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A modal of pop-up store, selling hand-made,rebranded,redesigned second hand/fround objects. products vary from womens&man fashion to decorative furniture. our intial observation regarding the topic"waste" was that it is regarded as a nagtive term. the second "fact"that we considered was that people lack of motivation and be-lief to trackle the problem. our solution was to change people's persception about "waste" from nagative to positive and to promote enviromental conciousness as atrend.




Lamp design

shoe design

coffee table design

Insperation from As part-time staff work in chinatown, i saw a lot of waste be throw away every day.many empty wine bottle be wasted each restraunt. The wine bottle are all in good condition. because our group purposel is redesign the waste and we want to make a pop store. i was thinking maybe i can do some accessory design by useing the recycle wine bottle.

This comarcial waste bag cost 1 pound ,resatraunt must use this kind of bag. one bag contain 20-30 bottles. one resatrount will throw 50 bottles per day. a week can be more than 300 bottles. it is a big number for a year. if we can reuse the bottle, it will save a lot of money for both restraunt and custmers.

Research i analysed some glass design, most of the work is furniture and jewllery design. because the glass's colours, shapes and i was wondering to focuse on furniture design. glass can hold very high temperature. so making a lamp come into my mind.

A wine bottle can be designed into a lot of things,such as a sculpture; a bell; a candel base;a flowerpot etc. but cut a wine bottle is not easy for me. i should try 20 times, maybe one perfect wine bottle cut. i give up the idea that make a sculpture.

Before i had a idea to make the candle holder. but when i do research of the wine product. i found there is the same design product already.

Lamp Design

The prototype of my lamp design drawing.

How to cut glass bottle in home? When i do research about how to cut the bottle by myself in youtube. i was surprised that many diy expert show their special way to cut the wine bottle. i choose one of the most easy way to cut it.

First useing the glass cutter to cut a mark on the bottle.

Then put it in the boiling watter and keep it 1min.

After that suddenly put the bottle into ice water and sway the bottle make it cooler.

When you heard "kaka",the bottle will crack on the mark.

Progress in my recycle lamp

I am going to 3D workshop in lcc to make a wooden lamp base. frankly, it is my first time to cut a piece of wood. the mashines really scared me.but the tutor who work in the workshop was really nice, teach me alot about how to use the machines.first step is give the blueprint to the tutor then we choose the wood. then cut the wood into a round base. make a hole on the wood be the tube to throught the bottle and the electric wire. there is a shame thing that i did in 3d work shop. i cut my finger when i am useing the paper cutter. it is really scared me to doing at next time.

Problem i should face During this project,i really faced some problemes. it is not easy to find a match bulb. some time the bulb is too big to fit the lamp. i went to ikea and looking for a perfect you can see the image blow. i bought a lamp put on the top of the bottle. but i still want to use my own i chose a set of bulb and wire and put inside my bottle. but the wire is little bit short. it is difficult to turn on the lamp.

Shoes Design During my lamp project, i find a lot of piece of glass was wasted. i was think nothing deserve to be wasted. so i want to recycle and redesign the glass. but the glass pieces are sharp. i link the "sharp" with "punk" style. the most poplar element in punk style is Rivet. the river as sharp as the glass.therefore i used the glass to make a punk shoes for the green week. it show the punk perposal"death, hurt, dangerous". but i consider the shoes might hurt people. so i sanded the edge with sand paper.

Progress of shoes

I was found a pair of shoes in our storage room,the owner of the shoes want through it away. I keep it for my project. I want to change the owner's mind that the redesign can be the trend for the furture. Everything can be recycled by designer. Before the shoe is not all white, the shoes can mix gold and white by produce by Converse. but the glass is green. Then i decided to spray the shoes into white.Only the white can be the background of the glass green.

movie for my shoes

In order to present my shoes clearly, i want to make a video for the shoes. in this film i am wearing my shoes to test how it work. i am consider the glass is sharp outside not inside, so i feel comfortable wearing the shoes.i try to make a fashion video like"fashion-show". then find a matching song for my video.

Coffee Table when i found it is difficult when i cut the glass bottle,after that i am thinking maybe i can use the whole bottle to design some thing. at the beginning, in our pop shop we need i counter to present our product. then i deciede to make a table for our green week. i found a recycle wood in 3d work shop. i want make a table for the industry produce.make the table cheap let every body can own the table. then can promote the recycle career.

Glass With Wood

Glass and wood is perfect match in design works. Wood have the special partten and glass is high gloss. it looks good when using togeter.

i like the ikea style-easy package and built i only make a hole on the table then the top of the bottle can through the hole and make it balance. it also easy me to take the table everywhere. the other point is make a beautiful shape for the table top. flow line be using in the table.

The Logo Design

the logo i designed

_THE NEW|OLD]* The final logo

Our purpose to make a pop shop,so we need a logo for our shop. one of my groupmate come up with a idea"the new old". it is really a good name. one hand ,the old means vintage style.the other hand new means we redesign it . I created a logo with handdrawing style. the logo style means all product made by designer's hand.

Final Outcome

Wasted Advertising Movie

Glass Shoes

Recycle Wooden Table

Bottle Lamp

The new old  
The new old  

this is the process book of the new old project