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Why Red Squirrel

The red squirrel or Eurasian red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) is a species of tree squirrel in the genus Sciurus common throughout Eurasia. The red squirrel is an arboreal, omnivorous rodent. In Great Britain, Italy and Ireland, numbers have decreased drastically in recent years, a decline associated with the introduction of the eastern grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) from North America, although habitat loss is also a factor.

Red squirrel is the only native species squirrel in uk. Normally, the squirrel you see in uk is gray squirrel.

Red Squirrel Month campaign

The body shop's vales are protect the planet/ agaist animal testing/ support community fair trade/ protect endangerous animal.etc I decied to focuse on protect the red squirrel. The red squirrel month will be the name of the campaign. Select one month in 2014 to promote the red squirrels products. The body shop will donate 50 p on each red squirrels products sale. "Agaist Animal Testing" campaign

"Stop Sex Campaign they did before

Colleted Informations

Infographic Research

Researched Data from News/ TV/ Website ITV News; Red squirrel numbers rise for the third year in a row. reds Red squirrels showing resistance to poxvirus. Analyse the informations collected from internet and news. Choose the suitable chart in my infographic.

Red squirrels could be extinct in two decades as numbers fall by 50%in last 50 years (and hedgehogs aren't far behind) Herald Scotland: public warned not to release grey squirrels. Numbers is another inportant factor in infographic. Statistics are more convincing.

squirrels and grey squirrels.

Text will support the image in a better way. but text is very short.

infographic clear and easy to understand, simple icon often be used in illustrtion.

First Idea

Combine the body shop products and red squirrel's body shape. T h e i d e a c o m e s f ro m c h a n e l ' s advertising. their products, not to protect them. so I changed my idea.

Illustration Style & Draft

geometric style to illustrate my squirrels. A real squirrel, but it is also the best style to

Testing geometric style squirrels and analyse the movement of squirrel.

Elements Design

illustrate all the element and i will put in my infographic.

Typeface Design

The Red Squirrels

At the beginning, I want to cambine squirrels body shape with type. But after i did experiments. It is not very suitable, so i give up useing it. I chose Eras bold ITC as my main typeface.

Threaten Infographic

There are three main threatens. I draw them down to let our to find a way to protect them. Also using data to tell the public it is very urge to solve the problem.

Icon and Badges Design

Product Redesign 2

Cruelty free collection Design by LEONA LEWIS

Product Redesign This version of product design is more NutriganicsTM Drops of Youth, Colour Crush the red squirrel elements into the original design. Products still can be recognized by those four products into one series. I come colorful and suitable for young customers. I used the red squirrel illustration elements so that the style matched posters and my infographic.

have the squirrel top, it was my favorite part, the squirrel disappear during use. it alerts customer pay more attention on endangrouse red squirrels.

squirrel silhouettes on products not only shows the purpose of campaign but also

Poster Research and Draft

Poster matchs with the infographic style

Testing & Final

Poster mock up

Story Interactive

The idea comes from Disney Costume character in Disneyland.

Story Display

I analysed the body shop display. I found that the typical display just put the products and advertisings on the table, but it never creates a thematical atomsphere for the customers. So I was attempting to establish a themed store that characters featured in the Disneyland.

Display Research

Sound installation display by others

Display with Sound Installation Display products in drey(nest), The Body Shop products present their precious food. Puting the sound equipment underneath the squirrel's drey (nest). We give our customer a shopping experience in the forest. shopping with wild red squirrels sound will provide a environment friendly brand identity.

Website Research

I researched not only The Body Shop site.such as Paperchase/ Asda/ B&Q ....

Website Design

Home Page Shop Now Page

sense to touch. In order to persuade them to protect red squirrels. I want our customers to have an impressive feeling about how cute the squirrel is. The main color "red" also presents the "red" squirrels.

Final Outcomes



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