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The 44 DEGREES is an online magazine and dedicated to promoting Israeli artists. The magazine deals with the field of contemporary art. Present digital media artists, painters, sculptors and curators. Each magazine will discuss a different Issue. To contact each artist, click on his site, or write to his email.  The issue of the magazine – WOMEN A woman can have children and create a new life, but she can also give birth to herself again, spiritually, and to deal with whatever she wants. We are present, the woman who is in our imagination or in reality. A woman of any age. A woman working or sitting, sleeping or reading. Reference to the subject of women, in several different mediums.

The 44 DEGREES online art Magazine is founded by TAMMY MIKE LAUFER 2013

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• ZEEVA KONAS Illustrations in Bronze In this collection, I show small-size bronze cast sculptures. The works were created after many years of painting, reproduction, focusing mainly on the field of visual communication. i harnessed my ability in the field of illustration to benefit my sculptural works. Every sculpture is an illustration to a story; and though it is my story, the sculpture bears no name, enabling the viewer to envision an objective connection to his own story. While observing the sculpture, the viewer creates an additional layer of interpretations, almost personal connotations, thus enriching the sculpture with a new story and perspective. The works are interwoven with highlights of humor, causing the viewer to smile; their uniqueness is characterized by being flat and two-dimensional; their variety and textures evoke contrast and interest: smooth next to rough, shiny next to matte.

• OFRA FRIEDMAN The woman is a dominant image in my sculptures, conveying her raw beauty and inner strength. She is the one creating new life uncompromising and a subject for admiration. The leaves and lives sculpture shows a female carrying weight on her shoulders, in the form of other beings. This is the first in a series of sculptures I create which portray the power of the woman and the beauty of creation. The three-dimensional sculptures are part of my site specific installation “Artistic journey in wire mesh” of twenty sculptures in steel and copper exhibited recently at the Florida Museum for Women Artists as part of the “Witness to creativity” exhibition. The installation celebrates my own route as an artist, as a statement about the gradual journey and positioning of women‘s art in history. The feminine sculptures are draped with fluid metal fabrics, made of woven copper wire mesh. They emphasize the flowing and undulating features of the female figure. Working with the medium of wire mesh is an adventure. The medium takes its own direction and flow. A great woman, sculptor and teacher in Israel, Shulamit Hartal, developed this technique of wire mesh sculpture, and is a source of inspiration to me. “Leaves and Lives”- Metal, Steel and copper wire mesh, 30”x40”x12”. “Spider Woman”- Steel wire mesh and powder coating, 24”x50”x25”. “Exhilaration”- Steel and copper wire mesh, 64”x60”x14”.

• EDNA SEGEV In my art, I always try to present a bit of myself. The lyricist, Noam Orab wrote in the his song Porcelain Woman: “… so she promised herself, that whatever it took, even God couldn’t help her. Nothing will break me, she told herself nothing will… Then, one woman told her, but she couldn’t comprehend. You’re not an iron woman, you’re a woman of porcelain…” Porcelain Woman A pure, simple and innocent nude in fifty shades of white; Composed of a collage of textures, rhythms and shapes. 63 x 41 cm, mosaic (repurposed porcelain plates)

• JEULIAN RAY I am attempting to mix two great loves into one. Using digital tools, I combine photography and painting to make one creation. I try to explore the ironic duality in life and in human nature, while maintaining a great respect for the emotions behind it all. Most of my work deals with people, their emotions and their faults, but with a lot of love and sometimes a smile. I look at the way we all treat women, think of them. And I try to point out what seems crazy to me. My main influence is the surreal movement. The work of Salvador Dali. Although I don't commit myself to that, or any other style. My work is digital and my tools are a digital brush (wacon) and painting or editing software.

My studio work is divided to art photography and creating basic material and references for painting or image manipulation

• SMADAR LOMNITZ Self portraits of the woman i will never be again. Dealing with appearance and inner life. Photos processed 40/30 cm

• ELDAD PNINI Woman - In My Photos... I Present the woman as the source of our life The whole process of life can be found in a women She shares every moment of creating life from the moment they are created, through the development process, she protect the creation until the birth itself. Woman is the source of life!

• TAMMY MIKE LAUFER My works are similar to mental puzzles, where you can travel from one point to another by analyzing a picture’s symbolic objects. there is always something for the observer to discover. I never force my vision or push my philosophical opinion on the viewers each and every one, can give theirs philosophy to my creation. My art is surreal reality, all in my head. The viewer take a journey to places just as real as those you might find in this reality. When I start working on a new scene, it's like enter to a fantasy dream. like starting your new only virtual world. “Everything is possible” and in the majority of my works I am trying to combine visual realities, with subconscious emotions and philosophical thoughts. I create my virtual world, with 3d software and 2d paint software. Using combinations of renderings, lightings, textures and shapes.

• HILA MIZRACHI Bachelor of Art Photography and Video at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, and M.A in Multifunctional Arts at Tel Aviv University. My works revolve around the subject of portraits of people who are close to me. They are in themselves a human portrait, portrait of generation and also a self portrait. In this whole action, I find interest in women's face and body – I photo the women strength and also their fragility. I'm trying to catch a moment of mystery…There is no event in the photos but something is happening inside each one of those women and hopefully inside the viewers when they look at those women's face.

Technique : Analog photography

• FRANCOISE CHEMOUNI Photographer artistic My main artistic interest is women's portraits, always with a focus on suggested femininity. I like to photograph face because I can read in it everything. (Francoise Chem – facebook page)

• ELAD DAVID In my works, I deal many times with the subject of women through exploring my relationships with significant feminine figures in my life and mainly through exploring gender issues by the mediumof photography. My work ‘28|54’ deals with my obsessive attempts to perpetuate a mother icon and past memories of my mother that associated with it. The work is accompanied by scanned fabrics that belonged to her, as well as by a personal essay which reveals intimate memories that raises the doubt whether they are indeed memories or only persistent thoughts that formed into memories. A lot of the photos I took over the years include portraits of different people. In the photos, staged or not, I try to capture the gap between who these people are and who they wish to be.

• NIKA FRO In the photo series I try to create tension between a woman and her surroundings. Whether if it’s a relationship with a male figure, with a family, or outside with nature. The photographs are inject prints from a photography book named “Still” made in 2009

• MEIRAV NAOR- WEINSTOCK Every morning when I look in the mirror I see this face staring right back at me And this face and figure is I…. I am a woman full of passion yet still a child at heart

I am a mother filled with love and compassion And once upon a time, I was my beloved husbands’ wife I don’t choose which one of them I want to be I am all of them and they are what I call…ME Me and myself go hand in hand We create We fight We dream We strive We make our world shine bright

• BOSMAT NIRON Femininity is everything. It is creation itself, existence and reality. Therefore, in the Zohar, it is defined as “Everything." It is the sea to which all rivers flow. Love and sexuality have always been a part of my work, the connection between nature and the female body recurring often in my pieces. Goddess is the mother of this world, feeding nature and the people, supplying spiritual and material food to the world. Sexual power is a divine driving force, creating power and uniting people. It is the power of love, making its way into the body. Eros is the sexuality that floats throughout all of creation. The sky makes love to the land, the earth and the sun, full of lust descending into the horizon as sunset. Butterflies and ladybugs have sex on trees’ leaves, spreading their wings with the wind. Flowers, lots of flowers, open up their large, juicy sex organs, colorful and tasty, decorating nature in one big celebration. All of us are born and will die as part of this party. The power and magnitude of her feelings are expressed in warm colors, floating lines accompanies by strong female energy, vibrating, taken from my inner world with images from vegetarian world and steal life. Those images collaborate and create symbiosis to the world we live in my work I show softness, personality and humanity. WWW.BOSMATNIRON.COM

• ASHER GIBEL 2004 was a good year for me. After I was diagnosed with Parkinson disease, I had to close my photographer's studio I had to fit all the photography equipment ,camera's ,backdrops',developing equipment into 2 by 2 meter room Any thing that didn't fit in was thrown out The neurologist who treat me told me 'I can't help you any more ,It's like two stuck gears that can't move he was referring to my mobility To make his point he intertwined his fingers and tried unsuccessfully to rotate his palms This image accompanied me for a few days ,until I decided that from now on I will photograph what I want and that year 2004 I started photographing the 'Usiskin forest' that had been planted 100 years before by jews exiled from jafa It's true Parkinson's limited my movement but it opened horiizons of thought and imagination so today I intent on the path I look

• MIRA CEDAR I worked simultaneously on realistic drawings and paintings, based on family photographs. A bunch of photographs I found on the street told the story of a group of youngsters who survived a concentration-camp in World War II. A series of paintings based on those photographs was exhibited at the Israel Museum Jerusalem, in 1994. (catalogue issued). Later, I began photographing people and basing my portrait works on these photos and have continued in this direction for many years, using different techniques and approaches to the human face. In 2008 I had an exhibition of these photo-based portraits in Tel-Aviv. More recently I have also been painting landscapes, specifically an extensive series based on photos of the Yarkon River in Tel-Aviv, concentrating on the reflections in the water, attempting to capture the ever- changing variations in them. I strive for versatility in terms of choice of materials and subjects in my work. I have used oil, acrylic, pastels, oil-sticks, ink and marker pens, on a variety of surfaces. At present I am working with markers on tracing paper or mylar. My teachers were conceptualists. I usually work in series, the main theme of each is intra- medial: for example, in one series I pose the question whether a portrait or other realistic object can be part of an abstract painting. Pastel on papar 30X32

• CARMEL SEGAL DAGAN I paint mainly women. Some of them I I know and care about – they are important to me and I want to share their stories. Some of them represent an idea – a reflection of the way I feel, think and dream. I recently heard from a successful woman that in today’s world the women’s struggle to be heard is irrelevant. People are judge by who they are and not by there gender. Unfortunately, I disagree. Women’s voice is not as loud and clear as men’s – centuries of education can not be erased easily, and any project that emphasise women, puts them in the spotlight, is wonderful. Painting 1 The room, 2010 Acrylic on Canvas 76*102 cm Painting 2 Awareness, 2012 Oil on Canvas 80*100 cm

• RONIT ARMONI In my works, I explore woman and womanhood. Body & Mind, states of consciousness, relations and emotions, where they are open to any personal interpretation, from Sadness, rage, torment coldness, to tenderness, sensuality, beauty and love. Nude is a state of mind, on physical, mental and transcendental levels. Clothes and every day occupations are just a set. The woman-girl is selfseeking, in a breaking and constructing process, moves through cycles of construction and destruction, life and Oblivion. The paintings range from gothic romanticism to expressionism and realism. Technique is divided between oil on canvas and acrylic.

• MICHAL VERED AMMAR The women in my paintings have their own personality. The only thing that gathers them together is that they are strong and selfindependent women. 1-Movin' out, 2012, oil on linen, 20 x 26 inches. 2-Regina, 2011, oil on canvas, 22 x 28 inches. 3-The Wedding is off, 2012, oil on linen, 35 x 35 inches.

• MOTTI SHOVAL Full time fine Artist. lives and work in Haifa. Create drawings, paintings, and prints (woodcuts, linoleum cuts and Mono-type). Studied painting and drawing at Haifa University and art instructor certificate at Oranim college. Studied ceramic technology by Israel Bankier. Printing course at Kibbutz Cabri. I’m a figurative impressionist painter, painting people and landscapes from observation and studio work (models, landscapes) but in dialogue with the painting and own experience. Influenced by perceptual contemporary art and focuses on tonal painting, studying the relationship between the artist and the world of color phenomena in nature. I’m inspired by my neighborhood in Hadar, Haifa, painting the urban landscape and people. I regularly participate in live model painting to hone my skills. To paint, draw, or sculpt the human figure is one of the most demanding artistic endeavor, at least since Michelangelo. And the representation of the female body can therefore be seen as a discourse on the subject and is at the core of the history of western aesthetics

• AYELET BERMAN For me, painting is moving myself to another time and space, staying in a parallel universe for a while, and getting back with new forces to everyday life‌ When I paint women I think about beauty, wisdom, sadness and women empowerment. Sometimes a woman is alone and sometimes with others. Multiple roles and states as well as multiple contexts and images. Difficult as it is to convey the complexity of a woman and woman's life by words, brush strokes and oil colors on canvas may do it better.

• ROMAYA PUCHMAN For the artist, the richest and deepest world of women's heart - a world of Love and Sorrow, Light and Darkness. A woman is making our life a new meaning and significance. Feminine is responsible for fine vision implicit items. The true beauty of the female body produces harmony with the spiritual beauty. Art works: 1. Artist&Model oil, canvas, 160x120 cm 2. Ella oil, canvas, 80x60 cm 3. Spanish Woman oil, canvas, 90x70 cm

• RACHELI LITVIN I am a painter/Collage Artist and a member of The Israeli Illustrators Organization since 2004. I've participated in several exhibitions from the Illustrators Org, and in two competitions abroad (Italy & Greece). I use different materials at my Art works, I do portraits by order, also I turn color to black & white and vice versa. I can relate to the subject on this issue as a woman, I have lots of art works that the main subject is women from different background. In some of my art works you can see: a warrior, a mother, women with different ethnicity background. Victory participated in an art competition of the Onasis foundation in Greece. Victory is very dear to me, because of the subject and the inspiration I had from my mother's illness (she had Leukemia and was my muse). I named that piece Victory, because it express the struggle & victory of the illness, you can see the woman standing still and peeling the sick skin. Expectation was participated in an art exhibition in Tel-Aviv of the paper artist's Victory – 70X100 oil on canvas Expectation - 40X50 a mixed technique Collage & oil on canvas

• MICHAL ROITBORD BACHAR I mainly paint portraits, trying to capture the moment as the person experienced it. Recently I chose to paint pieces of my personal life. My paintings are inspired by family photographs, dealing with a firstborn child who's on the Autistic spectrum, and his relationship with his brother and surroundings. As a woman and as a special child's mother, I experience many everyday difficulties. The creation process of self-portrait paintings serves me as a way of therapy and acceptance. Technique: Acrylic on canvas.

Paintings: • • •

A mirror – size 40*50 Burnout - small stones in a shoe - size 40*50 Dream of calmness – size 50*70

• MICHAL YANIV My works are ink drawings on large canvas of women with Intensive thin lines made by a quill and paintbrush mostly draw them. The characters live in a very private closed world. The suits come from the sadomasochistic asphyxiation world. The tubs lead air and nourishments in and out of the body in a closed environment. These women are "super feminists", they don't need the outside world. My images come from the gothic subculture, which I used to belong to that crosses with the BDSM subculture especially in dress codes and fetishism towards vinyl, latex, corsets exc. The gas masks fascinate me in their evolvement, since the First World War until today. Their humanity and inhumanity according to their use. I take a lot from the writings of sacher-masoch, the Marquis de Sad, Pauline Reage, erotic drawings and BDSM comic books which were/are drawn and written by men for men. I take them as my own and show independent female sexuality. In addition for the fetish for latex and vinyl, the works deal with the two extremes of S&M. The women in the paintings want full control over themselves, being a dominatrix. But in this control over what they are, their femininity and the fact that they are not willing to give up on anything, they become submissive. Enjoying the consuming they forced upon themselves.

• MALLY ELBAZ ALMANDINE The concept behind my creations is the perception of objective reality as opposed to subjective reality, which people can experience throughout their lifetime. Both the highlighting and the blurring of events allow fragments and layers of one's life to rely on and touch each other. These life fragments are purposely uncovered and hidden simultaneously. At times life fragments are interwoven into a bead string, a colorful sequence of life's events. The way I perceive the abstract concept of "happiness": it is so momentary and relies and feeds mainly on painful experiences. The stronger the pain is, the shorter and more intense the moments of happiness become, and this pattern functions reciprocally and inversely. The images in my paintings are borrowed from the subjective experiences in my childhood's world, and the means by which I chose to deal with the real world. Through the transition of time and place, both pleasant and difficult experiences are idealized in one's internal world by an existential defense mechanism of survival.

• LEAH HARPAZ In the painting I still felt a sense of adventure and discovery search. My ambition in painting is to reach the point where I delete words, narrative narratives trash, dive into the depths of the soul, there are hidden all the myths, if my personal or collective and paint the internal events that can not be described in words. The woman in blue Mixed media on canvas Size: 50x35 cm

• ILANA GRAF I am an artist and illustrator. Born and live in Israel, I graduated from the art school "Ha-Midrasha" in Israel. Today I am a member of the Israeli Association of illustrators. My art works and my illustrations have been shown in various art exhibitions and in special projects in Israel and overseas. I always loved to draw and paint, since my early childhood. I like to work on paper. I use pencil, water-colors, brushes, coloredpencils and ink - to create paintings, drawings, sketches, illustrations, collages, and mixed media. During the last few years I also make screen-print, etching, linoleumcuts, etc. which are all made on paper too. I also make digital illustrations and drawings. In my works I am inspired by nature: botanic shapes, animals, birds, fish and humans. I draw people walking down the streets, dancers, man and women.

My works on this page are taken from a collage and mixed media small sized works series. On these works, I used the color red, which is related to women, and expresses my deep feelings and thoughts, my warmth, and my fears. The color red also stands for blood, flesh, hurt, birth and life.

• ELITE AVNI-SHARON Illustrator women can be fat or ugly or lonely or horny- why shouldn't they ???

• AKI DOTAN AKIDATANA I Aki dotan Akidatana born in Israel in 1951, sculpt and paint the sensuality of a woman. my work comes from the simple figurative form. In my artwork I would like to release the eye and the brain limits the recognition of the inherent shape and guide the brain to identify with the new forms with unknown rate. I try to bring new symbolic expression independent and free from any dependence on the concepts and forms of normal brain and eye associated with them.

• INBAL LEITNER While being a classic animator and illustrator, I've always been attracted to fine art, to work with various mediums and "real" materials. During the past few years I find myself reducing my commercial aspect of work, and increasing my involvement in the artistic aspect of my profession. I usually find inspiration looking at what's around me – starting with my family, through the society I live among, in growing circles that reach the existence of humanity and its meaning. I find analogy between personal mechanisms and universal ones. I guess it all has the same root but differs in scale. I take a lot of interest in the planet and its future due to the presence of humanity. Thus, some of my works question these subjects. The themes I deal with are mainly subjects that bother me, and challenge me with a specific conflict. I usually can't offer a practical solution to these conflicts, however I wish to express my opinions about the subject. I often use a minimalistic interpretation for the big ideas I deal with – When reaching the paper, these conflicts receive spacious appearance, with minor presence of color.

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