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Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time– July 8, 2012

ASSOCIATE PASTOR: REV. Adalberto Blanco PASTOR EMERITUS: REV. MSGR. DONAL MULCAHY DEACONS: REV. MR. DAN BOJORQUEZ REV. MR. MIKE BURNS REV. MR. RAUL GONZALEZ REV. MR. DON HUNTLEY REV. MR. PHIL JOERGER REV. MR. AURELIO MACIAS REV. MR. ED MILLS REV. MR. CHARLES WESSLER REV. MR. BILL WILSON SENIOR DEACONS: REV. MR. RODGER ADAMS REV. MR. JAMES M. FARLEY SCHEDULE OF MASSES: Monday - Friday: 6:30 AM, 8:00 AM 5:15 PM (1st Friday & Lent) Saturday: 8:00 AM, 5:15 PM Sunday: 8:00, 9:30, 11:00 AM 12:30 (Spanish Mass) 5:15 PM CONFESSIONS: Monday: 8:30-9:00 AM Tuesday: 5:30-6:00 PM Wednesday: 5:30-6:00 PM Friday: 8:30-9:00 AM Saturday: 8:30-9:30 AM 4:00-5:00 PM LITURGY OF THE HOURS: Monday - Saturday before 8AM Mass ROSARY: Monday - Saturday after 8AM Mass EUCHARISTIC ADORATION: WEDNESDAY 9AM UNTIL SUNDAY 9AM IN ST. JULIE’S CHAPEL OUR LADY OF THE ASSUMPTION PARISH SCHOOL: 3169 Telegraph Road Mrs. Patricia Groff, Principal School Office: (805) 642-7198

Our Lady of the Assumption welcomes Father Beto! We will have a special Friendship Sunday today. Come celebrate with apple pie and ice cream!

The Mission Statement of Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Parish We, as faithful followers of Jesus Christ, create, nurture, and maintain a community of love through worship, reconciliation, healing, formation, education and service. Through Word and Eucharist, we seek the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit, embracing the love of our Creator in each thought, word, and action. As humble servants of God, we remain faithful to the teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, waiting in joyful hope for our Lord’s coming.

3175 Telegraph Road, Ventura, CA 93003 Phone: (805) 642-7966 Fax: (805) 642-7635

Parish Directory / Directorío de la Parroquia ADULT SPIRITUALITY: Patrick Rivera, 642-7966 ext. 114 ALTAR SERVERS: Deacon Michael & Lauren Burns, 642-7966 ext. 145 ARCHDIOCESAN COUNCIL OF CATHOLIC WOMEN: Bernice Critchfield, 339-0480 A/V MINISTRY: David DeVillers, 642-7966 ext. 109 BEREAVEMENT: Ofelia Haynes, 644-3508 Deacon Rodger Adams, 642-7966 ext. 116 BOY & CUB SCOUTS: Kathy Ellison, 658-6844 BULLETIN: Sherie DeVillers, 642-7966 ext. 128 or BUSINESS MANAGER: Lauren Burns, 642-7966 ext. 101 CATHOLIC CHARITIES: 303 N. Ventura Avenue, 643-4694 CATHOLIC DETENTION MINISTRY: Margaret Oberon, 794-0267 CATHOLIC HOMESCHOOLING SUPPORT: Mary Kielas, 650-7870 CHILDRENS CHOIR: Cheryl Kewley, 816-2252 CHILDRENS STRING ENSEMBLE: Peter Shuere, 805-647-9998 CONFIRMATION: ADULT: Deacon Bill Wilson 642-7966 ext. 108 YOUTH: Karen Reynolds, 642-7966 ext. 121 DIRECTOR OF MUSIC: Vincent Dominguez, 642-7966 ext. 122 END OF LIFE MINISTRY: Mary Ellen Farley, 643-5262 EUCHARISTIC ADORATION: Elizabeth Wurts, 644-8395 Mary Ann Decaen, 644-2160 EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS: Deacon Bill Wilson, 642-7966 ext. 108 EVENT COORDINATOR: Diane Frantela 642-7966 ext. 133 FAMILIES OF NAZARETH: Phyllis Crews, 643-5361 FAMILY TO FAMILY: Mary Braitman, 647-5278 Albert & Janet Karian, 644-0660 FINANCE COUNCIL: Mike Coulson 642-7966 FOOD BASKETS: Jerry Deal, FRIENDSHIP SUNDAY: Darlene Holaway, 642-7966 ext. 118 GRUPO GUADALUPANO: Blanca Macias, 642-7966 ext. 129 HEALTH MINISTRY: Dottie Rowins, HERMITS OF ST. GILES: Mark Andrew Dextraze, 647-9089 HISPANIC MINISTRY (MINISTERIO HISPANO): Rosario Gonzalez, 642-7966 ext. 149 INFANT BAPTISM PREPARATION: Pre-baptism instruction required. English: Deacon Rodger Adams, 642-7966 ext.116 Spanish: Deacon Aurelio Macias, 642-7966 ext. 129 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS: Jose Rodriguez, 207-4371 LECTORS: Deacon Dan Bojorquez, 642-7966 ext. 146 LIVING MATRIMONY: Patrick Rivera, 642-7966 ext. 114 MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER: Russ & Jeanine Walker, 648-4244 MARRIAGES: To schedule date & meeting with priest or deacon, 642-7966 Wedding ceremony coordinators: Sherie DeVillers, 415-0639 and Jeannie Hernandez, 815-2025 MEN’S MINISTRY: Patrick Rivera, 642-7966 ext. 114 MIDDLE SCHOOL (THE EDGE): Zach Eckert, 642-7966 ext. 125

MINISTRY TO THE SICK: Contact the Parish office, 642-7966 MOM’S GROUP: Jeanine Walker, 648-4244 M.O.M.S. MORNING: Maria Lawson, 665-8112 MOTHER’S PRAYER: Lisa O’Brien, 659-5307 NURSERY: Darlene Holaway, 642-7966 ext.118 OLA CLASSICS: Mary Kielas, 650-7870 PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL: Jack Tingstrom, 647 3689 Spanish Contact (en Español): Tony Altorre, PARISH PRAYER CHAIN: Juanita Trine, 644-5967 RCIA: Deacon Don Huntley 642-7966 ext. 123 or RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: Darlene Holaway, 642-7966 ext.118 RESPECT LIFE: Patty Berry, 642-4928 or Dea Boehme, RETROUVAILLE REDISCOVERY: Paul & Marisa Montgomery, 642-4023 RIDES TO MASS: John Stebbins, 644-4674 ROSARY MAKERS: Aurora Gonzales, 654-0316 SACRISTANS: Deacon Phil and Mari Joerger, 642-7966 ext. 148 SAFEGUARD THE CHILDREN: Dea Boehme 642-7966 ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY: 642-4104 SECULAR FRANCISCAN: Pauline Riendeau, 339-9446 SPANISH BAPTISM PREP. Deacon Aurelio Macias, 642-7966 ext. 129 ST. BONAVENTURE HIGH SCHOOL: 3167 Telegraph Road Mr. Marc Groff, Principal. School Office: (805) 648-6836 STEWARDSHIP: David DeVillers, 642-7966 ext. 109 SUNDAY SCHOOL: Jenny Elliott at 642-7966 ext. 124 , USHERS: Ric Ruffinelli, 642-8797 VICTIMS ASSISTANCE: Suzanne Healy, LMFT 213-637-7650 VOCATIONS: Father Steven Correz, 642-7966 ext. 106 VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: David DeVillers, 642-7966 ext. 109 or WELCOME COMMITTEE: Sherie DeVillers at 642-7966 ext. 128 or WOMEN’S MINISTRY: Kati Escallier, or 642-7966 ext. 142 YOUNG ADULT (FRASSATI): Jenny Svoboda, YOUTH MINISTRY: Karen Reynolds, 642-7966 ext. 121 YLI-CATHOLIC WOMEN’S ORGANIZATION: Maria Fielding 256-7570

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Please email all bulletin announcements by FRIDAYS AT 5PM (10 days before the bulletin is distributed) to Thank you!

Calendar of Upcoming Events Date


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July 8

Bundle Sunday

July 8

Special July Fourth Friendship Sunday

July 9-13

Vacation Bible School


August 5th

Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebration


Parish News

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Parish News ———— Bulletin Deadline ————


July 22nd Bulletin Due by Friday, July 13th

The entire parish family of Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church would like to extend a warm greeting to those who are visiting or are new to our parish home. All are welcome here and received with love. Do you have questions? Please come in to the rectory office or call us at 805 642-7966.

Please send all bulletin submissions to or use the Bulletin Announcement Submittal form on our website at

—— Pulpit Announcement Deadline —— July 15th Masses—Due by July 12th at noon


Please send pulpit announcements to

Thank you for your continuing support of Our Lady of the Assumption Parish. For the fiscal year July 1, 2011 June 30, 2012, our parish budget calls for $21,751.00 to be donated weekly at the Sunday collection. The collection for Sunday, June 24, 2012 was $21,404.96 in addition to approximately $1,958.75 which is donated weekly in June via automatic debit. The collection is not only used for operating expenses each week, but also for any ongoing repair work, upgrades, etc. to our parish facility.

Our Lady of the Assumption Church ————— Parish Office Hours ————— Monday through Friday 8:30am to 8:00pm Saturday 8:30am to 12:00pm Sunday 9:00am to 2:00pm

Have You Remembered Your Parish or School in Your Will or Trust? A gift of appreciated stock avoids capital gains tax. You will be able to deduct the full value of the stock, avoid capital gains tax, and make a substantial gift to the parish or school. For more information, please contact the rectory or H. Richard Closson, Director, Trust & Estate Programs at (213) 637-7472 or

——— Together in Mission Update ———— Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Annual Catholic Appeal “Together in Mission”… 2012 Annual Appeal – Together in Mission Parish Goal: $ 127,232.60 Amount Pledged: $ 112,026.00 Amount Paid: $ 89,237.00 Balance: $ 37,995.60

Our correct legal title is: The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Los Angeles, A Corporation Sole For the benefit of Our Lady of the Assumption Parish

It’s not too late to participate in this important campaign. Pledge envelopes can be found in the vestibule of the church and in the rectory office. Thank you again for your consideration, Lauren Burns, Business Manager

Stewardship Prayer Heavenly Father; in Baptism, You called me by name. You blessed me with time, gifted me with talents, and provided me with treasure. Bless me with Your guidance to become the person You created me to be. Amen

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The Pastoral Letter

Mass Intentions Monday, July 09 6:30 Larry Murray (D) & Mary Murray (D) 8:00 Erika Gonzalez (D) & Chris de la Torre (D) Tuesday, July 10 6:30 Viola Jarrott (D) 8:00 Betty Kazaroff (D) & John McCauley (D) Wednesday, July 11 6:30 Mass for the People 8:00 Frank Skowron (D) & Abundio C. Namoc (D) Thursday, July 12 6:30 Souls in Purgatory 8:00 Macaria Cueto (D) & Fruto Isidoro (D) Friday, July 13 6:30 Souls in Purgatory 8:00 Richard Montanez (D) & Letisia Gil (L) Saturday, July 14 8:00 Elise Padilla (D) 5:15 Regina Laftkiotes (D) & Romeo Taleon Sr. (D) Sunday, July 15 8:00 Bill Gundelfinger (D) & Kent Van Gundy (D) 9:30 Mass for the People 11:00 Julie Perry (D) & Jim Ostrander (D) 12:30 Misa Para La Gente & Maria Loza (D) 5:15 Christopher Ray Mitchell (D) & Raymond Danalavich (D)

Happy Anniversary! Jim & Shelby Bauer

52 years on July 2 Donald & Libby Atwater

43 Years on July 12 Brad & Mary Lopez

5 Years on July 7 To list your anniversary, please email by the Friday of the week before you wish it published.

Take Care and God Bless, Fr. Steve Correz

Faith At Home Adults and Teens:

Parish Spirituality & Fellowship

What was a time you placed your trust in God even though those around you did not believe?

——————— OLA Classics —–—-————

Children: A prophet is someone who is so filled with God that others can see God acting through that person! Do you know any prophets?

Viva Cristo Rey! Long live Christ the King! These may seem like strange words to hear after celebrating Independence Day on the 4th of July. However, for Mexican people of the 1920’s, these words were a reminder of freedom, religious freedom to practice their Catholic faith that was all but outlawed by the government. These historical events were portrayed in the film For Greater Glory, which is still showing in theaters. If you have not seen it, I would highly recommend it. Why would a story about the struggle for religious freedom in Mexico during the 1920’s be so significant for us today? Sadly history has a way of repeating itself if we don’t keep vigilant. Our religious freedom is constantly threatened in our country today. It is sad to see this, especially in a country that was built on the principles of independence and freedom. However, our very freedom to worship as we believe has been challenged. With the HHS mandate, we are required to violate our consciences in our Catholic hospitals and universities in order to provide health care that covers abortion and contraception, providing options that are contrary to our Catholic beliefs. With laws like abortion and euthanasia, we are told life needs to be productive in order to be valued by the State, otherwise life is considered a burden. With attempts to redefine marriage, we are taught that marriage is not a union between a husband and wife, but of two people, even though the design of our human nature would prove this to be wrong. Christ is still our King, and by acknowledging Him as such, we surrender to His will. So let us again remember that by surrendering to the will of God, we do not lose freedom, we gain it to do what is right and good! With our Independence Day, we are reminded by the sacrifices of the brave men and women who made this freedom possible. We remember that freedom has a price. Last week, when I visited Rome, I toured the Roman Coliseum. As I visited its ruins, I was reminded of all the early Christians, who gave their lives so that we could continue to celebrate our faith in Jesus today. As we recall their example, we remember the words of St. Paul in today’s second reading, “Therefore I am content with weakness, insults, hardships, persecutions, and constraints, for the sake of Christ; for when I am weak, then I am strong.” Inspired by these words, let us offer our own sacrifices, joined with our prayers to appreciate the freedom of the expression of our Catholic faith. Celebrating our Independence Day, let us be proud to be American! Following the words of St. Paul, let us boldly witness our Catholic Faith.

Friendship Friday continues on August 3rd, in the Santa Cruz Room following 8:00 Mass. Come join us! - 4-

Questions, contact Mary Kielas at 650-7870


Parish Spirituality & Fellowship

—————Life Teen Youth Ministry————-

—— YLI Catholic Women’s Organization ——

Join us for a Summer Experience Into the Deep – July 22nd to 26th Steubenville San Diego – July 27th to 29th

—–—-——- College Fellowship ——–——— College Students!!! Join us for College Fellowship Mondays from 7 to 9pm In the Youth Room More information Contact Karen at 720-636-0857

—-—-—————The Edge—————-——Wednesday July 18th - Skating Plus (more info to come) Wednesday August 1st - Beach BBQ (more info to come) September 2012 - EDGE Fall Kickoff

—————Bible/Book Study————— The Rediscovering Catholicism Book Study groups for both Tuesday morning and evening are finished. Bible Study will resume again in September.

—-—-— From the Desk of Darlene ———— July!! Summer Fun!! How is it going for each of you? Have you been to the beach yet? Please take the time each week to go to the beach! I love our beaches but I also love Carpinteria Beach!! My Mom and Dad started camping there when I was a baby and we continued all through my teenage years ~ so I kind of grew up there (and Simi Valley). It is still worth the drive and a great place to boogie board!!

—–— Families of Nazareth Movement ——– For When You Are Weak Then You Are Strong "If God chooses to act through you, then it will be based on your weakness. If you try to be powerful and forceful in your apostolate, you become an anti-sign. People do not want your power, your personal power, since this is demeaning to them."

VBS "God's Champions" is here! As you read this, it will be starting tomorrow!! We are excited ~ we miss the kids during summer when Religious Education is on break so we love having them back for VBS AND Sunday School for the 3, 4 and 5 year olds and also Sunday Liturgy of the Word for the 1st though 6th Graders (both programs run all summer!) And last but not least, our Religious Education registration for 2012-2013!! It will take place on two Registration Sundays, August 26th and September 2!! We will be in Assumption Hall from 9am until 2pm on these days. Please come over for donuts, coffee, lemonade, bagels and cream cheese and fresh fruit and juice, and you can register your 3 year olds to your 5th Graders for this exciting new year, 2012-2013, ahead of us!! With lots of love and prayers through each new day of July!! Questions, contact Darlene at 642-7966 ext. 118

YLI is celebrating its 125 Anniversary. We are the longest existing Catholic Women's organization in the United States. Our local Institute was established on June 23, l940, and our members come from Our Lady of Assumption, St. Thomas Aquinas, San Buenaventura Mission, and Sacred Heart church. Any Catholic woman is eligible to join. We have many charitable activities, and one of our special projects is our yearly contribution to St. John's Seminary which is presented at a special Mass in October. Some of our other special projects have been Shrine and Statue of our Lady of Grace at San Buenaventura Mission, Blessed Mother Mural, behind altar at Our Lady of Assumption Church, mosaic of the Holy Family at Sacred Heart church, refurbished crucifixion altar at the Mission and many other donations to the churches of flowers, tables, etc. We also have a commitment to pray for each other and to help our members in time of need. Our meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of the month at 11 am at Our Lady of Assumption Church in the Santa Cruz room. For further information call Maria Fielding at 256-7570 or DeMova Barrett at 643-0535.

Tadeusz Dajczer, The Gift of Faith, 3rd. ed. (Ft. Collins, CO: IAMF, 2012), 252., pg. 52

Meetings are Tuesday mornings at 9:15am & Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm. For additional information, please contact Lyla Alexander at 644-5795.

———— RCIA Summer Enrichment ————

Our RCIA summer enrichment program continues. This group is comprised of anyone interested in growing in knowledge and experience of our faith in a small group format (you don't have to be an alum of the RCIA program). Our last gathering involved reflections and discussions on the Trinity, using video clips of Fr. Robert Barron (author of the book and video series Catholicism: A journey to the heart of faith). Our next gathering will be Tuesday, July 10th at 7pm in Hurley Hall and our topic will be "Jesus: Both God and Man". All are welcome! Questions, please contact Deacon Don Huntley at - 5- 642-7966 ext. 123 or

Safe Environment

Parish Spirituality & Fellowship ——-———St. Vincent de Paul—————

—–——— Safeguard The Children ——–——

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is sponsoring a Bundle Sunday today in the church parking lot to collect usable items. Your donations will either be given to the needy or sold in their Thrift Stores to support their charitable activities. Call them for pick up of any heavy items at (323)2246280.

The establishment of the Office of Safeguard the Children in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the formation of Safeguard the Children Parish Committees in the parishes were mandated by Cardinal Roger Mahoney in 2002. The Office of Safeguard the Children assists these permanent Parish Committees in implementing child sexual abuse prevention education, Safe Environment policies, procedures and resources.

——-Worldwide Marriage Encounter——A Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend gives you the time and tools to revitalize romance, deepen communication, and nourish the spirituality in your marriage. The next WWME Weekends are September 21-23 and November 2 -4 both in Chatsworth. Apply online at or call Jeanine and Russ Walker: 805-648-4244.

Click on for more information. All volunteers working with or around children must be fingerprinted through the Archdiocese and certified in the Safeguard the Children Program Protecting God’s Children. Information for both fingerprinting and Safeguard Classes are listed below. The Virtus training must be updated every 4 years. However, instead of the 3-hour Protecting God's Children program, people can recertify by completing the 1.5 hour Keeping the Promise Alive program. Fingerprinting does not need to be repeated.” For questions, call Dea Boehme at (805) 390-1260 or

——— Support Groups at OLA Church ——— DivorceCare Support Group: The DivorceCare support group is open to all men and women who are divorced or separated. Whether your loss is recent or many years old, we encourage you to join us for support and to work through issues such as; anger, loneliness, single parenting and moving on. The group meets in the San Miguel Room of the Parish Center from 6:30 to 8pm. We meet twice a month on Mondays when we are in session. New members are welcome at each session.

For questions, call Dea Boehme at (805) 390-1260

———————Did You Know?—————-—Charter for Protection of Children & Young People marks 10 years 2012 marks the 10th anniversary of the implementation of the US Bishops’ Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. The Charter contains practical and pastoral steps that address allegations of sexual abuse, prevent future abuse, and help abuse victims through the healing process. Over the past decade, more than 100,000 adults and children have undergone abuse awareness and prevention sessions in archdiocesan parishes and schools. More than 5,000 VIRTUS® sessions have been conducted, making access to this important training easily available. Additionally, the archdiocese continues to be one of the largest private organizations in California to fingerprint employees and volunteers (more than 100,000 to date) who work with our children. For additional reading: The Call to Become the “Ears, Eyes and Voice” of Children and Young People (English Only) go to For particular help, you may call Assistance Ministry at (213) 637-7650.

** Please note that the group will be on summer break during July. We will resume meeting on August 20th GriefShare/Bereavement Support Group: This group is open to any adult who has lost a loved one through death, whether your loss is recent or many years old. We invite you to join us to find support and help in working through the grief process and transforming the pain into healing. The group meets in the Parish HOUSE (21 N. Dunning St.) from 6:30 to 8pm. We meet twice a month on Tuesdays when we are in session. New members are welcome at each session.

** Please note that the group will be on summer break during July. We will resume meeting on August 21st Cancer Support Group: The OLA cancer support group is for adults living with cancer and their caregivers or adult family members. The group format is made up of alternating weeks when the group meets together and other sessions when the caregivers and those living with cancer meet separately. The meetings run twice a month on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8pm when we are in session. We meet in the parish house located at 21 N. Dunning St. We hope you will join us to find support and fellowship on this journey.

———–-— Fingerprinting Schedule ——–— Our Lady of the Assumption Saturday, July 21st 3175 Telegraph Road, Ventura 10:00pm - 1:40pm & 3:20pm - 5:20pm For appointment call (805) 642-7966 Appointments are necessary as schedules fill up rapidly. Please call in advance to cancel if necessary .

** Please note that the group will be on summer break during July. We will resume meeting on August 22nd


CONTACT INFORMATION: These support groups are facilitated by Veronica Marchese, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. or 665-7511

Join us in witnessing our faith at the...

To witness our faith and dig deeper into Our Lady's message. As Patron ess of the Americas, we are under her protection.

Held at Los Angeles’ most historic venue, the Guadalupe Celebration promises to be an unforgetta‐ ble  international  celebration  in  honor  of  Our  Lady  of  Guadalupe.  Featuring  dynamic  speakers,             engaging performers, and powerful prayer, the event will provide an opportunity for the faithful of  the greater Los Angeles area to come together and present a powerful witness of their Marian devo‐ tion and Catholic faith to their communities. Doors will open at 12:30 PM. The event will begin at  3:00 PM. Attendees are encouraged to arrive between 12:00 PM ‐ 1:00 PM for best seating.  

There will be a special Vigil Mass on Sat‐ urday, August 4 at 7:00 p.m. at OLA for  the attendees of this event. 

$10 per person ‐ includes sack lunch  and bus transportation. The event tick‐ ets are free‐of‐charge.  Check‐in time begins at 10:00 a.m.  Buses will leave OLA promptly at 11:15 a.m. 



3175 Telegraph Rd. Ventura, CA 93003

For more information, contact Rosario Gonzalez at (805) 642-7966 ext. 149 or by e-mail:

Acompáñenos a ser testigos de nuestra fe en la...

Celebración Guadalupana Agosto 5, 2012 L.A. Coliseum

Ser testigos de  nuestra fe y ver  mas a fondo el   mensaje de   Nuestra Señora.   Como patrona de  las Américas,   estamos bajo  su   protección. 

El evento cominza a las 3pm  Con la participación de ora‐ dores y  artistas como   Arzobispo José Gomez, Carl  Anderson, Msgr. Eduardo  Chavez, Pedro Fernandez,   Filipa Giordano, y Dana    Scallon 

La Celebración Guadalupana que se llevará acabo en el lugar más histórico de Los Ángeles, promete  ser una celebración multicultural inolvidable, en honor de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe.  Con ora‐ dores dinámicos, artistas de primera, y el poder de la oración, este evento les da a los fieles de Los  Ángeles y sus alrededores la oportunidad de reunirse y ser fuertes testigos de nuestra fe Mariana y  de la fe Católica en nuestras comunidades.  Las puertas se abren a las 12:30 PM. El evento empieza a  las 3:00 PM.  Se recomida llegar entre 12:00 PM ‐ 1:00 PM para los mejores asientos. 

Habrá una misa especial el Sábado, 4 de  agosto a las 7:00 PM en OLA para los  que asistirán a este evento.  

$10 por persona ‐ incluye almuerzo ligero y trans‐ portación en autobús.  Los boletos para el evento  son gratis.    Abordaremos el camión a las 10:00 a.m.  Los autobuses saldrán de OLA a la 11:15 a.m. en punto  - 8-


3175 Telegraph Rd. Ventura, CA 93003

Para mas información, comuníquese con Rosario González al (805) 642-7966 ext. 149 o por e-mail:

Parish Spirituality & Fellowship

New Restroom Project

—————– Respect Life Ministry ————— THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS A PRO-LIFE CHURCH Contact Patty Berry 642-4928 or or Dea Boehme at

"Defenders of Life" Fr. Steve Correz will hold monthly meetings in the Parish House at 21 N. Dunning, 4:30pm, every 3rd Wednesday of the month. Come and join us. LOCAL RESOURCES: Ventura County Pregnancy Centers: 648-3301 Tender Life Maternity Home: 653-7474 Life Centers: 486-2721 M,T,W,F from 12-4:00pm (800-973-7334, 24-hour hotline) Foster Home or Adoption – ASPIRANET – 289-0120 St. Joseph’s Pantry – 2nd & 4th Wed. MaryAnn- 6442160 Tender Life – Dea Boehme at Rosary at Planned Parenthood - Wed. at 7:30am and Fridays at 3:00pm—contact Ana at 218-3093. Prayer for the Unborn at St. Julie’s Chapel - Thursdays at 7:00pm. Contact Gloria at 644-4726. Free Local Services: All services, FREE & Confidential, Pregnancy Testing, and Ultrasound Exams (866) 216-4443

Our Restroom Project is continuing. Our goal is $250,000. So far we have collected almost $60,000 with 290 households making up that total. We are asking for 100 % participation in this campaign. Donation envelopes are in the pews. No contribution is too small or too big! Please contact Lauren in the business office at 642-7966 ext. 101 to make payment arrangements or donate with a credit card if you choose to do so. Thank you again for your participation!

————— Eucharistic Adoration ————— St. Julie’s Chapel

Improvements will include:

It is a pleasure to announce that Eucharistic Adoration is expanding Eucharistic Adoration hours to include Wednesday mornings 9am through 1 pm. Adorers are always welcome. Would you be able to weekly commit to one of those hours or any of the times listed below?

Thursdays 6-6:30 pm Fridays 3-4 am; 3-4 pm; Saturdays 6-7 pm

Also needed: Substitute Adorers

If you are able to commit to one of these times, contact Mary Ann at 644-2160 or Elizabeth at 844-8395

—–——- Book Discussion Group ———— If you enjoy reading, come to the Book Discussion Group on August 13, 2012. We will be discussing the book Clowns of God by Morris West. The group will meet at 7:00 p.m. in the Santa Cruz room. There will be no meeting in July, so we hope you will include Clowns of God in your summer reading and join us in August. Everyone is welcome! For more information, call Mary Ann Bognar at 647-0462.


New ADA compliant men's and women's restrooms will be constructed along the west side of the church building. Construction planned to start this summer and take approximately 3 months to complete. Estimated construction cost is $250,000 Special donation envelopes are available, or you can make your donation at the parish office. More information will be available at Mass, in the bulletin and on our web site at

CARTA PASTORAL ¡Viva Cristo Rey! Pueda que estas palabras suenen extrañas después de haber celebrado el 4 de Julio. Sin embargo, para los mexicanos en la década de los 20, estas palabras fueron un recordatorio de libertad, la libertad de practicar su fe Católica, la libertad que prácticamente fue eliminada por el gobierno. Estos eventos históricos fueron protagonizados en la película For Greater Glory (La Cristiada), que aun se presenta en el cine. Si no la ha visto, se la recomiendo. ¿Por qué es significativa hoy en día la lucha por la libertad religiosa en México durante los años 20? Tristemente la historia tiende a repetirse si no estamos vigilantes. Nuestra libertad religiosa constantemente se ve amenazada hoy en día en este país. Es triste ver esto, especialmente en un país que fue fundado con los principios de la independencia y la libertad. Sin embargo, nuestra libertad de adoración según nuestras creencias esta siendo retada. Con el mandato HHS, se nos requiere desobedecer a nuestra conciencia en nuestros hospitales y universidades Católicos, obligándonos a proveer cuidado medico que incluya cubrir abortos y anticonceptivos, proveer opciones que se oponen a nuestra creencia Católica. Las leyes de aborto y eutanasia, indican que en este estado, la vida solo tiene valor cuando es productiva, de otra manera la vida es considerada un estorbo. Con el intento de redefinir el matrimonio, se nos quiere enseña que el matrimonio no es la unión entre esposo y esposa, sino dos personas, aun cuando el diseño de nuestra naturaleza humana demostraría la equivocación en esto. Cristo aun es nuestro Rey, y al reconocerlo como tal, le entregamos nuestra voluntad. Así que una vez mas recordemos que al entregarle nuestra voluntad a Dios, no perdemos nuestra libertad, ¡la obtenemos para hacer con ella lo que es bueno y justo! Con nuestro Día de Independencia, recordamos los sacrificios de los hombres y mujeres que con valentía hicieron que la libertad fuera posible. Recordamos que la libertad tiene precio. La semana pasada, en Roma, visite el Coliseo Romano. Al visitar las ruinas, recordé que fue allí donde muchos de los primeros Cristianos dieron su vida para que hoy pudiéramos seguir celebrando nuestra fe en Jesús. Recordemos su ejemplo, recordemos las palabras de san Pablo en la segunda lectura de hoy, “Por eso, me complazco en mis debilidades, en los oprobios, en las privaciones, en las persecuciones y en las angustias soportadas por amor de Cristo; porque cuando soy débil, entonces soy fuerte.” Inspirados por estas palabras, ofrezcamos nuestros sacrificios, unidos a nuestras oraciones para apreciar la libertad de expresar nuestra fe Católica. ¡Celebrando nuestro Día de Independencia, sintámonos orgullosos de ser Americanos! Sigamos las palabras de san Pablo, y valientemente seamos testigos de nuestra Fe Católica. Cuídense y que Dios los bendiga, Fr. Steve Correz

Ministerio Hispano Bienvenidos a la Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Horario de la Oficina Parroquial Lunes a Viernes ~ 8:30 a.m. a 8:00 p.m. Sábado ~ 8:30 a.m. a 12:00 p.m. Domingo ~ 9:00 a.m. a 2:00 p.m.

¿SABÍA USTED? El Estatuto para la Protección de Niños y Jóvenes Cumple 10 años 2012 marca el decimo aniversario de la implementación del Estatuto adoptado por los Obispos de los Estados Unidos para la Protección de Niños y Jóvenes. El Estatuto contiene medidas prácticas y pastorales con relación a los casos de abuso sexual; sobre cómo prevenir futuros abusos y como ayudar a las víctimas de abuso durante el proceso de sanación. Durante la última década, más de 100 mil adultos y niños en nuestras parroquias y escuelas han participado en los programas para la concientización y prevención sobre el abuso sexual. Se han realizado más de 5 mil sesiones de VIRTUS ® , poniendo este importante entrenamiento al alcance de todos. Además, la Arquidiócesis sigue siendo una de las más grandes organizaciones privadas en California que registra las huellas digitales de empleados y voluntarios que trabajan con niños. Más de 100 mil adultos han pasado por este importante procedimiento de pre-selección. Para lectura adicional lea: The Call to Become the “Ears, Eyes and Voice” of Children and Young People (solamente disponible en ingles). Se puede obtener en el internet safeguard Para obtener ayuda, llame a la Oficina del Ministerio de Asistencia al (213) 637-7650. Para obtener ayuda, llame a la Oficina del Ministerio de Asistencia al (213) 637-7650.

— Entrenamiento para Ujieres, Lectores, — y Ministros de Eucaristía Lo invitamos a que comparta su tiempo y talento en el ministerio de ujier, lector, o ministro de Eucaristía para la Misa de 12:30pm.

—–— Oración de Corresponsabilidad —–— Padre Santo, en mi Bautismo, me llamaste por mi nombre. Me consagraste dándome tiempo, regalándome talentos, y me proporcionaste un tesoro. Bendíceme y guíame para poder ser la persona que quieres que sea. Amen - 10 -

Tendremos los siguientes entrenamientos: ∗ Ujieres Miércoles 7/11/12 7:00pm en el Salón Santa Cruz ∗ Ministros de Eucaristía Martes 7/17/12 7:00 PM en la Iglesia ∗ Lectores Martes 7/24/12 7:00 PM en el Salón Santa Cruz Para mas información comuníquese con Rosario 642-7966 x149

7-8-12 Bulletin  

Weekly Bulletin for Our Lady of the Assumption Church in Ventura, CA

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