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Our Legacy.

Our Future. 2017 – 2018 ANNUAL REPORT

OUR LEGACY. OUR FUTURE. As we celebrate our 150th Anniversary we are reminded of our rich and impressive legacy as an international movement.


We were founded in 1868 in Cincinnati as the fifth YWCA in the country. Shortly after our founding, YWCA leaders began to develop an understanding of the increased barriers to gender equality and the varying needs that women of color and immigrant women were experiencing. We did not have a common lexicon to describe the work we were doing then, but this work may have been some of our first attempts at an intersectional approach. And that approach continues to today — and is our future.






Opened the 1st Women’s Employment Bureau that began giving women equal employment opportunities

Assisted immigrant women and offered bilingual instruction

Adopted a national platform on wages and work week


Helping adults move out of poverty YWCA created First Course: Certified Dining Room Associate Program, the only front of the house hospitality training in the area

Serving immigrant survivors of domestic violence with 24 other organizations, YWCA is lead agency

Leading advocacy for pay equity and family-friendly public policies in partnership with the Ohio Council of YWCAs






Publicly supported anti-lynching legislation

YWCA USA passed its One Imperative to “eliminate racism wherever it exists and by any means necessary”

Began addressing the urgent need for domestic violence services and in 1978 opened the first domestic violence shelter

Launched the first annual Stand Against Racism event on Fountain Square to build community and raise awareness about racism

Partnering with schools to implement Restorative Practices to prevent children of color being disproportionately suspended and expelled thereby breaking the school to prison pipeline

Facilitating community conversations on race and racism and bringing a new equity training program to local businesses and organizations

Providing traumainformed care and services to over 700 adults and children annually in the only domestic violence shelters serving Adams, Brown, Clermont and Hamilton counties

Leading newly formed Cincinnati Regional Coalition Against Hate in partnership with 18 other community organizations

So you can see that Our Legacy is Our Future. What makes us unique is that the YWCA has always been a leader on women’s issues, intentionally working together across economic, generational, ethnic and racial differences — since 1858. Sadly, our mission is as relevant today as it was 150 years ago. Our work is far from over. As we continue to boldly build a better community, we stay strongly committed to our mission — to eliminate racism, empower women and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all people.


SAFETY Protecting the safety of women and girls is a primary pillar of our work at YWCA. We provide shelter, housing and interventions while we also work to prevent the cycles of violence. FAMILY VIOLENCE PRE VENTION & INTERVENTION

Family violence prevention & intervention services provide a continuum of services to help keep survivors of family violence safe and prevent future occurrences of violence. Prevention Services YWCA provides prevention education to 3,000 students about teen dating violence and bullying. • Over 99% reported improvements to decision-making, optimistic thinking, and ability to resist unhealthy behaviors. • 1,000 service providers were trained to recognize and intervene in abuse, specifically children exposed to domestic violence. Intervention Services YWCA provides shelter and housing to over 700 survivors of domestic violence and their children. Shelter, food, counseling, and coordination of community resources are provided for the safety and stabilization of each family.


• 94% of survivors developed a safety plan to be prepared in advance for the possibility of further violence. • 100% of those exiting temporary housing secured permanent housing. • 59% of those receiving housing and shelter were able to maintain or increase their income during a time of extreme crisis and trauma. COMMUNIT Y-BA SED INTERVENTION SERVICES

Community-based intervention services include court advocacy, case management and domestic violence services including specialized programming for child protection cases, immigrant survivors and those with disabilities. • 600 adults who have harmed their intimate partners received group services designed to help identify and change thoughts and beliefs, thus ending the cycle of domestic violence.

ASHLEY Domestic violence survivor “I’m tired. I can’t do this anymore, even if I have nothing. I have to leave if me and my kids are ever going to have a chance. I don’t want them to think it’s ok to treat women that way.” Ashley, a mother of two, was in a physically and mentally abusive relationship for 5 years. She was employed but continued to lose jobs because of his controlling ways. She hid the abuse from her family because she was embarrassed and needed to find somewhere to go for safety. Ashley called the YWCA Domestic Violence hotline and was able to move into shelter immediately. She packed a bag for each of her children, but only had the clothes on her back, and made the greatest and most difficult decision she’s ever made — to leave. Living in a shelter with other families who have experienced significant trauma is challenging. It’s hard to get comfortable — everyone there is working through significant issues. Through group and individual sessions with caring and compassionate

staff she was able to begin thinking clearly again and create a plan to rebuild her life. Staff were there every step of the way to ensure her long-term safety and self-sufficiency goals were attained. Finally safe from abuse, Ashley needed housing and employment. YWCA’s continuum of services includes work-readiness programming. She received specialized employment training and secured a job where she feels valued, part of a team, and is able to earn what she needs to take care of her family. Ashley qualified for housing through YWCA’s rapid rehousing program, and secured an apartment that allowed her children to remain at the same school. To ensure long-term success, she meets with her housing case manager bi-weekly to work on financial literacy and any other barriers to self-sufficiency, and also to receive the emotional support someone who has experienced the trauma of abuse needs to be emotionally well. “Now I’m not embarrassed to talk about it because I’m a survivor. I hope sharing my experience with others gives someone in an abusive relationship the courage to call the YWCA. It could save their life.”


EMPOWERMENT & ECONOMIC ADVANCEMENT Expanding economic opportunities and creating avenues to promote the empowerment of women and girls is another primary pillar of our work. We do this through our Family Learning & Workforce Development Services. FAMILY LE ARNING

Family Learning & Workforce Development Services remove barriers to self-sufficiency and break the cycle of intergenerational poverty for over 800 individuals and children. A partnership between YWCA and Cincinnati Early Learning Center provides an academically and socially-enriched, 5-star rated child care experience, preparing children for kindergarten. • 100% of children demonstrated progress in development of social and emotional skills and 94% were on track with their cognitive and language development. • 85% of children graduating were assessed as ready for kindergarten.

Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY), a family literacy and home visitation program for low-income families, helps parents prepare their children for school success. • 97% of the families served demonstrated effective parenting skills. • 87% of children demonstrated progress in cognitive and language skills. WORKFORCE DE VELOPMENT

Workforce Development empowers over 300 individuals with the skills to attain viable employment, increase financial stability and reach self-sufficiency. • 86% attained a credential or their high school equivalency diploma. • 65% of those completing First Course, a Certified Dining Room Associate program, obtained and retained employment.


PAY GAPS Wages for women are affected by both gender and race

White Men White Women African American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander Women American Indian, Alaskan Native, Hispanic or Latina Women Based on AAUW Report, The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap


97% of the 148 families served demonstrated effective parenting skills through participation with HIPPY

KATHY & KINLEY HIPPY participants Kathy, a daycare provider, adopted her niece Kinley when Kinley’s mom was unable to care for her. Kathy was aware that Kinley would need extra help to be prepared for kindergarten. Kathy received services from HIPPY for her son and knew that HIPPY would be exactly what she needed to help Kinley learn. Kathy and Kinley completed two years of the program. Kinley completed the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment and scored in the top band demonstrating the foundational skills and behaviors that prepare her for kindergarten instruction. Kathy also introduced HIPPY to one of her daycare families who qualified for services. After two years of the HIPPY program, that child also scored in the top band based on Ohio’s kindergarten standards and was prepared for kindergarten success.


WHY IS RACISM SO HARD TO ADDRESS? We are often reluctant to acknowledge the legacies of race.

GABRIELLA First Course graduate Gabriella, “Gabby,” a single mom of a toddler, has goals and dreams just like every 21 year old. Her goal of becoming a nurse was put on hold when she made a mistake at 18 that left her with a blemish on her record. Her record made it difficult to find a job to pay the bills and provide for her son. She was living in poverty and needed help. She was ready to give up. Gabby applied for government assistance until she could find work, and through Ohio’s Comprehensive Case Management Employment Program was connected with YWCA’s First Course: Certified Dining Room Associate Program. After graduating from First Course and becoming certified as a Dining Room Associate, she was hired by Nicholson’s as a server. She’s now earning a competitive wage that is helping her move out of poverty. She has her own apartment and her life is back on track. “I don’t know where I would be without the YWCA. I was ready to give up, but they gave me the strength I needed and pushed me to keep going.”


We prefer to address the symptoms rather than the roots of social problems. We are generally more comfortable discussing class and gender. We often fail to acknowledge the ways that race has been a fundamental axis of social organization in the United States.

RACIAL JUSTICE & INCLUSION YWCA has long understood that all women cannot be empowered unless we address the issue of racism. Racial justice is at the core of our work and our third primary pillar, because women of color are often the most marginalized and have the least access to resources. Racial justice is more than a programmatic intervention, it is a guiding philosophy and practice that is incorporated into all of the work we do. We know that racial justice means advocating for all kinds of protections that impact the lives of women and girls. Our fight for women is a fight for all women of color and immigrant women. YWCA also has a broad view of gender justice that includes the experiences of LGBTQ people


and those targeted because of their gender identity or perceived gender identity. At the core of the YWCA’s work is the recognition that all women, or all people, are not treated equally. We do this work through Direct Service, Issue Education and Advocacy. AND OUR INITIATIVES INCLUDE:

• • • •

Racial Justice Annual Breakfast Racial Justice Educational Series Stand Against Racism Campaign Cincinnati Regional Coalition Against Hate




ADVOCACY IN ACTION This year the YWCA, along with 18 other organizations focused on eliminating racism, created the CINCINNATI REGIONAL COALITION AGAINST HATE (CRCAH). The CRCAH is a nonpartisan alliance of organizations committed to being vigilant of and opposing hate activity by supporting impacted communities, responding in solidarity, and offering community education to foster acceptance, compassion and justice. YWCA Greater Cincinnati was selected by a group of concerned community leaders to serve as the lead agency for the Coalition. OUR WORK CONSISTS OF:

• promoting inclusive values; • monitoring activity that runs counter to these values; • creating timely responses to hate crimes and bias incidents; • supporting victims; and • conducting year-round community education on the causes and prevention of hate activity, bias, bigotry and racism. Through coordinated, timely and community-wide responses the CRCAH’s main objective is to ensure the Greater Cincinnati region is open, compassionate and diverse, and intolerant of hateful ideologies and actions towards vulnerable populations.



2017–2018 DONORS YWCA Greater Cincinnati gratefully acknowledges our loyal donors who gave generously to help us sustain our mission, while preparing for a future that will ensure the protection, support and education of the thousands of women, men, children and families who benefit from our programs and services. ANGEL Betty K. F. Johnson LEGAC Y Francie & John Pepper The John A. Schroth Family Charitable Trust HERITAGE Bank of America Carol Ann & Ralph V. Haile, Jr. / U.S. Bank Foundation The Daniel & Susan Pfau Foundation The Greater Cincinnati Foundation H.B., E.W. & F.R. Luther Charitable Foundation Jewish Federation of Cincinnati Macy’s VISIONARY Fifth Third Bank The Frank J. Kloenne & Jacqueline D. Kloenne Foundation Nordstrom The Otto Luedeking Trust PNC Bank The Wohlgemuth Herschede Foundation TriHealth ADVOC ATE Alison Goss Herschede Cincinnati Bengals, Inc. Duke Energy Foundation Macy’s Foundation Spirit of Construction Foundation of Greater Cincinnati, Inc


PACESET TER Sue & Mark Allen BakerHostetler Kathy Beechem Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Karen & Chris Bowman CareSource Christ Church Cathedral Suzette & Michael Fisher Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office Katy A. Hollister Linda Busken Jergens Jill T. McGruder Mary Lynn & Brian McHugh Marjorie M. Motch NFL Foundation Joseph A. & Susan E. Pichler* Brenda Rixey Rudolph L. & Victoria L. Memmel Fund SC Ministry Foundation Lynn & John Schiff, Jr U.S. Bank Willard & Jean Mulford Charitable Fund Felicia & Neal Williams SUSTAINER Dr. Janet A. Borcherding & Chris Heck Karen L. Bowie, In Honor of Charlene Ventura Covington Education Foundation Inc. Gannett Foundation S. Kay Geiger Grace M. Harvie Foundation Beth & Louis Guttman Clark D. & Joanne Handy Amy L. Hanson

Interact for Health Heidi Jark & Steve Kenat John & Denise Kuprionis* LKC Foundation Jessica Mays Anne Lame Megerle Anne E. Mulder & Rebecca M. Gibbs Opus Foundation Penny & Dr. Myles Pensak Stephen & Helen Rindsberg Robert & Adele Schiff Family Foundation Rodenberg Family Foundation Digi France Schueler Thomas W. Seith Terracon Foundation Barbara & Damon Turner Union Institute & University Various Donors, In Honor of Charlene Ventura Xavier University LE ADERSHIP African American Chamber of Commerce Allstate Foundaton Helen T. Andrews Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Rick Bachhuber, Jr. Baker Concrete Construction Peggy Baldwin Catherine Begley Mary Lynne Birck & John Nordmeyer Susan Branscome & Steve Snyder Ami & Quincy Brown Dale P. Brown Mary Ellen & Tom Cody Brian Coley

Dr. Patricia & Roger Collins CREW Greater Cincinnati Dennis Cronin, In Memory of Barbara Cronin Crossroads Community Church Croswell Bus Lines Delta Gateway Foundation Amy Diamond Dinsmore The E.W. Scripps Company Evelyn Dunn Charitable Trust Hope Felton-Miller Karen Foos Freking Myers & Reul LLC Susan Friedlander Frost Brown Todd LLC Gerhardstein & Branch Co. LPA Chandra Y. Gravely, MD Greater Cincinnati SMPS Katherine V. & Thomas A. Hayes Family Fund* Lisa Heard-Goines Helen K. Heekin Lynn A. Heinzelman Patricia M. Henley Marilyn P. & Joseph W. Hirschhorn* Dr. Margaret Hostetter James Huesing Debbie Huffman Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati Toi Clarke Jones & Jay Wagstaff Reverend Noel & Joseph Julnes-Dehner Julie Kantor Danya & Michael Karram Keating, Muething & Klekamp, PLL Kentucky Apprenticeship Conference Steering Committee Suzanne Knecht KnowledgeWorks Foundation Ellen & Mark Knue Kohnen & Patton LLP Betsy & John LaMacchia Nancy A. Lawson Dottie L. Lewis Local Union 212 IBEW

Marcia Brady Tucker Foundation Bleuzette Marshall, Ph.D Peg & Timothy Mathile Phyllis McCallum & Steve Jemison Alan McKinney Mesa Industries Inc. Midland Atlantic Development Co., LLC Mt. Washington Presbyterian Church Mt. Zion Baptist Church National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Northern Kentucky University Oliver Family Foundation Marilyn J. & Jack D. Osborn* Barbara Perez & Steve Gillen PNC Foundation Julia W. Poston Leigh G. Prop Reuben B. Robertson Foundation RiskSOURCE Clark-Theders Santen & Hughes Merlyn D. Shiverdecker Ronnie & John Shore soHza.com Janet C. Spadora, In Honor of Judy Cunningham George & Linda Strietmann Carol B. Striker Summertime Kids* The Andrew Jergens Foundation Thompson Hine LLP TriVersity Construction Turner Construction Company UC Health Ulmer & Berne LLP Ellen & Ray van der Horst Warren & Bernice Hensel Foundation, In Honor of Mary Hensel Pamela & Warren Weber Tracy Wells Western & Southern Financial Group Sallie E. Westheimer & Gregory L. Rhodes*

*Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Verna L. Williams Wood, Herron & Evans, LLP The Honorable Stephanie Wyler Nora L. Zorich CHAMPION Dr. Karen & John Bankston Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, Beta Nu Chapter Tonja Ernst FotoFocus GE Foundation Dawn Harris Simone Harris Kathleen Kelly Arlene R. Koth The Kroger Co. Albert S. McGrover National Association of Women in Construction De Asa Nichols Kathleen V. O’Connell & H. Kenneth Peterson Zeinab Schwen Janice L. Urbanik Jamila Watson Angela Wirick Women for Economic & Leadership Development SUPPORTER Mary G. Adams, In Honor of Janice Urbanik Kelley Adcock Dr. Norita D. Aplin & Stanley H. Ragle Judith Barrick Todd Bauer Leonard Berenfield Betty Wright Fund Tom Bobenread Alicia Bond-Lewis Louise S. Brock Sarah Broman Debbie Brooks Joanne Brown Trish & Rick Bryan Helen A. Buford Mary Cassinelli


Jean & John Coggan Adele & Terry Craft Dugan & Meyers Construction Co. The Duke Energy Convention Center Fleet P. Fangman Robert & Theresa Fisk Flynn & Company, Inc. Jodi M. Geiser Judith B. Green Various Donors, In Honor of Lynn A. Heinzelman Barbara & Richard Homlar Kalle Hughes Steel Susan Ingmire Mark & Karen Jahnke* Various Donors, In Memory of Betty K. F. Johnson Stephanie B. Jones Jostin Construction/ Brewster Pumping Ket-Moy Printing Inc. Virginia Kuertz, In Honor of Digi France Schueler M. Aurora Lambert John & Susie Lame* Bryan Lindholz Thomas J. Lindsey, In Memory of Barbara B. Lindsey Richard P. Lofgren, In Honor of Lynn Lofgren Johna & Fred Lucas Deanna M. Manning Carolyn F. McCoy Michael Schuster Associates, Inc. Patricia L. Mirabelli Frederic D. Mosher James Mulder Valerie L. Newell, In Honor of Carolyn F. McCoy Francie & John Pepper*, In Memory of Dr. Sarah Hale Jeff Read Paul Roetenberger Kristen L. Safier Matthew Schottelkotte Kathy Selker Beth Shaw John M. Shepherd


Julie & Steve Shifman Richard Siegel Staples Foundation Todd Stine David Storer The Barre Code Cincinnati Jonathan Theders Thomas J. Dyer Co. The Honorable Ann Marie Tracey Trinity Lutheran Church Monica Turner UC Delta Phi Lamdba Sorority, Inc. Charlene Ventura Julie Vorholt Sherry Walsh Vicki Watkins Jean Whitford Kathy & George Whitley, III Rob Wildermuth Alison & James Zimmerman FRIEND Raye Allen Eliza Allison Reverand Marjorie & James Anderson Joan P. Baily Regina H. Bajorek Lara Baron Eileen & John Barrett Dr. Ian C. Barrett Theresa Beresford Sarah R. Berger John Blignaut Joyce Blust Reverand Paul Booth, In Memory of Reverand L. Venchael Booth Neil Bortz & Susan Myers Jackie Brenning Kathleen & George Brinkman Alan Brown Kate Brown Eric Browne Michael Browning Stephanie W. Byrd Congressman Steve Chabot Melanie M. Chavez Norma Clark

Robert & Brynne Coletti Kathy Conlon Sean & Deedy Conlon, In Memory of Phyllis Conlon Karen Cooper Mary L. Corley Ruby Crawford-Hemphill Kathleen C. Daly Renee A. Davis Ronda O. Deel Kelly Dehan Sherri Demyan & Tom Carter Joyce & Tom Devoge Edward & Karen Diller, In Honor of Mike Browning Diversified Facility Solutions Maureen Anne Dunne, In Honor of Digi Schueler Liz & John Dye* Elliott Management Group LLC Robin H. Everhart Barbara & John Fillion Dr. Marilyn A. Fingerhut Judy Finn Tom Flessa Joyce B. Foley Vanessa A. Freytag Kathleen & Bill Fussinger Gail Myers Public Relations, In Honor of Cleints & Colleagues Natalie Galbato Renee Geier Naomi & Robert Gerwin Nadine Gibson Maura Gray James Greenberg Priscilla Garrison Haffner Joann & Gary Hagopian Teresa Harten Catherine H. Hausknecht Dr. Julia Hawgood Melanie & Bruce Healey Julie Grady Heard Thomas & Lucinda Heekin Karen L. Hendricks Mary Henkel Steve Hightower Lisa Holsclaw Joyce & Roger Howe Mike Huseman

Douglas S. Hynden* Li’Ana Jackson Scott Jacobs Angela J. Jenkins Yvette Johnson-Hegge Damon D. Jones Jeannette Jones Diane Jordan Joseph Beth Booksellers Wijdan Jreisat & Patrick Points Thomas & Kathleen Kahle Brad A. King, In Honor of Abigail G. King-Kaiser, Annie, Jennifer, Melissa & Phyllis Anne King Robert L. Knight Scott Knox, In Honor of Debora Burstion Various Donors, In Honor of Arlene Koth Marilyn P. Kremzar Doloris F. Learmonth Dr. Mitchel & Carol Livingston Steven Love Marilyn J. Maag Minda Matthews-Smith, In Honor of Monica Eynatian, Elaine Peterson, Keirin Stewart & Maureen Wojcik Lynn O. Mayfield Peter E. McConney, In Honor of Irvine E. McConney & George McClung Mary F. McCullough-Hudson Mark McDonald Kathy McQueen Julia B. Meister Janet & Carl Melcher Ann Moss Meranus Messer Construction Company Terisa J. Milholland & Brian D. Dailey James A. Miller Judith A. Miller Ben Moore Jannelle L. Moore Morgan Family Foundation Julie Morin Mt. Carmel Christian Church Virginia A. Myer Sonia Myles

Beth Naylor Marty & Jim Neumeister Leslie Newman De Asa Nichols, In Memory of Sam Drake Mary Nicolay Suresh Nirody Marisol Norat-Garcia Marcia Oganowski Amy Okin James & Cathy Orr Colleen O’Toole, Ph.D. & JT Spence, Ph.D. Dr. Stephanie Owens Boyd Brandon Painter Ellen & Richard Paulsen Jean & George Perbix* Gus G. Perdikakis, In Memory of George Perdikakis & Nicholas Lambros Diane Potter The Preview Group, Inc. Michael J. Rademacher Kate Rechtsteiner Janet Rickabaugh Dr. Terri L. Roth Dr. Gregory Rouan & Dr. Kay Johnson Sean Rugless Kara D. Sanders Kim Sandman Richard Saunders William P. Sawyer, In Memory of DeDe Sawyer Brinker Marjorie S. Schneider Melissa K. Schwartz Grace & P.R. Sferra Robin & Mathew Sheakely Lynn & Greg Sheanshang The Honorable Jack Sherman, Jr. Venice L. Sherman, In Honor of Lynn A. Heinzelman John & Nancy Silverman Janet & John Simpkinson Barbara Smith Barbara J. Smitherman St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church Nancy Starnbach Lee & Peter Stautberg Tom & Dee Stegman

*Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Joyce Tappan The First Church of Jesus Christ Kathleen S. Thornton Nina & Howard Tolley Alicia Townsend Steven G. Trimble Don Turner Jane A. Votel Martha E. Weber Debbie L. Westheimer Derek Wheeler H. James J. Williams, Ph.D. Janice Winstead, In Honor of Lynn A. Heinzelman William Witten Martha J. Wolf Xavier University Theatre Gives Back Don Yelton & Ann Saluke YMCA of Greater Cincinnati Christine Zevon Dr. Nancy L. Zimpher Every attempt has been made to list donors’ names correctly. We apologize for any errors or omissions. Names listed reflect donations made July 1, 2017–June 30, 2018.

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2018 CAREER WOMEN OF ACHIEVEMENT SPONSORS YWCA Greater Cincinnati would like to express our deepest gratitude and recognize the following sponsors for supporting the 2018 Career Women of Achievement Luncheon while helping us celebrate and honor eight exceptional women in our community. PRESENTING SPONSORS

The Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund, Fifth Third Bank, Trustee Francie & John Pepper GOLD SPONSORS

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The Carol Ann & Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation The Christ Hospital Health Network Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport


Citi d.e. Foxx & Associates, Inc. Dinsmore & Shohl LLP/Ernst & Young LLP GE Aviation Great American Insurance Company Interact for Health Keating, Muething & Klekamp, PLL Kerry Automotive Group Messer Construction Company Pomeroy Pure Romance SC Ministry Foundation The Scripps Howard Foundation Stickyeyes TriHealth Women’s Health PATRON SPONSORS

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Vice Chair Jill T. McGruder Secretary Diane Jordan Chair – Advocacy Alicia Tidwell Chair – Finance Anne Megerle Chair – Development The Honorable Stephanie Wyler Chair – Human Resources Leigh Prop Chair – Governance Danya Karram Chair – Program Evaluation Toi Clarke Jones Chair – Racial Justice Diane Jordan Immediate Past Chair Nancy A. Lawson BOARD EMERITI

Kathy Beechem Cynthia O. Booth P. Jeane Goings Nancy A. Lawson Mary Denise Kuprionis Penny Pensak Francie Garber Pepper Digi France Schueler Trish Mann Smitson



Susan Branscome Monica L. Newby, DDS Leigh Prop Alicia Tidwell MEMBERS JOINING THE BOARD OF DIREC TORS

Christi Cornette Jennifer Dauer Jackie Reau Stephanie Robertson Liza D. Smitherman Pamela Weber



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YWCA 2017-2018 Annual Report  

YWCA 2017-2018 Annual Report