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ABOUT THE MAGAZINE 44 DEGREES is an online magazine dedicated to the promotion of contemporary Israeli artists. The magazine showcases various artists such as digital media artists, painters, sculptors, and curators, with each issue focusing on a different theme. Artists showcased in the magazine may be contacted via the URL posted. The magazine may be viewed in The Israel Museum in Jerusalem information archive room and in Tel Aviv Museum Library. 44 DEGREES online art Magazine was founded by the artist TAMMY MIKE LAUFER She created the concept and she's also the Designer\ Editor \Art director \Curator Producer \ Website Director.

Tammy Mike Laufer lives and works in Israel. She is an international contemporary artist and art director. She is graduate from the extension of the "Technion" Israel Institute for Technology in the department of Graphic Design, and continuing education program for designers at Sivan College Tel Aviv. She has been engaged with Digital Media for two decades. Tammy Mike Laufer's digital media works were exhibited in Museums, art projects in places such as Italy (53 Venice Biennale) Greece, Japan, the US, Portugal, Latvia,Israel and more.

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Art on the front by Tammy Mike Laufer























































IT’S SURREAL Surrealism on a nutshell Surrealism revolutionized the face of society. It emerged from the Dada movement and affected every aspect of life from the arts to politics, social-behavioral science and philosophy. Starting almost a century ago, it captured the imagination of major innovators like Sigmund Freud, Franz Kafka, Samuel Beckett, Federico Garcia Lorca, Kati Horna, Igor Stravinsky, Kurt Weill, Luis Bunuel, Jean Epstein, Ruth Bernhard, Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Joan Miro, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O'Keeffe, Mark Chagall, Alberto Giacometti and more. Israeli masters such as Reuven Rubin, Yosl Bergner and Samuel Bak inspired generations of visual artists, composers, dancers and writers. They paved the way for contemporary artists now reviving surrealism through digital media as well - digital art and fine-art photography.

IT’S NOT A GAME Text accompanying the exhibition By Tammy Mike Laufer

Tammy Mike Laufer presents "Cybernetic Balls,” a series of surrealistic digital works based on images in 3D: people, landscape, and the relationship between them. We need to protect our planet. It’s not a game. This is our life on earth. Cybernetics, a concept used in the field of applied mathematics, deals with communication between human beings, control systems, organizations, and machines. In Israel, which is world advanced in computer applications, technology and art go together hand in hand. The series presented here connects with this concept in two ways: the series combines man, machine, and cyberspace; and also, the series is created with man-made technology. Computers, allow the artist to paint and sculpt in a 3D virtual space.

My art is created using these advanced tools which add a new complexity and many more creative possibilities to the former limitations of 2D space. A computer is a tool that allows endless possibilities in a "clean" environment; no more dirty studio, no more materials on the floor, paint-brushes, tools and fabrics everywhere. Everything is in the computer. I have been creating art on my computer for two decades, first as a designer and then art director developing interfaces. designing characters for computer games, educational software, and Hebrew fonts. With the technological developments that came afterward I began to research three-dimensional art.





Tammy Mike Laufer is a contemporary digital artist living and working in Israel. She is a graduate from the ‘Technion’ Israel Institute for Technology extension. Department of Graphic Design, and continuing education program for designers at Sivan College, Tel Aviv. She has been engaged with Digital Media for two decades. Tammy Mike Laufer's digital media works were exhibited in Museums, art projects in places such as Italy (53 Venice Biennale), Greece, Japan, the US, Portugal, Latvia and Israel. Her works are in private and public collections.

Tammy Mike Laufer is one of the first artists who converted the traditional artistic practice in painting and design and began to work with a mouse and a digital pen. Laufer comes from the world of computer games development and learning software. She has developed 3D characters and user interfaces in the past, and this is also reflected in her art, the uniqueness of which is the technique of creatively imaging the three-dimensional digital painting. The 44 DEGREES, a free online art magazine, was established in 2013 by Tammy Mike Laufer. 9

Ball - The pixels-40X40CM

Ball-We want peace-40X40CM

Ball - Blue waves-40X40CM

Ball-Keys to the world-40X40CM

Ball - Swim with the stream-40X40CM

Ball - Turbulence in the ocean-40X40CM

Ball - Could be better-40X40CM

Ball - New storm-40X40CM

Ball - The city-40X40CM


Ball - Circle of life-40X40CM

Ball - New connections-40X40CM

Ball - World with new order-40X40CM

Ball - Trying to make order-40X40CM

Ball-Power of attraction-40X40CM

Ball - Beautiful World-40X40CM

Ball - Warm love energy-40X40CM

Ball - Pipes bloom-40X40CM

World of Pixels-80X80CM

Ball - Let becomes green-40X40CM

Ball - There is hope-40X40CM All rights reserved to Tammy Mike Laufer Š

• SABINA SAAD I am a conceptual and multidisciplinary artist I studied art in Italy where I was born. In Israel , for about 20 years, I worked in my own farm in the moshav where I live till today, mainly growing flowers . 25 years ago, I went back to studying art and took classes in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. In 1992, I received the prize of the Ministry of Education and Culture for Jewish art. The scholarship I got, allowed me for a whole year to devote myself to creating and since then, I never stopped painting. I participate in exhibitions in Israel and around the world. One of my hobbies is to wander around in flee markets. There, I buy all sorts of objects and incorporate them in my work while giving them a different interpretation. Among my various works: One is a series related to the Yellow Star of the Holocaust and the other one is a series that refers to my memories, memories that are written and illustrated on old packaging of citrus fruit. My art

Heater-3D-Mixed Media - size 40X50X60

Man is a tree field-Three dimensional technique Maorbt- 30X30X-90

Nice legs-Technique: Installation Size 100X100X120

• TAMAR DAN Art for me is a connection between the inner and outer worlds, as well as a form of communication with other people outside and with the "others" that hidden inside me - disconnected Rejected, neglected. The potential space of art provides an opportunity for inner integration. In my current works - the ideas of making insects like creatures came from a dream a that I dreamed of. To me the insects symbolizes our greatest fears. They like little machines, have no feelings, no distinctness identity, and they are the ultimate survivors. The material I chose: a various kind of wires. Until now I've created about – twenty-like insects and bugs. Some looks quite real but in fact they are imaginary. The technique is weaving or knitting, kind of women's traditional old crafts .Yet the outcomes is not "feminine" or useful.

Sixfingerd goldenMothWires -Colored telephone wire.-Height 80 cm Wings overall width 55 cmOverall length 38 cm aches

Balzevuv fly-A variety of metal wires Height 25 cm- Width 23 cm-- Length 28 cm

Lampshade great beetle –Recycled Materials(Skeleton of an old lamp shade) And various wires.Height: 30 cm-Length 60 cm-Width 40 cm

Mother queen Giant ant Black iron wire Recycled steel strips Height 40cm Length 70 cm Width 45 cm

Swarthy poisonous Wire-Colored telephone wire Height 30-Width 60-Length 35

• YAAKOV WEISS "Live out of your imagination, not your history". (Stephen Covey). I aim to apply this idea in my work and to use the objects to illustrate this. I use recycling as a process of resurrection. Everyday objects and industrial items complete their use in one form, and return in a different form, as sculptures. I am a recycling artist, I live in Kibbutz Yotvata. I use recycled materials in their original form as raw material for my sculptures. My art is materialization of introspection, it is my philosophical interpretation of life's everyday events.

17X10 cm

35X12X8 cm

25X20X10 cm

10X15X20 cm

• RACHEL NAVON In this series of my work I deal with the female body surreal aspect. I deal with the female body, in all or part of his. Adds wings, "open" it wide, cut parts and Changing directions paint it, wrap it with pieces of a mosaic, which brings out openings networks, creating openings that allow a glimpse inside as conceivable (and imagination). Concepts like to grow, break, fly, defend expressed in symbols like wings, nets, angels you maintain us, leaves bursting from inside the body and try to break out. My work released conventions and I'm giving myself the freedom of creativity. I feel my work release, flow, retirement wing, appearance.

Mixed with clay ,50*25*15

Mixed with clay ,49*25*15

Mixed with clay,65*30*21

• MARLEN ISMALON The figurative is a sculptural feast, especially when put on the two dimensionality of a canvas. I'm obsessed with the human figure with all its curves, angles and movements. Through this movement, I seek to express a search and a yearning for the most simple, pure and profound truth. Nature is always there too, archaic and powerful. Roots, twigs, branches, intertwining and separating, dig into the soil and back into the human form.

Some years ago, I worked as a massage therapist. This experience was a great help for me since I can "feel" the body from within. I paint only from "inner" imagery. Each painting is a journey into a new unknown.

Oasis, 102/159, Acrylic on canvas

A Palm, 100/65, Acrylic on canvas

Staircase, 101.5/64, Acrylic on canvas

The Search, 100/65, Acrylic on canvas

• RUBEN CUKIER I choose colors and shades that reveal a yearning for a less superficial, less deceptive reality. The forms, dimensions and colors give shape to dreams and nightmares, and even allude to a notion of hope. Humor is used to reflect fears, habits and desires that most of us deny and suppress deep within. In my work I seek to recover the purely aesthetic sense of art, as well as its dreamlike character, the enjoyment of contemplation without intermediaries.

Soledad,Oil on canvas 70 x 50 cm

Leonardo bioconstruction_Oil on canvas 40 x 30 cm

The tree of despair Oil on canvas 120 x 90 cm

Moral Eye Oil on canvas 100 x 90 cm

Wig of larks 2 Oil on canvas 80 x 60 cm

• AVIHAI COHEN By blending realism, surrealism and symbolism, I transfer the natural and individual world and Combines figurative humanity, which is reflected in my personal life, into the life of existential nature and flight, bringing all orderly patterns into one visual scene. These scenes exhibit the existential reality, the environmental harmony and the complexity of the human invention. With weeping sensation insight, boisterous colors, rejuvenation, examination of unanswered mysteries and at its end, crusts yet another piece of simplified conclusion, but still, honest. Avihai Cohen, born 1963, an autodidact painter from childhood, came to independent art only at the beginning of the 21st century after going through a series of back operations, in which the last one left my left leg disabled. At the previous period of his life, I owned a studio for design and illustration. As of the 21st century he became a wholly dedicated painter and artist. Several other group and single exhibitions were to follow since.

Via st Infini 100x100 cm


Winged Victory 130x180 cm

The Prizma 126x150 cm

• BAT ZION ZEIFMAN I was born in Ukraine. In Ukraine I'm studied in art school. At 18, I moved to Israel. I'm studied in University( psychology). During my studding I participated in the projects, and we do creative work with children, people with neurological problems, people with psychological problems. And now I'm working with children and the elderly people. I'm participate in exhibitions in Israel. My sources of inspiration are two worlds – the world around me and the inner world that a God given us a gift. I'm surprised and discover innovations every day in both worlds. The artwork is the search for uniqueness and individuality of the two worlds. And it's my way to talk to the world.

100/80, oil on canvas

• DALIA HAY ACCO My series applying tree trunk stripping to create my art was initiated when I moved to Israel after staying 20 years in U.S. The adjustment to my new life was slow and required continual struggling. Stripping, gradually removing thin layers. The procedure exposed dark gaps which appeared as though they are attempting to close-in and reconstruct a new and brighter world.

Acrylic on canvas 50X80

Acrylic on canvas 80X50

Acrylic on canvas 80X50

Acrylic on cavas 100x150

Acrylic on canvas 50X80

• DAVID LOUIS As a child I was drawn to the art of painting. Yet in practice, I became a trumpet player, composer and conductor. Music became a part of me. I composed in classical music style and conducted orchestras throughout the world. I played American jazz, folk, blues and Chassidic Klezmer. Over time I gradually returned to my first love and I began to paint. The challenge is to take supernatural ideas and embody them in sensible color, to see how elemental natural pigments are transformed into a mirror of metaphysical thoughts. When a brush loaded with paint touches canvas, the paint is pulled off the brush and leaves a spot of color. This contact is the transition point between the inner thought and the painting which will soon have its own existence. My whole life as a painter has been spent in improving the flow of the thought into the painting with the least possible presence of the brush paint and canvas. Sometimes I paint from nature and sometimes from inner vision. Ultimately they are combined into one, or rather, together reveal the oneness which they hold in common.

I think about the Kabalistic meanings of the colors and these crystalize in the natural forms I paint. I see natural forms interwoven with or composed of Hebrew letters. Sometimes these abstract Kabalistic letters appear to my mind as three dimensional objects and thus as subjects of still life.

Mountain of Letters (60cm by 50cm)

Birth (50cm by 80cm)

• ZEEV TSUK Born in Israel in 1953, dealing with visual arts, oil paintings on canvas and watercolors, student of painters Avshalom Okshi and Emmanuel Selaa. Mentoring drawing classes for children and youth for many years. I introduced exhibitions, my painting "Alkhan" awarded in 1983 to the French minister of tourism and art (then) and who heads the city of La Rochelle, Michel Kripo. The painting "Akko's walls" was awarded in 1984 by Akko's municipality as a present to the prime minister of Israel then, Shemon Perez and sparkle for many years at the prime minister house. I have been tagged as trustee to the impressionist school until 80's, later I began the Surrealist-figurative tendency which grabbed hold a major significant impact on artist of surrealism, Giorgio de Chirico, Max Ernst and Salvador Dali especially, those do not affect motifs, scenes and forms, although certainly affected the mood and inspiration. I introduced last four decades, countless solo and group exhibitions around the country.

Apocalypse (oil on canvas) 95X110

The preacher from Santa Aniza Oil on canvas) 90X100

Propolison of thought wheels (oil on canvas) 70X100

Monument to Nancy (oil on canvas) 50X70

• ZAK SHIFF In my work as an artist, I maintain an antagonistic relationship between the aspirations to find one immutable identity and the desire to affect a perpetual flight, away from it, like a shadow that escapes from the presence of the body. Painting, as an exhausted metaphor, saturated by the desire for a narrative anchor to market it, surrenders and collapses within a space barraged by techniques. My works of art deal with contemporary issues, but are also influenced by the traditions of Modernist Painting. In my art, I attempt to examine the space of the painting activity as a cross-section of a particular social, economic and artistic condition, striving for the act of painting to further expand through the eyes of the spectator. Technique – Oil on canvas

• JOZSEF RAZ A digital artist photographer. Visual graphic design and history of art graduate. On the way from the analog world to the digital world , I went from using direct contact of the materials such as : celluloid , steel , wood , glass and canvas to the digital world where I collect all the materials for my work using the camera and the scanner . The computer's mouse is my main tool to draw and scalp my work of art . My work expresses " searching after the beauty in the ugliness and the ugliness in the beauty " and creates an illusion of the fantasy world Web site

• DANIEL WINTER Autodidact photographer, living in israel, I never learned photography and never took part in workshops or courses, I shoot for over 20 years and at last ten years, photography has become a significant part of my life, is not what I do for a living and it's comes from the need to express myself and Especially touch and excite the viewer through my perspective. Although I directed viewers through my perspective I leave viewers the freedom to "take" the photograph to their own world and connect it from their perspective. My main photography are surreal /abstract and landscape photography. I insist not make in my photographs manipulated and remain faithful to what my eyes see as much as possible therefore you won't find in Photoshop work beyond the basics required. Web site

• ANDREY POVAROV Andrey Povarov, 28, was born in Orsk, Russia. The interest in photography started at my early childhood, when I used to spend long hours helping my grandfather to develop photographs at the small improvised home lab. At the age of 14 I was moved to Israel, and joined a local photography class during high school. The hobby became a true passion, driving to the choice of a path in my life – becoming a photographer. I graduated with honors from the “Minshar for Art” school in Tel Aviv, and since then I works and presented in numerous group exhibitions in Israel. The unique point of view allows me to present the simplest everyday objects from new angles, telling fresh and exciting stories. I am never afraid to dare and explore, creating surprising combinations with a gentle sense of harmony and balance.

• BORIS SVIRSKY Life is a drama and so is an art. Life by itself has no purpose and no meaning; art is to give them to life. That is the artist’s work. As deeper my excitement, a flow of imagination, freedom of ideas – the more meaning I can give to life and pass it as a message through my art. Life is a tragedy, a path through madness to a death, the endless try to escape from boredom of banality with only one key to a freedom which is the art. As life mostly is a dream of horrors and sufferings imposed on us, by doing art one has a chance to awake of that dream and live the reality of his own, a privet one’s, a real one. I determined to take photography to another dimension, by manipulating colors and contrasts and control of every visual parameter, I turn it into a kind of a painting without brushes and canvases.

Taken- Away




• MICKY MELNICK Born in Chile. Grew up in Kibbutz Ramot Menashe. Studied photography at Hadassah College in Jerusalem. In my work ( El Al) I fly to many countries around the world and staying days in each country. The camera is an integral part of me, and follows me everywhere I go. I'm looking for the unusual, Different, humor, and focuses on the relationship between the characters and environment. First of all , my goal is to tell an interesting story. The story is built from subject creates tension, curiosity and interest. My photographs were shown at the Jerusalem Theater (a view from a height and the window of the plane )and Gross Gallery in Tel Aviv (Photos from Central Park in New York).

• MEIRAV AHARONY I am 36 years old from Israel. A photographer and I make mostly surrealistic art. I learned photography in galiz school , But I actually start to take photos and make some of my best art a few years before my studies Photography is my big passion. I like to take regular things that's we all see in our daily routine and to light them up in a new spot. Facebook

• OSSA HADDAS with my art, i’m in search for escape places, a behind the scene experience. My collages are made of materials that I find around, ‘visual leftovers’. flipping through magazines, an image intrigues me - an outer image that somehow matches a fragment of a thought that has been floating in my mind. then, a scene is constructed around that image - mostly it feels like building up a puzzle. Cutting out images from their original intended content, building up spaces with familiar to all objects, and creating a new reality, where something is always off. the objects in the complete work, by their size, juxtaposition or relevance are intended to not add up. i look for that gap in understanding, for questions to rise up in the observer’s mind. sometimes it feels like writing a mystery novel. the titles i come up with for each art work, play a significant role in solving the mystery i wish to present with the viewer.

waiting in vain Collage: Paper on Paper. Size: 14.4 H x 20.1 W in left alone, a girl is waiting, not able to play. she looks out of the window. behind, her world is melting in anticipation

hide and seek Collage: Paper on Paper. Size: 14 H x 40 W in children are left alone at home, marvellous things take place

regardless of the lines, the wind blew in harmoniously Collage: Paper on Paper. Size: 13.7 H x 17.5 W in the wind, animating amorphic shapes in the curtain, serving as a comfort, while we are surrounded by architectural straight lines and order

hide and seek Collage: Paper on Paper. Size: 14 H x 40 W in children are left alone at home, marvellous things take place

• ALONA MICHAL ANKORI Deep inside me there are motions of different kinds of art and beliefs that hover above my body of work. Then they all get expelled and become an endresult. I like the small details that are naturally found everywhere - deep harmony. Without actually capturing the moment, my work tries to let the event’s motion continue undisturbed and not fossilize the moment. While I do keep focus I try not to get fix on the process too much in order to enable all and free the mind. The object can also simply disappear. I try to let some “air” in, capture optimism and gently address the subject at hand even if the imagery sometimes arises from complex and uneasy situations. Other than plastic art, I write and compose - an escape from the temple of aesthetics to where no physical matter can take hold, and vise versa.

“She put down her headphones and disappeared. No one knew to what she was listening.”

Photography, stills and photoshop Size Width24.11cm Heigh36.31 cm

Technique still photographs, camera Nikon D50 Still photography.Photoshop Size width 24.11cm height36.31 cm

• DANIELLA WEXLER Time and memory always play a key role in my work. By applying a poetic and often metaphorical language, I seduces the viewer into a world of ongoing equilibrium and the interval that articulates the stream of daily events. Moments are depicted that only exist to punctuate human life in order to clarify our existence and to find poetic meaning in everyday life. my works are based on formal associations which open a unique poetic vein and are characterized by the use and reuse of everyday objects in an atmosphere in which recognition plays an important role. I currently lives and works in Jerusalem.

• ILAN MOYAL The works I created are the things which employ me and affect me in all areas of life. My art is a tool for expression and a media which can not be expressed in any different way. I deal mainly in disassembly and emotional of processes through consciousness. My recent works deal with the relation stands between art and religion. Facebook

Collage, pencil drawing on paper cm29.7X40

Oil on canvas 100x80 cm

Oil on canvas 100x70 cm

• MARVA MOR AYALON In my works I explore and combine different materials, create collages in two or three dimensions. I tend to use recycled materials that surrounds me and give me inspiration to create. The subjects of my works evolves and grow together with me, and express personal but sometimes collective feelings and thoughts. The bird image is a main motif at miscellaneous works. I feel that the bird who represent total freedom and the will to wander freely is also a symbol for nesting and obligation for her young birds. For me it is the ultimate expression for motherhood. Like a young women changes her priorities when she becomes a mother. Since I become a mother this subject reflects in my works. I want to believe that I will find the place to represent both sides of the bird in my life and work. Technique: collage, pencil drawing, computer coloring birth-Size: 50-70 cm

• LILI FISHER I'm occupied with memory. I act out of great passion to remember and with a similar amount of fear to forget the past. I paint specific images of places, scenes or portraits in the context of my life experiences. While creating art work, I cling to my memory and experience of it, with my senses. A memory without a sensory form of expression, interpretation, has little significance for me. Recently I find myself repeatedly painting portraits of my Father, I left behind in Argentina. He is currently very elderly, and his physical health and spirits are poor. I'm worried. I'm distant. I hold on to what I have. Hence, my current work regarding my Father's portrait deals, once again, with memory, and the capturing of memories for the future that threatens to forget and erase. I take that mental state, and together with black-humor or self-humor I celebrate the delirium, my return to childhood, the regression. Sometimes that takes me from his hallucinations to mine. Memories and illusions mix, and not only his.

Ladybird Dance, Acrylic on canvas, 60 / 50 cm, 2014 Facebook Blue Bird, Acrylic on canvas, 60 / 50 cm, 2014

Urban Bird, Etching aquatint, 22 / 34 cm, 2014

• NOAM MARZOOK My research in art has given me many experiments with different technics and visions. The charming sketchy scribble is a key for me to reach my final piece. Showing Motion and dramatic poses is a very strong tool which I like to use for better story telling. I love taking the risk of creative approaches but also make my work visible for various people and opinions. No matter if I go to my computer or papers, my shapes and untidy line will probably come out. My formal education is in classic animation. I think the joyful animated feeling can be found in any piece that I make. Work process for me is to stay focused on the sensorial look that I had in mind and use all the details and means to get it. Digital illustration

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44 DEGREES 2015 It's sureeal  

IT'S SURREAL, The new issue of the online art magazine 44 DEGREES, and it free to view.The online art magazine 44 DEGREES presents, an impre...

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