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FESTIVAL JUNE 21-23, 2019


Divine Feminine Empowerment WITH DEANNA DEACON

Adventure | Community | Intimacy Empowerment | Freedom | Nature

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Nov. 30 - Dec. 7, 2019

When was the last time you felt unconditionally ACCEPTED, LOVED and VALUED for showing up exactly as you are in any given moment? * Letting the tears flow as they come. * Sharing your fears, no matter how irrational they may sound. * Celebrating immense joy when you crack your heart wide open. * Feeling held in safety, love & compassion.

A sacred soul journey into Divine Feminine Empowerment For details, visit

This is exactly why the Embodying Goddess Retreat was created; to honour, to witness and to empower YOU to show up as your best Self; physically nourished, spiritually awakened, mentally clear and emotionally honoured.

This retreat is for you if you desire to; • practice yoga listening to wild monkeys in the trees above • dance & sing as you splash in the ocean waves • face your fears while paddling down an exotic jungle river • heal past wounds through sacred workshops & ceremonies • embody your intimate soul essence • be energetically held in a soulful container of love & acceptance

The women who attended my 2018 Embodying Goddess Retreat in Costa Rica shared that these were some of their favourite memories of our week together in the tropical jungle.

There is room for 8 incredible women to join this sacred soul journey from November 30 - December 7th, 2019 on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

“For once, it was okay to be me, fully and completely ME! I felt totally accepted by you and the other women from the first second at the airport. It helped me to open up to everyone, and to myself. It helped me to talk about my own story, to share my feelings and to grow.” - Dominique Paradis, Quebec City, 2018 retreat attendee



Known as a spiritual personal trainer with a modern Goddess twist, Deanna teaches strong, successful women to embrace their feminine energy to experience deep joy & fulfilment while maintaining high levels of sustainable growth & prosperity.

S1:E4 By Mari Abraham

I am Imvukuzane... What is it about the Painted Horse under the New Moon, in a bowl full of stars, that pulls the Spirit out of body across the ice road like frosted breath ringing all light with Rainbow Aura? A drumbeat deep in the belly signals an opening in the pelvis as structural alignment takes place. Horse stance. Lifting ribs, lengthening spine, shoulders spread, wings follow. The prayer unfolds and flies across the sky through the land deep under the water high above the clouds we unwind into it All with blissful embodied awareness. What is it about the Painted Horse?

Mari Abraham is a traditional Zulu shamanic practitioner. Her role is to support the Earth's rising vibration and assist the transformation of humanity in to a global culture of peace and unconditional love. 250-499-0733




interior wellness



DEAR INTERIOR WELLNESS COMMUNITY, Spring is in the air! Can you feel the fresh, new energy? Momentum is picking up for us at the Interior Wellness Headquarters, planning for the upcoming 3rd annual Mountain Spirit Festival happening June 21-23! This wellness community has grown, evolved, and expanded massively these past few years and the connections that have formed are absolutely beautiful. There really is no better time to be on your own wellness journey than right now! With the amount of support, connection and opportunity that is all around us, it makes our journeys all the more enlightening and empowering. This is why, more than ever, we are proud and excited to bring together this community and invite you to join us in the mountains for three days of bliss for another Mountain Spirit Festival, set in the beautiful Sun Peaks. This festival has grown quickly into a favourite of many. It is a place where we get to connect, celebrate and grow together in an elevated state! You can expect all the amazing things the Interior Wellness Community has to offer with lot’s of nature, special events, incredible workshops and so much more! We can’t wait to see you there

WOMEN’S HOLISTIC BUSINESS CONFERENCE September 20-22, 2019 Kelowna BC INTERIOR WELLNESS FESTIVAL October 18-20, 2019 Kamploops BC JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUPS FOR MORE HEALTHY CONNECTIONS & INSPIRATIONS! GENERAL Interior Wellness Community BUSINESS Interior Wellness Business Network The information in this magazine is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for advice a reader might seek from a physician or other health care professional Photography is referenced, otherwise: Stock Images: Back cover and centerspread photos by Ashly Narula photography



Elizabeth is the founder of Interior Wellness: Promoting connection, inspiration and the best of healthy living in BC Interior. She leads transformational events and conferences to help people come together for renewal, healing and joy. Passionate about wellness and entrepreneurship for over 20 years, Elizabeth shares the gift of creating meaningful marketing and offers wellness business training and mentorship to uplift other spiritual entrepreneurs - so that they can also shine and thrive! / Facebook: Elizabeth Beeds / Instagram: @elizabethbeeds

ON THE COVER Brittany Gill is an intuitive life and business coach. She helps women who have big visions and big hearts make a BIG impact in the world. Through her intuitive coaching, ceremony and mindful embodiment she guides each woman to tap into her unlimited personal power. Book your complimentary clarity call at Contact: or Cover photo by Elemental Photography

THRIVE Y O U R D AY ! by Kristy Janota

We tend to let our day lead, don’t we? We get through the day and wonder where the time went, amazed that we survived another one! But what if we can be a more active guide to our day?

Here’s an exercise to try. Set a timer, and every hour or two do the following: 1. Movement - Get up and move. Walk, jog, or twist your torso side to side. 2. The Past is Gone - Tell yourself that only now matters and where you go from here. The past is gone and no longer exists. 3. Focus Inward - Close your eyes, take a couple deep breaths and focus on the beating of your heart. It’s an incredible organ that keeps you alive all day, every day. 4. Visualize – Keeping eyes closed…see yourself successfully achieving your goals. Imagine what it feels like. Any sized goal will do! 5. Magnet - See yourself as a magnet. Mentally point yourself in the direction you want to go.

6. Wisdom - Consult your inner wisdom on what you could do this next hour to head in the direction you want to go. Your inner wisdom is there: listen for that positive, calm “voice” and those subtle ideas and/or images in your mind. 7. Write/Reflect - Note down what positive steps are needed to take you to where you want to go. And at the end of the day, record all your successes, no matter how big or small. This exercise needs only a minute or two. Take a bathroom/coffee break - you can fit it in. If you did this every hour, imagine how many powerful steps in a positive direction you would take today! Kristy is a Kamloops REALTOR® and wellness advocate who brings a calm, holistic approach to helping people with their homes/investments., 250-374-3331,




ANXIETY AS A DOORWAY TO TRANSFORMATION by Maggie Reigh “Anxiety is transformational energy looking to ground itself.” - Dr. Sue Mortar Wow!! That statement changed the way I thought about anxiety! Rather than making it wrong and something to get rid of, I began to see it as an opportunity to transform my life - and it has! It’s also transformed the lives of many people with whom I work. In our Consciousness Raising Communication Circles (where public speaking skills and effective heart-to-heart communication skills are enhanced), anxiety often reveals itself strongly. International Speaking Circles founder Lee Glickstein says, “Public speaking doesn’t create anxiety, it uncovers the anxiety that is already there.” Anxiety passes readily when given permission to actually feel it in the body - stay with it, rather than push it down. Authenticity, strength, and confidence begin to flourish. One young woman, terrified of public speaking, stood and felt the anxiety release as she faced our group. Afterwards she said, “I was on cloud nine as I drove home. I’ve never been able to share awkward emotions in front of others. To feel the group support as I felt the release in my body has been incredibly freeing!” What you can feel you can heal; what you resist feeling will persist. Try it for yourself: next time you feel anxiety breathe deeply, feel it in your body and say, “I give this energy permission to soften and release.” Instead of asking,” Why is this happening?” ask, “Where is it in my body?” Stay with the sensations… notice the texture, the shape, the density of the energy. Keep breathing deeply and notice how the energy moves. I have yet to work with anyone who has not noticed a release of this energy. Rather than being a problem to hide or change, the anxiety becomes the catalyst for transformational change. Maggie Reigh, B.Ed; B.T; CHt. is both a dynamic and entertaining speaker as well as a highly skilled hypnotherapist. Individual therapeutic sessions can be experienced in the comfort of your own home (around the globe) or in Maggie’s home office in the beautiful Okanagan, BC Canada. 778-214-4684



When looking to create the relationship we are longing for it’s essential that we, first, turn our gaze to ourselves. Only after we understand and nourish ourselves by taking care of our needs can we then be ready to dive deeply into the inner workings of our relationship with our beloved. First, we must steady our own self, because if we aren’t happy in ourselves, if we aren’t paying attention to our needs, development and growth, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to experience happiness in our relationship. Our relationship can only be as happy as we are. It begins with us. To begin to clean up your side of the street, we must change our mindset and realize that taking care of ourselves isn’t selfish; it’s necessary. We cannot take care of others if we are not filling our tank up first. When we are not taking care of ourselves we seek fulfillment of our needs from external sources—often our relationship with our beloved. This puts extreme pressure on the relationship and leads to frustration when our impossible expectations are not met. When we constantly put ourselves aside, we think we are being selfless, but in the end, we feel resentful, bitter and depleted. Often, we will find ourselves blaming these feelings on our relationship and searching for the solution in bettering and changing our relationship. This is not the answer. The real transformation begins with us.

We begin to take care of ourselves by asking these important questions: 1) Am I taking care of myself? 2) What do I need? 3) Am I meeting my own needs? 4) When can I make time to take care of myself and meet my needs? When you find yourself yearning for change in your intimate relationship turn your attention to yourself. We must always begin there. We can only be as happy in our relationship as we are with ourselves.

Cheryl is a Soulful Relationship & Life Coach, Writer & Speaker. Get her new book Relationship Revival: 8 Pillars of a Strong, Connected & Fulfilling Relationship at SPRING 2019



Break the Cycle

of Negative Talk: I T’ S N O T S E RV I N G Y O U . by Tammie Oram, MTC, RCT, NT

There are negative thoughts we have about ourselves that we repeat over and over, and trying to break the cycle of thinking unkind things about ourselves takes consistency - it takes 5 positive thoughts to undo 1 negative thought that’s right - ratio 5:1 (J. Gottman). Whether in relationship with the inner or outer world, how we see ourselves is how we present ourselves. Do not play small, do not put yourself down, do not disregard the beauty inside of you, do not shrink, be the glorious you and shine! Begin with baby steps, as incremental adjustment makes lasting change, and we feel good as we move towards permanent transformation. Every time you say one unkind thing about yourself, add two positive things to counteract it, ie: “Sorry I ate the last cupcake, I have no self-control; I cannot be trusted alone with my sweet tooth.” Delete that thought, cancel it out! Right now say aloud to yourself, “I cancel that thought. I have control over me. I can be trusted.” This is a good, simple method of retraining your brain and the way you view yourself. One negative phrase…two positives! Self-deprecation can add up in both your and others’ perception of you. Even when we are “just joking” or “making fun” - using sarcasm towards ourselves and others, we are reinforcing that negativity and making it acceptable. It is not acceptable; we need to be kinder to ourselves. Every time you find yourself thinking some negative “truth,” cancel it. Establish the positive truth instead. If you are concerned that saying only positive things about yourself is delusional, narcissistic or will colour your view of the world incorrectly, think about how our society is trained to see the worst side of everything - it is already distored. Don’t get stuck in an old pattern that’s no longer serving you. Be the one to change your thought pattern; be realistic as falsehood is not sustainable. Be real, truthful and allow the world to see the beautiful you. It starts with you…


Tammie Oram, of Nourish Wellness Centre is a Master Therapeutic Counsellor, Nutritional Therapist & Reiki practitioner; she believes in individual identity, personal/holistic wellness and lasting, meaningful relationships. 250-320-6018 INTERIOR WELLNESS | SPRING 2019

ENDURING the dark night OF THE SOUL By Cecilia de Groot

…you are alone in a dark room…you have been here for what seems an eternity… …there are doors leading to what you believe is salvation, and in the beginning, you tried them fervently, to no avail… …you have been forced to endure this darkness. You hear voices just beyond, and experience has told you that they will not hear you calling out. You find yourself…without hope. Welcome to the dark night of the soul. This experience can happen because of physical circumstances, or emotional, bringing forth a profound spiritual awareness. It can be brought on by other human beings, or by illness, or any other grueling circumstance that you can only embrace and move through. It presents like depression, though it is far from it. This is an opportunity. An opportunity to dig down deep into yourself, to explore your core, to embrace your new found strengths. Who you were no longer exists. Who you are becoming is yet to be seen. Rest assured, you will emerge…possibly more compassionate, loving, and patient…but also aware, raw, filled with a truth that very few really acquire. It will humble you, this darkness. It will take you to places you didn’t know you could endure. And yet, there you are, enduring it. Maybe for days…months…years. Whatever it takes for this important transformation. As a human being, you need to be in control. It’s difficult to embrace being powerless. All you can do is go inward, seek your own inner light. Many times you’ll want to give up, to have the suffering over. But you can’t. You have to endure… …until one day, you emerge. With wings of the most amazingly vibrant personal power… …from the caterpillar to the butterfly… …embrace your darkness… Cecilia de Groot is an Intuitive Empowerment Guide, Professional Spiritual Touchstone, Speaker, Writer, Editor, and Lover of Humanity - Ready to Help You Reclaim Your Truth! SPRING 2019



ACCESSYOUR Women Inspiring Women Retreat

Do you yearn to be heard, seen, to find your tribe ... Be in the magic... Feel your heart burst open ... Celebrated for being an amazing Woman!

Join us! Boston Bar, BC • August 23-25, 2019 Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now! 250-320-1993

Call or text me for a complimentary 30 minute

Life Breakthrough Session for 3 Keys to accessing your clarity, your voice and your purpose.

Sacred Moon Emergence Transformational Retreats + Freeing Your Inner Starchild + Marilyn Puff

Getaway Retreats for Women 250 320-1993 Generously sponsored by

Let me write your love story...

INNER WISDOM by Marilyn Puff

It sounds simple, but we always hear, ``you have everything you need to meet whatever situation you find yourself, even when it feels overwhelming``. So how do we find that wisdom, the guidance and clarity? We often think it needs to come from something outside ourselves. The truth is, even if we find a counsellor we can work with, or pull an oracle card that speaks to us, that train of events starts within. We choose 1.) what feels right - our emotional / intuitive cues, 2.) what makes sense – decisions with the mind, or 3.) what catches our attention - our spiritual messages. 4.) Even our body is speaking to us all the time. The more we relate to and work with the sensations in our body, the more clearly our emotional, mental and spiritual messages are heard. Right now, notice your body, your breath. When we consciously place our awareness on our body, this acknowledgement starts the release of the tensions that are blocking the flow of energy, resources and emotions in our being. Pay attention to a young child when they are in any big emotion. Their deep intense breathing releases the emotion, their mind settles, their muscles relax and their ability to change focus or make decisions becomes easier.

Angela delivered a service that we would recommend to anyone who wants a beautiful marriage ceremony tailor-made to suit them and their partner. She took the time and energy to get to know us and as a result our ceremony was perfect. Angela ensured everything we wanted to say about our love story was said and that our vows were completely unique and based on both of our personalities. Her loving nature and calm mannerism made us both feel relaxed and made our real-life moment, magical. Words cannot express my gratitude to Angela for this once in a life time experience she helped create. - Erica Angela Foster M.msc



Any activity, creative endeavor or meditative routine that quiets or distracts the chatter mind, is a tool to access our subtle or “aha” insights. Journalling, writing with our nondominant hand, writing a letter to ourselves or anyone we are challenged by without sending it, are great ways to discover what we are really thinking and feeling. These tools also release emotional, mental and body tension so we can access more spiritually oriented thoughts. Trust yourself and the ways you naturally listen to your own Inner Wisdom. Marilyn is the visionary and founder of SACRED MOON EMERGENCE Retreats for Women. She also offers individuals, couples or families Life Breakthrough Sessions and transformational programs. She has been in the field of creative inner transformation and ceremony for almost 30 years. 250 320-1993 FB see ad.

Have you ever considered what level of consciousness you exist at on a daily basis? Dr. David Hawkins has developed a scale which maps the levels of human consciousness based on our behaviours and perception of life. The majority of the time, we generally operate at one particular core level of consciousness. Of course, there may be times when we function at different levels. These levels of consciousness can be divided into energy enhancing levels and energy draining levels of consciousness. The “positive levels” represent life-affirming behaviours from a place of alignment and integrity. These levels, from highest to lowest, are: Enlightenment, Peace, Joy, Love, Reason, Acceptance, Willingness, Neutrality and Courage. Moving from reason to love requires a quantum leap. Reason lives in the physical domain of ego and linear thinking, while love resides in the spiritual realm of formlessness and non-linearity. The leap to love facilitates perceiving life from the heart with unconditional love and compassion. As we continue down the scale of consciousness, we come to the negative energy draining levels. These levels represent destructive and harmful behaviours below the level of integrity. These levels are Pride, Anger, Desire, Fear, Grief, Apathy, Guilt and Shame being the lowest level. The awareness of your current level of consciousness will allow your perception to climb the scale of consciousness to view reality from a different vantage point. The ability to perceive any situation from a higher level of consciousness will begin to dissolve the blocks experienced at lower vibratory states. Thoughtfully consider that the level of consciousness you generate is also contributing to the collective consciousness. It is our responsibility (our ability to respond, not react) to consider the frequency we share with the universe. This is a clarion call to your soul to initiate a personal metamorphosis in 2019. Let’s create the opportunity to experience an empowered and sovereign existence, together! We are the ones we have been waiting for... References: Power vs Force: The Anatomy of Consciousness written by Dr. David Hawkins (Veritas Publishing 1995)

Tania offers Dolores Cannon’s Past Life Regression QHHT Spiritual Coaching/Readings, Tesla Healing Metamorphosis, Dolores Cannon's Group Past/Future Life Meditations 250-434-9171

DO YOU WANT TO BE A BETTER MANIFESTER? 10 TIPS ON HOW TO USE YOUR INTUITION TO GET WHAT YOU REALLY WANT by NATASHA J. ROSEWOOD Is the law of attraction a hit and miss affair for you? Why can’t you magically attract a new car, a better job or my soul mate? You can. But instead of just thinking something into existence, you might also need to intuit your way there. When manifestation isn’t working for you, what might be in the way? The thing that you want is not for your highest good. The absence of the thing that you desire might cause you to find your true purpose. Your negative subconscious beliefs are blocking the outcome. E.g. I’m not good enough. You are not emotionally ready. Your timing may not be in synchronicity with the Universe. You are too attached to the outcome and fear is getting in the way.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Manifestation requires all levels of your consciousness to flow congruently toward your desire. If you don’t know what you want, choose the feeling you want. Envision the matching scenario. What is yours will come to you. What is not yours will not come to you. Do without doing and everything will get done. Be, think, feel and believe in what you desire. Ask your Intuition: Is this right for me? And listen for the truth. What you desire is your life purpose. You have everything you need to achieve it. You are always right about how you feel, even when your ego disagrees. Act as if you are already excited, relieved, free, prosperous, loved and healthy. Trust your intuition completely. It is your truth, your guide and only wants your highest good. What you desire, already exists in the ether. Claim it!

Intuitive/ Psychic Consultant, Spirit Medium, Author, Screenwriter and Workshop Facilitator, Natasha Rosewood empowers her clients to clear emotional blocks, follow their bliss and achieve their greatest success. Visit SPRING 2019




Women’s Holistic Business Academy

Women’s Holistic

Business Conference Are You Ready to Make a Difference?

Holistic Practitioners Spiritual Teachers Wellness Coaches Yoga Instructors

3 Day Holistic Business Training In this heart-centered approach to business you will... •  Learn how to reach more people & make more money •  Become the go-to holistic practitioner & teacher in your area •  Discover how to create profitable workshops and retreats •  Be ready to live your purpose while helping people heal

September 20-22 Kelowna BC Limited amount of Full scholarship passes available ~ Apply Online!

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ACCESS BARS Ashley Robb, Access Bars Practitioner Ready to release the blocks that are holding you back in life? Let’s heal together! Connect with me today! Kamloops,

ACUPUNCTURE/ACUPRESSURE Chelsea Gimby, R.Ac., Vital Point Acupuncture Sports Acupuncture, Cupping, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Therapeutic Asian Massage Kamloops, 250-376-3070

Jennifer Larsen, R.Ac., Vital Point Acupuncture Classical Acupuncture, Acutonics, Cupping, Reiki, Tui Na Massage, Moxibustion Kamloops, 250-376-3070 Shawna Wafler R. Ac, Wild Roots Clinic Acupuncture, Cupping, NADA Certified, Reiki Kamloops, 250-682-7289

Wild Roots Clinic, Dr. Andrea Hansen Healing with Chinese Herbal medicine, food therapy, acupuncture, cupping & moxibustion 250-682-7289

ASTROLOGY Tanya Thompson - Vedic Traditions Vedic Astrology and Aryuveda 250-573-9755 Kamloops,

Vedic Astrology - Carole Davis You will gain a clear understanding of events happening in your life now and in the future. 250-309-2736

ARTISANS: LOCAL Squirrelly Creations: Using mother natures gifts of wood, crystals, essential oils, and found treasures from my travels to create magical gifts Michelle Gill 250-574-3450 | Spring 2019 14 INTERIOR WELLNESS | SPRING 2019

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“Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin” Holistic facials and skin care that give amazing results and peace of mind 250-828-0909 #301-141 Victoria St. Threading and Henna Tattoo Specialist BhumikaTalla: Esthetician & Hairdresser Bridal packages, house parties, events Kamloops, 250-374-9744

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BED AND BREAKFAST Salmonberry lane BnB Clearwater BC 250-674-3068 Relaxing, Peaceful Getaway

BODY MIND SPIRIT Better Bodies & Minds Alternative Wellness Center. Biomagnetic Pair Therapy or Hypnotherapy to Improve your Health. Magnolia Quiroz, Events that Bring together the best of health, well-being, ancient wisdom, complementary medicine, holistic therapies, spirituality, new consciousness and more. Mystic Dreams - now in Clearwater! 249b Glen Rd. Across from Fields. Now serving fair trade organic coffee. Stop by and say hello. 250-674-2612 The Crystals & Curiosities Cabin seasonal destination store opens from early spring to late fall each year at Akashic Ranch, offering gemstone crystals, metaphysical items and healing tools. 250-573-1124

Spirit Quest Books: Salmon Arm, BC offers books, sterling silver jewelry, cd’s, crystals, aura, pictures & unique giftware. 250-804-0392 Young Living Essential Oils & Products These therapeutic grade oils, health, household and beauty products are non-toxic! Positively life changing! Karen Reierson 250-714-6782 Tanya Epp, doTERRA Wellness Advocate. Natural healing for mind, body and soul with essential oils. Schedule your complimentary consultation. 250-572-7362

CHIROPRACTORS Dr Paul Ouimet B.Sc, Chiropractor Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938 Dr. Troy Fraser 1966 Harrison Way Kamloops BC 250-314-9890

COACHING Cate Baio Coaching Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator-Candidate. Live brave. Live wholeheartedly. Book a discovery session today! 250-551-4451 Deanna Deacon, Intuitive Life Coach: Connecting influential women in leadership to their feminine wisdom & divine guidance. Business Mentorship. Goddess Retreats. Healing Workshops. 250-818-5207

Maggy Davidson Coach, Teacher, Wayshower Salmon Arm, BC 250-804-0392 Tracy Munson - Support for Moms to go from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed. You are not alone. Serving Kamloops & Internationally. Book Your Complimentary Session 250-682-0707

Dreams Come True. Law of Attraction Life Coach, Public Speaker, Award Winning Author. First 1/2 hr Coaching Session Free. Danielle Gordon 250-550-8174 Vera Stark, Spiritual Life Coach and Soul Realignment Professional for coaching or Akashic Record readings 250-318-1616 Mollie Sommer - Intuitive Soul Coach, Life & Soul Coach, Energy Healing, Workshops & Retreats. Kamloops, 250-574-5683 Cheryl Paige - Soulful Coach Life & Relationship Coaching & Training to align with your truth Kamloops 250-574-1055

Spectra Services, Confidential Life Coaching supporting you to live your most Authentic Life! 250-299-6250 Kamloops,

COACHING Mindfullness & Meditation Coming Home Retreat Weekend residential mindfulness meditation retreat June 21-23, 2019 in Kelowna, with Sharon e. Davison. The Way Forward Coaching Services Jocelyn Gordon Solution Focussed Coach Spring 2019 | SPRING 2019



COMMUNITY Learn how to maintain a healthy landscape within the city’s bylaw by visiting For more information call: 250-828-3888 May Cause Radiance is a NPO supporting Young Adults affected by CANcer. Spreading Radiance to CANcer warriors across Canada. Kamloops, BC Balance Well-Being Centre Inc. Local Businesses Collaborating to Improve Overall Well-Being & Enjoyment in Life. Shawna McCrea, BBA, CEO Kelowna,

COUNSELLING Breath Integration Coaching & Training Center Spiritual, life, and relationship coaching. Create the Life You Want! Lynn Aylward 250-319-7364 Breath Integration Coaching & Training Center Cory Erlandson 250-319-5175 Spiritual, life, and relationship coaching Create the Life You Want! Kelowna individual, couples, and group counselling. Therapy for trauma, anxiety, grief, depression, anger, adolescents, young adults. 778-721-5728 Nourish Wellness Centre offers Clinical Therapeutic Counselling and Nutritional Therapy as well as other Holistic Health Approaches and Workshops. %RRN FRPSOLPHQWDU\ PLQ /,)( %5($.7+528*+ VHVVLRQ ZLWK 0DULO\Q 3XII (DVH FRQIXVLRQ VHOI GRXEW DQJHU DQG IHDUV *DLQ FODULW\ GLUHFWLRQ SHDFH RI PLQG VDFUHGPRRQHPHUJHQFH#JPDLO FRP )%

END OF LIFE PLANNING Memorial Society of BC helps you plan graceful, affordable, and dignified end of life arrangements. Call Today 1-888-816-5902 Toll Free

ENERGETIC UPGRADES Call To Dance Seminars, Books, Manuals, Live Talk Events, Tele-Spa, Float Your Boat, Radio, Energy Correcting Cards and Paintings (Tails From the Vector), Blog | Spring 2019 16 INTERIOR WELLNESS | SPRING 2019

ENERGY HEALING Mari Abraham - Traditional Zulu Shamanic Practitioner Reading of the Bones, Shamanic Healing Sessions, Land Healing and more.

Tania Niedbala 250-434-9171 Spiritual Coaching, Tesla Metamorphosis Healing, Dolores Cannon’s Past Life Regression (QHHT), Quantum Sound Handcrafted crystal jewelry & specialty stones that provide natural, healing energy. Custom orders welcome. Kamloops FB:Soul Stones/ Instagram:@soulstones_

FREELANCE WRITING Michele Botel is a freelance web content writer in Kimberley with a background in alternative health. Free consultation 778-257-0343

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Bonnie Haywood-Farmer CBCP, CECP Body Code/Emotion Code: Identifying & releasing imbalances affecting our Physical, Mental & Spiritual Wellbeing. Savona, 250-373-2473 Osteopathic methods are used to restore health and vitality to every system. 250-241-3141 Vernon. Or, 778-484-9922 Kelowna.

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy Decreases: Pain, Stiffness, & Inflammation. Optimize your cells for as little as 16 minutes a day. 250-299-8990 Kamloops

HEALTH Kwikfit4u Canada Whole Body Vibration Equipment. West Kelowna 1-877-348-5945 10 Mins/Day = 1 Hr. Exercise

HEALTH Plexus is a health and wellness company that specializes in gut health and body balancing. contact Leah Renfrew 250-819-1598 (cell), Kamloops

Simpli Health offers Live Blood Analysis, an immediate health assessment paired with natural and chemical-free solutions. 250-571-8597 Helping others take control of their health Shannon Bliss, CNP, ROHP 250-801-2798

HEALTH FOOD STORE Nature's Fare Markets Live Well - Live Organic 250-314-9560 #5 - 1350 Summit Dr, Kamloops BC Vitamins | Supplements | Produce | Bistro

HEALTHY HOMES Interior Design & Home Styling Utilizing safe, non toxic materials. 250-299-3900

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HEALTH INSTITUTES & TRAINING Breath Integration Coaching and Training Centre Individual, couples, family counselling. One day workshops, 5 month Personal Empowerment Trainings. Body work. Sunday Spiritual service. 250-319-5175

HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTRES Bliss Float Centre Floatation therapy Pain relief, relaxation, meditation, athletic recovery and more. #205 - 1150 Hillside D. Kamloops 250-377-7716 Reduce and eliminate pain; sleep more soundly; increase vitality through gentle movements. Individual or group class. Feldenkrais/Anat Baniel practitioner. Ann Wallin 778-220-7898

HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTRES EXHALE CENTRE ॐ Holistic House of Healing Natalie Saari and team of Kinesiologists providing specialized care for injury rehabilitation, chronic pain, ICBC claims and more. 791 Victoria St, Kamloops 250-574-3477 | EXHALECENTRE.COM

Soulful Sisterhood: A global community of women supporting women. Live events focused on: Mindfulness, Spirituality & Women's Health. Women only. All ages. $10/month. Worldwide Community.

Vernon Active Health, Multiple Practitioners all in one office, maximize your health goals! 250-545-2468 Vernon

Constance Santego Holistic Centre & Spa Empowering Body, Mind & Soul Sessions, Workshops, Books, Live Events, Retreats 250-861-5209

HYPNOTHERAPY Maggie Reigh Transformational Body-Mind-Soul Hypnotherapy. 30+ years of experience with emotional release therapy. I welcome your inquiries: 778-214-4684 Melanie Pouliot CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPIST Trained in Bali Indonesia under Master Sohail Ebady MD Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator - Certified Nutritionist Yoga Instructor - Mind Body Wellness Coach

HEARTMATH Edward Kent Watson: Certified HeartMath Trainer Stress, heart/brain function, resilience, performance self-regulate emotions. Fb: Kamloops HeartMath 250-828-2020

INTUITIVE READINGS Bonita Summers - Psychic Life and Business Coach Psychic Readings, PSYCH-K, Parties, corporate events, keynotes. In person, by phone, or online. Love, career, abundance, & more. 250-863-5505 BELIEVE INSPIRATIONS: Inspired Angel Card Readings, Healing Energy and Colour Therapy, Glitter Tattoos. Contact 778-888-2396 for Rates/Info/Events Stephanie Banks: Spiritual counsellor, advisor, and author of A Soulful Awakening. Delivers profound personal messages from the non-physical realm. 250-320-5239 Michelle Morrison: Psychic Medium, Angel Intuitive, Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner and Inspirational Speaker. 250-682-8176



INTUITIVE READINGS Therese Dorer 250-578-8437, Kamloops Spiritual Consultations Medium, Shamanic Healing, Meditation, private sessions, empowering you through your Spirit Guides.

Clearing subconscious past blocks for a brighter future. Readings, consciousness development workshops, past life regressions, spirit mediumship, ghost busting.

MASSAGE THERAPY: REGISTERED Stephanie LeClair RMT in Penticton. Helping you to relax, recover from stress, reduce pain and inflammation and regenerate after injury or surgery. 250-443-4039.

Barb Harris Registered Massage Therapist Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938 Darlene Fair, RMT, RYT 250-318-6300 Craniosacral, Visceral Massage, Osteopathic Techniques, Myofascial Release and Unwinding. #405-153 Seymour,


MEDITATION Shambhala Meditation Group offers meditation in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. Thursdays 7:00-9:00pm Free and open meditations. #7-231 Victoria Street. 250-573-5519

MIDWIFERY, CHILDBIRTH, BABIES Mighty Oak Midwifery Care Fully funded by BC Healthcare Home or hospital, dedicated service

NATUROPATHIC DOCTORS Dr. Alison Beach BSc.,ND: Allergies, Bioidentical Hormones,Depression/Anxiety, Pediatrics, Women's Health.Thompson Valley Naturopathic 875 Seymour 778-471-2949

Dr.Kaleb Falk, Naturopathic Physician:IV Therapy, PRP/Prolotherapy, IBS/SIBO, Chelation Therapy, Bioidentical Hormones, Ozone therapy, Cancer therapies 659 Victoria St. 250-374-6938 Dr. Tracy Levins, Naturopathic Physician Pediatrics, Women’s health, hormones, fertility, PAP & breast exams. Kamloops Naturopathic Clinic 754 Seymour St. 250-377-3077

David Wolynec Registered Massage Therapist Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938

Dr. Marissa Gaucher, Naturopathic Physician Chronic pain, Autoimmune conditions, IV therapies, digestive and hormonal imbalances. Pharmaceutical Prescription 250-374-6938

Niki Coster Registered Massage Therapist Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938

Women's health, bioidentical hormones, thyroid, digestive health, allergies, IV therapies, acupuncture. Kamloops Naturopathic Clinic 754 Seymour St 250-377-3077

Jil Forbes, RMT Dimensional Registered Massage and Wellness 250-572-6634

Dr. Tara Drummond, ND Natural Family Medicine 412 Seymour Street 778-765-8530 Book online at

MEDICAL Preventative Health Practitioner Integrative Care, Bio Identical HRT, Chronic Illness Holistic Nutrition. Kamloops, 250-845-8360 TruHealthSpan

MEDITATION An inter-denominational contemplative/meditation group whose focus is the wisdom/mystical tradition in Christianity. Monday evenings 2x/ month. *FREE* Brian Mitchell | Spring 2019 18 INTERIOR WELLNESS | SPRING 2019

Dr. Tamzin Morley, ND 778-471-0909 Hormone, Pain, Digestive, Immune & Family Health. Acupuncture, IV Therapy & Pharmaceutical License. 306-153 Seymour St. Dr. Melissa Bradwell, ND, Full Naturopathic services: Acupuncture, IV Therapy,Women's health, Bio-identical hormone therapy & prescriptive authority. 250-374-9700 735 Victoria Street Dr. Jones has been providing Naturopathic Medicine to Kamloops and area for over 18 years. Board Certified In: Pharmacy, Full Lab Services, Intravenous Therapies, Advanced Injection Techniques, Platelet Rich Plasma, Prolotherapy, Ozone, Oxidative Therapy, Botox, Dermal Filler.



Dr. Sapphire Vanderlip, ND 250-377-3077 Digestion, skin, allergies, autoimmunity, cancer and women’s health. 754 Seymour St.

THE PILATES TREE @ 4th & Seymour Kamloops' premiere Pilates Studio Teaching you to stand tall & stand strong. 250-320-2639

OSTEOPATHY Kamloops Osteopathy: Osteopathy, Personal training Obstetric Osteopathy, Sport Taping, Sports Rehab, Arthritis Care. Imogen Wood M.Ost & Paul Roberts M.Ost Kamloops, 250-299-5554


Evolve Pilates Studio 250-372-7237 Achieve improved posture, balance & strength! Personal Training Studio & Group Classes. #201-1361 McGill Rd

REFLEXOLOGY Pacific Institute of Reflexology 604-875-8818 Training courses for beginners to seasoned professionals, instructional DVD, charts, etc. Vancouver,

EXHALE CENTRE ॐ Holistic House of Healing Natalie Saari and team of Kinesiologists providing specialized care for injury rehabilitation, chronic pain, ICBC claims and more. 791 Victoria St, Kamloops 250-574-3477 | EXHALECENTRE.COM

INTERIOR WELLNESS FESTIVAL October 18-20, 2019 Kamloops BC

Health Quest Cold Laser for Pain Management Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938


REAL ESTATE Linda Turner Personal Real Estate & Kristy Janota A calm and holistic approach to real estate. Helping people reach their property wants, needs and dreams! 250-374-3331

Andrea Edwards PT Lymphatic Therapist and Breast Cancer Rehab (PiNC certified). Kamloops Massage Matters 250-299-3636

PARENTING Cloth for a Cause: Non profit, volunteer run organization that loans cloth diapers to interested families. Apply or donate (Facebook too!)

Snug Glee Bumz Diaper Service 250-554-9722 Ease of Disposables, Benefits of Cloth. Sweet Sleepers Sleep Consulting, Kamloops Infant and toddler sleep solutions. Free 15min Consults! 250-320-6911, Facebook.

PET SERVICES Infinite Dog ~ shamanic dog training Relax and enjoy your dog. Group and private for puppies, dogs and problems. facebook/InifniteDogShamanicDogTraining

REIKI Leilani Reid: Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Live your Best Life, Tap into Your Power 250-571-4326 Teresa Krehel - Jikiden Reiki Shihan/Teacher Jikiden Reiki classes offered in traditional Japanese Reiki. 250-308-4201

RESORT Sun Peaks Resort 250-578-5474 1280 Alpine Road, Sun Peaks, BC

RETREATS Akashic Ranch™ is a privately owned wellness space on 250 acres outside of Kamloops, BC hosting spiritual and holistic workshops and events from early spring to late fall 250-573-1124



RETREATS Paradise Found Salt Spring Island "Where Sights and Sounds Soothe the Soul" Classes, Retreats,Workshops and now, Food! 888-989-9642

Breath Integration Coaching and Training Center Contact Cory 250-319-5175 ; 250-319-7364

Santa Tierras, Earth Medicine Traditions Trainings, Retreats, Private Practice Sacred Medicine Ocean Retreat August 2019 No previous training required

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship welcoming, diverse in beliefs, spiritually nurturing community meets. 10AM (Sept.-June) Sundays at Valleyview Hall 2288 Park Dr., Kamloops. 250-572-2018

Rachel’s Vineyard – Kamloops: Confidential healing retreats for after abortion. Find us on Facebook or Call/text 250-267-5081 Yoga Retreats with Natalie Saari ॐ World-renowned yoga retreats in exotic places all over the world, as well as local love, exceptional retreats in locally. See photos and reviews at: NATALIESAARI.COM

Epona Rise Retreat Centre Heffley Creek Uncover Your Brilliance 250-578-0226 Boutique 80-acre lodge & cabin retreats venue SACRED MOON EMERGENCE Women's Retreat Ceremony, Circles and Celebration on Sacred Land. Aug. 23-25, 2019. Contact 250-320-1993 Facebook

Sacred Tours with Maria O'Farrell Carr Come join us on an amazing journey to Ireland (April 2020 & May 2020), Penticton Summer Solstice 2019 and Greece (September 2019). (BC Reg# 2776-4)

Wilderness Resort & Retreat - Cawley Point, Sunshine Coast. Paradise for Yoga Retreats and Outdoor Enthusiasts.Oceanfront. Cabins, Wilderness Tents or Yurts for up to 40 guests. 604-800-7862

SHAMANIC HEALING Shamanic healing/Energy Medicine/EFT. To recover from anxiety, trauma, stress, power-loss, depression. Kelowna & long distance.


Women's Holistic Business Academy September 20-22, 2019 Holistic Business Mentor, Elizabeth Beeds

WOMEN’S HEALTH & WELLNESS Holistic Health Practitioner ~ Certified Nutritionist Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator ~ Mind Body Wellness Coach. Clinical Hypnotherapist. Melanie Pouliot,CNC

YOGA TEACHER Kundalini Yoga with Nicole O'Donnell Sunday Mornings 9-10:15 at Lets Move Join Kamloops Kundalini FB group 250-574-9477

YOGA FOR YOUTH YOGA FOR YOUTH ॐ Community programs throughout Kamloops. Classes, day camps, mentorship and more. Empowering lil yogis to thrive! Contact us for a program Opportunities. NATALIESAARI.COM |

YOGA STUDIOS Come as you are. Start where you are at. 4th & Seymour @ 409 Seymour Street Full details on web site

Kamloops Hot Yoga 250-374-7426 Sahali - 953 Laval - 75 classes per week Brock - 17-1800 Tranquille Clarity Yoga Welcoming Yoga and Relaxation Classes 5170 Dallas Drive, Kamloops 250-320-0170

YOGA THERAPY Quaaout Lodge & Spa At Talking Rock Golf Resort 1663 Little Shuswap Lake Rd. Chase BC 1-800-663-4303




Natalie Saari - Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) International Association of Yoga Therapy Kinesiologist & Physiologist, providing specialized care Group and private sessions available ॐ 250-574-3477

YOGA TEACHER TRAINING RC Yoga: Sorrento, BC 200hr Teacher Training 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training South Okanagan Yoga Academy (SOYA) RYT Yoga Teacher Trainings in BC, Alberta & Mexico at Intl standards for 20+ years. Retreats and workshops. 403-805-7902

WORKSHOPS & EVENTS Breath Integration Coaching and Training Centre Individual, couples, family counselling. One day workshops, 5 month Personal Empowerment Trainings. Body work. Sunday Spiritual service. 250-319-5175

%ULWWDQ\ *LOO LV DQ LQWXLWLYH OLIH DQG EXVLQHVV FRDFK 6KH KHOSV ZRPHQ ZLWK ELJ YLVLRQV DQG ELJ KHDUWV PDNH D %,* LPSDFW ZZZ %ULWWDQ\JLOOZHOOQHVV FRP Healers On Healers - FREE 250-819-9041 All Healing/Transformation Practitioners Welcome! Free exchange. Join Facebook Group "Healers on Healers - Kamloops" Healing Massage 8 Month Certification Program & other weekend massage courses. 250-215-1564 Sharon Strang, West Kelowna Holistic Market and Psychic Fair 2019 June 2, Sept 15, Oct 6 @ 11AM-4PM Laurel Packinghouse 1304 Ellis St, Kelowna. Carly Penfold 250-870-8183 Kamloops Regional Farmers' Market Saturdays from 8:30 to 12:30 beside Stuart Wood School on St Paul Street. Wednesdays from 8 to 2 beside the Library on Victoria Street Santa Tierras, Earth Medicine Traditions Sacred Medicine Ocean Retreat: August 2019 For more information, please visit webiste:

Shamanic dog training – group classes Infinite Dog ~ dog training with spirit Helping you and your dog get closer and love deeper

Soulful Sisterhood: A global community of women supporting women. Live events focused on: Mindfulness, Spirituality & Women's Health. Women only. All ages. $10/month. Worldwide Community.

WORKSHOPS & EVENTS The Daring Way Events for 2019 &RQWDFW Celeste Schell 250-314-0298


Divine Feminine Empowerment with Deanna Embodying Goddess Retreat Costa Rica, Nov. 30 - Dec. 7, 2019 2II /HDVK 5HDG\ (YHU\WKLQJ \RX QHHG to get off leash with your dog. Offered by Infinite Dog~ shamanic dog training. Sunday May 26th facebook/ InfiniteDogShamanicDogTraining 0LQG %RG\ 5HVHW )XOO 'D\ /LIH &KDQJLQJ 7UDQVIRUPDWLRQDO (YHQW ZRUOG ([SHUWV RQ 6WDJH ,QVSLULQJ +HDOWK 'RFXPHQWDULHV ZZZ PLQGERG\UHVHWSURJUDP FRP Stokefest Psychic Fair 2019! July 13-14 +HOG DW Akashic Ranch 'edicated to spiritual and holistic wellness. Facebook event: 'Stokefest Psychic Fair 2019!'

0RXQWDLQ 6SLULW )HVWLYDO June 21-23, 2019 Sun Peaks Resort, %& 'RJ &RQQHFWLRQ *HWDZD\ D GD\ UHWUHDW ZLWK \RXU GRJ 2IIHUHG E\ ,QILQLWH 'RJ a VKDPDQLF GRJ WUDLQLQJ 6HS Âą WDPU\Q#LQILQLWHGRJ FD IDFHERRN ,QILQLWH'RJ6KDPDQLF'RJ7UDLQLQJ Cariboo Women's Fair May 3 - 4, 2019 Friday 5am - 9pm, Saturday 10am - 3pm South Cariboo Recreation Centre 100 Mile House. 250-395-1353 $WWXQHPHQW 3UDFWLWLRQHU 7UDLQLQJ Session 2 July 25-27, 2019 Edenvale, Barbara Duff 604-857-4939 Dynamic Couples Series with Angela Foster Spring & Fall 2019 Now registering for April SPRING 2019



Spring 2019 |

overcome struggle with

support AND TIME By Tracy Munson

Why get support? It took me a long time to take the step to investing in myself and my personal growth and development. I do not have any regrets, however it was a struggle for a lot longer than it needed to be for me. Hindsight being 20/20, I would have sought out support a lot sooner. Looking back, I went years struggling, going deeper and deeper; becoming incredibly miserable in the process‌the pain, the heartbreak, the defeat, the self-hate, the guilt and the shame. Many will go through this, many have, but you do not have to do it alone. Investing in ourselves can be hard! One of the first questions I asked was, How much is getting support going to cost? I had a lot of guilt about spending money on myself for counselling and coaching, until one of my coaches asked me, "How much is this costing you NOT to do it? It was costing me so much! My happiness, my marriage, my



family's happiness, my energy, my time, my dreams, and so much more. Overcoming struggle takes time, support, patience, and doing your best. Your body will communicate with you when something is "off" through a whole assortment of emotions and or physical symptoms. It will start off quiet and will gradually get louder and louder. My advice with love and from experience: listen and become aware of the queues, the whispers: before they get too loud, get the support you need, and take the time you need to heal and grow.

Tracy Munson is the founder of Insight Natural Healing, creator of The Overwhelmed Mom Support group on Facebook, and author of "The Busy Mom's Greatest Companion". Tracy Munson Support for Moms

the off leash

advantage by Tamryn Fudge

Being off leash means everything to your dog. When your dog is off leash, they get a sense of freedom and trust from you that they cannot experience any other way. It builds their confidence so much to be trusted out there to stay with you. Getting to sniff anything they want, for as long as they like – this is heaven for most dogs. Being off leash outside is so comforting and soothing to a dog, and it provides increased emotional and mental wellbeing.

Tamryn Fudge is a shamanic dog trainer who helps people relax and enjoy their dogs so they can have the relationship they’ve always wanted. Group and private sessions for puppies, dogs and problems. 250.573.1744|facebook/InfiniteDogShamanicDogTraining

Off leash walks are extra important for dogs that are described as being “high energy”. High energy dogs are given force-paced exercise such as ball fetching – think of “chuck-it” dogs who chase the ball back and forth at high speeds. Force-paced running causes the nervous system to get ramped up, particularly for dogs whose instincts are to track and chase moving things, like herding dogs and sight hounds. Contrast this with natural-paced exercise, such as off leash trail walks – where a dog is allowed to choose his or her own pace and can run anywhere they like to explore things and enjoy themselves naturally. This has a very relaxing effect on the nervous system, and usually calms dogs much more than any amount of force-paced exercise. Natural-paced exercise is best during off leash walks with your dog. If you would like to get off leash with your dog, it is not nearly as difficult as you imagine. With tools such as long lines, emergency recalls, play recall and approach work, you can get there with more ease than you ever expected. If you would like to start off leash with your dog – get out there and try it. If you would like support to get started, find a dog trainer or a friend to help build your confidence.






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