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44 DEGREES is an online magazine dedicated to the promotion of contemporary and professional Israeli artists. The magazine showcases various artists such as digital media artists, painters, sculptors, and curators, with each issue focusing on a different theme. Artists showcased in the magazine may be contacted via the URL posted. The magazine may be viewed in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem information archive room and in Tel Aviv Museum Library. 44 DEGREES online art Magazine was founded in 2013 by the artist Tammy Mike Laufer. She created the concept and she's also the Designer | Editor |Art director |Curator |Producer | Website Director.

Tammy Mike Laufer lives and works in Israel. She is an international contemporary artist and art director. She is graduate from the extension of the "Technion" Israel Institute for Technology in the department of Graphic Design, and continuing education program for designers at Sivan College Tel Aviv. She has been engaged with Digital Media for over two decades. Tammy Mike Laufer's digital media art were exhibited in Museums, and Art projects in places such as Italy (53 Venice Biennale) Greece, Japan, the US, Portugal, Lithuania, Warsaw, Israel and more. www.tammymikelaufer.com

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SIMCHA EVEN-CHEN The series of artworks “Folding in Motion” focusing on investigating the relationship between “free” three-dimensional space and two-dimensional graphic deigned surfaces, giving visual meaning without restricting the movements. Utilizing porcelain property to collapse, enables achieving organic and amorphic forms. There is no searching for thinness, fragility, transparency and whiteness of the porcelain. My artworks are dealing with questions of new inter-space (void image) created by the collapse, motion, color, patterns and fluidity. The graphic pattern adds a new dimension to the folding, giving impression of softness forcing the eye to flow the folding. My sculptures are autonomous objects that stand independent of narrative or objectification. As autonomous objects, they lead the viewer to follow his imagination and feelings for their meaning. evenchen@actcom.co.il www.simcha-evenchen.com

“Folding in Motion” #2, 2019 Paper Porcelain, Slab-built, Electric Firing 25 x 44 x 16 cm (h x w x d) Photo - Ilan Amihai 2019 - Second Prize, X International Ceramic Biennale, El Vendrell, Tarragona, Spain

“Folding in Motion” #3, 2020 Paper Porcelain, Slab-built, Electric Firing 25 x 28 x 28 cm (h x w x d) Photo - Ilan Amihai

JAFFA MEIR The materials I use in my works are not of the refined and so am called an “arte povere” artist. I use simple and available ready made materials in an obsessive and exhaustive manner. At times I describes my work as someone dealing in alchemy - work develops as in a trial laboratory with different techniques and materials. I say: “ At times the artistic work process is a sort of puzzle demanding the filling in of all the empty squares “. Techniques: ZIPS-PVC-FORMICA-HOT GLUE-RECYCLED PAINT-MIXED MEDIA art@jaffameir.co.il art@jaffameir.co.il

SILVIA ZIMERMAN In my art I like to capture the beauty of the glass. Different techniques allow me to express different ideas. I am interested in creating works that call the audience to be excited and touched. The play of light and color, the complexity of the material and the challenge involved in creating something soft and caressing from a material so sharp and cold as glass, enchanted me. My inner and surrounding world are express in my work. Yet I find it important to let the glass speak for itself and display its powerful presence. Is always a story to tell, and I choose glass to be my speaker. Most of my work are about fabric. My father was a tailor, he passed away very young. For me , creating things connected with my childhood around my father is a way to keep him with me. glassart@silvia-zimerman.com www.silvia-zimerman.com

El Taller-Kiln Casting Glass-40x25x20cm

Flying and Falling Napkins-Pate de VerrePrinting , Carving and Folding Glass20x10x15cm

Freedom of Speach-Glass Kiln Castig-26x40x30cm

VERONICA ELLRAN Every Woman Had a Name Rape 1 & 2 My emotional experience stands at the center of my art on all levels. I always invite the public to a real and meaningful dialogue about the content that the work brings up. Although the created objects express an inner world, I, at the same time, seek to cross the boundaries of the personal and subjective into the non-personal and objective. The works presented deal with the phenomenon of gender violence. It is not a statistical or sociological approach. I present the subject from a different angle. The work consists of two parts: one seeks to associate with the memory of women murdered and the other deals with the rape experience. Every Woman Had a Name 103 names written in 103 stones In remembrance of the women killed because they were women. 103 stones are stored in a bag made from the top of a pantyhose. In each stone is written the name of a woman killed because of her gender. 103 women were killed in Israel between the years 2014 and 2020. veronica@ellran.com www.veronicametalart.co.il

Every woman had a name 1, mixed media, 23x13x7 cm

Every woman had a name 4

Every woman had a name5 Rape 2, pic 2, sewing, 5x7x2 cm

ANAT BEN EZRA I was attracted to art as a child, a desire for creation coming from the heart, a sense of satisfaction. Sculpture. This is my life in the past decade. Various techniques and various materials, concrete castings, polyester. Now I focus on casting in bronze - bronze gives the sculpture eternal life. My works are in a modern classic style and a realistic approach; through sculpture I express my inner and emotional world. My sculptures tell a story about the world and the power of a woman ... her movements ... her expressions and feelings. The fusion with nature. My uniqueness is something that I draw from a profound depth. I always sculpt the same woman's face. Various plots about one woman. In every sculpture I leave something of my life, moments of magic, coping, warmth. Dance, passion, relationships, family and power. It all begins with sketching, where my hands flow freely and lightly. Then comes the demands of the soul. And another sculpture is born Anat.benezra1@gmail.com www.ben-ezra.co.il/gallery

My personal Diary Made of poliaster dimensions: height 60cm, width 40cm and depth 47cm

Burden Made of poliaster dimensions: height 40cm, width 40cm and depth 38cm

RUTH SCHREIBER I am a multi-disciplinary artist, living and working in Jerusalem, Israel. My subjects tend to relate to life cycle issues: being a woman, childbirth, ageing and death, along with heritage and memory. I work in a variety of media: I paint and draw, create sculptures and installation art, and practice photography and video art. I studied Ceramic & Glass Design (MFA course) at Bezalel Academy of Art and Museum Studies (MA) at Leicester University. I also hold a Diploma from the University of London in the History of Art. I volunteer in all departments as a guide at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem (www.imj,org.il). I have exhibited in numerous group and solo shows in Israel, N. America and Europe and my works are held in public and private collections. Ruth@Schreibers.com www.ruthschreiber.com

Be Fruitful and Multipy (hand-crafted, papier mache, paper, gold leaf, paint) 60x95x3cm, variable

Mother and Child (hand-built earthenware, moulded glass, iron sheet) 15x180x60cm

Housewives and Heroines (moulded stiffened lace) 80x140x10cm

DANIELLA WEXLER I am a multidisciplinary artist. live and work in Jerusalem. I am between other things a recycling artist. These works were done many years ago by Melting plastic bottles after putting in them colors, now I took pictures that I had from them enlarged details and want to print them in big sizes in different materials. I am amazed by the colors and forms that come out of them, it is a new way of recycling my recycled art... daniella.wexler@gmail.com www.daniellawexler.com

OPHIRA SPITZ My art includes painting, drawing, sculpture and installation. It is influenced by various aspects such as nature, the environment and topography. One can identify in the works different forms related to the fields of botany and cartography. The drawings, for example, have repetitious forms, like an embroidery pattern that spreads and expands, while its general look brings up the association of an organic organ, a climbing plant or a fossil. In the stone sculptures series the surface is covered with shredded geographic maps, and their amorphous form alludes internal organs. Through my art I aim to merge and combine various worlds, and my technique, respectively, is varied and extends from laborious crafts to free and automatic acts. The actions of experiment and play, dismantling and assembling, create a new body that seeks to undermine reality and raise questions on its significance and feasibility. ophira.spitz@gmail.com www.ophiras.com

Excerpt from an exhibition installation biet tamy Fresh color satellite show 2018-001

No title (1), 2018, photo, 60x90cm

Small objects. Paper on a metal mesh drawing with rapidograph 0.05 30x40x50cm

KAREN NAIM My inspiration to create is generated by a need to express and create a bridge between my inner and outer world through the use of materials. In 2014, I decided to leave the “rat race� for a while and find space and time to dedicate only to my art. With this goal in mind I flew to Goa India to fulfill my dream. In Goa, I have founded the 'GoART Open Studio' which was a lovely Gallery and working space for me and for worldwide artists. At GoART, I was working intensively on developing my Art. In my art, I am interested in the daily life details, wanting to change their essence into something totally different. As portrayed in this series of photographs, The 'main' issue of the objects is missing leaving us with the empty skin full of its' new self, standing independently as a whole. I see my art as a journey in service to society. I would like to emphasize the value of all aspects of creativity and encourage the fulfillment of our, wider potential in this life. Karen.holistic.art@gmail.com website

Fairy, Processed Photography 300dpi Full Emptiness Processed Photography 300dpi

OLGA VAYSHBEIN I am an artist and illustrator. Dreams, fantasies and fears, that are reflected in shadows, is the main subject in my artworks. In working with the Monotype technique, I believe I am in interaction with the Universe. As I always begin my monotypes as an abstract, random stroke of ink on paper. Then gradually turn it into something animated and meaningful, in response to my current state of mind and mood. Usually, I am completely in charge of the working process, yet sometimes my work takes the lead. On the other hand, my works are somewhat interactive - sort of shadow game, in which every viewer could apply their own imagination and give their own interpretation to the subject matter of the work. Just like in Rorschach test, every person will see and process the work differently. My works are more than black and white pictures; I see them as transfiguration of the subconscious, paradigm of emotional states, profundity of the sublime. olymagic@gmail.com www.olymagic.com

Two, Ink, momotype, digital collage 42X30 cm

Balloons, Ink, momotype 43x50cm

Outside, Ink, momotype 34X48cm

ADI OZ-ARI The human body and the machine have always worked their magic on me. What fascinates me is the link between bodily processes and illnesses and processes that take place in machines and materials. I seek out the interfaces: when I succeed in discovering these points, I am very moved. Often, processes in illnesses become encoded in a new aesthetic language communicating with other universes. My work conducts a dialogue with traditional photography, poetry, painting, and bodywork, as it strives to clarify the essence of imprinting the image. Photography is my experimental laboratory for the deconstruction and reconstruction of images. My sources are varied; among them are Xrays, books, newspapers and road maps. The images seduce me, acting like a secret I want to decode. In my latest works, the materials constitute a significant element in the process, sometimes dictating a new, unique language by their nature. adi.oz.ari@gmail.com www.adiozari.com

Body, collage, 42x42cm

Body 2, collage, 42x42cm

Home, office staples, 40x30cm

SAGIT BISKER-ROM Reflecting on what to draw or sculpt - it's deciding what to be and what I am. In this process, my self-awareness rose greatly. The feeling of evolving and flowing between the different materials with different expression options, personal choice, free and deep choice. These empower me to translate my ability for strength and inner courage to move forward. The works are all abstract and emotional with a strong presence of body organs. The threads as an image for the tissue that completes missing parts. As if to sew the missing landscape. The scars of time from the event that left me aphasia and right half of my body paralyzed are healing and I find myself successfully coping with speech rehab, new habits, using my healthy left torso. Investigating power and mental strength versus body weakness became for me an open daily questioning for setting goals and achieving success. www.sagitbiskerrom.com kaveketem@gmail.com

Ceramic, Olive wood, Drawing. Roots series 2019, 55X32X24cm, Mix media

MICHAL KIMCHI Painting accompanies me my entire life. A new painting is an adventure, and, just like a good book, I expect to enjoy the journey, to be surprised every step of the way and to not know how it will end. The process is slow and meticulous. The subjects are universal and free of prejudice. I like the graphic precision, and occasionally use the thinnest brush on the largest canvas. I’ve studied and taught the history of the arts, and especially love the naïve art style - as my paintings proudly show. Nevertheless, I am not naive at all… To which art branch do I belong? it is for the observer to judge. mi13957@gmail.com

"Couple on a chair" 100x70 Cm Acrylic on canvas

" Abird from America" 50x30 cm, Acrylic on canvas

" Irit "120x80 Cm Acrylic on canvas

ELISHEVA NESIS "I make art for brainy people. My main interest is looking for signs of mysteries in our life and studying evidences of their penetrations into the real world. Almost all my paintings and books are around this theme. As well I've been trying to detect mysterious penetrations in some border individuals. So it was just natural to me to live in Jerusalem." eli7va@gmail.com www.saatchiart.com/elishevanesis

BREATHING-OUT, series "THIN CONNECTIONS" (canvas/acrylic, 60 x 45 cm

LATEX GLOVE, series "NEW EMOTIONS" (canvas/acrylic, 60 x 40 cm

SISTERS , series "THIN CONNECTIONS" (canvas/acrylic, 70 x 60 cm

ETTI CHECHOVER I am a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts, and have been in the arts since 1978. I have exhibited many exhibitions in Israel and in the Netherlands My paintings are about people: I paint portraits, but what interests me most is the expression. I often paint "unfinished" paintings (non finito), but the expression is also evident in these parts. I am very interested in the history of art, and this is evident in my paintings. The topic of "mother-child" is also of great concern to me, and I have been dealing with this series for several years. mannic01@gmail.com FB 2020 oil on wood 14x12 cm

2020 oil on wood diameter 14X14 cm

2020 oil on wood 17x14 cm

MA’AYAN KOSSOFF When I paint the female, I search for the underlying aspects that help define her, looking for what lies beneath; her inner power, vulnerability, sensuality. I wait for that moment when she is not ‘posing’, finding that particular expression or thought that says to me, ‘this is who she is right now’. For me, it feels biographical, as if I am capturing a moment of time in her life. In abstraction, my work becomes more autobiographical as each of my series begins with a shock, an event in my life that is transformative. Large in scale, I invite the viewer into the visual universe of the painting. With impulsive applications of vibrant color, bold, energetic brushstrokes and varied opacity, the dialogue between me and the oil paint begins creating an environment where movement, depth and mystery is revealed, and a sensory experience occurs. My approach is a necessary way of depicting a transcendent reality, whereby the painting and viewer fuse together, creating a spiritual intimacy. studio@ma-ayan.com www.ma-ayan.com

The Wanderer, 147.3cm x 132cm, oil on canvas, 2020

Carin Asleep II: 86.25cm x 101cm, oil on linen, 2010

NOA ZENI Artist photographer born in Israel 1969. The work was created for the Zumu Museum's fourth station, which was set up in an abandoned supermarket. In the artist resident program ,i lived and created this work in a small immigrant city of Kiryat Yam. In weekly meetings with groups of students we printed hundreds of milk cartons. The images are printed on the cartons using the canyotype technique, which uses sunlight burn an image onto the object, in this hand-made prints each of the generic product becomes unique and valuable. These Images are pictures i took of my family life, in the past 18 years of motherhood depicts moments of pain, conflicts, childbirth and death. intimate moments burnet onto the milk carton for all to see, exposed to the sunlight for a healing process disguising the narrative of motherhood and nurturing. www.noazeni.com noazeni@gmail.com

burned 2019 readymade - detail

burned 2019 readymade - detail

burned 2019 readymade cyanotype - 1-2 250 cm x 180 cm readymade : cyanotype prints ,milk cartons, steel supermarket shelf .

LUCY ELKIVITY The roots of my work are inner voices teeming with life, abstract forms, biomorphic creatures. My fascination lies in Nature. The materialized creatures are very physical, but I wish for them to own certain emotional traits, and eventually become emotionally open ended, capable of endless change. I wish them to communicate and stimulate the viewer. I like the calligraphic expression of using ink and the use of water is crucial for me for breathing sensation. Even if there a single drop of ink, that is for me like a homeopathic medicine. The ink is there. I wish to paint: What comes out of our mouth, what the skin transmits, the gap between the two, what is swallowed, what is gone. elkivity@gmail.com www.lucy-elkivity.com



Lucy-cyanotype on fabric-20x20cm

HILA MIZRACHI My images are fragments of experiences , thoughts, and passes situations. They are pieces of life. There is no specific time or place in the photos. Most of the situations are not touchable, and some of them are kind of fantasy, memory or flashback. They are direct expression of my feelings and my soul. www.Hilam.carbonmade.com mizrachi.hila3@gmail.com

Untitled 2, photography

Untitled 1, photography

MAYA HADASH In the last few months I have revisited my personal archive of photos from the last 7 years, and searched for common language between time and observation. I have managed to find a connection between things that have excited me over the years. Honestly simple: We are surrounded by grandiose, sparkly, eye-pecking, complex, and exciting worlds. Most of our lives we are in a crazy pursuit after money, fame, never missing out! Always be present!! But every now and then it’s important to take a step back, take a deep breath, take a look at the little things, get purely excited, embrace simplicity and know how to enjoy it just like that. Honestly simple. mayanew87@gmail.com FB

Crack in the wall_digital photography

Gathered from the ground_digital photography

Leaf on asphalt_digital photography

LIOR REZIEL Art is my port; from its shores I embark on journeys; to art I return. Art is my path and the instrument whereby I can connect and recount the story of the terrain I have visited, in a manner that transcends the limitations of language and culture. Through my work as an artist, I make contact with color, as an expression of the unplumbed regions, seemingly forgotten from thought, but not from the heart. In my works of art, my creations, I seek to uncover these regions whose memories continue to resound in the heart of the observer. www.liorreizel.com liorreizel@gmail.com

Holy and srcular 70cm x 100cm sand and acrylic on canvas 2019

Attempt 50cm x 100cm textile and acrylic on canvas 2019

MERAV TAL-OR I am an Israeli female autodidactic artist - photographer, poet and performer. I create art in a number of different genres: Self-body photography, object photography, and a special genre in which I turn a photographic image into 'painting' by changing the image mode to 'negative' mode and reinforcing the image tones. merav.talor@gmail.com FB

Goose in the grass - Mobile phone photography-negative - Variable dimensions

Flower in blue - Mobile phone photography-negative Variable dimensions

GALIT ZIMBALIST I am a Curator and producer of Mamilla Jerusalem Gallery and the Curator of "Migvanim" (Diverse) Community Gallery in Ramat Hasharon. In addition, offers curatorial support services tailored and fitted to artists work process. During these processes, I tailor-made the project to the artist individual goals, needs and ambitions. BA in Cinema and Art History at New York University, USA (1985). Curatorial management of galleries and museums (Interdisciplinary Center Art and Culture, Tel Aviv) Photography, University of Haifa. Artistic statement for the “Feminine Nature� series: As a curator accompanying artists in their artistic work I also advise the photographer Hanan Shafir I was recently exposed to a group of works of his that deals with the male observation on the female image. In a wonderful body of works he combines elements of Mother Nature with contemporary femininity, He manages to expose feminine being free of shields and defenses. zimbal1@bezeqint.net FB

Photographer: Hanan Shafir

REVITAL KALAY Every time I drive from the city where I live to Tel Aviv, I pass through the forest and "drag" some nature to the studio, that is located in the heart of the city. In my work I combine sections of life, dreams, family photos - old and new, into a new narrative. The characters surrounding by nature, usually forest. The artwork is done by observing different images and connecting them within the painting. I choose the subjects that interest me intuitively and explore them visually through the creation process, While preserving the initial stages in the finished work. The collage work makes it possible to re-examine different elements and subjects, through their connections. I paint mostly oil paintings, My works are characterized by expressive brushwork and vivid colors but at the same time are peaceful and harmonious. I love to blend colors and find the right palette for each work. revitalkalay@gmail.com www.revitalkalay.com/

A memory, Oil on canvas,60X60cm

A boy and a dog In the forest, Oil on cannvs,60X80cm

Family, Oil on canvas 40X60cm

DEBBIE KAMPEL I am a landscape painter. The draw of the rugged Judean hills, the sensuality of the dipping curves of the valleys and the ever changing shades of color, have always intrigued my senses. In my newer series, trucks, traffic, and views of human habitation at night have broadened the scope of my interest and views of the ancient land have given way to the human landscape. Vibrancy, tension, and emotional scenes of everyday life have captured my attention. My paintings reflect the underlying energy and pulse of life, which is an undercurrent ever present in my volatile, passionate country. kampel@zahav.net.il www.debbiekampel.com Cowboy Truck, oil on linen, 110x100cm

Waterboys , oil on linen, 110x130cm

TOVIT HORN My artistic initiative is driven by love for the activity. I explore the artistic process, from my inner and outer world, as a person who goes through processes, through life experiences. My perception of art is related to healing, both personal and collective. I explore through simple forms, concepts, and images. I am influenced by the field of "social sculpture". A term coined by Joseph Beuys, an artist who inspires me. The sculpture in Kfar Uriah belongs to this field. The essence of the sculpture is not the result, but the connection to the people that follow the process over the last 10 months. I create sculptures, paintings, drawings, and poetry. The topics in sculpture lead me to the choice of materials. It’s challenging for me to experiment with new materials. When drawing, the process is intuitive, I work with the shapes and colors, examining their relationship, movement, and interaction between the object and its environment. tovitza@gmail.com www.tovithorn.com

Tree on Canvas, 40x30cm

Self Portrait on Canvas, 40x30cm

LIDA SHARET MASSAD In the series “Majama,” (large Persian copper trays), I used images from my parents’ cultural world to focus the gaze on statements embodying contemporary significance, critical thought, gender and the borderlines of East-West communication. My desire to rebel against tradition is coupled with great empathy. I love to observe ready-mades that cross my path, stimulating a process of deconstruction and reassembly in the studio. I combine materials that are traditionally perceived as “masculine” with a practice considered “feminine craft,” as I tie, crochet, and embroider with metal wires. lidams@gmail.com www.lidasharetmassad.com

Untitled Graphite acrylic and masking tape on paper 45X34 cm

Untitled Graphite acrylic and masking tape on canvas 32X34 cm

OSNAT OLIVA I'm a creative person. Growing up, I realized that creativity is the central quality of my personality and that it is expressed in my unique way of thinking and in the way I'm looking at the world. Few years ago I was exposed to the magic of the painting world at Israel Hershberg's school. I learned there the painting language - abstract observation; Spots and lines, tones and edges. Since then I’m walking in a fascinating journey that involves; Fabric folds that create nameless shapes; Elegant outline of sculpted goddess; Dried petals that froze in time; The world is full of pictorial motifs, and as an artist, I must refine my senses, identify and hunt them in my own special way. osnatsheiner@gmail.com WEB

Mysterious Womam | oil on linen mounted on wood | 40 x 30 cm

The red Statue | oil on linen mounted on wood | 36 x 27 cm

Still life with rose | Graphite pencil on paper | 32 x 32 cm

RUTI SINGER Black ink seeps through the fibers of the delicate, fragile Xuen paper on which I paint. For years I have been exploring these materials and how they interact with Western artistic practices, regardless of whether I am painting cows, structures, landscapes or people. Often, my practice is to arrest moments, frequently from moving pictures, and to distill, fragment and defamiliarize them, examining collective consciousness, sociopolitical issues and relationships between people and between humanity and nature. “Newsreels” is the most austere of my series, originating in the black and white “documentary” newsreels from the 1930-40s in Israel. I freeze a frame and rendering it in shades of ink, examining what was considered “newsworthy” (or appropriate propaganda?). I am particularly interested in how women were depicted, what roles they were assigned through the media, and how it translates to today, reflecting back onto current society in Israel. ruti.singer@gmail.com www.rutisingerart.com

Untitled (Tribute to “Triumph of the Will”) Ink on Xuen paper 40 x 69 cm 2019

Untitled (May First) Ink and watercolor on Xuen paper 34.5 x 69 cm 2018

Untitled (Straw Mattress for the New Immigrant) Ink on Xuen paper 34.5 x 69 cm 2018

CHERYL VEINER For many years my professional artwork centered on figurative ink drawings, the most popular of which was a line of whimsical musicians prints and notecards sold across the USA. Then, at some point I had a real desire to paint spaces with color and movement and after a lot of experimenting I found that waterscapes offered me this experience. Being a native of Minnesota, “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, I was well acquainted with lake scenes. After moving to Israel I found the additional opportunity of seascapes. For me, oil on canvas is best for this subject matter , however I also enjoy painting a variety of subject matter and also work in soft pastel and watercolor. Cherylveiner@gmail.com WEB

“Spring Sea”Oil on canvas 30x60 cm

“Summertime at Cedar Lake ,Minnesota “Oil on canvas 30x40 cm

ROSE BAR-NUR As an infant, I was spellbound by the unique sound the pencil makes when it came into contact with paper. When I was four years old, inspired by the pictures of fairy tales that covered the preschool walls, I decided that when I grew up, I would draw all the fairy tales. So began my love story with the world of painting, with countless pencil sketches. I grew older, the topics changed, but my passion for drawing never diminished. At the age of fourteen I picked up a brush and have never laid it down. Today I work in oils, in a realistic style. My topics are taken from life with hints of symbolism. In my paintings I observe the complexity of gender, old age, poverty, existence and death. The dynamics between Jews and Arabs can also be found among my subjects. My paintings freeze real-life situations that conceal questions. For the last two years I have devoted all my time to painting. I dove into the world of art with the purpose of creating, and expanding my expressive range. rosebarnur@gmail.com www.instagram.com/rose_barnur

Isolation breakers, 70x50 cm. oil on canvas

What will be ,75x50 cm. oil on canvas

One out of five, 100x70 cm. oil on canvas

TOVA ELDAD In my works there is an ongoing dialogue between wild nature and the human nature, between it’s inner and outer expressions, represented by images from the natural world. Flowers, trees, birds, hyenas and more. The works seem to be searching for some fragile and delicate balance between the different images and the space. Sometimes it is harmonious, sometimes threatening, sometimes vulnerable, A balance point of order and chaos. Human nature is expressed through the animal figures, representing the inner world of experiences, as it relates to place, time, and the timeless. The images are photographs and image processing from my artist books. tovaeldad@gmail.com www.tovaeldad.com

Mixed media 100x70 cm

MARGALIT PRIMO My work focuses on re-birth and new creation; which is a focal point in my life, With the excitement of creating personal combinations, unexpected sights, the impossible, composed on a clean, smooth platform. I immerse again, in sensuality, in spots and in stripes, This creates a work that moves, visually artistically and emotionally. My work has a personal, complex, direct and intuitive sequence of techniques, photographic pieces (collage), pencil drawing, oil pastell, soft pastels, acrylic and other materials. Like "delving" into the light of my soul where bits of life, images and understandings are mixed. The small sites, the sensual shapes, sometimes also in sexual forms ... The drawing, the lines and the flow between them, as they merge together, create "my own artistic language". I aspire to move the viewer and enlighten while viewing my works. I seek to excite the viewer and cause a sense of elation as much as I do. margprim@gmail.com FB

Mix media 70X50 12. 19

Mix media 60X60 floating 3.2020

TAMAR ISTRIN I was born and raised in Tel-Aviv Israel. I am a member of the Israel Association of Painters and Sculptors. I began my artistic journey with painting and discovered my passion for sculpting over a decade ago I deal with multidisciplinary art and recently I specialize in digital works. The digital works I create are a mix of poems of poets that influenced the culture in Israel and photography. I tie them together to create one piece of art. My works have been displayed in solo and group exhibitions in Israel and abroad, while some have also been purchased by art lovers. istrint@gmail.com www.istrin.co.il

Digital work, 90x60 cm

Digital work, 90x60 cm

TIKVA GOREN Since I can remember myself, I was drawn to art and especially loved to paint my childhood landscape, Jezreel Valley. For years I've been painting daily and explore the meaning of what it is to paint and the different painting materials (mostly coal and oil paint). My current work evolved from continues learning through out the years. On one hand I'm very tied to traditional art, but on the other hand I'm loosening by deconstructing and reconstructing and looking for freedom, movement and expression. tikva-goren@hotmail.com WEB

Combing oil on canvas 100X70cm

Pregnancy oil on canvas 50X50cm

Maya oil on canvas 50X40cm

MICKY HAREL From a large series of special technique with ink drawings that I have experienced in recent years. Drawing in black and colored ink, which I take for a trip with imagination and travel inspiration. This is contemporary figurative art. And a call for free painting in a surrealistic and symbolic style which creates a dreamy atmosphere in the circus of life. All the drawings are on a brown wrapping paper 70X50 cm' The technique is black and color ink with a bland and touches of white acrylic mikusharel@gmail.com

CHAVA POLIVODA For years I have posted images of Jewish Ornamentation. Abandoning the immediate environment and gathering into action almost unconscious . . Jewelry records images Philigran mention old work of jewelers . Small drawings accompany the verse from the Song of Songs " beads your neck ... " so called series. Received First Prize from the Museum Bible Illustrations. Registry is not finished decoration . My work continue to grow stronger and get interpretations beyond the foreseeable viewer . 'My doing is similar to knitting and weaving yarn diligent . I weave little clues in my work. I have presented numerous solo exhibitions in Israel and abroad.. polivodachava@gmail.com WEB

Without name, Acrylic on canvas 100X100cm Without name, Acrylic on canvas 90X80cm

NITZA LIVAY My first connection to Art began when I was around 10 years old. I have found somewhere coal residues and started to use it for drawing galloping horses on paper as well as on my parents’ balcony walls. I studied art in 3 art institutes: The Plastic Art Institute (Bat Yam, Israel), Avni Art Institute (Tel Aviv, Israel) and the Art Teacher’s College (Beit Berl, Israel). I have presented my art works since 1984 in group and single exhibitions. My last single exhibition took place at the Tel Aviv Artists House (name: “The white paper sees me”. Curator – Bilu Blich). nitza.livay@gmail.com Web

Together. Artist: Nitza Livay. Technique: Paper cutting. 35x25cm

Celebration. Technique: water Ink painting. 35x25cm

SABINA SCHKOLNIK SAAD Multimedia and conceptual artist These are difficult times that we are now coping with. The Corona virus found me, as with everyone, unprepared. Yet as with other challenging times in my past, my creativity was triggered. Closed up at home, there was no lack of time, though materials were lacking. So I began with a small drawing on paper using ink and pencils. Soon I found myself in an artistic conversation with the virus. In each drawing I tried to draw it’s portrait and from drawing to drawing it’s personality revealed itself along with it’s influence on our lives. This artwork really “infected” me with Corona. Technique: ink and colored pencils on paper. sabinasaad@gmail.com www.sabinasaad.wixsite.com/artgallery