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44 DEGREES is an online magazine dedicated to the promotion of contemporary Israeli artists. The magazine showcases various artists such as digital media artists, painters, sculptors, and curators, with each issue focusing on a different theme. Artists showcased in the magazine may be contacted via the URL posted. 44 DEGREES is also archived by the Israel Museum in Jerusalem; all information published in the magazine may be viewed in the museum information archive room.

This issue deals with various artistic aspects of Feminism; how this topic is brought about, and how it is expressed in contemporary art.

44 DEGREES online art Magazine was founded by the artist

TAMMY MIKE LAUFER She created the concept and she's also the Designe Editor \Art director \ Curator \ Producer \ Website Director

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Art on the front of the magazine by Tammy Mike Laufer

Thoughts on feminism today‫‏‬ Are there stylistic characteristics to feminist art today? Can one immediately identify a work as feminist by its look? I would say not. Contemporary feminist art, today, has no particular appearance. Today, the only feature differentiating feminist art from all other genres in general would be its iconography. The reason lies in the fact that women in general have a much easier battle to fight than the pre- feminist revolution era. They have been accepted to the core, the mainstream of the art field. They have no need to differentiate themselves in order to get attention, or make themselves seen. The pluralism that abounds today expresses itself in feminist art as well. Feminist art, as feminism in general as well, has gone through several stages. The first stage being the experimental and revolutionary stage. Today, it is working from within the art world; it is no longer an outsider in art. Working from within means belonging to the academy and to all institutions that dominate the art world, and taking part in the determination and definition of what would be referred to as art, and its recognition. When one is working from within one no longer needs to rebel, one becomes part of the game itself. Since modernism, feminist art, has had a major influence in the development of many contemporary art forms, including installation art, video art, body art, performance, conceptualism and more, by the very fact that it had to seek an alternative form of art which hadn‘t been dominated by masculine, patriarchic, mainstream art. Feminine art has paid a great contribution to postmodernism and its definition.

And although there has been great progress in women's position in the art field, one must not be blinded and believe that we have reached our goal. The dominant male model still prevails (as it does in every other field). If I were to point at something which would seem like a goal feminists should aim at, it would the complete change of model by which we define our success. The model whose parameters have always been the dominant male parameters. Today we measure our success according to this prevailing male model. A change in paradigm is needed if we are to call the feminist effort a success. In order to succeed in doing this, deeper changes have to be made in more basic and universal areas, such as politics and government. But this would be another story. Jennifer Bloch 2014



























































































































• BATIA MACH SHEPHERD I am 54 Y, a widow + 2. Most of my life I had a career in Hi-Tech in Israel and around the world. I lived in few places as part of my work amongst them England and Scotland. In 2001 I returned to Israel and a year later started painting while taking lessons with private teachers. During that process I realized that sculpture is what I am attracted me. I started studying sculpture in at the Stone Sculpture Center in Kefar Saba, managed by Drora Ben Dori. During 2006 I came across glass as a sculptural medium while in Italy and I was captured. By this material which is so hard to control and its fourth dimension: the light reflection, the ever changing color from different angles, the cold and warm in it all, captured my heart During 2009 I took my first course in glass casting at Boris Shpeizman and Mayan Feigin studio in Te Aviv. In 2012, I studied Relief Glass casting in the Czech Republic in Kamenicky Senov – the First Glass School. Two years ago I established my Glass Casting Studio in Ramat Hasharon – where I work today. The subjects I choose to sculpture derive from observing the interactions in our lives in all aspects: the dialogue with our sexuality, in our family, in the modern society, with ourselves, and with the religions around us. In my sculptures I emphasize these relationships. At the same time, life in Scotland and the exposure to the wild nature have touched me and affected the way I look at life. My sculptures are mostly figurative. Working in 3D while using different materials excites me and the challenge to express my ideas within the limits of the various materials is great and the results are rewarding. The process of creating a sculpture takes around 4-6 months and the average weight is over 25KG. Working with glass and its 4th dimension is the most exciting of all materials. BATIA.MACH@GMAIL.COM www.batiasart.com

To nurture – molten glass casting, 30cm (H) x 20cm (W) x 20cm (D

Mystery – Stone casting, 70cm (L) x 40cm (W) x 15cm (H)

We R still the same, glass casting, 25cm (H) x 10cm (W) x 15cm (D) each figure

Islam – Glass casting, 40cm (H) x 38cm (W) x 6cm (D)

• AVIVA BEIGEL The Amazons. One of the most significance feministic groups in history is the AMAZONS. They were a tribe of women warriors in Ancient Greek that established Matriarchal society and were the first to succeed in training and riding on horses. They had one of their breast cut off , it is possible that this practice occurred so they could better steady their bows and draw their arrows straight across their chest, the remaining breast holding the quiver in place and kept for the purpose of child rearing. From my standpoint, they are a model for strong women having waived their Femininity out of choice, which in no way it weakened them, rather, it made them Stronger. The name Amazons became synonymous with the ideal of a strong , courageous, Fearless women, in the Modern world too.

Beigel198@gmail.com www.avivabeigel.com

Amazons and horses- paining and mosaic on wood, 25x40 cm

Fighting amazons - paining and mosaic on wood, 25X50 cm

• GINAT LIRAN Ginat Liran is a sculptress who was born and works in Israel. She graduated with a Fine Arts degree from Haifa University in 1982 and is a member of the Israel Painters and Sculptors Association. She has participated in several solo and group exhibitions and represented the city of Haifa at the 'Art Biennale' in Mainz, Germany in 2001. She was awarded the Hermann Struck Prize for Sculpture in 2008. In addition, Ms. Liran is a qualified occupational therapist in charge of occupational therapy in retirement homes. “I mainly deal with existential situations in a woman's life: the works Maneuvering people like a puppeteer and Maneuvering a man like a puppeteer relates to the question of how much influence we have on other people; the work Looking like her - homage to Marilyn Monroe relates to our desire to resemble famous people; the work A moment of choice concerns the dilemmas and difficult decisions we face throughout our lives. I sculpt the figures with wire on which I glue layers of paper. The wire allows for the creation of hollow, lightweight life-size figures with volume." contact@ginatart.com www.ginatart.com

To stop the time


A family photo

• SHLOMIT RADAY SCULPTURE Metal mesh is a unique, unusual material. It offers an opportunity to investigate not only the relations of shape and form but also those between inside and outside, separation and connection. Metal mesh has captured my heart and in the last few years I focused my work on this art form. The simplicity of the material, the way it surrenders to me, the surprise of creating something from nothing and the transparency within and among the images inspire me. Sometimes it is the material itself, the mesh, that represents the concepts around which the exhibit revolves. yaelnitzan@bezeqint.net

• SHARONA EFRAT I was always attracted to Barbie dolls as working material with passion. We have a love hate relationship. The work was created as criticism to the perception of ideal feminine beauty in society and its different aspects. The ambition and desire for recognition and acceptance by society are represented by the Barbie dolls. I can feel within me ambivalent feeling towards this inevitable perception. Throughout my work I find myself playing with dolls in a way that allows me some release. This work is one part of a project in an inner search process. Untitled 2011 Mannequin, head dolls , acrylic ,varnish , fabric, Wire, glue 180\30\60 https://www.facebook.com/sharona.efrat sharonaart@gmail.com

• DVORA MORAG Bookworm. Art, as I comprehend it, is a matter of expressing the state, emotions, and thoughts of one's subject. Art must express those characteristics and emotional states that are inexpressible in words. Meaning is something to always be making but never to arrive at. As a woman artist and feminist I have been trying to explore ways culture have constructed women identity. In this series "Bookworm" I use books found lying around, and deals with the complex relation between visual images and the written word. Language, values and culture imprinted in us from early childhood by stories, legends and myths that shape our mind. I find the canonical writing, captured in thousands of tomes, as an act of gender oppression. I cites mythological figures such as Venus or Leda (who raped by Zeus), Antigone, Jephthah's daughter etc. The figures are nailed to the books. Clench of the mythical women to patriarchal myths written in books is reinforced by the sexual meanings attributed by the hair in the Jewish tradition ("woman's hair- pubic "). Although in the works the books household as objects, the book even as an object signifies knowledge and learning. dvoramorag@gmail.com www.dvoramorag.com

Venus Birth, Das clay and hairs, 2009 30*25*40 cm

Muse, Das clay, 2009, 30*20*50* cm

Leda and Swans, Plastic modeling 2009, 30*25*60 cm

Anti-gona, Plastic modeling 2009, 25*40*50 cm

Black Leda, Plastic modeling, 2009, 30*25*60cm

Jephthah's daughter, Das clay 2009, 25*15*40 cm

• VERONICA ELLRAN The description of femininity or womanhood as a set of attributes, behaviors and roles generally associated with girls and women is no more accurate today. Nor is it the counterpart of masculinity. In the post feminism era, I find that the only attribute that can define femininity is related to motherhood: the desire and the ability to give birth. This inner need is archaic. This desire has been a motive that repeats itself in literature and in mythology in different cultures. The archetype of Mother Earth as the symbol of woman's fertility exists in many cultures. In the Inca mythology, Pachamama is a fertility goddess also known as the earth and time mother. She is an ever present and independent deity who has her own power to sustain life on this earth. Many magic rites and many talismans related to fertility and giving birth can be found all over the world. The desire and the longing for a child – not yet born, or for a deceased child, can become an obsession. It happened to Yerma, the barren woman of Federico Garcia Lorca's play yearning for a child. It happened to me, yearning for my deceased child. It became my obsession, became the endless longing for my lost child. http://artworks-munich.com/work/veronica-ellran/ veronicael52@gmail.com

Longing: I created a cluster of small works, on the verge of jewels, which come together to form a private time capsule, echoing the desire to be a mother alongside the longing for a child, translated into an obsessive repetition of a baby doll element in different variations. It is an attempt to find an image for the single experience running through my being: the yearning (for motherhood). This ongoing experience deviates from the boundaries of my subjective time. It began with my desire to be a mother, and transformed into a longing for my firstborn who was killed, lost. Longing 1: conveys longing as a physical, bodily occurrence; 2 pieces: 17/3.5/3.5 cm & 4.0/3.5/3.5 cm Parchment paper, ready-made, silk, glue Mixed media Longing 2: articulates its emotional aspect as continuous yearning; 5 pieces: 4.5/5.0 cm, 5.5/5.5 cm, 5.2/5.0 cm, 5.5/5.5 cm & 5.0/5.0 cm Metals (zinc, silver, alpaca), leather, ready-made Mixed media

• DANIELLA WEXLER Feminism? I love taking care of my hair, of my looks, for myself? For others? Women in the street of Jerusalem, jewish, muslim catholic nuns, cover their hair are they forced to do it or is it their choice? I wonder: maybe the are proud of it? Does it give them pride and the feeling of being feminine, honorable, part of their society ? Does it make them uglier or more beautiful, mysterious and feminine? Is it about letting them choose their life including the way they dress? Feminism in my town has many facets...

daniella.wexler@gmail.com http://dwexler.com/

• TAMMY MIKE LAUFER My works are similar to mental puzzles, where you can travel from one point to another by analyzing a picture’s symbolic objects. there is always something for the observer to discover. I never force my vision or push my philosophical opinion on the viewers each and every one, can give theirs philosophy to my creation. My art is surreal reality, all in my head. The viewer take a journey to places just as real as those you might find in this reality. When I start working on a new scene, it's like enter to a fantasy dream. like starting your new only virtual world. “Everything is possible” and in the majority of my works I am trying to combine visual realities, with subconscious emotions and philosophical thoughts. I create my virtual world, with 3d software and 2d paint software. Using combinations of renderings, lightings, textures and shapes. www.Tammymikelaufer.com tamylauf@netvision.net.il


“The red circle" by Tammy Mike Laufer In my work I often engage with the human body, the personal side of things, and feminine aspects. The circle is the shape of a large uterus, closed and secure, embracing, warm ,relaxing, encouraging and challenging. The circle is a basic structure in nature which collects energy and utilizes it. The circle echoes round feminine shapes. A woman can give birth, and can also, with the aid of reflection and meditation, give birth to her new Self. Inside the circle, with the aid of the personal process, the woman looks into herself. The process occurs within the space of the circle, a space that allows the separation between internal and external, and enables the mind to focus. This is my very own realm of existence. In the space created in the circle, the woman is free to find answers and solutions. Today women have no time to bleed at ease, we are too stressed, we have no time to shed the old and recharge. The rhythm of life that we have created does not permit women to change, does not enable us to feel the pulse, or be inspired. The female image in the red circle is a spinning coil. A spinning coil is an Asian symbol of a spiral feminine energy, that expands and allows to move forward and grow.

The red circle. Digital drawing


Making plans/Digital drawing

Round/Digital drawing

bleed quietly /Digital drawing

A difficult time /Digital drawing

Struggle with pain/Digital drawing

Moves forward/Digital drawing

Struggles /Digital drawing

Woman/Digital drawing

Struggles /Digital drawing

In the circle /Digital drawing

Disappears /Digital drawing

Behind / Digital drawing

• RUTEA S NOY The First Feminist 1) Biblical Eve was always a source of inspiration. Since childhood, I admired her courage, wit, sense of adventure and curiosity. The act of her pre-historic victory was portrayed symbolically in mixed media and illumination on leather and fabric as a grotesque applause from a contemporary feminist. 2) To Be Or Not To Be A Feminist? Every girl takes this journey. Her conscious choice often starts in shocking incidents that shape her self identity and change her life. As the girl in my image, I was smart, talented, faster than some boys. My mother was a combat soldier, my father was a better cook and it shaped who I was. Resisting even tiny signs of discrimination, labeling, stigmas and gender stereotypes, I still project my free spirit through Art.(pic) Digital media. 3) Warrior There is a warrior in every woman. Therefore, every woman has the power to strive, survive in odd conditions, find beauty and joy. Feminists are not afraid to look inside, explore, fulfill, express emotions and thoughts and from time to time, get silly, go wild ... noyfilms@gmail.com

The First Feminist/Painting

To Be Or Not To Be A Feminist? / Digital media

Warrior / Photography

• DANIELLE MALKA Born 1991, Holon, Israel As a result of a bleak period I went through, I started to document myself and my family, while examining my body, the relationships I have and the struggles I deal with. For me, photography had become a way for selfexpression, through which stories of family, the self and intimacy could be told. Photography has turned into a psychological journey that has helped me clarifying aspects of my personality that were otherwise hidden, blurred or simply invalid in the reality I'm a part of or in the encounters I have with my surroundings. I attempt to build a more intimate alternative, which aims to be closer to human emotions and relationships, while also observing the catharsis behind these emotions and trying to make them valid in a reality that doesn't always allow so; a reality of unattainable standards of beauty and mental strength.

daniellemalka.art@gmail.com www.daniellemalka.com

I have issues with my body (1+2+3)Photography series 2014

Her Binder, Photography 2012

What Remains, Photography 2014

Mirror, Photography 2008

• VERED NAVON I took these photos in New York, at the time when I lived there, between 1987 - 1991. I've never decided to make "Feminist photography", even thought I did consider myself a feminist young woman. I simply enjoyed my freedom to look at other women or men, from my female point of view. I was very enthushiastic in photographing beautiful / interesting people in my surroundings - indoors and outside on the streets. I tried to capture my feelings in my camera. I believe that after so many decades when art was created mainly by men and through men's eyes, women's art is still a revolution, no matter what the subject is.

verednavon@gmail.com http://verednavon.wordpress.com

• ADI TAL Technique: Silversmith, sewing, working with different materials: wood, polymer and leather. Final Project - "Reflection" My final project refers to the female body image in all aspects. I knew that observing my own body would make me uncomfortable, but then I realized that this "risk" was a venue for creating great things that would impact many women. I found myself looking at the reflection of my body in the mirror for many hours. It was difficult to look for so long at something you are so critical of. I realized that I was creating something much more than a decoration for the body - I was working on my self-image through jewelry, facing myself repeatedly and finding great comfort in that. I knew I wanted to take advantage of dimensions, so I chose leather. I used its characteristics, creating unlimited size jewelry and having absolute freedom. I was having the power to control through disguising areas. It is important for me that jewelry will be used to empower the female body. For example, I've created a piece that conceals the abdominal area and highlights the chest area. I found humor in the process and started enjoying it. I created a kind of tool which is not limited in size, shape or color and it felt amazing - a kind of fantasy. The materials I chose were not random. From my point of view natural materials such as leather and wood, and synthetics such as types of polymers are parallel to combining the body we were born with and our desire for makeover. In creating jewelry I found freedom and courage. It was important to me to create jewelry that refers to a woman's anatomy in every sense, keeping in mind our desire to achieve the "perfect body" while knowing social dictations make this desire endless.

Adida0103@gmail.com www.Aditalll.com

Sizes of the jewelry:32 cm x 25 cm

6.8 cm x 7 cm

10.5 cm x 10.5 cm

• RINAT SCHNADOWER In a time where photographic representation has become the main venue to perceive ourselves and others; in a time where individual moments are largely substituted by constant reenactments of collective fantasies extracted from magazines and film, I feel an urge to use explore the possibility or the impossibility of finding an authentic self. Being a woman-artist, my journey is bound to involve the feminine body. For if what we perceive as masculine archetypes can be represented by a large number of attributes related to action (the warrior, the historian, the businessman, the poet, the intelectual, the elderly wise man, God...), the only attribute ascribed to femininity is that of the feminine body - for it's ability to attract, for it's ability to give birth. Trough performance and photography - mainly self photography , I choose to take action and try (a futile intention?) to reach beyond the layers of the fantasy. Adopting at the same time the roles of the photographer and the model, I recreate and then deconstruct the given formula, the resulting imagery being often humorous or grotesque: a photographic series of woman disguised as a woman in a crumbling mansion in Angie(2012), a nude woman imitating her own gestures and then observing the empty space where she stood in Nobody’s Coming (2013) - a series inspired by Helmut Newton's series They're Coming (French Vogue, 1981) -, or three images of silicon breast implants laid graciously on a velvet sofa only a moment before they fulfill their purpose as substitutes for the real thing. rschnadow@gmail.com www.rinatschnadower.com

Nobody's Coming 2-b, C-print, 80*60 cm

Nobody's Coming 4-b, C-print, 80*60 cm

Untitled 3, archival inkjet print, 80*60 cm

Untitled 7, archival inkjet print, 80*60 cm

• ‫‏‬REUMA CHAYOT I am a woman, a mother, an artist and a feminist. I’m pro women; because women are still disadvantaged in our world. Being a feminist does not mean I’m against men. My dream is a world where girls know (just like little boys) that everything is possible for them. The sky is the limit and it’s not made of glass. Being a girl/woman does not automatically mean you love pink, you like to play dress-up and house and that your main goal in life is being a mother. http://reuma88.wix.com/reuma reuma88@gmail.com

• ‫‏‬ORI GALON I asked I begged I screamed This feminist work is built of three parts; I try to convey the mental powers women need in some societies, to survive day to day and nothing more. I hope the simple message I asked, I begged and I screamed easily seep viewers to understand of the work. Technique; Digital Photography . Size ; Pictures are digitals can be enlarging to any size by request.


• NOFAR HOROVITZ Art photographer , studio photographer Untitled self portrait Technich – digital studio photography , self portrait , black and wait . Seize – 50*70 printed in an inkjet printer on an acid free archival paper framed with matte glass. The "self portrait" represents inner struggle of prioritizing and the will to combine archetypes of both genders. Horovitz.nofar@gmail.com www.compositzia.com

• NOA FLECKER Women image is different in the orthodox and secular societies. The secular interpretation of the "exclusion of women" (Hadarat Nashim) concept is different than the orthodox interpretation. Secular interprets Hadarat Nashim as a discrimination of women while the Orthodox consider it as a separation between women and men. The exclusion of women has an impact on their status. The exclusion o women is reflected in various areas of our daily life, however, I chose to focus on the exclusion of women that relates to women musicians, as they are a great inspiration for me. To do this, I took pictures of women musicians and presented it in large scaled prints, in order to enhance impact. I presented the photos in public places in Haifa, Tel - Aviv and especially in Jerusalem, where there are no banners with women. noaf777@gmail.com

• GANGI My name is Gangi, I live and work in Israel. I Studied history of art at the Hebrew University, and started photographing professionally about 5 years ago. I believe art studies have played a significant role in my development as a photographer and have opened my eyes to see things differently.

My feminist perception has developed as a child, and was encouraged by my father rather than by my mother. In my personal life I've been lucky enough not to experience discrimination or abuse because of my gender – but when I look around I see that in spite of all the progress that we've been through – women still need to prove themselves at least twice as much as men to be appreciated, and are still expected to be pretty and charming rather than smart and ambitious. I wish my daughters and their generation a better future. facebook.com/gangiandallthatjazz n.gangi@gmail.com

• ELDAD PNINI What if God is really a woman ... Feminism for me is power, beauty, sensuality, sexy, wisdom, love, children, career. I am a professional photographer and graphic designer from Israel, Focusing mainly on erotic art. The camera became my chosen tool of expression, Although my rich background in painting is noticeable by dramatic "brush strokes" and vibrant use of colors. The combination of extreme composition and unique say, Made my works stand out in the photography scene. The idea behind the picture is feminism. The women in the picture symbolizes the role of women in society. Woman crucified on the cross, symbolizing the company, the men and women cross and judges the woman.

eldad_p@me.com www.facebook.com/relroyeldad.pnini

• ASIA WEKSLER My work derives from my deep interest in shattering the commonly held attitudes that turn women into objects of pleasure. The main subjects of my work are nude or semi-nude women either photographed by me or collected from journals and magazines. At the core of my artwork lies an array of methods by which I can manipulate the photograph itself, I am addressing the nature and the materials of the photographic medium in order to deconstruct and comment on its character and limitations. The purpose of these manipulations is to disrupt the mechanism of the objectification by displacing it from the female body to the sculptural object that was created and displayed or re-photographed. I wish to create objects that invoke a unique desire, that are genuine alternatives to society's consumption of the female body. My work strives to recognize the ability and strength of the artistic object to obtain a subjective nature and palpable presence. asiaweksler@gmail.com http://asiaweksler.wix.com/asiaweksler

Content-Aware, Inkjet print 20X12cm

Untitled, Inkjet print, 60X80cm

Untitled, 35mm negative, handmade light box, 50X4.5cm

• AMIRAM ZIONOV Art photography. In this era we are living in, we are caution not to objectify others and on the other hand, we cultivate our endless desire that our body will be a beautiful instrument, appealing and attractive. We inspire to look at our best. May it be the Ancient command for survival, or the pure enjoyment from our body and the desire to improve it. This good feeling easily missed daily. When wearing a clean cloth against a clean body or buying a new suit. In a personal relationship our self-esteem is a fine reminder that 'hey! I'm worth something'. As an artist, observing from the side, this erotic art project is a beautiful opportunity to see the poetic side of our body and soul. The Art project: yearning as a motive Technique: Digital Size: 30/40 inches http://www.saatchiart.com/amiramzionov


• NINO HERMAN We are culturally aware of the image of woman as an object in art. whether it be painting , photography or video. An object of desire, sometimes of criticism, and always the aim of the gaze. particularly the male gaze which appropriates the female image and turns it into an object. As a photographer, I am well aware of that, and am intent in not falling into that trap. My efforts are in portraying the woman as a subject, as an individual with a personality of her own, as I do with all my models. Before I take a photograph I try to get to know the person, gaining her trust and ensuring her dignity. Our conversation before shooting any picture neutralizes any notion of transforming her into a mere "picture". Before me stands a personality with wishes, taste and feelings of her own. As always in my work, whether it be a male model or a female model, I am interested in the human being beyond the gender. The courage to dare to open my heart and touch people and life without barriers is what I would say characterizes my personality and my wish. My art deals with people: their life conditions, their existential situation, their feelings and their relationships with others. In my photography this is linked to my need to deal with aspects of freedom, barriers and authority. I am interested in exposing the vitality and the mistery that lies in everything. I use digital, non-manipulated, unstaged mode of photography to express my art. Blog ninonat@zahav.net.il

• ALIZA BORSHACK Born in Baghdad .Lives in Be'er Sheva, engaged in art since childhood. I have a degree in art and communications, multidisciplinary artist. Painting, photography, photography and painting exhibits computer processing. I sometime write poetry. I work in various techniques and topics varied works. In recent years, the subject of women in the country and the world of my works stand out. Standing women's rights,violence towards her. I created a series of three-dimensional displays in which the doll representing the woman. So the woman abusing her games and passit from hand to hand (trafficking). The subjects of my works: Bedouin woman Arabic. Women are numbered the same women without a veil behind bars with broken glass. Protest art. Art has the power to change. I belong to the artists of Beer-sheva and Israeli fruit of peace Association, whose members include artists Jews, Muslims and Christians. I introduced eight solo exhibitions and participated in numerous joint exhibitions. Appeared in two documentaries on the artist's works FLICKER aliza7b@gmail.com

Women are numbered -85X60 cm Computer processing multiple photos

Bedouin women -80X60 3 cm computer processing multiple photos

Penetration -100X85 cm three-dimensional photography exhibit

• YNIN SHILLO Photograph of a beautiful religious girl at the center of Ben Yehuda pedestrian street in Jerusalem (The reviver of the Hebrew language) moving her lips in prayer, her voice is not heard. The photo marks one of the significant symbolic struggles of Israeli society which is the issue of 'pubic woman's voice'. Yet the girl's voice sounded to us viewers across her world of the humble way through her unique color (her decorated earrings, red lips, her distinct expression and so on), leaving us with an open question about the woman's voice nowadays.

http://cargocollective.com/yninshillo shilloart@gmail.com

The peace rider , 2014, Photography, Dimensions: 100 cm x 176.8 cm

• SABRINA DE-RITA Born London Canada 1969. Lives in Haifa Israel The attached video- is a video art, called "Homo Ludens" The topic of women's rights is important for me, for I know as a women how hard it is to stay true to one self and manage in our patriarchal society. That is why in my poetry I deal with women's role and experience in society, on the one hand to show that delicate persons are more prone to be under control of others and on the other hand with true convictions a woman can find her place and not give in to other people controlling her mind and body. I have published six poetry books that deal with these subjects. As a poet I organizes and produce poetry evenings in Cafes in Haifa these last four years, open stage nights for poets. The attached video art is a poem depicting the strength of fathers who go off to war, and leave behind an almost helpless doughters that have to find their place. I depict the wondering girl/woman hoping to find her inner strength which is also explained by the photos in the video. The poem and production of the video art are my own. Video art Sabrina.derita@gmail.com

• OFER HAJAYOV My name is Ofer Hajayov i was born in the city of Tel- Aviv in ISRAEL. I'm fascinating with the human face, since i remember myself i love to explore the meaning of each face i meet. There's a whole world in a woman’s eyes they say, i believe there is much more. I look for that inner moment when a subject reveal his true unmask feeling: strong, fear, love, joy, the basic innocent emotions as they reflect with the human face. I'm not a photographer. I’m just a man with a camera who love's people.

oferxl@gmail.com http://500px.com/Oferxl

Ron - 44-42 cm Photography

Sand - 33x33 cm Photography

Amit - 44x50 cm Photography

• BOAZ MILLER I choose the figure of Rehab the whore as my Heroine, positive heroine and female survival bearer Rehab chooses life from the operation she had. She chose to save herself and her family The question of price is central. Her story or similar runs throw the books of history. The three works that I chose to send related to her and her image, as women, as family women, as strategic women that red the map and mad her decision The works are combination of digital collages and drawing: photographs that were taken in South Tel Aviv and Pencil work. It is a dialogue between "then and now" Israel 2014 foreign women coming to our country and we use them, we let them live among us in degrading conditions. They have to pay for their fight to live, degradation and exploitation the price is high. And the non-prove answer is, are they Heroines? Victims? Freedom fighters? The integrated texts in the artwork are quotations from the Bible www.facebook.com/boazmiller09


• OFER BLANC Photography is documentary in different cultures that have different way of Life. My work as a photographer deals generally with east and west, center and periphery. Clashes of civilizations are expressed whether this aesthetic basic personal, such as clothing, accessories and look or urban aesthetics and different life forms resulting from the changing fashions and mass culture. The subject of the female figure occupies me: her place in culture and the society in which her belongs: traditional or modern. The difference between the older generation to the younger generation, Cultural penetration of the' west' and the impact of the traditional culture that brings progress, information availablity and exposure to the fashions and ideas around the world . Does changing the traditional roles of the last decades of man and woman in developed and developing countries is a natural process of a more conscious society or Result of fminzm Actions around the world and inserting it into the modern society concepts? All the photos are: Digital color photographs

oferbl70@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/ofer.blanc

• HILA MIZRACHI Artist – Photographer My works revolve around the subject of portraits of people who are close to me. They are in themselves a human portrait, a portrait of generation and also a self portrait. I'm dealing with the human face and body and trying to expose the sexuality of a generation that breaks the myth of a separate sexual identity for a man and for a woman. I consider that as a feminine point of view and as a feminine action. mizrachi_hila@hotmail.com www.hilam.carbonmade.com

• ASHER GIBEL My favorite type of photography is street photography. Photographs of people in an everyday context inspire me. A feminine photo subject is fascinating in its own right, if only because of the connection between the characteristic inward and outward expressions of facial expressions and movements.


• JENNIFER BLOCH I am an artist, curator and teacher. B.A. in art and art education, Hamidrasha College of art, Israel, M.A. in contemporary art, University of Liverpool. As a woman, the feminist agenda and sensibilities are always on my thoughts, obviously. One would have to be blind not to realize what an enormous issue it is. The art world is a micro cosmos of what's happening out there in the real world. Having said that, I admit that this series is the first with which I have tackled the issue with full awareness. In this body of work, I have created texts cited from popular songs, texts which have become clichÊs, and painted them over my self portrait, using my self-portraits as a readymade basis for the texts. Therefore not completely revealing myself, and allowing those texts be in the foreground. These texts become the main subject, while my own portrait retreats to the background. I become the background. How much truth is there in these texts? Do I mean them? How serious am I? The sentences, cited from popular love songs, express female weaknesses and their dependency on male partners. These are poses which I play with and which contradict independent feminist agenda, on the one hand, but on the other hand suggest that real freedom has nothing to do with power of the sort that male hegemony has been dictating since the beginning of history. In this series I aim to conceive a hide and seek tension between the foreground (the texts) and the background (my own self portrait). benadybloch@gmail.com

• DR. NURIT CEDERBOUM “The woman’s voice – Forbidden” ( 220 x 200 cm) is an installation based on my self-portrait painting –Screaming. The installation was constructed especially for an exhibition entitled “Artists against violence”. The artwork constitutes a protest against sexual violence towards women. The original work (portrait) painted in acrylics on canvas, was printed in full several

times with variations in its direction, and afterwards was supplemented by prints of parts of the work. In the margins of this artwork, an excerpt was added from a poem that corresponds with the installation, the words of the poem appearing as content and form. The installation represents both a call and scream whether this is a cry for help , outspoken, criticism, challenging statement and a call for change. A video-clip of the installation can be viewed at the attached link, the clip shows how the installation developed to its present form. Video nuritart@bezeqint.net www.nuritart.co.il

• ‫‏‬DINA LUOZON ZAIFER My art emphasizes emotions and feelings whether I drawing from nature around or whether I caught a significant moment of my grandchildren and people around me by taking photo to capture the magical moment. In this file I show natural feminist moment whether it's a mother or a little girl. Feminism appears to have been from childhood.


A mother and child in Venice oil- 70x90

A mother and child in the market - oil- 70x100

A mother and 2 children slipping -oil- 70x50

• SVETLANA BELENKIN Female images - the most part of my painting. They fine, clever, ironic, cheerful and sad, sometimes ridiculous, coquettish, gentle, womanly and rough.... They are wives, they mothers, they are singles, they are responsible for themselves and for the families. They build strategy, solve the problems, but they are kind and benevolent. The main thing - they are independent, building the destiny, career, life – as they consider it necessary, without asking permission anybody and bear for it responsibility. Svetlana.belenkin@gmail.com


"Bar owner“ 50*60 cm, oil on canvas

"Shopping", 80*60 cm, acrylic on canvas

"Gossips“ 80*60 cm, acrylic on canvas

• AVIVA WAKSHLAK WEISER The meaning of feminism for me is a way of living, expressed by thinking and freedom of choice along with a high awareness of gender identification and femininity. All of the women I choose to paint are strong, independent women, of all ages, in the process of personal development and in the phase of acceptance of who they are. The women and friends who inspired my paintings are motivated by internal desires and take full responsibility for their choices, coping with social expectations and therefore create a difference in their social environment As a woman, vice president of a company with a scientific background, a mother and a figurative painter I try to integrate these characteristics in all aspects of my life and artwork. I have always been fascinated by the complexity of situations as well as compositions which are expressed through thick layers of oil paints on canvas or wood. From close observation my handwriting appears to be a puzzle of tones of colors created either by brushstrokes or pallet knife. From further observation the uniqueness of the whole figure emerges.


67.7x40 Oil on Wood 49x76.5 Oil on Wood

86.5x55 Oil on Wood

• SHIRAN BERKOVICH Living in the present while studying the past led me to a deep involvement with the way culture affects our thoughts, actions, and eventually our entire lives. If I had to choose one word to describe my work it would be Feministic, a word so simple and yet so powerful and complex. Feminism is dealing with force fields, sexuality, gender equality, freedom of expression and much more. Through my art I attempt to make the object a subject in the eye of the beholder. The viewer taking a step back and examine his or hers automatic responses to an image; to sense, to be, to live.

shiranhb@gmail.com www.shiranhb.com

Untitled, oil on canvas, 80X60 cm

Dark chocolate_3, ink on paper, 45X35 cm

Dark chocolate_1, ink on paper, 45X70 cm (2 piece\diptych–separated pictures can be delivered).

• SHARON FIDEL I'm very feministic I picked up a man that does everything for me That's equality or else I'll kil him. sfidel@gmail.com http://sharonfidel.wix.com/art

• MARY KUSHILEVICH I'm an art student and this drawing was inspired by John Berger's book “Ways of seeing”. The social presence of men and women Berger points out that traditionally, men and women have different types of social presence. Men are measured by the degree of power they offer. The power may be in any number of forms, for example moral, physical, economic etc. A man’s presence suggests what he may or may not be able to do to or for you. In contrast to this, a woman’s presence indicates what can or cannot be done to her. Everything she does contributes to her presence. She is born into the keeping of men, and from childhood is taught to survey herself, with the result that her being is split into two, the surveyed and the surveyor. Her own sense of being is replaced by asense of being appreciated by others – ultimately men. He acts, she appears, and she watches herself being looked at. ‘The surveyor of woman in herself is male: the surveyed female. Thus she turns herself into an object – and most particularly an object of vision: a sight.’ https://www.facebook.com/MaryKsArt maryksart@gmail.com

"Ways of seeing� Pencils on A4 paper

• KORIN ABISDRIS I'm a Photographer and painter. Graduate of Bezalel Acadamy of arts and design, take an active part in the art world and participates in many exhibitions. I see myself, my image, Koko, as an integral part of my art work, the Topic of My artwork deals with the study of the body (action), questions of femininity , questions of fear. The paintings have been developed from the desire to bring back the aura to photography. a cold object hanging on the wall. This blunt object called a photo, to incorporate the kind of energy that is palpable fingerprint organic material of the creator.


• HAVA ZILBERSHTEIN After twenty years of art teaching I preferred to devote myself to art only. In the last fifteen years I create my works by etching on zinc and aluminum plates. This technique is the most suitable to express myself because of the character of the textures. In my works I use figures made of lines and stains, situated in abstract and vague environment.


• INBAL MENDES - FLOHR Through my art, I examine gender issues through a dialogue between esthetics, delicateness and desire on the one hand, and power-games and violence on the other. My art rests on images from the world of Christianity, popular culture, comics, science-fiction and fantasy. My use of fantasy does not make my work to become escapist, but serves to attract the viewer into the work and let the deeper messages rise to the surface. I mix cultural and traditional, the means of “high art” with “cheap” materials and correspond with American feminist art of the 70’s, while I continue to search for new and contemporary influences. As an artist active today, I aspire to be a part of the public art discourse, concerned with the question of the status of women in Israel and in particular, violence against women. I believe that the feminist discourse is more relevant than ever. My identity is an important component of my work and through the personal, I touch on social issues. inbalmf@gmail.com http://inbalstuff.tumblr.com/

• DORIT ZINMAN Architect, graphic artist and painter, mother of three and grandmother of five. Painting is an important part of my life. Since childhood I have always drawn and sketched human figures. I still enjoy painting human figures, especially female figures in various conditions and situations. I paint with oil on canvas. Oil gives me the feeling of control, allows me to convey my feelings expressively. Although I paint in a realistic style, realism is not a goal on its own right. For me, realism is a means to express that which is on my mind, a manner to express myself and my feelings- my very essence. Typically, female characters more interesting for me, as it's easier for me to identify with them and put my feelings in them. Usually I paint strong women that convey some statement of presence and independence. zinmanhd@gmail.com Web site

oil on canvas 100x60

oil on canvas 100x60

oil on canvas 100x70

• CARMELA WEISS My art is a quest for what exists right around the corner, behind the wall, inside the wall; aiming not to miss what eludes though it is inscribed in stone. Women sometimes face a wall, they are compelled either to vanish into it, blending inside it, or fight against the whole world.

This series reflects these situations.

carmela.weiss@gmail.com www.carmelaweiss.com

“Becky against the World” Acrylic & Oil on canvas 50X80 cm 2007

“The Mark on the Wall” Inspired by the short story “The Mark on the Wall” by Virginia Woolf (1921) Acrylic & Oil on canvas 150X117 cm 2007

“The Yellow Wallpaper” Inspired by the short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” (1892) by Charlotte Perkins Gilman Acrylic & Oil on canvas 100X150 cm 2007

• DEBBIE ESHEL The woman in my paintings is ripe and feminine. A light emanates from within, resembling an eternal spiral, or an internal fountain. A woman’s femininity is revealed like the flower of a pomegranate, red, seductive, and internally illuminating. It is as if she were spreading her wings, but her perspective is internal. Feminism is also depicted by the mysterious opening in a woman’s body, her genitalia, that is magnetic in its power and holds a promise - the genesis of life. The experiences of pregnancy and birth are so fundamental in a woman’s life, that even after many years, she still bears their imprint; her body still demonstrates these experiences. A baby’s umbilical cordisa metaphor forboth the physical pain of childbirth and the mother’s sorrow at the separation from her baby. As soon as he appears from her womb he is deprived of the gentleness and compassion that for him were his Garden of Eden. God said to Eve in the Garden of Eden, “in sorrow you shall bring forth children”.

esheldebbie@gmail.com www.mysiteis.co.il/eshel/index.html

The pomegrantae woman 100X120cm

Contact 100X120cm

An inward spiral 90X130cm

• TAMAR SHAVIT Women are often presented by the media in a streotypical way. In my work I try to convey a richer and deeper image of women. What is feminine strength? Why are female artists not engaged in the masculine body in the same way that male artists have been focused in the female body throughout history? Those are some of the questions that I try to answer through my work. I believe that equality does not necesitate a conflict between genders and that feminism should play an important role in every cultured society. tami.shavit@gmail.com www.tamarshavit.com

• ‫‏‬YURI GUDKOV I'm a member of the Artists Association Netanya and Herzliya Artists Association . I studied painting alone, I tried a variety of techniques .Today I paint large paintings and I paint in oil on canvas. My painting style is a mix of different styles: abstract (abstraction), impressionism, cubism, surrealism, mosaic. When I paint I use a lot of imagination, I usually paint what I feel. yurik7730@gmail.com

Life in the hands of women-100x140 oil on canvas ‘’ Three graces'‘ 100X130 oil on canvas


There is no place upon our globe, during the night or the day where rape has’nt been committed. Where women slavery, incest or other sexual harassment has’nt been outraged. The injustice is crying out at us! It is our responsibility the women who are free from traditions of days gone by, to rise and to be counted and to cry : Enough is enough! We no longer wish to be part of the flesh market. We no longer want to be like merchandise transferred one to another for everyone to grope. We refuse to be imprisoned against our will, to be in cages or cellars ,without seeing any light for months upon months. Enough is enough! We have to put an end to all this! We are no one’s property and no husband or man can dictate to us how frequently we give him satisfaction. We don’t want to hear that fathers tell us how much they love us and therefore we should be raped. We are appalled by the vain statements like the following: A woman is preferred to a man in bed because it is always possible to turn her onto the other side. Have you understood? At the end of the day it boils down to orifices. The female can always be turned over; and who turns her over if not the glory of creation ,the ultimate authority? Leaving no room for any doubt; after all in the scheme of life the woman always is at least one pace behind. Being overwhelmed with anger and disgust I have created a series of paintings named “the flesh market”. Now I leave it to your judgment. Please consider in what way you could contribute to society in order to erase this calamity from the face of this earth. rutpal@bezeqint.net FACEBOOK

• NURIT GIDRON My paintings are about feelings and their creative expression in water colors. These colors help me to express my sensations and my most inner being. The process of my creation deals with the peeling of layers I wore with a reference to the male aggressive look which followed me since childhood. During the act of creation, the process of peeling enabled me to get in touch with my true inner self, cleansed from any influences, social and cultural stereotypes imposed on me as a woman. If we as women become conscious of this negative look, we might express better our authenticity and inner power and this will enable the creation of a better world.


Control, water color on paper, 29.5/40.5 Invasion, water color on paper, 29.5/40.5

Stuck, water color on paper, 29.5/40.5

• NATALY GROSMAN I was painted since the moment I could. I was exposed to different painting styles and developed my own language. My paintings aren’t unequivocal. They contain inside themselves unlimited variations, revealing in every moment in different ways. They’re living, moving, breathing; not allowing themselves to stay static. I transfer through the layers situation full of sensations that leads the viewer to fascinating and unlimited experience. In my painting there is a clear seal; a unique style and language. My tendency for art has begun from the begging of her childhood, I touched almost in every material and texture until I was developed my unique techniques, techniques of layers that reveal from the inside, like they were the human soul. I was exposed to different painting styles and developed my own language. I exhibit my works in single exhibitations and group exhibitation in museums and galleries around the world: N.Y. Boston, New Jersy, Millwoky…Cans,France, London…also in Israel: Theater of Jerusalem, Museum of Jaffa, Habima theater , Ra’anna park, Beit yad Labanim in Ramat Hasharon, Hotel Mizpe Hayamim and more.


80x90 Fire of Anemone mixed media

80x90 Disappointment mixed media 70x90 mixed media Shout of the soul

• BULI CORBY My training and most of my working life was as a scientist. As an artist I am mainly an autodidact, albeit with some informal training over a number of years Hence, whilst painting I am able to combine the scientific point of view, which is analysing the components and the essence of the object, and the artistic point of view, which gives freedom to express emotions and imagination. The Feminist Woman. As a matter of fact, the way I see it, feminist women invented themselves from scratch. They took to pieces their traditional image and roles and reassembled them into their own visionary image wherein they can be fulfilled by their own choices and reflect their own lived experiences. In this painting I deconstructed the traditional image deliberately in an UNTRADIONAL manner. The old traditional image is gone…… On the right I am relating the flow of vitality which feminism has brought to the lives of women and is often missing from depictions going back to early Greek art in which the woman is merely represented as a container. bulibruria@msn.com

NUDE, Technique: C’Aran D’ache Neo-colour II on 350g water colour thick paper Size: 35 X 50 cm

• GUY DOR oil on canvas A wide and profound matter, flows in different levels in different cultures, but always present. The bursting, lively feminity is not necessarily strongar than the restrained, self-controlled one, which is more reflected in my works – softness, maturity and feminine knowledge.



I am a scientist, a molecular oncologist. My research has dealt mainly with Cancer, sporadic and familial such as colon cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer leukemia etc... My work engaged in developing state of the art diagnosis systems for cancer and implementing those systems to diagnose cancer. Through the years of my career I was adored by my students and gained the respect of my fellow colleagues and was invited to lecture all around the world in international conferences to talk about and present my work. My numerous publications can be found at my painting website. I was always captured with and fascinated by the phenomenon of strong women, women who met adversities in their lives and battled their way through stormy events, personally and professionally, while all the way when doing so, strengthening themselves, and their surroundings, that being their loved ones, their work places, their world. Our world. All the latter emotions, feelings, fascinations and ideas of mine, accompanied by my experiences in my personal and professional life, are being expressed in my paintings, in my various Galleries presented at my website, by my colors, backgrounds, images and the jewelry decorating my women and always viewing the Woman as an appealing, strong, proud and intelligent creation, a mystery... My feelings are captured and shown in my paintings, via the colors, sometimes strong, dark and tantalizing sometimes fragile with their pastel tone and light, soft touch, featuring a woman, in various paths in life, yet always, always, strong in Her way, Her own Personal way, variable ways from woman to woman, as we are all different, but the same....we are strong. www.doritamikam.com doritbenziman@bezeqint.net

Simply Royalty 60cm x 60cm- Oil on Canvas

looking forward to the birth of her child...the fruit of her love... 70cm x 90cm Oil on Canvas

A Striking Mosaic Princess 70cm x 90cm, Mosaic and oil

• EIRIT HUBER The contemporary woman dances to the tune she chooses. No more the meek woman who doesn't dare to grow, but an independent, powerful, daring, discovering, trusting, believing, creating and groundbreaking. She knows how to make her dreams come true at life's endless dance.

A burning desire erupting, such that makes every obstacle disappear. The strong will that derives from the depths of the soul with uncompromising love to achieve and make things come to fruition. The marvelous power that has always motivated women around the world, and throughout history, to generate revolutions in order to make changes and reestablish society: From Joan of Arc, Marie Curie, Mama Theresa, Indira Gandhi, Coco Chanel, Golda Meir, Daphnie Leaf, Marissa Meyer, Angela Merkel, Oprah Winfrey and many more inspiring women.

eirithuber@gmail.com www.eirithuber.com

The Dream Oil on canvas, 80X80 CM

Desire Oil on canvas, 80X120 CM

• MICHAL MASS BACHAR How do I define Feminism? Modern Feminism is a state of self awareness. Despite its historical definition ( seeking for gender equality) , today a women in the western world no longer needs to fight for its basic rights, there are laws protecting women’s rights such as, equal pay for women, protecting women and girls from domestic violence, sexual harassment, and sexual assault, and also workplace rights, including maternity leave. One can argue that despite the huge advance that feminism had bring for women, still realizing one’s true value as a person and as a part of society, is deriving first of all from one’s mind . There for what is left for us now is to reflect upon the greatness of woman. Their power and how can we harness this power to make a better place for all gender. The woman in my paintings are self aware , not apologizing, not afraid but beautiful and strong. michalmb@migdal.co.il https://www.facebook.com/michalmbart

“Woman On a Green Field” acrylic on canvas 50X70

• LEAH HARPAZ You will not win me so fast! The distinguished editor can write on his paper: "Do not Do not give them pens! Send them back to the kitchen, They have to cook, bake and raise children. And I answer the honorable Editor: I have not left the kitchen, I love to cook. My kids go around the house and fill it with joy! You can not lock me in some cage and I will continue to write, draw, and sing! All you can do - I can do better! No, you will not stop me so fast.


“Will not win me" Mixed media on canvas 80X40 inches.

• AVIVA SHAI NAHUM Embroidery Painting as an act of Self Identity Test My artistic work explores the boundaries between "high" and "low" art. Crafts characterized by excess and multiplicity of details, highlighted decorative and tendency decorativeness, all these are attributed to "low" and to the "not considered". The essence of my art work which is laborious and seductive, wishes to capture the viewer's gaze to the figures of the paintings that integrate into the flat and colorful fabric. Self portrait looking squarely at the viewer, a portrait of my grandmother looking sharply towards the viewer, who is captured at the women in my paintings – is a proposal to integrate "low" and "high" art. I imagine the canvas as my sewing craft. The beginning of the painting is a personal photo embedded in everyday object such as a carpet, a vase, an oriented ornament, which I combine with a personal story. Differentiation essence of my work is an examination of identity and self portrait combined with tradition and culture of my own, in order to merge the East and West.


• MATAN KOHN The cartoon was created for an exhibition devoted to the topic "International Women's Day." I tried to express the feeling that sometimes we take for granted what our mothers do for us and not paying attention they pay many times the price of their freedom. Matan Kohn lives and works in Israel. His Illustrations presented over many platforms. His Illustrations presented in many exhibitions in Israel and abroad. matan.kohn@gmail.com

• SARIT ROTMAN I was born in Israel in 1973. I am an artist and a graduate of the Visual Communication Department at WIZO Haifa. My paintings are influenced by the illustration and advertising worlds, as well as by naive painting and pop art. All of these components come together harmonically to create a new language which, through interpretation of personal experiences, contemplates attitudes towards life and body image. My work has been exhibited in group shows in Israel and abroad and is included in private collections. In 2011, I had a solo show titled Taking the Black out of the Scale in Beth Tambour in Tel Aviv. Currently I am in the final stages of Project 2020, an optimistic social art project which I initiated in order to give hope to women suffering from eating disorders and raise awareness to this issue. As part of the project I paint an "optimistic mirror" for the year 2020 to women who suffer from anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating. The project is based on my personal recovery story from the disease that followed me for 16 years, from which I eventually recuperated thanks to the visual and optimistic world which I've created. www.saritrotman.com www.facebook.com/SaritRotman

4X4 Mixed media on canvas, 80X80 cm

The unfinished Painting Mixed media on canvas, 80X80 cm

Mona Aliza Mixed media on canvas, 40X40 cm

Grace Mixed media on canvas, 100X100 cm

• ZOE SEVER I think that my paintings not only and not so much are telling a story, depicting an object or a landscape, but rather express a mood. The mood, which, I want to believe, penetrates through the canvas and the layers of paint and reaches from me straight to the viewer. ART is a FAN. This is the secret and the only recipe of my art. Pleasure, joy and even artistic ecstasy, which I experience when mixing the paints; you only need to capture the magic before it's gone. As for the subject, "I sing what I see," namely, Israeli landscapes, be that urbanistic views of wonderful cities, bursting with energy, or peaceful and serene pastorals – luckily enough, our sunny land offers to an artist an opportunity to express this play of fantasy and color. I hope that I've managed to express in words what I passionately and with my entire force try to express through form and color.

zeev_art@mail.ru http://www.artnet.com/artists/zoe-sever/past-auction-results

• INBAL LEITNER The series "Days" began from an occasional thought about the first few verses in Genesis, describing the creation of the universe. The events described are very dramatic, laying the foundations to all that will happen in the world later. However, one player is missing – the woman – the female, the form of existence that holds the power to create independent life within her – is absent. This absence led to the works, in which a woman is present in each and every day of the creation. I chose to deal with various aspects of the feminine existence and connect them to major ideas within the first seven days of the universe, days of creation. Presented here are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Technique: Pastels, pencils and old newspapers Size: Average 30 x 40 cm https://www.behance.net/inbal-leitner Inbal.leitner@gmail.com