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44 DEGREES is an online magazine dedicated to the promotion of contemporary Israeli artists. The magazine showcases various artists such as digital media artists, painters, sculptors, and curators, with each issue focusing on a different theme. Artists showcased in the magazine may be contacted via the URL posted. The magazine may be viewed in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem information archive room and in Tel Aviv Museum Library. 44 DEGREES online art Magazine was founded by the artist TAMMY MIKE LAUFER She created the concept and she's also the Designer\ Editor \Art director \Curator Producer \ Website Director.

Tammy Mike Laufer lives and works in Israel. She is an international contemporary artist and art director. She is graduate from the extension of the "Technion" Israel Institute for Technology in the department of Graphic Design, and continuing education program for designers at Sivan College Tel Aviv. She has been engaged with Digital Media for two decades. Tammy Mike Laufer's digital media works were exhibited in Museums, art projects in places such as Italy (53 Venice Biennale) Greece, Japan, the US, Portugal, Lithuania, Warsaw, Israel and more.

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RuTea S. NOY

















RINA SCHENFELD – Queen of Israeli Dance NURIT TAL-TENNE Curator (Part from the exhibition catalog)… In her individual developing work it is possible to distinguish five periods which are not disconnected, actually each period relies on its predecessor: The geometrical period – in which use was made of clean and cold geometrical objects that empower the dramas born out of the encounter with the human body (cubes/sticks/metal hoops); Approach to Nature period – the dance partners now are natural objects: tree branches, water, sea-shells, sand, wind; some of them related to the Eretz-Israeli landscape; The light and shadow period – from the object Rina arrives at light and shade, to the ‘objectless’’ which like the object is an object in itself; The video period – the light and shade assume now a more figurative form through the figures reflected in the projection of the photos. The objects projected in the video create an environment and atmosphere, and generate reality-like contexts: thus her dancers find themselves in nature, at war, on city streets, etc. The poetic text period – the words, the gibberish and the tones now constitute the objects referred to by the dancer. The poems Rina Schenfeld herself wrote create an encounter between the voice and the movement… nurit-tenne@013net.net

Light:dancer & choreographer: Rina Schenfeld costumes: Moshe Sternfeld Rina Schenfeld Dance Theatre photography: Gadi Dagon - 1993


Curtains: dancers: Rina Schenfeld, Rahamim Ron & company set: Dani Karavan costumes: Linda Hodes, Bat Sheva dance company photograpy: Mula Haramaty - 1969

EHUD MELAMED I was born in Israel on 1956, married with 3 children. My professional knowledge as a photographer was acquired in the school of geographical photography in Tel Aviv, Galitz photography school , workshops with "Massa-Aher", Contact, studio Harel , Zooming and others For the last 30 years my photography is of landscape and nature, animals, people and portrait, modeling and fashion, theatre and dancing. I use today - Nikon DSLR camera D7200 melamed.ehud@gmail.com www.pbase.com/melamed2

TALLY MELAMED I am a young Israeli artist at the beginning of my journey to become a professional photographer and artist. I am using my eyes, hands and brain to cherish the good in the small ordinary things, which surrounds us every day. With my camera and my photos, I can try and embed the good and the beauty I see all around me. Even though, I do know the complexity in life. I believe that through using this great machine we all camera, we can all make a change. I love the conversation my photography Stimulating with the subjects or with the people who observe it. I am using all sorts of art to express my thoughts, and always curious to try and find new and different ways. tallymelamed@gmail.com


1000 X 744 px

JASMIN HOCHMA I am an interdisciplinary artist focused on photography, new media and ceramic sculpture. My works deal with the fragile nature of femininity, in both its personal and social aspects. I am interested in exploring the ways in which archetypal feminine identities are formed by a predominantly male elite, and their influences on the lives of women and men, of all ages and ethnicities. My art explores the feasibility of gendered ideals and the way we confront them, as a society and as individuals, while touching on the status of women around the world and the various ways in which they are manipulated and exploited. www.jasminh.co.il isminh2000@gmail.com

Space video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mejhs1w6VM

TAMMY MIKE LAUFER My works are similar to mental puzzles, where you can travel from one point to another by analyzing a picture’s symbolic objects. There is always something for the observer to discover. I never force my vision or push my philosophical opinion on the viewers each and every one, can give theirs philosophy to my creation. My art is surreal reality, all in my head. The viewer take a journey to places just as real as those you might find in this reality. When I start working on a new scene, it's like enter to a fantasy dream. like starting your new only virtual world. “Everything is possible” and in the majority of my works I am trying to combine visual realities, with subconscious emotions and philosophical thoughts. I create my virtual world, with 3d software and 2d paint software. Using combinations of renderings, lightings, textures and shapes. The images can be printed on any material in any size. tamylauf@netvision.net.il www.TammyMikeLaufer.com

MOVEMENT 1/ 3D digital drawing

MOVEMENT 2/ 3D digital drawing

MOVEMENT 3/ 3D digital

MOVEMENT 4/ 3D digital

DAPHNE HOREV Engaging in Art to me is like looking into my microcosm self and then down into the human experience here on earth and beyond. While painting, I set myself free from the grasp of everyday perception of reality. In recent years I have found myself increasingly combining gold color in my work. To my feeling and understanding, the use of gold disconnects the subject matter from the realistic context and takes it to metaphorical and symbolic levels. I have been painting for many years. In recent years I combine digital tools in my work.

Winter is coming,digital art, 80X130cm



All Quality print on canvas 1-75 *Each work is originally signed on the back

Magical passes2, digital art 80X120cm

NINO HERMAN In my recent works, I am trying to develop a new way of seeing, one that flows between the figurative and the abstract, towards a point of confrontation that is unplanned and unscripted. His works develop out of a need to express the complexity of our inner and outer reality. While his street photography is very influenced by cinema, his landscape photographs are more influenced by the language and abstraction of painting. Technique and size. Digital photography without computer processing Size 80X100 cm www.ninoherman.com ninoherman@gmail.com

JOZSEF RAZ A digital artist photographer. Visual graphic design and history of art graduate. On the way from the analog world to the digital world , I went from using direct contact of the materials such as : celluloid , steel , wood , glass and canvas to the digital world where I collect all the materials for my work using the camera and the scanner . The computer's mouse is my main tool to draw and scalp my work of art . My work expresses " searching after the beauty in the ugliness and the ugliness in the beauty " and creates an illusion of the fantasy world. jozsefraz@gmail.com

RuTea S. NOY I am a multidisciplinary artist, visual storyteller/narrator, working with a large range of tangible and digital mediums, forms and techniques. My art is poetic, musical, imaginative, educational and entertaining. It meant to increase awareness, bring joy, hope and inspiration to others. By blending together controversial disciplines I create dramatic statements and hints for those wishing to experience everyday life in a nonconventional fashion. Currently, I am working on Maiden Voyage - a multimedia collection containing art, photography, film, music and movement. It will be dedicated to the memory of artist Idit Burstyn, Jazz musician Avery Sharron and film director Morten Parker. Web site

Fine Art Photography- Hand Dance

Fine Art Photography- Perpetum Mobile

SANDRA SIANO WEINREB Visual Artist. I am always passionate about movement in every minute of our everyday life. In my paintings there's always a rhythm lead by lines and brush strokes. What for me is more fascinating is the way I try to catch movement in things, people‌ whether they move from one point to another or whether I am the one moving or both the subject/object are all in motion. Motion reminds me of the beat of life itself. A way of saying we are here and now and alive. Reminding us how temporary we are in this world. In the series of photographs I took in the Azrieli surroundings in Tel Aviv I tried to show how brief and ephemeral our existence is, we are a dot in the endless universe. A succession of dots in movement making a line in a fraction of a second.


AVIA BEN-AVI For most of my life I danced and photographed, so it was just a matter of time before these two merged. Soon I began taking my camera to the dance studio and photographed during the class. Over the years, it became a more formal role of mine. While I photograph I move trying to find the right angle, composition and the exact second to document. The camera lens captures the one-time movement and moment. Via this, it is possible to see the precision and beauty of the dancing along with the dancers’ imperfection and humanity. I’m not trying to picture the dancers as perfect. The photographs presented here also outline the sweat and the hard work. In a way, it is an intrusion into the dancers’ privacy. The photos are taken in the studio, a space where everything happens. A place which is profoundly intimate and real to me. aviaben@gmail.com


JONATHAN GLAM When I took these photos, I tried to steal my subject's identities. In all the photos, all subject (family, friends and myself) are faceless and unrecognizable. I tried to capture them and myself in a way that will redefine them, in a way that they will be unrecognized to me; and maybe I will be able to see myself in them. Using movement in my photographs, I managed to twist and change my subjects figure; sometimes even make them lose similarity to the humans look, in order to redefine their identities. I was looking for myself in other people and in my environment, and used movement as a tool to create something new out of the familiar and known. glam.jon@gmail.com

MEIRAV AHARONY - BEN MOSHE All my life I was looking for a hobby, and I couldn't find something that I really love to do. I tried other things like music and i didn't succeed much. Until one day i took the camera to take photos of other things than trips or family and I fell in love. I make mostly surrealistic and modern art. I learned photography in Galiz School, But I actually started to take photos and make some of my Best art a few years before my studies. Photography is my big passion, and when I discovered Digital Editing, it made my passion even stronger. HOPE YOU LIKE MY ART camera.n.city@gmail.com www.camera-n-city.com

YNIN SHILLO Like my favorite artist, Pollack developed the theory of painting in movement that creates certain plastic qualities that what attracted me in the desert flora, which consists mainly of thorns and is exposed to a very strong movement of the wind and strong sun and short water flows that pass through there. Since it is desert's flora all it colorfulness is faded and thin. From there I started this series. Later, I continued to look for the same plastics features in the Jerusalem mountains and so the colors became a bit richer. The elements of nature and the plant genome preserve the shapes that express the movement. Curated movements. Photography series, 44*30 cm, 20162017 shilloart@gmail.com http://yninshillo.com/

POLI BLUM Born in 1980, based in Haifa Israel. I’m a story teller focused in fine-art photography, documentary and conceptual singularity projects. I use analog photography and interested in the process, time materials and chemicals of this world. in this selection there are b\w film photographs Inkjet prints on fine art archival paper. sizes: 30X30 and 20X30 btaltal@gmail.com www.poliblum.com

RAMI YERUSHALMI I got the first camera at the age of 13, and since then I have been filming. My art has deepened throughout the years and according to age -Helped me in sweetening bitter water, To erase a tear - when it appeared, To calm my angers - when they came. I take pictures following my gut feelings. The works are being polished mostly by choosing the correct frames, with a very minor processing. Most of the works are the result of a research of my close environment, so I can easily go back and take the picture again, until getting the desired result. 218ramiy@gmail.com Facebook

MIRI ADMONI In the south of Israel, the Negev desert, you can find my home and studio of glass art and design works. Surrounded by rich and diverse nature scenes, from the Mediterranean Sea on the west to the Dead Sea and the Judean desert on the east, my work is inspired by nature’s textures and colors. My work is an ongoing exploration in different mediums, including prints, glass works and jewelry. This series is photography based, showing different scenes of nature. By digitally manipulating colors and focus, I express myself in a free spirit way, from minimal to complex, from realistic to abstract and from clear to mystery.

Birds 40x60cm

miriadmoni54@gmail.com https://www.instagram.com/miriadmoni/? hl=en Rain1 40x60cm

Amuka forest1 50x60cm

CHAVA POLIVODA I am photographing the motion of the clouds The dim light of a stork flying to bring food to its chicks The journey of the clouds across the sky. Trying to catch the moment. I draw ancient tissue on objects of worship from different religions. In my photographs, I look for the movement to freeze my memory I have exhibited many exhibitions in Israel and abroad. My works include paintings and installations. I have not shown any photos yet. polivodachava@gmail.com WEBSITE

YURI TABACHNIK "When you draw a tree, you need to feel as it grows". This saying corresponds to my understanding of art. Movement for me is not a caught photo-instant, but a reflection of the inner life of people and nature. Therefore, I do not use imitation techniques such as blur or parallax effect. Physical accuracy is not important - only visual persuasiveness, the impression of a stopped and, at the same time, endless movement... http://tabachnik.net

Appearance (Messiah). Oil on canvas, 112cm x140cm


Downfall. Pastel on cardboard, 58cm x 58cm

ADI PESSO I have been painting since I could hold a pencil. Painting makes me release my emotions and moves something inside that excites me. I am very connected to nature which is a source of nourishment to me. The colours of the changing seasons, the gloominess or warmth, the juicy fruit , its skin, its ripeness, textures; all these elements are influentiual in my paintings. I love daydreaming and diving into imagination; than an idea comes into visualization in my mind. I love drips and dribbles. I like movment, I have found it through the flexibility of oil paints and recently I have found it in water colours. ARTNOTJUSTFORKIDS@gmail.com Facebook: ArtAdiPesso Down hill man- oil on canvas 100X60cm

Ostrich-oil on canvas 100X100cm

Crane couple- oil 240X120cm

ELI GROSS Motion has always fascinated me - if I could I would freeze the moment of children as they play, dancers full of excitement or a farewell moment. I would like to see the look on my artworks' viewers faces and their cheerful cries which fill me with joy. Painting allows me to capture a moment in time. That moment is frozen ... I tried to make a visual suggestion of motion in a frame. So let me freeze that moment and store it safely on the canvas. Even if I'm leaving this place and time. I'll return to it someday. Like taking me back to the old days, when I was young and full of strength. www.eligross.com eligross@orange.net.il

Grandpa come with us, to run and jump – Acrylic, 40/50 cm

Windmills of Your Mind Oil, 60/60 cm

A big storm is coming Oil, 60/60cm

MORAG KLIGVASSER The painting is created in a frozen movement, a pause, creating an illusion of a loop. This comes from the need to immortalize the moment not as an image, but as a whole existence. It also tells about me, being shut in and wanting to burst out. This is a need to stand out, to get exposure, to scream the beauty, to show the layers, and to not cover one layer with the other in hiding. With long, bold strokes of the brush, in a clean color, which will create a dissonance, jump into the eyes of the viewer, who will come closer to sense those carpet of colors, protruding like the Braille Writing of my life. Oil on canvas moragdesign@gmail.com www.moragkligvasser.com 110x80cm


KAREN NAIM I was born in Israel in 1972. I graduated the Midrasha school of art in 2003. What generates me to creative acts is the need for expressing and bridging my inner and outer world through the arts. In personal moods, I take photos which are already flirting with painting and drawing media. Then I choose to paint them on paper or canvas. The image is mostly unidentified, it's fading into disappearance, has minor details, general and distanced. In my present works, contradictory to my previous I choose a limited color scale. This demands me of concentration, conscious choices and self control. Surprisingly with an upside-down logic, it brought me, and my works, to the sense of expression and freedom. It also demands me to be present and change myself all through the process: to give up my ego and identity, to become as a shadow with no personal involvement but very personal and involved all together.

ARAMBOL BOY by Karen Naim 50X50 cm Acrylic on cardboard

karen.holistic.art@gmail.com Facebook

Arambol Girl 50X50 cm Acrylic on Cardboard 100X100 cm Mix Media

SHARON WEBBER-ZVIK I create from the most emotional and personal place, when words becomes a limited tool. Usually I hope simply to examine myself, to look at my thoughts on a more plastic and perceptible way. Usually, I plan to create a single work but like tears they come one after the other, until relief. I don’t think about it, or plan my technique - I simply cave in to all thoughts and ideas, deciding by feeling what will serve the idea best. I do not have the best technique and I am not an accurate artist, I acknowledge that. Sometimes it can be a helpful fact, but most of the times it makes me feel like I could be better. I could create it in a better way. Most of the time I simply appreciate the opportunity to express myself. sharonweb@gmail.com www.sharonwebberzvik.com




MICKY HAREL When I first started drawing and painting wolves I was fascinated by the way they look and move. Their rapid and powerful movement Basically it was the movement that captured me. Wolves became an obsession for me. I read about them, Their being intelligent animals, Living as wolf pack. There is no lone wolf. They grow families and care for one another. (Maybe) very much like human beings Still they are a great fear for people. For example those who grow flock. People do not voluntarily meet with wolves. symbolically they are the image of the complete other (Alter), A symbol of evil. Unfortunately this era is full of wrongs and I keep on ‘dancing’ with wolves as the symbol of zeit gaist (spirit of time)

'Wolves run‘ Oil on canvas 50 X40 cm

www.mickyharel.com mikusharel@gmail.com

'wolves strolling by the beach‘ Oil on paper 35X25cm

The wolves dance Oil on canvas 50cm'X40 cm

GUY MOSHAYOV The role of an active military in society is prone to an array of contradictions: Some view it as heroic, others consider it as a vital necessity, and some see it as blatantly criminal. Yet, as these debates focus on the grander functions of the military, the individual is often unconsidered. Attempting to provide an insight to such reality, I often find that unfiltered human condition is most effectively depicted through non-human subjects. Therefore, I mostly use other species, guard-dogs in particular, as vessels through which I transform naked emotion and action. Vicious yet helpless, the guard-dog describes a subspecies, both inferior and idolized, echoing the common glorified image of the soldier in contrast to his miserable and pathetic reality. guymoshayov.com gmoshayov@mica.edu

Horse #1, 76x51cm, Oil on panel

Guard Dogs 4, 150x170cm, Oil on canvas

SHAYEL NIRAN YAHALOM I love nature and animals, they are the subject of most of my paintings, especially wolves. The soul is complicated, despite this, my desire, is to indicate in my art, simplicity and insightful clarity. My wish is to extract cleaning, kind of asceticism through using line, color and composition, particularly of infinite freedom, the desire is to bring precision that was born out of inner chaos, and to exhibit it to the viewer. I usually use mixed media, acrylic, black ink and pastels. I like also to illustrate and catch the animals movment. My art is a gift of humor, Emotional States, depths and intensity. In my paintings, I smash the observers shield, so that they will be able to look through the eyes of the inner wolf that teach us the truth about nature and about our soul. www.shayel-art.com

PLAYING IN THE SNOW, Mixed media on plywood, 120X80cm

THE LAUGHING WOLF, Mixed media on plywood 122x84cm


RED WOLF, mix media on plywood, 80X60 cm

ALIZA BORSHAK Born in Baghdad .Lives in Be'er Sheva, engaged in art since childhood. I have a degree in art and communications, multidisciplinary artist. Painting, photography, photography and painting exhibits computer processing. I sometime write poetry. I work in various techniques and topics varied works. In recent years, the subject of women in the country and the world of my works stand out. Standing women's rights, violence towards her. I created a series of three-dimensional displays in which the doll representing the woman. So the woman abusing her games and pass it from hand to hand (trafficking). The subjects of my works: Bedouin woman Arabic. Women are numbered the same women without a veil behind bars with broken glass. Protest art. Art has the power to change. I belong to the artists of Beer-sheva and Israeli fruit of peace Association, whose members include artists Jews, Muslims and Christians. I introduced eight solo exhibitions and participated in numerous joint exhibitions. Appeared in two documentaries on the artist's works.


Hash sea 80x65cm


Testicle in water 50x75 cm photo


Bridge on trouble water 95x80 cm drawing

RINA SOFRIN-SHAPIRA How does one express movement by painting ? This is the hardest question of all: How to take the two-dimension canvas and make it alive, as if in three-dimension concept , as if moving? How to grasp the exact moment of creation of something new, different, a change? I try to solve this dilemma by drawing nature in windy day or waves of the sea , or water movement.. I love to draw and paint nature in different hours of the day, thus trying to express the change in light and shadows , change of the wind blowing the trees or waves of water as natural movements. I draw and paint for many years, using pencils, charcoal, oil or acrylic. rinasofrinshapira.art@gmail.com Tsunami Acrylic on Canvas 50X70cm

Sea shells - Acrylic on Canvas 70x50cm

HAGIT KAZINITZ My work describes the everyday urban landscapes that are surreal and apocalyptic. They range from the realistic to the abstract, landscapes painted on the axis between what is there and what is absent, and the movement of people in that environment. The narrative that drives my works brings up questions about our borderline existence between reality and fiction. The works live on the seams between what is broken and woven anew, between vulnerability and strength. Movement', Acrylic on canvas, , 120X90 cm

A recurring theme in my art is the position of man in relationship to nature and the alienating city. Examining humanity along the backdrop of political shifts of power and historical moments that challenge over and over again our ability to survive. www.h-kazinitz.com h.kazinitz@gmail.com Target', Mixed media on paper, 50X35 cm

Mixed media on paper, 70X50 cm

HAVA ZILBERSHTEIN After twenty years of art teaching I preferred to devote myself to art only. In the last fifteen years I create my works by etching on zinc and aluminum plates. This technique is the most suitable to express myself because of the character of the textures. In my works I use figures made of lines and stains, situated in abstract and vague environment.

havazil@gmail.com Website

JEREMY KIMCHI Wood Artist. I have been designing and creating both functional and purely ornamental wood art for over 25 years. Having grown up in a forested region of upper New York State, I immigrated to Israel in 1982 after high school. I live and work in the arid Judean Desert in an almost tree-less environment. I am not blind to the irony of this contradiction. In fact, much of my work deals with juxtaposing various materials or elements with each other and exploring the atmosphere that is created by playing with these special relationships. My mainstay is sculptural furniture for both private dwellings and the synagogue, the latter offering the added challenge of also being spiritually uplifting. Whatever the venue, my goal is to invoke a sense of wonder in the viewer/user through the natural beauty of the wood, the sinuous lines of my designs and the refined textures of the hand-crafted pieces. kimchi.jeremy@gmail.com www.kimchidesigns.com

DANIELLA WEXLER I am traveling in time , taking old objects bringing them to the present, writing and paintings today with the pictures and stories of the past, always dreaming of the future. the constant movement of the watch is for me the essence of life. daniella.wexler@gmail.com www.daniellawexler.com

Movement in time is life Mixed media 70X40

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