Father's Day Gift Guide 2020

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Father's Day

EXCLUSIVE Gifts for dad that show him just how much you love him this Father's Day. June 2020

Knively Crown dad King of the Grill because he knows that it all starts with great ingredients & a sharp knife. He'll never worry about having to sharpen his knives again with these premium kitchen knives from

Knively. They are the perfect gift for dads

who love to BBQ, Grill or Cook with restaurant quality results and a lifetime warranty. Starting at $39.95 + up

For the grill master Bear Mountain BBQ Woods - BBQs Best Kept Secret! Your mouth will water from the smell while dad is grilling with

Bear Mountain pellets. With a full

range of grilling and smoking pellets that pair perfectly with a whole lot of incredible foods, they are designed to boost flavor to crowd-pleasing levels. Did you know you can use pellets on ANY type of grill? We didn't either. $18.99 a bag

O-YAKI Skewer System There will be no more complaining that the grill is too small for his famous kebabs when he uses his

O-YAKI Skewer System that was created to provide a more efficient way to cook food on skewers in an oven or tandoor, on a grill or roaster - allowing multiple skewers to be cooked at once without risk of uneven cooking and loss of precious marinade juices. Best of all, the whole family gets to enjoy the end results. $35.99

More for the grill master Q-swiper Grill Cleaner The

Q-SWIPER® Grill Cleaner is a new

bristle free and wire free way to safely swipe away grease and grime for a clean & healthy grill every time he barbecues. This patented grill grate cleaner combines the Q-SWIPER Grill Brush and scraper with our tough, moist Q-SWIPER BBQ grill cleaning wipes to safely remove tough grease and grime. He'll have no more excuses about hating to clean up after cooking (and neither will you). $14.99

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1 - Just Movie Posters Dad's a movie buff & his man cave is his screening room. Help him decorate with

Just Movie Posters

theatrical posters, video/DVD release posters, mini-posters, odd size posters & movie poster postcards of his favorite flicks. $7 + up

2 - MËNAJI You caught him using your face cream AGAIN? It's time to treat him to a great affordable luxury skin care system just for men with lifelong benefits by

MËNAJI. His skin will thank you. $12 + up

3 - Hempure CBD STOP STRESSING! In these crazy times sometimes he just needs a little something that can help restore the calm. CBD is a great alternative.

Hempure has the drops, gumdrops, & more to help! Prices vary by

product $15 + up

4 - Kate's Real Food It's mid-day & he's reaching for a snack AGAIN! Thankfully you gave him

bars to keep him happy.

Kate's Real Food, Real Energy

They use organic, whole ingredients, & their bars & snack bites give him

sustainable, long-lasting energy. Singles from $2.49

5 - Slumber Sleep Aid Slumber is a revolutionary new all-natural sleep-aid product, derived from CBN that helps regulate the immune system & works to relieve the pain & inflammation. Sleep tight honey! $99.95

6- The Wood Hand Sanitizer by Pink MahogHany Fragrances We know how men complain about not having hand sanitizer options that don’t smell like “fruits and berries” and they finally have them. With a divinely masculine scent, he won't be asking to borrow yours EVER AGAIN when you give him

The Wood. $8.00

7 - Genesee Nutrition He works out hard and he plays hard as well. Isn't it time he had a little something to help him recover from it all? Whether its CBD for athletic performance or CBD for recovery,

Genesee is the perfect

solution for your favorite athlete. $39.99 per case

8 - Sunrise Supplements He's been talking about taking care of his health & wellness for so long &

Sunrise Supplements can

help. Available in cinnamon cocoa or vanilla flavors this plant based protein is ideal for keeping a healthy and active-focused lifestyle $39.99

9 - The Golf Insider Performance Diary FORE your golfing dad! Help him to improve his golf game with the

Golf Insider Performance Diary.

This 21-week guide as he learns to practice and play like a pro with the easy to use format. $9.99

SOCIAL PRINT STUDIO Give him something incredibly personal with a gift from Social Print Studio. Offering a range of products to create on their site or app. From cards to frameable prints and calendars, photo strips and even books using their digital platform.

A calendar made with his favorite fishing catches or a book of that vacation you took years ago that he keeps talking about will let him know that you really listen to what he's been saying. Prices vary based on products

OneBttl This OneBttl double-wall vacuum insulated tumbler keeps drinks cold up to 12 hours and hot up to 8 hour with a special message just for Father's Day. It's perfectfor dads to use at home or outdoors, for travel, hiking, camping, fishing, and sports. $25.99


FRAME IT EASY He'll look at it every time he walks in the room when you finally get it framed.

Frame It Easy helps you

design your own custom frame and finally get those photos and art hung on the wall. It’s a super simple process. If you don’t have photos or art already printed, Frame It Easy will print and frame it for you so it arrives ready to hang. Prices based on frame size + style



Fit Fighter He'll be showing off his muscles in no time when you give him the timeless, priceless gift of strength, spirit, and service with a


Steelhose Home Gym Set, Made in the USA out of real fire hose, complete with iOS workout app, safe for kids, and perfect for home exercise. Starting at $59 + up

He doesn't need a gym membership Stealth No more complaining about him always playing video games & not getting enough exercise with


This breakthrough fitness system will gamify his workout as he planks and plays one of its addictively fun games, as he builds a stronger core & leaner physique as he twists, turns, pivots, & holds steady to reach a high score. $99

Music on the Go There's nothing that makes working out & hydrating better than listening to his favorite tunes at the same time. He'll be able to sync and share his music while on the move, whether it be in the gym, on the golf course or just relaxing by the pool. This two-in-one tumbler from

Zak has a removable speaker built into the

base. He'll can keep his playlist front and center without needing an extra hand for a separate wireless speaker, and pump it up even further with the integrated lights that flash while music is playing. $34.99









1 - WineGrasp Grab the wine and don't forget the WineGrasp that allows him to take his wine anywhere he goes. There will be no more knocking his glass over when he puts it down. His drink will be close whether he is at a party, sporting event, park, beach, vacation, or basically everywhere one can think of. No

WineGrasp will be by his side.

matter where he is

$19.99 - for a set of 2

2 - Feetures His feet with thank you when he's wearing

Feetures No Show Sock with Targeted Compression and

an Anatomical Design for superior comfort, stayability and a custom-like fit. Combined with Feetures’ silicone Heel Hugger technology and seamless toes to prevent tearing and blisters, these No Show socks give all day stay-up confidence in low-rise shoes—perfect for the on-the-go, working, or fashion-savvy dad! - $14.99

3 - Cacao Tea Co. Brew him a cup & watch him smile.

Cacao Tea Co. produces and sells cacao tea which is 100%

pure and organic and is completely sugar-free, caffeine-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and GMO-free with no artificial flavoring, additives or preservatives. With a natural sweetness, a heavenly chocolate taste and aroma, and a delicate stimulating effect, cacao tea is the perfect natural alternative to chocolate and coffee. The Cacao Tea Co. also has a “cacao karma” program whereby they donate a portion of profits to help provide healthy meals to malnourished families in impoverished communities in developing countries. $14.50

4 - Moroccan KHLII Jerky He loves his jerky & is always on the hunt for something a little different. Moroccan KHLII offers beef jerky with roots in the Moroccan cuisine. Khlea (also called khlii or qadeed) is a way to preserve meat (jerky) that dates back to several centuries ago where there were no options for refrigeration, so people would prepare their meat and store it in clay pots in what was called al-Matmura. This practice was very practical then, and remains a well sought after delicacy by Moroccans in their day to day life. In some families, it is a breakfast staple served alone or with eggs, as one would bacon. Families from different regions have different recipes typically passed on from one generation to the next. Also available in Harissa flavor with a subtle bite to satisfy one's craving of spiciness, all without overwhelming the aromas present in the spice medley.. Buy him an assortment! $8.99









1 - ALMI All Day Performance Socks He can leave the gym bag at home (provided he wears gym shorts to the office..HA) when he's wearing

ALMI (A Little More Invincible) socks. He'll no longer have to be that person in the cross-fit class whose gym socks never made it into their bag that morning. From slacks to shorts, handshakes to high fives, powerwalks to powerlifts, they'll keep up. Designed to perform for the active professional, looking stylish, professional & able to withstand a great workout. $22

2 - Kickee Pants Sunday is lounging day & he loves being comfortable.

KicKee Pants offers the ultimate in sleepwear,

loungewear, daywear, & activewear made of Viscose from Bamboo. It's so soft, you may not be able to keep your hands off of it. Their signature fabric is eco-friendly, light, breathable, and helps whisk away moisture, making it ideal for every kind of occasion. This Father's Day, for the active, chill, romantic or outdoorsy dad, you've got him covered with Kickee. $9 + up

3 - Inox Jewelry Down to earth dad's will love the casual style of these masculine bracelets & necklaces. From camping, to rock climbing, to a good hike, his accessories reflect his calming presence, and meet the natural world. Earthy dad's will love the Inox Stonehenge collection with accessories in flexible, earthy materials and silicone bracelets with their sturdy stones, like jasper, hematite, and onyx. And, for dad's who love the dapper look, the Valentino collection mixes chic materials like Bubinga wood and carbon fiber, with colorless diamonds. Prices vary based on style

4 - Reshoevn8r Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit Stop complaining about his shoes and just get him the

Reshoevn8r Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit. It

includes all of the essentials needed for effective cleaning on a wide variety of materials - from sneakers to his wing tips they'll look new again. It's all about having the right tools for the job and this kit will Reshoevn8 most shoes back to life! $35

5 -Revtown Jeans He will be looking and feeling GREAT in these performance denim jeans and clothing that brings to mind luxury brands like AG and Joe’s - but at a fraction of the price. He'll never guess that you paid only $79 per pair (and we'll never tell him). These premium Revtown Jeans are designed with the performance and comfort of an athletic pant, but with the look and feel of designer jeans. Lookin' GOOD! $79







1 - Rock Stars at Home Rock Stars at Home is an incredible visual tour of the most ostentatious and over-the-top homes of rock and roll’s greatest stars, with over 200 images of the stars’ private abodes, pleasure palaces, gardens, jet planes, and island hideaways. Perfect for dads who love music, interior design, fashion, photography, or just a good bit of gossip about the lifestyles of the rich and famous. - $24.99

2 - Crown and Paw You complain that he spends more time with the dog than he does with you, and now you can turn his favorite picture of your pet into a one of a kind renaissance masterpiece. These portraits are a unique way for pet owners to express their love, adoration, and even their obsessiveness, with their beloved pets.

Crown and Paw curates authentic 19th century portraits and rare Renaissance era oil paintings

and digitally combines them with pet photos, creating an incredibly life like work of art. - $29.95 & up

3 - All 19 Holes Socks He may fancy himself a young Arnold Palmer and he can look just as dapper in

All 19 Holes Socks

adorned with golf graphics that he'll love. “The ‘Sock of Champions’ is a specialty sock that looks like a trouser sock but performs like an athletic sock. On the golf course, they keep me comfortable and dry. In the boardroom or at the 19th hole, they add color or fun to my dress pants. The design and graphics always get attention.

3 pack - $39

4 - The Swinger Box Give him a golf gift that keeps on giving with

The Swinger Box full service subscription box that is

perfect for golfers in search of unique monthly items throughout the year. Offering a mix of on-course items like balls & gloves as well as boxes that also include golf apparel and more, he'll be getting their exclusive members only products year round. Priced from $40 per box and up

5 - Wax & Stamp His vinyl collection goes back to when he was a kid. He loves the authentic sound that only an original record offers. Now you can feed his love of music every month of the year with a subscription to Wax & Stamp and he'll discover a wide range of genres, textures and styles. The only thing they shy away from is the mainstream. Every month is a complete surprise!

£30.00 per month (they ship worldwide)

6 - Gruvi Craft Non-Alcoholic Beverages There are days that he doesn't need or want the alcohol, but misses the flavor of his favorite brew. Gruvi's unique brewing process and product line mirror his favorite beers and wines, just without the alcohol. There are countless reasons we choose not to drink, and finding an alternative option shouldn’t be difficult. And now, it doesn’t have to be. Cheers $9.99 + up per 4-pack




4 3


1 - Cuddle Clones WOOF! Sometimes dad seems to spend more time with the dog than he does with you, but I guess that's what best friends do. Whether it's his new buddy or his old pal, if Dad has a four-footed bestie that's always by his side, he'll love that you recognize that special relationship this Father’s Day with a custommade gift from

Cuddle Clones. We love the socks with his pooch's face smiling at him, and their

blankets and mugs are just some of the presents that can be created with exact images of his pet! $23.99 for the socks

2 - Luminiser Thermoelectric Oil Lantern Does he always seem to be searching for batteries before he goes camping? He won't be worrying about THAT anymore, because the

Luminiser’s tiny oil pot transforms heat into electricity,

and is enough to run powerful LEDs for 8 hours, amplifying the small flame’s light over a hundredfold. The durable lantern, made from 100 percent recyclable materials, weighs just over 15 ounces and stands under 6 inches tall with its legs folded up. It is waterproof, with no moving or glass parts, and is the perfect, dependable light source. $19.99

3 - Pocket Chainsaw Whether Dad is a camper, a tree pruner or just likes to be prepared, he’ll get a kick out of the


Chainsaw. This 3-foot length of actual chainsaw chain has bi-directional, self-cleaning teeth so it cuts in two directions with every pull on the sturdy handles, slicing through a 3-inch branch in less than 10 seconds! Just remind him to yell "TIMBER." $

4 - Each and Every Deodorant He's a natural man from head to toe. He hates those chemicals in regular deodorants and has been looking for a vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand making body care products from natural and clean ingredients that work. We FOUND just the brand for him.

Each & Every is comprised of simple

ingredients and 100% natural essential oils, Each & Every’s deodorants and rollerball fragrances are made with no parabens, no synthetic fragrances and no gluten. $10

5 - Coolibar Hats & Clothing Dad loves a great hat, but it's got to look good AND keep the sun away from his face. Thankfully,

Coolibar maker of UPF 50+ Sun Protective clothing does just that. Whether he's out golfing, fishing, or even mowing the lawn, he'll be protected. Don't forget to get one for grandpa as well, because we learned that men over 50 have a higher incidence of skin cancer than any other demographic. Show him how much you love him by protecting him with Coolibar's smart, technically superior clothing that keeps him safe not only in summer, but all year long. $29 + up for sun hats







1 - Brenne Whiskey Dad enjoys a fine whiskey, and he'll really appreciate this French single malt created by former ballerina Allison Parc. With a big dream to show terroir (a sense of place in the smell and taste) she created Brenne from seed to spirit, with a third-generation Cognac maker at this family farm-distillery in the heart of Cognac, France. First released in New York City in 2012,

Brenne Whisky embodies the elegant

nature of its French terroir and brings a completely new style of French single malt whisky to the rapidly emerging world whisky segment. $65

2 - Laudemio Frescobaldi Olive Oil Indulge his sense of flavor with

Laudemio Frescobaldi's unique emerald-green and robust extra virgin

olive oil. The 2019 harvest is the benchmark of the typical aromas of Tuscany: scents of just mown grass, followed by artichoke heart and green olive notes. The flavor is remarkably balanced between a very notable bitterness, with sparkling spiceness and a long-lasting fruitiness. $44.98

3 - Fisher Space Pen He's been asking for a space pen since the first space mission he watched on TV. This retractable, pressurized pen called the Anti-Gravity 7 worked flawlessly in zero gravity aboard the first manned Apollo mission in 1968. Five decades later the company continues to thrive with pens still flown aboard every manned space flight. the classic design of the

Fisher Bullet Pen has been exhibited for years in

the New York Museum of Modern Art. $27 + up

4 - Kronis Trunks He'll say so long to that annoying feeling of extra fabric riding up the thigh after you tuck a few pair of

Kronis Trunks into his underwear drawer this Father's Day. He'll have no more embarrassing and awkward adjustments and the modern square cut design with seamless sides will give him a physical

Kronis Trunks are made of a premium cotton blend that

appeal with a sexier and leaner look. All

won't trap sweat and bacteria against his skin. $24.97 per 2-pack

Dozop Dolly There will be no more complaining when you ask him to take that heavy box into the house again with this easy to store dolly. He'll love how the

Dozop Dolly this

compact & ready to assemble helper that takes up barely any space at home, office or trunk & makes moving heavy or awkward packages a breeze. $54.95

Cellars Wine Club SURPRISE HIM! Give him the gift of wine from Cellars Wine Club. Their easy to use website showcases wine clubs for every budget and level of wine appreciation. From Pinot Noir to Chardonnay he'll be thanking you over dinner for indulging him. $29 + up


TaZa Wine Glasses

Enjoy that wine you just got him out by the pool with

TaZa unbreakable wine

glasses. These glasses are great for anyone who likes a carefree glass of wine. They offer a variety of glass shapes including stemless, white wine glasses, & Pinot Noir glasses. $19.99 + up



Cure Crate There will be no more complaining about his aches and pains or sleepless nights when you give the gift of a monthly subscription to

Cure Crate. Simply take

the quiz and they'll curate boxes of the best CBD products available and tailor a selection of diverse products to meet your needs and satisfy your curiosities. $58 per crate

Bite Away From camping to fishing, playing golf to an evening in the yard, mosquito season means prevention and preparing to treat pesky bites if you spend time outdoors. MibeTec, a leading medical device company developed this amazing product to take the

Bite AwayÂŽ. This FDA cleared

medical device relieves symptomatic itching, swelling, and pain associated with insect bites and stings after only a three or five second application letting him enjoy the outdoors without the sting. $39.99

Bandito Masques Schedule a dad's day spa day at home for him. Masque Bar offers masks for both men and women and he'll love the Bandito Masques for undereye bags, mud masques, hydrating masks and more that are just for men. $3.99 + up

America's Test Kitchen Take the Father's Day party OUTSIDE this year when he prepares meals from his new favorite cookbook from America's Test Kitchen. The Complete Summer Cookbook has casual patio meals prepared entirely on the grill (from meat to veggies, even pizza). Throw a fantastic cookout with easy starters, frosty drinks, and new twists on picnic must-haves such as Spice-Rubbed Picnic Chicken, Texas Potato Salad, and Lemony Buttermilk Coleslaw and more. $19.99

Love You More Designs Yes,

Love You More is your favorite place to buy jewelry for yourself, but this year treat HIM to a

design from their men's selection of bracelets made from leather, beads and more. $29 + up


Hidrate Spark 3 Stop nagging him about not drinking enough water and get him the Hidrate Spark 3, the world's smartest water bottle. It tracks his water intake, glows to remind him to drink, syncs via Bluetooth to their hydration app, Fitbit, and more.

The Hidrate App connects to the HidrateSpark bottle via bluetooth and displays his daily water intake so he can easily track while at work, on the go or anywhere in between. $59.95



Cubii Pro He won't have any excuses about not having the time to work out anymore. Cubii Pro is the world's first smart compact elliptical machine that allows Dad to get in his steps while he works from his home office, kitchen table, sofa, favorite chair... you name it! He'll be able to track his progress (strides, steps, calories, distance, time) in the Cubii mobile app (available for iOS and Android ),& compete with other Cubii Pro users on the app. $349


Breo Box Give him the gift of a year long subscription curated with the coolest and most unique products. Their quarterly subscription boxes are filled with the coolest stuff every season. Each


BOX includes 5 to 8 products ranging from the latest tech, gadgets, home goods, fitness products and everyday knick knacks to enhance their lifestyle! Subscriptions start at $159



Chic Tweak Tell him you care about his health with a triple-layered, 100% cotton reusable mask from

Chic Tweak.

The masks are available

in black, camo, burgundy, and brown. You can add a reusable filter that fits in to the pocket at the back of the mask, for added protection. Best of all - 10% from the profit of each purchase of this item will go to the #HealthyHappyFund, supporting those most in need around the world. $10

Pop the Top There will be no more going to grab a towel to help open that bottle with this

Pop the

Top bottle opener: The sleek, no wrist-twist, easy bottle opener adds a moment of fun into a mundane task. Just put on, push down and pop the top off! Smiles guaranteed. $7.99


Watson Adventures Watson Adventures have taken their most popular team-building activities and turned them into virtual games anyone can play at home. Just fire up Zoom on your desktop computer and our custom app on your phone, and you’re ready to play and have fun. He'll love being able to play with his friends and family. $19 for virtual public scavenger hunts



18.21 Man Made

He loves looking good and he'll appreciate a manly approach to grooming with these products inspired by the bootleggers of the American prohibition. 18.21 Man Made began to bootleg their own custom grooming mixtures with an approach to always provide uncommon goods which feel uniquely American in nature and provide a nostalgic yet modern grooming experience. They meticulously form this experience through the use of exceptional materials, choice ingredients and the custom crafted aroma of sweet tobacco.

The 18.21 Man Made namesake is an homage to the 18th amendment which, started the prohibition and was later repealed by the 21st amendment. $48 + up for gift sets


Drip Towels No more fussing with a towel over the handle bars when Dad ride. Even better is the hanging towel that comes with it, Dad will never have to worry about dropping his towel on the floor in the middle of a ride. The

Drip spin towels

are available for the Peloton and Schwinn bikes. $38 + up




4 3



1 - Traditional Wet Shaving Starter Kits Bring him back to a simpler time when shaving was an art form. These traditional wet shaving kits from

Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements are packaged in a handsome, magnetic clasp gift box, it

contains everything he needs to get started; 1 Symmetry Straight Bar Razor, 1 Two Ounce CK-6 Ultra Premium Shave Soap, 1 One Ounce Aftershave/Cologne, 1 Green Ray Tribble Hybrid Synth Shaving Brush, Instructions, and 2.5 months worth of blades! $44.95

2 - Polo Deep Blue Parfum You'll want to be very close to him each time he puts on this Ralph Lauren fragrance. Inspired by the exhilarating energy of the ocean, this bestselling family of fragrances is the ideal summer scent. Bringing a new level of intensity to the Polo Blue portfolio, the newest

Polo Deep Blue Parfum is a

powerful parfum (the most highly concentrated level of fragrance) that provides a wave of freshness at every level. $105

3 - Happy Nuts There will be no more adjusting because he's uncomfortable with

Happy Nuts. This comfort

cream/deodorant for men's private areas is a great way for him to be comfortable no matter what activity he loves including working out, staying dry during a night on the town, and more! Plus, you know he'll have a good laugh over the perfect name. $13.95

4 - ToppCock Grooming Products for men Why should women have all of the good grooming products? While most men's grooming products are just like women's only with a manly scent, TPCK are formulated from the ground up exclusively for men. We love the

ToppCock Facial Scrub daily cleanser made with natural bamboo charcoal to

remove dirt and mint for a refreshing menthol feel. It has a gritty texture, but not harsh. Enough to feel that your face is experiencing a gentle scrub and is made with salicylic acid to remove acne, and the All-In-One Shower Gel is perfect for men looking for a product that is multi-purpose. It works for both hair and body for convenience, is made with tea tree oil and aloe. Women love it too (so, expect him to hide it). $7.45 + up







4 3


1 - Bootlegger King of Clubs Coffee He'll be the kind of the morning when he wakes up to this Bootlegger

King Of Clubs Coffee made

from a blend of various coffees from around the world and aged to perfection over 4 to 6 weeks in freshly dumped bourbon barrels from various distillers This unique coffee blend introduces a bourbon and oaky aroma and taste to your coffee that will make him never want to go back to that regular, boring coffee you drank before. It's a bold coffee for bold people. $16

2 - Bandero Tequila Whether it's simple with salt & lime or in a mixed drink, he'll appreciate this premium tequila. The best tequilas in the world are produced from high-altitude blue agave plants, grown high in the eastern Los Altos Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. The higher elevation where

Bandero Tequila agave

plants experience cooler nights, less rain and colder winters, transforming Bandero into a sweeter, richer "pineapple."

Los Altos, famous for its hardened red clay soil, forces the Bandero agave roots to work harder to find this regions special crystalline waters, while gathering copious amounts of minerals. The result is a richer agave, high in natural sugar with notes of pear and peach. $36.99

3 - Culture Carton At

Culture Carton, they bring a fresh take on style by curating a mix of products for the body and

mind! Culture Carton is a men's monthly supplement of confidence and sophistication delivered to his door. Among the items in the box is a book that a cultured man would want in his growing library, along with select accessories (style items, leather goods, skin care, etc.) curated around a monthly theme related to improving varying aspects of one’s self. What a great way to show him year round that he's a great dad. $45 for standard box

4 - Bunch of Animals He's got a lovely bunch of coconuts and what better way to protect them than in the world's softest underwear? The quest for the perfect pair has been quite the journey, taking Bunch of Animals founder around the world, seeking out the softest, most comfortable pair of undies to ever touch his tender tush. Just because he may we wearing a grey double-breasted suit doesn't mean he can't have a wild

Bunch of Animals in his pants.


5 Demeter Stay Safe Smell Great for Him This Father’s Day set is a must have for the Dad on the go OR the Dad that stays home. He'll Stay Safe with their New Scented Pure Soap Hand Sanitizer plus 2 of his favorite men’s scents – Vetiver and New Zealand. $29

City Map Art From the city where he grew up to his favorite vacation spot, City Map Art tells a unique and personal story of the journeys he's taken throughout his life. Point Wood Design's have mapped hundreds of cities and towns all over the world. Too many to count! With over 400 city maps in stock, they probably have your city. Free shipping and no minimums make these a very special gift from the heart. $39 + up

Cococare He'll be totally touchable when he uses the

Cococare. The trusted

nutrient-rich skincare brand for over 50 years this isn’t just another year and he’s not just another dad. He deserves some pampering. $1.97 + up

The Apple and the Shady Tree Give him the gift of curling up with a good book with

The Apple and the Shady Tree, a

true story of how a Jewish New Yorker’s familial relations to the Mafia profoundly shaped her life.

They say that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” In Lisa Novick Goldberg’s memoir she explores the veracity of this proverb by examining her complicated relationship with her father, whose closest friends happen to be bosses of the Genovese crime family. $14.95

Dune Jewelry

He always talks about that beach vacation, childhood memory, or place you all meet every year. He doesn't have to wait any longer to experience his favorite spots with


Jewelry's sand from hisfavorite vacation, childhood beach house or honeymoon; Dune will hand fill these elements into jewelry that will capture that special moment forever.They have over 4,000 sands and elements from around the world. Prices vary

Indulge him Bogart's Here's looking at you kid! From the Humphrey Bogart Estate, led by Stephen Bogart, the son of Bogie and Bacall, Bogart Spirits offers a collection of award-winning spirits at their California craft distillery. Each bottle features Bogart’s name, key facts from his biography, and one of his famous quotes about drinking. Oh, and bottle! $24.99 + up

Bogart's signature is engraved in the glass of our custom made

Sleepletics He'll be dreaming about you all night long when he sleeps in the perfect combination of 5-star comfort & revolutionary technology designed for a healthier, more restful sleep.

Sleepletics Celiant

sateen weave sheets feel amazing while providing wellness benefits that support a healthy and active lifestyle. Sheet sets from $114.99


& nap PediPocket Blanket

He loves cuddling up on the sofa at the end of a hard day of work or play. Help him cuddle a little more with a patented plush fleece blanket complete with the perfect foot pocket that will embrace him after a long day, keep him comfortable at his tailgate, and give him his own cocoon as he sleeps at night. With 21 different color choices and 3 sizes, there’s a Day)

PediPocket he's bound to love.

$59 ($29 for Father's

Water Watch There's something very special about giving dad a watch. He wears it daily & thinks of you every time he looks at the time. These elegant

Water Watch

timepieces will be cherished. The company creates ethically sourced sustainably made premium watches with a conscience by helping developing communities around the world receive clean water for life! Prices vary depending upon style.

For the "good time" dad

Fire Department Coffee You know you can't talk to him before his first cup...ok, 2nd cup. But, you'll have him smiling after one sip of this coffee. Run by firefighters that give back to first responders in need,

Firehouse Coffee offers a

wide variety of spirit infused coffee (Bourbon, Rum, Tequila, Irish Whiskey) that taste great any time of day! $19.99




Rockin' Recipes for Autism He'll be cooking you dinner EVERY night with recipes from his favorite bands

“Rockin Recipes for Autism” Volume 1 Cookbook. 100% when you give him the

of the proceeds go towards We Rock for Autism, a South Florida based-nonprofit. Rock on!! $29.99

Rock his socks off (or on)

Hippy Feet Every time he wriggles his toes in

Hippy Feet socks he'll know that he is helping to provide jobs to

homeless youth. Every pair of Hippy Feet socks comes packaged by a young person experiencing homelessness who even signs the back of the packaging. That way, their customers know who their purchase helps employ! American made and eco-friendly, you'll be giving dad a gift with a story. $14 + up











1 - Help dad stay hydrated with this stylish copper water bottle from

Copper H20. In addition to its

aesthetic qualities, recent studies have shown that copper is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-viral, which makes copper water bottles ideal for an active lifestyle. $34.50

2 -

Luminoodle is the original TV backlight. Bias lighting raises the light level of the room without

creating glare on your screen. Give dad's eyes a break (and let him have the remote). $26.49 + up

3 - Dad will love these on-the-go snack by

Nature's Nosh. Slip a pack pf these Vegan, gluten-free,

dairy-free and GMO-free, with No added sugars into his golf or gym bag as a special treat. $5.50

4 - Never buy him those bottles of cold brew again. Let him make his own right at home with


Gator & his favorite java. He'll love the natural goodness and sweet flavors with no acidity like the "regular" stuff. $26.99

Bake Me a Wish This Father's Day why not reach Dad in a very sweet way by sending decadent gourmet bakery gifts from

BakeMeAWish.com? This national online gifting company with donate 5% of each order to the Meals on Wheels COVID-19 Response Fund, which helps ensure that seniors - our most at-risk population, will receive the services they need including a nutritious meal. Plus they guarantee OVERNIGHT delivery...just in case you FORGOT to get him something. $42.99 + up

Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cake


Wake him up with a piece of

Clarkson Avenue

Crumb Cake & coffee & you'll be his hero. These crumb cakes are baked fresh using a decadent family recipe from 1950s Brooklyn, NY. They come in a variety of flavors beyond the crowd pleasing classic, including blueberry, salted caramel and more! $27.99


Porto's Bakery For the dads who loves to bake and go on culinary travel adventures but can’t right

Porto’s Bakery & Café Bake at Home line. now, we have the perfect gift: the

Porto’s Bakery is an iconic stop for most culinary travelers in Los Angeles. Order sweet or savory delights for Father's Day & save a few for snacking on later. Prices vary based on product and amount

Giant Hookey Daddy, will you play with us? Yes he will when you buy this Giant Hookey set by Elite Sportz Equipment. This extra large ring toss for the wall is great for his man cave or even mounted outside on the side of the deck.

A safe alternative to darts, it's not as easy as it looks. Fun for the entire family...so much so that HE might be the one to say to the kids "will you play with me?" $54.97

Rockwell Razors Safety razors have been skyrocketing in popularity. He's been asking for one, but he's a little intimidated by their steep learning curve.

Rockwell solved this problem by introducing the first-ever safety razor with a “beginner setting� that made it impossible for newcomers to cut themselves when transitioning from plastic razors. Their patented design also let users adjust the shave to their stubble type, preferred comfort and closeness. $150


Tavour He has his routine. Put down the briefcase and go straight to the fridge for a great craft beer. Now you can turn his refrigerator to the best craft beer bar around with

Tavour. Download the app & build a custom box OR sent one of their great gift boxes of IPAs, Stouts, Sours or mixed box and they'll send the highest rated independent craft beer right to him. Gift boxes $35 + up

Magic Blanket Reduce his anxiety and stress and give him the feeling of being hugged with a weighted blanket.

The Magic

Blanket uses the magical power of "deep touch pressure stimulation" to mimic the feeling of being hugged or squeezed (that's why it's called the blanket that hugs you back!). DPT has been scientifically proven to increase serotonin and melatonin, the hormones responsible for relaxation. He'll sleep better with a hug! $110 + up


Do you always worry about where he is when he travels? The

Wearsafe Tag is a

simple yet powerful device that connects loved ones instantly to designated contacts in case of emergency or other distress. By pressing the Wearsafe Tag, an individual can send an alert to contacts in his/her mobile phone that provides real-time location and live streaming audio so that the right type of help can be coordinated immediately, providing increased peaceof-mind in unpredictable situations. Less worry for you. $149.99

Tempo Matcha Dad loves his Matcha and Tempo’s sparkling matcha beverage with Raspberry + Lime contains 25mg of CBD and 25mg of natural caffeine for a kick of energy with a balanced sense of calm. Crafted to support and enhance the body’s natural functions, and provide a solution to improve his daily performance, manage stress, and help him to relax. $19.99 for a 4-pack

editor's note These are unusual times we are living in and while many of us will not be celebrating the way that we are used to, we have found new ways to spend time to honor our fathers and grandfathers that are from the heart.. To all of the dad's out there who are taking care of their families in this time, we thank you, and to all of the brands who graciously participated in the making of this gift guide we thank you as well. Stay safe!

Zippy Sandler & Rachel Ferrucci AKA - The Compass Girls