2021 New Year's Day Guide to Brunch

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JANUARY 1, 2021


COLONY COCKTAILS "The night they invented champagne"...we were right there in spirit with Maurice Chevalier. We dream of enjoying a Soixante Quinze (French 75) Harry's.... Dreams or not, we can enjoy the essence of 1915 right at home thanks to Colony Cocktails.

"Colony was born out of a quest to live richer more enchanted lives." We are so happy that they did because Colony Cocktails has inspired us to live our fantasies of sitting in a cafe, listening to Edith Piaf while discussing art and literature on the first of the year. Okay, so maybe we're doing it at home with those we love, but it's January 2021, and we are ready for a fresh start.

Colony Cocktails are not your average canned cocktails. You'll "SIP THE STARS" as you enjoy a glass filled with The Charleston - a sophisticated wine cocktail with "a hint of lemongrass and a bittersweet lemon crispness." The Tangier - as exotic as it sounds with the mystery of meeting that stranger at the Grand Bazaar. A touch of rosemary and cardamom mingle with the tart taste of grapefruit that slides down easily and sets the stage for an interesting day. The Biarritz - Colony's version of the French 75, with that botanical and lemon that will bring back memories.


Spreading A Little Kindness One Cake At A Time

There is nothing quite like a homemade pound cake. I know it, you know it and Janie knows it. Using a family recipe developed by the real Janie and her grandmother Papu, Janie's Cakes offers bundt shaped pound cakes made using precise amounts of pure, quality ingredients. No exceptions. These fabulous breakfast treats are the perfect accompaniment to a great cup of morning coffee. Filled and topped with a variety of flavors and packed to perfection in their signature yellow and white striped box with a blue ribbon they make a great gift or the centerpiece of your New Year's brunch.

"JANIE'S CAKES MAKE ANY BREAKFAST OR BRUNCH GATHERING COME ALIVE." We tried the Cinnamon Jane and fell in LOVE with the cinnamon buttercream filled cake topped with an oat and almond granola spread. Made with all-natural farmfresh eggs, real butter, and real cane sugar we know why Janie's Cakes made the list of Oprah's Favorite things. Order one for you & another as a gift to celebrate 2021 to someone you love.


The Champagne of Coffees

We love our coffee (Zee was a big shot at a famous coffee brand & owned restaurants) so we were excited to press a pot of Ciel Café Privé Sélect. She fell in love with the perfect combo of fruit and acidity in the WushWush Heirloom that she tried. She always presses for first tastings but noted that this is a great coffee for cold brewing as well. A great way to wake up with the bright flavor, and just enough acidity to make a great iced coffee.

"CIEL COFFEE CELEBRATES THE ART AND JOY OF A GREAT CUP OF COFFEE." Ciel offers 9 varieties of exotic coffees curated from the most exceptional and highest quality available that include both varietals and blends. The coffees are beautifully packaged in vacuum-sealed bags that are accompanied by an enlightening and informative coaster. Not sure which to try? Jen Stone (the CEO) offers a concierge service to help you choose or inspire you with her Coffee Explorer Podcast.

WAIPAPA BAY WINES Waipapa Bay comes from the laid-back surf spot on the Pacific Ocean, a place of stunning, natural beauty. We dream of great New Zealand wines, and our dreams have come true with Waipapa Bay Wines that come from the premium grape growing region of Marlborough. Each of their wines offers consistency and authenticity through dedicated viticulture and winemaking that is closely monitored by Waipapa Bay owners Brent and Shirley Rawstron and their local team, resulting in fresh and balanced wines that are delicious on their own and serve as exceptional accompaniments to food.



Welcome to Branon Family Maple Orchards: “Generations of Tradition”

For us, there's nothing that says hearty New Years Day breakfast than Branon Family Maple Orchards REAL Vermont Maple Syrup on pancakes or maybe some of their Pure Maple Cream spread on a piece of crusty French bread. Tartine anyone?

"CERTIFIED ORGANIC VERMONT MAPLE SYRUP AND PURE MAPLE SYRUP PRODUCTS" With 7 generations of tradition, the Branon Family produce Maple products that range from their delicious organic maple syrup (we like it warmed up just a tad) to products that have the right touch of maple added to them like their Maple Buffalo Sauce and Declan’s Maple Cinnamon Sprinkles with just the right combination of Organic Maple Sugar and flavorful cinnamon to make any bowl of oatmeal or slice of toast delicious. Did we mention that we are obsessed knowing that they have Maple Kettle Corn? The plump Popcorn is coated with pure Vermont Organic Maple Syrup, butter, and sea salt. Perfect for curling up to watch that movie on TV later in the day.

buzzbox premium cocktails Made with real ingredients for a taste that’s smooth and mellow.

2021 is the year of the pre-packaged cocktail...with a more natural twist. buzzbox has created a juice box with an adult twist to it. You see, each buzzbox is made using top-shelf spirits, handcrafted ingredients, real fruit juices, ending up as all-natural cocktails. Now that's MY kind of boxed drink. Offerings include Perfect Margarita Classic Greyhound Long Island Classic Cosmo Cuban Mojito Bloody Mary Whiskey Lemonade Hurricane Vodka Lemonade So, grab a box and SHAKE IT BABY!

Sunnyland Pecans & Gourmet Nuts Start your healthy New Year's journey by keeping Sunnyland nuts in the house for snacking.

New Year's morning would be incomplete without decadent baked goods like this delicious Pecan Pie Muffins recipe from Sunnyland Farms. It is the perfect treat to enjoy while you write down your resolutions. To save time in the morning, bake them on New Year's Eve or premake the mix so all you have to do is put them in the oven! All you need are basic pantry items and Sunnyland Large Pecan Pieces to make this quick and easy recipe! CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE. This 1,760 acre Georgia pecan farm strives to do everything with excellence and once you bite into one of their pecans you'll KNOW that they got excellence right. We just want some of their whole pecans to enjoy later in the day as well.


All of the taste with none of the tradeoffs.

When four friends tried to mix up some mimosas on a tippy boat off the coast of Cape Cod, it resulted in a MESS! But we all know that necessity is the mother of invention! Mimosas are the backbone of brunch, especially on New Year's Day. Instead of worrying about stocking up on orange juice and a bubbly, Ohza Mimosa will provide a simple solution that is truly grab and go for your guests. It's a ready-to-drink mimosa that comes in four brunch ready flavors. Made with 100% real juices and premium bubbly, this canned cocktail is created to provide the perfect pour for everyone by offering the perfect bubbly-to-juice ratio. Great for your New Year's Day brunch, Sunday brunch, or ANY get-togethers with friends & family, Ohza Mimosa is available in Classic Mimosa Mango Mimosa Cranberry Mimosa Classic Bellini All I can say is....I'll have another PLEASE. .

editors notes

New Year's Day is the time for fresh starts. 2020 was one for the books and frankly, we're happy to be saying goodbye to it. We know that our lives have forever been changed by the past year, and while it was a trying year, we learned a lot about ourselves and how we love to live in the moment. We hope that you take New Year's morning to write down your goals and dreams and to make sure that you celebrate each day the way that it should be celebrated. This is why our first of the year brunch is so important to us. It is our celebration of life and love for the coming year and serves as a reminder to live in the moment each and every day. We raise a glass to you and wish you a happy and healthy 2021. Love, Rach & Zee, The Compass Girls