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From Scotia to Ballston Spa, covering the Route 50 Corridor

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From Scotia to Ballston Spa, covering the Route 50 Corridor

A message from 2013 in Perspective: Just to have some fun I thought I would look up a few of the discoveries and oddities that occurred on 2013. If any of the subjects intrigue you I have included the website or source where I retrieved the information. Deep Space - Researchers have found more than 800 Exoplanets, they are planets outside of the solar system. About a dozen or so have the potential to be habitable. That would be the Holy Grail for Space Observers. Medicine - Back on Earth, Scientists said they discovered that cancerous cells tend to follow healthy cells through the bloodstream, calling it the “chase and run effect.” The cancer cells instinctively know to chase down healthy cells through a process called chemotaxis, which essentially lets the infected cell sniff out healthy cells by sensing the chemical makeup of its environment. The discovery means that drugs which disrupt this interaction would essentially prevent metastastasis and gives a true direction for scientist to focus. My hope is that we clean up our food chain as I believe “we are what we eat”. GMOs have to go. Paleontology - Fine-scale CT scanning and virtual preparation is ready to be used to accelerate the process of examining fossils that were thought to be inaccessible - either because they are locked in hard rock or perhaps too delicate to prepare mechanically. Researchers can now use new 3D-printing technology to take digital scans of fossils and turn them into perfect 3D copies to be studied and displayed. Yes, we will actually be able to exact replicas of things that will scare the crap out of us. Social Media - Has now evolved into a way to coordinate protests, move the stock market and has even overshadowed the precious and extremely high priced Superbowl advertising. At the 2013 game the most talked about advertisement wasn’t a coveted 30-second commercial, but rather a tweet. After a 34 minute power outage at the Superdome and a break in the play, Oreo responded by tweeting "No power? No problem" and an image of an Oreo with the text "you can still dunk in the dark." Don’t fret though, Social Media is still filled with Narcissistic Celebrities, Armchair Lawyers and the Garden Variety of Know it All’s and Extremists.

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Weirdest Law - The Supreme Court ruled that a woman could be fired based on her good looks. Yes, it’s true. A man fired a female employee because of her beauty. The ruling stated it was not discrimination when he fired her out of fear that her good looks might prompt him into an extramarital affair. Scratching my head right now. Truly curious what this guy’s wife thinks. Look up Knight vs Nelson. There is too much fodder to point to one site. We wish you a very happy and healthy New Year. ~C Cheryll and Paul Hill


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ABOUT THE COVER... Photo courtesy of Ken Rohling, local photographer and experimentalist. Ken’s most recent project is working with a Gigipan, a method which allows him to zoom in on the World through high–resolution Images. To see his work go P:495-2915 E:

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Home is where the Hearth is~ Shake off the January Chill and relax Fireside in our Cozy Rustic Atmosphere


745 Charlton Road, Charlton

Social networking at the Tavern couldn’t be easier with WIFI

Our Annual Touchdown Football Club is January 19th An evening of mixing-meeting, awards and a dinner On January 22nd it’s the MEETING OF THE MUGS Gather round the Bar for Camaraderie and Barbeque Be sure to Book early for our Valentines Dinner seating Reserve your special event Bridal Showers- Rehearsal Dinners or Intimate Couture Weddings



From Scotia to Ballston Spa, covering the Route 50 Corridor

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From Scotia to Ballston Spa, covering the Route 50 Corridor

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WRENCH TALK with Ken Maynard With the recent storm with more on the way and ridiculously cold temperatures, Ken's Auto as a few things to consider before heading out this winter season.

radiator cap until the engine has thoroughly cooled! The tightness and condition of drive belts, clamps, and hoses also should be checked regularly, Stop by Ken's and let them take a look.

Get a grip. To have adequate snow traction, a tire requires at least 6/32-inch deep tread, according to The Tire Rack. (New passenger-car tires usually have 10/32-inch of tread.) Ultrahigh-performance "summer" tires have little or no grip in snow. Even "all-season" tires don't necessarily have great snow traction: Some do, some don't. If you live where the roads are regularly covered with snow, use snow tires. They have a "snowflake on the mountain" symbol on the sidewall, meaning they meet a tire-industry standard for snow traction. Check tire pressure once a month, letting the tires “cool down” before checking the pressure. Rotate as recommended. Don't forget to check your spare, and be sure the jack is in good working condition. Under-inflated tires or poorly aligned wheels makes your engine work harder and thus use excess gasoline. Talk to Ken and see if your tires are up to the winter season!

Replace old blades regularly. If your climate is harsh, purchase rubber-clad (winter) blades to fight ice build-up. Stock up on windshield washer solvent, wipers and solvent are available at Ken's - you'll be surprised how much you use during the winter months. And don't forget to always carry an ice scraper. Have your battery checked. The only accurate way to detect a weak battery is with professional equipment. However, most motorists can perform routine care: Wear eye protection and protective rubber gloves. Scrape away corrosion from posts and cable connections; clean all surfaces; retighten all connections. If battery caps are removable, check fluid level monthly. A word of caution: Removal of cables can cause damage or loss of data/codes on some newer vehicles, so why not let Ken's Auto handle the inspection?

As the temperature drops below freezing, add a bottle of fuel deicer in your tank once a month to help keep moisture from freezing in the fuel line. Keeping the gas tank filled also helps prevent moisture from forming, so as you top off, grab a bottle at Ken's.

Exhaust fumes inside your vehicle's cabin can be deadly. Have the exhaust system examined for leaks and problems while the vehicle is on a lift. The trunk and floorboards should also be inspected for small holes. Schedule an inspection at Ken's.

The cooling system should be flushed and refilled as recommended. The level, condition, and concentration of the coolant should be checked periodically. A 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water is usually recommended. Do-It-Yourselfers: Never remove the

Always carry an emergency kit with you: extra gloves, boots and blankets; flares; a small shovel and sand or kitty litter; tire chains; a flashlight and extra batteries; and a cell phone and extra car charger. Put a few “high-energy” snacks in your glove box. Until next month Drive Safe and be sure to stop in and say hello!


From Scotia to Ballston Spa, covering the Route 50 Corridor

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YOGA HEALS US What do New Years resolutions, modern neuroscience and Yoga have in common? Quite a lot actually. This is the time of year when many of us make our list of changes or resolutions that we hope to adopt for the New Year. Often the list includes things that will make us feel better, such as exercise routines, diets, better sleep habits, less alcohol, more green tea, etc. All of this is indicative of the realization that we are not feeling or performing at our best, and we wish to do something to change our state of being and our state of health. As past experience has proven to most of us, New Years resolutions do not usually make it past January. This is usually because we have tried to change too many things at one time and we do not stick to the behavior we wish to adapt, or change, for long enough. Research has shown that it takes a minimum of 30 days and optimally 66 days to change a habit. Once the habit is firmly rooted in our behavior pattern, it will effortlessly become part of our routine. For the very best success in making a change it is advisable to pick just one cornerstone behavior, that will in turn effect other parts of one's life in positive ways. And this is where Yoga comes in. My approach to teaching and practicing Yoga is very different than other types of exercise, such as running, fitness classes, pumping iron or using circuit equipment. General exercise benefits our cardiovascular systems and will make us stronger. Yoga will do this as well, while also activating the parasympathetic nervous system to bring the body back to equilibrium while decreasing cortisol, decreasing blood pressure, increasing musculoskeletal flexibility and joint range of motion, and improving sleep and immunity. In other words a breath-centric yoga practice is one of the best ways to counter our hectic, faster- is- better culture. Yoga that is practiced and taught with “mindfulness”, while engaging in a deep pranayama (breath work practice) in order to prepare for meditative deep relaxation is one of the best ways I know of to make lasting changes in how we feel at a very deep level. This is where neuroscience comes in. Science originally thought that once our brains and behavior were formed that it was fixed and would never change. Modern neuroscience has shown that our brain is organized in neural pathways and that mental traffic likes to follow existing available routes, regardless of whether it is appropriate or beneficial. The more we use a route the more available it becomes. Neuroscientists estimate that it takes approximately thirty seconds to firmly root a new neural pathway and the more that pathway is used it becomes readily available and easily accessed. Yoga, which actually means link or yoke in Sanskrit, is a means to link breath, motion and mind to engage us in a unified way. When we are truly engaged in this way we can not worry about work or what we have to do at home. Our engagement is such that only that moment exists, and then the next and so on. I like to call this mindfulness because we are paying attention on purpose, without judging or reacting, simply being present to what is in this moment. Through engaging in a “mindful” practice of Yoga over an extended period of time we can change our mental patterns and our ways of being in the world, while decreasing our reactivity and reaping the many physical health benefits I have mentioned. Quite often this spills over into other parts of an individuals life with very positive results. This could be the one important change or resolution you will choose to make for the coming New Year. Mary J. Scott, MA, CYT, RYT500 • 346-7389 www. • Classes begin January 7th Initial Yoga Therapy Telephone Consultation is Free



From Scotia to Ballston Spa, covering the Route 50 Corridor

SCRAPPY NEW YEAR! Another GLORIOUS year has gone by and we are ready to start off 2014 with new found purpose and determination. We are not going to just let things happen anymore. We are going to clean up our lives and make some changes for the better. Yes sir and/or ma'am, this year is going to be DIFFERENT! But as January slides into Spring, suddenly its hot out, then just as suddenly it's getting colder, there's a turkey on your plate and 12” of snow in your driveway. Don't let this happen to you, Dear Reader! The good news is that some resolutions just take a simple phone call and then you can watch your problems (insert seasonal pun now) melt away, just like MAGIC! We can help. Some guidelines to follow to help you de-clutter your home and get things organized: • Start simple by cleaning one room or area of your home like the spare bedroom or garage and let that snowball (second seasonal pun, had to be done) into motivation to then organize the rest of your home. • Before you start, gather the right cleaners and tools to do the job effectively and, hey, for the sake of the children, PLEASE READ THE DIRECTIONS on all chemicals! • Don't be a martyr-get everyone involved, assign tasks equally and make checklists to help you and your team stay focused. • Come up with a system for storing EVERYTHING in your house…labels out Julia Roberts fans! • Plan one additional task every day…5 minutes of extra effort will save you hours of work down the road. • Think twice before every new purchase made this year, and for every new item, remove at least one old item. • Establish a “One Year Rule”…if you haven't worn or used something in one year and it does not have personal or high cost value, get rid of it! Scrapster is local family owned business which provides a NO COST scrap metal, appliance and electronics removal and recycling service. We are insured, convenient, and reliable. We provide top Quality work every time you need us. Everything is properly recycled, disposed of or donated. Our other services include LOW COST Junk Removal, Television Removal, and Clean Outs. To schedule an appointment, please call us at (518) 505-5055. Please also visit our website at for news, specials and information about recycling. Vincent Coppola, Owner of Scrapster Scrap Metal Removal/Recycling Service

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KEEPING IT SIMPLE 10 Basic items to cover in your Will: 1) Tell the Court where you live. State the County and State you live in presently. 2) Tell the Executor who you want to help, spouse and, or children. 3) Have a back-up plan for the assets when your spouse and/or children pass away. 4) Tell your Executor to pay your debts and expenses. 5) You can make specific bequests of household items or other personal property. 6) You can provide for Minors through uniformed gifts to minors act (“UTMA”). 7) Have a primary and backup Executor. Executors are persons in charge of the Will when you pass away. 8) Provide for Guardian for the children so a Court knows who you want the children to live with if you pass away. 9) It is a very good idea to have at least one Trustee who is different from the Executor. 10) Revoke prior Wills. A Will is a good and necessary document to have. You should consult an attorney about your situation. Please contact me to consult on planning for yourself or someone in need. It will be my pleasure to help you.

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HUGE WINTER CLEARANCE Re-imagine your wardrobe. Re-love your clothes. Re-ward your wallet.

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From Scotia to Ballston Spa, covering the Route 50 Corridor

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NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR THE NEW YEAR Google Glass has been hogging the spotlight when it comes to high tech eyewear, but get ready to see new technology designed for those who are stuck with old-fashioned prescription eyeglasses. About 64% of Americans wear glasses to improve vision. Many can't stand them, complaining that glasses are cumbersome, headache-inducing or don't work in all situations. Meanwhile, the growing amount of time people spend in front of computers and mobile devices has also raised concern about the potential damaging effects on eyesight. Lens manufacturers are making advances in technology to address many of the difficulties plaguing eyeglass wearers today. Anti-reflective Lens Technology: One area of focus has been on reducing eyestrain for people who spend several hours a day staring at computers, tablets and smartphones. The light emitted from such devices could damage a viewer's eyesight over time. While Anti reflective coatings have been around for many years, lens companies are rolling out improved lenses that they say will help ward off those potentially harmful effects. High Definition Progressive Lens Designs: Improved progressive designs utilize digital surfacing for a more personalized lens. The fabrication of the lenses from wearer's eyeglass prescription is optimized with computer-controlled surfacing equipment that is much more precise than conventional equipment. This helps in both clarity of vision and ease of adaptation. Photochromatic Technology: Transitions brand lenses is releasing their newest lens technology in January of 2014. These lenses will get darker in warmer temperatures and lighten faster. Variable Power Optics: These lenses are comprised of two wave-shaped polycarbonate plates that are able to slide across one another. The power of each lens can be varied by moving the plates relative to one another. These lenses are limited to correcting 90% of spherical refractive errors and not able to correct for astigmatism or multifocal prescriptions. Self Focusing Eyeglasses: A layer of liquid crystals in each lens focuses as fast as you can blink an eye. These lenses provide correction for all ranges of sight: near, far, and in between. Hidden in the frames of these otherwise normal looking glasses is a microchip, micro-accelerometer, and rechargeable miniature batteries. Each lens is able to changes its molecular structure, changing the focus as needed. Even frame manufactures are making advances in material used including carbon fiber, molded plastics using technology developed by NASA, even wood. So, if this is the year you will be updating your glasses, be sure to ask for the latest in technology for your eyewear! For more information contact Kristen Cameron, Burnt Hills Optical, 793 Rt. 50 Burnt Hills, 399-6130 or visit



From Scotia to Ballston Spa, covering the Route 50 Corridor

WHAT'S YOUR RETIREMENT VISION When you start out in your career, you’re probably not thinking much about retirement. At this point, your picture of a “retirement lifestyle” may be, at best, hazy, hidden as it is behind a veil of experiences you’ve yet to encounter. But as you move through the years, your view of retirement comes into clearer and closer focus — and this vision will have a big impact on your savings and investment strategies. Consequently, to create and implement those strategies effectively, you’ll need to define your retirement vision by identifying its various parts. Here are some to consider: TRAVEL - If you’re like many people, you may dream of traveling during your retirement. But what does “travel” mean to you? Do you envision taking a cruise or an international trip every year? Or is your idea of travel just a short jaunt to a popular destination, such as a lake or the mountains or the beach? The difference in costs between global and U.S.-based travel can be enormous, so you’ll need to define your goals and estimate your expenses. SECOND HOME - Once you retire, you’ll have to make some housing-related decisions. Should you sell your home and “downsize”? Or do you want to keep your current residence and possibly purchase a second home, such as a condominium, in another part of the country? Obviously, you’ll need to factor in these choices when you think about how to invest before you retire and how to manage your withdrawals from your 401(k), IRA and other accounts during your retirement. VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES - You might think that your volunteer activities during retirement won’t affect your finances much. But if you are particularly ambitious, and your volunteerism involves travel, renting space, purchasing equipment and so on, you might be looking at some large cash outlays. Furthermore, if you host people at your house, you may be incurring some types of liability risk, which you might need to address through appropriate insurance coverage. HOBBIES - During your working years, you may pursue your hobbies always with the thought that you can devote a lot more time to them after you retire. However, expanded hobby activities may involve expanded costs. For example, if you’re good with cars, you might decide to invest in that foreign sports car of which you’ve dreamed. Or, if you’re fascinated by genealogy, perhaps you’ll start traveling to places once inhabited by your ancestors. These types of activities can be expensive, so you’ll have to evaluate your saving, spending and investing habits to determine how to accommodate your increased expenditures on your hobbies. SECOND CAREER - Many people look forward to retiring from one career so they can start another - opening a small business, consulting or even taking a part-time job. Clearly, if you were to start your own business, some expenses would be involved, so you’ll have to plan for them. Even if you become a consultant or work part time, you could incur various costs, including travel. And, in relation to these types of work, you may also have insurance and health care issues to address. By identifying the various components of your retirement vision, and estimating their respective costs, you can make those saving, spending and investment choices that can help you work toward your retirement dream. Christopher Nyhan runs the Edward Jones office in Burnt Hills, NY. This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor. Chris can be reached at 399-5087 or

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STOP OBSESSING ABOUT YOUR WEIGHT Ok, go stand on a scale and decide to lose 5 pounds. Well, how'd that work out for you? Did your weight drop on your command, or did it not budge? Nope, it didn't budge. And yet you spend your precious time obsessing about your weight as if you could magically control it. The good news is that you have complete control over a couple of important things that influence your weight. I'm talking about your choices regarding what you eat and when you exercise. Think about this...your current weight is the sum result of your choices with eating and exercise. Take a minute to think back over the last three years of your life. What types of foods did you eat most often? How intensely did you exercise, for how long and how often? Now look at yourself in a full-length mirror. You are looking directly at the result of your past choices. If you are pleased with what you see then keep on eating and exercising the way you have been. It's working for you! If you’re not satisfied with what you see, then it’s time to start making different choices about food and exercise. Here are some suggestions: • Choose to eat wholesome foods that nourish my body. • Choose to only eat when you're hungry and to stop eating when you're full. • Choose to not eat junk food, sugary drinks or sweets. • Choose to eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. • Choose to invest time in exercise. • Choose to be consistent with aworkout schedule, giving exercise the same importance as a doctor’s appointment. • Choose to change your workout routine often. • Choose to push yourself to new levels of intensity, in order to strengthen and tone muscles. Don’t spend another minute obsessing about the number on your scale. You are way smarter than that. Focus your energy on the choices you make regarding what you eat and how you exercise. If you don’t know where to begin then please reach out to me, I’m here for you. Call or email today and I’ll help get you started on a fitness program that will quickly transform what you see in that mirror. What a wonderful way to start 2014. Talk soon! 424-7878 or email to get started today with a free consultation.

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DECORATING TIPS FROM THE SPECKLED HEN Happy New Year to all The Speckled Hen followers! As you know, each month I share “Decorating Tips from The Speckled Hen” and introduce you to new ways to decorate your home with primitives. But because so many of you have asked, this month I'm going to share my story - introduce you to myself, my family and how The Speckled Hen came to be.



I've been with my husband, Tom, for 28 years. Without him, there wouldn't be a Speckled Hen. He has been nothing but helpful and encouraging as I've pursued my dream of opening the store. We have two boys: Steven, who is an Albany firefighter, and Henry who is a paramedic. They have all been so supportive throughout this journey. Before The Speckled Hen, we owned Hollenbeck Paving for 20 years. I also worked as an investigator for a law firm, Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, for 10 years. It was a very rewarding experience, but I've always wanted to take the chance to start my own primitive décor store. The Speckled Hen was many years in the making, so to think that we'll be celebrating The Speckled Hen's 2nd anniversary in March is unbelievable! I spent a lot of time talking about ideas for the store and dreaming up The Speckled Hen before it came to be. In fact, I came up with the name for the store while having a glass of wine with two of my girlfriends. I finally decided to give it a try and in March of 2012 I transformed a portion of my house into a storefront and opened the doors to The Speckled Hen. In just a short time the shop has grown in size, inventory and customers. I want to thank each and every one of our customers, who I now consider friends. You have made my shop the success it has become and without you, there would be no Speckled Hen. My personal wish for all of you in 2014 is peace, love and family.There is nothing more important in life than peace, love and family. Remember, I'll be closed February 1st through March 7th and will be closed Sundays until the fall. Maureen Culver • 369.8771 38 Saratoga Road, Scotia•

FROM ALL OF US AT CHEAP GEEK New Years Specials!! Is your computer running slow? Pop-ups bugging you? Diagnosis.................................$25 Virus removal*.........................$75 Back-ups..................................$50 *Virus removal includes a reformat (reinstallation of windows), free anti-virus and malware programs! Until next time... Safe Computing and Happy Holidays! Cheap Geek Computer Services Maggie Faltskog • 399-8886


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Since 1904 the Garofalo Family Has Been Privileged To Provide Our Honored Customers The Very Best.

Happy New Year From the Garofalo Family!

My Easy Chili 1 onion chopped 1 large green bell pepper chopped 1 lb ground beef 1 can whole tomatoes 1 can red kidney beans 1 TBSP chili powder 1 TBSP oil with which to sauté 1 tap salt

OUR SIGNATURE ITALIAN SAUSAGE Hot or Sweet; Rope style or Patties Meatballs and Bragoiles Kielbasa, Chorizo, Andouille, Bratwurst, Daisy Hams & Thick Sliced Bacon CUSTOM CUT BEEF Filet Mignon Rib eye steaks choice NY Strip Steaks choice PORK Pork Chops Center Cut Bone in or Stuffed Pork Tenderloins*

POULTRY Using a heavy bottomed pan, sauté Skinless boneless Chicken breasts onions and pepper in oil till soft Chicken Cutlets or Stuffed Chicken Breasts* then add ground beef and brown. COLD CUTS Add tomatoes and break them up Featuring Battistoni with wooden spoon. Season with Salami, Capicola, Soppresata chili powder and salt then stir. & Abruzzi Simmer for 10 minutes then add *Our own bread crumb and sausage stuffing beans. Simmer for 15 minutes Don't forget the Homemade Stuffed more then serve. Cherry Peppers or Freshly Grated Parmesan Garofalo's, the taste people travel for!

Stop in and visit the 4th generation, serving QUALITY ITALIAN PRODUCTS since 1904.

to complement our large Selection of Pasta & Casa Visco Sauces. A variety of Olive Oils as well as blocks of Sharp Provolone, Fontinella, Asiago, Extra Sharp Canadian Cheddar, Smoked Cheddar, Danish Blue Cheese, Pecorino Romano and Parmesan Reggianito.

Super Easy Breakfast Sausage Casserole 1 1/2 pounds Garofalo’s Breakfast Sausage Patties 1 (8 ounce) package refrigerated crescent roll dough 2 cups mozzarella or cheddar cheese 4 eggs, beaten 3/4 cup milk salt and pepper to taste Place sausage in a large, deep skillet. Cook over medium high heat until evenly brown. Drain, crumble and set aside. Preheat oven to 425o. Lightly grease a 9x13 baking pan. Lay crescent roll dough pieces flat in the bottom of the pan, to cover entire bottom. Combine cooked sausage, cheese, eggs, milk, salt and pepper; pour over crescent rolls. Bake in preheated oven for 15 minutes, until bubbly and rolls are baked.


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10. Not black 11. Ritual 12. Bestow 13. Little 19. Itinerant 21. Delicate 25. Quaint outburst 26. Central points 27. Tender 28. Unit of weight for gems 29. Absurd 30. Aquatic mammal 31. Utilize 34. As well 35. Observed 36. Contributes 38. Sick 39. A watercolor, for example 41. Antiquated 42. Decorative case 44. Cherubim 45. Backbone 46. Flogged 47. Cambered 48. Late 51. Norse god 52. Adriatic resort 53. Wings 54. Found in some lotions 55. Canvas dwelling 56. X X X X 58. What we sleep on Answers can be found on page 33

ACROSS 1. Travelled through water 5. Punctuation mark 10. Huh? 14. South American country 15. Manner of speaking

25. Effective 32. Treat 33. Jittery 34. An Old Testament king 37. Skin disease 38. Angry 39. Implored 40. Accomplished 41. Aircraft 42. Alleviated 43. Changes 45. Skedaddles 49. Religious sister 50. Sunshade 53. Provoke 57. Beyond belief 59. Holly 60. Require 61. Something to shoot for 62. Not a single one 63. Countercurrent 64. Connecting points 65. Obtains

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MUSIC TO RING IN THE NEW YEAR! Most of us start the New Year with a refreshed desire to live healthier lives. The New Year brings hope and a renewed enthusiasm for meeting our goals as the year unfolds. Let me provide you with some wonderful tunes to ease the way. We explore many creative, improvisational dance exercises in the study of modern dance. Meaningful music must accompany all of them to support and motivate a creative dance response. As improvisation takes on vastly different forms so does the music that accompanies each exploration. The importance of varied music in the study of modern dance exposes students to a unique menu of interesting music from all over the world. Here is a selection of different sounds that will captivate young and old listeners alike. Google and sample them online to see if they interest you. VAS - "Ceremony of Passage", Jean Michel Jarre - "Ozygene 11", Mickey Hart - "Umayeyo", Brenda Russell - "Walking in NY", Roisin Murphy - "Sinking Feeling", R. Carlos Nakai Quartet - "Orinoco Delta", Windham Hill - "Out to Play", American Gramaphone - "Party Dip", Modern Mandolin Quartet - "Canzonetta", Bill Frissell - "Tales From the Dark Side", Bona Fide - "The Hippo", Zap Mama - "'Ollo 'Ollo", Ray Lynch - "Soda Pop". A group called the Bare Necessities has lots of music that I use for my movement poems for young children. Some of my favorites are "Juice of Barley", "The Maid Peeped Out at the Window", "Trip to Kilburn" and "Grimstock". For all you sensitive souls I offer you a hauntingly, beautiful piece of music by Kenny G entitled "Miracles". May all of you experience many, small miracles sprinkled throughout your 2014. A true New Year treat for a little person in your life, ages 3 1/2-6, would be my six week dance sampler being offered in March and April. It's a great way to sample what Modern Dance with Ginny Martin is all about. You may also purchase my new DVD, Dance Class at Home through the website listed below. Happy New Year! Ginny Martin • Modern Dance with Ginny Martin 518-399-5802 •




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RESOLUTIONS… RESOLVE THIS! WOW! It's 2014 all ready!?!?!? So this is this is the year you FINALLY, REALLY truly ARE, going to start and stick to a workout plan, eat healthy, be more charitable, put your house on the market, stop cussing, start parking further out in the parking lot, clean out the garage, take a vacation, give up coffee, be more prepared for 2014 tax season, AND eat more vegetables??? Well… HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! I wish you great success in ALL of these things. I personally cannot imagine my life without coffee and I cannot help you with your vegetable intake but I CAN help you formulate a workable, doable, STICK-TO-IT-ABLE plan to get your house ready to put on the market! The VERY first thing you should do is contact a professional REALTOR. We do a TON of the leg work for you, which frees you up to keep up with you all those OTHER resolutions! C'mon you weren't REALLY planning on picking your listing price out of thin air or using the inaccurate data you found online were you? And it's not just about determining the accurate market value of your home, as REALTORS, we provide a plethora of guidance, market research, as well as negotiation skills, etc... Don't think for one minute that you will be able to take your emotions out of the equation when it comes to negotiating with a potential buyer with regard to a home that you have loved and cared for and raised your children in. Next, start compiling the important financial information on your home right now. Tax bills, home owner association documents, utility bills, locate your deed, previous title work, etc… Many of these items will likely become part of the marketing plan, and your REALTOR and/or attorney will most likely need them to keep your transaction running smoothly once you go to contract. Buyer's like to be informed right up front. Be prepared, you as the seller will appear knowledgeable, organized, and motivated to sell your home. Buyer's LOVE this! Know this: clear, uncluttered closets and basement contribute to a more attractive home. Clear out accumulated items from closets, cabinets and under counters - also from the garage. Now is a great time to get a start on some of those other goals for 2014 as well - get that garage cleaned out, have the kids clean out their toy boxes, and if you haven't worn something in the past 12 months statistics show you probably won't. There are a ton of great organizations that can use some of the things you cannot - get a jump start on 2014 taxes and BE CHARITABLE. It's a start, it's a beginning…don't wait another day. Don't let yourself down, start right now! Let's be sure you are prepared for the Spring market you have been waiting for, it'll be here before you know it, you shouldn't wait till then to plan! As for the rest of your resolutions, I bet that if you keep thumbing through the pages of Your Hometown, you'll find help with those too! Until next time… Margaret Phillips, CBR, Broker 518.701.1657 •

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From Scotia to Ballston Spa, covering the Route 50 Corridor

Mohawk Honda welcomes Roberto and Marissa Tedesco, the dealership's 4,000th customer for 2013, breaking all internal sales records for the dealership. (l to r) Mike Bennice, Sales and Leasing Consultant; Steve Haraden, Vice President; Marissa Tedesco; Roberto Tedesco; and Jeff Haraden, President.

Mohawk Honda Shatters Sales Record, Plans Expansion to Accommodate Growth Two Thousand and Thirteen was a banner year for Mohawk Honda. The dealership achieved its goal and shattered its sales record by ending the year with over 4100 vehicles delivered. “After a strong first half of 2013, we set our sights on selling 4000 vehicles by the end of the year” said Nick Bonarrigo, Mohawk Honda's general manager. “Our greatest asset is our people and we're proud that they provide the most impeccable customer service every day.” The dealership marked its 4000th sale in late December when a Glenville couple, Roberto and Marissa Tedesco purchased a CRV. This is the Tedesco's 5th family vehicle that has been purchased at Mohawk Honda since 2005 - they previously purchased two Accords, a Civic, and a Pilot. “We love Mohawk Honda,” said Roberto Tedesco. “Everyone is always so nice and easy to deal with. They're excellent.” Marissa agreed, “They always do everything they can to help you here.”

Earlier in the year, Mohawk Honda got a little greener with the installation of solar panels to help reduce their dependency on the power grid and to help power their electric cars in the future. The dealership announced the installation of a 200 KW solar array on their roof. This system is designed to generate about 230,000 KW hours per year, which equals about 60 percent of the dealerships annual usage. “This is another step that we have taken at Mohawk Honda to be greener and to help reduce our impact on the environment,” said Bonarrigo. The dealership has already installed a waste oil reclaim system that allows Mohawk Honda to reuse the waste oil for heating and has installed high efficiency lighting through their facility. The move also helps the Honda store to plan for its electric cars. Mohawk Honda is planning on installing electric car charging stations in the future, which will be fueled by these panels. The system will also be used to generate excess electricity that will be sent back to the grid for

consumer consumption, cutting the need for less clean electric generation. The dealership also won approval from the town recently to go forward with their expansion project that will invest $1 million in capital improvements and add a dozen jobs. The dealer has doubled head count, from 70 to 140, since moving from Schenectady to Glenville three years ago. The latest expansion, to be complete by May, is 5,100 square feet. It will include a detail shop, express oil change and a car wash. It continues the growth that brothers Jeff and Steve Haraden have experienced since relocating from Schenectady. They also purchased land around their property to add more parking spaces for inventory. Bonarrigo, not resting on his past success, heads into 2014 looking to break last year's sales record, finish the dealership expansion, and hire more people. “We're looking for technicians and sales staff to help accommodate our continued growth,” he concluded.

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From Scotia to Ballston Spa, covering the Route 50 Corridor

RESOLUTION According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition for Resolution is as follows; An act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, and or problem. The act of resolving something. An answer or solution to something. The act of determining. With the New Year coming out of what seems like nowhere, we are thrust into our new years' resolutions. Some of us may write them down. Some team up and support each other's efforts to ward off chocolate for as long as we are humanly possible. Now in my experience it has not been that long, as I nibble a few more red and green M&M's as I write this. It is our good intention that drives us to want to be better and to be healthier. It is hard however to put a date on it and that date being January 1st. As I read what "Webster" had to say, it was the last of the definitions that really caught my eye. The act of determining. Hmmm, I thought, I did that every day. It is not on a day of the year, nor is it a scheduled event. It is however, how I choose to live my life each and every day making better choices. I determine what to wear as I glance at the thermometer and the weather outside. Taking care of my body keeping it warm and comfortable. I am determined to find new music to keep my workout classes moving right along. So everyone will enjoy a good workout and be able to sing along. I am determined to be a better mom. So that my sons future is brighter. These are the things that make our lives better. Do not get me wrong here; having a date on the calendar is a great incentive to maybe move away from that bag of chocolates. Use this time to write it down and make that effort that you know you need to. I believe it does not matter as to when you start or even how long it last. It is how you have brought it to your own attention. You have made a determination to live a better life. Not only for you, but for all of those around you as well. That is how it starts. I do agree with "Webster" and the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict or problem is a wonderfully great accomplishment. It, unfortunately, will not occur without the latter. The act of determining. Be determined this year! Determine what life you want and go for it. It may be going to the gym (I would love to see you there by the way), getting off the couch, visiting with friends, and maybe helping those in need . It's not about the day, or how long you do it, it is that you are determined to find a way. Make those lists and check them off. Each day is a new day, a new opportunity to be better and do better. A new day to help someone and to listen instead of talk. These are things we all need. These just may be our solutions to something (as "Webster" would say). Go forth my friends. Go with determination. Now is your chance; you have 365 days of opportunity to get it all done. As always, I wish you peace, joy and a very happy New Year. Pattie Rakvica •

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STAY TUNED • Courtesy of Don Rittner, Schenectady County and City Historian


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In January 1614, ten young sailors and a captain named Adriaen Block were stuck on the island of Manhattan as their ship the Tyger burned. Within four months they built the first ship in New York State - The Onrust, Dutch for Restless. During 2006-09 more than 250 volunteers from the Capital District built a replica of this ship to serve as a floating museum and classroom to reach the early Dutch History of New York. This history includes the principles of tolerism and pluralism, the right to petition the court, and much of what it means to be an American today. The Onrust Project currently has a crowd-funding program to raise money to finish the

boat so it can begin its educational programming in 2014, the 400th anniversary of the building of the original. If you would like to contribute to this tax-deductible project, go to: Since the project’s inception in 2006 at the Mabee Farm Historic Site in Rotterdam Junction, NY, thousands of visitors, including a great number of school groups, had the opportunity to learn about the unique history of the vessel and its role in the development of New York State. Through presentations and lectures, tours, small and large exhibitions, hands-on workshops, and trade shows such as the 2008 NY Boat Show at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC, and Woodworkers Showcase in Saratoga, several annual festivals (Waterford Steamboat Festival, Tugboat Roundup, Waterford Canal Fest, Altamont Fairgrounds events) students and the general public have experienced firsthand the specialized ship building methods devised by the Dutch in the 17th century. Their approach enabled them to build ships better, faster and more efficiently than anyone else in Europe at that time. Students from the BOCES Maritime Center, Russell Sage College, Rocking The Boat in the Bronx, the Boy Scouts and US Navy Seabees also took part in working on the construction of the Onrust. Several companies such as General Electric in Schenectady and Momentive in Waterford organized community workdays on the ship and encouraged their work force to join our core group of volunteers. They have joined the more than 250 Onrust volunteers that have truly made the Onrust a community project, symbolizing the Capital District’s spirit of cooperation and volunteerism! Volunteers are still needed. Visit the Onrust web site at or stay current on their Facebook Page at A special thank you to Don from Your Hometowne. This is a great story and we truly appreciate your keeping our history alive!


From Scotia to Ballston Spa, covering the Route 50 Corridor

Michelle Lee Gordon 1977-2014

Our dear niece Michelle has passed away. Michelle Lee Gordon, 36, Scotia, NY, passed into the arms of the Lord on January 1, 2014 at her residence with her loving family present after a courageous battle with colon cancer. She was born on October 31, 1977 in Glens Falls, NY and was the daughter of William M. (Connie Reynolds) Gordon of Burnt Hills, NY and Jo (Hill) Landolfo (Paul's sister) of Scotia, NY. Michelle was on the cover of our May issue with her children playing in the stream just above Buttermilk Falls, Alplaus Creek in 2012 soon after she was diagnosed. Michelle was a graduate of Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School,class of 1995. She received her Bachelor's Degree in marketing from SUNY Albany. She worked for the NYS Department of Mental Health in Albany as a budget analyst until retiring due to her illness. A determined advocate, Michelle established a non-profit organization, Yes We Can Sir to raise cancer awareness. She was the beloved wife of Marcus W. Frechette; loving and devoted mother of Marcus William Frechette, Jr. and Sophia Christine Frechette; caring sister of Jennifer (Gary) Wells of Hudson Falls, NY, Sandra (Darren) Bratlie of Ft.Collins,CO and Jessica (Ryan) Seifert of New York,NY; adored granddaughter of Paul and Virginia Hill of Scotia, NY, Mildred A. Gordon and the late William Gordon, Jr.of Glenville, NY, and Alice E.Reynolds and the late Max Z. Reynolds; daughter-in-law of Martha Frechette and the late John Frechette of Albany,NY;sister-in-law of Donna (Michael) Schraa of Scotia,NY,John (Laura) Frechette of Rensselaer,NY,Ronald Frechette of Albany, NY, Sandra Tolbert of Scotia, NY and Fran (Vosco) Hicks of New York, NY. Her Aunt and Uncle are Paul Hill Jr (my husband), and Janice (Hill) Dejordy (his sister).They are the parents of her loving cousins,Jaime (Hill) and Christopher Giglio, Stacy Hill, Paul and Mercedes Hill, Danielle and Dustin Britcher, Matt and Kate Whaley. All parents of new set of cousins, Joshua and Christopher Giglio and their angel brother Jason Giglio, Paul James Jr. and Jackson Whaley, all who reside nearby. She was the “favorite”Aunt of numerous nieces and nephews. As we celebrate Michelle's life, we want you to know she was a courageous and wonderful person. A mother, a wife, a sister, a niece, a cousin,a granddaughter,and a friend.Michelle held all of those roles with grace and always thought of others before herself. She fought with all that she had to beat cancer, never giving up, never giving in. Michelle's parents, her mother Jo (Paul's sister), her father Bill and his wife Connie (her second mother) were a formidable team. They all stayed on task, with one mission,to give Michelle every fighting chance available to beat the cancer.Accompanying her daughter to treatments and surgeries from here to Baltimore, Jo never wavered, her daughter came first. Bill and Connie helped keep the ends tied for Marc and the children while they were away for treatment. Marc comforted his family and remained strong for his children and wife during the toughest of times. He is a wonderful Dad and husband, the love they shared will live on forever. Her family and friends will miss her dearly. They grew up together and were incredibly close. Michelle often spoke of the amazing support network that she had throughout her battle and sympathized with those who fought similar battles alone. Michelle's courage and determination to help others was the inspiration for Yes We Can, a non-profit organization.Michelle was in the process of forming this organization to help others who were dealing with “any”cancer diagnosis, not just colon cancer. For more information go to

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