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44 DEGREES is an online magazine dedicated to the promotion of contemporary Israeli artists. The magazine showcases various artists such as digital media artists, painters, sculptors, and curators, with each issue focusing on a different theme. Artists showcased in the magazine may be contacted via the URL posted. The magazine may be viewed in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem information archive room and in Tel Aviv Museum Library. 44 DEGREES online art Magazine was founded by the artist TAMMY MIKE LAUFER She created the concept and she's also the Designer\ Editor \Art director \Curator Producer \ Website Director.

Tammy Mike Laufer lives and works in Israel. She is an international contemporary artist and art director. She is graduate from the extension of the "Technion" Israel Institute for Technology in the department of Graphic Design, and continuing education program for designers at Sivan College Tel Aviv. She has been engaged with Digital Media for two decades. Tammy Mike Laufer's digital media works were exhibited in Museums, art projects in places such as Italy (53 Venice Biennale) Greece, Japan, the US, Portugal, Lithuania, Warsaw, Israel and more.

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MICHAL KAHANA I was born in Brazil and grew up in Israel since I was a baby. I always was interesting in learning more about my Brazilian roots which are a strong part of my Identity. The geographic distance from my homeland, together with longing and belonging feelings influences my art. Art gives me the opportunity to discover, explore, know and learn more about my homeland- Brazil and my connection to this country. Most of my art is related to Brazil's people, nature, animals, culture, traditions and more. My art works includes Acrylic on Canvas Paintings, Drawings, and Sculptures mostly from Paper Mache, Photography and Digital Art, part of them I learned in my Art Studies and the rest autodidact.

MICHAL HERRMANN I'm an Israeli artist and a photographer. Started out as a painter but eventually took interest in photography I studied art at the Avni Institute of Art and Design in Tel Aviv. When I started taking photographs I found out that everything around excites me. Especially street photography and street portraits. Most of my photos represent my country, the many faces of Israel its streets and people. I love sharing my passion on the web and It makes me happy to see people positively respond to my art. I gained recognition and won many contests on social networks. Last year I won a Fujifilm award in Germany, and this year I won “Faces of Israel” Instagram competition marking Israel’s 68th Independence Day. A portrait I took would be exhibited at the festival in Los Angeles this May. Facebook

MARGALIT MOLNAR GOITEIN I am an artist, art critic and researcher – working as a journalist, photographer, and a film maker; an instructor and lecturer of art & media in colleges; fluent in English and French. I won the award of the Israel council for Arts & science. I have produced and directed numerous documentary films; my articles and photos appear in the national print and internet news media. My Photos and paintings were selected for museums and art galleries, the latest: The Beijing International Art Biennale 2015. I specialize in journalistic photography, focusing on the moment, street photos, human faces and figures in their special environment. Color is prominent in my work. Facebook Street musician, Paris

India musician

Action painting, Israel

ARIEH SHAPIRA Born in Jerusalem, Israel. I Graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in Social Sciences and have an Msc. Degree From Boston University, USA, in Journalism and PR .(including still and video photography). Later I served as Asst. Consul for Education in NYC. Back in Israel, I worked, during the years, in Advertising, Editing, Public Relations and Spokesman for various government Ministries. Photography has been my hobby for many years, in Israel and abroad as a tourist Guide. After retiring, I joined a photo Club and learned more about digital photography. In my photographs, I try to express my enthusiasm from the beauty of both natural and man-made landscapes, as well as , on the other hand, empathy with human misfortune. At times, I find myself trying to look at the "bright side of life" with a wink of humor and irony, trying to catch the "decisive moment". Autumn

Construction at sunset

DAPHNA REVES For me photography is the core of my artwork. It’s teaching me to know and understand the world deeply. By photography I investigate the limits of my world. Humans can be seen in photography even when they do not appears in it. The intent is the traces or marks we leave behind us. Open landscape looks untouched at first. However in deep observation I can see fences, walls, electricity poles and forgotten tools that human left behind. Just as natural boundaries between a seashore and a mountain so that we mark the boundaries cultures by deserted objects. I find interest in what we make, plan to reproduct and then choose to discard as no longer useful. The sickness nature- (for e.g. pollution) is also kind of traces for me. I deal with this subject through several series this one called ‘REAL WORLD’. REAL WORLD Image size 55X48 Printed on fine art

IRIT YATZIV In his book "Concerning the Spiritual in Art", Kandinsky elaborates on the affinity that certain colors have for certain shapes. I attempt to expand this statement and broaden it. Thus, it does not remain only in the arena of my painting and collage, but it also is extended to the context of my performance in urban life. Combinations of garments, collage, techniques of acrylic grid layers of color, and free brushwork– all operate in the same domain. I consider all my work as an exploration of the endless combinations that one can achieve by placing one color next to another color. Yellow




TAMAR ISTRIN I was born and raised in Tel Aviv Israel. My digital works focused on human portrait, with emphasis on facial expressions. I get my inspiration from meeting with a very mature audience in my work. I draw on the computer while choosing the right brush, the right color and density needed to provide intensive facial expression portrait. The contrast between the harmony of gray tones and strong colors create atmosphere and tension in my paintings. My work participated in solo and group exhibitions.

Digital Painting-old woman

Digital Painting-portrait

Digital Painting-woman

ELISHEVA NESIS My main interest is looking for signs of mysteries in our life and studying evidence of their penetrations into the real world. Almost all my paintings and books are around this theme. As well I’ve been trying to detect mysterious penetrations in some border individuals. So it was just natural to me to settle in Jerusalem, the most mysterious place in the world. This city has a great influence at my paintings and texts. Colors add fun to our life. Facebook

GRANDMA'S SELFIE canvas/acrylic 60cm x 40cm

STUBBORNNESS canvas/acrylic 85cm x 65cm

FREEDOM OF CHOICE canvas/acrylic 60cm x 50cm

MICHAL ZAKAI My paintings engage with the theme of “connection� through composition and collage techniques Using colorful pallet is one my ways dealing with the theme of "connection"." The fabric, as textile, emerges as a central image, connoting flexibility and softness, exposure, the folds of the brain, emotional complexity, touch, and free sexuality. Connection and complexity of reality leads me to the theme of love and couple relationship. Looking at reality through the creative process is a search for mine inner truth, which leads to the essence of an image or a thought, one that reflects mine perception of reality.

Differences_ guash on paper_40X40_2011


Tranquility behind oil on canvas 60X50-2014

Kind of reflextion_40X40-2015

KEREN MARGOLIN RABINOWICZ I'm an urban Artist, Illustrator, and a Web designer and photographer. I live in Tel-Aviv and I love the city life. I get inspired by the city and the urban Environment. I also get inspiration from the people on the streets, the architecture of the city, the beach, the Yarkon Park, the animals that live among us in the streets and the street art. I love to walk around the city and take some picture as a tourist, that’s where my art begin. In my paintings I create colorful collages using acrylic colors mixed with photos that I take in the city.

30x30cm, Acrilic and paper

Each one of my paintings share a personal emotion. There for you can feel there is a story behind every painting. I can say that the paintings are very colorful and a bit naive. When I go abroad, I always carry with me my camera and my brushes, trying to feel the streets and the urban environment and to create a new painting.


Web site


IRENA RAIN I graduated in 1988 from the Pedagogical Institute of Graphic Arts in Khabarovsk, Russia. My work promotes artistic freedom, with no range limit, and is influenced from a variety of styles and inspirations. The concept is entitled, “Philosophy of the White Canvas ", which exceeds predetermined formats. In these works, I portray the movement of figures on a blank canvas background. Facebook

Flamenco 80x50cm

Puddle 115x70cm

Rain 90x70cm

DAVID LOUIS As a child I was drawn to the art of painting. Yet in practice, I became a trumpet player, composer and conductor. Music became a part of me. Over time I gradually returned to my first love and I began to paint. Whenever I think about my musical compositions, I think what they would look like in painting. To me, the colors of the spectrum, the notes of the musical scale and the Kabalistic Spheres are all one. The challenge is to take supernal ideas and embody them in sensible color, to see how elemental natural pigments are transformed into a mirror of metaphysical thoughts. My whole life as a painter has been spent in improving the flow of the thought into the painting with the least possible presence of the brush paint and canvas. WWW.DAVIDLOUISART.COM Birth, 50cm by 80 cm

The Forest ,60cm by 40cm

Red Sea, 140 cm by 110 cm

AYALA ERICH POMERANTZ "Colors have been a source of great excitement since I remember myself. When I was 4 years old, I found in my parents library a set of booklets presenting impressionist artists and fell in love! Venn Gogh's room, Renoir's magnificent color patches, the playing of lights and shades of Monet ... Color, painting and creativity as a whole are a very meaningful part of my life My inspiration comes from colors and light, from the experience of bright and darks, from the shapes that are reveal through the colors. My painting process is a journey. I search and change until the painting reveals itself, and all I need to do is be aware to it“.

Livnit - 100 x 80 cm, Acrylic on canvas Web site

Orvany - 100 x 80 cm

Hallstatt - 120 x 90 cm, Acrylic on canvas

DALIA SEGEV For me color is a calling to reverberate the healing energy bestowed by nature. I am interested in multi-colored nature and landscape. I am fascinated by the colorful richness by monochromatic views, which reveals the infinite plenty colorful shades. I can marvel at it, aspire to merge with it, suggests a deep connection to nature. My works portrayal of local landscapes, created with different techniques, Oil painting, collage and watercolor. Harbel-Mixed media-1X1 m.

The earth voices-Mixed media-35X50 cm.

Spring Vally-Mixed media-90X70cm.

HAGIT ARGAMAN MICHAELI Since all my life I loved to draw, drawing has always been and will be to me as an expression of occult and saw my heart and my eyes I turn my drawings reveal my feelings. My loves, fears, emotions, all power where I discover what would not express in words every time in my life I painted different colors. Different techniques, sometimes they were mixed, coarse materials and texture with the presence and the periods in which the whit sign, minimalist, dominated, often blurred, figurative painter, but the underlying principle is always toward the abstract. Also saw almost anything obvious, I made sure to compasses the hidden and blurred, my intention would not be clear until the end. Leaving something that is just mine I have always been inspired in different periods, various artists Picasso cubist period and my urban.

Oil on canvas Woman Frail- powerful drawing and color, derivatives of Parts that make a big element powerful combination of colors authors draw strength and meaning150cmx100

A woman in blooming- 100cmx80cm

ROITICH GENNADY "In my work, I am constantly searching for unexpected encounters with the figures I create. My figures are born of themselves all that is left for me to do is to discover them with my pen. Sometimes that delicate, realistic style pen drawings, together with patches of dilute watercolor, turn the originally smooth paper base into a lumpy base giving the work a relief character and challenging the viewer to "interpret" what is described.“

MEETING, 2010, 50 X 100 cm., canvas, acrylic

EXSODUS, 2010, 35 X 49 cm., watercolor, ink on paper.

MICHAL FRIDMAN I grew up in a place that taught me to paint reality as it looks, to strive for accuracy and completeness. In time when I married, began to unfold to me, the imaginary world inside of me, slowly changing my drawing style too. I began to express my dreams, the experiences and understandings onto me in fictional story. Today I integrate completely fictitious situation and shows clearly defined than it looks in reality. I work with oil paint on big canvas, the big canvas allows me freedom and space, for my imaginary story, I'm Starting from very basic logging and not configured, the color and appearance are created while working, and it's reflect internal development and my professional. 100x70 oil on canvas 2015 'i my self' Facebook

140x100 'Peace' oil on canvas 2016

100x40 oil on canvas 2016 'waiting'

JUDITH SHALEV Painter and graphic designer. Born in RamatHasharon. Manager and owner of graphic design studio. Studied Charcoal-drawing at Ramat-Hasharon College. Sculpture at Ramat-Gan College. Painting, design and visual communication at Tel-Aviv Design College and different techniques at Petach-Tikva Museum of Art. My works including paintings and drawings on various subjects: Portraits, female subject, realistic and natural. My painting techniques are watercolor on paper, pencil drawing, charcoal drawing, oil drawing and acrylic on canvas. In my work I combine color with collages of different materials such as shreds of newspapers and photos.

Unnamed oil on canvas 90X80cm

Colored_parrot Oil on canvas 90X80cm


ANNA MANSOHN I remember seeing a movie with late actor Robin Williams where he steps inside his late wife’s painting and almost drowns in colors… The feeling of that amount of colors and the magic of cinema demonstrating how the painting can become “alive” was very powerful. My palette is inspired by our beautiful and colorful country, by its constant sun, by it interesting people. Applying colors make me feel may be the most alive I ever feel…

La buveuse d'Absente I 100/100 cm mixed technique on canvas

Jewish Weddings 40/40cm mixed technique on canvas

La buveuse d'Absente III 40/40 cm mixed technique on canvas

SVETLANA BELENKIN Color, light, techniques are tools of the artist, his language. For what I paint pictures? What I want to tell...? Actually I look for a way to transfer a moment of my inner world, i.e. not that I see, but set of feelings which I can't express in words - sounds, heat of desert's sun, cold of wind on my skin, ... smells, beams of the sun and rays in the laughing child's eyes.... Pleasure, grief, confusion, nervousness, a shiver, tenderness, rage, pain, fever, loneliness, boredom, excitement, hope, expectation of happiness, memories, associations - all this mix that replaces one paint for another in my inner view - replaces paints on my canvas. Sometimes it is so hard to find intuitive way for need color, for need mix of colors… I feel pain in my fingers and eyes … headache … but suddenly I see it I feel it I find it…

Jerusalem evening Media: acrylic on canvas 80cm*120cm Web site After rain Media: acrylic on canvas 80cm*120cm

During the way Media: Acrylic on canvas 65cm*130cm

Blind rain Media: acrylic on canvas 80cm*120cm

RICKI MAISSY I was born in Israel, studied art at the Avni Institute in Tel Aviv and at the New York studio school in N.Y.C. Art was always interesting to me because it is a "sophisticated machine" which you can see through the eyes of the artist. And the viewer experience in one moment what the artist saw and painted for a long time, I like to paint nature and portraits the possibility of using a paintbrush and enter into the thickness of things, not only to look for the outside shell, I believe that true art could never be completed, because of the possibility to look inside and discover more and more new worlds.

The hug

oil paint, 80x100 cn 39.5x31 inch

Pina Bausch size 19.68x15.75 inch 50x50cm oil on canvas

LUBOV GUROVICH Born in Sankt-Petersburg (Leningrad), USSR. Graduated from Art College in Leningrad. 1993- Repatriated to Israel, currently lives in Petach Tikva. I'm abstract painter. The abstract expands human consciousness. The painting that I consider completed is a painting that inspires a sense of harmony. That sense is like a melody in which every accord is in its right place. I consider the abstract to be the most “capricious� and unpredictable form of art, because a good abstraction is rare and it cannot be artificially called into existence. Same as music really.

Still Life with a Decanter, cardboard, _il, 37X24,2006


Still Life with a yellow flower, canvas, _il, 23X23, 1995

Accordionist, cardboard, _il, collage, 93X89, 2009

SHIRA HALFON Manipulations in ink

There's a bed, pillows, fabrics, the figure is lying down nude, sometimes sitting, standing, leaning against the bed. Everything freeze for 5-20 minutes of posing I put my brushes away for 16 years, trying to concentrate on my daily chores but my calling can no longer be denied, I am a daughter, a mother, a wife, I am me, an artist exploring where we came from and where do we will go. I draw a precise line and its spreading and liquid. A Moment was here and now it's gone, the manipulations in ink are the manipulations of reality and create both abstract and figurative ranges, fleeting like a dream. Facebook

ANAT LIPNER SALOMON I am a multidisciplinary artist, drawing ,painting photography, digital art, and music. My work revolves mainly around photography drawing and painting. In recent years, I work a lot with digital and participated in numbers of exhibitions. The basis of my work relates to metaphors as the main theme for creativity and inspiration that goes through continues process of inspections, dismantle and decomposition, changes, and the exterminating varies changes .My drawings relate to Israeli artist works such as Aviva Ori, Raffi Lavie and Louise Bourgeois. The focus on the feminine body takes a certain role as part of universal personals and not necessarily political gender, and social of feminist. I defined it as my own way. I work out of total loyalty to my freedom of artistic experience same times the image the narratives is open or camouflaged. Works from 1998-2000,no title' size 1.oom/70sm ,watercolor pigments. Web site

ZIVA CASPI It has been almost 20 years since I started painting. Without any art education – besides my B.A. in languages – I started drawing still life with pencils and charcoal and gradually switched to acrylic colors on paper and boards. For the last 7 years I have been studying at Reuven Tishrey Studio taking courses with Reuven Tishrey, Yoav Effrati, Maric Lechner,Yaacov MIshori, Eitan Ben-Moshe and Hugit Borenstein. After years of expressionist acrylic and oil paintings at all sizes, it happened that I found myself, gradually, looking for minimizing the expressionist and emotional painting, and finally, during the last year, I found my new way – translating the images I see (usually photographed by me) into clean and straight lines, yet preserving the colorful aspect and even magnifying it. The sometimes day-to-day images and scenes become alive in a completely different manner. All of them now are acrylic paintings. I've participated at group exhibitions and one private exhibition.

Acrylic on canvas 80 x 60


Acrylic on canvas 60 x 50

Acrylic on canvas 60X40

CHEN CHAIM BACHAR As a young boy the world of painting was revealed to me, which began in late childhood practicing my copying skills on popular logos, Disney characters and record covers, a habit and a hobby that rose to a huge thirst to acquire the skills of visual art. As a part of my travels in the world, this opened a channel of art in me as a river burst through cracked dam. I use the channels that each one of us have, feeling the energies around, trying to get to my most balanced place, to enter peace and connect with great love, and out of that silence always set out visions or summons images which I want to create, go through a journey of inner searching. This is my way to communicate with myself, with people, with my God, this is the way to unload and handle, this is the way to make love. This is the search. I create in all of the techniques known today, Including illustrations and drawings, images, animation, digital painting, oil paintings, acrylic, water and tempera. I also sculpts and craft with wood. I Love to live my art. Life is a work of art in itself :)


140X140 Amy Winehouse Acrylic on canvas

STEVE JOBS - Acrylic on canvas

ORIT SASSON SOLOMON My paintings are natural responses to my daily experiences and unexpected unique meetings. My creative works combine my passion to paint with my inner need to document those moments and keep them vivid and colorful in my mind. As a modern Israeli artist who breathes ancient local roots, I unite in my work traditional and contemporary elements from east and west. My Technique reflects all of that, as it’s a mixture of classical drawing or free-hand illustrations and digital processing. My art gets additional colors and tones when it influenced by music and sounds. Sketching musicians at their most honest creative moments brings a blast of energy to my canvas, expressing the simultaneous mental state of flow of both artists: the painter and the model. This energy leads to an integration of material and spiritual features in my works.

Rainbow in Jerusalem, mixed media. 80X50

Hadara and the Piano, mixed media. 62X50

GIL ZABLODOVSKY "You don't need eyes to see, you need vision" Working now as a graphic designer & new media visual art in video medium, As I believe we are in the world of new collaborations, and making ourselves (the creators) all that is necessary to know about the future, integrated design is my future for moving forward, learning new techniques, Mechanisms and more. Making it to the front by making design art projects. Mixed media - digital painting / photo - processing Facebook Hungary cube ,30X30 cm

Hungary cube 3 ,30X30 cm

Riding 2.0,140X60 cm

Stripe it again mars 2015_3, 30X30 cm

VERED VAISVOLL I'm 51 years old' I've been painting since 1990. Graduator of the "KALISHER " art school (4 years studies). The main motive behind my art is the need to express my thoughts, dreams and sayings regarding all that matters to me. Painting allows me to release my self and also give the viewer to absorb and try to "Crack" My massage. My inspiration comes from poems related to matters which occupies me on daily bases, through my art I hope to reach as many people as possible. My art is mostly base on the theme itself and my decisions made before and through the painting like adding several of materials such as glass, stones and paper shreds which emphasize the main concept of the paintings. Mixed media 1.00X 0.70cm

Previously, throughout my studies I used to paint using oil paints on cartons and textile – these are the paintings I exhibit now. Presently in my new technic I'm using super coating polish colors and paints on acoustic tiles combining iron, stones, glass etc. Most of my works are freed and abstract which allows the viewer the freedom to understand it subjectively. The sun Facebook

Stormy sunset

ISRAEL HERZL "My aim is to be "A painter of Modern Zionism", with series devoted to the main Zionist and Israel Leaders. My style is abstract-figurative. The colors and the contrasts are strong, My works are influenced by several painters and their ideas. Among them: the "Geometrical Abstract" of Mondrian, the "Optical Illusions" of Vasarely and Riley, the "Pop Art" of Warhol, and the "mass marketing trancriptions" of Thomas Kinkade and Walter Benjamin. Hence I try to join them all and create my own unique language."


Web site



MORIA BACHAR My paintings are about abstract graphic design, specifically old Israeli graphic posters. What I attempt to do is dismantle Israeli graphic icons and strip them of their ideology. The colors and the aesthetics from the 1940s and 1950s are intense and I consider them a source of inspiration in my work and thought. My images are mostly made of codes that relay on modernism and abstraction. My interest is to find the right balance between the image and the colors. I use acrylic paints to enhance the flat feeling of the images. There is a strong connection between the visual surroundings where I was raisedKibbutz in the Jordan valley, and my attraction to graphic art. I consider my work to be local and Israeli. 2016, Untitled , acrylic on canvas 60x45 cm

2015 acrylic on canvas 170-150cm

2016, Untitled , acrylic on canvas 110x100cm

LIRON HERSHKO I am an Israeli architect and artist, live in Jerusalem where I am continuing my academic development. That first moment, when I saw the line on the ground of the first wall I planned, was a special one, with my sketches on paper moving to the earth. An in between moment, between paper and reality. A movement from imagination to a concrete space. As an architect I became interested in the way that a sketch moves from being an illustration to become its own space, creating an array of behaviors in the wide open space, while trying to understand the limits of the print. As an artist I developed my own technique by combining and adapting details (texture, colors, and images) that I’ve been collecting from the web for a number of years. I create a reassembling of substance, a reference to movement of the image and the three dimensions of the paper. My domestic nature, urban life, and the people around me are my inspiration.

Spring II- From Above Digital illustration 10X10cm Web site Fat Cat | Digital illustration 15X21cm

Counting Chicken | Digital illustration 10.5X21cm

EINAV LURIE Lately I get inspiration from the mistakes I made in the past, when the paint leaked and stained fabric, suddenly I discovered new possibilities defining the boundary of color and shapes, the stains created new forms and figures. I paint with acrylics sins it gives me the option to sail between liquid and very transparent paint to opaque striking color using the same material. In my work I explore the possibility of controlling the fluidity of the paint, and the supposedly random stains, to create a painting as close as possible to what I had imagined before I started to work.

Walter Mafli, Switzerland Walter Mafli was born May 10, 1915 in Rebstein (St. Gallen). When he was 6 years, he was placed in an orphanage. In moments of despair, the child took refuge in silence and drawing. At 18, he made apprenticed as a stove fitter and tiler in Zurich. He moved to Neuchâtel and spent all his free time in his favorite fields of drawing and painting. He learned the academic techniques following the drawing classes at Egidio Delfo Galli.

Abstract 114, 2016 Oil-pastel technique; Size: 39x26 in (100x65 cm).

In 1944, he moved to La Conversion (VD), he continued his training at the Ecole Cantonale drawing Lausanne led by the masters: Casimir Reymond and Marcel Poncet.

Over the last 70 plus years Walter has been in television and featured documentary films, won many art awards, belongs to fine art societies, exhibited many times in group and solo shows in Switzerland and Europe, where his artwork is included in many public collections, including Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. He has a large following of collectors who travel to visit him by appointment at his studio to buy his original artworks. His medium include Watercolors, Drawing, Monotype, and Chalk. Walter has traveled extensively all over the world, and over the many decades has painted many subjects which interest him, including landscapes, seasons, still life, portraits, animals, sculpture, and his most current focus on abstracts.

Abstract 101, 2014 Oil-pastel technique; Size: 27x38 in (68x96 cm).

At 101 years old, Walter Mafli is always painting, abundantly and all original work. “I’m all alone in front of something that matches my thoughts, my dreams, my needs. I live because of the colors, it lives, it can change the character, it has a power,” says the painter, still energetic and motivated to create. Gateway Art Center NYC is very proud to host the first solo exhibit in America August 1 – 30, 2016. Read more about the artist at

Abstract 083, 2014. Oil-pastel technique; Size: 20x26 in (50x65 cm).

Ivonne Torres, Mexico/Miami Mexican Artist Ivonne Torres, Abstract Expressionist Painter. Colors and textures are woven together to create a powerful and harmonious composition. For her, the process of painting becomes a unique pad full with lines and forms developing her own unique style. Ivonne’s paintings have a sense of non-restriction in terms of matter or form, always creating energetic and instinctive emotion in her pieces.

Formally educated as an interior designer, Ivonne is intrigued by her day to day surroundings as well all of nature’s elements. These inspirations are reflected in her latest works of art. “Paintings to me are a moment to self-discovery, each breath allows my soul to take over the canvas.” Ivonne resides and works in Miami, Florida as she pursues her goals as a renowned international Artist.


Besukonas collection will be exhibited in November 1 to 6, 2016 at Gateway Art Center NYC, 4 West 43rd Street, New York, NY, 10036 Gratitude Collection Read more about the artist at:; Facebook: Ivonne Torres Fine Art

Yuri Zatarain, Mexico

Painter and sculptor was born in Mazatlan, State of Sinaloa, Mexico, in 1972

Thanks to his sensitivity along with his mastery of several techniques he uses in his works, this contemporary Mexican artist has been part of countless art collections in New York, Paris, Berlin, London and Mexico. Yuri Zatarain has been living for the past six years with his “story of lovers,” which he has captured in his works, writing and each and every one of his thoughts. It is this poetry that governs his life and his art.

RECOGNITION: Tiepolo International Award – Art Milano, 2016 Canaletto International Award – Art Mira, Venice, 2016 Michelangelo International Award – Art Rome, Italy, 2015 Artists at the Castle Award – Art Nerola, 2015

Seagull International Price – Chicago, Illinois, 2014 Stand up Men – Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), Los Angeles, California, 2000 Read more about the artist at:

Pedro Boaventura, Portugal Pedro Boaventura is a driven artist, filmmaker curator and entrepreneur with an eclectic background. He is the founder of dynamic art portal “Art Galaxie,” on a quest to spread the word about contemporary art and outstanding artist in various forms. Besides painting, Pedro is also a film maker and a Director of Photography, making for a versatile and diverse approach across several media. Read more about the artist at Triple Bass

Anne Glasroth, Israel Painting has always been a way for me to escape to a beautiful world. I was born to parents who were Holocaust survivors and in our home, sadness was always behind joy, sufferance and sorrow behind every smile. In my latest work, the expression of the faces are changing constantly. There is no permanence. There can’t be. Faces are dripping. A look can suddenly show anger. Or sorrow. Naivety hides fear. And there is always, those eyes, looking at us all, maybe dreaming of a better world. Read more about the artists at Say no More

Seylech Leuthard, Switzerland Early on in life Seylech became interested in color, form, and art in general. After finishing an apprenticeship as baker/confectioner and military training he applied at the Lucerne school for arts and crafts, being rejected he started an unusual career as an artist. Permeated by an inner fire he became an autodidact and immersed himself in the study of art, visited art museums, galleries, sketched and painted. Seylech’s technique is free and direct, and being endowed with a flair for color, form, and tension he creates very expressive works. Read more about the artist at Touchdown

Vincent Priblo, U. S. A. I use art as a way to express my inner joy and love of life. I consider painting as a journey that is just beginning. My methodology is very dynamic, often resulting in finished works which have little resemblance to my original idea. When I started painting, I never thought it would lead abstract expressionism. Once I entered the realm, I never looked back, I love it. Read more about the artists at Interstitial

Carla Elena, Mexico

She is a self-referential artist, her intimate work, at the same time, lush and deep, recalls the great confessional exercises of Saint Augustine. Her artistic career is like a visual diary of a woman speaking about her own feelings with authenticity. However the latest art of Carla Elena, makes emphasis on her senses which focuses on the deepest contemplation of herself. The art works of this Mexican artist has been presented in important art galleries around the world, cultural centers, museums, public spaces and Mexican Government entities. Read more about the artist at

“I don ‘t paint what I see, I paint what I am”. –Carla Elena

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