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November November10th-12th, 10th-12th,2018 2018 $595 $595+tax +tax This intensive training will give participants the specialized This intensive training will give participants the specialized skills necessary toto practice and teach a 60 and 7575 minute skills necessary practice and teach a 60 and minute traditional hot series class. You will feel confident and traditional hot series class. You will feel confident and empowered whether you are anan enthusiast looking toto empowered whether you are enthusiast looking deepen your practice oror a 200-hour teacher looking toto deepen your practice a 200-hour teacher looking lead classes in in this style and enhance your training. lead classes this style and enhance your training. BROCK STUDIO ForFor more information or or to to BROCK STUDIO more information 778-470-6121 778-470-6121 register, visit ourour website or or register, visit website #17 - 1800 Tranquile RdRd #17 - 1800 Tranquile contact the studio contact the studio


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10 Years of Interior Wellness!

Interior Wellness rocks! We have a magazine in print and online; two large-scale transformational events: Interior Wellness Festival and Mountain Spirit Festival; hundreds of wellness professionals: the best speakers, leaders, authors, healers, coaches and teachers; thousands of members in our thriving wellness community; dedicated volunteers who serve and share; wonderful ambassadors all over the province and an incredible team who bring all the pieces together. But it started very small. I thought that I was just going to staple a few yoga schedules together and print a few copies alone. But when a community is ready, things have a way of unfolding: a magazine was born. And what started as a tiny half day yoga event with 6 teachers and 4 exhibitors has evolved into the premier wellness event in BC with 60 teachers and close to 100 exhibitors over three days. I’d like to thank everyone who has been involved, helped, supported and encouraged me along the way. It truly takes a community to raise a business! I want to say a special thank you my incredible office manager, admin diva, logistics leader and all around amazing woman: Liv Hernandez. Many of you have received emails over the years and gotten to know her kindness, patience and professionalism. She’s been with me now for close to 5 years and I couldn’t do it without her: Interior Wellness thrives under her incredible organization and love. There are so many more on the team of magazine and festival production - thank you to all of you. Together we have created a movement of fitness, wellness, health and spiritual awakening that magnetizes like-minded people to it! On October 19-21 I invite you to join us at the 10th annual Interior Wellness Festival. You’ll be inspired with all the tools you need to live a healthier, happier life. There are over 80 workshops to choose from in three inspiring days of transformational wellness; the best exhibitors from all over BC; a Healing Garden where you’ll find relief and support for your journey; healthy food, entertainment; plus friendships and connections to help you thrive. Come to Interior Wellness Festival and find your Bliss!

Ƈúŧ÷ ĉĜƃÐ

3 steps to reclaim your sanity by tracy munson Do you ever feel like you are running around from point A to B to C - and maybe to D - day in and day out? As though you always have some place to be? I hear it so often: "I am so busy". Be it work, kids, extracurricular activities, events, or business, frequently we are "too busy” when it comes time for ourselves. I have been there. It isn't fun. And I told myself and others that I was enjoying it — with a smiling mask that was formed by a forced mould of happiness, perfection, and expectation. Realizing this queued me slow down. That’s when I decided that my life was more important than all imposed ideas. I released all guilt, fear, judgment and expectation, standing strong within myself, and with my choices. Wow, was that ever freeing! That alone created so much space for me to "get out of the overwhelm and start enjoying life". It allowed me the space and time to be present. In your day-to-day, thinking about all that you do, how many of those actions have been driven by fear of judgement, expectation, obligation, or guilt? Now, reflect for a moment on how much more time you would have in your day if you let go of the things you do to please others. What if, when you really wanted to, you said no? This won’t happen overnight - no snap of a finger will change a habit. It takes time, though it can happen rather quickly if you are ready and determined to be a happier person, not only for your family, but for you. Take time for you. Choose happiness. Release the guilt, fear, judgments, and expectations imposed by others, and you will enjoy life so much more. You are not alone. You are supported. Do your best. Do what you can. Take time for you. Rest and be present. Tracy Munson is the founder of Insight Natural Healing, creator of The Overwhelmed Mom Support group on Facebook, and author of "The Busy Mom's Greatest Companion". Tracy Munson Support for Moms. Join Tracy Munson at the Interior Wellness Festival on October 19-21 FALL 2018



Coming Up Coloured

S1: E2 By Mari Abraham

Eleven years ago, I moved to South Africa to begin the journey of an Itwasa - apprentice of the traditional Zulu shaman, the Sangoma. The first night was dark. I could not see my own hand in front of my face and my heart was the loudest thing in the room. That is, of course, until the noises began... The flapping of smooth, leathery wings, punctuated by a staccato rhythm of screeching filled the air. BATS! Everywhere! In my room! I hid under my blankets‌it was not enough to stop them from touching me. They spent the night flying in circles above my head, constantly swooping, singing, screaming. When exhaustion finally took over, my dreams were filled with bats - there was no escape. When the sun rose, they were gone. Tell-tale droppings, in the form of pellets, lay scattered around the room, my bed, my luggage. When I asked my new teacher about what to do, she simply said, "Go talk to the leader of the bats and work it out." Leader of the bats? Riiiiight...... So, I met the Bat King - for real. I told him how I felt about his subjects. I asked if they could please poop only in one corner of the room and not fly over my head while I slept. Compliance with my wishes would ensure that I respected their space and let them to live in my room. We shook on it. That night, not a single bat flew over my bed while I slept. In the morning, there was a neat little pile of droppings in the designated corner. For the next twelve months, I lived with the bats. We took care of each other. I learned about their medicine and had the honour of welcoming their children in to the world. We became family. The only time they broke the golden rule was the last night in my teacher's home. I was deeply saddened to be departing. One by one, the bats would perch upside-down on the roof rafter above my bed. Then, they would drop like rocks towards my now fearless face. Just before impact, they would open their wings - a hair's width from my skin - and skim the surface of my body - head to toe. Over and over again, they would pass across my body, for hours, until my tears ran dry. This is how bats say good-bye. Mari Abraham is a traditional Zulu shamanic practitioner. Her role is to support the Earth's rising vibration and assist the transformation of humanity in to a global culture of peace and unconditional love. 250-499-0733


Breakdown Breakthrough



As our journey of life unfolds, we can be cruising along and then something happens, seemingly from out of “left field�. It is like a cosmic baseball bat gets you and calls you for a time out! These kinds of wake up calls come in many forms and are certainly meant to get our attention. For me, 2018 has been my wake-up-call year. As a connected being, I resonate with the energy that surrounds me. I really tune in and listen but as I have become so busy with requests, it is often in service to others. I am a giver. I tend to give too much, rendering me with an energetic deficit. Can you relate? Over the past 5 months a very serious health concern came to the surface and needed to be dealt with quickly; I was completely side-lined. For the first time in my life, I had to be really, really still and ask for help for even the simplest of tasks. The nature of my health crisis really made me pause and go inward. I was in the position of tuning in to what is most important in life: my husband, my boys, my animals, my family and friends - the people that I love and surround myself with, and our shared experiences. Nothing else really mattered to me. The night before my surgery we were all in a hotel room in Vancouver, just visiting, laughing, and talking about our favorite places, foods and memories. It was such a good time! I went into my surgery the next morning with an impenetrable knowing that I would be just fine, cocooned in love. After getting through my surgery, I was beyond blessed with so many people helping to take care of both me and my home. It was hard to be still and watch others in my kitchen cooking,

vacuuming the house and changing kitty litters! I truly experienced what it was like to feel worthy of all of the help I was receiving. I made the decision to surrender once I got through my disbelief, frustration and at times, even anger. I just made the choice to let go and let be. I made the decision to lean into the process, to acknowledge my fears, to love and accept myself deeply. As soon as I surrendered and let go and stopped trying to fight and direct the process, everything fell into place. Everything became easier; I became very still and I really began tuning in for me. I am doing so great! I feel amazing, better than I have in years! I have made so many changes to my life that are a much better reflection of following my own inner rhythms. So what began with the feeling of having the rug pulled out from underneath me has led to beautiful blessings and a huge breakthrough. I know that on this beautiful journey that life can happen and things come up - but I have also learned that within me is a strength so deep, a light so bright - a connection to Source so profound - that anything that comes up is drawn into the folds of this light and then it just expands and I get even brighter. That is the truth of who I am; it is the truth of who we all are.

Michelle Morrison is a renowned Psychic Medium, Angel Intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner and Inspirational Speaker. Let Michelle share the messages and help you to connect with your loved ones and angels! Facebook at Michelle Morrison Psychic Medium. Join Michelle Morrison at the Interior Wellness Festival on October 19-21

FALL 2018




all is a time to gather our energy so we have plenty to carry us through the deeper months of winter. During harvest we celebrate abundance and store what we need until the bounty returns - our energy systems mirror this natural occurrence. Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to stock up on the amazing abundance of sun energy that was plentiful this summer. Vitamin D is absorbed into your whole-body system firstly through your aura, and then your skin - this is also how you bring in the vital yang energy of the sun. Progressing through winter, it may become important to supplement Vitamin D, but at the moment, as long as you were able to spend time outdoors over the summer, your natural stocks of Vitamin D should be plentiful. This is where “energy testing” your supplements can be so important to your health and your finances! Having a good stock of solar energy and Vitamin D is not only a big determinant of how you will respond to bacteria and viruses, but also how your mood will manage throughout the winter before the return of the sun in spring. Priority #1 is to keep the aura active and vibrant to enable you to efficiently absorb the vital solar energy that is still available to many of us. You can do this with the Celtic Weave exercise or by weaving lots of figure 8’s throughout your aura. Your aura cannot be strong without your whole-body system being grounded, so ensure you are grounding well. You can spoon your feet with a stainless steel spoon to open vital energy points on the feet, and try the Connecting Heaven and Earth exercise. And, most importantly, get outdoors! The more time you spend outdoors now, the vaster the benefits to your aura, your grounding, and to your whole physical, emotional, spiritual, cognitional and energetic health.

Marianne is an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner, EEM teacher and herbalist in Kamloops BC. You can download free Energy Techniques on the Splinter Hill web site client page.



button-pusher CAN SET YOU FREE by Maggie Reigh

Do you feel unhappy and stuck in an important relationship? Does your button pusher aggravate you yet you dare not say anything for fear of conflict? Or are you constantly in conflict? Have you tried to get your button pusher to stop pressing your buttons… only to make matters worse? Feeling stuck and resentful is a certain indicator that you are blaming someone in your life for the way you feel. I know. I’ve been there. I didn’t realize how much power I was giving my button-pusher and how miserable I was making myself until someone told me: “Blaming others is like setting yourself on fire and hoping they die of smoke inhalation!” Wow! Now when I hear myself saying “You make me so mad/sad/frustrated!” I stop and remember that only I am responsible for my emotions. When I take “response-ability” for my emotions I stop giving my power away. Taking responsibility helps me deal with my situation and settle my inner turbulence - without needing “help” from my button pusher!


In order to take “response-ability” for your emotions and reclaim your power: OCUS on your body’s sensations. 75% of pain is caused by our resistance to feeling it. FEEL your emotional pain and it will release. Do not judge or justify it. SE your breath to release inner tension. A shorter breath in and longer breath out through the mouth helps discharge uncomfortable emotion.

TOP blaming anyone including yourself. Blaming is fault finding and debilitating and is not the same as taking responsibility. TOP trying to change others and focus on shifting your inner world

Decide what YOU will do - not what THEY must do. Thank your button-pusher for giving you this opportunity to expand into your true power. Celebrate your freedom! Maggie Reigh, B.Ed; B.T; CHt. is both a dynamic and entertaining speaker as well as a highly skilled hypnotherapist. Individual therapeutic sessions can be experienced in the comfort of your own home (around the globe) or in Maggie’s home office in the beautiful Okanagan, BC Canada. 778-214-4684 FALL 2018





of the past by Cheryl Paige

"The past is finished. Learn from it and let go." Doing so allows you to make room for wonderful things to enter your life and for you to find peace in the present. It sounds so simple, yet the truth is that letting go of your past is difficult and complicated.

4 First Steps To Let Go Of Your Past:

any suffering that you might feel.

Step 3: Understanding

Use this step to contemplate the question: "What was I learning?" Asking this helps to release guilt and regret around past events. As a human being it is your job to grow, learn and evolve. Your life is your classroom and you’re being given lessons continuously.

Step 1: Acceptance

Step 4: Awareness

What's the reality of my past? What are my perceptions of the past? How do I feel about the past?

Remember to be gentle with yourself through the process of letting go and embrace the peace that comes.

Acceptance will be key if you are struggling with finding peace in the present. To begin to accept the past, begin by asking yourself the following questions:

Step 2: Feel It Fully

To let go of any emotion, first you must feel it fully. Allow yourself to feel the emotions that you identified in Step 1. Embrace the pain and be there for yourself to soothe


Practice awareness of when your thinking turns to the past and re-frame these thoughts. Say, "cancel" and replace the past thought with a new positive thought. For example: "I let go of past hurt and open my heart to the joy of now."

Cheryl is a Soulful Life Coach, who helps women and couples align their lives with their truth. She serves her clients through coaching, training, public speaking and writing. Join Cheryl Paige at the Interior Wellness Festival on October 19-21


—FALL TIME I S V A T A T I ME B y T a nya Tho m ps o n

In the Northern Hemisphere, our days are getting shorter and cooler, shifting us into a new season. Birds, butterflies and people are migrating southward, following the path of the sun. Trees and plants are ending this year’s cycle; food has been harvested for winter. The change in temperature and light causes us to contract and reach out for warmth and light; soups, stews and warming spices are once again on the menu and we pull out sweaters, socks and hats. Like increases like, and fall increases vata qualities: cold, dry, light, mobile, erratic, rough erratic, bitter, astringent and pungent. You will see many of these qualities exhibited on a typical fall day - fall is when we start new programs, or maybe move. Our society is in a time when activity and movement continues to increase, so it’s important to maintain awareness and minimize the things that take more energy than they provide, and the change of season adds to this inherent disruption of vata. The nervous system is affected by vata, and the signs of imbalances are: anxiety, sleep challenges and adrenal fatigue. Warmth, daily oiling, root vegetables, meat (if you eat it), warming spices, baths, sweet, sour and salty tastes counter the effects of vata, particularly in the fall time, while meditation, yoga, pranayama and time in nature are helpful daily routine practices that support the nervous system, adrenals and calm the mind. Adaptogens (herbs that assist in the body’s management of metabolic systems during stressful times; choose from Aswhaghanda, Shatavari, Shilajit, Tulsi, Licorice or Gotu Kola) may be included in your health program, coinciding with supportive routines and diet. It’s important to consult with your health practitioner, ensuring the best adaptogen for you.

Tanya Thompson has been a student of Vedic Traditions since 1990. She provides workshops in Ayurveda and reading in -\RWLVK 9HGLF $VWUROJ\ -\RWLৢD ± -\RWLৢD ± 9HGLF $VWURORJ\ 250-573-9755

FALL 2018




“I’m fine,â€? my client responded. Her brave smile was a thin disguise for her pain. Her recent loss of relationship was also not the root of her sorrow. Her pain stemmed from some very old hurt and was now being triggered by a repeated situation. Because the original issue had never been acknowledged, validated and grieved, her hurt had festered, creating layers of unhappiness. With a drastic increase in suicides, confronting unresolved grief as an intuitive is an occupational hazard, and something I believe, we can change. In our Western culture, we think it’s admirable to be brave in the face of a crisis, but we also need to feel. And feeling includes pain as well as joy. If we don’t let the pain flow WKURXJK XV WKDW SDLQ ZLOO JURZņOLNH D WXPRUņXQWLO LW HYHQWXDOO\ blocks our flow. Do you feel that you are sometimes living with a low-grade flu, tired all the time, bored or stuck? It might be time for you to grieve. Unresolved grief manifests in feeling stuck, perpetual sadness, anger and lethargy. Extreme grief can lead to insanity, illness, paranoia, crippling depression and suicide. Grieving is good for you. BUT HOW DO YOU GRIEVE? 1. Write the story three times, as it happened, as if it happened to someone else and as if it was the funniest thing that ever happened. 2. Give yourself permission to cry. 3. Vent your anger or rage, without hurting anyone! 4. Share your story, and your pain. 5. Find someone to validate your feelings. 6. 7DON RU ZULWH D OHWWHU WR WKH RIIHQGHUVņ DOLYH RU GHDG 7. Forgive yourself and others. 8. Have compassion for yourself. 9. Let guilt guide you toward making amends. 10. Remember you are only human, and there is only love. So, go ahead. Grieve. It’s good for you! Intuitive/ Psychic Consultant, Spirit Medium, Author, Screenwriter and Workshop Facilitator, Natasha Rosewood empowers her clients to clear emotional blocks, follow their bliss and achieve their greatest success. Visit Join Natasha Rosewood at the Interior Wellness Festival on October 19-21


finding your inner coach

ON THE COVER Cheryl Paige is a Soulful Coach who helps women and couples align their lives and relationships with their truth. She is a passionate, heart-centred speaker, inspirational writer, healer, teacher, connector and founder of the Relationship Revival, Nourish You and Create the Life You Dream Of movements. You can find her online: or call 250-574-1055. Join Cheryl Paige at the Interior Wellness Festival on October 19-21



ust like we have a talent for seeing what is wrong with a situation, we often have an active inner-critic! But‌what if we found a new path with a personal coach as our ally and left the critiquing behind? What if every day we built ourselves up and encouraged the next positive step forward? Had inner brain-storming sessions to plan those next steps? Every area of our lives would benefit: health, work, relationships, parenting, investing. Listening for that calmer voice inside is all it really takes to stop the critic. Easy as that may sound, we have all experienced how tricky it can be to hush that critic! It helps to have a framework within which to work. Here is a technique to quiet the mind and connect to our wise inner coach:

Rapidly Release Emotional Stress & Trauma for the REST of Your Life! Hone your voice...Speak your Truth... Claim your Power Connecting is Healing... Call 778-214-4684

In a quiet space, close your eyes and breathe. Set the intention to connect to the ideal coach for you and for the area of your life you wish to discuss. Imagine a peaceful place where you can meet with this coach – perhaps a mountain top vista, a secluded beach or a spacious office with a view. Let your imagination lead the way! Picture a coach or trusted advisor arriving to talk with you. No matter who you envision, trust you will get the help you desire. Ask questions and allow yourself to imagine the responses. Allow the conversation to flow and see where your thoughts take you. When you return and open your eyes, write down all the thoughts and ideas that came up. Taking the time to be calm, reflecting and connecting to inner guidance will quiet the judge and allow your wisdom to shine through! Kristy is a Kamloops Realtor who brings a holistic and calm approach to helping people with their homes. 250-374-3331 Join Kristy Janota at the Interior Wellness Festival on October 19-21

FALL 2018




By V i v i a n Eva n s


I had the opportunity to connect with many beautiful beings who shared the journey of yoga with horses this summer. The message shared from the horses became even clearer, especially during a time in our world where we are exposed to great changes, in every aspect imaginable. It’s natural to feel called back to nature to reconnect to the stillness in our souls. The moment that you stand next to a horse you experience yoga: union within yourself, present in presence. Your feet become as grounded to the earth as the majestic animal standing next to you, you feel the softness of their breath slow your own breath down, and the vibrations of the heart - yours and theirs becomes one.

Angela Foster bM.msc

We could not be more pleased with having AngelabFosterbwith Rights of Passage Ceremonies commission our wedding. The ceremony was a very important part of the wedding for us as we did not want something generic that didn’t speak to who we are and what we stand for as a couple. Angela listened to our thoughts, respected our beliefs and pulled it all together by delivering a personalized, kind, witty, and professional service, which turned out to be a highlight for not only us but our guests as well. Nothing can hold a candle to memories we both have, standing hand in hand, listening to the beautiful words that bonded us in marriage. It was truly magical. Angela, you are magical. Thank you. - Hilary



The realization of oneness sweeps over your entire being; there is no divide between any consciousness. In your soul you feel the interconnectedness of it all. Allowing the horse to guide you through this process, you may experience the rise of inward expansion, in places you did not know possible. This is only the beginning of the many gifts the horse can offer to heal your heart and soul

Vivian Evans is a 200hr registered yoga teacher in Kamloops, BC. She has an extensive background with horses and brings her two passions together offering Horse and Yoga retreats. For more information visit facebook @vivianeyoga


The Empowered Woman 3 = )(

She is soft with her words, and fierce with her meaning. She honours her body and witnesses miracles every day. She demands the attention of the room with her gentle, subtle and sensuous being. She plays with the universe and knows her true potential. She is fearful of nothing.


Healing Massage pres en t s




Add this valuable healing skill and income to your life!

Begins November 17-18, 2018

A life-changing personal empowerment program where you will become fully certified in

Healing Massage.

ONE WEEKEND of in depth training per month for 8 months, in the beautiful retreat setting of West Kelowna!

Learn how to be a successful, empowered healing massage professional so you can help more people heal and have a healing practice that supports you!



The Program Includes: Mastery Sessions on: Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, Body-polishes & Body-wraps and more Receive expert guidance from a master trainer who has been in the massage and wellness industry for over 25 years and graduate with confidence, clarity and deep healing wisdom!





Sharon Strang 250-215-1564

The Empowered Woman is a conscious creator in the art of life. She calls her experiences into action, and withholds her boundaries with the fierceness of a lioness. Her thoughts are a reflection of her love for the world. Her actions, a spitting image of what she desires most. During moments of challenge she uses her breath. During moments of joy she laughs with all her heart. She knows her ego and is skilled at willing it away. She challenges her mind daily. She is a force of nature, as powerful as the ocean, and as gentle as the new dawn. She is The Empowered Woman.

Deanna Deacon, Intuitive Life Coach Connecting influential women in leadership to their feminine wisdom & divine guidance. Business Mentorship. Goddess Retreats. Healing Workshops. 250-818-5207 Join Deanna Deacon at the Interior Wellness Festival on October 19-21 FALL 2018



al ! 10th Annu

Interior Wellness Festival

October 19-21 Sahali Mall ~ Kamloops Inspiration and tools for you to live your healthiest, happiest life. BC Interior’s premier wellness event for TEN YEARS. Wellness workshops • Yoga classes • Exhibitor Market •  Samples, prizes • Entertainment & demos. Cafe with healthy, local food • Healing Garden: Treatments for your body, mind & soul. Connect with like-minded people; get inspired, get motivated, get healthy.

Fes tival Marke t Exhibitors, Healing Garden, Cafe, Prizes

Free Admission : Open to All

Interior Wellness Festival brings you the best of healthy living from all over BC...

F in d Y o u r B li s s!

Worksho ps PAID Admission

Admission is by pre-registration through the purchase of a workshop pass: Buy yours online Pre-register for your favourite workshops to create a weekend to change your life forever.

Spirit, Thrive, Women, Yoga, Stillness, Inspire

Over 80 inspiring W Workshops kshop tto cho choose from Design your own schedule and create your BEST weekend!

October 19-21 Sahali Mall ~ Kamloops

Friday, October 19 10AM-8PM Saturday, Oct. 20 9:30AM-5:30PM Sunday, October 21 11AM -5PM

for chances to WIN prizes, updates & connections: Join the Interior Wellness Festival 2018 event on FACEBOOK #iwf2018 on Instagram Enter the code MAG5 for $5 off your weekend workshop pass at checkout FALL 2018



The Many Benefits of

Healing Massage by Sharon Strang

assage not only benefits your muscular system, but also every system of your body: your skeletal system, nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system, urinary system, skin, and even your psychological system. It helps to balance your body, mind, spirit and emotions. I have been doing healing massage professionally for over 25 years and I have continued to teach massage courses teaching is how I actually began. I love how each time I teach a class, I am reminded of the many benefits of massage. For instance, most people go for a massage to relax and de-stress. (Did you know that all dis-ease is caused by stress?) A certain amount of stress is actually good for you, but too much causes your entire system to go out of balance… Simply explained, massage helps your entire Being to relax and re-balance. The circulatory system is then able to get into the stressed areas and bring the nutrition and oxygen to promote healing. First of all, I want to remind you that your body, mind, spirit and emotions are connected and effect one another if your life is drama-filled, then drama is experienced by all parts of your system. When you receive a massage, not only the techniques help to release the tension, but more importantly, the nurturing touch of another human being brings comfort, and adds another dimension to your healing massage. Touch is an inherent part of humanity. In fact, cutting-edge research has discovered the ways everyday forms of touch can bring us emotional balance and better health. In recent years, a wave of studies has documented some incredible emotional and physical health benefits that come from touch, suggesting that touch is truly fundamental to human


communication, bonding, and health, as well as a primary language of compassion and a primary means for spreading compassion: - Research done by neuroscientist Edmund Rolls proved that touch activates the brain’s orbitofrontal cortex, which is linked to “feelings of reward and compassion.” - “There are also studies showing that touch signals safety and trust, it soothes. Basic warm touch calms cardiovascular stress. It activates the body’s vagus nerve, which is intimately involved with our compassionate response, and a simple touch can trigger release of oxytocin, aka “the love hormone.” says Dacher Keltner, professor of psychology at University of California, Berkeley. - “To touch can be to give life,” said Michelangelo. There have been numerous studies to show that the proper uses of touch truly have the potential to transform the practice of medicine, as well as being cost- effective. Do you receive regular massages? If not, try one sometime soon. You will have a choice of healing massage professionals or registered massage therapists. In my opinion, a quality massage is not the type of training that one receives but more an attitude and belief system that they combine with their training. Ask friends to refer someone who gives great massages. You will not regret it! Sharon's background includes Master Integrated Breath Practitioner, Healing Massage worker & teacher, Healing Touch practitioner, and successful business owner for the past 25 years. Her life purpose is to empower others. 250-215-1564 Join Sharon Strang at the Interior Wellness Festival on October 19-21


s s e n d kin goes wrong BY TAMRYN FUDGE

Shamanic dog training teaches kindness as a foundational element of relationship with your dog, smoothing rough edges and paving the way for trust and understanding. But sometimes your kindness well runs dry and there is not one more bone of kindness left in your proverbial kitchen cupboard. You are yelling at your dog, or you are yanking on your dog, or shoving, or grabbing or ignoring and giving the cold shoulder. You notice a look of fear, worry or hesitation in your pup’s eyes - reflecting how far from presence you have wandered. What is loss of kindness, after all, but a momentary lapse in presence? How do you recover from such a mess up? How do you salvage the moment and reach out to your dog, and really, to yourself, to draw you both back together in loving connection? You take a breath, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Touch your heart. Smooth your clothes. Check your pulse. Then you bend down, and really lean in – and

do the most important thing of all: you smooch your dog. A big smacker, right on the snout, or the forehead, or maybe even on the lips! You remind everyone of how much you love each other. You let go of whatever stupid thing you were annoyed at, and you let the love rush in to fill that empty space that appears when you release your attachment to how you need everything to be. And your dog? What will he do? He will smooch you right back, of course! He may do a little dance, relieved that you have transformed back into his beloved human. He will let it go, just like you did. And you can both forget you ever had “fallen off the kindness wagon”. Simple as that! Tamryn Fudge is an animal communicator, dog trainer and shamanic practitioner and student. She teaches shamanic dog training in Kamloops and surrounding areas, specializing in aggression/behaviour problems, everyday learning and puppy teaching., Join Tamryn Fudge at the Interior Wellness Festival on October 19-21

FALL 2018



Yoga, Health & Spirituality in B.C. Interior

Interior Wellness


ACCESS BARS Ashley Robb, Access Bars Practitioner Ready to release the blocks that are holding you back in life? Let’s heal together! Connect with me today! Kamloops,

ACUPUNCTURE/ACUPRESSURE Chelsea Gimby, R.Ac., Vital Point Acupuncture Sports Acupuncture, Cupping, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Therapeutic Asian Massage Kamloops, 250-376-3070

Jennifer Larsen, R.Ac., Vital Point Acupuncture Classical Acupuncture, Acutonics, Cupping, Reiki, Tui Na Massage, Moxibustion Kamloops, 250-376-3070 Shawna Wafler R. Ac, Wild Roots Clinic Acupuncture, Cupping, NADA Certified, Reiki Kamloops, 250-682-7289

Wild Roots Clinic, Dr. Andrea Hansen Healing with Chinese Herbal medicine, food therapy, acupuncture, cupping & moxibustion 250-682-7289

ASTROLOGY Tanya Thompson - Vedic Traditions Vedic Astrology and Aryuveda 250-573-9755 Kamloops,

ARTISANS: LOCAL Squirrelly Creations: Using mother natures gifts of wood, crystals, essential oils, and found treasures from my travels to create magical gifts Michelle Gill 250-574-3450 Handmade Healing Crystal, Gemstone and Aromatherapy Jewelry, Crystals and Tumbled Stones, Sacred Ritual Tools. Serving the Shuswap, Okanagan, and Cariboo.

Kristina Benson Art - Yoga Leggings! Local Kamloops Artist // Unique artwork designed onto leggings, capris + scarves. Online Shop: Cranky Crow Designs uses healing stones in our handmade jewellery to bring more balance and healing. Barriere, 250-819-2075

BACK CARE Kamloops Back Solutions Spinal Decompression Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938

BEAUTY & BODY & HAIR CARE Back to Earth: Organic, Vegan, Natural, Non GMO, Earth Friendly. Essential oils and Herbal teas, Personal, Facial & Baby Care and Cleaning line. 250-550-6789

Vedic Astrology - Carole Davis You will gain a clear understanding of events happening in your life now and in the future. 250-309-2736

GREEN SISTERS Organic skin care & organic essential oils. Handmade with Spirit in 108 Mile Ranch, BC

INTERIOR WELLNESS FESTIVAL Workshops, Healing Garden, Wellness Exhibitors October 19-21, 2018, Kamloops BC

“Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin” Holistic facials and skin care that give amazing results and peace of mind 250-828-0909 #301-141 Victoria St.


BEAUTY & BODY & HAIR CARE Threading and Henna Tattoo Specialist BhumikaTalla: Esthetician & Hairdresser Bridal packages, house parties, events Kamloops, 250-374-9744

HEMPTATION.. All natural, handcrafted skin care made with Hemp Seed oil and limited ingredients. Kelowna, BC 250-870-2267

BED AND BREAKFAST Salmonberry lane BnB Clearwater BC 250-674-3068 Relaxing, Peaceful Getaway

BODY MIND SPIRIT Events that Bring together the best of health, well-being, ancient wisdom, complementary medicine, holistic therapies, spirituality, new consciousness and more. Mystic Dreams - now in Clearwater! 249b Glen Rd. Across from Fields. Now serving fair trade organic coffee. Stop by and say hello. 250-674-2612

The Crystals and Curiosities Cabin Destination store opens seasonally in May-October at Akashic Ranch. Find gemstone crystals, jewelry, metaphysical art and other unique gifts. 250-573-1124

Spirit Quest Books: Salmon Arm, BC offers books, sterling silver jewelry, cd’s, crystals, aura, pictures & unique giftware. 250-804-0392 Young Living Essential Oils & Products These therapeutic grade oils, health, household and beauty products are non-toxic! Positively life changing! Karen Reierson 250-714-6782


COACHING Cate Baio, Women's Empowerment Coach Turn fear into motivation. Doubt into confidence. Overwhelm into clarity. Book a FREE Discovery Call! 250-551-4451

Deanna Deacon, Intuitive Life Coach: Connecting influential women in leadership to their feminine wisdom & divine guidance. Business Mentorship. Goddess Retreats. Healing Workshops. 250-818-5207

Maggy Davidson Coach, Teacher, Wayshower Salmon Arm, BC 250-804-0392 Tracy Munson - Support for Moms to go from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed. You are not alone. Serving Kamloops & Internationally. Book Your Complimentary Session 250-682-0707

Dreams Come True. Law of Attraction Life Coach, Public Speaker, Award Winning Author. First 1/2 hr Coaching Session Free. Danielle Gordon 250-550-8174 Vera Stark, Spiritual Life Coach and Soul Realignment Professional for coaching or Akashic Record readings 250-318-1616 Mollie Sommer - Intuitive Soul Coach, Life & Soul Coach, Energy Healing, Workshops & Retreats. Kamloops, 250-574-5683 Cheryl Paige - Soulful Coach Life & Relationship Coaching & Training to align with your truth Kamloops 250-574-1055

Spectra Services, Confidential Life Coaching supporting you to live your most Authentic Life! 250-299-6250 Kamloops, Money Coaching; increase awareness & change behaviours for healthy $ relationship. Individual coaching and group retreats. Sharon e. Davison

Dr Paul Ouimet B.Sc, Chiropractor Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938

The Way Forward Coaching Services Jocelyn Gordon Solution Focussed Coach

Dr. Troy Fraser 1966 Harrison Way Kamloops BC 250-314-9890

INTERIOR WELLNESS FESTIVAL Workshops, Healing Garden, Wellness Exhibitors October 19-21, 2018, Kamloops BC FALL 2018



COMMUNITY Learn how to maintain a healthy landscape within the city’s bylaw by visiting For more information call: 250-828-3888 May Cause Radiance is a NPO supporting Young Adults affected by CANcer. Spreading Radiance to CANcer warriors across Canada. Kamloops, BC Balance Well-Being Centre Inc. Assessment | Directory | Events | Membership | Workplace. Shawna McCrea, BBA, CEO Kelowna,

COUNSELLING Breath Integration Coaching & Training Center Spiritual, life, and relationship coaching. Create the Life You Want! Lynn Aylward 250-319-7364 Breath Integration Coaching & Training Center Cory Erlandson 250-319-5175 Spiritual, life, and relationship coaching Create the Life You Want! Kelowna individual, couples, and group counselling. Therapy for trauma, anxiety, grief, depression, anger, adolescents, young adults. 778-721-5728 Nourish Wellness Centre offers Clinical Therapeutic Counselling and Nutritional Therapy as well as other Holistic Health Approaches and Workshops. Marilyn Puff Transformational Counselling - In person Or online. *Ceremonial Workshops *Women's Retreats "Activating, trusting your senses and Inner Wisdom" 250 320-1993 FB

ENERGETIC UPGRADES Call To Dance Seminars, Books, Manuals, Live Talk Events, Tele-Spa, Float Your Boat, Radio, Energy Correcting Cards and Paintings (Tails From the Vector), Blog

ENERGY HEALING Tania Niedbala 250-434-9171 Spiritual Coaching, Tesla Metamorphosis Healing, Dolores Cannon’s Past Life Regression (QHHT), Quantum Sound


ENERGY HEALING NRG Wellness Group, “Beyond the Ordinary” Remove negative energies from your field. Clear negative thought patterns and ancestral issues. Contact Mike for info. Kelowna 250-980-7007 - Mari Abraham - Traditional Zulu Shamanic Practitioner Reading of the Bones, Shamanic Healing Sessions, Land Healing and more.

INTERIOR WELLNESS FESTIVAL Workshops, Healing Garden, Wellness Exhibitors October 19-21, 2018, Kamloops BC

FITNESS KIX 4 CHIX A non-competitive, ladies-only kickboxing program. Making women feel healthy, strong, beautiful & empowered. 250-819-4121

FREELANCE WRITING Michele Botel is a freelance web content writer in Kimberley with a background in alternative health. Free consultation 778-257-0343

HEALING & BODY THERAPIES Marilyn Manderson 250-579-9444 Attunement Practitioner A sacred healing art & spiritual practice Kamloops, NRG Wellness Group, “Beyond the Ordinary” TheraPhi Plasma Cellular Regeneration – Reflexology – Bowen. Creative Attitudes – Negative Energy Removal Kelowna 250-980-7007

Bonnie Haywood-Farmer CBCP, CECP Body Code/Emotion Code: Identifying & releasing imbalances affecting our Physical, Mental & Spiritual Wellbeing. Savona, 250-373-2473 Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy Decreases: Pain, Stiffness, & Inflammation. Optimize your cells for as little as 16 minutes a day. 250-299-8990 Kamloops Osteopathic methods are used to restore health and vitality to every system. 250-241-3141 Vernon. Or, 778-484-9922 Kelowna.

HEALTH Kwikfit4u Canada Whole Body Vibration Equipment. West Kelowna 1-877-348-5945 10 Mins/Day = 1 Hr. Exercise

Plexus is a health and wellness company that specializes in gut health and body balancing. contact Leah Renfrew 250-819-1598 (cell), Kamloops Simpli Health offers Live Blood Analysis, an immediate health assessment paired with natural and chemical-free solutions. 250-571-8597

HEALTH FOOD STORES Nature's Fare Markets Live Well - Live Organic 250-314-9560 #5 - 1350 Summit Dr, Kamloops BC Vitamins | Supplements | Produce | Bistro

HEALTHY HOMES Interior Design & Home Styling Utilizing safe, non toxic materials. 250-299-3900

HEALTHY NUTRITION/FOODS/FARMS Nourish Nutrition, Leigh Hilton Registered Holistic Nutritionist Kamloops, 250-571- 4819 Sue Thomas is a Juice Plus representative from Merritt. For information, call or text 250-936-8577

Vegilante Plant Based Foods Local, unpasteurized tempeh using organic beans (black bean, adzuki and chickpea) 778-953-1312

HEALTH INSTITUTES & TRAINING Breath Integration Coaching and Training Centre Individual, couples, family counselling. One day workshops, 5 month Personal Empowerment Trainings. Body work. Sunday Spiritual service. 250-319-5175

HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTRES Bliss Float Centre Floatation therapy Pain relief, relaxation, meditation, athletic recovery and more. #205 - 1150 Hillside D. Kamloops 250-377-7716 Reduce and eliminate pain; sleep more soundly; increase vitality through gentle movements. Individual or group class. Feldenkrais/Anat Baniel practitioner. Ann Wallin 778-220-7898

EXHALE CENTRE ॐ Holistic House of Healing Natalie Saari and team of Kinesiologists providing specialized care for injury rehabilitation, chronic pain, ICBC claims and more. 791 Victoria St, Kamloops 250-574-3477 | EXHALECENTRE.COM Soulful Sisterhood: A global community of women supporting women. Live events focused on: Mindfulness, Spirituality & Women's Health. Women only. All ages. $10/month. Worldwide Community. NRG Wellness Group, Kelowna’s home for TheraPhi Cutting edge plasma technology that promotes cellular regeneration holistically. Your body is gently returned to its original healthy state 250-980-7007 -

Vernon Active Health, Multiple Practitioners all in one office, maximize your health goals! 250-545-2468 Vernon

Constance Santego Holistic Centre & Spa Empowering Body, Mind & Soul Sessions, Workshops, Books, Live Events, Retreats 250-861-5209

HYPNOTHERAPY Attention! Emotionally Sensitive People Rapidly Release Emotional Stress and Trauma for the REST of your life! Call Maggie Reigh 778 214 4684 Melanie Pouliot CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPIST Trained in Bali Indonesia under Master Sohail Ebady MD Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator - Certified Nutritionist Yoga Instructor - Mind Body Wellness Coach

HEARTMATH Edward Kent Watson: Certified HeartMath Trainer Stress, heart/brain function, resilience, performance self-regulate emotions. Fb: Kamloops HeartMath 250-828-2020

INTERIOR WELLNESS FESTIVAL Workshops, Healing Garden, Wellness Exhibitors October 19-21, 2018, Kamloops BC FALL 2018



INTUITIVE READINGS Bonita Summers - Psychic Life and Business Coach Psychic Readings, PSYCH-K, Parties, corporate events, keynotes. In person, by phone, or online. Love, career, abundance, & more. 250-863-5505 BELIEVE INSPIRATIONS: Inspired Angel Card Readings, Healing Energy and Colour Therapy, Glitter Tattoos. Contact 778-888-2396 for Rates/Info/Events Stephanie Banks: Spiritual counsellor, advisor, and author of A Soulful Awakening. Delivers profound personal messages from the non-physical realm. 250-320-5239 Michelle Morrison: Psychic Medium, Angel Intuitive, Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner and Inspirational Speaker. 250-682-8176 Tamryn Fudge ~ Spirit Partner For people and animals: shamanic readings and healings. Therese Dorer 250-578-8437, Kamloops Spiritual Consultations Medium, Shamanic Healing, Meditation, private sessions, empowering you through your Spirit Guides.

Clearing subconscious past blocks for a brighter future. Readings, consciousness development workshops, past life regressions, spirit mediumship, ghost busting.


MASSAGE THERAPY: REGISTERED Jil Forbes, RMT Dimensional Registered Massage and Wellness 250-572-6634

MEDICAL Preventative Health Practitioner Integrative Care, Bio Identical HRT, Chronic Illness Holistic Nutrition. Kamloops, 250-845-8360 TruHealthSpan

MEDITATION An inter-denominational contemplative/meditation group whose focus is the wisdom/mystical tradition in Christianity. Monday evenings 2x/ month. *FREE* Brian Mitchell

Shambhala Meditation Group offers meditation in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. Thursdays 7:00-9:00pm Free and open meditations. #7-231 Victoria Street. 250-318-6257

MIDWIFERY, CHILDBIRTH, BABIES Mighty Oak Midwifery Care Fully funded by BC Healthcare Home or hospital, dedicated service


Stephanie LeClair RMT in Penticton. Helping you to relax, recover from stress, reduce pain and inflammation and regenerate after injury or surgery. 250-443-4039.

Dr. Alison Beach BSc.,ND: Allergies, Bioidentical Hormones,Depression/Anxiety, Pediatrics, Women's Health.Thompson Valley Naturopathic 875 Seymour 778-471-2949

Barb Harris Registered Massage Therapist Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938

Dr.Kaleb Falk, Naturopathic Physician:IV Therapy, PRP/Prolotherapy, IBS/SIBO, Chelation Therapy, Bioidentical Hormones, Ozone therapy, Cancer therapies 659 Victoria St. 250-374-6938

Darlene Fair, RMT, RYT 250-318-6300 Craniosacral, Visceral Massage, Osteopathic Techniques, Myofascial Release and Unwinding. #405-153 Seymour,

Dr. Tracy Levins, Naturopathic Physician Pediatrics, Women’s health, hormones, fertility, PAP & breast exams. Kamloops Naturopathic Clinic 754 Seymour St. 250-377-3077

David Wolynec Registered Massage Therapist Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938

Dr. Marissa Gaucher, Naturopathic Physician Chronic pain, Autoimmune conditions, IV therapies, digestive and hormonal imbalances. Pharmaceutical Prescription 250-374-6938

Niki Coster Registered Massage Therapist Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938

Dr. Susan Goto, ND: Women’s health, bioidentical hormones, thyroid, digestive health, allergies, IV therapies, acupuncture.Thompson Valley Naturopathic 875 Seymour St 778-471-2949




Dr. Tara Drummond, ND Natural Family Medicine 412 Seymour Street 778-765-8530 Book online at

Cloth for a Cause: Non profit, volunteer run organization that loans cloth diapers to interested families. Apply or donate (Facebook too!)

Dr. Tamzin Morley, ND 778-471-0909 Hormone, Pain, Digestive, Immune & Family Health. Acupuncture, IV Therapy & Pharmaceutical License. 306-153 Seymour St.

Snug Glee Bumz Diaper Service 250-554-9722 Ease of Disposables, Benefits of Cloth.

Dr. Melissa Bradwell, ND, Full Naturopathic services: Acupuncture, IV Therapy,Women's health, Bio-identical hormone therapy & prescriptive authority. 250-374-9700 735 Victoria Street Dr. Steven Jones, 17 Years of Experience: EECP, PRP, Prolotherapy,Chelation Therapy,Ozone Therapy, Cancer Therapies, Bioidentical Hormones, Full Lab Services 250-377-3077 Dr. Sapphire Vanderlip, ND 250-377-3077 Digestion, skin, allergies, autoimmunity, cancer and women’s health. 754 Seymour St.

OSTEOPATHY Kamloops Osteopathy: Osteopathy, Personal training Obstetric Osteopathy, Sport Taping, Sports Rehab, Arthritis Care. Imogen Wood M.Ost & Paul Roberts M.Ost Kamloops, 250-299-5554

PAIN MANAGEMENT EXHALE CENTRE ॐ Holistic House of Healing Natalie Saari and team of Kinesiologists providing specialized care for injury rehabilitation, chronic pain, ICBC claims and more. 791 Victoria St, Kamloops 250-574-3477 | EXHALECENTRE.COM

Health Quest Cold Laser for Pain Management Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938

TheraPhi an innovative plasma regenerative device that: Significantly reduces pain and inflammation Speeds healing. NRG Wellness Group, Kelowna -

PHYSICAL THERAPY Andrea Edwards PT Lymphatic Therapist and Breast Cancer Rehab (PiNC certified). Kamloops Massage Matters 250-299-3636

Sweet Sleepers Sleep Consulting, Kamloops Infant and toddler sleep solutions. Free 15min Consults! 250-320-6911, Facebook.

PET SERVICES Infinite Dog ~ dog training with Spirit Shamanic dog training for aggression and behaviour problems, everyday learning and puppy teaching. Group and private sessions. Tamryn Fudge

PILATES THE PILATES TREE @ 4th & Seymour Kamloops' premiere Pilates Studio Teaching you to stand tall & stand strong. 250-320-2639

Evolve Pilates Studio 250-372-7237 Achieve improved posture, balance & strength! Personal Training Studio & Group Classes. #201-1361 McGill Rd

REFLEXOLOGY Pacific Institute of Reflexology 604-875-8818 Training courses for beginners to seasoned professionals, instructional DVD, charts, etc. Vancouver,

REAL ESTATE Linda Turner Personal Real Estate & Kristy Janota A calm and holistic approach to real estate. Helping people reach their property wants, needs and dreams! 250-374-3331 INTERIOR WELLNESS FESTIVAL Workshops, Healing Garden, Wellness Exhibitors October 19-21, 2018, Kamloops BC FALL 2018




RETREATS Leilani Reid: Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Live your Best Life, Tap into Your Power 250-571-4326

Epona Rise Retreat Centre Heffley Creek Uncover Your Brilliance 250-578-0226 Boutique 80-acre lodge & cabin retreats venue

Teresa Krehel - Jikiden Reiki Shihan/Teacher Jikiden Reiki classes offered in traditional Japanese Reiki. 250-308-4201

Wilderness Resort & Retreat - Cawley Point, Sunshine Coast. Paradise for Yoga Retreats and Outdoor Enthusiasts.Oceanfront. Cabins, Wilderness Tents or Yurts for up to 40 guests. 604-800-7862

RESORT Sun Peaks Resort 250-578-5474 1280 Alpine Road, Sun Peaks, BC

RETREATS Akashic Ranch is a private wellness property which offers workshops and events from May thru to late October. For more details visit Paradise Found Salt Spring Island "Where Sights and Sounds Soothe the Soul" Classes, Retreats,Workshops and now, Food! 888-989-9642

Embodying Goddess Retreat with Deanna Deacon Bathe in waterfalls. Sacred ceremony. Yoga & meditation. Nov 24 - Dec 1, 2018 in Costa Rica Rise Up Mastermind Retreat with Deanna Deacon A ocean-front productivity retreat for soulful entrepreneurs. Sept 20 - 23, 2018 in Sooke, Vancouver Island Santa Tierras, Earth Medicine Traditions Trainings, Retreats, Private Practice Sacred Medicine Ocean Retreat August 2019 No previous training required

Rachel’s Vineyard – Kamloops: Confidential healing retreats for after abortion. Find us on Facebook or Call/text 250-267-5081 Yoga Retreats with Natalie Saari ॐ World-renowned yoga retreats in exotic places all over the world, as well as local love, exceptional retreats in locally. See photos and reviews at: NATALIESAARI.COM


SACRED MOON EMERGENCE Women's Retreat Ceremony, Circles and Celebration on Sacred Land Aug. 23-25, 2019 250-320-1993 Facebook

SPA Quaaout Lodge & Spa At Talking Rock Golf Resort 1663 Little Shuswap Lake Rd. Chase BC 1-800-663-4303

STRESS MANAGEMENT TheraPhi an innovative plasma regenerative device that: Significantly reduces anxiety and stress Creates peaceful bliss. NRG Wellness Group, Kelowna -

SUNDAY SERVICE Breath Integration Coaching Speaker Series For more information: Contact Cory 250-319-5175 Visit: The Centre for Awakening Spiritual Growth Sunday Celebration Circle10:00 am Music, meditation, sharing, tea and coffee Schubert Centre, Vernon. Drop in 250-306-5432. Unitarian Universalist Fellowship welcoming, diverse in beliefs, spiritually nurturing community meets. 10AM (Sept.-June) Sundays at Valleyview Hall 2288 Park Dr., Kamloops. 250-572-2018

WOMEN’S HEALTH & WELLNESS Holistic Health Practitioner ~ Certified Nutritionist Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator ~ Mind Body Wellness Coach. Clinical Hypnotherapist. Melanie Pouliot,CNC

YOGA TEACHER Nicole Aracki, Change Maker E-RYT 200 + Reiki Master Classes, Workshops + Retreats 250 255-5512

YOGA FOR YOUTH YOGA FOR YOUTH ॐ Community programs throughout Kamloops. Classes, day camps, mentorship and more. Empowering lil yogis to thrive! Contact us for a program Opportunities. NATALIESAARI.COM |

YOGA STUDIOS Drop-In, Pre + Post Natal, Teacher Training 4th & Seymour @ 409 Seymour Street Full details on web site

Kamloops Hot Yoga 250-374-7426 Sahali - 953 Laval - 75 classes p/week Brock - 17-1800 Tranquille

No Limits Hot Yoga Yoga Sanctuary 905-8th St. Kamloops, B.C. 778-470-5550 Clarity Yoga Welcoming Yoga and Relaxation Classes 5170 Dallas Drive, Kamloops 250-320-0170

YOGA THERAPY Natalie Saari - Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) International Association of Yoga Therapy Kinesiologist & Physiologist, providing specialized care Group and private sessions available ॐ 250-574-3477

Kamloops Yoga Therapy. Private sessions for creating a practice for your individual needs / goals. Group classes as well.


YOGA TEACHER TRAINING RC Yoga: Sorrento, BC 200hr Teacher Training 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hr Teacher Training in Kamloops Faculty: Todd Inouye + Lila Rasa Brown (Vancouver) 2018 - Restorative + 200 Hour Trainings

WORKSHOPS & EVENTS Soulful Sisterhood: A global community of women supporting women. Live events focused on: Mindfulness, Spirituality & Women's Health. Women only. All ages. $10/month. Worldwide Community.

Healers On Healers - FREE 250-819-9041 All Healing/Transformation Practitioners Welcome! Free exchange. Join Facebook Group "Healers on Healers - Kamloops" Brittany Gill, Paradime Essentials - Intuitive aromatherapy, mindful moveMEANT, meditation, manifestation and botanical medicine workshops & healing. Contact Breath Integration Coaching and Training Centre Individual, couples, family counselling. One day workshops, 5 month Personal Empowerment Trainings. Body work. Sunday Spiritual service. 250-319-5175 Santa Tierras, Earth Medicine Traditions Sacred Altars, Igniting Your Mesa: October 18-21, 2018 Igniting The Healer Within: October 25-28, 2018 Sacred Medicine Ocean Retreat: August 2019

Shamanic dog training – group classes Infinite Dog ~ dog training with spirit Helping you and your dog get closer and love deeper Kamloops Regional Farmers' Market Saturdays from 8:30 to 12:30 beside Stuart Wood School on St Paul Street. Wednesdays from 8 to 2 beside the Library on Victoria Street

South Okanagan Yoga Academy (SOYA) RYT Yoga Teacher Trainings in BC, Alberta & Mexico at Intl standards for 20+ years. Retreats and workshops. 403-805-7902

Holistic Market and Psychic Fair 2018 Sept 16, Oct 21, Nov 25 @ 11AM – 4PM Laurel Packinghouse 1304 Ellis St, Kelowna. Contact Carly Penfold 250-870-8183

INTERIOR WELLNESS FESTIVAL Workshops, Healing Garden, Wellness Exhibitors October 19-21, 2018, Kamloops BC

Penticton Wellness Fair Oct 27-28 Sat. 10-5, Sun. 10-4 @Penticton Community Centre Welcome Bags and Prizes! Over 70 Exhibitors Upcoming: Kelowna Wellness Fair Nov 3-4, 2018 FALL 2018



WORKSHOPS & EVENTS Reiki Level 1&2 Certification with Leilani Reid Level 1: Sept 29th, 2018 Level 2: October 27th, 2018

Healing Massage 8 Month Certification Program & other weekend massage courses. 250-215-1564 Sharon Strang, West Kelowna Summer Solstice: June 11th – 27th, 2019 Scotland, UK. $4, 700CAD Email or visit Winter Solstice: December 21st – 23rd, 2018 Spring Equinox: March 22nd – 24th, 2019 Tuition of $285CAD/session includes meals and accommodation. Register for all three and receive 10% off. Email or visit October 13, 2018 – Closed for the 2018 season. Please be sure and book your cabin visit before this time. Visit webpage www. for more details October 19-21, 2018 – The Crystals & Curiosities Cabin will be attending the Interior Wellness Festival in Kamloops. www. for more details

December 15, 2018 – The winner of our Mookite Jasper Santa will be announced! Please see our webpage at for more details. The Hot Series Teacher Training with Leilani Reid November 10th-12th 2018 $595 +tax First 5 students to sign up receive $50 off!


Workshops, Healing Garden, Wellness Exhibitors October 19-21, 2018, Kamloops BC



Everything in the Universe is vibrating. The sounding of Om is a resonant hum that is part of all things. How do you discover your sound…your song? It's literally already part of your body and in your voice. Like the holographic being that we are, every tone, every word you speak is made up of millions of sound bites, unique to you, that can be analyzed to show every aspect of who you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. To tune into your sound, your sacred song, start with listening to how you say your own name. Chloe Goodchild shares a healing exercise of gently saying your name over and over, slowing it down, listening to the tones you use for each syllable, even for a one syllable name. Notice which part of your name is a lower or higher tone, keep slowing it down and listening until you can hear the musical tones embedded in it, rising and falling. Being more conscious that your “song sound” is in your speech, you will notice how it changes with every fluctuation in your thinking, your internal intentions and how you're feeling. The tone, the timbre, the emotion in us resounds in every word we speak, hum, chant or sing. We are healers whenever we use

our sacred sound to fill our world and the world around us with words of good intention, patience, clarity, kindness and listening before we speak. Of course our perfectly imperfect human self is also gifted with healing when we have safe spaces to release in a good way - our emotional sounds of pain, anger, frustration, sadness, longing, happiness and bliss. Sometimes we sing the blues, scream around in heavy metal, twist and shout, rock and roll or trance and moan in ecstatic dances. Our human experience is all about navigating the gifts and challenges of experiences, having choice and growing self-awareness. Every breath and every word shares our sacred song, the vibration of who we are, a natural and healing gift to the world and beyond. Marilyn, the visionary and founder of the “SACRED MOON EMERGENCE Retreat for Women” has been in the field of creative inner transformation and ceremony for almost 30 years. 250-320-1993 FB sacredmoonemergence Join Marilyn Puff at the Interior Wellness Festival on October 19-21

FALL 2018



Secrets to Living Life more freely

In today’s world we bytammie oram face a tremendous amount of pressure; this pressure is holding us back from living more freely. It is difficult to live freely when we have many eyes, judging, watching, criticizing, where to go, what to wear, what to do - and most scary - how to be. It is so hard to keep up with the world’s expectations! The pressure to be just like - or even a bit scarier - better than everyone else! In order to beaccepted we have to be successful, lots of money…or minimalism, big houses or tiny homes, look pretty…look natural, be skinny…love your body, work hard, get a career, children, travel, meditate, exercise, Keto, Paleo, Raw, Vegan…the list goes on forever! Even the best of us sometimes get caught up in this whirlwind. These superficial pressures usually stem out from our root: our inner feelings of inadequacy cause us to seek out externally the approval so desperately wanted or needed, inevitably creating our own pressure. This whole approach is flawed! Let’s take back our personal power and learn how to create and stay on our own side of the street: 1) Your belief system is your reality. If you believe it you can achieve it. For example, if you think and believe you are stupid, every learning opportunity that presents itself you will avoid because of your perceived chance of failure. If you truly want to be free of the pressures, you must change what you believe to be true about yourself - about life! Align with your new vision of where you want your street to take you -


your most honest and real hopes and dreams - then adjust and align your behaviour to support this perception. 2) I fully believe that we are spiritual beings experiencing life in a physical body. When you understand, learn and believe that you are so much more than a bunch of flesh and bone, the pressures of being “this or that” simply fades. You can release the guilt, shame, frustration and anger, and learn to simply…live. Be you, be the emotional, fully lovely…you. You will face challenges, obstacles, loss and love; these events are your learning opportunities. Embrace them, honour them (use a strainer), keep the ones you want and release the ones you don’t: Fishing - catch and release style. ;) 3) Understand that you are the artist and creator of your own path. Only you have the power to limit yourself. We have the choice to forgive and let go; forgive others, our past, our emotions, our behaviour, forgive yourelf in order to be set free. We have the freedom of will and the freedom of choice - only we have our own personal blueprint for living freely! You’ll find the true feeling of living freely in the moment of: “I don’t need to fit in, I love and accept myself, I am the artist and creator of my own destiny!” Tammie Oram, of Nourish Wellness Centre is a Master Therapeutic Counsellor, Nutritional Therapist & Reiki practitioner; she believes in individual identity, personal/holistic wellness and lasting, meaningful relationships. 250-320-6018

Women’s Holistic Business Academy

Holistic Practitioners Yoga Instructors Spiritual Teachers Wellness Coaches

Women’s Holistic

Business Conference 3 Day Holistic Business Training November 2-4 Sparkling Hill Resort, BC

Are you trying to fill your wellness practice? Are you tired of struggling to fill your workshops? Do you want to have the confidence to start speaking and reaching more people? The Women's Holistic Business Conference is a gathering of women who are rising in their leadership and growing businesses in alignment with feminine, holistic values. During this three day training, you'll be guided by Holistic Business Mentor, Elizabeth Beeds through a step-by-step system to build your business. Whether you've been in practice for years or you are just starting, you'll learn systems and strategies to get your business thriving in a way that also supports your life. In this heart-centered approach to business you will... •  Become the go-to holistic practitioner in your area •  Learn how to fill your wellness practice •  Create profitable classes, workshops and retreats •  Design a holistic business plan so that 2019 can be your best year ever! •  Be ready to live your purpose and make more money while helping people heal •  Discover how to lead and speak with power and grace •  Confidently step into the holistic leadership that’s waiting for you!

Limited amount of scholarship passes available ~ Apply Online:

Interior Wellness



19-21 2018

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