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Yoga, Health & Spirituality in Kamloops & B.C. Interior

Interior Wellness MAGAZINE

2011/2012 Advertising Rates & Submission Guidelines

is now Interior Wellness! Elizabeth Beeds | | 250-371-1938 | facebook: Interior wellness Magazine

Yoga, Health & Spirituality in Kamloops & B.C. Interior

Interior Wellness MAGAZINE

Welcome to Interior Wellness Magazine: Proud to connect and promote the Wellness and Yoga community of British Columbia Interior! Our intention is to provide inspiring information and articles as well as current class and workshop schedules easily accessible and FREE to the public. Equally important to us is providing an easy and affordable way for related businesses and teachers to become more well known in their local community.

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is now Interior Wellness! What happened to our Yoga Tree? Since our humble beginnings as a small 12 page, black-and-white-only listing of yoga classes around Kamloops four years ago, we have grown into our city's best resource for much more than just yoga, in colour and now up to 40 amazing pages! We are proud to be Kamloops’ first and only publication of its kind! You can find everything related to: health, wellness, healing, spirituality, meditation, yoga, dance, fitness, nutrition, recipes, book reviews, articles, info, environment, nature and practical information on holistic living! We've realized that we are so much more than just yoga and have changed our name to reflect that and to be more inclusive. Everything wellness! We've also expanded out beyond Kamloops into many of our outlying communities: Okanagan, Shushwap, Cariboo and even to the Coast! We hope you'll join us in celebrating this change & on facebook: Interior Wellness Magazine! The intention of this publication is and always has been to bring LOCAL information about what is going on in our community to our readers while inspiring people in to wellness. at the same time practitioners and teachers reach out to their local community through posting wellness services, workshops and classes. I’d love to hear from you! Please email me ~:) Elizabeth. Editor & Publisher

Elizabeth Beeds | | 250-371-1938 | facebook: Interior wellness Magazine

Interior Wellness

Submitting Articles

Guidelines Submit EARLY Getting your articles in early will increase the chance of it making it to print! We always receive more articles and submissions than there is space. Early submissions also have greater chance of making their title on the front cover!

EDIT your writing Interior Wellness is proud to publish well-written, grammatically correct pieces. Please have an outside person read it before submitting (a friend or family member). Make sure it is relevant, that is flows, that it makes sense and that there is correct use of grammar. We always edit here at the magazine as well, but the cleaner your article comes in, the easier it is for us and the better it is for your readers! If it isn’t pre-edited, it will not be accepted.

Reference your sources Make sure if you use resources such as books and websites that you give credit. Plagiarism (ie, copy direct from another source without giving credit) will not be accepted.

Is it free to submit or is it an ad? Advertorials/Profiles/Business Related Articles If your article talks about your business or service and gives a reason why the reader may want to contact you then it is considered advertising an “advertorial” and you will have to pay for the entire space that your article fills as if it were an ad, as well as any attached ad. Advertorials are one of the BEST ways of advertising, they generate interest more than an ad alone. The space your article takes must be paid for Advertorial articles can also be accompanied by an ad. Your article is an opportunity for people to get to know you, your product or service while your ad tells them the specifics on how to contact you. Either way, at the end of the article you are given 2-3 brief lines to tell the readers about you and how to contact you. For example: “Susie has practiced massage in Kamloops for the past 4 years and can be reached at 555-555-5555,”

Formatting & Layout Don't spend time formatting articles as they are formatted to fit the magazine – plain text is best, sent in a word document. Pictures should be in colour and in as HIGH resolution/ high quality as possible.

Community Events Always Free! As are submissions of quotes, poems, yoga poses, recipes, pictures etc.

FREE Articles If your article in no way promotes your business or service and stands alone without an ad then it is considered a general article and is FREE to submit! general/free articles can also be accompanied by an ad.

1/2 page article approx 300-500 words Full page article: approx 700-1000 words Two page article: approx up to 2000 words You may submit general articles at ANY time without an ad paid for in that issue. However, they will only make it into the issue if there is space for them :) Articles are one of the best ways to get your name known and to promote your business, service or class. Even if the article is general in nature, people will respond!

Interior Wellness

Advertising Information

Ad Submissions The magazine is full-colour on-line but in print you choose wether you want colour or not and pay accordingly. All submissions should be in colour since they will show up this way on-line. You can submit your own professionally-designed ad in high quality, high-resolution jpeg or PDF in colour via email. (Photocopies or scans are not accepted) Or, we have professional design: you can have us design the ad for you. You can then use this design anywhere you like.

Design Fees *Design fees are extra and are charged according to ad size*

business card: $30 1/4 page: $50 1/2 page: $80 full page $100 PROOF: a proof will be sent to you for your approval prior to printing.

REDESIGN: Once we have designed your ad you will need to pay again if you require re-design in the future. Simple changes such as a phone number change are FREE! Partial Re-design is 50% of original fee.

Print Schedule The magazine comes out 4 times a year with the Seasons. Each issue runs for 3 months

Fall: Sept, Oct, November (Submissions Due: August 1-15) Winter: Dec, Jan, February (Submissions Due: November 1-15) Spring: March, April, May (Submissions Due: February 1-15) Summer: June, July, August (Submissions Due: May 1-15) Submissions are due no later than 2 weeks prior to print, the sooner you get your submissions in, the better chance you have of being accepted! Colour Must be in by the 1st of the month, articles and ads needing to be designed by the 7th and all other pre-designed ad submissions by the 15th

Distribution Interior Wellness is distributed freely all over Kamloops and BC Interior. Offices, businesses, schools, studios, libraries, stores and cafes all proudly host the magazine. Health food stores “sell out� almost immediately and our on-line readers and subscribers enjoy free reading on their computers. Interior Wellness also represents your business at shows and events in our region as well as our annual Interior Wellness Festival! Elizabeth Beeds | | 250-371-1938 | facebook: Interior wellness Magazine

Interior Wellness

Advertising Dimensions

1/4 Page

Full Page 8W x 10.0H

3.875W x 5.0H

Half Page (Wide) 8W x 5.0H

Half Page (long) 3.875 W x 10.0H

Wellness Directory Listing

Business Card 3.875W x 2.0H

3.875W x 1.0H This is equal to 4 short lines of info plus a logo or picture of you

1/4 Page banner 8W x 2.5H

Interior Wellness

Advertising R at e s

Black and White Ad size

1 issue = 3 months

2 issues = 6 months

3 4 issues issues = 1 year = 9 months *Best Value

Wellness Directory listing

$40 each issue

$70 = $35/issue

$90 = $30/issue

$100 $25/issue

Business Card size

$65 each issue

$120 = $60/issue

$165 = $55/issue

$200 = $50/issue

¼ page/ OR ¼ page banner

$130 each issue

$400 $240 $330 =$120/issue =$110/issue =$100/issue

½ page

$210 each issue

$700 $400 $570 =$200/issue =$190/issue =$175/issue

Full page

$360 each issue

$1260 $690 $990 =$345/issue =$330/issue =$315/issue


Additional Wellness Directory Listings Have more than one business or service you’d like to list? get a discount for more than one listing! 1 Listing $40 2 Listings $70= $35/each 3 Listings $90= $30/each 4 Listings $100= $25/each


Non-Profit? Teachers? Free Events? Ask about special rates and discounts!

List your weekly yoga, dance, fitness, nia, zumba, core and other classes! Our areas best resource for classes!

Only $20 each class. save when you list more! Covers a 3 month session

1 class listed: $20 2 classes: $36 (=$18 ea) 3 classes: $48 (=$16 ea) 4 classes: $60 (=$15 ea) 5 classes: $65 (=$13 ea) 6 classes: $66 ($11 ea) more than 7 classes = $10 each! Includes Time, class name, your name and location

Limited prime spots available!

Ad size

1 issue = 3 months

2 issues = 6 months

3 4 issues issues = 1 year = 9 months *Best Value

Business Card size

$100 each issue

$180 = $90/issue

$240 = $80/issue

¼ page/ OR ¼ page banner

$160 each issue

$520 $300 $420 =$150/issue =$140/issue =$130/issue

½ page

$260 each issue

$900 $500 $720 =$250/issue =$240/issue =$225/issue

Full page

$470 each issue

$1600 $900 $1290 =$450/issue =$430/issue =$400/issue

Back Cover Page

$800 each issue

$2400 $1500 $2100 =$600/issue =$750/issue =$700/issue

Advertising Works! Research shows that the more your business is seen, in more places and with consistency, the more your business is used and trusted by customers!

Class Listings

$280 = $70/issue

HST will be ADDED to all prices

Interior Wellness

Wellness Directory

A Valuable Resource The Interior Wellness Directory is a unique and valuable resource for our community. A place where health and wellness practitioners, services and events can be found at a glance. Repeat listings and multiple listings increase your visibility and studies have shown that a magazine such as this gives you 18 months of advertising in just one issue! This is because the clients tend to hold on to each copy - referencing it again and again.

First One Free! Your first listing in the directory is absolutely free! (a $40 value :) How to Submit Choose you category, email your info and picture or logo! 1) category 2) 4 short lines of info 3) logo or picture in a high resolution jpeg format ** you are welcome to make changes with each issue **


LIFE COACHING Cara Beckett: Wellness & Life Coach Upcoming wellness program for chronic pain. 250-554-7902

HEALING & BODYWORK Stone Therapy Massage & Holistic Massage with Brittanya Beddington; Holistic Massage & Stone Massage - Available evening & weekends 250-320-0475

1 issue = 3 months

2 issues

$40 each issue

$70 = $35/issue

Transitioning Through 2012 Exploring Evolutionary Consciousness and Engaging your Emerging shift from Ego to Essence with Katina O’Neil Saturday October 15 1pm to 5:30pm Cost $75 Space is limited please pre-register with Susan O’Shaughnessy 250-828-9503

YOGA yoga with marcia wilson kids, tweens, teens & adults 250-319-8583

3 issues

4 issues = 1 year *Best Value

$90 = $30/issue

$100 $25/issue

Additional Wellness Directory Listings Have more than one business or service you’d like to list? get a discount for more than one listing! 1 Listing $40 2 Listings $70= $35/each 3 Listings $90= $30/each 4 Listings $100= $25/each

Interior Wellness Ad Rates and Info November 2011  

Interior Wellness Ad Rates and Info November 2011

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