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Hermann Spatt

nhow Amsterdam RAI Hotel


Mister nhow opens new cultural hotspot in Zuidas

The right mobility at the right time Read our







WILL ZUIDAS BE A TOURIST DESTINATION BY 2030? Last December, during the End of Year

local disruption. In his vision, Hemel

plans, and that certainly describes Zef

Meeting at Circl, Hello Zuidas members had

proposes making Zuidas a second city

Hemel’s vision for Zuidas. But I do hope

a chance to hear Zef Hemel talk about

centre in Amsterdam, with its own tourist

those plans will also factor in the quality of

his plans. Hemel is an urban planner who’s

attractions. While the current tourist circuit

life for local residents and workers.

been engaged by Mayor Femke Halsema

runs along Damrak to Museumplein, where

to draft a vision for solving overcrowding

all the major sights are concentrated, Hemel

To all readers of Hello Zuidas, my best

in the city centre. Central Amsterdam is

would like to see this extended to Zuidas,

wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.

attracting an overload tourists, according

aided by construction of the new public

I’m eager to see all the developments it has

to the city council, which would like to

transport station to bring in tourists.

in store for us!

explained that removal of the letters

A satellite of Keukenhof gardens or a large

Happy reading!

IAmsterdam from Museumplein has caused

casino would be a good fit for Zuidas, he

Romy Lange

the historic red light district to become

says, which could be followed by museums

Editor-in-chief Hello Zuidas

practically impassable, leading to severe

like Madame Tussauds. I like ambitious


see them more evenly spread out. Hemel

A new year means new opportunities. And the tradition in Zuidas is to never let opportunities go to waste. Zuidas is rapidly developing as a textbook example of the perfectible city. Will the ‘twenties’ be the decade when our district becomes the new centre of Amsterdam, with a major international train station, plus all the requisite amenities? We’re certainly well on our way. Those who enjoy speculating about the future while also examining the local past can now get their fix at Gustav Mahlerplein, where the Zuidasdok site hoarding features a timeline of historic photos of Zuidas. They include the construction of VU Amsterdam and the opening of the WTC. Highly recommended! On behalf of Hello Zuidas, best wishes for a fantastic 2020! Olivier Otten, managing director of Hello Zuidas


Did you know there’s a real food paradise hidden in WTC Amsterdam? A place where 400 local cafe, bistro and foodtruck entrepreneurs serve their specialty dishes over the course of a whole year. Every single day you can come in and taste food from all over the world on top of a wide range of freshly prepared sandwiches, salads and warm meals. Don’t be shy! You will find We Canteen in the base of the A Tower. We are open from Monday until Friday from 11:30 - 14:00 hours.

We are local. We love good food. -------------------www.wecanteen.nl








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23 Column Greg Shapiro 25 Years in Holland… Sorry: The Netherlands 24 Finance Financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands 26 PRO-MOTION Cultivate an athlete’s mindset to turn employees into vital performers 28 Hello Zuidas Agenda 31 Sustainability Want to reduce office waste? These circular products can help. 32 Legal News Stibbe has appointed three new partners 35 Kliniek Dokter Frodo Gaymans Skin that glows, even in winter

36 Zuidas eat, drink & sleep special 37 Get a taste of Gelderlandplein 39 Happyhappyjoyjoy is coming to Zuidas! 41 Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal: a new favourite hotspot in Zuidas 42 Hello You Christmas Party @ Market 33 43 Nothing tops Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky 45 Chat with Janneke van Beuzekom, general manager at Hotel Holiday Inn Amsterdam 46 Hello You Hello Zuidas Members Meeting @ VU New University Building 47 Bolenius Restaurant: The ‘Flagship’of Dutch cuisine 48 Architecture EMA HQ: new architectural landmark fits seamlessly in Zuidas 51 New Members Hello Zuidas welcomes the new members 52 Memo Board

With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions. •5

Mister nhow opens new cultural hotspot in Zuidas Hermann Spatt, general manager nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel

Here in Zuidas we’ve had a front row seat to the construction of nhow Amsterdam RAI. This already iconic building near the RAI Convention Centre and Amsterdam RAI Station is set to become a new social, multicultural hotspot for tourists, business travellers and locals. With 650 rooms over 24 floors, and towering 91 meters, nhow Amsterdam RAI is the largest new-built hotel in the whole Benelux. nhow Amsterdam RAI is part of the unconventional ‘nhow’ brand, encompassing a range of lifestyle hotels all designed by renowned architects and each with its own distinctive character. Following the successful launch of nhow Rotterdam in 2014, for this hotel the NH Hotel Group once more partnered with OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture), founded by acclaimed architect Rem Koolhaas. Hello Zuidas interviewed the hotel’s general manager, Hermann Spatt. nhow Amsterdam RAI is touted as a place

The hotel was designed by world-renowned Dutch

where modern art, design, gastronomy and

architectural firm OMA, founded by Rem Koolhaas.

culture go hand in hand. How is this borne out?

What have reactions been to the design, so far?

We opened nhow hotels in Milan, Berlin, Rotterdam and Marseille

Until recently I was living in London, but I did keep up with news

on the same premise, and the concept has been very successful

surrounding the hotel’s construction. Rem Koolhaas is so famous

in all cities. We engage local artists to work with us in lending the

and draws people from all over the world. Everything I’ve heard so far

hotel a great vibe. We’re always open to neighbourhood initiatives in

is positive. People are particularly impressed with the hotel’s scale.

music, dance and fashion. That made our bar in Berlin really famous. When locals like to come to your hotel, that creates a really pleasant

Can you tell us anything more about the interior design?

ambiance. We want to welcome everyone, and our hotel experience

This hotel is meant to be a cultural hub and we want that be

reflects that. I’m very pleased with the result and I know for a fact

reflected in the interior. The building consists of three superposed

everyone will feel at home here.

triangles, which stand for different directions to places around the world. We have six different types of room designs, based on the

What kind of facilities does the hotel offer Zuidas locals?

cardinal direction the rooms are facing, and guests can choose the

Our bar and lounge on the first floor are open to the public. They

orientation they prefer.

are ideal spots for drinks after work on Fridays. Local residents are more than welcome too, of course! Moreover, we offer some amazing

There are already many hotels in the area and

Meeting & Event spaces on the 23rd floor and a restaurant on the

nhow Amsterdam RAI will be adding another 650 rooms.

17th floor which is bookable for groups. On top of that, in 2020 The

Will getting them all booked be a challenge?

Entourage Group will launch a restaurant & bar, and sky lounge & bar

For sure. With a new hotel there’s no basis, you’re always starting

on the top floor.

from scratch. We’re a big company with a big team, so that helps.


Text Romy Lange • Photography Michael Graste



We open on 10 January, and as happy as we are with all the bookings,

Will the hotel be an active contributor

for me the main thing is that guests are satisfied. We’ll be making

to the Zuidas district? And, if so, how?

every effort to ensure they are, and I’m certain we’ll succeed.

Absolutely. For one thing, everyone is welcome to take a look around the hotel. Also, any time we organize an event here, we’ll always

To date you’ve worked 4 years as General Manager

engage local parties first. Over the coming period we’ll explore

for nhow Berlin, 4 years in Rotterdam and most recently

connections we can make and initiatives we can join.

for the soon to be opened nhow London. What lessons have you learnt that you’ll apply here?

Have you had a chance to look around Zuidas yet?

With all those launches you gain self-confidence and understand what

What with all the things on my plate,including my last-minute move

guests need. Plus, these hotels are available for fashion shows and film

from London, so far I haven’t had the time, but I certainly will. The

shoots, which has generated excitement and interest. We want to do

first thing I did on hearing I’d been appointed in Amsterdam was read

the same here. And instead of sealing off the premises, all are welcome

up on Zuidas and the local scene. I think it’s brilliant that I can watch

to come see the action. Integration makes it all come alive.

the development of all the big projects underway here from up close. I’m very interested in Zuidasdok, for instance.

Having opened and carved out a market for several nhow hotels, you’ve earned the nickname ‘Mister nhow’.

Is there anything else you’d like to

How do you feel about this title?

share with readers of Hello Zuidas?

I’m very proud, of course! Each hotel is different. Nothing is

I’m looking forward to getting to know the neighbourhood and

copied. We try to make an artwork out of every location.

talking to our neighbours. And I want to get a taste of Zuidas as

That’s a big responsibility.

soon as possible!


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facing several setbacks. For one thing, the project turns out to be more complex than envisioned and it’s taking longer than expected to arrive at a sound, comprehensive design. Talks chaired by external expert Professor Marcel Hertogh are currently ongoing between the project’s

On 2 November 2019 we slid the first roof section for the new station

clients and ZuidPlus, and an analysis of the

passageway into place under the A10 motorway and the train tracks. But that

project’s ‘utility and need’ is also underway

was just the beginning, because the passageway requires no less than seven roof

(under the direction of former cabinet

sections. Meanwhile, the project is facing setbacks. So what’s in store?

minister Sybilla Dekker). Plans are for both Hertogh and Dekker to present their findings


that cuts through the district’s centre

in the first quarter of 2020. The minister of

Zuidasdok is a project to improve access to

underground. On top of that is a full-scale

Infrastructure and Water Management and

and from Zuidas. It encompasses widening

renovation of Amsterdam Zuid Station. At

the Amsterdam city council have already

the A10 south ring road from four to six lanes

least, this was the project as awarded to

agreed on the need for rapid capacity

in each direction and tunnelling the section

building consortium ZuidPlus. But now it’s

improvement at Amsterdam Zuid Station.

10 •


Amsterdam Zuidas Information Centre Central Hall, WTC +31 (0)800 5065 contact@zuidas.nl www.zuidas.nl zuidas •


Britten passageway Despite these uncertainties, a portion of the works are continuing as planned. This includes construction of the additional station tunnel: the ‘Brittenpassage’. Seven roof sections have to be installed


beneath the existing four sets each of metro and train tracks and


slated site of the fifth and six set of train tracks needed to scale

The George and The Gustav

Amsterdam Zuid Station up into becoming the city’s second-

are two new buildings on

largest train station. The first roof section has been in place since 2

George Gershwinlaan and

November 2019; the rest will follow in 2020 and after. Once the whole

Gustav Mahlerlaan. The George

roof is in place, work can start on digging the passageway itself and

will have 47 spacious luxury

building the large second station tunnel, complete with shops and

dwellings and be completed in

all the usual amenities you’d expect at a major public transport hub.

mid-2020. The Gustav spans two buildings. The south Gustav, with large terraces, will have


29 mid-size flats and 19 studio

As stated, Zuidasdok encompasses much more than this

apartments, while the north

second tunnel. The existing station tunnel (linking Zuidplein and

block offers 96 luxury studios

Mahlerplein) is also to be overhauled and made significantly wider.

targeted to young professionals

At this stage, however, it’s uncertain how and when this project will

and expats. Completion of The

go ahead. We hope this uncertainty will be cleared up in the spring.

George: mid-2020.

Text Jos Moerkamp • Photography Your Captain Luchtfotografie & Marcel Steinbach • Artist Impression ZuidPlus

• 11

Photography Marcel Steinbach • Artist Impression BPD/AM


MAKING PLANS FOR ‘VERDI’ During the last two years Zuidas

and recreation, for which De Nieuwe


has grown westward towards the

Meer has fantastic potential. Ultimately,

For a year and a half now, we have been in

lakeside of De Nieuwe Meer. This

we want to open this area up for more of

talks with Verdi users and residents. Some

area, bounded by Amstelveenseweg

Amsterdam to enjoy.

express concerns, for instance that the

and the Schinkel waterway, is

area will lose its tranquillity or that traffic

known by the name ‘Verdi’. What is


problems will arise if larger crowds discover

Zuidas planning here?

The northern section of Verdi (roughly

Verdi’s attractions. These concerns were

the stretch north of the A10 along

also voiced during an area conference, held

Verdi is predominantly green, with

Amstelveenseweg) has potential for

by the municipality in November 2019. For

an abundance of water. A central

residential and office development

our project it’s vital to understand what

aim of plans currently in the works is

and amenities. A number of

area users feel to be of real importance

to conserve and enhance the green

businesses hqve already settled here,

and why. We will make every effort to take

component, while also opening Verdi

as well as the Zuid sports facility

account of users’ wishes and suggestions

up for property development. It will be

and the Tripolis buildings and old

in the plans under development, while

a challenge to strike a balance between

orphanage complex, both listed.

bearing in mind that at Verdi, as anywhere,

the area’s tranquillity while increasing

Taken together, they present a rather

interests differ. Follow-up meetings will be

access. Aside from green space, the

chaotic patchwork, so the area is

scheduled to get input from Verdi’s current

plans also emphasize facilities for sport

primed for redevelopment.

users on these development plans.

Text Jos Moerkamp • Photography Kees Winkelman

THE OLYMPIC AMSTERDAM IS NOW OFFICIALLY OPENED The Olympic Amsterdam is the new iconic destination in Amsterdam. Innovative. Modern. Urban. Here you can shop, live, work, play, eat, drink and exercise in style, around the historic Olympic Stadium and newly renovated Citroën buildings as The Garage and Move.



YOU CAN FIND ON THESE ONLINE PLATFORMS hellozuidas @HelloZuidas @hellozuidas For employees of

companies who are

Zuidas, it is possible to

member of Hello Hello Zuidas has an iPad app that allows you to flip

join our LinkedIn group

through the magazine.

or link as a contact.

www.hellozuidas.com Free WIFI Hello Zuidas on Mahlerplein & Zuidplein

• 13



MaaS: THE RIGHT MOBILITY AT THE RIGHT TIME In 2018 the City of Amsterdam, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and Amsterdam Transport Authority issued a joint tender for Mobility as a Service (MaaS). They awarded the contract in July 2019 to a consisting of Over Morgen, Amber, Radiuz and Transdev. Teaming up with stakeholders in the Amsterdam metro region, the consortium developed Amaze, a service that will be launched in Zuidas. With the partnership between the City, employers and Amaze having officially kicked off, we caught up with Finn van Leeuwen and Isabelle van den Bouwhuijsen of the Zuidas Amsterdam Development Office and Edvard Hedriksen of Over Morgen.

14 •


‘a joint tender for Mobility as a Service (MaaS)’


Roadways in and around Zuidas experience massive congestion

MaaS stands for Mobility as a Service. Think of it, says Finn, ‘like a

on a daily basis, but residents and workers in Zuidas can solve this

digital guardian angel that takes the hassle out of every journey –

problem by changing their own attitude towards mobility. This is

sort of like Google Maps. This allows you to book and pay for journeys

where Amaze comes in, by making alternatives to the car more

too, knows your preferences, factors in the types of transport you


use, such as car or bike, and even advises you on the most efficient combination of mobility options.’ Isabelle adds, ‘MaaS does for


mobility what Spotify and Netflix did for music and television, which

The first version of the app will be available to download in the App

is to help people transition from ownership to usership. Why own a

Store and Play Store in May 2020. It gives instant access to many more

car if it costs less to have one at your disposal that’s suited to your

mobility providers. Edvard: ‘Step by step, we will upscale the service

immediate needs and comes without all the drawbacks of owning a

in terms of functionalities. In the end, our goal is that users can get

car, like parking permits, maintenance and repairs?’

active daily journey advice that takes account of personal preferences and limitations. If you usually drive but there are traffic jams, you’ll


get recommendations ahead of time on better travel options. If you’re

The project’s objective of launching MaaS in Zuidas is meant to give

already on your way, you might be advised to head for a Park+Ride.

commuters a better way to customize their journey to and from

Or, if the forecast is sunny and your calendar allows, the app may

Zuidas. ‘The service has to work throughout the Netherlands for

recommend grabbing your bike instead of the metro.’

business and leisure travel alike’, says Edvard. ‘We want to score as high as we can with users. Essentially, the goal is for this service to make shared mobility, bikes and public transport a serious alternative

App development will continue over the coming months,

to cars. We’re offering people an alternative to traffic jams, while

including a pilot with test users. It will be available to

also helping to keep Zuidas and the rest of Amsterdam liveable and

download from the App Store and Play Store as from 1 May

attractive, in a way that’s environmentally sustainable over the long

2020. Further refinements will continue in the subsequent

term. With pressures on the living environment and accessibility

two years in coordination with employers and users.

mounting, so are calls for a modal shift in traffic and transport.

• 15


GOT A MINUTE? #zuidasstories introduces you to the origins and history of Zuidas, taking you back to the time before the Amsterdam business district even existed. Have you seen the photo wall outside ABN AMRO Bank on Gustav Mahlerplein yet? We asked four people checking out the exhibit about their ties to Zuidas.

JESÚS SEGARRA SOBRAL ‘I live in Valencia but lots of my clients are based here. I’ve been coming to Zuidas for about 15 years now and have really seen it transform. There’s more greenery and many more places to hang out nowadays. Everything has improved and it almost doesn’t feel like Amsterdam. When in Holland, I almost always travel by public transport, which is excellent. Amsterdam’s a model city, if you ask me.’

NIENKE ZEISSINK ‘I started working at the restaurant at Circl a couple of months ago. From the moment I came to Zuidas for my job interview, I was impressed. Afterwards, I sent all my friends a WhatsApp message raving about the great vibe here. I’m a history fan, so I think this wall of pictures from the past is a brilliant idea. It really tells a story. When you look around you see everything that’s changed in the last decades. I’ve been exploring Zuidas bit by bit. When the weather warms up again, I’ll start going out into the district more. I feel very at home in Zuidas and could easily see myself living here.’

16 •


BAS HAGEMAN ‘I’ve been working for Xerox at ABN AMRO’s corporate communications department for a year now. I live in Haarlem and before getting this job I thought Zuidas would be a cold-hearted place. But it’s the opposite – it’s very lively. Just the other day I saw workers putting in the huge concrete slab at the Amsterdam Zuid station. That was awesome. One hears there are lots of problems around this project, so it’s impressive that this kind of work is still going ahead. This photo wall along the square catapults people back into the past and I think that’s great.’

RUUD STAVERMAN ‘I was born in Almelo and now live in Almere. My dad is from Amsterdam. I’m interested in history and I really like the picture with Juliana. Looking around here now, it’s hard to imagine all of this used to be flat. Pretty amazing!’

Text Romy Lange • Photography Jaiwey Nuij

• 17

18 •

Around 1930

Zuidelijke Wandelweg was once the domain of water and willow trees, and a spot beloved by locals. Today it’s the domain of the A10.


On Gustav Mahlerplein, between Circl and the station entrance, is a photo wall displaying historic images of Zuidas. This project is an initiative of Hello Zuidas, Zuidasdok and ZuidPlus.

• 19




20 •


Harold Coenders Age 48 Company

Colliers International


Partner / Director of Occupier Services

Real estate consultancy firm Colliers recently published an

co-working spaces to accommodate peaks. Distributing use,

article, drawing attention to the large share of leased offices

means employees work in continuous shifts. That’s the norm in

in the Netherlands that are unoccupied. Even at peak times,

healthcare and industry, but still taboo for office workers. Yet

one in three workspaces on average goes unused by employees.

simply implementing a schedule for continuous shifts provides an

According to Colliers’ calculations, companies are leasing 2.5

immediate solution to ensure peak occupancy and maximize use of

million m2 in excess office space. Bad as this is from an economic

the space.

standpoint, it’s even worse from a societal and environmental

point of view. These are the conclusions of Colliers’ office market

Do these figures apply equally to Zuidas,

report. We learned more from Harold Coenders, partner and

or are occupancy rates different here?

director of Occupier Services at Colliers International.

These are national figures, so Zuidas won’t be a substantial exception. But because the part-time work factor is lower at

Your research shows that even at peak times one in three

Anglo-Saxon than at Dutch companies, the occupancy rate may

workspaces on average goes unused by employees. Colliers

be slightly higher in Zuidas.

calls this bad business from both an economic and a societal

perspective. Could you expand on that?

Have there been any specific noteworthy

First and foremost, a workplace has to be a good place to work

developments in the Zuidas property market recently?

comfortably and productively. But office buildings are also a

With all the new developments at the periphery of Zuidas, from the

production resource, so that’s the economic perspective. Not

Van der Valk hotel to Loetje, Zuidas is becoming more interwoven

many production resources are idle thirty per cent of the time. But

with the rest of Buitenveldert and the city. Zuidas has become more

even more relevant is whether, in terms of sustainability, we can

than just the strip along Claude Debussylaan.

afford to let thirty per cent of workspaces just go to waste. That’s a whole lot of office. Building offices and then not using them is really

What’s your favourite spot in Zuidas, and why?


That would be Circl, the odd duck in Zuidas. It’s a beacon of

sustainability in a sea of traditional high-rises. But especially

How can tenants optimize the use of their office space?

because it’s more than just a building, with a topical and

Simply put, by sharing or distributing use. Sharing means leasing

exceptionally good programme centred around issues of

the space you need, on average, and then renting flexible

circularity and sustainability.

• 21

This year, set goals instead of resolutions. your succes story starts here.


25 Years in Holland… Sorry: The Netherlands Hoera! I’m celebrating 25 years in Dutch-

in the early 2000’s. After 9/11, the term World

‘Welcome to Holland.’ And the in-flight KLM

land. Amsterdam has changed a lot since

Trade Center was not great branding. Zuidas

magazine was called The Holland Herald.

1994. I myself have changed a lot since 1994.

back then was… I don’t really know. Like

It’s no wonder most people fail to realize

For example, when I got here my name

so many expats when they first arrive, my

the name of the country is The Netherlands.

was Greg Shore. Shore is the name of the

entire world was pretty much Amsterdam

Maybe it’s just too long, too clunky, not great

step-father grew up with, so it’s the name I

Centrum - and the Vreemdelingenpolitie

for marketing. But then came a little viral

grew up with. But it was the Dutch who said

in Slotermeer. But soon enough came the

video called ‘Netherlands Second,’ which

‘What’s your birth name? THAT’S your name.

Amsterdam Expat Center! Which is now

turned out to be pretty good advertising

Shapiro: cool name.’ And my name is not the

listed as IN Amsterdam (The Office Formerly

for this country’s true name. Now - for the

only one that would change…

Known As ExpatCenter).

first time in at least 25 years - the Dutch

Zuidas was not called Zuidas. Was there

When I came to the Netherlands, the country

and rebranding as The Netherlands. You’re

even a Station Zuid? No. It was Station Zuid

marketing said ‘Visit Holland.’ The logo


WTC. They changed the name somewhere

of the tourism board was a tulip saying

government is ditching the term Holland

Gregory Shapiro (b.1968) is known from Boom Chicago, Comedy Central, and as the voice of Trump in the viral video ‘Netherlands Second.’ The US election show ‘Trump Up the Volume’ can be seen at Boom Chicago theater throughout 2020. www.gregshapiro.nl

Photography Jaiwey Nuij


Finance News


Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features finance news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your finance news to: hellozuidas@zuidaspublishers.nl.

24 •


MORTGAGE INTEREST TAX RELIEF UNSUSTAINABLE, SAY GOVERNMENT ADVISERS Tax schemes for home-owners are not only ineffective, they’re also becoming untenable. The next administration is advised to scrap mortgage interest tax relief and start treating homes as assets. This is the conclusion of two reports commissioned by the Dutch Cabinet at the request of the House and Senate. The evaluations by SEO Economic Research and Panteia into the own home scheme (mortgage interest tax relief and notional rental value for owner-occupiers) await the next administration. Though agreeing that the current system has become too complex, State Secretary for Finance Menno Snel prefers to steer clear of politically contentious plans to amend the policies in place.



Dutch housing associations built far fewer homes in 2018 than targeted. Earlier they had


agreed to add 34,000 homes annually until the end of the current Cabinet period. In 2018

Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of

only 13,000 homes were built – ‘substantially less than was the ambition’, noted housing

JPMorgan Chase, issued a letter in

association sector organization Aedes in its 2018 benchmark report. If all homes sold and

December warning all employees of

demolished are subtracted from this number, the total stock of association homes comes to

America’s biggest bank against racist

just 2,000 more than in the year before.

behaviour. This followed a piece in The New York Times reporting multiple cases of discrimination against African American



patrons at an Arizona bank branch. In



audio recordings, a bank employee can be

Merchant bank Kempen’s European

Accountancy firm KPMG has reduced

heard advising a co-worker not to help a

Private Equity Fund raised almost

salaries for its British executives by £6M

black woman invest a sum, as the potential

€193M, reaching maximum capacity in

following a year that was marked by lean

customer was unlikely to have the money.

mid-December. Earlier, fund managers

results and controversy. The 25-member

A male patron was told they ‘don’t see

had announced the fund value would

British board and bodies immediately

people like you a lot’. ‘I am disgusted by

not exceed €200M. The fund opened for

beneath it will see reductions of £100,000

racism in any shape’, wrote Dimon. ‘Any such

private investors in February last year,

per person, resulting in an average

behaviour – explicit or veiled, deliberate or

with the minimum capital commitment

£840,000. In 2018 this average was

unconscious – is unacceptable. We must

set at €250,000. The term of the fund is ten

£940,000. Board chair Bill Michael, who

make sure that the culture we aspire to

years, with possibly an extension of one or

is among those taking a cut, links the

reaches every corner of our company. We

two years. The first investment round had

intervention to a previously reported 14%

have done some great work on diversity and

already raised €76M, after which capital

drop in earnings, according to business

inclusion, but it’s not enough’, he continued.

investments were expanded in three

daily the Financial Times.

‘There is always more we can do.’

phases to now just short of €193M.

Source Het Financieele Dagblad • Photography Lotte de Graaf

• 25

Cultivate an athlete’s mindset to

TURN EMPLOYEES INTO VITAL PERFORMERS What does your company need to perform even better? Vital performers: employees who feel at the top of their game. Pro-Motion, a new organization in Amstelveen, can get them there. Pro-Motion develops and guides vitality programmes. So how do you become a vital performer? With an athlete’s mindset! Hello Zuidas talked with founder and organizational expert Enno Tjepkema about how this mindset can help everyone – even sport haters – achieve their full potential in the workplace. FEELING VITAL

Just as important as enough relaxation, are


Maintaining satisfaction and high

physical, mental and emotional well-being.

For clients who come to Pro-Motion, Enno and

performance among all employees requires

What’s going on in an employee’s private

his team – think: trainers, coaches, instructors

employers to be attentive to them. This goes

life also counts. going on in an employee’s

and medical professionals, most from the

beyond asking how they’re doing during

private life. The atmosphere in the workplace

world of competitive sport – look at all these

accidental meet-ups at the water cooler.

matters too, because ‘if the work culture feels

aspects. The idea is that a person can only

Rather, emphasizes Enno, you have to look

unsafe or unpleasant, performance suffers.’

cope with a constant workload alongside their

at all the determinants of how vital a person feels and so to what extent they can perform at the top of their game. ‘For starters, you have to factor in a healthy alternation between work and downtime, because working constantly results in a structural overload. You have to break through that.’ And not, says Enno, by going out to dinner with clients or on a staff outing. ‘That’s not downtime, because your head is still at work.’

26 •

private life if they have enough resilience and

‘For starters, you have to factor in a healthy alternation between work and downtime, because working constantly results in a structural overload. You have to break through that.’

endurance. In other words, if they feel Vital. This calls for a certain mindset, one that’s standard in the world of sport. Pro-Motion helps develop this athlete’s mindset.

VITAL PERFORMANCE PROGRAM ‘Our guidance spans everything from running and boot camp sessions, to Pilates and dietary advice, to complete vitality programmes. The

‘Studies show that healthy people are ten to twenty per cent more productive’


Enno Tjepkema is a former pro athlete who uses his knowledge, aim is to improve not only mental and physical

of distractions, like our phones. Or we’re so

experience and business degree

health but, also the internal company culture,

busy that we stop taking care of ourselves – by

to translate the professional sport

which we do through research, team building

eating poorly and not getting enough exercise.’

method to the corporate world as

and culture change.’ Pro-Motion looks for

That’s a shame on a personal level, but it’s also

a coach and trainer. Pro-Motion’s

example at how staff communicate and work

bad news for your employer. ‘Studies show

clients include Pepsico and the

together and how that can be improved. They

that healthy people are ten to twenty per cent

UWV Employee Insurance Agency.

also consider what employees themselves

more productive’, Enno points out. So: time to

Want to find out more about Enno

want and need. But it’s not all about sport.

cultivate that athlete’s mindset!

Tjepkema and Pro-Motion? Visit

Pro-Motion also does a complete scan and then plans how objectives will be achieved.

FOCUS ‘The main thing is to stay focused and avoid being influenced by irrelevant details, so you can see how to get from A to B – to your goal.’ Enno smiles, ‘It sounds logical, sure, but too often we’re side-tracked by all kinds

Text Romy Lange • Photography Jaiwey Nuij


‘The aim is to improve not only mental and physical health, but also the internal company culture, which we do through research, team building and culture change.’

PRO-MOTION Laan van Kronenburg 14 1183 AS Amstelveen +31 (0)88 77 67 9 57 office@pro-motion.health www.pro-motion.health

• 27



Thursday 9 January

Friday 10 January





Rapidly greening our energy mix will take

@à Deauville

Every Monday

more than sustainable technologies alone.

During these speed dates you’ll have


At least as important is a sustainable

dates with around 20 other singles. Every


revenue model. Whoever clinches the

four minutes, the bell will sound and half

Would you like to attend some of the

sustainable technology revenue model,

the singles will move up to the next table,

beautiful films Rialto is screening, but don’t

takes home the jackpot. In this series, we

putting a different person across from you

understand all the foreign languages and

discuss promising technologies and delve

until you’ve met them all. After each date,

can’t read Dutch subtitles? Here’s your

into the revenue model underpinning the

state on the form whether you want to get

chance to see some of these wonderful

tech. In each session, sector specialists

better acquainted: yes or no? More info:

films anyway, because on Monday we

break down the technology and the


screen them with English subtitles.

revenue model, explaining how the tech


works, outlining the legal framework and exploring how financing can help accelerate advances. This month, our experts take a closer look at hydrogen. Join the discussion at Circl! More info: www.circl.nl.

Friday 3 January NEW YEAR’S TOAST @Zuidpool Amsterdam Yes, it’s that time of year again... Time for Round 2 of our winter mixer!

Friday 10 January CIRCL ART NIGHT @Circl

Monday 13 - Thursday 16 January HORECAVA

Join us for Amsterdam’s biggest New

Feel like an artistic night out with good

Year’s toast – and believe us, this is one

company and delicious cocktails? Sign

you won’t want to miss! As always, our

up now to join us on Friday 10 January

With four days of networking, exchanging

mixers are about drinks and socializing,

for Circl ArtNight, and you’ll get to take

ideas and doing business with other

but for this edition we’ve added a special

home your own Amy Winehouse artwork!

hospitality players, Horecava literally

New Year’s touch. Join us as we count

ArtNight brings people together for

caters to the whole industry. There’s lots

down to 00:00 together and relive the

creative painting workshops led by a local

of product news, a strong, specialized

good times complete with oliebollen and

artist. In just a few hours you’ll create your

programme, plus a central focus on

fireworks! For more info and tickets, visit:

own artwork and meet great new people.

customer experience.


More info: www.circl.nl.

More info: www.horecava.nl.

28 •

@RAI Amsterdam


Send your agenda to info@zuidaspublishers.nl.

Monday 13 - Wednesday 15 January BELLAVITA EXPO AMSTERDAM @RAI Amsterdam Bellavita Expo Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ largest trade fair devoted to promoting the splendour of Mediterranean food and drinks. Over 150 Italian exhibitors at Horecava, local chefs and sommeliers will share their expertise by demonstrating the latest trends in the culinary arts and world of wine through cooking masterclasses and tastings. More info: www.bellavita.com/nl/.

Saturday 18 - Sunday 19 January AMSTERDAM HOTEL NIGHT @Amsterdam In 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 some 40 top hotels throughout the city opened

Friday 31 January

their doors and offered discounted stays


during Amsterdam Hotel Night. Many

@Gerrit Rietveld Academie

also hosted special events throughout

Come to the Open Day at the Gerrit

the weekend. Experience the city from a

Rietveld Academie on Friday 31 January,

fresh perspective, with a stay at one of

when all the art institute’s departments

the wide-ranging hotels taking part in

and studios open their doors to the public.

Amsterdam Hotel Night in January 2020,

Instructors and students will be on hand

with special rates to tempt you to take

to answer questions. Also feel free to bring

a mini-break close to home! More info:

along your portfolio for an on-site review.


More info: www.rietveldacademie.nl.

Saturday 18 January RECORD & CD FAIR @RAI Amsterdam 120 stands selling vinyl, CD and pop memorabilia for music fans and enthusiasts, DJs and collectors. More info: www.RAI.nl.

Thursday 23 - Sunday 26 January JUMPING AMSTERDAM @RAI Amsterdam Jumping Amsterdam is hosting another

Saturday 1 - Monday 3 February

edition of the FEI Dressage World Cup™


and Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™


in 2020. With the Anemone Horse Trucks

Learn more about Italy at the

Saturday 18 January

Grand Prix of Amsterdam powered by

Westergasfabriek during the first


Stoeterij Sterrehof, the international

weekend of February. This unique event


jumping U25, basic jumping finals, national

centres on travelling and tasting Italy,

Every year in January, Amsterdam officially

dressage categories, Subli Competition

with workshops and tastings of regional

kicks off the start of tulip season on National

young dressage horse finals and Novotel

products, as well as travel agencies

Tulip Day. Dutch tulip growers invite one and

Jumpertjes children’s programme. This

and top accommodations, presenting

all to come pick a bouquet of tulips free of

year promises another varied line-up, all

attractive holiday offers. A food market,

charge in a cutting garden, specially planted

the national and international heroes –

live entertainment, design and fashion

right in front of the Palace on Dam Square. The

both horses and riders – will be at the RAI.

stands and local eateries complete the

garden’s unusual, colourful design is inspired

Will we see you there? More info:

Italian ambiance. More info:

by this year’s theme: ‘World of Colours’.



• 29



Saturday 22 - Sunday 23 February

Wednesday 26 February - Sunday 1 March



@Beurs van Berlage

@RAI Amsterdam

Monday 3 - Friday 7 February

Chocolate lovers of all ages are invited to

Shop for all your baby needs and get


learn more about the origins, production

fully prepped for life with your newborn


and flavours of chocolate at the Chocoa

– in just one day – at this baby fair. Take

Circular pioneers are setting up a myriad

Chocolade Festival. Did you know there are

advantage of the big bargains, get styling

of events to get other professionals on

no less than 700 different flavours of quality

tips and inspiration, and enjoy a great day

the circular economy bandwagon. For this

cacao? In fine chocolate you can even

at the fair! More info:

anniversary edition, Circl is both the event

recognize aromas of flowers, fruit, minerals


HQ It will also be going on a CIRCULAR

and nuts, just as you can with coffee

TOUR across the whole country! We’ll be

and wine. During the Chocoa Chocolade

showcasing good examples, connecting

Festival you can join tastings and

pioneers and giving starters practical

workshops, listen to presentations, meet

tools to go circular. More info: www.circl.nl.

the chocolate makers and hear the story of chocolate. More info: www.chocoa.nl/festival/. Tuesday 3 March ZERO WASTE: FROM AMBITION TO ACTION PLAN @Green Business Club Zuidas Green Business Club Nederland is committed to sharing knowledge generated at its 12 local Green Business Clubs. This symposium on ‘Zero Waste: From Ambition to Action Plan’ is being

Thursday 20 February

organized to provide tools for everyone

WORKSHOP: COPYWRITING IN DUTCH @Taalcentrum-VU Good copy is creative, persuasive and to

who believes in joining forces for Zero Saturday 22 February - Sunday 1 March

Waste, with a focus on real workable


options. The symposium programme is

@RAI Amsterdam

being put together in cooperation with

the point. Take our Copywriting in Dutch

Holland’s home fair is a guaranteed fun

GBC main sponsors and partners. If you’re

workshop and learn how to engage your

day out! Come shop and sample, join

interested in contributing to the event or

readers and motivate them to take action.

workshops and enjoy performances by

its organization, please get in touch with

Make your copy sparkle and shine! Sign up

top acts! Mark your calendar: it’s going to

Diederik Imfeld, GBC Nederland project

at www.taalcentrum-vu.nl.

be FUN! More info: www.huishoudbeurs.nl.

manager, at diederik@greenbusinessclub.nl.

30 •


SUSTAINABILITY NEWS ZERO WASTE SYMPOSIUM - 3 MARCH 2020 CIRCL, GUSTAV MAHLERPLEIN 1B Did you know that on average only 23% of office waste is separated? We can do so much better! Want to find out how? On 3 March, Green Business Club Nederland will be organizing a symposium on ‘Zero Waste: From Ambition to Action Plan‘ at Circl. Companies that are already well on the road to Zero Waste will present their cases and offer tools to help other organizations tackle waste sustainability. What can be done to prevent waste, and how can you best recycle unavoidable waste flows? GBC Zuidas members will also talk about the Zuidas Zero Waste Ambition and what they’re doing to eliminate non-recyclable waste by 2030. Interested? Send an email to: Diederik@greenbusinessclub.nl.

Want to reduce office waste? These circular products can help.





Cup2paper is a recyclable disposable cup

Amsterdam-based Soop makes heavenly-

Send all your waste paper and cardboard

made from cardboard with an eco-friendly

scented soap from ‘waste’ coffee grounds

to the WEPA mill. They’ll process it and

coating. The cups are supplied with special

plus citrus peel and pulp. Several Zuidas

return it to you as toilet paper.

collection boxes in which the company

companies are already using this product in


recollects them for recycling.

their lavatories. Available as bar soap or in


liquid form, with optional dispenser. www.aworldofsoap.com



Have your uniforms made from Infinity, a

After-work drinks at the office? Pour a fresh Bammetje, a beer

polyester fibre that’s endlessly recyclable.

brewed from stale bread by www.instock.nl, or a glass of

Manufacturers that make clothing from

Hemelwater, brewed with rainwater by www.deprael.nl. Add

this fabric include TMC, which collects and

some vegetarian bitterballen made from oyster mushrooms

recycles worn-out garments to produce new

grown on coffee grounds and your eco-party’s complete!

ones. www.tmcbedrijfskleding.nl.

Main sponsors of the Zero Waste Symposium are: Milieuservice Nederland, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Renewi, Amsterdam Economic Board and ABN AMRO.

Text Maartje Oome

Maartje Oome is communications manager for Green Business Club Zuidas, a organization that has businesses cooperating in launching sustainable initiatives and achieving sustainability goals. She is also the editor-in-chief of the Zuidas Sustainability Report. As the contributing editor of the sustainability page in Hello Zuidas magazine, she reports on interesting new trends on the sustainability front in Zuidas. Got hot news on green developments in Zuidas? Send an email to: Maartje@greenbusinessclub.nl.​

• 31


Legal News


Stibbe has appointed three new partners in as many departments as from 1 January 2020. They are Muriël Rosing, Jan van Oosten and IJsbrand van Straten. All three have a long tenure at Stibbe and, according to Managing Partner Derk Lemstra, ‘have demonstrated their talent and developed into top specialists in their fields. Their appointments are an important contribution towards our ambition to advise clients on complex, high-end legal questions’. We talked to Muriël, Jan and IJsbrand about their specializations and about Zuidas.


32 •


Muriël Rosing

Jan van Oosten

IJsbrand van Straten




Lawyer - criminal law

Lawyer - environment and planning law

Prospective civil law notary corporate law/corporate notarial law

1. You provide legal assistance for

1. You’re a spatial planning lawyer and

1. You’ve worked in London and New York.

companies and directors involved in large

advise Dutch and foreign firms and

Is Zuidas as international as those two

criminal law investigations. That sounds

governments on complex and large-scale


intense. Could you tell us a bit more?

urban and suburban area developments.

Amsterdam, including Zuidas, has become

Companies and directors can become

What large urban developments are you

much more international in the six years

involved in at the moment?

I was in London. For one thing, there are

involved in criminal investigations for all kinds or reasons; perhaps due to

One of the urban developments I’m currently

many more expats living here now. That’s

work-related accidents or environmental

involved in is the realization of Sluisbuurt at

noticeable at our firm, too, where a growing

incidents, for example, or during

the western tip of Zeeburgereiland. This is a

share of the lawyers aren’t Dutch. They

investigations into compliance with anti-

new, sustainable neighbourhood along the IJ

work in our global practice on international

money laundering legislation. Criminal

where the city is building 5,500 houses plus

arbitrations, M&A, finance and competition

investigations usually come as a surprise

schools and amenities. I’m advising the city

cases. Zuidas has also scaled up with lots of

to clients, and force them to take decisions

on this project. I defended the zoning plan for

new companies, businesses, gyms and an

on issues they’ve never had to deal with

the neighbourhood with city officials before

international range of restaurants (like Poké

before. I help my clients through that

the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the

Bowls) that have established here.

hectic time and guide them throughout the

Council of State and they’ve just declared all

judicial investigation to bring it to the best

appeals unfounded. That means the zoning

2. What’s a hot topic in your firm at the moment?

possible resolution.

plan is now final and work can begin.

Employee vitality is a hot topic. Our vitality

programme is helping to boost staff

2. What’s your favourite spot in Zuidas?

2. How do you envision the future of Zuidas?

fitness through education, coaching and

I like to go out for dinner. When I started my

Zuidas is by far the most attractive

monitoring. More than three-quarters of

job in Zuidas in 2006, there weren’t many

location in the country for domestic and

my colleagues have already taken part. It

places to eat yet. That’s changed now, with

international business. The development of

seems to be working – we’re delighted to be

great new restaurants. One of my favourites

Zuidasdok and the extension of the Noord/

ranked among the 50 fittest companies in

is Gijsbrecht, where during the summer they

Zuid route to Schiphol will only go to solidify

the Netherlands.

have a lovely terrace overlooking the water

this position. Stibbe is one of the district’s

where you can take a little break from work.

oldest ‘residents’, and we’re here to stay!

• 33


Doctor Feelgood - Massage Company offers top quality therapeutic massage. Ready to reduce your stress and be the best you can? Book your first massage treatment at our newest location and we treat you to 25 euro Massage Value! Book online using code #meetthedoctor






BOOK ONLINE NOW USING CODE: #meetthedoctor Valid on all massage treatments at the Zuidas location. One time use for new customers only. Not in combination with any other specials.

Doctor Feelgood - Massage Company George Gershwinplein 2 • 1082 MV Amsterdam • 020 - 770 5746 info@doctorfeelgood.nl • www.doctorfeelgood.nl


Advertentie_DOCTORFEELGOODWANTSTOMEETYOU_1/2_HelloZuidas_JUNE_DF_2019.indd 1

31-05-19 22:09

Bespoke Secondment

Legal | Finance | Client Due Diligence Claude Debussylaan 7-19 • 1082 MC Amsterdam +31 (0)20 238 4036 • info@etage0.nl • www. etage0.nl

SKIN THAT GLOWS, EVEN IN WINTER Do the cold winter months dull your complexion? And are you longing for the sunshine

to intense pulsed light (IPL) and hydrafacial

that literally brightens your skin? No need to book a holiday to the tropics! Boost your

treatments. IPL is especially recommended

skin at Kliniek Dokter Frodo Gaymans in Amsterdam Zuid. Hello Zuidas met with skin

during the winter. As a skins specialist I

specialist Sandra Tak to talk about wintertime skincare.

think that it is very important to take care of your skin 365 day’s a year. We have four



seasons a year in the Netherlands and our

Outdoors it’s chilly, but thanks to indoor


treatments gives your skin a real boost. IPL is

heating it’s toasty warm inside. What you

Kliniek Dokter Frodo Gaymans’s skin centre

a treatment using light and is different from

might not realize, says Sandra, is that both

provides various hydrating treatments to

laser therapies. It’s more topical, making it an

the cold and the heating impact your skin.

boost your skin. The cosmetic clinic can

effective treatment for dark spots, age spots,

‘Both deplete the skin of moisture, causing it

also put together a complete, personalized

spider veins and rosacea.’ In other words,

to dry out. One symptom of that is tiny white

treatment plan. Sandra explains, ‘We use

ideal for restoring an even complexion.

flakes on facial skin.’ Often, the first thing

fillers for instance to restore volume and

we do is slather on a rich cream. Sandra:

Botox to subtly reduce the visibility of

Please feel welcome to make an appointment

‘That’s exactly the wrong response, because

wrinkles. We also offer skin treatments

for an extensive consult in our clinic.

it makes skin lazy. You’re comforting the

designed to improve skin tone, to even

skin from the outside rather than the

out the complexion and to improve skin

inside, whereas what you should be doing

structure through hydration. So we offer a

is treating it from within.’ The cosmetic

complete package.’

clinic can also put together a complete,

KLINIEK DOKTER FRODO GAYMANS Cornelis Krusemanstraat 9HS 1075 NB Amsterdam

personalized treatment plan and always


gives a complete advise for your face. How?

The skin centre at Kliniek Dokter Frodo


With treatments that help your skin better

Gaymans’s cosmetic clinic offers a range of


retain moisture, for example.

treatments, from both mild and heavier peels

Text Romy Lange

+31 (0)20 421 1559

• 35



EAT, DRINK & SLEEP SPECIAL Zuidas is growing and thriving, with more great places to eat opening up all over the district. You can find foods from all countries and cultures among the lunch and dinner options on offer, which will only continue expanding in the years ahead. So grab a colleague, friend or family member and head out to explore the local culinary landscape! To help you on your way, this issue’s special features some of the best local eats. Which ones are at the top of your list? IN THIS SPECIAL YOU CAN READ ABOUT: The Basket


Restaurant Amstelle

Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal

Restaurant As

Holiday Inn


Bolenius Restaurant

Happyhappyjoyjoy in Hotel Crowne Plaza

NH Collection Amsterdam

– Amsterdam South

Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky

36 •


ALL JUST A STONE’S THROW FROM ZUIDAS Flaky croissants, delectable sweet treats, authentic ravioli and risotto, gourmet sandwiches, pho, Asian bites, tapas, curry, hand-cut chips, deluxe fish platters or a three-course lunch with your favourite wine: come get a taste of Gelderlandplein! Gelderlandplein has all this and more under one roof, whether you want to shop till you drop, run some quick errands or go for a dinner date. And it’s all just a stone’s throw from Zuidas.

WARM & DRY More and more people of Zuidas are discovering that Gelderlandplein is the ideal place for lunch, dinner, groceries and tasteful gifts. Hop on the free Gelderlandplein bus service for a fast, warm and dry ride to this smart shopping centre. You can get your shopping done after work until 7 pm and then have a meal at one of the excellent restaurants or grab a bite to take home. With its wide selection of shops and eateries, this upscale covered shopping centre is well worth a visit. Plus, for the first 90 minutes, parking is free!

Get a taste of


Gelderlandplein offers the following food & dining options: Albert Heijn

takeaway sandwiches

Bistro G.P. by George

lunch + dinner French

Coffee Company

breakfast + lunch


lunch + dinner Spanish


lunch + dinner + takeaway

Gusto di Casto

breakfast + lunch + dinner Italian

Izakaya Tanuki

lunch + dinner Japanese

Le Pain Quotidien

breakfast + lunch + dinner


sandwiches, salads and hot soups

Mr. Crab

lunch + dinner seafood

Oriental Restaurant Ruby

lunch + dinner Asian

Saigon Càphê

lunch + dinner Vietnamese

Shilla Food Market lunch Japanese & Korean Stadsbakker Jongejans

breakfast + lunch bakery

‘t Hakblok

takeaway sandwiches

Thai Curry House

lunch + dinner + takeaway Thai


lunch + dinner + takeaway Surinamese

Volendammer Vishandel Kroon take away seafood sandwiches


• 37

Enjoy the elegant atmosphere at Restaurant Amstelle all day long. Taste the international cuisine with a touch of Amsterdam during your business lunch, enjoy a delicious 3-course dinner with your family or try tasteful desserts with friends. • First 3 hours free parking • Easy accessible • 5 minutes walking distance from subway station Overamstel RESTAURANT AMSTELLE Located in Van der Valk Amsterdam-Amstel Joan Muyskenweg 20, 1096 CJ Amsterdam OPENING TIMES Monday till Sunday from 8 am to 10 pm RESERVATIONS Call or Whatsapp to book a table: +31(0)20 800 11 00 Or make your reservation at: www.restaurantamstelle.nl


This put a smile on our faces:


EYE-CATCHERS The interior design is by JPS.architecten in Amsterdam. As anyone

Great news! Happyhappyjoyjoy is expanding, opening a fifth

who’s been inside one of the other locations knows, Happyhappyjoyjoy

restaurant in Zuidas’ Crowne Plaza Hotel this January.

is alive with a kaleidoscope of colours and eye-catching interior details.

Happyhappyjoyjoy celebrates Asian cuisine, with a menu sure

That goes for the new restaurant in Zuidas as well, with a lucky cat wall

to ‘blow your taste buds to new horizons’, assure proprietors

and ceiling of umbrellas. Sure to put you in a happy mood!

Crowne Plaza Amsterdam and IQ Creatives. Hello Zuidas can’t wait till the opening!

ON THE MENU Hungry? The menu features Asian street food favourites from


tempura to dim sum and from soups like tom kha kai to stews like

Among the restaurant’s special features is a dedicated private dining

rendang. As well as snacks, meat and fish dishes, the menu also

room, perfect for dinner with clients or any other private functions

includes vegetarian and vegan options.

or parties. The restaurant’s private section is even equipped with a karaoke system to keep the fun flowing after the meal. Great tip for a staff party! Serving business lunches and dinners, this latest location


is keyed to the professional market in Zuidas. But Happyhappyjoyjoy

Where Crowne Plaza Amsterdam-South

Zuidas also caters to the local crowd of residents in and around

Entrance on George Gershwinplein 1

Zuidas, Buitenveldert and Amstelveen. And, as soon as temperatures


120 inside + 18 in the private dining room

warm up, the terrace will be a great spot to relax over drinks.

(with karaoke system), 40 on the terrace.

Alongside Asian microbrews, the bar also serves wine, cocktails and


Monday through Sunday.

premier Asian teas.

Text Romy Lange

• 39

New meeting room close to AMSTERDAM ZUIDAS!



Discover our excellent meeting facilities and culinary standards just 1.5 km from the ‘Zuidas’. Book your meeting with an overnight stay at Bilderberg Garden Hotel with at least a value of € 4,000 and get a free overnight stay with a dinner for two in Restaurant De Kersentuin!

Meetingroom East Village is an inspiring and modern meeting room that can be booked for external meetings and many other (business) activities. Excellent location and free parking. Opening hours: 07.00-23.00.

*This deal applies to bookings made before 30 April 2020

Hope to see you soon!

Dijsselhofplantsoen 7 1077 BJ Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 570 56 55 banquet@bilderberg-gardenhotel.nl


BRRR... IT’S COLD OUTSIDE Time for a warm get-together with friends, colleagues and family inside! The Basket is the perfect spot in the Zuidas area for celebrations, meetings or just an afternoon drink.

The Basket has a capacity of 350 people and has multiple rooms. Contact us! amsterdam@thebasket.nl | +31(0)20 205 0966 | amsterdam.thebasket.nl


Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal

A NEW FAVOURITE HOTSPOT IN ZUIDAS Popped by the revamped Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal yet? No? Then you’re missing out! Ten months ago, Gert Blom, former owner of Michelin-starred Amarone in Rotterdam, took the helm. Hello Zuidas talked to him about his plans for Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal and got a ‘taste’ of what to expect.



wine or a G&T without being elbowed by your 21-year-old nephew’,

From the first moment Gert stepped inside Het Amsterdamse

Gert jokes. ‘In time, I want us to be that destination.’ That’s on top

Proeflokaal, he saw possibilities all around. ‘The location between the

of the company functions, in a separate part of Het Amsterdamse

Olympic Stadium and Zuidas is ideal. Plus there’s a car park under the

Proeflokaal. ‘Because this should also be a place where couples can

building and it’s just five minutes off the motorway. When I heard the

enjoy a romantic dinner.’

restaurant was looking for a buyer, I thought: this is something I want to take on!’ His first plan after sealing the deal was to reach out more to


the business market. With a venue that can accommodate thousand

Gert is also allying with a range of other hospitality organizations.

people, Gert is already hosting plenty of company receptions,

Training and certification organization SVH and the Amsterdam

presentations and dinners, while serving patrons in the restaurant too.

Regional Training Centre (ROC) are already partners, and soon wine expert and former chef Robert Kranenborg will start teaching wine


courses here. ‘I want Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal to become the

To live up to its name, Gert points out, Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal

hotspot for drinks, food and socializing’, Gert concludes. Here at

has to offer plenty to taste. There’s a great chef in the kitchen and the

Hello Zuidas, we’re keen for a taste!

menu changes every three months. And, he assures us, the options are limitless. ‘From bitterballen to a six-course meal. We can meet any request, no strings attatched. Say you want a different décor.


We’ll call in a stylist.’

Where Stadionplein 300, Amsterdam Seats 1,000.



restaurant, tasting room, receptions,

Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal’s owner has plenty more plans for

company functions, etc.

the new year. One is to make it a new hotspot for the midlife crowd.


Monday through Sunday.

‘Amsterdam hasn’t got many places with a classy nightlife for thirty,

Parking underneath the building, cost is €3.50/hour.

forty and fifty somethings. By which I mean enjoying a glass of fine

Text Romy Lange • Photography Jaiwey Nuij

• 41


FRIDAY 13 DECEMBER Christmas Party @ Market33 • Market33 hosted a Holly Jolly Ultimate Christmas Office Party. • The food court was packed with a festive crowd. • Companies were allowed to book a table. • We’re looking forward to the next party at Market33!

42 •


For a unique champagne moment and a monumental event space, nothing tops NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky


‘Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right’ The Krasnapolsky may well be Amsterdam’s most renowned

plates are inspired by Restaurant The White Room. ‘People from

hotel. Since the opening of the new Noord/Zuid route, this

Zuidas could come here for lunch’, says Arne, ‘but it’s also ideal for an

five-star establishment with its 451 rooms and many event

aperitif before dining in The White Room.’

spaces is also catering to companies in Zuidas. Why not hold your next meeting, conference, dinner or champagne aperitif at


the Krasnapolsky? Hello Zuidas spoke about the options with

Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky is an excellent place to hold conferences

General Manager Arne Heuwekemeijer.

and meetings as well. Access from Zuidas is perfect, with the city centre just minutes away by metro. Among the unique event rooms


is the ‘Winter Garden’, a nineteenth-century conservatory that

Krasnapolsky is a name many people know, also outside

receives natural daylight through the glass roof. ‘This is a spectacular

Amsterdam. How did the hotel become such an institution?

space, of course, but we also have regular meeting rooms of all

‘Mr Krasnapolsky, the founder and after whom it’s named, did a

sizes. For large events, we can accommodate 400-500 people.’ Why

great deal for the hotel and for Amsterdam, and we’ve held on to

should companies organize their conferences and meetings at the

that tradition’, says Heuwekemeijer. ‘I tell my staff I don’t just want

Krasnapolsky? ‘It’s good to go out for a bit’, says Arne, ‘to a creative

to hear from guests that our location is good; I want to hear that our

setting. So if you’re planning a dinner or meeting for 20, 60, 100 or 400

service is fantastic and that the atmosphere is pleasant.

people, you’re in good hands at Krasnapolsky’.

Those things come before this good location.’ The glamour of the Krasnapolsky attracts not only hotel guests but also city natives – for instance, to eat at The White Room, the hotel’s


Michelin-starred restaurant.



1012 JS Amsterdam

Newly open at the Krasnapolsky is The Champagne Room. This

+ 31 (0)20 499 0163

stunning bar serves ten different kinds of champagne, which are


available by the bottle and by the glass and include both vintage


and non-vintage champagnes. To pair with them, delicious small

Text Romy Lange • Photography Jaiwey Nuij

• 43

Restaurant As | restaurantas.nl

info@restaurantas.nl | 020-6440100

"We work with authentic ingredients from the region, from small-scale producers and suppliers who share our ideas about taste, quality and sustainability." Sander Overeinder, Restaurant As Restaurant As is located in the former Sint Nicolaas chapel and is open for lunch and dinner. Private alcoves can be reserved for business meetings in a relaxed atmosphere.


Chat with Janneke van Beuzekom, general manager at Hotel Holiday Inn Amsterdam

‘IT’S BRILJANT TO DEVELOP THE HOTEL FURTHER AND TAP INTO NEW MARKETS’ Hotel Holiday Inn Amsterdam occupies a building on De Boelelaan that went up fifty

technology. And our open lobby is a great

years ago. Originally built as a Esso Motor Hotel, back then this was the tallest hotel for

place to grab a coffee or have lunch or drinks.’

miles. In fact, taller structures weren’t allowed on account of the telecom tower. Hotel Holiday Inn Amsterdam has 264 rooms, 11 conference rooms and an open lobby with a

Recently you renovated your conference

cosy bar area serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hello Zuidas caught up with General

rooms. Could you tell us more about that?

Manager Janneke van Beuzekom to hear more about the hotel.

‘All the meeting spaces were given a complete makeover last summer. Besides

You’ve been general manager at

is heating up. For our team at Holiday Inn

new carpeting we also invested in new

Hotel Holiday Inn for about six

this means we’ll have to double down on

equipment. Now all the rooms are suited to

months now. How’s it going so far?

differentiating ourselves and building our

a variety of uses. For meetings, trainings and

‘Great. I returned to the Amsterdam hotel

customer relations, and of course ensuring

other gatherings we of course also provide

market after a 14-year hiatus and it’s an

the highest quality.’

delicious lunches and dinners. That makes

adventure. I feel very energized by working

us an ideal location for local companies too,

with new teams and it’s brilliant to be

What makes this hotel attractive in Zuidas?

being nearby yet far enough from the office

further developing the hotel and tapping

‘The hotel’s location is convenient for visitors

to meet productively. We invite everyone in

into new markets.’

to Zuidas. It’s near the motorway, has good

Zuidas to come get acquainted.’

transit links and we’ve got our own car park.

Looking to the near future,

The hotel team is highly dedicated to guests

what challenges lie ahead?

and combines a mix of old pros and lots of


‘That would be all the new hotels going up

young people. Thanks to that mix of ages

De Boelelaan 2

around Holiday Inn. The coming year will

there’s a very friendly atmosphere. We also

1083 HJ Amsterdam

see more than 1,200 rooms added within

have 11 modern yet intimate conference

+ 31 (0)20 646 2300

a radius of one kilometre. So competition

rooms equipped with all the requisite

Text Romy Lange

• 45


WEDNESDAY 13 NOVEMBER Hello Zuidas Members Meeting @ VU New University Building • The meeting was wholly devoted to ‘De Puls’ – an inspiring mixed-use new-build project on Plot 2A in the Knowledge Quarter. • The Members Meeting convened in the impressive atrium of VU Amsterdam’s New University Building. • Attendees heard about decision making surrounding De Puls and how the project fits into the Knowledge Quarter’s overall development.

46 •

Photography Lotte de Graaf


Bolenius Restaurant:


Amid all the modern architecture of Zuidas, the polished style of Luc Kusters (chef) and Xavier Giesen’s (maître d’) restaurant has a refreshing and contemporary feel. With a coveted Michelin star, Bolenius Restaurant is the ‘flagship’ of Dutch Cuisine, serving modern creations prepared with local ingredients and a respect for tradition and nature. DUTCH CUISINE

flavour, and demonstrates just how

Bolenius Restaurant opened its

contemporary Holland’s traditional

doors in late 2010. Its menu features

flavours can be.

modern, healthy dishes made with local ingredients, in a style the owners like to


call ‘Dutch Cuisine’. Their kitchen works

Following the ‘eat local’ philosophy,

with state-of-the-art techniques and an

Bolenius has its own vegetable and herb

emphasis on vegetables and seasonal

garden just outside the restaurant. A varied

products, taking inspiration from all

range of these home-grown vegetables and


over the world and translating it into a

herbs are served daily. Co-owners Luc and

020 404 44 11

minimalist cuisine. With this Dutch Cuisine

Xavier secretly hope their urban garden has

George Gershwinlaan 30

gastronomy, the restaurant makes a

set an example for more sustainable and

www. bolenius-restaurant.nl

delicious marriage between health and

plant-based gastronomy.


• 47



EMA HQ: new architectural landmark fits seamlessly in Zuidas Project location Domenico Scarlattilaan 6

European Medicines


Fokke van Dijk,

MVSA Architects,

Completed in

Fokkema & Partners

Floors 19

Building owner EMA Central Government Real Estate Agency

48 •

Main user

Agency November 2019


81 metres

Floor area

38,812 m2


Zuidas is renowned for its pioneering

light, straightforward character, achieved

architecture. As it matures into an

with large expanses of glass to project the


international quarter of Amsterdam,

transparency befitting a public agency. The

• The building was awarded a

buildings are shooting up right and

façade consists of a grid of aluminium piers

BREEAM Excellent certificate on

left in Zuidas. Amidst all these modern

and beams with recessed windows that

account of its use of sustainable

skyscrapers, it may be difficult to imagine

simultaneously block direct sunlight. The

materials, motion sensor lights

that just about 20 years ago this stretch

aluminium is coated in a light bronze colour;

of land connecting the residential

the window frames in a darker brown. This

empty, and individual heating

neighbourhoods of Zuid and Buitenveldert

combination of different shades of bronze,

and air-conditioning to optimize

consisted mostly of tennis courts and

alternating with the glass panes, gives

football pitches. In this series we zoom in

the building a familiar, reliable feel. User-

• A[part from space for planting, the

on the architecture of Zuidas. This time,

friendless is also key in the design, which

building also accommodates many

we take a closer look at the EMA building.

includes abundant greenery inside as well as outside. Employees can dash up to the

that switch off when rooms are

energy use.

bird and bat houses. • The building has 1,300 workstations

The EMA headquarters went up in Zuidas

rooftop garden for a breath of fresh air and

in almost no time at all. Two years was all it

there’s also planting in the atrium that helps

took to erect a brand-new iconic building

purify air indoors. Last but not least, green is

wall soaring almost 60 metres,

tailored to its users, but also attuned to its

also a foil for the dark tonalities outside, while

featuring a plant pattern inspired

rich architecture environment. The design

the incorporation of lots of planting both

by a composition by British artist

articulates in all kinds of ways what this

indoors and out blurs the transition between

Bridget Riley. Horizontal metal

building stands for. The EMA supervises the

the two worlds. All this enables the EMA

gutters drain water, while special

quality and safety of new medicinal products

building to fit seamlessly with its surrounding

integrated lamps help greenery

for human and animal use in the European

environment, as though it’s always been part

grow and flourish.

Union. This is reflected in the building’s

of the fabric of Zuidas.

Text Eefje van den Akker • Photography Rob Acket • Artist Impessions Rijksvastgoedbedrijf

and seven large conference rooms. • An eye-catcher is the green

• 49

dental team 2.0 just around the corner

At 116 Gustav Mahlerplein you will find a dynamic team of oral care professionals offering a wide range wellness in dental care

of specialist treatments under one roof. A place where dental quality, EBD (evidence-based dentistry), patient commitment and openness are highly valued.

Gustav Mahlerplein Zuid 116 Visit us and register online at vandeveerdentists.nl or call 020-6623071

November November 28th, 2019 28th, till2019 January till January 19th, 2020 19th, 2020


Amsterdam Amsterdam Light Light Festival Festival

Canal Canal cruise cruise Haarlem Haarlem



19 19

60 Water Water Color Cruise Color Cruise , P.P.

Deluxe Light Light Tour P.P. Deluxe P.P. Tour

,60 P.P.

-30% -30%


Use code: Use code: smidtjehrlm30 smidtjehrlm30 OrderOrder your your tickets tickets now now on: on: smidtjecanalcruises.com smidtjecanalcruises.com

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50 50 min. min. cruise cruise9,809,80 ✔ Comfortable ✔ Comfortable heated heated boatsboats Across Teylers Across Teylers Museum Museum at ‘t Spaarne at ‘t Spaarne in Haarlem in Haarlem

www.smidtjecanalcruises.com or 023or535 02377 535 2377 23 www.amsterdamcircleline.com www.amsterdamcircleline.com or 020 or 670 020 60670 67 60 67www.smidtjecanalcruises.com


HELLO ZUIDAS WELCOMES the following new members

SHINYU BODY & MIND Wellness • 1 employees

CONFIUS EXECUTIVE SEARCH LINK WITH ZUIDAS Executive search for senior legal, finance, HR,

We offer body and mind workouts and leadership workshops.

digital & management roles • 5 employees

Instead of gobbling a sandwich, how about trying our signature ‘Lunchtime Reset’ routines for all fitness levels. Just 45m during


lunchtime to boost your day! For companies we also organize

Our membership is a sign of our commitment to the place

amazing leadership workshops and retreats!

where Confius Executive Search connects people with REASON FOR BECOMING A HELLO ZUIDAS MEMBER

companies and firms.

Working hard plus fast-paced days put people living and working REASON FOR BECOMING A HELLO ZUIDAS MEMBER

in Zuidas at extra risk of modern-day health issues like burnout,

Confius sees Zuidas as a village – a place where we work and

stress, diabetes and heart problems. Shinyu Body & Mind offers

meet and bring all kinds of people together. Zuidplein is like the

solutions for companies in Zuidas to help their people adopt a

old schoolyard and Hello Zuidas like the retailers’ association

healthier daily lifestyle.

that we’re all members of.



Hospitality • 100-150 employees Education • 10 employees LINK WITH ZUIDAS LINK WITH ZUIDAS

nhow Amsterdam RAI is located at the eastern end of Zuidas

As a company we are born 12 years ago in Zuidas. We have our

and represents the melting pot our city has always been and

focus on the international companies and individuals. Zuidas is

continues to be. We offer a unique, colourful experience where

the right place to be.

art, design, gastronomy and cultural expressions mix.



We believe in the power of a community. We want to belong

nhow Amsterdam RAI is the social and multicultural hub for

to a strong and modern community with a high focus on

business travellers, tourists and Amsterdam locals alike. We’re

development, but also active in creating the best conditions

excited to connect with local residents and business people, as

for people to prosper.

well as corporate members of Hello Zuidas.




Hello Zuidas

• 51


SPONSOR THE 8TH OPEN TOWER DAY AMSTERDAM In 2020, the Open The Doors foundation iwill be hosting the 8th edition of the Open Tower Day in Amsterdam: from Ransdorpertoren and A’DAM Lookout in Amsterdam Noord to the ABN AMRO tower and The Edge in Zuidas, plus Oudekerkstoren, Kalverpassage/Blue, Zilveren Toren/Level Eleven and De Bijenkorf in the city centre. Of course, this day wouldn’t be possible without sponsors. Sponsor this unique event and we’ll feature your logo on our websites, map, poster and flyer. You’ll also receive invites to the opening at a secret high-up location in Amsterdam! For details, send an email to: info@openthedoors.nl.

WHO’S THAT MYSTERIOUS ZUIDAS CAT? Anyone who’s in Zuidas regularly, whether it’s where you live, work or study, knows who we’re talking about: that mysterious Zuidas feline that struts among the tall office towers and cute eateries. Where did this ‘Zuidas cat’ come from? Hello Zuidas received tonnes of questions about it. We can report that this furry friend lives at Grand Café Dicky’s and would probably be happy to get better acquainted at one of their fabulous Friday after-work drinks! Mystery solved!

BOOK ON LEADERSHIP IN A DIGITAL WORLD IN STORES NOW To survive in times of digital transformation, companies need CEOs who actively lead innovation. Merely hiring a Chief Digital Officer or opening a flashy innovation centre won’t suffice. This is what Ralf Knegtmans and Ylva Poelman say in their new book on leadership in the digital world, recently published in Dutch. Ralf Knegtmans is managing partner of the executive search and leadership consultancy De Vroedt & Thierry, and co-author Ylva Poelman is founder of the Bionics Innovation and Expertise Centre in Groningen. Their book Leiderschap in de digitale wereld. Voorbereid zijn op morgen is available in bookshops and online now.

52 •

MEMO BOARD NEW EMA HQ COMPLETED The new headquarters of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) was officially handed over on Friday 15 November 2019! Dutch Minister for Medical Care Bruno Bruins complimented all involved on this exceptional achievement. The building went up at an unprecedented pace of just 18 months. Speed was of the essence to ensure minimal disruption to the Agency’s vital work. The EMA is in charge of approving the quality and safety of new medicinal products for human and animal use within the European market. Minister Bruins hailed it as ‘an excellent and important result that the EMA will shortly be able to move into its new head office as agreed’.

VIJFHOEK RENAMED PRINSES AMALIAPLEIN Long known to locals as the Vijfhoek – or ‘pentagon’ – this familiar slice of Zuidas has been given a new royal name! From now on, the park is officially called Prinses Amaliaplein. Besides deserving a dignified new name, the increasing use of and traffic around this park make it vital that emergency responders can find it. Where the name Vijfhoek was nowhere to be found on Google Maps, now Prinses Amaliaplein is.

• 53

Apartment ...

or cottage Follow us



In the city ...

or in the country

A financial advisor who arranges everything

or get a mortgage online on your own

Whatever you decide, We will provide you with the best advice De Hypotheker Zuidas Strawinskylaan 1427 WTC Amsterdam 1077 XX Amsterdam + 31 (0)20 662 1411 www.hypotheker.nl

6_LF_Adv_ZuidasMagazine_def(outl).indd 1

26-11-19 14:46

Office Apartments for immediate rent! New Amsterdam, Zuidas Amsterdam

Register free of charge now !

Lost in translation? We’re not. www.taalcentrum-vu.nl/en/translations/ 020 - 598 64 20 | info@taalcentrum-vu.nl

• various spacious apartments (150 m²) with indoor office (60 m²) • 2 loggia’s, open kitchen with Siemens appliances and 2 bedrooms • the apartments have a light oak parquet floor • train and metro station Amsterdam Zuid is within walking distance RATES from € 3400 per month, including € 320,service costs and 21 % VAT (office part)* * Your gross income must be at least € 10.000,- per month.


Members Hello Zuidas • January 2020 If your company isn’t on this list, please contact servicepoint@hellozuidas.com 1. 900 Mahler (Syntrus Achmea) 2. ABN AMRO 3. Accendium 4. Accenture 5. À Deauville 6. AFC 7. AkzoNobel 8. Albert Heijn 9. Alpha Security 10. Amsterdam in Business 11. Amsterdamse Bos 12. Amsterdam UMC 13. APG 14. Arcadis 15. Arnold & Siedsma 16. Art Zuid 17. Asunaro Holland Interplan 18. Atrium Meeting Centre 19. Avenue Services 20. Bagels & Beans 21. Baker McKenzie 22. Baresco 23. Bartolus Advocaten 24. Beheermij WTC Amsterdam 25. Being Development 26. Big Brothers Big Sisters A’dam 27. Blue Boat Company 28. Bolenius 29. Bouwens& 30. Boyden Global Executive Search 31. Breevast 32. BREIKERS 33. Broersma Nieuwbouw 34. BYCS 35. Caffè Belmondo 36. CBRE B.V. 37. citizenM 38. Che Buono 39. Club Sportive 40. CMS 41. CoffeeDC 42. Cognito Financial Communications 43. Colliers International 44. Confius 45. Corporate Housing Factory 46. Cosmo Hairstyling 47. Crowne Plaza A’dam South 48. Customized Media 49. D&B The Facility Group 50. De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek 51. De Hypotheker 52. Deloitte 53. De Nieuwe Poort 54. De Vroedt & Thierry 55. De Zuidas Apotheek 56. Dentons Boekel 57. Doctor Feelgood 58. Domeco Development B.V. 59. Eden McCallum 60. Eefje Voogd Makelaardij 61. Eigen Haard 62. Element Hotel 63. Engel & Völkers 64. ENGIE 65. Etage 0 66. Euro CCP 67. Europcar 68. Expat Center 69. EY 70. Fam. Advocaten 71. Fetch Car Sharing 72. Financial Offices 73. Fit 20 74. Flexform Amsterdam 75. FLOW Real Estate 76. Fortron B.V. 77. Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer 78. Fris Makelaars 79. Gelderlandplein 80. G&S Vastgoed 81. Gerrit Rietveld Academie

82. Grand Café Mahler 83. Greenberg Nielsen 84. Green Business Club 85. Greenwheels 86. Gustavino 87. GVB 88. HAB Int. Accountants & Consultants 89. Hestia Kinderopvang 90. Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal 91. Het Zwarte Fietsenplan 92. Hogan Lovells International LLP 93. Holiday Inn Amsterdam 94. Houthoff 95. Hotel TWENTY EIGHT 96. House of Sports 97. Htel Serviced Apartments 98. IEF Real Estate 99. IHS Markit 100. IMA 101. in2motivation 102. InAmsterdam 103. ING Rayon A’dam Zuid West 104. JLL 105. JUIZZ 106. KNAP Makelaardij 107. Koetjes en Kalfjes 108. König + Neurath (Nederland) A.G. 109. Kraft Heinz 110. La Lotteria 111. Lebkov & Sons 112. Lexence 113. Leonidas 114. LibRT 115. Limon 116. Loetje 117. Loyens & Loeff 118. Lunshof Makelaardij 119. Maarsen Groep Beheer B.V. 120. Macquarie Capital (Europe) 121. Made in May 122. Market 33 123. Mastercard 124. MBO College Zuid 125. Mech Make & Take 126. Miles Building 127. Mindfulbizz 128. Misura Sartoria 129. Mobeazy Flexible Carsharing 130. Mondzorg Praktijk Zuidas 131. MUFG Bank (Europe) N.V. 132. Multicopy A’dam WTC 133. Mylk 134. NACH 135. Nannies Nursery 136. Nationale Postcode Loterij 137. NDI ICT Solutions 138. Nederlandse Ver. van Banken 139. Nedstede Real Estate 140. NH Amsterdam Zuid 141. nhow Amsterdam RAI 142. Nicolaas Lyceum 143. Novotel Amsterdam City 144. NS 145. Nouryon 146. Olympisch Stadion 147. Oliver’s 148. ONE-Dyas B.V. 149. Openbare Bibliotheek 150. ORAM 151. OVG Real Estate 152. Ox & Bucks 153. Pancakes Amsterdam 154. Partou Kinderopvang 155. Pathé 156. Phisage Beauty & Wellness 157. Platform Beter Benutten 158. Projectorganisatie Zuidasdok 159. Property NL B.V. 160. Protiviti 161. Provast 162. Qbic Hotels

163. 164. 165. 166. 167. 168. 169. 170. 171. 172. 173. 174. 175. 176. 177. 178. 179. 180. 181. 182. 183. 184. 185. 186. 187. 188. 189. 190. 191. 192. 193. 194. 195. 196. 197. 198. 199. 200. 201. 202. 203. 204. 205. 206. 207. 208. 209. 210. 211. 212. 213. 214. 215. 216. 217. 218. 219. 220. 221. 222. 223. 224. 225. 226. 227. 228. 229. 230. 231. 232. 233. 234. 235. 236. 237. 238. 239. 240. 241.

Q-Park Nederland Rabobank A’dam Markt Zuid RAI Amsterdam Regus Reset Yourself Restaurant As Restaurant het Bosch Restaurant Nine RGA International Reinsurance Rialto Rivers Rob Peetoom Ronald McDonaldhuis VUmc Rosarium Russell Reynolds Associates Savills Amsterdam Salsa Shop SCOR Global Life SE Season-Flowers Securitas Shinyu Body & Mind Simmons & Simmons LLP Sixt Spa Sport Hotel Zuiver Spine Health Incompany Spirit Hospitality Services Stella Agency & Academy Stibbe Student Experience Summertime Sushilee Sushi Time Symphony’s Taalcentrum - VU Tandartsenpraktijk Van de Veer Taylor Wessing Tax Consultants International Taxicentrale Amsterdam (TCA) The Bank of New York Mellon The Basket The Bikevertising Company The Breakfast Club The Entourage Group The Office Operators The Online Group Thomaskerk Amsterdam TREC Tribes Urban Salad Van Dijk & Ten Cate Van Gool Elburg Van Lanschot Kempen Vermaat Groep (CIRCL) Vesteda Von Poll Real Estate VondelGym Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam VU University Press Wagamama Watersportvereniging De Koenen We Canteen WeWork Wineboutique & Spirits Wintertaling Worldeye Amsterdam WTC Amsterdam WTC A’dam Business Club WTCafé De Blauwe Engel Xavier (Syntrus Achmea) X2X Worldwide Express YoungCapital Your Assistant Zuidas Bier Zuidas Publishers Zuidas gemeente Amsterdam ZuidPlus ZuidasTravel.nl Zuidschans Zwaan II

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