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TeleSOC Teleconsultation at Specialist Outpatient Clinics What is TeleSOC? Instead of making your way to the Specialist Outpatient Clinic (SOC) for your appointment, TeleSOC allows you to consult healthcare professionals from the safety and comfort of your home, or at a location where privacy is assured. You would receive the same level of medical care as that of an in-person consult.

Zoom video call

TeleSOC is a mode of virtual consultation where our doctors, nurses and allied health professionals use digital information and technology to deliver an end-to end-experience to our patients remotely. The TeleSOC session can be done either by video conference through the Zoom platform, or by phone calls.

Phone Call

Benefits of TeleSOC Safety and convenience •

Consult your healthcare professional without leaving your home

Reduce the risk of infections during the time spent at the hospital and travelling

Allow family members and/or caregivers to join in the TeleSOC session via the same Zoom link

Time and cost savings


Save time and money spent on travelling

Shorter waiting time for your appointment

Skip the queue at the pharmacy with home delivery of your medications

Convenience •

Receive the digital medical certificate “Digi-MC” on your mobile

Make payment online through our website

Eligibility for TeleSOC •

During your consultation at the clinic, the doctor will assess your medical condition to determine your suitability for the TeleSOC service before offering you TeleSOC for your subsequent clinic consultation.

Common conditions that are non-emergency can be treated via TeleSOC. Typically, you will be required to follow up in the clinic for an in-person consult after your TeleSOC appointment.

Investigations before TeleSOC •

You may need to visit the hospital to complete any necessary X-ray, blood tests or scans before your TeleSOC appointment.

Preparations before the TeleSOC appointment •

Download the Zoom app from Apple Store or Google Play on your mobile or laptop.

Identify a quiet and well-lit area with stable internet connection where privacy is assured for your appointment.

If you have been self-monitoring your weight, blood pressure or glucose level, place these records next to you.

Click on the Zoom link provided in your SMS reminder 5 minutes before your appointment time.

Please ensure your camera is enabled and your microphone is not muted.

During TeleSOC appointment •

Show your IC to your healthcare professional for verification.

Your consultation will begin.

Inform the doctor if you require a medical certificate/time chit. Wait for instructions on your next appointment and medications before logging off the TeleSOC session.

After TeleSOC appointment •

Log onto HealthHub to opt for home delivery of medication (delivery charges may apply). Alternatively, you may pick up your medication from our pharmacy.

Our bill will be sent to your mailing address. You can make payment on our website, or by scanning this QR code.

Frequent Asked Questions 1. Can I get a medical certificate (MC)? Yes, please inform your healthcare professional during the TeleSOC session that you require a MC. Your mobile number will be verified and a digital MC or timechit will be sent to you via a SMS with a URL link. 2. Can my family members attend the TeleSOC appointment with me? Yes, you may share the Zoom link with your family members so that they can join the TeleSOC with you. 3. What should I do if the TeleSOC disconnects during the session? Please have your mobile phone on standby as our room assistants/nurses will call you to assist with troubleshooting.

Collection through “MediBox” located next to Outpatient Pharmacy at Tower C, Level 1 (Pls allow processing time of at least 1 working day from date of request)

5. What are the charges for TeleSOC? •

TeleSOC charges will be the same as an in-person consultation charge, subject to the patient’s eligible subsidies.

For more information, visit teleconsultation or scan the QR code:

4. How can I collect my medication? •

By home delivery. Delivery charges may apply.

Self-collection at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital’s outpatient pharmacy at Tower C, Level 1

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