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Established in 1987, Fastener World Inc. is a specialized Taiwanese publisher of global fastener/ hardware magazine, a sales agent for overseas fastener magazines, an exhibit sales agent for global fastener/hardware exhibitions, and a co-organizer for international fastener shows. The company is headquartered at No. 469, Yu Ping Road, Tainan 70843, Taiwan. Our publications spread across 200 countries in the world. We attend around 30 international exhibitions per year and bring our clients there exhibiting their products. We are your best partner for expanding your business in the world market. 成立於1987年,惠達雜誌社(Fastener World Inc.)、匯達實業有限公司及匯達展覽有限公司,為台灣出版發行全球性扣件及五金、零組件專業媒體雜誌,並代理國際性外銷媒體刊物及代理國際展會攤位銷售、承辦國際專業展覽會。總公司位於台灣台南市育平路469號。