” (CHINESE REFLEXOLOGY); strengthens the human’s original reflexological area by the shiatsu type technique in order to achieves the cure effect. Reflexology cannot be adequately described in a few words... it's WONDERFUL TO EXPERIENCE!

. 30 minutes Soles Massage NT$700 . 60 minutes Soles Massage NT$1200 (original NT$1400)

To make appointment, please call Hair & Spa at 2885 8260 ext.28 or direct line 2886 5912


International Door to Door Services



Health is Wealth:

Being Healthy, Having Beauty and Not Feeling Guilty

Tuesday, September 24 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm San Francisco Room Complimentary Admission

Speaker by the Bestselling Author Salina Hong 演講者:暢銷書作家 洪繡巒老師 ●

In today's society, foods or food supplements are everywhere with the promise of miraculous changes in our well-being, including physique and overall health. Some of them have even been banned because of their untoward effects. True beauty, both inner and outer, is about putting your foot down, making a choice, and sticking to it. It's not about reliance on fad diets or supplements. Join us while we listen to best-selling author Salina Hong as she shares her experience in rejuvenation. She was able to lose 20kg and has the energy level of someone thirty years younger - without going under the knife or sacrificing her guilty pleasures. She'll talk about food choice, healthy cleanses, and spill some of her secrets in ageless beauty. →Sign up at the Member Services Desk. Last day for cancellation – Sunday, Sept 22

Seminar - Estate Planning

U.S. Tax Compliance for Cross Border Families


Summary of Presentation

Discuss the importance of estate planning in light of families becoming more international and the frequent changes in the laws; Discuss U.S. income, gift and estate tax issues facing U.S. persons residing in Asia; Address other U.S. tax reporting obligations including the report of foreign bank and financial accounts (“FBAR”), the annual return to report transactions with foreign trusts and receipt of certain foreign gifts ( Form 3520), to name a few; Share information about the offshore voluntary disclosure program (“OVDP”) which the U.S. Internal Revenue Services (“IRS”) is offering to people who have not been fully compliant; Discuss expatriation (relinquishment of U.S. green cards and U.S. citizenships) and why proper planning is crucial; and Q & A session ●

Thursday, September 26, 2013 2:00 to 4:00 pm San Francisco Room Complimentary Admission Speaker by Fabiola Maria Suwanto

About the Speaker - Fabiola Maria Suwanto

Fabiola is the Chief Representative of the Perkins Coie LLP Shanghai Office. As a partner in the Personal Planning Group, she advises individuals, families and professional fiduciaries on international estate planning, estate and trust matters. Fabiola works with high net worth individuals to design and implement their estate and business succession plans. She addresses the ever-changing U.S. tax filing and reporting obligations, as well as U.S. tax compliance issues for expatriates living and working in Asia. She represents taxpayers participating in the OVDP and assists them in interactions with the IRS. Fabiola handles complex probate and estate administration and litigation matters involving assets in multiple jurisdictions and beneficiaries and fiduciaries of different nationalities. She also advises on conservatorship and guardianship matters. Fabiola has spent 9 of the last 20 years of practice in Shanghai.


Professional Leadership

Santa Clara University School of Law, J.D., 1992 Santa Clara University, M.B.A., 1992 Phillips University, B.A., summa cum laude, 1988

The International Academy of Estate and Trust Law, Member Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), Member State Bar of California, Trusts and Estates Section, Member American Bar Association, China Committee, Member American Chamber of Commerce (Shanghai) Legal Committee, Member Law Society of Hong Kong, Member Foster City Lions Club, Past President

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