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monthLy foOd clubs The gifts that keep coming. Give a subscription to great tasting, traditional food.


Z Club Rules of Order 1) Big appetite required. 2) Guaranteed to taste fabulous. 3) Gastronomes young, old, experienced or not—all are welcome.

5) First shipment arrives on the day you desire. Future shipments arrive every 4 weeks (except Culinary Adventure Society, which has pre-scheduled arrival dates).

4) Free shipping and handling. $10 extra per shipment for orders shipping to Alaska or Hawaii.

“I salivate for Zingerman's.” Drew Barrymore

"Fantastic gift!" Bobby Flay

it's betTer with bacon

When Pigs Fly: American Bacon Club Six to date. That’s how many vegetarians I know who’ve fallen off the bandwagon thanks to bacon. I’m not using that as a proposal for torturing anyone. I’m just saying a food alluring enough to break a strong will is worth trying a lot of. We’ll ship to your lucky recipient from October to April, just in time for weekend frying. This is our bestselling food club.

Each shipment contains bacon stories, histories, recipes and great bacon. Three Months

Six Months



Applewood Smoked Kentucky Dry Cured Arkansas Peppered

Previous Bacons plus Virginia Dry Cured Tennessee Dry Cured Long Pepper

G-BAC-3 $99


G-BAC-6 $189

Get the Book

P-ARI-10 $29.99 Add Zingerman's Guide to Better Bacon to complete the porcine experience.


Free awesome Pig Magnet with first club shipment

Our Guarantee If you experience a problem with one of our products, customer service, shipping, or you just don't like how it tastes, please let us know. We'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

Winner of TV Food Network Food Club Award!

Zingerman's premier club

Culinary Adventure Society

The right gift for that friend or client who thinks they’re the Indiana Jones of the culinary world. No rolling boulders here, but four times a year we’ll send a big box of eight to ten food surprises. Based on our most up to date food research and travel, perhaps they’ll taste olio nuovo, a coveted bottle of great olive oil, just pressed. Maybe a cheese from one of America’s small dairies so regional it rarely leaves its neighborhood. Or maybe the latest invention from Zingerman’s Bakehouse, only available in Ann Arbor. All foods in the Culinary Adventure Society will be exclusively selected for its members. We’ll include a collection of writing on the food history and culture plus serving suggestions. Bonus: free, autographed copy of Zingerman’s Guide to Good Eating book with the first shipment. It’s guaranteed to impress and put its recipient on the cutting edge of taste-bud territory. 1 Time G-1-Z $175

2 Times G-2-Z $325

4 Times (year) G-4-Z $600




stocking STufFer

liquid nougat

Crema di Torrone

la dolce societÀ

Zingerman’s Italian Sweets Club Italians do a mesmerizing job merging chocolate with other traditional sweets. With this club you’ll get to taste three different styles. Starting in the north of Italy, we’ll ship Venchi’s amazing chocolate-and-hazelnut gianduja from Piedmont. Next, from the south, Favella’s Chocolate Covered Clementines from Calabria. We’ll finish in Sicily with Bonajuto’s 19th Century unconched chocolate truffles with red pepper. Only 100 installments available—order yours quick.

Italian Sweets Club

G-ISC 3 monthly shipments $100 FREE SHIPPING

Chocolate and Hazelnut Gianduja Clementines in Chocolate Sicilian Red Pepper Truffles

Imagine you take Northern Italy’s famous hazelnut nougat and make it the texture of melted ice cream. Then you’ve got crema di torrone. And boy, are you in business. Watch out, ice cream. Watch out, morning toast. Watch out, pancakes or crepes. In its home region of Piedmont it’s often added to a cup of coffee, so coffee better watch out, too. As I’m writing this I’m dipping strawberries in it, which is utterly delicious. P-CTO 100 g jar $12 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

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American Cheese Club Twenty years ago you could count the number of great American cheeses on two hands. Maybe that’s exaggerating, but not by much. Back then, being a small-scale cheesemaker was like being a beekeeper—a strange hobby with little reward or recognition. Half the cheesemakers crafted nearly identical tiny wheels of goat’s milk cheese, which, given that we had no American goat cheese tradition to speak of, cheese shops insisted on calling chèvre, the French word for goat. If you went into any serious cheese shop in America in 1994, chances are the only American cheeses you found were chèvres and cheddars. Have things ever changed. This monthly club celebrates some of our favorite cheesemakers. Some are new. Some of them have been around for a long time. And while their cheeses may not be traditional in the European sense of having been made the same way for over a century, they’re all made by hand, using traditional methods, often with milk from the herd they milk themselves, something fewer and fewer European makers can claim.

Included in Every Shipment Profiles of the Makers, Serving Tips, 2 cheeses totaling over one pound.

Three Month Bread Memberships 2 loaves per month 1 loaf per month G-1-3, $60

G-2-3, $90



Roadhouse Bread

Roadhouse & Sourdough


Chile Cheddar & Paesano

Chocolate Sourdough

Chocolate Sourdough & Farm Bread

Six Month Memberships 1 loaf per month 2 loaves per month


G-1-6, $120

G-2-6, $179



Roadhouse Bread Paesano Chocolate Sourdough Farm Bread Better Than San Francisco Sourdough Pecan Raisin

Roadhouse & Sourdough Bacon Farm & Paesano Chocolate Sourdough & Farm Bread Parmesan Pepper & Jewish Rye 8-Grain 3-Seed & Cinnamon Raisin Pecan Raisin & French Mountain Bread

Four Installments G-AMC $199 FREE SHIPPING

British Influence Great Lakes Cheshire Cabot Clothbound Cheddar

The Blues Bayley Hazen Dunbarton Blue

Table Cheeses Landaff Bellweather Carmody

Wisconsin Pleasant Ridge Reserve Marieke Gouda

FOR THE love OF LOAF Bread of the Month Club

Our bread is magical. When you walk into Zingerman’s Delicatessen it’s the first thing you see. It’s what you smell. You can’t resist when you’re invited to taste. If you’re worried that someone will think you’re a little crazy for sending bread through the mail, it may reassure you to know that you’re not alone. We send thousands of loaves to bread lovers nationwide. It’s considered by many to be some of the finest bread made anywhere. A real treat.

Our Guarantee If you experience a problem with one of our products, customer service, shipping, or you just don't like how it tastes, please let us know. We'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

from dAiry to cave to tAble

Zingerman’s Artisan Monthly Cheese Club Zingerman’s Cheese Club is a chance for you to let someone you know “visit” some of the most incredible dairies and aging caves in Europe and America. Each month we’ll hand cut, wrap and assemble a box of three choice cheeses (at least a pound total), add a loaf of our artisan bread and include loads of detailed notes describing where the cheeses are from, how they’re made and how to serve them. We focus each shipment on a specific country and a specific style of cheesemaking. At the end the recipient will have a cheese education that's hard to find these days, including a deep understanding of cheesemaking styles and how to serve and pair the cheese.

First Three Months

Next Three Months





Cave Aged Taleggio Parmigiano-Reggiano Fontina Val d’Aosta

L’Étivaz Antique Gruyère Extra Aged Emmental



Ossau French Mountain Cheese Camembert Fort St. Antoine Comté

Great Lakes Cheshire Bayley Hazen Blue Pleasant Ridge Reserve



G-CHE-3 $190

Farmhouse Mahón Aged Manchego Aged Zamorano

The most dangerOus foOD club in aMerIcA

G-CHE-6 $360

Raw Milk Stilton Montgomery’s Farmhouse Cheddar Kirkham’s Lancashire

Forbidden Foods Club

A monthly subscription to diet-busting, allergy-inducing, religious-lawbreaking foods.

First 3 Months

Next 3 Months



Kosher Katastrof

Lactose Intolerance

G-FFC-3 $125

G-FFC-6 $240

Broadbent Sausage Arkansas Peppered Bacon Mo's Bacon Bar

Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese Farmhouse Gouda Cheese Great Lakes Cheshire Cheese

Anaphylactic Armageddon

Hypertensive Episode

Koeze Cream-Nut Peanut Butter Zingerman’s Butter Toasted Peanuts Zzang!® Original Bar with Peanuts

Sea-salt Topped Pecan Blondie Celtic Sea Salt Caramels Salt-cured Salami

High Fat Holiday

Know Carbs

Buenos Aires Dulce de Leche Brownie Rabitos Chocolate Covered Figs Manchester Double Cream Cheese

Paesano Bread Farm Bread 3 pound round Ginger Jump-Up Molasses Cookie

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send them to the olive groves

Zingerman’s Estate Olive Oil Club In Ann Arbor, folks line up to attend our olive oil tasting evenings. Here’s a chance to get someone in on the action. Each shipment contains a half-liter bottle of great olive oil, a loaf of our Paesano Bread, great for ripping and dipping, plenty of research on how the oil was made and suggestions for using it in the kitchen. Bonus: first shipment includes a handmade ceramic terraced dipping dish and a keepsake Z Clubs folder to hold the copious notes we include in each box. Two Months G-OCC-2 $130

Four Months G-OCC-4 $250

Six Months G-OCC-6 $350




Terraced Ceramic Dipping Dish, plus

The previous two oils, plus

The previous four oils, plus

Marina Colonna’s Oil from the Molise

La Spineta from the Pellegrino family in Puglia

Roi from the Boeri family in Liguria

Elvio Olave’s Frantoio Oil from Chile

Clos de la Torre Olive Oil from Spain

Yellingbo from the Meltzer family in Australia

continuous cake, a great corporate gift Monthly Coffeecake Club

Our coffeecakes aren’t built on any secrets. They’re also not built from too much sugar, shortening or other shortcuts that mar the flavor of many “gourmet” pastries. These are a product of great ingredients and a lot of tender care. Their honest flavor is easy to enjoy and kind of addictive. They’re our most popular gift. This club is a great way to give someone a chance to enjoy all of our coffeecakes, one per month. Just as they start to miss what they finished a fresh one arrives. Your succulent sentiments will be hard to forget. A gift subscription makes a great professional present. Each cake serves 5-7.


Three Months G-C-3 $109


Sourcream Gingerbread Hot Cocoa

Six Months G-C-6 $199


Previous Three plus Tea Cake Buckwheat Honeycake Lemon Poppyseed

Our Guarantee If you experience a problem with one of our products, customer service, shipping, Our If youitexperience a problem with We'll one of products, customer service, shipping, or Guarantee you just don't like how tastes, please let us know. doour whatever it takes to make it right. or you just don't like how it tastes, please let us know. We'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

Christmas coOkie Box Fancy Schmancy Holiday Cookies

This gift box has three different styles of Christmas cookies baked with all-natural ingredients and gift boxed at Zingerman’s Bakehouse. Toasted Pecan Butter Balls, Orange Anise Shortbread and Chocolate Cherry Chewies with Valrhona chocolate and dried cherries from Traverse City. P-TIN 18 cookie gift box $20 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

our best-selLing hOliday CAke Zingerman’s Holiday Stollen

Our delicious German style holiday cake is a long-standing Zingerman’s holiday tradition for folks looking for unique dessert ideas, great gifts and fine food for weekend brunch. If you haven’t had Stollen and wonder what all the fuss is about, just take a look at the ingredients: real butter, Bacardi® white rum, glacéed lemons and oranges, dried cherries, fresh lemon and orange zest, fresh lemon juice, almonds, golden raisins, Red Flame raisins, organic Mexican vanilla beans and our very scent-sual Indonesian cinnamon. G-STO gift boxed stollen, serves 6-8 $40 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

italy's tradition, made in anN arbor Zingerman’s Panettone

Panettone is the spiritual opposite of those leaden fruitcakes everyone jokes about. It’s a feather light golden cake dotted with toasted almonds and slivers of succulent dried fruit, all scented with a generous dose of vanilla. It’s guaranteed to get a rousing round of “oohs” and “aahs” wherever you bring it. Enjoy it as an afternoon snack with coffee, after dinner, or, as a very decadent “bread” for French toast. If angels get to have holiday cake, this is probably the one they pick. Available December 1-31. P-PAN gift wrapped panettone, serves 8-10 $40 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Selezione 500 Olive Oil

stocking STufFer

Marta Rosol’s standard-bearing olive oil from Puglia, made exclusively from trees over five hundred years old. Perfect for the quingentenarian on your gift list. The flavor kicks like a live electric cable with red pepper on the tongue and aromas of cherry and grass. O-SEL 100 ml tin $10 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

holiday dinNer lOAf Luxury

Zingerman’s Holiday Bread Box Our holiday bread box contains Farm Bread, Cranberry Pecan, Roadhouse and Chocolate Sourdough Breads. G-HBB holiday bread box $55 Four more Bread Boxes, featuring hand made, hearth baked loaves from Zingerman’s Bakehouse. Page 22-25.

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more than you think Gingerbread Coffeecake

This little number has a lot going on, flavor-wise. While gingerbread’s dark, mysterious flavor appeals to almost all ages and taste preferences, we make it even more attractive with an array of excellent ingredients: crystallized and ground ginger, lots of dark molasses, a bit of brewed coffee, a splash of fresh orange juice, Indonesian cinnamon, cloves and (my personal favorite) Balinese long pepper. It makes a coffeecake that’s a little spicy, very aromatic and richly textured. Like nothing else around, a huge hit among holiday gift givers. G-GGC-L fresser gift boxed in wooden crate $50 G-GGC-S nosher gift boxed in wooden crate $36 A-GGC-S nosher gift boxed in cartoon box $28 EACH SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

nOt tOo swEet Hot Cocoa Coffeecake

It’s easy to imagine chocolate coffeecake is going to taste too sweet. That’s one of the reasons we went with cocoa instead. A very special cocoa, made for us by Scharffen Berger. It is more complex and elegantly excellent than any cocoa I’ve ever tried. And like a cup of well-made cocoa this is a cake you can adore any time. It’s always a welcome table guest: with morning coffee, with afternoon tea or with a scoop of ice cream to top off a long day before you head off to bed. G-COA-L fresser gift boxed in wooden crate $50 G-COA-S nosher gift boxed in wooden crate $36 A-COA-S nosher gift boxed in cartoon box $28 EACH SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

lost in the marketplace Lemon Poppy Seed Coffeecake Maybe the most underrated baked good we make. It’s the secret sunrise snack of Zingerman’s regulars who happily bypass bagels and muffins for a slice. Made with fresh lemon juice, real lemon oil, loads of real butter and vanilla, plus a veritable passel of Dutch poppy seeds. With none of the artificial aftertaste that most lemon-flavored pastries have, it tastes like biting into a perfect morning: sunny, rich, delicious. G-LMC-L fresser gift boxed in wooden crate $50 G-LMC-S nosher gift boxed in wooden crate $36 A-LMC-S nosher gift boxed in cartoon box $28 EACH SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

european accent Deluxe Almond Coffeecake

A smooth, all-natural almond paste gives this cake a captivating aroma. It reminds me of some of the great European desserts of the Mediterranean, especially from Portugal and Sicily, but with a moist, dense, all-American texture. With a thin, buttery crust and a bright, nutty flavor that feels like you're spending the afternoon by the sea. A-ALM-S nosher gift boxed in cartoon box $35 G-ALM-S nosher gift boxed in wooden crate $45 EACH SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE


Our Guarantee If you experience a problem with one of our products, customer service, shipping, or you just don't like how it tastes, please let us know. We'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

Our top sellers, year after year, for the past two decades. You won't find a better coffeecake anywhere. These are made with loads of fresh butter, hand-cracked eggs, and real sour cream. We don't use a lot of icing or sugar so you can really taste the difference.

Fressers serve 10-12 Noshers serve 5-7

most popular

Sourcream Coffeecake

Triple threat

Triple Coffeecake Temptation Three nosher sized cakes, housed in a our wooden crate. Makes a great professional present. Serves 15-21. G-NC3 sourcream, hot cocoa, gingerbread G-SOL sourcream, gingerbread, lemon poppy seed G-LSC lemon poppy seed, gingerbread, hot cocoa

$90 $90 $90


A legend. This is a Zingerman’s classic and perennially one of our most popular gifts. Rich, moist Sourcream Coffeecake, loaded with Indonesian cinnamon and toasted walnuts, baked in a traditional bundt pan. Like all our coffeecakes it’s sent in our handsome, reusable wooden ZingCrate. All in all, it’s very impressive, extremely delicious. And it lasts. A week or two after delivery, wrapped, it’ll still be soft and scrumptious, melting in the mouths of a family or hungry office staff. In theory at least. Personally, I’ve never seen one last more than an hour or two. G-SCC-L fresser, serves 10-12 $50 G-SCC-S nosher, serves 5-7 $36 A-SCC-S nosher gift boxed in cartoon box $28 G-TEA-S nosher without nuts & cinnamon (tea cake) in wooden crate $36 A-TEA-S nosher tea cake in cartoon box $28 EACH SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

cofFEecake's Cousin Cinnful Cinnamon Roll Gift Box

Almost anyone can make a cinnamon roll smell good while it’s baking, even among the cell phone kiosks at the mall. Unfortunately, most have little more than aroma to offer. You won’t taste much beyond sugar and cinnamon. The real challenge is to fashion a cinnamon roll that tastes as good as it smells. These fit the bill. Warm them up, break one open and put your nose up close. You’ll smell sweet butter, Indonesian cinnamon, real vanilla. But the real treat is next. Take one bite. That’s all you’ll need to forget the litany of cinnamon roll disappointments life has dealt you. Our handsome round wooden gift box includes ten cinnamon rolls baked in a reusable metal tin with serving instructions. G-CIN ten roll gift box $40 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE Where you see this, items ship for $9.99 flat rate per address. Combine with other flat rate items and the price is the same.

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Our bEst selLEr The Weekender

This is a great all-purpose gift, built from foods the recipient can snack on right out of the box. Whatever the occasion, folks will dig right in. The Weekender, hand assembled in our cartooned gift box (illustrated) has a loaf of Zingerman’s Artisan Bread, a couple of Brownies (Walnut-studded Magic Brownie and a Caramel Dulce de Leche Buenos Aires Brownie), a French-Style Salami, a jar of Raye’s Down East Schooner Mustard, two jars of British Preserves, a half pound of 1 Year Aged Zingerman’s Vermont Cheddar and a nosher-sized version of our extremely popular, extremely good Sourcream Coffeecake. G-WEE weekender gift box $75 The Long Weekender, packed in a handsome wooden crate, includes all the items in the Weekender plus Zingerman’s freshly roasted Coffee, Smooch Lion Natural Gummies, Zingerman’s Peanut Brittle, Spanish Chocolate Covered Figs and our Chocolate Sourdough Bread. G-LWE long weekender $175

you've got brunch covered

Holiday Brunch Box

Want to be the greatest house guest ever? Give someone the best Christmas or New Year’s brunch they’ve ever had. A colossal collection, including: a mini Zingerman’s Sourcream Coffeecake and a mini Hot Cocoa Coffeecake, an assortment of 6 of our Handmade Scones, Farrell Fruit Strawberry Preserves, Devon Cream, a pound of Zingerman’s Creamery’s award-winning Cream Cheese, Washington State Fireweed Honey, real Maple Syrup from Vermont, a pound of Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Bacon and a pound of Broadbent Sausage, a loaf each of Cinnamon Raisin and 8-Grain 3-Seed Bread, a small Zingerman’s Stollen, Stone Ground Irish Oatmeal, Grateful Ed's Pancake mix, a bag of freshly roasted Zingerman’s Coffee, Earl Grey Tea and Spanish Hot Cocoa. It’s a regular Zingerman’s tradition, sure to cement everyone’s currently shaky understanding that you are the world’s greatest forethinker. Serves 12-15, easily. G-CHR christmas morning brunch box $330 FREE ONE BUSINESS DAY OVERNIGHT SHIPPING

south american coOkie sensaTion Maitelates Alfajores

A Latin sensation created in Michigan by Chilean expat Maite Zubía. An alfajor (plural alfajores) is many things around the world, but here we’re talking about the traditional Chilean cookie. Two wafers sandwich a thin layer of dulce de leche caramel cream and the entire treat is enrobed in chocolate. All the parts are handmade, from cooking down local milk to make the dulce de leche, to baking the biscuits, to dipping half the collection in dark chocolate from Mindo, a Michigan chocolate maker, and half in milk chocolate. Each is hand wrapped. They make a charming gift. P-ALF 12 alfajores gift boxed $40 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE


Our Guarantee If you experience a problem with one of our products, customer service, shipping, or you just don't like how it tastes, please let us know. We'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

the envy of cheEse lovers everywhere Cheeses of the World Gift Crate

There aren’t many cheesemongers in America who put together a cheese selection like this. Few take the time to discover, select, age, care for and cut each cheese to order like we do. All the little steps add up. You can taste the difference. Five cheeses weigh in over two lbs, serving 10-12. Packed in our wooden ZingCrate along with a loaf of Zingerman's bread. The BEGINNER ASSORTMENT focuses on five great, well aged versions of familiar cheeses. The EXPERIENCED ASSORTMENT gathers five more rare and adventurous cheese finds. G-COW-A beginner cheeses of the world $85 G-COW-B experienced cheeses of the world $100 The RUSTIC ITALIAN OLIVE WOOD SERVING BOARD is highly recommended. Handmade in Liguria, cut across the tree on the bias, rubbed and cured with olive oil. P-BRD serving board, about one foot long $60 SERVING BOARD SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

stocking STufFer

keEp your Stockings On

Christmas Goodies Gift Box

This box probably won’t fit into their stocking. But it’s so good looking and tasty they might want to hide it anyway. Make everyone jealous by sending our signature wooden gift box filled with an Original Zzang!® Handmade Candy Bar, our mini Hot Cocoa Coffeecake, Spanish Chocolate Covered Figs, a half pound of our 1 Year Vermont Cheddar, a small Zingerman’s Stollen, a tin of Spiced Pecans and a loaf of our Chocolate Sourdough. G-CGG christmas goodies gift box $100

SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE Where you see this, items ship for $9.99 flat rate per address. Combine with other flat rate items and the price is the same.

Chocolate Covered Torrone David Barbero’s unequaled crispy, crumbly hazelnut-andhoney nougat, covered in dark chocolate, packed in a classic graphic tin. From the Piedmont in Northern Italy. P-CTN 8 pieces per tin $15 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

make your own moZzarelLA Home Cheesemaking Kit

Easy to follow instructions make this a great gift for kids, cheese lovers and families that cook together. My first attempt took less than an hour and produced a fine looking mozzarella ball that I quickly turned into a salad with tomatoes, fresh basil and olive oil. Makes 30 batches. P-HCK home cheesemaking kit $36 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

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We have a few of these limited edition holiday foods still in stock. Get yours quick!

ancient sweetneSs

spanish sweet

These almond cookies have been made by the same family in Northern Italy for almost three centuries. Each cookie is individually wrapped in beautiful wax bakery paper. P-ACC 20 cookies in tin $25

Tender, sweet parito figs, dried, filled with soft chocolate truffle cream and a hint of liquer. All dipped in dark chocolate and individually wrapped. P-RAB-9 9 fig gift box $17 P-RAB 16 fig gift box $25



pirate booty

having visions

Dark Italian chocolate, smooth as crushed velvet, filled with rum. Pop it in your mouth whole, the liquor runs down your throat like molten lava. P-HGU 10 pieces $45

Greengage plums, sugared and nestled in a wooden crate with care. An English Christmas tradition that's hard to find in the U.S. P-UGA 9 in wood crate $40



pingo de mel

southern italian citrus

So named because they drip sugar when they’re ripe—how lovely is that? The texture is like candied chestnut but not as chalky. The flavor is like caramelized chestnut honey. P-HFG 9 figs in wood crate $40

Our legendary holiday best-seller is back. Luscious wedges of Calabrian clementine, candied, then dipped in dark chocolate. Heart stopping. P-CIC 12 pieces $35

Amaretti del Chiostro

Rum Chocolates

Preserved Honey Figs

Chocolate Dipped Figs


Clementines in Chocolate



ancient trade

worth the crawl

Bonajuto has been making chocolate since 1880. It is vintage unchonched chocolate, the texture gritty and crunchy, not smooth, here as little truffles spiked with red pepper. P-BON-TRU 20 truffle box $35

Candied chestnuts are a European holiday classic. Cheap versions abound. Ours are from Northern Italy, the best I’ve ever tried. P-MRN box of 8 $45

Red Pepper Truffles

Marrons Glacés




Our Guarantee If you experience a problem with one of our products, customer service, shipping, or you just don't like how it tastes, please let us know. We'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

Cheese Passports You pick the country. We’ll head to our cheese cave and take care of the rest. We take deep pride in sourcing and offering a small but excellent collection of cheeses, tending them in our cave, cutting them to order by hand and sending them with careful packaging so they arrive in great condition. The full force of our guarantee stands behind each. If you don’t like a cheese for any reason—even if you think it's in fine condition, but you just don’t like how it tastes—we’ll refund your hard earned money or send you something you'll enjoy. Makes a great gift for any cheese lover you know, including you.


Matured beyond what you’ll normally find in the USA, these four cheeses, including Antique Gruyère and Parmigiano-Reggiano, are often the cheesemaker’s favorites. And mine. G-CCP with artisan bread $80 G-N-CCP with crackers $80 CRACKER VERSION SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Four Italian cheeses that taste astounding—we always include at least two perennial favorites like Farmhouse Parmigiano-Reggiano and Piave. G-ITA with artisan bread $80 G-N-ITA with crackers $80 CRACKER VERSION SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

"Exceptional!" Marge, North Haven, CT

Our most popular Passport. We’ll include a fab foursome, with English Farmhouse Cheddar, Raw Milk Stilton and others, all selected by Neal’s Yard Dairy, England’s premiere cheese exporter. G-BRI with artisan bread $80 G-N-BRI with crackers $80 CRACKER VERSION SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE


Four French cheeses, shipped direct to us from the farm and aging cave. We’ll assemble an homage to affinage with greats like Comté from Fort St. Antoine, Camembert and more. G-FRE with artisan bread $80 G-N-FRE with crackers $80 CRACKER VERSION SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

The Zingerman’s Cheese Passport I enjoy most—a collection of mountain cheeses—is a ticket for tastebud travel that I never tire of. I love cheeses like these; they’re often on my short list of favorites for their long aging and big, bold flavors. We’ll include samples of four mountain cheeses, including Antique Gruyère and Comté and other well-aged wedges. G-MTN with artisan bread $80 G-N-MTN with crackers $80

We’ll pick four of our best-tasting American cheeses, like Zingerman’s 1 Year Aged Vermont Cheddar from Grafton Village, Landaff from New Hampshire and others that are remaking the image of American cheese. G-AME with artisan bread $80 G-N-AME with crackers $80 CRACKER VERSION SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE


Four cheeses, wrapped in our special cheese paper


The cheese weighs in at about a pound and a half, which serves 7-10 as appetizers in one sitting; lasts at least two weeks in the refrigerator


Zingerman's Bread or Artisan Crackers


Cheese care and serving help

Call 888 636 8162 9am-10pm ET Every Day

+ Colorful packaging


Mountain Mamas Antique Alpage Gruyère Made only in summer high in the alps and aged many months more than the usual half year that most gruyére gets. Imagine the flavor of the gruyére you know now but ten times more delicious and infinitely more interesting. Smooth, with the spiciness of a great Rhine wine. C-GRU ½ lb hand cut wedge $14 by the pound $26 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Comté from Fort St. Antoine France’s most renowned mountain cheese, selected for us by Essex Street Cheese Co. from the caves of legendary Jura affineur Maison Marcel Petite. Fudgy texture, well balanced, never bitey flavor, with a buttery, hazelnut taste that grows on the tongue and slowly expands to fill your entire mouth. C-COM ½ lb hand cut wedge $20 by the pound $38 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Ths Comté "...looks like silk and dissolves smoothly on the tongue." Janet Fletcher, San Francisco Chronicle Piave from Northeast Italy This rarely tasted traditional cheese made high in the mountains of northern Italy has been one of my favorite eating cheeses for years. We buy wheels with a little more age on them than most. Piave has the smoothness of cheddar, the texture of Parmigiano-Reggiano and the mellowness of sweet mountain butter. Flavor wise, think of a good Parmigiano-Reggiano, with a little kick of sweet mountain gruyère. C-PIA ½ lb hand cut wedge $13 by the pound $25 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

L'étivaz from Switzerland L'Étivaz is made essentially as gruyère was one hundred years ago. It’s made only when the cows are doing their summer grazing in Alpine pastures in mountain meadows filled with wild flowers and herbs. It must be made in traditional copper cauldrons and only over open wood fires. The resulting cheese is superb: a bit creamier, less sharp than the abovementioned Antique Gruyère, yet exceptionally smooth and flavorful. Aged for over a year, it has a firm texture, a meltin-your-mouth butteriness and a lingering lilt of succulent Swiss mountain cream. C-LET ½ lb hand cut wedge $19 by the pound $36 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE


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The Kings of Parmesan Farmhouse Parmigiano-Reggiano Not all the wheels that bear the world famous Parmigiano-Reggiano name are created equal. There are big differences from one to the next. This one is made by a dairy nearly 2,000 feet up in the hills outside of Modena, Italy. The high altitude makes for plenty of diversity in the grasses, herbs and flowers growing in the cows’ pastures. This means that the milk—and therefore your cheese—is full of the pastures' complex flavors. The wheels are aged for a minimum of two years (33% longer than the Consorzio minimum). Most important, the finished cheese has a really rich, wonderfully complex flavor with a lovely, long finish and none of that bitterness or mouthburn that often mars the final flavor of others. Wrapped well, it lasts for weeks. C-PAR 1 lb hand cut for dinner $32 2 lbs hand cut to save $60 4 lbs for an addict $110 8 lbs to share $200 80 lb wheel $1,800 80 lb wheel hand delivered by Mo $2,500 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Cravero Parmigiano-Reggiano: The Eater's Cheese Giorgio Cravero's fifth generation firm in Bra, Italy, has been selecting Parmigiano-Reggiano since 1855. He chooses wheels that are sweet and light, with a lusciousness that prompts you to reach for another piece just about the time you finish the first. If you haven't tried Parmigiano as an eating cheese before, this is the place to start. C-VER ½ lb hand cut piece $18 by the pound $34 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

tuscany's SheEp Cheese Pecorino di Toscano

The most popular cheese in Tuscany. Chances are if you've had dinner in Florence or Siena, this made an appearance, maybe hidden, grated in the dish, which is one reason why it belongs on this page next to Parmigiano-Reggiano. It’s an excellent alternative to Parmesan as a grating cheese. Use it alone or mix it with Parmigiano, half and half. Made from sheep's milk, this sweet, nutty cheese is perfect on pasta, with fava beans or served alongside some good salami and prosciutto. You can usually buy it quite young, when it's still soft. We prefer it at about eight to twelve months old—like this one—when its bolder flavors come through. C-TOS ½ lb hand cut wedge $13 by the pound $25 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

cheese accompaniments Chestnut Honey Like caramel flavored flowers, one of my favorite honeys to serve with cheese. P-CHE 17 oz jar $17 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Pickled Raisins Golden raisins cured in cider vinegar with mustard seed, thyme, chili and bay leaf. Excellent with cheeses. P-PCK 9 oz jar $15 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Mostarda d'uva A thick, savory-sweet cheese condiment from Piedmont made from grapes, quince, pears and loads of spices P-MOS 220 g jar $22 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

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Young Americans Great Lakes Cheshire John Loomis first tried making Great Lakes Cheshire in Ann Arbor twenty years ago. In spite of being a delicious cheese he couldn’t make it work, probably in part because it was a somewhat obscure cheese. The American artisan cheese movement—and the American artisan cheese eater—has come a long way since then. My fellow cheese eaters, you are ready for it now, I can feel it. Cheshire is originally an English cheese with a tangy, citrusy flavor and a lovely crumble to its texture. (In fact, we carry the last traditional farmhouse Cheshire from Appleby's in England.) John’s Cheshire has a bit more earthiness than the English variety, but it’s still a recognizable relative. It’s great on its own, but it really shines when it’s on Farm Bread toast, melted just a bit under the broiler. Great Lakes Cheshire may have a bit of blue mold inside. It is entirely natural and complements its flavor nicely. C-GLC ½ lb $19 by the pound $37 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Pleasant Ridge Reserve

Marieke Gouda Made by Marieke Penterman in Thorp, Wisconsin, this rivals the Netherlands' best cheeses in depth of flavor, complexity and balance. We select wheels aged on pine planks for a full year. They have an irresistibly delicious balance of rich, dense, sweet and savory creaminess with little crunchy flavor crystals that are a sign of great flavor. C-MKE ½ lb hand cut wedge $16 by the pound $30

Mike Gingrich and his crew make this farmhouse cheese using the milk of their mixed herd of 140 cows only when they're out to pasture. Production is small, especially since their herd gives a very low yield. They make up for volume with flavor. It's the kind of cheese that ages well; we select wheels aged a few months more than what you'll find on almost any other cheese counter in America. It’s special reserve stock, the flavor more intense, and to me it catapults Pleasant Ridge to the ranks of the top cheeses in the world. Balanced caramel flavor, long lasting finish. C-PRR ½ lb hand-cut wedge $19 by the pound $37 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE


Bayley Hazen Blue from Vermont A stellar cheese that reminds me a bit of raw milk Stilton, not too much of a surprise since Mateo learned some of his craft working with Neal’s Yard Dairy in London. The air that enters forms the blue mold which sends veins throughout the cheese, softening its texture, magnifying its flavor. To me, its the texture that is the real treat. Andy calls it “a cross between butter and chocolate,” and he’s not stretching it. Frankly, for blue cheese lovers, it’s irresistible. C-BYZ ½ lb hand cut $18 by the pound $34


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British Originals Raw Milk Stilton The only traditional raw milk Stilton in the world. Working in the cheese’s home county of Nottinghamshire, Joe Schneider turns 2,440 liters of fresh milk from the farm's herd into Stichelton every day. The curds are hand ladled before being set into forms and drained. Later, they're pierced with needles, and the famous blueing begins. Four to six months later we taste the result: an exquisite, legendary blue with broad, buttery flavors that linger well into the evening. Selected by Neal’s Yard Dairy just for us. C-TCH ½ lb hand cut $22 1 lb $40

Montgomery’s Cheddar If you’re a cheddar lover, this is probably the closest thing to the original cheddar being made on the planet. From the birthplace of cheddar, it’s still made on the farm where the cows graze, it’s still wrapped in cloth, like cheeses were before wax and cryovac came around. The flavor is grassy, beefy, a total revelation if you’ve never had it before. Don’t wait any longer. C-EFC ½ lb, hand cut $20 1 lb $39 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Slate Cheese Board This slate—textured and shadowed— makes it drop dead gorgeous. Choose from two shapes, quarried and cut from New York state. P-S712 7 by 12 inch board $29 P-S518 5 by 18 inch board $39 EACH SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

instant heirloOm

Rory Conner's Irish Cheese Knives Rory makes some of the most beautiful cheese knives I've ever used. They feature richly dyed hardwood over a sturdy, gorgeous stainless steel blade. These old fashioned tools have a heft and weight that are satisfying from the moment you hold one. They are not twee. In Rory's own words, "They're built like a brick #%*&house." They will become an instant heirloom. Zingerman's exclusive. P-ROR 4 inch twin pronged blade, boxed $200 FREE SHIPPING P-RYR 3 inch paddle knife, boxed $200 FREE SHIPPING

Olivewood Board Cut to exaggerate olive wood's lovely grain. One of my favorite ways to serve cheese. From Liguria in Northern Italy. P-BRD approx 1 foot long $60 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

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Fine Fishes Bonito Tuna from Spain Tuna is one of the most popular foods we sell. It may seem surprising because here in the U.S., tinned tuna is a low-end commodity usually sold in supermarkets. In Spain it’s at the complete opposite of the culinary spectrum. Tuna in tins, especially these from the fourth-generation family firm Ortiz, is one of the jewels in Spain's culinary crown. Ortiz's fish are all line caught—not netted—hand filleted at sea and quickly tinned in good olive oil. The olive oil is key. It adds flavor and makes the texture silky over time, unlike water, which tends to leach flavors from the fish.

Bonito Loin P-ORT 112 g 4 or more

Yellowfin Loin $8 $6.50 each


P-YLL 6 oz 2 or more

$18 $13 each


Bonita Ventresca (belly)

Yellowfin Ventresca (belly)

P-TUN 110 g 2 or more

P-YVT 110 g 2 or more

$21 $16 each


$32 $27 each


Portuguese Tinned Fish Sardines Four or five tender, perfect sardines, unsmoked, nested in a tin of olive oil. Outstanding. P-SAR 125 g $8 2 or more $6 ea SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Mackerel Firm, perfect fillets of mackerel whose flavor is located somewhere between the sweetness of tuna and the richness of sardines. It’s rare to find tinned mackerel of this quality. P-MAC 125 g tin plain in olive oil $7 P-MPI 90 g tin with piri piri red pepper $7 EACH SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Berberechos Tiny, coveted Spanish clams, hand shucked and tinned in simple brine. Just open the tin and serve, like they would at a Barcelona tapas bar. Rare and expensive, a very special Spanish treat. P-CLM 4 oz tin $38 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE


sicilian caviar sauce

Sea Urchin Sauce

If you're not sure whether you like sea urchin, don’t start here. But if you love it—or know someone who does—then you’re on to something very special. Sea urchin, ricci in Italian, are to the Mediterranean Sea as caviar are to the Caspian: a prized catch, low in supply, expensive and a source of passion matched by few other fish. The spiny urchins are collected by hand and opened immediately, manually, one at a time. Each number yields a tiny amount of edible flesh. The flavor is briny, metallic, intense, like an oyster to the fourth power. Thirty grams of sea urchin are woven into each 200 gram jar of tomato based sauce spiked with tuna roe and anchovies. A powerful blast of flavor, you won’t need more than a spoon or two for a plate of spaghetti. P-URH 200 g jar, serves 10-12 $39 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE Where you see this, items ship for $9.99 flat rate per address. Combine with other flat rate items and the price is the same.

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speadable pork

Iowa White

If the name sounds more like a drug than a food, that’s probably intentional. This is spreadable cured pork fat. It’s not lard but more like lardo, the revered Italian cured fat. The flavor is just this side of sweet, the texture is pure velvet, and the porky aroma, tinged with clove, nutmeg, coriander and rosemary, lingers long afterward. Herb from La Quercia, the dealer trafficking it told me, “Anything you use butter for you can use this.” That might be stretching it, but you could definitely go to town with it. M-IWS 8 oz package $10 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

fiery little fish spread

Nonnata di Pesce

This is one of those food finds that I’m not sure if more than five people will care about. Those who crave spicy fish spreads are not common in this world. It’s a little jar with a mix of tiny silver fish and spicy chiles from Calaria, the red pepper capital of Italy. Nonnata di pesce is spreadable, which is how I’m enjoying it, lavished on a crusty, toasted slice of Farm Bread rubbed with garlic, topped with a few leaves of arugula, a splash of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. P-NIP 190 g jar $15 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

SweEt spread Italy’s famous hazelnut nougat, made the texture of melted ice cream. P-CTO 100 g jar $12 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

house made cheEse spreads

Pimento Cheese & Hungarian Liptauer They go remarkably well with salami, crusty Farm Bread and a tremendous amount of cold beer. Pimento cheese is a salty, tangy spread of Grafton Vermont cheddar, Hellmann’s mayo, pimento peppers and spices. One of our best selling foods. C-HPC 12 oz crock $22 Liptauer is made from fresh Farm Cheese, garlic, Hungarian paprika, capers, toasted caraway and just a touch of anchovy. C-LIP 8 oz jar $15

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cracker upgrade

Rustic Bakery Sourdough Flatbreads

Rustic Bakery's flatbreads look like crackers—flat, crispy, crackly—but the comparisons stop when it comes to flavor. Made from sourdough bread leavened with wild yeasts for eight hours, a practice never taken with most crackers, they are far more flavorful. Olive oil & sel gris (grey salt) are the simpler crackers, seasoned with sea salt. Two seed lavosh is sprinkled with white and black sesame seeds and has nutty notes. P-FLA 6 oz box olive oil and sea salt $10 P-TSL 6 oz box two seed lavosh $10 EACH SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

The Original Cheese Partner

Bath Oliver Crackers

Dr. William Oliver invented this cracker in the mid1700s, for his convalescing patients in Bath, England. He wanted to create a healthy food that went well with the cheeses of the area (cheddar, for one). They’ve been a mainstay of British cheese trays every since. Large, flat and white, they’re a “hard-tack” variety of cracker like our Vermont Common crackers (available online). Their flavor is almost like a southern biscuit. Suitable for any cheese, but especially nice with longer aged varieties and anything British. P-BOC 3.5 oz box $10 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

western italy’s eating olive

Tremiti Olives from Italy Tremiti olives are picked young, in mid-October, just as they’re beginning to mature and turn from green to gold and brown. Usually I’m not a fan of olives picked this early: they’re not very ripe and therefore don’t have much flavor. Not so with tremiti. They’re bursting with it, a juicy, winey flavor that is utterly captivating. Their texture is like a firm plum, the skin bending then bursting with each bite. Where inexpensive deli counter olives are usually salty and strong, these are delicate and floral. They have a refreshing not too salty aftertaste—just as I’m finishing one I find I'm reaching for another. Serve them rinsed, coated in a dose of good olive oil like our Peranzana, spritzed with a twist of lemon and alongside a platter of cured meats. P-TRE 300 g jar $20 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

“The Champagne of Honeys” – Food & Wine

California Yellow Star Thistle Honey

The phrase may be hopelessly overused, but Food and Wine's champagne description of this honey is accurate. Star Thistle Honey is golden, light, elegant; it might even tickle your nose when you try it. Its sweetness isn’t overpowering. Drizzle some over fresh goat cheese and serve it with a bottle of grower champagne and see what you think. P-STH 9 oz jar $22 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE


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the next best thing

Crespone, Felino and Cacciatore Salamis Living in America we are forbidden from importing Cuban cigars, Iranian saffron—and Italian salami. I know, the salami ban makes little sense to me, either. But the FDA makes the rules. We're left with the next best thing which, to be honest, has gotten quite good: the cured meats from the recipes of Francois Vecchio. The salamis, made in the style of Verona (crespone), Parma (felino) and rural huntsman (cacciatore) are coarse cut creations, made from premium meats are hand sorted into very thick, natural pork casings. The casings let the meat age more slowly. Time costs money, of course, but it’s worth it, offering up a salami that's sweeter, more soft and succulent and more perfumed than any around. We ship them whole. You trim the casing (it’s OK to eat, but I prefer to peel it off) and slice what you'd like. Serve at room temperature, cut into thick coins for maximum flavor. M-CRE crespone, about 2/3 lb $25 M-FEL felino, about 2 lbs $60 M-ACA cacciatore, about 6 oz $11 EACH SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

wild at heart Wild Boar Salami

Outstanding Texas wild boar mixed with all natural pork belly, seasoned with cloves and juniper berries. It's the lean, funky cousin to traditional salami, influenced by the boar's outdoor diet of roots, grasses and wild berries. Made by Cristiano Creminelli in Utah. M-WLD 7 oz salami $25 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Woods Cider Jelly Cider Jelly is one of the oldest traditional American products. Our source is a century-plus old firm, one of the few left that makes it from boiled fresh cider. Cooked down, it forms a thick, sweet, intense jelly. To make a gallon of cider jelly takes nine gallons of fresh cider. They use only whole, hand-picked apples to make their cider, a blend of Russets, Baldwins, Spies and McIntoshes along with some wild apples that grow on their land. Use the cider jelly in the same way you’d use any other jelly or as an accompaniment to cheese. P-CID 8 oz jar $8 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Sour Cherries Michigan's most famous fruit in a jar. Whole, pitted Michigan sour cherries, the size of marbles, are preserved in a cherry syrup, which adds a sweet balance to the naturally tart fruit. P-CRR 14 oz jar $14

the famous dried plums of Southern France French Prunes D'Agen

Prunes. It’s one of those words you should never use to market a food. Almost all its connotations are bad. So let me start by calling these dried plums. Now, doesn’t that sound better? Dried plums from Agen, a town in southwest France just below Bordeaux, are kind of like hazelnuts from the Piedmont or sour cherries from Michigan: a famed food, an agricultural event people travel great distances just to taste. Though dried, these plums are incredibly moist, almost juicy when you eat them, with a dark caramel note in the flavor. I like to add them to yogurt for breakfast. Or do as they do in Agen: soak them in Armagnac brandy and take them after dinner with some cheese. P-PRN 500 g $25 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE


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roadhouse bread

The house bread at our restaurant, Zingerman’s Roadhouse and a local favorite. It’s based on an early New England recipe, made by combining rye flour and cornmeal with wheat. Anyone from an 18th century New Englander to Laura Ingalls Wilder would recognize and enjoy it today (it’s referred to in Little House on the Prairie as Rye ‘n’ Injun bread). The same goes for almost anyone I hand a slice to today. It’s got great crust and a soft, chewy center that has a slight sweetness from dark molasses, making it a hit with kids. Excellent with cream cheese and smoked salmon. B-ROA 1.5 lb handmade loaf $8.50 B-2K-ROA 2 kilo round $25

farm bread

Imagine sitting around a French farmhouse table waiting for dinner. This would be the bread the family would serve. Like French pain au levain, it's a white-wheat mix made with a sour starter. Its crust is crisp, its flavor subtle and never tiring. The 1.5 pound loaf is pictured, but the 3 pound round is my favorite. Cut into quarters and freeze what you don’t eat. B-FRM-RND 3 lb handmade round $14 B-FRM-LOF 1.5 lb handmade loaf $8.50

french mouNtain I’d have a tough time picking between this and Farm Bread for top spot on my European-style favorites list. French Mountain Bread has a chestnut colored crust nearly a quarter inch thick, a dense wheaty crumb inside and a toasty, long lasting flavor. It’s totally terrific for toasting. We offer it in two sizes, a .75 kilo loaf (about 1.65 lbs) that’s good for munching and a 2 kilo (about 4.5 lbs, illustrated) work of art. I love the 2K loaf. A good foot and a half across and four or five inches high, it’s decorated with a hand-cut “Z.” The size is significant because bigger loaves almost always taste better. Baked to last, you’ll still be enjoying 2K Mountain Bread ten days after the loaf has left our oven. B-MON-A 3/4 kilo handmade loaf $11 B-MON-B 2 kilo handmade “Z” loaf $26



Our most popular bread. Spreading out like the cap of a wild mushroom, its thin, snow white crust surrounds a soft, savory crumb filled with lots of holes (we work hard to put the holes in). This is the traditional bread of Puglia—the heel of Italy’s boot—and the best one to eat alongside a pasta dinner. Recommended for ripping and dipping in olive oil. B-PAE 1.5 lb handmade loaf $8.50

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chocOlate cherRy

A chocolate lover's fantasy come true—the best Belgian and French chocolate and dozens of dried Michigan cherries. A few minutes in the oven, the chocolate chunks begin melting, the aroma of cocoa fills the air. Spread it with just a hint of sweet butter or set a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of a warm slice. You'll be sitting in front of the most decadent dessert you've had in years. B-CHO 1.25 lb handmade loaf $17

chocolate sourdOUgh

It’s simple: our sourdough bread stuffed with chunks of dark Belgian chocolate. Like most of the school children I know, I like to rip off a hunk and eat it as soon as I open the bag, but it's best when you pop it in the oven for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Your entire kitchen is likely to be filled with sensuous smells—warm chocolate, good bread. This is one loaf that's very hard to keep around the house. B-XSB 1 lb handmade loaf $10

cinNamon raisin

A cinnamon raisin bread with substance. A chewy, solid loaf where the flavor of the dough supports the freelancing of the Red Flame raisins and the racy scent of Korintje Indonesian cinnamon. Sweetened and moistened with a hint of clover honey. Makes sensational Sunday morning toast. B-CIN 1.5 lb handmade loaf $9.50

a new bread each month online at

pecan raisin

This bread has been like a chain reaction—someone serves it for brunch, and the next week their guests are calling us and buying it for themselves. Calling it dense is an understatement: a half pound of big, juicy Red Flame raisins and toasted pecans are baked into every loaf. The New York Times says our Pecan Raisin Bread "redefines the category." B-PEC 1.25 lb handmade loaf $15

8-grain 3 sEed

Cracked wheat, cracked rye, cracked barley, corn grits, oats, millet, whole wheat, whole rye, flax seed, poppy seeds, a little honey and a nearly irresistible outer crust of toasted sunflower seeds. More than a mouthful—this ain’t no bird feed. B-8GR 1.25 lb handmade loaf $9.50

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peppered bacon farm

parmesan pepper heretic's loaf

We used to bake this on special occasions and we’d get so many orders we'd run out of bacon. It’s Farm Bread dough with Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Bacon and Tellicherry black pepper. Every bite has a bit of sourdough tang and a lot of the sweet, smoky meatiness of bacon, plus a little spice. I’m sure it makes great sandwiches, but I’ve never had a loaf around long enough to try. B-BAC 3/4 lb handmade loaf $13

My Italian friends would probably think this bread is heresy, but that’s their loss. It’s a natural for me because I love bread, parmesan and good black pepper. There’s a quarter pound of parmesan in every loaf, along with a load of cracked black Tellicherry peppercorns. Leaves your mouth pleasantly aroused from the heat of the pepper and salivating from the savory sweetness of the parmesan. It’s fantastic when toasted. B-PEP 1.25 lb handmade loaf $15


Made with a generous dose of ale and the spent grain from the finished brewing process. With dark, deep flavors from the natural sour starter and the ale, Brewhouse Bread makes exceptional grilled cheese sandwiches. Try it with some 2 Good to be True 2 Year Grafton cheddar. It's one of our best selling breads and a perfect gift for beer lovers everywhere. B-BRE .75 lb loaf $5.50

jewish breadS, RYe & Beyond

Traditional Jewish rye bread is still an endangered American species. Eighteen years after we started baking them in Ann Arbor you'll still be hard pressed to find a loaf like them anywhere in the country. Believe it or not, most “rye bread” sold in America contains very little rye flour. These are different. These are breads like my grandparents ate in Eastern Europe: plenty of rye flour, a natural sour rye starter (not the usual canned shortcut) and lots of time to let the dough develop. They’re the breads I reach for to make a sandwich or to eat with cool butter and fresh oysters. A perfect pairing with corned beef. Jewish Rye B-RYE 1.5 lb loaf $8.50 B-2K-RYE 2 kilo round $20


Pumpernickel B-PUM 1.5 lb loaf $8.50

Caraway Rye B-CAR 1.5 lb loaf $8.50 B-2K-CAR 2 kilo round $20

Onion Rye B-ONI 1.5 lb loaf $8.50

Our Guarantee If you experience a problem with one of our products, customer service, shipping, or you just don't like how it tastes, please let us know. We'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

More gift boxes of bread online.

bREAkfast breads

bakers' crown

Toast ain’t just toast when it’s made from Zingerman’s Bakehouse bread. To that end, here’s two of our most popular breakfast breads (good any time of day, of course, even if they’re not toasted). This colorful, printed gift box selection includes a loaf each of Cinnamon Raisin and 8-Grain 3-Seed Bread, a couple of Ginger Scones to sweeten the deal and a small jar each of Italian Honey and Preserves. G-FES bread-fest box $45

This box is for all those classic bread lovers out there, the ones who turn up their noses at Cinnamon Raisin and think Chocolate Cherry is for the birds. The ones who fight for crust. For them, we offer three of our most hallowed peasant loaves, the ones our bakers consider their crowning achievements. The gift box includes a loaf each of Paesano, Farm Bread and Sourdough. G-PEA peasant gift box $40

Bread-fest Gift Box

Zingerman’s claSsics

Rustic Peasant Loaves

SIgnature speciaLties

Deli Deluxe Bread Box

Sweet & Spicy Bread Box

Our classic deli loaves. These are the breads we built our reputation on. Indulge a bread fanatic by sending our cartooned gift box of Jewish Rye, Farm Bread, Better Than San Francisco Sourdough and Pecan Raisin. G-SAM-A deli deluxe $50

For a different kind of bread fanatic. A cartooned gift box stuffed to bursting with a loaf of Chocolate Sourdough, Cinnamon Raisin, Chile Cheddar and Peppered Bacon Farm Bread. G-SAM-B sweet & spicy $65

Handmade Bread Knife We’ve sold Rory Conner’s outstanding cheese knives for years. And over the last couple years we’ve worked together to create a bread knife just for Zingerman’s. We’re excited—we just got our first shipment. Rory makes his knives by hand in County Cork, Ireland. Without exception they’re handsome, sturdy, gift-worthy specimens. The bread knife is especially lovely. The handle is made of highly polished wood laminate, coated in resin, colored a beautiful fall leaf blend of brown and red. The blade is held in place with substantial stainless steel bolting. The slope nosed blade measures just over nine inches, long enough to be useful when you’re working on a three pound Farm Round. It’s an heirloom quality piece that a bread lover will cherish. Packed in a wooden box. P-BRK bread knife, 9 inch blade $250 FREE SHIPPING

breaD Board

Michigan Mitt Maple Cutting Board The company is 129 years old, from Michigan. The wood is from Michigan. The board is even shaped like Michigan (at least the lower peninsula–sorry U.P.!). Made with durable slat construction from Michigan maple. A great gift. P-MIT 17 inches x 13 inches $85 FREE SHIPPING

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savory granola

Farmhand's Choice Granola Nekisia Davis has a bit of a salt tooth. It led her to make granola where the main flavors are savory, not sweet. Instead of using butter and sugar she uses olive oil and salt as the base of her handmade granola which includes organic rolled oats, toasted organic coconut, organic pepitas, organic sunflower seeds, fancy pecans. The savoriness is leavened with a bit of real maple syrup and organic brown sugar, but the overall effect is much different than—and, in my mind, often more appealing than—standard granola. P-AHA 12 oz bag $14 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

stones, not stEel

Macroom Irish Oatmeal

Eating this for the first time is like taking your first promenade in Paris, France, when all you’ve known is Paris, Texas. The Walton family has been milling oats in Ireland since the 1700s, and they still use old stone wheels, which I think leave the oats better tasting than steel cut. The result is a coarse meal that has its natural oils still intact, making the meal darker than other oatmeals. P-OAT 2 lb $16 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

SweEt GranoLA Mary's Wild Oats

Zingerman's house made granola is on the sweet side, made fresh each week with organic rolled oats, real butter, clover honey and plenty of dried cranberries and toasted almonds. P-MWO 1 lb mason jar $16 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

the platonic ideal

Nueske’s Wisconsin Applewood Smoked The Nueske family started smoking bacon in Hillcrest, Wisconsin in the late 1800s. Like many of the long lived family companies we buy from, their passion hasn’t seemed to wane in over a century. “In our family we put bacon on everything,” says Tanya Nueske, granddaughter of the founder. Not surprisingly, the Nueskes start with well bred, well fed hogs—primarily a cross of Yorkshire, Hampshire, Landrace and Berkshire—and serve them a mix of barley and corn. All the pork is hand trimmed and cured for 24 hours. They hang the slabs for another 24 hours to dry. Then they’re smoked over apple wood for—you guessed it—24 hours. There's a reason this is our top seller. It’s perfectly balanced between softly, pleasantly sweet and salty/smoky. To me this is the Platonic ideal of bacon. If I were to choose one bacon to eat every day, which pretty much sounds like heaven, this would be it. Nueske's custom cuts their bacon on the thicker side, just for us. We get 10-12 slices per pound versus the normal sixteen. M-BAC 1 lb, sliced $16 2 or more lbs $15 each M-SLAB about 4.5 lbs, unsliced $75

"The Rolls-Royce of Rashers," R.W. Apple, New York Times


Heirloom Corn Polenta Made from otto file corn, this is absolutely the best polenta I’ve ever tried. So sweet you'll think it has sugar in it. Polenta recipe included. P-POL 1 kilo fine ground $15 P-POL-COA 1 kilo coarse ground $15 EACH SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Our Guarantee If you experience a problem with one of our products, customer service, shipping, or you just don't like how it tastes, please let us know. We'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

calabrian snack attack Wild Artichokes in Olive Oil

In Italy, they're called carciofini selvatici, which is the name you'll see on the label. They're a variety of artichoke that grows wild in Calabria during April and May. Picked by hand, they’re dethorned and cleaned, then blanched for just a few minutes so their texture remains firm. About the size of an acorn, they’re bottled with olive oil, wine vinegar, salt, black pepper and a little bit of red chili pepper—a spice you find in many Calabrian foods. The red pepper is so subtle you won’t notice its faint spice until you’ve had two or three, a feat that’s way too easy to accomplish with artichokes this good. Throw a couple in a pasta dish. Add them to salads. Serve alongside some sheep’s milk cheese. Or follow your heart, open the jar and just eat 'em straight up. P-ART 175 g jar, about 30 artichokes $25 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Marash Red Pepper Flakes

Basque Hot Sauce

Piment d’Esplette Sauce

Walk down any grocery store aisle in America and you’ll see a wall of hot sauces. For some reason we’ve come to judge their quality by the level of caution on the label, not by the way they taste. This one might change your hot sauce expectations. Its flavor is crisp, bright and sweet with a confident kick of spice that ticklesn—not numbs—the tongue. It’s made in the Basque region straddling France and Spain by infusing local wine vinegar with dried piment d’esplette red pepper, the defining spice of the area’s cuisine. Use it with all sorts of dishes: fish, roasted meats, grilled veggies, scrambled eggs, or give your Bloody Mary a Basque accent. P-PNT 100 ml bottle $16 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

An amazingly full flavor with just a moderate amount of heat. My favorite red pepper. P-MAR 49 g jar $12 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Dynamite Sauce A classic Calabrian combination of tomatoes, mushrooms and eggplant, blended with extra-hot chiles. Spoon and spread, then stand back. P-MDM 190 g $16 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

"Zingerman's is the center of my gastro-deli universe." Mario Batali

North african stimulAtion Harissa from Tunisia

I‘ll be up front on this one. If you don’t like spicy food, you can probably move on. But if you do, well, you’re on to something special. Harissa is a spread of dried chiles, garlic, tomatoes and extra-virgin olive oil, subtly spiced with caraway and coriander. Get busy in the kitchen mixing harissa with eggs, with potatoes, with meats, with couscous or whipped into a fresh vinaigrette for salads. Goes great on grilled meats too. P-MMH 185 g jar harissa $15 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Call 888 636 8162 9am-10pm ET Every Day


right under our noses

Koeze Cream-Nut Peanut Butter

The peanut butter that's become a legend. We found this one almost right next door in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Jeff Koeze sources incredible Virginia peanuts, brings them up north in 2,000 pound sacks, then blanches them to remove the skins and keep them from going rancid (a common flaw in a lot of natural peanut butters). He roasts them in vintage coffee roasters, grinds them smooth, then adds a bit of salt. The result is not an air whipped, sugar filled concoction but a natural, intense, velvety, mouthwatering sensation. Get a couple jars, quick. P-BUT 17 oz jar smooth $8 2 or more $6 each SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE


17 oz jar crunchy 2 or more

$8 $6 each


fast foOd, italian style

Il Mongetto Sauces

Zzang!® Candy Bar Handmade, old fashioned, peanutfilled candy bars, made by our own Charlie at his fantastic Zingerman’s chocolate factory. P-ZZG 2.5 oz bar $6 4 or more, $5 each

Featured on TV Food Network!



These tomato sauces are, without fail, the best fast food I know of. A plate of pasta topped with half a jar per person is quick, easy, totally delicious. The best bottled tomato sauce I've ever tasted. 314 ml plain $12 314 ml diavola spicy $13 314 ml mushroom $13 314 ml midnight $12 2 or more of any one type $10 each EACH SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE


forest fruit

Where you see this, items ship for $9.99 flat rate per address. Combine with other flat rate items and the price is the same.

Galician Chestnuts

From rainy, green, Northwest Spain, come these tender, perfect chestnuts. They’ve been cooked and peeled which, if you’ve done it before, you know is quite a bit of work. It’s rare to find chestnuts this good that aren’t in syrup or glacéed (we carry both, too). Their flavor is woodsy, mushroomy, like a taste of the forest in fall. Use them to make a little salad with apples and mixed greens, to round out a cream-and-herb soup, or, toasted in a pan, they’re great alongside cheese and some cured Iberico ham. P-MGO 200 g bag, about 30 chestnuts $15 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE


Our Guarantee If you experience a problem with one of our products, customer service, shipping, or you just don't like how it tastes, please let us know. We'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

Sicily’s Other Famous Nut Pizzuta Almonds

Pizzuta trees bloom along the seacoast of southeastern Sicily in the winter, when most other crops are still deep in slumber. The conditions are perfect there: fertile soil, lots of sun, cool nights. The yield is small, but their flavor is unmatched. Milky, sweet, nutty and intense with a whisper of bitterness that lingers. No other almond compares to pizzuta’s intensity of flavor. A small pile of pizzuta almonds next to aged cheese is a treat along with some good salami and crusty bread. But the purest enjoyment comes from crunching them one by one over a lazy afternoon. P-PZZ 7.5 oz box $25 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Marasca Cherries The original Maraschino cherries. Instead of artificial dye and formaldehyde flavor, Luxardo’s cherries are naturally deep purple and taste of rich cherry syrup. P-INO 360 g, about 50 cherries $20 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

not-so-simple syrups Rangpur Lime Syrup

This could be the Holy Grail of secret ingredients. Rangpur limes look more like mandarins than the little green citrus fruit we know, but their flavor is like a smoky lime. A rangpur lime syrup gin and tonic, anyone? P-LIM 5 oz bottle $15 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Yuzu Syrup The peel of yellow, wrinkly yuzu fruit is full of wild, wonderful aromas. Robert Lambert cooks it into a simple fruit syrup with a bit of Meyer lemon juice. The flavor is a well-balanced triumvirate of bitter, sour and sweet with a captivating, slightly spicy aroma. I think it’d be outstanding in fruit punches and summer cocktails. P-YUZ 5 oz bottle $15 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Spanish Drinking Chocolate This Spanish style cocoa is so thick, so chocolate-y, so intensely rich, it will make you think about moving to Barcelona tomorrow. Simply mix with hot water or steamed milk for the smoothest cup of hot cocoa around. P-CDC 7 oz, six servings $9 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Mo's Bacon Bar From Vosges, the legendary chocolate bar spiked with bacon. As delicious as it sounds. P-BCR 85 g milk chocolate $10 P-BDC 85 g dark chocolate $10 2 or more of each $8 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Call 888 636 8162 9am-10pm ET Every Day


the FOie GraS of fInishINg Oils Roasted Butternut Squash Oil

This silky oil is made with butternut squash seeds that are roasted and pressed for their oil. The first smell is a blast of fall, redolent of toasted pumpkin seeds and roasted nuts. At nearly ten squashes’ worth per bottle, its flavor is intense, which is why I think of it as the foie gras of oils. Just a drizzle over a salad—nothing else needed—transports the dish. It's also outstanding poured on soup, especially if it's made from squash. Try some with avocado, blue cheese and toasted walnuts too. From New York. O-BSS 6.3 oz bottle $20

rare breed from Catalonia Clos de la Torre Olive Oil

In the Empordà region in northeast Spain near the French border grows the rare Argudell olive. It’s a tiny olive, even smaller than Spain’s famous Arbequina. The trees are difficult to grow and the yield is small. That’s the downside. On the upside, these olives pack a lot of flavor into their petite purple packages. This oil’s unusual blend of Argudell, Picual and Frantoio olives create an oil with flavors unlike any other on our shelves. It starts off buttery and soft, almost luscious. It grows into something bold and grassy, with notes of red pepper before finishing on the bitter end of the spectrum. It’s one of the most complex oils I’ve tasted in recent memory and a great ambassador Catalonian oils. O-CLO 500 ml bottle $33 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE


Artisan Genetic Engineering Mustard Seed Oil

the perFect vInaigreTte Oil & Vinegar Odyssey Gift Box

Two of my house standards, laid side by side in our cartooned box. And for the cook who’s ready to branch out beyond bottled salad dressing, my classic, foolproof vinaigrette recipe. Gift box includes Zingerman’s Peranzana extra virgin olive oil from Marina Colonna, rustic and fruity, with an apple-y aroma and a finish that has a whisper of almond. Also included: Rioja red wine vinegar from Spain that's naturally converted, barrel aged for four years and has the mellow, deep flavors of raspberries and red grapes. G-OVO oil & vinegar odyssey box $40

Most of the mustard seed oil imported and sold in the U.S. lacks flavor. They’re harsh, hot and greasy. The Aussies behind this oil wanted to do better. Taking a page from Gregor Mendel’s book, they bred a superior tasting mustard seed through seven years of matchmaking. The oil is spicy with slightly sweet and nutty notes in the finish. The spiciness turns a bit buttery when you use it for sautéing, like with bitter greens. Its smoke point is high, so crank up the heat and use it to pan fry fish. The boost of flavor turns any mild dish into something you’ll want to showcase. O-SMS 375 ml $30 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE



Our Guarantee If you experience a problem with one of our products, customer service, shipping, or you just don't like how it tastes, please let us know. We'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

Our House Oils top selLer Zingerman’s Peranzana Zingerman’s Olive Oil is made by Marina Colonna on her ancient estate in the Molise, a little over 100 miles due east of Rome. Made from hand picked Peranzana olives pressed the same day they’re taken from the tree, this oil is hugely flavorful. The latest vintage has pleasing aromas of green apple, freshly cut grass and leaf and a whisper of almond. It finishes with that great green olive bitterness and a bit of a peppery kick. O-ZIN 500 ml $29 SHIPS FLAT RATE

south American sensation

Frantoio from Chile

The latest bottling, from the summer 2010 harvest (because Chile’s in the southern hemisphere, they pick in summer, not fall) is a big oil. It has a wonderful aroma that reminds me of almonds and has a really beautiful bitterness in the finish that may catch you with a punch of late breaking pepperiness. To me it has the same sort of appeal of the bitter end of dark chocolate. It’s lively, engaging, intriguing. Not strong but vital, alive. My mouth tingles long after I’ve finished eating it. Organic. O-OZB 500 ml $29 SHIPS FLAT RATE

Citrus Oils the lemon oil of angels

Agrumato Lemon Oil

I keep imagining that if I went to heaven, I’d discover this to be the oil the angels put on their salads. Smooth and olivey with a lemoniness that tickles your nose like the bubbles of a fine champagne. This is not lemon flavored oil but the traditional pressing of olives and lemons together—oil of the fruit married to oil of the olive in an ethereal combination. You can do most anything with Agrumato lemon you’d do with other oils and then some. It’s fantastic brushed on top of almost any just-broiled fresh fish. O-AGR 200 ml bottle $36 SHIPS FLAT RATE

salad spinner

Citrus Olive Oil Sampler from Italy Orange, lemon, bergamot and plain olive oil in a sweet little sampler from Marina Colonna. Whole olives are pressed with citrus rinds, not infused with essences like most citrus oils. Each piece of fruit is peeled by hand before pressing, a step almost no one takes. O-CIT 4 oil sampler, 1 oz total $16 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

earl of oils

Bergamot Citrus Olive Oil Olive oil pressed with fresh bergamots, the tiny fruit that you may know from its role as the scent of Earl Grey tea. Its aroma is sultry, like a citrus grove on a late summer evening. O-COL-BER 250 ml $25 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Call 888 636 8162 9am-10pm ET Every Day


gift bOx for An oLive Oil fan

Tour d'Oil Gift Box

This gift lets the recipient experiment at will. Our printed gift box comes with a half liter of feathery light Roi from the Italian Riviera; a half liter of assertive but smooth Peranzana, made just for Zingerman's by Marina Colonna in the Molise and a 1 oz sampler of citrus-pressed olive oils. Also includes a loaf of Paesano Bread for ripping and dipping. Makes a great gift for a cook of any skill. G-TDO 3 bottle + bread tour de oil $80 paesano bread included!

cult-like, In a goOd way Maussane

This is a unique oil that’s got one of the most dedicated followings I’ve ever witnessed. We tracked it down years ago at the adamant insistence of Nancy Harmon Jenkins, one of the world’s most knowledgeable food folks, and it’s had a growing cadre of fans ever since. A rich, golden nectar with a distinctive herbal character no other oil can match, it sings with an unequaled pitch in its range of high and low flavor notes. One of its fans told me, “If you love olives, you’ll want to marry this oil.” O-MAU 500 ml $40 SHIPS FLAT RATE

TerrificalLy typicaLly

Castello della Paneretta Oil Castello della Paneretta sits majestically on a Tuscan hillside. In fact, it's almost too typically Tuscan to believe, surrounded by fields of olive and cypress trees and rolling vineyards. The oil is also typically Tuscan: full flavored, fantastically fruity, green, gorgeous, delicious. The latest harvest, from fall 2010, has a delightful bitterness, similar to the tanning you taste in black tea. It builds to a peppery peak that hits you in the front and back of the throat. So thick it pours from the bottle like cream, so delicious I find myself thinking of more dishes to use it with. The bottle is as compelling as the oil: tall, thin, octagonal, housed in its own box. Makes a stunning gift. O-PAN 500 ml $35 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

bold, beautiful, unknown

La Spineta from Puglia

Pugliese oils get little credit on the international oil scene. The region’s reputation is that of a producer of affordable bulk oils. But hidden in the shadows of the huge industrial producers are artisans like the Pellegrino family. I visited their farm a couple of years ago, and I keep coming back to their full-flavored oil again and again. It’s especially good in spicy pasta dishes or any place you want a really robust olive flavor. The more I use this oil, the more I like it. O-SPI 500 ml bottle $25

"The country's leading olive oil purveyor." Corby Kummer, The Atlantic

SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE Where you see this, items ship for $9.99 flat rate per address. Combine with other flat rate items and the price is the same.



Our Guarantee If you experience a problem with one of our products, customer service, shipping, or you just don't like how it tastes, please let us know. We'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

The silky, sexy oil from Tuscany

light and elegant leader

Savignola Paolina Olive Oil

Roi from Liguria

Everyone forgets the name of this oil. It’s long and nearly unpronounceable. Luckily, it has an alias that no one can forget: "The silky, sexy oil from Tuscany." We couldn’t have given it a more accurate moniker. Savignola Paolina olive oil is unfiltered, giving it a thick, creamy, buttery texture. It has a luscious, mouthfilling flavor that’s very grassy in this year’s harvest, hinting of artichokes with a soft touch of pepper at the finish. Carlo Fabri makes only 500 bottles a year, and all his olives are picked and pressed in a three day family affair in early November. He sends almost his entire production to us. The tall, elegant, black bottle is as sexy as the oil within. Outstanding. O-SAV 500 ml $36

On the Italian Riviera, delicacy, not strength, brings an oil acclaim and honor. Roi is one of the best Ligurian oils I’ve tried. It’s been made in the mountain town of Badalucco by the Boeri family since 1900. Mellow yet rich in its unfiltered state, it’s delicately delicious, feathery light and perfect for pesto making. Its subtle, lingering flavors leave you smiling long after you’ve tasted it. I use it for dressing fresh fish or a delicate salad. O-ROI-500 500 ml $25 O-ROI 1 liter $40 SHIPS FLAT RATE


down under oil Yellingbo Oil from Australia

a love aFfair Alziari from Nice

It’s been over two decades since I fell in love with Alziari, the old shop in the historic center of Nice. Their house blend olive oil is light, flowery and elegant but still full of character. The description of its tin could use the same description. It’s such a beautiful package, it makes one of our best gifts even without wrapping. The oil is perfect for a traditional Salade Niçoise. Gourmet and Fine Cooking have both written about how they love Alziari; it’s been one of our most popular oils for years. Full disclosure: this oil is not made from 100% French-grown olives. The Alziaris also source olives from Spain and Italy. O-ALZ 1 liter tin $55 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Yellingbo has aromas of spice, green apple, tomato and citrus and what my colleague Annette describes as a "light ocean breeze." The flavor is smooth, almondy, with a slow march of pepperiness that builds on your tongue. Ours is a special blend made from Manzanillo, Leccino, Picual and Corregiola olives, bottled unfiltered, and is more robust than Yellingbo you might buy elsewhere. Outstanding to finish stronger dishes, from barbecued shrimp to roasted vegetables to steak. O-YEL 500 ml bottle $35 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Call 888 636 8162 9am-10pm ET Every Day


Our most popular balsamic Vecchia Dispensa's 10 Year Aged Balsamic

Working just off the historic square in the center of the old town of Castelvetro, southwest of Modena, Italy, Roberta Pelloni and her husband, Marino Tintori, make a range of great vinegars. Although Americans tend to gravitate toward sweet caramel-flavored balsamics, Marino is quick to emphasize “the key to great Balsamico is balance.” Exaggerating sweetness is an easy way to enhance appeal and reduce the need for proper blending and aging. You might not notice it at first, but after many uses overly sweet balsamics get kind of dull. Not so with those from the Tintoris. We've been selling them for over a decade, and they have a legion of followers who return to them again and again. All are highly recommended, the ten year aged is the most popular. V-10Y 10 year aged 250 ml $35 V-8YR 8 year aged 250ml $25 V-16Y 16 year aged 250 ml $45 V-30Y 30 year aged 100 ml $50 V-VBT 4 bottle sampler 1 oz $25 EACH SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

bush vinegar

12 Year Aged Fynbos

Fynbos is a natural area of shrubland in the western Cape of South Africa. The name is Afrikaan for fine bush, referencing the long, thin needles of the plants in the area. The vinegar is made from a blend of Merlot and Cabernet wine infused with a blend of herbs and spices from the region: buchu, honeybush tea, rose geranium, wild olive, wild rosemary. It is aged in oak barrels for 12 years. One of the most versatile ingredients you can have in your kitchen. Excellent for deglazing pans, vinaigrettes and sauces. Sweet, tart and savory all at once. V-FYN 375 ml $40 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

ELusive BAsque vinEgar

Orduna Txakoli Vinegar

Made from Txakoli wine, hard to find outside the Basque country and rarely made into vinegar. Enter Emilio Lunegas, a devoted wine maker in the region. He developed a vinegar from the traditional wine and broadened the recognition of the Basque region. Working with top-quality Txakoli, Sr. Luengas makes only about 1,200 liters of the vinegar annually. The flavor is light, lingering. It’s not sweet. With an airiness that makes it refreshing, it’s exceptional on simple salads and with seafood—deglaze a pan after you sauté fish in it. V-ODV 500 ml bottle $25 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

What white “balsamic” should be Agrodolce White Balsamic Vinegar

Agrodolce is super smooth, light on the tongue, subtle and very, very long in the finish. You can use it in place of balsamic since it’s similarly soft and sweet. Wherever it’s employed, your cooking will be enhanced by one of the most elegant vinegars I’ve tried in a really long time. It’s crafted by Sante Bertoni on his family estate outside of Modena, Italy. Described as a bit of a mad scientist, Sr. Bertoni is giving the vinegar extra maturing just for us, making its flavor more complex before it hits your kitchen. V-AGV 250 ml bottle $25 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE


Our Guarantee If you experience a problem with one of our products, customer service, shipping, or you just don't like how it tastes, please let us know. We'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

corporate giftage Awesome Office Supply Gift Box

Even if the staff at your client's office has never heard of Zingerman’s, they won’t forget you. Our printed gift box comes stuffed with our mini Sourcream Coffeecake and a mini Hot Cocoa Coffeecake, ten assorted Brownie Bites, two Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, a Ginger Jump-up Molasses Cookie, Zingerman’s Coffee (ground), Italian Biscotti, Zingerman’s Peanut Brittle, Rustic Bakery Olive Oil and Sea Salt Flatbreads and Zingerman’s Virginia Peanuts. Feeds a dozen without regret, often for a couple afternoons. G-OFF awesome office supply gift box $150 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

brand new Baby, Or two

Zingerman’s Midnight Feeding Box What scares the living daylights out of some people just happened to friends of yours. They had a baby. They don’t sleep. How on earth do they eat? Very well, if they’re lucky enough to have friends who send this. The Midnight Feeding Gift Box is filled with a mini Sourcream Coffeecake, a mini Hot Cocoa Cake, two Black Magic Brownies, Zingerman’s 1 Year Aged Vermont Cheddar, French Style Salami, a Chocolate and Nougat Cigar, Dulce de Leche Caramel Cream, John Macy’s Cheesesticks and a darn cute bib with a Zingerman’s patch on it. (Available without bib for any adults in need of midnight feedings.) G-BBY midnight feeding gift box $125 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

stocking STufFer

in sympathy Heritage Shortbread Willow McGrain’s excellent allbutter American shortbread. Packaged perfectly for a stocking stuffer. Made by hand in South Carolina. P-SHN-4 4 oz box $12 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Bereavement Gift Box A nosher-sized Zingerman’s Sourcream Coffeecake, eight assorted Brownie Bites, our 1 Year Aged Vermont Cheddar, French Style Salami, John Macy’s Cheesesticks, Zingerman’s Virginia Peanuts, Spanish Chocolate Figs and a bag of Zingerman’s Coffee, ground. It’s packed with class in our oval wooden crate with Zingerman’s printed on the lid. Need it there tomorrow? Call us. Not sending in sympathy? No problem, we can remove the identifying sticker. G-BER bereavement gift box $125 G-BER-NL without sticker $125 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Call 888 636 8162 8am-Midnight Every Day


christmaS hAM

Arkansas Peppered Ham

Arkansas ham is tasty as can be. The jacket of peppercorns balances the natural sweetness in a way that I find really pleasing. I like things spicy, but this isn’t like that. In fact, I served it at Christmas and even the blandest tongues at the table, those who balk at anything spicier than mild salsa, thought it was amazing. The real kicker is that it’s got the bone in, which doubles the flavor by my measure. Instructions for heating are included, but you can also serve it cool. M-HAM-WHL 12-14 lbs, serves 20-25 $150 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

the choCOlate of pOrk Ibérico Bellota Cured Pork Loin

Shocking. There’s no other way to describe the experience of first tasting cured bellota pork—in this case, the loin made from heirloom Ibérico pigs who’ve feasted on bellotas (acorns) the last months of their lives. Even in Spain, where bellota pork is more common, eating it is a very special event. The acorn diet has a magical effect on the meat’s texture. It appears to lower the fat’s melting point to body temperature. Eating a thin slice is like placing a piece of chocolate on your tongue. It immediately puddles, the flavor releasing itself in the process. A cut of loin is about a foot long, the thickness of a baseball bat handle. It’s riddled with fat: tiny, creamy white flecks among the rosy flesh. Outside it’s coated in paprika which, while not spicy, gives each bite a tiny peppery tingle. Unbelievable stuff. M-LOM ibérico bellota loin, about 1.1 lbs $140 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE Where you see this, items ship for $9.99 flat rate per address. Combine with other flat rate items and the price is the same.

anNual beans


from our kitchen

This year's blend highlights the sweet, rich fruits of a mix of Indian and Brazilian beans with our espresso blend base. P-COF-HOL 12 oz whole bean $19

Pecans toasted with butter, lots of freshly ground Tellicherry black pepper, Jamaican allspice, ground ginger, cloves and more. The nuts cluster together in little caramelly-spicy handfuls. I recommend two tins: one for eating and another for those times when a quick gift comes in handy. P-PCN 12 oz $24

Pimento cheese is a salty, tangy spread of Grafton Vermont cheddar, Hellmann’s mayo, pimento peppers and spices. One of our best selling foo ds, it's a natural addition to any appetizer tray this holiday. Serve it with slices of celery cut on a sharp angle. C-HPC 12 oz crock $22

Zing Holiday Blend Coffee


Zingerman's Spiced Pecans

Pimento Cheese Spread



Our Guarantee If you experience a problem with one of our products, customer service, shipping, or you just don't like how it tastes, please let us know. We'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

italy's intense ice cream Zingerman’s Creamery Gelato

Thick, creamy, elegant, luscious. Eating gelato is an event, a special occasion that borders on a religious experience for ice cream connoisseurs. At Zingerman’s Creamery, our gelato maker, Josh, mixes fresh milk from Calder Dairy—one of the last farmstead dairies in Michigan— with organic Demerara sugar and an array of other good ingredients to churn out this Italian-style ice cream with direct, intense flavors. Made in small batches, shipped direct from the Creamery. Flavors include: Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Peppermint, Dulce de Leche, Gianduja, Raspberry Sorbet. G-GEL six 12 ounce containers $110 G-GEL-KIT six gelati, plus cups, spoons, napkins $115 FREE ONE BUSINESS DAY OVERNIGHT SHIPPING ON EACH

seriouSLy senSual

Blanxart Cocoa from Spain

stocking STufFer

This stuff gives new and very seriously sensual meaning to the words “hot chocolate.” When you read about chocolate being the morning beverage of Renaissance royalty in Europe, this is what they were drinking. I know it’s hard to believe anything this good could come from a pre-packed mix, but it does. So thick, so chocolatey, so intensely rich, it’s almost impossible to describe. If any beverage is better than sex, this is it. A huge hit, we always sell every bag we can import. Buy yours quick. One bag makes six servings. P-CDC 200 g drinking chocolate $8 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE


Cranberry Walnut Pie When the holidays arrive, cranberry walnut pies creep out of Ann Arbor and make their way across America. They’re our top sellers, for good reason. Brown sugar custard, made with real butter, vanilla and Mauritian brown sugar, is mixed with a generous amount of toasted walnuts and tawny cranberries inside an all butter crust. Nutty, sweet, rich and just a little tart, it’s as beautiful as it is addictive. Cradled in a re-useable embossed metal pie tin and sealed in our popular wooden gift box. Serves 8-12. G-CRA cranberry walnut pie, gift boxed $50 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

We make other great pies, like pecan and chocolate chess. Find them online at

it's back!

Cranberry Pecan Bread Holiday only! Loaded with dried cranberries and toasted pecans, this loaf is the kissing cousin to our extremely popular Pecan Raisin Bread (p. 27). Dense, chewy and crunchy, cranberry pecan has a tart tang that’s very enjoyable. It's also one of those rare breads you can serve at any meal, including dessert. It’s especially delicious served with fresh cheese—a flaky young goat cheese or cloud-fresh ricotta. B-CRA 1.25 lb loaf $16

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late night refrigerator lust object

Phantom of the Fridge Gift Box

If someone you know is missing out on Zingerman’s nosh and whining like a school kid at the end of summer vacation, try this on them. They can raid the fridge for weeks and find a Zingerman’s treat every time. The gift box includes a loaf of Zingerman’s Bread, a half pound piece of 1 Year Aged Zingerman’s Vermont Cheddar, French-Style Salami, Zingerman’s Virginia Peanuts, Vampire’s Lunch Black Currant Gummies, Rick’s Picks Paprika-Spiked Pickled Okra, a mini Sourcream Coffeecake, a handmade Zzang!® Chocolate Bar, John Macy’s Cheesesticks and a Ginger Molasses Jump-Up Cookie. G-PHA phantom box $100

Road fOod extraordinaire American Snacker

Ridiculously delicious snacks, salty and sweet, from some of our favorite American food makers. Our cartoon gift box includes Zingerman’s Butter Toasted Peanuts, John Macy’s Cheesesticks, Ann Arbor Tortilla Chips, Toasted Walnut Magic Brownie, Ginger Jump-Up Molasses Cookie and Mrs. Sipp’s Spiced Almonds. G-ACK gift box $45 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

instant hors d’oeuvres

Charcuterie and Cheese Gift Box

With a larder like this, the recipient can lay out a devastatingly handsome spread of food so quickly it’ll seem like Harry Potter cast a spell. We pack a culinary collection in its own wooden “cupboard” that a lazy gourmand can stash until hunger—or desirable company—strikes. Includes French-Style Salami, French Cornichon Pickles, Dutch Gouda and Zingerman’s 1 Year Cheddar, Mediterranean Olives, a loaf of Zingerman’s Artisan Bread, Sam Edwards Smoked Berkshire Ham, Zingerman’s Virginia Peanuts and Rustic Bakery Olive Oil and Sea Salt Flatbreads. Serves ten for snacks, lasts for weeks when refrigerated. G-CAC charcuterie & cheese gift box $150

an evening at the (home) wine bar Tapas Gift Box

Perfect for parties great and small: a well-edited collection of open and serve delectables. Eat them as the Spanish do, as evening makes its way indoors, with a glass of crisp wine. The gift box includes Zingerman's Farm Bread, La Quercia’s Cured Ham, Mediterranean Olives, Spanish Olive Oil and Anise Tortas, Spanish Marcona Almonds, Portuguese Sardines and Italian Olive Oil Taralli Crackers. Serves 6-8 quite handily. G-TAP tapas gift box $80


Our Guarantee If you experience a problem with one of our products, customer service, shipping, or you just don't like how it tastes, please let us know. We'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

great lakes GReAT FOod

Great Lakes Artisan Gift Box Peanut Butter from Koeze in Grand Rapids, Strawberry and Pepper Jam from Farrell Fruit in Ann Arbor, Freshly Roasted Zingerman's Coffee, Mo’s Bacon Chocolate bar from Vosges in Chicago, Marieke Gouda from Thorp, Wisconsin, Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Bacon from Wisconsin and our Pecan Raisin Bread. G-GLA gift box $100

americAn TastEmAkers American Artisan

Robert Lambert’s Rangpur Lime Syrup from California, Broadbent Sausage from Kentucky, Pleasant Ridge Reserve Cheese from Wisconsin, Virginia Diner Peanuts, La Quercia’s Organic Cured Ham from Iowa, Raye’s Mustard from Maine, Askinosie’s Chocolate Bar from Missouri. G-AMT gift box $100 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

anN Arbor artisans Artisan Market Gift Box

Our classic cartooned gift box includes a mini Sourcream Coffeecake and hearth baked bread from Zingerman’s Bakehouse, a bag of freshly roasted whole bean coffee from Zingerman’s Coffee Company, a wedge of Great Lakes Cheshire Cheese, a Walnut-studded Magic Brownie, a Chocolate and Cream Cosmic Cake and a Zzang!® Handmade Candy Bar. G-ART artisan market gift box $80

stocking STufFer

real maraschino cherRies Luxardo Marasche Cherries

These are the original Maraschino cherries. Instead of glowing red, these cherries are deep purple and burgundy. They’re suspended in thick cherry syrup, which on its own is a secret ingredient. Use them whenever your cocktail book calls for a cherry garnish. From Italy. P-INO 360 g, about 50 cherries $20 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

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legendary Reuben Sandwich Kit

The perfect sandwich by mail. If you know someone who loves real deli fare, sending this gift will cement your status as the most clever, generous friend they have. Some assembly is required, but considering it has been known to make grown men weep in appreciation it’s totally worth it. Corned Beef Reuben G-SHE serves 6-8 $185 G-SHE-2 serves 3-4 $135

Pastrami Brooklyn Reuben G-BIN serves 6-8 $185 G-BIN-2 serves 3-4 $135



Turkey Georgia Reuben* G-GEO serves 6-8 $185 G-GEO-2 serves 3-4 $135

John & Amy's Corned Beef & Pastrami Double Dip G-JJA serves 5-7 $125



* Cooked in peanut oil

Included • Jewish Rye (Pumpernickel in Brooklyn Reuben) • Meat Fixins • Emmentaler Swiss • Redskin Potato Salad

• Coleslaw • Russian Dressing • Garlicky Pickles • Brownie Bites • Professional Deli Instructions

"Now That's A Sandwich!" Michael Ivins, The Flaming Lips

uncomMon Caramels

Sweet and Savory Caramel Collection from Vosges in Chicago Zingerman’s ingredients mixed with Vosges’ outstanding caramels. Three kinds of savory caramels: Applewood Smoked Bacon, Sun Dried Sicilian Tomatoes with Spanish Paprika and Parmigiano-Reggiano with Tellicherry Pepper. Three kinds of sweet: Campari, Koeze Cream-Nut Peanut Butter and Anise Myrtle. Six flavors, three caramels each, eighteen caramels in all. You won’t find them anywhere else. What a way to end a dinner party. P-YUM 18 pieces $45 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE


Our Guarantee If you experience a problem with one of our products, customer service, shipping, or you just don't like how it tastes, please let us know. We'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

powerEd by PORk Praise The Lard Gift Box

It’ll take a special kind of faith for the recipient to make it through this gift box, tallying up at over two and a half pounds of pork, plus bread and chocolate. When done, they will surely testify. Broadbent’s Kentucky Smoked Sausage, Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Bacon, La Quercia's Prosciutto, French-Style Salami and Zingerman’s Peppered Bacon Farm Bread. To round things out, Mo’s Bacon Chocolate Bar. All in a Zingerman’s bag. G-PTL praise the lard gift box $90

their own deli case Zingerman’s Big Box of Meat

When I’m away from Ann Arbor for more than a few days I start to miss Zingerman’s food. Coffee and bread first, then more subtle longings loom. Like cured and cooked meats. This is a collection of my favorites from our deli case, and it makes a great gift for a deli lover you know. Just set out some cheese, vegetables, bread and some sliced meats for a satisfying feast. Our Zingerman's shopping bag includes a pound each of Pastrami, our Classic Black Angus Lean Corned Beef, Broadbent Sausage and Usinger’s Liverwurst, a pound of Applewood Smoked Bacon, Crespone Salami and Iowa White Pork Spread. Over six pounds of cured cow and hog, rounded out with a loaf of Bacon Peppered Farm Bread. Requires a strong will not to overdo it. In case of excess, we’ll throw in some Alka Seltzer®. G-BBM big box of meat $200 FREE ONE BUSINESS DAY OVERNIGHT SHIPPING

carAmel KnowLedge

stocking STufFer

Béquet Caramels from Montana

Robin Béquet says, "There are a great many products easier to make than caramel. In the blink of an eye you can go from potential greatness to complete disaster.” That's the voice of experience talking. In the last five years, in going from a home kitchen operation to an award-winning caramel maker, Robin has had a lot of experimental disasters. But we get to taste the benefits of her hard lessons. Her caramels are widely recognized as some of the best in the country. This silver, ribboned gift box is filled with two of our favorite types: sea salt and chipotle pepper. Caramel fans, don’t miss out. P-PEQ 11 oz ribboned box $33

Celtic Sea Salt Caramels With just enough crunch and savoriness to balance the sweetness of the caramel. P-CSS 4 oz box $10 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE


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homemade jewish pastrieS Rugelach and Mandelbread

They’re back! Our semi-legendary Jewish pastry stars have returned in sharp new gift boxes. Rugelach are the royalty of Jewish baked goods: crispy, flaky, cream cheese pastry, dressed in cinnamon sugar, rolled around two different fillings: apricot jam and toasted walnuts with currants. Mandelbread are essentially Jewish biscotti, traditionally triplebaked half moons of lemon scented cookie, loaded with toasted almonds. P-RUG 16-20 pieces of rugelach gift boxed half apricot/half walnut & currant P-MND 8-10 pcs of mandelbread, gift boxed

$29 $29


tempting with tea

Tea for Two

Four assorted Scones with their natural companion, afternoon tea. Earl Grey, English Devon Cream, Preserves and Honey. G-T42 tea for two $75 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

choCOlate pilLows

Cosmic Cakes

Zingerman’s Cosmic Cakes are cloud-soft chocolate cakes stuffed with three different fillings: fresh vanilla buttercream, peanut butter and mint. G-COS two of each flavor, six total $45 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

stocking STufFer

Zingerman's Tattoos A set of temporary tattoos, featuring our Frankenloaf and the Sweet Tooth Monster. P-4-TAT 4 tattoos $3 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

chocolate vices

Chocolate Suspension Gift Box A nosher-sized Hot Cocoa Coffeecake accompanied by two brownies (Walnut-Studded Magic and Buenos Aires Caramel Dulce de Leche) and two Cosmic Cakes (Vanilla and Peanut Butter). G-SUS chocolate suspension gift box $50

SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE Where you see this, items ship for $9.99 flat rate per address. Combine with other flat rate items and the price is the same.



Our Guarantee If you experience a problem with one of our products, customer service, shipping, or you just don't like how it tastes, please let us know. We'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

Custom Zingerman's Pastry SampleR Gift Box

Create your own assortment of Zingerman's big brownies, creamy scones and stellar cookies. Choose the mix you’d like and give us a ring. Visit where you can customize your box online. Your personal selection is hand packed to order in our fun, cartoon gift box.


six piece

assortment G-6PP


ten piece assortment G-10P


Choose from any of these pastries, in any combination, and pay the same price.

Our classic with toasted walnuts.

The classic minus the nuts.

With dulce de leche caramel.

Gluten free* with amaranth and quinoa, not wheat.

No-chocolate brownie, with pecan praline, topped with sea salt.

With Michigan dried cherries.

With candied lemon zest. With candied orange peel and toasted almonds.

With spicy, crystallized ginger.

* Not made in gluten free facility.

With spicy, crystallized ginger.

A savory scone with Vermont cheddar and fresh rosemary.

With muscovado brown sugar and juicy chunks of crystallized ginger.

A rustic special with organic rolled oats, pecans, red flame raisins and cinnamon sugar

With maple syrup, organic oats and giant red flame raisins.

Crumbly peanut butter cookies using all natural peanut butter.

Chunks of Callebaut chocolate and toasted walnuts.


"The world's best specialty food."

Where you see this, items ship for $9.99 flat rate per address. Combine with other flat rate items and the price is the same.

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give the grandest The Ultimate Basket

Unequaled food glory. Includes an assortment of four different Zingerman’s Brownies, Molasses Ginger Jump-Up Cookie, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, Zingerman’s 1 Year Aged Vermont Cheddar, French-Style Salami, Zingerman’s Coffee, Zingerman’s Peanut Brittle, Garden of Eatin' Blue Corn Chips, Salsa, Dufflet Chocolate Crackle, Rustic Bakery Olive Oil and Sea Salt Flatbreads, Ginger Chimes Candies, Destrooper Belgian Butter Cookies, Mediterranean Olives, Raye’s Down East Schooner Mustard, Smooch Lion All Natural Gummies, Mrs. Sipp’s Spiced Almonds and a Zzang!® Handmade Candy Bar. G-ULT ultimate basket $200 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

italian tour A Tuscan’s Treat Gift basket includes Zingerman’s Paesano Bread, Zingerman’s Tuscan Travel Oil, Vecchia Dispensa’s Aged Balsamic Vinegar, Farmhouse ParmigianoReggiano Cheese, Taralli Olive Oil Crackers, Antonio Mattei’s Original Tuscan Biscotti, Italian Pasta, Tomato Sauce from Il Mongetto, Leccino Black Olives, Hazelnut Gianduja from Piedmont. G-TUS italian gift basket $175

stocking STufFer

Bacon Chocolate Pig Katrina Markoff’s cult combo: milk chocolate studded with smoked bacon, here shaped like a pig. I suggest you start at the rump. From Vosges. P-PIG 1.2 oz bar $12 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

a baker’s basket

Almost as Good as Grandma’s Gift Basket This is one of our most popular baskets, a selection of some of the baked goods made by Zingerman’s Bakehouse presented in a wooden box emblazoned with the Zingerman’s name. DELUXE Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Zingerman’s Magic Brownie and Black Magic Brownie, Dried Cherry Scone and Ginger Scone, Funky Chunky Chocolate Cookie, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, ZBPB Peanut Butter Cookie, Ginger Jump-Up Cookie, Italian Honey, English Preserves and Hammonds Candy All Natural Lollipop. G-GRA-1 deluxe $75


ULTIMATE doubles of all the pastries plus a loaf each of Cinnamon Raisin and Chocolate Sourdough breads. G-GRA-2 ultimate $135

Our Guarantee If you experience a problem with one of our products, customer service, shipping, or you just don't like how it tastes, please let us know. We'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

built to impreSs

Pastry Dreambox

If you want to knock someone’s socks off this is the gift to do it. It’s a big foot and a half long pine crate stuffed to bursting with our incredible nosher-sized Sourcream Coffeecake, two Cherry Scones, a Magic Brownie, a Dulce de Leche Buenos Aires Brownie and a Pecan Blondie, a Ginger Jump-Up Cookie, a Big Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, a Cosmic Cake, Mandelbread Jewish Biscotti, Washington State Honey and six handmade, crispy Palmiers. G-DRE pastry dreambox, serves 14-16 $150 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

Pastry Dreambox illustrated.

for a big bunch

for a few foOd Lovers

Big, beautiful cartooned gift box with Dulce de Leche Buenos Aires and Magic Brownies, a Pecan Blondie, Oatmeal Raisin and Ginger Molasses Jump-Up Cookies, a Ginger Scone, a Cherry Scone, a six pack of all butter Palmiers, our nosher-sized Hot Cocoa Coffeecake and a Vanilla Cosmic Cake. G-BNZ bakehouse bonanza, serves 10-12 $95

Our cartooned gift box includes a mini Sourcream Coffeecake, Walnut-Studded Magic Brownie, Ginger Molasses Jump-Up Cookie, Cherry Scone, Vanilla Cosmic Cake, plus a pouch of six handmade, crispy, all butter Palmiers. G-ZBS pastry sampler, serves 6-8 $45

Pastry Sampler

Baked Goods Bonanza



great snacks right out of the basket The Snackboard Gift Basket

This has always been our most popular gift basket. No heating, no cooking, just eating required.

SMALL Zingerman’s Farm Bread, Zingerman’s 1 Year Aged Vermont Cheddar, John Macy’s Cheesesticks, Garden of Eatin’ Tortilla Chips, Premium Salsa, Fruit Preserves and a Zzang!® Candy Bar. G-SNA-S small $79

MEDIUM All the food from the small plus French-Style Salami and Miller’s Damsels Crackers. G-SNA-M medium $110

LARGE All the foods from the small and medium plus Artisan Kids Strawberry Biscuits, Zingerman’s Virginia Peanuts and a Ginger Jump-Up Molasses Cookie. G-SNA-L large $150

DELUXE Everything in the other three sizes plus a jar of Dufflet Chocolate Crackle, Mediterranean Olives and Mrs. Sipp’s Spiced Almonds. G-SNA-D deluxe $175

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610 Phoenix Dr., Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108 1.888.636.8162

customer # key code

smalL bAtch, big flavor Zingerman's Peanut Brittle

Candyman Charlie Frank isn’t reinventing the wheel, just making it more delicious. The latest creation from his candy kitchen is a flavorcharged upgrade of classic peanut brittle. Jumbo Runner peanuts jut like boulders in a shiny, golden, crisp candy sea. The texture looks silky but shatters with each bite. To achieve this consistency Charlie makes small batches by hand with a watchful eye. This is stove-top brittle, not factory gristle, with butterscotch brown flavor, sharp, crackly texture and the lingering savory aftertaste of roasted peanut. P-BRT 12 oz gift box $19 SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE

SHIPS FOR FLAT RATE Where you see this, items ship for $9.99 flat rate per address. Combine with other flat rate items and the price is the same.

money always wOrks

stocking STufFer

Zingerman’s Gift Dollars

Zingerman’s Experience Gift Cards never spoil. Never go out of style. One size fits all. Conveniently redeemable by phone or online at, or in person at Zingerman’s Deli, Bakehouse, Creamery and Roadhouse. Overnight UPS available for $15 in shipping and handling charges on standard gift cards. Electronic gift cards delivered immediately for free. G-GIF gift cards in any increment E-GIF instant delivery electronic gift cards

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Zingerman's Really Not Too Late 2011 Catalog  

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