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Changes to Exam Requirements and Documents This year, the ABFAS board made some important changes to the requirements for the Part II CBPS, Case Review, and the Recertification Exams. CBPS registration is now independent from Part II Case Review. Candidates can now register for the Part II CBPS exam after they are board qualified, even if they have not yet completed or registered for their Part II Case Review. For more details, refer to the “Part II Exam Requirements” article on page 13.

ABFAS is committed to helping you navigate through the certification process.

ABFAS has also made an important change to the requirements for maintaining certification for members with time-limited certificates. Candidates who register for the 2018 Recertification exams will now need to submit case logs for the past two years prior to registering for the Recertification examination. This simple process is laid-out in greater detail in “ABFAS 2018 Recertification Exam – Important Requirements” on page 13. ABFAS is committed to helping you navigate through the certification process. We’ve taken a major step toward this goal by redesigning our examination documents. We’ve redesigned the 110, 220, and 500, and there are now separate documents for how to become board qualified and certified. We think these new documents will help clarify the requirements for each step of the board certification process. You can read more about these changes in the “New Exam Documents” article on page 12.

A Message from the President

There is something to like about each of the four seasons. As autumn

our office staff have been implemented. This past year, to better meet the needs of candidates

has arrived and the summer heat has faded to cool evenings and crisp

who are in primarily limb salvage practices, we expanded the types of cases that can be included

mornings, I have enjoyed reestablishing routines that were cast aside

in the case review portion of the certification process. The computer-based patient simulation

during the relaxed days of summer. As parents, we reacquaint ourselves

(CBPS) portion of the exam process continues to improve with relevant cases that let you as a

with the rhythms of the school year, and we begin to plan for the

candidate demonstrate your ability to evaluate and treat patients. A taskforce is also actively

busy end of the year and upcoming holidays. For me, these activities

working to create a new, much improved online study guide with CBPS case examples and we

seem familiar but feel new all at the same time, and I feel a hopefulness and excitement for the

expect implementation over the course of the next year. These and many more refinements of

time ahead. I have a similar feeling as I think about ABFAS and recent changes that have been

the board certification process continue to occur.

implemented in our organization. We are heading into a new season. Lyndon Johnson said, “The noblest search is the search for excellence.� I believe in our process, As individual surgeons, I think it is safe to say that we all want the best for our patients, the best

our seasons and the changes they bring. Our job is to embrace those changes and make this a

possible outcomes, all with the best care experience we can provide. The dedicated staff of the

season to continue our search for excellence, and to be our best, for you.

Board and the many surgeons who volunteer countless hours of time away from their families and practices are working with a similar mindset.

Matt Williams, DPM, FACFAS President

We are constantly working to improve the process of becoming a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon. To be sure we are doing so in the relevant, meaningful way we listen to you, talk with our peer organizations, scrutinize our methods, and use that information to improve the certification process. Based on these conversations, we are well into what I feel is the season of change in our organization. It began with our name change to the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery, to better reflect who we are as an organization, and who you are as a surgeon. Other significant changes are happening as well. Policies and personnel changes to improve customer service by

ABFAS Board of Directors

Back row: John Marcoux, DPM; Keith Jacobson, DPM, Secretary/Treasurer; Michael VanPelt, DPM; Jeffery Giesking, DPM; D. Martin Chaney, DPM Front row: Amberly Paradoa, DPM; Mindy Benton, DPM, Immediate Past-President; Matthew Williams, DPM, President; Danny Choung, DPM, President-Elect; William Adams, DPM

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ABFAS Welcomes Newly Elected Officials Congratulations and welcome to the three new members of the ABFAS Board of Directors: D. Martin Chaney (incumbent), Jeffery Giesking, and John Thomas Marcoux. Their terms became effective September 1, 2017 and end on August 31, 2020. Dr. Chaney was re-elected to a second three-year term, while Drs. Giesking and Marcoux were elected to new three-year terms. Drs. Giesking and Marcoux will then be eligible to be nominated for re-election. All three members bring a vast wealth of experience to our Board.

Thank You The American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery depends upon numerous volunteers each year to plan, develop, and administer in-training, qualification, certification, recertification, and self-assessment examinations. In addition, the various committee work of the Board would not be possible without the commitment of time and hard work of many more volunteers. Each year, ABFAS takes a moment to say “thank you” to all who helped make this past year a successful one and who enable the Board to continue to uphold the standards making ABFAS qualification and certification so widely recognized and valued. Richard Adams, DPM

Allen Jacobs, DPM

Madelin Ramil, DPM

William Adams, II, DPM

Keith Jacobson, DPM

Ronald Ray, DPM

Joseph Anain, Jr., DPM

Revonda Jessup, DPM

Christopher Reeves, DPM

Charles Arena, DPM

Craig Jex, DPM

Joshua Rhodenizer, DPM

Craig Bachman, DPM

Cherie Johnson, DPM

Diana Rogers, DPM

Jamie Bakal, DPM

Blair Jolley, DPM

Bryan Roth, DPM

Eric Barp, DPM

Ira Kraus, DPM

Brett Sachs, DPM

Nicole Bauerly, DPM

Dustin Kruse, DPM

Michael Saraydarian, DPM

Mindy Benton, DPM

Laura LaMar, DPM

Richard Schachter, DPM

Kimberly Bobbitt, DPM

Christopher Lamy, DPM

Andrew Schink, DPM

Allan Boike, DPM

Frank LaVora, Jr., DPM

Harry Schneider, DPM

Steven Brancheau, DPM

Charles Lombardi, DPM

Sarah Schneider, DPM

Albert Burns, DPM

Christopher Lotufo, DPM

Molly Schnirring-Judge, DPM

Michael D. Burns, DPM

Debra Lusk, DPM

Alex Scholl, DPM

Michael J. Burns, DPM

John Marcoux, DPM

Desiree Scholl, DPM

Michelle Butterworth, DPM

Stephen Mariash, DPM

Amber Shane, DPM

John Cade, DPM

Jorge Matuk, DPM

Jonathan Sharpe, DPM

Eric Caporusso, DPM

Lauri McDaniel, DPM

Stephen Silvani, DPM

Russell Caprioli, DPM

John McGarry, DPM

Vito Speciale, DPM

Russell Carlson, DPM

Larry Menacker, DPM

Steven Spinner, DPM

D. Martin Chaney, DPM

Samuel Mendicino, DPM

Peter Stasko, DPM

Danny Choung, DPM

Andrew Meyr, DPM

Alyssa Stephenson, DPM

Fredric Chussid, DPM

Jason Miller, DPM

Paul Stone, DPM

Keith Cook, DPM

Timothy Mineo, DPM

Daisy Sundstrom, DPM

Stephen Corey, DPM

Roya Mirmiran, DPM

Katie Swanstrom, DPM

R. Daniel Davis, DPM

Gary Most, DPM

Michael Theodoulou, DPM

Randall Dei, DPM

John Mostafa, DPM

Michael Tran, DPM

Jeffrey DeSantis, DPM

Adam Myers, DPM

Joseph Treadwell, DPM

Paolo DiLiddo, DPM

Scott Nelson, DPM

Michael Vaardahl, DPM

Thanh Dinh, DPM

Alan Ng, DPM

Michael VanPelt, DPM

Anthony Domenigoni, DPM

Aksone Nouvong, DPM

Kymberly Vogt, DPM

Michael Dujela, DPM

James Nugent, DPM

Eric Walter, DPM

Eric Evans, DPM

Robert Olson, DPM

Gregory Webb, DPM

committees for ABFAS, including the In-training Item Writing Committee and the Cognitive Examination Committee. She chaired the Board Certification Content Development Committee, which developed the new certification pathway that became effective in 2015. She was an oral examiner for ABFAS and has also has served as a Surgical Residency Evaluator, representing ABFAS for the Joint Residency Review Committee since 2001.

John Evans, DPM

Gina Painter, DPM

Ralph Wentz, Jr., DPM

Michael Figura, DPM

Amberly Paradoa, DPM

Stuart Wertheimer, DPM

Jeffery Giesking, DPM

Jesse Parks, DPM

Matthew Williams, DPM

Annu Goel, DPM

Oleg Petrov, DPM

Randal Wraalstad, DPM

Kristy Golden, DPM

Amy Pitzer, DPM

William Yoder, DPM

Christopher Lotufo, DPM, ended his term as Immediate-Past President on August 31, 2017. ABFAS would like to thank Dr. Lotufo for his work with the Board. We appreciate his diligence and dedication during his terms as President (2015-2016), Immediate-Past President (2016-2017), board member (2011-2017), and his work as an oral examiner. Dr. Lotufo will continue his volunteer work by serving on examination committees.

Jennifer Hada-Ondriezek, DPM

Martin Pressman, DPM

Daniel Hatch, DPM

Kathleen Pulsifer, DPM

Alberto Herrada, DPM

Kathleen Pyatak-Hugar, DPM

Matthew Hopson, DPM

Paul Quintavalle, DPM

Michael Isaac, DPM

Roland Ramdass, DPM

Dr. Chaney has been actively involved with ABFAS having served on various committees since 2004:

Foot Surgery Oral Examination Committee, Cognitive Examination Committee, and as an oral examiner and case reviewer. Dr. Chaney was elected to the Board of Directors in 2014 to serve a three-year term before being re-elected to a second three-year term in 2017.

Dr. Giesking has collaborated with various ABFAS volunteers around the country in supporting

the organization over the past ten years. He began his volunteer work with ABFAS as a field testing candidate for the oral exams and as an ABFAS representative for the Joint Residency Review Committee in 2007.

Dr. Marcoux has served as a member of the Cognitive Examination Committee, Credentials

Committee and as a representative to the Collaborative Residency Evaluator Committee. He is a member of the ABFAS Cognitive Examinations and has served as a case reviewer. Dr. Marcoux lectures both locally and nationally on reconstructive surgery and has authored manuscript and textbook chapters. Dr. Marcoux been an active ACFAS volunteer and was honored with the Distinguished Service Award in 2017. Our Board of Directors has elected new officers who started their terms on September 1, 2017.

Matthew Williams, DPM, has stepped into the President role. Dr. Williams has been a member

of ABFAS Examinations Committee since 2005, and served as chair of the Reconstructive Rearfoot/ Ankle Surgery Oral Committee. He was an oral examiner for ABFAS and actively participates in programs providing charity care for children in both stateside and overseas medical missions.

Danny Choung, DPM, is the new President-elect. Dr. Choung has served on several committees, including the In-training Item Writing Committee, the Reconstructive Rearfoot/Ankle Surgery Oral Examination Committee, and the Credentials Committee. He currently is a member of the Reconstructive Rearfoot/Ankle CBPS Committee and has also served as an oral examiner.

Keith Jacobson, DPM, is the new Secretary/Treasurer. Dr. Jacobson specializes in trauma and

reconstruction of the foot and ankle in adults and children. Dr. Jacobson has served as an ABFAS oral examiner and is currently chair of the Foot CBPS Examination Committee. He also served on the ACFAS Surgical Skills Committee while participating as a clinical instructor/lecturer for many of the College’s courses.

Mindy Benton, DPM, transitions to Immediate Past-president. Dr. Benton has served on various

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2017 Michael L. Stone Award Recipients Outstanding Professional Conduct Awards At its February annual meeting, ABFAS awarded nine graduating students the 2017 Michael L. Stone, DPM, Outstanding Professional Conduct Award. Each selection, determined by the professors and fellow students at the respective podiatric medical colleges, was to “the individual who exemplified the highest standard of professionalism, deportment, and ethics in their interactions with peers, professors, and staff.” Each award includes a plaque and a cash award of $2,000 to be used at the student’s discretion.

Weston Packard // Arizona School of Podiatric Medicine at Midwestern University Wes Packard was selected by the Arizona School of Podiatric Medicine because he demonstrates the qualities of professionalism embodied so well by Dr. Michael Stone. Among those qualities are excellence in scholarship, selflessness and caring, and a strong work ethic. Wes has a GPA of 3.94 and excels on his clinical rotations. He is a Pi Delta candidate involved in research on 5th metatarsal fractures and was an APMSA Student of the Year Nominee. Wes received the APMA education foundation scholarship, and the Johnson and Johnson wound management scholarship. Wes honed his leadership skills as President of the American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management and as Secretary of his class. He was selected as a Surgery Teaching Assistant and was the top suturer in a class-wide competition. He also served for two years as a Student Ambassador for prospective students. During his time at AZPod, Wes has spent countless hours in community service which included visits to different homeless shelters, work with the Special Olympics and the American Diabetes Association, medical care at sporting events such as ultramarathons, and other health fairs and foot screenings. Wes also presented a Jones fracture case series at Grand Rounds to community podiatrists, faculty, and students. Wes looks forward to an exciting and satisfying career in podiatry. Eugene Pastorius // Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine Eugene is a true scholar as proven by his numerous academic awards and achievements. He has distinguished himself as a student, scholar, leader, volunteer and supporter of the podiatric profession. He is in the top 10% of his class and has tutored in Histology at the medical school level. He is a member of BUSPM’s ACFAS student chapter. Eugene has demonstrated his leadership skills while serving as Vice President of BUSPM’s Podopediatrics club. Eugene takes time out of his busy schedule as a medical student to volunteer for numerous charitable and community causes. And he does this while maintaining a superior academic performance. Eugene has held positions in multiple clubs, as well as being active in the Miami volunteer community with programs designed for kids such as the Special Olympics and Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital Health Fair. He is an active member of the Phi Delta Honor Society Eta Chapter. Eugene is an asset now and will definitely be so in the future.

Megan Hom // California School of Podiatric Medicine at Samuel Merritt University

Megan Hom has excelled both academically and in leadership positions during her time as a student. Since enrolling at CSPM, Megan has excelled academically and will be shortly confirmed as the Valedictorian for the class of 2017 because of her cumulative grade point average of 3.974. She has a passion for serving the underserved and has participated in her school’s annual medical mission trip to San Ysidro, California. She has also volunteered at several Bay Area community clinics, including Clinica Tepati, the Berkeley Suitcase Clinic, San Francisco Project Homeless Connect—all of which provide basic health and foot care to various underserved and homeless populations. While Megan’s priority is her academic studies, she has also served as the Vice-president as well as President of her class. She has worked with other disciplines at Samuel Merritt University to organize events and activities to raise awareness in the community about diabetes. Megan has also co-authored publications that appeared in the student-run/published “National Foot & Ankle Review.” Megan looks forward to graduating this year and making a positive impact as a future DPM.

Dixon Xu // Des Moines University College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery

Dixon has excelled academically throughout his time at DMU. He is a member of the Pi Delta Honor Society and has received a University Academic Merit Scholarship for four years in addition to an APMA Education Foundation Scholarship. He received academic awards in Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology, Microbiology/Immunology, and Pathology at the 2015 College Recognition and Rite of Passage Ceremony. He has been a tutor for first and second-year podiatric and osteopathic medical students in the basic sciences, a Teaching Assistant in the DO/DPM first-year Clinical Medicine course and second-year Lower Limb Anatomy course. He is also an active member in community and global health groups, and served leadership roles in various clubs and organizations at DMU. Dixon was elected Vice-president of the Des Moines University Global Health Student Club. He served as a translator on a mission trip to Honduras and later founded the University’s first domestic service trip where he was a student leader for a mission to Mississippi. There, he led a group of 10 students that volunteered at free clinics and educating patients. He is very active in research and his credits include one peer review publication, two manuscripts in the review stage and a scientific poster presentation. Dixon was awarded a University Summer Mentored Research appointment in 2014. Dixon is widely respected by faculty, staff and his fellow students.

Margaret Kreutter // Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science Margaret “Maggie” Kreutter hails from a small town in southern Minnesota where she developed her lifelong passions for health care, downhill skiing and a tatertot hotdish. Maggie maintains a 4.0 GPA while being involved as a delegate for APMSA, serving as the student liaison to the APMA Political Action Committee and as vice president of the Scholl chapter of candidates for the Pi Delta Honors Society. Academically, she has excelled and has been rewarded through many merit and organizational scholarships, including a certificate of recognition for her participation in the Annual Grand Rounds program, a Volunteer Service Award, and the Third Year Distinguished Scholar Award In addition to high academic achievement, Margaret is recognized by faculty and her peers for her professionalism, eagerness to learn, infectious smile, and strong work ethic. Her Faculty Mentor commented, “Margaret is a very emphatic and knowledgeable person who can put someone at ease with her kind words and smile. A very humble woman who puts her best foot forward (no pun intended). In surgical skills lab, she worked hard to understand the instrumentation and surgeries, but also consistently sought knowledge. Margaret is a pleasure to know and a value to our profession.” Maggie is eager to pursue a residency and carry on her involvement in the field of podiatry.

Nilin Rao // Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine

Nilin Rao simultaneously pursued his DPM training, while he also completed a PhD in Exercise Physiology from Kent State University in December, 2016. He has extensive research experience for which he consistently exceeds expectations. He is involved in several research projects, holds two product patents, and is a recent co-founder and CEO of the wound care company, TheraPod Medical LLC; a company geared toward providing new products and technologies for the podiatric profession. Nilin has a 3.98 GPA and has been on KSUCPM’s Dean’s List since his enrollment at the college. He has received multiple scholarships, grants and honors for his outstanding academic performance. Nilin serves as Student Ambassador, and tutors first year students in gross anatomy and lower extremity anatomy. He is very involved in advocacy of the podiatric profession and had the honor of serving in several leadership positions, including President of the Ohio Podiatric Medical Students Association and President of the Pi Delta National Podiatric Honor Society-Beta Chapter. He has the exceptional talent of facilitating the participation of others and making those around him function at a higher level.

Jonathon Srour// New York College of Podiatric Medicine In both his pre-clinical and clinical years at the New York College, John has demonstrated mastery, dedication and passion towards the many challenges placed in front of him. As a student clinician, Mr. Srour was universally lauded for his professionalism, application of didactic knowledge and thorough integration of all aspects of his clinical training into the management of his patients. On rotation to sites external to NYCPM during his senior year he represented himself and the College with a unique and commendable skill set which will no doubt be rewarded in this year’s Centralized Application Service for Podiatric Residencies (CASPR) cycle and beyond. Jonathon was president of the NYCPM chapter of ACFAS and initiated lectures and workshops that actively engaged his fellow students, allowing them to practically apply their didactic knowledge. During his 4th year, he served as the student liaison to the ACFAS Membership Committee, a position afforded to only one student in the country. A former professional dancer, Jonathon hopes to pursue lifelong research toward preventing and treating injuries in dance medicine.

Jefferey Zimmerman // Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine Jeffery began his interest in medicine after being diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome when he was only eight years old. Later in life, Jeffery could appreciate the severity of his past condition, which inspired him to shadow different medical disciplines when deciding on a future career path. Jeffery earned multiple scholarships from his strong academic standings and interest in lower extremity anatomy. He was appointed as an anatomical instructor for the school’s academic reinforcement program. Jeffery is the president of his school’s anatomical honor society and an officer in the sports medicine club. After focusing his passion in podiatric medicine, Jeffery received several academic awards in the anatomical sciences, including the Herbert Rothfeld DPM Scholarship and Stanley Grode DPM Memorial Scholarship Fund, and was appointed as the General Anatomy instructor for the Student Academic Reinforcement Program at TUSPM. Jeffery also earned the Dr. John Buckholtz and Dr. Harold Vogler Surgical Scholarship Fund. Zimmerman recently received acknowledgement as a candidate for the Pi Delta National Podiatric Honor Society. Jeffery recently presented an abstract at the APMA scientific meeting, the National. He plans on continuing research into his residency. He’s had the honor of serving in several leadership positions, including President of the Ohio Podiatric Medical Students Association and President of the Pi Delta National Podiatric Honor Society-Beta Chapter. He has the exceptional talent of facilitating the participation of others and making those around him function at a higher level. Rishika Lagisetti // Western University of Health Sciences College of Podiatric Medicine

Coming into the podiatry school with a goal of becoming a well-rounded student, Rishika Lagisetti was academically competitive, involved in community service and took on many leadership roles. Serving as a student ambassador for the college along with taking on other leadership roles, she has worked to become an integral part of the community. She hopes to continue her pursuit of becoming a well-rounded resident and future physician looking to make a daily impact. In her personal statement, Rishika says “One of the principle reasons I attended podiatry school and chose to pursue a career in medicine is because of the satisfaction and privilege we are afforded to offer a service to others in the community. I was able to accomplish this by participating in multiple community service activities while in school. These included events such as Care Harbor LA, a free clinic for those without access to it otherwise and Happy Feet, an organization that works to offer podiatric care to homeless individuals living on skid row and multiple other screenings both on and off campus. As part of the college community I took on leadership roles including positions as a student ambassador, secretary, and later vice president of the college podiatric medical association.”

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Newly Board Qualified and Board Certified DPMs ABFAS would like to take a moment to say “Congratulations” to those who achieved Board Qualified and Board Certified status for the first time in 2017. We admire your dedication to the field of podiatric surgery and appreciate the effort you have put into your journey to certification. NEWLY CERTIFIED // FOOT Sadia Ali, DPM Sarah Anderson, DPM Meghan Arnold, DPM Natasha Baczewski, DPM April Bailey-Maletta, DPM Derek Barker, DPM Marc Berman, DPM Matthew Bock, DPM Eric Bouldin, DPM Elizabeth Bourret, DPM Jessica Brent, DPM Jeanine Brinkley, DPM Jennifer Buchanan, DPM Casey Burchill, DPM Hatim Burhani, DPM Sarah Burns, DPM Walter Butler, DPM Taren Cardona, DPM Benjamin Carelock, DPM Katherine Cashdollar, DPM Dwayne Chang, DPM Jay Christensen, DPM Craig Clifford, DPM Mark Couture, DPM Michael Crawford, DPM Brandon Crim, DPM Cherison Cuffy, DPM Nicole Cullen, DPM Fui Dawson, DPM Fred De Lucia, DPM Benjamin Denenberg, DPM Stephanie Donovan, DPM Nathalia Doobay, DPM Amy Dougherty, DPM Phillip Dowdy, Jr., DPM David Duckwitz, DPM Karl Dunn, DPM Macaira Dyment, DPM Eliezer Eisenberger, DPM Diana Emini, DPM Jeremy Evans, DPM Zacharia Facaros, DPM Jeanna Fascione, DPM Jennifer Fichter, DPM Jeffrey Findling, DPM Howard Fox, DPM Gabriel Gambardella, DPM Caroline Gaynor, DPM Joe George, DPM Mark Gerig, DPM Kurt Glesne, DPM Howard Goldsmith, DPM Angie Goodman, DPM Eoin Gorman, DPM Justin Green, DPM Darren Groberg, DPM Amy Hall, DPM Travis Hampton, DPM Charles Han, DPM Hina Hassan, DPM Steven Hawley, DPM Liliana Heath, DPM Christopher Hehemann, DPM Nga Ho, DPM Charles Hoehn, DPM Cody Hoover, DPM Mia Horvath, DPM Mark Hosking, DPM Kevin Houseman, DPM Catherine Hudson, DPM Suzanne Jenkins, DPM Heather Jensen, DPM Adam Johnson, DPM Kyle Johnson, DPM

Vann Johnson, DPM James Johnston, DPM Alison Joseph, DPM Jordan Katz, DPM Arshad Khan, DPM Asma Khan, DPM Crystal Kincaid, DPM Jonathan King, DPM Chatra Klaisri, DPM Josephine Kleyner, DPM John Knochel, DPM Richard Kunig, DPM Rhett Lakin, DPM Samir Lalani, DPM Alicia Lanzito, DPM Nathan Lee, DPM Lisa Levick, DPM David Lin, DPM Frank Luckino, III, DPM Andrew Majak, DPM Karim Manji, DPM Haytham Mansour, DPM Natasha Marshall, DPM Amy Masowick, DPM Jacob McLeod, DPM Brandon Mecham, DPM Molly Meier, DPM Obinna Mgbako, DPM David Miklos, DPM Sarnarendra Miranpuri, DPM Bryan Molen, DPM Alexander Mount, DPM Peter Moyer, DPM Eric Muhm, DPM Kashi Nassau, DPM Krista Nelson, DPM Zachary Ogden, DPM Ryan Ohlgart, DPM Adrienne O’Neill, DPM Reagan Parrish, DPM Gitanjali Patel, DPM Donald Pelto, DPM Dagon Percer, DPM Thuan Pham, DPM Mark Pipher, DPM Kelly Pirozzi, DPM Daniel Pollack, DPM Daniel Preece, DPM Mark Prissel, DPM Jacquelyn Quercioli, DPM Amanda Quisno, DPM Heather Rafal, DPM Michael Rahn, DPM Nicole Rahn, DPM MarianneRavertPeacock,DPM Karim Ravji, DPM Amanda Ray, DPM Michael Reed, DPM Sarah Rincker, DPM Matthew Riordan, DPM Mariano Rivera, DPM Eric Roberts, DPM Joshua Roberts, DPM Isabel Rojas, DPM Danny Romman, DPM Christina Rowe, DPM Asher Rudowsky, DPM Michael Ryan, DPM Marcus Schroeder, DPM John Schwerdt, DPM Anton Sella, DPM Brett Shahabi, DPM Kimberly Smith, DPM Ashkan Soleymani, DPM David Somers, DPM T. Joseph Spires, DPM

Nitie Sroa, DPM Kate Steklachich, DPM Robert Stillwell, DPM Kristin Strannigan, DPM Chase Stuart, DPM John Suh, DPM Shawn Summers, DPM Sara Suttle, DPM Christopher Suykerbuyk, DPM Randall Thomas, Jr., DPM Jacob Thompson, DPM Jonathan Thompson, DPM Paul Thurston, DPM Adam Toren, DPM Dyane Tower, DPM Jennifer Trinidad, DPM Marija Ugrinich, DPM Laura Vander Poel, DPM Terence Vanderheiden, DPM Shirley Visser, DPM Matthew Wachtler, DPM David Wang, DPM Wen-Yin Wang, DPM Summer Weary, DPM Blake Weeks, DPM Breeann Wilson, DPM Mark Wilt, DPM Jeffrey Wunning, DPM Jacob Wynes, DPM Tyler Yapp, DPM Sydney Yau, DPM William Yeaman, DPM Evan Young, DPM // FOOT - RRA Daniel Arrhenius, DPM Joanna Ayoub, DPM Rachel Balloch, DPM Samantha Bark, DPM Richard Beatty, Jr., DPM Ian Burtenshaw, DPM Michael Cashdollar, DPM J. Cade Christensen, DPM Uchenna Chukwurah, DPM Clayton Culp, DPM Ryan Culver, DPM Andrew Diller, DPM Brian Dix, DPM Michael Donnenwerth, DPM Duane Ehredt, Jr., DPM Cameron Eilts, DPM Keith Fleischman, DPM Brian Freeman, DPM Timothy Friedrich, DPM Jason Galante, DPM Zackary Gangwer, DPM Jennifer Gerteisen, DPM Raymond Giles, DPM William Goforth, DPM Julie Greenwood, DPM Jeffery Grizzaffi, DPM Dave Hehemann, DPM Ian Hersh, DPM Thuy Ho-Ellsworth, DPM Kimberlee Hobizal, DPM Kristine Hoffman, DPM Timothy Holcomb, DPM Jennifer Jansma, DPM Jacob Jones, DPM Cory Kilpatrick, DPM Kwasi Kwaadu, DPM Namjong Lee, DPM Ryan Lee, DPM Jerry Liddell, DPM Jason Mallette, DPM Joshua Mann, DPM

John McMahon, Jr., DPM Justin Meyer, DPM Jared Moon, DPM Ellianne Nasser, DPM Matthew Nielsen, DPM Craig Nimick, Jr., DPM David Northcutt, DPM Julia Pagano, DPM Kyle Pearson, DPM Daniel Perez, DPM Katherine Perscky, DPM Jessica Prebish, DPM Jennifer Prezioso, DPM Gavin Ripp, DPM Bryan Sagray, DPM Stephen Schmid, DPM Derek Slovak, DPM Paul Stasko, DPM Seth Steber, DPM James Stough, DPM Valerie Tallerico, DPM Eric Temple, DPM Jakob Thorud, DPM Sarah Voelkel, DPM David Waters, DPM Ellen Wenzel, DPM D. Matt Wettstein, DPM Brandon Wilde, DPM Garrett Wobst, DPM Andrew Woods, DPM Shane York, DPM NEWLY QUALIFIED // FOOT William Adams, DPM Michele Ahmadi, DPM Kunal Amin, DPM Priya Anand, DPM Joseph Bahn, DPM Samantha Baker, DPM Yelana Barsky, DPM Chadwick Bassi, DPM Camilo Benitez, DPM David Bentley, DPM KristinaBerns-Thompson,DPM Corey Bess, DPM Shamir Bhikha, DPM Sukhwinder Bhular, DPM Douglas Birch, DPM Ashley Bojrab, DPM Sherene Bond, DPM Scott Boynton, DPM Bret Brennan, DPM Lisa Breshears, DPM Jeffrey Brimmer, DPM Jeremy Brouillette, DPM Matthew Brown, DPM Ashley Bruno, DPM Brandon Bultsma, DPM Colby Carlson, DPM Alyssa Carroll, DPM Paul Carroll, DPM Mahdi Chamas, DPM Cory Clement, DPM Richard Conley, DPM Kevin Crable, DPM Grace Craig, DPM Dunja Cronje, DPM Brianna David, DPM Marc DeLara, DPM Naomi DeTablan, DPM Sarita Dillard, DPM Michelle Dunbar, DPM Kyle Duncan, DPM Michael Egertsen, DPM Daniel Elgut, DPM

Merlan Ellis, DPM Kayla Emter, DPM Zachary Farley, DPM Fernando Fernandez, DPM Scott Fitzner, DPM Stephanie Florence, DPM James Foster, DPM Ashley Fought, DPM Andrew Franklin, DPM Christopher Frazier, DPM Duane Galindo, DPM Eric Gaughan, DPM Samuel Gervais, DPM Steven Gillespie, DPM Kaitlin Gonzales, DPM Jose Gonzalez, DPM Timothy Graeser, DPM Brittany Green, DPM Marta Guzman, DPM Raymon Hanna, DPM Amanda Harwood, DPM Peter Herr, DPM Jordan Hoachlander, DPM Ryan Huntsman, DPM Melissa Hurwitz, DPM Rebecca Inwood, DPM Rose James, DPM Andrew Kapsalis, DPM Jason Kelty, DPM Harpreet Khalsa, DPM Luiza Khan, DPM Hye Kim, DPM Travis Klatt, DPM Lauren Kompier, DPM Georgios Kotzias, DPM Esther Kwon, DPM Nathan Lam, DPM Paul Lantz, DPM Pooya Lashkari, DPM Edward Lee, DPM Heather Leeb, DPM Amanda Lernor, DPM Yi-Chern Lin, DPM Andrew Lindekugel, DPM Megan Matassini, DPM Dina McCoy, DPM Kristen McGinness, DPM Christine McGurn, DPM Marissa McNelly, DPM Laura Megorden, DPM Neda Mehmandoost, DPM Kaylee Miller, DPM Dijana Mirkovic, DPM Fahd Moeez, DPM Rauby Mohindroo, DPM Syed Mohiuddin, DPM Michelle Mota, DPM Ashley Mychak, DPM YekaterinaNarodetskaya,DPM Jasmine Neal, DPM Huy Nguyen, DPM Khoa Nguyen, DPM Thao Nguyen, DPM Saleena Niehaus, DPM Todd Nielsen, DPM Diana Panek, DPM Alissa Parker, DPM Heraj Patel, DPM Jalpen Patel, DPM Payal Patel, DPM Sunny Patel, DPM Benjamin Pelleschi, DPM Luis Perez, DPM Zeno Pfau, DPM Vinai Prakash, DPM Dennis Pritzel, DPM Kevin Quang, DPM Ashley Quinlan, DPM David Quinlan, DPM Shahzad Qureshi, DPM Alexander Ramirez, DPM Brady Rhodes, DPM Brittany Rice, DPM Julie Riley, DPM Eric Rindlisbacher, DPM

Chad Rizzardi, DPM Norshae Robinson, DPM Anastasia Samouilov, DPM Valarie Samoy, DPM Elizabeth Sanders, DPM Gabriel Santamarina, DPM Daniel Saporito, DPM Rashad Sayeed, DPM Ammar Saymeh, DPM Gregory Schwartz, DPM Rodney Scott, DPM Brandon Semma, DPM Arin Sheingold, DPM Laura Shin, DPM Marie Shin, DPM Neha Singh, DPM Matthew Snow, DPM Chelsie Snyder, DPM Alexandria Stern, DPM Meaghan Stoinski, DPM Michelle Suh, DPM Erica Suprenant, DPM Cherreen Tawancy, DPM Mark Tenny, DPM Ameet Thakrar, DPM Kevin Thomas, DPM Hai Tran, DPM Matthew Tran, DPM Timmy Truong, DPM Michelle Tsou, DPM Ryan Vazales, DPM Margot Waldman, DPM Aaron Warnock, DPM Brett Williams, DPM James Williamson, DPM Melissa Winter, DPM Tyler Wishau, DPM Lara Zacca, DPM // RRA Douglas Appel, DPM Shawn Braunagel, DPM Nicole Byerley, DPM Quinn Charbonneau, DPM Dusty Christensen, DPM Lisa Crigler, DPM Fui Dawson, DPM Amr El-Khashab, DPM Zacharia Facaros, DPM Jacob Fassman, DPM Saurabh Gandhi, DPM Nathan Hensley, DPM Ashley Lee, DPM Kevin Mahoney, DPM Lorelei McCloskey, DPM Chioma Odukwe Enu, DPM Rahul Patel, DPM Kristen Patterson, DPM Anisa Pea, DPM Joseph Romani, DPM Raymond Rowan, DPM Nathan Sanders, DPM Nagvir Sandhu, DPM Benjamin Schneider, DPM Nazia Shah, DPM Marshall Shieh, DPM Mark Solomon, DPM Rebecca Sundling, DPM Jamie Weaver, DPM // FOOT- RRA Barbara Adams, DPM Amanda Allen, DPM Hanya Almudallal, DPM Justin Banks, DPM Demetrius Barnes, DPM Ian Barron, DPM Ross Bartley, DPM Joseph Bauer, DPM Peter Bellezza, DPM Kaitlyn Bernhard, DPM Sean Betesh, DPM Tad Borland, DPM Roberto Brandao, DPM Andrew Brown, DPM Andrew Burgon, DPM

Lisa Burson, DPM Brian Carbonell, DPM Aaron Chambers, DPM Todd Chappell, DPM Yu-Ching Chi, DPM Melissa Chrisman, DPM Reid Christie, DPM Nicholas Ciotola, DPM Mathew Cline, DPM Thomas Cockayne, Jr., DPM Darrice Collins, DPM Cayla Conway, DPM Juliette Coppa, DPM Gerard Costella, DPM Peter Crisologo, DPM Zachary Criswell, DPM Amanda Crowell, DPM Louis DeFazio, DPM Raymond Delpak, DPM Lisa Demidowich, DPM Jugal Dharia, DPM Mark Domaas, DPM Steven Douthett, DPM Aleksandr Emerel, DPM Michelle Emery, DPM John Erickson, DPM Brent Evans, DPM David Farnen, DPM Jeremy Fleischmann, DPM Troy Fowler, DPM Deeva Frankel, DPM Michael Gazes, DPM Michael Gibboney, DPM Samantha Gibson, DPM Kyle Gillespie, DPM Armando Gonzalez, Jr., DPM Matt Gorski, DPM Louis Grandinetti, DPM Lee Greenberg, DPM Dustin Grether, DPM Michael Gruse, DPM Mina Hanna, DPM Urwah Haq, DPM Tiffany Hoh, DPM Jonathan Hook, DPM Maire Howell, DPM Michael Howell, DPM Eve Hui-Seidenstricker, DPM Charles Hunter, DPM Elise Janowak, DPM Steven Jasonowicz, DPM Marshall Jex, DPM Bruce Kallou, DPM Justin Kaminski, DPM Michael Kaminsky, DPM Jonathan Kang, DPM Timothy Karthas, DPM Merrell Kauwe, DPM Heather Keeler, DPM Sandeep Khehra-Mirzaei, DPM Jason Kim, DPM Caroline Kiser, DPM Tiffany Koch, DPM Alexandra LaRocca, DPM Stephen Lazaroff, DPM John Lazoritz, DPM Evan Lewis, DPM Wesley Lewis, DPM Adam Long, DPM Jonathan Lorenzana, DPM Yixi Lu, DPM Jessica Macsuga, DPM Anthony Maiolino, DPM Cailin Makar, DPM Khawar Malik, DPM Mohammad Malik, DPM Tyler Mancil, DPM Christyn Marshall, DPM Matthew Martincevic, DPM Andrew Mastay, DPM Michael Matthews, DPM Kelly McConnell-Douthett, DPM Rebecca McGaha, DPM Jared Menchin, DPM Jennifer Michael, DPM

Eric Moffett, DPM Bret Musser, DPM Ashton Nelsen, DPM Ruben Nieto, DPM Chetapon Nopachinda, DPM Thomas Nordquist, DPM Jessica Nowak, DPM Steven O’Bryant, DPM Jeffrey Olson, DPM Jessica Olson, DPM Kayla O’Malley, DPM Prakash Panchani, DPM Jordan Panicco, DPM Philip Parr, DPM Naren Patel, DPM Sneha Patel, DPM Juliana Paternina, DPM Mary Patterson, DPM Andrew Peacock, DPM Emily Pepyne, DPM Eldon Peters, DPM Ana Pimentel, DPM Jacqueline Prevete, DPM Alayna Puccinelli, DPM Michael Pulla, DPM Martina Randall, DPM Jennalee Rauh, DPM Matthew Rementer, DPM Kevin Renner, DPM James Repko, DPM Laura Richards, DPM Marta Riniker, DPM Yana Roddenberry, DPM Elaine Rowling, DPM Christopher Saccone, DPM Saba Sadra, DPM Victoria Sain, DPM Megan Saltzman, DPM Priya Samant, DPM Patrick Sanchez, DPM Laura Sansosti, DPM Rolando Santellana, DPM Benjamin Saviet, DPM Christopher Schank, DPM David Schrieber, DPM Christopher Seat, DPM Chad Seidenstricker, DPM Mark Shearer, DPM Reem Sheikh, DPM Louie Shou, DPM Abigail Smith, DPM Steven Smith, DPM Melody Stouder, DPM Sarah Strickland, DPM Dustin Stroud, DPM Alan Stuto, DPM Dennis Tenenboym, DPM Aaron Teufel, DPM Amy Theppote, DPM Kyler Thomas, DPM Patrick Thompson, DPM Christopher Tulodzieski, DPM Jan Veloso, DPM Beau Vesely, DPM Gregory Vidovic, DPM Chelsea Viola, DPM Kristin Visco, DPM Taras Vysotskyy, DPM Daniel Waltuch, DPM Meredith Ward, DPM Kevin Warner, DPM Ythan Webster, DPM Benjamin Wehrli, DPM James Whelan, DPM John Whitt, DPM Amber Wibbels, DPM Wyatt Wiedenfeld, DPM Matthew Williamson, DPM Beau Willis, DPM Kyle Willson, DPM Nathaniel Witmer, DPM Daniel Wright, DPM Matvey Yagudayev, DPM Neil Younce, DPM Zachary Zobens, DPM

Page 9

2016-17 Exam Passing Rates and Results 2016 Fall - Part 1 FT Didactic





653 Examinees 62%


4 13

38% 117












2016 Fall - Part 1 FT CBPS



627 Examinees























2016 Fall - Part 1 RRA Didactic

2017 Spring - Part 1 RRA Didactic

144 Examinees ALL


522 Examinees




5 3

49% 138














2016 Fall - Part 1 RRA CBPS


2017 Spring - Part 1 RRA CBPS

130 Examinees ALL








599 Examinees 65%



35% 77





63 259








2017 - Part 2 FT Surgery Case Review


192 Reviewed



















60% 47

2017 - Part 2 FT Surgery CBPS Exam

2017 - Part 2 RRA Surgery CBPS Exam

250 Examinees

519 Examinees ALL





60% 39

120 178 74%









50% 178



First, the committee members review the cases and then they write them-up. After the committee members determine that a case meets the CBPS requirements, each case is field-tested. Field-testing takes place during each May as part of the Part II examination process. The cases are added to the Part II exam and scored­—but they are not counted toward pass/fail for any candidate.

The sections include:


The cases selected to appear on the exam are actual cases from real patients. The CBPS committee selects cases that they think will allow candidates to exercise and demonstrate their critical thinking and analytical skills. These cases must have sufficient documentation to enable the CBPS committee to construct a case that will meet the CBPS requirements. There’s a minimum number of score points each case must have to be included in the exam.

Scoring for the CBPS is divided evenly for any exam across the four major topics/sections of a CBPS case.


The CBPS exam is unique because it is a candidate-driven exam. This test is problem-focused and specific to the case that is presented. The key to completing CBPS is no different than in a real clinic. A candidate must know what to do when, know when to do what, and know when they have done enough. Over a year-long process, committees of case writers (usually between five to eight writers) select, review and field test cases for the exams. There are separate committees for CBPS Foot Surgery and for CBPS RRA. Each committee creates relevant content for the Part I, Part II, and the In-training exams in their focus area. The Part I, Part II, and In-training exams each have different sets of cases.

Next, the committee evaluates the performance of each field-tested case. Each case and its corresponding results are reviewed by the appropriate CBPS committee. The committee carefully analyzes the performance of each case to determine its eligibility for inclusion in a future examination as a scored item. Not all field-tested questions make it through the vetting process and into being scored as part of the CBPS exam.

2017 - Part 2 RRA Surgery Case Review

454 Reviewed ALL

The Computer-Based Patient Simulation Exam (CBPS), which was created in 2003, is designed to simulate the experience of treating a patient in a real clinic environment. The purpose of the CBPS format is to evaluate candidates’ clinical reasoning skills, a type of testing called performance-based testing. The CBPS allows candidates to demonstrate their abilities to examine a patient and formulate a treatment plan by collecting and analyzing information. Unlike ABFAS’ Didactic exam, which is composed of multiple choice questions, the CBPS does not contain any questions. Instead, the examination is composed of cases. Rather than asking the candidate questions, the CBPS asks the candidate to read, select, and analyze information, and apply it toward the next piece of information presented to arrive at a diagnosis and /or treatment plan.

2017 Spring - Part 1 FT CBPS

181 Examinees ALL

30 372


Time to de-mystify the ABFAS Computer-Based Patient Simulation Exam (CBPS) exam-building process. Here is a glimpse into how we build the exam.

2017 Spring - Part 1 FT Didactic

247 Examinees ALL

How We Build the CBPS Exam


• Physical Exam

• Labs/Imaging/Diagnostic Procedures

• Diagnosis

• Treatment



Candidates are scored according to their performance across all the cases, not on an individual case basis. Exams are scored in accordance with the expected level of knowledge and experience with the Part I, Part II, and In-training levels. ABFAS provides resources on its website for preparing for the CBPS exam. Those resources include practice cases, scoring feedback, and a “How to Video”. Page 11

Resources for Exam Success ABFAS provides several free exam preparation resources on its website. Here’s a guide to the resources we offer:

ABFAS 2018 Recertification Exam Important Requirements

Video Tips for CBPS Success Dr. John Venson, one of the Computer-Based Patient Simulation (CBPS) exam’s creators, has created a short video to answer frequently asked questions about how to successfully navigate the exam.

ABFAS has made an important change to the requirements for maintaining certification. This change goes into effect for the 2018 Recertification exams. This requirement does NOT affect those diplomates with lifetime certificates who take the self-assessment examination.

Practice Exams The practice exams on our website will help you familiarize yourself with the exam format and hone your test-taking skills. We strongly recommend taking the practice exam to prepare for the CBPS exam. The practice exams provide a sense of the types of questions that appear on the examinations. Studies have shown that candidates who do not practice often do not have time to complete the actual CBPS examinations.

Candidates will now need to submit case logs for the past two years prior to registering for the Recertification examination. To do so, please contact your hospital or surgery center and ask them to print-out your case logs for the last two years. When you register for the exam, you will receive instructions for uploading the documents in PDF form onto the website. The document must be generated from your hospital or surgery center. There is not a requirement regarding minimum number of cases.

The most vital thing you can do to prepare for the CBPS is to make sure you thoroughly understand the mechanics of selecting choices and which items are contained under each tab. You should become familiar with the computer screens and functionality of the simulations if you expect to efficiently move through the actual examination.

Here is the full list of requirements for maintaining your certification if you have a time-limited certificate:

1. Maintain a valid, unrestricted podiatric license in the United States or Canada.

We frequently update our practice exams and revise the list of options available in our drop-down lists, so we advise visiting our website frequently to ensure that you’re practicing with the most up-to-date version of the exam.

2. Maintain active surgical privileges at either an accredited hospital or surgical center.

Answer Key/Scoring Feedback We recommend reading the CBPS Answer Key/Scoring Feedback we provide for the practice cases. This will help you to better understand the CBPS scoring system and explain what key features the board expects you to select to demonstrate that you understand the case and have managed it appropriately. For many of the answers, the scoring feedback also tells you why the selection is considered important. In those instances where it states “one of the following”, you only need to select one to receive credit. You will not receive additional points for selecting more than one.

3. Have obtained 40 continuing education credits (Category 1 or CPME approved) between 2015 and 2017.

4. Submit your last two years case logs.

5. Every ten-year certification cycle, take a secure examination that demonstrates you have the fundamental diagnostic skills, medical knowledge and clinical judgment to provide quality care.

Online Study Guide for the Didactic Exam This online study guide will help you practice your knowledge and test-taking skills with a selection of multiple-choice questions. The guide also gives you background information about the written exam and adaptive testing, details on which subject areas are covered, and an inside look into the scoring process.

Three-year Window of Opportunity Diplomates may take the examination in the eighth, ninth, or 10th year of their MOC cycle. Examinations taken and failed in the eighth or ninth year may be retaken. Failure of the examination in the 10th year will result in loss of certification. Diplomates are encouraged not to wait until their 10th year to sit for the examination. Calendar of Important Dates

All of these resources can be found by visiting: abfas.org and clicking on the Resources tab and selecting “Practice Exams”. Note: You must log-in to view these resources.

November 1, 2017

Registration opens

New Exam Documents

January 18, 2018

Registration closes

January 25, 2018

Last day to withdraw

ABFAS has redesigned its examination documents. Replacing the 110, 220, and 500, we now have:

February 1-2, 2018

Reconstructive Rearfoot/Ankle Surgery Recertification Surgery Exam

Board Qualification Describes the board qualification requirements and the Part I examinations descriptions and content details.

February 1-16, 2018

Foot Surgery Recertification Exam

Board Certification Describes requirements for those who are already board qualified and are pursuing certification. Included in the document are samples of the documentation required in the case review process, and guidance regarding correct procedure logging. For those who are recertifying or taking the self-assessment examination, ABFAS provides separate documentation: ABFAS 111-2018 Maintenance of Certification (SAE) for Diplomates with Lifetime Certificates ABFAS 112-2018 Maintenance of Certification Program for Time-Limited Certificates To view these documents, please visit our website at: abfas.org Click on the “Documents” tab and choose the appropriate document.

For complete details about the MOC requirements for those with time-limited certificates, please read Document 112 (Information and Requirements: Diplomate Maintenance of Certification (Recertification) on the ABFAS website. For information regarding MOC requirements for those holding lifetime certificates, please read Document 111.

Part II CBPS Exam and Case Review Requirements The ABFAS Board of Directors has made an important change to the CBPS Part II registration process. CBPS registration is now independent from Part II Case Review. Candidates can now register for the Part II CBPS exam after they are board qualified, even if they have not yet completed or registered for their Part II Case Review. Candidates are still required to complete both the Part II CBPS exam and Part II Case Review before becoming certified. However, they now have the flexibility to complete both requirements anytime in the seven-year timeframe after becoming board qualified.

Page 13

Fall 2017 Newsletter Survey Thank you again to the 537 ABFAS Board Qualified and Board Certified DPMs who participated in our 2017 membership survey. We were quite pleased to see improvements in our customer service scores. It reflects the many changes we have made since the 2015 survey: extended office hours to address needs of those on the east coast; increased staff training; and faster results processing to name a few. And, you pointed out areas of needed improvement. To address these, we will be changing our communication efforts and adding new initiatives:

1. E-newsletters. Monthly resident e-newsletters; quarterly e-newsletters to those pursuing board certification; quarterly e-newsletters to those certified. In addition, there will be one annual printed newsletter sent to all ABFAS board qualified and certified.

2. New resource documents. For those preparing to take the board qualification and board certification exams, you’ll find that we have updated our resource documents. Instead of the 110 and 220, we now have two separate documents. One for those seeking board qualification and the other for those seeking board certification. In the board certification document, we’ve included samples of the documentation for the case review process and have given more guidance on mislogged procedures.

3. Exam preparation. ABFAS convened a task force to address this issue. The group met in September and outlined a series of educational projects we’ll be working on over the next year.

4. Increased local presence: In addition to our booths at the ACFAS and APMA meetings, we will have a presence at the New York Podiatric Medical Society meeting in January, the Midwestern conference in Chicago in April, and the Western in June. We are also continuing college visits, sending our ABFAS diplomates to speak at the nine podiatric colleges.

5. Continue the Call for Volunteers. Our first-ever open call to ABFAS certified physicians was a success. One hundred sixty-three responded to the call for volunteers which made the selection difficult. We placed 8 new people on the Cognitive Exams Committee, 3 on the Communications Committee, and 2 on the Online Study Guide Task Force. We thank all of you who offered your time. You can find the list of committees and committee members on our website at: abfas.org/About/Committees.aspx

2018 Conference List Will you be attending podiatric conferences this year? If so, ABFAS will be there also and we hope that you will stop at our booth. ABFAS will also be presenting on our board certification process at many of the events. Here are the conferences ABFAS will attend:

New York State Podiatric Medical Association / Foundation for Podiatric Medicine January 19-21, 2018 New York Marriott Marquis New York, NY

American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery (ABFAS) Annual Meeting March 22, 2018 Gaylord Opryland Hotel Nashville, TN

American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) Scientific Conference March 22-March 25, 2018 Gaylord Opryland Hotel Nashville, TN

We will survey all of you every two years, but if you ever have suggestions for changes, or want to express your concerns, please contact me, Kathy Kreiter, ABFAS Executive Director, directly at: kkreiter@abfas.org

Midwest Podiatry Conference April 19-22, 2018 Hyatt Regency Chicago, IL


Western Foot and Ankle Conference June 21-24, 2018 Disneyland Hotel & Convention Center Anaheim, CA

APMA – The National July 12-15, 2018 APMA Annual Scientific Meeting Gaylord National Harbor Resort & Convention Center Washington, DC

ABFAS is the only foot and ankle surgery certification board recognized by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education through the Joint Committee on the Recognition of Specialty Boards. The American Podiatric Medical Association delegated responsibility to recognize specialty certifying boards in podiatry to the Council. You can read the details about JCRSB recognition and see the full list of boards that the JCRSB recognizes by visiting: cpme.org and clicking on the “Specialty Certifying Boards” tab.

Page 15

Presorted FIRST-CLASS MAIL U.S.Postage Paid San Francisco, CA Permit No. 1734

445 Fillmore Street San Francisco, CA 94117

Need Assistance? Call 415.553.7800 Fax 415.553.7801 info@ABFAS.org ABFAS.org

2017-18 Exam Dates Exam Name

Registration Opens

Registration Closes

Exam Date

Communications Committee

Recertification – RRA Surgery



2/1/18 - 2/2/18

Allan M. Boike, DPM, Chair

Recertification – Foot Surgery



2/1/18 - 2/16/18

Fredric Chussid, DPM




2/1/18 - 2/16/18

Randall L. Dei, DPM John N. Evans, DPM

Part I Foot – Didactic




Part I Foot – CBPS




Part I RRA – Didactic








Part II Case Review




Part II Foot – CBPS










In-training * Candidate does not attend review

9/20/18 - 9/26/18

Filza Khan, DPM Michael J. King, DPM Marlene Reid, DPM Amber M. Shane, DPM

Kathy Kreiter, Executive Director Nina Tamburello, Editor

Profile for ABFAS

ABFAS Fall 2017 Newsletter  

ABFAS Fall 2017 Newsletter  

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