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44 DEGREES is an online magazine dedicated to the promotion of contemporary and professional Israeli artists. The magazine showcases various artists such as digital media artists, painters, sculptors, and curators, with each issue focusing on a different theme. Artists showcased in the magazine may be contacted via the URL posted. The magazine may be viewed in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem information archive room and in Tel Aviv Museum Library. 44 DEGREES online art Magazine was founded in 2013 by the artist Tammy Mike Laufer. She created the concept and she's also the Designer | Editor |Art director |Curator |Producer | Website Director.

Tammy Mike Laufer lives and works in Israel. She is an international contemporary artist and art director. She is graduate from the extension of the "Technion" Israel Institute for Technology in the department of Graphic Design, and continuing education program for designers at Sivan College Tel Aviv. She has been engaged with Digital Media for over two decades. Tammy Mike Laufer's digital media art were exhibited in Museums, and Art projects in places such as Italy (53 Venice Biennale) Greece, Japan, the US, Portugal, Lithuania, Warsaw, Israel and more. www.tammymikelaufer.com

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In this issue we are proud to introduce six of our winning artists who received the prize "artist of the month", granted to members of The Association of Women's Art and Gender Research in Israel. In the next issues we will introduce additional artists, aiming to unfold the rich variety of artists, techniques and themes that women artists in Israel are engaged in. This issue of 44 Degrees is in collaboration with The Association of Women's Art and Gender Research in Israel. The main goals of the association, established in 2015, are to encourage the research of women artists in Israel. We also aim to serve as facilitators to contemporary women artists who are in need – by organizing events, shows, prizes and residencies, alongside helping them with networking, and by supporting scholarship about artistic activity. The association welcomes researches, artists, curators and art lovers of all genders and ages, from any religion, ethnicity, or nationality. Our hope is to have many members join us (please visit our website: www.womenartandgender.com

I would like to deeply thank the editor, Tammy Mike Laufer, founder of 44 Degrees, for the opportunity to collaborate with the Association of Women's Art and Gender Research in Israel, and we look forward to a fruitful dialogue about women, art and gender-relations in the Israeli arts. Tal Dekel, Chair of Association of Women's Art and Gender Research in Israel Head of Visual Culture Studies & Curatorial Studies, Kibbutzim College www.taldekel.net

YAEL BARLEV www.yaelbarlev.com Interdisciplinary artist, learned at Galil Ma'aravi College and also At Oranim College. Has exhibited in several group exhibitions. She created works that combine crafts and conventional art. She deals with gender and identity through personal memories

NIRIT TAKELE www.nirittakele.com

Born in Ethiopia, Immigrated to Israel in 1991. Studied in Shenkar College. Exhibited internationally (London, New York) and in Israel. Won several awards, and her works are in several private collections as well as in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

TALIA TAMIR WWW.talya-tamir.wixsite.com/talya-tamir Based in Reut, holds a Master's degree form the Tel Aviv University. Studied Drawing and painting with Miri Lavie and Limor Barnea, Talia is a realist painter, who exhibited in several group exhihbitions and art projects such as "The secret postcard" and "Bread and Roses".

VARDA BERGER www.vbreger.com Based in Tel Aviv, Varda Berger is an artist and poet dealing with ecological and social issues, as well as war and peace. She had over 25 solo shows in Israel and exhibited extensively in international exhibitions and competitions and won several prominant prizes.

DAPHNA MARKMAN ZINEMANAS www.markmanzd.wixsite.com/daphnamarkman Artist, therapist and lecturer at the Haifa University and Kibbutzim College of Education. Hold a P.hD in Philosophy. Her dissertation deals with psychoanalytic aspects of art therapy, which was published in book format (Resling Press).

NAVA HAREL SHOSHANI navash16@gmail.com Interdisciplinary artist, learned sculpture at Tel Hai College and video art at Oranim College. She has also established the Art Gallery at the Yigal Alon House at Genosar and server as its chief curator until 2015.

AVIVIT AGAM DALI, PhD The idea of a virtual exhibition was one I never considered until the Coronavirus crisis with its requirements to self-isolate demanded addressing it with originality and creativity under these conditions. Attached is the curator’s text, which I hope you find of interest. An artwork is essentially unique and one-time event. Replication, even manual reproduction, subverts the uniqueness of the art object, or at least proposes additional options. Throughout the history of art, artists have always created copies. For example, Leonardo da Vinci copied his own painting of the Madonna of the Rocks, enabling it to be exhibited in two locations simultaneously. During the Middle Ages, artists made woodcuts - repeated copies of works. Although the resulting prints had a very limited palette, they represent a type of replication. Now a work of art can be shown an infinite number of times in many varied means of replication, including online, such as in this exhibit. The photographic medium fits this definition of replication, as do sculptors who create series of their own works, or painters who make versions of their own paintings, and others. The current exhibition also features works by painters who use photographs as an integral part of their artworks. Replication represents the collapse of assumptions of genuine and representation. Truth is replaced by simulation and multiplication. The media can create infinite copies of what we call “the real.” Replication also enables art to reach new, broader audiences and make it accessible to all, not just to connoisseurs. The current exhibition is proof, presenting access to art to anyone with an internet connection. www.avivitagamdali.co.il avivitagam@gmail.com

Link to the online exhibition

SULY BORNSTEIN WOLFF I am a multi-disciplinary artist, born in Brazil, living and working in Tel-Aviv. In my works, I deal with the presence of nature in the urban space along with the complex relationship between humans and nature. I focus on the exploration of urban nature, a nature that has in some ways lost its connection to its immanent organic characteristics through man's manipulation. I try in my artworks to echo the alienation of humans from nature, one that is highly linked to the urbanization of our society. As a multidisciplinary artist, I paint and sculpt, and create objects that I merge into installations. I tend to use recycled materials, including plastic bags, old paintings, deflated balloons, and more. These are reincarnated into objects of art that manifest these diverse concepts. in each object or piece of art, I am creating an enchanted "objects of desire". I change my techniques and materials constantly, atoning always to my own sense of self and experiences while enhancing feminine creation, strength, and spirituality. I have exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions in Israel, Italy, the USA, India, and others. www.sulybw.com suly.arts@gmail.com

Baloons series, mixed media, 55x50cm

Baloons series, homage to Italy, 70x70 cm

EDNA DALI In my work I have created a metamorphosis of the material, starting with a simple chunk of clay or porcelain, I go on a journey among characters who originate in our existential essence, love, memory, compassion, separation, achievement, learning etc‌ My creations are an experiment in material, a search for its limits and the integration of other materials such as fabric, metals etc‌ The works come from an urge to create a world from my imagination which integrates humoristic, fantastic, and day-to-day elements whether proportional or not. I try to challenge the observer to use the power of their imagination to create interest, curiosity, and introduce them to a different world. Clay and porcelain are the main materials I use. All of the creations go through a firing process at high temperatures, some are glazed, and some include color, real gold and lace. info@ednadaliart.com www.ednadaliart.com

In Full Bloom – One- of- a- kind (o.o.a kind), Ceramic sculpting - H=64 x L=30 x D=64 cm

My Blooming Garden - o.o.a kind, Porcelain sculpting - H=27 x L=36 x D=27 cm

BILHA FARBER I am now and have been an artist and sculpture for the past 40 years, both locally and internationally. Although I create using an array of materials, from ceramic to iron and from upholstering furniture's to designing and building recycled light fixtures. My first choice as always been ceramics. I use ceramic in my work when creating pictures, models and sculptures which where show in galleries and stood in city squares around the world. I believe my favorite thing, is sculpting an unreal and obscure figurines. I also love experimenting with colors and new techniques and always try new ways and new tricks. But I think most of all I love creating liquid concepts from hard materials, such as ceramics. Every project starts with an idea, but I sometimes get the best ones after playing with the ceramics itself. It is funny, but you don't really know when the work is done, I sometimes get ideas for changes after it is so called done. Well that’s me in a nut shell... theredadman@gmail.com WEB

Ceramic Blue Bag 25x30cm

Ceramic Orange Fish 40x30cm

RONI BEN PORAT In my work, I combine the field of art and architecture and put my content into it. In my work I do research on a concept that most often comes from the architecture world or culture and out to the material, sculptural interpretation. Each material has an emotional baggage, meaning, and story, which I use for my own interpretation and tell a story under a conceptual title Through the material I create a visual language and through the space I tell the story to which I relate. With the help of art, I research contemporary questions, mostly in the field of culture, and answer them with the help of abstract and enigmatic visual language, with reference to space and the environment you are welcome to visit my website and keep posted. bproni20@gmail.com www.ronibenporat.com

untitled, wood carving wood and ink, 30x20 cm, 2019

Construction for the handicap, sculpture - ready made and plaster, 100x55x20 cm, 2018

TALIA BEN ZION I began sculpturing in the year 1998. The feeling of the clay, my sense of it, my connection with ithave become an Important part of my life. In difficult days, sculpturing took on an additional dimension- It became a therapeutic issue. At times, I will take the clay and let my hands lead me in creating a new sculpture, its creation emanates from the depth of the unconscious mind, but usually I get my ideas and the inspiration for my sculptures while I am meditating- I simply “request” an image of a sculpture, and it is there, right in front of me. After all these years of sculpturing I am still amazed at the possibility of creating “something from nothing”... The ability to take a chunk of material and breathe life into it- still amazes me, every time anew and it brings me nearer to my Creator. talia@taliabz.co.il http://ein-hod.info/guest/taliya/index.html



REBIRTH Bronze H 50cm

SIGAL NEWMAN I am a sculptor working with metal wire mesh. In my work I apply stretching, pulling, creasing and unravelling of the mesh’s structure. Its airiness and transparency allow me to create and explore additional internal spaces within the sculptures themselves. My creative processes, similarly to life, also consists of choices regarding covering up and revealing the truth. I work on a range between beauty of applied colour and submission to rust and decomposing. sigal.newman@gmail.com

''Inside'' (2nd stage - after some weeks), Metal Mesh Work, Positioned on the Floor, 40x100x260cm

''Trio'', Metal Mesh Work, 50x50x100cm

''Inside'' (1st stage), Metal Mesh Work, Positioned on the Floor, 40x100x260cm

GILA MILLER LAPIDOT Sculpture and installation artist. Member of the Ceramic Artists Association of Israel and of International Academy of Ceramics. Takes part in local and international exhibitions, biennales, residencies and symposiums. The works shone here are from my solo exhibition "And they journeyed and encamped" (12.2019 1.2020), named after the biblical Israelites journey in the desert. The exhibition (installation) dealt with observation of my life's journey stations connecting two viewpoints: one is materialistic, physical, and emotional. The other is spiritual which perceives our life as the soul's journey, manifested by parts of biblical Hebrew sentences I added to the works. gilamiller@gmail.com www.gilamiller.com/home1

Awakening Woman's bels "Arise, shine, for your light has come". Handmade ceramics sculptor. Each figurine ~ 46X27X120 cm.

Shelter - "Out of the depths have I called Thee". Handmade ceramics and earth installation. 175X 57X184 cm.



Born in 1957. My home and studio are on the seashore, in recent years I sculpt in wood, in a minimal style combined with rusty iron, rubber, wax, raffia, and other materials I find outside. I graduated “Hamidrasha Leomanut’’ and completed my M.A in Art Education in ‘’Leads University’’. I had single and group exhibitions in Israel and abroad, and I am present in various private collections. My art deals with time, temporariness, transitions, sexuality and femininity, which express themselves in various images such as boats, houses, figures, and other more abstract elements. ''I wish my boats would sail alone with neither wings nor waves, and dwell in the hearts of many''. etigad@gmail.com FB

MIRI ADMONI In the south of Israel, the Negev desert, you can find my home and studio of glass art and design works. Surrounded by rich and diverse nature scenes, from the Mediterranean Sea on the west to the Dead Sea and the Judean desert on the east, my work is inspired by nature’s textures and colors. My work is an ongoing exploration in different mediums, including prints, glass works and jewelry. I like to move freely between mediums, between the tangible and the digital. I usually sketch my ideas on paper and later they turn into glass works. But sometimes I use the photographs of my glass works and work on them digitally. That way I give myself a lot of freedom to express myself, from minimal to complex, from realistic to abstract and from clear to mystery. miriadmoni54@gmail.com INS

Birds-homage to Yaki-wood and hand embossed paper35x40cm

Moledet-cast glass-21x28 cm


KEREN SHALEV My work revolves around finding poetic phenomena in formalistic qualities and relationships, suchas forms, materials, volumes masses, scale, and composition, that take place in specific mental landscapes of mine. These landscapes usually have qualities of isolation, roughness, hardness, industrial, dark, organic, still, silent, hidden, sentimental and fragile. I am using usually materials such as metal, concrete, charcoal, and graphite on paper, and relate to their raw qualities and resistance, and work with them with exposed gestures, constructing exposed structures, seeking to preserve their raw, brutal, rough, direct traits. kshalevify@gmail.com www.shalevkeren.com

Untitled, metal and metal powder, 40 x 10 x 6 cm, 2018

Untitled, metal and paint, 100 x 100 x 6 cm, 2019

Illusionary_real encounter on the shore, metal, 235Lx160Wx115Hcm, 2016

MORIAH EDER PLAKSIN Contemporary mythology is continuously being formed. The immediacy of the technological era, offers us an opportunity to simultaneously be viewed while also being the viewers. As an artist I deal with traditional techniques mostly within ceramics, alongside cutting edge technologies such as 3D printing. I utilize traditional and progressive methods. not as competitive but as complementary. I find that the combination of these two contradicting aspects of art offers us interpretation to questions that our modern culture poses. Answers to questions posed by our modern culture poses. In my studio you can find a 3d printer alongside a bucket of liquid porcelain and a laptop placed near the ceramic kiln. In my work I investigate irregular connections, interlacing a cell phone charger to a ceramic vase. This action invokes thoughts about a culture whose equilibriums are not obvious. A Coca Cola bottle can tell an intriguing story as it meets a luxurious porcelain vessel. An artist’s portrait facing that of a supermodel, illuminates the way we rate values in this age, and the truths by which we live. moriaeder@gmail.com www.moriahederplaksin.com

Duplicating, 2019, 3D print, 8-19-9.5 cm per item

A series of the Artist's portrait with the Supermodel plates, 2019, porcelain, 3D printing, 28-3 cm

RONIT KERET Born in Jerusalem I Live and work both in Haifa and Tel Aviv. I'm a Multidisciplinary artist, mainly engaged in installations and video-art in recent years. Graduated from Hamidrasha Beit-Berl (2005-2009) and has a MA in Arts Education, at Leeds University, England (1998-2001). My works from recent years are dealing with the ecological crisis, the melting glaciers that have been changing due to the nature of human activity. The Installations that I create are formed as site-specific, and I use material such as Styrofoam and cardboard etc. I gather and collect these used materials in garbage centers around the country. I like to touch upon the transitions between good and evil-looking at human and nature relations while trying to hold and describe the gap between childhood dreams and catastrophic reality. keretr@gmail.com www.ronitkeret.com

The sun and the moon and what lays between them 2013,styrofoam, 80x70x40cm

Untitled, styrofoam, 84x32x17 cm

SHARON BRILL Drawings I made at the desert - Geological fractures of powerful tectonic forces at the bowels of earth that appear on the ground through eruption, germination, hatching, and gather within them the power of movement through fracture and change that create the changing route and landscape. These sights inspire me and resonate within me fracture, transience, transformation, movement. In this series I use fractures, cracked porcelain parts, which constitute raw material and now receive room and expression, and serve as a starting point for the work. The sculptural work in this series is a development of the language I create in porcelain – white, abstract organic bodies, in which I seek the hidden in the depth of the shape, beyond the visible. brill.sharon@gmail.com www.sharonbrill.com

Emergence 3,2019,40x40x14 cm, Wall sculpture- Mix media (Porcelain, Wall putty,Paint & Wodden frame)

Be Formed ,2020,40x40x11 cm, Wall sculpture- Mix media (Clay, Wall putty,Paint & Wodden frame)

Crevice,2020,40x40x12 cm, Wall sculpture- Mix media (Porcelain, Wall putty,Paint & Wodden frame


ADI WEIZMANN In my work, I aspire to extract new potential spaces from their existing mode. I explore architecture, abandoned buildings, and traces of life. I am fascinated by structures, variety of spaces, ruins, and surroundings, and their relationship with humans. Most of my installations are site-specific and may include a minor intervention in the exhibiting space. I work intuitively and start my process with a wander to collect ideas of connection points, signs, and traces. The pathway to the result is paved slowly, without a concrete starting aim. I make sketches and photos and use them to develop the concept, allowing the exhibition space to dictate and decide what the best way to create and install the work is. The existing aesthetic characteristic on site would be incorporated in the work itself, and therefore, sometimes, it requires a second look to notice my intervention. Some of the material become prints and drawings, which stand on their own. adi.weah@gmail.com www.adiweizmann.com

Sitespecific, made in an abounded hotel in Arad, while participating Plaster on wall and grass (object the was removed from the exhibition in Jerusalem) 2020

ANAT HADAR A multidisciplinary artist. In this series I combined natural volcanic rocks, which I've collected carefully from earth, with white porcelain shapes that resemble forms of flowers. My work with the porcelain is created with minimum touch, trying to catch the nobility of nature. Joining them together creates new connection & new motion. anathadar04@gmail.com FB




NOULI OMER "Every artist creates with his personality in all its layers" A.B. Joshua I am a multidisciplinary artist who creates from a full, free, and authentic inner space. I express myself through visual art, writing, acting, and music. I am nourished by my impressions of what’s happening around me. Over the years and up to this day, in visual art, my work has ranged from drawing to embroidery, assemblages, lighting fixtures, mobiles, magnets, video, and drawing on plates. Thoughts and feelings, whether they are criticism or, full of love and wonder for beauty - are translated into a very colorful expressions, in order to glorify the desire for life. I aspire to translate my criticism into humor, whether it is a plastic or a theatrical work.

She Knows, Embroidery, diameter 26 cm

https://www.nouliomer.com nuliomer@gmail.com

Pure desire like gold, embroidery, diameter 34cm,2018

TAMMY MIKE LAUFER I am an international contemporary digital artist and art director, engaged in digital media and exhibits projects of video art and digital paintings in galleries and museums around the world. My works are similar to mental puzzles, where you can travel from one point to another by analyzing a picture’s symbolic objects. There is always something for the observer to discover. I never force my vision or push my philosophical opinion on the viewers each and every one, can give theirs philosophy to my creation. My art is surreal reality, all in my head. The viewer take a journey to places just as real as those you might find in this reality. When I start working on a new scene, it's like enter to a fantasy dream. like starting your new only virtual world. “Everything is possible” and in the majority of my works I am trying to combine visual realities, with subconscious emotions and philosophical thoughts. Tammy.tml@gmail.com www.TammyMikeLaufer.com

Ball –Digital drawing, Pipes bloom-40X40CM, Limited Edition 6 2016

Digital drawing, Information spin, Limited Edition 6, 2019

Digital drawing COVID19X4, 2020

Digital drawing STOP COVID19, FRAM FROM VIDEO ART WORK, 2020

Digital drawing, Cracks and rabbits, 2020

ANAT KAZULA A fashion, image and lifestyle photographer, especially known for my work in fashion productions, catalogues and look books. All shoots can take place in versatile locations: In house, your business, or any other spot that perfectly conveys the desired message. Getting to know you and your brand, planning ahead and finding the right concept is an unseparated part of my work process- in any king of photoshoot. I accompany the designer / owner throughout the entire process, from idea, to set design, location selection and constructing the right team, up to capturing the perfect frame/s. Versatile -All pictures in this series(except the black one) were photographed using a grey background. Then I used Photoshop to trace the model and adjust the background color to match her clothes. anatkazula1@gmail.com www.instagram.com/anat.kazula.photography credits Model - Noa Lapidot Makeup and Hair - Liraz Solomon Stylist - Yael Erez Yosipovich

RAY VAGNER . KEREN EICHER Sketchlight was established in 2014 by two women artists Ray Vagner & Keren Eicher Light painting is an art form, a combination of painting and photography, darkness is our canvas and light is the brush All of our artworks are pictures Light painting created in real time captured to the camera in one single photographic frame. Without Photoshop intervention Light painting is an art form a technique consists of creating Images by capturing the movement of light. In all our creation we do the lightning by hand, we see the movement constantly changing We are exploring all kinds of technique some of our work highlights the abstract nature of light, we are inspired by the beauty of light in all it various forms. Light painting is a clear testimony to the beauty of the phenomenon of light. The creative potential of light brings new sensations, new colors, new meaning to our lives. The attached artworks belong to the series of artworks by the name : Ambient light. Endless light. The Blue Series Sketch.rg@gmail.com www.sketchrg.wixsite.com/sketchlight

TANGLED UP IN BLUES -light painting photography -50-70

LIFE LINE -light painting photography -40-70

YAEL AVNI ESHCHAR I'm a beholder, i use my senses to absorve nature in a non-judgmental way researching the movement of the organism of the fauna and flora through art, I imagine the organism of the plant, trying to discover it by observing its motility, how it responds In terms :of the color stains, when its wet ? As the evening goes down? thinking about light frequencies, intensity, plant response speed to light and water , and how does it changes its shape. how does one organism live next to another organism? are they affected by each other in terms of perception of light / hiding light? visually, how living organism exists within civilization? how does the same plant organism behave differently in nature? i translate nature's movement into my brush movements, thinking about relationships between stains , and structure. avni.yael@gmail.com www.yaelavni-art.com

Superhero boy, mixmedia on canvas 30X30CM 2020

Superhero girl, mixmedia on canvas40x30cm 2020

SMADAR LOMNITZ The human being, its body and soul, its relationship with itself and others, are in the heart of my work. My painful past is present in my work, which I strictly keep aesthetic and neat. I transform pain into beauty and humor. smadarlom@gmail.com

Sweety MixedMedia_OnPaper_20x13.5cm

Inner Self Portrait Ink_On_Paper 30x21cm


RUTH NORMAN Festivities The black page serves both as foundation and as the dark element of the image, While the Tipex provides its light component. Since the white Tipex is transparent, easily evaporating liquid, I must work in layers. Each layer is a cluster of abstract stains clinging to each other or separating from each other, while the last layer, radiating in white crystallizes the scene. Finally, the stains take the shape of discernable staines: A groom carried on the crowed's arms, A massive masculine bacchanalia, etc. In this phase, I polishes the scene, tightening the detailes through erasure. This technique enable me to build the group through the layers and decompose it into individuals by erasing them, just as the individual vanishes in the joyous group. www.ruth-norman.com rutabs@gmail.com

Wedding 2, Tipex on black paper, 100x70 cm.

Wedding 1, Tipex on black paper, 100x70cm.

Wedding 4, Tipex on black paper, 100X70 cm.

VARDA CARMELI The majority of my photography work comprises long-term projects where I conduct photography journeys in diverse regions of the world. Over the years, my photography projects have drawn me into making trips to Europe, where e I had to deal with my identity and its related cultural resonance as a second generation Holocaust survivor. As a person, as an Israeli and as a creative artist, I experience, as we all do, the Israeli experience with its good moments as well as its difficult situations inherent to our being. My journeys always emanate from a need to process elements of my identity and to cope with them by means of photography. Thus I devote myself to the photographic act and through it I channel the unexplained places in my being, allowing my passion, my curiosity and my adventurousness to direct my footsteps. www.vardacarmeliart.com vardacar@zahav.net.il

I See Memory III. 2012. Photograpy. 78X90 cm

I See Memory I. 2012. Photograpy. 90X60 cm

I See Memory II. 2012. Photograpy. 90X60 cm

MICHAL BEN ZEEV I am an artist. most of my work is panting but recently I have also started working in 3D. My work deals with nature and its application into the aesthetic fabric. With my paintings I talk about the continually renewed, The growth and the extinction and the wonder of being the creator and the creation at the same time. The more I observe nature , the more I am amazed by its beauty and The perfect programming that exists with in it . michalbenzeev@gmail.com www.michalbz.com

Taly 35X35 CM oil on canvas,mixed media

Ancient animal cactus 70X50 cm, oil on canvas mixed media

RINAT ZEMACH A series of photographs deals with images and their breaking through the image of the bride. The project presents the legendary distance of a bride on her wedding day versus actual life of a wife in her daily routine at home, with her children and husband. This is the first collaboration between the artists Rinat Zemach and the photographer Mali Aroesti: The project presents different scenes where the bride dressed in bridal clothes, but in the role of the wife, performs daily activities. Another series of photographs portrays the bride in a dreamlike way, lying with her eyes closed, self-centered, but actually lying on the endless things that represent the physical and emotional burden like toys and children clothes. In the latest film series, the children and husband are also integrated. As women we believe that the project has an important mission to express the voice of many women and express the emotional complexity of being a mother in this current time period. www.art-of-spirit.net rinatzemach@gmail.com

Birth 50X70 cm


YOSEFFA NEUHAUSER I am an Israeli artist. A textile design graduate from the prestigious "Shenkar high institute of design", I went on to acquire years-long experience and success in my profession, specifically fabric painting I devotes most of her free time in pursuit of new techniques and perfecting the ones I already possesses. My works have been exhibited in several known galleries as well as art specialized web sites I finds inspiration in color and incorporates plays on color in most of her works. Color is also the main source of my motivation, as it can often prompt a mood or emotion in me, which subsequently will be expressed potently in my art “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.� - Pablo Picasso adi_noi@walla.co.il Web

BLOMMING- acrylic on canvas+mix media 70X50 cm MADONA- acrylic on canvas and mix media 50X100 cm

MARLEN ISMALON Through my paintings, I explore the feeling of alienation in post- modernist society. Caught up in virtual realities and disassociated from nature, we are disconnected from ancient knowledge. Underneath the surface of all things, this knowledge vibrates. It holds truth so real and simple, yet so easily ignored and forgotten. We pay a price for living the tech vision. We walk about with a longing to reconnect with the deepest part of who we are. When civilization gets further away from ancient truth, social order starts to deteriorate. Chaos is a dangerous state we all fear. When chaos takes over it sets humanity back onto a dark path. But perhaps only when under the threat of chaos, we are pushed to reexamine our choices. Because it is precisely the choices we make in life, especially those things we choose to overlook, which shape the world we live in. marlenismalon@gmail.com FB

The Dance, 85X84, Acylic on Canvas

Gravity,84X84, Acrylic on canvas

PNINA AFIK My inner and private world (thoughts, opinions, feelings and things I have experienced) is responsible for the sparkles of color dispatched into my art world, and feeds the need to create. The means are canvas/wood/paper, oil colors as well as acrylic combined with various materials such as cloth, nets, ceramic glue and more. One of the main motifs in my work is human figures. I find a strong need to explore the significance and essence of the various circles of our lives (family, national, political, social etc.) and their influence upon our needs and emotions. Occasionally the figure is missing, as if disappearing in order to return in the future in a different shape. When this occurs I turn to the abstract, driven by the need to explore new directions of 2 dimensions. Pnina.afik@gmail.com www.pninaafik.com

Anonymous 2 mixed media 150X200cm

Inexplicable Expectation acrylic on paper 70X100 cm

LILI FISHER In the pursuit of a safe place, I find refuge in alternative realities. I create variated worlds inspired by my most recent fantasies. Images of childish and mature selves co-exist in my work. With black humor or self-humor, I "celebrate" the hallucination, the return to childhood, the regression of wandering between reality and imagination. Fisherl@012.net.il www.lilifisher.com

Carried away, ink on paper, 30cmX22cm

The ride, ink on paper, 30cmX22cm

Masks, ink on paper, 30cmX22cm

OFIRA BARAK The fascination with painting started as a little girl, no wonder since I am the third generation of artistic family. For over 50 years of painting, Living most of the time in the nature, surrounding fields and mountains they was the main painting issue of my art. Lately, after moving to the city, the town man faces take a bigger part in my work. I use the camera as a tool to catch the moment of the theme, man face or landscape During my work in the studio I am taking my freedom as an artist to emphasize what is imported for me to express in the mane face or the landscape atmosphere. Ofira-barak@012.net.il www.ofirabarak.com

Roses like an antique paintingAWatercolor-76X56cm

Renewal-Oil on canvas-90X120cm

CIGALE MESHEL I'm an artist, a freelance illustrator and designer, from Israel. I illustrate and design books, for kids and adults, board games and much more. The creations i sent are fragments and reflections of my mind, they were drawn digitally on my Ipad with Procreate using the symmetry tool. www.cigalemeshel.com cigalemesh@gmail.com

CHANI COHEN ZADA I am a figurative painter and artist. In my work I persistently seek the spiritual reality that is concealed within the material world. I paint figurative works that are based on traditional oil painting techniques, through which I express my search for the spiritual reality in two ways: The first, is the medium itself. In the figurative style of painting I create the illusion of tangible reality by using spots of pigments, giving the material substance a spiritual meaning. The second is the work process of painting from observation, Thereby I discover within myself the spiritual forces that enable creativity. chani.coza@gmail.com www.chanicohenzada.com

Crossroads. Oil on wood. 60X50 cm 2018

If thou doest well, shall it not be lifted up_ Oil on canvas 120X90 cm 2017

Write Me Down for Future Generations. Oil on canvas 120X90 cm 2019

LILI COHEN PRAH-YA In the past few years I have been dealing in my art with different aspects of what it means to be an woman today. I my early works I was dealing with the images of young girls. That was influenced by my works as a volunteer in a young girl's home (for girls that were removed from their home because of an abusive family). Later, I was dealing with questions regarding my motherhood as a mother of 4 girls with all the aspects that comes with it. Over the last 5 years I am engaging a practice of celebrating my femininity as an a mature and "older" woman. www.lilicohenprahya.com hameshulashart@gmail.com

"Thoughts without words", Ink on paper, 33.4x41.4 cm

SARITH LEILA HAAS I am a multidiscipline artist. Here I choose to exhibit my paintings. I start with the background intuitively, Without knowing where I go, Just feel the paint which I pour on the paper. I use sponge and my hands.. Then I wash the painted paper with a lot Of water, hoping it will survive it.. After this proses I start drawing‌ My main work in the last 6 years, is A dialog with my background, and I use Family albums and pictures of children Who were murdered during the holocaust Or after trauma, which corresponds with my experience as a second generation to the holocaust. batshe12@smile.net.il WEB The works on paper mixed technique 80 X 80 cm

MASHA ORLOVICH Graduating from the Serov College of Fine Arts in Leningrad, and then studying at various workshops of printmaking in Israel, I currently specialize in various printing techniques: engraving, embossing, collage and monotype, creating urban landscapes, portraits, still lives, nudes and intergenre compositions. I find this range of techniques very suitable for my personal style, which began with watercolors and gradually moved on to abstract compositions and the use of various techniques. The series “The Mindset of the Sea Life” (2018-19) consists of five printed works, each of which is a mixed technique on paper, made in one copy. The source of my inspiration for this series is the oldest living creatures – jellyfish and seahorses who live in this world for hundreds of millions of years, regardless of what humans consider the historical depth of the world. alex_rosenblatt@yahoo.com FB

The Mindset of the Sea Life [5], 78x68cm

The Mindset of the Sea Life, 78x55cm

YAEL BARLEV In my work, I combine what is considered fine arts and crafts. My work spans a large variety of mediums, and incorporate themes such as gender and identity. My working process is highly laboring, and uses repetitive patterns and images, to enhance my research of womanhood, violence against children and memory. I usually work with the same images over the years: monstrous animals resembling wolves with sharp teeth, faceless girls in short dresses, rickety houses flying like a kite on a string or cobwebs that seem to have emerged from a terrifying nightmare. These difficult images are in complete contrast to the crisp, transparent and fragile-looking artwork. The working process with the delicate sketching and the rough fabric, seems that rather than softening the feelings of fear, adds another layer of violent silencing, like a cover designed to conceal the horror. yaelbv@gmail.com www.yaelbarlev.com

The Memorial Garden (spiders), fabric collage, 70x70 cm

The white dress (lizard), fabric collage, 70x70 cm

Tha fence (snake), fabric collage, 70x70 cm

RONNY ALMAGOR Painter, based in Tel Aviv. A B.F.A Fine-Art graduate of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem (2018). The starting point of my works was when a showcase caught my attention. I was inspired from the way in which two spaces, interior and exterior, unite upon one surface in harmony. My inspiration comes from elements that exist in urban spaces as flora, buildings, shadows, tiles, window decorations and more. For me, these elements have parallel visual properties, which are the same as those in a painting, as capacity and flatness, sealing and transparency. In my paintings I try to explore this complex of movements, through the actions of inventing and building compositions, “re-editing” forms and images and giving presence to the painting’s color layers and process. My works aim to discuss both the interactions between viewer and painting, and the abilities of images and colors to create space and movement. almagor.ronny@gmail.com www.ronnyalmagor.com

Untitled (4 color shape), oil on canvas. 2018, 100x100 cm

Dusk, oil on canvas, 2017, 50x40 cm

Yellow Stripes, oil on canvas, 2018, 75x35 cm each part

DARIA KONSHTIK I express myself through painting, drawing, performance, installation and photography – examining topics such as identity, gender, feminism, analytical psychology, childhood and racism. The imagery that I endeavor to strictly and accurately express and explore is always fully formed in my mind’s eye from the outset. The imagery’s breakdown to its constituent parts exposes to me its formation, and its reconstruction enables me to emphasize its playfulness. As someone born in Ukraine (USSR) and raised in Israel, I deal with questions regarding the influence and convergence of Russian and Ukrainian cultures in the realm of Israeli discourse. I examine my identity as a Russian woman in Israel by way of a traditional Russian doll - Matryoshka, serving as my alter ego. In my works, I am given to make use of a rich palette of colors; which allows me to disseminate the grains of naïveté and infantility of my internal world into the realm of imagery. Traditional symbols, folklore, and cultural customs in my works are portrayed by psychological content rowing through the tunnel of the conscious and unconscious between the personal and the collective. dariakonshtik@gmail.com www.dariakonshtik.com

Three Female Figures, Color Pencils on Paper, 26x30 cm, 2018

What Lies Beneath, Acrylic on Canvas, 80x80 cm, 2020

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