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ABOUT THE COVER Drivetech 4x4, Australia’s fastest growing brand in the 4WD industry, is now available in more places around the country through NAPA Auto Parts


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WHAT A YEAR IT HAS BEEN I do not think I am alone in saying that I am very happy to see the back of 2020 fast approaching COVID hijacked just about every other aspect of our lives for the best part of the year, so I’m not going to let it hijack this column, but suffice it to say that its been an extremely tough ride for most of us. Survey data from ACA Research shows us how well the broader automotive aftermarket has fared compared to other industries, and certainly the 4WD accessories industry has bounced back incredibly well from a relatively short period of contraction. Short, that is, with the exception of Victoria – it is such fantastic news that they have finally now been allowed to reopen and we hope they will soon be riding the wave that is surging through the 4WD accessories industry elsewhere around the country. As this edition goes to print, South Australia has entered into a lockdown period also, and we wish our SA members a speedy recovery. What a year it has been for me to take the reigns as Chairman. After 13 years, founding Chairman Ray Smith-Roberts made the decision to retire from his role at AM Group, and subsequently from his position as Chairman on the 4WD Industry Council. At that time I had been a member of the Committee for two years and after an interim period with Eddie Ziada at the helm, the 4WD Industry Council held it’s bi-annual election which led to a Committee reshuffle and ultimately to my election as Chairman. This is not a role that I take on lightly. I have witnessed many battles fought and won by the Council and by the AAAA, often times against formidable odds, and all for the future of the 4WD industry. In stepping into the role of Chairman in Ray’s stead, it is fair to say that despite Ray’s relatively slight stature, they are very big shoes to fill

indeed. It is a role I accept with pride and I look forward to serving the 4WD Industry as we continue to meet the challenges head on. Throughout this challenging year, the Committee continued to progress a number of exciting projects, and I am pleased to report that three of these projects have finally reached fruition. Firstly, the 2020 4WD Industry Survey conducted by ACA Research on behalf of the Council has just wrapped up, providing a long-overdue snapshot of the size and make-up of the parts and accessories market. This data will be an invaluable resource for the AAAA and for the 4WD Industry Council in supporting advocacy efforts, as well as providing useful insights for any business operating in the 4WD industry. The data from this survey is ‘hot off the press’, and ACA Research have compiled an article presenting some initial analysis further on in this feature edition. The full report will be available exclusively to 4WD Industry members shortly. Secondly, following the introduction of new mandatory labelling requirements for recovery straps late in 2019, the Committee began working on consumer-facing guidelines aiming to provide clarity around safe use of the devices. A great deal of thought has gone into the design of the guidelines, and I am proud to announce that early in 2021 the safe use guidelines will be available for members to use in the retail showrooms or any customer-facing area of the business. The guidelines consist of a small brochure with image examples of the ‘dos and don’ts’ of recovery set-up. The brochure will urge customers to scan a QR code which will open the full and comprehensive safe use guideline

Ben Lavis, Chairman Australian 4WD Industry Council The Australian 4WD Industry Council is a non-competitive, specialist council of the AAAA. It has been formed to provide advice, understanding and a strategic approach to market issues from regulators, governments, 4WD enthusiasts and community groups. document which provides a detailed overview of the accepted industry practice for setting up recoveries, attachment of the recovery strap, and execution of the recovery. Thirdly, and perhaps most significantly, 2021 will see the launch of a pilot program for a 4WD Technical Training package. For many years, the 4WD accessories industry has been calling for a training package that meets their needs. Existing training packages focused too heavily on areas such as mechanical diagnosis and repair, lacked 4WD-specific content, and were prohibitively onerous and impractical for businesses in the 4WD accessory fitting space. Working with the Kangan Institute in Melbourne, the Committee has developed a Certificate II training package that will deliver a qualification representing the base skills required to work in an accessories fitting environment. The pilot program will run in Melbourne only with a group of pre-selected students, and will help us assess any areas that need adjusting before launching the training package to the market, all things going well, later in 2021. One final update; discussions with state regulators on the development of a GCM re-rating code were stalled due to the Queensland state election, however this is still high on our agenda and we will be progressing these discussions as soon as the dust settles, so we would hope to have some news to share on this also early in the new year. In the meantime, stay safe, and bring on 2021!


Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020


RAY SMITH-ROBERTS RECOGNISED The former Chairman of the 4WD Industry Council has received a AAAA Certificate of Appreciation When Ray Smith-Roberts announced in November 2019 that he was stepping down from his role as Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director of the Automotive Components and Accessories Divisions of AMA Group, he also subsequently retired from his position as Chairman of the 4WD Industry Council. Ray’s tenure as Chairman of the committee spanned an impressive 13 years, and the 4WD Industry Council committee always intended to officially acknowledge his contribution and present him with a symbol of appreciation. However shortly after his retirement announcement, the COVID-19 pandemic began to make its presence known in Australia, delaying any plans that were in place at the time. With restrictions easing in Queensland of late however, 4WD Industry Council Convenor, Nigel Bishop, was recently able to finally present him with his much-deserved Certificate of Appreciation and accompanying gift. “When Ray contacted me in September 2020 to let me know that he had purchased Creative Conversions in the northern suburbs of Brisbane,

I was pleased to hear that he had resurfaced and, I have to say, like anyone who knows Ray SmithRoberts, I was not at all surprised how short-lived his first attempt at retirement was,” Nigel said. “With the continued easing of restrictions in Queensland, I recently made my way out to visit Ray at his new business and was able to finally present him with a gift and Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the Committee in honour of his contribution to the industry. “During our time together on the committee of the 4WD Industry Council, I developed an enormous respect for Ray’s pragmatic approach to industry challenges; he is always a strategic thinker with a cool head but ready to stand up for the industry, no matter who the opponent.” Creative Conversions has been a member of the AAAA and 4WD Industry Council since 2018, and under previous owner, Len Batchelor, they have become one of the most well-recognised secondstage manufacturers specialising in Landcruiser re-builds, gaining significant exposure through their work with All 4 Adventure. “When I caught up with Ray, he filled me in

on some of the systems and processes he is implementing to the business to build upon this success, and things are certainly gearing up for significant growth ahead,” Nigel said. “When it comes to bumping heads with government regulators, clearly Ray is a glutton for punishment, having stepped out of the world of bullbars into the arena of second stage manufacturing with chassis extensions, wagon to ute conversions, and GVM modifications – talk about jumping straight from the frying pan into the fire!” For more from the 4WD Industry Council, visit For information about Creative Conversions, visit

SHIFTING GEARS Opposite Lock now has more staff in more locations to better support Australians Opposite Lock is a specialist 4WD channel of Bapcor Limited which says it provides consumers with a range of the best brands, quality fitting, full aftersales service, and peace-of-mind thanks to nationwide warranties. The 4WD accessories retailer says its offering is supported by a team of trusted 4x4 Specialists with expert product knowledge and best in class service, to provide customers with the best offroad experience possible. Increased investment (from Bapcor Limited) has seen the Opposite Lock Network open the doors to a new corporate store in Hoppers Crossing Victoria; an existing franchisee opening a second site in Warrick Farm, Sydney; and a South Nowra in New South Wales location converting from a stockist to a franchise store. Locations in Hobart in Tasmania and Welshpool in Western Australia have also been converted from franchises to become corporate stores to support local networks. Opposite Lock says these strategic investments ensure Opposite Lock support staff are in these locations to better service the network.

Great opportunity ahead With international travel borders on hold due to the global pandemic, the desire of Australians to explore the great outdoors and discover the natural beauty of our nation has amplified. In addition, the ongoing trend in car personalisation, growth in local tourism, camping and towing, are some of the key 4WD category drivers that the team at Opposite Lock is witnessing. “We have seen some extraordinary events impacting our business over the past year leveraging business improvements with a fundamental shift in tourism trends pushing record sales across the country, with continual growth and a strong demand for 4WD and Vehicle Accessories and Services,” Opposite Lock General Manager, Mark Rich, said.

have been agile in setting their agenda for an exciting adventure-driven 2021 via multiple growth platforms across innovation via quality brands, new product development and broadening their omni channel footprint.

“For all of us there is opportunity in adversity and there is a strong demand for our products and our team of experts are here to help.”

The team believes now is the perfect time to reflect upon Opposite Lock’s rich Australian adventure driven heritage and says it looks forward to sharing its unique story fostered by passionate 4x4 enthusiasts while supporting its network of corporate and franchisee stores, and local communities.

While Aussies continue planning their great escapes, the team at Opposite Lock says they

For more information visit or call 1800 624 444

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020



GUD ACQUIRES AMA GROUP’S ACAD DIVISION The ACAD division covers a range of wellknown aftermarket brands GUD Holdings has acquired AMA Group’s Automotive Components and Accessories Division (ACAD) and is reportedly now sourcing the required funding. The Australian Financial Review (AFR) reports that the deal, which was first revealed by the paper on November 17 and confirmed on November 19, will see GUD take ownership of almost all of the ACAD businesses. That includes East Coast Bullbars, CSM Service Bodies, Automotive Electrical and 4WD Accessories, Uneek 4x4/Barden Fabrications and NZ aftermarket accessories maker, Fully Equipped.

AFR reports that AMA will retain car component remanufacturing business, FluidDrive, and is also not selling its ACM Auto Parts business. In the AFR report, it is noted that GUD is seeking $70 million to finance the acquisition, via a $55 million fully underwritten placement and a $15 million share purchase plan. AFR reporters stated that the final placement price would be determined by a bookbuild – overseen by Macquarie Capital – from a floor price of $10.75, a 9.1 percent discount to GUD’s last close.

TOYOTA RESPONDS TO DPF CLASS ACTION Owners of vehicles affected by faulty DPFs have launched a class action against Toyota Australia Bannister Law Class Actions, supported by Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers, is conducting a class action in the Federal Court of Australia against Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited (Toyota Australia). The Toyota class action is seeking compensation for alleged defects in Toyota Hilux, Fortuner and Prado vehicles with a 1GD-FTV or 2GD-FTV diesel engine. It is claimed that these defects cause problems with the vehicles, including the emission of foulsmelling white smoke from the exhaust, blockage of the diesel particulate filter (DPF), increased fuel consumption, and an increase in wear and tear on the engine. On its official website for the class action, Bannister Law Class Actions state that on 23 October 2020, the Federal Court of Australia adopted an independent referee’s report which concludes that the Diesel Particulate Filter System (DPF System) in all Toyota Hilux, Prado and Fortuner diesel vehicles sold in Australia between October 2015 and April 2020 was defective. In response to the class action, Toyota Australia has issued the following statement to media outlets including “Toyota has been proactive about the fact that some customers have experienced a DPF issue and we have implemented a number of customerfocussed and technical remedies to assist. “Toyota has worked tirelessly and transparently since becoming aware of concerns to find the best resolution for our customers – we are confident that the most recent countermeasure will remedy the DPF issue, as supported by the Independent Expert’s Report recently adopted by the Federal Court.

Reports explain that GUD has bought ACAD for an enterprise value of $70 million, and states the division was forecast to achieve $83.4 million revenue and $9.2 million EBITA in fiscal 2021. ACAD manufactures and distributes a wide range of automotive products in both Australia and New Zealand. For more on GUD Holdings, visit 6

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020

“We have an existing Customer Service Exercise (CSE) underway for DPF. A CSE involves proactively contacting all owners of potentially affected vehicles and giving them the opportunity to present their vehicle at their convenience and have the CSE performed free of charge. “This means that, all customers with potentially affected vehicles have been contacted by letter and are requested to make contact with their closest/preferred Toyota Dealer. “In addition to the CSE, as part of our commitment to ongoing customer satisfaction, we have extended our warranty on the DPF system to 10 years from the first delivery date of the vehicle when new, with no limitation on kilometres. “This warranty extension applies to customers who may have experienced an issue with the DPF system which may present as substantial white smoke discharged during the regeneration process or the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) may illuminate and in some cases, as a precautionary measure, engine power may be reduced (‘limp home’ mode). “We reiterate our commitment, as always, to helping our customers with any questions or concerns they have about their vehicle. “We encourage any Toyota owners with questions or concerns about their DPF to contact their closest or preferred Toyota Dealer ( or the Guest Experience Centre on 1800 869 682 (Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:30pm AEST). “Alternatively, customers can find out more via a comprehensive DPF FAQ on the Toyota website (” Bannister Law Class Actions says that even if the 2020 countermeasures do prove to be effective, group members in the class action will still be able to claim damages. At the most recent court hearing of 23 October 2020, the Court indicated that the date by which a mediation between the parties is to take place will be set at a hearing in December. For more information, visit and


THE AUSTRALIAN 4WD INDUSTRY REPORTS TENFOLD GROWTH In this article, ACA Research provides you with a first look at the findings from the 2020 AAAA 4WD Industry Council Market Study, which was conducted during October this year The 2020 AAAA 4WD Industry Council Market Study builds on previous research conducted in 2008. Thanks to the greatly appreciated efforts of the organisations which took part in this important research (including many non-AAAA members) we are now able to give an accurate outlook on the current state of the Australian 4WD parts and accessories market. It will be no surprise that this sector has evolved considerably since its infancy, with an ever-increasing number of utes and SUVs in the car parc. Over the past 12 years, the 4WD industry has grown to become a major part of the Australian automotive aftermarket, as well as the economy more broadly. Highlighting the scale of the growth, the 2008 research valued the industry at $440m - $470m. In the ensuing period, we estimate that this has grown almost ten-fold, with businesses involved in the manufacture of 4WD parts and accessories now generating $4.0bn in revenue within Australia. It is important to mention here that (as we saw in 2008), this revenue is not purely from manufacturing. Many of these businesses operate along the entire supply chain, also playing a role in the distribution, retail, and/or fitting of 4WD parts and accessories.

Looking to the future, the industry is also clearly confident about the opportunity to grow the 4WD segment further. Over the next 12 months, businesses are predicting an average 13 percent growth in 4WD revenue, more than double the overall predicted annual growth rate of six percent. Whilst this optimism is both encouraging and exciting, it is worth noting that while a significant proportion are actively exporting parts and accessories overseas, the vast majority of their 4WD revenue is still generated in Australia. Broadening the export market will therefore be a fundamental requirement when it comes to achieving current growth plans, and avoiding saturation in the Australian market. While one part of the growth trajectory will include offshore markets, we can see that 4WD manufacturers are still also looking at how they can evolve their offering overall. The top five products currently are Tow Bars/Rear Bars, Vehicle Frontal Protection Systems (VFPS), Roof Rack Systems, Lift Kits up to 75mm, and Load Carrying Upgrades. Looking ahead over the next three years though, we can see that the most significant growth is expected in different areas, with exhaust upgrades, seat accessories, and winches at the top of the list.

Additionally, many also have diversified offerings in market. While 4WD generates more than half of their total revenue, they also manufacture parts and accessories for other roadgoing vehicles (for example, passenger vehicles, performance vehicles, trucks, buses), as well as those with more specialised requirements (such as defence or mining vehicles). The ability to deliver to this diverse range of vehicles demonstrates the important role that the 4WD aftermarket industry plays on its home soil.

Chart 3: Top challenges facing the 4WD parts and accessories market in next 1-2 years. Source: 2020 AAAA 4WD Industry Council Market Study

In summary, the insights from this report validate what we see firsthand on our roads. Sales of SUVs and utes continue to grow, paving the way for the 4WD aftermarket.

Chart 2: 4WD product offering. Source: 2020 AAAA 4WD Industry Council Market Study

While there is a level of positivity about the road ahead, manufacturers still face some challenges.

Chart 1: Distribution of Australian Aftermarket Manufacturing Revenue. Source: 2020 AAAA 4WD Industry Council Market Study

ultimately lead to a level of uncertainty, which will inhibit growth.

The two most significant issues identified in the research relate to the regulatory environment, with concerns around regulations that do not align with consumer and market demands, and the lack of harmonisation across different jurisdictions. Whilst work is being done by organisations like the AAAA to address and overcome these, they

While 4WD parts and accessories manufacturers have undoubtedly risen to the challenge so far, decisions around how and where they choose to broaden their horizons will be key to the next stages of their growth. Further insights from the AAAA 4WD Industry Council Market Study will be made available in coming months, or you can email AAAA 4WD Industry Council Convenor, Nigel Bishop, at to find out more. This column was prepared for AAA Magazine by ACA Research, the AAAA’s partners in the AAAA Aftermarket Dashboard which is delivered to AAAA members each quarter. For more information, visit or contact Ben Selwyn on

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020



DRIVETECH 4X4 EXPANDS DISTRIBUTION NETWORK Drivetech 4x4, Australia’s fastest growing brand in the 4WD industry, is now available in more places around the country through NAPA Auto Parts The transition has happened throughout 2020, with the full Drivetech 4x4 range now available in all NAPA Auto Parts locations as a prime 4x4 product range. Drivetech 4x4 Manager, Ben Lavis, is excited about the change. “It means we’ve got more locations for our dealers to access parts, and we’ll be able to grow our 4WD knowledge base through NAPA Auto Parts,” Ben said. “We’ve still got our dedicated Drivetech 4x4 Reps visiting customers, setting up showrooms and providing value and advice; being distributed through NAPA Auto Parts just means we’ll have more stock available in more locations.”

automotive aftermarket heritage here in Australia, through its building block brands AshdownIngram, Covs, Global Auto Spares and R&E Auto Parts. These Australian aftermarket icons will be transitioning to become the NAPA Auto Parts network, and a leading choice for parts by automotive specialists and professionals. NAPA Auto Parts says this means the iconic Drivetech 4x4 range will join with local leaders Great Whites and Thunder, making for an unbeatable combination of 4WD options.

NAPA Auto Parts currently has 28 locations across the country, with another 40 or more projected to come over the coming years.

“It’s such a great outcome that Drivetech 4x4 dealers can now purchase their reliable recovery gear from the same place as the best driving lights on the market, along with Rival bars, high quality work lights, and battery management options,” Ben said.

Those behind the NAPA Auto Parts name say while it may be new to the Australian automotive aftermarket, it has a heritage of more than 90 years in America, being a part of the world’s largest provider of automotive aftermarket parts.

“It means the very best fit outs possible can be made, with everything organised through a single location. It’s a great value add for Drivetech 4x4, with the best outcomes provided for our customers.”

They say that what is even more impressive is that NAPA Auto Parts will have just as much

Better still, the relationship with NAPA Auto Parts has meant more Drivetech 4x4 stock is


Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020

currently available through the use of state-based distribution centres. Rather than having every order around the country sent out of Sydney, parts are now stored in destinations in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, providing greater access for more specialists, dealers and fitters.

An impressive Drivetech 4x4 range The Drivetech 4x4 range of 4WD accessories includes winches, recovery gear, underbody armour, awnings, suspension, snorkels, Rival barwork and more.

COVER FEATURE alloy with steel brackets and ribbing, providing strength and protection for the vehicle, without the disadvantages of a heavy steel bar. With integrated towing points, fog/driving lights, winch mounts and low weight, each Rival Bumper has been independently tested to meet ADR69 Air Bag Compliance Standards. Designed with the installer in mind, they are said to be very easy to install, with any experienced fitter quickly noticing how light they are, their exceptional build quality, stylish unobtrusive design and excellent approach angles.

Drivetech 4x4 says it is driven by quality, so you can rely on the range to get you to your destination and back again, no matter the terrain. The recovery equipment includes dual speed winches, snatch straps, recovery kits, kinetic rope, TRED recovery devices and high lift jacks to suit anything the Australian environment can throw at you. Snorkels, suspension and flares will help you tackle the tougher locations, while the selection of awnings, awning tents and mesh make the destination much more comfortable.

Complete solutions for your 4x4 Underbody armour is a highly sought-after addition to any 4WD, with the Drivetech 4x4 range being supported by industry leader, Rival. The comprehensive range of armours suits a wide variety of vehicles, adding protection to control arms, fuel tanks, engines, radiators and more. NAPA Auto Parts says this high-quality range is complemented by Rival Bumpers, giving drivers a great combination between style and protection. Being an alloy bumper, it is made from 6mm

When it comes to high performance lighting and driving lights, NAPA Auto Parts says there’s only once clear choice - Great Whites. As one of the first brands in Australia to launch an LED light bar, Great Whites has improved visibility for 4WD enthusiasts for years. The latest range, Attack, continues to impress, with the flagship 220 Series projecting light up to 1km from the vehicle. The latest addition to the range includes an alloy finish to the 220 and 170 Series round driving lights. No 4WD is complete without reliable electrical components, which is where NAPA Auto Parts says specialists rely on Thunder; an affordable and reliable range of LED lighting, switches, chargers, battery boxes, solar panels and accessories. It says the most popular product by far is the 20A DCDC Charger, which is said to be known for its reliability and ease of installation. The heart of any dual battery system, it connects batteries easily to solar or 12V power to keep batteries charged and weekends more enjoyable. For more information on the impressive Drivetech 4x4 range or to become a Drivetech 4x4 Dealer, visit For further information about NAPA Auto Parts and its growing list of locations around the country, visit

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020



GET ENLIGHTENED ARB adds a new range to the Intensity family Driving lights are amongst the most popular accessories to be added to 4WDs and over the years, ARB says its customers have expressed an interest in seeing more variety in ARB-branded driving lights. ARB has now expanded its lighting range with the new Intensity Solis product. Not just a remarkable performer, ARB says the Intensity Solis represents a value proposition that is worth considering for anyone looking to add some additional driving lights to their vehicle. It has been seven years since ARB launched Intensity, its first branded driving light. The company says Intensity was a revolutionary offering of its era, as the first round 4WD LED driving light amongst all the square LEDs of the time. The Intensity Solis range is available in dedicated spot and dedicated flood variations that connect to a centralised dimming controller in the wiring loom.

Same, Same, but Different! At a quick glance, there are some strong similarities between ARB’s traditional and proven round ARB Intensity V2s and the ARB Intensity Solis. However, look a little closer and you will spot some considerable differences. While ARB Intensity driving lights are known for their red rings, change is as good as a holiday and keeping with ARB’s objective of offering more variety, its Intensity Solis range now features interchangeable red and black cast aluminium side bezels. Not only does this mean that you can choose to run a red highlight or keep your lights in all black, but the cast aluminium bezels also offer great UV resistance.


Squatting Strength One of the first and most notable new design features is the squat shape. The Solis takes on a largely traditional round frame but with a flat base that creates the squat appearance. 4WD driving lights were originally designed for mounting on tabs but bull bar design has changed, and lights are now more regularly mounted on flat top pans. The squat shape of the new light better suits pan mounting and helps with lowering the centre of gravity of the lights, which makes them more stable with less oscillation and vibrating. This means less stress on light and bull bar mounting components (including tabs where applicable). The Solis light is mounted in an all-black, vertical-pivoting adjustable, cast aluminium cradle.

Profiled for Placement Looking at the side profile, ARB engineers have managed to shape the heat sink casting with a narrower section at the top of the light and a wider section towards the base. The result is a

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020

large light that fits a wide variety of applications with more room to fit in front of big tubes, like what ARB uses on its Summit Sahara bull bars.

One-Piece Reflector Set Another opportunity of variation was to diversify from the traditional uniform grid layout of LEDs and reflectors. Newer technologies and manufacturing efficiencies allowed the engineers to design a one-piece reflector with 36 unique and independently tuned reflector cups. While tuning 36 unique reflector cups takes a considerable amount of time, ARB says the control it gained on the light output pattern was invaluable. The one-piece and non-uniform design also opened up the opportunity to make the most efficient use of the unique squat/round shape and maximise the number of LEDs.

Did you say more LEDs? That’s right, says ARB, which explains that even though the light has less height due to its squat design and a marginally narrower lens, the custom-shaped one-piece reflector means it was able to get 36 powerful LEDs in each light.


And while it is true that more LEDs means more light potential, an LED is only as good as its surrounding reflector, coupled with the light’s heat sink casting to ensure optimal performance. Each Intensity Solis light (spot and flood) houses a whopping 36 LEDs in total for a total 165watt output. There is a combination of 4-watt and 10-watt LEDs that make up the full set with varying narrow and wider beam angles to optimise performance.

How far will they go? It has become the universal measurement of driving lights: how many metres down the road you can record one lux. While ARB wants to stress there is much more to an effective and quality driving light than its lux measurement, it says owners of a pair of Intensity Solis spot lights will be able to boast one lux at 1,462 metres.

Engineered for the real world The ultimate goal when designing a driving light is to get two light patterns, one spot and one flood, that offer light where you actually need it. To be most effective, a driving light needs to light the areas of the road and surrounds that match the terrain and driving style. Your driving lights need to be effective either as a matching pair (of spots or floods) or as a combination (one spot and one flood). Creating a light pattern that shines the furthest does not always mean the light is useable, let alone optimal. Driving lights need to have good central light and should not have harsh edges but rather a good feathering of light that bleeds off. Additionally, the light should not be too white as it can cause additional eye strain for the driver. Nor should

the light throw too much intensity onto the foreground directly in front of the vehicle. ARB says its Intensity lights (V2 and Solis) are tuned to provide the optimum offering to suit the above criteria.

Dial it down If you have ever owned a set of Intensity driving lights, ARB says you will already know they are bloody bright. A nice addition to the Intensity Solis is the introduction of a dimming function. The in-cab dimmer has five preset output settings that allow you to alter the intensity of your lights. Dimming the output can also assist roads and tracks where you would like a less intense light to complement the high beams with a broader and longer beam without the intense brightness these Intensity Solis lights produce at full power.

Not all change While the Intensity Solis is a ground-up new lighting design, ARB says they still feature its renowned durability with virtually impenetrable polycarbonate lenses and lens covers. The Solis range is also supported by a three-year warranty and a nationwide network of over 180 ARB stores and stockists.

Price It Up ARB says its Intensity Solis driving lights are not only a great performer but also great value. Each light is just $349 ($698 a pair), and the wiring loom is $89. Which should see change from $1,000 with fitting included. For more information, visit Words and images courtesy of ARB Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020



COOLDRIVE JUMP REAR JUMBO COMBINATION LAMPS Introducing the 595 series, STARTS HULK from LED Autolamps PROFESSIONAL SERIES RANGE LED Autolamps says it is proud to announce the release of the latest addition to its Jumbo-sized rear combination lamp range.

Three jump starter units are now available from CoolDrive Auto Parts CoolDrive Auto Parts has welcomed a new product line: lithium-ion jump starters. Launching with three units - HU6510, HU6511 and HU6512 - these top-quality jump starters are part of the HULK Professional Series brand. All are 12V units, with leading features of each including a LED display, LED flashlight, battery cable socket, input and output charging sockets.

The new 595 series has been inspired by high-end sports cars, with Glow Track Design incorporated. LED Autolamps says the first thing you will notice is the distinctive sleek arrow-shaped diffused tail light lens specially designed to avoid hotspots, and an integrated reflex reflector; with both featured as standard on all models. “These lamps are shaped and styled for a dynamic look, but more importantly, make you shine brighter than all other vehicles on the road! This new benchmark for style and design will give a new choice in large truck/trailer lighting and more importantly have your customer’s vehicle and trailer looking amazing,” LED Autolamps General Manager, Michael Ottobre, said. “It won’t matter if it is a new fit or a replacement; there is an option that will suit your needs, and LED has all bases covered by offering the 595 series in two sizes and in three different styles.” The triple jumbo size reportedly has the exact same footprint as traditional or standard type jumbo lamps, measuring 595mm x 130mm x 45mm. The individual surface-mounted lamps measure 193mm x 123mm x 26mm and can be used as replacement inserts for the triple assembly in the unfortunate case a lens is damaged. When it comes to the three styles available, heading up the range is the standard coloured lens, available in a Stop/Tail/Indicator and a Stop/Tail/Indicator and reverse option.

Depending on the individual unit’s specifications, the range is capable of charging petrol and diesel powered vehicles, from motorcycles, cars, SUVs and boats, right through to heavy commercial machinery.

Also available is a clear lens black chrome option allowing you to “add some bling,” which also comes in a Stop/Tail/Indicator and reverse function.

The HU6510 offers wireless charging, with a battery capacity of 10,400Ah, delivering peak current of 800amp; while the mid-range HU6511 has a battery capacity of 18,000Ah, delivering peak current of 2,000amp.

“These lamps include specially designed integrated circuitry with the latest in LED lighting technology, lens optical design and a quality that’s second to none,” Michael said.

The top-of-line HU6512 has a battery capacity of 28,000amp, with peak current of 2,500amp and is capable of jump starting petrol vehicles up to 10.0L and diesel vehicles up 8.0L. The jump starters are also able to be used as a power source for most electronic devices. These new HULK Professional Series Jump Starters join the recently released Battery Charger range, in further examples of CoolDrive’s commitment to the growing four-wheel-drive movement in Australia and New Zealand. CoolDrive’s HULK 4x4 product range also includes lifting and recovery equipment, winch extension straps, snatch blocks and heavy-duty jacks. Air compressors and tyre management gauges are also available. For more on the HULK 4x4 range, visit or contact your closest CoolDrive branch. 12

LED Autolamps says the last but most exciting style choice is its clear lens black chrome option with a dynamic sequential indicator, which Michael says is sure to add the wow factor to your application.

“The real magic happens when in active mode, with super-bright stop lamps as well as indicator and reverse lamps with a diffused tail light giving all road users clear notice of your vehicle’s intentions. “Each lens houses high powered SMD LEDs and possesses a serviceable 12/24 dual voltage range, as well as low operational current draw, making them perfect for a wide variety of applications and battery systems.” LED Autolamps says that as well as exceeding the required standards with stringent ECE approvals, these lamps will also ensure your vehicle/trailer is road legal and compliant in all states of Australia. “LED Autolamps as always producing products designed and manufactured to last, so don’t worry, these lamps are extremely tough, constructed using UV resistant high impact plastics, and are sealed and tested to IP67 testing standards,” Michael said. “Vibration and impact resistance with no moving parts ensures these lights are made fit for purpose and up to any challenge in Australia’s harshest road environments. “Our entire operation is certified to ISO9001:2015, the internationally recognised Quality Management Standard, and our main production facility is certified to IATF16949:2016 standards – this is your guarantee of conformity of production, exceptional service, technical expertise, and dedicated after-sales care.” The 595 series range is supplied in a single blister pack for the individual lamps as well as a single hang/stand blister pack for the triple variations. LED Autolamps have also released the sequential range in a twin retail blister pack with handy function simulator buttons included. The lamps are covered by a five-year warranty. For more information, visit or call 03 9466 7075.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020


NEW FROM HSP HSP is rolling out its full range of accessories to suit the all new Isuzu D-Max HSP has confirmed that they have started development work on the following for the new Isuzu D-Max: • HSP Roll R Cover: HSP says this is the only Australian manufactured roll top and the world’s most advanced; with the ability to retain sports bars and add ladder racks, cross bars and even platforms. The unit is also a said to be a world first in that you can completely control the roll top via a smart phone application or voice command. • HSP Premium Lid: HSP says this is Australia’s favourite hard tonneau, with advanced features such as marine carpet interior, central locking, LED lighting, “second to none” water drainage and quick release hinges. • HSP Silverback Lid: HSP says this offers a fantastic entry level hard cover option. The Silverback is a multipurpose cover offering “outstanding security, visual aesthetics and load carrying capability at a cost-effective price.” • HSP Load slide: this purpose-built retractable

bed slide offers a 75 percent extension and 250kg weight rating. It has an entirely custom cut platform, contouring to the vehicle and designed to give better access and management of your cargo. • HSP Tail Lock: this plug and play, no drilling unit locks and unlocks your tailgate via your factory remote and is reportedly trusted by multiple vehicle manufacturers as their supplier branded accessory. • HSP Tail Assist: the advanced HSP Tail Assist works via a twin strut system which reportedly effortlessly dampens the drop of the tailgate and reduces weight while inclining. In addition to the above, HSP says it will be developing a range of cosmetic and off-road upgrades for the Isuzu D-Max, including wheels, flares, bulbar, racking options and more. HSP Sales Director Massih Aimaq has said that products will be released as early as November 2020 and says “we acted fast to develop an extensive range of accessories for the Isuzu D-MAX dual and space cab variation. We want to ensure

customers have more choice when it comes to accessorising their vehicle.” “Stay tuned, as we are also actively working on a full range of accessories for the New Mazda BT-50 as well as the Jeep Gladiator.”

New video series In an Australian first, HSP is inviting the public on a documented journey that showcases the development and releases of each item via a video series. The first video (which has already been released) contains a review of the Isuzu D-Max products. It is available on HSP’s YouTube channel. For more information on HSP or to become a distributor, please visit or contact

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020



DUAL SPEED WINCHES Drivetech 4x4 speeds up a safe recovery Drivetech 4x4’s range of Dual Speed Winches utilise a high and low speed gearbox, allowing off-roaders to safely recover a vehicle, then switch gears to quickly return the synthetic rope to the winch drum.

“The low speed gear ratio on both winches means a wide variety of vehicles can be recovered in a range of environments, even when a weeks’ worth of camping and touring gear is weighing them down.”

Available in a 5.5 horsepower 9500lb and six horsepower 12000lb option, Drivetech 4x4 says its Dual Speed Winches are a practical, safe and powerful recovery necessity for any serious offroader.

Supplied with an aluminium hawse fairlead, isolation switch, 26 metres of synthetic rope, and three control box mounting options, the winch also has a two in one hand remote that can be operated through a hardwired connection, or wirelessly.

Drivetech 4x4 Manager, Ben Lavis, loves the feedback he has received to date about the winch range.

“The remote is a feature that everyone is looking for. It provides another level of safety for users, allowing them to stand back at a safe distance during the recovery. Best of all, the winches still keep their IP67 rating with the remote,” Ben said.

“The dual speed is a simple concept, with many 4WDers hating having to wait so long for the rope to return to the winch. With the dual speed, you can almost halve the wait, then get back to the trails,” Ben said.

Another feature that cannot be overlooked is the three-stage planetary gear train, which delivers its high-torque output.

Drivetech 4x4 says this feature is important, because without the use of planetary gears, the winch can burn out quickly or underperform when you need it most. For the D9500 model, its low gear ratio is 201.6:1 providing up to 38.7 feet per minute line recovery. In high gear, you get a gear ratio of 100.8:1 which Drivetech 4x4 says returns an amazing 70.8 feet per minute line recovery. Conversely, the D12500 model with its low gear ratio of 230.4:1 provides up to 33.7 feet per minute line recovery. In high gear, you get a gear ratio of 115.2:1 which returns up to an impressive 64.2 feet per minute line recovery. With a contemporary red and black finish with chrome highlights, Drivetech 4x4 says its Dual Speed Winches are a great option for any off roader. For more details and your nearest Drivetech 4x4 Dealer, visit

BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS From isolation to total control Having the right charging and maintenance tools for your 4WD’s batteries is essential for getting away. REDARC says with its advanced battery charging technology, you will always be one step ahead with a range of solutions to suit different requirements and budgets. REDARC states its Smart Battery Isolators have been available for a number of years and offer an effective approach for using your vehicle’s alternator to charge the second battery whilst the vehicle is running. A battery isolator will protect the start battery from going flat by sensing battery voltage. Only when the start battery reaches 13.2 volts on a 12-volt system, will it connect and start charging the secondary battery. When the engine is turned off, the isolator will disengage the secondary battery (as soon as the start battery drops below 12.7 volts). This will stop any loads connected to the auxiliary battery from also draining the start battery. For more flexibility, REDARC says an in-vehicle 14

DC-DC charger is recommended, such as its BCDC range. In the pursuit of efficiency, many modern alternators restrict their output once the vehicle has reached operating temperature. This is fine for your start battery and standard accessories but will often leave your auxiliary battery undercharged. BCDC chargers work with any type of alternator or vehicle voltage to ensure your auxiliary battery can reach 100 percent charge. They are suitable for most battery types, including Lithium, and accept solar inputs with an inbuilt Maximum Point Tracking (MPPT) solar regulator. REDARC says that to get the absolute most out of any dual battery setup, a battery management system (BMS) is required. A BMS has all the bells and whistles, combining the features and benefits of a Smart Battery Isolator, Dual Battery Charger and more. REDARC says its Manager30, for example, is six solutions in one and offers a variety of features unlike anything else in the market. It features a

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020

DC-DC charger, 240V charger, battery isolator, load disconnect controller, MPPT solar regulator plus a remote monitor. Travelling with solar? REDARC says its BCDC range and Manager30 both feature Green Power Priority and can charge from multiple sources simultaneously. If 12-volt solar power is available, solar power will be used before topping up the output charging current from another source such as mains 240-volt (if available) or DC vehicle power when on the move. REDARC says you should refer to the battery manufacturers’ data sheet and visit to find the best charging solution for your setup. For more information, visit


MATA C: A TPMS FOR 4WD A TPMS with one button press to set front and rear axle pressure alarm baselines Carmate Electronics says it is proud to introduce Mata C: a new easy-to-use tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for 4WDs. Mata C is a DIY TPMS with four external sensors and a cig-plug style display. Mata C monitors tyre pressures, temperatures and car battery voltage, and Carmate Electronics says its unique one-button operation makes setting independent front/rear axle pressure baselines very easy with just a press of the button, stating it is “the ultimate choice for 4WD/off-road drivers.” When the driver wants to start an off-road journey, once the front axle pressure has been lowered to 22psi and the rear axle pressure set to 18psi, with a press of one button, the Mata C can quickly set the baseline pressure (22/18 psi for front/rear axles) in just two seconds. Further, Mata C provides real time monitoring and alarms for High/Low Pressure, Leakage and High Temperature, and Carmate Electronics’ patented spanner can be used to replace the sensor battery and lock/unlock the sensors easily to prevent sensors being stolen.

Key features: • Unique one button operation to set independent front/rear axle pressure baselines. • Quick response and accurate detection. • DIY TPMS monitors four tyre pressures, temperatures and vehicle battery voltage. • Visual and audible alarm for High/Low Pressure, Leakage and High Temperature. • Durable and light weight sensor, IP67. • Sensor battery lifetime >2 years and replaceable. • Pressure range: 0~7 BAR/ 0~99PSI. • CE/FCC/E-MARK approval meets Australian standards. • Patented tool to replace sensor battery, lock/ unlock sensor to prevent being stolen.

Key benefits: • Real-time monitoring can quickly alert drivers to leakage, high/low tyre pressure and high temperature and helps drivers maintain the right tyre pressure for safer driving and allow users to save fuel and reduce tyre wear.

• One-button operation allows you to quickly set independent pressure alarm baselines for the front and rear axle, so you can change axle pressure baselines according to the terrains quickly and easily. • The system can also monitor the vehicle battery voltage, alerting drivers once the voltage is low and ready to be changed. • DIY installation and the easy to use, replaceable sensor battery means the consumer can own the device for a long time. Carmate Electronics represents two vehicle electronics manufacturers in Australia. Its TPMS covers motorcycle, car and heavy-duty trucks and the company also provides OEM/ODM services. For more information, please visit or

NEW MECHANICAL PRODUCTS CIRCUIT BREAKER LAUNCHED The Series 53 Branch Disconnect Circuit Breaker is available from Prolec Prolec, the official partner for Mechanical Products (MP) in Australia, is pleased to announce the release of its newest circuit protection device, the Series 53 Branch Disconnect Circuit Breaker. Ideally suited for the RV, Truck, Heavy Equipment and Marine industries, the “one-ofa-kind” Series 53 Branch disconnect circuit breaker incorporates the features of traditional battery disconnect switching and circuit protection for house circuits into a single compact device. Prolec says this unique combination of features, in a single rotary switch, allows cost savings by eliminating the added components, material and labour to install a separate battery switch and circuit breaker/fuse, while delivering effective battery management and house DC circuit protection. To disconnect and protect circuits to 32VDC, the patent pending Series 53 is available with a built-in, press-to-reset circuit breaker rated from 10A – 60A* to protect a vehicle’s house circuits. Designed for use in harsh environments, the panel-mount Series 53 has 1/4”-20 stud terminations and is IP66 and IP67 Weatherproof rated and UL1500 Ignition Protected qualified. The Series 53 is also compliant to UL 1107, UL1077, SAE J553 and ABYC requirements. For more information, visit *Additional ratings may be available upon request. Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020



NEW 4WD CLUTCH RANGE From Clutch Industries

An OE vehicle comes fitted with a standard clutch and this is suitable for most drivers, but we are not all standard drivers. If an engine is modified, or if the vehicle is under a higher strain than normal (like four-wheel driving or towing heavy loads), Clutch Industries says an upgraded clutch is required. Repco and NAPA Auto Parts stock a wide range of clutch upgrade brands and Clutch Industries says one of the newest and most popular ranges of 4WD clutches is the 4Terrain Heavy Duty clutch system. 4Terrain Heavy Duty is made by Clutch Industries, which has more than 69 years of experience designing and engineering clutch systems for Australian conditions. Clutch Industries says it is in fact the oldest and largest clutch manufacturer in Australia and still Australian owned with an Australian based engineering and R&D team. The company was also an OE supplier for Toyota, Holden, Ford, Nissan and Mitsubishi when these manufacturers were building vehicles in Australia and is now well known for its OE replacement and performance clutch ranges. Clutch Industries says the 4Terrain Heavy Duty product is ideal for applications where the standard clutch is stressed beyond typical daily driving conditions, such as towing, trade/ commercial use or off-road driving. The range is well-known worldwide, thanks to its use in everything from armoured personnel carriers in harsh deserts to rock crawling boulders in Northern America. Further, it says it delivers an increase in torque capacity while also increasing the life of the clutch through improving the following components.

Another feature of the 4Terrain Heavy Duty cover assembly is the higher clamp load, which Clutch Industries says is on average 20 percent more than the OE spec.

increasing the clamp load to gain torque capacity and retaining drivability and longevity.

Clutch Industries says that the amount of clamp load increases on its performance clutch kits is designed to have a minimal effect on pedal feel and to work with the OE hydraulics while increasing the amount of torque capacity.

This groove has been specifically designed to increase the Mean Effective Radius of the pressure plate and assist in heat removal.

It states that increasing the clamp load by too much not only creates a heavy pedal, but can also reduce the life of the clutch. So then, a balance must be struck between

High Clamp, Grooved Cover Assembly 4Terrain Cover Assemblies all feature a high clamp, spheroidal graphite casted (SG Iron) pressure plate along with the Patented ER2 Groove Design, featuring a unique groove pattern which is CNC machined on the friction face of the pressure plate. To begin, the SG Iron pressure plate is said to be 300 percent stronger than regular grey cast iron pressure plate, which Clutch Industries says has the reputation of being known as a “burst proof pressure plate.” This pressure plate material also allows for better heat distribution which draws the heat out of the clutch disc, giving the clutch system a longer life and improved performance. 18

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020

Further torque capacity gains come from the patented ER2 grooved pressure plate.

The increase in the Mean Effective Radius of the cover assembly gives a significant increase in torque capacity which is backed up by dyno testing. By adding the groove to the pressure plate, the inside radius of the friction face has effectively been increased.


The first 8mm of the pressure plate has all but been removed and added to this, there is progressively less material removed as the radius increases. The net effect of this is to move the effective inside radius further out.

When comparing the Mean Effective Radius (Rm) of the ER2 version to the non ER2 version, Clutch Industries says you can see the ER2 version is further out. This increases the torque capacity of the clutch as torque is directly related to Rm.

More friction material The 4T Heavy Duty clutch disc features a 25 percent thicker friction material for longer life and Clutch Industries explains this is backed up by a three-year/50,000Km warranty which it says is the best warranty in the market.

Everything you need to get the job done A 4Terrain Heavy Duty clutch kit comes with everything you need to do the job including the release bearing or concentric slave cylinder (CSC), spigot bearing and clutch aligning tool. Also, 4T Heavy Duty has a range of replacement flywheel kits to take away the hassle of sending the flywheel off to be machined. Some of Clutch Industries’ most popular 4x4 standard replacement flywheels are for Hiluxes, Pajeros and Landcruisers. Clutch Industries says it is seeing a trend where mechanics are preferring to replace their flywheel instead of grinding. It says this is mostly because of the time saved on the hoist but also due to the fact that replacing with a new flywheel decreases the risk of having issues such as shudder, noise or slipping that can be related to a bad flywheel grind. Clutch Industries says the 4Terrain Heavy Duty Clutch system is built to endure the rugged demands of hard-working vehicles and is a logical choice for anyone who demands relentless reliability. For more information, visit or chat to your local Repco or NAPA Auto Parts branch. Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020



WINMAX WP2 Performance upgrade brake pads for heavy duty and off road, GVM upgrades and towing Winmax WP2 is a new to market brake pad available from Motorsport Brakes. Manufactured to standards matching those used in top level motorsport, Motorsport Brakes says this product is a direct fit brake upgrade for some of the popular 4x4 models. This pad reportedly works from low temperatures and Motorsport Brakes says its fade resistance is excellent, making it perfect for: • Heavy Duty 4x4 • Off Road • Towing • GVM Upgrade • Wheel and tyre ‘over diameter’ upgrades

SACHS MAX 4X4 RANGE GROWS These big bore shock absorbers are designed for standard and raised suspension setups The SACHS MAX range of heavy-duty shock absorbers for off-road, four-wheel-drive and utility vehicles continues to expand, with ZF Services Australia set to add to the highly popular product line. Designed specifically with Australia’s harsh conditions in mind, the SACHS MAX offering features larger pistons and cylinders, with the increased bore size reportedly resulting in shock absorbers that are more durable, while continuing to offer the ultimate in safety. This big bore design results in a reduction of heat and subsequently an improvement of consistency with heavy loads in rough terrain, especially when towing. For those looking to enhance their off-road capabilities, the SACHS MAX design allows for vehicle lifts of up to two inches. ZF Services Australia explains that the advantages of SACHS MAX extend outside of off-road usage, with the shock absorbers also offering superior comfort in the day-to-day city driving environment. Added to the range in early 2021 will be new part numbers suitable for the Ford Ranger and Everest, Mazda BT-50, Isuzu MU-X, Holden Colorado and Trailblazer, the Toyota Rav 4, plus the Hyundai Santa Fe.

Winmax WP2 brake pads are a low-steel, carbonbased compound that Motorsport Brakes says will work much harder than other ‘heavy duty’ pad options, with lower pedal pressure required to pull up those big loads.

Specifications: • Compound: Low-Metallic Carbon • Friction: 0.36 – 0.39 • Temp range: 0 – 600degC

Key features: • 100 percent made in Japan with “world best practices” • Designed for use in applications where low temperature friction is required • Very high levels of modulation • Excellent all-round brake pad suitable for daily street use in high performance applications. • Works instantly from ambient temperatures • Provides long lasting pad life and rotor wear For more information, visit 20

These new product lines will expand upon the current extensive line-up which includes many of the most popular vehicle types currently sold in Australia, including the Toyota HiLux and LandCruiser, the Isuzu D-Max, plus the Nissan Navara and Patrol. The full range covers the whole motoring spectrum, from 4WDs, utilities and vans, with parts also available for vehicles produced by diverse manufacturers such as Foton, Great Wall, Holden, Jeep, Mitsubishi and Volkswagen. Since the release of the SACHS MAX range nearly two years ago, ZF Services Australia says the range has been warmly received by a wide cross section of the motoring public, including serious off-road enthusiasts, trades people and caravanners, with the products also finding favour in markets across the south-east Asian region. For more information, visit or call 1800 ZF SALES (1800 937 2537).

DOES YOUR MAZDA BT-50 OR ISUZU D-MAX CARRY LOADS? A Pedders GVM+ kit could offer you a certified GVM rating of 3450kgs Pedders now offers a GVM+ upgrade solution for selected Mazda BT-50 and Isuzu D-Max models to assist in compliance for GVM and axle ratings. Through exhaustive and detailed testing, Pedders says its GVM+ Upgrade Kits have been approved by the (Commonwealth) Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. Kit components including TrakRyder foam cell struts, coil springs, foam cell shock absorbers, leaf springs, u/bolts, leaf spring shackle bushes and front strut mounts can be supplied and installed at your approved Pedders GVM outlet to increase the payload of your Mazda BT-50 or Isuzu D-Max by up to 450kgs. All suspension components installed as part of a Pedders GVM+ upgrade package are backed by Pedders’ two- Year/40,000kms Nationwide Warranty.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020

When the GVM+ upgrade kit has been installed to a new vehicle by the trained technicians at a Pedders GVM+ certified installer, a new compliance plate will be fitted. The new vehicle can then be registered with new increased GVM. This procedure will allow the vehicle to be legally registered and driven in all states of Australia. For vehicles that have already been road registered, the process varies from state to state. The vehicle may be required to be inspected by an authorised Automotive Engineer in that State and be issued with a compliance certificate. Pedders invites you to contact your local Pedders GVM+ approved outlet for further details. For more information, visit


BETTER TOGETHER In this article, Bilstein explains why springs and dampers should be replaced in pairs Bilstein says shock absorbers are a bit like teenagers: they feel most comfortable among their peers. Therefore, if one of the components fails due to wear, defect or accident, the counterpart on the other side of the axle should always be replaced as well. “Although this is not prescribed by law, technical expertise (says this) is required,” Head of the Bilstein Academy, Rainer Popiol, said. Bilstein says the background is quite understandable for the layperson: just like tyres, shock absorbers wear out with every kilometre travelled; extremely


slowly, but steadily. As a result, the damping force decreases more and more. If a brand-new damper at the peak of its performance would be used together with an already aged specimen on the same axle, an imbalance would result. This can vary according to the degree of wear of the “senior partner,” but even small differences are enough to disturb the finely balanced system that is a suspension. “Even though the older damper may be quite good on its own, the decisive factor is that it no longer has the same damping force as the new part. And this is why agitation comes into the driving behaviour,” Rainer said. The negative aspects of such a “marriage” characterised by age difference are particularly pronounced in extreme driving situations. For example, if a quick evasive manoeuvre is necessary, many drivers are surprised at how unpredictable their car suddenly behaves. In the worst case, an accident occurs that could possibly have been avoided.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020

According to Rainer, the recommendation to exchange per axle applies equally to suspension springs. Different degrees of wear can have an effect on driving behaviour also in this case. The combination of new springs and dampers on the one hand and relatively old components on the other would of course be particularly “dangerous.” In the worst case, the effect even increases itself over time, since on the “weaker side” the periphery is also subject to more wear. If the suspension geometry is adjusted in the course of this, even the tyres can ultimately wear out on one side. In the end, even initial savings are eaten up by the failure to replace shock absorbers or springs in pairs. For more information, visit


XTREME OUTBACK LEADS THE WAY ACS says the specialist division is “leading the world in range” Xtreme Outback was introduced in 2003 as a specialist 4x4 and SUV division of Australian Clutch Services (ACS) and has since developed a comprehensive range of heavy-duty clutch upgrades and accessories for vehicles around the world. ACS says Xtreme Outback is a market leader in Australia and throughout a number of international markets, including Europe and the Middle East. The Xtreme Outback range includes dual-mass to single-mass flywheels, heavy-duty clutch upgrades in organic and ceramic friction materials, performance flywheels, hydraulics and accessories such as clutch forks. With an in-house research and development facility and experienced technical team, ACS says the Xtreme Outback product range has been carefully developed to offer superior quality, performance and driveability. “Our technical capabilities allow us to develop products quickly, often being first to market with performance upgrades, whilst still retaining the quality and performance that has been

our fundamental advantage and the reason Xtreme Outback products are demanded by 4x4 enthusiasts around the world,” Australian Clutch Services Managing Director, Brenton Jordan, said. “We offer an unparalleled range of heavy-duty upgrades, hydraulics and accessories for 4x4 including coverage for niche vehicles.” Xtreme Outback is continuing to expand its export division. “We are continuing to see growth in our export division as well as throughout our Australian distribution network,” Brenton said. “With more and more demand around Australia for these upgrades and consumers looking for quality solutions that retain great driveability, we are seeing increased demand across all markets for both our upgrades and our accessories range.” Having the flexibility to adjust to a rapidly changing market, the team at Xtreme Outback says it is often first to market with upgrades for new vehicles and is also developing new products for older vehicles and even classic restoration applications.

“One of our biggest advantages is our engineering and development capabilities,” Brenton said. “We are always looking for ways to enhance our range including the introduction of heavy-duty upgrades for new vehicles, niche vehicles and older vehicles that require even further performance. “For example, we have recently been working on upgrades for several Chinese manufactured vehicles that have entered the Australian market and are also developing Extra Heavy-Duty upgrades to suit heavily modified Hilux and Patrol models that require a clutch with a further increase in torque capacity.” For more information, please visit or call 1800 CLUTCH.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020



KEEP COOL UNDER PRESSURE Exedy Launches Coolmaster Offroad 4WD Transmission Cooler Exedy says it is committed to designing and manufacturing high-quality automotive aftermarket driveline products and is excited to announce the launch of its Coolmaster Offroad transmission cooler for 4WD. Acting on new car sales data, which revealed a trend towards multi-speed transmissions, Exedy’s research and development team analysed the Australian car parc which highlighted a gap in the market for a heavy-duty transmission cooler for 4WD that would exceed the performance of OEM built-in cooling systems. In addition, the team discovered that performance upgrades for both petrol and diesel 4WD vehicles are rapidly increasing and that owners of modified 4WDs were actively searching for transmission cooling solutions to complement their new-found engine performance. “Modern, multi-speed transmissions have to contend with an ever-increasing operating

temperature due to increased vehicle loads, towing capacities and the rigours of serious FourWheel-Driving,” Exedy Product Manager, Mark Davis, said. “When combined, these factors quickly highlight the inadequacies of OEM built-in cooling systems. “The result of which increase the wear rate of transmission components, ultimately reducing transmission life expectancy.” From the outset, Exedy’s primary objective was to develop a cost-effective solution to allow vehicle owners to reduce transmission operating temperatures, increase the longevity of their transmission and reduce transmission repair costs. “Initially, we investigated the existing cooling system to determine whether or not it would be possible to improve the cooling capacity utilising the existing infrastructure,” Mark said. “But our research proved that upgrading the existing infrastructure would not deliver the target reduction in operating temperature required.” As such, the team shifted its focus to developing a new transmission cooling system designed to work in unison with, or replace, the original components depending on the make and model of the vehicle. This changed the focus of Exedy’s research and development, the result of which is the innovative Coolmaster Offroad transmission cooler for 4WD. “Our oil cooler design is lightweight, compact and offers high levels of heat transfer and corrosion resistance, making it the most critical component

in the Coolmaster Offroad transmission cooler kit,” Mark said. Once prototypes of the oil cooler were available, a fleet of test vehicles was secured to allow the Exedy team to design mounting brackets to ensure that the kits would be easy to install, as well as being positioned to allow maximum airflow. Complete kits were fitted to test vehicles for an intensive off-road trial to test cooling performance, clearance and the rigidity of the mounting brackets. “Of course, every Exedy Coolmaster Offroad transmission cooler kit is supplied with fitting instructions outlining the simple step-by-step installation process,” Mark said. “But to make installation even easier, the instructions include images adding a visual reference for installers.” Exedy says there is no doubt that the Coolmaster Offroad transmission cooler for 4WD will assist vehicle owners to increase the longevity of their transmission and reduce transmission repair costs. For more information, visit

NEW TERRAIN TAMER GVM KITS Consisting of exclusive Terrain Tamer suspension components After having released its first GVM Upgrade kit earlier in the year for the 200 Series Toyota Landcruiser, Terrain Tamer has now expanded its range to include the popular VDJ78/79 models, including an option using Parabolic Springs. The Gross Vehicle Mass, or GVM, is a rating set by the original manufacturer, and refers to the legal maximum weight of the vehicle. This rating incorporates the wheels, as well as everything sitting atop – that is everything from the vehicle itself, bull bars, winches, fuel, people, water, food and the dog. Built into the GVM is also the imparted Tow Ball Mass when towing, and a Rated Axle Capacity, a limit set for how much weight should be distributed to each axle. 24

Terrain Tamer has partnered with Multidrive Technology to develop its range of upgrade solutions for popular 4WD models which, when towing or loaded with essential off-road gear are often pushed to their GVM and axle loading limits. There are two kit options for the GVM upgrade of the VDJ78/79 Series Landcruiser, the first utilising Terrain Tamer’s anti-friction leaf springs, and the second offering the alternative of Parabolic Springs. Both kits facilitate an increase from the original rating of 3300kg (dual cab) or 3400kg (single cab) to either 3950kg or a more modest 3780kg, and have been independently assessed to increase the front axle rating to 1540kg, with the heavier rated kit adding an extra 140kg to the rear axle also, taking the rating to 2440kg.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020

Consisting of exclusive Terrain Tamer suspension components, the kits have been thoroughly tested and analysed by Multidrive Technology to reach Secondary Stage Manufacturers’ approval and can be installed on existing registered vehicles at approved workshops and following state level modification processes. Terrain Tamer’s GVM upgrades are available now. For more information, visit


FRONT DIFF HOUSING REPLACEMENT Dwiz’s Super Strong Diff Housing product has a 500kg increased load rating Axle load limits are becoming a more frequent problem with consumers seeking a higher GVM to customise their vehicles to suit their touring purposes. Dwiz says it has developed replacement housings to suit VDJ 70 series Landcruiser, Nissan Patrol, and 80/105 Landcruiser with an increased load rating of 500kg over factory housings. Based on years of experience and design and development, Dwiz says it offers not only a heavier rated housing, but also a much stronger

housing with the use of its patented inner tube design. Dwiz says its design process has focused on areas where the factory housing is common to fail and is strengthened at all critical points to give you added piece of mind out in the bush. Dwiz says its Diff housing is so successful for the following reasons: • The inner tube and blocking give the housing its strength through a trussing effect at critical points.

• Swivel balls are made from electroless nickel plated 4140 Chrome Moly steel. • Thicker material used in mounts and brackets. • Thicker necks at tube to avoid bending. • Its recovery point is perfect for snatching vehicles out of the bog in sand. Designs are available to suit models such as the 80 and 105 series Landcruiser, GQ and GU Patrol and 76,78 and 79 series with Super Strong Rear Housing (matching front track width). Tested in some of the world’s harshest off-road conditions, the Dwiz housing has reportedly been proven time and time again. Dwiz says you shouldn’t rely on standard housings to make it through the tough Australian conditions and states you should instead install a housing that is fully designed and tested to survive anything you throw at it. For enquiries and sales, contact Todd on 0450 256 355 or email

FORMULA 4X4 LIFT KITS Tough yet comfortable off-road suspension

The Formula brand has grown from humble beginnings as a manufacturer of passenger Shock Absorber upgrades to an established 4x4 shock absorber and spring manufacturer. Many years ago, passenger cars were a massive market and Formula grew its range accordingly. Over the years, the 4WD market emerged and has become increasingly popular and although Formula was a growing brand at the time, it says it saw this as a great opportunity to dominate the upcoming 4x4 market. After meticulous research and development, analysis of the market, and engaging the 4x4 community, Formula says it began manufacturing 4x4 shocks and progressively expanding its range. Over the last few years, Formula 4x4 reports it has been steadily increasing its establishment and states it is now recognised as a well known and loved brand in the 4WD community. This year Formula has reported a massive spike in interest in its Formula Lift Kits, especially during COVID-19 where growth has been exponential. From March to October 2020, Formula says it 26

sold 332 of just one type of Kit. ROD-011 is one of the many Formula 4x4 Lift Kits available, designed to fit and lift a Holden Colorado, Holden Rodeo, Isuzu D-Max, and Great Wall. Formula says this kit provides the ultimate handling and control, both on and off road. ROD-011 and the rest of the Formula 4x4 range is designed to improve your on and off-road driving experience, by gently supporting your vehicle through every bump and turn, giving you the most comfortable ride possible. Formula 4x4 explains that its shocks are built from high grade carbon steel, incorporating a proprietary valving system and anti-foaming technology, filled with ultra-high temperature Fuchs oil and using high temperature seals to maintain a low gas pressure for maximum fade free performance. Formula shocks also utilise a one-of-a-kind bushing specially designed for Formula shocks by SuperPro, which it says is known for being the best bushing manufacturer in the world.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020

Key features • Low Pressure Nitrogen for fade free performance • Designed and built for Australian conditions • Tested and used by 4WD Action • SuperPro Hybrid bushings on all Front Struts • Specifically designed for each application • Valve coding to suit differing spring rates • Comfortable yet heavy duty 4WD Lift Kit • Big Bore design for improved heat dissipation • Tapered pegs on Front Struts for increased strength • Three-Year/60,000km Warranty For more information, visit


TENA FORCE LAUNCHED KYB has launched a new range of heavy duty shock absorbers KYB says it is excited to announce the launch of its Tena Force range of heavy duty shock absorbers. Designed specifically for vehicles and trailers which have had coil or leaf springs enhanced to carry or tow heavier payloads, KYB says the Tena Force range is sure to quickly gain popularity. “Our hardworking research and development team identified a need for a range of heavy duty shock absorbers that owners of commercial vehicles, trailer and caravans could choose as an upgrade from Original Equipment (OE),” KYB Australia Product Marketing Manager, Larry Coulthard, said. “To address this need we developed our range of Tena Force shock absorbers.”

The Tena Force shock absorbers range is suitable for heavy duty applications, where owners are looking to maintain the standard vehicle height. “All Tena Force shock absorbers are valved to balance industry-leading heavy-duty coil and leaf springs, to ensure superior vehicle driveability and comfort while maintaining excellent on-road performance,” Larry said. “Depending on vehicle application, Tena Force shock absorbers incorporate a large 35mm bore and a firmer damping force valve calibration – between 20 percent to 35 percent on compression and rebound movements – from OE setting, making them perfect for heavy duty applications.”

Range differences

Tena Force

Skorched 4’s

Vehicle Application Type

Standard Height

Lifted Height – Up to 50mm


Twin-tube Gas/Oil

Twin-tube Gas/Oil

Piston Bore



Piston Rod



Compression D/F

20% - 35% Firmer

20% - 30% Softer

Rebound D/F

20% - 35% Firmer

60% - 80% Firmer



In addition, to minimise overheating and fadeout while in operation, the Tena Force shock absorbers also incorporate an increased oil capacity. “We are expecting that consumers will quickly draw comparisons between Tena Force and our highly successful ‘Lifted Height, Heavy-Duty’ KYB Skorched 4’s shock absorber range,” Larry said. “Fundamentally the Tena Force utilises Skorched 4’s advanced construction methods and highquality componentry, but that is where the similarities end.” “Our new Tena Force range is perfect for vehicle owners looking for a ‘standard-height, heavy-duty’ shock absorber for urban driving and light offroad conditions,” Larry said. “While the Skorched 4’s range are for those who like to get a bit more adventurous and who enjoy medium to heavy off-road driving.” For more information, visit or call 1300 55 40 59


UNIQUE UPS ANTE IN 4WD MARKET Unique Auto Parts is now stocking parts for Land Rover and Range Rover Unique Auto Parts is excited to announce that containers of Land Rover and Range Rover Parts have begun to arrive to its branches. The team says they are now pleased to be able to offer parts for these makes in addition to the parts for all of the other makes it already has in stock, including Mercedes Benz, BMW, Mini, Volkswagen, Audi, Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, Porsche, Seat, Skoda, Volvo and now Range Rover and Land Rover – including parts for 4WD and commercial vehicles. Unique Auto Parts says it stocks all of the parts needed for 4WDs including brake and suspension components, electrical and ignition components, filters, alternators and starter motors, specialty tools, oils and lubricants and much more. Unique Auto Parts explains that it imports parts directly from the world’s leading manufacturers, including JP group, Quinton Hazell, Bosch, SKF, Trucktec, Victor Reinz, Hella, Mann, Behr, Pagid, Carlube, and many others.

In addition to stocking general replacement and service parts, Unique Auto Parts says it has always strived to provide cost effective solutions for some of the more common problems that occur in 4WDs, such as supplying the rear bush and housing for Mercedes’ ML and GL W164 front lower control arms separately – eliminating the need to replace parts unnecessarily.

Auto Parts reports it can save you the hassle and the cost of doing this as it has sourced a German made repair kit which contains everything needed including a mount, bearing and grease.

Unique Auto Parts reports a similar issue is found with Porsche Cayennes and Volkswagen Touaregs when the centre tail shaft and mount fail due to wear.

Unique Auto Parts also offers a premium nationwide delivery service from five great locations around Australia using a combination of its own fleet of delivery vehicles and the fastest and most efficient couriers.

It says as a general rule the only option is to replace the entire tail shaft, an exercise which can run into the thousands. But instead, Unique

These kits are reportedly not available from genuine dealers and at just a fraction of price of a full replacement, Unique Auto Parts says they provide a cost-effective solution.

To be connected to your nearest branch call 1300 864 864 or visit for more information.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020




Maintaining the largest range of aftermarket engine cooling and auto air parts with Australia-wide distribution is a challenging task. To provide the quality parts that customers need, Adrad continues to grow its range with more than 2,700 new products added so far in 2020. Updating the inventory of auto replacement parts is necessary to keep in tune with variations in the vehicle population. As vehicles emerge out of their warranty period, the demand for good quality aftermarket parts escalates. Demand will also change according to the type of vehicle and issues that arise through normal wear and tear. A significant change to the vehicle population is the number of SUVs and 4x4s on the road. Adrad says that with these vehicles representing 61 percent of new vehicle sales in Australia with 4x4 utes accounting for over 16 percent, this growth will increase demand for replacement and service parts for repairers. Adrad’s product development team constantly reviews the needs of the market so they can provide the appropriate range of quality parts. This range also includes service parts, workshop equipment and cleaning products. In response to the growing numbers of 4x4s on the road, Adrad has developed and added a variety of aftermarket EGR Coolers, fan clutches, fans and oil coolers to its part range. To assist servicing needs, it also stocks a range of FRAM 4WD Filter Kits, OPTIBELT drive belts plus DENSO spark and glow plugs.

EGR Coolers EGR coolers play a vital role in maintaining efficiency and correct exhaust emissions in modern


engines. Like other components they can suffer damage from vibration and corrosion or can become blocked with carbon deposits. Problems can result in engine overheating, loss of power, increased fuel consumption and excessive emissions. Continued driving with a failed EGR system can lead to severe engine damage. Adrad says it has co-developed and carefully sourced these EGR coolers from world-class manufacturers. It states the products have advanced features and are designed to meet or exceed original equipment specifications with direct, bolt-in fitment Some 4x4s (such as Ranger, BT-50 and Amarok to name a few) can show high demand for replacement EGR coolers. Adrad says the cause of failure could be due to the way they are driven (not enough highway travel) or a durability issue. Either way, Adrad says it

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020

has more than 60 quality aftermarket EGR cooler products available for repairers around the country.

Fan Clutches These parts are commonly found in many 4x4s, SUVs and commercial vehicles. A viscous coupling allows the fan to spin freely when the engine is cold and engages when the engine becomes too warm. A worn fan clutch prevents the engine cooling system from operating at optimum level. Vibration from a worn fan clutch may also be transmitted to other parts on the same belt system, leading to increased wear and premature failure. Failed fan clutches may also place constant unnecessary load on the engine, reducing available power and increasing fuel consumption. When a failed fan clutch does not engage cooling fans, under-bonnet heat can build up, reducing


the efficiency of the vehicle air conditioning system which must work harder to maintain cabin temperature. On the other hand, a seized fan clutch will mean the fan is always spinning whenever the engine is running. This will be noticeable due to extra noise during idling and will cause an increase in fuel consumption due to constant extra load on the motor. Recently, Adrad has added more Adair brand fan clutches to its parts range, taking the total to around 50 part numbers available to fit popular vehicles. These fan clutches are manufactured to meet OE specifications.

Adair Fan Blades Adrad says its range of Adair brand fan blades are manufactured to original equipment

specifications and are a direct-fit replacement, designed to resist cracking and warping in the extreme heat of engine bays. Adair fan blades are reportedly made from the highest grade Polypropylene (PP) or Polyamide (PA) to match the vehicle manufacturer’s material specifications. Blade profiles are also the same as the factory design to match cooling performance and noise levels.

Dana Engine Oil & Transmission Coolers Exclusive to Adrad, Dana Tru-Cool aftermarket oil coolers are said to be ideal for a variety of applications including trucks, vans, passenger vehicles and SUVs which are used for carrying heavy loads or towing duties. These high-quality coolers are available in a

selection of sizes and styles to suit all manner of vehicles and include “Tru-Cool LPD” (Low Pressure Drop) and “Tru-Cool MAX” high performance variants. All products in the range have installation kits featuring hoses, mounting hardware and fittings either already included or available separately. With high strength brazed construction in either a stacked plate or fin and plate arrangement, Adrad says Tru-Cool LPD products deliver 30 percent more cooling and 15 times less flow restriction than that provided by a traditional tube and fin design unit. Adrad says vehicles that require superior cooling performance should opt for Dana’s Tru-Cool MAX unit. These feature the same high strength brazed aluminium construction but offer double the cooling of the Tru-Cool LPD design. The provided installation kit includes multiple fitting sizes and even a bypass to protect against cold start damage in severe winter conditions. All Tru-Cool oil coolers are designed to deliver dependable auxiliary cooling that will protect engines and transmissions against overheating and premature wear. A 12 month warranty is provided and supported by Adrad’s extensive nationwide network. Adrad says its aftermarket parts meet or exceed OE specifications and with the company’s accreditation to ISO9001-2015, you can be confident that Adrad-supplied parts are quality products. For more information on Adrad’s extensive product range, call its customer service team on 1800 882 043.

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SPECIALISED OIL PRODUCTS FOR YOUR 4WD From Gulf Western Oil Gulf Western Oil says it has been supplying the 4WD and Towing industry for over 30 years.

your engine from excessive heat expelled from the engine. During this time, Gulf Western reports it has It states that although this viscosity seems foreign seen some major advancements within engine to the 4WD market, it has been proven to offer designs and has continued to work on its range far better protection to these new vehicles seen of products specifically tailored to this market to in the Australian market. ensure it is up to date with the technology and Gulf Western’s national distributors and retail formulations required. partners are supported by five company owned Gulf Western’s well-known Top Dog range has and strategically located warehouses and a been protecting engines and 4WD enthusiasts distributor network allowing for reliable and timely supply throughout Australia. over the past decade. This product range has been specifically designed For more than three decades, Gulf Western Oil to handle the stress and heat within your engine. says it has proven to be a reliable supplier of high quality, Australian made and Internationally Gulf Western says this protection comes from approved lubricants to the industry to both the the robust additive pack and advanced base oil Australian market and to more than 20 countries technology which allows your engine to disperse around the world. heat quicker and eliminate hot spots within your For many years, Gulf Western has supplied motor. product into New Zealand, China, Vietnam, New Another Gulf Western product created specifically Guinea, India and throughout Asia Pacific. for 4WD enthusiast in mind is its Euro Energy During 2020, Gulf Western opened a distribution 5W-30 product. hub in Asia allowing for further expansion into It says this fast-flowing engine oil will protect new locations to grow its distributor footprint into


Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020

new markets within the Philippines, Myanmar, Korea and Russia. For more information, please visit


YOU AND YOUR TRANSMISSION You like to stay cool and so does your Auto Transmission The lifespan of your transmission can be greatly affected if it gets overheated. While all automatic transmission equipped vehicles normally have a transmission cooler, this might sometimes not be enough to properly cool your transmission fluid. Depending on how your vehicle is used, DirectionPlus says it would be best to think about adding an external transmission cooler if you use your vehicle for towing, carrying loads, driving in sand, snow, off-roading, or driving in hot conditions. Further, if you have increased the performance of your engine, Direction-Plus says an additional transmission cooler can help keep your vehicle running longer and more efficiently. Key benefits of a transmission cooler: 1. Protect your transmission from overheating: the primary purpose of a transmission cooler is to keep the hydraulic fluid inside the transmission cool. The optimal temperature for this fluid and your transmission is 760C or lower. But when the temperature

increases beyond this point, it can lead to permanent damage and costly repairs. Subsequently the life span of the ATF, seals and internal components of the transmission are significantly reduced. Higher internal temperatures also increase the wear rate of the friction and clutch plates. 2. Prolong the life of your transmission: under normal driving conditions, your vehicle’s cooling system should be able to properly cool your transmission’s hydraulic fluid before it returns to the transmission. But if you drive aggressively or regularly tow heavy loads, this might not happen. As a result, hot fluid returns to the transmission, which can cause gear issues. A transmission cooler can help your transmission last longer by reducing transmission temperature. 3. Save money: A broken transmission can be a costly repair. But when you invest in a transmission cooler, you can prolong the life of your transmission by keeping it cool and preventing unnecessary damage to its internal

parts. That also means fewer trips to the mechanic. Direction-Plus says it has the best in class Transmission Cooler kits for your vehicle and invites you to jump on to the Direction Plus website to buy the Transchill Transmission Cooler kit and protect your vehicle against costly repairs. Direction-Plus states it is one of Australia’s most trusted brands for supplying technically superior, best in class kits and accessories for dieselfueled passenger 4x4 vehicles. For more information, visit

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GOSS TALKS EGR SYSTEMS Goss has redesigned and developed a new process in manufacturing EGR coolers The primary function of the EGR system is to reduce Nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions by redirecting exhaust gases back into the engine, resulting in the reduction of combustion temperature and reducing nitrogen oxide gases. This process is known as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and is one of the principal methods used to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions to the atmosphere from diesel engines. The gas recirculated by the EGR system can be considerably hot, especially in vehicles with diesel engines. For this reason, many diesel engines are fitted with EGR coolers to lower the temperature of the exhaust gases before they enter the engine. The addition of the recirculated gas back into the engine lowers the heat ratio during the power stroke; Goss says this can slightly reduce the amount of power produced by the engine. Often this is the motivator for people to fit an EGR blanking plate to counter this marginal loss in power.


Goss says the slight gains in power certainly do not outweigh the potential problems which may arise by fitting a blanking plate. It explains that EGR blanking can lead to a build-up of unburnt fuel and oil residue in the intake system and can also cause damage to other components in the EGR system and the engine itself.

failing prematurely, mainly due to a flaw in the original design.

Goss suggests the best solution is to maintain the vehicle’s factory EGR system and avoid modification.

When fitting a new Goss EGR cooler, Goss says you should ensure the vehicle’s entire EGR system is working efficiently and correctly to prevent any future issues.

Goss says it has seen many EGR Coolers fail due to increased EGR temperatures when the system has been tampered with or modified in some way, with the most common cause being an EGR blanking plate restricting the correct flow in the system. Another common reason is restrictions in the engine’s cooling system, for example, a heater core deliberately bypassed or a blocked radiator. Many late model diesel engines are also known to have issues with OE manufactured EGR coolers

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020

Goss says it has redesigned and developed a new process in manufacturing EGR coolers to produce a product less prone to cracking and leakage.

It says that Goss EGR Coolers are heat, stress, pressure and resonance tested to meet or exceed OE specifications and offer substantial cost efficiencies to the aftermarket. They are supplied with fitment gaskets where required. Goss – vehicle mechatronics says it offers the aftermarket a truly genuine alternative when searching for quality products. To see the full range of Goss EGR Coolers, visit


CASTROL’S EXPANDED 10L RANGE Castrol says the expanded range scores ’10 out of 10’ Ensuring you’ve got the right product, for the right car, without flooding your workshop with engine oils is no easy feat. Castrol says life has just gotten a little easier, thanks to its new-look 10L range which has been extended to incorporate four of Castrol’s most popular Magnatec products, including: • Magnatec 10W-40 – one of Australia’s most trusted and popular engine oils, Magnatec 10W-40 is a part-synthetic engine oil recommended for use in petrol/diesel vehicles where a higher viscosity is preferred. • Magnatec Stop-Start 5W-30 – a full synthetic SAE 5W-30 petrol/diesel product, for use across a broad range of Japanese, Korean, US and Australian cars where a fuel-efficient oil is not required. • Magnatec Stop-Start 5W-30 A5 – a full synthetic fuel-efficient petrol/diesel product, carrying Ford WSS-M2C913-D approval making it suitable for a range of Ford vehicles including Ranger, Mustang and Focus. • Magnatec SUV 5W-30 C3 – a full synthetic

ACEA C3 product, specially formulated for SUV vehicles and suitable for use in vehicles fitted with DPFs - carrying dexos2 and MBApproval 229.31/ 229.51. Also available is Edge 5W-30 A3/B4, Magnatec Diesel DX 5W-40, Magnatec Diesel 15W-40 and GTX Diesel 15W-40. With the days of a one-size fits all engine oil long gone, making sure you’ve got the right product for the right car in the workshop can be a real challenge. For many, this means having to carry more lubricants than ever before with 10L and 20L “small packs” often needed to fill the gap. Castrol says its range of 10L packs is designed to make life in the workshop, and inventory management, easier than ever before. Designed for both upright and side-pour, Castrol’s new 10L packs also feature Smooth Pour Technology; delivering a smooth and easily controlled flow. Gone too is the need to awkwardly ‘tip’ the oil

you need with just one handle: Castrol’s new 10L packs have two handles to give you ultimate control while filling. Castrol’s new 10L packs are designed with a much smaller footprint to free up space in the workshop, leaving more space on the floor, on the workbench, and on the drum stand. Castrol’s new 10L packs are available from all good lubricant retailers, or directly from Castrol. To find out more, speak to your local Castrol rep, call Castrol on 1300 554 890, or visit

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WILL YOUR SUV/4WD MANAGE THE HEAT? Davies, Craig says it has a range of products to keep your vehicle cool Australia’s automotive market continues to evolve with the three segments of Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) along with the 4WD segment accounting for approximately 60 percent of sales this year to date, far outstripping passenger vehicles. With the demise of local car manufacturing Australians will be reliant on imported vehicles to fulfill their various transportation requirements. SUVs and 4x4 Utes have now become the popular vehicles of choice by a broad cross-section of the community including businesses and tradies. Loading up these vehicles is the ‘Australian way’ and consequently the stress placed on the engines and transmissions should not be underestimated, says Australian manufacturer Davies, Craig. A good many SUVs/Utes are packed to carrying capacity (GVM) and/or tow trailers, caravans, and boats. While some SUVs and 4WDs have a factory transmission oil cooler, in a good many cases these coolers are ill-equipped to cope with the increased heat generated by the higher hauling and tow loads in on and off-road environments. Australia serves up some of the harshest climactic, road and terrain conditions and as such vehicle drive trains, specifically the automatic transmission, comes under enormous stress which, in turn, generates excessive heat. An over-heating transmission may suffer premature failure and lead to an expensive rebuild. Davies, Craig says this dilemma can be mitigated with the installation of an auxiliary or indeed a full replacement transmission oil cooler. It states that a simple installation of a transmission oil cooler kit is a very economical and cost-effective way to help safeguard costly transmission repairs. Davies, Craig explains it offers “an ideal range” of aftermarket transmission oil cooler kits directly targeting SUV and 4WD vehicles.

The Davies Craig Hydra-Cool Combo Pack models, parts #679 with an eight-inch fan and #691 with a 10-inch fan now complement the “extraordinarily successful” Hydra-Cool range, injecting more cooling ‘muscle’ for harderworking automatic transmissions. Simple DIY Installation Instructions accompany each kit and there are a good number of FAQs also listed on the website, When it comes to rough terrain, rock crawling and driving in sandy, muddy conditions where low engine revs and slow travel is essential, Davies, Craig explains this can be quite taxing on the engine. It says the installation of a Davies, Craig remotemounted Electric Water Pump has several advantages over the engine-driven mechanical pump. Firstly, it states an EWP will offer improved cooling capacity, a more consistent coolant flow rate at idle and/or low travel speeds when there is little or no ram air, and the elimination of heat soak after a hot engine shut-down. The EWP operates independently of the engine’s speed, with Davies, Craig stating this is a major benefit over traditional mechanically operated water pumps that are only able to circulate coolant only while the motor is operating. When used with the Davies, Craig LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller (part #8002), Davies, Craig says the pump speed is increased and decreased based on the engine’s operating temperature, instead of RPM. This means the engine’s heat output will determine the pump’s flow rate. If the motor is cold, it will run the EWP at a reduced speed to allow a faster engine warm up. Once the engine temperature begins to climb, it will increase the pump’s speed accordingly.

At the moment when the engine’s temperature reaches -5◦c below the pre-selected targeted/set operating temperature, the EWP will ramp up to 100 percent flow rate to control the temperature within the desired temperature range to bring the temp down. When the temperature rises +3◦C above the set/targeted temperature, the LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller will automatically activate the electric fan/s to support the engine cooling process. The original mechanical water pump can be either left in place and operate in conjunction with the EWP or it can be blanked off completely. To simplify the EWP Combo Kit installation, Direct Fit Adapter Kits are available for some engines that free up valuable space and take weight off the front of the engine. When used as an idler, the impeller from the OEM water pump is removed and the EWP is installed in the lower radiator hose. In this situation Davies, Craig says the user will gain all the excellent benefits of utilising an electric water pump, while retaining all the factory pulleys and belt configuration. Davies, Craig says its electric water pumps are light, compact and easy to install and may well be the answer for difficult to cool SUVs and utilities while offering increased performance at the same time. When used with the LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller engine temperatures, pump speed and electric cooling fans are automatically controlled. For more information, visit

FILTER INSERT KITS From Terrain Tamer Terrain Tamer has recently released two new kits, featuring vehicle specific air filter inserts designed to help combat the issue of dusting. Terrain Tamer explains that the original design of the airbox, or upper filter housing, of some Toyota LandCruiser models features a seal surface which is too narrow to match the seal of the filter itself. As a result, the filter is not able to be fully effective, as it does not properly seal. This allows dust to pass through the airbox and enter the engine intake, causing havoc with 34

engine components. To combat this problem, Terrain Tamer has developed a Design Protected range of stainlesssteel filter inserts. When fitted, these inserts create a surface area to perfectly match the filter, aligning in the correct position to seal effectively and reduce the issue of dusting. The inserts are available for the LandCruiser Prado 120/150 series, VDJ76/78/79, and VDJ200 models.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020

They come in a kit, which also includes the corresponding air filter, as well as sealant required for fitting. For more information, visit


YUASA 4X4 BATTERIES Built tough for the Australian outback Keeping your vehicle powered is essential, especially when driving long distances or off road. Unlike drivers with a sedan, motorists with Heavy Duty Off-Road 4x4s and SUVs need a more robust battery to meet these tough demands. The Yuasa Overlander 4X4 range, which is available exclusively at Australia’s leading battery retailer, Battery World, lets rough terrain explorers crank up the power. Battery World explains that the Yuasa Overlander 4x4 batteries are designed and built right here in Australia, and they pack a punch. Built from incredibly strong internal components and advanced manufacturing processes, they reportedly deliver superior reliability and performance to withstand the rigors of four-wheel driving and are equipped to handle the extreme climate and harsh off-road conditions of the Aussie outback. Battery World says the added benefits of these Overlander lead acid batteries include having increased resistance to corrosion from high under bonnet temperatures as well as superior vibration endurance from driving on uneven roads and surfaces: both major culprits of shorter battery life.

• Platelock technology provides superior shock and impact endurance.

Key features include:

Battery World says its vast range of battery solutions has helped power the passion of many Australian motorists.

• Hybrid technology for better corrosion resistance in higher temperatures. • Dual purpose design – starting and semi-cycling capabilities for powering 4WD accessories.

The Overlander range covers most of the popular four-wheel drive vehicles in Australia and comes with a 30 and 36-month warranty for greater peace of mind and value for money.

For more information head into your nearest Battery World store or to order online for pick up or delivery, visit

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ECB READY TO BE FIRST TO MARKET Local manufacturing allows East Coast Bullbars to offer products for the newest models on the market

Ensure your towing weight capacities are not exceeded Failure to adhere to your maximum towing capacities may result in a fine, or in the case of an accident, refusal of the insurance claim and the possibility of further legal action. You also risk the safety of your passengers and other road users.

DIY Tow Ball Weight Scale Mister Hitches – Towsafe says it was the first to develop a DIY tow ball weight scale suitable for the Australian market back in 2012. It says that with over 65,000 units sold and meeting the testing requirements of AS/NZS:10012:2004, it is still by far the most accurate scale of its type on the market. Features include scale calibration of 100kg to 350kg, an easy to read laser etched gauge, high quality Japanese compression springs giving over 500 compressions without losing accuracy, heavy duty metal construction, a unique safety pin to stop the top tube from becoming dislodged accidentally, and a soft head which will not damage coupling.

TASV2 Towsafe Portable Wheel Load Scales These Mister Hitches Australia scales are lightweight and said to be accurate to 0.05 percent FS. The V2 scales are manufactured using 20 load cells for improved accuracy and have been testing in accordance with international standards ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Features include light-weight aluminium and stainless-steel construction, 19mm ultra-lowprofile weighing platform with ramps, tare function, large 75mm x 30mm digital readout with automatic backlight and LCD auto power. The scales offer high capacity with a maximum load of 1,500kg per scale and can weight single axle vehicles up to 3000kg capacity and twin axle vehicles up to 6000kg capacity.

East Coast Bullbars (ECB) says that with 4WD vehicles accounting for 50 percent of total new vehicle sales YTD, it is a category on which ECB is focusing heavily with “an enormous amount of R&D time” allocated. This year alone, several new models have been released to the market, including the most recent being the all-new 2021 Isuzu D-Max, Mazda BT50, Toyota Hilux SR5 and face lifted Toyota Prado. ECB says it will again be first to market with its newly designed frontal protection products for each of these new vehicles, stating that these are not remanufactured products from the previous models made to fit. It states this is a pace that only an Australian manufacturer with an in-house R&D department and full manufacturing capabilities can achieve without having to wait for products to be manufactured and sent from overseas. ECB explains that its rapid inhouse design program gives it the opportunity to be consistently first-to-market with new model releases with new safety advances and technology updates for new vehicle in a matter of weeks – not months. ECB says most of its competitors will design their products here in Australia but rely on factories in Thailand or China to manufacture them, this usually takes up to three to six months before products are ready for sale. It says that by being first to market, ECB provides a solution to all parties with its resellers able to secure sales as soon as the vehicles are released and customers able to get frontal protection

For more information, visit or email 36

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020

without waiting for products to arrive from overseas; while, most importantly, jobs are kept here in Australia. Whether you are about to go on that next big 4X4 driving adventure, are driving on regional roads or just want to add some additional lighting or a Winch, ECB says it has you covered. It states that not only does its Alloy Bullbars “look great, offer superior strength and are less than half the weight of a Steel Bullbar and will never rust. Alloy is the green choice.” ECB has more than 49 years’ experience designing and building Bullbars and Nudge Bars right here in Australia, with its longest serving staff member recently celebrating 35 years working for ECB and its design team boasting more than 60 years of collective experience in building and designing frontal protection products. “Our DNA that goes into every product starts with our process, all of our manufacturing is completed in house and we use no external suppliers to make any part of our product,” East Coast Bullbars National Sales Manager, Gaven Paterson, said. “We ensure that the quality control is 100 percent managed internally. Starting with our plasma and laser cutters, brake presses, welding and polishing or powder coating is completed by our dedicated team of 90 plus staff. “The reason we still do all of this by hand is we maintain 100 percent control and knowledge of what goes into making one of our Bullbars. It is a pleasure and a real craft to design and build something that one day could save someone’s life. “We are so confident that our Australian Made products are superior to anything else in the market we offer a lifetime warranty. “We continue to stand by our product after the sale with unmatched customer service – when you call our toll-free number, someone is here to pick up the phone.” For more information, visit


MILFORD LOADMAX FLEXIGLASS FLEXISPORT PREMIUM CANOPY Engineered with universal fitment in mind The Milford LoadMax is a complete internal canopy roof support system designed to enable safe load management on just about every utility vehicle, canopy and roof rack combination on the market. Tested and rated to meet the International Standard ISO 11154 and the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1235, Milford says its LoadMax product maximises the carrying capability of a utility vehicle, safely and efficiently. Milford’s LoadMax consists of four heavy duty uprights that attach to the tub of the utility vehicle and run up along the underside of the canopy. These supports consist of a tubular steel construction featuring multiple bends to ensure a form fitting result; allowing for maximum cargo space without compromising on strength. Milford explains that connecting the heavy duty uprights to the canopy roof is a unique coupling that is designed to be fully adjustable and suitable for both single and dual skin canopy rooflines. Eliminating stress and thermocycling fractures to the canopy, these unique couplings align directly under the mounting point of the roof racks, providing direct support to the load above.

To suit the all-new Isuzu D-MAX Flexiglass says it is proud to announce the arrival of its all-round central locking FlexiSport Premium dual cab canopy for the all-new 2020 Isuzu D-MAX. The FlexiSport Premium canopy features full central locking to side windows and rear door, along with many other features. Another nifty feature is the push button opening side windows. With the button hidden behind the vehicle cab and front of the canopy, simply press this small hidden button and the side widow will open up fully under its own head of steam. Just like most of the Flexiglass range, the canopy body is constructed using fiberglass, meaning a tough built ute canopy, with a smooth colour coded finish. Flexiglass says the tinted safety glass provides comfort and style by reducing glare into the canopy; while the premium felt lined interior finish provides a “original vehicle build” feel. The C-clamp bracket mounting system means a non-destructive no-drill installation. This canopy also includes integrated features like rear window demisters, rear spoiler LED brake lights

and interior LED light with on/off/door functions. Flexiglass says its attention to detail along with its market leading knowledge and experience leads to a seamless transition from a canopy-less vehicle to a canopy integrated vehicle solution. Flexiglass explains that it guarantees and supports its canopies with an “industry leading” two-year, 40,000-kilometre warranty on major product lines, providing customers peace of mind. Along with the FlexiSport Premium canopy, Flexiglass offers a range of other options to help achieve maximum useability from your 4x4 Isuzu D-MAX, including drawer systems, alloy ute trays and accessories, tray and canopy combos, roller covers and more. For more information, visit the new Flexiglass website at or Freecall 1300 656 599.

EGR ROLLTRAC A “next generation” solution Engineered to rigorous global standards and awarded ten international patents, EGR says its EGR RollTrac features best-in-class security and smart technology, representing the “next generation” in roll covers.

Securing the LoadMax to the style tub sides are unique sure grip clamps featuring precision bed rail mounts. Milford says these clamps not only provide an additional canopy clamping effect, but are also fully adjustable to allow full compatibility with most canopies. Milford’s new LoadMax features a DIY rapid fit, easy to mount method. Milford explains that with rugged performance, the LoadMax is covered by Milford’s legendary Lifetime Warranty, providing not only the ultimate in strength and support but also peace of mind. For more information, visit 38

EGR explains that the RollTrac’s all-aluminium construction provides a tough and stylish solution while the fully-electric roll cover integrates with your vehicle’s central locking and also features on-board controls, a smart ECU and a multispeed gearbox. The EGR RollTrac includes an on-board electronic control unit (ECU) which connects the EGR RollTrac to the vehicle’s electrical and remote central locking systems. EGR says that thanks to intelligent programming, it offers smooth, safe, and variable-speed operation of the roll cover. At the same time, its power management system detects drops in vehicle voltage, preserving your remaining battery charge to start your vehicle. All external components are made from impactresistant aluminium that will not rust or corrode

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2020

and it is finished in a premium, textured, satin black powder coat that is UV stable. Meanwhile, the low maintenance design ensures the cover continues to slide smoothly each and every time. EGR says the EGR RollTrac features best-inclass security, integrating with your central locking system and including tailgate locking as standard. Further, a sturdy claw hook style lock latches the cover firmly against your tailgate, resisting entry with over 200kg of pulling force. Aluminium interlocking slats will also stand up to attempted forced entry. The EGR RollTrac has reportedly been tested to all climate and weather conditions. Large aperture drainage tubes in each corner integrate discreetly into the vehicle; with curved, concaveshaped canisters assisting in dispersing water quickly out of the front drainage tubes, funnelling water out and under the vehicle. For more information, visit