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44 DEGREES is an online magazine dedicated to the promotion of contemporary Israeli artists. The magazine showcases various artists such as digital media artists, painters, sculptors, and curators, with each issue focusing on a different theme. Artists showcased in the magazine may be contacted via the URL posted. The magazine may be viewed in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem information archive room and in Tel Aviv Museum Library. 44 DEGREES online art Magazine was founded by the artist TAMMY MIKE LAUFER She created the concept and she's also the Designer\ Editor \Art director \Curator Producer \ Website Director.

Tammy Mike Laufer lives and works in Israel. She is an international contemporary artist and art director. She is graduate from the extension of the "Technion" Israel Institute for Technology in the department of Graphic Design, and continuing education program for designers at Sivan College Tel Aviv. She has been engaged with Digital Media for two decades. Tammy Mike Laufer's digital media works were exhibited in Museums, art projects in places such as Italy (53 Venice Biennale) Greece, Japan, the US, Portugal, Lithuania, Warsaw, Israel and more.

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‫הכירו אמנים ישראלים‬


MERAV RAHAT In my work I incorporate design, art and theory through the use of various mediums, materials and techniques to create installations of sculptural furniture. Through these works I investigate the dialogue that becomes possible in the area which lays in existing boundaries – practical/conceptual; two-dimensional/threedimensional; intentional-accidental etc. My work has a strong emphasis to the use and meaning of color and I take an interest in the expression of forms and color to create compositions that embody personal experiences and subjective interpretation of culture in contemporary design. In “Moving On” I created four installations of furniture in which the choice of the colors has an important meaning: “Storyteller” contains the essence of movement of time and change of my personal life story;:“Up-Side-Down” - a group of colorful objects built from rectangles and cylinders - is referring to the way we remember, and allows to create various combinations as a sculptural/functional installation; “Round & Round” - a colorful versatile object - can be rotated and placed in various directions; and “Wag” – a furniture that responds to human touch - changes according to the objects it contains.

Wag - MovingON -2015, plywood, mirror laminate, metal, color, Size: 158 x 65 x 68 cm

Round&Round3– Moving ON -2015, 80 x 30 x 2 cm , plywood, wood, mirror laminate, metal, color

UpSideDown2 – Moving ON – 2015, 51 x 41 x 85 cm, plywood, wood, mirror laminate, metal, color

Round&Round1 - MovingON -2015, 125 x 90 x 95 cm, plywood, wood, mirror laminate, metal, color

ITAY COHEN My natural environment where I feel most creative is the digital realm. The freedom I get from these modern tools leave me plenty of room for imagination & reflection during creation. It is very appealing and suits me very well. My art style exists between the basic & the complex drawing a line between the childish and the serious, from the pagan to the futuristic. It is fueled by the freedom, the joy and the light in the richness of colors as well as by the inspiration & innovation of the scientific world and the advance of technology. My creation is one that always moves between the realistic & known to the unrealistic and imaginary. Between what is and what could be. My ambitions are to continue to imagine, invent, grow and create along with the innovative technologies and bring the imaginary that exists in the virtual realm into the concrete and tangible real world. I aspire to install public 3D printed sculptures using modern methods. To create many more works of art touching the issue of existence of mankind with the natural environment in a manner that induces optimism and a gaze to the promising future of both – A future that can be if we would only choose so.

Giraffe - 26 x 10 x 33.5

Rhino - 29 x 10 x 14

Technique - Computer modeled / sculptured & painted. Color 3D printed in gypsum. Finished with lacquer. Free standing. Elephant - 24 x 17 x 19.5

Samba Cacadu 2 technique - Computer modeled / sculptured & painted. Color 3D printed in gypsum. Finished with lacquer. Laid on a custom laser cut wooden shape. size (LxWxH in cm): 30 x 27 x 21

AVIVA SAWICKI From Rubbish to Relevant To create my artwork I recycle colored plastic bags, which are used by customers to carry fruits and vegetables from the local supermarket, my appeal is to be aware of our environment. Technically, the unique thing is that these plastic bags become canvas and medium at the same time. There is no need to use even one drop of paint. The fusion of the colored plastic bags becomes a vivid palette that allows intense color combinations, clear transparencies and interesting textures which I use to create a vibrant transformation "from rubbish to relevant.�

Swinging-II Fused recycled Plastic Bags & Digital Media 33x45cm

Golan Dress I Fused Recycled Plastic Bags 60x47 cm

Houses by the Kinneret. Fused Recycled Plastic Bags 35x35 cm

ASSAF RODRIGUEZ Born in Jerusalem, 40 years old, own a BA at the Open University and Art history educated lives and creates in his studio at Kibbutz Megiddo. The exposure and interest in the aspects of arts already started in his youth under the inspiration of his father the painter David R. from whom he drew great knowledge in Art for all its styles, especially in painting. Over the years, enriched and deepened its knowledge by academic courses , visiting Museums all over the world , lectures , attending workshops , and artist experience different techniques ranging from oil painting, acrylic, water colors, wood crafting to stone sculpturing at the artist Burny F. studio. Over time, using his gained knowledge participated in exhibitions, painted murals in kindergartens and various institutions, designed stage sets, graphic posters and other hi-tech companies. Today he paints most in Oil colors and Charcoal inspired by the unique landscape of the North of the country, where he lives.

Tree branch Slices/Wood/Acrylic 75X100cm

Oil On Canvas,30X45cm

RACHEL NAVON In my work, snuggled up on the past, the simplicity, the pleasure of doing things. By my nature, trying to be optimistic and applies it in artistic ways. I think optimism is a color, shapes and composition. Creating art gives the feeling optimistic, no need for explanations. There is a need to created from scratch , try out the use of recycled objects , using old photographs and integrate them into work ( and not preserve them in albums that no one sees ) . My goal is to take the reality and show the magical things inside of it at my work. Art allows me to create a reality but more exciting, more colorful and intriguing. I believe that artistic work is growing from traditions, influences, but is not bound by them or dependent on them. It’s free, alive and has its own dynamics. Artwork should Contact spectators and respect them even if it seems not understood .It should enchant them formally and colorful. My creations are spontaneous. Expose my inner self, moving between intellectualism and the intuitive flow of ideas. Facebook

Mosaic on wood 100*100cm

Mosaic on wood 60*80cm

Glass mosaic on concrete high 130 cm

LEA WEINBERG Creating semi abstract sculptures and reliefs in wire mesh w mixed media as well as bronze sculptures & Art Installations The semi transparency of the ethereal wire mesh, which is my main medium, allows the viewer to see into and beyond the flowing forms… Red Color for me is the energy of birth, life and pain. Togetherness is a significant motif in my work. The Separation of a mother from her children or a child from his mother left a void, but their spiritual connection is inseparable.

“Inseparable” wire mesh with mixed media size: 21x 25x 23 inch, received the American Society of Contemporary Artists Honorable Mention Award for Sculpture 2015

Trapped Tree (D’F) Size: 9x 17.5x 17.5 inch

“Mom’s Food” wire mesh and mixed media relief Size: 33x 24x 6inch Embryos outside of the mother’s body still connected with cords to her food suppliers…

TAMMY MIKE LAUFER My works are similar to mental puzzles, where you can travel from one point to another by analyzing a picture’s symbolic objects. There is always something for the observer to discover. I never force my vision or push my philosophical opinion on the viewers each and every one, can give theirs philosophy to my creation. My art is surreal reality, all in my head. The viewer take a journey to places just as real as those you might find in this reality. When I start working on a new scene, it's like enter to a fantasy dream. like starting your new only virtual world. “Everything is possible” and in the majority of my works I am trying to combine visual realities, with subconscious emotions and philosophical thoughts. I create my virtual world, with 3d software and 2d paint software. Using combinations of renderings, lightings, textures and shapes. I have been deals with digital media for two decades. My digital media works were exhibited in Museums, Art projects in places such as Italy (53 Venice Biennale), Greece, Japan, the US, Portugal, Lithuania, Warsaw Israel and more.

Digital media-Drawing, Homage to Mickey Mouse 2014

Digital media-Drawing. Fantasy of colors 2011

Digital media-Drawing. Fantasy on the beach3 2011

Digital media-Drawing, Storm 2011

Digital media-Drawing. Fantasy on the beach2 2011

DAPHNE HOREV Engaging in Art to me is like looking into my microcosm self and then down into the human experience here on earth and beyond. While painting, I set myself free from the grasp of everyday perception of reality, letting myself soar up and above, seeing the complexity of life from a remote airy distance, or letting myself sink into the depth to touch the essence of subterranean , concealed, muted emotions, of mental or spiritual doubts, of inner conflicts, urges, wanderings. Sometimes the painting leads me by the hand, takes me to places I have not been aware of their existence, flooding it all into the open, makes me confront and deal with whatever comes out. I paint for many years. In recent years I combine digital tools in my work. I graduated the 'Midrasha' School of Art in Israel and got a degree in Education through Art. All work is different in size, maintaining the relative length / width. All printed work up to 20 times, signed by the artist.

Last Judgement (Homage to muchaelangelo) W110 x H100 cm Facebook

Inner equilibrium1 W70 x H70 cm

Stormy weather Wind W110 x H100 cm

RUTEA S. NOY I am a multidisciplinary artist, visual storyteller/narrator, working with a large range of tangible and digital mediums, forms and techniques. My art is poetic, musical, imaginative, educational and entertaining. It meant to increase awareness, bring joy, hope and inspiration to others. By blending together controversial disciplines I create dramatic statements and hints for those wishing to experience everyday life in a non-conventional fashion.

Reflections - Actor Avi Hoffman portrays Itzik Manger at the Shalom Aleichem Cultural Center, Bronx. Medium: Fine-Art Photography.

Currently, I am working on Maiden Voyage - a multimedia collection containing art, photography, film, music and movement. It will be dedicated to the memory of artist Edit Burstyn, Jazz musician Avery Sharron and film director Morten Parker.

Rebirth - (Maiden Voyage collection) Medium: Pencils & Ink on paper.

Web site

The Journey (Maiden Voyage collection.) Medium: Ink & Pencils on paper.

Mirage - Edit Burstyn on my mind (the Maiden Voyage collection.) Medium: Mixed Media on paper.

JOSEF RAZ Visual Graphic Design and History of Art graduate. On the way from the analog world to the digital world , I went from using direct contact of the materials such as : celluloid , steel , wood , glass and canvas to the digital world where I collect all the materials for may work using the camera and the scanner. The computer's mouse is my main tool to draw and scalp my work of art. My work expresses "searching after the beauty in the ugliness and the ugliness in the beauty" and creates an illusion of the fantasy world. Web site

NAAMA HIRSH In this piece I present the vast age differences and the vitality, patience & love despite the scarring of the heart over the years. Between every grandmother and granddaughter there is a broad spectrum of colors, a difference in patience, language and insight. But the love is the same, and in large quantities. Using a simple green screen technique, I show a touch of different textures in color during the meeting of generations. In this piece the holocaust is reflected during the discourse and is presented as a form of rebirth and color, as compared to greyness & hopelessness. Technique - Basic video editing on a simple green screen. LINK TO THE VIDEO ART Facebook

From the video art - video heart

From the video art - video heart

From the video art - video heart

DORON WOLF I use snapshot photos—taken on my phone or camera or download from the internet—to create a painting utilizing traditional oil painting techniques. The paintings juxtapose an atmosphere of everyday household scenes with culturally-charged images from the worlds of art and pop culture. The light is electric and artificial, illuminating the subject while burning it at the same time. I look for lighting conditions that are either excessive or insufficient in a way that impairs viewing. The paintings investigate the human connection in a world of screens and applications, with the manner in which photography affects how people build their identity, with the visible and the internal. The results reflect the gap between photography and painting, between documenting a brief moment and exploring it. It reveals the delicate tension between sight and blindness, reflection and transparency, glare and flicker, connection and failing to connect.

The enlightenment (smartphone) 120x90 oil on canvas

Last Supper 100x80 oil on canvas

What’s up 80X60 oil on canvas

DVORA MORAG Art for me is a matter of expressing the state, emotions, and thoughts of one's subject, those characteristics and emotional states that are inexpressible in words. Technique must serve one's intended meaning. And meaning must originate from life. The series Line by Line, an acrylic/oil on canvas, documents the minutiae of domestic life in fine details of interior spaces which reveals the absent of its dwellers. I try to grasp at the mundane, the simple, the functional, the documentary, and the banal to what defines the physical space as domestic space. The stripes are painted freely by hand work. The image reveals from the contraction and expansion of the "light and dark" stripes. The way I use colors together with the strips veiling difficult reality. Makeup, acrylic on canvas, 0.40x1.00 m

Retrospective, oil on canvas, 1.50x2.00 m

Gathering Time, acrylic on canvas, detail, 0.32x22.00 m

RUTH ORENBACH Colorless photographs from my childhood, personal memories, invented memories, imagination and fiction are nourishing my art .As a second generation to a Holocaust Survivor, being born behind the Iron Curtain in the U.S.S.R and a new immigrant to Israel I try to reveal my identity, my roots, forgotten places and lost childhood. I start my painting not on a white surface, but with red color, as a choice of base color, full with vitality, it decorates and bleeds in the same time. Everything painted near it is in contrast, it hurts the eyes being so red‌so Russian. Additional colors I use are black. white and green militant color. All those colors together symbolize my biography, the past and the present, and a period of time.

Rita oil on canvas 30x25 cm 2015

Uri oil on canvas 30x25 cm 2015

AMIT LEON Art is a way of living for me. I am a plastic artists who specializes in portrait drawings. Through art I create personal and human spaces, to express feelings, usually hidden in everyday life. Expressive portrait drawings, is my special way to connect to the viewers heart. My work is intuitive and unexpected. An inhibited urge to use a Spector of colors, is one of my basic needs and each color has a unique role in the realm of my work. I am artistically influenced by the music world and I like to draw while listening to music. I like to use different materials. I also feel the usage of different materials influences my styles of drawings: In water colors I enjoy the relatively "out of control" results which evoke from this specific material- which no artist can completely control and create from his analytic my, and therefore I have to let go. Oil colors, on the other hand, are "heavy" and force me to seriously think every brush stroke I take. It connects me to early traditions and to the great masters. In pastel colors i like the feeling of "flying over" and the merge between colors. There is a butterfly effect created out of putting one color next to the other. For me life is art- I bring my spirit into the creation, into the viewers eyes and especially bring life to myself.

Soft pastel on mdf. 44X32 cm. 2014

Soft pastel on mdf. 56X40 cm. 2014 Facebook

Oil on canvas. 99X99 cm. 2015

Watercolor on paper. 40X50 cm. 2012 (3)

HAGAY EMMANUEL The painting is a real process of creation. While standing opposite a white canvas, taking the brushes and, led by the hands, choosing colors and with them covers the entire blank space or part of it. Moving back few steps, measuring the harmonies and flow of colors, which in turn leads to a new painting. I thanks G-d for giving me the talent, and the ability to express myself through this joyous creative process that brings happiness and light-up spaces with color and light. In my art I try to bring to the viewer a colorful and happy point of view.

Anna Ticho building Jerusalem - oil on canvas 90X100

Jerusalem atmosphire oil on canvas 80X100

Anemone oil on canvas 100X120

Transparent colors oil on canvas 100X100

RINA SOFRIN-SHAPIRA I was born in the rural Jesrael valley, therefore I am sentimental and emotional towards any landscape. I studied in Jerusalem at the Hebrew University, at the Bezalel Art Academy and at the Israel Museum, also in the USA at the Lawrence Institute of Technology, Michigan. I love to draw and use pencils, charcoal and pastels as well as painting with acrylic and oil too. My favorite subjects are landscape, both natural or man-made, in a realistic, neo-impressionistic style. Colors are my world, and I try to express my feelings through them using lights and shadows at various hours of the day. Why do I paint? Because it is like breathing for me.

Colors (anemones) 50X70 Acrylic on canvas Facebook

Orange color chamsin, 60X50 Acrylic on canvas

Blue & red storm 80X60cm acrylic on canvas

Boats - colors of blues, 80X60cm acrylic on canvas

MEGI ROME I explore my way in the study of this black & white / chromatic world. As a Painter and Pianist I've was always playing and drawing parallelly until I started to feel an urge to merge between them. Great painters and Composers did it way back but I'm looking for my own way in this fantastic journey.

The flying piano No.2. acrylic on canvas 70-50cm

The flying piano No. 1.acrylic on wood 120X120cm

The flying piano No. 3 acrylic on canvas 70X50 cm.

OHAD GERZI A painter from Kadima. My childhood home was rich with music, culture and art. My grandfather, who was a painter and a scientist, introduced me to the art of sketching. When I was 5, we carved together my first color palette. Ever since then, I have been sketching and painting with charcoal and pencils. Throughout the years, I studied with the artist Yoram Back that became a close friend and attended sketching gatherings with the artist Hilel Zehnwirth. In my art, the observer can notice the light emerging from the darkness, the heat from the cold, and the human touch in nature. In my paintings, movement is of great importance, which resonates in extensive use of colors. The colors in my artworks reflect the passion and music residing in my soul. In the last years I am focusing on using a palette knife, painting oil on canvas.

Music - 25 X 30, oil on canvas Jazz cruise - 50 X 40, oil on canvas

Dance - 25 X 30, oil on canvas

ELI GROSS I love the outpouring of sunset emotions on canvas, splashed in hues – the yellow, red and orange mixed with purple. The vermillion sunset starts dissipating over the marine persimmon horizon afar, in shades of wine, with claret skies to blush the sunset... As summer ends and autumn comes, nature's beauty graciously unfold. Spectacular display of beautiful colors of the fall again with yellow, orange and red of all. With eager strokes I finished each artwork and called it Spectacular colors – However, I found the colors also in the quiet pond – colors reflection and finally – a peace of mind.

Exploring the shadow Acrylic 40X50 cm

Waiting for the ripples to kiss the tiny quay Acrylic 40X50 2016

Pause 40X50 acrylic 2016

MARGARITA ROTENBERG My first art work has been created when i was child in Russia where i was born in 1980. The work lost while ago when immigrate to israel but since then i paint my memories. I Lives and works in Tel Aviv and Studied painting and drawing in Gallery Maiyroff at Tel Aviv museum ,also studied figurative Drawing and painting with the painter Orit Acta in hers Tel Aviv studio. In my artwork I inspired by literature imagery, while using traditional methods of drawing and figurative painting with surrealistic elements to create compositions which are both dreamlike. The bridge from the past to the future meet childhood with old age . Like my daughter and I together , but not at the same time and place and different generations....My works combine paradoxical elements ...

Twins 30X30cm

Realistic figurative painting with surrealist elements.

Naomi 50X70cm

Me and Naomi 60X90cm

NETA GOREN Materials drives me. Also lack of materials, and technical constraints drive me. I often relocate, and therefore, have to rearrange my studio. The new space, and the new environment, become my new artistic drive. I paint as often as I can, and I do it mostly indoors. The portraits in this series rely mostly on color. I tried to give shades that help understand the mood of the person, and also I kept the paint thin for the brush strokes to show. I strive to create art that makes people look again, and question norms and conventions. My work is in private collections in the US, Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and Israel.

Man in the Clouds, Oil and graphite on canvas, 24x32"

Friends, Oil on canvas, 24x32"

By the Ocean | Oil on canvas | 20x28"

MARGALIT PRIMO "I am dots and streaks" All my work is a new creation, is another part of my life, always accompanied by the excitement of creating a new platform smooth and clean. I create all from inside me, I am by now taking over, sensual parts, dots and stripes, Creates art that is passing on, visually, artistic and emotional. And remains with you ... My works have a personal combination, complex, an intuitive means of techniques, pieces of photography (collage, drawing pencils, Panda, pastels and other materials. The Connections and combinations that I do bring me to use pieces of photos Splashes of color representing stimulus to develop and go deep into the work, As "burrowing" into my soul, Where in, i mixed slices of life, Metaphors and personifications that The complexity together again and exposed it to a work of art, creating with through love for materials, Colors, composition and for the result. My aims to make people deep emotion enlightenment aspects of work, I want them to feel some of my feelings, something from the excitement and exhilaration of mine, as I experienced in looking at works of art. Web site

Mixed media on canvas 78/123 cm

Mixed media on gray cardboard 70/80 cm

Mixed media on canvas 85/120, cm

SIVAN TWENTYMAN I am, a painter who works mostly with oil paint on canvas. I likes to combine materials like Graphite, Oil pastels & Acrylic to get different textures & styles. What attracts me most, when I look for subjects for my paintings, are urban sceneries & portraits, taken in interesting angles & crops. My Grandfather was a painter all of is life, he help to build in the late 30's Kibbutz Negba, and lived & painted there until his last days. After he died, I went to his studio, took his easel, some paint tubes & brushes, and started painting again after 20 years break. This time around, I discovered working with colors & paint, since in my past I mostly sketched in black & white. Couple-70x120cm



JUNE KATZ I am a contemporary artist working and internationally exhibiting in New Zealand, Australia and Israel. I have recently did Aliah to Israel and currently living and working in Tel Aviv. This exhibition proposal is a joyful, colorful, different and unique group of paintings, which I would say created in an abstract expressionism style. The paintings were created on large wood panels and canvases in various sizes. This series always reminds me of the unique personality of the most popularly known zanni or comic servant characters from the Italian Commedia del l’arte, the Harlequin. The primary aspect of Arlecchino was his physical agility. Who while generally depicted as stupid and gluttonous, was very nimble and performed the sort of acrobatics the audience expected to see. The character would never perform a simple action when the addition of a cartwheel, somersault, or flip would spice up the movement. Within these restrictions the character was tremendously elastic and those elements appealed to me while creating this art work. Taking the inspiration and knowledge I got from my interests and readings about science space and physics, combining that with colourful and expressive style while keeping the humour and flexibility. June.katz33@gmail,com Web site

Quantum Field mixed media on wood panel. 122 x 122. 2015

The Rose Mixed media on wood panel 2015.

Harlequin Mixed media on Canvas 61 cm x76 cm 2012

The Joker Mixed media on Canvas 61 cm x 91 cm 2012

YURI TABACHNIK In essence, any art - it's the "author's cinema". My "cinema" for those who love and understand the hidden allusions and historical parallels. Of course, I use the "special effects", but always very attentive to the "stage design" - nothing extra! I'm interested to station people and objects outside their usual environment, Combine the past with the present and the outward calm with internal dynamics. The symbolism of color important to me no less than its expressiveness. At the same time, I aspire to a clear and laconic form... Besides painting I work in the field of graphic design, book illustration and interior painting.

Effect of Noah. Oil on canvas, 70cm x 70cm

Jerusalem's spinning top (Sevivon). Oil on canvas, 70cm x 70cm

Painting dome (Synagogue «Beit Talhum»). Acrylic

CAMILLE DANIELLE WORTMAN I paint and I write because I need to express my thoughts and feelings and to communicate them to others. When I start on a painting I don't have a clue about the end result . it is just a game as I just spread the paint that attracts my attention. I'll go back again and again getting more and more frustrated, and all of the sudden the miracle happens and things appear on my canvas and I have it! ... But my work is always connected to what is going on in the world and in my life as I am part of "the big village" that invades our life whether we want or not. I use acrylic paint as it enables me to work very fast and to apply as many layers as I need to. .I paint because I would love to change women situation in the world and because I dream and wish that the world was a peaceful and happy place for everyone;

Even the palm trees want to cry, 100x100cm,acrylic on canvas(sold) 2012 Web site

Only the sand and a few palm trees are left?100widex90cm long, acrylic on canvas 2016

They are free and dancing on the rooftops!120x90cm, acrylic on canvas,2013 (sold)

The next war, 120x90cm acrylic on canvas, 2015

UZI ZAK I was born in Israel living in Rehovot city. I am painting for more than 30 years. Using variety of methods during the years one can find in my paintings from realistic to cubistic and impressionistic versions of techniques. Most of my paintings are made by oil on canvas, describing variety of people in motion. Being also a philosopher I paint people in thinking mode, different religions and transcendental spirits. Participating shows in Israel many of my paints were acquired so far. Camels riders, oil on canvas, 100X80cm

Jesus and Maria, oil on canvas,120X110cm

Two dancers, Oil on canvas 100X100cm

ORIT FUCHS I was born in Israel in 1970, I live and work in Tel Aviv. I’m producing a range of different mediums including: sculpture, painting, typography, illustration, graphic design, knitting, sewing and photography. Versatility is the one that defines my crea-tive work. The creativity is a way for me to express myself in lines and colors. Bright outstanding colorful colors define my work. It is a whole work process when i creates, I disconnects from reality and finds my own imaginary world. This process allows me spontaneity and intensity, to make conscious and unconscious choices throughout the work. I did not study painting, I believes that art chose me, I was destined to be an artist. I creates from a place of passion and basic instinct. I believes that art is a way of life for me and life is art. My art and life are influenced by design, fashion and music from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Strong women are often the subject of my inspiration, sensitive, independent and full of humor. Subconsciously every woman I creates represents me. Love is the main subject for me and love is what counts, dream it, believe in it‌ it is the beginning of everything and that is where I come from.

Mary pinapple, Illustration art 50X70 2014

Shoes, Oil on canvas 50X40 2014

GIGI2, Oil on canvas 185X135 2015

NETA ARAZY I'm Neta , an Art Therapist from Tel Aviv who really like to create handmade mixed Collages. My project is called 'Gzoorim' , a word which in Hebrew has two meanings: the one is like cut , sliced because my works made by pieces of different magazines. The second meaning is a slang for something crazy, unusual, the goal of my project is to get out of the box, defying against all normal and banal things around. 'Gzoorim' is a traveling exhibition which is increasingly growing in Tel Aviv, and took place in some bars and galleries.

New York state of mind-length-7.7 inches, width-4.7 inches Facebook

Deer-length-11 inches, width-4 inches

A piece of tiger-length-10 inches, width-9.5 inches

ITAI FLUK PURE RUST My work deals with monochrome images correspond to the corrosion process of steel. The works are created over time, affected by weather conditions and various Materials that accelerate the formation of corrosion on Steel. Corrosion is a spontaneous process. Controlling it, in order to create an image, is rather limited so that each work gets a unique look and character of its own. In my works I seek to give a new interpretation to the concept of rust, usually in the context of heat (temperature) and energy (fire), created on steel usually perceived as a cold material. The creation process is mostly natural so that the works created due to natural forces acting on them. My works continues to age slowly after they leave my studio and let time takes effect on them.

Rust print 30X40cm

Process #1

In action with time

ANDREY TRETYAKOV In my work, I look at human-beings, try to capture their state of mind. Usually I paint in large scales with oil or graphite pencils, these big scale portraits are characterized by it's multiple details. In this series of digital paintings I am trying to do something else. I take black and white photos from my childhood in the USSR, try to remember what I felt at that time. Through shape I refer to erasure of the person, the rejection of identity, and the position of the individual within the limits of the strict system. The color for me is an attempt to summarize a feeling.

Vector graphics, 210x140 cm Facebook

Vector graphics, 52x35 cm

Vector graphics, 50x50 cm

Vector graphics, 45x30 cm

CHEN LEV All works are done manually using scissors, colored papers and glue. in those simple materials there are endless possibilities, from the minimal to the absurdly complicated. Many times I think about morbid subject matters, like death or loneliness, ironically I enjoy from the refinement and Sublimation that comes out of it. Born 1986 in Ramat-Gan, Israel. Graduated with honors from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, took part in Student Exchange program with Parsons, New York and got a Teaching Certificate from Seminar Hakibutzim. Paper Cut 100X70cm

Paper Cut 40X50cm

Paper Cut 40X20cm

Adriana Torres, Mexico Adriana Torres is “Torchez,” a Mexican artist who paints Hugs. She dedicates her work specially for those who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. Born in México City in 1971, she earned a Honorable Mention University degree in Industrial Design from Universidad Iberoamericana, one of the top Universities in Mexico City. Her main artistic output is in the form of mixed media art paints & jewelry.

The primary intention of her work is to create a simple visual experience of a hug, using the simple forms and basic Colors, using typographic texture as a language. Having open arms to forget loneliness, yearning and giving up. When she is asked about the meaning of the ‘ hugs’ in the paintings, she replies that after years of violence, silence and hopelessness in which we have lived in Mexico, she wants to deliver a silent but powerful message of hope through one of the purest and basic human emotions: the contact with loved ones (family and friends). She is convinced that we can overcome any adverse situation by thinking that we can do it, we just have to believe it. This language is recognized by everybody specially for those children with Autism. Read more about the artist at

NYC, Diptych

I Hope You Dance

Deborah Liljegren, U. S. A. My photographs reflect slices of life at specific moments and in distinct places. Because of this, I relish working with the sometimes limited available light and time in order to convey those moments. I love that what some view as hindrances, I view as contributing elements to my work. Always having had an affinity for the water, I began creating underwater photographs. In the water, everything that we know goes away — the noise, the gravity, the perceptions. Read more about the artist at Subtlety in Pink

Jere Pohjonen, Finland My background from 1987 to 1993 was with karate. I graduated as an black belt and soon after quit with a knee injury. I then studied several years at Bible college in Finland, & started traveling a lot. Many crazy situations, & funny accidents have happened during my life already, like collision of our ship with other ship at Indian ocean, shooting situation, etc. I have visited 39 countries. Read more about the artists at Ariel’s Forces

Catherine Mondoux, Switzerland As a child, Catherine showed a deep and constant interest in drawing. Only after her father’s death, when she was twenty, did her wish to create reveal itself. In 1999, not long after her fourth child’s birth, she found a book on Chinese painting, which gave a new impetus to her creativeness. Then she was lent some valuable Chinese paintings by a friend returning from China. “I wish I could paint in that manner” she exclaimed admiringly. Read more about the artist at

Reverdir..., 2012

Anand PKC, U. S. A. Anand PKC was born in South India. After spending his youth in India, he now lives in United States to pursue his career as an artist. His natural talent was observed carefully by his mother. Her encouragement gave him great inspiration. After graduation, he drifted from his artistic pursuits to work with his father in other ventures. Despite this, his true passion was art, continuing to paint in his spare time, now having returned to full art time devotion. Read more about the artists at

A New Day Rising

Meagan Meehan, U. S. A. My work aims to combat the darkness and negativity in the world by showcasing cheerfulness, playfulness, creativity and imagination. As an artist I am also prone to designing everything from shoes, to furniture, to jewelry and I am always looking for opportunities to make my designed objects material realities. If someone looks at my art and smiles, then it has fulfilled its purpose. Read more about the artist at Joker’s Fortune

Walter Mafli, Switzerland More and more, I love the life. When you are young, life is not worth much, but the more we advance in age, the more valuable it becomes. Although I do not often think of my death, I think I’d be sitting in front of my easel. Anyway, I will not die because my paintings remain. Walter is very well known in Switzerland and Europe, and is 101 years young! Read more about the artists at Brume vers Forel

Serge Juillerat, Switzerland Since my youngest age, I always liked drawing. This passion was strengthened with the death of my father in 1976. Drawing helped me to escape and travel in imaginary worlds, in black and white. My artistic bend took place when one day my neighbor asked me to create for her a big lady in the style of Niki de Saint Phalle. My first sculpture was then born. Read more about the artist at Reine Valaisanne

Jean Leclercqz Kelza, Belgium The first “Flying Machine” appeared somewhat by designing a logo for a European aerial navigation program. The artist wishes his imagination to run free and his machines create a weightless universe, in which all colors and shapes are possible. Read more about the artist at Flyingmachines above New York City Hall

Anat Rosenwasser, Switzerland After obtaining her Economics degree at the University of Lausanne, Anat engaged in professional experiences in business and in the scientific community. Her life mission crossed in 1998 to her passion ‌PAINT! Read more about the artist at

From One to The Other

Matthew Thompson, Ireland His art has been displayed worldwide in many National Newspapers, Art Journals & Art Books, also on national & local TV channels in his home country of Ireland. Read more about the artist at

Ballerina, 1997

Oriela Margalit, Israel At the age of twenty-one she studied photography at the renowned art college Wizo, Haifa using traditional film. After graduating she began to explore and find an alternative technique in order to create her art. She also studied jewelry and has been active in that field for fifteen years. Read more about the artist at

A Dress Hanging

Toni Quest, U. S. A. She became an artist in 1994 after surviving a head on auto collision. While recovering at home she began painting faces giving birth to her Screaming Woman ÂŽ series. As a self-taught artist, Toni Quest engages in art to express her feelings genuinely and with impact. The canvas has been a vehicle for her to discover feelings that linger deep within. Read more about the artist at American Blanky All rights reserved to Tammy Mike Laufer Š


44 DEGREES 2016 - COLORS  

The new issue of the 44 DEGREES online arts magazine. 'COLORS' The 44 DEGREES presents, an impressive body of work of contemporary art in v...

44 DEGREES 2016 - COLORS  

The new issue of the 44 DEGREES online arts magazine. 'COLORS' The 44 DEGREES presents, an impressive body of work of contemporary art in v...

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