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Come on, let’s look above the clouds!

Albtrauf between Dreifürstenstein and Köhlberg

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The Hohenzollern Castle sits majestically enthroned on

probably the most beautiful mountain in Swabia. The castle is the Zollernalb’s landmark and whoever stands up there, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the marvellous view, knows what Emperor Wilhelm II meant when he enthusiastically proclaimed: “The panorama from the Hohenzollern Castle is truly worth making a journey for”. But not only conquering the castle brings excitement for the whole family. In the Museum of Fossils the past is also still alive and creates an exciting present age: ichthyosaurs, sea lilies, ammonites and many more tell stories from former times. Speaking of time: in the Roman Open-Air Museum in Hechingen-Stein it stretches way back from the 1st to the 3rd century AD. Salve!

Cultural highlights, modern lifestyle and cosy cafés are only a City centre Albstadt-Ebingen

few good reasons why you might want to take a stroll through the cities. A walk around Albstadt and Balingen is always a recipe for feeling cheerful. Are you tempted by red strawberries, crisp lettuce or cauliflower piled up like a pyramid? Get them fresh at one of the local markets. Time for a Cappuccino – or rather a Café au Lait? Both are tasty – especially when you turn your face to the sun.

Idyllic recesses, old houses, quaint facades: whoever walks

through the narrow alleys of Hechingen and Haigerloch will quickly notice that everything around here is full of history and stories waiting to be told. By the way, the Swabians call it “durch d’Gässle schlendra” – which means peacefully strolling through the alleys. You can visit a former synagogue, hold court in the Renaissance Castle of Haigerloch or conquer the Roman Tower – lovely views on all sides!

Mm, what a gorgeous scent ... Once a year, always on the last Marketplace Hechingen

Rose market Rosenfeld

Sunday in June, you can smell it: The rose market in Rosenfeld. A delight for the nose! And for the eyes as well when the rosebushes make it clear in pink, purple or raspberry-red that they are the queens of the flowers. Not only the rose’s scent, but its versatility can be experienced as well, in terms of soap, perfumed sachets, liqueur and cake, and – pictorially speaking – on bedsheets and blankets. Who wouldn’t favour a bed of roses?

Weekly market Balingen

Cities, art, culture

Come on, we’ll show you our home!

View of the Zollernschloss Balingen

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Castles For a long time the Swabian Alb has been a popular tourist destination. German Emperors and Kings used to take vacations here. In the year 1886 Emperor Wilhelm II enthusiastically proclaimed: “The panorama from the Hohenzollern Castle is truly worth making a journey for”. And exactly this view, this unique mountain panorama which delighted the aristocracy back then, still attracts castle conquerors of all generations. An expedition through the magnificent facility, a visit to the treasury and then right into the exposed secret passage – welcome to the exciting past! Romantics should mark the first and second Advent weekend on their calendar: Approach Christmas royally when the castle courtyard and interior rooms are turned into an enchanting Christmas market, every year again …

It was Count Christoph of Hohenzollern-Haigerloch who rebuilt the existing medieval castle of Haigerloch into a Renaissance Castle between 1580 and 1588. Today it is a modern conference hotel and a magnificent venue for events. Anyone wanting to know more about the resistance fighter Claus Schenk Count of Stauffenberg has the possibility to visit the Stauffenberg Castle in Albstadt-Lautlingen and to take a look at a documentation presenting his story in detail. The Zollernschloss is located in the heart of Balingen, where an exhibition of the weighing-scales industry is on display. It´s even possible to sleep there thanks to a youth hostel situated inside the castle. The well-preserved castle in Strassberg is still privately inhabited. Castle ruins? There are plenty of them on the Zollernalb. How about a hike amongst the ruins in Burladingen?

Further information (English) and (German)

Burg Hohenzollern / Hohenzollern Castle

Theater Lindenhof

Events Music would be great now, but theater as well ... What will your favourite program be today? The selection is definitely splendid! Aren’t we confronted with enough theater all day – at work, in the supermarket or elsewhere? Maybe, but none can outdo the “Theater Lindenhof” in Burladingen-Melchingen: regional dramatic entertainment at its best. And next time? Well, there are a lot more local theaters which are worth visiting! Where the music plays: On the Zollernalb the string quartet meets up with the electric guitar, folk music encounters hip-hop. And once a year they really go to town in Weilen unter den Rinnen, where not just anybody takes part – German folk stars like Stefanie Hertel, Oswald Sattler and Andy Borg have been there already! What on earth is all that racket? Shock rock! Crashing guitars, Alice Cooper yelling into the microphone ... it’s

Factory outlets Baden-Württemberg is the home of inventive genius and curiosity; the Swabian Alb is regarded as the stronghold of the textile industry. Children’s fashion, knitwear, sleepwear and lingerie directly from the manufacturer - bargain hunters watch out! Worldfamous brands like Gonso, mey, Trigema, comazo, Nina von C., Sanetta or Merz b. Schwanen (produced by Gota-Wäsche) all come from the Zollernalb. Apart from clothing, the centre of the German textile and fashion industry offers soft furnishings, cosmetics, furniture and much more. And for all those who already have Charlotte, Gabrielle and Celine (all of them names of high-quality bras) and other pretty items in their shopping bags, a variety of cosy cafés offer the right place to take a break.

one of the biggest heavy rock festivals: BANG YOUR HEAD!!! in Balingen. Enchanted by an evening serenade, you dream to the sounds of tender violins – a clear sign that the “Schlosskonzerte” (castle concerts) in Haigerloch have started again. By the way: in this classical series you are guaranteed very unique orchestras. Furthermore, great markets are being held every now and again: Burladingen for instance offers the regional May market along the river Lauchert as well as the pottery market in Melchingen. The stallholder’s market in Rosenfeld-Leidringen is also always worth a visit. And then there is our “fifth season” – the Swabian-Alemannic Fasnet (carnival in Swabian-Alemannic folklore). It’s a crazy time when “Fransennarren”, “Uhrafiedla” and “Butzen” meet up to celebrate this special season.

Further information Zollernalb Calendar of Events (German) and (German)

Afterwards? How about a stroll through the city centre? The choice of small attractive towns is big on the Zollernalb. An impressive insight into the early world of textile and fashion is given by the Textile Museum in AlbstadtTailfingen. And the Sewing Machine Museum of the mey factory in Albstadt-Laufen presents real treasures not only sewing fans will marvel at.

Further information Factory Outlet Brochure “Schnäppchen auf der Zollernalb” (German) and (German)

Römerturm  Hai gerloch

Guided city tours When has Albert Einstein been to Hechingen? And why? Did Franz Liszt really make music here? Has Haigerloch been called Reiherwald (Heron Forest)? Did the Berlin Max-Planck-Institute have a secret head office in Haigerloch? And did you know that one of the “Seven Swabians” (which is a German fairy tale) is actually supposed to originate from Hechingen? What did Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker (brother of former German Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker) do research on in a beer cellar? You´ll get answers to these and many more exciting questions while attending one of the guided city tours. The possibilities to discover the towns and to book a tour are ample. Psst! In Balingen and Burladingen even night watchmen out and about to protect their towns can still be found. With a bit of luck visitors may join them on their nightly round. “Hört Ihr Leut’ und lasst Euch sagen …” (“Listen people and let me tell you …”)

Museums The region offers lots of different exhibitions in over 50 museums. Past times and other worlds invite you to take a look: a visit to the Roman Open-Air Museum Villa Rustica in Hechingen-Stein (picture) is a special experience. The ongoing excavations yield insights into the work of the archaeologists and constantly expand the area of the museum. Every two years a big Roman festival takes place in August. Always worth a visit is the Hohenzollern Regional Museum in Hechingen: objects from about 100,000 years of history can be admired there. In addition, the development of the Hohenzollern territory, its rulers and inhabitants are impressively displayed.

Waagenmuseum / Museum for Scales

Alraunes Privatmuseum

Historic city tours: • Albstadt Tel. 0049-7431-160-1135, • Balingen Tel. 0049-7433-99789-0, • Haigerloch Tel. 0049-7474-697-27, • Hechingen Tel. 0049-7471-940-211 till -214, • Rosenfeld Tel. 0049-7428-9392-41, City tours at night: • Balingen, walking tour with a night watchman: Tel. 0049-7433-16786 • Burladingen, walking tour with a night watchman: Tel. 0049-7475-892-156

Further information Calendar of Events on (German)

The Philipp-Matthäus-Hahn-Museum in Albstadt-Onst­ mettingen displays technology related to clocks and scales and can make you lose track of time. More recent history can be experienced on a visit to the Nuclear Cellar Museum in Haigerloch. It shows how in 1944/45 a group of researchers with Werner Heisenberg carried out experiments on the generation of energy in a nuclear reactor which used to be a beer cellar. The Vintage Car Museum in Hechingen displays the world of mobile vehicle development starting in 1886 over an area of 1,800 m². Why has the textile industry been so important for the Swabian Alb? Get the answers at the Textile Museum in Albstadt-Tailfingen.

The collection in the Museum for Scales which can be found in the Zollernschloss in Balingen is unique in Europe. It contains permanent loans from the two weighing-scales-producing companies Bizerba GmbH & Co. KG and Kern & Sohn GmbH and illustrates the development of weighing technology.

A dark spot in German history is dealt with at the exhibition about the concentration camp in Bisingen.


bian Alb” as well as art works of the open-air artist and German impressionist Christian Landenberger.

Chagall, Picasso, Klimt, Monet and Klee: all well-known names whose works have already been presented on the Zollernalb. The exhibitions in the “Stadthalle Balingen” attract a great number of visitors. Changing exhibitions in the city centre of Balingen also enrich city life on a regular basis. Another museum in Balingen is dedicated to the impressionist Friedrich Eckenfelder, one of the founding members of the “Münchner Sezession” (“Munich Secession”).

At the municipal art museum “Ölmühle” in Haigerloch, Karl Hurms “Traumwelten” – “imaginary worlds” are on exhibit. In the old presbytery next door, art work by Theodor Schüz and his sons can be admired. Their most famous work, a perfect reproduction of da Vinci’s “Last Supper”, is displayed in the Protestant Church.

Also in other cities art is high on the agenda. The most important museum of the region, the “Kunstmuseum” of Albstadt, displays more than 25,000 graphic sheets from 1900 till today. Included: the internationally renowned graphic art collection of Otto Dix, presented through consistently unusual exhibition ideas. Also the “Young Art Room”, the first children and youth museum of the Zollernalb, deserves attention. Other key areas of the museum are the section “The landscape of the Swa-

Further information Brochure “Museen und Sammlungen auf der Zollernalb” and (German)

In the former guest house “Schwanen” in Haigerloch, the textile artist Alraune presents her surreal world. Lifesized, stuffed artificial figures have moved in (picture). Temporary exhibitions can be found at the Villa Eugenia and at the “Weisses Häusle” (“Little White House”) in Hechingen.

Further information Brochure “Museen und Sammlungen auf der Zollernalb”, (German), and (German)

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Here on the Zollernalb it is possible to widen

Kornbühl mit Salmendinger Kapelle / Salmendinger Chapel

your horizon in the true sense of the word. When the view is clear you can see straight to the Alps. This creates an appetite for more – for the landscape with its marvellous valleys, the soft range of hills, the steep mountains and cliffs. No wonder it’s the journey and not the destination that counts for hikers and cyclists. Where should one go? It isn’t possible to give a general answer to that. While some want to calm down a bit on their holidays others wish to move up a gear. Pick your choice!

No matter whether it’s Plettenberg, Lochen, Hörnle, Kornbühl, Ochsenberg or Zollern – they all have something in common: they lead hikers and cyclists to destinations far above everyday life while always offering a great view. Step by step hiking fans reach the summit of their hiking experiences while cyclists, as they pedal their way through delightful surroundings, are at peace with the world. Experience happiness while hiking, riding and taking it all in.


untry on foot and by bike Across co

Come on, let’s take a look over the mountains!

Hangender Stein, Albstadt-Onstmettingen

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Mountain biking on the Zollernalb It´s awesome! Various tours and the top events of the mountain bike scene offer real highlights: the mountain bike sport elite as well as ambitious hobby bikers are in the starting line-up when the ASSA ABLOY-Albstadt-Bike-Marathon and the Gonso Classic get underway. The UCI Mountainbike Worldcup in Albstadt is the only MTB-Worldcup race in Germany and stands for pure adrenaline. Great training grounds are part of the big range of mountain bike offerings: get off of the asphalt streets and into the nature! How about a trip along one of the signposted mountain bike tours in Albstadt: GONSO Trail: 46.5 km APOLLO Sportrunde: 21.1 km ALB-GOLD Wadenbeisser: 21.1 km

Alternatively, a bit of fun at the mountain bike park with its downhill stretch? Of course in a relaxed way – at the Bikepark Albstadt the ski lift of the AlbstadtTailfingen winter sports association takes you right up to the starting point. Ready, steady, go! Anyone who loves a sportive challenge is right on track at the “Bike-Crossing Schwäbische Alb”: 368 kilometres across the Swabian Alb always along the “Albtrauf”. It will take your breath away. But the question is – is this due to climbing the slopes or because of the amazing views?

Further information Mountain bike tours: and (both German)
 Bikepark Albstadt: (German) Bike-Crossing Schwäbische Alb: (German)

Biking for the whole family Cycling while enjoying a unique panorama: road cyclists, cycling tourists and families with children all appreciate the Zollernalb. No starting numbers are handed out, a leisurely start is perfect amid the varied landscape. On the website or via the Zollernalb-App the right tour can be found for everyone. The brochure “Radtouren Zollernalb” (Bicycle tours Zollernalb) introduces six different tour tips across the Zollernalb. All of them are presented on a special general map and individually displayed with pictures and descriptions.

Further information (German)

Schlichemquelle Messstetten-Tieringen /  Source of the river Schlichem

Worthwhile hiking tips The Zollernalb is a real Eldorado for hiking enthusiasts. In addition to the Quality Hiking Trails “Albsteig” and “Donau-Zollernalb-Weg” and the Premium Trails “HochAlbPfade” and “Traufgänge”, the region has even more to offer. The “Hohenzollernweg” passes by all the highlights of the Hohenzollern region such as Hohenzollern Castle, Sigmaringen Castle or Haigerloch Castle. The brochure “Tourenbuch Hohenzollernweg” (German) provides all information on the entire route and its stages. Further information: (German) The “Schlichemwanderweg“ leads along its 33 kilometres from the source of the small river “Schlichem” in Messstetten-Tieringen to its confluence with the river Neckar near Epfendorf. Further information: (German)

Find inner peace while hiking on the tracks of Saint James, on the “Beuroner Jakobusweg”, the “Hohenzollerischer Jakobusweg” or “Kirchberg- and Palmbühl” pilgrim’s routes. 
 Further information: (German) All across the Zollernalb around 90 circular routes have been signposted. A small selection is presented in the (German) brochure “SO HOCH. SO TIEF. SO WEIT. – Ausgewählte Wanderwege auf der Zollernalb”, which means “SO HIGH. SO DEEP. SO WIDE. – Selected hiking trails on the Zollernalb”. The brochure and an interactive map can be found on (German). Guided tours: (German) and (German)

Quality Hiking Trails

View of the Lochenstein

View from the Zeller Horn, Albstadt-Onstmettingen

The “Donau-Zollernalb-Weg” offers everything that makes hikers hearts flutter: the beautiful Danube valley, small historic towns, entwined valleys, an unspoiled landscape, the Alb plateau with its guarantee for distant views as well as the impressive “Albtrauf”. The final stage of the trail, forming the high point, includes climbing the highest mountain of the Swabian Alb, the “Lemberg” (1,015 metres). The trail starts in the “Obere Donau Nature Park” in Beuron with its famous monastery. From there it follows through the charming Danube valley to Sigmaringen where a visit to the majestic castle is a must. The next stage runs through the valley of the Lauchert to Gammertingen. From there it continues up to the Alb plateau to Winterlingen, through Strassberg and to Albstadt with its huge number of great viewpoints. On the way from Messstetten to Balingen the landscape reveals more highlights such as the “Gräbelesberg”, “Hörnle”, “Lochenstein” and “Plettenberg”. In the

local recreation area “Oberes Schlichemtal” the trail comes to its end, or rather you climb the Lemberg and continue further along the “Donauberglandweg”. With a total length of 230 kilometres, both trails together make up the longest certificated circular route in Baden-Württemberg. (German) “Albsteig” (HW1) This trail is a challenge and most definitely a must for all hiking lovers. Coming from Donauwörth the trail crosses parts of the Zollernalb including Hohenzollern Castle and the highest mountains of the Swabian Alb – all of them topping 1,000 metres. 
 Further information: (German)

Premium Hiking Trails Twelve Premium Trails offer highest quality to hikers! There are three “HochAlbPfade” around Messstetten and nine “Traufgänge” around Albstadt – two of them awarded as Winter Premium Trails. HochAlbPfade They are called “Tieringer Hörnle”, “Hossinger ­Hochalb” and “Felsquellweg Oberdigisheim” and all lead around Messstetten. Although these Premium Trails are at an elevation of around 1,000 metres, the trails themselves involve surprisingly few slopes. Spectacular routes along steep edges are what make these trails so appealing.

• Schlossfelsenpfad • Wacholderhöhe • Zollernburg-Panorama • Felsenmeersteig • Hossinger Leiter

• Ochsenbergtour • Wiesenrunde • Schneewalzer • Wintermärchen

Further information Free hiking brochures and further information can be found at (German) and (German).

Traufgänge The slope edge of the Swabian Alb is full of drama and suspense. Around Albstadt, where the mountains touch the 1,000 metres mark, the powerful landscape-relief intensity is especially impressive – like a Swabian penthouse. Wonderful for hiking are the following trails:

Quality Hosts While the hiking trails present varied landscapes and attractive outlook points, some hosts offer special extras for hikers. They carry the signet “Qualitätsgastgeber Wanderbares Deutschland” (Quality Host). Guests are provided with a generous hiking-breakfast and a packed lunch to take along. In addition these hosts see to booking the next accommodation and to transporting the luggage there. Hiking equipment and maps are offered as well. They are familiar with the area and can give information about hiking trails and interesting tours.

The over 90 classified holiday homes on the Zollernalb offer brilliant hospitality – not only because they have shining stars to show for it. Here you dream a bit better, sleep a bit longer and relax a bit faster. And the best part: our hosts take their time for their guests. Well then, good night and see you soon on the Zollernalb!

Further information Those hosts can be found on (German) and in the brochure “Gastgeberverzeichnis Zollernalb” (German)

What’s the Swabian cuisine´s secret of success? Refined hospitality and regional specialities like “Bubespitzle” (finger-shaped potato dumplings), “Maultaschen” (square pasta envelopes filled with meat) or “Ofenschlupfer” (sweet bread casserole) served with pleasure.

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Excitement for kids! Holidays on the Zollernalb: this means a lot of possibilities! Conquering a castle? Swimming, climbing, riding, looking for fossils or exploring caves? No, let’s go see the animals first! Looking for a field trip? How about … • adventure playgrounds (“Waldheim” and “Rossberg”) • Albaquarium Albstadt • amusement park Seerosengarten (“water lily garden”) • bare foot paths in Hechingen, Tieringen and Strassberg • Berolino play and climbing world • climbing centre and high-ropes-course • fossil hunting sites in Nusplingen and Dotternhausen • Geocaching through Haigerloch and Schömberg • Hohenzollern Castle • Miniature Village Schömberg • Museum of Fossils in the Holcim Werkforum • Roman Open-Air Museum “Villa Rustica” City centre Balingen

Stausee Messstetten-Oberdigisheim / artificial lake

Water fun Escaping everyday life and enjoying swimming pleasures. No matter if you are the athletic type or come with your family – you´ll enjoy swimming on the Zollernalb. Dive into one of the pools in the region: no matter whether you’re young or old, pure swimming fun is guaranteed. At the artificial lake in Schömberg you can hear the tempting sounds of water. Originally build as a dam and redeveloped in the 1980s, nowadays the lake is a popular destination with a wide range of leisure facilities. Two more attractive artificial lakes are in Messstetten-Oberdigisheim and Rangendingen. Generous lawns for sunbathing offer a lot of space. Or what about a trip to the natural outdoor swimming pool in Winterlingen or Albstadt-Tailfingen?

Climbing If you’re aiming high, try climbing on the Zollernalb. It is already located quite high with an elevation up to 1,011 metres above sea level, but when climbing it’s possible to go even higher! No matter if it’s a highrope-course or a climbing centre: climbing a steep and challenging incline calls for strength, coordination, endurance and mobility. Once you’re addicted to climbing, no tree is safe anymore – and there are lots of trees here! For example at the high-rope-course “Waldheim” in Albstadt which is located in the midst of a natural forest area. Eleven different courses which go up to 20 metres and have different degrees of difficulty pose a major challenge. Whether on the “Wild boar-path” for bravehearts, on the “Boar-piglettrail” for beginners or as a team on the tree-trunk seesaw or the huge swing, fun is guaranteed! Even for the youngest, starting at the age of three, there are great attractions in the bambini-trail! From ground level to a

• SchieferErlebnis Dormettingen • theme hiking trails • wildlife enclosure Those who aren’t just visiting for a day should check into the “Feriendorf Tieringen”. This is a kind of holiday resort for families which has received an award for being especially family-friendly. There is play and fun action outside, a swimming pool, bible stories, pony riding, street ball, great field trips, goodnight-stories, children’s theatre, handicrafts and unforgettable holiday resort celebrations. For information: www.feriendorf-tieringen. de (German).

Further information The brochure “Kinderlandkreiskarte Zollernalb” (map for kids) lists all the information necessary for successful planning: (German)

One of the Swabian Albs´ most popular leisure pools is the “badkap” in Albstadt with an abundance of unique offers and an extensive program of relaxing wellness choices. The extended interior offers numerous attractions: a relaxation basin, a children’s basin, a white-water river, a wave pool, a rocket slide and much more. Once you´re inside you forget all of your everyday troubles.

Further information on all indoor and outdoor pools as well as the swimming lakes in Messstetten-Oberdigisheim, Rangendingen and Schömberg can be found at (German).

maximum of 2 metres’ height the little ones may prove how daring they are. They can clamber up a climbing wall, balance over steel cables, walk over a suspension bridge, crawl through wobbly tunnels or slide along steel cables. Information: www.kletterpark-waldheim. de (German) The high-rope-course in Burladingen with elements up to twelve metres above ground level is also integrated into a natural forest area. For persons under 1,50 metres in height there is a low-rope-course as well. Information: (German) At the “VERTICAL” climbing hall in Balingen both newcomers and experienced sports climbers are welcome. The interior offers climbing possibilities over an area of 2,500 square metres; the outdoor area measures about 1,000 square metres. Information: (German)

Excitement and fun for kids

Come on, let’s create adventures!

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Fossilienmuseum im Werkforum Holcim / Museum of Fossils

Geopark Swabian Alb The Geopark Swabian Alb was named “National Geopark” due to its important geological heritage in 2003. A year later the area was designated a European and Global Geopark and became a member of the European and Global Network of Geoparks. Since 2015 the Swabian Alb is a UNESCO Global Geopark. As a result the Swabian Alb with its unique karst landscape plus its significant geological, paleontological, archaeological and cultural-historical heritage has gained wider recognition. The Geopark Swabian Alb boasts world-famous fossil sites and is not merely a history book of the Jurassic Period that can be read in stone, but is also the region with the largest number of caves in Germany. It is a characteristic karst landscape which evolved over millions of years with a unique frequency of fossils, volcano craters and even a meteorite crater. But the Geopark doesn’t only show geology! Archaeological discoveries such as the oldest

Zollernalb: Experience geological history On the Zollernalb you can see all different kinds of rock types: from white jurassic through black oil shale to lacustrine limestone and red sandstone. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the numerous experience paths on topics like water (Haigerloch, Balingen-Zillhausen and Burladingen), fossils (Nusplingen) and oil shale (Schömberg and Bisingen), all of them presented understandable to all. Outlook points like Lochenstein, Plettenberg, Raichberg and Zoller offer a “geo-panorama” for the viewer. The visitor can “read” the landscape, the stones begin to “speak”. A better grasp of the geology also helps one to understand the development of our cultural landscape: it was the barren and unprofitable land which forced farmers to find secondary occupations. This is one reason, for example, why the textile industry developed in this area.

26 Geopark information centres provide visitors with information. Two of them are on the Zollernalb: in Albstadt and Dotternhausen.

Further information Information on the Geopark and its information centres, events within the framework of the European Geoparkevent weeks and much more can be found here:

Geological highlights • Geopark-information centre: Museum of Fossils in the Holcim Werkforum with fossil hunting site, Dotternhausen • Geopark-information centre: Museum “Im Kräuterkasten”, Albstadt-Ebingen • Geological educational trail Nusplingen with fossil hunting site • Geological educational trail Schömberg • Geo-hiking trail Balingen-Zillhausen with waterfall • Geological educational trail “oil shale factory” in Bisingen • SchieferErlebnis Dormettingen (a park to experience shale) • Caves: Kühlstellen caves Winterlingen, Linkenbold’s cave Albstadt-Onstmettingen, Heidenstein cave AlbstadtEbingen

Further information The brochure “Geopark Schwäbische Alb” and list all the information on geological sites on the Zollernalb (both German).

Museum of Fossils

SchieferErlebnis Dormettingen

Around 1,000 fossilized witnesses of geological history like ichthyosaurs, crocodiles, sea lilies and ammonites from the Jurassic Period can be admired in the Museum of Fossils. The exhibits invite you to get more deeply involved with geological history. Next to the Museum of Fossils there is a fossil hunting site where visitors can split up oil shale slabs with a hammer and chisel and, with a bit of luck, perhaps find an ammonite.

The SchieferErlebnis is a new nature and amusement park for school classes, families and visitors of every age. There are lots of interesting facts about geology and ecology in the 10 hectare-sized recultivated park area. Children and adults can search for 180 million year-old ammonites and other fossils in the oil shale and take them home. The water landscape with an appealing lake terrace and open-air restaurant invites you to linger and relax while the little ones explore the brilliant mining playground. The SchieferErlebnis-trail offers interesting insights with a nature observation ward and a 200 metres long footbridge through a natural recultivation landscape. The park is open from the beginning of April until the end of October.

The Museum of Fossils of the cement plant Holcim (Süddeutschland) GmbH is one of the 26 information centres of the UNESCO Global Geopark Swabian Alb. The entry is free!

SchieferErlebnis Dormettingen

known art works and musical instruments so far from the Stone Age, Celtic pieces of jewellery or castles of younger lineage are witnesses to a long history of human life on the Swabian Alb.

Further information

Further information (German) (German)

Geology and archaeology

Come on, let’s discover history!

Waterfall Balingen-Zillhausen

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Winter on the Zollernalb. Listen to the sound of silence and watch the deep powdery snow sparkling in the sun. Gather pace, sweep down the slope with a big smile on your face, make casual curves with the snowboard and leave traces on the well-prepared cross-country skitracks. Or go on a snowshoe tour or a husky sleigh ride. Psst! Not only kids sledge down the hill with a big hooray. This is all part of winter happiness in the crystal-clear air on the Zollernalb. Is your heart pounding? Yes, out of sheer happiness!

Nature-lovers and snow-fans will feel on top of the world. We promise. The Zollernalb is full of surprises and winter fairytales. Time for holidays! Let it snow… Further information on winter fun can be found in the brochure “Wintersportkarte Zollernalb” and at (both German)

• Two FIS racetracks (tracks of the International Ski Federation) • Family and alpine slopes • Numerous cross-country ski-tracks • Premium winter hiking trails • Guided snowshoe tours • Winter sport equipment rental

ry ski-tracks, snowsho ross-count e tours Lifts, c

Come on, let’s experience the white expanse!

Premium winter hiking trail “Traufgang Wintermärchen”, Albstadt-Onstmettingen

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Zollernalb from A to Z

Albtrauf, adventure


Steep, often almost vertically rising rocks are characteristic of the Albtrauf. While hiking along the Albtrauf you are rewarded almost constantly with wonderful panorama views of the marvellous landscape.

Due to its location on the South German Scarplands, the Zollernalb offers a special landscape which is worth exploring.

Bus and train You want to travel without your car? No problem, you can reach us quickly and easily by train, for instance from Ulm or Stuttgart. And on-site you get from A to B fast by taking public transport. Camping Travelling with a tent or caravan means holidays full of freedom. The camp sites at the artificial lake in Schömberg or at the bottom of Hohenzollern Castle in Hechingen, for instance, are nicely situated. “Sonnencamping” in Albstadt offers beautiful views over the Alb. Caravan sites are also located in Balingen, Dormettingen, Haigerloch, Geislingen, Rosenfeld and Strassberg. Churches and convents/monasteries Seen from the outside it looks modest, in accordance with the teachings of St. Francis, who preached poverty. But in its interior, the monastery church of St. Luzen in Hechingen hides a fascinating diversity of paintings, sculptures and stucco work. It belongs to the most important renaissance churches of Southern Germany. This is not surprising, considering that the initiator of building the church was Earl Eitelfriedrich IV, called “The Splendid”. But the barefoot monks seemed to feel at ease despite the magnificence – maybe due to the beer. One of the monks, banished from the country, wrote on to his cell door: “Oh you good Luzen-beer, I must go and you stay here!”. Another church worth seeing is the Palace Church in Haigerloch which obtained its baroque robe in the 18th century. Also in Haigerloch are the St. Anna pilgrimage church and a reproduction of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper in the Protestant church. No less important are the pilgrimage church Palmbühl in Schömberg and the Loreto chapel in Geislingen-Binsdorf. And last but not least, the “Old Cemetery Church” of St. Peter and Paul in Nusplingen – an art-historical gem. Dialect Don’t worry if you might think people on the Zollernalb don’t speak German. They certainly do! Only quite often it is their special Swabian dialect you hear. Fasnet There are five seasons on the Zollernalb. The fifth season is called “Fasnet” which is the Swabian word for carnival. The Swabian-Alemannic Fasnet (carnival in Swabian-Alemannic folklore) is a crazy time when “Fransennarren”, “Uhrafiedla” and “Butzen” meet to celebrate this special season. If you get the chance to join in you shouldn’t miss it. Worth visiting is also an exhibition on the Swabian-Alemannic Fasnet in Schömberg called “Narrenmuseum”. Hosts After an active day on the Zollernalb you deserve to rest your feet in the evening. Hotels and bed-and-breakfasts in all categories are waiting for you. We are happy to send you our directory of hosts, which lists all of them. Industry Swabian inventive spirit combined with diligence, ambition, courage, determination and commitment – these are the virtues of people on the Zollernalb. They are reflected in trade as well as in the success of modern aspiring companies. Strongly represented are firms in the field of textiles, machine construction, electrical engineering, precision engineering and medical technology.

Planets In Rosenfeld-Brittheim one of Europe’s most modern public observatories has developed. The crucial part of the complex is the modern reflexive telescope as well as the radio telescope with a diameter of three metres. So RosenfeldBrittheim is one of the few sites in Europe which has both optical and radio astronomical devices. In Winterlingen you are also presented with the opportunity to discover the inconceivable size of our solar system. Following the “planet trail”, nearly five kilometers in length, you learn a lot about eight planets and five dwarf planets. Nature Widely spread plateaus and deep valleys, gentle hills and steep rock sides, barren and lonely juniper heathlands, fertile land, meadow orchards, even ancient vinicultural remains, beech and coniferous forests, orchids, gentian and arnica – the landscape and vegetation of the Zollernalb shows a diversity which very few regions are blessed with. Quality Quality is important for us. Therefore a large number of our hiking trails are certified. And the highest aim of our hosts is to guarantee you a pleasant stay. Riding “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle” (Winston Churchill) – and if you’re riding on the Zollernalb the day is perfect. Information about everything to do with riding can be found at Erleben/Sport-Freizeit/Reiten (German). Hours of sunshine The Zollernalb belongs to the sunniest regions in Germany. Winter is still a real winter, often with an extraordinary distant view as far as the Alps. Also in the cold season the sun often shines. And in summer? Even more! So if asked when the best time is to travel here, the answer has to be: always! No matter if it´s spring, summer, autumn or winter. Zollernalb in figures Heights and depths are normal for the roughly 190,000 inhabitants of the Zollernalb. Their rural district, 918 square kilometers in size, extends from 400 metres up to 1,011 metres above sea level. The biggest cities are Albstadt, Balingen and Hechingen. You can reach the region via the motorway A81 (Stuttgart-Singen) from the exits Sulz and Empfingen as well as via the federal road B27 (Tübingen-Rottweil).

Where is the Zollernalb located?

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