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Surviving Holiday Family Drama Dr. Misty Answers Your Questions

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Bham Brewed Beers


5 Party Gift Ideas from Shoppe’s Mark Thompson



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Proud Partner of the Auburn Tigers

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Proud Partner of the Alabama Crimson Tide

Finding the right home is an intimate process of discovery. Our agents pride themselves on earning the trust of those they serve, maintaining discretion and delivering exceptional service. Luxury Portfolio InternationalÂŽ is a luxury marketing partner which, together with RealtySouth, provides unsurpassed exposure to highnet-worth individuals on a global scale. Consider RealtySouth as your representative in the buying and selling process.

5615 Canongate Ln, Mountain Brook, AL


To See All the Pics and a Video of This Covershoot Visit:

INSIDE 16 Botox and Bingo - Hosted by Village Dermatology 22 Fashion in Motion - Representing Lane Parke 32 Grateful Dads - Supporting Homewood Schools 34 Zoo Gala - Sizzle ‘N Samba 36 Off-Shoots - Garden Club 38 Wild Game Cook-Off - AL Wildlife Federation 40 Smart Party - The Women’s Fund 42 Barktoberfest - Hand in Paw 43 Elm Construction - 10th Anniversary 44 Media Kick-Off - United Way 45 Service Guild - Past Members Social 46 September Celebration 47 Tunes for Tripp 48 Kathleen P. Bruhn - Memorial Leadership 49 Beyond Blue - Mike Slive Foundation 50 MHO - Adventure Film Series 51 Exceptional Foundation - 20th Anniversary Celebration 52 Touch a Truck - Supporting the Autism Society 53 Taste of Triumph - Triumph Services 54 50th Anniversary Celebration - UAB School of Optometry 56 Piggly Wiggly’s Wine Showcase - Daniel Project 58 Gala in the Gardens - Antiques at the Gardens To See all the Party Pics Visit:


Waredrobe: B Prince Venue: Paper Doll Model: Margaret Davidson photo: Melissa Dooley ABOUT




3 7, 0 0 0

#J9054967. Plus doc fee, tax, title and dealer installed options.




B e n t o n N i s s a n o f H o o v e r G e n e ra l M a n a g e r, M a t t R o d g e r s a n d w i f e B r o o k e



2 0 5 . 9 7 9. 5 4 2 0

From the longstanding tradition of fine dining and craft brewing in Birmingham comes a new powerhouse, Dread River Distilling Co. A brainchild of Dr. Jeff Dugas and John Cubelic, Dread River is a full-scale distillery with products ranging from whiskey, vodka, gin and rum to small batches of craft beer and wine. However, this is much more than a manufacturing facility.


n elegantly appointed, 4,000 square foot tasting room provides guests with the opportunity to sip Dread River spirits in style. Creatively working within the confines of being only allowed to serve its own products, Dread River’s beverage director, Stephen Suitts, has carefully crafted a menu with a wide array of cocktails that more than makes up for this limitaion. Adding to Dread River’s extensive beverage options, an on-site kitchen not only offers endless catering options, but also delivers delicious treats to guests for lunch and dinner. In addition to nightly bar service, the space also functions as a full-service event space. Offering small lounge rooms, a private event room for larger gatherings or the option to reserve the entire venue, Dread River can create bespoke experiences for groups of 10 to 200. “Dread River” began with a legend about an underground river that flows beneath Birmingham. That myth has become both a methaphor for the brand and its very ethos. In a city that is constantly evolving, Dread River captures the spirit of Birmingham, representing the desire to seek adventure, overcome challenges and celebrate accomplishments. 2400 7th Ave S, Birmingham, AL

Party Gift Ideas We asked Mark Thompson at SHOPPE on Clairmont to recommend five gifts to bring to holiday parties.

Girls on Guys We asked our female readers to tell us some of their good and bad social experiences with guys.


COCKTAIL NAPKINS What’s the most awkward pick-up attempt a guy has put on you?

On a first date, what makes the worst first impression?

• “A guy said to me, ‘Hey. I heard you like theater. Let me act out how this is gonna go.”

• “Sloppiness in dress. If you’re going to put effort into a potential relationship and are serious, then that should be clear in your appearance.”

• “Telling me that my first name would sound so great with his last name.” • “Some guy told me, ‘throw me into a group of girls and watch what I can do.” • “Two 10 year olds came up to me and asked for my digits.” What’s the first thing that attracts you to a guy? • “I notice men with good hair, kind smiles, and (slightly) fashionable clothes.” • “The way his butt looks in jeans.” • “Teeth & hands.” • “It’s never one thing. It’s a combination of things I can’t describe. And it’s different with different guys.”

• “This guy kept sweating cause he was so nervous and made a scene at the restaurant. His awkwardness just basically vibrated off him making me super comfortable.” • “A guy that I have to work hard to make conversation with.” What’s the sweetest, most heart-felt thing a guy has done for you? • “Planning a surprise party for me. He got my two best friends in on it and they “kidnapped me” for my birthday! It is usually extremely difficult for me to be surprised so It was pretty significant when they did. He planned and coordinated the event, the restaurant, and gifts that meant so much to me. Every detail was so thoughtful and intentional.”

Could be a pack of specialty printed paper napkins or real linen napkins according to how much you wanted to spend. They make a great host gift for a cocktail party.


CANDLES Candles make great gifts for a house warming party. Scented candles can be tricky but if you know the person well enough pick something that reminds you of them, or your own favorite scent you want them to try.If not sure what scent, a pair of classic tapper candles from SHOPPE would be a great choice.


A BOX OF GOODIES Probably my personal favorite gift is a mixed box of fun stuff. You can pick a theme or just pick things you love. Candy, a tea towel, coffee beans, a magazine, wine, cookies, matches, stationary, honey and tea. The sky is the limit on this one. Use your imagination and put together a gift box of things you love and the recipient will too.



ASK THE CHEF What is your biggest piece of advice for home chefs? Keep it simple. TV makes everything seem easy. Drink wine while you cook. Puts everyone in a better mood!

- Vassilli “Bill” Bouloukos, The Happy Catering Company Who has the best pizza in town? Tortugas

- Matthew Statham, Saw’s BBQ

What’s your favorite meal to make at home for guests? During this time of year, I typically like to fire up my grill or pizza oven with real wood to celebrate the weather. I alternate in the cooler months between a wellmarbled steak, salmon or baby back ribs (if I have the time). With the perfect fuel source to cook with, I also incorporate grilling vegetables such as eggplant, mixed peppers, asparagus, zucchini and/or large mushrooms to complement the chosen protein.

Murchison~Hume from SHOPPE is a natural line of cleaning products for your home make a great gift for any home owner. Counter spray and a dish soap or hand soap and a hand cream beautifully packaged is sure to be a hit.


PLANTS Go for a 4-pack of herbs in a gift box, a topiary in a classic clay pot, or a tropical house plant in a trendy cachepot. Everyone loves plants and its easy to put a personalized spin on the packaging.

What is your favorite dish in Birmingham? Surin’s Chicken Panay and La Paz’s queso

- Chef Rick Moonen, Perry’s Master Development Chef

- Diane Olexa, Olexa’s Cafe, Cakes and Catering ABOUT


SHOPPE is located at 3815 Clairmont Ave.

Focused more on quality than quantity, SHOPPE’s inventory is hand selected to excite the mind with each new season.

"When you walk through those doors, judgement goes out of the window and you are accepted for who you are. You are welcomed with open arms and are pushed to be the best version of yourself." - Brittan, regular Ignite Rider

224 29th street south • • (205) 639-6908 • @ignitecyclebhm


We asked you on social media: What’s your favorite Bham Beer?

District Brew’s Summer Jam Sour is full-flavored and extremely well crafted.

Ghost Train’s Kaleidoscope Kettle Sour – I have become obsessed with sour beer and this one is the best! It is sweet and tart but not too heavy making it easy to drink.

Good People Brewing Muchacho is the best summertime beer on the market.

Good People’s Funk Farm Series beer is gorgeous and thoughtful. I always bring a bottle home and take to friend’s homes especially during the holidays.

In the winter, Back Forty’s Trade Day Cuban Coffee Stout is a go-to. It is smooth and delicious with a great finish.

Trim Tab Paradise Now has a unique flavor and has become a statement beer around Birmingham. I gift it to out of town people all the time.

District Brews Zacca IPA Triple New England is worth the try. District Brew’s Barons Desire Imperial Fruited Stout has it all. Chocolate, bourbon, tart and fruity all in one. Nothing like it in Birmingham.

Cahaba Kiwi Kolsch has great subtle fruit notes but really light and refreshing which I think is perfect for summer or fall. Trim Tab IPA is not too hoppy but has a slight citrus taste. The flavor is not sacrificed for too many ingredients.

May We Suggest?

Some of our Social Season Suggestions




Finally Birmingham has a cinema to screen independent art-house films. A sigh of relief for all of us burnt out on action heroes and remakes. If you missed the 13 Days of Halloween Film Series, you missed out. Their selections were great. Check out cinema to see their upcoming films. The cinema also has a killer bar and concessions, plus it is available for rentals. It’s located downtown in the Pizitz at 1821 2nd Ave N.

We love our new neighbors at The Rougaroux. We also love drinking their New Orleans street slushies in the day! It’s tucked away on 817 39th St S. (The small street off Clairmont by the Whistling Table’s former parking lot.) Indoor and outdoor seating is available and their buffet is highly recommended, but only offered when the Saints are playing. It’s Cajun fare and random décor taste make you feel like you’re in New Orleans. BTWrougaroux means werewolf, which will make sense when you arrive.

There’s certainly no shortage of cookbooks on the market, but this one goes beyond pretty pictures from a celebrity chef. Full of kitchen wisdom, The Silver Palate was first published in 1982 and has been inducted into the James Beard Cookbook Hall of Fame. Fancy Finger Foods, how to serve caviar and a whole chapter on mushrooms are just some of its unique tidbits. Available used in paperback for only $17.




THE SUMMIT | 209 SUMMIT BLVD. | BIRMINGHAM, AL | P: 205-970-9758


Ask Dr. Misty

PROMOTION Writer, Speaker, Radio & Television Contributor, Dr. Misty Smith is the Founder and Managing Director of the Birmingham, Alabama based Mind, Body & Heart Wellness Clinic. She is an ASSECT Nationally recognized Certified Sex Therapist (CST), as well as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) of more than 15 years, who focuses on assisting individuals and couples to achieve their optimal emotional, relational, and sexual health through a results-oriented counseling process tailored to the needs of the individual or couple. In addition to being ASSECT Certified, Dr. Misty has a PhD in Counselor Education from Mississippi State University and her EdS in Counseling from the University of



Alabama. She can be reached by email at or


Mind, Body & Heart Wellness

How Do I Deal With My Family Drama Over the Holidays? >>> How do I deal with my family drama during holiday get-togethers? I love my family but the intimacy during social occasions always leads to a fight. My father has become bitter, and always manages to get in petty subtle insults. My sister in-law is awful. Her constant comparative language and expressions of superiority over me, along with the fact I’m still single is an invitation to a fight. Meanwhile, simply put, my mother drinks too much and may be overly medicated. I’m too scared and too embarrassed to bring a date! Oh the JOYS of the holidays! I suppose the quick and easy answer is “don’t go.” Maybe it’s time to consider scheduling some travel over these extended periods of time off work! Unfortunately, this is not an option available to everyone. That being said, I think the right answer probably sounds more like “be confident in who you are and the attitude/mood you want to have during the holiday event.” It seems you are quite aware of how everything will play out at this event. Be prepared! Are you confident in yourself, or will you allow your sister-in-law to have some fictitious power over your emotions? What actions on your part typically instigate or encourage the fighting? A fight requires more than one person, and you are not required to be the second person. We all have a choice in how we respond to the chaos. What choice will you make? You are concerned about your mother’s drinking or overmedication. However, what exactly can you do about this? My assumption is the answer is likely “nothing.” One thing you might try is not taking alcohol to the party. Maybe this would be a good year to request an alcohol-free holiday!

Let’s not forget you are probably driving to this event. If you aren’t driving, be sure you have money for an Uber and possibly a hotel room. These options allow you the freedom to walk out the door if things get a bit too out of hand for your holiday expectations. As for the fear and embarrassment you feel regarding bringing a date, consider it a good way to throw them in the deep end without a life vest...HA! They will sink or swim, but at least you will know sooner rather than later! Seriously though, this IS your family! Good, bad, a little’s all part of you! It’s where you became you even if you don’t appear much like them at this point in your life. If they can’t handle your family over a holiday, there’s the possibility you will experience issues in the relationship forever. Prepare the lucky suitor, and go enjoy the parts of your family you love. Focus on the positives, and be prepared to bolt if things get too crazy!

Some people say drink half your body weight in grams of water a day. (So if you weigh 150lbs, you drink 75 grams a day.) Some say at least 100 grams a day no matter what. Regardless, as more alcohol and bad eating habits enter your lifestyle, you should be drinking as much as possible.

BE ACTIVE Too busy to get to the gym or is your regular exercise schedule interrupted? Just make a point to be active. It could be anything. Uae your Fitbit, to check out how many steps you take doing chores around the house. Make a point to stand more than you sit.

GET OUTSIDE Yes, the weather isn’t as nice as month’s past, but the fresh air and any amount of vitamin D will help your mental outlook as much anything. Taking walks and even yard work are incredibly rehabilitative.

STAY ORGANIZED Make a plan. Have you ever noticed the busiest people are always the fittest? “I don’t have time to exercise.” That’s nonsense. It’s all about priorities. Everyone has time to exercise. It’s just where it’s placed on your to-do list.


If you’d like to ask Dr. Misty an anonymous question, please write The advice offered in this column is intended for informational purposes only. Use of this column not intended to replace or substitute for any professional, financial, medical, or legal advice. If you have specific concerns or situations requiring professional, psychological or medical help, you should consult with an appropriately qualified individual. The opinions or views expressed in this column are not intended to treat, diagnose, or replace the treatment and care that you may be receiving from another licensed professional. This column, its author, and the publisher are not responsible for the outcome or results of following any advice in any given situation addressed. You, and only you, are completely responsible for your actions.


10 T O W N

Live a little. Don’t be a dud and refuse to indulge because it might wreck your diet. There’s nothing worse than a bore. A few nights of partying won’t hurt you, and breaking an obsessive mindset might be good for your overall well-being.

Can great banking be even better?

National Bank of Commerce is now CenterState Bank.

National Bank of Commerce customers have come to expect a superior banking experience. For the past decade, our committed team of banking professionals has worked tirelessly to deliver on that promise. By joining CenterState, we’ve taken the next step in providing our customers the best banking experience possible.

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An Old Forester Old Fashioned Face-Off Ten bartenders from across Alabama were challenged to create an Old Forester Old Fashioned variation drawing inspiration from their hometowns. Each contestant presented their Old Fashioned and were judged on creativity, presentation, and of course, overall flavor. These were the four finalists and winner of the competition.

*** Winning Recipe *** Will Jones — Southern National -

Jose Medina — Automatic Seafood & Oysters -

2 ounces duck fat washed Old Forester 100 Proof 1/4 ounce smoked heirloom tomato syrup 1/4 ounce Bonnal 2 dashes salt 1 dash Jerry Thomas Aromatic Bitters

2 ounces Old Forester 100 Proof 1/2 ounce Cocchi Rosa 1/2 ounce Chicory Liqueur 2 dashes orange-clove-vanilla bitters 1 dash Angostura bitters

Try each one yourself. h And see whic r u one is yo favorite!

Ronnie Moore — Collins Bar -

1 1/2 ounces Old Forester 100 Proof 1/4 ounce Old Forester Rye 1/4 Venezualan Dark Gold Rum 2 dashes Angostura Bitters

Marley Grenier — SiP - 2 ounces Old Forester 100 Proof - 1/2 ounce peach syrup - 3 dashes of spiced bitters



PLEASE SIP RESPONSIBLY. SPONSIBLY | RESPONSIBILITY RESPONSIBILITY.ORG ORG Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky, 43% - 57.5% Alc. by Volume. Distilled & Bottled by Old Forester Distilling Co. at Louisville in Kentucky. OLD FORESTER is a registered trademark. ©2018 Brown-Forman Distillers. All rights reserved.



Win this F



E N T E R A B O U T T O W N ’ S I N S TA G R A M C O N T E S T & W I N T H I S J E T L E O P J A C K E T F R O M B . P R I N C E

Win a Free Jet Leop Jacket from

B. Prince Enter Our Instagram Contest! HERE’S HOW >>>


Follow @abouttownmag on Instagram.


Like this post and tag a friend by Nov 30.


Danielle Tate won a $315 spa package to ESCAPE DAY SPA!


14 T O W N


Stay updated to see if you won @abouttownmag. Winner will be announced Dec 1st.


Heart care close to home Connected to a national network of specialists When it comes to caring for your heart, Ascension care teams at St. Vincent’s Health System are close to home, delivering the care you need. We collaborate with our integrated, national network of cardiovascular specialists, sharing best practices for emergency heart care and advanced treatment options for ongoing heart conditions. By taking the time to understand you, we can deliver the personalized care you need.

© Ascension 2019. All rights reserved.

Get the heart care that’s right for you at

Kate Fenning, Audrey Easterwood

Debra Bouloukos, Alex Lamb, Demi Grabowski, Nicole Lamb Mary Kathryn Carney, Ellie Bosarge

BOTOX AND BINGO 2019 Village Dermatology hosted its ninth annual Botox and Bingo benefitting The Wellhouse. The WellHouse is a local organization that rescues and restores survivors of human trafficking. WellHouse provides a safe, residential environment with mental, physical and emotional support services. In addition, they also provide medical care, legal assistance and opportunities to learn life skills. Guests enjoyed a night under the stars with big outdoor tents and table seating while saving on products and services, enjoying a silent auction, and a chance to win the biggest botox discount of the year. During the day there were cosmetic appointments and specials then at night guests had the chance to play bingo and win big prizes. To see the rest of the pictures visit

Jenny Sobera, Holly Hyche

Ellie Benson, Ellen Benson

Wendy Feild, Ashley Arnold

Carly McGavin, Caroline Crawford ABOUT

Jessica Parris, Mary Diddell, Patricia Murray, Elizabeth Yielding

16 T O W N

Carolyn Smith, Ellie Friedman

You love this town, this neighborhood, this house!

Then you’ll love this bank.

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For a great foundation to your new start, come to Progress Bank for your mortgage. You’ll find competitive rates with quick-turn, in-house decisions and closing. But our true value is in welcoming you to our community, our banking family. New beginnings to last a lifetime.

Matt Bearden VP | Mortgage Investor Relations NMLS# 594920 2121 Highland Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35205 205.705.1642

Experience Progress.

AROUND TOWN Who’s Wearing What

Kaylin Johnson

Lori Dixon

Hannah Benak

Rebecca Davis


Lynn Andrews

Erin Turner

Michelle Campworth






OPEN 24/7 !

HOTWORX - VESTAVIA 790 Montgomery Hwy #124 (by Publix) (205) 502-7511

Local members: Kendall Waldrop & Amy Kirkpatrick

Be Yourself... B. Prince

B. PRINCE 271 RELE STREET AT LANE PARKE MOUNTAIN BROOK 205-871-1965 Instagram: b.princebham Facebook: B.Prince


PARAMOUNT 200 20th St N

Play arcade games while watching the latest game on TV. This sports bar is a casual hangout spot with great food.

PILLCROW 2015 1st Ave N #1e

Come underground to this hidden cellar. The atmosphere is Mexcian with exposed brick, candles, and intimate lighting. Grab a richly named cocktail with mezcal.

MOON SHINE 1928 1st Ave N

16 floors up on the roof of the Elyton Hotel. Come for the view. Nice weather at sunset is tough to beat.

CAYO COCO 2015 1st Ave N

One of the newer additions to the downtown scene, the Caribbean themed spot specializes in rum drinks.


20 T O W N



2125 2nd Ave N

Be greeted by paper airplanes flying from the ceiling. At the bar you are greeted by their version of the periodic table and the choice to make your own drinks. Of of the originators in creating the downtown bar scene.

112 24th St N #102

Quirky and creatively decorated drinks and a daily punch for those coming before happy hour.

HAVANA ON 1ST 2312 1st Ave N

How ‘bout a smoke? Enjoy premium and hand-crafted cigars perfectly paired with spirits, wines, and both domestic and imported craft beers.

PAPER DOLL 2320 1st Ave N

Our gracious hosts for your favorite magazine’s latest cover!

THE ATOMIC 2113 1st Ave N

While sipping on unique and flavorful drinks you can try on costumes and play games, or enjoy the magical rainforest.

Lynn North, Heather Lamb, Andrea Dolatabadi, Lori A. Dixon

Ashley Brogan, Shelley Greer, Neillie Butler, Rebecca Davis

FASHION IN MOTION The Grand Bohemian Hotel hosted Fashion in Motion representing five Lane Parke boutique shops including a’mano, Annabelle’s, B. Prince and Tulipano along with cute kids showing off new looks by Swoop. The shops had models mixing & mingling with the Grand Bohemian’s Happy Hour crowd instead of walking down a runway. The Grand Bohemian offered all the usual Happy Hour Specials, and donated 10% of sales to the Mountain Brook City Schools Foundation. To see the rest of the pictures visit

Rebecca Davis, Neillie Butler

Ashlee Todd, Carmen King, Meg Wilson

Amy Jackson, Anna Lawley, Bridget Colafranceso

Cameron Holifield, Jennifer Holifield

Emily Ehrhardt, Grace Register, Kaitlin Krueger ABOUT

22 T O W N

Mary Swanson, Allison Ingram

Hallsey Marsh, Annie Swanson, Dorothy Whatley

Since 2012

Willow Renovation An Irondale Renovation Project BEFORE

Roxanne Hale at Art House Creative Shares a Labor of Love

I got my first look at her on a rainy February day. She looked terrible, maybe even a little intimidating but she captured my imagination in a way that you want a renovation project to do. We look at neat homes everyday but I had a hard time moving past this one. Her previous owner had lived there her entire life, a full 90 years, but now it sat vacant with talks of demolishing her after 120 years of service. Despite the challenges with this one, we knew we had to make an offer. The wrap around front porch, wide foyer, 5 fireplaces, 14 foot high ceilings and old pine hardwood floors were begging to be brought back to life. ABOUT

She sat proudly on almost ½ and acre but she also needed a lot of work. My husband, Jason Hale owner of Willow Homes and his team went to work pulling renovation budgets together to see if this was even possible. We knew we wanted to restore her, not simply fix her up. Her floorplan was designed for a different way of life and didn’t fit the popular open floorplans homeowners seek today. We made the decision to keep the floorplan intact and we weren’t sure how the market would like that. It just felt almost criminal to change her so drastically after so many years.

24 T O W N



Considerations When Shopping for a Renovation Project:

1) Select a LOCATION you love with strong price appreciation to create plenty of room in your renovation budget. 2) Search for PROPERTY ATTRIBUTES like “good bones” but hasn’t been updated in decades! 3) Be disciplined on PRICE! Every penny you pay to acquire the property erodes your renovation budget. 4) Don’t go it alone. Work with an EXPERIENCED REALTOR that understands renovation costs and the real estate market you are looking in.

Historical Architecture: Gorgeous glass transoms are found in every doorway of the main hall. This original architecture, along with each of the five fireplaces, at one time served the practical use of cooling and warming the home in a time before heating and air conditioning.

While the Willow Homes Team worked on budgets, I was eager to learn as much about the home as I possibly could. Who had lived here in the past 120 years? The librarian in Birmingham Public Library’s Archives steered me in the right direction. There, I found a wealth of information about its occupants, construction on structures around the property, and even found a photo dated for ABOUT

1939 when she was already 40 years old. I submitted my findings to the Jefferson County Historical Commission and we were able to get a Historical Marker and a name for her – The Howard Hall Jones House – named after its longest owning occupants. The plaque now hangs proudly by the front door.

25 T O W N

< Creating an Entrance:

The solid mahogany door stained Ebony was provided by Tim Flynn of Southern Window Supply in Pelham. This classic door style lets in the light and was chosen to show off the gorgeous main hall to visitors.



< The Front Porch: The Porch

Swing, a Hallmark of every Proud Southern Home, was hung on the front porch. It also received new modern porch rails and columns painted Snowbound by Sherwin Williams. The Historical Marker was placed at the first door to announce The Howard Hall Jones House.


26 T O W N

< Secondary Bathroom

Johnathan Lambert of Triton Stone Group in Birmingham was instrumental in choosing the painted cement tiles for the secondary bath. The soft gray palate created a clean, modern feel. We chose to go all the way up to the ceiling with the shower tile to create a little drama and show off the high ceilings.


The renovation was painfully slow. We took our time to preserve millwork and architectural features important to the homes history. The wainscoting throughout the home is original as well as the porch ceilings and hardwood floors. Kurtis Maynor, Project Manager for Willow Homes and an extremely talented carpenter, did most of the renovation work himself. The most amazing transformation came when the old carpet was pulled up and the hardwood floors were refinished. We keep the tongue and groove ceilings exposed in the kitchen and added a pantry and breakfast nook. New custom cabinets, appliances from All South and lights from Mayer Lighting made all the difference. Each bath was renovated and updated with its own unique character. Perhaps the most rewarding day came when the front porch rails were restored and painted. After 6 months of work, we were finally ready to get the home furnished and put on the market. Allison Hallman at Willow Interiors did a fantastic job selecting pieces and staging each room beautifully.

Ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bath: We picked a fun hand painted tile for the ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bath that played off the Stair Light from Mayer Lighting featured in this room. The glass-enclosed shower was created and installed by Nelson Glass of Birmingham and complimented the bright, white, open feel we were striving for.

My real estate brokerage, Art House, which specializes in helping our clients find renovation projects, listed the home. It received multiple offers the first day it went on the market. Ultimately new homeowners, Josh and Tabitha Baker would close and move into the home in October 2019. They were awesome to work with!

This was a labor of love for us. We are always most proud when we can restore an important piece of our past so that it can live on in the future of our clients. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve dreamed of restoring a home we hope you give us a call. You need an expert eye and a team that understands older home construction, renovation costs, and the real estate market you are looking in. From finding a property, financing, renovating, design and dĂŠcor, we are able to help start to finish. My teammate and I, Savannah Johnson, spend our time searching the market for unique homes for our clients. We would love to help you find just the right project that captures your imagination.

The Main Hall: The wide foyer is the showpiece of this home. We choose Classic French Gray by Sherwin Williams to compliment the Alabaster White Shiplap wainscoting. Three oversized Foyer Pendants from Mayer Lighting set off the high ceilings beautifully.

Farmhouse Kitchen: Hands down, one of the most sought after renovation upgrades - every farmhouse needs a heavy-duty farmhouse sink. We gave the kitchen an industrial feel with matte black bar cups and pulls on the custom cabinets and an industrial sink faucet with sprayer from Triton Stone Group of Birmingham.

Contact Art House Creative, Roxanne Hale and Savannah Johnson at for help finding the perfect renovation project. Already have a home you want renovation pricing for or own a lot you want to build a new home on? Contact Willow Homes at for more details.

Visit our Generation Lighting Gallery Today! @mayerlightingshowroom


AREN’T YOU WORTH IT? 3 Reasons Why People Are Buying Homes on 30A

It seems like the impossible dream, but it’s much more feasible than you might think. People all over Birmingham seem to be buying property along 30A lately. So, what’s the deal? If you’re one of the many who are wondering how anyone could possibly afford beach property, you’re not alone. The real question is: How can you afford not to?


Earning extra income with your own investment property in a popular vacation destination is easier than ever with the help of local vacation management companies. Oh, and don’t forget about the tax deduction.


How about the luxury of always having your favorite beach house available to you, when you want it, all year long? Your family will always have fond memories of the family beach house on 30A.


What better way to enjoy the best years of your life than with a fantastic view of the gulf and still have easy access to all the best shops, restaurants and entertainment?



Graze Craze The Art of the Charcuterie Board Grazing boards are having a major moment and the holidays are the perfect time to learn to build your own artful snacking platters. They can act as a visual centerpiece while creating a social dining experience, bringing people together. Crunchy, salty, sweet, savoy â&#x20AC;&#x201C; there is something for everyone! The themes and flavor combinations are only limited by your creativity!

The Perfect Platter. This is your foundation and a great place to

Kid Meal Fun. Change up the look of dinner by creating a kidâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

make a statement. Choose a dish or platter based on your number of guests. Large cutting boards work great or create the ultimate tablescape by arranging the items down the middle of the dining table like a long edible table runner. Sweet Treat. These are not just for cheese and charcuterie. Create a holiday dessert board with mini cupcakes, cheesecake slices, cookies, chocolate treats, and assorted candy. Breakfast Buffet. Hosting guests? Create a continental breakfast to die for with a platter of mini bagels, croissants, and cinnamon rolls along with assorted fruits, flavored cream cheese, smoked salmon, sliced hard boiled eggs, jam and honey.

meal board with pb&j wedges, ham rollups, cubed cheese, carrot sticks, goldfish, grapes, and marshmallows. Seeing food arranged in a new way can be exciting. Add Color. Give your board pops of color with cherry tomatoes, raspberries, red peppers, or orange slices. Create Height. Use mini ceramic bowls to hold nuts or olives, or use mini cake stands for cheeses. Find mini specialty condiments in cute jars and place inside the board. Gift Boxes. Deliver delicious holiday gifts that neighbors and friends will love, with a mini board in a box. Arrange grazing delights in window gift boxes and tie up with a festive ribbon and gift card.


30 T O W N

Jenny and Cliff Denson, Suzanne Mills

Scott Wearren, Hudson Williams, David Knight, Cole Byrum

GRATEFUL DADS The Annual Grateful Dads event was held at Cahaba Brewing Company and included dinner by Urban Cookhouse as well as live music from Homewood Dad Band Mumbo Jumbo and DJ services. All proceeds directly benefited the Homewood City Schools Foundation, which gives our teachers and students grants to fund innovative programs and technology. To see the

Lynn Williams, Amy Mitchell

rest of the pictures visit

Jay McCutchen, Suzanne Purple

Leah Knight, Emily Williams

Haley Miller, Margaret Ireland, Anna Ireland, Thomas Riley

Seay Evans, Patrick Jackson

Noor Jarrar, Jose Casanova

Libby Kellen, Mandy Schwarting

Trey Bedsole, Justin Henley

Allison and Eric Henninger


32 T O W N

Justin Henley, Becky Bedsole

At Alabama Fertility, under the leadership of Dr Bouknight, Malizia and McLean, we work hard to provide thoughtful, compassionate, individualized care.

Advanced Fertility Care Close to Home. 2700 Highway 280 - Suite 370 East - Birmingham, AL 35223 (205) 874-0000 -

Matt Benak, Hannah Benak, Aimee and Bo Andrews

Hillary Weiss, Robin Sparks

ZOO GALA The 2019 Zoo Gala : â&#x20AC;&#x153;South American-Styleâ&#x20AC;? honored Chairs Phyllis and Larry Wojciechowski on the beautiful and new Hugh Kaul Plaza.Guests dined, danced and toasted to a 10th wonderful year with IBERIABANK as the ZooGala Presenting Sponsor. Ascension played dance hits and guests feasted on delicious culinary offerings by Kathy G & Co. amid magnificent decor by AG Event. To see the rest of Jordan Callahan, Heather Henley, Charlotte Sinor

the pictures visit

Amanda and Todd Benfield Jamison Jones, Janie Jones, Crawford Jones

Lauren Steele, Kristie Conner, Grace Harrelson


34 T O W N

Bryan and Rachel Coleman, Brannon and Mollie Buck

Casey Quattlebaum, Michele Imig

Jayna and David Goedecke

Libby McGowan, Alex McGowan, Vaughan McGehee

Austin and Lisa Brennan

Liz Kerr, Melanie Hennessy, Meghan Henig, Becca Brady


35 T O W N

Haley and Logan Austin

Cody Nall, McLeod Chunn

Rachel Holt, Kibbe Jones, Morgan Kelly

Alexander and Kibbe Jones, Katie and Donald Robinson

OFF-SHOOTS GARDEN CLUB NEW MEMBER SOCIAL The Off-Shoots Garden Club hosted its New Member Social at Swann Lake Stables welcoming their newest members and celebrating the start of its 38th year in the Brookwood Forest community. The event was hosted by president, Katie Parnell Robinson and president-elect, Kibbe Jones. Catering provided by Josh Haynes of Alloy Thai and music by Robert Robinson. To see the rest of the pictures visit

Amy Kessler, Whitney Weaver Britney Bernstein, Krisalyn Riley Crye

Christina Powell, April and Matt Kirksey

Ross and Kim Eriksson

Christina Powell, Britney Bernstein, Kim Eriksson

Sally and Dan Williams


36 T O W N

Susan Ozier, Rachel Holt

4150 Montevallo Road

Almost 1 acre LOT– Mountain Brook $425,000

426 Delcris Drive

4 BR/3.5 BA – Homewood $375,000


2025 Chardonnay Way

3411 Windsor Blvd

3 BR/2.5 BA – Homewood $250,000

3 BR/2 BA – Homewood $369,900 NEW LISTING


3017 Cahaba Cliffs Drive

2 BR/2.5 BA Condo – Altadena $179,900

3927 Knollwood Drive

4 BR/3 BA/3 half BA – Mountain Brook $599,000


Follow us

on Facebook @Jamie Goff

Real Estate Team

1804 Nottingham Drive 3 BR/2 BA – Vestavia Hills $299,900

the jamie goff team 205.296.2323

welcome home!



Emily Hilton, Mariah Wick

Taylor Sims, Kathryn Sims, Jessica Brown, Darrell Henderson, Sam Brown

WILD GAME COOK-OFF The annual Alabama Wildlife Federation Wild Game Cook-off was held at the Birmingham Zoo where contestants showed off their cooking skills involving wild game. The cook-off benefited the Alabama Wildlife Federation. Guests enjoyed live music, a raffle, a silent auction, and great food including wild game samples. To see the rest of the pictures visit

Sims Vickers, Melissa Hannahan

Lynn Williams, Amy Mitchell

Kaitlyn Brown, John Benton

Trent Yates, Mary Francis, Adam Greenhalgh

Molly Harris, Bailey Lindsey, Brooks Wall

Josh Yerby, Dustin Brooks

Jack and Ensley Darnell, Allison and Tatum Lassetter


38 T O W N

Sidney Knight, Parker Rocco

Katherine Sims, Jessica Brown

Kathy Williams, Anna Grace Williams



If Your Diet & Exercise Aren’t Giving You The Look SCULPT AND TONE ARMS AND LEGS You Want. NO SURGERY – NO DOWNTIME






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EMSCULPT only EMSCULPT is the is onlythe procedure

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PLASTIC SURGERY SPECIALISTS Dr. Robert Oliver Jr. and Dr. Jason Jack




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Haley Mendoza, Halli Williamson, Samantha Willis, Kiffy Balchon

Evan Pantazis, Christina Rossi, Conrad and Alex Anderson

SMART PARTY Haven hosted over 500 of the region’s most passionate advocates attending The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham’s 8th annual Smart Party to celebrate smart women and smart giving and build equitable opportunities for women.VIP guests enjoyed a complimentary welcome cocktail courtesy of Dread River Distilling Company, complimentary wine courtesy of International Wine and Craft Beer, beer courtesy of Ghost Train Brewing Co., heavy hors d’oeuvres, and a sway bag with gifts from local buisnesses.Eunice Elliott was the emcee for the evening and DJ Chocolate spun everyone’s favorite old school hits and women’s empowerment anthems. To see the rest of the pictures visit

Britney and Tony Summervile

David and Alison Green Michelle Piechowicz, Evelyn Mitchell , Bertha Hidalgo

Cathleen Ellington, Summer Rives, Valerie Thomas

Caroline Mills, Abbi Heitz

Leigh Sloss-Corra, Kate Darden ABOUT

40 T O W N

Josh and Carolyne Hess, Danielle Roberts

Peck’s Points!

3 pointers for selling your current home ... and finding the next one. 1. Get Right on Price. It’s very easy to over price your home. Spending too much time on the Internet can walk you down that path quickly. Leaving,“wiggle room” or “room to negotiate” is detrimental to your sale and only helps other sellers in the area. 2. Clutter Less, Show More. I use the “Half & Half”

rule. Look at flat surfaces of your home and remove half of the items. Next, remove half of those items. Same goes for pillows, clothes, pictures and books. You want to show the space of your home and allow the buyer to imagine their belongings in it; not how many figurines you can fit on a hallway table.

3. Visit Neighborhoods, Not Websites. The Internet

offers an amazing array of choices for the home buyer and gives tons of very practical and useful information. However, home buying is a Process of Elimination rather than a Shopping Spree. This is where we will make a plan based on your wants and needs for your new home. Next, we will tour neighborhoods that have the most listings that meet your needs. Websites can help narrow down options, but spending time in a house is the only way to feel right at home.


Motivated to accomplish your goals. Striving to be authentic in every deal. Molly Nickoles, Sasha Dickinson

Emily Bynum, Abigail Jumper

PECK BARHAM, REALTOR RE/MAX Southern Homes | 205.529.1220 |

Get Every Issue Delivered to Your Mailbox. Courtney Ellis, Katie Kelly, Kenslie McGuire, Kaitlin Sparkman

Never miss an issue. Rebecca Schaller, Lane Cross, Dixie McPherson, Stephanie Naman, Courtney Walls, Lizzie Holt, Lucy Baird

Abbey Heredia, Jamie Phillips, Joe Hyde

Michael Belling, Emory Etheridge

MaryHardin Rachel, Blake Smith

BARKTOBERFEST Dog & beer lovers came together at Cahaba Brewing Company to celebrate Oktoberfest but Hand in Paw style. At Barktoberfest, guests brought their dogs to celebrate in Oktoberfest fashion with their furry friend by their side! Guests enjoyed local beer, participated in the popular doggie costume contest, had a drawing of their pup done, and so much more while supporting Hand in Paw.Hand in Paw is Alabama’s premier Animal-Assisted Therapy provider and a national leader in this growing field. To see the rest of the pictures visit

Kelly Just, Gus & George

Abbey Heredia, Kasey Oakes, Jamie Phillips, Erin Cochran, Joe Hyde, Axel Jake Bivin, Hunter Anthony

Erin Killen, Jillian Boyle

Kathleen Millsap and Reese “Rocket Man”


42 T O W N

Lucy Bennett, Ballard Jones

LeArden Pike, Peggy Turner, Aimee Forbus, Mary Bagby Steadman

Anna Frances Bradley, Lora and Justin Russell, Dawn Curtis, Traci Owen

ELM CONSTRUCTION LLCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S 10TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY ELM Construction LLC hosted their 10th Anniversary Party to recognize those who have helped make ELM Construction what it is today. With the support of our Customers, Trade Partners and Staff, they can take pride in their accomplishments, and commitment to excellence. They welcomed guests to help celebrate this milestone and to look forward to many more years serving the Greater Birmingham Area. To see the rest of the pictures visit Dennia and Trudy Vaughan, Donavon and Becky Gibbens

Lisa Mohler, Karen Isaminger

Christine Hoffman, Gina Harris, Carrie LeArden and Elliott Pike, Emma Grace Pike Pomeroy

Katherine Higgins, Shannon Humensnsky

Sarrah Weston, LeArden Pike

David Wheeler, Diane Wheeler, Paul DiMarco, Peggy Turner


43 T O W N

Millie and Bob Rocheleau

Frank Adams Jr., Jeff Stone, Dan Lutomski, George Trible

Jasmine Wright, Teresa Zuniga-Odom, Drew Langloh, Jeff Stone, Bib Boylan, Callie Richie

UNITED WAY CAMPAIGN MEDIA KICKOFF 2019 The United Way Campaign Media Kickoff party featured Jeff Stone of Brasfield & Gorrie, the 2019 United Way of Central Alabama Campaign Chair. The party promoted the new and ground-breaking A.G. Gaston Boys and Girls Clubhouse Construction Site at the Crossplex. To see the rest of the pictures visit

Melissa Crowell, Marlesa Willis, Thomason Bryan, Talesha Oliver, Erica Selleis, Brett Jankowski, Lauren Shaw

Amy Thomas, Carmen Shevlin, Katie Galloway

Rakia Hassell, Tree Gentle-Davidson

Teresa Zungia-Odom, David Kinstely, Amy Thomas

Richard Tinnell, Karim Shamsi- Bashi

Anne Douglas Williams, Wes Butler

Callie Richie, Dawn McGlothan


44 T O W N

Jeanne Gallagher, Tabby Keahey

Holston Ryan, Lauren Shaw

Ann Martha Corley, Jenny Evans, Brook Goforth

Erin Greggs, Jessica Garrison, Blair Crabtree, Chris Newell, Jennifer Jackson, Blair Middleton

THE SERVICE GUILD PAST MEMBERS SOCIAL The Service Guild of Birmingham’s mission is to provide active and committed members dedicated to fundraising and to assisting children at risk for developmental delay while maximizing their potential through a one-to-one therapeutic approach. The Service Guild’s past actives social was a way for members past and present to get together, enjoy one another’s company and tour the new Bell Center facility. To see the rest of the pictures visit

Victoria Hubert, Shannon Speakman

Laura Promer, Lydia Thurston

Libby Kellen, Stacey Morales

Misty Weaver, Lee Perry, Heather White

Catie Ronson, Courtney Truss

Claire Long, Eva Gonzales, Robin Peterson, Stacy Taylor


45 T O W N

Leigh Anne Philips, Bama Hager

Jeannie Colquett, Lee Perry, Stacey Morales

Caitlyn Callaghan, Stephanie Burrus, Katie Madamba

Billy Cornay, ELizabeth Cornay, Lee McKinney, Mayor Randal Woodfin

SMILE-A-MILE SEPTEMBER CELEBRATION The John Hand Club held the 2019 Smile-A-Mile September Celebration. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and is symbolized by â&#x20AC;&#x153;Going Gold.â&#x20AC;? Smile-A-Mile provides hope and goes gold year-round for families in Alabama who are on the childhood cancer journey. The September Celebration raised awareness while also showing appreciation for those in the community who help Smile-A-Mile fulfill its mission. To see the rest of the pictures visit

Kelsey and Kyle Church

Blain Campbell, Paul Ehrhardt, Justin Truelove

Christine Hofman, Carrie Pomeroy

Arash and Amber Tantolkassori, Rachel Abel

Lindsay Russell, Caroline Little

Holly Poole, Lynn Joyce, Julia Levy


46 T O W N

Katie Batson, Pam Holliday

Michael and Brandy Serio

Patsy Baird, Anne Moore, Deborah Deavours

TUNES FOR TRIPP Tunes for Tripp 2019, a fundraiser honoring the memory of Tripp Norris, was held at Aldridge Gardens. It was organized by his parents, Rick and Suzanne Norris, as well as family friends to raise money for opioid awareness. To see the rest of the pictures visit

Steve and Michelle Campworth

Cole and Tricia Preston

Joseph and Mallory Chambers

Sally Harris, Tricia Preston

Dina and Max Breckenridge

Lisa and Glen Spears

Jan and Steve Butler


47 T O W N

David and Tracy Gossett

Franklin Brown, Peyton Falkenburg, Sam Ransom

Lance Hutcheson, Ritchie Harbison

Hannon Davidson, Patty Bromberg, Tellis Shoemaker, Amy Gray

THE KATHLEEN P. BRUHN MEMORIAL LEADERSHIP OPEN The 8th annual Kathleen P. Bruhn Memorial Leadership Open was held at The Founders Course at Greystone Golf and Country Club benefitting Camp Fire Alabama. This event was introduced by the Board of Directors of Camp Fire to support its youth development programs in Alabama. The naming of this event after Kathleen P. Bruhn pays homage to her life and service (as she was the personification of “Leadership”). Funds raised from the event will ensure more youth have access to safe in-school social and emotional learning programs, chances to attend summer camp, funds a scholarship in Kathleen’s memory and support Camp Fire Alabama’s programs and initiatives in the community. To see the rest of the pictures visit

Sandra Dozier, Gina Weaver, Dianne Benifield

Beth Adams, Elizabeth Broughton

Kaitlee Daw, Janis Barksdale

Nathan Burdette, Chris Burdette

Josh Slocum, Philip Noles, Brian Mathews, John Brown


48 T O W N

Beth Adams, Tricia Holbrook, Elizabeth Broughton

Randall Woodfin, Bruce Pearl

Kammie and Jay Kasten

Pam and Joel Welker, Julie Marcus

BEYOND BLUE The Mike Slive Foundation brought the spotlight to Prostate Cancer Awareness Month with a wonderful event, which raised money for prostate cancer research and honored Hatton Smith, a community leader and prostate cancer survivor. The event was held at UAB’s Alys Stephens Center where the Foundation hosted the annual benefit Beyond Blue (formerly called I’m With Mike), presented by Medical Properties Trust.ESPN and SEC Network reporter Laura Rutledge was this year’s emcee of the event. Guests visited with sporting luminaries and enjoyed hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and a silent and live auction with unique sports experiences and memorabilia. To see the rest of the pictures visit

Tara McCay, Josh Snead, Julia Sayers

Gabby Hundman, Michael Bell

Megan and Colton Houson, Mark Cohen

Melissa and Chris Nix ABOUT

Brent and Marianne Jenkins

49 T O W N

Deborah and Terrell McCants

Kyle Brown, Cole Baker, Justin Harrison, John Bone

Steven Young, Jeremy White, Tarun Ramayya, Swaroop Vitta

MOUNTAIN HIGH OUTFITTERS ADVENTURE FILM SERIES Mountain High Outfitters partnered with Avondale Brewing Co. to bring a free monthly Adventure Series to Birmingham. The first film was Free Solo. Gearbox Adventure Rentals was on-site demoing one of their vans as well as City Bowls. Guests enjoyed drinks and a film on the Avondale Brewing Co. lawn. To see the rest of the pictures visit

Caroline Young, Anne White, Liz Westman Lauren Nicholson, Lianne Koczur

Rebecca Baker, Sarah Grace Ikard, Amy Thomas

Matthew Wood, EJ Asenjo

Kaci Harrison, Morgan Lee, Sullivan Brown, Rebecca Brown

Kelly and Steve Mikell


Brent and Jacquelyn Marshall

50 T O W N

Phillip Pearson, Jontel Woods, Kaly Bertella, Sarah Russell

Hannah and Paul Lawrence

William Byrd, Helen and Nicholas Saab

THE EXCEPTIONAL FOUNDATION 20TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION The Exceptional Foundation celebrated 20 years by hosting the 20th anniversary celebration at The Grand Bohemian Hotel. It was celebrated of offering social and recreational programming for both adults and children with intellectual disabilities. Guests enjoyed good food, music, and dancing in The Grand Bohemian Ballroom. To see the rest of the pictures visit

Madison Barcroft, Jontel Woods

Ginny Willings, Wild Bill Morris

Chris Germany, Madison Barcroft, Sarah Russell

Morgan Leigh, Francis Ellen

Caroline Minor, Susan Gerrett, Margaret Cochran, Hannah Lawrence

Jenna and Jonathan Shugart ABOUT

51 T O W N

Julianne Naro, Pamila Norris, Skye Ingram, Michelle Diaz, Gracie Landram

The Orcutts, The Meadows, The Masseys

TOUCH-A-TRUCK The Autism Society of Alabama and event organizer Paul DeMarco hosted their third annual Touch-A-Truck, a two-hour event for children to explore and have a better understanding of emergency vehicles, construction equipment and a variety of other trucks, including Sherman Industriesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; autism-themed cement truck in a fun and inviting atmosphere. Children learned about the vehicles and were invited to sit in the trucks and even honk the horn! Monster and tow trucks, police cars, a fire truck, a dune buggy, a ladder truck and even a tractor were among many vehicles at the event. UAB Alpha Xi Delta Sorority provided face painting, arts and crafts and games. To see the rest of the pictures visit Lauren and Chad Graves

Abbie Ree, Tripp Ree

Amanda Sutter, Hallie Kate Sutter, Greer Cunningham, James Cunningham

Finn Lafferty, Andrew Lafferty Boady Arthur, Kelli Arthur

Gil and Samantha Jaggers

Shannon McElwee

Jamie Manning, Meredith Porter ABOUT

52 T O W N

Jakitta Sullivan, Asher Sullivan

Melanie Colton, Brittany Scott

Charlotte Phillips, Stephanie Betsch

Jenna Husky, Christina Fisher

TASTE OF TRIUMPH Taste of Triumph was a fundraiser featuring wine and beer tasting hosted by Triumph Services, a nonprofit providing services for adults with developmental disabilities. This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s event was held at Regions. Guests enjoyed a spirited evening of beer and wine tasting, live music, and silent and live auctions- all to benefit adults with developmental disabilities seeking independent living. Wine and beer were from International Wines while live music was performed by Vinyl Rock. To see the rest of the pictures visit

Katherine Erickson, Jane Mayer

Dianna Bell, Emily Wainwright

Shana Hamby, Nicole Pugh

Louis and Sherry Stevens

Melanie Jones, Kim Bullock

Stuart Franco, Whitt Steineker

Katie and Ted Wilkie ABOUT

53 T O W N

Tara Stults, Justin Pinkerton

Amanda Risher, Vernon Delacruze

Margi Patel, Caitlyn Williams, Kaydee Laird, Dana Shannon, Sherry Lsandri

50TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION GALA The UAB School of Optometry gathered to celebrate the school’s 50th anniversary, an epic milestone that has been a half century in the making. It was simply wonderful to have the school’s family of alumni, faculty, staff, students and longtime friends together for this significant occasion. With the band Sweetwater Junction, this was a night of fun and reminiscing, and more than anything, a night to be proud of all that the school has accomplished so far. To see the rest of the pictures visit Madison Barnes, Tracy Hutchings, Caroline Vollberg

D’Ajanee Smallwood, Yasmin Abumayaleh, Tiffany Jones

Kaylin Johnson, Brian Pierce ABOUT

54 T O W N

Bentley Hill, Kelsi Tran, Kayla Tucker

Danii Roundtree, Nadiyah Holder

Jason Chacko, Lynns Matthew

Eric Kim, Tessa Fredal

Grady Phillips, Danika Tankerskey

Sommer Thompson, Satina Richardson

Dylan Cowan, Katherine Denius

Beth Steele, Mark Risher

Rhett and Baylee Pendley

Sarah Kate and Tyler Day

Kush Patel, Samjana Vitta


55 T O W N

Kim Virciglio, Mimi Virciglio, Louise Barton

Brock McCoy, Thomas Warren, Lillian Mears

Maria Ritchey, Ashley Shunnara, Tanya Shunnara

PIGGLY WIGGLY’S WINE & CRAFT BEER SHOWCASE Piggly Wiggly’s Fifth Annual Wine and Craft Beer Showcase was held at a private club in Vestavia benefitting The Daniel Project, a critical mission of the Paul Meyers Foundation. Guests tasted over 100 fine wines and local craft beers as well as enjoyed unlimited appetizers featuring Alabama vendors, all while enjoying live music from Greenleaf Hustle. The Daniel Project honors Birmingham’s beloved Daniel Naim Ajlouny who passed away at the age of 21 from a heart condition known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. To see the rest of the pictures visit

Nicole Mansour, Anthony Baroodi

Stephanie and Robin Sorrell

Haley Prescott, Lindsey Green, Lauren Reece, Caitlyn Cooper

Caitlyn Eiland, Casey Clements, Mimi Virciglio

Tripp and Brittany Spain


56 T O W N

Jeff and Dominique Backus

James Harb, Emily Capilouto


Nicole Vineyard, Anna Witton, Parson Brewster


and at Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s of Alabama, we want to see every child grow up and live to their fullest potential. 1600 7TH AVENUE SOUTH BIRMINGHAM, AL 35233 (205) 638-9100 Tanya Ajlouny, Natalie Johnson

Erica Issis, Aaron Vasha

Daniel and Catherine Phillips

Sarah Beth Eldridge, Amy Upinger

Christy Harmon, William Harmon, Rachel Reece

Lynn Andrews, Neill Jones

Mabry Poellnitz, Elizabeth Walker, Elizabeth Miles, Katelyn Feinberg, Meredith McElroy

GALA IN THE GARDENS The Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens were delighted to welcome more than 800 guests to Gala in the Gardens 2019, kicking off the 14th annual Antiques at the Gardens. The annual blacktie event, part of the Friendsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; largest fundraiser of the year, honored Emily and Bill Bowron, who are longtime supporters of the Gardens. Emily is a past co-chair of the event and a current Board member of the Friends. Red Diamond has sponsored the eventâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s signature Red Diamond Lecture Series, featuring talks by designers, architects, and landscape architects from across the country, since Kelly Peace, Tracy Strickland, Caroline Woods

Michael Shaner, Neil MacKenzie, Rachel Shaner

2009. To see the rest of the pictures visit

Allison Ingram, James Dixon


58 T O W N

Jesalyn McCurry, Matt McCurry, Sarah Webb

Tiffany Polmatier, Emily Lassiter, Lydia Purcell

Paul Pless, Katie Pless, Britney Summerville, Tony Summerville

Cameron Estes, Claude Estes

Herbie and Hannah Johnson, Norm and Laura Winston, Brent and Amanda Flavin

Randall Porter, Bart McCorquodale, Eden Gosney

David Ringelstein, Kristin Bains, Jessie Holmes


Joshua and Sarah Burkhart

59 T O W N

Cody Nall, Emily Terry

EXPERTISE TO TEACH ALL ABILITIES & LEVELS Personalized Training Small Group Classes & Private Lessons Holiday Gift Cards Available!

JULIE HARRIS Congratulations to my Sellers! Congratulations to my Buyers!


2620 Canterbury Rd


3604 Brookwood Rd


4627 Pine Mountain Rd


4407 Corinth Dr


3020 Woodleigh Rd c: 205-563-5049 o: 205-879-3036


3428 Meadow Woods Rd


3524 Brookwood Rd


4213 Harpers Ferry Rd


503 Park St


3517 Belle Meade Way

Julie Harris

Ray & Poynor Properties


Aero Joe Pilates Studio (Pepper Place) 2805 2nd Ave S - Suite 100 205.202.5758



By: Scott Atkinson, Wine Manager at the PIGGLY WIGGLY IN CRESTLINE

THANKSGIVING WINES Thanksgiving is the greatest holiday. I find this to be a strongly held personal belief, bordering on an unassailable fact. Please consider the following tenets of this spectacular holiday: Your obligations are to show up, eat, watch football, spend time with the most important people in your life, nap, and Give Thanks. I mean, how could it get any better than that?! Wine has become a wonderfully integral aspect of this most fantastic of days. We are thrilled that you would take the time to come to us at Piggly Wiggly to make us part of your Thanksgiving celebration. Please know that, as you give thanks, we also give thanks for you. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Thomas Warren WHITE:

Scott Atkinson

J. CHRISTOPHER SAUVIGNON BLANC, 2017 Willamette Valley, Oregon $21.99



While better known as a Pinot Noir producer, J. Christopher makes one of my favorite Sauvignon Blancs to have ever come through our doors. This bright and refreshing white wine is a perfect pairing for a family favorite: my grandmother’s eggrolls. Her eggrolls were always set apart by her use of ginger, which plays well alongside this crisp, delicious white.

If you think about it for a moment, Thanksgiving is a rather peculiar meal. It is a cornucopia of flavors all on one table. This amazingly elegant white wine from Alsace is somewhat peculiar as well. Not quite sweet, not quite spicy. It, like Thanksgiving, is a little bit of everything. My Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving without a bottle of Gewürztraminer on the table.

DIVISION-VILLAGES LES PETITS FERS, 2018 – Oregon $23.99 The winemakers at Portland, Oregon’s Division-Villages were trained at Domaine des Grands Fers in Fleurie, and it shows in this beautiful bottle of Gamay. This fantastic take on Cru Beaujolais-style wine will go just as well with traditional Thanksgiving foods as it will with a cool, autumn evening on the patio.



Lillian Mears WHITE:

CAVALLOTTO PINNER, 2018 Piedmont, Italy $22.99



The uniquely American holiday deserves the uniquely American grape. Marietta is also a continuation of the American dream. Founded by Chris Bilbro in 1978, Marietta is now owned and run by his son Scot. The next generation has carried the legacy forward and continues to make amazing wines. A great red with a balance of spice and depth, it can handle the intensity of stuffing (or dressing) and the delicate weight of turkey.

One of the weirdest, most fantastic wines in the whole store, this is a “white wine obtained from red grapes.” These incredible Barolo producers took a portion of their land and planted Pinot Noir there. They then let the juice filter away to craft a stunningly complex white wine that will amaze your Thanksgiving guests. RED:


Jerome Crawford

HUGEL CLASSIC RIESLING 2016 – Alsace, France $21.99


This is a “Dry,” refreshing, and lively Riesling with a sense of tension. DOMAINE LUCIEN LARDY MOULIN-A-VENT LES THORINS 2017 – Beaujolais, France $23.99 RED:


Really good Cabernet from California. We can wax ecstatic about all of the fun and different wines, but odds are you have an uncle that just wants a Cabernet. Well, here you go Uncle John. Good, solid, dependable. A great wine to have on the Thanksgiving table, and a safe bet.

Incisive black and blue fruits that show very good depth. Still lush and juicy.


61 T O W N

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The Florentine boasts two distinct event spaces (below) - The Cafe and The Ballroom - which can be rented together or separately. All events at The Florentine will be provided with the following: - On Site Catering by Corretti Catering - All alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages - In-house Floral and Décor by Florentine Designs - In-house Pastry Chef for all cakes and desserts - On Site Day-Of Event Coordinators

The Florentine is a beautiful historic building conveniently located at 2nd Ave. North downtown- one of Birmingham’s hottest and most social areas. It is an icon commonly referred to as “Birmingham’s most beautiful building.” After undergoing multi-million dollar renovations the Florentine is once again a beacon of elegance and charm, making it the perfect setting for your next event!

Catering by Corretti Catering

The Florentine 2101 2nd Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203 205.503.4470


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sinatra soiree

Sinatra Soiree



mad hatters

Shelly Smith, Whitney Polson, Mary Kristin Camp, Brooklyn Proctor

Liz Hanson, Sara Catherine Anderson

Phillip and Lee Little

Brooks and Anna Harris

Rachel Lukison, Rebecca Von Lehe Carlton Posey, Will Fountain

Kim Ydel, Allison Green

Elizabeth Murray, Callie Sullins, Lawrence Whatley, Ellen Gober


COZY UP TO FALL WITH PERRY’S NEW OFF -THE - MENU SEASONAL PLATES Available for a limited time, sample some of autumn’s most popular flavors and enjoy festive fall comfort in every bite! PERRY’S HARVEST SALAD | $12 WHITE BEAN PORK CHILI | $11 LOBSTER TRUFFLE RISOTTO | $45 BUTTERNUT SQUASH | $12 PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE | $10

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BIRMINGHAM 4 Perimeter Park South 205.968.1597

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November 2019  

November 2019