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44 DEGREES is an online magazine and dedicated to promoting Israeli artists. The magazine deals with the field of contemporary art. Present digital media artists, painters, sculptors and curators. Each magazine will discuss a different Issue. To contact each artist, click on his site, or write to his email. 

The issue of the magazine – PORTRAIT Portrait is a very wide subject. This time the magazine presents a collection of works depicting different types of portraits. Self Portrait, social portrait, Portrait of characters, using different techniques. Portraits usually show the upper body of the person. Each portrait tells his story, and together, we getting, a mosaic of different human stories. We all know the world's most famous portrait is of Leonardo da Vinci, the Mona Lisa. Enjoy! The 44 DEGREES online art Magazine is founded by TAMMY MIKE LAUFER 2013 All rights reserved ©

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Drawing on the front of the magazine, concept and design by Tammy Mike Laufer

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• ESTHER NAOR This body of works was formulated and consolidated for the specific space of the Florentin 45 Gallery in Tel Aviv. As such, it seeks to be experienced first and foremost as an installation or as installed works with a joint theme. However, the various parts of the installation also stand independently, as if they were different offsprings sharing common genes. The works deal with the body's betrayal, with its aches and diseases, and with the complex physical and emotional confrontation with the slow healing process. In this context, yearnings and childhood memories emerge and rise to the surface while questions of identity, aging and femininity are reexamined. 1. Be a Good Girl, 2012, mixed media installation, variable dimensions 2.I Love Mom and Dad, 2012, synthetic fur, printed fabric and hollofiber, variable dimensions (detail) 3. Soldier, Smarten Up! 2012, mixed media, 34x30x15 cm

• EDNA SEGEV "Ever Lasting Presence" A portrait of my mother, Tamar Nauman; taken from a picture of her on the day I was born, she was 29. My mother died on June 1986, she was only 49 years old. A year earlier, suffering from paralysis on her right side, she writes with her left hand in her diary: "It is a joy to be able to write, free from problems Life is a joy when everything is good, I belive that life is good - It must be." 50 X 30 cm, Mixed Media Mosaic on a Porcelain Plate Photography: Ya photographers Yasmin Peled‫עדנה‬-‫שגב‬-‫פסיפס‬‫ועיצוב‬/306686722791136

• RUTEA S. NOY Painting and illustrating prepared me for photography while film making exposed me to digital media. Therefore, I present my digital imagery as an extension of classical art. Enticed by phenomenology, existentialism and improvisation, my aim is to illuminate each portrait in a genuine, intimate light. Deep within, every portrait is unique, a micro cosmos, revealing an enduring tale. It captures a spark of the human spirit even without exposing an entire face or shrouding it completely. All images generates vitality through esthetic harmony, color, movement, symbolism. They are sheer manifestation of inner freedom, strength and joy. Some were executed randomly in a spontaneous fashion, some were styled and produced with a crew. Before a styled shoot I write a script and direct the crew like a film director. However, afterwards, I perceive my work as Fine Art. By utilizing a combination of actual painting and software I create the final touch.

Sound Of Silence - R.S. Noy

Romantic Encounters - R.S. Noy

Super Rabbi - R.S. Noy

Dog's Fantasy - R.S.Noy

• NINO HERMAN I started out as a journalist photographer and am now developing as an art photographer. My main themes are street photography and portraits as well as other themes such as landscape and interiors. I n my portraits I take snapshots of the people I meet in my surroundings, on the streets, in cafes and generally while roaming around the south of Tel Aviv. I never stage my photographs, wishing to keep a certain spontaniety and always portraying my models in their natural surroundings. my attitude is very personal. I never photograph them without their permission, which is always enthusiastically given. My aim is to make my models feel at home, and by thus, expressing in my portraits this authentic feeling of warmth, intimacy and empathy, which bring forward the best in them. this sense of familiarity works both ways: not only do my subjects and I feel a mutual empathy towards each other, but I try to pass this on to my spectators as well. This feeling of closeness, of being part of the work of art, creates an identification which stimulates feelings in the viewer. I strive to achieve a warmth, a reassurement of living in world which denies estrangement, a proof of togertherness, which is part of my ideology, and the raison d'etre behind all my work

• SHIFRA LEVYATHAN l don’t usually photograph portraits. However, from time to time a face or an expression catch my eye and my imagination. Those portraits are not taken in a studio. They are moments in time that touched me and which I captured with my camera.

1-Lost in Thought 40 X 45 cm 2-Sleeping Red 40 X 42 cm

Photography Photography

• TAMMY MIKE LAUFER My works are similar to mental puzzles, where you can travel from one point to another by analyzing a picture’s symbolic objects. there is always something for the observer to discover. I never force my vision or push my philosophical opinion on the viewers each and every one, can give theirs philosophy to my creation. My art is surreal reality, all in my head. The viewer take a journey to places just as real as those you might find in this reality. When I start working on a new scene, it's like enter to a fantasy dream. like starting your new only virtual world. “Everything is possible” and in the majority of my works I am trying to combine visual realities, with subconscious emotions and philosophical thoughts. I create my virtual world, with 3d software and 2d paint software. Using combinations of renderings, lightings, textures and shapes.

Self Portrait by Tammy Mike Laufer

• H. SAMAREL I make portraits of curvy, plus size women. After years of painting thin, runway-model nudes on my site, I decided to add a “personal portraits” service. I appreciate the beauty of the generous folds and voluptuous curves they had previously tried to hide. Despite Photoshop’s built-in digital temptation tools, I did not want to transform this beautiful “plus sized” woman into a skinny woman, too easy, and besides it would not be life-like. Instead, I treat their seductive curves with appreciative care and love. I lovingly wrap these bodies with my own style of liquid art, showing their loving splendor, portraying them as life like and beautiful. I truly believe EVERY woman is beautiful, regardless of color, shape and size. My art is digital, made from photos and can be printed on canvas upon demand.

• ANNA OSTROVSKI Photographing a portrait is like psychoanalyzing the human subject through a camera lens. During the creative process, i begin an internal dialogue between my subject and my lens. This dialogue is meant to create a base for authentic creation. My work style varies between staged photography in a studio, and creating a world of my own out of existing photographs. In this works, i focused on the search for my identity through the eyes of Others.

• KEREN KOZ Becoming you Idol – Steve Jobs by the photographer Keren kozlov The biggest man , The man who succeeded to change the world by his own view and by his own mind. Personally who don't want to become to his idol one time ? try to imagine yourself like him , think about the things that he would do and try to figure up his mind. Be the person to want to be .

• ORLY EYAL LEVY My search in photography relates mainly to borderlines. that unique moments that someone is losing control of himself. or maybe loses himself entirely. the capturing of those moments allows us to look deeply into the missing pieces that we are trying to find (and simultaneously hide) most of our life. Laughing: portraits of people in the profounding moment of laughing. their minds are empty from fears, enxieties, and taughts. large format photography Year: 2008 dimentions: 70x50

• MERAV NAOR-WEINSTOCK Limor Shay is an artist, a businesswoman, a friend, and a mother but most of all she is an explorer. She explores the many sides of her femininity and her being. In this short series of portraits I tried to peal off the exterior layers, those masks we are so used on wearing and bring out the other side of Limor. That “other side” has no definition, it can be many things all at once or just hidden in others. The setting is the same in all photos but the “masks” are not…just like in reality where our lives are the same but our feelings and roles in them change constantly.

• ORIT ZUCKERMAN Indecisive moments is a body of works that explores the tension between still image and motion, between moment and narrative. My work is about “indecisive moments”, nuances in chronology and continuity, fragile moments that I manipulate and stretch in different rhythms. As a photographer, I was always intrigued by the classic notion that there is a split second where everything is balanced to perfection, the classic “decisive moment”. My life experiences gave me a more complex perspective, that moments are not isolated from their context, and documenting that multifaceted perspective became the focus of my explorations. In my process I am entering a “slowing down” state, both when working with my subjects, setting rules and directions to the photo shoot, as well as when editing and manipulating the photographic sequences, stretching time and distorting rhythm. As a result, the viewers experience a deceleration of a brief moment and immerse in the different point of views depicted in that situation all at once.

Click on any image to view a video art

• DIKLA LAOR "Photography is a significant part of my daily life, filling and charging me with the desire to keep on creating. Every moment of photographing is accompanied with a childish excitement as if it were the first time. The camera enables me to see life at one frame at a time and to discover a whole world within it; to choose one moment in time, to commemorate it, to hold its beauty, to examine it and see what the eye missed in a glimpse: a speck of dust, a single light, movement of fabric, water... mostly I love to photograph women, For me a woman is the essence of existence, who is containing, has all the beauty and procraetion, childishneess, femininety and maternity. In the last two years (since 2011) attracted mostly to staged photography, the scenes come to me from love and attraction to beauty everywhere, my sources of inspiration are classic art renaissance, myths, biblical stories, classic literature‌. I see my photographs as describing beauty and optimism, both apparently are in the eyes of the beholder..."

• YAEL CAFFREY‫‏‬ The fact that I draw people that are close to me infuses the working process with a deeper significance. It is not about the subject's appearance, but rather points to who he is. This is ultimately a reflection of his path through life in order to arrive at that moment distilled in each piece.

• SERGIO DANIEL CHERTKOFF The constant tension between light and dark that you see in a picture reflects the constant struggle within the persona. I have been doing portraits since 1990. Beginning in Los Angeles as a billboard artist , did large , very large formats of musicians and actors on a daily basis using oils and later also air-brush. That was 2 years after I started painting and working there with 5 or 6 very experienced artists from the best art schools in the U.S.A watching them with different techniques ,each one for himself , that was a school. I didn’t go to any academy . With that experience I could start doing commissions and got the courage to do my first self portrait. The impact of that self-inspection was instant and deep to my soul. Since then did hundreds of portraits. Oils on canvas and for many reasons and a vast variety of persons. Some times I could get deeper to the object's souls and times that didn’t have the time to sleep, for a week , in order to do a group portraits of 250 elite employees. Some times you do your family portrait and usually in fragments and times drive hundreds km to do a group portrait of my sun's company . Every time in a while I do a self portrait as a calibration for me and a documentation of my mental and mundane status at the time. Some times you also get to do people that about to die and others that already have passed away . these you do from an old photograph which you got from the spouse/son/daughter… and always the tears of the love ones when they see the job done and the confirmation and happiness that I feel knowing that I could touch them deep inside.

Mask ,50x70 oil on canvas, self portrait, in my private collection

Me clown mixed media Shiff collection

Arik Sharon 180x160 . oil on canvas

Menahem begin- 60x 80 oil on canvas .amos aharoni collection

‘Parabelum' Group portrait of infantry company 200x250 oil on canvas zemach gallery collection

• YACOV GABAY My painting style is realistic in essence. I paint this way because I love the world as it appears with its infinite shapes, color and substance. My paintings are representations of both esthetic and spiritual experiences.

• AVIVA WAKSHLAK WEISER As a figurative painter I have always been fascinated by people and their characteristics. I am challenged by people who have undergone a deep internal process of self-inquiry which is expressed by self-acceptance, self confidence, strong presence and insight and are willing to authentically expose who they are. Sometimes I have this knowledge prior to the act of painting but other times I become aware of it during or before finishing the painting, but it is always exciting as a first revelation. I am usually inspired by people with whom I have a close relationship and for whom I have deep feelings, family and friends, as well as special characters who I happen to encounter. The unique perspective of the portraits is the antithesis of the socially accepted concepts and ideas of beauty and excellence. Some of the paintings are oil on canvas and some are oil on scrap wood that was collected and which is harmonized into the painting by its’ own story and structure. The paintings are characterized by colorful spots and multicolor layers that upon closer inspection may look abstract but the whole perspective of the figures may lead to comprehensive concept and impression of the figure. Most of the time I start my paintings with the person’s eyes and develop the paintings from the story that the eyes tell.In this manner, the whole process that builds the expression of the individual develops. Selection of the drawing object is generally intuitive; however the act of painting reveals the true desire for painting the object. This process is typical among artists throughout the long history of art. Painting creates different levels of dialogs between the portrait and myself without being critical or judgmental. Figurative painting enables me as a painter to reflect my values as they are expressed by the characters. Each of the paintings reminds me how complicated the object is and how thorough is the mutual exploration that is reborn…

80x60 Oil on Wood

70x90 oil on cavas

60x50 Oil canvas

• CHAVA EPSTEIN When I paint a face I feel that I touch the inside of the model. Especially when I paint the eyes it brings me to the soul. The face is like a code, so different from each other that it never stops to interest me.

Oil on canvas 60X60

Seashell integrated with canvas and ceramic statuette 30X30

My son and his son - oil on canvas size 35X40

• HANNA WATTS I started drawing in my childhood as a journey of escapism from reality, I painted my reality and was created within it. I paint While taking a journey into the past through my private photo album,Preserving memories and expressing them on canvas.The creation that faces me is the proof that my being is held. Content and images which I use often refer to photos from my private album. What began with touching gender ,identity and place,was later interpreted as a narrative from my view today. I like to use greasy colors like oil colours also I love to use oily lipsticks. My technique was formed over the years, filled with expressive brush strokes. Through my technique, I'm tempted to examine and explore the stains that appear from these photographs creating the visual image. The big portret -Lighten up, 2006, 70X100 CM

Motion Series 4, 80X40cm, 2009-2010 Oil on canvas

Diptych front, 2009, 80X40cm, oil on canvas

• SMADAR LOMNITZ Face fascinate me, characters fascinate me. Very important to me to draw from my imagination through negotiations with the materials. 1-Mixed media on canvas 30/20 2-Acrylic and ink on paper 30/20 3-Mixed media on canvas 40/30

• HEDVA MIZRAHI From time to time I find myself drawing a self-portrait, as part of my art work. Each time my perspective and observation change. The face is an instrument. It does not disturb me if I don’t turn up pretty. Portrait is like painting landscape, observation and impressions are similar. As landscape have hills and mountains and valleys, the face is a map of shapes, size, tones, shadows and lights. The portrait is used as a motif to express art. Emotion, expression appears as a result of its involvement. The Pursuit of truth, and reliance of the things the eye sees without prejudice or wrong conclusion about what we think we see, creates the painting.

The 4 images of my self-portrait are from a different approach, yet they are from the same face. We can play whatever we like, by changing the light in the studio, the angle of the head, the colors in the palate or even the size of the canvas, each time we get a different portrait. Self portrait, oil on canvas mounted on wood, 23x33cm

Self portait, Oil on canvas 25x25cm

Self portrait Oil on canvas 25x25cm

• DALIA SEGEV The following works from recent years engaged emotional human situations. In drawing the characters I care about emotional expression, to penetrate the soul and consciousness of the character. I see the shape of the face as a gateway to a range of mental states. Sometimes I identify with the emotional feeling and actually, perhaps, draw myself, even though I always work with a live model.

Oil sticks on canvas, size 25X35 cm

Rest Clown - Chalk Pastel, size 50x35 cm

Acrylic on paper, size 25X35 cm

• MICKY HAREL‫‏‬ "Too narrow to accommodate” Portraits as a symbol This series of works I painted near the end of the Lebanon war two, of which I've experienced severe emotional trauma. Selection process and start painting scenes, intensified the sense of suffocation. With photographs of my partner being taken daily when he returned tired from work and constantly lying in the living room corner. This observation came to reflect the totality of our life here and now. Our definition of national physical and social identity, painting process of these works I have experienced both the tiredness an d the journey of togetherness . Portraits: Oil on canvases 110cm'X90cm' each

• OFRA BEN-NATAN Age 53, draws 6.5 years after a terrible tragedy in the family. College-educated from the "Visual Arts college" in Beer Sheva. "A more powerful force then I makes me draw. The images sit in my mind until I pass it to the canvas. Drawing is the place where my soul is reflected. I have a strong tendency to paint happiness even though I am not such a person. Most of my images come from nature and have an inexplicable attraction to birds. My style is modern art, I imagine myself us a type of a camera that draws from reality but gives her personal expression. I love Jackson Pollock, the sensuality of his work captivates the heart and I use his technique in my paintings.

• DVORA ASHKENAZI 1.A portrait of my mother. (mother) Soft pastel on paper 70X50 cm By painting the portrait I tried to remember my mother’s good old days. The painting process was a kind of dialogue between me and my mother. It made me feel very close to her. 2. A portrait of my father (father) Soft pastel on paper 70X50 cm The last period of my father's life was very difficult, I wanted to remember him at his best. While painting the portrait I felt the need to combine the sea he loved so much. And in the background played the melody by Eddie Calvert that I loved as a child.

Self Portrait,Soft pastel on paper 70X100 cm To paint a self-portrait in different age periods It's like meeting the girl I was.

My son and his cat (ran) Soft pastel on paper 70X50 cm Story of love and responsibility for my son to his cat and my love for both of them

A portrait of my son (tal)Soft pastel on paper 70X50 cm.

• LUBOV MESHULAM LEMKOVITCH Portrait painter. In my painting I try different genres, as an abstract and realistic direction. But of course, my favorite genre is the art of portraiture. I draw people from life and it is very fascinated. I love the people that I depict, and I see in each of them personality and beauty that is in every man and every woman ... I communicate with the sitter, and in the process of drawing, I understand more and more, and I feel everyone whom I draw‌ In this process, there is a lot of psychology ... I think it is a mutual pleasure. Self portrait oil on canvas 70x50cm

• NURIT SHANY In 1995 I worked as an art teacher in a mental retardation institution in Jerusalem. Being an artist and therapist I saw my students from two angles. From the Innermost point, asking what is the inner form of a human endowed by nature such diversity. And from an external perspective that asks how the various reflected upon a person's facial expression. I painted my students again and again. I started painting the faces in a realistic fashion. With time their portraits began to change and their fetors displaced and changed proportion, expressively. Out of my paintings emerged facial expressions that looked at me during the art lessons. These paintings and more from the series, so far been hidden in a drawer and I showed them to no one. Since at the time, the border between the life of those who live in freedom and those who were eligible and were imprisoned in an asylum, or imprisoned in their abnormal inner structure of an outcast from psychological norm, seemed obvious to me. But today I live and create in Tel Aviv, I'm not poor nor reach, still I do not live up to some standards and I see people denied civil rights previously considered entitled. The border of the norm ever goes wrong due to the exploitation of one class to the other class. Although these paintings shoe an extreme statement I decided to show them in Magazine 44.

Deformed3, water color on paper 40X50 cm

5,penr on paper 37X50 cm

Woman Natali (after a photo of nino herman) 50X50 cm

A man, oil on paper

• HENRYK ROSTOWICZ The Renaissance and Baroque artist influence my drawing style, and I use to paint observing their masterpieces to be inspired by their presentation of topic and choice of colors. I spend my vacation in museums of Europe to find new ideas and energy to create more. My painting subjects are usually people to reflect their personalities and present a look into their lives. The use of oils is designed to create an accurate expression of the rich and colorful shades. I choose characters express their life story, and find it mostly in older women and ethnic types. Each new painting is a challenge with a character or characters whose faces and body language are fascinating my imagination. I do not stick to a certain style, and my curiosity leads me to try different painting techniques such as multiple layers flat and smooth color using a small brush compared to thick layers of not diluted paint using big brush. Upper paint layers are semi-transparent to enrich the colors and impart a sense of depth. The painting is primarily a craft workshop that the painter should control it.

Oil on Canvas 60x60 cm 2012Pandora’s Butterfly

Oil on Canvas 50x60 cm 2010 Azarbijan Woman

Oil on Canvas 50x60 cm 2003 Afghan Woman

Oil on Canvas 50x60 cm 2007 Ethiopian Girl

• GRASYA STRUMZA Portraiture is one of my favorite subject meters because of the passion, fascination and challenge that come from the need of capturing the likeness of the person I am dealing with . My concept of interpretation is to respect the structural factors and the facial feathers, beside my personal style and individualistic imagery emotions and expressions. My aim is to communicate with the society and its values of esthetics, taking in consideration the relationship between popular culture and fine arts. The works I am presenting here are, mixed technique drawings, pencil and aquarelle on paper, in small formats.

• UDI SALMANOVICH This " Self Portrait " is part of series of works name "Anti Dogmtic Slot Machines" The size of the Canvass is the size of my circumference, In this painting, as in the rest of the series, I use a selection of images and materials: Nail polish, aluminum and graphite colors. Painting is the medium which allows me to describe the reality as I see it, providing the correct esthetic language tool through which I can create a changing reality experience and perception of the viewer. The challenge in discovering new ways to express nature and the way human culture is intergraded within it, drives me to explore deep into the nature of Art. I live in a modern consuming economy, and while analyzers plan and finance technologies that change the nature and the reality of our planet in a way that even the weather, the chemistry and the biology of the oceans are put in danger I replace the colors of the earth with the color of money to emphasize that human survival is depending on restraining our behavior. The human struggle with nature to survive has turned into a struggle of nature to survive the human race. My painting process is layered and continuous. While creating each master piece, layering images one on top of the other, I create an object in which the depth is the result of time and history is defined in the texture instead of the optical illusion of perspective.

220X170 cm Nail Polish and Aluminum on Canvas

• ILAI RAZ I'm a graphic designer. In the past few years I have done many self portraits, in several different technics such as ink , water color, pencil, markers and digital media. In a lot of my drawings I play around with questions regarding gender, homo-erotic and the esthetic of the human body. in my work I enjoy to explore the fine line between the fine art and illustration.

• OR RAVIV Digital portraits 2013 Real subjects look like familiar figures at first, but then appear somewhat strange after all.. for the observer: there’s a picture, which is a statement about the world and the time in which we live. established form of reality, which had perceived in the newspaper or in the news This linking of the freedom of gestures with a distinct reference to the present day. On the one hand this comes from one’s own perception. It is a mixture of views from the edge and perceptions. The night vision device is the controlling view. The police view of the darkness, of the invading strangers.





44degrees online art magazine-Issue - Portrait  

'Portrait’ - the new issue of the online art magazine 44 DEGREES. The online art magazine presents, an impressive body of work of contempor...

44degrees online art magazine-Issue - Portrait  

'Portrait’ - the new issue of the online art magazine 44 DEGREES. The online art magazine presents, an impressive body of work of contempor...

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