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NEWS | INTERIORS | HOMES | LIFESTYLE | FASHION | GARDENING FREE www.ymliverpool.com JUNE 2024 JodieComer Liverpool’s leading lady stars alongside Austin Butler in The Bikeriders

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of YM Liverpool!

First up I’m delighted to bring you our in-depth preview of Jodie Comer’s latest film, The Bikeriders. The Liverpool actress stars in this highly-anticipated crime drama which follows the rise of an outlaw biker gang in 1960s America.

Ahead of its 21 June release, Jodie reveals the process of transforming herself into Kathy, an ordinary girl who falls for an enigmatic young motorcyclist played by Austin Butler.

This month we’ve also been speaking with the Wirral-based winner of BBC One’s Interior Design Masters, Roisin Quinn, and found out how she went from working as a travel advisor to launching her very own homeware collection. Elsewhere, we shine the spotlight on McCarthy Stone’s brand new retirement development in Maghull and the John Lewis team shares its tips for transforming any small outdoor space.

Plus Heather Marsh explains why we should be encouraging more butterflies into our gardens this summer, Annie S presents her Glastonbury fashion picks and Will Carr visits Vetch – the debut restaurant from Liverpool-born Great British Menu winner Dan McGeorge.


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Liverpool’s Jodie Comer stars in a new crime drama which follows the rise of an outlaw biker gang in 1960s America. Here, she discusses the process of transforming herself into Kathy, an ordinary girl who falls for an enigmatic young motorcyclist played by Austin Butler

Bikeriders The

An intimate and uncompromising look at the rise and fall of America’s notorious outlaw motorcycle clubs, Jodie Comer’s latest film The Bikeriders traces the origins of fictional biker gang ‘the Vandals’ through the eyes of its founding members. Inspired by photojournalist Danny Lyon’s seminal 1968 book, written over the four years he spent as a member of the Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club, the film explores firsthand how a group of speed-loving outsiders morphs into a fearsome criminal gang that betrays its original live-and-let-live ethos during a time of tumultuous political, economic, and social change in America.

After a chance encounter at a local bar, strong-willed Kathy (Comer) is inextricably drawn to Benny (Austin Butler), the newest member of the Vandals led by the enigmatic Johnny (Tom Hardy). Much like the country around it, the club begins to evolve, transforming from a gathering place for local outsiders into a dangerous underworld of violence, forcing Benny to choose between Kathy and his loyalty to the club.

“I was so excited to have the opportunity to work with [director] Jeff Nichols,” says Jodie. “He is someone I’ve admired for a very long time. And then finding out that the script is based on a book of photographs taken in the 1960s was unique and extremely enticing.”

The photos are startlingly alluring depictions of a lifestyle that existed on the edges of ‘normal’ society, according to Comer. “I only saw two or three photographs of my character, Kathy. She’s not aware she is being photographed, but there was so much I could draw from those pictures.”

I only saw two or three photographs of my character, Kathy. She’s not aware she is being photographed, but there was so much I could draw from those pictures.

Jodie, who grew up in Childwall, is perhaps best known for her Emmy-award-winning role as Villanelle in Killing Eve. The St Julie’s alumnus has emerged as one the most sought-after actresses working today, most recently appearing in survival drama The End We Start From. In The Bikeriders, she transforms herself once again, playing Kathy, an ordinary Midwestern American girl who falls for Austin Butler’s Benny, and serves as the narrator of the film.

The actress also listened to audio interviews that made it apparent to her that Kathy is a passionate woman who says exactly what she thinks. “I completely fell in love with her,” says Jodie. “I love that she narrates the film and the stories are told from her perspective. Danny told me she felt things quite deeply, she was very articulate and very smart. I don’t know if she saw herself that way, but she seems very good at saying exactly what she feels.”

When Kathy first comes across the motorcycle gang, she is terrified and repulsed – until she meets Benny. “They have an instant connection that is heightened by the element of the unknown,” explains Jodie. “She wants a stable life with him, and that is something he doesn’t have to give her. It’s dangerous and extremely intoxicating. She’s suddenly surrounded by drug use, alcohol and violence. All things you can easily get lost in. It has to change her, even though she seems to know herself quite well.”

4 YM Liverpool

Kathy sees all of this and attempts to explain what happened without overthinking, says Jodie. “I think if the guys were telling this story, it would be very different. Maybe a little bit cooler, definitely glorified. But because she was always on the periphery, she makes for a more reliable narrator.”

Jodie says one of the most demanding parts of the role was learning Kathy’s Midwestern American accent. She worked on it with dialect coach Victoria Hanlin for two and a half months before shooting began. “Kathy’s relationship with Benny is central to the story, but in a lot of their scenes together they just look at each other without much dialogue,” says the actress. “You almost never see them in their private moments. I felt like the way to get the essence of her was through her voice. I wanted to make sure I did everything I could to get the voice right.”

Much of the film’s narration was adapted from the real-life Kathy’s interviews, explains director Jeff Nichols. “Kathy has a unique cadence in the way she speaks,” he says. “She’s funny and self-deprecating and has a very strong working-class Chicago accent. Jodie captured that exactly, as well as the way Kathy pauses and the way her voice pitches up when she is being sarcastic. I’ve played the interviews for audiences at festival screenings and they are dumbfounded by how accurate her dialect is. It’s uncanny.”

Whilst Jodie’s delivery looks effortless, when the cameras weren’t rolling it was far from it. “I saw her ‘homework’ on set one day,” says Jeff. “She had taken Kathy’s taped interviews and broken down every line phonetically. It is an impressive level of work, but it’s even more impressive that it completely disappears on camera.”

Jodie’s commitment to authenticity was mirrored throughout the

film’s production – from the shooting locations and motorcycles, right down to hair and makeup.

Ashleigh Chavis, makeup department head, says: “Kathy comes from outside of this world. Until she gets into the lifestyle, she’s an average young woman. We start to see her makeup change, she’s not as pristine or youthful as she was when we first see her. Kathy starts to develop a harder exterior.”

Her biggest challenge, however, was making Austin and Jodie appear less beautiful. “The characters are certainly not people you would automatically think are attractive. Austin and Jodie are so gorgeous, but here they need to look kind of rough, even scary at times.”

The Bikeriders is in cinemas from 21 June


Utility opens brand new showroom in Baltic Triangle

The Flint is dedicated to showcasing leading European design brands in furniture, lighting and home accessories

LIVERPOOL INDEPENDENT DESIGN STORE Utility has officially opened its new showroom in the Baltic Triangle.

Named after its home on Flint Street, The Flint is a 7,400 sq ft space dedicated to showcasing leading European design brands in furniture, lighting, and home accessories in a converted Victorian building.

Utility’s move to the Baltic Triangle aligns with the area’s reputation as a thriving cultural and creative quarter, reinforcing Utility’s commitment to innovation and design excellence. The new showroom offers what Utility describes as an “immersive experience for customers and professionals alike, highlighting the best in contemporary European design”.

Richard Skelton, co-founder of Utility, adds: “Since we closed our Bold Street showroom in 2019, we’ve been desperate for new premises. Being able to buy the building was a huge bonus and enabled us to create a space tailored to our exact needs.

“As well as being a home for all our key brands, it’s also the office

for our digital team and a space for the architect and design community to engage, discuss project requirements with our contract team and hold product launches. This makes it an integral part of Liverpool’s design landscape.”

Utility’s new showroom is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 5:30pm, Saturday from 11am to 5pm, and Sunday by appointment.

Liverpool pilates teacher launches free online classes

PC&Co announces partnership with brain injury association

Liverpool law firm further strengthens support for UK-wide charity Headway

PAUL CROWLEY & CO SOLICITORS has announced it has officially partnered with brain injury association, Headway.

This collaboration aims to address the urgent financial needs that families face following a sudden brain injury.

The connection between Paul Crowley & Co and Headway is deeply personal, stemming from a brain injury sustained by a senior member of the management team. This understanding fuelled the firm’s commitment to representing clients and supporting families affected by brain injuries.

Recognising the unwavering support that Headway provides to families affected, Julie Jones from PC&Co engaged with Headway’s CEO to become a part of its esteemed panel of solicitors.

A key aspect of the new partnership is a focus on working collaboratively with insurance companies to secure interim payments for clients affected by clinical negligence or personal injury. This ensures that life can resume as swiftly as possible post-injury, a practice PC&Co is well versed in.

Since the inception of the Headway Emergency Fund, over £600,000 in grants have been disbursed. This funding is crucial for family members who otherwise could not afford to stay by their loved ones’ sides during acute care.

PC&Co’s corporate membership with Headway, coupled with its fundraising initiatives and challenging climb of Mount Snowdon, places it among Headway’s top 5% of fundraisers in the UK.

The law firm is poised to make a substantial impact this year, with the partnership marking a milestone in its ongoing efforts to support the community and enhance the lives of those affected by brain injuries.

Susie Ferry is sharing weekly YouTube videos suitable for all skill levels

A LIVERPOOL PILATES TEACHER who runs a state-of-the-art studio in West Derby has launched a new YouTube channel offering free classes.

Susie Ferry is uploading videos to her channel ‘Move with the Wellness Garden’ (@susieferry_wellnessgarden) every week, covering a range of disciplines including yoga, pilates and meditation.

Susie, a former gym owner who has been a sports rehabilitation therapist and Pilates instructor for more than 25 years, opened the Wellness Garden in 2018.

Last summer she began teaching Reformer Pilates, a popular form of exercise that combines traditional Pilates principles with the use of a specially designed machine called a ‘reformer’.

The Reformer classes have been such a hit that availability at the studio is limited but Susie wanted to share her movement knowledge with as many people as possible.

She says: “The videos started off as homework for my clients but I soon thought, ‘Why not let anyone have access?’

“I will be adding new classes every week – covering a range of different categories from breathwork and meditation to harder yoga workouts and rehabilitation exercises.

“The good thing about the videos is that people can give them a go anytime – they don’t have to come into the studio, and they are free!”

6 YM Liverpool NEWS
YM Liverpool 7

Medical negligence claims –Consult the legal experts

If as a result of medical negligence you have endured unnecessary pain and suffering and are considering making a compensation claim for an injury caused, it is important that you seek specialist legal advice as soon as possible. The experienced medical negligence team at Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors will provide you with expert legal advice. Daniel Griffiths, Head of Medical Negligence at Paul Crowley & Co explains the compensation claims process to achieving a successful claim

What is medical negligence?

NHS care is normally very good but sometimes things go wrong. Medical negligence occurs when a doctor or other healthcare professional causes you harm by their actions or omissions in their treatment of you which falls below the required level of care.

Duty of care

A breach of the duty of care arises where it is reasonably foreseeable that the healthcare professional either through his/her actions or their failure to act has caused harm to a person. A person must prove that they received care that no reasonably competent clinician would have given.

This may include:

• Misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis

• Failure or delay in treatment, tests, and investigations

• Failure to take account of past medical history

• Making the wrong diagnosis

• Failing to advise you about the risks of a particular treatment

• Surgical errors

• Prescribing the wrong medication

Limitation period

There are time limits for bringing clinical negligence claims. Legal proceedings must be issued within three years from when the incident happened or from

when you first became aware a mistake had occurred. There are exceptions, the three-year time limit doesn’t start to apply to children until their 18th birthday or if the patient does not have the capacity to manage their own affairs.

Can I claim for medical negligence?

Yes, you can. To pursue a claim, you will need to show that a breach of care by the practitioner has caused you harm. For a successful case to be brought it would have to be proven that your care fell below medically acceptable standards and this directly caused you injury.

Our expert lawyers can help you to claim compensation for the following:

• Pain and suffering

• Past and future loss of earnings

• The cost of care and assistance provided to you by your family or friends

• Rehabilitation costs

Choosing the right solicitor

Paul Crowley & Co’s experienced medical negligence team have both male and female solicitors, who will be able to advise as to whether your case should be investigated, the potential outcome of your case and the funding of your claim.

Required evidence

Medical negligence cases must be based on expert medical evidence. Without supportive independent medical expert

evidence, it’s unlikely your case will be successful. The patient making the claim must be able to prove that the practitioner acted negligently which resulted in injury. Paul Crowley & Co will obtain your medical records and decide if your case is strong enough for us to take on.

Four legal elements must be proven to achieve a successful claim: Duty: The doctor/healthcare professional owed a duty of care to the patient; Breach: There was a breach of that duty of care; Causation: As a direct result of the breach, the patient suffered harm; Damages: The amount of money that has to be awarded to the patient as a result of the injury and any expenses/losses resulting from that injury.


It can take between 24-36 months for a claim to be properly investigated, or longer in more serious cases. Paul Crowley & Co will arrange for your medical records to be reviewed by an independent medical expert. The medical expert will produce a report to help establish if the practitioner’s error had been negligent and the long-term impact this could have on the claimants’ health.

No Win, No Fee

You will not have to worry about paying any upfront legal fees. Paul Crowley & Co will act on your behalf on a Conditional Fee basis (commonly known as ‘No Win, No Fee’).

If you would like to discuss a medical negligence injury please call Dan Griffiths on 0151 264 7363. www.paulcrowley.co.uk
Dan Griffiths Head of Medical Negligence, Paul Crowley & Co

Stunning new images of planned £100m Liverpool Baltic station revealed

Work is expected to begin next year, with opening planned by end of 2027

NEW IMAGES OF THE £100 million Liverpool Baltic station scheme have been released showing how the new rail link will look in the heart of one of the city region’s fastest growing areas.

The new station is one of four planned by Liverpool City Region Mayor Steve Rotheram, who has committed to completing the project by the end of 2027 – a year ahead of its current schedule.

Plans for Liverpool Baltic station include step-free access from street to train, passenger waiting facilities, fully accessible passenger toilets, secured monitored cycle parking

and links to an enhanced local active travel network.

The images have been unveiled ahead of a public consultation in June and July over plans for the new station. Information gathered from this will be used to finalise the designs ahead of the planning application. Subject to approval, it is expected work will begin on-site in 2025, with the station planned for opening by the end of 2027.

Mayor Rotheram says: “There are some unique challenges with the design of the site given that the station platform is subterranean. However, these plans for Liverpool Baltic

Taylor Swift mural unveiled ahead of city-wide takeover

Liverpool prepares to welcome pop star for sold-out Anfield shows

A NEW MURAL OF TAYLOR SWIFT has gone on display in Kirkdale as Liverpool prepares to welcome the 150,000 plus ‘Swifties’ who’ll be travelling to the city for her three sold-out shows.

The American pop phenomenon will play a hat-trick of gigs at Liverpool FC’s Anfield stadium (13-15 June) – the first being her 100th date of The Eras Tour

A huge range of events, club nights and activities have been announced to mark the occasion but local businesses are also getting in on the action.

The Phoenix Hotel in Kirkdale recently revealed a towering mural of Taylor which will no doubt go down a storm with the singer’s fiercely loyal fans.

Liverpool City Council chiefs are keen to make the most of the US star’s visit and to extend a huge welcome to fans descending on the city.

The team that helped deliver Eurovision 2023 has devised a unique Instagram-able experience based around 11 art installations each inspired by a different era of Swift’s career.

From a 7-ft-high butterfly and a moss-covered baby grand piano to a floral swing bench and a red room, the city is turning itself into a week-long Swiftie paradise to enjoy and explore.

As the latest event in the city’s ‘Liverpool Loves’ campaign, the aim is for the whole city to come alive for the gigs and show why Liverpool, which was recently voted the UK’s best large city break, is also the nation’s best major event city.

further demonstrate our ambitions for the future of public transport in our area – a modern, fully accessible network with state-of-the-art infrastructure that unlocks opportunities for people and businesses.

“Liverpool Baltic is just the first in a pipeline of new stations we will be delivering over the next few years to ensure we are connecting local people to each other and to the opportunities we are creating.”

YM Liverpool 9

Lucky enough to have a ticket? Get Worthy Farm-ready with Annie S’s favourite festival fashion picks

10 YM Liverpool
Denim skirt H&M £27.99 Cowboy boots with topstitching Pull&Bear £55.99 Animal print neckerchief Bershka
£9.99 glam

Asymmetric lace skirt Zara


Openwork knitted sweater with fringes


Hole-knit vest top H&M


YM Liverpool 11
Lined biker ankle boots Pull&Bear
£55.99 Multistrap belt Zara £25.99 Bubble-hem poplin mini skirt H&M £12.99
Mango £39.99
sun hat H&M £18.99
Short sleeve floral T-shirt Pull&Bear £12.99


Part-time study, for work-life balance


Sometimes choice is overrated. Far too often we get stuck in routines that keep us from experiencing the unusual half of the menu. There have been many times I wished a chef would just say, ‘Here! Eat this. Trust me, I’m a chef’, and hand me the most delicious thing imaginable. It’s okay, Vetch understands and is here to offer that very service. The debut restaurant by Liverpool-born former Great British Menu Champion of Champions, Dan McGeorge, Vetch offers five courses for £85 or seven courses for £105, with an extra £45 and £65 respectively if you want to add paired drinks to each course.

The conveyor belt began with smoked cod’s roe, a crispy-coated flower of chilled cod. The aebleskiver, gruyere and Wiltshire truffle was next – a battered ball coated with grated cheese. Then Korean tofu, cabbage and seaweed. Each ‘snack’ was as delicate and delicious as the last and set a wonderful tone of decadence that we hoped would last the evening.

The Shokupan, or Japanese milk bread, tasted like warm, fresh brioche and was served

Presented like a blooming

flower, the beet, eel and soy was a work of art. The flavour was tangy and demanded attention.

with delicious sweetcorn and miso butter. I was impressed with the scallop, turnip and dill, poached and coated in dashi sauce, the tender cuts were incredibly delicate and the flavours complemented the diced turnip. Presented like a blooming flower, the beet, eel and soy was a work of art. The flavour, though cut by creme fraiche, was tangy and demanded attention.

It was agreed that the cauliflower Chawanmushi with onion and parmesan was the hit of the evening, however. Hiding beneath a layer of foamed parmesan was a world of buttery flavour in the form of egg custard. The tangy onion mixed well with the cream and the fried florets offered a unique texture.

Chicken Katsu was the most well-presented of all dishes and must be seen to be believed.

The chicken wing, breaded and coated with Katsu curry tasted incredible, however, it suffered from the curse of all chicken wings, a lack of meat. The cod loin with sake sauce was the mildest of the courses which was a welcome break from the stronger flavoured dishes. The pak choi was pleasant and the sake sauce added an interesting sweetness to the overall flavour. The beef, aubergine and nasturtium course, a slice of sirloin, beautifully cooked with a marrow and miso glaze, was an inspired finale to the savoury dishes. Meanwhile, the blueberry liquorice yoghurt was a wonderful surprise. Neither my partner nor I enjoy liquorice but the tart blueberry flavour paired marvellously well and

tasted sublime alongside the creamy yoghurt and meringue. The milk chocolate, miso, caramel and rice was a mixed experience. The chocolate and creamed rice, or rice cream as we called it, was superb. However, this dish was hamstrung slightly by tough caramels and an odd tang that tasted like how a speed bump feels.

Vetch isn’t for everyone, it’s not meant to be. The price alone would scare off most people and if you’re looking for dinner it’s not really that either. It’s a crafted evening for an extremely refined taste. Make sure you’re happy with the courses beforehand because you will be experiencing them all. This includes a great deal of fish and if that’s not your thing then you’d be happier elsewhere. It would also be a good idea to cancel any other evening plans as the whole dinner lasted a good three and a half hours.

It is a curated treat and a must for the real gourmet who is set on taking their taste buds for a journey. I would totally recommend it as you’ll taste every penny going into each course… I just hope my landlord doesn’t mind waiting for this month’s rent.

YM Liverpool 13
Will Carr | British | £££ | 29a Hope Street, L1 9BQ
Vetch Restaurant review

Retirement living in the heart of Maghull

From £100,000


EXCLUSIVELY FOR THE OVER 60s, Poppy Grange is a brand new development from McCarthy Stone which offers a selection of luxurious one and two-bedroom retirement properties.

Each of the 44 apartments has been exquisitely furnished and comes fitted with modern kitchen appliances and flooring throughout, whilst a number boast private patios or walk-out balconies with views over the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

In addition to the benefits of owning their own home, residents can become part of a close-knit community – getting together with friends and neighbours in the ground floor communal lounge. Its spacious design encourages quick chats, leisurely catch-ups or spirited social events that go long into the evening. The lounge also offers access to the outdoor terrace where residents can sit and enjoy the development’s immaculately maintained landscaped garden.

Meanwhile, a House Manager will be on-site 24/7 to keep everything running smoothly and there will also be a hotel-style guest suite as a convenient alternative when people come to stay. Pets are welcome too.

Poppy Grange is ideally located within walking distance of The Square shopping centre which features a wide variety of amenities including supermarkets, independent shops, cafés and bars. Travelling further afield? There are excellent nearby transport links to Aintree, Ormskirk, Southport and Liverpool city centre.

Prices for a one-bedroom apartment start at £100,000/£230 pcm through Shared Ownership, or £200,000 via outright purchase.

Properties at Poppy Grange are currently being sold off-plan. The sales office and show suite are available to visit now. To find out more, call 0800 201 4686 or visit mccarthystone.co.uk/poppy-grange

YM Liverpool 15
16 YM Liverpool

Roisin Queen

Roisin Quinn on the shock of being named Interior Design Masters champion, renovating her Wirral home on a budget and launching her very own homeware collection with French brand La Redoute

Originally from the Isle of Man, Roisin Quinn moved to Liverpool to study drama. During her summer holidays, she would work for camps in America as a lifeguard where she met her now husband. Her summer job led to her becoming a travel advisor and she has visited countless countries around the world. She got married last year and lives on the Wirral in a house she has designed and renovated.

When COVID-19 hit, Roisin and her husband decided to stay with her parents on the Isle of Man as they were in the process of building their new home. Roisin took over as their interior designer and project manager, liaising with the architects and tradespeople to make her vision come to life.

In 2022, after some encouragement from her work colleagues who were always asking her for interior design advice, Roisin set up an Instagram account to document the transformation of her parents’ home and gained a following. As soon as she found out she had a place on Interior Design Masters, Roisin quit her job and now wants to pursue her dream career of being an interior designer.

How did it feel when you were named the winner of Interior Design Masters 2024?

I was in complete shock! I didn’t know what was going on! To go up against Matt, who’s insanely talented, and to win, that was like ‘wow’.

If I’ve created a space and it brings people joy, and they walk in and feel like someone’s given them a big hug, that is what I want to achieve.

It was a very surreal moment. It was a long journey that involved a lot of hard work but it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Taking part in the show was the most intense but amazing experience of my entire life.

During the series, you impressed guest judges Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Mary Portas with your bold, floral creations. Do you have a personal design philosophy?

If I’ve created a space and it brings people joy, and they walk in and instantly smile and feel like someone’s given them a big hug, that is what I want to achieve. There’s a lot much power in that because there’s so much doom and gloom in the world. If you’re thinking of painting your front room pink, just go for it!

YM Liverpool 17 INTERVIEW
Roisin and Interior Design Masters host, Alan Carr

How did you go about renovating your house on the Wirral? I did everything on a budget – shopping around charity shops, Facebook Marketplace, etc. I love giving old furniture a new lease of life and bringing back its beauty. With my house on the Wirral, it’s been great to get creative with it and experiment with different colours, textures and furniture.

Are there any charity shops which you found were particularly good for furniture?

Oh, the British Heart Foundation is usually really good! There’s also an antique centre just off the Dock Road that’s great as well. I go around all the antique shops in Liverpool and over the water – I don’t know the names of them, but I’ve been to them all!

What was it like collaborating with La Redoute on your own homeware collection?

It was incredible! This time last year I was working for a company in Liverpool called Smaller Earth which provides work experience opportunities at American summer camps. It’s amazing that a year on I’ve got my own homeware collection! You just don’t expect things like that to happen. I wanted to change my career but I didn’t think winning a TV show, two design competitions and then bringing out my own homeware collection would have been possible. I really rate La Redoute and it has been incredible working with them.

Do you have a favourite piece from the collaboration?

I’d have to say it would be the La Fleur Bloom tablecloth or one of the multi-coloured print cushions. I also love the velvet and fleece throw though because it’s a great way for people to add a bit of colour to their home without going whole hog with something like wallpaper – even though that’s been the best seller! With wallpaper, you know that it’s going to be bold and permanent, whereas with the cushion and the throw, they can be added or taken away as you please.

Do you feature any pieces from the collaboration in your own home?

I’ve got some… most of them actually! I’m going to cover a whole room with La Fleur wallpaper, but that will be a bit further down the line. I haven’t had a chance to get started yet!

With my house, it’s been great to get creative and experiment with different colours, textures and furniture.

What has the response to the collection been like from the public?

I’ve had lots of people tag me in stuff on Instagram showing some of the soft furnishings in their own home but it’s mainly the wallpaper – people have gone mad for the wallpaper! People have wallpapered their ceiling which is great because that is something I’m sort of known for!

All episodes of Interior Design Masters are available on BBC iPlayer now

18 YM Liverpool
20 YM Liverpool
& PRACTICE Study CIPD Level 5 ljmu.ac.uk/masters
22 YM Liverpool

Small garden ideas

Ready for the sun? Transform your outdoors – whether it’s a balcony, patio or a little patch of lawn

LIKE A BOUTIQUE BAR or that gorgeous little taverna you fell in love with on holiday, you really don’t need acres of garden to create an inviting outdoor living space. Best of all, small garden design is a relatively quick project, a place you could transform in a weekend. Looking for garden ideas for a small garden? Start with:

n FURNITURE Choose armchairs with side tables to get the most flexibility for dining, entertaining and lounging without dominating in the way larger pieces can.

“Look for slimline seating that won’t take up too much of your valuable outdoor space and think about how you will store it when it’s not in use,” advises Polly Edler, partner & category design lead. “Folding or stacking items are always good,” she adds.

Infinity cane side table


n PAINT walls and fences to create a seamless boundary. Dark grey, green and black make dramatically stylish backgrounds for bright furniture and vibrant planting in a suntrap. A cooler, darker space may need a paler, warmer tone to see off any chill.

n THINK TEXTURE AND HEIGHT Go high with planting and climbers to create natural privacy. This has the potential to add scent in summer if you choose fragrant plants such as honeysuckle or jasmine.

Bordallo Pinheiro pitcher

Nkuku Kaso brass lantern candle holder



Looking for small garden ideas on a budget? Outdoor plant pots come into their own here – you can move them around so the best are always at the forefront and look for sculptural shapes or mini trees that build on your theme. Herbs don’t take up much room and are full of texture and fragrance, great for summer dining – so much nicer to be able to grab a handful of fresh herbs as and when you need it.

The Little Botanical 20 herbs outdoor living wall


Modern arch window metal frame wall mirror


Tactically place outdoor mirrors and choose garden furniture sets with reflective glass tabletops to help make a small garden appear bigger. Finally, add some outdoor lights and a water feature to create a sensory, modern small garden packed with ideas. Then settle back into your own little patch of paradise.

ljmu.ac.uk/masters CAREER CHANGE? PGCert FOUNDATIONS IN LAW Designed for non-law graduates.

Local musicians win paid gig at Liverpool Celebrates the Mathew Street Festival

Motel Sundown and Georgie Weston triumph in ‘Battle of the Artists’ contest

Talented local artists have won a paid opportunity to play on the same stage as The Jacksons at the Liverpool Celebrates the Mathew Street Festival in August.

Liverpool Celebrates recently hosted the final of its ‘Battle of the Artists’ contest at Content in Cains Brewery Village, with 10 hopefuls performing in front of a live studio audience and judges including BBC DJ Dave Monks, Rheana Forrester, MOBO Award winner Esco Williams and Kevin McManus, head of UNESCO City of Music.

After the artists performed, the judges declared Motel Sundown and Georgie Weston as winners, meaning they will play the main stage on the Saturday of the four-day summer festival.

Weston, who delivered a passionate performance on the night, has been commended for his “tantalising glimpses of the future with a soulful spin”, while Motel Sundown, a folk-rock harmony band, consists of three songwriters, Karen Turley, Naomi Campbell and Robert Johnson, with their songs inspired by Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles and Bob Dylan.

The two artists will now open the stage for legendary artists The Jacksons, now composed of brothers Jackie, Tito and Marlon, who will be joined by a 10-piece live band on Saturday 24 August at Liverpool Celebrates Mathew Street Festival.

The Jacksons will play famous tracks such as ‘Blame It On The Boogie’, ‘I Want You Back’, ‘ABC’ and ‘Can You Feel It’ after Boyzlife - the Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy supergroup - perform a selection of Boyzone and Westlife number ones.

Dave Monks, BBC Music presenter and

Liverpool Celebrates judge, says: “This was an incredible night of live music with an electric audience and I am absolutely delighted for Georgie Weston

“This was an incredible night of live music with an electric audience. Every artist was fantastic and continued the proud musical heritage of Liverpool as a city.”

and Motel Sundown.

“It was one of the most difficult decisions I and the other judges have had to make. Every single artist was fantastic and continued the proud musical heritage of Liverpool as a city.

“I was honoured to be part of the Liverpool Celebrates judging panel and I am so excited to see Georgie and Motel Sundown raise the curtain for The Jacksons at the festival!”

YM Liverpool 25

Ideal apartment for first-time buyers at new Anfield development

From £104,995


LOCATED AT PERSIMMON HOMES’ new Edinburgh Park development in Anfield, this affordable onebedroom apartment is perfect for those looking to get onto the property ladder.

Prospective owners can look forward to making their mark on a home which boasts an open plan kitchen/ living space, handy storage cupboards, spacious bedroom and modern family bathroom.

Situated off Townsend Lane, Anfield Stadium is Edinburgh Park’s proud local landmark, but if football isn’t your thing, it’s only a 20-minute drive into the city centre.

There are regular bus services from Anfield, and you can catch a train on the Merseyrail network from Kirkdale or Sandhills. From there services take you to Liverpool Central in about six minutes – it’s a short walk to Liverpool Lime Street for onward journeys – or towards Southport along the coast.

Though the bars, restaurants, shops and attractions of Liverpool city centre are all within easy reach, Edinburgh Park is also ideally situated for young families. There are several primary schools less than a mile from the development including All Saints’ Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School, St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School and Whitefield Primary School, all rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.

Persimmon Homes is currently offering a number of incentives to prospective buyers including its part exchange scheme as well as deposit or mortgage contributions.

For more information on this property or the wider Edinburgh Park development call 0151 4593 872 or visit persimmonhomes.com

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Sedulo Wealth appoints new director at Liverpool office

Steven Hilditch has had a career in financial planning spanning more than 30 years

Sedulo Wealth has appointed Steven Hilditch as wealth planning director to cover the North West region.

The appointment of Steven follows the launch of Sedulo Wealth as a standalone brand under the Sedulo Group banner, with the company also announcing at the start of 2024 that funds under its management (FUM) had broken the £270 million barrier.

Steven joins Sedulo Wealth with a financial planning career spanning more than 30 years, having previously worked at the likes of Mercer, a division of Marsh and McLennan. He will operate from the firm’s Liverpool office, providing advice to clients across the North West and further afield.

The appointment is the latest in Sedulo Wealth’s strategy of installing qualified experts in each of its home cities of Leeds, Manchester, London, Liverpool and Birmingham.

“As a wealth planning director with Sedulo Wealth I am fortunate to combine my passions of working closely with clients and supporting colleagues with their career growth and personal development.”

am delighted to welcome Steven to the team at

“His experience and expertise will be invaluable as we progress through the next stage in our growth strategy.”

Steven Hilditch added: “As a wealth planning director with Sedulo Wealth I am fortunate to combine my passions of working closely with clients and supporting colleagues with their career growth and personal development.

“My career so far has been built on creating long-term client relationships by tailoring in-depth financial solutions to their unique mix of circumstances and interests.

“Sedulo Wealth’s approach to financial advice mirrors this and I’m really excited to add my experience to what they already offer.”

28 YM Liverpool
Speaking on the arrival, Jon Fisher, head of wealth management at Sedulo Wealth, said: “I Sedulo Wealth.
YM Liverpool 29

Butterflies and buddleias

Heather Marsh on why we should be encouraging more of these winged wonders into our gardens & highlights the number one shrub to help us do it

JUNE IS THE MONTH when nature quickly accelerates into top gear and the season’s beauty simply abounds. Our gardens have burst forth in the last few weeks and now everywhere you turn there is something new to see. Floral extravaganzas of all kinds with accompanying wildlife to match. Bees are often considered the most important pollinators, but butterflies also play a vital role of their own. The endearing qualities of a butterfly are often nostalgic and something we are all familiar with. As young children they are probably one of the first creatures we learn to recognise along with the butterfly’s life cycle – remember collecting jam jars full of caterpillars back in the day? For me, nothing epitomises a lazy hazy summer’s day more than spotting a butterfly in my garden. Full of whimsical charm and grace, I’m always fascinated and honoured by their presence. But this dainty little creature is much more than just a pretty face. Feeding on nectar like bees, butterflies work hard too at transferring pollen from one plant to another so that plants can reproduce. Encouraging butterflies into our gardens therefore helps support biodiversity and our ecosystem. Sadly, these days spotting a butterfly ‘on the wing’ isn’t as common as it once was. Butterfly populations are on the

decline, mainly due to rising temperatures, habitat loss and pollution. However, there is much we as gardeners can do to assist with butterfly conservation. Our green spaces can provide a vital sanctuary for these delicate insects to feed, breed and thrive. Creating a garden habitat by growing plants rich in nectar which actively encourages butterflies is easier than you might think…

30 YM Liverpool

So, what to grow?

Most daisy-type plants make the perfect hosts for busy butterflies as they are rich in nectar with single open flowers making for easy access. The oxeye daisy, the UK’s largest flowering native daisy, is a staple favourite of butterflies and characteristic of wildflower meadows – the butterfly’s natural habitat. Marguerite and shasta daisies along with the taller cosmos and rudbeckia varieties are also all suitable, as is my personal favourite osteospermum (‘African daisy’). Bright cheerful annuals like marigolds and nasturtiums also attract butterflies, as do sedums and scabious. Don’t forget herbs either! Lavender is a particular favourite of both butterflies and bees.

However, the best butterfly magnet of all has to be the beautiful buddleia. Its common name of ‘butterfly bush’ gives an indication as to its aptitude for attracting these winged pollinators. An easy-to-grow shrub, the buddleia’s large drooping spikes of fragrant purple flowers (sometimes white) are a rich source of nectar. I remember many years ago my mother growing one in our small backyard from a cutting. Here, it jostled for position amongst the marigolds, campanulas, marguerites and masses of Shirley poppies to name but a few. It wasn’t until the yard was a hum with bees and butterflies all clambering for their nectar fix that I realised she’d created a pollinators’ paradise – the perfect pit-stop amidst the back-to-backs of north Manchester. Whilst that garden brings back fond memories, I still have a real soft spot for buddleia – but they aren’t so popular with everyone. The shrub is considered by some as an invasive nuisance, but that’s usually when they are left to grow uncontrolled. Every spring, buddleias need a good pruning and seed head removal after flowering which helps combat the shrub’s prolific habit of self-seeding. No matter how small a garden or outdoor space you have, I do hope you’ll help support and encourage our vital pollinating insects, especially the butterflies. Children love to be involved and what better way to educate and highlight to them the critical role these insects play in our ecosystem? Even if it’s just a patch of nettles which provides a welcome spot for butterflies to lay their eggs or a pot of nectar-rich daisies on a sunny balcony, every little bit helps when it comes to sustaining these beautiful little creatures.

Identifying Britain’s butterflies

Painted lady

Not content with sticking out just for its striking orange, black and white markings, every winter these butterflies fly all the way to the Ethiopian highlands – one of the longest known migratory journeys in the insect world!


With a distinctive eyespot on each of its russet bronze wings designed to ward off predators, the peacock can often be found fluttering around buddleias.

Red admiral

Another big fan of buddleia, this species is most abundant in autumn when they feed up on the nectar of late summer blooms before either hibernating here in the UK or migrating to southern regions of Europe.

Cabbage white

Common in UK gardens, especially ones with cabbage patches, this species is known for its distinctive white wings tipped with black. Unfortunately, hungry cabbage white caterpillars can quickly decimate a brassica crop and are considered a bane by most farmers and allotment holders.


Small tortoiseshell

An industrious pollinator which has sadly become a rarer sight for UK gardeners in recent years – recent figures show its numbers have fallen by 82% since 1976. If you’d like to attract this species to your green space, its caterpillars like to feed almost exclusively on nettles.

A family of bold-looking butterflies with eight different varieties. Numbers have increased in recent years and they can be spotted in England, Wales and Northern Ireland… but not Scotland.


The UK’s largest and rarest migratory butterfly, this species is wellknown for its ability to travel massive distances and the migrations in North America are one of the world’s greatest natural phenomena.

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Stone Manufacturer

CSS Granite Ltd are a family-run business based in Widnes, with over 30 years experience working within the stone industry. We are now one of the leading producers of granite and quartz worktops in the North West. Specialising in granite and quartz worktops for kitchens, restaurants, bars and hotels. Our granite worktops are renowned for their quality finish, achieved by using our own in-house precision machinery and our highly experienced stone masons.

We hand select materials from around the world ensuring only quality products are produced in our own factory in Widnes.

YM Liverpool 33
enquiries@ultimategranite.co.uk 0151 420 1666 | 07581 232121

Car’ visits Beatles museum to raise funds for disadvantaged children

Mini Cooper features signatures from hundreds of footballers, musicians and actors

A ONE OF A KIND MINI COOPER originally owned by former Liverpool FC manager Jürgen Klopp stopped off in Liverpool at the end of a four-day tour to deliver a very special item to the Liverpool Beatles Museum.

The car, a unique initiative by current owner Arne Nowak, travels across Europe under the motto ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, to fundraise and provide unforgettable experiences for disadvantaged children.

‘Kloppo Car’, which began its journey four years ago at the home of German football club Dynamo Dresden, tells the life story of Klopp, from his early days as a coach in his homeland to becoming one of the world’s greatest football managers – ushering in a new era of success at Liverpool FC. The vehicle features the signatures of more than 850 footballers, musicians, artists, leading politicians and actors from across 34 countries.

The initiative, which has raised more than €500,000, is endorsed and supported by Klopp, who has also added his signature to the car’s exterior.

The final day of Kloppo Car’s tour culminated in a memorable visit to Mathew Street. George Sephton, Anfield legend and Liverpool FC matchday announcer for the past 53 years, and Kloppo Car driver Mandy Hoffmann presented Roag Best, owner of the Beatles Museum, with a guitar signed by Klopp.

The event was part of a wider initiative which aims to represent both footballing sides of the city – with plans underway to honour the blue half with a signed guitar from Everton FC.

The team behind Kloppo Car hopes that the permanent display of both signed guitars in the Liverpool Beatles Museum will serve as a lasting tribute to the positive impact communities can have when they come together.

What’s on...

Events not to be missed over the next four weeks

Taylor Town Trail, Liverpool city centre 8-16 June

To celebrate Taylor Swift’s hat-trick of shows at Anfield (13-15 June), a unique Instagram-able experience based around 11 art installations will entertain the 150,000 plus ‘Swifties’ who’ll be travelling to Liverpool from across the world.

7-29 June Twelfth Night, Shakespeare North Playhouse

14 June Bernard Butler, Philharmonic Hall (Music Room)

15 June An Evening With... The Christians, O2 Academy Liverpool

21 June Ocean Colour Scene, Pier Head

30 June Shalamar, M&S Bank Arena

4 July An Evening with Celia Imrie, Liverpool Playhouse

Awful Auntie, Liverpool Empire 13-16 June

Bestselling children’s author David Walliams and the award-winning Birmingham Stage Company team up for a brand-new production of this family adventure which features a small ghost, a huge owl and one very awful auntie.

34 YM Liverpool

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