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44 DEGREES is an online magazine dedicated to the promotion of contemporary and professional Israeli artists. The magazine showcases various artists such as digital media artists, painters, sculptors, and curators, with each issue focusing on a different theme. Artists showcased in the magazine may be contacted via the URL posted. The magazine may be viewed in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem information archive room and in Tel Aviv Museum Library. 44 DEGREES online art Magazine was founded in 2013 by the artist Tammy Mike Laufer. She created the concept and she's also the Designer | Editor |Art director |Curator |Producer | Website Director.

Tammy Mike Laufer lives and works in Israel. She is an international contemporary artist and art director. She is graduate from the extension of the "Technion" Israel Institute for Technology in the department of Graphic Design, and continuing education program for designers at Sivan College Tel Aviv. She has been engaged with Digital Media for over two decades.

Tammy Mike Laufer's digital media art were exhibited in Museums, and Art projects in places such as Italy (53 Venice Biennale) Greece, Japan, the US, Portugal, Lithuania, Warsaw, Israel and more. www.tammymikelaufer.com

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In this issue we are proud to introduce six of our winning artists who received the prize "artist of the month", granted to members of The Association of Women's Art and Gender Research in Israel. In the next issues we will introduce additional artists, aiming to unfold the rich variety of artists, techniques and themes that women artists in Israel are engaged in. This issue of 44 Degrees is in collaboration with The Association of Women's Art and Gender Research in Israel. The main goals of the association, established in 2015, are to encourage the research of women artists in Israel. We also aim to serve as facilitators to contemporary women artists who are in need – by organizing events, shows, prizes and residencies, alongside helping them with networking, and by supporting scholarship about artistic activity. The association welcomes researches, artists, curators and art lovers of all genders and ages, from any religion, ethnicity, or nationality. Our hope is to have many members join us (please visit our website: www.womenartandgender.com

I would like to deeply thank the editor, Tammy Mike Laufer, founder of 44 Degrees, for the opportunity to collaborate with the Association of Women's Art and Gender Research in Israel, and we look forward to a fruitful dialogue about women, art and gender-relations in the Israeli arts. Tal Dekel, Chair of Association of Women's Art and Gender Research in Israel Head of Visual Culture Studies & Curatorial Studies, Kibbutzim College www.taldekel.net

HAGAR KADIMA Hagar Kadima is the winner of the 2003 Prime Minister Prize for composers and the first ever woman in Israel to earn a P.hD in composing. Her work is performed by vocal and instrumental ensembles in Israel and abroad. For several years she was a lecturer in the music department at Levinsky College. In 2000 she founded "The Forum of Women Composers in Israel" and served as its first Chair. In the last decade she has expanded her creative activity to include visual art, especially through ink and aquarelle paintings. During the last five year her artworks were included in 15 group exhibitions and in 5 solo shows. www.hagarkadima.co.ii

SHOSH GIVON Shosh Givon has graduated The Hebrew University (Geography and Archeology, 1972) and The Midrash College of Art (Photography, 1992), and is a lecturer for art teachers (19862006). Her artworks were exhibited in 4 solo shows and in several group exhibitions in Israel and abroad. She is a multi-disciplinary artist, and engages in print screen, engraving, photography and textile art. The topics of her works deal with identity and memory and include body imagery alongside Cuperssus tree and images of the heart. www.givonshosh.co.il

MALI ALBAZ ALMANDIN Mali Albaz Almandin lives in Tiberias and is a mother and grandmother. She is a B.A. graduate in Polyaesthetics and a M.A. Graduate of Art and Democracy (The Open University, Israel). Her expressive and colorful artworks of various sizes reflect motives in her personal life. Her works make use of several materials such as embroidery, oil painting, etcetera. She has participated in group exhibitions in Israel and abroad and is currently working on an upcoming solo show. www.almandineart.com

HANNAN ABU-HUSSEIN Abu-Hussein was born in Um el-Fahem and is currently based in Jerusalem. She is a prolific artist and an educator. Her work deals with women's status in the patriarchal society in general and Arab women's status in particular. She has created works about violence against women's body and especially about the murder of women. Abu-Hussein has exhibited in many group exhibitions and in solo shows mounted in major venues such as The Tel Aviv Museum and The Eretz Israel Museum. She is the recipient of the "Beki Dekel Prize for excellence" for 2019, awarded by the "Association for Women's art and Gender Research in Israel".

TIGIST YOSEPH RON Yoseph Ron was born in Gondar, Ethiopia and immigrated to Israel in 1984. She has graduated from the Visual Communication department at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and is an active artist and graphic designer. She has participated in many exhibitions in Israel and her upcoming solo exhibition, at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, will take place during 2020, following winning the Haim Shiff Prize for Figurative Realist Art for 2019. Her works combine realistic painting along with traces of cubism and expressionism, which coalesce into charcoal drawings.

ANNA FROMCHENKO Fomchenko graduated from Tel Aviv University (Art History and Cinema) and the Kalisher Academy of Arts. She is a board directing member of "Kivun Mizrah" and "Bimat Kedem". Her art, mainly paintings and drawings, revolve around the tension between objects and their meta-physics, aiming to undermine common patterns and forms of knowledge. Her art deals with sociology, religion and culture. She has participated in several exhibition in Israel and abroad. www.anna-fromchenko.com

LEVANA LUNA RABINOVIZ I am a multidisciplinary artist. My art professionalism is in painting, sculpting, photography, installations, art performance and spoken art. This year, I have been working on a new art project called: "New reality installation". I created a series of art installations that come across with the dynamics and relationship of family, children, couples and love. I invent and direct a new reality using a mixed technique, and then I document my installations through photography. After the documentation, I deliberately disassemble the installation since realities are constantly changing. Art reflects life. levanarabinoviz@gmail.com FB

photographed art of sizes 25/25 The names of my art installation are integral .

LEE TAL The goal of my work is to create solutions for artistic and spiritual equations. I've always been curious about the gap between sculptures and paintings. This dynamic is a key component in my work where both mediums could coexist in a harmonic symbiosis. I want to integrate sculptural concepts into the painted image that becomes an intimate record of our time. I want to combine the spiritual aspect of conceptual art and the mundane pop-culture objects in pop art together. My claim is those two concepts cannot be separate, but have to interlock with one another and so achieve a perfect union. The reductive well-defined quality of Minimalism is a big part of my work. The best way to describe my aesthetic is "conceptual-pop" with a Minimal underpinning. The final product is my attempt to merge the two equations. My work is also influenced by American consumerism. Our choice of clothing, houses, cars etc. They define our cultural group and political affiliation. I consider those objects as a mirror image of the consumer. There for my work is a portrait in which the consumer is a concealed presence. www.leetalart.com lee.tal.art@gmail.com

Interlock objects (target no' 93) 22 ¼ x 5 ½ x 37 ½ “ Acrylic, on violin and wood 2017

“Interlock object” (Target no. 113) 43x 6 ½ x 25 ¾”, spray paint and epoxy resin casting on wood,2019

LEA DOLINSKY As an architect, I used to design spaces and enclose them with walls that defined their boundaries within the natural surroundings. As a sculptor, I think about the inner spirit of my sculptures, and define boundaries with clay. My nude drawings and oil paintings are part of this personal point of view. The inner spirit is the essence of my work. Life, human beings and the relationship between them, have always inspired me. By joining them together, I can feel the music of their movements, the colors, the shadows they cast-on one another, and the sensuality of couples and groups. dlea21@gmail.com www.leadolinsky-sculptor.com

Woman 2019 acrylic on canvas 60x60x3cm

Totem 2003 handmade ceramic sculpture 69cm height

Storytellers 2018 handmade ceramic sculpture 38x30x39cm

RICKEY BENJAMIN I studies art and design in NYC where I lived for 15 years. Today I live and work in Rehovot, Israel. as a graphic designer and a video editor but my real passion is art. These workes. Some are based on common idioms and expressions taken into the political world. I use humour and ridicule to describe political Personality and situations. giraphic@hotmail.com

Untitled. Wood, plastic, print and acrylic

Castle in the air. plastic, print and acrylic

War is not a game. Wood, & acrylic

ANAT HADAR A multidisciplinary artist, creating mostly in porcelain pottery & print making art. After years of practicing art therapy, during the last few ones I'm focusing in my own creation. My porcelain work is distinguished & unique since it is made in a primary way, with minimum touch of the material, letting the porcelain speak for itself. The artworks are handmade, hand painted & neither one resembles the other. They express the gentleness of the material, its sensitivity for each & every movement or folding on one hand, and the drawing upon it corresponds with the historic Chinese blue & white, Persian miniatures & Ancient European vase painting traditions on the other hand. Some of them are combined with other materials, mostly rocks. This combination between the porcelain's delicacy and the rocks' roughness seems magical to me. anathadar04@gmail.com FB

Blue flower, Hand painted porcelain,W-26 cm H-23 cm

Conch,Hand painted porcelain with cobalt blue & a rock W-21 cm H-18 cm D-20 cm

Madeline,Hand painted porcelain W-23 cm H-26 cm

RUTH HAZI After many years as a ceramicist, I started exploring new boundaries of clay by layering colors onto slabs of clay and stretching them. The layers of colors broke into fragments, illuminating the mysterious process of how texture forms in nature. Texture intrigues me in all facets of life: nature, a peeling wall, Old-age wrinkles, cracks‌ Where I live, in the southern desert of Israel, the desert is a vast canvas of open space, barren, exposed, and multi-layered. Clay, my chosen medium, offers another canvas which expresses my life experiences. Years of practice, using various techniques, learning about what the clay wants to become, listening to nature, living among different cultures as well as my own, have all culminated in my present work. www.ruthhazi.com amiruth50@gmail.com

collecting dew made by Ruth Hazi 22 x 24 cm Layers of colors, stretched clay slabs. Hand built.

seeing through. 22x30 starched and layered colors on clay, textured and tainted with cobalt oxide.

layers of the earth. 22x30 spotted Terracotta and spotted mustard stoneware. Hand built.

RONI BEN PORAT a multidisciplinary artist who mainly deals with sculpture and installation in my work I combine art and design / architecture, two areas that very close to my heart. I created the exhibition Folly with the thought and understanding that the human encounter changed its shape. In the past, interpersonal communication was held at external meeting points, usually public cultural centers or common architectural structures. The hybrid space I created brings us back to those meeting points and offers an abstract interpretation of the change that followed in the technological age. bproni20@gmail.com

ARCH, sculpture - plaster on wood, h2.15 cm, 2019 photography - sima landa

ARCH, sculpture - plaster on wood, h2.15 cm, 2019 photography - sima landa

YONAT CHAMEIDES As an artist, I see myself in an on-going journey with unexpected discoveries along the way, exploring ideas and techniques. For many years, I’ve been ‘sculpting’ clay in liquid form (“slip”), exploring the concepts of a shell and the void created within it. A cloth is used as a construct for the sculpture. In some works it is burned and disintegrated in the work process but still recognizable, its memory lingers. In others the liquid is hardened through selfdeveloped chemical processes, becomes solid and durable. The objects are, to some extent, misleading, giving the illusion of a heavy material (e.g. metal, cement), yet very light weighted. Many of the works refer to ancient cultures, whose rituals, mythology, and attitude to body and soul, intrigues me. In the choice of objects and the technique used to create them, I try to explore the line between the “is” and “is not”. About me: My professional life has been divided between Israel and Australia, where I graduated in Art (Ceramics) studies. In recent years I operate a studio in Herzliya, Israel and exhibit in solo and group exhibitions. yonat.chameides@gmail.com www.yonat.chameides.com

Board Game, wall installation, proccessed liquid clay, metal, H 250 cm W 250 cm

Kites, proccessed liquidclay, L (one object inc. tail)-200 cm

redsail, proccessed liquidclay, L 100cm, H 80cm - Copy

YAEL BARLEV In my work, I combine what is considered fine arts and crafts. My work spans a large variety of mediums, and incorporate themes such as gender and identity. My working process is highly laboring, and uses repetitive patterns and images, to enhance my research of womanhood, violence, and memory. I usually work with the same images over the years: monstrous animals resembling wolves with sharp teeth, faceless girls in short dresses, rickety houses flying like a kite on a string or cobwebs that seem to have emerged from a terrifying nightmare. These difficult images are in complete contrast to the crisp, transparent and fragile-looking artwork. The working process with the delicate embroidery and sketching seems that rather than softening the feelings of fear, adds another layer of violent silencing, like a cover designed to conceal the horror. yaelbv@gmail.com www.yaelbarlev.com

Untitled, mix media and ready made. 63x27x32 cm

Untitled (black grass), mix media in glass box. 40x20x25 cm

Untitled, ink and pen on greaseproof paper, on metal wires. 113x48x39 cm

GALIT EINAV Pendants, never "unsent postcards" and "Matchy Women" installation, are a symbolic depiction of trafficking in women worldwide. As a social artist I put a spotlight on social issues and express my feelings through art. Using beer caps pendants I refer to the request "You don't have to use and throw". Soldiers' discs pendants are a call for help using female craft. The series- never "unsent postcards" was created in the ordinary postcard format. However, instead of the happy postcard, lies the story of the women who are held and use. "Matchy Women" installation is a harsh symbolic depiction wrapped in neat female aesthetics. 300 manipulated matches represent the voiceless victims of women trafficking. Galit.einav.nis@gmail.com FB

Silence 10x15cm

She is not 10x15cm


Pendants 3.5x5 cm.


BOUCA GRUNFELD I have gathered here a collection of my works from 2014 to 2018. The works range from being displayed on the walls or being placed on surfaces such as floorboard Gallery. I am dealing with Elements of twodimensional that always exists alongside with three-dimensional elements, also in a sense of seeing / visualize and feeling spaces. Observing the movement of a place / environment / landscape, in search of ‘inner content’ combined with colors to add another expression. I build construction from various materials as plywood, metal, canvas, paper and acrylic Colors. My works language refer and represent through contemporary art. A world with mixture of Materials, opposite combinations, cultures with Chaos. bouca007@gmail.com

Steel wood- 23x219x138cm 2018

Untitled Mixed Technique 25x50x7cm-2015

LUCY ELKIVITY I'm an Israeli artist born in Uruguay. My studio is in Tel-Aviv. I graduated The Midrasha College in 1981. I had ten solo shows and participated in many group exhibitions in Israel and abroad. An image floats in an undefined world, is hunted and captured, and then put on the canvas. After that comes the disengagement. The canvas is now its home, its world. I start feeling for its needs, trying to have a non verbal dialogue. The materialized creatures are very physical, but they deal with the spirit. I wish for them to eventually become emotionally open ended, capable of endless change. The need to express motion has drawn me toward marionettes hanging on a string, which in effect constitute material in motion. Their organs are not complete, and the symmetry of their bodies is minimal but nevertheless the images remain true to the rules of biology/construction: a central body with numerous organs like every living creature anchored in rich attributes and childhood memories. I came to investigate the fan after my excitement from movement. The fan as an interpretation of a wing. Robert Bresson says in his book "Notes on the cinematographer" that the sight of movement gives happiness. So I gave them wings. Wings are fans. Fans are wings. elkivity@gmail.com www.lucy-elkivity.com

fan-mixed media-15x50cm

installation detail- cyanotypes on paper- 80x80cm

TAMAR SHEAFFER My artistic practice includes drawing, installation, sculpture and recently video. Hybrid and imaginary urban landscapes are a central theme in all the above media. Through them I try to reflect a general sense of a dynamic, frenetic and multifaceted world, in which technology connects everything to everything. Being imaginary, the landscapes I make are not concrete places, even if they sometimes “quote” such places, but are instead trying to create a mental environment. My main work techniques are low tech, intentionally manual and Sisyphean, hoping to preserve the material and sensory experience in the digital age. The landscapes in my installations are almost always devoid of human presence, and made from “simple” materials (earth, wood, plastic, cloth, photographs, readymade objects etc.). With the blurring of categorical distinctions taking place nowadays (between the private and public spheres, true and falsehood, moral and immoral etc.), my installations are becoming more and more collagist and hybrid in nature. This also applies to my drawings. I draw mainly with pencils but also with ink and watercolor, using paper, wood and walls as substrate. Some of the lines I make are freehand, some are done with rulers and templates. The attempt to create beauty and meaning through “technical” drawing is interesting to me. tamar2tamar@gmail.com www.Tamarsheaffer.com

It Migt be better there, 2017,installation view, papers and artificial plants, 300X630X130 cm

there1, installation detail, paper, 30X120X50

GILA J.STEIN Born and raised in Israel. Some of my sculptures are part of the White House collection, the Spanish and Jordanian royal families, as well as many other private collectors. My sculpture “Pray for Peace” is displayed at the Pentagon in Washington D.C. I am a multi –faceted artist who engages in sculpting, engraving, photography and writing. My thoughts and feelings are transferred to the various materials with which I work: Bronze, Aluminum, Cement, Wax and Polycarbonate, giving them new essence and meaning. www.gilastein.com gilastein@gmail.com

Heads on Iron stands-Iron Cement 12x20xdiffrent H

Bikini- bronze 46x28x23 cm

Three Friends -stone 180X 57x116 cm

LEA WEINBERG Israeli-American Sculptor and Installation Artist, based in NY. Has shown extensively in Israel, Europe and the US in galleries and museums, receiving awards. Her work is at Hammond Museum, North Salem, NY, private collections and Public Art. “SCULPTCHAIR – New Life” 2019 wire mesh, reused chair, metal, plastic, mixed media (36x26x36inch) Wire mesh, my main sculpting medium, wrapped around an old, used garden chair transforming it into a contemporary sculpture. A semi abstract couple is seating as one piece attached to the renewed chair in togetherness, expecting new life on the way to become a family. “CONNECTED” 2018 wire mesh, wires, powder and glue coating, acrylic paint (22x31.5x4inch) My life is connected with heartstrings to humans who passed away before I was born. This wire mesh relief was created of two parts: one is expressing a group of people from the past, who are attached to the other side (of present life) with pain and torn red threads. A frame is embracing both parts in togetherness. leaweinberg@gmail.com www.leaw-sculptor.com

Connected wall sculpture wire mesh wires mixed media 22x31.5x4inch

New Life( light&Shadow) 36x26x36inch New Life(front view)s36x26x36inch

OSNAT MENSHES 2005, an accidental meeting with glass was a life changing game. I found in glass a wonderful and curious raw material. The glass can be hot and cold material, solid and liquid, transparent and opaque‌.. By years I opened a studio ,learned from masters around the world, and found my way to create glass. I used the base of the ancient technique , Pate de Verre ,(translation from French to glass paste) but found various ways to modernize it. During my work, I used frits and powders to create a stringers of glass. Those stringers, allow me to bring the row material to a high leave of flexibility and elasticity, which give the ability to knitting them. My works take part in exhibitions in galleries and museum, and for collectors www.osnatglassart.co.il oglassart@gmail.com

Pate de verre, Bullseye powder 55 diamter cm, 10 cm deep

Pate de verre, Bullseye powder 55 cm diameter, 7 cm deep

Pate de verre, Bullseye powder 55 diamter cm, 10 cm deep

SUE ELA My sculptures deal mostly with women, relationships and dance. My favorite technique is bending steel wires, covering them with clay and casting them in bronze or polyester. Based on my abstract sculptures, I have designed various outdoor projects and interactive, experiential sculptures, two of which were enlarged and placed permanently in a sculpture park in Modiin, Israel. "The Kingdom Playground", which I designed, was inaugurated in January 2019 in the Liberty Bell Park in Jerusalem. The park is made up of eight huge sculptures of royal images including slides, crown shaped benches and four sculptures of princes and princesses behind which children can stand to be photographed. I have participated in various solo and group exhibitions in Israel, the United States and Europe. sue.ela1@gmail.com www.sue-ela.com

Inspiration Bronze 2016 100x30x40 cm

Vision Bronze 35x16x20 cm 2019

Duet Bronze 80x30x15 2016

IRIT BIBER My work gives me joy of life and of creation, as well as curiosity about the process itself and its results, the material's ability to reflect my ideas, the result of the combination of materials and techniques, and thus giving life and interest to the material. The joy of creation enables me to be cleansed of the mundane and takes me to other worlds. To take a raw material such as iron, which is considered "cold", and to deal with it in a technique that makes it flexible and soft and then mold it according to my ideas or combine it with another very soft foundation material with other limitations which I love just as much – clay, and turn them into something warm, artistic and embracing. To give my creation a life of its own, with emotion, aesthetics and beauty that arouse the senses. The sculptures I create are made of clay, bronze castings alumium or polymer. Sometimes include combinations of other materials such as iron or glass. iritgbart@gmail.cpm www.iritgbiber.com

Mister Toad Enthusiastic suitor Bronze 40 30 , H = 54, 2019

Chinese couple - man BRONZE 32-26 . H - 36 Chinese couple – Woman, BRONZE 23-22 . H - 35

TAMMY MIKE LAUFER I am an international contemporary digital artist and art director, engaged in digital media and exhibits projects of video art and digital paintings in galleries and museums around the world. My works are similar to mental puzzles, where you can travel from one point to another by analyzing a picture’s symbolic objects. There is always something for the observer to discover. I never force my vision or push my philosophical opinion on the viewers each and every one, can give theirs philosophy to my creation. My art is surreal reality, all in my head. The viewer take a journey to places just as real as those you might find in this reality. When I start working on a new scene, it's like enter to a fantasy dream. like starting your new only virtual world. “Everything is possible” and in the majority of my works I am trying to combine visual realities, with subconscious emotions and philosophical thoughts. Tammy.tml@gmail.com www.TammyMikeLaufer.com

Hello NY, Digital drawing Prints on canvas 50X35 cm

Life Save, Digital drawing Prints on canvas 50X35 cm

Soft big hug, Digital drawing Prints on canvas 50X35 cm

Layers of layers of soil, Digital drawing Prints on canvas 50X35 cm

She is in the army, Digital drawing Prints on canvas 50X35 cm

YUVAL GLUSKA s an architect, I search for a fine line between art and architecture while exploring the invisible edge of the city. The work consist of concrete handmade "decorative" objects, that are photographed and integrated into images of the city. The imaginary urban and natural landscapes challenge both reality and the order of things by constructing a visual urban fiction. YGLUSKA@gmail.Com FB

Two Crows 50/70 cm

Building Chain 50/70 cm

Table and Woman 50/70 cm

EINAT AMIT-ROMACH Photography and art are an integral part of my life. Nature and candid landscape are my source of inspiration. Using my camera, I capture moments, relationships and emotions. As a nature fan I travel the world, but excited to find beautiful spot in my backyard. In my work I would like the viewer to experience what I have the moment I took the picture, and get excited. einat.amitromach@gmail.com www.einatamitromach.com

Tree tunnel. Digital photography 5184X3456 pixels

Childhood memory. Digital photography 5184X3456 pixels

live dancers silhouette Digital photography 4030X2564 pixels

RuTea S. NOY I am a multidisciplinary artist, fine art photographer and visual narrator. My work is poetic, musical, and entertaining With brushes, cameras and software it communicates stories to those wishing to explore everyday life in a non-conventional fashion, heal, find strength, hope and inspiration Web site


Autumn Concerto, Mixed Media - My work is dedicated to AICF who supported and changed the lives of artists in every discipline

JOZSEF RAZ A digital artist photographer. Visual graphic design and history of art graduate. On the way from the analog world to the digital world , I went from using direct contact of the materials such as : celluloid , steel , wood , glass and canvas to the digital world where I collect all the materials for my work using the camera and the scanner . The computer's mouse is my main tool to draw and scalp my work of art . My work expresses " searching after the beauty in the ugliness and the ugliness in the beauty " and creates an illusion of the fantasy world . jozsefraz@gmail.com

ORA COHEN In my art and photography I wish to bring to the front issues of gender and identity raise questions and try and break the conventional and obvious paradigms in which society judge others and criticizing them. Those issues I kept silence during my childhood and adolescence years, growing in a religious family and in a relatively conservative society. Over the years I have been dealing with these issues through taking self portraits, or being photographed by others at my request. Such is the self-portraits series, where I'm washing my face, wearing white dress (the Arabic old Jellabiya, still in use). In my recent project, I am taking portraits of Israeli different women in different ages, that their identity doesn’t necessarily match their gender. 30X40 Print on Fineart paper pasted on hard board. www.oraphoto.co.il/en/home oracohen023@gmail.com

MERAV TAL-OR An Israeli female autodidactic-intuitiveartist: photographer, poet and performer. I'm a vast free spirit, blessed with the gift of a heightened sensitivity, coping with a lot of shame and self-condemnation, a continuous pain, as well as the need to be completely free - resulting in a constant struggle against social dictates. For many years, influenced by common body images, I've hated my body, had thus suffered from severe eating disorders. For several years now, I've been photographing myself. It's a way of expressing beauty and pain, investigating my relationship with my body and the relationship of the body with the world - getting closer to myself and learning to accept my body. The desire for total exposure - emotionally no less than physically, makes me move between childlike innocence, sexuality and ‘madness’ in complete freedom not yet achieved in reality. I bring to the surface all that remains unspoken, all that we were taught to hide or be ashamed of. Sometimes I deliberately place the spotlight on the ‘shameful’ parts, sometimes even with humor or in a grotesque way. merav.talor@gmail.com FB

'Clock-WISE' - self photo by mobile phone

'Peeking' - self photo by mobile phone

'Another one bites' - self photo by mobile phone

LEORA CHESHIN For many years I have been photographing and writing. My subjects are my urban environs, my own life, my family, and my husband’s family. I have published six books, two of which are on the aforementioned families, integrating current and historical photographs with writing. My family’s history is shrouded mysterious, remaining vague and unclear. The isolated rays of light penetrating my home illuminate the objects remaining from past homes. These are the visual memories of families that no longer exist, research conducted in the language I love – the visual language of photography.

Archival pigment print on cotton rag paper, 33x50 cm leorache@netvision.net.il www.leora-cheshin.com

NAVA HAREL-SHOSHANI The starting point to my art is the human being, on all its traits, habits and weaknesses. In some of my works I try to touch the human, vulnerable side of people, turning my focus to personal or collective memories, relationships, anxiety of loss, parenting and old age. Many other works, very different, are made as a reaction to reality, as I perceive it, and deal ironically and with humor, with social and political criticism. As an artist who lives and creates within the disturbing reality of Israel at the second decade – feelings such as anger, frustration and helplessness are part of my expressive tool-kit. And also, sometimes, compassion and yearning, sadness or hope. navash16@gmail.com VIKIPEDIA

Reality Touch-up #16. 2018 Tamar Fleishman’s photograph [at Qalandiya checkpoint], adorned and embroidered 32x41 cm

People of the Book. 2013 Books on Iron skeleton 67x84x8 cm

Reality touch-up #4. 2017 Tamar Fleishman’s photograph [at Qalandiya checkpoint], adorned and embroidered 50x40 cm

FANNY HOROWITZ In my recent artistic project, I use a collage technique to create a hybrid reality. In the scenes that I create, architecture, characters and cultural symbols, from different periods in history and from different places, live side by side with my memories my dreams and my wishes. Most of them are gathered in imaginary living rooms created through the use of clippings from interiors magazines and fashion magazines, random abstract clippings taken from paintings that I paint in advance and on top of them another layer of paintings. The collages are printed in small limited editions and in different sizes, on Paper, Metal or Perspex. fanny@fh-art.co.il www.fh-art.co.il

Winter garden, collage, 60X50 cm,

Stair case, collage, 60X50 cm


MASKIT GOLAN The Myth of Male Identity The discussion of this work from my personal perspective focus on the question about the changing in recent decade of male identity. The need to re- examine the place of the masculine image from a female perspective by sculpting and designing the masculine imagery using feminine gemstones in fact unites the masculine appearance Each series I start with research and questions and hope the viewer to watch the series will share the experience www.electrosafe.co.il Maskit@electrosafe.co.il

MILA SOLOMON Photography & Mixed art My work is expressed mostly in black and white with occasional ʻsplashesʼ of colour. I believe that B&W is the origin/root of photography. it is capturing a piece of history in present time,it peels the noise and strips the subjects just to leave the viewer, with raw,clean nor dirty beauty that expose their vulnerabilities inspired by Surrealism, avant-garde, dark street photography, bizarre and sub styles culture. I like picking up a perfect-imperfect images of moments and situations which processes to create a place that reflects on oneʼs trailʼs of thought. My mixed workʼs combine the hidden thoughts and ideas that appears in my mind during the process. https://normila.myportfolio.com/home milasuki@gmail.com

RAMY YERUSHALMI In the past June I got fired from my job, no "heads up. Since then I'm home, alone, coping with the strike, and the emotions spectrum which accompanies the new situation. Where do the artist go to find comfort? Looking on the close environment, which has been the same place for the past 40 years. But through the new filters that life plans for me, The feelings, the senses, are translated to creation. It goes without saying - All of these works were created at the mentioned period. 218ramiy@gmail.com www.ramiphotography.co.il


A single leaf Memories

TANYA PREMINGER “My purpose is to express the immaterial essence of things in physical stuff: to make tangible the universal essence of the creation�. I work with earth, stone and wood, not as materials, but as entities. And size matters here, as these are great entities. My projects do not pay off therefore I hope to find like-minded people, who will help me implement projects, that are still stored and waiting in sketches. www.tanyapreminger.com tpreminger@gmail.com

PNINA ABRAMOVICH I bring together combinations of pagan and contemporary traditional practices and symbols as well as combinations of primitive and modern art-making practices in order to allow them to reflect on one another. The relation between specific art practices and the ethical and mystical ideas behind my work constitutes the core of what I’m doing. www.pnina-abramovich.com abramovich.pnina@gmail.com

Light Fingering, Video & Sound, 1:36 min. (hand performance & flute as a percussion by the artist)

Session, Video & Sound, 1:27 min. (Dancer- Yula Beeri, Flute by the artist)

EDEN DEGANY I'm a 23 years old photographer from Ramat Gan, Israel. The camera gives me the opportunity to communicate with everyone around me, and to see another aspect of their truth. i get to watch more with an extra eye, and that's how I explore my surrounding. I took these pictures with my film camera, last summer in Portugal. Free boys in nature edendegany99@gmail.com


ILANA DOTAN I focus mainly on industrial materials and non-branded products in my immediate vicinity, that have been affected by various forces such as stretching, tearing, wrinkling, weathering ‌ as their being used. These materials are found almost everywhere, playing a key part of a culture of fast and cheap man-made consumption. I photograph the object of my choice using a smartphone camera, process the photo over the computer and then transfer the outcome, using pencil and charcoal, to paper. The realistic enlargement of the object and the laborious drawing allow the aesthetics, uniqueness and complexity of these products to be appreciated. This rigorous description of objects and materials continues a long tradition of stilllife-painting, which throughout history, along with being a concrete depiction of reality, served as an allegory on human existence. idotan2@gmail.com www.ilanart.co.il

The End - pencil and charcoal on paper - 45X45 cm

Dead or alive - pencil and charcoal on paper - 153X69 cm

TOVA ELDAD In my works there is an ongoing dialogue between wild nature and the human nature, between it’s inner and outer expressions, represented by images from the natural world. Flowers, trees, birds, hyenas and more. The works seem to be searching for some fragile and delicate balance between the different images and the space . Sometimes it is harmonious, sometimes threatening, sometimes vulnerable, sometimes offensive. A balance point of order and chaos. Human nature is expressed through the animal figures, representing the inner world of experiences, as it relates to place, time, and the timeless. I seem to be seeking to return art to its past origins, derived from a connection to the shamanic spirit, when art was not “art�, but an array of Images which contain within them mystical power with all the might of prehistoric fertility goddesses, or hieroglyphs as written language, as images, and as holy relics. The works also relate quite often to death, and oblivion, existing as one entity with life. tovaeldad@gmail.com www.tovaeldad.com

Processed photography from the series New Land 2

Processed photography from the series New Land 4

Processed photography from the series New Land 7

AYELET BERMAN The conceptual beginning of my work is the identification and capture of a potential image from everyday life. This capture is usually done by the mobile phone camera. From the very first stage the painting is built by color stains, without drawing or sketching. My intention is not to "copy" reality but to convey it as an idea, and henceforth focus on the internal interaction that occurs on the canvas, between shapes and colors. Web site bayelet2@gmail.com

Beautiful Israel, 80x70, oil on canvas

Palm trees in Tel Aviv, 70Ă—60, oil on canvas

Summer in HaShfela area, 60Ă—70, oil on canvas

ELISHEVA NESIS I make art for brainy people. My main interest is looking for signs of mysteries in our life and studying evidences of their penetrations into the real world. Almost all my paintings and books are around this theme. As well I've been trying to detect mysterious penetrations in some border individuals. So it was just natural to me to live in Jerusalem. eli7va@gmail.com www.saatchiart.com/elishevanesis

THE LAST DOG acrylic on canvas 80x60 cm

BEFORE the FLIGHT acrylic on canvas 72x53 cm

LOVE CONFESSION acrylic on canvas 80x50 cm

OLEG BABICH I am a modern Israel-based artist engaged in painting and graphics. Nature as a mystical high power, and the numerous concealed connections between the real, unreal and even human-like forms of life — these are the subjects of exploration and the basis for storytelling in my artworks. I was born in 1976 in Russia, and I am proud to continue my family`s artistic dynasty, which started from Eastern-European window-decoration artists in XVIII century. I constantly participate in exhibitions and art events in Israel and abroad, and enjoy being a live part of the art community. For the last 15 years, I also have been working as graphic designer, illustrator and creative director. All of the featured artworks are oil on canvas. olegbbch@gmail.com www.olegbabich.co Moss-70 x 90 cm

Blue with Horns- 60 x 50 cm Tender as the Night-50 x 70 cm

DAPHNA MARKMAN ZINEMANAS It is all about contemplating. Phenomenology of the inside and the outside of my inspiration attracts me. My focus is on colours, form and composition along with the evolving emotion connected to the interaction with the model. Mostly my models are family and friends and painting them is a unique meaningful opportunity Hopefully, my paintings do convey the essence of the encounter and the model’s emotional and physical portrait. These paintings are dedicated to the people of Talipiot market in my hometown, Haifa. Each painting was planned together. with the model As in other social projects I took part, I felt that this process made the models feel more important and valuable. markmanzd@gmail.com Web site

Eli and Salach,50X70cm, watercolor

Tow generations of the market ,50X70cm, watercolor Shai,50X70cm, watercolor

SMADAR LOMNITZ The human being, its body and soul, its relationship with itself and others, are in the heart of my work. I deal with various Medias and techniques: digital, material and mixed, and I always explore new ways of self-expression. My painful past is present in my work, which I strictly keep aesthetic and neat. I transform pain into beauty and humor. smadarlom@gmail.com

Beauty- Digital madia-24.5X19 cm

The collector-Digital media_50X32.5 cm

Sweety-Digital media. 43X33 cm

NAOMI SHALEV Why do I create? Because it’s such a joy - to have a way of expressing something that persistently requires expression! I am very interested in human feelings, relationships, people and myself. This is my unlimited material for creativity. shalona9@gmail.com FB

Burn in Hell damned Ass! 50X50cm

End of the Lane 145X95cm

Self portrait with a best Friend 96X66cm

SARITH LEILA HAS I am a multidiscipline artist. Here I choose to exhibit my paintings. I start with the background intuitively, Without knowing where I go, Just feel the paint which I pour on the paper. I use sponge and my hands.. Then I wash the painted paper with a lot of water, hoping it will survive it.. After this proses I start drawing‌ My main work in the last 6 years, is a dialog with my background, and I use Family albums and pictures of children who were murdered during the holocaust Or after trauma, which corresponds with my experience as a second generation to the holocaust.. batshe12@smile.net.il https://www.instagram.com/sarithle/ All works A mixed technique on paper

YAEL AVNI ESHCHAR I choose to paint, because painting is a " hot" material ,and it always there for me, waiting for me, and does not require special preparation. There is always a canvas waiting for me to paint on. Colors, stains and shapes are my main research tools, and keep me busy. My artwork is looking to create an environment. Tension between texture, color and delicate spots. My work process begins with a word, sentence or image, then I look for materials that will serve the idea. Currently I am looking for an image that would astonish me, to express fragility, vulnerability, joy, testimony. These works are the development of earlier works which dealt with childhood, memory, fragility, purity and the tension between innocence in the face of reality. Creation is the focus of my life. i am also creating musical tracks with advanced DJ equipment am also the owner and director of an art studio with students of all ages. I am a mother, daughter, sister and wife. 15 years ago I started to practice Yoga and Pilates and I find a real connection between breathing methods and achieving the different positions and the changes in my artistic style and development. www.yaelavni-art.com avni.yael@gmail.com

Because the world is round oil on canvad 60cm 2019

Lemon tree oil on canvas 60cm 2019

YONA LEVY GROSMAN I live on the edge of the Israeli desert, my work deals with several fields: oil paintings, drawing, video art, laminated reality, poetry and prose. The desert landscapes provide the vision and insights of infinity. These landscapes speak to me in rhythms, colors, and changing patterns that combine and repeat themselves in different places. In my work I move between them from macro to micro and back as from figurative to the abstract. Of all these, the landscapes of shifting sand that change the appearance of their surface in a miraculous snake's movement, mesmerize me. I return again and again to deal with the magic hidden within it. yonalg@gmail.com www.art-gallery-yona.com

Dune in Wadi Rum in Jordan - Oil on canvas 120x170 cm - 2015

AYELT BOKER Painting, for me, is a powerful tool of expression and dialogue. The ideas for my painting are inspirations that I get from cities, constructions - its uniqueness as well as from the bible, death, desires, sole searching dreams and from the chaos of uncertainty. I like to create in my painting a sense of roughness which pours and reflects the obvious self on my painting canvas. I draw the technique of oil on canvas in a variety of styles varying from being impressionistic, realistic, surrealistic, depending on the type of dialogue that I create with my experiences. Oil painting allows me to paint the charming richness of colors and the creation of an additional dimension of roughness allows me to work with layers. Enabling me to revitalize my paintings and shape them without compromises, until I come to the conclusion that I have nothing more to add to my painting, and it truly expresses a self-integrated experience. In my work, I often draw casing a conflict between a new life and death, sacred and profane, reality and disillusionment etc. Bokerayelet@gmail.com

Tree of knowledge 90/120 Oil on canvas

MICHAL SHELLY When I paint, I try not to plan ahead . . . the feeling is that the paint in my paint board ‘chooses’ me . . . my free hand motions . . . the brain focused on the sensations that the topic/theme awakens . . sometimes the ‘topic’ remains unknown to me, the paint spots, their texture, the color, the composition or the image that emerges, clarify to me what wants to be expressed . . . this is a conscious process that is in dialogue with unconsciousness. Michalshelly1@walla.com

place2-150X100cm Oil on canvas

place4- 100X100cm Oil on canvas

OKI SHWARTZ Self-taught artist from Pardes Hanna, Israel. My work process is generally spontaneous. The starting point could be a movement of the hand or choosing specific colors. The painting develops through a meditative process and offers more defined images and directions, which I receive and continue to build the painting from there. I continue to explore abstract painting. oki.shwartz@gmail.com

Like photography, 40x20cm, Acrylic

The yellow fisherman, 50x30cm, Acrylic

DAVID BOVETES I'm an Israeli visual artist, and a poet, living and working in Tel Aviv. Through my work I try to merge my observations and the experiences generated by my nearest surroundings with inquiries into the physical and psychological qualities of the media I'm using. Under the guise of traditional themes, such as landscapes and still lives I try to push the limits of the medium with experimental use of adhesives, paints and solvents producing unexpected juxtapositions of color and textured surfaces, in order to create both intense and lyrical works although they seem at first of opposite nature. I find the creative process, which brings together awareness sand learning to be the most enriching experience of my life. bovetesda@gmail.com

Building mixed m 85x65cm

Palms mixed m 30x40cm

Sunny avemixed m 66x73 cm

SVETLANA BELENKIN In my works I use a mixture of impressions, of memories, of dreams, of fantasies and real images of modern life. This is my recipe to try to turn on the imagination of the viewer and carry away his thoughts and imagination further and deeper into the picture... svetlana.belenkin@gmail.com www.artmajeur.com/belana

Dream, acrylic on canvas 50cX70cm

Urban life. oil on canvas 40X40cm

HAVA ZILBERSHTEIN After twenty years of art teaching I preferred to devote myself to art only. In the last fifteen years I create my works by etching on zinc and aluminum plates. This technique is the most suitable to express myself because of the character of the textures. In my works I use figures made of lines and stains, situated in abstract and vague environment. havazil@gmail.com

Untitled, 20 Ă— 17 cm engravings

RINA MUALEM I use images to express ideas, in my virtual works which each called episode I try to change or expand cultural views, open or loosen up and see that there are more options of dismantling context. Unable to connect a deep meaning that leads to absolute preference I try to think that everything can be possible to get seat in our existence is like to walk in constant motion through the movement for movement, like the time thoughts are not linear. jehudamualen@013.net ISTAGRAM

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