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Island Hopping

From the Mountains of Corsica to the Coasts of Sardinia


Verdant Island in the Northern Aegean Sea


Spectacular Nature and Athletic Adventures

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On Saturday every 20 minutes between 8:10 am and 7:10 pm.

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On Sundays and holidays every 30 minutes.

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Corsica Reus





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Looking back at the winter and forward to the summer


Thessaloniki/ Chalkidiki Thassos/Kavala Kos

Kalamata Kefalonia



Rhodes Crete


A more active approach to a classic holiday island

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Perfect preparation begins on the ground




Green jewel in the Aegean Sea

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Sardinia and Corsica

A portrait of two neighbouring islands

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The summer holiday season is starting, and wanderlust is beginning to set in. In this new issue of destINNation you will find plenty of suggestions for travel destinations that are the perfect places for you to relax and unwind. We wish you a wonderful summer vacation and hope you enjoy perusing our pages.

Sincerely, The team at Innsbruck Airport

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The quick and easy way through airport security

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First flight route to Paris

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Things to see and do in Birmingham, London and Manchester


Corsica France

The Lighthouse of La Madonetta sits high up on a cliff overlooking the southern coast of Corsica. This gorgeous and popular photo op is located west of the town of Bonifacio and offers amazing panoramic views out over the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Rhomberg Reisen offers one flight per week to Corsica (Sundays).

90.7 kph

Good Things from Above

Events at the destinations

AMSTERDAM Music on the canals

The ten-day Grachtenfestival (canal festival) is held every year in August and features both classical and contemporary music from around the globe performed by both established and up-and-coming young artists. The concerts, many of which are free, are held in parks, museums, theatres and even private homes

CALABRIA/TROPEA Festival & feast

Festivals centred around food are known as ‘sagre’ in the Italian region of Calabria. The best-known, held in July, is probably the Sagra del Pesce Azzurro e della Cipolla Rossa di Tropea, which celebrates the famous Tropea red onion and the local bluefish.

CRETE Local tradition

In the Orthodox Church, Assumption (August 15) is one of the most important dates on the religious calendar. This feast day of Our Lady is celebrated accordingly all across Greece, and particularly in Crete

(or 56.4 mph), measured in March of 2023, was the highest wind speed recorded this past winter season

These wind speeds are just one of the reasons that pilots must have completed specialised training before they are allowed to land in Innsbruck. Other factors include thermals and the narrow approach zone due to the high mountains.


Hot air

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, held each year in August, is the largest hot air balloon festival in Europe. Over four days, more than one hundred balloonists and a multifaceted programme on the ground delight some 500,000 visitors.

Tips for Tyrol


From June to October a special exhibition at Castle Ambras near Innsbruck entitled “Terribly Beautiful 2.0” will explore our uncanny fascination with things that scare us. Exhibits will include paintings, sculptures, ironwork and other pieces dating from antiquity to the 18th century.

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® Wut Moppie /,
Puente Palacios
T photography /, KHM Museumsverband,


Top 3 travel destinations among Tyroleans


Tip: We recommend making your bookings directly with the airline or through your travel agent. Enjoy the carefree comfort of having an expert help plan your travel.

3 questions

for airport director Marco Pernetta:


Wild landscapes in the Ionian Sea


Greece’s largest island

In early June of 2023, Tyrol will again host the World Mountain and Trail Running Championships. For four days, contestants will run over hill and dale (and crags and rocks, etc.), competing on four courses between 6 and 86 kilometres (3.7 – 53.4 miles) in length –a marvellous event for athletes, sports fans and spectators alike.

Are you feeling confident about the upcoming summer season?

Yes, the outlook is very positive. Our tour operators and partner travel agencies have been reporting very satisfactory booking numbers for this summer so far. People are eager to travel again, and there is currently a high demand with travel agents for flights from Innsbruck.

What is your favourite destination from Innsbruck?

I don’t really have a particular favourite. Instead, I really love to discover a new and exciting region each year. As a big fan of France, I’m very pleased that there will be direct flights from Innsbruck to Corsica again this year.

How happy are you with the 2022-23 winter season?

I’m happy to report that it went very well for Innsbruck airport, and that we are very pleased. Passenger numbers from the past winter season were actually only about 10 % below pre-pandemic levels, which is great.


Up, Up and Away

After the two exceptional years of the Covid-19 pandemic, Innsbruck Airport recorded a positive balance sheet again for the first time in 2022. This means it is once again the second-largest regional airport in Austria.

Year-round flights for city trips or onward connections: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London and Vienna


The past 2022-23 winter season went very well for the airport, and nearly 480,000 passengers were processed in the first quarter of 2023. The Tyrol Business Lounge, too, was well frequented again in the winter, welcoming some 18,000 guests between January and late March.

Last year, Innsbruck Airport processed a total of 721,412 passengers on scheduled and charter flights; that is an increase of 475 % from 2021. However, this seemingly impressive growth rate is deceptive, explains airport director Marco Pernetta, as the figures from 2022 are still 37% below the peak levels reached in 2019. This is due, among other things, to the lack of a connection to Frankfurt in the first four months of 2022. Nevertheless, Innsbruck Airport is pleased with the developments over the last twelve months, which can be attributed in particular to strong incoming winter tourism in the first quarter and good outgoing summer travel in the third.

Where are winter travellers flying in from?

Sixty percent of passengers fly in from Great Britain, the Netherlands and Scandinavia and spend their winter holiday in Tyrol. Greater London in particular is

one of the most important source markets for the airport: Every fourth passenger in 2022 arrived in Innsbruck from one of the London airports. Thanks to the Air France subsidiary HOP, Innsbruck was able to welcome its first winter passengers from Paris in December.

Where do Tyroleans fly on vacation?

In 2022, some 30,000 Tyroleans took advantage of Innsbruck Airport as a starting point for their well-deserved summer holidays. Their main destination countries were Greece, Italy and Spain.

That’s where I want to go this summer!

Innsbruck is the ideal departure point for this year’s summer holiday, particularly for fans of Greece. The summer flight plan features flights to Thassos, Chalkidiki/ Thessaloniki, Kalamata, Kefalonia, Crete, Preveza/Lefkada, Kos and Rhodes. With two weekly flights to Crete, even ten-day

stays are a viable option. Once again, summer flight destinations also include Calabria and Sardinia (Italy).

New destinations

From late April to early October, we are offering flights to Corsica for the first time. In just one and a half hours, you’ll land right between the mountains and the sea on this French Mediterranean island. 9
“The best part is the relaxed return trip to Tyrol. You can bring that holiday feeling straight home with you without any long detours.”
Airport director Marco Pernetta
® Peter Norz

Down to the Flowers and Toothpicks

10 dest INN ation
Axel Springer

Everything has to be perfect when meals leave the small kitchen at Innsbruck Airport. The place that used to prepare food for the scheduled flights of Tyrolean Airways now cooks mostly for private jets –and preparing delicacies is a delicate business.

When we are on board an aircraft, explains chef Anja Troger of Cloud Number 9, our sense of taste changes, and “we need more salt, stronger flavours, more aroma for things to taste good.” This is just one of the challenges Troger faces every day in her job. Together with her small kitchen team, she provides menus and meals for private jets, catering to every wish. This can also include extras like procuring a passenger’s newspaper of choice in their preferred language; on occasion, CN9 even provides laundry service.

A lot to consider

Mostly, though, Troger’s job consists of cooking – and at a very high level, because even at 10,000 metres above sea level, everything needs to be perfect. “For instance, passengers like to order fillet of beef, which has to be cooked to a very precise point. We only sear it lightly on the ground, leaving the inside nearly raw.” This is because food has to be reheated before serving, so this extra cooking time needs to be factored in. The team also has to consider other aspects, such as whether food will be heated in an oven or a microwave and what else on-board staff might need.

“You have to prepare everything perfectly for the flight attendants, because once they are in the air, they have to work entirely with what they have. We pay attention even to the most minute of details.” Sometimes, the flight crew will therefore request so-called garnish packs consisting of spices, herbs, lemons, etc. This allows them to decorate the food, season it to taste and add any other finishing touches in the air.

Perfection and perfectionism

In an average month, Troger’s four-person team cooks for about 100 private jets plus about 30 flights with Tyrolean Jets

and Services, as well as 30 medical and transplant flights by Tyrol Air Ambulance and Fly Tyrol. The products used are of the highest quality, and, wherever possible, in season.

Troger also has to take heed of food allergies, various dietary restrictions and ethnic-religious customs; she and her team also maintain a large network of partners throughout Tyrol that helps them cater to every client’s taste and fulfil certain wishes, such as providing a precise vintage of champagne or a certain type of wine or chocolate. Troger always aims for perfection – and delivers it: Some airlines even make a special point of sourcing their catering from Innsbruck because of its reputation for superior quality.

Troger has been working in her job for 31 years now. When she started, most of the cooking was done for scheduled flights, but times have changed, and the value placed on the quality of in-flight meals is not what it used to be. However, one local tour operator is hoping to revive great in-flight food, particularly on summer charter flights, with a small, delicious breakfast, “so that passengers will feel like they’re already truly on holiday the minute they’re in the air.” 11
“You have to prepare everything perfectly for the flight attendants, because once they are in the air, they have to work entirely with what they have.”
Anja Troger

Aegean Jewel

Surrounded by crystal-clear waters, the small Greek island of Thassos rises out of the northern Aegean Sea. Blessed with stunning natural beauty, this hidden gem has yet to be discovered by mass tourism, and visitors can still enjoy virtually untouched landscapes and uncrowded beaches.

This nearly circular island in the north of the Aegean Sea is a holiday destination you won’t easily forget.

The volcanic island of Thassos (also spelt Thasos) is about 380 km2 (147 mi2) in size and located right off the coast of Kavala. Its gorgeous sandy beaches, turquoise waters, lush green vegetation, colourful markets and archaeological treasures are all sure to delight travellers.

Three hours to the seaside

Despite being relatively remote, the small island is easy to reach: A direct flight from Innsbruck and a half-hour ferry ride will get you there in just three hours. The island’s capital, Limenas, is the perfect place to start your holiday: Soak in its unique atmosphere and the typical Greek hospitality you will find here and take your time discovering the town’s restaurants, cafes and shops. Other places well worth visiting include

the mountain village of Theologos and the small port town of Limenaria. Both places are like a window into the island’s past.

Something for everyone Thassos is still one of Greece’s best-kept secrets, but its infrastructure is well developed and features every kind of accommodation you could wish for, from modest aparthotels to luxurious hotels. Those who prefer a more rustic flair can also rent small traditional houses and selfcatering holiday flats.

This Greek island is better known for its laid-back atmosphere and authentic culture than its party scene, but some towns, such as the port of Limenaria, do have clubs and bars for those looking for nightlife.

Weekly flights to Thassos Idealtourswith

12 dest INN ation

Thassos GREECE

An island of crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches and lush green vegetation.


Some 95 percent of Thassos’ agricultural land is planted with olive trees, which are highly valued among islanders. The harvested olives are mainly sold as table olives or processed into olive oil. The wood is used for carpentry and artwork, the leaves for animal feed – nothing goes to waste

Walk, discover, enjoy

This emerald pearl is perfect for those who love to roam and discover things on foot. The many walking and hiking paths take you across breathtaking landscapes and through picturesque little villages. Learn more about the natural landscape from a local perspective on a guided hike. When you’re ready for a well-earned break, head for one of the traditional taverna (small Greek restaurants) to enjoy some of the famous Thrumba olives, tzatziki and house wine.

Soak up the sun

Thassos has some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, including hidden coves and idyllic stretches of coastline. They are the ideal place to relax on the warm sand, swim in the crystal-clear

waters and bask in the sun. Two popular spots include Golden Beach, with its fine golden sand, and Paradise Beach, which is bordered by verdant green mountains.

Archaeological treasures

If you are looking for culture, Thassos also has plenty to offer. Thanks to its rich, unique history, the island is dotted with ancient ruins and historical gems. Particular highlights include the Monastery of the Archangel Michael and the archaeological museum the capital, where you can learn more about the island’s origins, history, and culture.

In a nutshell, Thassos is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to leave their everyday life behind and spend an unforgettable time in breathtaking natural surroundings.

14 dest INN ation
The Aegean island has some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.
The stunning coastline with its many hidden coves is the perfect place to swim, relax and soak up the sun. MONASTERY OF THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL


Inseljuwel in der griechischen Ägäis

iDEAL für Entdecker

Direkt am Traumstrand


Abflug 26.05. & 30.06.2023

Villa Santa Marina***+ inkl. Flug, Mietauto Kat. A, Villa

8 TAGE 7x OV ab € 1.522,- p.P.

Kostenlose HAUSABHOLUNG in Nordtirol


Abflug 26.05. & 30.06.2023

Grand Beach Hotel Thassos***+ inkl. Flug, Transfers, Doppelzimmer Eco

8 TAGE 7x ÜF ab € 1.044,- p.P.

Kostenlose HAUSABHOLUNG in Nordtirol

Direkt am TrypitiBeach


Abflug 26.05. & 30.06.2023

Hotel Blue Dream Palace****+ inkl. Flug, Transfers, Doppelzimmer

8 TAGE 7x ÜF ab € 1.275,- p.P.

Kostenlose HAUSABHOLUNG in Nordtirol

Sehr zentrale Lage


Abflug 26.05. & 30.06.2023

Villa Aelia***+ inkl. Flug, Transfers, Studio Comfort

8 TAGE 7x ÜF ab € 1.079,- p.P.

Kostenlose HAUSABHOLUNG in Nordtirol

05 77 10 ... und in Ihrem Reisebüro
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telefonisch buchen!

Mallorca SPAIN

The island’s whole coastline is dotted with watchtowers that once helped inhabitants protect themselves from pirate attacks.

2 flights per week to Mallorca

Mediterranean Sports Mecca

The days when Mallorca was overrun with party-hardy Brits and Germans are long gone. Today, the largest of the Balearic Islands is better known for its spectacular natural landscapes and is especially popular among families and those looking for an active, athletic holiday.


The name Mallorca (sometimes also spelt Majorca) is derived from the Latin ‘Insula Maior’ or ‘larger island’. The name of its ‘little sister’ to the northwest, Menorca, comes from ‘Insula Minor’ or ‘smaller island’.

Mallorca used to be famous –or rather, infamous – for ‘Ballerman’, a boozy party beach in the capital of Palma. If you are looking for a sun-andsangria-type party spot, you will still find it here, but in recent years, more and more active travellers have been discovering this multifaceted island for themselves.

An El Dorado for active holidays

Thanks to its mild climate and 550 kilometres (340 miles) of coastline, this island is perfect for water sports. The entire south coast is a paradise for wind-

surfers, and you can kitesurf year round at Pollença on the north coast. Mallorca is also known for its fantastic rock climbing, and the density of climbing spots is unparalleled in Europe. Limestone and dolomite walls offer great grip, and anyone who has always wanted to try deep water soloing, i.e., unsecured climbing over water, will find the perfect spot to do it here on the island. Golfers’ hearts will leap at the island’s 23 beautiful and well-groomed courses, which include the stunning sea views at Club de Golf Alcanada, the technically challenging green at Golf de Andratx or

CAP 17

the championship course at Son Gual. There is something for every skill level. If you would rather trade your clubs for a (motor)bike, then head out to discover the island’s amazing natural landscapes on its quiet, low-traffic mountain roads. Explore areas such as the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range or the headland at Cap de Formentor.

Environmental protection writ large

Many sections of the coast and the island’s interior have been declared nature reserves. Hike through Puig de Galatzó nature park, one of the island’s most beautiful regions, along an old charcoal burner’s trail that goes past bizarre rock formations and some thirty waterfalls. The Serra de Tramuntana mountain range in the northwest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its great physical and cultural significance as well as its natural diversity. In addition, the water quality in Mallorca is very high throughout the island. Nearly all beaches fly the blue flag, which stands for particularly good water quality, environmental protection and beach safety.

Accommodation to suit every taste

Whether you prefer the family-friendly TUI Kids Clubs, the premium Club Robinson Cala Serena, the TUI Blue hotels or the TUI Suneo hotels for budget-conscious travellers, you will certainly find something to suit your taste here on the island.

Fun for the whole family

Get up close and personal with sharks and other marine life at the Palma Aquarium, home to some 8,000 sea animals

and a spectacular glass tunnel. Children will love learning all about asteroids and meteorites or observing the moon and stars through the telescopes at Costitx Astronomical Observatory.

Once the kids are in bed, mum and dad can relax and linger over a glass of one of the many excellent Mallorcan wines. They are currently still one of the island’s best-kept secrets but have already won prizes at numerous international competitions.


approx. 912,171 inhabitants, just under half of them living in Palma

at 1,445 m (4,741 ft), Puig Major is the island’s highest mountain

7.9 daily hours of sunshine

550 km (340 miles) of coastline

18 dest INN ation
The Serra de Tramuntana mountain range in the island’s northwest was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its diversity.
Mallorca is famous for its magnificent beaches. Cala Gat – the bay of cats –is a small, hidden beach nestled between cliffs and forests.


Genau dieses Gefühl.

• 2x wöchentlich nach Mallorca

• 2x wöchentlich nach Kreta

• 1x wöchentlich nach Kos

• 1x wöchentlich nach Rhodos

• 1x wöchentlich nach Kalabrien

Mit TUI direkt ab Innsbruck ans Meer. Buchung und Details auf und in Ihrem Reisebüro.

Have a good flight!

If you start feeling anxious when you board a plane, you’re not alone: Fear of flying is a fairly common phenomenon. Here are a number of things you can do to keep your pulse from racing in the air.

Air travel is a complex affair that can be stressful even for people who do not suffer from any specific fears. If you don’t want your fear of flying to keep you on the ground, start by learning more about the flight process: What happens during each flight phase? What noises can I expect to hear? Statistically speaking, how safe is flying? Informing the flight crew that you are a nervous flyer and asking questions can also give you a sense of safety and calm.

Take a deep breath

Fear of flying can start long before take-off. Counteract it early on by consciously stopping negative thoughts and doing breathing and muscle relaxation exercises. You can also use these techniques discreetly during the flight – they will make you feel better and no one else will even notice.

Get comfortable

More relaxed flying can start with choosing the right seat: Places

above the wings tend to be quietest, and an aisle seat will give you a little more space to the side. Loose-fitting layers will allow you to easily adjust your clothing to keep you at a comfortable temperature. Eat and drink consciously.


Whether you prefer watching movies or listening to your favourite music, keeping yourself entertained and diverted before and after take-off can be a blessing. To keep stress levels low during check-in and security, make sure to allow ample time. While waiting for your flight, try to stay in motion rather than sitting down; this will help fight tension. Using alcohol or sleeping pills to calm yourself may sound like a good idea, but they can actually increase fear and anxiety. Certain medications can be helpful, but this is something you need to discuss in advance with your doctor or healthcare professional.

20 dest INN ation

How to Smuggle Valuable Things Through Customs

Yes, the title is a joke. There are things that will not get past customs, and there are many good reasons why they shouldn’t. Here is a small guide to what is okay and what is definitely not.

22 dest INN ation

Bringing back small gifts and souvenirs from a trip is a fun and important part of travel. However, it is important to think twice before buying just anything at a souvenir shop or local market. Make sure that your gift or keepsake is really allowed to travel with you. Otherwise, customs officials may confiscate your purchases (with a detailed explanation including all the relevant paragraphs) and even make you pay a fine.


Animals are a no go

It is hardly news that simply taking live animals on a plane isn’t allowed, but not everyone is aware that dead animals or animal parts are also problematic. Large seashells to decorate your living room, conch shells for your pool or bathroom or pieces of coral that you found on the beach –all of these can get expensive if you try to take them through customs. If the objects contain parts of protected species, fines can even be in the thousands of euros. Hunting trophies, ivory carvings and bags or shoes made of snake or crocodile leather are no exception.

Importing meat, milk or cheese from non-EU countries is generally prohibited, and if you are caught with these, you will not only lose them but also have to pay a disposal fee of €4 per kilogramme. Within the EU, foods for personal consumption can be brought in. Potatoes from the United States are prohibited even in small quantities because they can cause the spread of bacterial infections.


There are also severe penalties on the (attempted) import of all types of archaeological objects, regardless of their actual or estimated value. The reason is quite simple: They are considered cultural goods and may only leave their home country with an export licence.

Fakes? Just don’t overdo it

Plant-based products

Products made of or containing plants can also be problematic, though the situation is not as strict as with animal products. The main goal of prohibiting the import of plants, seeds and the like is to prevent parasites and pests from getting into the EU. Unless you can provide a phytosanitary certificate confirming that the plant or plant product presents no danger whatsoever, you had better forgo the grape leaves or those cut orchids from Thailand.

If you grabbed a pair of lastminute 5-Euro sunglasses at the beach, liked a t-shirt where the Lacoste crocodile is yellow or needed the belt with a buckle that has Dolce & Gabbana’s initials backwards, then you needn’t fear customs or justify your purchases. However, if you have several of a certain item, and maybe even in different sizes, that looks suspiciously like you might intend to resell them (at a profit) – which is illegal. Moreover, the total value of all purchased goods may not exceed €430. If you don’t have receipts, customs officials will have to estimate the price, and you’ll end up paying. 23

Two Mediterranean Dream Islands

Searching for a relaxing, Mediterranean island destination? Then look no further: Corsica and Sardinia are two multifaceted vacation paradises just waiting to be discovered and explored – and both are easy to reach from Innsbruck.

mere 12 kilometres (8 miles) of ocean separates Corsica from Sardinia. Despite their proximity and the many things they have in common, the two islands are also different in many ways. But both are certainly well worth visiting.

Mountains and sea Corsica, the more northern of the two islands, is part of France. An island of wild, natural beauty, its landscape

Ais characterized by mountains and a total of 1,700 peaks, 70 of which are over 2000 metres (6500 ft) above sea level. The rugged, rocky coast with its sheer cliffs offers many breathtaking views. The valleys and plains are dominated by maquis (also called macchia), a typically Mediterranean form of vegetation dominated by bushes and shrubs. Corsica is perfect for athletic and active vacationers: Both the coasts and the backcountry offer endless possibilities for climbing, hiking or cycling. Sun-worshippers, swimmers, and snorkelers will revel in


Monte Cino, the island’s highest mountain located in the northwest, offers beautiful panoramic views to all those bold enough to climb it. There are several routes to the top; depending on your starting point, the trek takes up to twelve hours. Summiting should therefore only be attempted by experienced mountaineers

Rhomberg Reisen offers direct flights to Corsica every Sunday starting April 30.

24 dest INN ation
Enthroned high above the Corsican capital of Corte, the Citadel houses a museum and offers a breathtaking panoramic view.

Corsica’s coastline is wild, rugged and rocky, but has many hidden coves that are perfect for bathing and basking in the sun.

Flights Corsicato & Sardiniaweekevery

the many small coves and bays dotted along the coast. Corsica will also score points among culture lovers: There is plenty of history to discover in the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, particularly in the capital Ajaccio.

Gentle south

Even if the islands are geologically related, Corsica’s Italian ‘big sister’ looks quite different. Nearly three times as large, Sardinia has 860

kilometres (535 miles) of coastline that includes both small, hidden coves and expansive sandy beaches. The latter, along with their crystalclear turquoise waters, are the reason that Sardinia is often called the ‘Caribbean of the Mediterranean’.

Active vacationers will also get their money’s worth in Sardinia. Discover the island by bicycle or take advantage of the welldeveloped network of hiking and walking trails, including beautiful long-distance hiking routes, to explore the island’s interior. The terrain is just as beautiful here, but noticeably


Sardinia has many amazing beaches. There are two in particular that every sunworshipper and water-lover should visit at least once in their lifetime: Costa Rei is approximately 50 kilometres (30 miles) from the capital Cagliari. With its gorgeous white sands, it is considered by many as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Those who prefer something a bit more secluded should try Cala Goloritè

The impressive bay and its pebble beach can only be reached by boat or on a 3.5hour hike

Christophorus offers flights to and from Sardinia every Sunday starting May 21.

26 dest INN ation
Swimmers, sun-worshippers and snorkelers will find their own personal heaven in one of the many coves along the coast.
Sardinia’s landscapes are a bit flatter, gentler and more regular than Corsica’s but no less charming.



Experten beraten unter 05572 22420


zum Saisonauftakt

Volle Flexibilität: Kostenfrei umbuchen oder stornieren* bis 30 Tage vor Reiseantritt mit Geld-zurück-Garantie.

Regional NEU ab Innsb r u c k Jetzt buchen & Platz sichern.

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Online buchen auf oder in Ihrem Reisebüro mit höchstem Komfort *Gültig für ausgewählte Pauschalreisen. Im Falle einer Stornierung fallen € 89,Gebühren pro Buchung an.
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less steep and rugged than Corsica’s. While some will miss the challenge, this gentler topography makes Sardinia the ideal destination for those who want to be active but take things a bit easier.

How to choose …

So, what do we know thus far? Both islands have sun, sea, and gorgeous landscapes in spades. Choosing just one of the two really comes down to personal preferences. Travel-

lers looking for athletic action with the occasional beach break and dip in the sea will probably favour Corsica; beach lovers who also want to get in some hiking or biking should probably opt for Sardinia. Either way, both of these marvellous islands are easy and convenient to get to: During the summer months, both Corsica and Sardinia can be reached on direct flights from Innsbruck in one-and-a-half and two hours, respectively.

28 dest INN ation
Explore the island’s interior by bike or on the many hiking trails.
For even more of that special island flair, check out La Maddalena, the Sardinian archipelago consisting of seven islands.

Urlaubshotline: 0800 230015


Hotel La Perla ***/*, Arbatax zB.: 24.09.-01.10., 7x ÜF im DZ inkl. Flug und Hoteltransfer ab € 968,75 p.P.

Appartements Sant´Elmo ***, Castiadas zB.: 11.06.-18.06.,7x OV im AP bei 4 Pers. inkl. Flug & Mietwagen ab € 910,75 p.P.

Nora Club Hotel & Spa ****, Pula

18.06.-25.06., 7x HP im DZ inkl. Flug und Hoteltransfer ab € 1.524,90 p.P.

Hotel La Bitta ****, Arbatax

zB.: 17.09.-24.09., 7x ÜF im DZ inkl. Flug und Hoteltransfer ab € 1.667,00 p.P.

Hotel Club Saraceno ****, Arbatax

zB.: 03.09.-10.09., 7x ÜF im DZ inkl. Flug und Hoteltransfer ab € 1.445,00 p.P.

Kinder 3 - 15 Jahre 50% Ermäßigung im Hotel

Hotel Perdèpera Resort ***, Cardedu

zB.: 16.07.-23.07., 7x HP im DZ inkl. Flug und Hoteltransfer ab € 1.576,00 p.P.

Kinder 2 - 13 Jahre 50% Ermäßigung im Hotel

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Why are most airplanes white?

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An airplane can get really warm: On the inside, the instruments and machinery generate heat, and on the outside, the sun’s rays heat up the hull. Light colours like white reflect light and heat better than dark colours do, so painting a plane white means the sun doesn’t warm it up as much and you don’t need as much air conditioning, which saves fuel and money. the airport?

The paint on an airplane also adds to the aircraft’s weight –up to several hundred kilogrammes. Lighter paint colours actually weigh less and don’t fade as quickly, which again saves fuel and money.

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Read for Take-off (Faster)


For everyone’s safety, even small animals that can be taken on board in special carriers need to be scanned. For a gentler inspection, Innsbruck airport has a special walkthrough metal detector for animals that works with a magnetic field rather than X-rays. If an animal is carrying metal, this triggers an alarm. The animal would then be inspected with a further scan in a special transport container.

Identify yourself

Before proceeding to security check and the gate area, have your identification (passport or ID card) and your boarding pass ready to hand to the inspecting officer.

Liquids and gels

Liquids and gels – these include cream, shaving foam, or toothpaste, as well as jam, jelly or honey – may be transported in carry-on luggage only if they are in containers that can hold a maximum volume of 100 millilitres (3.38 fl oz). To save time, it is best to place all these containers in a transparent, one-litre (onequart) bag or pouch and present this bag at security. Each passenger is allowed to take one such bag on board. Medications and special diet foods, such as baby food and formula, are not subject to this limit; even so, they must be handed to security personnel for inspection.

Laptops, tablets, etc.

Before carry-on luggage and items are put in the X-ray scanner, all electronic devices that are larger than a smartphone must be removed from their bag or sleeve and placed in a separate tray. Doing this promptly and without having to be asked will make security check go much faster.

Remove metal objects

Before passing through the walk-through metal detectors, passengers must remove their outer layers of clothing, such as jackets or coats, and place metal objects (including belts, wallets or large pieces of jewellery) in a plastic tray or bin. Smaller pieces of jewellery, such as rings or thin necklaces, do not need to be removed.

Caution: Passengers with a cardiac or neural pacemaker may not enter the walk-through metal detector but must pass through a separate security check. Please inform security personnel immediately if you have one of these implants. Passengers with other implants, such as an artificial knee or hip joints, will also be subject to a separate screening if their implant triggers the walkthrough metal detector (which is nearly always the case).

Security checks to make sure that passengers are not carrying forbidden objects or substances on their person or in their carry-on luggage are part of flying and serve to keep everyone safe. Follow these tips to make sure your next pre-flight check goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.


Allrounders on the Job

They are the people who make sure everything before take-off and after landing goes smoothly: On an average day, aircraft handlers like Ingo Landauer have got their work cut out for them.

Some job descriptions are selfexplanatory: When you hear the name, you have a pretty good idea of what a person in this job does all day. Other job titles mean almost nothing to people who don’t work in the field. Aircraft handling (sometimes also called ramp services or operations) is a good example of the second category –most people have no idea what this job entails. 36-year-old aircraft handler Ingo Landauer, who has been working at Innsbruck airport for a year, explains it like this: “We process the airplanes. Everything that happens surrounding air traffic, that’s us.” Aircraft handlers take care of the loading and unloading of the aircraft. They also oversee refuelling or

do a final inspection tour before takeoff, making them the link between the ground staff and the cockpit. When no planes are landing or taking off, they keep the airfield clear in winter or maintain the lawns in summer.

Always ready for action

Before working at the airport, Landauer spent 15 years in the automotive sector. When a friend suggested that aircraft handling might suit him, he applied. This, as it turns out, was good advice, as his new job allows him to combine two of his interests: aviation and fire services. This

is one of the special features at Innsbruck airport, Landauer says: As an aircraft handler, he is also part of the company fire department, and new members of staff begin their time at the airport with several training courses. What should applicants bring to the job? “An interest in airports, aviation and fire services, certain general skills and strong nerves.” One thing is clear, Landauer continues, working at an airport is never dull.


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“Everything that happens surrounding air traffic, that’s us.”
Ingo Landauer, aircraft handler


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The First Flight Connection from Paris to Innsbruck (1925)

During the very successful 2022-23 winter season, the regional airline Air France HOP (a subsidiary of Air France) operated the new flight route between Innsbruck and Paris/Charles-de-Gaulle between December 10, 2022, and March 5, 2023. A closer look back at the nearly one-hundred-year history of Innsbruck Airport shows that this flight route already existed in the airport’s inaugural year (1925). The first airport in Innsbruck was located in Innsbruck’s eastern Reichenau

district; operations there began on June 1, 1925, and continued until late 1947. It was hoped that the airport would become an important nexus for both northsouth and east-west routes within the burgeoning European aviation network. And at first, these plans seemed to be coming to fruition: During the airport’s opening ceremony on June 1, 1925, the first aircraft to fly in (from Vienna) and land was a single-engine Blériot Spad S.66 belonging to the French airline Compagnie Internationale de Navigation Aérienne (CIDNA). Just a few minutes later, the landing of a single-engine Fokker F.III belonging to southern German Aero Lloyd inaugurated the Munich-Innsbruck route. However, the launch of the anticipated CIDNA flight route Paris-Basel-Zurich-

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BLÉRIOT SPAD S.66 The French airline CIDNA used this single-engine Blériot Spad S.66 aircraft on the Paris-StrasbourgZurich-Innsbruck-Vienna route in 1925. In 1933, the airline was incorporated into the newly founded Air France. TANJA CHRAUST ® Stadtarchiv/Stadtmuseum Innsbruck, Sign.: Ph/G-25476


The first flight schedule to include Innsbruck (1925) with the CIDNA flight route as originally planned shows the important role the airport hoped to play in the burgeoning European aviation network.


On December 10, 2022, Air France HOP made its first landing in Innsbruck with a twin-jet shorthaul aircraft type Embraer E190 (registration code F-HDLA).

Innsbruck-Vienna was delayed for several weeks due to safety concerns on the part of both the Austrian and Swiss aeronautical authorities. Once emergency landing fields and a weather-monitoring service along the Austrian flight path had been established, the Vienna-Innsbruck section of the route became operational on August 15, 1925. When the Swiss authorities authorised only the stopover in Zurich, the route was changed to Paris-Strasbourg-Zurich-Innsbruck-Vienna. It wasn’t until early September of 1925 that the entire Paris-Vienna route finally went into operation (take-off in Paris 6:30, stopover in Innsbruck 14:00, landing in Vienna 18:15). However, the diminishing daylight hours soon meant that, starting on September 21, this flight of 11 hours and 45

minutes (including stopovers) required an overnight stay in Innsbruck, as the airport here was not equipped for nighttime operations. Nor was it equipped for winter aviation operations, meaning that on November 15, scheduled flights had to stop for the winter. During this period, the aviation conflicts between the German Reich and France were resolved, and the French airline therefore decided to redirect the flight route away from the more difficult Alpine territory to the less challenging Alpine foothills of southern Germany starting in 1926. This decision was a terrible blow for the newly opened airport in Innsbruck, as it took away not only the important east-west flight route, but also the important international connections to Vienna, Zurich and Paris. 37
® Walter Kaller, Innsbruck ® Privatarchiv Tanja Chraust, Innsbruck

English Summer

In addition to its famous gardens, imposing manor houses and idyllic natural landscapes, England is also home to some of the most interesting cities in Europe. Three of them are easy to reach from Innsbruck, making them the perfect places for a weekend getaway.


The British capital has it all: Whether you are looking for culture, history, gastronomy, architecture, nature, sports or shopping, you will find all of it and more in this modern metropolis.


A leisurely walk along the river Thames will take you past many of the most important historical monuments in London, from Tower Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral to the Globe Theatre, the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament

Get the best free view of the city skyline from Sky Garden, a public viewing space on the 43rd floor of the famous “Walkie-Talkie” skyscraper.


Both the Tate Britain and its sister, the Tate Modern, are always worth a visit. Things will get even more exciting starting in May of 2023: The museum is currently reorganizing all of its exhibits to feature more diversity and works by female artists. The many theatres in London’s West End offer a plethora of excellent plays and musicals.

Food & drink

Why pick just one cuisine when you can try them all? In the historic Borough Market hall, British classics meet paella, tacos, oysters, curry and more. For liquid libations in a unique atmosphere, try a drink at one of the worldfamous bars such as Tayēr + Elementary, Satan’s Whiskers or Connaught Bar.

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® Pajor Pawel /, Benjamin B /, Ian Reay /, E. R. Meeks /, PhotoLondonUK /, Garry Basnett / TA S T E YOUR W A Y


Long considered the coolest city in England, this northern town is not only home to the legendary football club, but is also the birthplace of numerous iconic bands, including Joy Division, The Smiths, Oasis, Chemical Brothers and Take That.


Chetham’s Library is the oldest free public library in the English-speaking world, and John Rylands Library, built in the style of a neo-Gothic Victorian church, may be the most beautiful. Music lovers should head to one of the numerous live music clubs, visit Piccadilly Records, or learn more about the city’s musical history on a music (walking) tour.


Old Trafford stadium, home of Manchester United and nicknamed ‘The Theatre of Dreams’, is well worth a visit even between games. If a ‘pilgrimage’ to this ‘shrine’ isn’t enough, try the Football Museum. The Northern Quarter is the vibrant heart of Manchester’s alternative and creative side. This area is home to numerous galleries, shops and boutiques, as well the quirky Afflecks indoor market

Food & drink

Nicknamed ‘Curry Mile’ for its numerous Indian and Asian restaurants, Wilmslow Road is the perfect place to enjoy some of Britain’s favourite dishes. For a traditional English breakfast, try The Koffee Pot; for delicious ice cream creations, head to Ginger’s Comfort Emporium.


Most people think of Birmingham as a grey, industrial city or as the backdrop to the BBC series Peaky Blinders, but Britain’s second-largest city has a lot more to offer. Slowly but surely, Birmingham is cleaning up its sooty image to become one of the most exciting and multifaceted places on the island.


Art lovers will be enthralled with the Barber Institute of Fine Arts and the Ikon Gallery. For an evening of theatre, head to the Birmingham Hippodrome or The Alexandra. A Peaky Blinders walking tour is the perfect way to discover the city and learn more about the real Peaky Blinders and other historical street gangs.


With its historical buildings, charming boutiques and the magnificent Library of Birmingham, the Jewellery Quarter is a must on any visit. The once-gritty Digbeth quarter is home to a hip community of alternative culture and up-and-coming artists. Chocolate lovers won’t want to miss Cadbury World

Food & drink

Birmingham has the secondhighest number of Michelinstarred restaurants after London, so gourmets will find plenty of choice here. The Digbeth Dining Club – a mix of food festival and party location – features a more relaxed but just as delicious dining experience. For the best breakfast in town, head to Ju Ju’s

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HEART OF THE ALPS For the mountains. For us.

Travel Bucket List

Everyone has a list of places they would love to travel to, and, as luck would have it, many of them can be reached from Innsbruck. If the following destinations aren’t on your must-visit list yet, you may want to add them.


When you say Amsterdam, plenty of people still think coffee shops and red-light district, but this city has so much more to offer, especially in terms of culture. Explore one of the countless museums or simply marvel at the breathtaking architecture


With its fascinating street art culture, creative restaurants and vibrant clubbing scene, this refreshingly alternative city in the south-west of England has long attracted free spirits and individualists.

Lamezia Terme (Calabria)

This town in southern Italy is the perfect starting point for discovering the Calabria region far away from the crowds of tourists. It is also a dream destination for fans of Italian cuisine

Heraklion (Crete)

Best known for its gorgeous beaches and hidden coves, this Greek island is a dream come true for beach lovers, but hikers also love Crete’s snowcovered mountains and majestic gorges

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Congress Innsbruck ist ein Haus voller Kontraste, das neue Perspektiven eröffnet und zum Austausch inspiriert. Kongresse mit bis zu 2.500 Teilnehmer:innen finden hier genau jene Freiräume, nach denen Forschung und Wissenschaft verlangen und das inmitten der Universitäts- und Wissensstadt Innsbruck mit ihrem alpin-urbanen Flair. ALPIN. URBAN. ZUKUNFTSORIENTIERT.


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sowie: Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester


Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Wien,,,

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