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ABOUT THE MAGAZINE 44 DEGREES is an online magazine dedicated to the promotion of contemporary Israeli artists. The magazine showcases various artists such as digital media artists, painters, sculptors, and curators, with each issue focusing on a different theme. Artists showcased in the magazine may be contacted via the URL posted. 44 DEGREES is also archived by the Israel Museum in Jerusalem; all information published in the magazine may be viewed in the museum information archive room. And in Tel Aviv Museum Library.

Tammy Mike Laufer lives and works in Israel. She is an international contemporary artist and art director. She is graduate from the "Technion" Israel Institute for Technology in the department of Graphic Design, and continuing education program for designers at Sivan College Tel Aviv. She has been engaged with Digital Media for two decades. Tammy Mike Laufer's digital media works were exhibited in Museums, art projects in places such as Italy (53 Venice Biennale) Greece, Japan, the US, Portugal, Latvia, Israel and more.

44 DEGREES online art Magazine was founded by the artist TAMMY MIKE LAUFER She created the concept and she's also the Designer\ Editor \Art director \Curator Producer \ Website Director. The







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Art on the front by Tammy Mike Laufer






















































































NATURE YAEL NITZAN Nature, in the broadest sense, is equivalent to the natural, physical, or material world or universe. "Nature" refers to the phenomena of the physical world, and also to life in general. It ranges in scale from the subatomic to the cosmic. The word nature is derived from the Latin word natura, or "essential qualities, innate disposition", and in ancient times, literally meant "birth". Natura was a Latin translation of the Greek word physis (φύσις), "The landscapes are art and nature is a museum" Danziger (isreali sculpture). The nature of revelation can be explained by a large force that was created by a man who can catch it senses, this concept heralded a new direction of the human spirit. Philosopher and writer Jean-Jacques Rousseau, one of the 18th century used to wander alone and found that the secret of existence is the special moments of purification, which had lost all self-consciousness, those moments were for him "a series of moments perceived senses "and embody the spirit of man, perhaps divine nature….. Many artists create the image of the nature of merging with sights and mentally while merging with mirrors, a process described by Goethe "Nature does not show things, but is the way things work without any outside interference." Thoroughly checking in to the landscapes of the soul.




• DR. BETH EREZ I wander around woods, fields, rivers, and beaches and find myself captivated by the incredible beauty of the objects I find. Wood, rocks, leaves and even bones. Somehow I seem to see remarkable creatures in these natural elements that others do not see. A burnt log becomes a dragon in my mind’s vision. I sculpt in wax and cast a wing, a tail, feet, horns and eyes in bronze or other metals so that others can see what I see. Sometimes I add features or elements with epoxy resin or add organic materials such as palm fronds until that the most fascinating unearthly creature emerges. Lately, I have begun to add fused glass to this collection. My menagerie consists of natural and imaginary creatures: dragons, ostriches, giraffes, an aardvark, a peacock, an owl, a yellow-nosed albatross, an alligator, a seahorse, a gorilla, a wild boar, a mongoose, a swan, an eagle, a fish and even an alien.

These interesting and unique sculptures emerge as from my mind’s cocoon; they are born and take on a life of their own. www.betherez.com betherez@israelisculpture.com

The Seahorse 62.0X39.0X14.0 Wood and aluminum on perspex

Pride,54.0X65.0X64.0 Wood and bronze

The Swan, 67.0X32.0X24.0

Wood and bronze


63.0X63.0X50.0 Wood and bronze

• MIRI ADMONI My formal education is in graphic design, where I have worked as a freelancer, designing and producing unique paper products. During 2004-2010 I have studied various glass techniques and have worked as a glass artist. In 2011-2012 I studied metalsmith in a private studio, and started to combine the two, glass and metal, and create unique art & fashion jewelry.

In the south of Israel, the Negev, you can find my home and studio of glass and jewelry works. Surrounded by rich and diverse nature scenes, from the Mediterranean sea on the west to the Dead Sea and Jehuda desert on the east, I create my own fantasies and stories while using old and new techniques and materials.

ALCHEMY COLLECTION, inspired by the four elements - earth, water, fire and air - is an ongoing exploration of glass and metal fusion with it’s intriguing color effects, obtained by adding silver powder to opaque glass matrixes. miriadmoni54@gmail.com

Tumbleweeds, 10 x 25 x 5 Lampedworked & fused glass silver powder, wood

Branches, 12 x 25 x 1.5 Fused glass, silver powder, silver

Desert Bloom, 25 x 42 x 42, Fused glass granules, silver powder, traditional Bedouin embroidery, metal wire

• RACHEL NAVON World we live in is becoming more and more complex and presents a set of challenges which are completely not simple. Created the need to cling to the past, the simplicity, the pleasure of doing things and less on buying. I try to be optimistic by nature and this applies artistic way. Optimism to me is color, shapes, composition. There is a need to create from scratch, try to recycle objects out of use, use old photographs and integrate them into work. My purpose in taking the reality and pass the magical things of it into the work. Create the same reality but more exciting, more colorful and intriguing. I believe that artistic practice is growing traditions, influences, but is not bound by them. Art is free, with a life of its own and dynamics. Artistic work needs to communicate with the audience and respect them even if it appears as not understood. Art should bind them in form and color.

My works spontaneity, expose my inner ranges from intellectualism intuitive flow of ideas. Dealing with art is a kind of game which makes life more interesting. www.navon.org.il navon47@gmail.com

Cactus garden Mosaic glass on concrete

Butterflies Mosaic on metal

Bird Mosaic Mosaic on wood 160*110

Wild birds Mosaic on wood 100cm*100cm

Cactus in a window pane Mosaic on wood 76*54

• RIVKA SHEFFERRIKA I was born in Israel and live in the heart of a green thicket of trees in Tal- El in the Western Galilee. Most of my inspiration comes from my heritage tradition, together with the flourishing environment I live in. All together contributes to my creativity and imagination and reflects in my mosaic artworks, ever since I was a small child. As focusing on Mosaic direct artworks, I invest a lot of thinking, from the initial part of design, via the choice in different materials and to the final part of creation of a useful and handy product. As all connected together, the choice in the right combination of materials will reflect the final character and desired surface and emotion of the product- I can choose a very gentle material such as colored glass to reflect a delighted vase or a glass or a rough stone to reflect a heavy pot or a sculpture.

As living in the heart of nature and the heart of community, I currently focus in demonstrating nature and common wild animals from my surrounding, together with contribution to the community I live in: on a daily basis I teach in groups and workshops in my private studio at my house for different ages and levels. For years I participated in various exhibitions such as popular museums & galleries. rivkasheffer@yahoo.com Facebook

Pomegranate, Ceramic tiles on wood. Diameter 45 cm

Olive tree . ceramic tiles & pebbles on wood dia. 60 cm

Naughty turtle . Ceramic tiles on cement 35x75x45 cm

Night Owls . ceramic tiles on wood dia. 60 cm

• ASAEL OMESSI I was born, grew up and was educated in Hadera, Israel. After graduating elementary school. I worked in the garage for motorcycles and scooters learned while working in the evening by the Youth Organization "hanoar haoved". I am an artist. Deals with the art of stained glass Tiffany particular method. A few years ago I exhibited my works of in an art exhibition of stained glass held in Kibbutz Beit Oren. One of my works was presented at the exhibition in Jerusalem by Stained Glass Art School "Aoraura" in Jerusalem. I also specializes in wood works and iron and hammered copper. Also I am a member Artists Forum "artist" in Hadera. yaelnitzan@bezeqint.net

• IVAN FERRER "I am, first and foremost, a photographer of cultures, capturing the uniqueness of each culture through their people - their unique facial expressions and their street scenes. Also enjoy photographing breathtaking landscapes and seascapes"... www.ivanferrer.com yaelnitzan@bezeqint.net

• NOFAR HOROVITZ Every matter comprises hundreds of thousands of cells which we cannot see. Similarly, our environment comprises hundreds of thousands of items that put together create nature as we know it. But what happens if we neutralize one side or one part of the equation? The following images are part of a project photographed in my studio, while isolating various items in nature and creating a different sight for the beholder. horovitz.nofar@gmail.com www.compositzia.com FADE TO WHITE



• NOYA SHILONIHAVIV My creations are built layer by layer. The initial photograph changes its shape and its meaning and undergoes a transformation into another entity. The raw material is generally a photo of an organic or abstract item that undergoes a change and merges with other images to create a new story. The story garners content through copying, adding, welding and combining images, creating dramatic and sharp transitions, transparency and emphasis of graphic forms. The original photo then loses its innocence and neutrality. The content cast into it creates murkiness, roughness, and enigma. The sensation of creating a lack of clarity in an object fascinates me - the loss of its absolute identity and the transition of the object to something mysterious and subject to interpretation and questioning. That direction leads my choice of object and its rendering.

Why am I drawn to take pictures of parts of plants, organic objects and abstract images, but feel that they are not satisfactory or moving enough in and of themselves? I photograph them with the full knowledge that they are but raw material for the next stage. I turn the obvious and the understandable into the unclear and unfathomable. The process that began with the original photograph is completed when a new image is reborn. Photographs processed

noyashiloni@gmail.com www.noyashiloni.wix.com/artphotography

Untitled, Size49x73cm

Untitled, size23.5X35cm

Untitled, size49x238cm

Untitled, size33x120cm

Untitled, size33x146cm

• TAMMY MIKE LAUFER This time I use digital photography and computer processing. Usually I draw on the computer, but this time I did a series of photographs of nature around the world, and then they have been processed on a computer. Photography for me is a kind of perpetuation of the moment. Which you can then go back to where the photographs were made and give them another expression by the computer. Sometimes the computer processing gives another dimension to photography, sometimes it gives a completely different interpretation. When I start working on a new scene, it's like enter to a fantasy dream. “Everything is possible” and in the majority of my works I am trying to combine visual realities, with subconscious emotions and philosophical thoughts. tamylauf@netvision.net.il www.TammyMikeLaufer.com

"Green" Digital Photography

“Branches”, Photographs processed

The natur -Photographs processed

The natur -Photographs processed

• URI GRUN As an artist I am investigating the photographic medium and use it as an observation tool. I am fascinated with its capacity of freezing a fraction of a second and then allowing us a continuous view of that same moment. In my work, I explore the concept of beauty and how we as individuals experience it in relation to our environments, our interpersonal relationships and our identities. I am interested in spaces that were built to appear naturally beautiful. I see their design as the aspiration to an ideal: a place that allows a close view at a collective fantasy. My photographs capture lavish gardens and manufactured public spaces that, by design, meticulously planned to appear as if they have simply sprung into existence fully formed and superb. These spaces are inherently paradoxical in that they were built to seem spontaneous, natural and beautiful and yet were only realized through planning and construction. My recent work focuses on the aspect of time and photography .

I create a dialog between objects and the photographic medium. As a photographer I am inspired by the fact that I can take a picture and let the viewer experience it in his own way. It is that interaction, the one between the viewer interpretation and the photographers point of view, that interests me. www.urigrun.com


• ELDAD PNINI Nature for me is something original beginning, life, freedom. Nature is a gift. Nature reopening our thoughts, feelings, love I present a number of feelings of nature for me through the lens. eldad_p@me.com


• EHUD MELAMED I was born in Israel on 1956, married with 3 children. My professional knowledge as a photographer was acquired in the school of geographical photography in Tel Aviv, Galitz photography school workshops with "Massa-Aher", Contact and others. For the last 30 years my photography is of landscape and nature, animals, people and portrait, modeling and fashion, theatre and dancing. I use today - Nikon DSLR camera D7100 melamed.ehud@gmail.com http://www.pbase.com/melamed2

• YAKIR PEREZ I decided to document the industrial nature out of human feelings. Search for perspectives of nature to man and vice versa, using photography to express the quiet calm. I shot using some types of cameras. Pinhole camera automatic camera and a digital camera With early recognition of the results of photo, I could choose the feelings of every moment I looked for optimism those days. I found mixed feelings All pictures were taken in southern Israel. NAME OF THIS PROJECT – I WISH Technique: Mix cameras photography

perezyakyak@gmail.com www.youtube.com/watch?v=wz3P25uyc z4

CIN01 – 30*50

7POUND01 – 19*50

• IRIS ZEMACH Iris, my first name, is the name of a flower, and it is also the colored part of the eyeball. Iris is actually like a camera's aperture. As a photographer, I use both, eye and aperture, in a pretty typical way. It is possible to characterize my photography as "cutting out parts of reality", in such a way that they are taken out of context, emphasizing their texture to the extent that they become abstract. You can often see in my work the use of a wide aperture to achieve a shallow depth of field, an effect that the human eye can't see without the use of this feature in the camera. By using the camera this way, I turn reality into something else, sometimes not really understood and make it seem on the verge of an abstract or a painting. Even without the camera in my hands, I find myself looking around, observing the entire frame and its' details

Usually, my photography is less in the nature of "documentary photography", although it does exist, and more in the way of an artistic use of my camera in various ways that aim at being on the verge of drawing paintings.

www.irisphotography.co.il irisphotography10@gmail.com

Toward Renewal

Winter and Fall

Red Dress

Wind Chimes

The End

Colored Layers

The End II

• NINO HERMAN In this series of landscape photography, I am examining qualities which do not appear in my other works. These scenery and landscape stills have all been taken through my car's windshield during rainy weather. The effect is semi abstract, in different degrees of abstraction, depending on how strong the rain was. My main source of inspiration in this series is the art of painting, and its abstract language. I searched for texture, patches of color, composition of shapes etc. Although I have managed to achieve certain degrees of abstraction, one can still identify the images. There is no total erasure of the image, only degrees of blur created by the texture seen through the drops of rain. This effect reminds me of Impressionist painting, where one can see abstract values woven together with figurativeness. As a photographer artist I always seek to express something other than the representation of an image.

These winter scenes, taken in dark and gloomy weather, express a certain feeling of melancholy, but together with that, I am interested in conveying a feeling of vitality, of vividness and motion. I feel that having photographed my images through this "raindrop screen" has enabled me by means of the effect of flickering, dancing images, to pertain a certain feeling of motion, which is a vital expression of life. ninoherman@gmail.com Blog

• VERED NAVON There's so much beauty in nature, sometimes I'm overwhelmed and I give up photographing, because I'm afraid one single captured frame will not be able to express what I experienced on real-time through my eyes and all my senses. Since I have lived most of my life in big cities - Holon, Tel Aviv, New York and Jaffa, one of the main subjects that I encounter is the struggle between nature and civilization. This struggle shows often in my work. verednavon@gmail.com www.vnavon.co.il

• JOZSEF RAZ A digital artist photographer. Visual graphic design and history of art graduate. On the way from the analog world to the digital world , I went from using direct contact of the materials such as : celluloid , steel , wood , glass and canvas to the digital world where I collect all the materials for my work using the camera and the scanner . The computer's mouse is my main tool to draw and scalp my work of art . My work expresses " searching after the beauty in the ugliness and the ugliness in the beauty " and creates an illusion of the fantasy world.


• RAFI HAYAT Life is full of noise, eyes moving from place to place without end, not giving rest, the competition over the best. It was all over as you go to nature. Endless thoughts, one line, it all looks the same but everything is different Go to nature. 28 years old. Photographer with a focus on Gothic, but with a happy color combination.


• TALI NIDAM I am an Israeli Master student at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, Italy. My painting theme during the past years was the Yarkon river. I go to see the Yarkon every time I visit Israel and the distance from it in Venice, where I actually paint it crystallizes the meaning of its particular nature for me. The size of the paintings is 120x80 cm and the technique is oil on canvas.


• YEHOSHUA RAVEH I’m an amateur Photographer, and a pensioned Attorney after 35 working years. I live in Gedera Israel, where I take part in the local Photographers club activity. I Travel a lot in Israel and all over the world and Just returned from a long trip to South America where I shot couple of thousands photos. I like to shoot photos in the nature, landscapes, seascapes, streets , architecture, sports and portraits. I use the Nikon 5100D and have three lenses 18-105mm, 55-300mm and 50mm. ravehj@inter.net.il

• IDIT WAGNER Metropolitan Jerusalem project is a journey of self-discovery that I explore through art social and political issues that puzzle me. Born in Jerusalem, I feel like Walter Benjamin wandering around with my camera, like a tourist in that place I call Home. While exploring my Native Identity I started to film myself posing as a Yoga tree in front of my childhood bedroom window. I went to 11 apartments in Israel and Canada planting myself in the view asking questions about territory and, belonging. This project is called ‘Native Planted’ and is now in it’s finishing phases. While travelling to Bowen Island, B.C., Canada I came across huge trunks and I felt their cut as scabs on my skin. This immediate personification made me want to honour the trees as their heritage and thus.

I created this series in black and white to eliminate all color of life that was so vivid and luscious surrounding the scabs as opposed.

Some of the scabs were photographed in a digital pinhole camera that shows the time differences and the digital defects as opposed to negative defects that also enhancing the dimension of time. This series is an opening to a new project concentrating on the ‘Native Planted’ concept. idit.wagner@toshare.biz http://metropolitanjerusalem.com/

Series name: Scab. Digital Photography.

Scub6-8: 100cmX66cm

• ANAT BELKIND Growing up in the city of Jerusalem, settled within the Judaea mountains, nature was always an integral part of my life. Views of the mountains, the Mediterranean and Dead Sea as well as the desert accompanied me throughout my childhood, and in many ways influence my creativity and choices as a photographer today.

The portfolio strives to frame colors, geometric patterns and textures, into stand-alone images, sometimes reframing these images beyond their original context, thus capturing a fraction of the endless beauty of nature. anatika@gmail.com www.anatika.co.il

An urban layout within the most unattached scenery, as is the city of Jerusalem, speaks the same language of order and disorder in unexpected settings I follow in my photographs. Themes of colours and light and shadow games are interwoven throughout my work, and are used together with choice of specific farming, to reveal the natural beauty underlying Nature's chaos.

• OFIRA BARAK Born in Haifa Israel 1943, raised by a family of artists. Ofira enrolled in the Arts Institute at Tal-Hai College and graduated with honor. Ofira continue as an art teacher in the College for almost 8 years. 1977 Ofira travel to Austria to learn and master the tempera and oil mixing's technique that was developed by the Austrian Master Ernst Fuchs. As a Kibbutz member for almost 25 years in the Upper Galilee, she was surrounded and inspired by the fields, hills, views and people of Israel's Golan Heights and the Galilee Mountings. This landscape as remained a source of inspiration to this day. "It is imported to me that the viewer will feel the warmth of the day, listen to the wind in the fields and smell the soil".

Ofira participated in numerous groups and solo exhibitions worldwide and many of her works in the permanent collection of the Israel president official residency, the NY Jewish Museum, Israel EinHarod Museum as well as in private collections in Israel, U.S.A, Canada, Europe and South America. www.ofirabarak.com ofira-barak@012.net.il

2000 - Acrilic on canvas 120X90cm. Olive tree

2014 - Acrilic on canvas 100X70cm. Olive trees

1993 - Tempera and oil on canvas 100X150cm. Throgh an olive grove

2014 - Acrilic on canvas 80X60cm. Aloe vera plant

1983 - Tempera and oil on canvas 180X280cm. Dird track

• HADAR GAD After years of painting various subjects, mainly interior, in 2007 I've began driving to the valley of Israel, in which I was born, to paint the view from my poin of view. Sitting there for long days- in the grave yards and on the Kumy hill observing mount Gilboa, painting and sketching hundreds of works, to be later developed to large paintings in my studio. By observing and painting, I examine excitedly the land around me, and the collision of light with the treetops. My method of painting is many thin layers of oil sticks, and after I scratch the layers of the color with a knife.

Oil on canvas 30x30, 2012

hadargad.w@gmail.com www.hadargad.com

Oil on canvas 80x80

Oil on canvas 52x69

Oil on canvas 60x80

Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas kumi 100x200

• NIR YITZHAK I have started my "painting career", as boy in Kibbutz Merhavya. At the age of 17, I studied art and charcoal drawing with the famous "Dada" painter Marcel Yanko (1960). After 15 years of absence of painting, I became a student of Ernest Fuchs and Wolfgang Manner in the "Mixed technique" system of painting (1978 – 1982). My first exhibition, with Lev Steiman took place in "Habima" national theater (1980). My works were exhibited in many group & solo exhibitions, permanent displays and art books. My works are in private and public collections. In 2012 I exhibited a solo retrospective exhibition in the "Jerusalem Theatre", Jerusalem. I am member of many master classes and paintings tours. In my paintings there is atmosphere of enigma. The perspectives influenced by my flying career.

My landscapes are contrasting near & far, dark & light, cold & warm, heavy & foggy diminishing appearance. My portraits show psychologist depth, through the subject's eyes. My works, confront life & death, growth & destruction, love & fears, heavy earthy subjects, against airy cloudy skies and far away horizons. My expertises are: Gouache, Acrylic, Tempera, Oil, Mixed techniques, Digital "Sammy original" copies & restoration. nir-izhak@013.net WWW.YITZHAK-NIR.COM

Find the Dachshund� (Austria 2009). Acrylic on wood. 100 x 70 cm."

“Secret Keeper” 1980. Tempera & oil on Masonite. 30 x 46 cm.

“When your enemy falls” 2011. Tempera & oil on canvas glued to wood. 275 x 175 cm

2011. Naveh Shalom .Israel. Oil on wood. 70×50 cm

Falcón over Mt. Falcone” Acrylic on canvas. 100 x 70 cm."

• OLGA SUSLOVA I am a marine life artist and a member of the Ocean Artists Society. I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. I studied drawing and sculpture at the Art School. I graduated with Honors from the Theatre Arts Academy in St. Petersburg as a stage designer and later worked in the State Academic Mariinsky Theatre. I have been diver since I was 5 years old with my father who was a true fan of the sea and I have loved the sea ever since. I used to travel the world a lot. In the last 15 years I spend the time at my studio to concentrate on painting. I paint the underwater world using watercolor and oil. I have always admired the glory of the sea and the magic of the marine life. I am very interested in color, shape and texture of the shells, stones and corals. I can spend hours walking along the shore and searching for the small lost and broken shells, looking at them carefully and studying their structure and color.

I use all of my experiences while working on the paintings. For several years I continued to work on a large series of watercolors that depict various sea shore in Israel and elsewhere. A few words about my painting technique: When I work with oil colors, I prefer the old masters technique - a multilayer thin coating technology, many layers of transparent glazes. When I work with watercolors I use the technique of painting on wet paper or a classic multilayered watercolor. yaelnitzan@bezeqint.net

Gulf Stream, watercolor

Sleeping Whales, watercolor

Coral Reef, oil on canvas BEAUTIFUL BEAST, oil on canvas

Newborn, oil on canvas

• ELLA OKEV Light, sky, water and trees are the main motives in my paintings. I have been painting since I can remember myself, I had never study painting. All my skills are a buy product of Auto didacticism and perseverance. In my creation process I try to Converge myself into a Calm and Serenity State of mind. These strongly express in my final creation. The painting process brings me into meditative state and by this way I am able to pass those feelings to the viewer. I choose to paint views because I love being surrounded with creation beauty. It’s there where I find my peace of mind. I constantly go out to observe, soak in the ambience and colorfulness of nature. But when I translate those Experiences to the canvas. I creates different colors, from my point of view. I'm using warm colors, I love surrounding myself with exotic colors which gives me a comfort pleasant feeling. In addition to my strong passion for painting, I ask to transfer my special experiences to the viewer.

There is a significant meaning to light in my paintings, therefore I focus the light in the center attention in my work. There is a lot of optimism in my paintings and I wish to create a beautiful and peaceful world. I used colored pencils on my first paintings and over the past 4 years I'm painting with acrylic colors. I have a bachelor's degree in special education and literature from Oranim Academic College of Education, in Israel. ellaokev@gmail.com Facebook

Acrylic paint 80*60 cm

Acrylic paint 70*50 cm

Acrylic paint 70*50 cm

Acrylic paint 85*55 cm

Acrylic paint 70*50 cm

• NATUR NATUR I was born in 1964in Daalit El Carmel, Druze Village on mount Carmel. I am married +3. I am an artist and a student of Dr. "Zvika Israel, a member of the Painters and Sculptors Association, Haifa and the North. Awarded by the city of Haifa in the name of Hermann Struck (2004)/ . Mainly uses acrylic and oil paints. Withering and growth, life and death are seemingly natural phenomena significance, but with all the sorrow it is not so in reality - through my paintings I express the struggle of nature for survival, seedling and tree are central themes in my work and metaphorically I create a way, Ribwei content and meaning. In addition to using paradoxical intense shades, I dramatically expresses concern and protest against the harm to nature. In addition, I believe that every one shall live by faith, tolerance, reciprocity and giving between man and his environment are another essential element of peace and tranquility.

I took part in many group exhibitions in Israel and abroad: Slovenia, Switzerland, France and Romania.


• RINA SOFRINSHAPIRA The poet Tchernichovsky wrote that "a man is patterned by his homelands' landscape" – I identify With that. My childhood in the rural landscape of Nahalal and Tivon in the Jesrael Valley has influenced deeply my love to the beauty for nature and landscape of Israel. I feel that the trees and the rocks , the hills and clouds have a life of their own, without human presence. This is what I try to express in my neo-impressionistic and realistic paintings. Only rarely I paint in abstract style. I use various media such as oil, acrylic and watercolor. I love also to draw with pencils, charcoal and pastel. This I have learned in my academic studies of paining, architecture, city planning and interior design , both in Israel and in the U.S.A. I am a member of "impact" the artists Plastic Association and of the Unesco International Association of Artists.

Cypress Hill, Reut – acrylic on canvas, 50X70


Palm Trees – Oil on canvas, 50X70

Carob Trees – Oil on canvas, 50X70

Canada Park – Oil on canvas, 50X70

Kedumim Nature Reserve – Oil on canvas, 50X70

• ELI GROSS “Aspire to happiness, to calm a tempestuous soul, towards serenity “– that’s the way I articulate the nature of my art. In my youth I was a student of the famous artists Jacob (Yoyo) El Hanani and Gabi Ben Zano. Recently after half a century of a demanding carrier, I finally realized my age old dream. I am studying art at Avni institute and I am an active artist, painter and sculptor. My longing for happiness is molded into the harmonious movement of my dancer characters. The same ideas are also conveyed in a silent embrace or pastoral landscape. The underpinning notion is one of harmonies stasis and nirvana.

Calm returns, despite the changing nature allegedly repeatedly in light and color - in times of storm, sunrise and sunset, when mists obscure reality, bird's-eye view or blurring dimensions due to a closer look An interesting path leads my work that starts as a drawing, then a burgeoning imagery, maturing into a painting and sometimes a multidimensional sculpture all born of a single idea.

eligross@orange.net.il www.eligrossart.weebly.com

A longing for absolute happiness and tranquility for a turbulent soul, for moments of serenity facilitated by silent embrace and harmonious movement of two unique souls and two intimate bodies in synchronized flow merging in body and soul.

Before the storm - oil and Acrylic - 50 X70 cm

Alone - Acrylic 40 X50 cm

• DAVID LOUIS As a child I was drawn to the art of painting. Yet in practice, I became a trumpet player, composer and conductor. Music became a part of me. I composed in classical music style and conducted orchestras throughout the world. I played American jazz, folk, blues and Chassidic Klezmer. Over time I gradually returned to my first love and I began to paint. The challenge is to take supernatural ideas and embody them in sensible color, to see how elemental natural pigments are transformed into a mirror of metaphysical thoughts. When a brush loaded with paint touches canvas, the paint is pulled off the brush and leaves a spot of color. This contact is the transition point between the inner thought and the painting which will soon have its own existence. My whole life as a painter has been spent in improving the flow of the thought into the painting with the least possible presence of the brush paint and canvas.

Sometimes I paint from nature and sometimes from inner vision. Ultimately they are combined into one, or rather, together reveal the onenesswhich they hold in common. I think about the Kabalistic meanings of the colors and these crystalize in the natural forms I paint. I see natural forms interwoven with or composed of Hebrew letters. Sometimes these abstract Kabalistic letters appear to my mind as three dimensional objects and thus as subjects of still life. www.davidlouisart.com pnitemple@gmail.com

Pasture in Gat Fields , 45 * 30

Park in Jerusalem , 140 * 110

Tel Aviv beachfront , 35 * 20

• VANESSA STASHINSKI I am a plain-air oil painter, best known for my landscapes of blossom trees. I love light and vibrant colors, and I believe that outdoor work is the best way to animate the painting. I have been involved with arts since my early childhood, and by growing up in a forest area, developed a love and deep understanding of the nature. I'm not aiming to provoke or shock the spectator, but, at risk to sound an old-fashioned, I focus on simple things and they are always the source of inspiration and joy for me.

Jacaranda, oil on canvas 27x23cm

vaniiivaniii@hotmail.com (FB) VA Stashinski

The Perfect Day, oil on canvas, 50x40cm

GREEN PARK, oil on canvas, 55x50cm

Nile gooses, oil on canvas, 55x75cm

Red Tree, oil on canvas , 45x30cm

CREEK GEZER, oil on canvas, 50x40cm

• YAEL AVNI My name is Yael avni eshchar, I'm an artist, lives and works in israel. Married with one 4 years old child. When I was 4 years old, in kindergarten,the only fields in which I was interested were drawing and materials . My parents allowed me to develop this passion .in high school I realized that "being an artist", it's the only thing I want to be. While studying I have researched the technique and created mixed media ,"abstract" paintings and digital art,. These days I go back to the classical techniques of naturalistic painting, when the biggest inspiration for me is nature: "all that exists and not created by man". My goal is: to express through form and color: the "natural versus artificial" human, fragile and delicate nature "

avni.yael@gmail.com www.yaelavni.com

• DALIA SEGEV The works present a dialogue between various materials, Nature and Man, reality and imagination, the seen and the hidden, conscious and unconscious. The paintings of landscape of various places in Israel guided by a personal meditative observation of the wonders that nature convenes, such as the changes of light, colourfulness and atmosphere and the special experience it creates.The work continues to evolve in the studio, where the artist works with various materials she collected, which are embedded in the paintings, extending the scope and leading the paintings to new, curious and surprising realms. The paintings are in a variety of materials: chalk pastel, oil, oil sticks and collages. furmansegev@bezeqint.net www.segevdalia.com 205X93 cm. no name

spring valley- 50X70 cm

Desert - 30X45 cm

willow - 46X90 cm

• YEHUDIT ENGLARD I believe in the power of line to build Truths as the laws of nature, Abstraction for me is a movement, as the elements that are in constant motion, like clouds, trees, waves and wind. My works are trying to touch life and nature, and discover them. Picturesque scenery being observed my work, anchored in experiences, and rooted in the existential experience. My style characterized by expressive abstract language, free and open, large color surfaces and rich colors My works range from my own history and fantasy, between reality and imagination. My paintings reflect the scene of battles between man and his environment, the constant tussle which shaped his relationship with his environment, with others, with the world around him and himself. All of these are abstractions of human existence itself.

The Park, 2013 , Oil on canvas 100x100cm

www.yehuditenglard.com englard@bezeqint.net Horizon III, 2009, Oil on Canvas 100x80cm

The Peacock , 2005, Oil on canvas,120x140cm

After the Storm ,2010, Oil on canvas,100x120cm

• MAYA LANDMAN My art is based on randomly occurring imperfections, using the flaws for my advantage, i tell a story. In my work I try to understand the term "private territory", a space in which we control the hidden and the exposed, where one decides what stays behind and what is allowed out into the external world. The essence of my work is the acceptance of human variation through the appreciation of the imperfections in nature and animals. Often, assessing human situations using an animal slant.

mayalandman@hotmail.com www.mayalandman.com

• ANDRE STASHINSKI As an avid hiker, I spend a lot of time in beautiful, natural places and I've always carried a sketching block and drawing tools. I'm drawn to these magical places and it's my intention to take these images that touched my soul and try to interpret them. Watercolor technique fits my lifestyle perfectly: pocket size and light weight of colors, minimal equipment and ability to perform fast give incredible flexibility in the road. Watercolor painting is unjustifiably classed as complicated. Yes, here is no place for mistakes and it demands from the painter to think a few steps forward.

But, from another side, this technique provides a lot of attractions. First of them is transparency of thinly applied paint. Soft gradations of flowing colors, spontaneous color application – all this bring freshness and life into the picture.

I don't aim to reproduce the nature, but want to show these places in the way they affected me emotionally. I hope to bring my individual vision to the art that I Love to make.


• DINA SEIFER I am a painter since I was a child, also before I learned in art institution. paint in different technics, oil, acrylic, end sculpture. I mostly I enjoy painting my family especially my grandchildren end everything around me naturally I am member of tel-aviv and Ashkelon art companies. I participate many exhibitions and made several private exhibitions.

dina.zaifer@gmail.com 90x60 oil

75x100 acrylic ashkelon park

50x70 oil

90x120 oil

• RUTH PALDI The Negev changes colors according to the time of the day. In the mornings the desert is being painted with yellowish colors and during the evenings they fade slowly into various colors of violet . This phenomenon is emphasized in my Negev series being painted in an expressionistic way. I have graduate the academic school of art “bezalel” many years ago and had exhibitions all over the country. rutpal@bezeqint.net

• HAGAR KADIMA I am long haunted by two seemingly contradictory aspects of water/ink color painting: one is the freedom of ink colors dissolving into each other in million ways; the other is that clear, delicate typical water-color line. When nature finds its way into my ink paintings – I am often surprised. I never set out to paint nature, but once a first layer of black + greys is painted and dry – at times nature seems to "speak out" by itself. When that happens – my next layers (colorful usually) tend to enhance that scenery interpretation of the painting. Works submitted (all ink on paper) hagark@macam.ac.il www.hagarkadima.co.il

Nature Dreaming 1-25 X 50

Nature Dreaming 2-25 X 50

Spring Song 170 X 70

Spring Song 2 -70 X 70

Nowhere Flowers 10 X 55

• HAVA ZILBERSHTEIN After twenty years of art teaching I preferred to devote myself to art only. In the last fifteen years I create my works by etching on zinc and aluminum plates. This technique is the most suitable to express myself because of the character of the textures. In my works I use figures made of lines and stains, situated in abstract and vague environment. havazil@gmail.com

• TOVA ELDAD In my work there is a constant and dynamic dialogue between the wild and the human natures, between the inner and the outer natures, represented by images from the natural world: Flowers, trees, birds, dogs, hyenas and more. The works search for a type of delicate and vulnerable balance between the different shapes and images, and space: the white of the canvas or paper. This is sometimes harmonious, other times it is menacing, or fragile, or assaulting. The pieces are looking for the balance point of order and chaos. Human nature is also represented by wildlife, expressing the world of inner experiences, relating to time and place.

Ink on paper 70x55 cm

The works often relate as well to death and decay, as they exist in a woven interrelationship with life. A Multi-Disciplinary artist, working for the last 30 years in plastic art, painting and photography, image processing and dance. 45x32 Ink and oil on paper


Ink on paper 70x55 cm

Ink on paper 70x55 cm

Ink on paper 42X30 cm


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