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YM Liverpool 3 ello and welcome to the latest edition of YM Liverpool magazine! Ahead of the new Premier League season, I was delighted to have the opportunity to sit down for a chat with Liverpool FC legend and top Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher. The Monday Night Football star certainly didn’t hold back as we touched on a range of topics both on and off the field in an interview which I hope both Reds and Blues alike will findOurfascinating.secondinterview this month is with Fazakerley-born actress Lauren McQueen – best known for playing Lily on Channel 4’s Hollyoaks. After leaving the soap in 2019, she’s now set to appear in Masters of the Air – an upcoming American war drama miniseries produced by none other than Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. Elsewhere, Leslie Priestley examines another remarkable month in The Beatles’ history, the interiors team at John Lewis offers its tips on how to decorate with white, and Jon Atkinson from Liverpool’s WineTime recommends some spectacular ‘sparklers’ in his latest column. Plus we shine the spotlight on two stunning new schemes in Sefton in Developments in Focus, our gardening expert Heather Marsh highlights the simple yet delightful daisy, and Tom Beattie gives his verdict on Bacino – a swanky brunch spot inside Flannels’ new flagship department store. Until next time! When you have finished with this magazine please recycle it. Precision Publishing is committed to recycling. LAWRENCE SAUNDERS Editor: Lawrence Saunders [editor@ymliverpool.com] Design: Marten Sealby ADVERTISING Sales: 0151 316 0210 [sales@ymliverpool.com] DISTRIBUTION Enquiries: 0151 316 0210 Editor ymliverpool.com YMLiverpool ym_liverpool INTERIORS HOMES LIFESTYLE FASHION GARDENING FREE www.ymliverpool.com 2022 Carragher Jamie LFC legend and Sky Sports pundit opens up to YM as new season gets underway Lauren DevelopmentsMcQueenin Focus Jon Atkinson on wine Bacino review To have the latest issue of YM Liverpool delivered through your door every month, contact sales@ymliverpool.com or call 0151 316 0210 to learn more about our subscription service. ©Precision Publishing. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, copied or transmitted in any form or by any means or stored in any information storage or retrieval system without the publishers written permission. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of material published, Precision Publishing can accept no responsibility for the veracity of the claims made by advertisers. The views expressed are not necessarily the views of the publisher. The cancellation deadline for advertising is strictly one week before publication and must be in writing to the sales manager. H 241328 20 DEVENEYLIAMCOVER: #issue 505 August 16

My own charity doesn’t have a gala dinner every year or a golf day, and I called it the 23 Foundation because I didn’t want it to have my name. I’m not big on people going: ‘look what I’m doing for charity’. If you’re in a fortunate position where you can help people because you’ve made money or you’ve got a bit of fame, I don’t think you should be ramming it down people’s throats. It’s nice to do things for people and if people want to give you a pat on the back, [that’s] nice, but I don’t think you should be telling everyone what you are doing. I’ve never wanted to have the ‘Jamie Carragher Foundation’ or the 23 Foundation doing a big dinner every year. So the Football For Change initiative I really like because we can do something every year and it’s not my name. There are other people involved but obviously, I’m a big part of it. I think it could be really big and we can help people right across the country. Most footballers come from working-class backgrounds and I’m sure they want to give something back and I think we [as footballers] should.

Do you think Liverpool as a city could do more to support community-based sports clubs which can offer young people a positive outlet? We do, but I think that comes down to central government doesn’t it? All this nonsense about ‘Levelling Up’ – it’s just absolute crap. I think my area Sefton asked for some money recently and was put in a category with a very wealthy area down south. If you think of the problems Sefton has got a the moment – certainly Bootle anyway. But With the new Premier League season off and running, we speak to Liverpool FC legend and Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher to get his view on how the city’s two teams will fare and discover the local charities he’s backing and why words lawrence saunders

You are also involved with Football For Change (FFC) – a new initiative committed to changing the lives of young people living in the most deprived communities in the UK. Do the aims of FFC feel particularly close to your heart?

Football For Change could be really big and we can help people right across the country. I’m sure most footballers want to give something back.


4 YM Liverpool Opinion

Why did you feel it was important to give your support to The Oliver King Foundation and how delighted were you when it was announced that all state-funded schools in England will have a defibrillator by the end of the next academic year? I got involved through Mark (King) really [because of] his enthusiasm, his passion and his fight. The story about his son is such a sad story [Oliver King, a pupil at King David High School, suffered a sudden cardiac arrest whilst taking part in a swimming race]. We had a couple of mutual friends, got in touch with each other, and it went from there. But I’m certainly not trying to take any credit away from Mark and his family. What The OK Foundation has done is absolutely outstanding. My high profile may have maybe helped in some way but the driving force behind this is Mark. Once you get involved, you become emotionally attached and you’re trying to organise meetings with MPs down in London and it’s worked out well, you know, we finally got there. Big shout out to Nadhim [Zahawi], who said he’d get it over the line. We’ve had support from many different people including Lord Polak as well, who opened a lot of doors for us in Parliament. It’s been a real team effort, but at the forefront has been Mark and his wife, Joanne.

The World Cup takes place in Qatar this winter and the Premier League will be paused to accommodate it. Do you think it was the right decision to award the tournament to a country with little, if any, football heritage? Qatar should not have the World Cup. It was corrupt [the way it was voted for] – we know that. I’m not saying different countries around the world shouldn’t have the opportunity to host the tournament, but a country with no history in football? The thing about moving the World Cup to the winter – I didn’t agree with it at the time, but the more I think about it, I’m really intrigued to see how it will go. Will it become something that we do every four years? The players might be fresher, the temperatures would be lower and it could lead to a better standard of football. I’m being totally honest, I don’t think the World Cup is very good to watch – I think it’s boring. I thought it was amazing when I was younger but football has evolved in terms of how good the Premier League and Champions League are. So will the quality be better this World Cup now that the players will be fresher? Going into tournaments with England, I never felt great, that’s not an excuse, because I’m sure every other player is in the same boat, but I wouldn’t say it was an enjoyable experience playing in the heat at the end of a long season. I’d love the 2022 World Cup to be of better quality, with higher intensity than what you normally see, given the fact it’s in the middle of a season.

YM Liverpool 5

INTERVIEW of course we need to [support community sports clubs in the city]. I remember my own childhood going to the Brunny (Brunswick Youth and Community Centre) – but I’m just not sure [enough provisions for young people] are available at this moment. This city loves sport, every type of sport, and we always produce great sportspeople – long may that continue but they need help and the city needs help from the government.

The Lionesses’ victory in EURO 2022 was cheered here in Liverpool as much as anywhere in the country. Why do you think England’s women’s team appears to have a broader appeal than the men’s side across the city? I think it’s easy to work out really. Firstly, there’s not that tribalism between clubs in women’s football and hopefully, it never comes in. Also, I think the way we’re seen as a city by a lot of the country, even other football fans, [has a lot to do with it]. We [as a city] are almost looked down upon and then expected to come together with these fans and support England. Possibly the way the England fans behave [has got something to do with it] as well. When you look at the women’s game, it just seems so sort of joyous and family orientated – it just has a nicer feeling about it. It doesn’t have that real aggression and it’s something that everyone can be involved with.


You’ve got over three and a half million social media followers and do occasionally share Tweets that some would consider of a political nature. Does it irritate you when you receive the inevitable ‘stick to football’ comments in the replies? I’m in the opinion business and that [opinion] should more often than not be about football because that’s my supposed area of expertise (I want ‘supposed’ highlighting!). I’m no expert on politics and I’ve got no thoughts of wanting to be involved in anything like that in the future. I don’t like Boris Johnson and that’s why I was probably a little bit more vocal [about him] than others. But to be honest, I just try and have a laugh at politicians on social media rather than giving big, serious takes. I’ve got a very simplistic view of politics – the Conservatives are for people who are pretty well off and Labour is for people who are struggling. That’s maybe a bit too simplistic. I’m not reading anyone’s manifesto or anything like that. I’ll always be a Labour supporter [because of my background], even though it would probably suit me more if the Tories were in, I suppose. I’ll give the odd opinion but I’m probably out of my comfort zone [with politics]. I’d rather use my profile or social media platforms to help with things like The Oliver King Foundation. The new Premier League season is now underway. How do you see the city’s two top-flight sides getting on? I think Liverpool will be going for every trophy. They finished one point behind Manchester City last season and that can easily go the other way. The fact Van Dijk is now fully fit and raring to go, I think gives Liverpool a great chance. But it’s hard to say. I’ve tipped Liverpool for the league because I’m a Liverpool fan. You saw what they did last season – two games away from winning four trophies. They are a special team, they’ve got a special manager, and we’ve got to cherish them and just savour these three or four years before this team breaks up a little bit. But hopefully, this is a season to remember. Everton? I was delighted they stayed up last season, I really was. I know there’s been a lot made of fans coming on the pitch, and we don’t want to see that, but I do think [the 3-2 win against Crystal Palace in May] was a special moment. I spoke to Frank [Lampard] and he told me it was one of the best moments of his career – right up there with winning the Champions League. Unfortunately for Evertonians, they haven’t had much to cheer about [in recent years] in terms of going to Wembley or winning a trophy, so that will be a night they all remember. But I think it will be another tough season for Everton. If Frank gets them into the top half of the table, he’ll have done really well. They just need to get to the [new] stadium – I’m not saying they should write off the next couple of seasons but make sure you don’t get relegated, try and have a cup run, and try to get to this stadium in the Premier League. It’s absolutely vital that we have two Premier League football teams in the city. We should be proud of the fact that we’ve got two big top flight clubs and we want to keep it like that and get Everton into that new stadium because that’s going to be massive, not just for them, but for the city as well.

Jamie was photographed for YM Liverpool by Liam Deveney at Hope Street Hotel & The London Carriage Works

Lastly, was there ever any awkwardness between yourself and Gary Neville when you both joined Sky Sports? You were not exactly best mates on the pitch! No, not really. With a lot of players who you’ve had a bit of a grudge with – when you both finish playing, the barriers come down. I was very intense [on the pitch], and I know Gary was, but we had to play like that because maybe we weren’t as good as some of the superstars. When you’re playing, you don’t want to give someone an edge or let them know what your manager thinks of their team and so on. But you can talk about these things when you’ve finished because it doesn’t matter anymore. I love working for Sky because [it means] I’m still a big part of the game. I know [Gary and I] are not everyone’s cup of tea, but a lot of that just comes down to tribalism and different fans thinking you’re against their team. I’m very lucky to still be involved in the game – a lot of people who had great careers in football have not been able to find a niche. When you finish playing at 35, you’re still a young man. It gives me something to focus on and get the juices flowing.


6 YM Liverpool L iverpool will host the International Beatleweek Festival once again this month – celebrating the most famous group in the world. The now annual event dates back to 1977, when Allan Williams, The Beatles’ first manager and legendary Cavern DJ Bob Wooler, presented the city’s inaugural Beatles Convention over two days at Mr Pickwick’s club on Fraser Street. More than 45 years later, ‘Beatles week’ continues to grow and is reported to be worth an estimated £2.8 million to the city’s economy. Among the many highlights of this year’s festival will no doubt be an appearance from John Lennon’s original group in ‘An Audience with The Quarrymen’ on Sunday 28 August at the Liverpool Beatles Museum. Staying with this theme and the same venue, The Beatles’ original drummer Pete Best will feature in ‘An Audience with Pete Best’ on Monday 29 August. Not to be missed by those wishing to see an original Beatle perform live, Pete will also be performing with his band at the Casbah on 27 August. The Casbah, claimed to be the birthplace of The Beatles, was opened by The Quarrymen in group appearing at the venue on at least 44 occasions before its closure in June 1962. In August 1963, after 292 performances, The Beatles took to the Cavern Club stage for the final time – earning the princely fee of £300. The group had outgrown the Mathew Street venue by this point, and for safety reasons, manager Brian Epstein restricted the audience to just 500 people. Only £250 was collected on the door, and after other artists and staff wages had been paid, the Cavern remarkably made a loss on The Beatles’ final night. That same month, ‘The Beatles Monthly Book’ launched its first issue – selling out in a day and continuing for 77 issues before ceasing publication in December 1969. The Beatles released the soundtrack to their second feature film Help! In August 1965 it went straight to number one on the strength of pre-orders alone – spending nine weeks in the top spot. While the film did not receive the same level of acclaim as their first big screen feature, it is credited with influencing the development of music videos. With Beatlemania at its height, The Beatles staged their second concert tour of America – opening at Shea Stadium in New York on 15 August 1965. Watched by over 55,000 fans, it became their most famous concert – setting records for attendance and revenue. On 11 August 1966, John Lennon was questioned over a comment made during an interview five months earlier about The Beatles being ‘more popular than Jesus’. John was not comparing The Beatles to Christ, rather he was simply observing that the band were better known to many people. In response to John’s remark, a number of radio stations refused to play Beatles songs, press conferences were cancelled, Beatles records were publicly burned, and the Ku Klux Klan picketed outside their concerts.

Twelve months later, The Beatles would play their final concert at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. Fully aware that their touring From a farewell to the Cavern to John Lennon’s most controversial comment – the month of August has featured some landmark moments for our favourite mop tops down the years words and pictures leslie priestley HIS ORY This month in

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This category aims to highlight the rising stars of property development. If you’ve started in the industry during the last three years, or have moved into this as a new sector during that time, we want to hear from you.

This title will be awarded to the best large new home development in terms of design, specification and craftsmanship.



Lawrence Saunders, editor of YM Liverpool magazine, says: “We’re delighted to announce the return of YM Liverpool’s annual awards ceremony following a brief pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “For almost two decades, the event has been a key date on the city’s corporate calendar and a night when we get to shine the spotlight on the Liverpool City Region’s property and business achievements. “We can’t wait to welcome everyone to the Hilton Liverpool City Centre on 30 November for a fantastic evening.”




This award will be presented to the residential sales or letting agency which consistently delivers the highest levels of customer service.

The YM Liverpool Property & Business Awards 2022 will see industry representatives gather to celebrate another 12 months of achievements

To submit your entry for the YM Liverpool Property & Business Awards 2022 visit ymliverpool.com


This prize will celebrate a housing scheme for sale or rent which offers the best value for money in terms of space, running costs, incentives, functionality and quality.

Judges are looking for the best design, specification and craftsmanship at a small new home development in this category.


YOUNG BUSINESS LEADER OF THE YEAR We are looking for the stars of the future and this prize will celebrate the achievements of a standout business leader under the age of 30.




The backbone of the UK economy, we’re looking to award a Liverpool City Region business that has maintained growth, understands its customers, is continually innovating and boasts an engaged workforce with effective leadership.

This accolade will recognise the landlord delivering outstanding service and accommodation for their student tenants.


This title will be awarded to a business or individual who has achieved truly inspirational things in the past year.

This award will celebrate the standout property developer of the year – we’re looking for landmark schemes, groundbreaking deals, innovative ventures, architectural genius, regenerative heroes or pioneering new ideas that have changed the face of the city.

YM awardsreturnmagazineLiverpoolannouncesofannualceremony

THE TEAM BEHIND LIVERPOOL’S longest-running free magazine has announced the return of its annual awards ceremony. Taking place at Hilton Liverpool City Centre on 30 November 2022, the YM Liverpool Property & Business Awards will see industry representatives from across the Liverpool City Region gather under one roof to reflect on another 12 months of achievements. Accolades will be handed out across a diverse range of categories including Property Developer of the Year, Best Affordable Housing Scheme, Residential Property Agency of the Year, Business Leader of the Year and LCR Business of the Year. The event is set to take place almost two decades on from the very first Your Move awards – held at Liverpool Cricket Club in 2004. Television property expert, Sarah Beeny, was on hand to host the awards that year, which raised money to alleviate poor housing conditions and homelessness throughout the region.



This award will celebrate an organisation/business making a real difference to the community it works within by building a better future.



This accolade will be presented to an individual at the top of a business who consistently achieves remarkable things.

Judges are looking for an organisation or individual which has demonstrated true vision, fresh thinking and innovation in business during the past year.

If you’ve launched in the last three years and consistently deliver outstanding customer service in residential sales or lettings – we want to hear from you!

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• Professional development and training opportunities including access to a wide range of webinars


• Competitive Salary dependant on experience • 25 Days Holiday (Pro Rata) plus public holidays Additional Birthday Holiday Parking Auto-enrolment Staff social and team building

How long does it take to become a lawyer in the UK? From taking your A levels in college through to university, to being admitted to the roll of solicitors, the path to becoming a lawyer generally takes seven years. Why choose a legal career?

• Friendly, supportive, and personable

What qualifications do you need to study law in the UK? The qualifications required are:

The legal profession commands a great deal of respect. It is perfect for those looking to do something different each day, as every client is unique and with legislation constantly evolving it presents a new set of challenges to overcome. You get the chance to build meaningful relationships with clients and to make a positive difference to their lives. Not only this, but as a profession which is likely to always be required, a legal career is one of the most future-proofed that you could choose. But it’s not all work and no fun. Paul Crowley & Co recognise that a legal career can be demanding, so there are always fun team building exercises and exciting company events to attend while you aren’t busy changing the world!

Looking for a new challenge? Maybe you are already experienced in the legal sector and looking a fresh challenge in your legal career?

The path to a rewarding career in law

Paul Crowley & Co solicitors are continuously in pursuit of strengthening their legal offering and with a number of positions and a range of practice areas to choose from, Paul Crowley & Co could offer you an excellent opportunity to advance your career in law. If you are an experienced solicitor with 3+ years PQE, Becky Brown, Human Resources Advisor at Paul Crowley & Co would like to hear from you. Becky says, ‘There are excellent career building opportunities at Paul Crowley & Co and I would encourage anyone looking to take the next step up in their legal career to contact me. We are always open to receiving CVs for future roles, so if you don’t see the vacancy you are looking for at present we may well do so in the near future’.

As of last year, there were over 230,000 people in the UK employed as legal professionals. A career in the legal industry can be hugely rewarding not just financially but professionally. Offering a diverse range of career options, your work can make a real difference to important aspects of people’s lives, from helping them to adopt a child to receiving compensation for personal injuries.

To apply for a future role at Paul Crowley & Co please send your cv to Becky Brown: info@paulcrowley.co.uk www.paulcrowley.co.uk

• A-levels or equivalent qualifications such as a BTEC

Becky Brown Human Resources Advisor Paul Crowley & Co

• A qualifying law degree

Some benefits of working with our friendly team include:

• Free

workplace pension •


If you would like to be part of our well respected legal team, then please visit our website to see our current vacancies or submit your CV for future consideration. We look forward to hearing from you!

team environment

Leading Liverpool law firm Paul Crowley & Co solicitors are here to guide you on what qualifications you will require to become a lawyer in the UK, as well as some of the reasons why a legal career might just be the right choice for you

• A Solicitor’s Qualification Exam



The braised short rib was nothing short of spectacular. @YM_LIVERPOOL

By Tom Beattie | Brunch/Small plates ££ | 15 Parker Street, L1 1DJ Liverpool

Bacino FOOD Restaurant review YM


Located inside the new seven-storey Flannels store, Bacino offers a unique and ingenious dining experience in the bustling heart of town. Clearly wanting the attention to detail that has gone into the restoration of the iconic Owen Owen Building to be reflected in the restaurant, Flannels has far from scrimped on Bacino – making it a truly handsome venue in its own right. With no expense spared on the décor, the new store brings a slice of London’s Oxford Street to Liverpool, something which is a clear selling point. With the city now comfortably one of the country’s foremost retail destinations, this Selfridges-style eatery will prove a hit with those wanting to take a break from shopping. Having worked up an appetite after a spot of retail therapy ourselves, we quickly got down to business – ordering a Tanqueray peach mocktail (£6.50) and a large rosé (£7.40). A couple of starters were next –polpette beef meatballs (£9) served in a tangy tomato sauce and a flatbread topped with garlic and parsley (£4.50). Our drinks arrived swiftly and the starters soon followed with the portion sizes and delicate flavours immediately making an impression. The meatballs were expertly cooked with generous helpings of pecorino adding a nice homely finish. Naturally, my guest and I put the flatbread to good use –using the freshly-baked bread to mop up the delicious tomato sauce from our other dish. After an impressive start to proceedings, we took another look at Bacino’s varied and eclectic menu before ordering a wood-fired pizza with salami (£13), and the venue’s pièce de résistance – braised short rib topped with polenta (£23). Our main courses soon arrived, with the consistently high standard across all dishes soon becoming clear. The braised short rib was nothing short of spectacular – with the polenta perfectly complimenting the beef itself. My wood-fired pizza meanwhile was every bit as impressive as established city centre favourites such as Rudy’s and Bacaro. Understandably after what was an admittedly hearty main, my guest didn’t quite have room for dessert. But after a short break, I decided to satisfy my cravings for something sweet with a classic gelato (£4.50) which again provided an authentic taste of Italy. At this point, my guest and I realised with some surprise that we had been in the restaurant for nearly two and a half hours. This really is a testament to the relaxed atmosphere on offer at Bacino, something that will have a particular appeal for those looking to round off a day of shopping with some delicious food and delightful cocktails. Standing out in a food scene as varied and competitive as Liverpool’s would be a tall order for many restaurants but on this showing, Bacino has every chance of doing just that.

Bacino is open Mon–Fri: 9am-8pm, Sat: 9am-7pm and Sun: www.bacinorestaurants.com10.30am-5pm;

Article 4 is obviously a big change in terms of investment choices and our development business, although the opportunities are just different now. I think a lot of people thought it would put a stop to anyone bringing new properties to the market, but really the rules have just changed. In terms of lettings, the Renters Reform Bill has the potential to change the market as Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) sits outside the new rules, whereas student HMO and house shares have no exemption – despite the negative impact for tenants.

There are obviously benefits to both approaches; if a landlord manages the property themselves, they can maintain overall control. However, they need to have the time and resources to dedicate to marketing, maintenance, rent collection and so on. We offer a full service which means that our landlords can be fully hands off. Many see their properties as passive income and have very little involvement in the day to day running. We also have in-house cleaning and maintenance teams which mean that issues are always picked up and rectified way before they become a serious problem, which is great for both landlords and tenants.

What benefits can partner landlords take advantage of by signing up with Luxury Student Homes versus managing a property themselves?

Q&A with Luxury Student Homes’ Rachel Arnold As business manager at Liverpool’s Luxury Student Homes, Rachel Arnold has experienced many changes to the city’s HMO market in recent years. She gives us her views on a range of issues including the Landlord Licencing scheme, Article 4 and its effects on the HMO sector in general With almost 25 years of experience in the sector, LSH Lettings are experts in HMO Letting in Liverpool. To both the student market, via their award-winning Luxury Student Homes brand, and the young professional house share market through Carbon Lettings. To speak to a member of their specialist lettings team call 0151 522 5800 or email info@lshlettings.co.uk

14 YM Liverpool

What, if any, impact has the Landlord Licensing scheme had on the city’s HMO market?

Aside from the Landlord Licensing scheme, what are the biggest changes you’ve seen to Liverpool’s HMO market since you started at Luxury Student Homes?

On a positive note, I think the biggest change has been the increase in the standard of properties and management in the student HMO market. When Luxury Student Homes was started, the directors were determined to raise the bar in terms of the quality of student properties, which had remained poor since they were at Liverpool University in the early 90s. It’s been encouraging to see the rest of the market follow suit. Our business model is clearly something that works for both tenant and landlord alike. We were recently nominated in the Best Small Operator (UK & Ireland) category in the Global Student Living Awards, these are the most prestigious awards for this sector, covering the UK and Europe. It’s a real honour to be nominated and shows that we’re delivering on that initial goal, but also still evolving and improving all the time.


There are two distinct HMO markets within the city – the student sector and the young professional/working person house share. In terms of impact on us, and most of the student sector I’d expect, it’s been very little. Liverpool Student Homes accreditation meant that there was little, if any, adjustment required to meet licensing standards. Just another process to manage and cost to bear for no tenant benefit really. Hopefully, it had a positive impact on the working professional house share market and raised standards there.

What year did the business launch? Luxury Student Homes officially launched in January 2013; however, directors Neil and Lee did have a few properties before that which were mainly let to young professionals. These properties remain on our portfolio to this day, but we now manage over 180 properties.

What was your background before starting at Luxury Student Homes? I came to Luxury Student Homes straight from university in 2015 when I landed a job as Property Administrator. I’d spent three years at Liverpool John Moores University studying Business Management, graduating with a first-class degree. Since then, I’ve watched the business grow, and have grown with it, learning even more about the student market within Liverpool. From my first day, I loved the team and what the business was about; they really wanted to raise the standards across the sector and have become a major force in achieving this goal.

YM Liverpool 15

The ascent of Snowdon is difficult enough by day but Alder Hey’s first ever Snowdon by Night! event presented an even greater challenge. Starting at 1 am, Linda reached the summit after a six-hour, nine-mile trek in poor weather conditions –helping to raise over £500 in the process. Linda says: “I would love to do something like it again. It was a great feeling and the sense of achievement when it was completed was amazing.”

THE EPSTEIN THEATRE’S summer season is well underway with plenty going on for all the family. Alongside a programme boasting plenty of music, comedy, and variety, the Hanover Street venue is introducing Epstein Theatre Tours and Epstein Youth TheatreEpsteinWorkshops.TheatreTours started earlier this month and will run each Tuesday and Wednesday throughout August until 31 August. This is a rare chance to experience the Grade-II listed venue from a brand new perspective. Visitors are invited to step inside the auditorium for a behind-the-scenes guided tour, where they will follow in the footsteps of remarkable acts from throughoutMeanwhile,history.theEpstein Youth Theatre Workshops run between Monday 22 August and Friday 26 August, and are a chance for youngsters aged between eight and 16 to develop their creative skills this summer.

Anthony Proctor, Epstein Theatre manager, says: “The summer months are notoriously quieter for theatres – but we’re bucking the trend here at The Epstein. We have a fantastic programme lined up – packed with music, comedy, variety, and family fun. It really is Liverpool on stage!”

PAUL CROWLEY & CO SOLICITORS has long been a keen supporter of local and national charities and staff have been out and about this summer helping to raise money for worthwhile causes. Linda Connolly (pictured) from the finance department braved the elements by climbing Wales’ highest mountain as part of a fundraising effort for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

Linda Connolly and Julie Jones have taken on major challenges this summer


Guided tours and youth theatre workshops launched as part of packed line-up

LOCAL PEOPLE AND EVERTON FANS are the stars of a new film showcasing The Learning Foundry’s partnership with Laing O’Rourke, which is giving people in the region the opportunity to work on EFC’s new 52,888-seater stadium. Young learners and members of the Toffees fanbase appear in the two-minute feature which calls on people to register onto The Learning Foundry programme which is facilitating 20 paid full-time apprenticeships on the Bramley-Moore Stadium project. Everton supporters have provided a range of voiceovers for the powerful narrative as well as appearing in shots at the historic Goodison Park and other landmarks around the city. Local people currently on training programmes with the Learning Foundry also feature in the film. Apprentices will be supported by The Learning Foundry with Laing O’Rourke and The Skills Centre, to play a key role in the construction of Everton’s new stadium which will transform Liverpool’s waterfront.

Meanwhile, Julie Jones, head of business development at the Liverpool law firm, helped to raise more than £200 on behalf of cancer research by completing Cancer Research UK’s Walk 100 Miles Challenge. Whether climbing to the top of Snowdon or walking 100 miles to raise awareness about a particular cause, fundraising can be an extremely rewarding experience for those taking part. Paul Crowley & Co would like to say well done to Linda and Julie for taking on such difficult and tiring challenges.

Across the five days, the group will be given the opportunity to devise original authentic theatre to share with friends and family.

The Learning Foundry’s partnership with Laing O’Rourke is giving people in the region the chance to work on EFC’s new home

Highlights of the summer programme at The Epstein include a comedy for Evertonians, The Bitters; Ricky’s Royale Variety Show: Comedy And Music Extravaganza; and a very special one-off concert from Liverpool singing sensation, Beryl Marsden (pictured).

All-white schemes have timeless beauty and are a favourite with designers and architects. Employ a few clever design tips and make white the shining star of your home decoratewhite How to with


Using white throughout your home is a simple way to create flow whatever the size and shape of the rooms and spaces. It’s a great family-friendly choice too, especially if you choose a tough finish for walls that can be easily wiped down, and it’s one of the most forgiving wall colours if you need to touch up scuffs and marks. White has traditionally been associated with wealth as it takes time and effort to maintain such an impression of cleanliness but make it easy on yourself by choosing wipeable surfaces and removable chair and sofa covers that can be popped in the wash, then layer up with textured throws, buying a couple to rotate for easy laundering.


With the simplicity of white comes the challenge of creating interest and balance without being overly fussy – there’s nowhere to hide in a bright white scheme. The good news is that it’s relatively easy with a littleStartingknow-how.withthe walls, the trick here is to be guided by the light.

Accent colours bring any scheme to life and it’s no different here. Even the palest scheme will have colour outside the window, little pops in everyday objects and an abundance of greenery from plants are always welcome in any room. White provides a wonderful blank canvas so splash out on walls with bright prints and artworks or be restrained with economical touches of black. Think like a designer and employ the power of three. If you have a green print on the wall, add two other green accessories into the scheme – a vase, a cushion, a plant, and a lamp – it will have a greater impact and feel like a considered scheme.

n WHITE LETS YOU FOCUS ON TEXTURE As you are building layers, consider texture – and in quite subtle ways too. It’s a good opportunity to experiment with the shifts in the way objects catch the light. Adding in some natural elements such as flint pebbles as well as charity shop finds that are perfectly imperfect will help build a rich display. Then mirror some of these textures across the room – a chunky knitted footstool, a milk glass lampshade, a couple of pieces of furniture in chalk paint or weathered finished.

YM LiverpoolHOME17

“North-facing rooms will have a cool, constant light that can take softer, warmer shades of white to help to cancel out any coldness while south-facing rooms can have a very “hot” light, and so a white with more blue in it will help balance out the yellow glow of bright sunshine,” explains interior designer Atlanta Bartlett, who has written several books on pale and all-white interiors.

n WHITE LOVES TO LAYER UP As with any decorating scheme, the route to a relaxed feel is to avoid being too matchy-matchy. Think about shapes and silhouettes. For furniture, aim for a few circles and organic shapes as well as some height and airiness – spindled furniture and sculptural floor lamps can be perfect for this – as can bold houseplants. It’s essential to have some focal points to create pockets of interest, but you can also use these to distract from less attractive features and change the perception of space.

TOP PICKS BROUGHT TO YOU IN ASSOCIATION WITH JOHN LEWIS & PARTNERS WWW.JOHNLEWIS.COM KnittedChunkyPouffe £80 Perch Side Table £59 FauxMarbledFurCushion £25 RugJuteSkye £230 BasketSeagrassNaturalFusion £16 Lotus Easyto-Fit CeilingFlowerShade £12.50



Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Rhodes Brook Financial if you wish to have a no obligation chat regarding how you can improve your financial wellbeing.

The ‘St. James’s Place Partnership’ and the titles ‘Partner’ and ‘Partner Practice’ are marketing terms used to describe St. James’s Place representatives. As the psychological impacts of the pandemic continue, stressors have become more about money than health. But there are many ways of counteracting these effects to protect your financial and mental wellbeing What causes financial stress? The root causes of these psychological problems are mounting. COVID-19 brought two years of reduced incomes and stress for many people. A significant number are still recovering, but also now face other stressful situations such as the Ukraine war, raging inflation and volatile stock markets. How can financial wellbeing be improved? Poor financial wellbeing comes from not feeling in control of or confident about your finances. Taking action to regain a sense of control of your financial wellbeing is a good first step. This could be anything from creating a household budget to taking financial advice. Improving knowledge and education also gives you more confidence to make financialAnotherdecisions.reasonit’s essential to get advice is because the best steps forward will vary significantly depending on your life stage and situation. For example, younger people may need to consider reducing their outgoings and debt in response to high inflation. Families might need to check that their financial goals, such as saving for school fees and university, are still on track. Established investors may need to review their investments and planned retirement dates. And retirees might want to review their income to ensure they have enough to cover their outgoings now and if high inflation continues. Is it worth getting financial advice?

The earlier you speak to an adviser, the better. Financial advisers add value by helping you use the right tax wrappers; avoid scams; get the confidence to save and invest; and tailor your portfolios to match your goals. They can also help you make logical decisions and avoid costly mistakes in uncertain times. This is why financial advice isn’t simply about numbers on a page. It can help you map out the future you want and significantly improve your financial wellbeing and mental health. We’ll take time getting to know your situation and goals before talking you through various scenarios and providing education and recommendations.


How to maintain your mental wellbeing as financial stresses bite

RHODES BROOK FINANCIAL LIMITED Suite 18, 1st Floor, Oriel Chambers Building, Water Street, Liverpool, L2 8TD 0151 428 5174 / nora.murtagh@sjpp.co.uk / rhodesbrook.co.uk

The value of an investment with St. James’s Place will be directly linked to the performance of the funds you select and the value can therefore go down as well as up. You may get back less than you invested. The levels and bases of taxation, and reliefs from taxation, can change at any time. The value of any tax relief is dependent on individual circumstances.

Rhodes Brook Financial Limited is an Appointed Representative of and represents only St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the group’s wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the group’s website www.sjp.co.uk/products.

fizz in focus

Tullio 1° Prosecco Brut Cuvée Del Fondatore 2020

Prosecco has undoubtedly been the main driver of sparkling wines’ success in the UK over the last decade or so. Prior to that, it was Cava that led the charge, but both offer good value bubbles, although, at the top end, one can spend a pretty penny on either! So where does the sparkle come from? Essentially, there are three main methods; I’ll not elaborate on the most basic which I jokingly refer to as the ‘soda stream’ – basically just an injection of carbon dioxide in the same way as for soda water, lemonade, etc. However, if you are after a better-quality fizz, then the bubbles really need to come via a secondary fermentation.

Although not the cheapest, this beauty has been one of our best-selling sparklers for decades! Crémant originated in Champagne where it referred to wines that were bottled at a slightly lower pressure than normal, being ‘creamy’ in texture as opposed to full on fizz. These days, the term has evolved and there are now seven regions in France that can produce sparkling wine using the traditional method. ‘LC’, based at Saumur in the Loire Valley, has been owned by Champagne Bollinger since 1973 and is of a quality to be expected from such a prestigious name. £15.95

Hambledon ‘Classic Cuvée’ Brut NV A Champagne price tag, but the quality of this English sparkler is every bit as good – indeed vineyards in the south of England are making some world-beating bubbles! Hambledon Estate was established in 1952, making it the country’s longestestablished commercial vineyard. This is a Chardonnay-led blend with Pinots Noir and Meunier, very much a classic Champagne combination. I should declare a very slight bias to this stunning wine, however; resident winemaker Felix Gabillet spent three months on a work placement at my shop many years ago to improve his English… little did I know then! £34.95 TO CLICK & COLLECT ANY OF THESE RECOMMENDATIONS OR TO VIEW THE REST OF OUR RANGE PLEASE VISIT WWW.WINETIMEWINES.CO.UK

YM Liverpool 19

Methode Champenoise, or the traditional method, is widely regarded as the best technique. All Champagne, Crémant, Cava and English sparkling wines are made this way – as are the vast majority of ‘New World’ sparklers. The key factor here is that the secondary fermentation takes place in the same bottle that the wine will eventually be sold in, so there is no ‘decanting’, which inevitably results in some of the precious CO2 escaping!

THINKING BACK TO THE LAST BUDGET (really, must we?), you might recall that there is to be a new, ‘simplified’ means of calculating the duty (tax) on wine. To be honest, what we have seen of proposals thus far actually seems to be making it much more complicated, but I guess that we’ll see what transpires – heaven forbid the treasury might actually listen to those parties that are going to have to work with it. One positive, however, is that the rate of duty on sparkling wines will be brought into line with that of table wines. The current disparity in duty rates (£2.23 + VAT for wine versus £2.86 + VAT for fizz) stems back to when the only sparkling wine that was readily available in the UK was Champagne. As this was seen very much as a luxury item, it was taxed accordingly. Fast forward to today, the likes of Prosecco and Cava are the bubbles of choice for the majority of celebrations, and these are hardly the preserve of the elite!

Castillo Mont-Blanc Cava Reserva Brut NV

Langlois Chateau Crémant de Loire Brut NV



Cava has something of a cheap and cheerful reputation these days which stems from the ‘Supermarket Wars’ of the ’90s when too many corners were cut to achieve a £3.99 price point! However, the Consejo Régulador* for Cava has made a concerted effort to change this perception. Cavas such as this delightful Reserva from Clos Mont-Blanc certainly validate their endeavours. A blend of Parellada, Macabeu and Xarel·lo – it is lees aged for at least 18 months to give a deliciously complex, yet fresh wine, with green apple and citrus notes and hints of warm brioche and hazelnuts. £12.75

The ‘Charmat’, or tank method, is what is widely used in Prosecco; again, secondary fermentation is what generates the CO2 which similarly dissolves into solution but in this instance, the process takes place under pressure in a special tank known as an autoclave, from which, the resulting wine is transferred into the bottle. The need for brevity here means that I have very much skimmed over what is a surprisingly complex process but if you have questions or would like more details please feel free to email me: liverpool@ewga. net. So, on to some recommendations…

An excellent Prosecco from the ever-reliable Colli Vicentini Co-operative that has a few points of difference. Firstly, it’s ‘Brut’, making it drier than the majority of Prosecco. Secondly, it’s of a single vintage – most will be a blend of different years with a view to a consistent style from one bottling to the next. Most unusually though, this is a ‘single fermentation sparkler’ involving a very geeky technique that I won’t even attempt to explain! The important thing here, however, is that it’s absolutely delicious – elegant and refreshingly dry with aromas of cooking apple and freshly baked bread. £12.50

WineTime’s Jon Atkinson highlights some spectacular sparklers in his latest column

Your latest project is Masters of the Air – an upcoming miniseries based on the actions of the Eighth Air Force of the United States Army Air Forces during World War II. Can you tell us a little bit about the show and your character? Masters of the Air is based on the real-life men of the ‘Mighty Eighth’ and their experience during World War II. My character Rose represents the young women of Britain who were part of the the Landing the part in Masters of the Air was a pinch me moment! I auditioned over Zoom and when my agent told me I had got the part, I thought I was dreaming.

Fazakerley-born actress Lauren McQueen is best known for playing Lily on Channel 4’s Hollyoaks. After leaving the soap in 2019, she landed a role on Sky One’s Bulletproof and is now set to appear in Masters of the Air – an upcoming American war drama miniseries produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks words lawrence saunders How did you first get into acting? Was it something you got involved with at school? From the age of five, I attended the Elliott-Clarke theatre school in Liverpool where I did all of my dance grades for ballet, tap and modern. I started getting involved in the acting and singing classes too, and each year we would take part in musicals at the Empire –shows like Scrooge, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Half a Sixpence. We did so many [shows] which were amazing experiences, especially at such a young age. Watching the main professional cast perform was really inspiring as a child. I remember being chosen for my very first speaking part in Scrooge – when Shane Richie was playing the title character. I was cast as Martha Cratchit and I was so happy. I had one line to say in the whole show! I still remember it now because I practiced it that much: ‘The stuffing’s ready mother’. We were also involved in a Christmas show at the Empire called Santa Claus The Musical, where I played the understudy of the leading girl as well as being part of the ensemble. I got the chance to do a few shows as the lead and my whole year from Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School came to watch. I remember the feeling opening up the show, singing the first song on my own in the middle of the stage and then the applause from all my classmates – it was amazing. After that, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in acting. The role you are perhaps best known for is that of Lily Drinkwell/McQueen in Hollyoaks – playing the character in some 160 episodes. How important was that experience in developing your skills as an actor? From the age of 11, I was lucky enough to have an agent and work professionally on stage and in different TV dramas. When the time came to decide on whether to go to drama school or not, I decided not to. I was enjoying the acting experiences I was lucky enough to get at the time, so I decided to continue to learn on the job. When I was offered the role of Lily on Hollyoaks, I knew it would be a perfect opportunity to develop my craft as I was on set almost every day of the week – learning up to five different episodes at a time. I was lucky enough to have a really challenging storyline as well – which definitely developed my skills as an actor. I was so blessed to also work with actors like Alex Fletcher and Nick Pickard. I can’t thank Hollyoaks enough for writing such a powerful storyline for Lily. The self-harm storyline raised so much awareness and it’s such a rewarding feeling to know that I helped so many young people who could relate to my character. It made me realise that I didn’t just want to act, I wanted to be able to make a difference through the stories I tell and the characters that I play. Why did you decide it was the right time to leave Hollyoaks in 2019? As an actor I’ve always wanted to showcase my versatility and after the success of the self-harm storyline, which won Best Episode and Best Storyline at The British Soap Awards, I thought it was the right time for me to say goodbye to Lily and explore other roles and projects.

20 YM Liverpool

‘land army’ during the war. Many women like my character volunteered and contributed to the war effort by helping with a variety of jobs that men would have done. Most of the women had never been away from home before, so Rose definitely enjoys the freedom and sees moving away as an adventure and a chance for independence. She especially enjoys the attention from handsome American bomber boys and the mechanics on the airfields.

YM Liverpool INTERVIEW21

Away from acting, you love to sing –regularly posting covers of popular songs on your Instagram account. Is music a medium you’d like to explore more seriously at some point? Or is it just a bit of fun?

I have always loved music and singing. One of my first professional jobs was in Willy Russell’s Our Day Out The Musical at the Royal Court and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had on stage. Even though I mostly sing for fun, I would love to explore it further on stage again or even for a TV or film role.

I would love to be the next leading lady in a period drama or something gritty that shows a different side to me that people have not seen before. I’ve recently started kickboxing after seeing a video of Ana De Armas rehearsing for a fight scene for her role in the latest James Bond movie. That would be the dream! I’m looking forward to working and making new connections with more new and established actors and directors who I can learn and collaborate with. This year, as well as acting, I have also taken over running a local acting agency after the very special Liverpool actor/director Sylvie Gatrill passed away. Sylvie was the founder of Allstars Casting and ran the agency for more than 20 years. She wanted me to continue the agency for her, which I am so grateful for. It has been so rewarding helping young and aspiring actors in and around Liverpool achieve their dreams.

Finally, aside from Masters of the Air being a huge success (I’m sure it will be!), what are your hopes for the years ahead? Landing a role in a major feature film maybe?

Masters of the Air is being made by the same team which created the acclaimed series Band of Brothers and The Pacific. How did you land the role and how does it feel knowing you’re part of what is such an eagerly anticipated show? It was, and still is, a pinch me moment! I met casting directors Lucy Bevan and Olivia Grant, who are such lovely, supportive women, a few years ago for The Batman castings. I was really pleased to have left a good impression. They asked me to read for the role of Rose in Masters of the Air. I auditioned with them over Zoom and when my agent told me I had landed the part, as cheesy as it sounds, I thought I was dreaming. Finding out Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks were the producers of the show was insane! It was amazing to work with director Cary Joji Fukunaga, who had just directed the latest James Bond movie (we bonded over our love for our Staffordshire Bull Terriers who were at home). Being on set with established actors like Austin Butler (Elvis), Callum Turner (Fantastic Beasts) and Anthony Boyle (Tolkien) was brilliant too. I am so excited for everyone to see the incredibly talented cast and how much work has gone into making the show when it finally airs!

Bespoke kitchen and bathroom worktops add touch of luxury at Oxton apartment scheme

Show flat case study

YM Liverpool 23 FERRY & SONS is currently supplying Glacier white and Calacatta gold quartz for kitchens and bathrooms at an apartment development in Oxton, Wirral. The family-run firm has been brought in by the scheme’s main contractor, SPD Builds, which is carrying out renovation works at the former preparatory school. At Ferry & Sons, every project, be it residential or commercial, is tailored to the customer or designer’s exact specifications and laser templated to ensure a bespoke fit. Due for completion at the end of November, Redcourt Manor will include 15 apartments in total – two one-bed and 13 two-bed properties. The Grade II-listed building on Devonshire Place was originally constructed between 1876–79 by renowned Liverpool-born architect Edmund Kirby as a house for George Rae. Rae was a successful banker with a passion for art collecting. He acquired a great number of Pre-Raphaelite paintings, as well as landscapes by Liverpool artists such as William Davis and William J. Bond – many of which were hung at Redcourt.


From £209,995

24 YM Liverpool HOME in focus DEVELOPMENTS

YM Liverpool 25

Show homes are available to view at Sandy Brook, Meadow Lane, Ainsdale. For further information please visit www.sandwayhomes.co.uk or contact local sales agent Abode on 0151 909 5715

SANDWAY HOMES IS A NEW DEVELOPER building high-quality homes across Sefton. Its first two flagship schemes are located in the picturesque areas of Crossens and Ainsdale – locations renowned for offering access to the borough’s stunning coastline complete with an abundance of nature trails, sand dunes and woodland walks.

Sandway’s approach is to provide a variety of house types for the modern-day buyer featuring open-plan layouts, contemporary fitted kitchens and bathrooms, home office space, as well as turfed gardens, electric vehicle charging points., and well-proportioned parking throughout. Both development sites include a diverse range of two, three and four-bedroom homes with Help to Buy available on some of the remaining plots. With breathtaking scenery and championship golf courses such as Formby and Royal Birkdale on their doorsteps, Hey Farm Gardens and Sandy Brook are proving to be very appealing to growing families, as well as first-time buyers and those looking for a versatile home in a picturesque location. Properties currently available include the four-bedroom Shearwater which at 1400 sq ft boasts a vast open plan kitchen with breakfast bar and separate dining area, spacious living room, study, master bedroom with large en suite and a detached garage.

In addition, the charity’s pioneering MyTime scheme connected more than 4,000 unpaid carers from Liverpool and Wigan with respite breaks and activities, including overnight stays in hotels, theatre tickets, meals out and access to cultural events across the city region.


Liverpool charity helping those most in need during cost of living crisis

Local Solutions also carries out support and accommodation work through Homeground, which provides a safe place to live for young people. Their young person hostel on Scotland Road provides essential support to 16-21 year olds experiencing homelessness and challenges including family breakdown, leaving care, criminal exploitation and addiction issues.

Adam Gallagher and Local Solutions chief executive Tom Harrison (c) with his senior leadership team

“My husband is ex-forces and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder while my son has a rare disease. They are two very different but very time consuming roles.

Sam was 20 years old when he was placed at Homeground. His parents had been users of multiple substances and had taken their own lives when Sam was young – leaving him with severe attachment issues. Sam began drinking alcohol at an early age and by the time he was 17 he was alcohol dependent. Sam and his key worker focused on building a positive relationship – meeting up weekly to discuss his past. He was also supported to follow a strict alcohol reduction plan and is now living a life of sobriety. Nearly 1,600 men and women were also supported by Local Solutions’ independent domestic violence advisors (IDVA), having been identified as being at high risk of ongoing domestic abuse over the last year.

Tom Harrison, chief executive at Local Solutions, adds: “Our services may be varied but they are underpinned by five key outcomes: gaining skills and confidence, developing independence, creating stable accommodation, increasing safety and security and improving health and wellbeing.

To support Local Solutions’ work, please visit: www.localsolutions.org.uk

The service is aimed at reducing the risk of domestic abuse and minimising the harmful effects it can have on individuals and families. Studies show clear and measurable improvements in safety, including a reduction in the escalation and severity of abuse and a reduction or even cessation in repeat incidents of abuse, when IDVAs are engaged in situations.

Local Solutions’ IDVA service has been in operation for more than 17 years, providing counselling and support for victims as well as linking them with a case manager to work out an individual safety plan, risk and exit strategies.

Local Solutions launched in 1974 and works with tens of thousands of people across the city region

Struggling households are buying less food and fuel as the crisis bites according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), and analysts are predicting the worst is yet to come following the energy price cap

More than 1,000 of those unpaid carers were further supported by Local Solutions to improve their quality of life with carer’s assessments and flexible support with impartial advice andSue,information.fromLiverpool, is one of those who has been helped by the scheme –which has since been rolled out across the country.

“We have successfully hit every outcome in what has been a very inspiring year. “I am very proud of what we have achieved and all of the unseen work that goes on behind the scenes to empower people and support communities.”

She says: “It gives me time to chill out and be myself away from the hectic life I have caring for my husband and son.

“Without MyTime, I can 100% say there are lots of carers who would go under – having some time out takes the edge off some desperate and overwhelming situations.”

26 YM Liverpool I t’s no secret that life is becoming increasingly more difficult for many people across Merseyside as the cost of living crisis exacerbates stringent government cuts to public services.

Thousands more were helped by Local Solutions over the past year through its diverse range of services including 66 young families who received temporary accommodation and support from key workers, who tailored support plans to individual needs, giving people the skills to maintain their own tenancy.

However,hike.Liverpool-based charity Local Solutions, which launched back in 1974 and works with tens of thousands of people across the LCR and North Wales, is continuing to fight back and help those most in need. In just one year, 111 kind-hearted homeowners welcomed young homeless people into their residences across Merseyside and North Wales through the work of Supported Lodgings. Every young person was given their own bedroom while sharing a kitchen and bathroom as an alternative to living in a hostel and each received support. Incredibly, more than 90% of these young people moved on into independent living.

IF YOU’VE BEEN WILTING IN THE RECENT HEAT, keeping in the shade, feet in a bowl of water – anything to stay cool and not look as if you’re about to spontaneously combust, you’re not alone. And when it comes to gardening, there’s one flower I wouldn’t mind staying as fresh as, the flower that seems to manage it so effortlessly. ‘Small and white, clean and bright’ – it’s not just the edelweiss that never seems to look anything other than that, even when temperatures soar. Probably one of the most recognised flowers on the planet and grown just about everywhere, the daisy for me means happiness and cheer.

What’s not to like about it? There are thousands of variations, be it the lawn daisy (which we are all guilty of ruthlessly decapitating every time we cut the grass) or the hundreds of vibrantly coloured hybrid varieties. Daisies of all kinds will always find a place in my garden and I hope they will in yours too. Here are some of my absolute favourite varieties. Some have long Latin names but don’t let that put you off, they are worth growing and making the most of this summer.

Bellis perennis The common daisy or lawn daisy is a European species of the Asteraceae family. The name daisy possibly originates from the old English ‘day’s eye’, which reflects how daisies open their petals in the morning and close them in the evening. The soft white petals and clustered yellow centres are its most recognised characteristics. Often considered a pesky weed by those who favour a bowling green lawn, I like to think that this sweet little flower is most associated with the summers of our childhoods and the innocent art of making daisy chains.

28 YM Liverpool

Leucanthemum vulgare (oxeye daisy) If you like the idea of growing daisies in a wildflower meadow setting, then it’s the bigger oxeye daisy or wild daisy which you’ll want to focus on. Seeding themselves freely, and well known for attracting bees, they thrive in any sunny spot – flowering all summer long and even tolerating poor soil if it’s well-drained. There are two types of Leucanthemum, the herbaceous perennial type and the annual. Types of the latter only last a year and are often grown from seed. Leucanthemum x superbum (shasta daisy) This perennial daisy has tall stemmed white flowers and bright yellow centres. Named after the snowy white peaks of Mount Shasta in California, this hardy hybrid is ideally grown in any sunny border. The only problem I have is deciding which cultivars to choose.

Leucanthemum x superbum ‘Becky’ is a classic-looking daisy with large upright heads that flowers vigorously all summer long. Leucanthemum x superbum ‘Snowdrift’ is a bit different, with a white shaggy petalled flower head – it’s clump forming and long lived in any sunny border. Gerbera Heather Marsh takes a look at this humble little flower and hopes you’re all staying as fresh as one this August


Cape daisy


A couple of rose petals or mint leaves (optional) METHOD

Chamomile tea

Gerbera jamesonii (gerbera daisies) Moving away from the classic white daisy varieties now with the gerbera – a vibrantly coloured herbaceous perennial native to South Africa. These plants are not fully hardy but with a little care and attention during the winter months, can be easily grown in this country. There are so many varieties to choose from and it’s not all about the colour. The mini gerbera ‘Harley’ is beautiful and ideal potted for a sunny balcony or why not consider the huge gerbera golden ‘Serena’ – whose flower has a 12cm diameter and looks stunning planted on mass in a container. Gerbera come in a massive range of scintillating colours – from the brightest pinks and reds to the sunniest oranges and yellows, and everything in between. If you’re looking for a smaller more compact low growing daisy that will just keep on flowering, it has to be my old favourite Osteospermum (Cape daisy). I’ve grown this for years and it never fails to earn its keep – flowering constantly through to late summer.

YM Liverpool 29

1 mug full of freshly cut Camomile flower heads (The ratio of flowers to water determines the tea’s strength) 8oz of boiling water

3. Carefully sieve the tea and pour it into a cup or glass of your choice to drink.



Leucanthemum x superbum ‘Wirral Supreme’ is beautiful and hardy too – growing well in borders, pots and containers. Surely you’ll have to find a place for this locally named variety… especially if you live over the water. Argyranthemum frutescens (marguerite or Paris daisy) Another member of the aster family and often confused with the Shasta because of its similar classic look. The marguerite is a dainty flowering species which always reminds me of my dear grandmother. She eloped to marry, and marguerites growing in the churchyard outside were quickly gathered and presented to her as a makeshift bride’s bouquet – just before she walked down the aisle to wed my grandfather – how romantic is that! The marguerite is chrysanthemum-like and only half-hardy – being native to the Canary Isles. The defining woody stem of these plants mean they can be grown into a standard or lollipops. Daisy trees are very popular and sold in lots of nurseries and make a lovely addition to any sunny patio.

Caffeine-free and mild to the taste, chamomile tea is a great alternative to your usual cuppa – with all the added medicinal bonuses. So easy and simple to make, why not grow some chamomile and give my recipe a try?

1. Cut the flowers from the stem and gently wash, then pat dry with some kitchen roll.

Transvaal daisy

Matricaria recutita (German chamomile) and Chamaemelum nobile (Roman chamomile) are also known as Russian and English chamomile respectively – confusing, I know. Anyway, I almost class this daisy as a herb, as well as a pretty little flowering plant, as its leaves, when crushed, release a fresh apple-like scent. However, it’s because of the medicinal qualities that it is most recognised. Containing Chamazulene, an essential oil, chamomile is found to have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities but most renowned for its calming effects when the plant is brewed and taken as a Chamomiletea. is a tough hardy perennial and very easy to grow. Sowed from seed preferably in spring, once established, chamomile needs little attention. Regularly picking and cutting chamomile is good for the plant – making it flower more and grow denser. The Roman and German varieties both do well grown like this and make a quirky alternative to a traditional grass lawn. Imagine after a hard day, walking barefoot on your own bed of chamomile and that wonderful, stress-relieving aroma being released beneath your feet! You could even practice a little yoga on it too before finishing off with a soothing cup of homemade chamomile tea…


2. Place the flowers in a jug and cover with the freshly boiled water – leaving them to steep for about five minutes.

Bouquet of pink gerberas and marguerites Common daisy

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“I think it is down to people working from home. A lot of people work from home now, after coronavirus, and they want to be comfortable when they do. “They are used to going into big office spaces that have commercial air conditioning fitted and they want the same level of comfort in their home. “We also fit the air conditioning grills so that they match the layout and colour scheme of the home and you don’t even know it’s Everkoolthere.”isone of the biggest suppliers of ventilation and air conditioning technology in the UK but Craig reveals most customers are unaware of the additional benefits. “A lot of people think of air conditioning and associate it with cold, which is what the units are mainly used for,” he added. “But they can also stream warm air too, so they are just as useful in the winter and during colder days. “With people spending a lot more time in the house due to coronavirus, we are pretty much constantly booked in with air conditioning jobs across commercial and private properties.”

Asked for his top tips on keeping cool at home, Craig added: “Keep direct sunlight out by shading or covering windows during daylight hours, but try and open them and let air in during the evening when it is cooler. “Look to use a fan where possible and stay in shaded parts of your home, making sure all unused electrical appliances and lights are switched off. And drink plenty of cold water!”

“I can’t even say business in private properties has doubled, or even trebled,” said Craig, who launched Everkool as a one-man business, but now employs more than 50 people with a multimillion-pound turnover. “It has probably improved 10-fold, maybe more. Installing air conditioning in homes is becoming almost as common as fitting central heating.

YM Liverpool 31

‘People want comfort’ – Meet the air conditioning experts keeping the nation cool at home

N orth West air conditioning and ventilation business Everkool has revealed an unprecedented wave of residential clients after a recordbreaking summer heatwave. Temperatures in the UK exceeded 40°C earlier this year and despite traditionally working in major commercial venues, Everkool founder and CEO Craig Greenwood admitted business is now thriving in everyday homes.


Liverpool-based firm Everkool has experienced a huge increase in domestic clients as temperatures soar

For more information about Everkool and in-home air conditioning, visit www.everkool.co.uk

Installing conditioningairin homes has improved 10-fold. It is becoming almost as common as fitting central heating. Adam Gallagher and

Fence Master North West domestic fencing noise Acoustic domestic fencing


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Fence Master North West provide a range of domestic fencing solutions from Picket Fences to noise reducing Acoustic Fencing. We can come to your property and offer you a free no obligation quote and go through the range of fencing that will suit your needs most. We provide a full service from design right through to final installation so you can rest assured of a tailored and expertly fitted fencing that will enhance the visual aspect of your property for years to come.


provide a range of

solutions from Picket Fences to



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Melanie C says: “I am really proud to give my support to Football For Change and I am looking forward to joining all of the players and everyone else involved on the night.”

All Stars season six icon Pandora Boxx and season eight star Cynthia Lee Fontaine will both perform at Supper Club on Blundell Street. The pair are being flown across the Atlantic by the largest drag management company in Europe – Linda Gold’s FunnyBoyz – to entertain crowds on 4 December and 10 December and 1 October and 2 October respectively.


Jamie Carragher with musician Tom Grennan and former teammate Steven Gerrard

Former LFC defender helped launch social mobility initiative in 2020

Daniel Hughes, director of PR firm ThisGeneration and FFC organiser, adds: “This is the biggest celebrity and red carpet event in the North West this year and we cannot wait to announce our superstar headliner.”

STARS OF RU PAUL’S DRAG RACE are coming to Liverpool later this year as part of a drag entertainment company’s weekly offering in the city.


MERSEYMADE, THE CREATIVE HUB located in the Chancery Building on the corner of Paradise Street, is preparing to celebrate the art of patisserie as part of a new collaboration with one of the city’s top independents, Artisane.

Linda Gold’s FunnyBoyz is also offering fans the chance to meet Cynthia Lee Fontaine ahead of her shows in October, with entry into the club and food included in the prize. Head to their social media channels @funnyboyz.official on Instagram and @FunnyBoyzUK on Facebook and Twitter to enter the competition. A new concept in drag cabaret, Linda Gold’s FunnyBoyz brings together under one roof a combination of drag shows, comedy bingo, entertaining games, cheesy music and cheapLindadrinks.Gold says: “This will be a truly unique experience like no other, as all of our parties are, with hours of non-stop entertainment from the world’s leading drag queens and entertainment with games like Benidorm Bingo and hilarious cabaret acts.”

FFC aims to help them out of poverty by providing life-changing opportunities in education and employment, recently sending more than 40 underprivileged Liverpool children to the United States of America on a sporting and educational retreat.

will attend a star-studded charity gala in Manchester next month which is aiming to raise vital funds for deprived children. The Liverpool FC legend and Sky Sports pundit launched Football for Change (FFC) with leading PR firm ThisGeneration Communications in 2020 alongside a host of footballing stars including Trent Alexander-Arnold, Gary Lineker and Dominic Calvert-Lewin. An inaugural gala was held in Liverpool last year, headlined by Sir Rod Stewart, and raised £250,000. The second event, at Emirates Old Trafford cricket ground on 22 September, will be hosted by Vernon Kay and headlined by Emeli Sande and Mel C. A global music superstar is also set to be announced this month alongside a football legend, who will take part in a Q&A with Carragher before a special auction to raise money for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

South Liverpool bakery will bring its traditional French breads and pastries to a new café located inside the creative hub Meet and greet with US Drag Race icon Cynthia Lee Fontaine up for grabs


The South Liverpool bakery, best known for its traditional French breads, pastries, pies, cakes and macarons, is set to bring some of its finest delights to the menu at MerseyMade as the vibrant venue reveals plans for a brand new café called Scribble. The new 50-cover eatery, opening next month, will provide a relaxed and friendly setting for breakfast, a laid-back lunch or a catch-up with family and friends.Scribble will feature upcycled tables and chairs at ground level as well as comfortable sofas in the heart of the open-plan artists’ studios on the second floor, where visitors can enjoy cakes by Artisane alongside locally roasted speciality coffees, whilst talented artists, illustrators and makers work on their latest creations. The kitchen at Scribble will be overseen by seasoned restaurateur and former YM Liverpool wine expert, Sean Millar, renowned for acclaimed restaurants such as The Other Place, The Side Door and Pruno.


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