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44 DEGREES is an online magazine and dedicated to promoting Israeli artists. The magazine deals with the field of contemporary art. Present digital media artists, painters, sculptors and curators. Each magazine will discuss a different Issue. To contact each artist, click on his site, or write to his email.  The issue of the magazine – SECRETS There are so many secrets in our life. There are personal secrets, and secrets that are political, social and private. The question is how we deal with secrets? Are they a burden on our lives? Are there times that we can not bear the weight and discover them? And there are times, secrets die with the person who died ... This time the theme is top secret ... The 44 DEGREES online art Magazine is founded by the artist

TAMMY MIKE LAUFER She created the concept and she's also the Editor \ Designer Art director \ Curator \ Producer \ Director of the web site.

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• ‫‏‬NELLI LORCH The development of these works started when I left my home country and came to the Netherlands. The new distance from my ordinary life suddenly gave me the urge to illuminate my own world; as an Israeli artist, I have always been attracted to the idea that all people live in different "worlds". Back home I was creating worlds to escape into, while here I found that using clear glass and its ghostly, or dream-like quality, allows me to cast into glass a sense which I cannot exactly put into words - unfolding my thoughts and feelings about being born into my specific reality. However, as I was exploring further into what it is I want to express, I realized this emotion exists in every one of us - our worlds are not different. And so this is no longer just a personal thought.

“In A Different World you’d Be A Different Person.” Nelli Lorch. Your room holds your private world within. Your surroundings wrap you in, nourishing you with their apparent significance. Your childhood, personality and a full belief of who you are, is just a bubble. A bubble of an illusion you were born into. You hold onto your world. You need your place, your background, your point of view. You fit into the mold. You know where to aim and exactly what you believe in. Drawing yourself a small private space within the commotion. Trying to make it nice and comfortable. Pleasant. You cover the rubble. The need to belong and your blind trust, diverts you from the true chaos which created you. How random your reality is. How banal your private space. There are other bubbles too. Different realities. You could have randomly been born into one of them. Be one of them. In a different world you’d be a different person. Some will try to move on. Find a new reality. Trimming roots is not easy.

• IAMIT SEGAL All My Secrets The ongoing series “If you can read this, you know all my secrets”, was born in 2010, with a simple question about the identity of a trilingual, in a now globalized world. A world, that has lost the old definition of nationality by physical border and language, for the ever Babylon-like Internet and low cost flights that have transformed the world. As a trilingual born in one place and grown up in another, I began wondering, which is my true mother language. Through the series I use nine different languages (eight of them are the sum of languages spoken between me, my family and my friends). Everything is about Text and Texture: The text looses it’s meaning and becomes an image (For example: a foreign language that the viewer doesn’t know or when the text is distorted). In other times, the meaning comes from an image where the viewer recognizes a familiar language, and wonders upon the other languages. The one viewer that knows all nine languages, would be the one who knows all my secrets... 1. All My Secrets (Triptych), 12x12x12 cm each, Plexiglas, printed transparent film, 2011-2012 (Img01-Img04) a. I’m a Spider (Img01) b. Polygraph (img03) c. Connecting Dots (img04). 2. Microcosm, 30x30x30 cm, Plexiglas, printed transparent film. (Img01-02). 3. I Know… 15x15x5 cm each. Transparent rubber, Printed paper. (Img05).

• VERONICA ELLRAN Female sexuality is not a clandestine topic any more. In the sculpture "Eros", I use rough and rusted iron, paper and cloth, to create an erotic feminine imagery. It is a metaphor of women's power, freedom and energy. Better understanding of femininity, resulted in vast changes in women’s selfperception. Awareness of the power of their sensuality and sexuality, their capacity to give and receive pleasure, and critically, love of self, empowered women to actively engage in the struggle to change their traditional oppressive social status. When access to education was obtained, women demonstrated that intelligence, strength, skills and ambition are common and shared characteristics of all humans, irrespective of gender. The sculpture "Eros" is a gesture to women's body in its beauty. It is an expression of the essence of femininity as I understand it. iron, paper and fabric Mixed media 60/85 cm photography by Oren Izre'el

• DEBORAH SFEZ I was born in 1964, in Israel. After twenty five years of practicing fashion and costume design, which I studied in Paris, I became a photographer and a video artist. My aesthetical world is preeminent in my photography and videos and most captivating for the viewer. My photography is not about "catching the moment", but about catching the profoundness of human existence in every lived moment, With all its secrets and hidden meanings. My portraits sometimes appear as collages or video arts and seem to be like a game of mirrors and reflections of endless lived moments in one complete image. My work is like an intimate journal constructed of images from my personal life that pop out in absolutely no order, where external time is only a "collector" of memories and secret sensations. Can we live our lives without secrets? And aren't these secrets the essence of our deepest soul?‫‏‬

• ELDAD PNINI World Secrets of women The big question of human existence is ... what is the secret of the woman??? Anyone know? Will someone find out? Waiting for an answer .... Technique: photography / digital art

• EINAT SHTECKLER “What happens in the dark should not be brought to light”

Digital Photography Size: 40X60 cm

• TAMMY MIKE LAUFER Everyone has one little secret sometimes in his life. My works are similar to mental puzzles, where you can travel from one point to another by analyzing a picture’s symbolic objects. there is always something for the observer to discover. I never force my vision or push my philosophical opinion on the viewers each and every one, can give theirs philosophy to my creation. My art is surreal reality, all in my head. The viewer take a journey to places just as real as those you might find in this reality. When I start working on a new scene, it's like enter to a fantasy dream. like starting your new only virtual world. “Everything is possible” and in the majority of my works I am trying to combine visual realities, with subconscious emotions and philosophical thoughts. I create my virtual world, with 3d software and 2d paint software. Using combinations of renderings, lightings, textures and shapes.

• ZVI FADELMAN “Childhoos secrets we kept, emotions we did not dare reveal, accompany us in adulthood as black bags under our eyes.” Hyper-Real Documentary Illustration.

• JOZSEF RAZ SECRETS LIKE A BULL WHO IS ATTRACTED TO A RED PIECE OF CLOTH SO WAS I ATTRACTED TO THE SAME PIECE OF CLOTH WHICH WAS LYING IN A VERY UNNATURAL PLACE AND IN A WAY EVOKING THOUGHTS. IS THIS A REMINENT OF A SECRET LOVE AFFAIR ? OR A CLUE TO A CRIME THAT TOOK PLACE THERE ? I INVESTIGATE THE ENVIORMENT TO FIND MORE CLUES, BUT UNFORTUNATLY THOSE CLUES THAT I'M LOOKING FOR ARE ONLY IN MY IMAGINATION. A digital artist photographer. Visual graphic design and history of art graduate. On the way from the analog world to the digital world , I went from using direct contact of the materials such as : celluloid , steel , wood , glass and canvas to the digital world where I collect all the materials for my work using the camera and the scanner . The computer's mouse is my main tool to draw and scalp my work of art . My work expresses " searching after the beauty in the ugliness and the ugliness in the beauty " and creates an illusion of the fantasy world . Facebook

• ORIT KERET "Archeology of light" In every piece of creation we make – there's a shred of light; an ancient light. Or should be. As a photographer, in each and every work of mine I look for that fragment. When I raise my camera I know what I'm looking for but I also let the objects in frame to lead me towards hidden worlds and old connections. In those presented works I tried to link between images and books; inspiration came from a Hebrew novel {the great of it's generation, To my opinion} – "past perfect" by Jacob Shabtai. On the streets of his beloved city, Tel aviv, the hero wanders with something digging his Insides, until the very end.

• DORIN YEHEZKEL My work explores the way in which we experience nature and landscape, as opposed to the way in which it is represented through the photograph. The transformation between three dimensional reality and two dimensional photographic representation creates a certain distortion in the way we conceive reality in the photographic image. By projecting these landscape images onto a non-flat surface I distort them once again, whereby endeavoring to imbue them with the magic sense of space which they lost. I created this series during my studies in the department of Photographic Communication at the "Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem".

• ORLY AVIV The Pink project encloses few images which embrace a secret atmosphere. The images hold a clue about something that is hidden from the viewer and known to the subject of the image. In fact, my approach for taking images is very natural, ecological. When I see something that arouses something in me, I shoot it. This was the girls image. They were the trigger for the series. Later on I did the other images which are digitally manipulated. In my studio I feel totally free to transform the image and give her any atmosphere I like.I use varied, sophisticated digital technology to create what I have in my imagination.

• ASHER GIBEL In this series of photographs my family is reflected through a window and blind. Some of the details have disappeared, some are not clear and others are emphasized. I tried to maintain balance, so that even if I lose details in the picture it won't harm the atmosphere. I feel that, on one side the loss of details, and on the other side, the emphasis on certain details intensifies the atmosphere. In the self-portrait the white face and yellow lamp stand out and everything is on a unclear, scratched background, and gives me the message of an unhealthy situation , maybe connected to the Parkinson illness I have, that racks the body a few hours a day, without my having control over it. The picture of my mother, sitting on an easy-chair, and the packet of medicines with a blue label. On one hand my mother looks like she's looking on the kingdom of her household, but on the other hand the two pictures, generally broadcast freezing cold, as if photographed within a freezer, to teach that life is not eternal. The panoramic picture is made up of close-ups of pictures, even though when I took the picture I was disconnected from my family and stood with my back to them. The reflection created a connection between us. I let myself paint some of the pictures with blue, that reminded me of the colors of pencils used in children's drawings. In the picture of Yossi and my granddaughter Maya, my mother's image is also included, and the most obvious part of the image is the gesture of holding out a hand. The passages between light and dark are sharp contrasts.This picture tells an optimistic story and includes humor and grace.

• ‫‏‬ORIT MARTIN This painting express the secret of death. The secret of heaven and earth, the secret of the spirit that can never vanish. My art expresses a deep desire to touch the untouchable, the abstract, spiritual world in a visual way. These works were created from a deep place inside And I hope they will meet you in a similar place within yourselves, and fill you with joy and light. This is contemporary Jewish art for anyone who is looking for the meaning of life through the eyes of the soul. This is digital art, that is printed on canvas in any size.

• TAL GOLANI I take the act of painting as a rendering process of selected pieces of reality, which allows me to choose and to individualize certain elements I'm fascinated with. My inspiration is stemmed from a wide scope of images; and my range searching is unlimited. Painting has granted me the freedom to combine: among the alien, the familiar and the fantastic. My painting always tells two stories. The image tells one story and the act of painting tells another story and they are still interwoven into one story. I find my paintings in the twilight zone between reality and fiction. I am fascinated by Hybrid, imaginary characters, doubt humans doubt creatures with mask-like faces and unidentified spaces. The human need for certain definition and identification is challenged by painting, which never allows absolute certainty. The enigma remains the same. Through painting, I wish to raise questions regarding the human society. The bestial figures, doubtfully costumed, are placed in theatrical spaces that’s frames their appearance. My painting wonders upon their accordance with their surrounding, and upon the roles, the pretences and the different masks which we choose to wear in each single moment during our life. My painting wishes to investigate the human state of being: elusive, illusionary and concealed.

Goat, oil on canvas,150x180 cm, 2013 House on Trees, oil on canvas, 50x70 cm, 2013

• ANDRE STASHINSKI My art is based on tradition and techniques of realistic school. I invite spectators to take a closer glance on everyday objects and suddenly discover "secret sides" of them. And... Things we tended to consider as clear and straightforward suddenly appear as multifaced and multilayered ones. 1.

"Chess Cat" 60x80 cm oil on canvas

• MICKY HAREL Women secrets These drawings are focused on a self image comprising secrets of women, Water. Clouds reflected in water and water flowing in circles, Images describing water unraveling their round Forms quietly, disrupted by the penetrating reflections of trees. Skies where cirrus clouds swirled caressing the eyes when lifted up. A far high air plain disrupt this peaceful sight along with the penetrating tree branches. I call this series of works by the Hebrew name which comprises both skies and water. The Hebrew word sham – mayeem ()‫שמים‬

• ‫‏‬JACQUES VAINUNSKA Born in Lille ( France) living in Jerusalem since 1972 .I am Member of the Jerusalem Association of painters and Sculptors since 1988 and I have presented more than thirty exhibits mainly in Europe. I have worked as a photographer for about 25 years I am a self-taught painter and I draw since my childhood. I do not depict, I paint, I do not represent, I present. A painting is good not because it looks like something but rather because it feels like something. I am trying to communicate an emotion, what motivates me is the inside of myself. I rarely make sketches, I have a rather vague idea of what I am going to do and slowly the subjects invite themselves to the canvas. The works that I show are the reflection of what I felt at the time of their creation. If the painting satisfies me, I continue, otherwise I destroy…..and I destroy a lot…..

• MORAN FISHER BODY & CLOTHES “ And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig-leaves together, and made themselves girdles”. Genesis Chapter 3, 7 The clothes series continues my interest in textiles and organic and fractal forms in nature. It is based on blow-up photos that I use for figuring out composition, cropping and 'zooming in' on the way in which fabrics fold on different parts of the body. Our cloths as a meeting point between what is revealed and what is concealed, as a second skin, as a package, a screen or mask that separates and marks the borders between the intimate space inside our bodies and between the space around us. The body which breads life and motion into clothes that enhance or blur sexuality, exposes or conceals its secrets, and raises questions about identity and fashion. 1-White Buttoned Shirt, Oil on Canvas, 90*110 cm, 2014 2-Blue & Green,Oil on Canvas, 60*70 cm, 2013 3-Circle Square, Oil on Canvas, 70* 50 cm, 2014

• RONIT GELLER Hide and Seek. Many times I feel like life itself holds secrets from me. I can never surely know what will happen, when will it happen or how it will happen. I can only try and create my reality and accept what I cannot control nor change. This artwork is about looking for something you desire. Others may already have it, but it feels like it is hiding from you. Maybe you will find it and maybe you won't. It depends on how hard you look. I have been painting since I was 3 year old. As I grew up I have become a web designer for my livelihood and a painter for my soul. I love creating with symbols and metaphors in order to express universal ideas and feelings. I also love capturing beautiful moments the way I see them. I find photo sharing in social medias such as Cargo, Behance, FB, Flickr and Instagram to be a delightful infinite source of inspiration. pencil on paper 50 cm x 35 cm

• MALLY ELBAZ ALMANDINE Almandine – A deep purplish red, naturally occurring gemstone which serves as the basis of my work and my personal philosophy. The personal significance of this stone has carried me through the hardships in my life. The stones are the building blocks of my personality as well as my paintings. As a child from an economically impoverished family, I used to play in vast fields outside my house. Little stones similar to Almandine were my toys. They formed my first pleasant memories, they were the characters who painted my imagination, who told me stories, and in the unpredictable condition of my early life, I had them always. Today, I portray these stones as the basic elements comprising the images on my canvas, which are the emotional recollections of my life's events. My artistic creations harbor multiple dynamic layers which I embrace. For example, in addition to the representation of the almandine stones as a beaded string which illuminates the figures in my paintings, I also view my creations as woven quilts. As so, my paintings are influenced by my father's profession in Yemen as a tailor to the king. The intricate and colorful detail is an interpretive representation of the Jewish-Yemeni quilting work that my father had toiled over in his boyhood. The patterns intertwine to stitch together the human experience that I felt as a young girl, that my father had felt as a boy, and that the viewer feels as he identifies with these emotions.

• VANESSA STASHINSKI "My secret place" Oil on canvas, 50 x 40 cm. Here is "My secret place" – magnificent reality that was found just around the corner. Of course picture has a story behind but shhhh… it's a secret ! : I am a plein-air painter who came from realistic school, working mostly in oil and watercolor. Work in open air, despite its natural complexity and discomfort, gives huge benefit of vibrancy and vitality, sadly lacking in much of studio painting. I do believe that patterns shown by nature are much more exciting than the most refined ones in human imagination. The rest is about one's ability to collect this experience and knowledge and to translate it into ideas and shapes.

"ABYSS" – oil painting on canvas. Size: 65 x 50 cm "GOLDFISH STREAM" – oil painting on canvas. Size: 43 x 46 cm When I hear the "secret" - I immediately think about the underwater world. Our oceans are full of secrets. Buried beneath the deep waters lie ruins of fascinating and marvelous long forgotten ancient kingdoms. There are mysterious objects of unknown origin, entire rivers and jungles, huge canyons and unknown animals that even the craziest imagination couldn't create. I'm deeply in love with all underwater creatures, with light falling through layers of water, with travelling clouds of illuminating plankton. There are wrecks, covered with colorful coral jungle, silver sharks - elegant alike spaceships, curious dolphins, and others: huge variety, astonishing beauty, unexplored, surprising, inspiring world. My great love to sea is splashing on my canvases. There are seascapes, boats and of course underwater landscapes. I do not aim to copy or illustrate the nature; photography can document it much more convenient and better then painting. I want to share how it feels. My pictures are about mysterious light, about currents, about sophisticated shadows and reflections into narrow caves and about vast blue of open waters that can be compared only to endless sky.

• ‫‏‬SVETLANA BELENKIN Secrets... small and big…, our and others, they take a lot of place in life. Our confidential thoughts, they as the onions covered with a peel, rind. To open and someone can burst into tears. The children's secrets forgotten long ago, they as hammered with rusty nails in a wall the old torn-off announcements, continually remind of themselves. And secrets between two loving, they distance them from each other more, forcing to lead parallel life.... And the woman of average years who trusts the secrets to only the mirror…. And old letters and a photos which always open secrets to researchers and successors, and chafe their souls.... How many subjects for painting, are only small part, a sin not to use… 1 "Onion", 40*40 cm, acrylic on canvas 2 "Symptoms 2" , 70*50 cm, acrylic on canvas 3 "Memory" , 40*40 cm, acrylic on canvas

• DEBBIE ESHEL My paintings reflect my desire to connect to the secrets of the universe. With color and form, I aspire to express the energy that flows between bodies and the geometric shapes that comprise all matter. It is magical to ponder events, causes and effects of our existence that we cannot witness because we are in the here and now. My art deals with bursts of energy, the flow of energies, the images that appear to represent the creation of crystals and connections that I imagine are the beginnings of something hidden and mysterious. I depict an imaginary, faraway world, another dimension, rich in forms and Colors. Through introspection, I am attempting to see in my mind’s eye, the secrets of life in a different realm of existence. Technique - Oil on canvas

• NOAM ATTAR Even as a child I was drawn to art and painting. I remember myself as a child with crayons and pages everywhere I went. In my youth I studied with a number of artists. All through my life I learned art from different fields: Drawing and Illustration Photography Sculpture Jewelry Graphic Design Today I run my own studio for art & design My being: I strive to understand the meaning of the visual world that exists around me. I have endless love for colors, shapes and sounds. I love to touch the spirit, nature and everything that exists around me. I have the desire to create, modify, and bring out my inner world. My work - Intimate secrets To feel close , to be open and to share your being. Are we capable to let go who we realy are ? Are we able to talk about the things that in our minds ? Are we allow ourself to let go our feelings ?

• ARIK AFEK We create them, we keep them, we search for a way to crack them. Secrets. Take a look at a stranger. Unknown to us , he holds a multitude of secrets, starting with his name. Think of a close friend. We know him well, we think, and yet he too keeps from us some secrets, maybe personal, maybe intimate, who knows? Drawing and painting portraits, I search for the secrets they hide in plain sight, right in front of my eyes to see. The search begins with the opaque portraits, completely "covered" by color, continues via the pen drawings of figures, now mostly hollow yet still unrevealing and on to the wire outlines, more exposed portraits and at the same time even more enigmatic and secretive. fierce. ink on paper 30X42 cm

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