Fall 2023 Quemmunicator

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Talented 10th District

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Talented Tenth District


Tenth District Representative

Bro. Sean T. Long

1st Vice Tenth District Representative

Bro. Marquis Sagnia

2nd Vice Tenth District Representative

Bro. Khalil Forbes

Tenth District Keeper of Records and Seal

Bro. Jason Poindexter

Tenth District

Keeper of Finance

Bro. Marcel Clarke

District Counselor

Bro. Richard Jones

District Director of Public Relations

Bro. Michael Durrett Sr.

District Chaplain

Bro. Richard Keller

District Marshal

Bro. Angelo Youghbor

Immediate Past

Tenth District Representative

Bro. Deek Ivory



A Message from the DDPR

Greetings Brothers of the Talented Tenth District,

I humbly greet you with extreme gratitude and appreciation for your ongoing support of the team and I in the role of Tenth District Director of Public Relations. Since re-election to the position, we have been working diligently behind the scenes focusing on internal systems and protocols. The Public Relations team is determined to operate under best practices and strategies.

Our team consist of the following members:

Bro. Michael Durrett Sr., Director

Bro. Brandon White Bro. Jerome Nesbary Bro. Lawrence Price

Bro. Dr. James Dix, III Bro. Dequincy Webster Bro. David Rudolf

Bro. Shawon Harrison Bro. Fred Saffold, III (Advisor)

Over the course of this term, we have submitted the follow works on the District and International level:


• Adhered to the duties and responsibilities outlined in the Tenth District Bylaws

• Received and delivered outcomes as instructed by the Tenth District Representative Bro. Sean T. Long

• Served the District and executed assigned duties at the 86th Tenth District Meeting, April 27-30, 2023.

• Assisted in the planning of the 87th Tenth District Fall Council Meeting

• Development of marketing material for the Reclamation & Retention, Tenth District Fall Council, and Social Action Committees

• Managed social media, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, accounts for the Tenth District.

• Created process in which chapters can utilize the Tenth District Social media pages as a marketing platform.

• Assisted in the development of the Tenth District Sponsorship Solicitation package.

• ·Created, published, and distributed the Tenth District Fall 2023 Quemmunicator


• · Engaged in communication and meetings with International Editor to the Oracle.

• · Submitted Tenth District chapters’ articles to the Editor to the Oracle for publication in the Spring 2023 Oracle

We are onboarding good, qualified brothers to our team. If you are willing to work, specifically in the areas of graphic design. Please, if interested, send an email to 10thdistrictdpr@oppf.org. Thank you for allowing me to serve the District in this capacity and I appreciate your continued support and uplift.

In service to Omega,

Bro. Michael Durrett Sr.

PAGE 4 TENTH D 2019-2022 Bro. Derrick Ivory Nu Chi/ East St. Louis, IL District Representatives 1933-Present Tau Kappa Kappa / Southfield, MI 2016-2019 Bro. Sean T. Long Chi Lambda Lambda/Matteson, IL 2022-Present

10th District Officers

Bro. Marquis D.P. Sagnia 1st Vice Tenth District Representative Bro. Sean T. Long 38th Tenth District Representative

10th District Officers

10th District Keeper of Records and Seal Bro. Khalil Forbes 2nd Vice Tenth District Representative Bro. Richard Jones, Sr. 10th District Counselor
Bro. Derrick Ivory Immediate Past 10th District Representative Bro. Rev. Richard C. Keller, Jr. 10th District Chaplain Bro. Michael Durrett, Sr. 10th District Director of Public Relations Bro. Angelo Youghbor 10th District Marshal


members had the opportunity to attend the Charles Peevy Historical Workshop in Tempe, Arizona, hosted by the Phi Iota chapter. While the weather was scorching hot, reaching 112 degrees every day, the experience was invaluable; it provided them with the chance to learn and collaborate with other history enthusiasts and gain new insights into the fraternity’s past. A notable highlight of the workshop was a special presentation on the life of Bro. Walter Herbert Mazyck, author of Members Vs. Men. This special presentation was given by none other than Alpha Chapter Historian Bro. Jonathan Matthews.

The Talented Tenth District History and Archives Committee has been making waves in recent months with their various activities. One of their notable accomplishments is the research investigation conducted on the formation of the Nu Omega Chapter back in 1923. Led by Chairman Jerome L. Nesbary, the committee delved deep into the history of the chapter and even produced a documentary-style video showcasing the backgrounds of their six charter members. Included in the video is a photocopy of the chapter’s first meeting minutes from December 1922. This video was presented at Nu Omega’s centennial gala in Detroit, Michigan, adding to the significance of the occasion.

Interestingly, during their research, the committee stumbled upon a surprising connection. It was discovered that one of Nu Omega’s charter members, Bro. Charles Brougham Washington, was also selected by the founders Love, Coleman, and Cooper as one of the initial 11 charter members of the fraternity in 1912. This revelation added an intriguing twist to the chapter’s history while illuminating a crucial link between the new fraternity and the new chapter. The surprises didn’t end there. It was also revealed that Charles B. Washington was born in Brooklyn (Lovejoy), Illinois, near East Saint Louis. What makes this fact significant is that Brooklyn, Illinois, holds a unique place in American history as the first town in the United States incorporated by freed slaves; this occurred in 1873. The committee’s research not only sheds light on the personal history of an important fraternity figure but also highlights the broader historical context in which he lived.

In addition to their research, several committee

Overall, the ecent activities of the Talented Tenth District History and Archives Committee have demonstrated their dedication to uncovering and celebrating the rich history of our fraternity, and more specifically, the Talented Tenth District. Through their research and involvement in various events and workshops, the committee members have not only deepened their understanding of the fraternity’s past but have also contributed to preserving its legacy for future generations.

T H I S T o R



The Brothers of Epsilon Rho Chapter and Tenth District Executive Council held nothing back and put on an excellent district conference that highlighted the work of Omega. The impact left on the community of Minneapolis and the surrounding cities is unparallel to any district meeting held in the city. The four-day event was filled with brotherly love, fraternal activities and events, and service, professional and community-based. Over 600 brothers were in attendance.

The many events of the 86th District Convention cannot be put in to words or seen in pictures. The energy generated could only be properly defined if it was experienced. Take a brief glance of the experience had in Minneapolis.

• Community Service in Brooklyn Park with Mayor Bro. Hollis Winston!

• Youth Leadership Conference at Osseo High School with over 65 young Black males in attendance!

• Partnership with the People of Color Career Fair with over 1000 of registrants!

• Public Opening Ceremony that had the leadership of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Divine 9 in attendance!

• 10th District Marchdown with Bro. Ben Crump in attendance!

• Golden Bridge Builders Breakfast and Ceremony

• Service Award Ceremony

• Social Action Awards,

• Scholarship Awards

• Reclamation and Retention winners

• New Initiate Acknowledgement

The Brothers of Epsilon Rho, led by Brother Montague, did an amazing job of providing hospitatlity and showcased what it takes to administratively handle one of the largest district meetings to date.

Omega is in good hands in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.





The Talented Tenth District had an phenomenal showing at the 2023 Dr. Moses C. Norman Leadership Conference! The conference hosted the International Achievement Week competition, service awards, as well as the Youth Leadership Conference amongst other stellar events. We have 3 International Achievement Week Winners that call the Tenth District home. Check out the pictures for a better understanding of the Tenth District’s impact on the international stage!




In a world that increasingly relies on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) for progress, organizations and individuals who champion STEM education play a pivotal role in shaping the future. The Gamma Gamma Gamma Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated has chosen architecture as their STEM focus. STEM subjects form the bedrock of innovation, technological advancement, and economic growth. Encouraging young minds to explore and excel in these fields is crucial for the United Stat es to remain competitive on the global stage of technology and innovation. STEM education not only equips students with valuable knowledge but also fosters critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity. This year, the Brothers of GGG decided to concentrate their STEM efforts on the fascinating world of architecture, led by the STEM committee chair, Bro. Rafeeq Asad, with assistance from Bro. Charles Brown. Architecture is not just about creating buildings; it’s about envisioning spaces that shape our daily lives. It combines the principles of design, engineering, and aesthetics, making it a perfect STEM subject for exploration. The Brothers of GGG have engaged in three distinct youth activities to promote architecture as part of their Omega STEM program:

1. Project Pipeline with National Organization of Minority Architects Project Pipeline, an initiative by the National Organization of Minority Architects, is a program that introduces young people, from 6th to 12th grade, to the world of architecture. Students learn about the significance of architecture in our daily lives and have the opportunity to engage in a creative discourse with local professionals. Over the past decade, this program has inspired over

10,000 students, and the Brothers of Gamma Gamma Gamma are proud to contribute to this legacy.

2. STEAM Camp with the Urban League of Greater Madison The Brothers of Gamma Gamma Gamma partnered with the Urban League of Greater Madison’s STEAM Camp to educate campers about architecture and interior design. They took campers on a tour of the new Black Business Hub, providing them with a real-world perspective on the impact of architecture in their community.

3. UW PEOPLE College Scholarship Program

In collaboration with project partners, the Brothers hosted students from the UW PEOPLE - College Scholarship Program. This precollege program is designed to help traditionally underserved “students gain access to higher education. During a two-day hands-on experience, students received a behind-the-cenes tour of architectural firms, engaged in design workshops, participated in job site tours, explored landscape architecture, and learned about construction




Bro. Angelo F. Youghbor, Basileus of Nu Mu

Nu chapter was initiated into Omega Psi Phi Fraternity April 12, 2003 thru Gamma PI chapter. For twenty years he has worked tirelessly in the insurance industry for Liberty Mutual and currently at Travelers Insurance. Bro. Youghbor has earned the following insurance designations Associate in Claims, Associate in Insurance and currently working to receive the insurance industry highest designation the Chartered Property and CasualtyUnderwriters designation in Washington D.C. Bro. Youghbor attended Bowie State University and graduated in 1999 with a degree in Communication Media. He went on to complete his Masters in Management from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2008. His very significant and glorius fraternity service is as follows:

2004-2005 Keeper of Peace-Zeta Phi chapter

2006-2007 Social Action Chair-Zeta Phi chapter

2008-2009 Vice Basilues-Zeta Phi chapter

2010-2012 Membership Intake Chair-Zeta Phi Chapter

2013-2014-Social Action Chair-Zeta Phi chapter

2016-Charter Member of Nu Mu Nu chapter

2016- 2017 Vice Basilues- Nu Mu Nu chapter

2017-2023 Basilues- Nu Mu Nu chapter

2023-2024 87th District Marshall


Nu Mu Nu chapter-Omega Man of the Year 2020

Nu Mu Nu chapter-Omega Man of the Year-2022-2023





Upsilon Kappa Kappa (YKK) Chapter: Indianapolis, Indiana, Basileus, Bo Gerrick Willams and Chapter Nu Mu Nu Fishers, Indiana, were instrumental for supporting Delta Sigma Theta’s (DST) successful National Convention held in Indianapolis, Indiana the week of July 17-23, 2023. YKK was out front in support of the Ladies of Delta Sigma Theta’s successful convention. On July 20, 2023, the ladies of DST held an event that honored Kamala Harris, the current Vice President of the United States of America. VP Harris is a graduate of Howard University and a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA). Howard University was the Birthplace of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. November 17, 1911. Not only did YKK support the DST 2023 National Convention, but we also participated in a special meet and greet reception on July 20, 2023 for Omega Psi Phi’s 42nd Grand Basileus, Ricky Lewis hosted by the Brothers of Zeta Phi. Brothers were enthralled to meet Brother Grand Basileus Ricky Lewis and enjoyed the time fraternizing with Bro. Lewis.

The brothers worked super hard for our sisters every day of their convention and even secured Jack Daniels as a sponsor for the huge weekend of events. The brothers passed out flyers daily for hours at the Fieldhouse and all over the downtown area preparing event centers much like other fun activities such as a block party held for DST at The Block Restaurant owned and operated by two Omega Men. The Block’s Block Party was such a huge success.

YKK anxiously looks forward to actively supporting Nu Mu Nu Chapter for this upcoming 10th District Fall Council Meeting being held in Indianapolis. We also welcome all brothers from far and near to join us for our 2023 Fall Council. YKK might be a small chapter, but ironically totes a large delegate coalition and a massive footprint in the area of service we provide which is often be seen by the local community as our members making an obvious difference in their lives.




Ask any Bruh what the Owtest set is in the Frat and he’d better say The Infamous White OWT Party or risk further grooving or heaven forbid more serious interrogation. All fraternal ribbing aside, all true Omega Men, especially those brothers in the Talented Tenth District should be well-aware of the annual scholarship fundraiser held on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan in Gary, Indiana. For the uninitiated, The White OWT is a multi-level, multifaceted extravaganza featuring the best deejays in the Chicago metropolitan area spinning rhythm and blues, hiphop, house, and yes, even steppers jams in separate areas. There’s an exclusive VIP area for the more sophisticated, deep-pocketed Bruhz and their guests that offers private chef-prepared meals and bottle service. There’s a ginormous bar complete with the most gorgeous bar girls serving up them top shelf libations. Plus, if you really want to get phat, there are food trucks outside dishing up a wide variety of grilled, fried, and so good, they lied, chicken wings, fish, barbequed ribs, tacos, burgers, hotlinks, and all the fixings.

The signature event for the Infamous AK2 always, ALWAYS, takes place on July 3rd at the historic Bathing Beach Aquatorium and this year nearly a thousand patrons enjoyed the ambiance while helping raise thousands of dollars for aspiring college students. In fact, The Infamous White OWT only gets bigger and better every year with ambitions to rival the Detroit Boat Ride, Atlanta Seersucker, and other legendary Omega sets. If there is a legitimate challenge, it’s that the event always, always,vALWAYS, draws many more ladies than men, Ques or otherwise.

Those Omega Men who know better than to take sand to the beach, are tasked with balancing plates of delicious food and libations with entertaining a bevy of beauties. And trust me, that is lot tougher than getting trapped in the corner reciting the Greek alphabet backwards (y’all still do that?).

The Infamous greatly appreciates the brotherly support from 38th Tenth District Representative Bro. Sean T. Long and other District Officers who faithfully attend our annual fundraiser. If you’re sitting there in your purple and gold pajamas reading this anyou’ve never been to the Infamous White OWT, well, shame on you, Bruh. What ARE you waiting for?





Originally conceived as a weekend opportunity for fathers and sons to bond through bridge building, the OAA Father and Son weekend camping retreat has evolved over the years. On July 7th, 2023, it celebrated its 15th annual gathering. Brother Anthony Abner (3-15-OAA), the event organizer, envisioned a memorable outdoor experience where fathers could impart life skills to their sons while enjoying a weekend filled with fun activities. Brother Abner discovered the ideal location for his vision, Michindoh camp grounds in Hillsdale, MI, a few hours from Detroit. This Christian-based facility offered a perfect escape from modern luxuries and societal norms that often distract today’s youth.

The core objective of this annual retreat, held on the second weekend of July, is to strengthen the father-son bond through teamwork. Participants engage in various activities like swimming, paintball, canoeing, rope courses, basketball, and archery. These experiences create lasting memories and foster closer relationships. The weekend culminates in a hayride and a father-son basketball game, leaving fathers fulfilled, having reinforced values of love, family, friendship, and service. Sons depart the event with a sense of pride and a desire to achieve greatness. These cherished memories are sure to be passed down through generations, fulfilling Brother Abner’s grand vision.




The Omega Academy Male Mentoring Program (through the Nu Omega Chapter) was held at the Durfee Innovation Society in Detroit, with the young boys participating with the Metro Detroit Youth Club (MDYC). The mentoring program runs from October 2022 to June 2023, with an overall focus to engage and encourage these boys (ranging from 3rd-10th grade) in variety of topics - using our Cardinal Principles of Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift. Under the mentorship of Brothers: Al Linton, Daryl Shackelford, Jason Allen, Al Smith, III, Freddie Featherstone, Jr., Shawn McElroy (and a host of other brothers) Mentoring Topics: Having Respect: For Self & Others BE YOU: Being Our Own Person Being S.M.A.R.T. with our Goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) Conflict Resolution Being Black in the Military & Law Enforcement Dealing with Adversity First Aid/ CPR/ AED Training Black History Moments Opportunities for feedback were given to the participating boys, and it was extremely rewarding to hear that we were helping to mold and shape the future of these African-American young men. Using this momentum and progress, we are anticipating greater participation and involvement, from not only the young boys of MDYC, but also from the brotherhood - as we are “Lifting as we climb” with our youth in mind. - Bro. Featherstone, Mentoring Chair

Submitted By: Bro. Samuel Bill



STEM is the acute emphasis on education and training in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Innovation is sparked by those empowered to believe that they possess the skill and capacity to bring it fruition. Our aim is to ignite and the fuel the flames of our youth, as they aspire to engineer success in their lives and in our communities.


The Men of Omicron Rho were inspired to integrate the Lamplighters Program with the efforts of West Court Street Church of God, where Bro. Bernard Drew (Phi ’01), a mechanical engineer, serves as a Lead Pastor. This program was supported by the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) chapter at Kettering University, local engineers and the dedication of brothers like Derrick Britton (OP ’08) who has chaired the Omega Lamplighters Program since its inception, David Bush (OP ’99), Basileus James Avery (OP ’18), Vice Basileus Chris Holmes (OP ’18), Bro Andrew Harris (Kappa Xi ’05), and more

“We feel the beauty of nature because we are part of nature and because we know that however much in our separate domains we abstract from the unity of Nature, this unity remains. Although we may deal with particulars, we return finally to the whole pattern woven out of these.” – Most Honorable Founder, Dr Ernest Everett Just


We live and serve in Flint, MI which was in the national spotlight as result of the water crisis that devastated the community with the unjust infusion of lead from eroded pipes. The crisis began in 2014 – which was a critical time of development for most of the children that we serve. Children are most vulnerable, being at risk from the long-term effects of lead poisoning, which can include a reduction in intellectual functioning and IQ, and an increased chance of Alzheimer’s disease.

Our students were exposed to the science and technology behind water filtration - learning and experiencing how to take filthy and contaminated water – and process it in such a way that not only do the visible contaminants get removed – “invisible” harmful chemicals can be filtered, as well. Our project was curated and sponsored graciously by the Gaskins Foundation. The students were empowered to see how things work, their own capacity to render change – and the ever increasing importance of environmental preservation and safety.


With STEM as a recently embraced mandated program - we will continue to nurture STEM Initiatives throughout the ’23-’24 school year. Our greatest desire is for young people to see themselves as problem solvers & agents of change. Our students are gifted to impact and influence the earth. It is our gift to be able to help them truly realize within themselves, that “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”. We committed to ensure that they reinforce their belief in themselves, that they can thrive in science, they can pursue higher education and they can change their environment.





The spirit of community service is a core value for many fraternities, and the Tau Kappa Kappa chapter of Omega Psi Phi is no exception. This dedicated group of brothers from Omega Psi Phi demonstrated their commitment to their community by volunteering at the Michigan State Fair in a variety of capacities, including directing traffic, manning the information booth, engaging with customers, and ensuring safety throughout the event. This remarkable collaboration was initiated by Brother Brandon White, whose efforts led to a strong relationship with Blair M. Bowman, the owner of the state-of-the-art exposition, convention, and conference center known as the Novi Suburban Showcase, the venue of this grand event.

Brother Brandon White: A Catalyst for Community Engagement

Brother Brandon White is a shining example of leadership within the Tau Kappa Kappa chapter. His dedication to community service and his passion for making a difference in the lives of others inspired the chapter to seek opportunities to give back. After extensive research and networking, Brother White identified the Michigan State Fair as an ideal platform for the chapter to make a significant impact.

Forging a Fruitful Relationship with Blair M. Bowman

Brother White’s dedication and tireless efforts paid off when he reached out to Blair M. Bowman, the owner of the Novi Suburban Showcase, the venue for the Michigan State Fair. Mr. Bowman, known for his commitment to community development and engagement, recognized the potential synergy between his event and the Omega Psi Phi fraternity. The collaboration was forged on shared values of service, community engagement, and education.

Diverse Roles for the Tau Kappa Kappa Chapter

During the Michigan State Fair, the Tau Kappa Kappa chapter played a crucial role in various aspects of the event. They directed traffic, ensuring a smooth flow of vehicles in and out of the venue. This not only facilitated easy access for fairgoers but also contributed to the safety of the event. The information booth manned by Omega Psi Phi brothers became a valuable resource for attendees. Visitors could ask questions, seek directions, and receive information about the fair’s attractions. This assistance greatly enhanced the overall experience for fairgoers. Customer engagement was another area where the fraternity excelled. Omega Psi Phi members interacted with attendees, creating a welcoming atmosphere and promoting the fair’s offerings. Their friendly demeanor and willingness to assist left a lasting positive impression on fairgoers. Safety was a top priority for the Michigan State Fair, and the Tau Kappa Kappa chapter played a vital role in this aspect as well. Brothers were stationed throughout the event to monitor crowds, respond to emergencies, and ensure that all safety protocols were followed.

The Impact of Omega Psi Phi’s Service

The Tau Kappa Kappa chapter’s involvement in the Michigan State Fair not only showcased their commitment to community service but also highlighted the positive impact the fraternity has on their communities. The brothers of Tau Kappa Kappa continue to be a star of aspiration for all to see.




Summer kicked off with Sigma Rho partnering in a joint endeavor with the Divine 9 of Washtenaw County for the Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt Extravaganza on April 8th, 2023. The organizations set up tents with activities and games for kids to play while the eggs were hidden. Sigma Rho offered kids the opportunity to win some candy on the side through a friendly cornhole toss competition. Each organization was tasked with preparing and hiding eggs for kids of all age groups. 2 additional silver and gold eggs were hidden to serve as grand prize eggs. The chapter donated 2 gift baskets and presented them to this year’s winning hunters following the egg hunt.

Sigma Rho remains dedicated to raising awareness and support for those affected by sickle cell disease. Through the partnership of DeAndre Smith and the Ann Arbor American Red Cross: Sigma Rho, Phi, Theta Gamma, and Rho Mu Nu sponsored a summer blood drive on June 19th, 2023. 33 donors presented with 29 units being collected, exceeding the set goal of 25 units. Sickle cell affects 1 in 365 African Americans, and 1 in 13 African Americans carry the sickle cell trait. African Americans blood donors are 3x more likely to match blood needed for sickle cell patients. Sigma Rho is proud to say that half of the donors that participated in the blood drive were African American!

As fall approached, the brothers of Sigma Rho showed up in the true Omega spirit at Ford Lake in Ypsilanti. Sigma Rho held its annual Sigma Rho Weekend picnic on August 12th, 2023. Brothers packed out the shed with food, fellowship, and family. Brother Maje Hogan even set out a couple of horses for the chapter. While brothers broke bread, Basileus Dana Greene Sr. took the time to recognize a few brothers including Brothers Mel Anglin and Kurt Phillips for their service to Omega. Sigma Rho closed out the weekend with a church service at Bethel AME in Ann Arbor.

To close out the summer, Sigma Rho hosted their Second Annual Signature Event, Summer Groove II. The classy upscale night at the Charles H. Wright in Detroit featured a DJ and a live band giving guests 2 unique experiences. Guests enjoyed food, drinks, music, and dancing all night. Success from last year’s inaugural signature event carried over into this year with another epic night of fun. All funds collected from Summer Groove II will go towards Sigma Rho’s Social Action Projects and Programs for the upcoming year.

For some the summer is a time to kick back and relax, but for Sigma Rho the summer has been eventful and impactful! Through summer projects and programs, Sigma Rho continues to build bridges within the Washtenaw County community. Sigma Rho would like to recognize Basileus Dana Greene Sr., Brother Jason White, Brother Cory Teasley, and Brother Miles Booker as well as the committee members for their roles in planning and executing these endeavors.




On June 15, 2023 IOTA Chapter was proud to celebration the awardees of our annual scholarshipdinner event. Five outstanding young men from our very own Chicago-land area were awarded $2,000.00 each for a grand total of $10,000.00awarded. These monetary gifts were provided to five Chicago Public Highschool students that met the specific criterion for the selection process. Award winners were as follows: Immanuel Ogundipe (Lindblom HS), Lunaire Ford II (Intrisic HS), Aquil Hayes (Lindblom HS),Nicholaus Asyianbi (Linblom HS), and Melvin Slater Jr. (LinblomHS). It is noteworthy to add that all recipients have been accepted to their college/university of choice. Along with their parents and guardians we of Omega Psi Phj Fraternity, Inc. , IOTA Chapter remain vigilant and true to providing a positive model of manly presence, scholastic mentoring, unrelenting perseverance, and ever-present uplift to guide these young men going forward.




College students often face unique cybersecurity challenges due to their active online presence and reliance on technology. Here’s a top5 list of things the average college student can do to keep their technology secure and stay safe on the internet, with references from 2023:

1.Use a Secure Password Manager: College students have numerous online accounts, from email and social media to educational portals. Using a password manager like LastPass or Dashlane helps generate and store complex, unique passwords for each account. A study by NordPass in 2022 found that the most common password was still “123456,”emphasizing the need for better password practices.

2.Implement Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Enable2FA wherever possible, especially for email and academic accounts. This extra layer of security, which often requires a one-time code sent to your phone, significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access. According to Microsoft, enabling 2FA can block 99.9% of account compromise attempts.

3. Be Wary of Phishing Emails and Scams: College students can be prime targets for phishing attacks. Learn to recognize phishing emails that mimic legitimate institutions or ask for personal information. The Anti-Phishing Working Group’s (APWG) 2022 report highlights the continued rise of phishing attacks, emphasizing the importance of vigilance.

4.Secure Your Devices: Protect your laptop and smartphone with strong passwords or biometric authentication methods (e.g., fingerprint or facial recognition). Keep your devices and operating systems up to date with the latest security patches and updates. The Ponemon Institute’s 2022 Mobile Security & IoT study indicates that unpatched devices are common entry points for hackers.

5.Educate Yourself on Social Media Privacy: College students are active on social media platforms, often sharing personal information. Review and adjust your privacy settings to control who can see your posts. Stay cautious about accepting friend or connection requests from unknown individuals. A 2023 report by Statista highlights the ongoing concerns surrounding social media privacy.

Additionally, consider taking advantage of cybersecurity resources provided by your college or university. Many institutions offer guidance, workshops, and even free antivirus software to help students protect their devices and data. In summary, as a college student, it’s crucial to prioritize cybersecurity to safeguard your personal information, academic records, and digital identity. By following these practices and staying informed about the latest cybersecurity threats, you can navigate the digital landscape safely and securely.




On Saturday August 12, 2023 Nu Chi held an Inaugural Health Fair at Top Styles Barbershop in Fairview Heights. Barbershops hold a unique position in African American communities, serving not only as grooming establishments but also as spaces for social interaction, conversation, and support. Recognizing this, Bro. Dr. Theodore Harper organized several health professionals and community organizations to collaborate with barbershop owner Darrick Hendricks at Top Styles Barbershop to transform these spaces into health hubs, where men can receive essential health services while engaging in casual conversations. One of the significant challenges in addressing health disparities among African American men is the stigma associated with seeking medical help. Barbershops help counter this stigma by fostering an environment of trust and camaraderie. The casual atmosphere encourages open conversations about health concerns and fosters a sense of community that can counteract the reluctance to discuss sensitive issues.

The Nu Chi inaugural health fair at Top Styles Barbershop represented a proactive approach to tackling health disparities. At this event healthcare providers ranging from Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Gastroenterology, Clinical Pharmacy offered services such as blood pressure screenings, diabetes screenings, mental health screenings. In addition to these services, informational sessions are held to educate attendees about proper nutrition, exercise, preventive care, colorectal awareness. Simulations were also done to instruct attendees about cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Submitted By: Bro Rapheal G Jones



On Sunday, June 11, 2023, the Rho Tau Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., in conjunction with the American Red Cross (ARC), hosted the4thAnnual Bro. Dr. Charles Drew Blood Drive at the city of Waukegan Field House Sports, Fitness, &Aquatic Center in Waukegan, Illinois. The event was sponsored by the American Red Cross (ARC) which provided all the medical resources and Health information, as well as prizes and t-shirts to every blood donor. The blood drive was supported by the community and the brothers of Rho Tau. Bro. Marvin Burruss, who is the Basileus of Rho Tau and the coordinator of the blood drive stated, “This year’s blood drive was a huge success. The community showed their support by participating in this event. There was a total of (28) units of blood, which can save many lives.” This event was not only successful, but also FRIENDS gathered and provided UPLIFT to the community.

Submitted By: Bro Peter Payne



The Sigma Omega Chapter Scholarship Committee (Brothers William Rick Johnson, Charles Flanigan, Reggie Holiday, Charles Davis, Theodore Davis, Chris Ford) selected 3 deserving young men from the Chicagoland area to receive a total of $9,000.00intotal scholarships. Each student was awarded $3,000.00. The event took place onJuly31,2023at the Huddle House restaurant on the southside of Chicago. The students are as follows:

Christian Cunningham, graduate from Morgan Park Academy. Will be attending Western Michigan University.

Lunnaire Ford, graduate from Intrinsic Charter High School. Will be attending DePauw University.

Josiah Jackson, graduate from Urban Prep Charter Academy. Will be attending St. Augustine University.

The brothers of Sigma Omega Chapter are committed to staying in contact with these young men and continue to be bridgebuilders for these exceptional young men.

Submitted By: Bro. William “Rick” Johnso




Maywood, IL

The Brothers of PMM Chapter proudly awarded scholarships to 5 recently graduating seniors in the amount of $6,000 total.

The scholars are Joseph Ballentine - $2,000, and $1,000 each to Jayla Poindexter, Nolle Lanton, Robert Stewart, and Faith Donaldson at the Chapter’s first family picnic held atthe Cook County Forest Preserves on Sunday July 23, 2022.

The Scholarship Committee asked all the scholars and parents to come out to the picnic to receive their check and photo in front of the Chapter banner with the Brothers. The family picnic was a success overall with more than enough food and great job by Bro Willie Edwards and the committee who worked hard putting this massive event together, “Our picnic was extremely OWTstanding. I have been to a few picnics since then and none hold a candle to ours. Extreme proof that hard work does indeed pay off.

Congratulations to all of our scholarship recipients!


Chicago, IL – The Brothers of PMM Chapter served the Englewood Community along with Neighborhood Housing Services NFP (NHS) on Saturday morning June 3, 2023 working hard in the hot sun removing old grass debris and filling new garden planters on the lot on the 6300 block of south Wood Street. Bro Leroy Slater Jr who work for NHS asked the brothers to come out to volunteer there and on the West Side in the North Lawndale area the next week.

Leshelle “Shelly” Rashaad, Executive Director of Imagine Englewood IF who’s from the area was very thankful for everyone’s help saying “1. We deserve a safe and peaceful community, 2. We deserve a clean and beautiful community, and 3. We deserve the resources and access to things we need, and today you all are really hitting each one of those things…why? Because you showed up for Englewood today, because of your continued beautification of a beautiful garden on a beautiful block for beautiful residents. You are helping to increase healthy food access in this community ”.

By: Bro.Steven Hill



The Mu Xi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., present its annual Back to School Supply Drive COOKOWT for community. The supply drive was established to collect and donate school supplies to children attending various schools in the community and those attending the annual back to school supply drive. There is food offered to all attending the event as well as but not limited to, music, entertainment and park facilities, such as a playground and basketball courts for all ages.

Submitted By: Bro. J Karstin Howard and Shawon Harrison

Submitted By: Bro. Antwann Nick Boyd




to take pride in their community. They should know that our ancestors used this land to escape to freedom.” Brother Obie Leflore Jr taught mentees different techniques of fishing such as how to prepare a fishing line, how to cast a rod and reel, using different types of bait, how to bait a hook, and how to reel in a fish if one is on the fishing line. Brothers assisted Brother Leflore by partnering with a mentee and fishing as a team. $25 gifts cards were awarded as prizes to the mentee who was the first to catch a fish, to the mentee who caught the largest fish, and to the mentee who caught the most fish. Hamburgers and hotdogs were also grilled and provided to mentees for lunch. Next, the Mentorship Program teamed up with Chicago Mahogany Tours to give mentees an African American History Tour on the South Side of Chicago. Fraternity Brother Shermann “Dilla” Thomas, CEO of Chicago Mahogany Tours, served as tour guide during the activity. With a bus load of 50 people including Brothers, Omega Y.E.S. Mentees, and their parents and family members, Brother Thomas facilitated an incredible history tour on the South Side of Chicago. His storytelling style of sharing the narrative of how Blacks added to the history of Chicago and the World made it very easy for Omega Mentees to comprehend. Brother Thomas starts his storytelling of history with Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable – a Black man who was the

Chicago becoming the founder of Chicago. The tour consisted of seeing and learning the history of so many sites such as


Submitted By: Bro. Michael Durrett10th District Director of Public Relations


to take pride in their community. They should know that our ancestors used this land to escape to freedom.” Brother Obie Leflore Jr taught mentees different techniques of fishing such as how to prepare a fishing line, how to cast a rod and reel, using different types of bait, how to bait a hook, and how to reel in a fish if one is on the fishing line. Brothers assisted Brother Leflore by partnering with a mentee and fishing as a team. $25 gifts cards were awarded as prizes to the mentee who was the first to catch a fish, to the mentee who caught the largest fish, and to the mentee who caught the most fish. Hamburgers and hotdogs were also grilled and provided to mentees for lunch. Next, the Mentorship Program teamed up with Chicago Mahogany Tours to give mentees an African American History Tour on the South Side of Chicago. Fraternity Brother Shermann “Dilla” Thom as, CEO of Chicago Mahogany Tours, served as tour guide during the activity. With a bus load of 50 people including Brothers, Omega Y.E.S. Mentees, and their parents and family members, Brother Thomas fa cilitated an incredible history tour on the South Side of Chicago. His storytelling style of sharing the narrative of how Blacks add ed to the history of Chicago and the World made it very easy for Omega Mentees to comprehend. Brother Thomas starts his storytelling of history with Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable – a Black man who was the first person to settle in

Chicago becoming the founder of Chicago. The tour consisted of seeing and learning the history of so many sites such as the Emmett Till & Mamie Till-Mobley House. One of the parents commented that Emmett Till probably sat on this porch before he went to Mississippi. Another stop was the Quinn Chapel AME Church which is the longest continuously Black owned property in Chicago and is believed to have one of the first chapel wall paintings of Je-

Jesus being depicted as Black in the United States. These are just a few of the historic places that mentees got a chance to see and learn about. Brother Thomas states, “History should be alive, and I want everyone to know how important the South Side of Chicago is in the history of making this city and how Chicago connects to the history of the United States and the World.” After the tour was over, mentees received free “Everything DOPE About and youth mentoring programs had tables to explain their youth programs as well. City of Chicago, Cook County, and State of Illinois Departments and Divisions also had job fair exhibit tables as well for those high school students who have other plans than going to college. The Omega Y.E.S. Mentors manned an exhibit table as well to give out information about the Omega Y.E.S. Mentoring Program and to recruit new mentees. Rho Gamma Gamma Brothers volunteered to help direct the crowd traffic around

Soldiers Field to the various exhibit tables and monitored the safety of all high school participants. An estimated 5,000 Chicago Public School students, parents, and school faculty staff participated in the HBCU College & Career Fair. After the College and Career Fair, mentees witnessed the Chicago High School Battle of the Bands and were given tickets to the Chicago Football Classic Football Game that had Central State University battle Mississippi Valley State.

This has been an excellent summer for the Rho Gamma Gamma Omega Y.E.S. Mentoring Program and for the mentees. The work to mentor young African American males towards becoming responsible, successful


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