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SRPANJ / JULY 2016 • Broj 44 • Godina 8

50 KN 13 KM 750 DIN 6,5 EUR

Ben Afeck, Alessandro Del Piero, Marko MurtiÉ, Jens Gerhardt, Kevin Bonnie, D-Marine Development, Adriatic Marinas, Fast Transfers

AB Yachts 145, Sunseker 131 Yacht, Bavaria R40, Fiart 33 SeaWalker, Pirelli PZero 1100, Omega Architects, Brunswick, Mister Z Photo Session

Island Rab, Perfect Sandy Beaches, Into the Wild – Around Jabuka & Brusnik, Blaca Hermitage, Spicy Summer Food, Gourmet KorÏula, Luxury Villas & Hotels

GraĹĄevina s najviĹĄe nagrada


High performance Flybridge Motor Yachts and V Class Sports Yachts M CLASS CRUISING YACHTS: 30M 35M 40M

FLYBRIDGE MOTOR YACHTS: 43 49 52 56 60 68 75MY 82MY 88MY


PRINCESS YACHTS ADRIATIC d.o.o. Koturaška 51, 10000 Zagreb, tel: + 385 (0)1 6170 068, fax: + 385 (0)1 6170 079, e-mail: BRANCH OFFICE SPLIT: ACI Marina Split Uvala Baluni bb 21000 Split tel: + 385 21 398 786 fax: + 385 21 398 786

BRANCH OFFICE ZADAR: Ivana Meštrovića 7 23000 Zadar tel: + 385 23 394 487 fax: + 385 23 394 491

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The next goal is always the most important, it encourages further challenges and provides the opportunity to reach beyond expectations. The MCY 80 proudly introduces the evolution of the MCY design. A new benchmark comes to light.

WORLD PREMIERE Cannes Yachting Festival, 6-11 September 2016

M C Y C O L L E C T I O N | 6 5 | 70 | 76 | 8 0 | 8 6 | 1 0 5

Uvala Baluni 1 - 21 000 Split +385 21 40 77 00

Monte Carlo Yachts SpA Via Consiglio d’Europa 90 34074 Monfalcone (GO), Italy +39 0481 283111

When all you want is everything. The new 86 Yacht. The Sunseeker Adriatic Group, Importer for Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Slovenia and Bosnia Herzegovina Sunseeker Croatia | Grand Hotel Le Meridian, Lav, Grljevacka 2A, 21312 Podstrana | +385 91 3143 016 Sunseeker Montenegro | Porto Montenegro, Obala bb, Tivat 85320 | +382 67 019 773 |

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;"/&0%0-+*7 04+&Æ"+4-0#0%&










60 24XP


70 32XP





40XP Saltus d.o.o., Heinzelova 47a, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska, T+385 (0)1 2383 660 · M+385 (0)98 279 729 · Hrvatska · Srbija · Slovenija · Bosna i Hercegovina · Makedonija · Albanija · Kosovo

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Perfect spot for special occasions, weddings, business meetings, or few relaxing days on dry land. Dock right at our front door, visit our castle and beautiful restaurant terrace. Dine on haute Mediterranean cuisine.

be a part of the best party on the Adriatic

Dear friends and members of the Martinis Marchi family, We are delighted to announce that once again we have prepared a weekend full of entertainment, excellent food and tasty drinks for you. We are eager to indulge all your senses on our annual Martinis Marchi Summer Party. This year we celebrate the positive energy of Brazil and the start of the Olympic Games in Rio in your favorite hotel. Our weekend of fun starts on Friday, the 5th of August, afternoon with a casual barbeque gathering. Saturday, the 6th of August, is the main event and an amazing day jam packed full of fun and excitement awaits our guests and friends. During the whole day a mix of fun

activities in an around Martinis Marchi will keep you entertained. Afterwards, in the late afternoon, we will hold an oƥcial Opening Ceremony and continue the show with live musical performances, a mixture of dance, Ƥre Ƭ sports in the amphitheater. After the artistic performances you will join us on the Martinis Marchi terrace where you will be treated to a culinary feast featuring some of the most fantastic examples of Brazilian lifestyle. To top the night oơ we will head inside the castle and rock out at the pool party living this year motto “Citius, Altius, Fortius”! Follow us on social media to catch all upcoming information on the program.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance



Corsair 32

Corsair 28

Corsair 25

Capri 25


ATAL NAUTIKA d.o.o. | |

T +421 949 626 307 | T +420 723 718 004 |

T: +386 3 492 4000 | M: +386 51 64 64 20 | &

Exclusive distributor for CZECH, SLOVAKIA, HUNGARY


American Express® je zaštiÊeni znak American Express Company. PBZ Card je ovlašteni izdavatelj American Express kartica u Hrvatskoj.

3rd-17th Spetember 2016

Po r topic c olo’s won d e rf ul e nv iron m e n t i s co mb ined with th e p l e as ure of enjoying th e s e a.


LU X U R Y R E S I D E N C E | YA C H T C LU B & M A R I N A | F I V E STA R LU X U R Y H O T E L S PA | C O N F E R E N C E C E N T R E | B E A C H C LU B | R E STAU R A N T S & B A R S | S H O P S Monaco




Portopiccolo Lubiana Trieste Venezia Firenze


Portopiccolo Sales Office Strada Costiera Km 137 Sistiana - Trieste ITALY T. +39 040 291 291

YACHT CLUB PORTOPICCOLO 45°.45’.55’’N 13°38’ 40’’E


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T DO TU DOR R in n-h -hou ou use e m ve mo veme m nt MTT5 me 5601. 601. 60 Offer Off erin in ng a 70 70-h -h hou o r p w po we er re rese se erv rve e an and d regu re gu ula late ted d by a var a ia iabl ble in ne errti tia a os o ci cill lllat ator w wit ith h s liico si con n ba bala lanc la nce sp nc spri rin ng, itt is ce ert rtifi ified ifi ed by th he Sw wis isss Offi fficci cial al C ro Ch ono nome me ete t r TTe Test sting In Inst nsttit itut ute ut e (C (COSC) C). #TU #T U OR UDOR UD RWA WATC TCH TC H TUDO TU D RW RWAT ATCH CH C H.C .COM OM M

Ekskluzivni distributer za Hrvatsku MAre duDžani d.o.o.

nautical fashion and accessories ZAGREB

ZAGREB | MesniĀka ulica 5 | +385 1 4849 717 ŠIBENIK | D-Resort Marina Mandalina | Obala Jerka Šižgoriþa 1 SKRADIN | Grgura Ninskog 9 SUKOŠAN | Marina Dalmacija | Sukošan Beach Club

Mali Lošinj

MALI LOŠINJ | Trgovina Domi | Vl. Gortana 20 Sukošan Skradin Šibenik

w w w . m a r e . c o m . h r

Le Huit Villa Noailles, Hyères

N.Tesle 15, Zagreb


Hotel Life is a exclusive retreat located in a snug and tranquil bay

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w w w . h o t e l - l i f e . h r

SPECIAL OFFER* from 1st June till 1st September

 1+1 DAY GRATIS  1 DAY STAY 30% OFF  10% DISCOUNT IN OUR RESTAURANT * ponedjeljak u 10000 do petka u 10000 | * Monday 10000 till Friday 1000



DoĹĄlo je vrijeme kada smo na moru, kada su nam uvale, plaĹže i sunce nadohvat ruke, kada su dani dugi, a veÄ?eri tople i zaigrane. Za mnoge je to vrijeme odmora, kada godinu prekidamo trenucima za sebe i svoje najbliĹže. Ako imate prilike za lijep i kvalitetan odmor, Ĺželimo vam da ga provedete na najljepĹĄi mogući naÄ?in. Mi smo bili na magiÄ?noj Jabuci, uĹživali u pjeĹĄÄ?anim uvalama, posjetili novi hrvatski luksuzni ‘biser’ u Sutivanu, kao i Ä?udesni BMW-ov svijet, ljeto zaÄ?inili ljutom papriÄ?icom i dotaknuli mnoge druge teme. Ali jedno je sigurno - kada pomislimo da smo već ‘sve doĹživjeli’, priroda nas uvijek iznova pozitivno iznenadi svojom ljepotom. Na ovim stranicama ne manjka ljubavi i oduĹĄevljenja prema ‘njezinu veliÄ?anstvu’, a selekcija jahti, hotela ili vila samo je prijedlog kako svoje vrijeme u prirodi uÄ?initi joĹĄ kvalitetnijim. I vama Ĺželimo da odmor priredite po svom guĹĄtu, da pronaÄ‘ete svoj mir i ugodu, kao i puno dobre zabave koju najtoplije godiĹĄnje doba nudi na svakom koraku. Neka vam ljeto bude – lipo.

It’s finally here: that time of the year we move in search for beaches, sunshine and cozy coves, enjoy long lazy days and warm evenings. Many of us will take a break form everything and escape somewhere nice with family and friends, so why not make the best of that time. We visited magical volcanic island Jabuka, sandy coves, the newest, most dazzling jewel on the coast in Sutivan, and wonderland of BMW in Munich. Our food choices for the issue have a spicy theme, and we have prepared various other articles. But one thing stands between all others – the beauty of nature. We don’t lack love and admiration towards ‘her majesty’, and the selection of yachts, hotels and villas is just a suggestion on how to spend your time in nature in the best possible way. Whatever your pleasure is, be brave and go find it: be it peace and quiet, or loud and colorful like many of the events on the coast this season. Whatever you do, enjoy the sweet, sweet summer. Darko Ĺ upuk Glavni urednik Editor in chief

330 Pages in English and Croatian Language



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AB Yachts 145, Sunseker 131 Yacht, Bavaria R40, Fiart 33 SeaWalker, Pirelli PZero 1100, Omega Architects, Brunswick, Mister Z Photo Session








YACHTS PHOTO Mister Z Photo Session


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YACHTS ON WHEELS BMW Group -The next 100 years, Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet, Audi A5 CoupŽ, Mazda RX-VISION, Infinity Q30



PERFECT ESCAPE Zadar Archipelago




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MODA FASHION Maria Store, Seventy, Lancel, Croata, City Center one, Porto Montenegro, Mall of Split

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YACHTS BUSINESS Deep Blue Software


TESTOVI TESTS AB Yachts 145, Sunseeker 131 Yacht, Bavaria R40, Fiart 33 SeaWalker, Pirelli PZero 1100 Cabin





Life at sea is light, air, water and space. This served as inspiration for the unique interior world of

the new Hanse 675: The design is based on flowing shapes, harmonious colours and precious materials. Sensual curves and refined transitions from handcrafted leather to selected woods create an incomparable atmosphere. Experience luxury, style and enjoyment on more than 21 meters in length â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Welcome aboard!

CROATIA YACHTING D.O.O. | Split | tel: +385 (21) 332 332 |



EVENT Brunswick Press Event


YACHTS SPORT Alessandro Del Piero


TREND Brzi transferi Speedboat transfers


LJETO 2016. SUMMER 2016 Mastercard






MARINE MARINAS D-Marin, Portopiccolo Sistiana, Olive Island, Marina Baotić






LJETO 2016. SUMMER 2016 Dojmovi o Hrvatskoj Impressions of Croatia


LUKSUZNE VILE LUXURY VILLAS Vrhunski izbor by Starac A top selection by Starac


BAŠTINA HERITAGE Pustinja Blaca Blaca desert




LJETO 2016. SUMMER 2016 Military Tour Vis


LJETO 2016. SUMMER 2016 Ljubimci na odmoru Pets Onboard


YACHTUAL Golf & Yacht


HOTELI HOTELS Lemongarden, Martinis Marchi, Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera, Ilirija Biograd, Radisson Blu Resort Split



Also available for charter starting from 1.800 € per day ‘Try and Buy’ possibility


Yachtualno ADMIRAL

Porinuta Tremenda Impresivnih dimenzija, odlučnih i odrješitih linija i modernog dizajna, trideset i osam metara dugačka jahta Tremenda postiže više od 20 čvorova brzine. Vlasnička se kabina ove jahte nalazi na glavnoj palubi, široka je koliko i sam trup i ima privatnu kupaonicu, kao i fantastičan pogled zahvaljujući velikim prozorima koji zauzimaju čitav jedan njezin zid. Na vanjskom dijelu palube se ističe veliko sunčalište, salon na pramcu i prostrana beach club krma.

Tremenda launched


Tremenda, 38 meter, is a hefty, masculine and modern looking superyacht that reaches a top speed of over 20 knots. The full beam master suite is placed forward on the main deck with a marvelous full-beam bathroom. The whole suite offers amazing sea view from each angle, thank to the side seascape windows. The yacht also features several common areas outside, including the large sundeck, the bow lounge and the spacious beach club.

Prva Mangusta Oceano 42


Isporučena Galactica Super Nova Vitko tijelo jahte Galactica Super Nova građeno od aluminija ima revolucionarni oblik, za koji su zaslužni dizajneri i projektanti studija Van Oossanen. Trup je oblikovan za postizanje velike brzine uz nisku potrošnju goriva, a jahtu pokreće jednako inovativan pogonski sustav - dva MTU motora i jedan Rolls Royceov. Tiha i okretna bez obzira na uvjete plovidbe, Galactica Super Nova od 0 do 30 čvorova stiže u svega 75 sekunda, zbog čega je ne samo jedna od 200 najvećih jahta na svijetu, nego i najbržih.

Galactica Super Nova delivered Galactica Super Nova’s slender aluminium hull was engineered by Heesen’s in-house specialists in collaboration with the renowned Dutch naval architects Van Oossanen. Thanks to her high-performance Fast Displacement Hull Form coupled with an innovative propulsion system of two MTU wing engines with fixed pitch propellers and a third central engine with Rolls Royce booster water jet, Galactica Super Nova proved to be very quiet and highly manoeuvrable in all sea conditions. It provides acceleration from 0 to 30 knots in just 75 seconds, making Galactica Super Nova not only one of the 200 largest yachts in the world but also one of the fastest.

Prvi primjerak 42 metra dugačke jahte iz serije Long Rabge, Mangusta Oceano 42, porinuta je početkom lipnja. Djelo dizajnera Alberta Mancinija, Mangusta Oceano 42 je lijepa moderna jahta otmjenih – naizmjence strogih i zaobljenih – linija i skladnih proporcija. Vanjski prostor na pramcu glavne palube uređen je kao sunčalište s infinity-bazenom, čije je dno poluprozirno i služi kao krov vlasničke kabine, koja je zbog toga puna prirodne svjetlosti. Mangusta Oceano 42 bit će predstavljena na nadolazećim jesenskim sajmovima nautike.

First Mangusta Oceano 42 The very first steel and aluminium 42 metre yacht from the Long Range line, Mangusta Oceano 42 was launched in June. Designed by Alberto Mancini, Mangusta Oceano 42 is a beautifully modern and elegant yacht which expresses her proportions through a blend of taught, sharp lines combined with softer sections. On the deck at bow the external area was designed with two separate sunbathing areas which come together in a swimming-pool with a waterfall featuring an infinity effect. Glazing on the bottom of the swimming pool brings light into the Owner suite head located on the underlying deck. Mangusta Oceano 42 will be presented at the upcoming autumn boat shows.


Yachtualno CANADOS

Novi Gladiator 90 Kuća Canados predstavila je svoj novi model, prvi iz serije Gladiator. Model Gladiator 90, koji će se na tržištu naći već u proljeće 2017., svestrana je sportska jahta dostupna u tri verzije s obzirom na konfiguraciju motora (dva V12 MAN, dva MTU 16V 2000 M94L ili tri V12 MAN). Sve će tri verzije biti dostupne s tri ili četiri kabine. U izvedbi s dva motora Gladiator 90 imat će raspored prostorija tipičan za Canadosove modele i tradicionalnije uređen interijer, dok će u izvedbi s tri motora model biti opremljen high-tech namještajem izrađenim od materijala s unutarnjom strukturom saća, s ciljem povećanja težine. Dugačak 27,45 metara, Canados Gladiator 90 u najmoćnijoj će izvedbi biti sposoban postići brzinu od čak 50 čvorova u potpunoj sigurnosti i komforu.

Releases new Gladiator 90 Canados is glad to introduce its second new model, the first in the Gladiator product line, the 90. This new sport yacht - expected to be launched spring 2017 - replaces the former Canados 90 Open. The 90 Gladiator will be available in three different power packages, making it one of the most versatile open yachts ever: Twin V12 MAN, Twin MTU 16V 2000 M94L and Triple V12 MAN. The three versions will be available in either three or four cabin layout. The twin-engine versions will be offered with typical Canados custom made traditional interiors while the triple engine version will feature hightech honeycomb furniture structures to gain weight. In terms of design, the entire yacht has been thought out around the constraint that a yacht over 27,45 meter capable or cruising at almost 50 knots should remain extremely safe and comfortable.


Prodaja 32XP Nakon potpisivanja ugovora za gradnju jednog primjerka modela 24XP, Numarine je objavio i prodaju prvog primjerka modela 32XP. Ova će se jahta graditi za europskog naručitelja, prijašnjeg vlasnika jedne Numarinove jahte. Model 32XP, uz modele 24XP i 40XP, dio je nove linije tipa Explorer koji će utjeloviti elemente na kojima počiva filozofija kuće – svježa estetika, beskompromisan komfor, vrhunske performanse. 32XP imat će čelični trup i nadgrađe od kompozita, a pokretat će ga dva motora Acert CAT C18 od po 715 KS, zahvaljujući kojima će pri brzini krstarenja od 12 čvorova imati autonomiju od 3.000 milja.

A sale of 32XP


Following the signature of the contract of the new 24XP, Numarine is pleased to announce that hull #1 of the all-new 32XP model has been sold to a Northern European repetitive client. The Numarine 32XP Series – together with 24XP and 40XP – will be a new line of Explorer series models that will encompass Numarine’s fastidious attention to detail, radical looks, unsurpassed performance and uncompromising luxury. 32XP features a composite superstructure with steel hull propelled by two CAT C18 Acert developing 715 hp each. Thanks to this configuration Numarine 32XP Series has a design cruising range of 3,000 nm at a cruising speed of 12 knots.




DREAMING OF YOUR OWN LUXURY MOTOR YACHT? SEANET MIGHT HAVE JUST THE THING FOR YOU! Our unique concept of shared ownership allows you to enjoy the EHQH̰WVRIRZQLQJD\DFKWDWDIUDFWLRQRIWKHFRVW. With up to three other owners you share the initial purchase price and the annual running cost. An ideal solution as an average owner uses his yacht only a few weeks a year but has to pay all year round for moorings, maintenance, insurance, crew and winter storage.To make your life even easier SeaNet WDNHVFDUHRIWKHHQWLUH\DFKWPDQDJHPHQW7KHUHLVQRWKLQJOHɓIRU\RX to do but relax and enjoy your yacht with not a worry in sight.


+32 (0)479 300 910, +32 (0)89 820 010,


€ 2.000.000 ALL-IN




Instant-uspjeh Iznimno inovativan, iznenađujuće svjež i napredan čak i po mišljenju onih koji misle da znaju sve o modernoj brodogradnji, novi model Pershing 5X iz serije Pershing X Generation je coupé čije su linije, pogonski sustav, performanse i stil već osvojili tržište. Nekoliko mjeseci prije premijernog predstavljanja modela koje Grupa Ferretti organizira početkom rujna u Monaku i službenog debija na nautičkom sajmu u Cannesu Pershing 5X je već prodan u šest primjeraka. Novu seriju X Generation Pershing opisuje kao ekstremno performantnu, punu inovacija i spremnu na brzinsko osvajanje novih horizonata.


Elite Days 2016 Kuća Sanlorenzo krajem svibnja ugostila je vlasnike svojih modela na okupljanju u Portofinu. Elite Days organizira se svake godine s ciljem predstavljanja flote i druženja vlasnika. Sanlorenzo je na druženju ove godine predstavio modele SL86 i 460 Explorer, jahtu tipa expedition, koja je na Elite Days bila opremljena i podmornicom U-Boat Worx i hidroavionom SeaMax sa sklopivim krilima. Tema ovogodišnjeg druženja bila je ekologija u nautici, a kuća je premijerno predstavila svoj hibridni model SL106 Hybrid, prvi brod u svojoj klasi s hibridnim pogonskim sustavom. Sanlorenzo welcomed its International owners community in the Portofino Bay at the end of May. Elite Days is the annual event organized by Sanlorenzo to present its entire fleet and latest news to its cosmopolitan ship-owners community. Sanlorenzo introduced SL86 and 460 Explorer, the expedition vessel presented in Rapallo during the Elite Days with U-Boat Worx submersible and amphibious seaplane with folding wings by SeaMax, on-board. During the 2016 edition, Sanlorenzo revealed the green side of yachting excellence with the SL106 Hybrid preview, the first boat of its class with a hybrid propulsion system.

Already a success Increasingly innovative, surprising and ahead of the game even for those who think they can predict its production strategies: Pershing presents the ‘X Generation’. The letter ‘X’ – used in aerospace to identify extreme performance and technological innovation – symbolises relentless drive to conquer new horizons at great speed. To start, the Pershing X’s lines, propulsion, performance and style have already convinced the yachting market: six units of the new coupé yacht have been sold months before the worldwide ‘Private Preview’ organised by Ferretti Group in early September in Monaco and the official debut at the Cannes boat show.


Novi odjel na Mallorci Kuća Fraser Yachts svečano je otvorila svoj novi odjel na Mallorci, na zabavi kojoj je nazočilo osamdesetak skipera i gostiju. Novi odjel za menadžment vodit će najiskusniji predstavnici ureda Fraser Yachts u Monaku, a klijentima će nuditi sve standardne usluge tehničkog održavanja i upravljanja. Novi ured će surađivati s odjelima prodaje i čartera već etabliranog ureda, te se brinuti za klijente na Balearima i u Barceloni. ‘Ovo je za nas bio logičan korak jer su mnoge naše jahte preko godine u Palma de Mallorci, a mnogi naši klijenti dolaze ovamo na popravke i održavanje tijekom zime. Željeli smo se još malo približiti klijentima, ponuditi im još efikasniju uslugu’, rekao je Harald van Exem, direktor odjela za menadžment Fraser Yachts.

New yacht management division in Palma Fraser Yachts opened a new yacht management division in their Palma office. The service will be operated by long standing members of the Fraser Yachts Monaco management department and will offer the full range of administrative and technical support services. The new department will work closely with the sales and charter divisions already well-established in the Palma office, focusing on clients throughout the Balearic Islands and Barcelona. ‘It was the next logical step for us, many of our yachts are based in Palma throughout the year and others have regular refit work done there or in Barcelona during the winter so we wanted to have people based locally to allow us to work with our clients more closely and efficiently,’ commented Harald van Exem, Yacht Management Services Director for Fraser Yachts.


Premijera Overbluea 44 Jedan primjerak Overblue 44 isporučen je svojem francuskom vlasniku i odsada će vrijeme pretežno provoditi na jugu te zemlje, na Azurnoj obali. Isporučeni primjerak ima dvije udobne kabine, motore od po 220 KS, a tijekom transfera iz brodogradilišta u Italiji plovio je prosječnom brzinom od 13,5 čvorova, te postigao najveću brzinu od 18 čvorova.


Dva nova modela Novi explorer imena Babbo krasna je 102 stope dugačka i 244 tone teška explorer jahta građena za južnoameričkog naručitelja. Babbo ima tri palube i, kao i sve druge jahte Cantiere delle Marche, uređen je prema željama naručitelja. Prostran i izvana i iznutra, Babbo ima 240 četvornih metara životnog prostora uređenog i opremljenog kako i priliči jednom exploreru, ali bez kompromisa u pitanjima stila i kvalitete, jer to se od superjahta iz ove kuće uvijek i očekuje. Brodogradilište je istovremeno najavilo i jahtu Narvalo, 33 metra dugačak primjerak modela Nauta Air Explorer, građenu od čelika i aluminija. Obje će nove jahte biti premijerno predstavljene na nadolazećem nautičkom sajmu u Cannesu.

Overblue 44 premiere in France Overblue 44 was delivered to the first French client who will be using it around Cote d’Azur. This 44 has a family version layout with two comfortable cabins, 220HP engines, air conditioning and more. During the transfer from Italy to France, Overblue 44 had an average speed of 13,5 knots and max speed of 18 knots.

Two launches New steel and aluminum explorer by Cantiere delle Marche is 102 long and weighs 244 GT. Built for a South American owner, M/Y Babbo is a three-deck explorer yacht, tailored, like all the yachts of Cantiere delle Marche, with interiors characterized by generous amounts of space: 240 square meters which contain in detail the essence of a Explorer yacht, without sacrificing the quality of manufacturing and finishing of the typical luxury superyacht world. Cantiere delle Marche also launched M/Y Narvalo, a new 33-meter Nauta Air Explorer Yacht built in aluminum and steel. Both yachts will be showcased at the next Festival de la Plaisance in Cannes.




A new era begins Wide garage: hydraulic boarding system for 4 m tender.

Master cabin: full comfort in total privacy with 180° panoramic sea view.

Siemens hybrid electric propulsion: 75 l/h - noiseless - long range 1400 NM. New â&#x20AC;&#x153;lama chine waveless hull": lowest resistance and minor consumption.

| 26 | 30 | 34 | 40 | 46 | 49 M

interior and exterior design:


Porinuta Crystal 140 Dizajnirana za privatnog naručitelja, Crystal 140 je osmišljena kao mjesto za druženje u obiteljskom krugu, pa je naglasak na vanjskim prostorima namijenjen baš tome. Srce jahte tako je najviša paluba, uređena kao terasa sa sunčalištem na krmi, salonom (s televizorom) u sredini i hidromasažnim bazenčićem na pramcu. Benetti je najavio i prodaju šestog po redu primjerka modela Vivace 125, koji će biti isporučen tijekom 2017.


2015. iznad očekivanja Grupa Ferretti nadmašila je očekivanja za proteklu godinu, a najavila je i prodaju jednog dijela Ferretti International Holding S. (u visini od 13,2%) holdingu F Investments S.A., u vlasništvu obitelji Ferrari. Usprkos još uvijek nepovoljnim uvjetima na tržištu, Grupa je ostvarila promet od izgradnje u iznosu od 410 milijuna eura, te prvi put u protekle četiri godine ostvarila pozitivan EBITDA, u iznosu od sedam milijuna eura. Temelj prošlogodišnjeg uspjeha Grupe je šest novih modela brendova Ferretti Yachts, Riva, Pershing i Custom Line, a tijekom ove godine najavljeno je predstavljanje još devet novih modela.

Launches the Crystal 140 The Crystal 140 was designed for the owner’s private use and his desire to have the yacht dedicated to hosting his family and friends. The most important is the spacious sun-deck that includes a large zone towards the stern with settees and lounge chairs, while the Jacuzzi has been moved forward. The same deck hosts a TV screen for guest entertainment. Benetti is also pleased to announce the new sale of the sixth unit (hull BF106) of Vivace 125, to be delivered in 2017.

2015 results surpass expectations Ferretti Group presented its higher than expected results for 2015. Moreover, the Group also announced the entry of F Investments S.A., a holding controlled by the Ferrari family, into the share capital of Ferretti International Holding S.p.A. by the acquisition of 13.2% of the share capital. Despite persisting difficult market conditions, the consolidated production value has been 410 million euros. The EBITDA turned positive for the first time in the past four years and equals seven million euros. The six Ferretti yachts, Riva, Pershing and Custom Line models presented in 2015 have been the absolute growth drivers of the year and nine new yachts will be ready to debut this year.


Rasne performanse i luksuz Pod motom Speed & Style, dva vozača Formule 1, Nico Rosberg i Lewis Hamilton, iskušala su luksuznu jahtu MercedeseBenz Style Arrow 460 Granturismo i brzi gliser Cigarette Racing 50 Marauder AMG Monaco Concept, nadahnut trenutnim bolidom momčadi Mercedes AMG Petronas u Formuli 1. Da se ne bi previše udaljili od asfalta, vozači su pokazali što znaju i za upravljačem najnovijeg kabrioleta Mercedesove klase S.

Racing Performance Meets Modern Luxury With the motto ‘Speed & Style’, the two drivers from the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 Team, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, demonstrated that the worlds of modern luxury and racing performance blend perfectly under the Mercedes-Star – both on water and on land. Hamilton showed the world of performance with the ‘Cigarette Racing 50 Marauder AMG Monaco Concept’, inspired by the current Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 car, which he also brought to the event. Meanwhile, Rosberg demonstrated the world of modern luxury with the S-Class Cabriolet and the Mercedes-Benz Style luxury motor yacht ‘Arrow460 – Granturismo’.


Yachtualno 70

Greenline 48

Greenline Hybrid


Greenline 33

Greenline 36 - NEW 2016

Greenline 40

Greenline 48

OceanClass 20M - NEW MODEL ATAL NAUTIKA d.o.o. Authorized dealer for ADRIATIC, AUSTRIA, SLOVAKIA AND CZECH REPUBLIC T: +386 3 492 4000 | M: +386 51 64 64 20 | & | |


Yachtualno 95 Yacht


Dva nova ureda na Jadranu

Two new offices at the Adriatic

Sunseeker London Group, vodeći globalni distributor jahti Sunseeker, nastavlja rast šireći se na područje Jadrana uz otvaranje dva nova ureda, u Hrvatskoj i u Crnoj Gori. Sunseeker Adriatic Group, koja pokriva područje Hrvatske, Crne Gore, Srbije, Albanije, Slovenije i Bosne i Hercegovine, bit će službeni zastupnik i uvoznik plovila Sunseeker u tim zemljama. Prva dva ureda bit će otvorena u Hrvatskoj i u Crnoj Gori početkom srpnja 2016. godine, a sjedište Sunseeker Adriatica će biti smješteno u Zagrebu. Ured u Hrvatskoj bit će pored hotela Le Meridien Lav u Splitu, a središnji salon za Crnu Goru nalazit će se u ekskluzivnoj marini Porto Montenegro. ‘Prepoznali smo Jadran kao zanimljivo područje, na kojem ćemo pronaći nove klijente, ali i postojeće vlasnike Sunseeker plovila, pružajući im našu uslugu i potporu. Drago nam je da ćemo ih potaknuti da zaplove jednim od najljepših predjela za plovidbu u Europi’, izjavio je Christopher Head, direktor prodaje Sunseeker London Group. Sunseeker London je imenovao Marka Torića za glavnog direktora Sunseeker Adriatic Group. Uz svoje široko poznavanje Sunseekera koje je stekao radeći već deset godina u toj kompaniji, te uz svoje pomorsko iskustvo, kao i strast prema brendu Sunseeker, on je pun pogodak za tu poziciju u Sunseeker Adriatic Group. Torić će raditi uz bok veoma iskusnom timu inženjera, konzultanata za čarter i prodajnog osoblja – svi oni imaju dugogodišnje iskustvo unutar Sunseekera. ‘Ovo je veliki korak naprijed, ne samo za mene osobno, nego i za brend Sunseeker u našoj regiji. Sunseeker London Group je vodeći svjetski distributor za taj brend i ponosan sam što sam dio ove grupe’, izjavio je Marko Torić. ‘Naša prisutnost na tržištu donosi desetljeća znanja u ovu regiju, uz jedinstvenu uslugu i mrežu podrške vlasnicima Sunseekera. Veselim se susretu s našim klijentima, a također mi je zadovoljstvo najaviti da ćemo biti prisutni na jesenskim sajmovima u Cannesu, Monacu i Southamptonu’, zaključio je Torić.

The Sunseeker London Group, the leading Worldwide Distributor of Sunseeker Yachts, is pleased to announce the expansion of their sales and service business into the Adriatic. The Sunseeker Adriatic Group, covering Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina will be the official dealer and importer of Sunseeker vessels in these territories. The first two offices are due to open in Croatia and Montenegro at the beginning of July 2016 and the Sunseeker Adriatic headquarters will be located in Zagreb. The Croatia office is opening by the Le Meridien Lav in Split and the flagship base for Montenegro cruisers will be in the exclusive Porto Montenegro. Christopher Head, Sales Director of the Sunseeker London Group, commented: ‘The Adriatic has been identified by us as an exciting area which will empower us to reach new and existing Sunseeker owners in the territory through providing service and support. We are looking forward to encouraging them to cruise in one of the most beautiful boating areas in Europe’. Sunseeker London have appointed Marko Torić as Managing Director of the Sunseeker Adriatic Group. With his extensive knowledge of the Sunseeker range, having worked within the Sunseeker family for ten years prior, a maritime background and his passion for the Sunseeker brand, Marko is well-placed to manage the Sunseeker Adriatic Group. Marko will be working alongside a highly experienced team of service engineers, charter consultants and sales personnel; all who have more than a decade of experience within the Sunseeker family. Marko Torić commented: ‘This is a big step forward, not only for me personally, but for the Sunseeker brand in the region. Sunseeker London Group are the world leading distributor for the brand and being a part of this group fills me with pride. Our market presence brings decades of boating knowledge to the area with an unparalleled service division and support network for Sunseeker owners. I look forward to meeting our clients and I am also pleased to announce that we will be at the boat shows in Cannes, Monaco and Southampton.’


116 Yacht

131 Yacht


Navis Marine d.o.o. | Exclusive Distributor for Croatia and Serbia Vrbaniceva 22, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia | T +385 (0)1 4635 261 | F +385 (0)1 4635 281 | M +385 (0)98 278 275 Hotel Le Meridien Lav, 21000 Split, Croatia | M +385 (0)91 43 43 42 3 | | Skype: zadrog


Yachtualno ABSOLUTE 50 FLY

Apsolutan komfor Novi Absolute 50 Fly primjenjuje rješenja i koncepte tipične za najveće motorne jahte, zbog čega je svaki njegov dio apsolutno funkcionalan. Pogonski sustav IPS 600 odgovara mu savršeno, čineći ga pritom štedljivim, tihim i mirnim brodom. Unutrašnjost nije samo vrhunski funkcionalna, već i lijepa, a odiše klasičnim talijanskim stilom. Absolute 50 Fly ima tri kabine s krevetima za šest osoba, a tu je i četvrta, podjednako prikladna za još jednog gosta ili za skipera. Zahvaljujući većem broju pomičnih elemenata, prostori na Absolute 50 Fly su svestrani, pa tako čak tri odvojene zone mogu poslužiti i za pripremanje obroka, objedovanje ili sunčanje. Do kuhinje, odvojen kliznim staklenim vratima pokretanim električnim sustavom, nalazi se salon. Brod ima tri zone predviđene za sunčanje, sve tri po želji skrivene od znatiželjnih pogleda tendom s električnim sustavom otvaranja. Do fly palube uspinje se stubama koje su dio strukture nadgrađa, a ta je paluba opremljena svime potrebnim za opuštanje, druženje i pripremanje obroka na otvorenom. Na ovoj je palubi ugodno i skiperu i kopilotu, koji ondje, kao i na unutrašnjem upravljačkom mjestu, imaju na raspolaganju podesive naslonjače.

The absolute form of comfort The Absolute 50 Fly implements concepts and solutions typical of the biggest motor yacht, making room to every single detail’s functionality. The IPS-600 systems provide best performances, low consumption, silent movement and absence of vibration. Volumes and surfaces dimensions of the project show an absolute optimization of the indoor spaces, which beauty is reflected in the Italian design. The night area includes three cabins for a total of six guests. Moreover, the fourth aft cabin can host both an expert sailor and a guest. Thanks to the numerous sliding elements, the on board areas are such versatile that they can offer three spatial solutions for cooking, for lunch and sunbathing. This area is separated from the galley thanks to an electrical sliding glass. In the outdoor spaces, there are three different sunbathing areas. An electrical privacy sunshade offers protection from prying eyes. From a structural stairway, you can have access to the fly area that hosts a main sofa with dining room table, a side sofa and a further sunbathing with three single reclining backrests. The comfort marks also the space for the captain, whose driving seats (internal and fly ones) can have the double adjustable and reclining seat.



Novi Fiart 52 Fiart 52, koji će se premijerno predstaviti industriji u Cannesu, jahta je mediteranskog stila, građena, uređena i opremljena u klasičnom duhu Fiarta. Otmjeni 52 spaja sve moderne trendove, nudeći pritom vrlo visoku mogućnost prilagodbe željama kupaca i u pitanjima opremanja i rasporeda, broja i namjene prostorija. Svaki je tehnički detalj temeljen na inovaciji, pa je tako 52 prvi model Fiarta koji ima natkrivenu vanjsku kuhinju na krmi. Taj prostor može biti zatvoren po potrebi, s obzirom na trenutne vremenske uvjete, što ga čini podjednako upotrebljivim i za vrućih ljetnih i prohladnih zimskih dana.

The new Fiart 52 Scheduled to make its world premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival, the Fiart 52 is a yacht that although it retains quite a typical Mediterranean layout and plenty of signature Fiart Mare styling cues, introduces substantial design and thus architectural and functional innovations. This new model is the product of meticulous design that draws on Fiart Mare’s vast experience in the fast cruiser sector. The result is a sleek take on the concept that mirrors changing times and evolving demands by affording much broader scope for customisation of both the fit-out and deck plan. Every last technical and stylistic detail of the Fiart 52 is steeped in innovation too. For instance, the 52 is the very first Fiart Mare yacht to feature a deck dinette which is sheltered by the top and can be enclosed aft, creating a pleasant external space that can be climate-controlled to provide complete protection both from cold or heat.






Niccoloa Tommaseo 11 Rovinj, Hrvatska


Mario Cakar T: +385 98 9173 629 E: Gimmy Valente T: +39 335 5424835 E:












Projekt jahte s gornjim mostom


Virtualna stvarnost U trećoj od planiranih šest godina usavršavanja procesa gradnje s ciljem skraćivanja za čak 25%, Vripack je nedavno napravio golem korak. Primjenom tehnologije virtualne stvarnosti, studio je srezao trošak dizajniranja i projektiranja za nevjerojatnih 75%. Kreativni direktor Vripacka Bart Bouwhuis objašnjava: ‘Nakon nekoliko godina sporog napredovanja, nedavni napredak tehnologije virtualne stvarnosti sada je vrlo brz, što nam omogućava da tu tehnologiju primijenimo u fazi usavršavanja projekta, za što smo dosad koristili makete i prototipove. Trošak vezan uz izradu tih maketa sad je eliminiran, kao i vrijeme potrebno za njihovu izradu.’

Virtual Reality In their third of a six-year-mission to reduce the construction time of any new yacht by at least 25%, the Vripack Studio recently made another leap forward. By making use of Virtual Reality they manage to review both design and engineering and bring back fail cost by a staggering 75%. Creative director Bart Bouwhuis of Vripack explains: ‘After years and years of very low incremental growth the recent developments in Virtual Reality are exponential now and allow us to use this tool for our reviews instead of making mock ups, prototypes and prefabrication. So the cost related to that as well as the time consumption is now fully eliminated.’

Za svoju pedeset i petu godišnjicu, talijanski proizvođač jahti Rio Yachts predstavio je projekt jahte s gornjim mostom. Novi model, čiji dizajn potpisuje Marino Alfani, nazvan je Sport Bridge 68, a riječ je o dvadeset i jedan metar dugom krstašu s posebnim naglaskom na iskorištenju otvorenih prostora. Na pramcu, krmi te na gornjem mostu nalazit će se sofe sa stolovima, dok će sam gornji most biti natkriven fiksnim krovom. Unutar samog nadgrađa, nalazit će se prostrani salon sa stolom za objedovanje i kuhinjom, a u koritu broda osigurano je mjesta za četiri kabine za goste, uključujući i prostranu vlasničku kabinu te još jedan salon za goste. Kao i sve jahte dulje od dvadeset metara, ovaj model će imati i odvojenu kabinu za posadu. Sport Bridge 68 prvi je model s gornjim mostom ovoga proizvođača nakon popularnog desetmetarskog Rio 35 Fly, koji je predstavljen još sredinom devedesetih. S projektom Sport Bridge 68, Rio Yachts nastavlja širenje svoje game modela prema luksuznijem segmentu tržišta.

New concept sport bridge Italian boat builder Rio Yachts is celebrating their 55th birthday in style, presenting a new sport bridge model. Designed by Marino Alfani, the 21 meter long cruiser Sport Bridge 68 is a yacht for the outdoorsy yachtsmen, with plenty of open spaces for entertaining and relaxing. The upper bridge has a hard top, and is essentially one giant lounge with cozy sofas and tables, as are the aft and the bow of the main deck. Inside the 68 has another large salon, a diner and a galley, while the lower deck houses three guest cabins and master, as well as another lounge. As is customary on yachts over twenty meters in length, the 68 will have dedicated crew spaces. Sport Bridge 68 is the first upper bridge model for the builder after the popular Rio 35 Fly which debuted back in late 90s, and the first of the models looking to find their place in the luxury segment of the market.

Sea Ray 250 SunSport

new model

fully equipped + Mercuriser 300HP

½ ready for delivery

new model

Sea Ray 19 SPX Outboard fully equipped + Mercuriser 150HP

½ ready for delivery

Uvala Baluni 8 / 21000 Split / tel +385 21 40 77 04 /


Sea Ray L590 Na velikom štandu na ovogodišnjem nautičkom sajmu u Cannesu, Sea Ray će predstaviti najnoviji model svoje popularne serije L-Class (kojoj je ovo također premijera na europskom tržištu), model L590. ‘Presretni smo što ćemo u Cannesu predstaviti model L590’, izjavio je Luca Brancaleon, direktor prodaje Sea Raya. ‘Nema bolje pozornice za premijeru od Cannesa. Prošle smo godine predstavili model L650 Fly, još jedan u nizu uspješnih modela iz serije L i ujedno najveći, a ove godine dodajemo L590 i povećavamo broj krasnih modela na tržištu.’


Comitti i u Hrvatskoj Zagrebačka tvrtka Navis marine postala je zastupnik i za plovila Comitti. Taj brend osnovan je prije točno 60 godina na jezeru Como u Italiji i proizvodi ekskluzivne retro glisere koji inače imaju sjajne performanse zahvaljujući sportski projektiranim koritima. Iz Navisa posebno najavljuju novi model Venezia 31, čija će premijera biti u Cannesu u rujnu, a s dva motora od 240 konjskih snaga nova Venezia bi trebala postizati čak 47 čvorova maksimalne brzine.

Sea Ray L590 With a bigger display this year at Cannes Yachting  Festival Sea Ray will unveil the latest model in its popular L-Class line-up, the exquisite L590, marking the first time this L-Class yachts will appear on the European market. ‘We’re thrilled to introduce the L590 at the Cannes Yachting Festival,’ said Luca Brancaleon, Sea Ray Boat Group Director of International Yacht sales. ‘There’s no better stage for a debut of this caliber than Cannes. Since last year’s show, when we debuted the flagship L650 Fly, the L-Class has been met with tremendous acclaim. Adding the L590 to the fleet further rounds out the premium selection we’re able to offer to boaters.’

Comitti in Croatia Zagreb-based Navis marine recently became Comitti dealer for Croatia. The brand, founded 60 years ago at Lake Como, makes one type of the boat only – but the best one: retro-looking speedboats whose impeccably designed hulls allow them significant speed. Navis is especially proud to present the Venezia 31, which is set to debut in Cannes this September. Powered by two 240-hp engines, Venezia 31 will reach 47 knots of top speed.


Chris Craft Corsair 25 Slovenska tvrtka Atal zastupnik je za legendarne američke Chris Craft glisere, plovila koja plijene stilom i kvalitetom, te pripadaju gornjem segmentu tržišta takozvanih ‘day cruisera’. Njihov model od 25 stopa Corsair 25 može se vidjeti i na Jadranu. Ta privlačna brodica privezana je u Opatiji, a karakterizira je bezvremenski dizajn koji ima samo jedan uzor – talijansku Rivu. Ovaj model podsjeća na američke glisere s početka prošlog stoljeća koje su koristili najbogatiji pojedinci te epohe, a danas u ruhu modernog klasika.

Chris Craft Corsair 25



If you’re interested in purchasing any of the Chris Craft models, look for Atal, Slovenian dealer of the brand. Stylish and durable, these top-tier day cruisers have been popular for over a decade. The lovely 25-feet Chris Craft Corsair, somewhat reminiscent of the Italian legend Riva, can be seen in Opatija. The timeless beauty brings to mind the golden era of speedboats, and is a real modern classic.

la g

nc ha


ne w

available i

m er

full range in our fleet - from 38 to 62 feet

42 – n oo


Charter management in the Heart of the Adriatic

am Uvala Baluni 1 / 21000 Split / CROATIA / / tel +385 21 407 703; +385 21 407 705 /

tp r o gr

Owning a Lagoon catamaran through our charter management program is – easy and carefree with Nautika centar Nava as a reliable partner since 1990 and official Lagoon distributor for Croatia – an enjoyable experience because we worry about all the paperwork, lease payments, bookings, maintenance – perfect for exploring the top sailing destination – the Heart of the Adriatic


Yachtualno ELAN

Serija GT Elan Marine postavlja nove standarde u segmentu brzih cruisera s modelom GT5, najavljenim za jesen. ‘Nakon mnogo godina razvoja i dizajna ponosno predstavljamo novi koncept, seriju GT, koja je jedinstvena u svakom pogledu, od dizajna i estetike, preko funkcionalnosti i komfora, pa sve do sigurnosti i performansa’, izjavio je direktor dizajna Elana Igor Zupan.

GT series Elan Marine sets new standards in fast cruising yachts segment with the launch of the new Elan GT5 this autumn. ‘After many years of study and design, we are proud to announce the beginning of a new concept in yacht design. The GT range is truly unique in the market in terms of design, performance, safety and comfort,’ commented Chief Designer at Elan, Igor Zupan.


Neel 51 Jedrenje na višetrupcima danas je popularnije no ikada, a novi hit u ovom segmentu tržišta pripada trimaranima. Tvrtka Neel je vrlo aktivna u tom području, a između postojećih plovila od 45 i 65 stopa odlučili su napraviti model koji bi bio i brz i udoban. Tako su najavili trimaran od 51 stope koji ima sve karakteristike njihovih plovila, prikladnih za plovidbu na oceanima. Neel 51 ima četiri kabine, četiri toaletna prostora i udobni gornji most. Proizvodnja prvog primjerka je započela i on će biti predstavljen u ožujku sljedeće godine na sajmu u La Grand Motteu. The sailing on multihull is more popular then ever. New kids on the block in this segment of market are trimarans, and company Neel seems to be very active in this field. Between the Neel 45, and the exceptional Neel 65, there was space for the builder to offer a fast, comfortable boat. They announced a brand new model in its range, a 51-footer trimaran which incorporates the well-known qualities of these ocean cruising trimarans. The Neel 51 is equipped with four double cabins including an owner’s suite and four bathrooms and a comfortable flybridge deck. The production of the first unit has started and new 51 will be ready in March 2017 and will be exhibit on La Grande Motte boat show in April 2017.



Novi standard Prvi i trenutno jedini brod ove duljine s ovoliko inovativnih detalja, Solaris 47 je savršena velika jedrilica za one koji ne vole ploviti u većem društvu. Sa svega četiri vitla u blizini upravljačkog mjesta, Solaris 47 je prikladna i za jednog skipera. Na modelu su kokpit za skipera i kokpit za goste odvojeni, a odvojeno je (i lako dostupno) spremište za splav za spašavanje, kao i vodonepropusno spremište za jedra.

Redefines the market standards Solaris 47 is the first and at the moment the sole boat of her size to offer a bunch of innovative features to handle a high performance sailing yacht with reduced crew. Self-taking jib recessed rail, only four winches placed close to the helm stations, that the helmsman can easily handle from his seat, full separation between the helm and the guest cockpits, easy accessible dedicated life raft compartment, wide water tight sail store are the essential features of this thoroughbred by Solaris.


Internautica 2016. I ove je godine Yacht-Pool sudjelovao na 21. nautičkom sajmu Internautica početkom svibnja. Na izvrsno posjećenom štandu, tvrtka je predstavila svoje osigurateljne i ostale proizvode i usluge, od kojih se posebice ističu vodeća nautička osiguranja na Jadranu. S tvrtkom Adriatic Wave, zastupnikom renomiranog talijanskog brodogradilišta Absolute, organizirali su svečani domjenak ‘Adriatic Premiere Party’, a bavili su se i ozbiljnim nautičkim temama u sklopu programa Safety at Sea.


Stane na svaku jahtu Proizvođač dasaka za SUP predstavlja nekoliko novih dasaka, a među njima i seriju opremljenu jedrom. Serija Mistral WindSUP CrossOver prva je takve vrste na svijetu i donosi daske na napuhavanje opremljene podesivim jarbolom. Izrađene su od superlaganih materijala, okretne, a, zahvaljujući podesivom jarbolu, i prikladne za svakakve uvjete jedrenja ovisno o brzini vjetra, dimenzijama jedra ili težini osobe. Daske su teške oko 7,5 kg, pa ubrzavaju izvanredno, a dostupne su u dimenzijama od 10 stopa i 11 stopa. Mistral je istovremeno razvio i rig za daske koji se može spremiti u paketić koji stane na svaki brod. Jarbol koji se da rastaviti na četiri dijela i boom koji se rastavlja na dva krasna su rješenja za svakoga tko želi avanturu u pokretu, jer kad se rastave, zauzimaju samo metar prostora. Mistral Sail je dostupan s dimenzijama jedara od 3,0 m2, 4,5 m2 i 5,3 m2.

Internautica 2016 Yacht-Pool was one of the participants of the 21st yachting show Internautica. The show proved to be a perfect platform for Yacht-Pool to present their many insurance products and services. With partner Adriatic Wave, dealer of Italian builder Absolute, Yacht-Pool organized the Adriatic Premiere Party. Yacht-Pool was also active in the Safety at Sea demo.

Fits into yacht storage space Mistral presents a brand new inflatable WindSUP - with a portable Sail - complete rig. The Mistral WindSUP CrossOver line is worldwide the first inflatable Standup Paddle Board with a adjustable mast-track position, made in the new superlight technology. The movable mast-track-plate guaranties a perfect trimming for all conditions, like different wind speed, variety of different sail sizes and different body weights. Because of the unbelievable Mistral super-light technology (board has only 7,5 kg) those boards are accelerating super fast on the water. The Mistral CrossOver WindSUP are available in two size 10’0 and 11’0. Mistral also developed an easy sail line for WindSUP (complete rig). The fantastic idea behind is the super portable pack size of those complete rigs. Because of four piece mast and a two piece boom, the pack size of this complete rig is only one meter short bag witch fits perfectly to any yacht storage space. Mistral Sail are available in sizes 3,0m2 - 4,5m2 - 5,3m2.







ABOUT DUFOUR YACHTS Dufour Yachts is one of the largest sailboat builders worldwide and offers 11 models of cruising yachts from 24 to 56 feet through a global network of more than 80 official dealers. Designed in partnership with Italian naval architect Umberto Felci, each model in the range combines elegant cruising comforts with exceptional sailing performance and unmatched build quality. Independently owned and operated by the management team, Dufour focuses exclusively on producing cruising monohull sailboats and has recently pursued an aggressive pace of product development launching 7 new models within the past 2 years.

Discover the full Grand Large range : WWW. DUFOUR-YACHTS.COM

For more information, please contact : Nikola Krasic Worldwide Charter Manager +385 (0) 91 553 3173



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Concours d’Elégance Nakon uspješne prve godine, drugi po redu Concours d’Elégance održat će se 8. rujna u Vieux Portu. Ova veličanstvena parada brodova jedinstven je događaj za ljubitelje vintage i modernih brodova manjih duljina, koja će ove godine kao temu imati povijest plovidbe za razonodu na Francuskoj rivijeri. Ljubitelji nautike i vlasnici takvih brodova svoje će ljepotice predstaviti stručnom žiriju na čijem će čelu biti gospođa Annette Roux, predsjednica nautičkog sajma u Cannesu.


Luksuzni plutajući otoci Njemačka tvrtka IPA International Procurement Agency međunarodni je zastupnik za luksuzne plutajuće otoke kuće Orsos Island GmbH. Plutajući otoci imaju niz prednosti nad klasičnim zemljištem ili kućom, ne zahtijevaju gradnju niti pribavljanje građevinskih dozvola, na njih se ne plaćaju visoki porezi, niti je za njih potrebno plaćati lučke pristojbe. Imaju jednako životnog prostora koliko i jahta od 60 metara duljine, no znatno su pristupačniji od jahte, ali jednako mobilni. Prilagodljivi kupcu uređenjem i rasporedom, privlačni su kao prestižna rezidencija i kao privatni ili komercijalni objekt druge namjene (hotel, restoran, kockarnica i sl.).

Swimming islands The company IPA International Procurement Agency from Germany makes the exclusive international sales and distribution for the ‘luxury floating islands’ of the company Orsos Island GmbH. The floating islands have a lot of advantages over a normal property: no costly land property and search for it needed, no tax, no port charges as a 60 meter yacht with similar living space etc. It is mobile, but may at any time choose the most beautiful place and leave it there. It has much better layout and use of space than in a yacht. The floating islands can not only be prestige objects, but are used for different purposes, private and commercial (hotel, restaurant, casino and others).

Concours d’Elégance Following the successful 2015 launch, the Cannes Yachting Festival is pleased to announce the 2nd Concours d’Elégance. This year’s event will take place on 8th of September 2016 in the Vieux Port and will provide a unique spectacle of rare vintage and modern day boats. It will be a truly spectacular occasion of appreciation for the rich history of yachting in the heart of the French Rivera. Nautical enthusiasts and owners will exhibit their day boats in front of a jury of experts, presided over by Annette Roux, president of Cannes Yachting Festival.


Posebne pogodnosti za žene Pomorsko učilište Adria Libar od ove sezone aktivno potiče udio žena u nautici. Posebne pogodnosti odnose se na popuste za žene kandidata koji su pohađali ili će pohađati tečajeve za upravljanje brodicama i jahtama u ovom učilištu. ‘Ovim pristupom želimo izraziti pozitivan stav o sudjelovanju žena u nautici i pomorstvu općenito, o čemu kroz godine rada svjedočimo vlastitim primjerom. Ovo je još jedna pogodnost za naše kandidate, a slijede i posebne cijene na tečajeve dodatnih osposobljenosti za nautički kadar u ljetnim mjesecima’, kazala je Katarina Barić, voditeljica obuke za upravljanje brodicama i jahtama.

Incentives for ladies This season Adria Libar maritime and yachting training center is adding special benefits for ladies looking to hone their yachting skills and get skipper license. Applicable for discount are wives of current candidates or graduates. ‘This discount is our way of getting ladies interested in yachting, as through years of our activity we’ve been noticing ever more interest from their part. We are also planning discounts for former candidates looking to add to their curriculum’, says Katarina Barić, head of the yachting training department.


Yachtualno 84




U novom vlasništvu

Acquired by Investment Corporation of Dubai

Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD), primarni odjel za ulaganja dubajske vlade, odnedavno je novi vlasnik marine i resorta Porto Montenegro. Ova transakcija označava prvo ulaganje ICD-a u Crnoj Gori i u segmentu marina, koje bi, prema očekivanjima analitičara, u idućih nekoliko godina trebali procvasti. ‘Ugledna i svjetski poznata marina Porto Montenegro za ICD predstavlja priliku ulaganja u već dobro uhodan stroj sa značajnim potencijalom za razvoj kako na tlu, tako i na vodi’, izjavio je direktor i CEO Investment Corporation of Dubai, Njegova Ekscelencija Mohammed Al Shaibani. Marina već ima 450 vezova te odobrenje za izgradnju još 400, kao i građevinske dozvole za razvoj dodatnih 280.000 četvornih metara, pa bi se u dogledno vrijeme projekt mogao udvostručiti površinom i postati najveća luksuzna marina na Sredozemnom moru. Ove je godine proširen i Porto Montenegro Yacht Club, u sklopu kojega se sad nalaze i sportski klub i teniski klub, 64 metra dugačak vanjski bazen i još jedan restoran.

The Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD), the principal investment arm of the Government of Dubai, announced that it has agreed to the purchase of Porto Montenegro Marina and Resort. The transaction marks ICD’s first investment in Montenegro and the yacht marina sector, both of which are expected to experience strong growth in coming years. ’The internationally renowned Porto Montenegro presents an opportunity for ICD to access a successful business with significant potential for development expansion, both in the marina and landside,’ said His Excellency Mohammed Al Shaibani, Executive Director and CEO of ICD. In addition to 450 berths already built and fully occupied, and with the necessary approvals in hand to build another 400 berths plus develop land with a BUA of 280,000 square meters, the resort has the potential to double in size and become the leading luxury yacht port on the Mediterranean. Also, the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club has expanded its offer for 2016 by incorporating Porto Montenegro’s Sports Club and Tennis Club into its structure alongside the iconic 64 meter outdoor pool and outdoor restaurant.



NEW Sporty and stylish, the new Leader 46, the largest model of the series, is ideal for quick getaways. She'll charm you with her classy interiors, sophisticated materials and unmatched building quality. Leader 46 is a promise of unforgettable moments.

Design: Garroni Design / Hull: J&J Design



Ljepota na jednom mjestu Luksuzna parfumerija u trgovačkom centru Joker u Splitu, osim ekskluzivnih brendova poput La Mera i Bobbi Brown, bogatog izbora mirisa, prestižne preparativne i dekorativne kozmetike, ali i usluga oblikovanja obrva koncem, masaže lica i šminkanja, svoju ponudu upotpunila je torbama i asesoarima luksuzne francuske kuće Lancel, čime je uistinu postala raj za svaku modernu ženu.


Zalazak sunca je povod za provod Mjesto ultimativne zabave i beskompromisnog odmora, hotel Regent Porto Montenegro ovog ljeta nudi sasvim nov koncept zabave - Sundowner. Spektakularni zalasci sunca nad zaljevom Boke postaju povod za dobar provod. Svi koji dođu u Italian Garden hotela svakog dana od 18.30 uživat će u nastupu DJ Tiffany, koktelima i osvježavajućem tapas meniju. Svakog petka nastupa bend uživo, a meni postaje bogatiji selekcijom laganih jela s otvorenog roštilja. Iz bogatog programa događanja u srpnju izdvajamo Večeru u noći punog mjeseca, 19. srpnja. Ovaj je događaj doživljaj za sva čula. Svečana večera od četiri ganga bit će služena pod vedrim nebom, na terasi Dining Room restorana i Italian Gardena, pod mjesečinom i svijećama. Igrači s vatrom donijet će dodatnu dozu magije. Večera počinje u 20.30.

All that beauty High-end drugstore Anabella Beauty Spot in Split’s Joker shopping center offers skincare, makeup and perfumes from exclusive brands like La Mer and Bobbi Brown, as well as various beauty-related services (eyebrow threading, facial massage, makeup). Recently the store added luxury handbags by Lancel to their offer, turning into a certified ladies’ paradise.

Sunset party The ultimate temple of fun and relaxation, Regent Porto Montenegro dazzles once more with a new concept: Sundowner party. Every day at 18:30 sharp guests of the Italian Garden can look forward to cocktails, tapas and music by DJ Tiffany. On Fridays the music will be live and the menu expanded by light summery grilled dishes. Regent Porto Montenegro has prepared an unforgettable summer party and event schedule, with an especially fun highlight on July 19 – the Full moon party for all senses. A four-course gala dinner will be served at 20:30, al fresco, on terraces of the Italian Garden and Dining Room restaurants, lit by candles and moonlight – and fire from the magical fire-eaters show.




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SALES, BROKERAGE Saltus d.o.o., Heinzelova 47a, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska T+385 (0)1 2383 660 · M+385 (0)98 279 729 ·


Svjetska premijera za novu Panameru Nova Panamera predstavila se svjetskim medijima 28. lipnja putem streama uživo, sa spektakularnog programa koji je uključivao svjetlosni show, glazbu i koreografiju. Taj sportaš među luksuznim limuzinama u svojoj drugoj generaciji sistematski je poboljšan od strane tvornice i nestrpljivo očekuje nove vlasnike.


World Cigar Smoking Championship I ove godine, splitski Cigar Club Mareva od 2. do 4. rujna organizira Svjetsko prvenstvo u dugom pušenju cigare. Centralni event u Splitu bit će veliko finale nakon 16 kvalifikacijskih turnira, koji su se održavali diljem svijeta, od Chicaga, New Yorka, preko Londona, Pariza i Rima do Tallinna i St. Peterburga. U Splitu će se tako okupiti najvještiji ljubitelji cigara, od kojih vrijedi najaviti najjače predstavnike Amerike i Rusije: Darrena Cioffija i Olega Pedana. U hedonističkom vikendu uživat će 150 gostiju iz tridesetak zemalja svijeta, koji će kroz bogat program eventa imati priliku upoznati Split i ljepote naše obale. Službeni program će uključivati neke od najljepših splitskih terasa, poput one novootvorenog hotela Park za prvu večeru, te terasu hotela Radisson Blu za drugu večeru. Dugogodišnji partneri tog jedinstvenog događanja, kao što su McLaren, Chivas Whiskey, Martell Cognac, Cigar Journal magazine i Cuervo y Sobrinos Watches, već su potvrdili svoj dolazak u Split. Split Cigar Club Mareva is once again hosting the World Cigar Smoking Championship. From September 2-4 the world’s best smokers – winners of 16 qualification rounds, held in Chicago, New York, London, Paris, Rome, Tallinn and St. Petersburg, Russia – will gather in Split to crown their champion. Top contenders for the title are Darren Cioffi (USA) and Oleg Pedan (Russia). The hedonist weekend will allow participants and guests from 150 countries to enjoy the delights of the city and its coast. The official program will take them to two of the city’s most beautiful private terraces – hotel Park on the first night, hotel Radisson Blu on the second. Partners of the unique event, McLaren, Chivas Whiskey, Martell Cognac, Cigar Journal magazine and Cuervo y Sobrinos Watches, have all confirmed the arrival of their representatives to Split..


World premiere for new Panamera On June 28, 2016, the new Panamera made its first major appearance before the international media in Berlin with a spectacular show of light, music and choreography. Porsche was streaming the world premiere of its new Gran Turismo live on the Internet. This luxury limousine and sports car in one now enjoys the second generation, now systematically improved by Porsche.






Biograd tel: 021 / 385 059; 091 / 2800 004 GOCKNUCNGUDKQITCF"DCQVKE[CEJVKPIEQO

Seget tel: 021 / 880 795; 091 / 2800 020 GOCKNUCNGUUGIGV"DCQVKE[CEJVKPIEQO

Zagreb tel: 01 / 2900 130; 091 / 2800 002 GOCKNUCNGU"DCQVKE[CEJVKPIEQO



U ritmu sambe


Hotel Martinis Marchi priprema vikend pun zabave, sjajne hrane i pića za svoje goste i prijatelje. Godišnja ljetna zabava Martinis Marchi ove će se godine održati 6. kolovoza s temom Brazila i olimpijskog duha. Vikend zabave počet će poslijepodne u petak 5. kolovoza ležernim roštiljem, a nastaviti se u subotu. Nezaboravna subota bit će ispunjena zabavnim aktivnostima i događanjima; poslijepodne će biti održana i najvažnija zabava – svečana ceremonija otvaranja sa živom glazbom, plesom, predstavama i sportskim aktivnostima u amfiteatru. Na terasi hotela bit će održana i gastronomska fešta, a gosti će moći uživati u najprepoznatljivijim jelima brazilske kuhinje. U večernjim satima zabava se nastavlja uz bazen ili unutar hotela, i dalje uz moto koji je hotel posudio od Olimpijskih igara: ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius!’ Daljnje informacije i ulaznice možete pronaći na

Samba style summer party


Royal Style Experience U samom srcu šibenske stare gradske jezgre, u obnovljenoj renesansnoj palači Marenci iz 15. stoljeća, smjestio se heritage boutique hotel Life Palace. U prizemlju rezidencije nalazi se kavana u renesansnom stilu, gdje se mogu kušati vrhunske slastice te uživati u prvoj jutarnjoj kavi uz bogate okuse mediteranskog doručka. Hotel Life Palace omiljeno je mjesto za ugodan ljetni ‘zalogaj’ i druženje uz čašu vrhunskog vina ili šampanjca. Šarmantan gradski trg te velika cvjetna terasa odlična su scenografija za gastro delicije na otvorenom. Heritage boutique hotel Life Palace with first class service and luxurious designed facilities, is placed in the center of the old town of Šibenik, in a restored renaissance Marenci palace from 15 century. On the ground floor of the luxurious residence is placed Life Palace’s Cafe & Patisseries, where you can taste selected sweets and enjoy your first morning coffee with the rich flavors of Mediterranean breakfast. Hotel Life Palace is the perfect place for a nice light summer ‘bite’ and socialize with a glass of wine or champagne. A charming town square, and a large flowerly terrace as a perfect scenography for gastronomic delights which can be enjoyed on the open.

Once again Martinis Marchi has prepared a weekend full of entertainment, excellent food and tasty drinks for their friends and guests. Annual Martinis Marchi Summer Party will be held on 6th of August celebrating the positive energy of Brazil and the start of the Olympic Games in Rio. The weekend of fun starts on Friday afternoon, the 5th of August, with a casual barbeque gathering. The main event will be on Saturday, the 6th of August. This will be an amazing day jam packed full of fun and excitement. During the whole day a mix of fun activites around Martinis Marchi will keep the guests entertained. Afterwards, in the late afternoon, an official Opening Ceremony will be held with live musical performances, a mixture of dance, fire & sports in the amphiteather. On the Martinis Marchi terrace a culinary feast will be prepared featuring some of the most fantastic examples of Brazilian lifestyle. To top the night off, guests will head inside the castle and rock out at the pool party living this year moto ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius!’ As the number of tickets is limited, booking in advance is reccomended..

Vibrant fusion of modern elegance and extraordinary experience in the heart of Croatia. A stylish, design - rich hotel complemented by exclusive villas, lively restaurants and bars, charming spa center and shops with luxurious brands, makes Croatiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s premier superyacht destination, D-Marin Mandalina, the unique lifestyle place on the Adriatic coast.

D-Resort Ĺ ibenik T:+385 22 331 452 E:

D-Marin Mandalina T: +385 22 460 800 E:


Dobrovoljni mirovinski fondovi AZ dobrovoljni mirovinski fondovi upravljaju s osam dobrovoljnih mirovinskih fondova, s tim da su dva otvorena, tj. dostupna svima, a šest ih je zatvorenih u suradnji s pojedinim poslodavcima. ‘Ukupno s 31. 5. 2016. imamo 135.722 člana u svim fondovima, te upravljamo s više od 1,94 milijarde HRK – što i po broju članova i po imovini premašuje 50% tržišta. Prinosi otvorenih fondova iznose prosječno godišnje 7,43% u AZ Profitu, te 7,03% u AZ Benefitu’, kazao je Krešimir Gjenero, direktor Allianz ZB d.o.o. društva za upravljanje dobrovoljnim mirovinskim fondovima. S obzirom na sve pokazatelje, broj članova, imovina pod upravljanjem te ostvareni prinosi, AZ fondovi su definitivno tržišni lider.

Voluntary pension funds OTP LEASING

Visoka razina dostupnosti klijentima Svojim desetogodišnjim iskustvom te konstantnim rastom tržišnog udjela, OTP Leasing je dobio potvrdu da je kvaliteta usluge koju pruža, te paleta proizvoda koju nudi, prepoznata i od strane klijenata te poslovnih partnera. OTP Leasing ima rasprostranjenu prodajnu mrežu podružnica (Zadar, Split, Pula, Rijeka, Zagreb, Varaždin, Osijek, Slavonski Brod), a i kroz mrežu poslovnica OTP Banke klijenti mogu realizirati svoj leasing aranžman. Na taj način osigurava se visoka razina dostupnosti klijentima. Između cjelokupne ponude leasinga, izdvojili bismo financiranje novih i rabljenih plovila svih tipova (jahte, jedrilice, katamarani, motorni brodovi, brodice, plovila za posebne namjene) uz fiksnu ili varijabilnu kamatnu stopu, u eurima ili kunama. Posebno izdvajamo leasing plovila putem operativnog i financijskog leasinga na rok do 84 mjeseca. I to financijski leasing uz mogućnost odgođenog plaćanja dijela učešća po povratu PDV-a, financiranje start up tvrtki za charter djelatnosti te sale & lease back uvoz plovila. Svaka ponuda može se prilagoditi individualnim potrebama i situaciji klijenta te karakteristikama plovila.

Always available The best guarantee of the quality of service and a wide range of the products which are recognized by clients and business partners is 10 years of experience and constant growth of the market share. With offices in all major cities (Zadar, Split, Pula, Rijeka, Zagreb, Varaždin, Slavonski Brod, Osijek), as well as through the OTP Bank office net, OTP Leasing is always available for advice on, among a range of leasing offer and financing of new and used vessels (yachts, sailboats, catamarans, motor boats, RIBs, work boats etc.) with fixed or floating interest rate, in kunas or euros. Ideal for boat owners is the 84-month operative or financial leasing with deferred payment after VAT return, while charter agencies and brokers will find interesting the start-up and the sale&lease back leasing. All services are fully customizable to the needs of the client and type of the vessel.

AZ voluntary pension funds manage eight pension funds; two of them open for public and six for big clients. ‘As of May 31, 2016, we have 135.722 pension fund members and manage over 1,94 billion HRK, which both surpasses 50% of the funds on the market. Yields for open funds have on average been ranging from 7,43% for the AZ Profit package to 7,03% for the AZ Benefit’, says Mr. Krešimir Gjenero, CEO of Allianz ZB d.o.o. voluntary pension fund, whose number of members, yield and assets make it an obvious market leader in the segment.



yacht training adrialibar


Proslava 2400. rođendana Stari Grad na Hvaru mali je turistički grad čije je glavno obilježje slojevita povijest koja je mnogim svojim sastojcima ulančana u univerzalni, posebno mediteranski prostor. Proslava 2400 godina od utemeljenja - 384. - popraćena je mnogim kulturnim, sportskim i zabavnim događanjima. Ova velika obljetnica potvrda je višestoljetnog kontinuiteta, ali i zalog budućnosti. Od 2008. najstariji dio grada je pod UNESCO-ovom zaštitom kao Protected World Heritage Site, a ta titula je više nego zaslužena zato što je Starogradsko polje prekrasno jednako kao što je povijesno važno. Klapsko pjevanje koje je na UNESCOovoj listi nematerijalne kulturne baštine od 2012. godine, ujedno je i dio života otočana, stoga se nemojte iznenaditi čujete li klapu kako pjeva ispred kafića ili pak na rivi bez posebnog razloga. Hrvatska gradska glazba Stari Grad ove godine slavi 140. obljetnicu od osnutka pa su pripremili ciklus koncerata koji će se održavati tijekom čitavog ljeta. Degustacija hrvatskih vina i izložba antičkog kruha na rasporedu su 19. srpnja, a sve do 22. srpnja za najmlađe se održava ljetna škola gitare GITARASTRA, čiji će polaznici upriličiti niz koncerata svake večeri u crkvi sv. Ivana. U ljetnikovcu Petra Hektorovića 30. srpnja održat će se susret čakavskih pjesnikinja otoka Hvara, koje će recitalima poezije prisutne uvesti u zvjezdanu noć. Violončelistica Ana Rucner održat će 5. kolovoza koncert na starogradskoj rivi, a 16. kolovoza obilježava se Fešta sv. Roka i proslava Dana grada Staroga Grada s bogatim programom i autohtonim doživljajima. Krajem kolovoza slijedi 41. Faros maraton, međunarodno prvenstvo Hrvatske u daljinskom plivanju, kada će na stazi u starogradskom zaljevu zaplivati najbolji europski i svjetski maratonci.

Voditelj brodice kategorije C do 30 BT Zapovjednik jahte kategorije A do 100 BT Zapovjednik jahte kategorije B do 500 BT Programi dopunskih osposobljenosti za upravljanje brodicama i jahtama

Šibenik | Zadar | Split Rijeka | Zagreb POMORSKO UČILIŠTE ADRIA LIBAR T: +385 (0)22 201 175

Happy 2400th birthday The picturesque Stari Grad on the isle of Hvar is a lovely little tourist town with long and layered history. This typical Mediterranean small town founded in 384 b.C. is this year celebrating its 2400thh birthday and throwing the largest party in the Med. This important anniversary will through culture, sport and entertainment events celebrate the history and ring in the future of Stari Grad. Since 2008 the city core has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list, as have the Stari Grad Plain and the island’s klapa a cappella music. The music is part of everyday life on the island, so don’t be surprised if you encounter singers in the street, singing for apparently no reason. The Stari Grad city orchestra is also celebrating a big anniversary this year – their 140th, which they will observe with summer-long concerts. Children and young adults can learn how to play instruments during the Gitarastra summer school (until July 22). The island will turn into one giant diner on July 19, when the wine and bread days begins. The stage will move to Petar Hektorović’s summer villa on July 30, with the chakavian poetess recital, cellist Ana Rucner will hold a concert on the city promenade on August 5. The town’s favorite party, St. Rocco’s procession will take place on August 16, followed by the Stari Grad day celebration. The summer will end with the 41st Faros marathon, international open water swimming championship attracting numerous local European and international swimmers.


Coordinates: 44° 05' 44" North 15° 10' 32" East


ZaĹĄto je vaĹžno odabrati proizvode bez suviĹĄnih sastojaka? THE BEST SMALL MARINA ON THE ADRIATIC COAST! â&#x20AC;&#x17E;19th Tourism Flower - Quality for Croatia 2015/2016.â&#x20AC;&#x153; Olive Island Marina is a small club marina with 200 berths. In a small, but well-organized area there is a pool with bar, beach, playground, restaurant, sun deck and beautiful gardens. A rich and high-quality cuisine contributed in being an also very popular transit port in addition to the permanent berths. Marina is located on the Island of Ugljan across the town of Zadar what is great because you can go there for take dinner or in sightseeing. Our taxi boat is always aviable for these conection and it takes 10 minutes directly to the old town. Into marina we can take boat maximum till 24 meters and outside on wave braker more than 60 meters.

Danas se na policama duÄ&#x2021;ana sve viĹĄe nalaze zdravije varijante proizvoda kao ĹĄto su mesne preraÄ&#x2018;evine koje ne sadrĹže pojaÄ?ivaÄ?e okusa, bojila, gluten ili soju, koji mogu imati ĹĄtetno djelovanje na organizam. Naime, poznato je da glutamat kao najÄ?eĹĄÄ&#x2021;e koriĹĄteni pojaÄ?ivaÄ? okusa blokira osjeÄ&#x2021;aj za sitost te nas tako potiÄ?e da viĹĄe jedemo. Isti efekt punoÄ&#x2021;e okusa moĹžemo postiÄ&#x2021;i sinergijom djelovanja zaÄ?ina i mesa, gdje se hrana lakĹĄe probavlja, a hranjivi sastojci se u potpunosti iskoriĹĄtavaju. Upravo prirodni zaÄ?ini poput kurkume, paprike, Ä&#x2018;umbira, ruĹžmarina i sl. zamjenjuju umjetna bojila za koje se danas zna da mogu imati negativan utjecaj na zdravlje, izazivati alergije, pojaÄ?avati simptome astme ili izazivati hiperaktivnost kod djece. Gluten je sastojak hrane koji ne smiju jesti osobe oboljele od celijakije, ali i osobe koje su na njega alergiÄ?ne ili intolerantne jer dovodi do reakcija kao ĹĄto su nadutost, grÄ?evi i druge probavne tegobe te uzrokuju umor i glavobolje. TakoÄ&#x2018;er, suhomesnati proizvodi koji su s oznakama bez soje znaÄ?ajno su kvalitetniji, jer znamo da udio bjelanÄ?evina koji je izraĹžen na deklaraciji u potpunosti pripada mesnom izvoru. S druge strane, soja koja se koristi kao zamjena za meso, ali i emulgator, zguĹĄnjivaÄ? i stabilizator moĹže biti takoÄ&#x2018;er potencijalni alergen. Mesne preraÄ&#x2018;evine pod brendom PIK primjer su proizvoda koji ne sadrĹže pojaÄ?ivaÄ?e okusa, umjetna bojila, gluten niti soju.

When it comes to food, less is more


Healthy versions of products we all love, like meat products containing no flavor enhancers, food coloring, gluten or soy, have been all the rage lately, and with good reason. Some of them can be especially harmful to the human body and have long-lasting effects. For example, one of the most widespread additives, glutamate - an infamous flavor enhancer â&#x20AC;&#x201C; is known to block the feeling of satiety, thus sending us down the spiral of overeating. These days the food industry is looking for alternative ways to give their products flavor, combining different spices to create an easily digestible product with no harmful ingredients, in which all the good ingredients can be used by the body. Natural, pure spices like turmeric, pepper, ginger or rosemary, are also ideal replacement for artificial coloring, main culprit for allergic reactions, hyperactivity in children and aggravation of symptoms related to asthma. Gluten is not only strictly prohibited to all suffering from the coeliac disease, but to all those having adverse reactions to it, like bloating, cramps, digestive difficulties, fatigue and headache. Finally, soy-free meat products are a better source of protein, as all the protein in the product is of the high-quality animal origin. Soy, a known allergen, is usually used as a meat alternative, but can be used as emulsifier, thickener or stabilizer. All PIK meat products are flavor enhancer, artificial coloring, gluten and soy free.

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Skup ljubitelja strasti i tehnologije Početkom lipnja na Bledu je započela Porsche Parade Europa 2016. u organizaciji Porsche kluba Slovenija i Porsche kluba Croatia. Tradicionalno, najviše su se odazvali Porsche klubovi Njemačke, a među sportskim automobilima Porsche prevladavao je Porsche 911. Bili su tu i ostali modeli, kao GT3 RS, GT4, klasični 356, 944 te replike 911 2,3 ST i 993 RSR. Svih 218 Porsche vozila nastavilo je put prema Postojni i Rovinju gdje je na parkiralištu Valdibora održana ‘Concourse d’Elegance’. Tom je prigodom stručna komisija izabrala najljepše automobile u raznim kategorijama. Nakon toga je uslijedila Porsche promenada na rovinjskoj rivi.

Porsche fan meeting Porsche Parade Europe 2016, a biannual fan meeting of Porsche owners, is this year organized by Porsche fan clubs of Slovenia and Croatia. Out of the 218 participants, most of them have come from Germany and the most ubiquitous model is the always popular 911. All 218 Porsches – the GT3 RS, the GT4, several classics like the 356 and the 944, as well as replicas 911 2,3 ST and 993 RSR – have started this year’s parade in Bled and ended in Rovinj (via Postojna) for the Concours d’Elegance. At the parade, the jury selected most beautiful cars in several categories, after which the German-made lovelies took a spin around the Rovinj promenade.

97 ww w.s port-v i brati ons .c om


Nove originalne usluge Esplanade Zagreb Hotel, u suradnji s Tesla Motors, u svojoj ponudi, kao prvi hotel u Hrvatskoj i u regiji, svojim gostima vlasnicima Tesla električnih automobila nudi mogućnost besplatnog punjenja njihovih vozila putem Tesla ‘destinacijskog punjača’. Također, gosti hotela Esplanade mogu unajmiti prijenosni mini router koji im omogućuje bezbrižno surfanje bilo gdje na području Zagreba i Hrvatske po jedinstvenoj cijeni od svega 45 kuna po danu. Prijenosni uređaj je bežični, malen i praktičan te služi za brzo povezivanje na internet mrežu u krugu do 100 metara. Mini router podržava istodobno spajanje do deset mobilnih uređaja - pametnih telefona, tableta ili laptopa, pa je idealan za prijatelje, obitelj ili manju grupu gostiju. Baterija traje do nekoliko sati, a gost uz uređaj dobiva i priključak za napajanje u automobilu. Uređaj je moguće koristiti prilikom šetnje gradom ili tijekom vožnje, i to na području cijele Hrvatske.

Original new services


The Esplanade Zagreb Hotel is teaming up with Tesla Motors and is proud to announce within its offer, as the first hotel in Croatia and in this part of Europe, how its guests and owners of the Tesla electric cars have the possibility of freely charging their vehicles with Tesla Destination Charger. The Esplanade Hotel has recently introduced the possibility of renting a portable mini router to its guests which allows them to surf care-free anywhere in Zagreb and Croatia at an incredible price of only 45 KN (6 €*) per day. The portable device is wireless, small and practical and can be used to quickly connect to an Internet network within 100 m. The mini router supports simultaneous connections of up to ten mobile devices namely smartphones, tablets or laptops. The ideal solution for friends, family or a small group of guests. The battery lasts up to several hours and guests with the device also receive a power connector for the car. The device can be used while strolling around the city or while driving throughout Croatia.


King Love i King Caramel Adventure King Love i King Caramel Adventure dva su nova King sladoleda jedinstvenih, neodoljivih i potpuno novih okusa. King Love ima prozračnu i pjenastu čokoladnu mousse teksturu okusa jagode. U samoj srži ove kraljevske slastice čeka vas inovativno iznenađenje kakvo još niste mogli nigdje probati – srcoliko punjenje od jagode s komadićima jagode, a trostruki preljev od mekane bijele čokolade, jagode i mliječne čokolade s crispy posipom potpuno će vas očarati. King Caramel Adventure, pak, odlikuje aromatični butterscotch okus, a sladoled je punjen preljevom okusa slane karamele te također ima specifičan trostruki preljev (mekana bijela čokolada, slana karamela i bijela čokolada sa štapićima badema). Ovo je prvi Ledo sladoled koji na savršen način kombinira okus slanog i slatkog u jedinstvenu kombinaciju. King već više od 20 godina biraju ljubitelji vrhunskih užitaka, hedonisti u vječnoj potrazi za novim, savršenim okusima. I kada pomislite da ste isprobali sve moguće kombinacije, King ponovno oduševi nečim potpuno novim, drugačijim, revolucionarnim. Iako se okusi kroz godine mijenjaju, ono što je svim King sladoledima zajedničko može se okarakterizirati u svega dvije riječi: kraljevski sladoled. King krase božanstveni okusi i sastojci premium kvalitete.

King Love and King Caramel Adventure Two new flavors from Ledo, King Love and King Caramel Adventure will make your summer more decadent. Unique and irresistible, King Love is a chocolate mousse ice cream with a heart-shaped strawberry center. Covered in three layers of magic shell – white chocolate, strawberry syrup and milk chocolate crisp – it will leave you wanting even more. King Caramel Adventure, the first Ledo ice cream to bring together savory and sweet, is a butterscotch ice cream with a salted caramel center and a triple magic shell layer (white chocolate, salted caramel and almond slivers in white chocolate). King ice cream has been the delight of all ice cream fans for two decades, number one choice of hedonists always looking for the next sweet kick. Just when you think you’ve tried it all, King will come up with a delightful new flavor, never changing the core values that makes it the king of ice creams: premium ingredients and heavenly flavors.


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SHARP&SMART MB&F Stolni i zidni sat oblika ovećeg pauka izrađen je ručno i sastoji se od 128 komponenata. Arachnophobia, koja u nekima budi strah, a neke intrigira, dostupna je u dvije boje – zlatnoj i crnoj – ovisno o izboru materijala. A Spider table clock and wall clock comprises no fewer than 218 components. Arachnophobia is available in two colours, yellow gold and black, which required different metals for the legs.

GRAMOVOX Bluetooth Gramophone 2.0 savršen je spoj vintage estetike i suvremene tehnologije. Doživite modernu glazbu s gramofonom od stručno obrađenoga čelika i punog drva oraha. Bluetooth Gramophone 2.0 is the perfect marriage of vintage aesthetics and modern technology. Experience modern music through an expertly-crafted steel horn mated into a solid block of walnut.

COLORWARE Prednja ploha kontrolera Xbox One, te vrh i dno konzole pozlaćeni su 24-karatnim zlatom za verziju kuće ColorWare, jedinu na svijetu sposobnu izvesti toliko neobičnu prilagodbu željama klijenta. The front panel of the Xbox One controller and the top and bottom drive panel of the console have been gilded with a rich, 24k Gold treatment thanks to the ColorWare, the only company in the world where you can create your own bespoke electronic device.



Yachts Style

SHARP&SMART NAPAPIJRI Vjetroviti krajolici i nepredvidiva ćud prirode poslužili su kao inspiracija za najnoviju Napapijri Geographic kolekciju. The latest Napapijri Geographic collection was inspired by windy landscapes and unpredictable nature.

FREYWILLE Dva savršena Freywille parfema, Sphinx Magique i Innocent, ujedinjuju kreativnost i umjetničko stvaranje. Sphinx Magique otkriva nježan buket elegancije, dok je Innocent posvećen sjećanju na romantične šetnje kroz borove šume. Two fabulous Freywille scents, Sphinx Magique and Innocent, combine creativity and artistic expression. Sphinx Magique is soft, floral and elegant scent evoking summer morning breeze, while Innocent brings to mind long walks through pine woods.

TOSCA BLU Mekana koža vrhunske kvalitete, elegantni detalji i šarenilo boja čine sandale Tosca Blu ‘must have’ komadom ove sezone. Soft, buttery leather, stylish details and vivid colors make the Tosca Blu sandals a must-have of the season.




Nakon konceptualne vizije BMW VISION NEXT 100, dvije najnovije interpretacije mobilnosti u budućnosti dolaze iz kreativnih radionica kultnih britanskih brendova MINI i Rolls-Royce - koncept MINI VISION NEXT 100 te koncept Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100. Tipično BMW-ovo zadovoljstvo u vožnji u samom je srcu vozila BMW Vision Vehicle i u godinama koje su ispred nas. Vozači BMW-a će i dalje htjeti sami voziti veći dio vremena, dok će neprekidna povezanost, digitalna inteligencija i najmodernije tehnologije poboljšavati konačni doživljaj vožnje. Ključna ideja koja se krije iza koncepta MINI VISION NEXT 100 leži u odgovornom korištenju resursa za osobnu mobilnost. Slogan ‘Svaki MINI je moj MINI’ iza sebe krije inovativnu ideju dijeljenja automobila, pri čemu će ljubitelji MINI vozila u budućnosti moći pristupiti svakom MINI-ju i prilagoditi ga svojim vlastitim sklonostima, bilo gdje i u svakom trenutku. A potpuno autonoman, Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 diže luksuz na sasvim novu razinu. Unutrašnjost ovog konceptualnog vozila bit će privatna oaza u kojoj će virtualna pomoćnica Eleanor upravljati vozilom

te se brinuti da sve želje putnika budu ispunjene. Zadivljujuća vanjština vozila, s elegantnim jednodijelnim staklenim krovom, vjetrobranskim staklom i prozorima koji se skupa otvaraju poput školjke te vratima koja se otvaraju prema natrag, omogućava putnicima u vozilu da jednostavno ustanu i iskorače iz vozila te da uvijek izgledaju kao sam primjer uglađenosti i ukusa. Nastavljajući svoje naslijeđe proizvodnje posebnih karoserija, marka Rolls-Royce je razvila ideju ‘osobne vizije’, koja će pružati mogućnost jedinstvenih, ručno rađenih karoserija, nenadmašnu majstorsku izradu i materijale najviše kvalitete – pravo remek-djelo, jedinstveno kao i otisak prsta njegovog vlasnika. Following the BMW VISION NEXT 100, the two latest interpretations of future mobility come from MINI and Rolls-Royce - MINI VISION NEXT 100 and Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100. In the years ahead, the BMW Vision Vehicle has typical BMW driving pleasure at its core. BMW drivers will want to continue driving themselves most of the time and constant connectivity,

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digital intelligence and cutting-edge technologies will enhance the ultimate driving experience. The key idea behind the MINI VISION NEXT 100 is responsible use of resources for personal mobility. The motto ‘Every MINI is my MINI’ is about innovative car-sharing, with MINI fans of the future able to access and tailor any MINI to their own personal preferences, anywhere and at any time. Fully autonomous, the Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 takes luxury to a new dimension. The interior of the Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 will be a ‘Grand Sanctuary’ in which a virtual assistant, Eleanor, not only drives the vehicle but also fulfils the customer’s every wish throughout the journey. The stunning exterior, with an elegant clamshell canopy and coach door, allows passengers simply to stand up and step out of the vehicle, ensuring they are the picture of refinement and taste wherever they arrive. Picking up on its coachbuilding heritage, the Rolls-Royce has developed the ‘Personal Vision’ which will deliver unique coachbuilt bodies, exquisite handcraftsmanship and the finest materials a bespoke masterpiece which is as unique as the fingerprint of its owner.




Mercedes-Benz s prvim kabriolet modelom baziranim na C-klasi zaokružuje svoju ponudu kabrioleta s klasičnim mekanim krovom. Ovaj sportski četverosjed ima izražajni izgled i prepoznatljivi karakter. Jako nategnuti mekani krov sa staklenim prozorom harmonično prelazi u prepoznatljivo stilizirani stražnji kraj, koji ima jako sportski izgled sa svojim širokim ramenim i tankim LED stražnjim svjetlima. Gledajući sa strane, produžena padajuća linija se nastavlja preko luka stražnjih kotača i ističe tipične značajke Mercedes-Benz dizajna. Detalji visoke kvalitete uključuju kromirane obloge na A-nosaču i obrubu vjetrobrana, kao i bočne ukrasne letvice koje se produžuju sve do odjeljka za spremanje mekanog krova. U osnovnoj izvedbi mekani krov dolazi u crnoj boji, dok je opcijski dostupan kao višeslojni akustički mekani krov u tamnosmeđoj, tamnocrvenoj ili crnoj boji. Krov također zadovoljava visoke standarde kvalitete u smislu trajnosti i funkcije pa se može otvoriti i zatvoriti za manje od 20 sekundi do brzine od 50 km/h. Cabriolet je opcijski dostupan s AIRCAP električkim sustavom za sprečavanje propuha i AIRSCARF1

grijanjem vrata putnika – za izvanrednu udobnost tijekom vožnje s otvorenim krovom 365 dana u godini. Učinkoviti, snažni motori s rasponom snage od 115 do 375 kW (156 do 510 KS) i ovjesom koji je projektiran za dinamične performanse (uz opcijski AIRMATIC zračni ovjes) osiguravaju sportsko agilno upravljanje. Novi 9G-TRONIC automatski mjenjač dostupan je uz sve izvedbe motora, a u automobilu su ugrađeni dokazani sustavi pomoći vozaču i najmoderniji informacijsko-zabavni sustavi. Nova C-klasa Cabriolet u prodaju kreće ovog ljeta. With the first cabriolet based on the C-Class, Mercedes-Benz is rounding off its range of cabriolets with a classic fabric soft top. The new cabriolet’s design interprets modern luxury with a youthful touch. Its tightly stretched soft top with glass window transitions harmoniously into the distinctly styled rear end, which has a highly sporty look with its wide shoulders and flat LED tail lights. At the sides, an elongated dropping line extending over the rear wheel arch lends an emphasis typical of

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Mercedes-Benz design. High-grade details include chrome trim on A pillar and windscreen as well as a beltline moulding, which extends as far as the soft-top compartment. The fully automatic classic cabriolet fabric soft top comes in black in the basic variant or is optionally available with a multi-layer acoustic soft top in dark brown, dark blue, dark red or black. The top also meets high quality standards in terms of durability and function. It can be opened and closed in less than 20 seconds up to a speed of 50 km/h. The cabriolet is optionally available with the AIRCAP automatic draught stop system and AIRSCARF neck-level heating â&#x20AC;&#x201C; for exceptional comfort during open-top driving 365 days a year. Efficient, powerful engines delivering between 115 and 270 kW (156 to 367 hp) and a suspension designed for dynamics (with optional AIRMATIC air suspension) ensure sportily agile handling. The new 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission is available for all engine variants. Also on board: proven assistance systems and state-of-the-art infotainment. The new C-Class Cabriolet launches in summer 2016.


Nova generacija modela A5 Coupé ima atletski nastup, sportski karakter te odiše elegancijom. Njegov dizajn ide ruku pod ruku sa sofisticiranom aerodinamičnošću. Ispod kože modela A5 nalazi se potpuno nova šasija, snažni motori te inovativne infotainment značajke i sustavi potpore za vozača. Elektromehanički servoupravljač također predstavlja novu razvojnu tehnologiju tvrtke Audi. On se prilagođava trenutnoj brzini vozila i pruža iznimno preciznu povratnu informaciju s ceste. Visokokvalitetni materijali u širokoj ponudi boja stvaraju posebice ugodan ambijent te naglašavaju premium karakter ovog modela vozila srednje veličine. U usporedbi s prethodnim modelom, popis standardne opreme još je izdašniji: ksenonska glavna svjetla s LED svjetlima za dnevnu vožnju te LED stražnja svjetla, LED svjetla u unutrašnjosti, Audi MMI radio plus sa 7” MMI zaslonom u boji, Bluetooth sučelje i funkcija punjenja preko USB priključka, višenamjensko kolo upravljača s tri kraka (uključujući ručice za izmjenu stupnjeva prijenosa), zatezači pojasa s mogućnošću namještanja visine, dinamični sustav rukovanja Audi dri-

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ve select i Audi pre sense city. Snažni 6-cilindarski motori omogućuju više užitka i učinkovitosti tijekom vožnje. Izlazna snaga dva TFSI i tri TDI motora znatno je narasla te sada iznosi između 140 kW (190 KS) i 210 kW (286 KS). Oni u usporedbi s prethodnim modelom nude i do 17 posto više učinka, pri čemu troše čak 22 posto manje goriva. Svi motori objedinjuju visoku učinkovitost sa sportskim razvojem snage i neometanim radom. Novi Audi A5 Coupé očekuje se na hrvatskom tržištu krajem 2016. The new generation of the A5 Coupé is athletic, sporty and elegant. Its design goes hand in hand with sophisticated aerodynamics. Under the skin the A5 impresses with an all-new chassis, powerful engines, and innovative infotainment features and driver assistance systems. The electromechanical power steering is also a new development from Audi. It adapts according to the vehicle’s current speed and provides highly precise road feedback. High-quality materials in a wide range of

colors provide for a particularly pleasant ambiance and underscore the premium character of the mid-sized model. Compared with the previous model, the list of standard equipment is even more generous: xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights and LED rear lights, LED interior lights, the Audi MMI radio plus with 7-inch MMI color display, Bluetooth and USB charging function, the three-spoke multifunction steering wheel (including shift paddles in models with automatic transmission), height-adjustable belt feeds, the Audi drive select dynamic handling system and Audi pre sense city. Powerful six-cylinder engines provide more driving pleasure and efficiency. The power output of two TFSI and three TDI units has increased considerably and is now between 140 kW (190 hp) and 210 kW (286 hp). Compared with the previous model, they offer up to 17 percent more performance while consuming as much as 22 percent less fuel. All the engines combine high efficiency with sporty power development and smooth running. The new Audi A5 Coupé will be launched in Croatia at the end of 2016.



Mazda RX-VISION, fantastični sportski konceptni automobil pokretan rotacijskim motorom, osvojio je nagradu za ‘najljepši konceptni automobil godine’. Nagrada koja se dodjeljuje za najvrednije postignuće u dizajnu automobila još je jedan kompliment kako impresivnim linijama Mazde RX-VISION, tako i dizajnerima koji su oblikovali ovaj sportski prototip. RX-VISION jasno pokazuje Mazdin izazivački duh i uistinu je dojmljiva interpretacija Mazdine filozofije dizajna ‘Kodo - duša pokreta’. Glatkih linija i agresivnih proporcija automobil doslovce vrišti performansama, dok istovremeno evocira Mazdinu bogatu baštinu sportskih automobila s motorom sprijeda i pogonom na stražnje kotače. Mazda je jedini proizvođač automobila koji je uspješno iskoristio ovu neobičnu tehnologiju i od nje ne odustaje. Rotacijski motor zahvaljujući svojoj kompaktnosti čini mogućim značajke poput ekstremno niskog prednjeg poklopca. Jedinstven je jer stvara snagu rotacijom triangularnih rotora, za razliku od tradicionalnog klipnog motora. Iako Mazda

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trenutno ne proizvodi takve motore serijski, razvija ih bez prestanka i jedan je takav motor ugrađen i u novi model. Pod imenom brenda SKYACTIV krije se niz tehnologija koje sve imaju isti cilj – sniženje potrošnje goriva uz istovremeno povećanje snage motora. Mazda RX-VISION koristi SKYACTIV i tako jamči vozaču jedinstveno iskustvo, predstavljajući tako viziju budućnosti koju bi mnogi bez sumnje željeli vidjeti i u serijskoj proizvodnji. The amazing sports concept Mazda powered by a rotary engine RX-VISION was recently awarded concept of the year award. Bestowed for the most noteworthy contribution to the evolution of automobile design, it’s another accolade for Mazda’s striking sports car prototype and, of course, for the company’s designers. In a nod to Mazda’s legacy of front engine, rear-wheel drive sports cars, RX-VISION’s sleek shapes, inspired by the company’s muchlauded KODO – Soul of Motion design philosophy, epitomize pure

performance. Its low-slung design also owes much to the compact nature of what is hidden under the bonnet, namely the next-generation SKYACTIV-R rotary engine. Mazda is the only car maker to make a market success of this unusual technology, and has never given up on it. Rotary engines are unique in that they generate power through the rotational motion of triangular rotors (unlike the reciprocating pistons in conventional automotive engines). Although not currently mass-producing any rotary models, Mazda never ceased its R&D activities. The car maker chose the SKYACTIV-R label for the next-generation rotary engine to express its determination to continue delivering its customers convention-defying technology and an uncompromising SKYACTIV experience behind the wheel. An exquisitely proportioned front-engine, rear-wheel drive model, the RX-VISION represents a ‘vision’ of the future that could only come from Mazda. And one that countless fans of the brand around the world hope will become a reality.



Infiniti Q30 Active Compact nova je vrsta luksuznog vozila za novu vrstu korisnika. Dizajniran je za generaciju kupaca koji ne žele da ih izbor marke ili vrste vozila definira ili ograničava: Q30 odolijeva dosadi svojim neustrašivim karakterom i izazovnim oblikom. Automobil je zadržao tipične dizajnerske značajke originalnog koncepta iz 2013. – spoj stila dvosjeda i podignutog, ali ipak dinamičnog držanja, ne žrtvujući pritom udobnost i prostranost. Razvojni timovi iza Q30 primijenili su holistički pristup njegovoj tehnici i dobili automobil koji nudi sigurne i pouzdane performanse, precizno upravljanje i visok stupanj komfora i profinjenosti. Kombinacijom jedinstvene visine i dimenzija s proporcijama dvosjeda, Q30 poručuje da je spreman za sve uvjete, istovremeno njegujući svoju gradsku raznolikost – idealan za vozače koji žele stvarati svoja vlastita iskustva. Generacije X i Y nova su pokoljenja kupaca luksuznih automobila. Za ove kupce auto je odraz njih samih, a ne statusni simbol, a oni sada zahtijevaju postavljanje vlastitih standarda kroz jedinstvene proizvode koji prkose kategorizaciji. Za njih je personaliziranje marke sredstvo izražavanja osobnosti – pristup

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‘stvoreno za mene’ u središtu je novog luksuza. Kako bi zadovoljili ove prohtjeve, svaka odluka u izradi Q30 donosi se za svakog kupca pojedinačno. Primjerice, kotači od legure dopuštaju istinsku personalizaciju, s laserskom obradom pomoću koje se precizno primjenjuje boja po izboru kupca. Ovaj postupak toliko je precizan da obojene linije mogu biti tanke čak 0,3 mm, pružajući tako kupcu suptilan način da Q30 napravi svojim kada odlučuje o posebnim detaljima unutrašnjosti automobila. The Infiniti Q30 Active Compact is a new type of premium vehicle for a new type of consumer. Designed for a new generation of buyers not willing to be defined or restricted by their choice of brand or vehicle type, the Q30 challenges convention with its bold character and daring shape. The car stays true to the signature design cues from the original 2013 concept – blending coupe-like styling with an elevated yet dynamic stance, and making no compromises in terms of packaging and comfort. The development teams behind the Q30 have taken a holistic approach to its engineering, presenting a car

that offers a secure, ‘in-command’ drive, precise handling and a high degree of comfort and refinement. Combining unique height and dimensions with coupe-like proportions, the Q30 conveys a ‘ready to go anywhere’ attitude while maintaining an ‘at home in the city’ versatility – perfect for those wanting to create their own unique experiences. Generations X and Y are a new breed of premium car buyers. For these buyers, a car is an expression of ‘self’ rather than ‘status’, and they insist on setting their own standards through unique, categorydefying products. For them, personalizing a brand means to individual expression – a ‘made for me’ approach that is at the core of new luxury. To satisfy these demands, every decision that went into crafting the Q30 was made for the individual. For example, the alloy wheels allow for true personalization, with a laser-cutting process enabling the precise application of an accent colour of choice. The process is so precise that coloured lines can be as thin as 0.3 mm, offering a subtle way for customers to make the car their own when specifying one of the Q30’s special interior design trims.


BMW WELT Čudesni svijet automobila Wonderland of cars Posjet centru BMW Welt u Münchenu daje slojevit doživljaj automobila, tehnologije, povijesti i moguće budućnosti, te vrhunske gastronomije. Taj objekt najposjećenija je turistička atrakcija u Bavarskoj. Pročitajte zašto... Visit to the Munich BMW Welt takes you on a trip through history of car, technology, world – and through a possible future. All that, with a touch of best gastronomy in Munich, make the BMW Welt the most visited wonder of Bavaria Text Darko Šupuk Photos BMW

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Ove godine BMW slavi sto godina postojanja i njihov fokus usmjeren je na budućnost. Brojni projekti spremaju se da bi taj brend pripremili za, kako kažu, sljedećih sto godina, a mi smo izabrali najbolji način za zaviriti u sadašnjost bavarskog automobilskog diva. Posjetili smo BMW Welt, futuristički kompleks smješten odmah do uprave tvornice u Münchenu, zdanje koje je najpopularnija turistička atrakcija u Bavarskoj i godišnje privlači više od tri milijuna posjetitelja. Uživali smo u posebnom gostoprimstvu domaćina jer je naš posjet organizirala tvrtka Tomić & Co, generalni uvoznik BMW automobila u Hrvatskoj, pa smo prilikom posjeta BMW Weltu imali VIP tretman. Zbog čega turisti i ljubitelji automobila hrle u svijet BMW automobila, bilo nam je jasno i pri samom dolasku u kompleks čijoj je gradnji posvećena posebna pažnja. Arhitektonski fascinantna zgrada izgrađena je u obliku tornada u metalu i staklu koji usisava ostatak zgrade, simbolizirajući snagu brenda. To rješenje odabrano je među čak 275 pristiglih na natječaj i djelo je arhitekta Wolfa D. Prixa, a zdanje je svoja vrata otvorilo posjetiteljima u listopadu 2007. s motom ‘fits to future’, odnosno ‘pristaje budućnosti’. Radi se o arhitektonski i graditeljski jako složenom projektu, a dimenzije možete zamisliti ako spomenemo tlocrtnu površinu od 16.000 kvadrata ili površinu fasade od 30.000 kvadrata. Cijela konstrukcija izvedena je sa

The birthday boy is one hundred years old and ready for the future. BMW is planning numerous projects for their next one hundred years and we were lucky enough to take a peek at some of them during our recent visit to the Bavarian car kingdom. BMW Welt, the grand cathedral of car building, is the most popular tourist attraction in that German federal state, whose charms lure in more than three million visitors annually. Our visit to the futuristic wonder that is BMW Welt, was organized by Tomić & Co., the brand’s importer for Croatia and we were given the VIP treatment. One look at the BMW Welt is enough to understand the appeal of this complex to both car aficionados and otherwise non-car crazy tourists. The building is an attraction in itself: built in the form of a growing tornado, in mighty metal and glass, it’s the perfect visual representation of the equally powerful brand. Architect Wold D. Prix beat 274 competitors to win the bragging rights for this complex, which was opened in October 2007 to great pomp and under the motto ‘fits the future’. The form of the building proved a real challenge for all those involved – the architectural wonder spans over 16,000 square meters, has 30,000 sq.m. of outside walls, yet curiously, stands on merely eleven structural columns – albeit made from 4,000 tons of steel. The piece de resistance of the complex is

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samo jedanaest potpornih stupova (utrošeno je 4.000 tona čelika), a činjenica da su sva stakla na zgradi rađena ručno govori dovoljno sama za sebe. Najprepoznatljiviji dio izveden u obliku tornada visok je 35 metara i ima promjer 45 metara (tzv. Double Cone), a u njegovu ‘repu’ se nastavlja zgrada. Ništa manje od zatečenog njemačkog graditeljskog perfekcionizma nismo ni očekivali, ali smo bili ugodno iznenađeni kada smo zatekli opuštenu atmosferu na koju smo naišli kada smo zakoračili u centar. Dobrodošlica se osjeća na svakom koraku, a relativno veliki broj posjetitelja lagano, bez problema fluktuira kroz centar. Kao kuriozitet naveli bismo da je BMW Welt poglavito izveden kao ‘open space’ prostor, a servisira ga veliki broj ljudi koji sjede u više od 1.000, za posjetitelje, skrivenih soba. Ipak, ono po čemu brojni gosti pamte taj prostor nisu sobe, već najbolji automobili svih marki koje BMW danas posjeduje, a to su MINI, BMW, Rolls-Royce, posebna sekcija s električnim automobilima i motocikli – BMW Motorrad. Dnevno je u stalnom postavu između 80 i 120 automobila! Među njima bio je izložen i Rollsov Wraith sa 632 KS, u jedinom stalnom izložbenom prostoru za taj brend izvan Engleske. Dio za Rolls-Royce ograđen je i možete ući samo s posebnom dozvolom, a nama je prilikom posjeta tom dijelu BMW Welta pružena prilika i da sjednemo za volan automobila i saznamo sve o najskupljem izloženom automobilu u centru. Pravu suprotnost britanskoj uglađenoj ekstravaganciji nudi drugi BMW-ov brend s Otoka. Prostor za MINI, veličine 800 m2 (nazvan Be MINI), odiše slobodom i avanturizmom, duhom kakav vlasnici njihovih automobila njeguju. Tamo smo imali prilike vidjeti i drveni bicikl, originalni Austin MINI Cooper iz 1965., ali i poseban dio namijenjen slušanju glazbe koji je dizajnerski vezan uz kokpit MINI-ja. Izložen je, naravno, bio novi MINI Cabrio. Dio posvećen marki BMW ima baš sve njihove modele izložene u prostoru i taj je dio bio najnapučeniji posjetiteljima. Slično kao i Rolls-Royce, zaseban je dio pripao novoj ‘sedmici’, a osim informacija o tom automobilu, tu možete uživati i u – mirisu. Naime, zahvaljujući posebnom sustavu, u lijepo namješteni kutak za goste se pušta i miris nove serije 7. Da su u BMW Weltu mislili na sve, nismo ni sumnjali, ali nam se posebno svidio dio namijenjen najmlađima, tzv. Junior Campus. Dok roditelji razgledavaju velebno zdanje, brigu o djeci mogu prepustiti ‘tetama’ koje ih uče o vrijednostima koje svesrdno promovira BMW, održivosti i mobilnosti. Djeca na radionicama izrađuju i maštovite uratke na temu automobila, koji potom bivaju izloženi u izlogu tog dijela centra. Godišnje Junior Campus posjeti 20.000 djece, koja izrade oko 4.500 ‘automobila’, a nama se posebno svidjelo što u tom prostoru namjerno nema ni oznaka ni poveznica s BMW brendom. Međutim, u tehnološkom centru okrenutom budućnosti itekako osjećate prisutnost BMW obitelji i još jednog svjetskog tehnološkog diva. Zajedno sa Samsungom razvijen je tzv. iSmart Home dio u kojem je moguće vidjeti što sve integracija mobilne tehnologije i automobila može postići, npr. pozvati automobil pred kuću ili iz automobila skuhati toplu kavu u svom domu. Za demonstraciju mogućnosti sustava koristi se Virtual reality tehnologija, a iako ograničenja postoje, mišljenja smo da je viđeno uvod u jednu drugačiju, ali realnu budućnost koju možete ‘opipati’ u sadašnjosti, sjedeći u modelu i3. Cijeli dio namijenjen električnim automobilima znakovito je nazvan Born Electric. Da sve ne bi bilo posvećeno budućnosti, pobrinula se malena Isetta, izvorno talijanski automobil čiju proizvodnju je poslije Drugog svjetskog rata preuzeo BMW i tada proizveo 277.000 primjeraka. Kada vidite malenu Isettu uz bok najmodernijim automobilima današnjice, lako je shvatiti koliki je tehnološki napredak postignut u posljednjih pedeset godina. Bitan dio BMW Welta je i Event forum, kongresni dio koji se sastoji od više funkcionalnih prostorija u kojima se godišnje održi 400 evenata s 45.000 gostiju. U tom dijelu odvijaju se brend eventi BMWa, politički skupovi poput ‘gostovanja’ Angele Merkel, ali i koncerti, nedavno je

the tornado building, the Double Cone, a glass structure 35 meters tall and 45 meters in diameter. German perfectionism on the outside, surprisingly relaxed atmosphere inside. Once you step into the complex, you’ll find yourself doubting every unflattering word ever said about the German coldness: we were welcomed like old friends. Despite the relatively high number of visitors that day, the space was un-cramped, the circulation perfectly oiled. BMW Welt is one giant open space, which is something only believed when seen. With barely any rooms and spaces protected by walls visible, there exist 1,000 rooms for various service employees hidden in the complex - that keep everything running smoothly. All this perfection aside, what you really notice in the BMW Welt are the cars. Each car brand owned by the BMW Group (MINI, BMW, Rolls-Royce) is represented by their finest model, as are electric cars and motorcycles by BMW Motorrad. Between 80 and 120 cars and bikes are on permanent display and on the day of our visit a Rolls Wraith (632hp) was among them. BMW Welt is the only showroom of this kind for Rolls-Royce outside the UK, access to this area is generally restricted – not for us though, we managed to sit behind the wheel of the elegant monster, the most expensive car in the complex and get to know everything about it. The other English brand, so very different from the so very English Rolls-Royce is the lovable MINI. The MINI’s space in the center (aptly named BeMINI) takes up 800 sq.m., and charms with the feeling of freedom and adventure that has, since forever, been connected with the brand. On those 800 sq.m. we saw a wooden bike, an original 1965 Austin MINI Cooper, the new MINI Cabrio, and listened to music in a showroom designed to look like a MINI cockpit. The BMW Welt’s BMW area is a temple, the most popular part of the complex that houses all the current models of the brand. A significant part of that space is dedicated to the new BMW 7: guests can sit back and relax in the cozy Series 7 lounge, learn about the series and enjoy the Series 7 signature scent. In a typically smart, German move, the Welt has a dedicated space for children. The Junior Campus (probably adored by parents and kids alike) is a fun space where kids can learn about core values of the Group, sustainability and mobility, attend workshops to let their imagination roam and create car-themed works of mini-art, all under the mindful eye of professional child care providers and, curiously, with no BMW logo anywhere in sight. More than 20,000 children visit the Junior Campus each year, leaving behind them 4,500 works of their automotive art. In BMW Welt the logo might not be plastered everywhere, but the brand feeling scents the air, as does the flair of another worldwide present partner brand: Samsung. The mobile technology giant and the car builder joined heads to create the iSmart Home section, where the wonders of technology integration will both leave you in awe and make you think. BMW and Samsung use virtual reality to demonstrate the possibilities – still limited, but already there – of such integration: sitting in your home, you can call the car to come and meet you in the front yard; sitting in your car, you can dial up the house and have it prepare a cup of coffee, hot and ready when you walk through the door. The technology that is still tiptoeing out of the science fiction realm will hopefully soon turn into the new norm. Future on the left, past on the right: standing proudly next to some of the most modern cars of the present, as well as the obviously futuristic electric cars in the Born Electric section, is the tiny Isetta; a BMW car popular after World war II and sold in over 277,000 units. Car technology has undoubtedly made some great progress in the past fifty years. BMW Welt is more than a giant car salon, or even more than a museum; it really is a world on its own. The complex also houses the Event forum – a multifunctional convention center that has housed over 400 events attended by

Brojke sve govore - više od tri milijuna posjetitelja i 22.000 isporučenih automobila godišnje! The numbers speak for themselves - more then three million visitors and 22,000 cars delivered each year!


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Zaštitni znak cijelog zdanja je zgrada Double Cone koja je izvedena kao staklenočelični tornado koji usisava ostatak centra Trademark of BMW Welt is the Double Cone building, built like steel and glass tornado that vacuums rest of the fascinating center

upravo u tom prostoru gostovao Coldplay. Poviše njega nalazi se dio posvećen ljubiteljima motocikala, a BMW svijet ne bi bio to što jest da ne prati svjetske trendove, u ovom slučaju svjetski trend broj jedan, a to je gastronomija. Posjetiteljima su na raspolaganju četiri restorana, motociklisti imaju ‘svoj’ Biker’s lodge, restoran Bavaria predstavlja lokalne specijalitete, najjednostavniju hranu nudi Cooper S, a vrhunac ponude je ekskluzivni Ess Zimmer iz kojega se vidi cijeli BMW Welt. Taj restoran vodi kuhar Bobby Bräuer i sa svojih devet pomoćnika brine o ukupno 45 gostiju. Restoran ima dvije Michelinove zvjezdice (među tri najbolja u Münchenu), i ako namjeravate posjetiti BMW Welt pobrinite se da na vrijeme rezervirate svoj stol na tom mjestu gdje ljudi dolaze samo da bi probali njihovu kuhinju. Ako poslije večere ne želite voziti, za vas je organiziran besplatan prijevoz, što biste u srcu automobilskog svijeta i očekivali. Kao posebni gosti imali smo priliku zaviriti i u dio zatvoren za javnost koji je dio BMW Welta, a to je Delivery centar gdje se po želji kupca vozila pripremaju za isporuku ponosnim vlasnicima novih automobila, na polukružnom platou izdignutom iznad dijela za posjetitelje. Tu ćete uživati u automobilskoj ‘concierge’ usluzi preuzimajući svoj automobil, što često koriste istaknutiji pojedinci u društvu, poput Usain Bolta koji je baš tu preuzeo svoj M3, ali i obične obitelji ili klubovi ljubitelja marke iz prekomorskih zemalja. Prevaljujući malu udaljenost od garaže do isporuke, automobili samo prilikom isporuke tu godišnje prevale oko mi-

45,000 visitors last year – used by the Group’s brands, political parties and rock bands, whose eclectic recent list of stars include Chancellor Angela Merkel and Coldplay. One level up from the Forum is the motorcycle temple and next to it, the food court. Visitors can choose from the Bikers’ lodge, the family-oriented Cooper S restaurant, the local delight Bavaria restaurant and the exclusive 45-place restaurant Ess Zimmer, with the view of the entire Welt and food by the Michelin 2-star chef – Bobby Bräuer with his nine sous-chefs. The restaurant is the latest must-try gastro-heaven in Bavaria, visited by food lovers and car lovers alike. Those who prefer not to drive after dinner can, no surprise there, arrange for a free transfer back home in a BMW. As VIP guests we were allowed into another important part of BMW Welt - the Delivery center, where cars are handed over to their new owners. The owners first meet their car in an almost solemn, museum-like atmosphere, as the cars await them on a raised platform one story up from the general visitors’ area. The client is treated like a VIP, be they Usain Bolt (who came to Bavaria for delivery of his M3), regular families, or members of overseas BMW fan clubs. The small distance between the garage to the delivery center is enough to make up for one million of kilometers each years. Speaking of the garage, it is also out of reach for the ordinary visitor, tucked in the lower levels of the center. It is there that the new cars are spruced up for their new owners; during our

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MINI world

BMW Isetta


Yachts on Wheels lijun kilometara! Skriven od očiju javnosti i gostiju je podzemni dio za pripremu tih automobila, koji smo također posjetili. Među njima ima svih modela vozila, od onih ‘običnih’ do najekskluzivnijih, poput modela M4 GTS kojih će biti proizvedeno samo 700 komada. Nakon dolaska iz tvornice automobili tu prolaze prvo pranje, a zanimljivo je da se sustavom skupljanja otpadnih voda i filtracije u tom procesu gubi samo 1% vode. Nakon pranja automobilska računala imaju prvi kontakt s ‘našom realnošću’ (tzv. wake car up), svi se sustavi provjeravaju i tada se automobili spremaju u robotsku garažu s niskom razinom kisika da bi se izbjegao rizik od požara. U tom dijelu radi samo 20 zaposlenika koji dnevno pripreme 160 automobila. Za posjet BMW Weltu zaista trebate biti u dobroj kondiciji, jer je šteta ne obići neki iz mnoštva zanimljivih prostora koje tu možete vidjeti. A da biste zapamtili ono što ćete tek vidjeti na cestama, pobrinuli su se u BMW-u u dijelu namijenjenom budućnosti tog brenda. Buduća dostignuća izložena su u spomenutom dijelu Double Cone, izvedenom kao dvije spojene piramide od metala i stakla. Tu se možete slikati s virtualnim BMW automobilom budućnosti, proučiti sustav žiroskopa namijenjen motociklu koji ne bi trebao padati i pogledati kako BMW vidi svoju, ali i mobilnu budućnost. Čim vas mašta povede godinama unaprijed, red je da vas se vrati stotinjak godina unatrag. U lijepom muzeju stotinjak metara od BMW svijeta izložena je prošlost te legendarne automobilske marke, za koju nismo znali da svoj uzlet duguje i proizvodnji avionskih motora. Nema smisla opisivati nastanak brenda, ali preporučujemo posjet muzeju koji je zanimljivo protkan detaljima iz povijesti BMW-a, paralelno objašnjavajući najznačajnije događaje u svijetu tog doba. Odmah malo dalje nalazi se najstarija tvornica BMW-a i upravna zgrada u obliku cilindara motora (Four cylinder), ali mi se ovom prilikom samo bavimo BMW Weltom. Spoj moderne arhitekture, automobilskih i tehnoloških atrakcija, vrhunske gastronomije, uz centar za isporuku novih vozila kakav možete samo zamisliti, privlači i turiste i vlasnike i ljubitelje automobila. Za BMW je i taj centar još jedan koračić u ispunjenju njihovog mota – biti najbolji. Za nas je on pružio pogled u budućnost i beskrajno zanimljivo provedeno vrijeme. Ako se odlučite za posjet Münchenu, za posjet BMW Weltu možete naručiti i vođene ture. Tura BMW Compact posjetiteljima govori sve o samoj zgradi i posebnosti njezine arhitekture, kao i o složenoj logistici isporuke automobila, dok tura BMW Welt Architecture upoznaje posjetitelja s detaljima unutarnjeg i vanjskog dizajna kompleksa.

Ess Zimmer je mjesto na kojem morate jesti A must-eat place – Ess Zimmer


guided tour of that area we saw many ‘regular’ models and several exclusive ones, like the 700-piece limited edition M4 GTS. The cars come there straight from the factory, they are washed (with just 1% of the water lost in the process, as most of it recycled), their systems go through a wake-up cycle and are thoroughly tested, upon which the cars are temporarily stored in a climatecontrol room with low oxygen atmosphere, to minimize the risk of fire. The process, which gets 160 cars ready for delivery a day, is so well automated that it only requires assistance of twenty employees. One thing that needs to be said about BMW Welt is that the visit to it requires physical fitness – there is so much to see and try that it’s a real shame to miss anything due to fatigue. The final piece of the BMW Welt puzzle is visually the most recognized: the Double Cone. This alien-looking glass and metal structure houses the future of the brand. Visitors can take photos with the virtual BMW of the future, learn about the revolutionary gyro system that will one day make motorcycles perfectly stable and fall-resistant, or find out what BMW has in store for the future of mobility. After that trip into the future, they can go back in time – roughly one hundred years back – and visit the BMW museum, set up in an adjacent building. The glorious past of the brand that – as we’ve learned in the museum – owes a lot to the development of airplane engines is presented in a memorable, interesting way, in the form of a journey through the most important moments of the past century, automotive and historical. Those who can still stand, walk and breathe after visiting BMW Welt can continue learning about the brand in the nearby main BMW plant and visit famous Four-cylinder administrative building. Visitors can take organized tours for BMW Welt, the BMW Compact Tour tells visitors all they need to know about the building and its special architecture and sheds light on how it was built, as well as the complex logistics of automobile delivery, while the BMW Welt Architecture Tour puts the building and its interior and exterior design in the spotlight. Guided tours of the BMW Museum and the BMW plant are also available. BMW Welt is a curious and delightful automotive temple, a multi-brand technology theme park, an architectural wonder of the modern world, a food-lover’s dream, and a car-salon par excellence. Equally interesting to tourists visiting Bavaria, BMW owners, or those only dreaming of joining their ranks, BMW Welt is a perfectly German creation – just another step toward being the best. We came, we learned, we had endless fun – and we’ve seen the future.

Helmut Käs

Naša budućnost je digitalna Our future is digital

Tijekom posjeta BMW Welt-u imali smo priliku porazgovarati s njegovim direktorom, gospodinom Helmutom Käsom. Upitali smo ga kako on vidi taj veličanstveni kompleks. ‘BMW Welt je nevjerojatan, sve je u njemu predivno, a ponajprije arhitektura, sama zgrada. Kompleks BMW Welt je važan za grad jer je iznimno privlačna turistička atrakcija. München može ponuditi mnogo tradicionalnih atrakcija, mnogo tipično njemačkih stvari, ali ovo je nešto sasvim drugačije. Mi predstavljamo modernu stranu Münchena. BMW Welt godišnje posjeti više od tri milijuna posjetitelja i jedno je od najpopularnijih turističkih odredišta u Bavarskoj. Jako smo ponosni na to.’ Što biste u kompleksu posebno preporučili posjetiteljima? Mnogo se toga ovdje isplati vidjeti i iskusiti, pa ne znam postoji li nešto što je vrjednije od ostaloga. Automobili koji su izloženi u kompleksu su zvijezde, razumije se. U centru za isporuke godišnje svoj novi automobil preuzme više od 22.000 klijenata, a Junior Campus je poučno i zabavno mjesto za djecu između pet i 13 godina. Gastronomska ponuda je, naravno, vrhunska. BMW Welt i naš partner Käfer zajedničkim snagama vode ekskluzivni restoran Ess Zimmer, koji nosi dvije Michelinove zvjezdice. Smješten je na vrhu kompleksa i gleda na dio zgrade u kojem klijenti preuzimaju nove automobile. U glavnoj smo zgradi vidjeli budućnost Grupe BMW. Kakva je budućnost BMW Welta? U automobilskoj industriji se puno govori o digitalizaciji, kako unutar auta, tako i u svemu što ima veze s brendom i proizvodom. Digitalizacija je i nama u BMW Weltu važna tema – zbog povećavanja efikasnosti funkcioniranja kompleksa i zbog stvaranja nezaboravnog iskustva za naše posjetitelje. Znači li to da ćemo uskoro moći uživati u čarima BMW Welta i u vlastitu domu? Ne, ne želimo stvoriti virtualne verzije naših izložbi. Želimo da nas gosti dođu posjetiti ovamo, da upoznaju sva lica BMW Welta. Takvo iskustvo ne možemo prenijeti na zaslon. Digitalizacija će se uvući u druge aspekte našeg djelovanja – primjerice, smanjiti tone papira koje koristimo u administraciji, ili nam pomoći da upoznamo posjetitelje, da ih pozdravimo na osoban način pri ulasku u naš kompleks. Digitalna transformacija će nam za to jako dobro doći. Osim toga, želimo iznenaditi goste neočekivanim ponudama. Primjerice, trenutno imamo dio posvećen Smart Home tehnologiji i izložbeni prostor BMW i, oboje nastalo u suradnji sa Samsungom. Osim toga, neki naši modeli nude mogućnost pristupa iz kuće, što je sasvim novi aspekt mobilnosti. U BMW Weltu pokazujemo kako tehnološke inovacije olakšavaju život i čine ga ugodnijim. Možete li nam reći više o tome? Razmislite koliko bi praktično bilo zamijeniti klasične infopultove virtualnima. Naše bi osoblje svakome gostu moglo pomoći baš onako kako to njemu treba, prilagoditi se željama svakoga gosta. To bi bio izazov s obzirom na broj gostiju, koji prelazi tri milijuna godišnje. Ali ipak, to je samo jedan od primjera kojima bismo se mogli istaknuti, u čemu bismo mogli nadmašiti sadašnju ponudu sličnih centara. Digitalizacija će nam također pomoći da upoznamo posjetitelje. Jesu li turisti, koji žele besplatni Wi-Fi i ručak, jesu li zainteresirani za kupnju vozila, jesu li već kupili vozilo i došli su ga preuzeti? U BMW Welt dolaze najrazličitije grupice posjetitelja i želimo da svaka od njih dobije točno ono što očekuje. Uostalom, dvije trećine posjetitelja su stranci, pa je i usluga time složenija. Digitalizacija će nam biti od najveće koristi upravo u tom aspektu poslovanja BMW Welta.

During our visit to BMW Welt we had the opportunity to speak with the director of the whole complex, Mr. Helmut Käs. We asked how he sees the magnificent centre that we just visited: ‘The BMW Welt is fantastic, I like everything about it and especially the architecture of the building. The BMW Welt is important for the city as a major tourist attraction. Munich has a lot of tradition and folklore to offer, but there is more to it. We are representing the modern side of Munich. With more than 3 Million visitors, the BMW Welt is one of the most popular touristic sights in Bavaria – we are proud of that.’ What do you recommend to visitors not to miss? There are so many things to see and experience; and everything is important and worth a visit. The cars displayed in our brand exhibitions are of course our stars. The European delivery welcomes more than 22,000 customer from all over the world per year. The Junior Campus is a great place for children between 5 and 13 years. And the gastronomy, of course, is outstanding. BMW Welt has partnered up with Käfer, a traditional Munich fine food company. Käfer runs the exclusive fine dining experience Ess Zimmer, a 2 star Michelin Restaurant. Situated under the roof, you can dine and see some of our cars, beautifully illuminated on the so called Premiere – the place where our customers pick-up their new cars. In the double cone we saw the future of the BMW Group, what is the future of the BMW Welt? In the automotive community everybody is talking about digitalization: within the cars, but also in the environment around the cars and the brands. And of course, digitalization is also an important topic for the BMW Welt: either to make processes more efficient or to give our guests unforgettable experiences in our offers or exhibitions. So we will be able to enjoy the BMW Welt at home, too? No, we do not want to virtualize our exhibitions, we want our guests to visit us in person and to experience the BMW Welt with all its facets. This is an experience you cannot transmit via screen. The digitalization takes place in other levels: For example, we want to reduce the tons of papers used in administration. And we want to know more about our visitors, we want to have the opportunity to welcome them properly when entering our building. The digital transformation will support us here. And we want to surprise our customers with unexpected offers. An example: Currently, you can find a Smart Home at the BMW i exhibition area – a cooperation between Samsung and BMW. People are able to access their car from home and control their home from their car – and can experience a holistic new kind of mobility. We show here, how technological features are used to make life easier and more comfortable. Can you be more detailed? Think about it, we could even remove the usual welcome counters. Instead our staff could help visitors in a proactive, highly individual way, in order to create a premium welcome for guests. This would be a huge challenge as we have 3 million guests per year. But this is just an example where we want to be different, where we want to offer a real premium experience. Digitalization will help us to get to know our guest even better. Are they tourists, who just want to enjoy free Wi-Fi and a snack. Or are they thinking about buying one of our cars? Have they already bought a car and are about to pick it up? We serve many different guest groups want to give each of them a special, premium treatment. Besides, two third of our visitors come from other countries and cultures, which adds further complexity regarding the proper guest experience. Digitalization will help us to great innovations here.

Provirite ispod poklopca Lifting the lid Džepni su satovi poput malog vremenskog stroja – dovoljan je jedan pogled da vas vrate u prošlost Take your timekeeping back through history with one of these beautiful pocket watches


Bovet MONSIEUR BOVET Ovaj model s dva brojčanika, od kojih jedan pokazuje vrijeme, a drugi, veći, promjera 43 mm, omogućava pogled u srce mehanizma – moguće je izvaditi iz kućišta i premjestiti u drugo, povezano s lancem, pa je tako on i džepni i ručni sat. One face displays the technical paraphernalia inside, while the other is a simple dial with a window at 6 o’clock allowing a peep of the mechanics. Measuring 43mm in diameter, the ingenious Amadeo case enables the wearer to switch between wristwatch, pocket watch, pendant, reversible or a desk clock and comes with a steel chain.



Moser THE PERPETUAL CALENDAR HERITAGE LIMITED EDITION Urari kuće Moser nadahnuće za svoj novi sat pronašli su na stranicama prašnjavih starih knjiga: džepni sat s kraja 19. stoljeća bio je inspiracija za izradu plavog poklopca ovog ručnog sata koji neodoljivo podsjeća na džepne. Ukrašen dijamantima, poklopac skriva brojčanik urešen jednom od najkompliciranijih tehnika ukrašavanja, grand feu i kalibar na ručno navijanje izrađen od 18-karatnog zlata. Watchmakers at Moser flicked through their dusty history books to seek inspiration for a new wristwatch. Their inspiration came from a pocket watch from the late 1800s (left). An exquisite blue lid has been decorated with diamonds, set on highly intricate guilloche work. Once flipped open, it reveals a dial bearing Grand Feu enamel and a hand-wound calibre made from 18-carat solid gold.

Parmigiani TRANSFORMA FLEURIER Jednim pritiskom na tipku ovaj se model rastvara i moguće ga je rastaviti na dva dijela – središnji dio iskače iz prstena i može se preseliti u drugi, pretvarajući se tako u džepni sat sa srebrnim lancem. Čelični kronograf ima okvir za datum kod oznake za šest sati i okvir za sekunde kod oznake za tri sata. Sportska verzija modela nosi ime Rivage i izrađena je od grafita i karbona kakvi se koriste i u gradnji jahta. One push of a button on the upper lug of this wristwatch pops open the outer ring, enabling it to be transferred to a new case, clicked shut, and attached to a silver chain to become a pocket watch. The steel chronograph has a date window at 6 o’clock and a seconds dial at 3 o’clock. A sportier version of the watch, the Rivage, is made from graphite and carbon that’s used in racing yachts.

Jaeger LeCoultre DUOMÈTRE SPHÉROTOURBILLON POCKET WATCH Nadahnut dizajnom iz 1928., ovaj džepni sat privlači pogled prozirnim Sphérotourbillonom kod oznake za šest sati, s mostom od safira. Kućište modela izrađeno je od 18-karatnog zlata, s plavom krunom i brojčanikom ukrašenim ručnim graviranjem. Izrađen od 460 dijelova, ovaj je model u jednakoj mjeri remek-djelo tehnike i umjetnosti. Inspired by a design from 1928, this pocket watch’s most striking feature is the transparent Sphérotourbillon at the 6 o’clock window with a bridge made of sapphire. Other features include an 18-carat white gold case with a blue enamel bezel and a hand-engraved dial. Made up of 460 parts, this is both a technical and artistic masterpiece.



M tbl Montblanc 4810 ORBIS TERRARUM Kolekcija 4810 ime je posudila od Mont Blanca – taj broj izražava njegovu visinu u metrima – i odaje počast Augustu Ebersteinu, Alfredu Nehemiasu i Claus-Johannesu Vossu, koji su 1910. osnovali kuću Montblanc. Model Orbis Terrarum (latinski: zemaljska kugla) prvi je džepni sat Montblanca. Kućište promjera 53 mm ukrašeno je raznobojnom kartom svijeta na kojoj su prikazane 24 vremenske zone i 33 grada – dovoljno i za najambicioznije svjetske putnike. The 4810 collection of watches takes its name from the height of Mont Blanc in metres and is a nod to August Eberstein, Alfred Nehemias and Claus-Johannes Voss who founded the brand in 1910. The Orbis Terrarum (Latin for ‘globe’, ‘earth’ and ‘world’) is Montblanc’s first pocket watch. The 53mm case has a colourful world map at its centre and a guilloché dial displaying 33 places and 24 time zones – enough to make any man yearn for the open road.

IWC, CARTIER, OMEGA, BREITLING, CORUM, BAUME & MERCIER, TAG HEUER, MONT BLANC SPLIT RIVA Obala hrvatskog narodnog preporoda 19, 21, 23 • JOKER Put Brodarice 6 •,

ROLEX & TUDOR Predstavljanje noviteta Presenting novelties

Iako je svjetski sajam satova i nakita Baselworld u ožujku ove godine zatvorio svoja vrata, ekskluzivni zastupnik za Rolex i Tudor modele, Mamić, omogućio je 16. lipnja svojim dugogodišnjim klijentima i poslovnim partnerima da osjete dašak Baselworlda i istraže nove kolekcije dugoočekivanih Rolex i Tudor satova. Uzvanike je posebno oduševilo iznenađenje netom prije svečanog otkrivanja noviteta. Naime, u Smaragdnoj dvorani hotela Esplanade Zagreb dočekao ih je potpuni mrak uz napete zvukove otkucaja sata, da bi se odjednom na rosetti počela prikazivati 3D projekcija, simulirajući elemente sata. Nakon završetka projekcije strastveni ljubitelji Rolexa, među kojima je bilo predstavnika gospodarskog, kulturnog, znanstvenog i sportskog života, imali su posebnu povlasticu uživo vidjeti i isprobati nove Rolex i Tudor modele te saznati sve informacije o izloženim satovima. Dok su kod muškaraca najviše pažnje privukli noviteti Cosmograph Daytone, Air-King i Yacht-Master kolekcije, ženskom dijelu uzvanika posebno su se svidjeli unikatni Pearlmaster modeli te nove veličine već dobro poznatih Lady Datejust i Yacht-Master modela. U luksuznom ambijentu, ukrašenom elegantnim aranžmanima cvjetnog salona Arkadija, druženje se nastavilo uz zakusku i vrhunska Meneghetti vina te Gin Mare i tonic koktele. Ugodnoj i opuštenoj ljetnoj zabavi posebno je doprinio i bend Soul Shadows sa svojim prepoznatljivim soul i funk zvukom. Organizacijom ovog jedinstvenog događaja Pero Mamić i njegova obitelj zahvalili su klijentima i prijateljima što ih vjerno prate i podržavaju već dugi niz godina, obilježavajući ovom prigodom ujedno i 38 godina rada s Rolexom u Hrvatskoj.


Watches Kao ekskluzivni zastupnik za Rolex i Tudor satove u Hrvatskoj, obitelj Mamić je u hotelu Esplanade Zagreb predstavila najnovije kolekcije satova, izložene na svjetskom sajmu satova i nakita u Baselu u Švicarskoj As an exclusive representative of Rolex and Tudor watches in Croatia, the Mamić Family presented the latest collection of the watches in Esplanade Hotel Zagreb, already exhibited at the World Watch and Jewellery Show in Basel Switzerland

Even though the World Watch and Jewellery Show, Baselworld, closed its door in March this year, exclusive representative of Rolex and Tudor watches, Mamić, opened its door on the 16th of June to its long-life clients and business partners to feel a breath of Baselworld and admire the latest collections of the long awaited Rolex and Tudor watches. The guests were pleasantly surprised just before the opening of the novelties exhibition. The Emerald Hall of the Esplanade Hotel was under the dramatic scenery of pitch black with tense ticking sounds in the back, and then, a sudden outbreak, a 3D projection mapping on the rosette simulating watches’ elements. At the end of the screening passionate Rolex lovers, esteemed representatives from the world of economics, culture, science and sports, enjoyed a special privilege to see and experience new Rolex and Tudor models and find out all about the exhibited watches. Men were attracted by innovative Cosmograph Daytone, Air-King and Yacht-Master collection, and women were mesmerized by the unique Pearlmaster models, and the new sizes of the well known Lady Datejust and Yacht-Master models. The luxurious hotel ambience embellished with elegant flower arrangements of the florist shop Arkadija, hosted the mingling over canapés and an open bar with premium Meneghetti wines, and Gin Mare & tonic cocktails. Cosy and relaxed summer fun was enhanced by the band Soul Shadows with their recognizable soul and funk sounds. Pero Mamić and his family showed their gratitude to their years-long loyal clients and friends by throwing this extravagant party, and thus celebrated 38 years of successful cooperation with Rolex in Croatia.


Yachts cooltura

BEN AFFLECK Edited by Edgar Middle East Photos Matt Petit / ©A.M.P.A.S. & Courtesy of Warner Bros./Claire Folger



Yachts Cooltura

Ben Affleck preuzeo je masku i plašt osvetnika od Christiana Balea, a mi se pitamo hoće li uspjeti poletjeti ili će tresnuti na tlo As Ben Affleck takes over from Christian Bale’s revered portrayal of the caped crusader, we wonder: will he fly or have his wings clipped Kad smo posljednji put vidjeli Batmana, letio je u suton bez maske, kao Bruce Wayne. Spasio je Gotham City od sigurne propasti – po tko zna koji put – a tada je odlučio prepustiti junačenje svojem mladom štićeniku (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) i provoditi malo više vremena sa Selinom/Ženom mačkom. Bale je objesio plašt. Uspješno je udahnuo nov život u serijal, naravno, uz priličnu pomoć redatelja Christophera Nolana i direktora fotografije, snimatelja Wallyja Pfistera. Iako je treći i posljednji film bio mrvicu lošiji nego prva dva, većinu vremena u Batmanovu kostimu Bale je bio fantastičan. Nolan i Bale šišmiša-osvetnika prikazali su kao mračnog junaka nesređenih osjećaja i doveli ga do granice stvarnosti – koliko barem stvaran može biti milijarder koji za vlastiti gušt u gumenom trikou skače po zgradama. Bilo je jasno da će samo vrlo odvažan glumac pristati zamijeniti Balea. I gle čuda, u kolovozu 2013. Hollywoodom je odjeknula vijest da će crni kostim navući kralj kontroverzije i nepostojanosti izvedbe Ben Affleck. U ožujku ove godine u kina je stigao novi Batman, ‘Batman v. Superman: Zora pravednika’, u kojem Supermana glumi Henry Cavill (koji doista izgleda kao Superman). Otkako je objavljeno da će Affleck u filmu redatelja Zacka Snydera glumiti Batmana, glumac se našao na meti kritika svake vrste. Nakon prvog vala najava i kratkih prizora iz filma, fanovi Batmana obrušili su se na Affleckov monotoni stil, suviše neutralan izraz lica, glas, pa i na izbor odjeće. Čak se i Affleckova brada našla pod povećalom, što zapravo i nije čudno s obzirom na to da se jedina vidi ispod kostima. Christian Bale sigurno nije pomogao svojim komentarima o Affleckovoj izvedbi: ‘Nije važno tko glumi Batmana, on je simbol. Veći je i važniji od bilo kojeg glumca’, rekao je, pa zapečatio stvar: ‘Jedva čekam da vidim što će Ben napraviti od njega.’ O joj. Naravno, Affleck se tada nije prvi put našao na meti komentara i opaski javnosti, kako zbog uloga koje je birao, tako i zbog zanimljivog privatnog života. Bilo mu drago ili ne, Affleck je većinu karijere proveo pod povećalom i reflektorima. Dobitnik Oscara utjelovljenje je modernog Hollywooda otkako je stupio na scenu sredinom 1990ih s filmovima ‘Loveći Amy’ i ‘Dobri Will Hunting’. Slavljen i hvaljen kao jedan od najboljih glumaca i redatelja posljednja dva desetljeća, Affleck iza sebe ima tri redateljska hita: ‘Netragom nestala’, ‘Grad lopova’ i ‘Argo’. Zašto bi se, dakle, netko s takvom karijerom upustio u snimanje ionako kontroverznog filma i pokušao utjeloviti junaka kojega je već odglumio ponajbolji glumac današnjice? Za početak – a zbog toga mu svaka čast – jer je zaključio da će uloga biti izazovna. ‘Batman je zapravo američka verzija Hamleta’, rekao je o strip-junaku prošle godine. ‘Svima je jasno da će se lik mijenjati ovisno o tome tko ga glumi.’ Affleck je bio svjestan rizika – ako Snyderov film propadne, znao je, neće se imati kamo sakriti. Dobar dio karijere Affleck duguje bliskom prijatelju, također ludo popularnom holivudskom dečku Mattu

The last time we saw Batman, he was jetting off to enjoy a new life in the sun as Bruce Wayne. Having saved Gotham City from certain peril – again – he decided it was time to hang up his cape and hand the keys to the cave to a young apprentice, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, so Wayne could spend some quality time with his ladyfriend. In one sense, Bale’s job was done. He had successfully rejuvenated the Batman series for the modern era with considerable help from director Christopher Nolan and the renowned cinematographer Wally Pfister. Despite a slight blip in quality in the third and final outing, the majority of Bale’s screen time was phenomenal. Nolan and Bale made Batman dark, emotionally conflicted, and somewhat believable – well, as believable as a billionaire who wears rubber suits and jumps off buildings in his spare time can be. It would be a brave man who decided to climb inside the Batmobile next. And lo and behold, in August 2013, Hollywood announced the man to take over the coveted character was one of the kings of controversy and inconsistency: Ben Affleck. This spring, he tackles the role of the Dark Knight in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: awn of Justice mega-flick, alongside another cheekbone champion, Henry Cavill. Since his involvement was announced, Affleck has been on the receiving end of harsh criticism. After the first flood of teasers and trailers surfaced, fans of the series feared Affleck’s monotone and static approach he brings to many of his roles had found its way into Snyder’s film. Affleck’s voice and wardrobe choices also came under fire. Even his chin – always on show thanks to the mask – got criticised. The Batsuit’s previous incumbent, Christian Bale, can’t have helped Affleck’s confidence when he said of the beloved character, ‘It doesn’t matter which actor is playing him. He’s a symbol. He’s so much bigger than any actor.’ His final remark might have sent shivers down Affleck’s spine: ‘I look forward to seeing what Ben will do with it.’ Gulp. Of course, experiencing the slings and arrows of the public court that is Hollywood is nothing new for Affleck. His role choices have been the cause of much of the heat, combined with an eventful personal life. Whether welcome or not, Affleck has spent the majority of his career in the tabloid spotlight. The Oscar-winner has been a walking expose on modern Hollywood ever since he announced himself in the mid-1990s with ‘Chasing Amy’ and then ‘Good Will Hunting’. Since the turn of the decade, Affleck has enjoyed being lauded as one of today’s finest working actors and directors, having made his directorial name with ‘Gone Baby Gone’, ‘The Town’ and then with his biggest triumph, ‘Argo’. So why then, when things are going so well, would he put himself forward for a movie that was already laced with controversy, and a character that had not-long been aced by one of the best actors on the circuit? Well, to his credit, it seems Affleck has been lured by the challenge. ‘Batman is basically the American version of Hamlet,’ he said of the comic book icon last year. ‘We accept that he’s played by actors with different interpretations.’ It’s a huge gamble. If Snyder’s blockbuster does not top box office charts all over the world and break records, there will be nowhere for Affleck to hide. Affleck owes much of his success to his close friend and fellow


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‘Ben se radom uspeo iz podnožja planine do vrha, pa zatim nastavio dalje nego što je bilo tko od nas ikad stigao’ ‘Through his work, Ben climbed from the bottom of the mountain all the way back up to the top and past where either of us had ever been’

Damonu. Nakon dosadnog početka karijere i nezapamćenih uloga u lako zaboravljivim filmovima ‘Sjajna vremena’ i ‘Mallrats’, Affleck se počeo družiti s Damonom, koji je u to vrijeme prerađivao jedan stari scenarij. Bacili su se na posao udvoje i prodali gotov scenarij studiju Miramax za ‘Dobri Will Hunting’. Glavne uloge su podijelili međusobno, pozvali Robina Williamsa da im se pridruži i pobrali Oscara za najbolji originalni scenarij 1997. Affleck i Damon osvojili su mnoge i na dodjeli te nagrade jednim od najiskrenijih govora zahvale u povijesti Oscara. Kad su počeli, Affleck je svima u publici najavio: ‘Nema šanse da budemo gotovi za tih njihovih 20 sekunda.’ Poput dva klinca koji se zabavljaju na dugom putovanju na more, Affleck i Damon naizmjence su odrecitirali zahvale i to je bilo to: idućih godinu dana pričalo se samo o njima. Affleck je vrlo brzo potpisao ugovor za svoj prvi blockbuster, epski ‘Armagedon’, a Damon se odlučio za ozbiljniji film, Spielbergov ratni klasik ‘Spašavanje vojnika Ryana’, u kojem je glumio uz dvostrukog dobitnika Oscara Toma Hanksa. Damonov se izbor pokazao mudrijim i kritičari ga nisu prestajali hvaliti – redao je hit za hitom, ‘Nadareni gospodin Ripley’, ‘Oceanovih jedanaest’ i ‘Bourneov identitet’, no Affleck se našao u bizarnim vodama. Privlačan ga je izgled odveo u lijepe, ali dosadne filmove – podnošljivi ‘Pearl Harbour’, te katastrofalne ‘Daredevil’ i ‘Gigli’. LA Times ga je za tih nekoliko promašaja nagradio opisom: ‘Prolazan glumac, ali katastrofalna zvijezda. Što je film veći, to je on gori.’ Affleck priznaje da je ‘Daredevil’ bio jako loš izbor. ‘Žalim i zbog tog izbora, kao i zbog svakog drugog filma koji nismo odradili kako treba.’ Affleckove muke nisu prestajale na platnu. Nakon javnog prekida s Jennifer Lopez 2004. (nakon kojega smo ostali prikraćeni za nadimak Bennifer), Affleck je na neko vrijeme zbrisao od kamera i fotoaparata. ‘Mislim da smo Jen i ja pogriješili jer smo se zaljubili’, priznao je. ‘Bili smo zaneseni i nismo se skrivali, što je možda bila greška. Mislim da ni ona ni ja nismo bili svjesni koliko će naša veza biti zanimljiva ljudima.’ Damon će kasnije u jednom intervjuu za The Hollywood Reporter izjaviti da malo kojega glumca javnost tako krivo shvaća kao Afflecka. ‘Kao da su svi mislili da je njegov stvarni život uloga koju igra, da je taj zgodni tupan bez talenta pravi Affleck. Cijela je ta veza s Jennifer Lopez bila mučna. Nije mu bilo lako biti prijatelj, nije ga bilo lako gledati tako, znate. Ništa od toga nije bilo fer.’ Ali talent nije moguće do kraja pokopati. Nakon što se oženio Jennifer Garner, koju je upoznao na snimanju ‘Daredevila’ (barem je nešto dobro proizašlo iz te katastrofe), Affleck se vratio filmovima i ovoga puta mu se rizik isplatio. U ‘Netragom nestala’ glavnu ulogu ima njegov brat Casey, dok je Ben odradio redateljski posao i iznenadio kritičare. Nakon toga je odigrao glavnu ulogu istovremeno režirajući ‘Grad lopova’, a naposljetku zaradio još jednog Oscara (kao i Zlatni globus i nagradu Udruženja redatelja), ovaj put za najbolji film, ‘Argo’. Drama nadahnuta istinitim događajima o šestorici agenata CIA-e koji su se izvukli iz Irana tijekom talačke krize 1979. pokazala je Afflecka kakvoga smo znali 15 godina ranije. Damon je najbolje sažeo situaciju: ‘Ben se radom uspeo iz podnožja planine do vrha, pa zatim nastavio dalje nego što je bilo tko od nas ikad stigao.’ Mnoge je iznenadilo

Hollywood juggernaut, Matt Damon. Affleck endured a slow and uneventful start to life in feature films in the mid-1990s, with flicks such as ‘Glory Daze’ and ‘Mallrats’ in 1995. However, some way through this journey, he began lodging with Damon, who was adapting an old script. The two of them collaborated on the screenplay and sold it to Miramax in the late 1990s as ‘Good Will Hunting’. The pair took up lead roles in the film, alongside Robin Williams, and walked away with an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in 1997. Affleck and Damon won more hearts when they delivered one of the most genuine and heartfelt acceptance speeches of all time. Affleck quivered, ‘There’s no way we’re doing this in 20 seconds,’ before he and Damon reeled off a list of thank yous in tandem, like two kids playing a travel game on a long car journey. ‘Good Will Hunting’ catapulted both actors to fame within the next 12 months. Affleck was immediately rewarded with a leading role in the space-epic ‘Armageddon’, while Damon took a better path in Steven Spielberg’s WWII classic ‘Saving Private Ryan’, alongside double-Oscar-winner Tom Hanks. As Damon’s rise showed little sign of slowing, with strong performances in well-received movies such as ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’, ‘Ocean’s Eleven’, and ‘The Bourne Identity’, Affleck’s heartthrob status led him down a sorry path towards a typecast, average actor with a growing list of failed flicks. ‘Pearl Harbour’, ‘Daredevil’ and ‘Gigli’, all released between 2001 and 2003, did little to grow his stature as a leading actor, with the LA Times labelling him a ‘passable actor, but a lousy star. The bigger the movie, the worse he comes across.’ ‘I have regrets about ‘Daredevil’,’ admits Affleck. ‘I have regrets about all the movies I don’t think were executed properly.’ Affleck’s screen woes followed him into his personal life. After very publically calling off his engagement to Jennifer Lopez in 2004 and therefore ending the showbiz phenomenon of ‘Bennifer’, he took an acting hiatus in order to escape the media microscope. ‘I think Jen and I made a mistake in that we fell in love,’ he said. ‘We were excited and maybe too accessible. I don’t think either of us anticipated the degree to which it would take on a world of its own.’ Damon would later claim in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, ‘There’s nobody who’s more misunderstood (than Affleck). It was like he was being cast in a role, that he was a talentless kind of meathead. With his whole relationship with Jennifer Lopez, it was really painful. It was painful to be his friend, because it wasn’t fair, you know?’ But you can’t keep a good man down. After marrying Jennifer Garner in 2005 whom he met on the set of ‘Daredevil’ (at least something good came of that train wreck), Affleck was back on screen, and receiving plaudits for performances on both sides of the camera. Directing his brother Casey in 2007’s ‘Gone Baby Gone’ resulted in a surprising hit at the box office that was applauded by critics. He followed that with an actor/director role in ‘The Town’, before taking home an Oscar for Best Picture, as well as a Golden Globe and the Director’s Guild of America award for Best Director for the Iranian hostage drama ‘Argo’. The true-story of six CIA operatives being smuggled out of the country by agents posing as filmmakers showed a side of Affleck not previously seen since ‘Good Will Hunting’ 15 years before. Damon summed it up by saying, ‘Through his work, he climbed from the bottom of the mountain all the way back up to the top and past where either of us had ever been.’ It’s

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S filmom ‘Dobri Will Hunting’ Ben Affleck i Matt Damon osvojili su Oscara za najbolji originalni scenarij 1997. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in 1997 for the movie ‘Good Will Hunting’


Yachts Cooltura

što je Affleck pristao i pročitati scenarij za Snyderova Batmana, ponajprije stoga što ta uloga znači i rizik i teret – kao da pokušavate naslijediti Daniela Craiga u odijelu Jamesa Bonda (usput rečeno, sretno bilo onome tko se na to odluči!). No Affleck kao da uživa u strci. Prošle su godine on i Jennifer Garner objavili prekid, navodno zbog Affleckove indiskrecije s dadiljom njihove djece. Nedugo nakon toga rekli su da se doista i razvode, nakon deset godina braka. Za nekoga tko se spremao navući kostim omiljenog junaka i stati pred poglede sumnjičavih ljubitelja stripa, Affleck nije mogao pronaći gori trenutak za takve skandale. Kako god, najvažniji film godine do sada je zaradio više od 800 milijuna dolara u kinodvoranama diljem svijeta, no je li uspješan u bilo kojem drugom pogledu, pitanje je na koje ćete morati sami odgovoriti.

Affleckov politički triler ‘Argo’ jedan je od najboljih filmova 2012. godine Affleck’s political thriller ‘Argo’ is widely regarded as one of the best films of 2012

surprising to some that Affleck would go anywhere near Snyder’s Man Of Steel follow-up. From a character perspective, playing Batman in this era would be much like taking over the role of James Bond from Daniel Craig (good luck to whoever has a crack at that). It seems Affleck just cannot shy away from controversy. Late last year it was reported the actor’s marriage to Garner was in trouble amid allegations of an affair with their nanny. Then came the news that the couple were divorcing after ten years of marriage. When you’re about to take on one of the most challenging roles of your career and you need all the fans you can get, Affleck’s timing could not have been worse. However, ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ continues to hit new heights at the box office, reaching a worldwide total of more than $800 million and counting. Will there be a followup of Justice Leauge films? This year’s biggest movie will reveal all.

BATMAN-DNA GOTHAM CITY Kuća Romain Jerome predstavila je novi kolekcionarski model – Batman-DNA Gotham City. Crno kućište od čelika presvučenog slojem PVC-a podsjeća na Batmobile. Model je pomalo grub, pomalo sirov i mračan – baš kao Gotham City, a dojam samo pojačan obradom materijala i izmjenom poliranih i mat površina. Crni brojčanik mami 3D prikazom grada, a u srcu brojčanika sjedi Batman, vječno bdijući nad Gothamom. Model Batman-DNA Gotham City nadahnut je trilogijom o junaku u kostimu šišmiša-osvetnika i dio je serije ograničene na 75 primjeraka.


RJ-Romain Jerome returns with a new collectible – the Batman-DNA Gotham City. The timepiece is enhanced with the facetted bezel in black PVD-coated steel, reminiscent of the Batmobile. Each of the facet, either sand-blasted or polished, has been hand-finished and given RJ typical ‘rough’ effect to recall the roughness of Gotham City. The bezel gives way to an all-black and sophisticated dial built on three layers. Thanks to a great 3D effect, the City seems to be coming out of the dial. Watching over the City, Batman the vigilante sits on the top of the dial. Inspired by The Dark knight trilogy, the BatmanDNA Gotham City timepiece is limited to 75 pieces in honor of the timeless hero.

GUCCI U Maria Storeu Najnoviji dodatak u ponudi najprestižnijih domaćih concept storeova Maria jedna je od najslavnijih talijanskih modnih kuća i brend za čijim novim kolekcijama luduje doslovno čitav modni svijet – Gucci! Maksimalističke kolekcije Alessandra Michelea učinile su Gucci u samo nekoliko sezona ‘najhot’ modnim imenom za čijim se it-komadima torbica, natikača, plisiranih suknji i bluza s volanima svjetske fashionistice doslovno otimaju. Prve kreacije koje su upravo stigle u trgovine u Dubrovniku i Zagrebu najava su Guccijeve jesenske kolekcije koja pršti upravo tim ‘wow’ efektom - stilska eksplozija fantastično zabavnog miksa romantike i retra, klasične elegancije i lude ekscentričnosti odmah izvlači osmijeh na lice. Michele svoj nepogrešiv dizajnerski rukopis spaja s vrhunskom kvalitetom talijanske zanatske izrade što svaki Guccijev komad čini istinski bezvremenim, što je uostalom ionako prirođeno svemu što nosi slavni kućni logo u obliku dvostrukih slova G. Posjetite Maria concept store u Dubrovniku ili Zagrebu i otkrijte čaroban svijet Guccijeve neobuzdane maštovitosti koja će vas u tren oka pretvoriti u superstylish modnu princezu!


GUCCI At Maria Store The latest accessory of the most prestigious local concept store, Maria represents one of the most famous Italian fashion houses and stands for the brand the entire world of fashion is crazy about – Gucci, of course! Maxi collections of Alessandro Michele have awarded Gucci, in only a few seasons with the title of one of the hottest fashion names and thus, world fashion-lovers practically fight over the it-pieces like bags, sandals, pleated skirts and frilled blouses. First creations that have just hit the stores in Dubrovnik and Zagreb are an announcement of Gucci’s autumn collections bursting with ‘wow’ effect – stylish explosion of exquisite fun combo of romance and retro, classical elegance and crazy eccentricity definitely inspires smiles. Michele blends his impeccable designer know-how with premium quality of Italian craftsman skill launching each Gucci piece into immortality – an innate feature of the G logo house. Drop by and take a peek at the Maria concept store in Dubrovnik or Zagreb and discover the magical world of Gucci’s lush imagination, in the blink of an eye turning you into a stylish fashion princess!



Neodoljive stilske kombinacije Irresistible posh combinations

Urođena elegancija Seventy žene najbolje dolazi do izražaja u jednostavnim komadima rafiniranih krojeva i svijetlih boja. Lepršavi, prozračni materijali suptilno naglašavaju liniju tijela dok koži dopuštaju da diše, a gotovo neutralna paleta boja ističe prirodnu ljepotu svake žene. Seventy za ljeto, osim basic monokromatskih komada u tonovima bijele i plave, predlaže i kultni klasik ljetne sezone – prugice, popularni uzorak koji već godinama ne izlazi iz trenda. Cvjetne maksi haljine postaju savršene za ženstvene dnevne lookove, dok će koktel-haljinice istog uzorka biti odlična trendi alternativa za večernje izlaske. Kombinacija crne i bijele idealna je za ljubiteljice decentne klasike, dok će zaljubljenice u boje uživati u sunčanim nijansama žute, crvene i narančaste. Iz kolekcije se izdvaja neodoljiva retro koktel-haljina tankih plavo-bijelih prugica, naglašenog struka i blago plisirane suknje koja će svakoj građi podariti savršenu figuru pješčanog sata. Gradsko ljeto nezamislivo je i bez laganih traper-komada – reinterpretacija ‘trapezica’ apsolutni je ovogodišnji hit, a s običnom bijelom majicom opuštenog kroja i predimenzioniranim prslukom u toplim nijansama bež i narančaste, cijeli se look transformira u savršeni izričaj urbanog boho stila. U režiji omiljenog ženskog brenda Seventy ljeto nikada nije izgledalo bolje. Cijelu kolekciju možete pronaći u trgovini Seventy, na splitskoj Rivi, Obala hrvatskog narodnog preporoda 6, te u Zagrebu (Centar Kaptol i Ilica 5).


Innate elegance of the Seventy’s woman comes to the fullest in simple chic cuts of light colours. Flirty, translucent materials subtly emphasize the body line allowing skin to breathe, while neutral hues stress the natural beauty of every woman. Seventy suggests for summer, apart from the basic monochromatic pieces in white and blue hues, also the cult classic for the summer season – stripes, lifelong trendy pattern. Floral maxi dresses are perfect for feminine daily looks, and cocktail dresses of the same pattern shall be an exquisite trendy alternative for a night out in town. Combination of black and white is ideal for classic-fans, yet colour-lovers shall enjoy sunny hues of yellow, red and orange. Seductive retro cocktail dress in thin blue-white stripes, that emphasizes waist and gently pleated skirt adorning each body line with a perfect hourglass figure, should be singled out. City summer without a light jeans piece is hard to imagine – remake of ‘trapeze’ is an absolute hit this year, paired with a plain white loose T-shirt and oversized vest in warm colours of beige and orange, and the whole look transforms into a perfect expression of urban boho style. Summer setting of the favourite ladies’ Seventy brand has never looked better. Take a peek in Split’s Seventy store on Riva, Obala hrvatskog narodnog preporoda 6 or in Zagreb (Centar Kaptol and Ilica 5). The whole collection awaits you!


LE HUIT By Lancel

Le Huit, u obliku brojke osam, sa senzualnim oblinama, najnovija je Lancelova vrećasta torba. Ovu moderniziranu verziju Lancel je posvetio svim ženama i djevojkama koje, uz stalnu pratnju svojih torba, odražavaju duh vremena i energiju urbanog stila života. One vole ideje kao što su rock, boho i liberty, no izuzetno su pronicljive te pridaju mnogo pažnje detaljima i elementima koji će pokazati njihov karakter. Koža se slobodno kreće, oblik se presavija i daje neformalan izgled s notom rock and rolla. Ovoj profinjenoj nonšalanciji svjetlost daju metalni detalji: velike zakovice koje drže remen (koji na svome kraju ima metalni srebrni prsten), te lanac na koji je prikačena malena kožna vrećica. Živi šavovi i rubovi obojeni u crno, koji su postali zaštitni znak brenda, upotpunjavaju dojam. Ova torba nudi suptilne i pažljivo odabrane detalje. U tome leži snaga Lancelove vještine. Le Huit izuzetno je praktična i može se nositi na različite načine. Idealna za promjene raspoloženja, može se nositi kao torba preko jednog ramena zahvaljujući dugom remenu, ili pak koristiti cjevaste ručke da dobijete ručnu ili kratku torbu. Ovo genijalno rješenje omogućuje korištenje vikendom, kao i radnim danima. Le Huit je dostupna u dvije veličine: velikoj i maloj. Unutrašnjost oba modela sadrži već poznate Lancelove praktične detalje: podstavu od čvrstog svilenog materijala u Lancel crvenoj boji, te ravne džepove i one sa zatvaračem kako biste organizirali svoje privatne predmete. Sa svojom simboličnom Lancel crvenom unutrašnjošću, Le Huit je izrađena od fine glatke kože i od mat reljefne kože u stilu krokodilske.



Le Huit, a figure eight whose sensual curves evoke Lancel’s latest bucket bag. This updated version is Lancel’s tribute to all those women and girls who, with their bags as constant companions, reflect the spirit of the times and the energy of an urban lifestyle. They love the concepts of Rock, Boho and Liberty but are keenly discerning and attach great importance to detail and to objects that reflect their character. The leather moves freely, forms folds and offers a casual look with a zest of rock and roll spirit. This sophisticated nonchalance is illuminated by some metallic strokes of light: large rivets to hold the tie (which features a silver-coloured metal ring at the end) and a chain to which a matching leather pouch is attached. The raw seams and black-dyed edges, which have become true brand hallmarks, provide the final, striking touch. This bag offers subtle and carefully studied detail. This is the strength of Lancel’s expertise. Ultra-practical, Le Huit can be worn in a variety of ways. Ideal for those changing moods, it can be worn as a long shoulder bag using the strap or as a hand-held bag or short shoulder bag using the tubular handles. This ingenuity makes it a perfect match for week or weekend use. Le Huit comes in two sizes: a large size and a smaller one. Inside, they both offer Lancel’s usual practical features: grosgrain lining in Lancel red and flat and zipped pockets to organise those personal items. With its emblematic Lancel red lining, Le Huit is crafted in smooth-grained leather and in crocodile-style embossed matt leather.





CROATA Kao i u mnogim velikim stvarima koje su obilježile čovječanstvo, ljubav je bila ishodište i inspiracija i u priči o kravati. U hrvatskoj pučkoj tradiciji rubac zavezan u čvor bio je sastavni dio muške svečane narodne nošnje. Prema predaji, hrvatske djevojke su svojim zaručnicima vezale oko vrata rubac, osobito u sudbonosnim trenucima prije odlaska u rat. Danas je Croata, kao luksuzna hrvatska modna marka, sinonim za ‘limited edition’ kravate, rupce i šalove od najfinije svile koji su ručno izrađeni do savršenstva. Ona je istovremeno i najautentičniji suvenir koji možete ponijeti iz Hrvatske. Svaki njihov proizvod kreiran je s posebnom pozornošću i ljubavlju, a kravate, šalovi i marame su izrađene od najfinije svile u izuzetno malim serijama, te su ručno dovedene do savršenstva. Posebna pažnja posvećena je dizajnu, širokoj paleti boja, uzoraka i motiva. Najčešći motivi na njihovim proizvodima su hrvatski pleter, preuzet sa starih hrvatskih kamenih spomenika, te glagoljica – pismo iz 9. stoljeća. Kao što je proizvod izvoran i jedinstven, tako je i njegova kupnja posebno iskustvo. Jedini koncept posjete trgovini i muzeju istovremeno, razvio je baš brend Croata pod nazivom - Museum Concept Store. U Salonu Croata na splitskom Peristilu postavljen je prvi takav koncept store na svijetu u ljeto 2008., a Croata u samom centru Splita priča priču o gradu. Nastavak je uslijedio u Salonu Croata u Rijeci. Pod nazivom ‘Iz povijesti i pretpovijesti kravate’ integrirana je priča o kravati, njenoj povijesti i značenju. Treći takav koncept je 2015. dobio i grad Dubrovnik s pričom o kravati, njenoj povijesti i značenju, a za izložbeni prikaz koji je sadržajno vezan uz grad Dubrovnik i njegovo šire područje. Ovaj neobičan i interesantan trajni muzejski postav vodi nas kroz povijest i razvoj kravate od rupca koji su žene darivale mladićima, preko znamenitih povijesnih ličnosti koje su nosile kravatu, pa sve do modernog modnog izričaja i stila. Zavezana ispod ovratnika čiste bijele košulje koja paše muškom tijelu kao salivena, Croata kravata kao najizražajniji dio muškog outfita je jedini predmet kroz koji čovjek može otkriti svoju osobnost ili raspoloženje. Kravata jje njegova j g izjava j dana.

Autentično i hrvatsko Authentic and Croatian

All grand things impressing mankind have always been inspired by love. The story of cravat rests on the same roots. As the Croatian folk tradition says men used to wear a neck scarf tied in a knot as a part of their festive folk costumes. According to the legend, Croatian girls used to tie their fiancées a scarf around the neck, especially in significant moments before going to war. Today Croata, as a luxurious Croatian fashion brand, stands for the synonym of ‘limited edition’ ties, scarves and shawls perfectly handmade of the most sophisticated silk. It represents the most autochthonous souvenir you can take home from Croatia. Each product is created with special attention and care, and ties, shawls and scarves are made out of the finest silks respecting limited edition profile, and of course, immaculately handmade. Special attention is paid to the design, wide range of colours, patterns and motifs. The most common motifs are Croatian wattle originating from ancient Croatian stone monuments, and Glagolitic script – alphabet dating from the 9th century. Shopping experience is tailored to the character of the products – genuine and unique. The concept of the Croata store derives from the idea of blending store and museum elements under one roof, and thus developing a new brand called - Museum Concept Store. In summer 2008 the first concept store of such kind in the world, opened its door at Split Peristil, and Croata in the Split city centre tells the tale of the ancient Roman city. The story went on, and a new Croata store was opened in Rijeka. The title ‘Historic and Prehistoric Origins of the Cravat’ unveils the story of the tie, its history and meaning. The third concept store of the same character, opened back in 2015 in Dubrovnik, offers along with the tale of the cravat origins, historical exhibition of Dubrovnik and its surroundings. This museum-style-store presents unusual and intriguing exhibition providing knowledge on cravat history and origin, starting from the beginnings when women used to give scarves to men, over interesting historical personalities that used to wear a tie, all the way to modern stylish cravats. Tied underneath collar of a pearl white dress shirt, tailored to men’s bodyline, the Croata cravat stands out as the most distinctive part of men’s outfit opening the only window to men’s personality or mood. Cravat translates ass his statement of the day. tra

CLASSIC & STYLE By City Center one

Ubb Ubrzan životni tempo sve nas je pomalo razmazio, naviknuo da u svakom trenu očekujemo praktično, uzbudljivo, ali i opuštajuće iskustvo. Ima jedan prostor koji će oč č ispuniti ta očekivanja, s dušom obojenom prepoznatljivom žutom bojom - zaštitnim isp p znakom dobrog provoda koji podrazumijeva odličan shopping, nezaboravnu zabavu zn n druženje. Ispijanje ukusne kave u vodećem shopping centru u Dalmaciji i ugodno u (Vukovarska 207, Split) bio bi uvod u shopping avanturu na čijem se putu nalazi 160 (V trgovina koje mnogi smatraju kontrolnim točkama stila, osobnog ukusa i mogućnotrg sti za fascinantan makeover. Započnete li tu avanturu u Peek & Cloppenburgu, birat ćete komade kuća Armani Jeans, Boss, Calvin Klein, Desigual, Joop!, Tommy Hilfiće ger i one drugih poznatih svjetskih dizajnera, dok ćete u trgovini XYZ isprobavati ge kolekcije brendova Dsquared2, Pinko, Juicy Couture, Michael Kors i drugih. Trgoko vina Fashion & Friends u svojoj ponudi izdvaja Replay, Guess, Liu Jo i Gaudi kolekvin cije, a nećete odoljeti ni sjajnoj ponudi trgovina H&M, Mango, s.Oliver, Springfield, cij Douglas, L’Occitane, Yamamay i drugih. Ispunite želje svojih mališana kupujući u Do ou bbrojnim br ojjn j trgovinama s ponudom za djecu dok se oni igraju u besplatnoj dječjoj igraonici, nic ci, a nakon shoppinga dajte oduška gurmanu u sebi i isprobajte što nude tamošnji restorani. Oni željni uzbuđenja okušat će sreću u Wettpunkt automat klubu, a neki re stto ćee po ppoželjeti podići adrenalin na stazi Karting Arena Split. Ljubitelji filma mogu uživati va atii uuz neki od holivudskih blockbustera Cineplexx kina, a drugi u raznolikoj ponudi otvorenih štandova. Krajnji rezultat? Neizmjerno zadovoljstvo posjetitelja i naslov otv voor City Cit tyy CCentera one kao najkvalitetnijeg i omiljenog shopping centra koji posjetitelji, u neovisnim istraživanjima, takvim proglašavaju već dugi niz godina. neo ne ov


Our fast pace of life has spoiled us a bit and gotten us used to expecting practical and exciting, but relaxing experiences at all times. There is a place, though, that does fulfil such expectations, with an atmosphere painted in its recognisable yellow colour - the trademark symbolising a good time, and obviously excellent shopping, unforgettable fun, and great company. Having an excellent coffee in Dalmatia’s leading shopping mall (Vukovarska 207, Split) is a prelude to a shopping adventure lined with 160 shops that many see as checkpoints of style, personal taste, and opportunities for fascinating makeovers. If you begin your adventure at Peek&Cloppenburg, you can take your pick from the house of Armani Jeans, Boss, Calvin Klein, Desigual, Joop!, Tommy Hilfiger and other famous international designers. At XYZ, you can try on items from the collections of brands like Dsquared2, Pinko, Juicy Couture, Michael Kors, and others. Fashion&Friends offers famous brands like Replay, Guess, Liu Jo and Gaudi, and you won’t be able to resist the excellent assortment at H&M, Mango, s.Oliver, Springfield, Douglas, L’Occitane, Yamamay, and many more. Fulfil your youngsters’ wishes by shopping in many children’s stores, while they play in a free children’s playroom, and when you’re done, rouse the gourmand in you and discover the delicacies offered at our restaurants. Those seeking excitement can try their luck at Wettpunkt Automat Club, while others may wish to get their adrenaline rush at the Carting Arena Split. Movie lovers can enjoy a number of Hollywood blockbuster hits at Cineplexx cinema while others may be more interested in the diverse selection offered at the mall’s open stands. What is the end result? Immeasurable visitor satisfaction with City Center one pronounced as the best quality and favourite shopping mall for years in a row as picked by visitors in independent research studies.





Najbolji šoping na obali Best shopping on the coast

Dizajnerski butici i svjetski brendovi rangirali su tivatsko nautičko naselje kao mjesto modne destinacije koja može parirati Capriju i Monaku. U promenadi modnih trgovina i konceptualnih radnji, mogu se pronaći ultraluksuzni odjevni komadi i modni dodaci. U glavnoj šoping-ulici Porto Montenegra nalazi se popularni concept store Fashionistas Shop-in-Shop Galerija - za stilizirane modne znalce i one koji uživaju u tome da sebi priušte najnoviji model iz profinjene kolekcije Balenciaga, Diane von Furstenberg, Dolce & Gabbana, Dries Van Noten, La Perla, Moncler, Philipp Plein, Tom Ford i mnogih drugih. Šopingholičarke zasigurno uživaju i u ekskluzivnom butiku Mooi s brendovima Celine, Chloe, Dita, Isabel Marant, Marni, Saint Laurent, Thom Browne, Valentino, Victoria Beckham i drugi. Najbolje outfite za plažu nudi Heidi Klein, a tu je i autentičan talijanski modni koncept Genny za dame sa sofisticiranim stilom koji u najnovijoj ljetnoj kolekciji aludira na hiperglamuroznu atmosferu 80-ih sa svojim jedinstvenim art deco motivima. Brend Misahara na novoj lokaciji u srcu naselja nudi najluksuzniji nakit koji se dizajnira u New Yoku, inspiriran toplinom i svjetlucanjem Jadranskog mora, te zlatnim pijeskom pustinje Sahara. Concept store Supermarket uvodi nova iznenađenja za sve posjetitelje dok trgovina cipela Shubeshu nudi funky, optimističnu obuću za žene, muškarce i djecu brendova Anniel, Caruso, Leghila, Pretty Ballerinas i još mnogih drugih. Luksuzna trgovina satova Excelsior, novitet u naselju, predstavit će prestižne brendove satova kao što su Cartier, Chopard, Vacheron Constantin i druge.

Designer boutiques and luxury brands recently added Tivat yachting village to their desired shopping locations, right next to prestigious, established locations like Capri or Monaco. The promenade of the village abounds with luxury clothing and accessories brands. The main shopping street of Porto Montenegro hosts the popular Fashionistas Shop-in-Shop Galerija concept store, where versed fashion lovers will find carefully selected pieces by the big names – Balenciaga, Diane von Furstenberg, Dolce & Gabbana, Dries Van Noten, La Perla, Moncler, Philipp Plein, Tom Ford and others. Shopping addicts will enjoy the Mooi store and their seemingly endless supply of Celine, Chloe, Dita, Isabel Marant, Marni, Saint Laurent, Thom Browne, Valentino and Victoria Beckham ‘it’ pieces; while those hitting the beach in style will find everything they need in Heidi Klein. Authentic Italian brand Genny brings back the most sophisticated style moments of the glamorous 80s with unique art deco prints and cuts, while New York-designed Misahara jewelry brand offers pieces inspired by the warmth of the Adriatic and the golden sands of Sahara. Supermarket concept store delights with a fresh approach to clothing and accessory design and those looking for funky, trendy shoes will definitely find what they are looking for in Shubeshu, among brands like Anniel, Caruso, Leghila and Pretty Ballerinas. The latest newcomer to the shopping district is luxury watch store Excelsior, uniting under one roof exclusive names like Cartier, Chopard, Vacheron Constantin and others.

MALL OF SPLIT Najveća ponuda poznatih svjetskih brendova u Dalmaciji Želite li se pripremiti za nadolazeću ljetnu sezonu, Mall of Split pravo je mjesto za vas! Bilo da živite u Dalmaciji ili vas put nanese, nećete požaliti odlučite li se posjetiti novootvoreni trgovački centar Mall of Split. Svi ljubitelji mode i dobrog stila tamo mogu naći poznate domaće i svjetske modne brendove, od kojih su neki prvi put u Hrvatskoj. Mall of Split najveći je regionalni trgovački centar s više od 60.000 četvornih metara prostora. Mnogi mu zbog modernog dizajna i arhitekture te jedinstvene ponude pripisuju i titulu najekskluzivnijeg centra u cijeloj regiji, što je već u prvim mjesecima poslovanja i opravdao. Iako je centar opremljen najsuvremenijim sustavima, arhitekti su se pobrinuli da posjetitelji u centru osjete i dašak tradicionalnog dalmatinskog stila. U centru Mall of Split ne nedostaje ni popratnih sadržaja kako bi posjetitelji, osim u kupovini, mogli uživati i u drugim aktivnostima. Osim velikog izbora kafića, posjetitelji mogu uživati i u jedinstvenoj ponudi Food courta ne samo u atraktivno uređenoj unutrašnjosti, već i na prostranim terasama. Osigurano je oko 2.500 besplatnih parkirnih mjesta, a centar je osigurao i prilagođeni javni prijevoz.


World famous brands in Dalmatia If you want to get ready for the upcoming summer season, Mall of Split is the perfect place for you. Whether you live in Dalmatia or youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re just passing by, you wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t regret if you decide to visit newly opened shopping center Mall of Split. All fashion and style lovers can enjoy in numerous local and world famous brands, some of which are in Croatia for the first time. Mall of Split is the biggest regional shopping center with over 60.000 m2 of space. Because of its modern design, architecture and unique offer, many call it most exclusive shopping center in the whole eastern region, which was confirmed in its first few months since opening. Even though the center is equipped with newest operation systems, architects made it possible for visitors to still feel a piece of traditional Dalmatian style. Mall of Split offers many other contents that visitors can enjoy while taking a break from shopping. You can choose between many coffee bars and unique Food Court with four restaurants and over ten fast food restaurants. Visitors also have a spacious terrace on their disposal. Mall of Split can be reached by public transport and the center has a garage with around 2,500 parking places.


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ji prate nautičari ko se e ć a m ji o sk roteže tika Anda p dele naočala p o O m c e a ij n v a o L jn . mo vam na ja krstarenja te pokraj Predstavlja snuti na svo da se usidri ti o o m m je o u il č st ru e šno i sa re, pa prepo e zrake neć modu uspje obale pa i ši eštave ljetn lj e b k ts m a a v rv a h m oji se duž cijele naočale s k e horizonte i izaberete a n a ć u d ne jadransk g iv d re p a najbliže n d le f st hotlist o ometati pog Anda’s late a k ti p O r. is e re le this summ yachter, he ruise in sty -conscious c n r io u o sh y fa n o e rest store so For th embark by your nea h nsures you e rt e t b a , th d n s o e orizons d bey sunglass e Adriatic h an coast an in ti st a ri ro p C e e th th of ng d your view Located alo s don’t blin y ra r e m m those su

Yachts Style


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1. BVLGARI Naočale slavnog talijanskog dizajnera nakita i dalje pokazuju svoju karakterističnu profinjenost u novoj ekskluzivnoj kolekciji koja odiše hrabrošću, bezvremenskom estetikom i finom izradom. The famed Italian jeweller retains their signature sophistication in their exclusive eyewear collection, oozing with boldness, timeless design and fine craftsmanship. 2. MIU MIU Omiljena Miu Miu kolekcija Noir u obliku mačjih očiju apsolutni je pobjednik među modno osviještenim, pozitivnim i provokativnim ženama koje vole nešto napredniji i profinjeniji stil.

Miu Miu’s favoured cat-eyed Noir collection is a winner amongst the fashion forward, seriously light-hearted and provocative women, who aspire to a more avant-garde and sophisticated lifestyle. 3. DOLCE & GABBANA Ovaj okvir, jednostavan za nošenje, savršen je pratitelj na mokrom mediteranskom odmoru. Jedinstven dizajn Dolce & Gabbana naočala inspiriran je vlastitim korijenima dizajnera i vrijednostima ugrađenima u njihov DNK: Sicilijom, senzualnošću i krojačkom vještinom. This easy-to-wear frame is a perfect companion on a sea holiday on the Mediterranean. Dolce & Gabbana’s authentic designs draw inspiration from the roots and the authentic values of its own DNA: Sicily, sensuality and sartorial ability. 4. PERSOL Persolova vintage kolekcija posvećena je povijesti ovoga brenda koja seže čak u 1917. godinu. Sa svojim sugestivnim imenom koje znači ‘za sunce’, ponosan je nasljednik kulture izvrsnosti i vještine, savršena alkemija estetike i tehnologije. Zbog neodoljive privlačnosti vječnog dizajna i umjetničke kvalitete, ovaj je brend omiljen u svijetu filma. The vintage celebration collection by Persol is a tribute to the brand’s history dating back to its 1917 debut. With its evocative name, meaning ‘for sun’, it is the proud heir to a culture of excellence and craftsmanship, a perfect alchemy of aesthetics and technology. The irresistible appeal of timeless design and art-like quality makes the brand a favorite in the world of cinema. 5. VERSACE Prepoznatljiv po svome logotipu, zlatnoj Meduzinoj glavi, Versace je sinonim za luksuz, sofisticiranost i seksepil. Ove naočale u obliku mačjih očiju bit će elegantan dodatak vašoj kolekciji za krstarenje. Always recognizable by its trademark golden emblem of Medusa, Versace is synonymous with luxury, sophistication and sex appeal. These cat-eye shaped shades are a sleek addition to your off-shore collection.




MARIJA PENIĆ IVANKO Zagrebačka poduzetnica Marija Penić Ivanko, poznata po dućanu Mare u Mesničkoj ulici, uspješno kombinira visoku žensku modu i nautički program Henri Lloyda. Od ovog ljeta imat će čak tri dućana između Šibenika i Zadra, što je veliki iskorak za tu tvrtku. ‘Za mene je bio veliki pothvat krenuti i s prvim dućanom u samom centru Zagreba. Prvi koraci bili su u samim počecima krize, ali naša vizija bila je jaka i odlučna, a u poslu mi pomaže bratić koji je u meni prepoznao dobar potencijal. Plan je od početka bio krenuti vrlo brzo i s Mare dućanima po Jadranu, ali trebalo je pričekati pravi trenutak. Prošle godine otvorila su mi se vrata ponude koja se ne odbija i znala sam da je to jedan novi početak poslovanja – s Mare dućanom u D-Resortu u Šibeniku.’ Ove godine otvorili ste još dva nova dućana? Prošla godina je bila uspješna i trebalo je ‘zasukati rukave’ i prihvatiti se posla. Prvo smo otvorili dućan u Skradinu. Bez obzira na to što je Skradin udaljen samo nekoliko minuta vožnje od Šibenika, on je jedna od nezaobilaznih destinacija svakog nautičara. Sljedeći dućan bio je u Marini Dalmacija u Sukošanu, u sklopu Beach Cluba, s već sada provjerenim partnerima, danas i prijateljima grupe D-Marin. Taj arhipelag ima veliki broj turista, a stranci ulažu u taj dio Mediterana. Ako oni vjeruju u taj dio, zašto ne bih i ja koja sam rođena u Hrvatskoj? U grupi D-Marin ste pronašli pravog partnera? Već sam spomenula da grupa D-Marin kao velika korporacija vjeruje da Hrvatska postaje vrhunska destinacija jahtaša i turista koji žele uživati u našim blagodatima. Međusobna poslovna suradnja ušla je na mala vrata, u početku i sukladna mojim mogućnostima, ali povjerenje koje sam dobila dalo mi je dodatan vjetar u leđa da ga opravdam. Moram biti iskrena, da nije bilo ovog ostvarenja projekta grupe D-Marin, možda bih još danas imala samo dućan Mare u Mesničkoj 5 u Zagrebu. Ovo je samo dokaz da se trud isplati i da treba učiti i pratiti samo najbolje. Uz njihov najbolji tim otvorili smo trgovinu i u marini Sukošan, ima 80 četvornih metara prostora koji gostima nudi samo najbolje brendove kakve zaslužuje ovaj projekt. Henri Lloyd osnova je vaše nautičke ponude? Mare dućani d.o.o. glavni je uvoznik za brend nautičke odjeće i obuće Henri Lloyd marine kolekcije, koji je broj jedan već nekoliko desetljeća u

MODA S VELIKIM ‘M’ FASHION WITH A BIG ‘M’ S dućanima u Sukošanu i Skradinu, Mare trgovine dobivaju novu i raznovrsnu ponudu. U njima će se naći ponešto za svakoga, u lijepom stilu i prezentaciji koje njeguje njihova vlasnica New stores in Sukošan and Skradin bring to Mare Stores a new breath of fashion. Besides Henri Lloyd, there is something for everyone, nicely styled and presented by the devoted owner Text Darko Šupuk Photos Rajna Raguž & Mare Store

Zagreb entrepreneur Marija Penić Ivanko, famous for the Mare Store in Mesnička Street, successfully pairs high women’s fashion with nautical collection Henri Lloyd. As of this summer three stores in the area between Šibenik and Zadar await you - a big step for the company. ‘Starting with the first store in Zagreb was a breakthrough for me. I did my first business-babysteps in the period of the economic crisis, yet our vision was much stronger and I have my cousin as support and a helping hand. From the beginning the plan was to start with Mare Stores on the Adriatic as soon as possible. We only had to wait for the right moment. Last year, in the peak of the season, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity knocked and I knew it meant a new business era for me – Mare Store in D-Resort in Šibenik.’ This year you have opened two more stores? Last year was successful, so we had to roll up our sleeves and get busy. First we opened the store in Skradin. Regardless of the fact that Skradin is only a few minutes’ drive away from Šibenik, this petite town presents an ‘itdestination’ of every yachtsman. The next destination was opening the store in Dalmacija Marina in Sukošan as a part of the Beach Club with trustworthy partners, today friends of the D-Marin Group. This archipelago hosts a huge number of tourists and there is a lot of investment from foreigners here. If they believe in that part, why shouldn’t I, a born Croatian? In D-Marin Group you have found a true partner? I have already mentioned that D-Marin Group as a big corporation believes that Croatia is becoming a top destination of yachtsmen and tourists who are yearning to enjoy our beauties. Mutual business cooperation was modest at the beginning and in line with my possibilities, yet the trust I was entitled gave me more strength and faith. I have to be honest; if it wasn’t for the realisation of the D-Marin Group project, maybe today I would only have Mare Store at Mesnička 5 in Zagreb. This is just proof that every effort counts and never forget to learn from the best. With the support of their best team we have opened the store in Sukošan Marina – with a space of 80 m2, providing guests with only the best brands worthy of this project. Henri Lloyd stands for the basis of your nautical offer? Mare Stores d.o.o. represent the nautical clothes and shoes brand Henri Lloyd – the number one marine collection for decades in the world, on the


Besprijekorna prezentacija i atraktivna ponuda zaštitni su znak Mare dućana, od ovog ljeta na tri lokacije Flawless presentation and attractive offer are trademarks of Mare stores, with three locations this summer


svijetu, a više od 50 godina je na tržištu. Igrom slučaja, ili rezultat mog dugogodišnjeg ulaganja i vjerovanja u taj brend, napokon je povezan s najboljim i najljepšim marinama na Jadranu. Za vaš asortiman kažu da je super i izabran i predstavljen? Drago mi je zbog toga i veliko hvala ljudima koji tako vide naše dućane. Puno ulažem u odabir svakog artikla u svojoj ponudi, a samim time želim da i prezentacija istog bude na nivou. Trudim se stalno pronalaziti nešto novo za svoje vjerne kupce, a i pokušati privući one koji još nisu upoznati s mojom ponudom. Ljetna ponuda uvijek me veseli s nezaobilaznim tunikama, naočalama, narukvicama, nakitom, sandalama, prekrasnim nautičkim laganim mokasinama koje još nitko nema u ponudi. Igrom detalja i svakodnevnim razmišljanjem kako biti bolji i da riječ ‘nemamo’ izbjegnemo u velikom luku, u ponudu smo stavili i hrvatski pjenušac, čokolade te posuđe za brodove i megajahte, nautičke satove i, naravno, ponudu hrvatskih dizajnera jer bez toga ponuda ne bi bila u potpunosti ispunjena. Jednostavno vidim detalje koje želim imati i koji podižu cijeli prostor i ponudu, a toplina istog od velike je važnosti. Volim imati nešto novo i drugačije, pa mi je zato veliki kompliment ako su to ljudi primijetili i sa zadovoljstvom kupuju u Mare dućanima. Kakva je ponuda u Skradinu, a kakva u Šibeniku i Sukošanu? U Skradinu imam prostor koji odiše svježinom i stopio se s dušom grada i nalazi se na samom trgu. Ponuda je nešto skromnija od ostalih dućana, ali svaka želja kupca može biti ostvarena u samo nekoliko minuta koliko je potrebno da iz Šibenika dostavimo u Skradin. Kada govorimo o Šibeniku i Sukošanu, onda se priča proteže na dva velika prostora i ponuda mora biti besprijekorna. Od različitosti artikala do onih sitnica koje ti mogu ‘usfaliti’ na brodu usred ljetne plovidbe. Tako ćete u ponudi naći, uz naš glavni brend Henri Lloyd, unikatne japanke, sunčane naočale, sandale, brodske šlapice i mokasine, ručnike, kozmetiku, tunike, nakit, brodsko posuđe, nautičke satove te majice koje će ostaviti sjećanje na godišnji odmor i Mare dućane.

market for more than 50 years. Coincidentally or as a result of my lifelong investment and faith in that brand, finally we enjoy the connection with the best and most beautiful marinas on the Adriatic. Your choice is said to be of supreme selection and presentation? I am glad to hear that and I appreciate people who perceive our store in such a great light. I invest a lot in the selection of each item and aim to maintain the presentation of each at the highest level. I give my all to find something new for my faithful buyers, but also for new clients, unfamiliar with my offer. The summer assortment always makes me happy, thanks to the likes of caftans, sunglasses, gloves, jewellery, sandals and fabulous light boat moccasins nobody else has to offer. We are constantly playing with details and we eagerly wish to avoid using the words ‘sorry, we do not have that’. In our offer we have also placed Croatian champagne, chocolates, boat and mega-yachts’ dishes, nautical watches and of course – Croatian designers’ assortment. I simply notice details I wish to have in my store, details that lift up the store’s atmosphere and offer, a feeling of cosiness is also highly important. I like new and unique things; therefore, it is a huge compliment for me if people notice this and shop with pleasure at Mare Stores. What can you find in Skradin in comparison to Šibenik and Sukošan? The store in Skradin is of charming ambience, blended with the town’s soul and lies at the heart of the town square. The offer is a bit more modest than that of the other stores, though each buyer’s wish can be fulfilled in the ‘split second’ it takes to deliver from Šibenik. When talking about Šibenik and Sukošan the story is about two huge spaces and the offer has to be immaculate, a wide span of assortment starting from the small things you might need on board. It basically means, not only Henri Lloyd, but also unique flip-flops, sunglasses, sandals, slip-on boat shoes and moccasins, towels, cosmetics, caftans, jewellery, boat dishes, nautical watches and T-shirts helping you recall your memory on your vacation and Mare Stores.

The largest shopping center

A1 Zagreb Airport Split Trogir

2.500 - sqm of food court

Vu k o v

3.000 - sqm of terrace - gratis parking places


- shops

Downtown 4 km

141. brigade

Josipa JoviÄ&#x2021;a

61.700 - sqm to explore


g rata

Z b o ra n a r o d n



Downtown 4 km

e g ar

Mall of Split is Dalmatia premier shopping destination with more than 200 upscale boutiques, amazing nightlife area with slot hall, caffe bars and food court specialy tailored for all gastro nomads weather you search for international or dalmatian cusine. Spoil your sences relaxing at our amazing terraces enjoing in panoramic views and atractive arhitecture.

a r sk a

OmiĹĄ Makarska Dubrovnik

Mister Z Photo Session Modna revija na moru Fashion Show at Sea


Snimanjem promotivnih materijala za projekt SeaNet, zabilježeni su momenti uživanja na moru i nautičke mode koje vam rado prenosimo We want to share with you a magical fusion of the marine lifestyle and fashion as an outcome of the photo shooting for the SeaNet project Text Darko Šupuk Photos Mario Jelavić


Women’s Paul & Shark sweater ‘Yachting’

U prošlom broju smo pisali o zanimljivom konceptu frakcionalnog vlasništva jahti koji razvija belgijski poduzetnik Matty Zadnikar. Njegova jahta Mister Z vezana je u splitskoj ACI marini, a na njoj je početkom lipnja odrađeno snimanje za potrebe prezentacije projekta potencijalnim klijentima i na nadolazećem sajmu u Cannesu. Zadnikar je organizirao trodnevno snimanje jahte u ambijentu srednjodalmatinskih otoka koje je bilo jedno od najboljih produkcija koje smo do sada vidjeli. Namjera

In the previous number of Yachts we covered the story on an interesting concept of the fractional yacht ownership developed by the Belgian entrepreneur Matty Zadnikar. His yacht Mister Z is located in Split ACI Marina, and at the beginning of June this marine beauty served for the purpose of shooting sessions aiming at presenting project to the potential clients and at boat show in Cannes. Zadnikar organized a three-days professional shooting session of the yacht in the surroundings of the Middle Dalmatian islands,

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Men’s Paul & Shark swimsuit ‘Shark’


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Women’s Paul & Shark cardigan

mu je bila da na najbolji način predstavi svoju jahtu, Benetti Delfino 93, a konačni rezultat jest upravo ono o čemu u našem časopisu pišemo – uživanje na moru. Na snimanju su sudjelovali modeli iz Splita i Zagreba, te modne kuće Šuština i Paul & Shark, a uz belgijske producente stvari je na moru vodio naš Mario Jelavić. Spoj luksuzne jahte, vrhunskih lokacija, lijepe atmosfere i majstorskog Mariova oka pogledajte i sami na našim stranicama.

definitely one of the best productions we have witnessed so far. His intention was to present his yacht, Benetti Delfino 93, and the final outcome is exactly what we write about in our magazine – pleasure at sea. Models from Split and Zagreb took part in the session, fashion houses Šuština and Paul & Shark played their role, and side by side with Belgian producers there stood our Mario Jelavić. This magical blend of a luxurious yacht, exquisite locations and Master Mario’s eye you can check out at our pages.

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Text Darko Šupuk & Josipa Vlahović-Cikatić Photos Kristina Peračić & Tanja Drinković

Kao prijedlog za plovidbu, za vrijeme ljetnih mjeseci i stabilna vremena, posjet otocima viškog arhipelaga obogatit će vas za doživljaj prirode kakvu nećete vidjeti nigdje na Jadranu Summer time and stable weather conditions call for a sailing suggestion – the Vis Archipelago, a genuine nature experience 161

Jadranski biseri S velikim entuzijazmom krenuli smo na plovidbu koju smo dugo čekali. Odlučili smo posjetiti pučinske otoke viškog arhipelaga, Jabuku, Svetac i Brusnik, kao prijedlog za originalnu i posebnu ljetnu plovidbu. Naime, stabilne anticiklone u ljetnim mjesecima idealni su meteorološki uvjeti za posjet tim po imalo lošijem vremenu nepristupačnim otocima, specifične autentične i divlje ljepote. Njihova nedodirljivost i udaljenost od frekventnih luka daju im poseban šarm, a njihovo geološko podrijetlo i biološka raznovrsnost, zanimljiva povijest i ‘ludi’ oblici privukli su nas poput magneta. To je područje koje inače ima najveću koncentraciju prirodnih spomenika u Hrvatskoj. Naumili smo prvo posjetiti otok Jabuku, i to u zoru. Vulkanska stijena koja strši iz mora mistično je izronila iz jutarnje izmaglice i već na prvi pogled smo znali da nismo pogriješili što smo tu došli. Poput ogromne peraje morskog psa, kamena piramida pruža fascinantan prizor i ulijeva osjećaj poštovanja prema prirodi, koja nas i nakon cijelog života provedenog na moru uvijek iznenadi. Možda je ljubav prema moru i prirodi koju u sebi nosimo baš ovdje došla na svoje. Nakon razgledavanja otoka sa svih strana, iskrcali smo se na njegovu sjeveroistočnom rtu i prošetali po vulkanskom kamenu, atipič-


Overwhelmed with enthusiasm we started our long awaited sailing tour. We decided to visit the open sea islands of the Vis Archipelago, Jabuka, Svetac and Brusnik, as a suggestion for a unique summer sailing itinerary. Namely, stable anticyclones in summer represent ideal meteorological conditions to be the guest of these authentic and wild islands as they are unapproachable under bad weather conditions. Unwelcoming traits and distance from frequent ports, adorn these pearls with special charm; their geological origin, biological diversity, intriguing history and ‘crazy’ shapes attracted us like magnets. This area is a rich source of natural monuments in Croatia. The first on our list was Jabuka, at dawn. Volcanic rock sticking out of the sea, mystically emerging behind the curtain of the morning mist; at first glance we knew we were at the right place. Shaped like an enormous shark fin, this stone pyramid offers a fascinating view, enriching us with a grand feeling of respect towards nature and even though we are accustomed to sea images, we were still uttering sighs of admiration. Maybe our affection for the sea and nature we carry in our souls has finally found peace here. Having feasted our eyes on the island’s distinguishing peculiarities from all sides; we got off the boat on the north-

Jabuka nas je za izlaska sunca dotakla u srce, s vulkanskim kamenom, fantastiÄ?nim vizurama i morskom povrĹĄinom koja se zlati The volcanic rock island Jabuka at dawn simply touched our hearts with fascinating view of the shining golden sea

Jadranski biseri

nom za naše podneblje. Ako ste iskusni u penjanju i imate prikladnu obuću, moguće se i popeti na vrh Jabuke. Nakon prve doze jutarnje magije, uputili smo se prema Brusniku, još jednoj vulkanskoj hridi koja samom svojom pojavom budi strahopoštovanje. Sa svoja 23 metra nadmorske visine, ovaj ‘crni’ otok uočljiv je samo za vedra vremena i potpuno mirnog mora, a raštrkani grebeni u njegovoj blizini i po takvim vremenskim uvjetima otežavaju pristup nautičarima. Iskrcali smo se na žalu na njegovoj sjeverozapadnoj strani i uživali u nesvakidašnjem doživljaju za dalmatinske otoke. Kontrast sunčeva sjaja, tirkiznog mora i crnog kamena ovaj spomenik prirode čini u isto vrijeme magičnim i mističnim - a magičan zasigurno i jest – jer zbog visokog postotka željezne rudače u njegovim stijenama, busola u tim vodama doslovno ‘poludi’. Naime, Brusnik je 150 milijuna star otok vulkanskog podrijetla pa ne čudi činjenica da je cijeli načinjen od ostataka stvrdnute lave. Kako je cijeli nadmorski i podmorski dio načinjen od procijepa, kišnica se na njemu ne zadržava pa vegetacija na otoku jedva da postoji. Mnogobrojnim

east cape and strolled across the volcanic rock, atypical of this area. If you are an experienced free climber and you have appropriate climbing shoes, you have an option to conquer the Jabuka peak. Having consumed the first dose of morning magic, we headed towards Brusnik, another awe-inspiring volcanic rock. Despite 23 m of altitude, this ‘black’ island is visible only during clear weather and calm sea; scattered reefs surrounding the island make the seaapproach less hospitable. We disembarked on a beach on the north-west side of the island and enjoyed a peculiar experience of the Dalmatian islands. Contrast of the sunshine, turquoise sea and black rocks make this island magical and mystical all at once – and magical it is – due to the high level of iron ore in the rocks that makes compasses go crazy in these waters. Brsunik island is 150 million years’ old, it is of volcanic origin and its geological foundation consists of congealed lava. Since the entire land and marine part of the island are made out of rifts and fissures, rain evaporates, resulting in poor vegetation. Numerous submarine channels push the sea towards the island centre and thus

Ne znamo što nam je dojmljivije bilo na Brusniku, ‘ludi’ geološki oblici ili prirodne jastožere komiških ribara It is hard to say what on Brusnik has made a stronger impression: out-of-this-world nature, or lobster basins of Komiža fishermen

podmorskim kanalima more po sredini otoka prodire na površinu, čineći ‘kanjon’ isprepleten kamenim bazenima. Komiški ribari su u njima držali jastoge sve dok ih nisu gotovo potpuno izlovili. Za snažnog fortunala, kada more podivlja, ta udolina na otoku ispuni se morem, tvoreći tako od jednog – dva odvojena otočića. Na otoku ne postoji mjesto koja bi se moglo nazvati sidrištem, ali uz veliki oprez zbog nezgodnih podvodnih stijena, moguće se usidriti uz jugoistočnu obalu ili pak pred spomenutom plažom, koja je ujedno i jedina na otoku. Sastavljena je od sivih oblutaka svih veličina, na njoj je moguće uočiti i nekoliko kamenih gomila, hvatišta koja su služila ribarima da pomoću ‘paranaga’ svoje barke izvuku na žalo. U moru je jedna hrid koja uvalu dijeli na sjeverni dio – u kojem buja morski život – i južni, bez ikakvih tragova života... zanimljiv prirodni fenomen. Na Brusniku je lijepo doživjeti pogled s najviše južne točke otoka, saživjeti se s kliktanjem galebova i akrobacijama kormorana, ali najbitnije je susresti se s brusničkom crnom guštericom! Naime, još od starih vremena

emerge and create a ‘canyon’ with a network of stone pools. Fishermen from Komiža used to keep lobsters inside, until they drove these animals to the verge of extinction. Furious and harsh winds like ‘fortunal’, create raging seas which fill the ‘valley’ on the island with water, separating the islet in two rocks. The island does not offer an anchorage spot, due to underwater cliffs, yet with great caution, it is possible to anchor along the south-east coast or in front of the mentioned beach – the only beach on the island. It consists of grey pebbles of all sizes, with traces of huge stone piles that served the fishermen as strongholds to pull their boats out on the beach. The sea hosts a cliff dividing the lagoon into the north part – flourishing with marine life – and the lifeless south part…an interesting phenomenon. The highest south point of Brusnik opens up a mesmerizing vista with seagulls crying over our heads and great cormorants performing their air stunts, it also served as a meeting point with the Brusnik black lizard! Ever since the ancient times it has been said that the forecast shall


tvrdi se da će vrime ‘minjat’ kada se gušterice zavuku među škrape, a najiskusniji morski vukovi znaju da je tada vrijeme za dignut sidro i otploviti što dalje... Mi smo se ipak zadržali malo bliže, nakon Brusnika otišli smo prema dvije milje udaljenom Svetcu. To je otok na kojem nema niti jednog dobrog zakloništa, a ribari kazuju kako vjetrovi koji njime gospodare imaju takvu snagu ‘da i stine lete’. Najsigurnija uvala otoka je uvala Slatina ili, kako je otočani zovu, uvala Mundonova. Duboka je 30 metara, ali ako se, umjesto bacanja sidra, iskoriste dvije bitve koje su postavljene na nasuprotnim krajevima uvale, brod će tu po svakom vremenu, osim po jakom jugu, biti kao u bazenu. Gumenjakom se od Slatine može doploviti do jedine lučice na otoku - Pavlovog boka. Tu otočani ne bacaju sidra, niti privezuju barke, već ih izvlače na suho pa se zapute prema svojim zaseocima - Donje ili pak Gornje kuće. Obitelji Zanki na ovom otoku žive već 250 godina i isključivi su njegovi vlasnici. Sveti Andrija – Svetac bio je naseljen još od prapovijesti, a nakon Ilira – i njihove kraljice Teute – na njemu su živjeli Grci, Rimljani, benediktinci... Put do Teutine kule, na najistočnijem brdskom grebenu, jedva je prohodan i teško uočljiv, ali snalažljive će za 40-ak minuta hoda dovesti do cilja. Kod kule puteljak se račva prema 316 metara visokom vrhu otoka


change when the lizards crawl between the rocks; the most experienced sea-dogs are well aware of the fact that it means one should lift up the anchor and sail far away…Nevertheless we stayed close and headed toward two miles distant Svetac, an island without a safe shelter. Fishermen say winds conquer the entire island full force even ‘rocks start flying’. The safest bay is Slatina Bay, or as the islanders call it – Mundonova Bay. It is 30 m deep, but instead of throwing the anchor, use two bollards set on two opposite sides of the bay securing the boat in all kinds of weather, except when strong south wind (‘jugo’) blows. The only port on the island – Pavlov bok, can be reached from Slatine by a dinghy. Islanders do not use anchors, nor ropes, but take the boats out on the dry land and thus head towards their villages and hamlets – Donje or Gornje kuće (‘Upper or Lower Houses’). The Zanki family has been living on this island for 250 years and they are the sole owners of it. Sveti Andrija (St.Andrew) – Svetac (the Saint) has been inhabited since the prehistoric times; after the Illyrians and their queen Teuta – old Greeks, Romans, Benedictines dwelled there…The path towards the Teuta fortress, located on the far-east rocky part, is barely passable and hard to notice, yet the skilful ones shall find the goal after a 40-minute walk. The path leads towards 316 m high island peak with the remains of the Benedictine monastery, while the

Adriatic Pearls

Monachusom k medvjedici Monachus vs. monachus Pučinski ‘škoji’ koje smo posjetili bili su obitavalište sredozemne medvjedice, pa smo u posjet njenom kraljevstvu krenuli i prigodnim plovilom. Naš domaćin bio je Monachus 45 Issa, i to sasvim nova jahta porinuta ovog proljeća, koja se od ove sezone može i iznajmiti u čarteru. Monachus je latinsko ime za morsku medvjedicu, koju domaći nazivaju ‘morski čovik’, a za brod možemo kazati slično - da je sasvim po mjeri čovjeka. Ovaj put pružio nam je savršene uvjete za snimanje, a naša ‘đitica’ vam može biti i dobra ideja za nesvakidašnji dvodnevni izlet. Since the deep blue islands we toured were a habitat of the Mediterranean monk seal, we stopped by this sea creature’s empire in a special vessel, Monachus 45 Issa, a brand new yacht launched into the sea this spring, also available in charter option as of this season. Monachus is the Latin word for the monk seal, locals call it ‘the marine man’ and thus for the boat we can say similar – entirely Homo sapiens-tailored. This time it provided us with perfect photo-shooting conditions and our tour sets a good example of an unusual two-day trip.

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Nakon surovih obala otoka Svetca smiraj smo doživjeli u uvali Porat na Biševu After visiting ‘cruel’ rocky shores of Svetac, we settled in Biševo island’s Porat Bay

na kojem su ostaci nekadašnjeg benediktinskog samostana, a tu šetnju uljepšava i pogled na vinograde koji daju iznimno hvaljeno crno vino. Za kraj treba spomenuti da je ovo otok Eleonorinih sokolova, kao i otok na kojem je priroda isključivi i jedini gospodar. Ako s time nemate problema, u ljetnim mjesecima kada Zankijevi otvore škure i udahnu život otoku, posjetite ga i osjetite, bolji holistički tretman teško da ćete naći. Cijeli Svetac karakterizira divlja priroda i njegove surove obale izložene moru i vjetrovima. Sjeverozapadne obale čine strme litice interesantnih oblika, a jugoistočne - nekoliko plićih područja i malo blaže padine. U plovidbi oko otoka zanimljivo je istaknuti karakteristične crvene stijene koje krase sjeverni dio obale, kao i špilju u kojoj se donedavna odmarala sredozemna medvjedica (nalazi se u blizini istočnog rta Šijabod). Nadalje prema zapadu, sve do visoke živopisne litice rta Križice, obala je nešto pitomije konfiguracije. Noćiti je ipak preporučljivo na boljem vezu, a

stroll along the vineyards bearing premium and distinguished red wines, enchants the view. This is the island of Eleonora’s hawks and an island with nature as the sole and only master. So if you can cope with the true laws of nature, in summer time when the Zanki family opens their window shutters and breathes life into the island, make sure you explore it, feel it and breathe with it – the best holistic treatment you can find. The entire Svetac features wild nature and its harsh coastline is exposed to the sea and the wind. The north-west coast consists of steep cliffs of mesmerizing shapes and forms, and south-east – offers a few shallow areas and a bit milder slopes. While sailing around the island, beautiful red rocks adorn the north side of the coastline. Near the east cape, Šijabod, a cave is situated, where up until recently monk seals used to rest. Sailing further west, all the way to the fascinating cliff Križice, the coastline looks more welcoming. Though spending a night there would be advisable on a better mooring site, so

Adriatic Pearls

mi smo odabrali susjedno Biševo, gdje smo pohodili Medvidovu špilju koja je, po nama, zanimljivija od Modre. Biševo zaslužuje najmanje jednu knjigu posvećenu njegovim prirodnim ljepotama i povijesnim zanimljivostima, a mi ga volimo zbog njegova također surovog karaktera, ali pomiješanog s prirodnim ljepotama. Najbolja luka na Biševu je Porat. U prošlosti ovo je bila glavna luka otoka, pa ne čudi činjenica da naselje od 20-ak kućica koje se nadvilo ponad njezine plaže nosi taj naziv. Biševsku luku, iako usku, kristalno čisto more, pješčana plaža, borovina, dva lokalna riblja restorana te malena špilja ljubavi na samom izlazu čine uvalom snova pa nije čudno što ju je ugledni irski magazin The Irish Times uvrstio među sedam najljepših plaža svijeta. Usidrite se po sredini uvale ili vežite za neku od bova, ali na prvi znak nevere isplovite... Posjet viškom arhipelagu nije moguć za lošeg vremena, ali kada se asfalt počne topiti u gradovima, a more je mirno i sigurno, uz malo avanturističkog duha značajno ćete obogatiti svoju ljetnu plovidbu.

we chose the nearby Biševo, where we peeked into the Medvidova cave (The Bear’s Cave), which we find more intriguing than the Blue Cave. Biševo deserves at least one book dedicated to its natural beauties and historical facts, and we love it for its Spartan character blended with magical landscaping attributes. The best port on Biševo is Porat. In the past this used to be the central island port, so the small village just above the beach wears the same name. The port of Biševo – the dream lagoon - even though narrow, features crystal clear sea, sandy beach, pine trees, two local fish restaurants and a tiny cave of love at the exit. The respectable Irish magazine, The Irish Times, proclaimed this port as one of the seven most beautiful beaches in the world. Throw anchor in the middle of the lagoon or tie your boat to any of the buoys, but on the first sign of tempest be ready to sail away…Visiting the Vis Archipelago during bad weather is impossible, yet when the city-asphalt starts to melt, and the sea is calm and safe, with a dash of adventurous spirit, you will definitely enrich your summer sailing experience.



Iako smo dnevnim izletom samo zagrebali površinu tog područja, posjet otocima sjeverozapadnog zadarskog arhipelaga pokazao nam je predivne pješčane uvale, lijepa otočna mjesta i neodoljivi šarm tog dijela Jadrana In a day trip we experienced the north-west Zadar Archipelago, it’s fascinating sandy lagoons, lovely island settlements and irresistible Adriatic charm, it called for more, but alas… Text Ivana Nedoklan & Matija Longin Photos Antonio Rossetti & Tanja Drinković


Perfect Escape

Za otok Olib kažu da ima najljepše pješčane plaže na Jadranu. Na našem su moru plaže puno rjeđe od lijepih uvala, a veliku većinu čine one šljunčane, s morem zaglađenim oblucima koji su simbol ljepote naše obale. Pješčane su plaže puno rjeđe, pa smo se sa zadovoljstvom otišli uvjeriti u ljepotu pješčanih plaža i uvala Oliba. Taj otok zadarskog arhipelaga nalazi se 25 nautičkih milja zapadno od Zadra i okružen je lijepim malim otocima koji skrivaju brojne uvale i pružaju siguran zaklon po svim vjetrovima. Za posjet Olibu iskoristili smo gostoprimstvo tvrtke Zadar Archipelago koja od ove godine nudi usluge transfera i izleta iz Zadra s tri nova gumenjaka Lolivul 9. Ukrcali smo se u dva gumenjaka i krenuli u istraživanje Oliba i susjednih otočića. Za sat vremena vožnje stigli smo u, po mnogima najljepšu, uvalu Slatinica, kojoj je pristup moguć i šetnjom kroz šumu od mjesta Oliba. Slatinica je izrazito plitka uvala i pravi netaknuti prirodni raj. Obala je kombinacija pijeska i kamena, a morsko dno je potpuno pješčano. U Slatinici se satima možete odmarati u plićini, a dovoljno je velika da posjetitelji jedan drugom ne narušavaju mir. Ispijte hladno piće i osvježite se sezonskim voćem s pogledom na Pag i veličanstveni Velebit. Pličine Slatinice idealne su za zaigrati popularnu igru Jadrana – picigin, ili koji drugi morski sport. U ne-

Olib Island features the most beautiful sandy beaches on the Adriatic, so they say. Nevertheless, sandy beaches on our coast are rare, so with pleasure we explored the beauties of these golden beaches and bays of Olib. This island of the Zadar Archipelago is located 25 nautical miles west of Zadar, it is surrounded by islets hiding a wide range of coves and lagoons providing a safe shelter against all types of winds. Zadar Archipelago Company offers transfers and tours from Zadar to Olib in three new dinghies Lolivul 9. We had the opportunity to enjoy their professional hospitality and took a tour to the island of sandy beaches. Two dinghies, adventurous spirits and the expedition was ready to explore Olib and its islets. An hour drive and we were there. The first bay on our route was Slatinica, also approachable by land as a leisurely walk through the woods from the settlement Olib. This bay is very shallow and a genuine untouched natural paradise. The coast is a combination of sand and stone, and the sea bed is also sandy. It means hours spent soaking in warm sandy shallow waters. The size of it allows you private peace, away from other souls. Sip a cool drink or refresh yourself with seasonal fruits and enjoy the image of majestic Pag and grandiose Velebit stretching before your eyes. The shallow waters of Slatinice represent a perfect spot for the most popular game on the Adriatic – ‘picigin’ (five players passing around tennis-size ball) or any other shal-


Perfect Escape S mnogo dugih pješčanih laguna, Olib je jedan od najljepših otoka na ovom dijelu Jadrana Endless sand beaches make Olib one of the most beautiful islands in this part of the Adriatic

posrednoj blizini nalazi se još jedna pješčana uvala, a s južne strane otoka još nekoliko manjih uvala, također s pješčanim dnom, koje su dovoljno male da ih možete ‘privatizirati’ ako se tamo prvi usidrite. Mi smo proveli pola dana istražujući koja je uvala najljepša, a ljepota pješčanog dna i tirkiznih boja nas je potpuno opčinila. Na jako malom području nalaze se biseri koje je šteta ne posjetiti, bilo u dnevnom izletu ili kao ‘pit-stop’ na vašem krstarenju. Inače, mjesto Olib nalazi se na jugoistočnoj strani otoka, te je mirno i spokojno zimi. Život lokalnih stanovnika u potpunosti je posvećen prirodi: bave se poljoprivredom, stočarstvom i maslinarstvom, a pomalo i ribarstvom. No, ribolov

low-waters-oriented sport. Nearby lagoons on the south side are all sandy and providing you anchor first, their small size allows you to make it your own private sea paradise. We spent half a day exploring and searching for the most fabulous lagoon; the turquoise sea and sandy sea bottom had us mesmerized every time. This small area offers intense rich beauty of tiny pearls, which should not be missed – either as a day trip or a cruising tour ‘pit-stop’. The settlement Olib is located on the south-east side of the island, which lies peaceful and serene during the winter months. The lifestyle of the locals is connected with nature: agriculture, livestock farming and olive-growing, to a certain extent fishing as well. However, fishing and

i pomorstvo je dominantnija djelatnost na susjednoj Silbi. Ljeti broj posjetitelja raste, a među njima i dijaspora koju se lako prepozna po vozilima za golf-terene koje su odabrali kao pogodno prometno sredstvo u mjestu. Osim nekoliko takvih i radnika na motokultivatorima, pokojeg quada i poštara Denisa na skuteru, prometa na otoku nema. Olib je pravi izbor za ljubitelje prirode koji se žele odmoriti od bučne svakodnevice i nauživati kristalno čistog mora i sunca. Preko puta Oliba smjestio se maleni otočić Škarda koji je i priča o ljepoti Hrvatske i umiranju jednog otoka. U mjestu je svega 16 kuća, za koje se priča kako su napuštene sa svim uspomenama u ormarima. I zbilja, u kućama su pronađene fotografije, odjeća, zimnica, prava mala povijest obitelji koje su ih naglo napustile. Zimi na Škardi nema nikog, a ljeti ovdje borave zaljubljenici u osamu. Tako osamljena, Škarda je savršena za robinzonski turizam. Od mjesta s nekoliko kuća na sjeverozapadnoj strani otoka do uvale Gripanca i kaštela (dvorca) u privatnom vlasništvu s druge strane vodi širok održavani put. O robinzonskom životu svjedoči Zlatko Jakuš, autor novčanice privremene nacionalne valute - hrvatskog dinara, koji je 15 godina

seafaring are more dominant activities on Silba Island. In summer time the number of island visitors grows, and diaspora population is easily recognized by their golf-carts they have chosen as their island means of transportation. Apart from a few of these and workers on motocultivators, a few quads and postman Denis on his motor-bike, the island traffic has no signs of life. Olib is the right choice for nature lovers searching for an escape from the daily hustle-bustle and yearning for the pleasures of the crystal clear sea and sun kissed coast. Across Olib is a tiny island Škarda, a Croatian beauty fading away. This island hosts only 16 houses, abandoned with all memories still stuck inside the walls. Photographs, clothes, winter food supplies, everything left abruptly, the whole history of the families living there was found inside these houses. Škarda is lifeless in winter time and in summer nature enthusiasts come here. The lonesome Škarda is perfect for Robinson Crusoe style tourism. A wide road leads from the area where there are a scarce number of houses on the north-west side of the island, to the Gripanca Bay and castles (‘kaštela’) privately owned and located on the other



proveo kao jedini stanovnik otoka Škarda, na kojem je živio u renoviranom kaštelu bez vodovoda, a struju je dobivao iz sunčeve energije. Danas se u uvali skrivenoj od bure može usidriti ili privezati na bovama i posjetiti dvorac u kojem će vas dočekati i njegovi održavatelji. U blizini Škarde nalazi se otok Ist, a istoj skupini sjeverozapadnih otoka zadarskog arhipelaga pripadaju Premuda, Silba i Olib. Mi smo posjetili Ist kojeg nazivaju leptirom zadarskog arhipelaga, zbog oblika koji podsjeća na tog lijepog kukca. Ist je dugi niz godina odredište nautičara, ronilaca i ribolovaca. Prilikom posjeta Istu gostoljubivi domaćini pobrinut će se da prepoznate prirodne

side. Zlatko Jukaš, author of the bank note of the temporary national currency – Croatian dinar, spent 15 years as the only inhabitant of the Škarda Island; he lived there in a reconstructed castle (‘kaštel’), without regular water supply and used solar power energy. Today this bura-sheltered lagoon offers anchorage to the guests of the castle, where the welcoming castle keepers will greet you. Ist, Premuda, Silba and Olib are all pearls of the north-west Zadar Archipelago. We dropped by on Ist, known as the ‘butterfly’ due to its shape. Ist has been for years a beloved destination of yachtsmen, divers and fishermen. Kind hosts of Ist will make sure you experience the natural

Perfect Escape

Posebno je lijep pogled s mora na stari dvorac u uvali Gripanca na otoku Škardi Old castle in Gripanca cove on the isle of Škarda looks best from the sea

ljepote i bogatu povijest otoka. Lokalnih stanovnika je oko 160, ali broj posjetitelja naraste ljeti kad se na Istu osjeća dinamika i pozitivna vibra. Posljednje subote u srpnju svake godine održava se košarkaški turnir popraćen feštom, kada je Ist ‘centar svita’. Crkva na otoku posvećena je sv. Nikoli, zaštitniku ribara i pomoraca. Prilikom posjeta dopustite da vas ponese adrenalin i malo se zadišite pješačenjem do vrha Ista. Najviši vrh otoka je Straža na kojem se nalazi crkvica Gospe od Zdravlja i mjesto je s kojeg možete uočiti specifični izgled otoka u obliku dvije spojene potkove prošarane prekrasnim pješčanim uvalama. S ovog mjesta pruža se jedinstveni pogled na zadarski arhipelag u svakom smjeru: prema jugu pogled na Dugi otok seže čak do Kornata, dok se prema sjeveru vide Olib i Silba, Škarda, Premuda i otočići i hridi. Na istoku se prostire Velebit, dok je zapad rezerviran za otvoreno more. Baš na otvorenom moru smo završili naš dan u zadarskom arhipelagu posjetivši hrid Funestrala, prema preporuci skipera Zadar Archipelaga. Kada poželite potpuno privatne momente i osvježenje otvorenog mora s pogledom na horizont, otisnite se od Ista jugozapadno prema toj hridi. Ona svojim izgledom podsjeća na frizuru engleskog pudlice, a istovremeno je bogato stanište riba i rakova, stoga često domaće stanovništvo možete čuti da kažu ‘vidimo se na pudlici’. Teško je u jednoj rečenici opisati duboko plavetnilo kristalno čistog mora, plažicu od oblutka i taj neprocjenjiv mir koji možete pronaći na ovoj hridi. Nama je to bila ‘točka na i’ savršenog dana punog lijepih i pamtljivih trenutaka, a zahvaljujući lakom i udobnom prebacivanju s otoka na otok brzim gumenjacima, doživjeli smo stvarno puno toga. Ako vas ovo ljeto odvede u Zadar – posjet Olibu i susjednim otocima nemojte preskočiti u svom itineraru.

beauties and rich island history. Around 160 souls live there, though summer brings increased numbers of visitors and lively positive vibrations. On the last Saturday in July a basketball tournament is held along with an appropriate feast, launching Ist into the ‘centre of the world’. The church on the island is dedicated to St.Nikola, the patron saint of fishermen and seafarers. Let the adrenaline rush take you for a walk towards the island’s peak. The highest point of the island is Straža with a small church Gospe od Zdravlja (Our Lady of Health), here you can see the specific shape of the island, like two connected horseshoes dappled with fabulous sandy lagoons. This spot provides a genuine view over the Zadar Archipelago in any direction: towards south the view stretches all the way to Kornati, the north vista allows you to enjoy landscaping scenes of Olib and Silba, Škarda, Premuda, islets and rocks. In the east you can see the majestic Velebit, and the west provides an endless deep blue image. As a finishing touch we followed the experienced skipper’s advice and headed towards the open sea with a mission of touring the Funestral Cliff. A place south-west off Ist towards that cliff, provides a stunning backdrop for reflection as you gaze out over the deep-blue and horizon stretching endlessly. You will often hear locals say ‘see you at the poodle’ as the structure remind of the English poodle hairstyle, though it also plays an important role as a habitat of fish and crabs. I am at a loss for words when it comes to depicting the deep blue of the crystal clear sea, pebble beach and the precious peace these rock surroundings provide. With hearts and souls filled, two days slipped by in a blink; luckily swift dinghies provided flash transfers enabling us a colourful bouquet of the sea experiences to finish. If summer leads you to Zadar – make sure you visit Olib and its neighbouring islands.


Adriatic Pearls

RAB The Happy Island Uz povijest stariju od dvije tisuće godina, Felix Arba ili današnji ‘sretan otok’ imao je burnu prošlost, a o tome najbolje svjedoče spomenici kojih u samoj starogradskoj jezgri, ali i po čitavom otoku, ne nedostaje Monuments inside the ancient city centre and all over the island stand as witnesses of more than two thousand years old turbulent history of Felix Arba or ‘the happy island’ Text Ivana Matušan & Josipa Vlahović-Cikatić Photos Renco Kosinožić, Ivo Pervan, Segio Gobbo & Photonet


Jadranski biseri

S četiri zvonika smještena na omanjem poluotoku, Rab s mora ostavlja dojam jedrenjaka Four church towers on a small peninsula: from afar, the isle of rab looks like a tall ship

Rab su nastanili Iliri još 350 godina prije Krista, a u 1. stoljeću postao je rimski municipij pod nazivom ‘Felix Arba’. Arba potječe od ilirske riječi ‘arb’ koja znači šumovit, mračan, zelen, što je razumljivo da je tako nazvan s obzirom da više od trećine otoka pokriva raznovrsno bilje - od mirisnog grmlja na krškim obroncima Kamenjaka do bujnih šuma bora i hrasta u kojima obitava divljač poput zečeva, fazana i ptica grabljivica. Smješten u Kvarnerskom zaljevu, sretni otok Rab okružen je brojnim drugim otocima i otočićima. Među njima su i zloglasni Goli otok i Sv. Grgur, koji su za vrijeme komunističkog režima služili kao zatvori, a danas su prava turistička atrakcija. Poput same jadranske obale, ovaj otok dug 22 kilometra i širok 11 kilometara pruža se od sjeverozapada prema178 jugoistoku, a od kopna ga dijeli Velebitski kanal. Rab je poznat

Rab was inhabited by Illyrians 350 years ago BC. In the 1.ct.Roman Municipium under the name ‘Felix Arba’ was established. Arba derives from the Illyrian word ‘Arb’ meaning covered by woods, dark, green; Rab ’s landscaping features – more than one third of the island is covered by various sorts of plants – aromatic shrubs on carst hills of Kamenjak, lush pine and oak woods, serving as habitat of wild game like rabbits, pheasants and birds of prey. Located in the Kvarner Bay, the happy island Rab is surrounded by numerous other islands and islets. Among these are the notorious Goli otok and St.Grgur, which operated as prisons for men, i.e. women during the communist regime, and today play role of a tourist attraction. Like the Adriatic coast, this 22km long and 11 km wide island, stretches from the north-west towards south-east separated

i po svojoj mediteranskoj klimi gdje se topla ljeta izmjenjuju s blagim zimama, a s otprilike 2.600 sunčanih sati godišnje i samo devet oblačnih dana tijekom ljeta, savršeno je mjesto za odmor. Također, Rab je otok s više od tristo izvora vode, no razvojem turizma izvori su tijekom ljeta nedostatni i često znaju presušiti te se otok opskrbljuje vodom iz rijeke Gacke. Rab se može podičiti i raznovrsnim pješčanim, šljunčanim te kamenitim plažama. Najpopularnije su, naravno, pješčane, a bogatstvo uvala raj je za sve koji se odluče posjetiti Rab vlastitim plovilom, dok su čistoća mora te prekrasne šume koje sežu do samog mora kulisa za idealni odmor u prirodi. Široki spektar povijesnih građevina nadmašuje broj crkvi kojima se sama starogradska jezgra, ujedno najstariji dio otoka pod nazivom Kaldanac, najviše ponosi. Na malom gradskom prostoru

from the mainland by the Velebit Channel. Rab is well known for its Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters, approximately 2,600 sunny hours a year and only nine cloudy days during the summer – a perfect place for holidays. Rab also has more than three hundred fresh water springs, though development of tourism has caused insufficient and often dry summer seasons, so the island gets water supply from the river Gacka. This island hosts various sandy, pebbles and rocky beaches. The most attractive ones are sandy beaches. Nevertheless, a rich choice of coves, bays and lagoons providing crystal clear sea and fascinating forests reaching all the way to the sea line, speaks of Rab as a heavenly nature-vacation destination. A wide range of historical structures surpasses number of churches located in Kaldanac, the city


Jadranski biseri

ima čak desetak sakralnih objekata, od kojih su neki izgubili funkciju, a neki uništeni, što ukazuje da je grad očito kroz povijest bio pravo duhovno i intelektualno središte. Otok Rab poznat je i po raznim manifestacijama, međutim još uvijek je najpoznatija Rapska fjera, koja je zapravo prvi i najveći srednjovjekovni ljetni festival u Hrvatskoj. Rapska fjera temelji se na tradiciji započetoj 21. srpnja 1364., kada je rapsko gradsko vijeće odlučilo odati počast kralju Ljudevitu Velikom koji je Rab oslobodio mletačke vlasti. Taj se dan posvećuje i sv. Kristoforu, svecu zaštitniku grada Raba. Fjera je u prošlosti trajala 14 dana, a stanovništvo otoka tada je slavilo moći sveca kojemu se pripisuje zasluga za spašavanje grada od uništenja. Tijekom fjere cijeli se grad vraća u prošlost. Mali obrtnički dućani i zanatske radionice izlaze na gradske ulice nudeći posjetiteljima jedinstvenu priliku da na licu mjesta vide kako se na tradicionalni način izrađuje, primjerice, pojas za hlače, mirisna krema, ili, pak, ukrašava kosa sićušnim cvjetićima, baš kao u srednjem vijeku. Zrakom se tada širi miris svježe prženih šulčića, dok na plaži niče cijelo ribarsko naselje izgrađeno u potpunosti tradicionalnim alatima. Ulice odzvanjaju pjesmom i glazbom dok se prolaznicima nude tuna, fritule, sir i vino. Čast otvaranja i zatvaranja manifestacije pripada nadaleko


centre and the oldest part of the island. The tiny town area features ten sacral structures, some of them without any function, some destroyed, indicating the city functioned as a spiritual as well as intellectual centre throughout the history. Rab is also famous for different manifestations, with the most famous Rab Fiera, representing the first and the largest medieval summer festival in Croatia. Rab Fiera is based on the tradition dating back to the 21st of July 1364, when the Rab town council decided to honour king Ljudevit the Great, who brought freedom to Rab from the Venetian power. This day is also dedicated to St.Kristof, the patron of the Rab town. Fiera lasted in the past for 14 days, and the island inhabitants honoured the powers of the saint meritorious for saving the city from destruction. Fiera takes the whole city back to the past. Small craftsmen shops and trade shops present their skills and crafts to the visitors out in the open showing traditional old way of making belts, scents or hair ornaments, bringing the atmosphere of the Middle Ages to the 21st ct. The air is filled with freshly fried šulčići, while the beach hosts entire fisherman’s village built by traditional tools. The streets are vibrating with songs and music; hedonists can have a bite of tuna fish, fritule (sweet fried dough), cheese and wine. The honour of open-

Rapska fjera prvi je i najveći srednjovjekovni ljetni festival u Hrvatskoj Rab fiera is the the oldest and biggest medieval summer festival in Croatia

poznatim Rapskim samostreličarima čiji su turniri među najposjećenijim manifestacijama na Rabu. Turniri se održavaju svake godine 9. svibnja, 25. lipnja, 27. srpnja i 15. kolovoza na Trgu sv. Kristofora u gradu Rabu. Udruga Rapski samostreličari osnovana je s ciljem obnavljanja srednjovjekovne viteške tradicije grada Raba, a od njenog osnutka 1995. godine održano je više od 150 viteška turnira u Rabu, inozemstvu i drugim hrvatskim gradovima. Udruga danas okuplja samostreličare, bubnjare, fanfariste, zastavnike, plesače, svirače, topnike i plemstvo. U osnivanju Udruge velika je uloga pripala pobratimskom gradiću i državi San

ing and closing the manifestation goes to the great crossbow shooters. Their tournaments are held every year on the 9th of May, 25th of June, 27th of July and 15th of August at the St.Kristof square in the town of Rab. The Association of Rab crossbow shooters was founded with aim of keeping alive the medieval knights tournament of the town of Rab, and ever since it was founded in 1995 more than 150 knight tournaments on Rab, abroad and in other Croatian cities have been held. The Association gathers today crossbow shooters, drummers, entertainers, flagbearers, dancers, music players, gunners and nobility. The fraternity

Jadranski biseri

Marinu, za čijeg se osnivača, sv. Marina, vjeruje da je upravo s Raba krenuo za vrijeme velikih progona kršćana prema Apeninskom poluotoku i na Monte Titanu prvo sagradio crkvicu, a zatim osnovao i grad. Pratio ga je sv. Leo, a tome svjedoči gradić San Leo, koji se nalazi upravo nedaleko od San Marina. Da se Rab može podičiti i izvrsnim gurmanskim specijalitetima, svjedoče razne poslastice, od kojih se najčešće spominje rapska grota te rapska torta, koje se mogu probati u odličnim rapskim restoranima. Riblji specijaliteti vrlo su česti s obzirom da je Rab isto tako i otok ribara. Uz tradiciju ribarenja vezala se i mala brodogradnja čiji su predstavnici poznati diljem Hrvatske, ali i Europe. Otok Rab je zaista sretan, a njegovi žitelji privilegiran i neodvojiv dio njega.


town San Marino supported the establishment of the Association. It is believed the founder, St.Marin, originates from Rab and thus fled during the huge prosecution of the Christians towards the Apennine peninsula and built first a church on Monte Titan, and then founded a town. He was followed by St.Leo, the town San Leo testifies of these facts and is located close to San Marino. Rab is also proud of its delicacies like Rab grota and Rab cake, which can be tasted at Rab restaurants. Fish specialties are a common thing – Rab is an island of fishermen. Rab features also shipbuilding and its representatives are well known across Croatia and Europe. The island of Rab is really a happy island, and its inhabitants privileged and devoted souls.

Carstvo uvala

Realm of coves

Plovidba oko otoka Raba zasigurno će vas obogatiti šarolikom paletom doživljaja jer taj sjevernojadranski otočni biser ima nekoliko posve različitih lica. Njegove istočne obale, okrenute buri, nepristupačne su i lišene vegetacije, a odmah nasuprot njih nalazi se Barbatski kanal koji posjetiteljima servira posve drugačiji, jezerski ugođaj. Ipak, zbog velikog prometa i zagasitih boja mora, ovaj kanal nije na našoj ‘must see’ listi. Zapadno od grada Raba ovaj otok krasi razvedeni poluotok Kalifront čije mnogobrojne slikovite uvale pretežno završavaju tirkiznim bojama i šljunčanim žalima. Vegetacija koja prekriva čitavi poluotok je bujna, a uz borove nad obalom se nadvija i šuma crnike koja jedina posjetiteljima otkriva da su u okrilju Raba, a ne nekog južnodalmatinskog otoka. Na Kalifrontu nije lako donijeti odluku gdje spustiti sidro; uvalu Gožinka krasi 20-ak kućica i obiteljska konoba, a nenaseljene uvale Čifnata i Kristofor magične tirkizne boje. Između potonje dvije – možda i najljepše na čitavom otoku - ljubiteljima osamljenijih mjesta svakako se preporučuje uvala Kristofor koju je lako prepoznati po svjetioniku na samom ulazu. Najbolje zaklonište spomenutog poluotoka predstavlja uvala Sveta Mara, što potvrđuju i kolone na obali što su ih isklesale posade starih jedrenjaka čekajući da bura u Senjskim vratima jenja. Sjeverozapadni dio otoka raj je kako za djecu, tako i za sve druge zaljubljenike u pijesak, a poluotok koji razdvaja Kamporsku od Supetarske drage njegov najrazvedeniji i najatraktivniji dio. Otočići i tirkizne lagune samo su kratak isječak iz šarolike lepeze ljepote ovog dijela Raba. Završit ćemo s najfinijim pijeskom, ali i opasnim pličinama koje karakteriziraju sjeverne uvale loparskog poluotoka te uvalom Crnika. Potonju svi prepoznaju pod imenom Rajska, a riječ je o najdužoj i najposjećenijoj pješčanoj plaži otoka Raba.

Sailing around Rab Island will most certainly endow you with a rich spectrum of experiences as this island pearl of the North Adriatic has several completely different faces. Its east shores, facing the bora, are hostile and void of vegetation; and right across is the Barbat Channel giving its visitors a very different, lacustrine atmosphere. Still, because of dense traffic and gloomy colours of the sea this channel did not make our ‘must see’ list. West of Rab Town, the island features a beautiful rugged peninsula of Kalifront, whose countless picturesque coves mainly end with turquoise and pebble beaches. The entire peninsula is covered by lush vegetation, and by the pines above the shore is a holm oak forest – the only sign revealing to the visitors that this is Rab, and not a South Dalmatian island. It is not easy to decide where to drop anchor on Kalifront; the bay of Gožinka has some 20 little houses and a family tavern, and the uninhabited coves Čifnata and Kristofor feature magical blue-green colours. Out of the latter two – perhaps the most magnificent on the entire island – we would certainly recommend the Kristofor bay to lovers of solitude: is it easily recognized by the lighthouse at the very entrance. The best shelter of the peninsula is the cove of Sveta Mara, proven by the stone columns, carved by crews of old sailing ships, waiting for the Senj Gate bora to subside. North-west part of the island is a paradise for children and fans of sand beaches; and the peninsula dividing the bays of Kampor and Supetar is its most indented and appealing part. Islets and turquoise lagoons are but a small detail in the extraordinary range of beauty that this part of Rab holds. We will end with the finest sand, but also dangerous shallow waters, typical of the northern coves of the Lopar Peninsula, and the bay of Crnika. The latter also goes by the name of Rajska, and it is the longest and most frequented sand beach of Rab Island.

Brend Coolinadriatica


RED HOT CHILLI SUMMER Neki to vole vruće Some like it hot Pikantni okusi i mirisi, ponekad toliko različiti, uspijevaju se čudesno spojiti u izvornu gastronomsku priču i (naoko) iluziju učiniti opipljivom Spicy flavours and aromas, very different at times, miraculously come together to create an authentic culinary story and make an illusion seemingly tangible Text Jasmina Stošić Photos Đorđe Stošić

Svatko od nas ima neku hranu za kojom posebno žudi i navodno to ima veze s emocijama. Ako žudite za pikantnom hranom, vjerojatno ‘začinjenost’ tražite i na poslu, u ljubavnom životu ili zabavi. Kušajući ljuto, usna se šupljina bolno zažari, a svaki put kad osjetimo emocionalnu bol, mozak izlučuje hormon sreće koji nam popravlja raspoloženje. Pomalo bizarno zvuči jedna od primjene čili papričice koja, navodno, služi i kao sredstvo za povećanje usana. Ne preporučujemo, no zabavno je pročitati i ovo: otopite balzam za usne i dodajte mu 1/10 žličice mljevenog čilija. Dobro promiješajte i u prohlađeno dodajte eterično ulje paprene metvice. Nanesite na usne i uživajte u efektu! Ovaj će preparat izazvati lagano trnjenje usana, ali će ih i povećati,

Each of us has a food craving and apparently it has to do with emotions. If you crave piquant food, you probably seek that zest in your work, love life and social life. When we taste spicy food, the mouth painfully flares and every time we feel pain, the brain releases the ‘happiness hormone’ to boost our spirits. It seems odd, but one of the uses for chilli peppers is lip augmentation. We do not recommend this but it is still fun to read: melt some lip balm and add 1/10 teaspoon of ground chilli. Stir well and when cooled, add peppermint essential oil. Apply to your lips and enjoy the effects! This mixture will cause slight numbness in the lips but will also enlarge them, while the peppermint will cool and freshen the lips. Chilli, cayenne pepper, chilli peppers are hot peppers

Buzara s jalapeno papričicom Buzzara with jalapeño pepper


dok će metvica rashladiti i osvježiti usne. Čili, kajenski papar, feferoni su ljute papričice iz porodice Capsicum. Najljuća čili papričica na svijetu je Naga Jolokia i može biti fatalna za djecu ili osobe sa zdravstvenim problemima. Uzgojio ju je Marsel De Vit u Australiji. Nakon prvog kušanja ovaj je četrdesetidevetogodišnjak popio na litre mlijeka, te je ležao na podu punih deset minuta kako bi došao sebi. Čak i njeno branje zahtijeva nošenje plinskih maski. No, u svakom slučaju čili se ubraja u najzdravije namirnice svijeta. Svoj ljuti okus duguje posebnom sastojku koji se zove kapsaicin, a zaslužan je i za ljekovita svojstva. Ljute papričice djeluju antiupalno, sprečavaju bol, smanjuju razinu kolesterola, sprečavaju stvaranje krvnih ugrušaka, poboljšavaju probavu, potiču mršavljenje, hrane naš imunitet… Njihova ljutina se mjeri prema posebnoj skali, pri čemu se koriste Scovilleove jedinice. Slatka paprika = 0 jedinica, peperoncini = 100 - 500, pasila = 1.000 – 1.500, rocotillo = 1.500 – 2.500, jalapeno = 2.500 – 5.000, kajenska papričica i čili = 30.000 – 50.000, crvena savina habanera = 360.000 – 500.000 i haga viper, infinity čili = 855.000 – 1.500.000! Zbog dobrobiti čilija, mnogi će ga pomalo i protiv svoje volje ubaciti u svakodnevnu prehranu. Naravno, nemojte pretjerivati. Kao i u svemu, i pri konzumiranju ljutog okusa potrebna je zlatna sredina, ali jelima je uvijek lakše dodati nego oduzeti neki začin. Moglo bi se reći da ljuto nije okus, već osjećaj povišene temperature u ustima, a kako to izaziva lučenje endorfina, kombinacija velike količine jako ljute hra-

from the Capsicum genus. The hottest chilli pepper in the world is Naga Jolokia which can be fatal to children or adults with health issues. It was first cultivated in Australia by Marsel De Vit. After the first tasting this forty-nine-year-old drank litres of milk and lay on the floor for a full ten minutes, waiting to come to; which isn’t surprising considering even picking it requires a gas mask! Chilli is however, considered one of the healthiest foods in the world. Its hot flavour comes from a special component called capsaicin which has healing properties. Hot peppers act as anti-inflammatories, prevent pain, reduce cholesterol, prevent blood clots, improve digestion, help weight loss, feed our immune systems... Their spiciness is measured by a special scale, using Scoville heat units. Bell Pepper = 0 units, Pepperoncini = 100 - 500, Pasilla = 1,000 – 1,500, Rocotillo = 1,500 – 2,500, Jalapeno = 2,500 – 5,000, Cayenne Pepper and Chilli = 30,000 – 50.000, Red Savina Habanero = 360,000 – 500,000 and Naga Viper, Infinity Chilli = 855,000 – 1,500,000! Because of the great value of chilli, many will - although reluctantly, add it to their daily diet. Of course, you do not want to overdo it. Like with everything else, caution is the key with hot flavours and it is always easier to add spice than to take it away. We could say that hot is not really a flavour, but rather a feeling of fever in the mouth; and since this causes the release of endorphins, a combination of a large quantity of very spicy foods can even lead to euphoria. And our euphoria was caused


Chef Zoran Čobanov

Carpaccio od hame i Bloody Mary sladoled

Janjetina s krafnama od kukuruza i peperončinom

Hama carpaccio with Bloody Mary ice cream

Lamb with corn cakes and peperoncino

ne može dovesti i do euforije. A nama je oduševljenje izazvala moderna gastronomija zasnovana na tradicionalnim temeljima, usredotočena na sezonske darove prirode i perfekcioniranje svakog jela što smo imali priliku doživjeti u istarskom hotelu Kempinski Hotel Adriatic, koji na čelu svoje kuhinje ima izvrsnog chefa, Zorana Čobanova. Dalmacija u genima, a Istra u svakodnevnim promišljanjima, filozofija je restorana i hotela. Chef podjednako cijeni i mediteranske i kontinentalne potencijale vodeći računa i o navikama turista koji pohode ovaj hotel. U njegovom restoranu Kanova, zamišljenom kao moderna verzija istarske konobe, posebno se izdvaja ‘jelo s potpisom’, odnosno istarska nova fritaja. Za pripremu ovog jela potrebno vam je ‘samo’ jaje, krumpir, veličanstveni bijeli tartuf i... chef Zoran Čobanov. ‘Ponosno stojim iza svake svoje kreacije na tanjuru. Gost mora osjetiti savršenstvo lokalne namirnice i plemenitog vina koje ju sa svakim gutljajem blago oplahuje. Fuzija suvremenog dizajna hotela i tradicionalnih istarskih običaja moja su svakodnevna inspiracija. Učio sam i kuhao rame uz rame s onima čiju kvalitetu je prepoznao i Michelin i nagradio svojim zvjezdicama. Gospodin Juan Amador, koji upravo očekuje svoju treću Michelin zvjezdicu, oduševljeno je komentirao moj smjer i filozofiju, ali uvijek svjestan veličine i značaja brenda Kempinski koji stoji iza mene’, ističe Čobanov. Nedaleko poznatog hotela, u kraljevstvu muškata i njegovoj prijestolnici Momjanu, jedan samozatajni vinar već godinama gradi svoju uspješnu karijeru. Rino Prelac osjeća svoju lozu

by the food we had at the Istrian Kempinski Hotel Adriatic – modern cuisine, built on traditional foundations, focused on nature’s seasonal gifts, led by the brilliant chef Zoran Čobanov who perfects each plate. Dalmatia in his genes and Istria in his daily deliberations, is what makes his philosophy. Chef Zoran equally values Mediterranean and continental potentials, taking into account habits of tourists visiting this hotel. In its restaurant Kanova, conceived as a modern version of an Istrian tavern, one dish especially stands out: their signature dish – the New Istrian Frittata. All you need to prepare this meal is an egg, potato, the magnificent white truffle, and... Chef Zoran Čobanov. ‘I stand proudly behind each of my creations on the plate. The guest must feel the perfection of local ingredients and noble wine complementing them with every sip. The fusion of the contemporary design of the hotel and Istrian traditions is my inspiration. I have learned and cooked side by side with those whose quality has been awarded Michelin stars. Mr Juan Amador, awaiting his third Michelin star, has enthusiastically commented on my direction and philosophy which has, naturally, only reinforced the position I took towards my career; and I am always aware of the importance of standing in front of such a large brand like Kempinski’, said Čobanov. As we saw, the Chef leaves little to chance. Not far from this famous hotel, in the kingdom of Muscat and its capital Momjan, a humble winemaker has been building his success for years. Rino Prelac feels his vines and has established a symbiosis between the vines, the climate, the soil and the knowledge to

Uz malo pikantnija jela savršeno pristaje muškat Prelac Prelac muscato is perfect accompaniment for spicier dishes


i uspostavlja simbiozu između nje, klime, zemlje i znanja kako bi izvukao ono najbolje. Prelac gradi poseban identitet i karakter vina, te se izdvaja osobnošću i vlastitom pričom, jer takva je – duša. Inzistirati na kvaliteti, a ne na kvantiteti, lijepa je osobina i ulijeva povjerenje kada vina Prelac sljubljujete s nekom delicijom. Djedovi su i njemu, kao i mnogim istarskim vinarima, usmjerili životnu profesiju vinogradima zasađenim malvazijom, muškatom te crnim sortama, refoškom i cabernet sauvignonom. Ova vina možete kušati i u konobi Rino. No, tamo će vam ponuditi i savršeno jednostavne i, zbog toga, nezaboravne okuse tradicionalne istarske kuhinje. Uz malo pikantnija jela, možda će se nekome činiti nespojivo, ali savršeno pristaje muškat Prelac. Ljuto i slatko se vole, to je već poznato. No, kod percepcije slatkoće vina u ustima značajnu ulogu imaju i kiseline u vinima. One balansiraju slatkoću, tako se može dogoditi da ne doživite vino kao iznimno slatko jer su ga kiseline zamaskirale i prevarile naša osjetila i percepciju slatkoće. Idealno za ‘našu’ kombinaciju pikantnog jela i poznate sorte muškat, u suhoj varijanti. Rino je i sommelier te se posebno pobrinuo o svom refošku u rose varijanti koji ima svega 11,8 % alkohola, što ga čini idealnim ljetnim vinom. Autohtona istarska crna sorta refošk (teran) daje vino jake strukture, bogato ekstraktima i polifenolima, a voćni bouquet maline i višnje upotpunjen je laganim herbalnim nijansama te je idealno vino za tipičnu istarsku kuhinju. A ključna riječ ove konobe je svakako – strast, koja proizlazi iz izazova i zadovoljstva stvaranja nečega što se sviđa ponajprije članovima obitelji Prelac, njihovim prijateljima i gostima.

achieve the absolute best. Prelac is building a particular identity and character of the wine and stands out with his personality and own story, because such is his soul. Insisting on quality rather than quantity is a nice and reassuring treat when you pair a Prelac wine with a delicacy. His grandfathers, just like so many Istrian winemakers, have instilled a love towards the vineyards planted with Malvasia, Muscat and red varieties, Refosco and Cabernet Sauvignon. These wines can be tasted in the Rino tavern as well; where you will be served perfectly simple, yet unforgettable flavours of traditional Istrian cuisine. Although it may seem incompatible – Prelac Muscat will pair beautifully with piquant dishes. Hot and sweet love each other, as we all know. However, with the perception of sweetness in wine, a great role is played by the acids. They balance out the sweetness so it may happen that you don’t feel the wine as particularly sweet, since the acids have masked it and tricked our senses. This is ideal for ‘our’ combination of spicy food and the famous Muscat in a dry version. Rino is also a sommelier, and he took special care of his Refosco in the rose version which has only 11.8% alcohol, making it an ideal summer wine. Authentic Istrian red grape sort Refosco (Teran) gives a wine of strong structure, rich in extracts and polyphenols and a fruity bouquet of raspberry and black cherry is complemented with light herbal nuances, which goes perfectly with the typical Istrian cuisine. The key word for this tavern is certainly – ‘passion’ arising from the challenge and pleasure of creating something loved by the Prelac family, friends and the guests.


Hama u malvaziji s poširanom mrkvom i ljutim crvenim paprom Salmon-bass in malvazija with poached carrots and cayenne pepper

400 g čistog fileta od hame • 200 g mlade mrkve • 100 g crvene kapule ili luka • 5 g crvenog papra • 1 dl malvazije svježe • 1 g xantane (zgušnjivač) • 50 g maslaca • 0,03 dl maslinova ulja • 30 g krupne soli Priprema: Jednu glavicu ljubičastog luka stavimo u sol i pečemo u pećnici na 160°C jedan sat. Hamu lagano zagrijemo na maslacu s kožom prema gore, prelijemo s malvazijom i donjom polovicom mrkve narezanom na nož od tartufa. Poklopimo i lagano kuhamo tri minute. Kuhanu mrkvu s malo umaka začinimo sokom od limete, šećerom i u termomiksu izradimo glatku smjesu uz dodavanje xantane, maslaca i maslinova ulja. Serviranje: Glatku smjesu od mrkve postavimo kao prostirku kuhanoj hami na dno tanjura, prelijemo s umakom od kuhanja, izvadimo pečeni crveni luk iz soli i nekoliko listića nježno stavimo na riblji filet. Crveni, ljutkasto-slatkasti papar uzdići će ovu čaroliju od jela u najviše sfere visoke gastronomije. 400 g salmon-bass fillet • 200 g young carrots • 100 g red onion • 5 g red pepper • 1 dl fresh malvazija • 1 g xantane (thickener) • 50 g butter • 0.03 dl olive oil • 30 g coarse salt Preparation: Put one red onion in salt and bake it at 160°C for an hour. Gently warm fish fillet on butter with skin facing up, pour malvazija over and lower half of carrots slice with truffle slicer. Place a lid on the pot and cook for three minutes. Season the cooked carrots in sauce with limetta juice and sugar, process it in thermomix to achieve smooth texture by adding xantane, butter and olive oil. Serving: Set smooth carrot texture as a bed to lay salmon-bass on, pour cooking sauce over it, take the red baked onion out of the salt and gently place a few onion layers over the fish fillet. Red, hot – sweet pepper shall launch this magical dish into spheres of top gastro-experiences.

Prica o Špinu U prekrasnoj Istri, u blizini Jadranskog mora, pa sve kroz krošnje šuma dolazimo do zelenih pašnjaka. Kroz grane maslina nazire se kuća od starog istarskog kamena, stancija Špin. U stanciji imamo sve što je potrebno kako bi nastali najfiniji sirevi tradicionalne proizvodnje u čijim se okusima osjete sve ljepote Istre. Stvorila priroda, odnjegovala tradicija, začinila Istra.


Na svjetskoj razini World class

Lešić Dimitri Gourmet Sensation Text & Photos Darko Šupuk



Rapsodija okusa hrane i vina pet različitih kuhara koji pripadaju udruzi Relais & Chateaux jasno je pokazala kakvu razinu uživanja u gastronomskim specijalitetima možete doživjeti na Korčuli The rhapsody of food and wine tastes by five different chefs, all belonging to the association of Relais & Chateaux have clearly shown the level of pleasure you can enjoy with culinary specialties on the Island of Korčula

Krajem svibnja u korčulanskoj palači Lešić Dimitri održan je event pod nazivom Gourmet Sensation, na kojem se predstavilo pet kuhara iz udruge Relais & Chateaux kojoj korčulansko zdanje i samo pripada. Prilika je to bila da uživamo u hrani pravih majstora kuhanja iz različitih regija u kombinaciji sa selekcijom vina za koju su se brinuli njihovi somelijeri. U pet hotelskih apartmana, svaki je kuhar pripremio ponešto iz svog opusa, dok su ih grupice gostiju posjećivale uživajući u hrani pripremljenoj na svjetskoj razini. Upravo je to istaknuo vlasnik Lešić Dimitrija Michael Unsworth koji nije skrivao oduševljenje što se takav event održava upravo u Korčuli: ‘Lešić Dimitri je svojom ponudom odavno izišao iz hrvatskih okvira, mogu slobodno reći da smo prepoznati na svjetskoj razini, pa smo jako sretni što je i gastronomska ponuda koju ovdje prezentiramo na najvišoj mogućoj razini.’ U kuharskim majstorijama uživali su gosti i prijatelji Lešića s Korčule i Pelješca, ali i strani novinari koji su imali priliku prenijeti svoje dojmove s eventa puno široj publici. A da imaju o čemu pisati, pobrinuli su se sami kuhari. Domaćin Toni Erceg predstavio je svoju korčulansku kuhinju, a njegov meni je uključivao frigane friške malostonske lignjice te domaće korčulanske makarune s butargom od cipla, uz Krajančićevu Intradu i Biretov Grk. Istarski duo kojeg čine Danijela Pifar i Bojan Vuković iz stancije Meneghetti namjerno je kuhajući malo jaču, kontinentalnu hranu, u kombinaciji s njihovim vinima i slasnim pralinama, u Korčulu donio dašak unutrašnjosti Istre. O svom predstavljanju Danijela kaže: ‘Za prvo jelo poslužena je prežgana juha, kremica od luka, žumanjak od jaja, kojoj je baza krem-juha s prženim brašnom i maslinovim uljem. Glavno jelo bili su goveđi obrazi rađeni u vlastitu soku, posluženi s pečenom palentom. Kolačići su praline s dubrovačkom malvazijom, merlotom, uljem od bjelice, smokvama i konjakom, sve je Meneghetti.’ To je uključivalo i Meneghettijevu selekciju bijelih i crnih vina koja su poslužena uz hranu. Njihov ‘susjed’ Andrej Barbieri iz opatijske Bevande pripremio je maštovite kreacije, u kojima su ulogu imala i aromatizirana ulja i – cvijeće: ‘Za prvo jelo imali smo tunu, koja se začini solju, paprom i maslinovim uljem, vakuumira i 30 sekundi blanšira u kipućoj vodi, poslije se šokira i tako se čuva. Ulja su bosiljak i korica limuna koji se na niskoj temperaturi

An event called Gourmet Sensation was held in Korčula Town’s Palace of Lešić Dimitri at the end of May, where five chefs of the Relais & Chateaux association – owner of this very building - presented their skills. This was a chance to delight in food made by real culinary masters coming from different regions, combined with a selection of wine, taken care of by their sommeliers. In five hotel suites, each chef made one of his dishes, while small groups of guests visited them, savouring the world class meals. The owner of Lešić Dimitri, Mr Michael Unsworth was thrilled by the fact that such an event was taking place in Korčula: ‘Lešić Dimitri has, with its offer long exceeded Croatian boundaries: I can safely say that we are globally recognized, so we are very happy that the cuisine we present here is at the highest possible level too.’ The culinary masterpieces were enjoyed by Lešić’s guests and friends of Korčula and Pelješac, but also by international journalists who got the opportunity to share their impressions with much wider audiences. The chefs themselves made sure that these reporters had a lot to write about. The host Toni Erceg presented his Korčula cuisine, his menu included fried fresh Mali Ston baby squid and homemade Korčula macaroni with mullet bottarga, paired with Krajančić Intrada and Biretov Grk. The Istrian duo, made of Danijela Pifar and Bojan Vuković of the Meneghetti estate, gave us continental food, deliberately cooking it a bit stronger and combining it with their wine and delicious pralines, bringing the spirit of Istrian inland to Korčula. Danijela tells us about their presentation: ‘As a first course we served roux soup, onion cream, egg yolk with a base of creamy soup with fried flour and olive oil. The main course was beef cheeks in their own sauce, served with grilled polenta. The cookies are pralines with Dubrovnik Malvasia, Merlot, whitefish oil, figs and brandy, all by Meneghetti.’ This also included the Meneghetti selection of white and red wine, served with the food. Their ‘neighbour’ Andrej Barbieri of Opatija’s Bevanda prepared imaginative creations which included flavoured oils and flowers: ‘Our first course was tuna, seasoned with salt, pepper, and olive oil, then vacuumed and blanched for 30 seconds in boiling water, after which it is shocked and reserved that way. The oils are basil and lemon zest, infused in low temperature and filtered afterwards. This is the method of extraction of aromatic oils

Zanimljiva i ukusna jela sparena s vrhunskim vinima i pet chefova Relais & Chateauxa - cjelodnevna senzacija za sva čula Niall Keating

Nino Mosca


infuziraju i poslije toga filtriraju. To je metoda ekstrakcije aromatičnih ulja iz agruma, a ne emulzije. Za glavno jelo bio je raviol punjen kremom od krumpira, začinjen koricom od limuna, na tome hladni filet prethodno poširanog brancina, sve skupa s umakom od brancina i šafrana, i začinjeno s čvarcima, mladicama od češnjaka i badema. To je tipični presjek moje kuhinje u kojoj pokušavam naći balans zemljanih i morskih namirnica.’ Uz jela je poslužena selekcija pjenušaca Tomac. Međutim, istinsko osvježenje sa sjevera donio je Niall Keating iz prestižnog restorana Kong Hans Kelder, posebno poznatog po milijune eura vrijednom vinskom podrumu. Za ovu priliku Danci su donijeli netom ulovljenog jelena isječenog na kockice (kojeg su čak sami odstrijelili) od kojeg su radili tartar, a svojim jelima pridružili su hrvatska vina, Krajančić i Bibich. Niall kaže: ‘Predjelo je bilo carpaccio St. Jaquesa s parmezanom, krastavcem i ljetnim tartufom, uz dodatak domaćeg maslinova ulja. Ukus ljetnog tartufa nije tako intenzivan kao kod zimskih i imaju dobar ukus. Glavno jelo je tartar jelena s taraganom i konjakom, te tradicionalni danski kruh od raži. Garnirano

from a citrus instead of emulsion. The main course was ravioli filled with potato cream, seasoned with lemon zest and resting on it – a cold fillet of previously poached sea bass; all this with sea bass and saffron sauce, spiced with cracklings and shoots of garlic and almonds. This is a typical cross-section of my cooking where I am constantly seeking a balance between sea and land foods.’ A selection of Tomac sparkling wine was served with the food. A true refreshment however came from the North by Niall Keating of the prestigious Kong Hans Kelder restaurant, especially known for its wine cellar worth millions of Euros. The Danish have for this occasion brought a freshly caught and diced deer (which they shot) and used it to make tartar. They paired Croatian wines, Krajančić and Bibich, with their food. Niall says: ‘The hors d’oeuvre was St Jacques Carpaccio with Parmesan, cucumber and summer truffle with olive oil. The taste of summer truffle is not as strong as that of the winter truffle, while a little subtler, the taste is still excellent. The main course was deer tartar with tarragon and brandy and traditional Danish rye bread. The dish was garnished with pickled berries and pieces of potato, as well


Interesting and delicious meals coupled with best quality wines and five Relais & Chateaux chefs - whole day long sensation Andrej Barbieri

Danijela Pifar (koja kuha zajedno s Bojanom Vukovićem) Toni Erceg

je ukiseljenim šumskim voćem i komadima krumpira, te lišćem cvijeća koje raste u našim šumama. Sve namirnice donijeli smo iz Danske, osim maslinova ulja.’ Na eventu je bio i Nino Mosca, chef talijanskog restorana Il Bottaccio, koji je poslužio sirove škampe na divljoj riži s tartufima i špagete s plodovima mora na kremi od kozica, koji su, usprkos relativno jednostavnim namirnicama, bili vjerojatno najbolje spremljena jela na cijelom eventu. Društvo su mu pravila i izabrana talijanska vina, a Nino o svom kuhanju kaže: ‘Moja jedinstvena kuhinja rođena je s Bottacciom, na bogatoj zemlji podno brda gdje more dodiruje planine – punoj mirisa mora i jakih šumskih aroma; a visoka kakvoća domaćih proizvoda prava je inspiracija. Spravljeno s poštovanjem i pažnjom, svako jelo začinjeno je pravom mjerom tradicije i inovacije kako bi prave gurmane odvelo na beskrajno putovanje.’ Ovim događanjem Lešić Dimitri pokazao je zavidnu razinu prezentacije kojom se destinacija poput Korčule, uz jasnu viziju i marljivi rad, može predstavljati u svijetu. Čestitke organizatorima i hvala kuharima na pravoj rapsodiji okusa u kojima smo uživali.

Danijela Pifar (co-chef with Bojan Vuković)

as leaves of flowers growing in our forests. We brought all the ingredients from Denmark except olive oil.’ Nino Mosca, the chef of Italian Il Bottaccio participated in the event too. He served raw scampi on wild rice with truffles and spaghetti with seafood on shrimp cream, which despite relatively simple ingredients, were probably the best prepared meals of the entire event. The food was accompanied by a choice of Italian wine and here is what Nino had to say about his cooking: ‘My unique cuisine was born with the Bottaccio, in a rich land nestled in the foothills where the sea touches the mountains – graced by the fragrances of the sea and the zesty forest and inspired by the high quality of local produce. Combined with sensitivity and respect, every dish is dosed with just the right measure of tradition and innovation, aimed at leading gourmets on an endless voyage.’ With this event, Lešić Dimitri showed the outstanding level of presentation that a destination like Korčula can aim for and achieve with a clear vision and hard work. We congratulate the event organizers and thank the chefs for providing us with a true flavour rhapsody to delight in.

SavrĹĄeni makaruni i puno viĹĄe Perfect Macaroni and more

Konoba Makarun Text Ivana Nedoklan Photos Ivan Bura & Tavern Makarun


Konoba u samom središtu Splita kao okosnicu svoje ponude nudi domaću tjesteninu, a posjetitelji mogu uživati u otvorenoj kuhinji, uslužnom osoblju i lijepom ambijentu u duhu podneblja In the heart of the Split city centre a unique tavern offers homemade macaroni pasta as a basis of the menu under full view scenery of the open kitchen inside a genuine Mediterranean courtyard topped up with kind service

Postoje mnoge priče o porijeklu makaruna. Neki istraživači vjeruju da ih je u Italiju donio Marko Polo u 13. stoljeću sa svojih putovanja po Kini. Ovaj poznati svjetski putnik, navodno rođen na otoku Korčuli, u svojoj knjizi ‘Milijun’ spominje i makarune. Legenda kaže kako je za vrijeme snježne oluje u Mongoliji poželio još jednom okusiti domaće makarune iz svog zavičaja – Korčule. Međutim, povijest makaruna seže mnogo ranije, kada su ih Etruščani pripremali tako što su zrna pšenice miješali s vodom pa bi nakon kuhanja ta smjesa postala ukusna i hranjiva, a danas se proizvode na mnoge načine, ponajprije industrijski. No, kako god, makaruni su svakako najpoznatija hrana s otoka Korčule, a zaštitni su znak i splitskog restorana Makarun u kojem se pripremaju ručno, prema petsto godina starom korčulanskom receptu. ‘Tijesto za makarune oblikuje se na komadiće veličine njoke i onda se svaki prođe ručno, tako da u sredini ima rupu i nepravilnog je oblika. Makarun je naša domaća spiza i gostima se jako sviđa’, objašnjava nam vlasnik restorana Makarun Jurica Farac. Zanimljivo je i ime ovog restorana - prema pretku koji je toliko usavršio ovo korčulansko tijesto da su ga nazvali Makarun te ga je pripremao uz There are many theories on the origin of macaroni. Some researchers believe Marco Polo brought them to Italy in the 13th century from China. This famous globetrotter, supposedly born on the island of Korčula, in his book ‘The Million’ mentioned macaroni as well. The legend says during a snow storm in Mongolia, he craved homemade macaroni from Korčula. Though according to history, macaroni have their traces at Etruscan times, when these ancient people used to prepare wheat grains with water and cook the dough, making it tasty and nutritive, and today this pasta is produced in many different ways, but mainly by means of industrial production. However, macaroni are the most famous Korčula dish, and represent a trademark of the Split restaurant Makarun, where these are homemade according to the five hundred years old Korčula recipe. ‘Macaroni dough is formed into pieces of gnocchi-size and then each piece by hand shaped into a tube. Macaroni is our domestic food and guests like it’, explains the owner of the Makarun restaurant Jurica Farac. The origin of the restaurant’s name is interesting – following ancestral traces and thus making this Korčula dough perfect, and serving it for every festive occasion in his region, led to


svaku svečanost u svom pupnatskom kraju. Uz nadimak koji je ostao u obitelji Farac i umijeće pravljenja makaruna prenosilo se generacijama, a ta se tradicija nastavlja i danas, pa gosti u konobi mogu kušati najfinije okuse dalmatinske kuhinje koje prema drevnim recepturama spravlja chef Velimir Šimić. Osim makaruna, chef na tradicionalan način priprema i meso i ribu na gradele, a valja istaknuti kako koristi isključivo namirnice domaćih proizvođača, te organskog podrijetla kada je moguće. Ponuda restorana temelji se na domaćoj tjestenini, ali to ni blizu nije sve u čemu vaši nepci mogu uživati. Njihovu kartu isplati se pomno istražiti. Od specijaliteta kuće treba izdvojiti beefsteak à la Makarun, makarune s jastogom, crnu makarunadu te makarune sa škampima i kozicama, koje prate vrhunska bijela i crna vina hrvatskih vinara. ‘U prvom redu promoviramo male vinare kao što je Đivanović iz Konavala, to nam je kućno vino, zatim Bedalova iz Kaštela, korčulansko vino PZ Blato, pošip Mindel od Krajančića, Korkyru... Imamo i fantastično crno vino s Pelješca, s položaja Mili, koje proizvodi vinar Rozić’, ističe Farac. Osim jedinstvenog gurmanskog iskustva, posjetitelji konobe mogu uživati i u ambijentu. Naime, Makarun se smjestio u lijepom dvorištu, između Pjace i Voćnog trga, a uređen je u duhu podneblja. Poseban je doživljaj otvorena kuhinja u kojoj gosti mogu vidjeti kako se pripremaju jela. Tražite li ugodnu atmosferu i pravu domaću spizu, uz vrhunsku uslugu i prijateljski odnos osoblja, zaputite se u samo središte Splita, u dvor renesansno-barokne Palače Milesi – tamo gdje gozba bez makaruna nije potpuna.


the title Makarun. Along with nickname that stayed with Farac family and the traditional art of making macaroni that has been transferred through generations, this tradition still lives, so the tavern guests have the opportunity of tasting original Dalmatian cuisine of the chef Velimir Šimić faithfully following the old recipe. Apart from macaroni, the chef also prepares barbequed fish and meat dishes traditionally, thus using exclusively local growers’ ingredients, with emphasize on organic. The restaurant’s offer is based on homemade pasta, but there is more to it, like house specialty beefsteak à la Makarun, macaroni with lobster, black macaroni stew, macaroni with scampi and prawns paired with supreme white and red Croatian wines. ‘Primarily we promote small wine makers like Đivanović from Konavle, that is our house wine, than Bedalov from Kaštela, Korčula wine PZ Blato, pošip Mindel by Krajančić, Korkyra... Our wine list contains excellent red wines originating from Pelješac – Mili vineyard, produced by wine maker Rozić’, emphasizes Farac. Apart from the unique gourmet experience, guests can enjoy the ambience. A lovely Mediterranean style courtyard between Pjaca and Voćni trg hosts Makarun. Open kitchen makes the experience even more alive while watching the flames, the steam and the clattering in the kitchen. If you are looking for a casual atmosphere and genuine homemade food, with top service and friendly personnel, go to the city centre, the courtyard of the Renaissance-Baroque Milesi Palace – the place of macaroni feast.


U splitskom restoranu Makarun možete kušati makarune koji se pripremaju prema petsto godina starom korčulanskom receptu Split restaurant Makarun delights with macaroni made from a 500 years old recipe from the isle of Korčula

MAKARUNI À LA CHEF Makaruni 350 g • Jastog 600 – 700 g • Pome 15 g • Kapula 15 g • Luk 5 g Peršin 3 g • Riblji temeljac 100 ml • Bijelo vino 20 ml Jastog presiječemo popola i očistimo. Stavimo vodu za makarune; kad prokuha, dodamo ručno rađene makarune samo pola minute da proključaju i procijedimo ih na pleh. Dodamo maslinovo ulje, uz napomenu da makarune nikad ne ispiremo vodom jer onda sve što valja ode s vodom. U tavi popržimo kapulu i pome na sitne kockice bez sjemenki, dodamo jastoga da se pirja s jedne i druge strane, stavljamo luk i peršin, zalijemo bijelim vinom i ribljim temeljcem. Kad se šug malo zgusne, izvadimo jastoga i stavljamo makarune koji se dovrše u šugu od jastoga te ih serviramo na oval s jastogom. Guštajte uz čašu vrhunskog crnog vina! Macaroni 350 g • Lobster 600 – 700 g • Tomatoes 15 g • Onion 15 g • Garlic 5 g • Parsley 3 g • Fish stew 100 ml • White wine 20 ml Cut the lobster in two halves and clean it. Bring the water to boil, toss the macaroni in, leave them boiling for half a minute and drain on a tray. Add olive oil, and remember never wash cooked macaroni under water, then you wash away all the nutritive stuff. Fry onion and diced tomatoes in a pan, add lobster and stew it on both sides, add garlic and parsley, pour over white wine and fish stew. When the sauce becomes dense, take the lobster out and put macaroni in the lobster sauce. Serve them with lobster on an oval tray. Enjoy over a glass of premium red wine!




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Smješten u srcu dubrovačkih zidina, Restaurant 360 nudi modernu fine dining kuhinju, a posjeduje i impresivan vinski podrum Nestled in the heart of the walled city of Dubrovnik, Restaurant 360 offers contemporary fine dining and includes a superb wine cellar

Ukusan i maštovit menu te ugodan ambijent s predivnim pogledom na staru dubrovačku luku, čine Restaurant 360 elitnom oazom za goste istančanog ukusa. Mnoge poznate osobe česti su gosti restorana zbog osigurane diskrecije, no najbrojniji su oni koji redovito prate gastro scenu i žele probati nešto novo i drugačije. Glavni chef restorana Marijo Curić kreira menu koristeći samo pomno odabrane namirnice. Tijekom zime, kada je Restaurant 360 zatvoren, Curić posjećuje europske destinacije te surađuje sa svjetski poznatim chefovima prateći tako trendove i unoseći novitete u 360. Posljednje dvije godine surađivao je s Enricom Bartolinijem u Milanu te s Marcusom Wareingom u Londonu. Ono što chefa Marija čini posebnim jest njegova povezanost s Restaurantom 360. Svojim radom i entuzijazmom za fine dining kuhinjom, Marijo je preuzeo kuhaču prestižnog restorana prije dvije godine. Najveći utjecaj na njega ostavio je upravo prvi chef restorana Gilles Camilleri, uz kojega je naučio mnoge tajne francuske kuhinje. Kada je odabir namirnica u pitanju, Marijo ne poznaje granice: osobno bira svu ribu iz Jadranskog mora, uključuje u menu namirnice iz domaćinstava dubrovačke okolice, a za najbolji komad mesa seže sve do mesnica u Monte Carlu po irsku govedinu Black Angus. Njegovu kuhinju možemo opisati kao mediteransku fine dining kuhinju s velikim utjecajem francuske i talijanske, dok posebne tehnike pripreme ponosno pokazuje u svojoj otvorenoj kuhinji. Valja spomenuti i menadžera restorana i glavnog sommeliera Rudolfa Papca. Ovaj veliki ljubitelj i poznavatelj vina živio je izvan Hrvatske dugi niz godina te posjeduje prestižne stručne diplome i certificirani je sommelier. Direktno je uključen u gastro scenu Hrvatske te pomno prati trendove. Kombinirajući svoje menadžerske sposobnosti i strast za vino, Rudi je prvo lice restorana te uvelike zaslužan za vrhunsku poslugu u restoranu. Svim zaposlenicima omogućuje individualni trening s naglaskom na emocionalni odnos prema hrani, restoranu i gostu. I upravo je to što ovaj restoran čini drugačijim od drugih. Kao i vinski podrum s 400 etiketa od kojih je veliki broj internacionalnih vina s fokusom na vina Hrvatske i regije, a već tri godine se, zahvaljujući tehnologiji Coravin, gostima nudi i više od 70 vina na čaše.

Delicious and imaginative food coupled with a highly pleasant surrounding offering views of the ancient harbor is what makes the Restaurant 360 a luxurious oasis for even the most demanding guests. Due to guaranteed privacy and discretion the restaurant is a favorite with celebrities, but the majority of guests are still those who keep up with the culinary scene and want to try something new and different. Chef Marijo Curić creates the menu using nothing but carefully selected ingredients. Since Restaurant 360 is closed during winter, chef Marijo uses that period to visit European destinations and work with internationally renowned chefs, keep up with trends and bring innovation into 360. In the past two years the chef has worked with chefs Enrico Bartolini of Milan and Marcus Wareing of London. What distinguishes chef Marijo is his special bond with Restaurant 360: two years ago Curić took over the kitchen, bringing in his work ethics and relentless enthusiasm for fine dining. It was the first chef of the restaurant, Gilles Camilleri, who inspired him and from whom he learned many secrets of the French cuisine. When it comes to choosing ingredients, chef Marijo will go the extra mile – personally selecting Adriatic fish, enriching his menu using local domestic ingredients and going as far as Monte Carlo to get the best Black Angus beef. His cuisine can be described as Mediterranean fine dining, influenced heavily by French and Italian cuisine, with adventurous trips into innovative cooking techniques in the 360’s open kitchen. An integral part of the 360 experience is the restaurant manager and chief sommelier, Rudolf Papac. This great wine enthusiast and connoisseur lived abroad for many years and is a proud owner of several prestigious certificates, and is a skilled certified sommelier. He is directly involved with the Croatian culinary scene and follows trends with great dedication. Combining his managerial skills and love for wine, Rudi is the face of the restaurant and the one to praise for outstanding service. He personally trains all of his employees, with emphasis on instilling into each and every one of them an emotional connection to food, the restaurant and its guests – and this is exactly what makes Restaurant 360 so unique. The final detail is the restaurant’s wine cellar with over 400 labels of international wines, but focusing on Croatian regional wines. For the past three years, thanks to the Coravin technology, guests have been offered the choice of more than 70 wines by the glass, without pulling199 the cork.

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Imenovanjem jednog od svojih najboljih brokera glavnim i odgovornim za prodaju 50 metara dugačkog explorera I Nova, IYC je opet pokazao svjetsku širinu poslovanja - i na Jadranu Appointing one of their best brokers for sales of 50 m explorer yacht I Nova, IYC is proofing the level of world wide yachting company - at the Adriatic

U posljednjem izdanju predstavili smo IYC, jednu od najvećih brokerskih agencija na svijetu, odnedavno prisutnu i u našim vodama. Nedugo nakon toga dobili smo vijest o prodaji 50 metara dugačkog explorera I Nova, za koju je IYC zadužio jednog od svojih ponajboljih brokera, Kevina Bonnieja, koji je s nama podijelio svoje mišljenje o toj jedinstvenoj jahti, o tržištu općenito i o Hrvatskoj. IYC vam je povjerio prodaju I Nove – što vam to osobno znači? Veselim se tom zadatku jer I Nova je jahta s mnogo potencijala. Jedinstveni explorer od pedeset metara građen je vrlo kvalitetno, za što je ponajprije zaslužan zahtjevan naručitelj. Osobno mi je vrlo privlačna, a i drugima, jer je 2014. nagrađena za dizajn interijera i ušla u finale nagrade za najljepše vanjske linije. Po čemu je jedinstvena? Mislim da klijenti od jahta očekuju sve više, a u tome je I Nova nenadmašna. Njezine unutarnje i vanjske linije odišu karakterom, koji je dizajner Cristiano Gatto postigao neobičnim rasporedom prostorija. Gatto, koji je dizajnirao i eksterijer

In our last issue we wrote an article about IYC, one of the biggest yachting companies now being present in our waters too. As the consequence of this worldwide company operating here, there came the news about central agency for sales of the 50 meter explorer yacht I Nova, for which IYC has appointed one of their best brokers, Mr.Kevin Bonnie, who shares his vision on this unique yacht, but also about Croatia and the market in general. You have been appointed as exclusive broker for yacht I Nova on behalf of IYC. What it means for you? I’m very enthusiastic about the endless possibilities of I NOVA. She is a unique 50m explorer yacht. This successful quality result was reached thanks to her focused and visionary owner. I truly love her design, which has been rewarded by a best interior Awards in 2014 and was finalist for Best Exterior Design in 2014. That yacht has some unique features? I think clients are expecting more and more distinctive features on a yacht and

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i interijer I Nove, surađivao je s naručiteljem, koji je imao dosta ideja o tome što želi. Cristiano je postigao sklad, ravnotežu između estetike i funkcionalnosti. Smatram I Novu savršenim explorerom za put oko svijeta, pogotovo stoga što ima značajan kapacitet za nošenje tendera i opreme za vodene sportove, uključujući i dizalicu kapaciteta pet tona ili devet metara. I Nova trenutno nosi jedan Buzzijev tender od deset metara duljine, koji postiže 50 čvorova brzine i nekoliko Scorpionovih RIB-ova od osam i pol metara duljine. Imali ste dobru prodaju u posljednje vrijeme? Proteklih sam godina ostvario nekoliko osobnih uspjeha, a i IYC jako dobro ide. Otkako smo obnovili koncept brenda, unaprijedili smo strategiju i viziju, prilagodili ih pristupu koji na prvo mjesto stavlja želje klijenta. Trudimo se uvijek dobro povezati s klijentom, skrojiti osoban pristup i olakšati klijentu hrvanje s današnjim brojnim pravilima i posljedicama, da tako kažem, posjedovanja jahte. Koliko ste godina u ovoj djelatnosti? Radim u brokerskoj industriji 33 godine. Prvi sam put dobio posao na jahti 1983., a nakon deset godina obavljanja gotovo svih poslova, od maloga od palube, preko kuhara i inženjera, do kopilota i skipera (još uvijek imam licenciju

this is what differentiates I NOVA. Her styling has a strong personality thanks to a series of spatial solutions. Cristiano Gatto, her exterior and interior designer, elaborated the project in line with the owner’s requirements. Cristiano created an harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality. I see her as the perfect around the world explorer yacht, for example she has incomparable tender / toy carrying capabilities (including 5 tonne/9 meter crane on tender deck – currently carrying 10 meter, 50 knot, enclosed Buzzi and 8.5 meter Scorpion RIBs). A feature any diver would love to have! You recently had successful sales record? The last few years have been very good for me personally. IYC internationally has also been on a row! Since the relaunch of the brand, we improved our strategy and vision accommodating them to a more client-centered relationship. Our aim is always making strong and personalized relationship with clients, making them feel more comfortable with all the today’s rules and implication of ownership. For how many years are you in yachts business? I’ve been in the yachting industry for 33 years. My first professional employment on a yacht was in 1983, and after 10 years serving in every role aboard a

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Jahta I Nova ima sve karakteristike pravog explorera, posebno je dobro opremljena za ronjenje, a unutrašnjost je lijepo uredio Cristiano Gatto I Nova is true explorer yacht, especially well equiped for diving, with the interiors nicely decorated and arranged by Cristiano Gatto

američke Obalne straže!) na nizu jahti između 50 i 200 stopa, preusmjerio sam se na posredovanje u prodaji. Prvo sam radio u Seattleu, u Sjedinjenim Državama, a prije petnaest godina preselio sam se u Monako. Koliko dobro poznajete Hrvatsku i Jadran? Donekle, jer sam nekoliko puta iznajmio brod (bez posade). Najljepše sjećanje vezano uz Hrvatsku mi je jedrenje od Splita do Dubrovnika i natrag, 2002. Još me uvijek očarava mirnoća ovoga kraja, a i divim se činjenici da je ovdje usred srpnja ili kolovoza moguće naći miran vez. Možete li nam reći nešto o trenutnom stanju na tržištu novih i rabljenih jahta? Trenutno se na tržištu nalazi mnogo novih jahta, a prosječna se duljina jahte povećala. Mislim da klijenti očekuju sve više od jahte po pitanju osobina i opreme, primjerice nosivost tendera i vodenih igračaka, prisutnosti prostorija za wellness, beach club krme, ali i stabilnih i ne pretjerano visokih troškova korištenja. Osim toga, klijenti očekuju jahte kojima može upravljati što manja posada, da bi i ti troškovi bili što niži. Najzanimljiviji trend su duga krstarenja. Trenutno imamo nekoliko klijenata koji na našim jahtama putuju po vodama Južnog Pacifika i Galapagosa. Tome jahte i služe!

number of yachts between 50 and 200 feet as Deckhand, chef, engineer, first mate and captain (still holding a US Coast Guard master’s license), I made the transition to broker, first in Seattle, USA, and 15 years ago moved to Monaco. Are you familiar with Croatia and Adriatic? Yes, I’ve actually chartered a bareboat several times. My best memory are sailing from Split to Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik back to Split in 2002. I’m still amazed by this serenity and how is possible to find a quiet anchorage in July-August. Can you comment current situation on the market for the new and second hand yachts? Looking at the current market situation the is quite a lot of lager new builds in construction and the average length of yacht under construction is increasing. I think clients are expecting more and more amenities to differentiate such as large toy carrying capacity, spas, beach clubs, stability and economical operational cost. Clients might probably look for more efficiency in the size and number of crew in order to minimize ownership costs. A remarkable trend is the increase of circumnavigation programs. We have several clients going around the world to some of the most remote destinations like the South Pacific or Galapagos. This is what a yacht is intended for!




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Prepoznatljivi stil nizozemskog studija Omega Architects može se sažeti u tri riječi: čisto, sportsko i elegantno The signature style of Dutch designer studio Omega Architects can be described as: clean and sporty yet elegant, with flowing lines that can be chiseled here and there

Frank Laupman osnovao je studio Omega Architects 1995., a u protekla dva desetljeća iz njega je izašao impozantan broj nagrađivanih superjahta, poput svjetski poznate Galactica Star 65 m. Studio Omega Architects na svakom projektu slijedi isti protokol: razvoj koncepta, vizualizacija modernim metodama i nakon toga dizajn. Tim dizajnera i drugih stručnjaka koji rade za studio, prije svega, odlikuje se fleksibilnošću, pa svoje znanje i vještine mogu staviti u službu bilo kakvog koncepta. Osim po narudžbi, dizajneri Omega Architects stvaraju i jedinstvene jahte koje predstavljaju njihove trenutne vizije o modernom dizajnu. Sibelle 50m jedna je od jahta koje su i iznutra i izvana djelo dizajnera studija Omega Architects. Njezine zaobljene vanjske linije vode do elegantnog ravnog pramca, a dugačke crne vodoravne linije na trupu naglašavaju njezinu duljinu. Zamisao o Sibelle rođena je 2004., kad je vlasnik odabrao 37 metara dugačku polucustom Heesenovu jahtu ugodnog interijera. Tri godine kasnije vlasnik je tu jahtu zamijenio za nešto dulju semi-custom jahtu od 44 metra, koju je također izgradio Heesen, a uredio studio Omega Architects sa zadatkom stvaranja ‘utočišta od vanjskog svijeta’. Potom je vlasnik 2012. najavio da želi jahtu od 50 metara tešku manje od 500 tona. Bio je spreman za jahtu koju će stvoriti sam u suradnji sa studijem za dizajn i brodograditeljem. Nakon dvije jahte koje je za njega dizajnirao studio Omega Architects, vlasnik je bio siguran da želi da mu dizajniraju i treću, uvjeren da će Omega Architects znati ispuniti sve njegove želje. Sibelle je porinuta 2014. i odmah je privukla pažnju zbog dvije osobine – impresivne brzine s obzirom na dimenzije i dizajn eksterijera koji spaja 50 metara duljine i manje od 500 tona težine. Sibelle je građena od aluminija i ima istisninski trup, što joj je omogućilo postizanje brzine od 19 čvorova. Na pramcu ima elemente za zaštitu od prskanja, pa je pramac jahte suh bez obzira na uvjete plovidbe, no oni su i estetski privlačan ukras na eksterijeru. Unutrašnjost Sibelle, po nalogu klijenta, uređena je toplo, ugodno, jednostavno. ‘Nadahnuće smo našli u ruskim kućama za odmor, popularnim dačama, i takvu atmosferu pokušali smo preseliti u nautički okvir. Cilj nam je bio stvoriti unutrašnjost u kojoj se živi jednostavno, ugodno, opušteno. Mnogo smo pažnje posvetili namještaju eksterijera, jer nije lako preseliti osjećaj ruralnog života u šumi na jahtu usred mora. Stoga je namještaj neobičnih dimenzija; malo širi, malo dulji, malo udobniji. Sibelle je zbog svega ovoga savršena suputnica za vrlo duga krstarenja’, objašnjava Laupman. Ove je godine Sibelle dobila prestižnu nagradu ShowBoats Design Award u kategoriji ‘Eksterijer i stil ispod

Frank Laupman founded Omega Architects in 1995 and ever since designed exteriors and interiors for many award-winning superyachts, like the well-known 65m ‘Galactica Star’, with the ‘integrated hull and body design’ giving her the characteristic exterior. Omega Architects is strong in concept design, modern visualization techniques and thorough technical expertise, following a unique design protocol. The versatile and flexible team pushes their own borders, attracting and inspiring strong principals to create their dreams together. For 50m Sibelle both exterior and interior were done by Omega Architects. Her gentle round curves and elegant straight bow, long black glass horizontal lines emphasize her length. The bleached teak interior continues with curves, soft shades and horizontal lines. The story of Sibelle started in 2004. The owner then chose a 37 meter semi-custom Heesen yacht, which was given a contemporary but comfortable interior. In 2007 he decided to replace her with a slightly bigger 44 meter. Semicustom on a Heesen platform, and Omega Architects was asked again as well to create an interior which allowed him to ‘have a relaxing place and be able to retire from the ‘hectic’ world’. In 2012, Sibelle’s captain announced that the owner wanted to built a new 50 meter yacht, but under 500 GT. After experiencing two semi-custom yachts, he was now ready for a full custom, on both exterior and interior design. Working with Omega Architects on the previous yachts, the owner was sure: Omega knows how to handle a design process and would once again meet the needs of his personal wishes. A new Sibelle was launched at the end of 2014. Her exterior design was an interesting challenge by offering 50 meter LOA and kept under 500 GT which is an achievement. Besides size, speed matters too. Her aluminum Fast Displacement Hull allows her maximum speed of 19 knots, the axe-bow adds to her fuelspeed efficiency. The spray rails on her bow are functional to avoid a wet foredeck, but they sure add some beauty too. In the interior the yacht had to be comfortable, easy to use, warm, soft and ‘pure’. ‘Our first inspiration came from the vernacular country-houses called ‘datsja’, characterized by their warm and pure atmosphere and wooden constructions, the ‘simplicity’ of life. The feeling of outdoor life in a sturdy cabin in the woods was translated to living on board. Special attention has been given to the custom built exterior furniture. All deck furniture is designed with an extra 100mm seat depth, to provide superb lounge quality of the furniture. This is what makes the ‘Sibelle II’ the ultimate ’Travel machine,’ explains Mr. Laupman. This year Sibelle won ShowBoats Design award in the category Exterior design & Styling

Yachts Design

500 t, iznad 47 m’ te World Superyacht Award u kategoriji ‘Istisninske motorne jahte lakše od 500 t i dulje od 47 m’. Drugi zanimljiv projekt studija Omega Architects je jahta Nova, koju studio također dizajnira za brodogradilište Heesen. Čistih linija, Nova izgleda kao da je isklesana iz jednog komada materijala. Strateški raspoređeni nosivi elementi otvaraju interijer Nove prema okolišu, pa tako i glavna i gornja paluba imaju neometan pogled preko krme jahte, dok su isti ti elementi na pramcu oni koji nose tendere. Vlasnik stoga može ostvariti san svakog moreplovca i provesti čitav dan okružen samo nebom i morem. Heesen i Omega Architects rade na još jednom zajedničkom projektu, 47 metara dugačkoj jahti po imenu Ruya, sestrinskoj jahti lijepim damama Lady Petra i Elena (dobitnica World SuperYachts Award 2015. u kategoriji ‘Istisninska motorna jahta ispod 500 tona i iznad 44 metra’). Te tri jahte svi će odmah prepoznati kao Heesenovo djelo, ponajprije po zaobljenom pramcu i sportskom stilu. Ruya ima autonomiju od 4.000 milja pri brzini krstarenja, a podjednako je sigurna i udobna u plovidbi i na vezu. Bit će isporučena u proljeće 2017. Studio Omega Architects surađuje i s brodogradilištem CRN, za koje je to prvi korak u novom životu: kuća CRN je nedavno promijenila vlasnika, a jahta od 74 metra duljine koju gradi s Omega Ar-

Motor Yacht below 500 GT and World Superyacht Award in the category Displacement motoryachts below 500 Gt of 47m and above. On project Nova, Omega Architects took the opportunity to create a new vision for Heesen Yachts, styled in clean and chiseled lines. The 50 m yacht Nova has a strong relationship with her environment thanks to the scooped out bulwarks which enable panoramic views to the aft on both maindeck and wheelhouse deck, while the foredeck has higher bulwarks to enclose the tenders behind them. This way the owner can enjoy the end of the day in the skylounge or in one of the exterior areas, surrounded by nothing… but the sea. Another yacht designed for Heesen is the 47m named Ruya. She is a sister-ship to to Lady Petra and Elena who won the World SuperYachts Award 2015 as Displacement Motor Yacht of below 500 GT of 44m and above. This series are well-known as typical Heesen having the strong characteristics like the pelican bow and sporty elegance. Ruya has a long range of 4,000nm at cruising speed, offering comfort and safety while cruising the waters or anchored close to shore. Her delivery is planned for Spring 2017. The relationship between Omega design studio and CRN started at an important moment for the shipyard. The shipyard just achieved her new ownership, and ‘The 74m’ was the first yacht to be started from

The 74m


‘Vlasnik Sibelle od nas je naručio jahtu skladnih, jednostavnih linija’ ‘The owner of ‘Sibelle’ challenged us to design a yacht chitects prva je narudžba za ‘novu postavu’. Tu jahtu CRN expressing sobriety and harmony’ i Omega Architects grade za naručitelja koji je i prije posjedovao jahte kuće i koji će s dizajnerima i scratch. ‘The 74m’ was a repeated commission developed in close colbrodograditeljima surađivati u procesu dizajna i izgradnje. ‘Prva želja laboration with the owner. ‘We met the owner’s requirement to avoid koju smo ispunili naručitelju bila vezana uz boju trupa, koji nije želio black by chosing dark blue for the exterior striping, a very maritime uobičajenu bijelo-crnu, nego bijelo-plavu kombinaciju. Jahta će biti combination with the white hull of the yacht. Design-wise, the soft neobičan spoj nježnih linija krme i strogog, oštrog pramca, koje će but masculine curved stern meets the sharpness of the bow through lijepo povezivati središnji element. Dugačka staklena površina teći a gentle curve amid ship, connecting main deck and wheelhouse deck. će bez zaustavljanja, naglašavajući tako linije jahte. Klijent nas je The long windows show no interruptions or fragmentation and thus odabrao zbog našeg stila, koji savršeno odgovara njegovoj predodžemphasize the long horizontal lines. ‘Sleek’ was and is the keyword, bi jahte – otmjena, elegantna, sportskog duha’, kaže Laupman. Otcoming from the clean, sporty and elegant signature style of Omega mjena Ruya doista je prava sportska jahta, ali odlikuje se neupitnom Architects,’ says Laupman. Today, this yacht with a simple and friendly elegancijom linija – studio Omega Architects izvanredno je odradio nickname ‘The 74m’ is a remarkable sport yacht, elegant with muscled posao koji mu je kuća CRN povjerila i tako postao prvi ne-talijanski yet soft curves. Omega Architects is also the first non Italian design studio pozvan da sudjeluje na oblikovanju identiteta kuće. Idući je company invited to think about the CRN identity. The studio developed korak za Omega Architects i CRN serija nadahnuta Ruyom. Oceana ‘low profile’ sporty yacht as an evolution of the recently launched Sport jahte kao evolucija Ruye imat će iste prepoznatljive linije, te 74m. The approach resulted in the design of a yacht identity, called

Project Nova Nova spaja nautičku tradiciju i Heesenov otmjeni stil s dobrim osobinama explorera, poput mnogo spremišnog prostora i prostranih paluba Nova combines shared heritage with Heesen of designing elegant vessels with the properties of an explorer with vast storage space and relaxing area on decks





Vanjske linije Sibelle uvelike je odredila želja vlasnika da jahta od 50 metara duljine bude lakša od 500 tona Sibelle’s exterior design was an interesting challenge by offering 50 meter LOA and kept under 500 GT which is an achievement


sve osobine zbog kojih je CRN poznat kao jedan od najboljih brodograditelja jahta za dugačka putovanja. ‘Inovacija koja se očekivala od studija Omega odnosila se na funkcionalnost i kreativnost’, kaže Laupman i nastavlja: ‘Stvorili smo nove elemente dizajna eksterijera i to s ciljem stvaranja nove ikone. Kao temelj dizajna uzeli smo jednostavnost eksterijera, koji smo zatim prilagodili svim tehničkim osobinama potrebnim da bi ta, kao i svaka druga jahta kuće CRN,

‘OceanSport’, combining recognizable sporty lines of ‘The 74m’, with the ocean going properties of the typical CRN platform and hull design. ‘Here, innovation meant for Omega to be creative on a functional level: we created new exterior design elements, aiming for an ‘iconic exterior’. We focused on a sleek and elegant low profile showing the design trademarks, while preserving the sea-keeping characteristics, known from this CRN platform. We made sure the ‘OceanSport’ series

Yachts YachtsDesign dizajn

Studio Omega Architects je za kuću CRN razvio novu seriju OceanSport


Omega Architects developed the new OceanSport series for CRN bila spremna na dugu i potencijalno napornu plovidbu. OceanSport se svim svojim osobinama savršeno uklapa u identitet kuće CRN, kao i identitet njezinog vlasnika, grupe Ferretti, jednog od najvećih brodograditelja na svijetu, koji se proslavio baš gradnjom luksuznih jahta poput ove.’ Studio Omega Architects nedavno je odradio i dizajn interijera i eksterijera jahte Samurai, 60 metara dugačke istisninske jahte koju gradi kuća Alia Yachts. Raspored prostorija razrađen je na dvije temeljne ideje – povezanosti eksterijera i interijera i prostranosti unutrašnjost. Jedan tipičan element prepoznatljiv na svim jahtama s potpisom studija Omega Architects prisutan je i na ovoj jahti: luk na krmi koji povezuje višu palubu s glavnom kao da izrasta iz strukture koliko se lijepo uklapa, ali istovremeno Samuraiju daje sportski izgled. Majstorski izveden, taj luk također vizualno razdvaja upravljačko mjesto i skiperovu kabinu na gornjoj palubi od salona, vlasničke radne sobe i gostinskih kabina na krmi. Uz sve ove projekte koji su već u raznim fazama gradnje, studio Omega Architects radi i na nizu projekata čije vrijeme tek dolazi. fit CRN’ s brand identity, being part of the Ferretti group, one of the largest consortia in Italians yacht industry and building prestigious large yachts,’ highlights Laupman. Recently, Omega Architects designed exterior and interior layout for Samurai – a 60m displacement yacht built by Alia Yachts. The layout shows large volume areas, and synergy between inside and outside. A typical element of Omega’s signature style is a smooth shaped organic arch. It connects main deck to the wheelhouse deck, sliding into the aft overhang on main deck, as well as reminds of the sporty character Samurai also has. At the same time it visually divides the wheelhouse and captain’s quarter from the guest area with owner’s study and a large aft saloon. We mentioned just some of interesting yachts designed by Omega Architects studio but we assure you there are more to come.


DEEP BLUE SOFTWARE Lakše upravljanje poslovima na jahtama Yacht management made easy

Ovaj jednostavan softver za menadžment jahti odsad je dostupan u novoj verziji, koja će biti predstavljena javnosti na rujanskom Monaco Yacht Showu This user-friendly yacht management software is now available in a new version, which is going to be presented to the public during the September Monaco Yacht Show Text Ana Starčević Photos Archive


Yachts Business

Deep Blue je nova generacija pametnih softvera za menadžment jahti, osmišljen kako bi kapetanima, posadi i tvrtkama za menadžment jahti olakšao važne administrativne poslove, omogućavajući jasnu i profesionalnu komunikaciju između jahte, menadžmenta i vlasnika broda. Kreiran od strane profesionalaca u jahtaškoj industriji, Deep Blue je moćan alat za organizaciju života na moru koji kapetanima i posadi omogućuje da posvete više svog vremena u obavljanju tekućih poslovima tako što automatizira obavljanje sve kompliciranijih administrativnih i tehničkih poslova. Deep Blue svojim korisnicima nudi moćne alate – od analitičkog računovodstva i financijskog izvještavanja, preko kompletnog održavanja broda, vođenja digitalnih brodskih dnevnika i organizacije inventara, do vođenja evidencije o dokumentaciji broda i posade i njihovoj valjanosti, planiranja rasporeda radnog vremena, smjenama dužnosti i odmora, obračuna godišnjih odmora, plaća i pridržavanja pravila MLC-a, editiranja i printanja popisa posade i gostiju, do upravljanja charterima i računovodstva specifičnog za chartere. Ne postoji bolji način da se opiše softver nego kroz iskustvo postojećih korisnika. Kapetan Matthias Du Verle, motorna jahta Sweet Doll 46m Heesen: ‘Ponovno sam otkrio Deep Blue kroz kratku prezentaciju na prošlogodišnjem Monaco Yacht Showu. Razvio se u sveobuhvatni alat koji pokriva svaki aspekt menadžmenta jahte. Impresionirao me način na koji ovaj softver sve te poslove posade, kapetana i menadžera čini jednostavnima. Imajući iskustva s drugim softverima, kako generičkim, tako i softverima koji su namijenjeni isključivo jahtaškoj industriji, brinula me njegova praktična primjena i vrijeme koje je potrebno odvojiti kako bismo se njime naučili koristiti. Stoga smo se prijavili za testnu verziju koju smo sami mogli isprobati. Međutim, iznenadilo nas je koliko smo ga brzo svladali. Ispostavilo se da je navigacija kroz ovaj softver vrlo lagana, te smo se, s nekoliko inicijalnih testnih korisničkih računa, vrlo brzo prebacili na stvarne, te omogućili svakom članu posade stvarno korištenje softvera. Program za održavanje broda implementirali smo mnogo lakše nego što smo očekivali, a našim je inženjerima trebalo manje od tjedan dana da rekonstruiraju kompletno funkcionalnu povijest održavanja broda. Gotovo da smo i preskočili testni period, brzo prešavši na Deep Blue za potrebe našeg računovodstva, vođenja evidencije o radnim satima, rasporedu godišnjih odmora, dokumentacije i ostalog. Sve u svemu, impresionirala nas je činjenica da smo našli softver koji uspješno odgovara na sve izazove koji su specifični za upravljanje megajahtama, a koji ujedno zadržava vrlo jednostavnu i zdravu logiku koju bi trebao nuditi svaki dobro osmišljen sustav za menadžment. Deep Blue danas čini dio našeg svakodnevnog poslovanja i ne možemo ni zamisliti vraćanje na staro. Zapravo smo čak odlučili instalirati i server na brodu kako bismo maksimalno iskoristili neometano isku-

Deep Blue is a new generation, easy-to-use Yacht Management Software designed to facilitate the important administrative workload of captains and crew, but also yacht management companies, allowing for a clear and professional communication between the yacht, the management and the owner. Designed by yachting industry professionals, Deep Blue is a powerful tool that organizes life on board, allowing the captain and crew more time to concentrate on executing their jobs by automating the ever-more complex administrative and technical workload. Deep Blue offers its users powerful tools, from analytical accounting and financial reporting, through complete yacht maintenance, a digital log book & inventory management, keeping track of crew and yacht documents and their validity dates, planning of crew working shifts, control duty & rest hours, count down of leave days, payroll, MLC rules, editing and printing crew & guests lists, to managing charter activities and specific charter accounting, among others. There is no better way to describe the software, but from the words of existing users - Captain Matthias Du Verle, Motor Yacht Sweet Doll 46m Heesen: ‘I rediscovered Deep Blue through a brief presentation at last year’s Monaco Yacht Show. It had evolved in a fully encompassing tool covering every aspect of the yacht management. I was impressed by the way the software keeps all these tasks simple and efficient for the crew, the captain and the manager. Having experienced other management softwares, both generic and yacht-specific, we were still concerned about its usability and its learning curve so we signed up for a test version that we could try out for ourselves. However, we were surprised at how fast we mastered its use. Navigating through the software turned out to be a smooth sail and although we first set up various mock-up accounts, we quickly decided to create proper accounts for each crewmember and have them use the software for real. Defining the maintenance

Yachts Business

stvo rada s ovim softverom tijekom naše sezone!’ Od 2013., više od 75 motornih brodova i jedrilica iz cijelog svijeta, kao i sedam menadžment kompanija i obiteljskih tvrtki odlučilo je koristiti Deep Blue Soft, koji brzo postaje jedan od vodećih softvera u ovoj industriji. Prema informacijama koje smo dobili od Benoita Faurea, generalnog direktora Deep Bluea, trenutačno još 100 jahti i menadžment kompanija testira Deep Blue softver preko testnih servera. Njihova baza klijenata uglavnom se sastoji od superjahti, prosječne dužine od 40 metara, kao i nekoliko motornjaka i jedrilica od 20 metara. Najveće jahte koje trenutno koriste Deep Blue broje 70 i 80 metara. Nakon što smo i sami isprobali Deep Blue, brzo smo uvidjeli kako je ovo ustvari odličan alat koji jahtašima štedi dragocjeno vrijeme i novac. Međutim, željeli smo čuti mišljenje još jednog kapetana koji ovaj softver koristi na dnevnoj bazi. Stoga smo se našli s Danielom Solom, kapetanom megajahte Madam Kate, koja je 2015. na Monaco Yacht Showu dobila nagradu za najbolji dizajn interijera. ‘Nakon što se s Deep Blueom koristimo već godinu dana, mogu reći kako cijenim različite aspekte ovog softvera za upravljanje jahtama. Prva stvar koja mi je zapela za oko je činjenica da bismo napokon mogli imati jedinstveni softver koji bi pokrivao sve potrebe naše jahte – posadu, održavanje, računovodstvo, inventar, dokumentaciju, MLC. Također cijenim i jednostavnost softverskog sučelja te činjenicu da se na njega možemo spojiti preko bilo kojeg uređaja (PC, Mac, mobilni telefon, tablet), bilo da smo na brodu ili da radimo od kuće. U današnje vrijeme teško je naći jednostavan softver koji cijela posada može koristiti bez dugotrajnog procesa treninga. Preporučio bih ovaj softver bilo kojem kapetanu koji želi provesti manje vremena za stolom, a koji je spreman da mu u zadacima koji su na velikim i manjim jahtama danas postali ekstremno kompleksni pomaže profesionalni softver,’ istaknuo je Sola. Ovom impresivnom softveru želimo sve najbolje u budućnosti te se veselimo njihovoj prezentaciji na ovogodišnjem sajmu u Monaku.

program proved much easier than expected and it took our engineer less than a week to rebuild a fully functional maintenance history. We almost skipped the testing period and went into using Deep Blue for accounting, crew rest hours and vacation schedules, documents management and more. All in all, we were impressed to find a management software that successfully addresses the specific challenges of running a mega yacht, while retaining a very simple and clean logic that any well-designed management tool should offer. Deep Blue is now part of our daily operation and we can’t think about going back; and we actually decided to install an onboard server to benefit from an even smoother experience during our season!.’ Since 2013, more than 75 motor and sailing yachts from all over the world, as well as seven yacht management companies and family offices, have decided to go with Deep Blue Soft and it is quickly becoming one of the industry’s preferred choice. According to the info we got from Deep Blue’s GM, Mr. Benoit Faure, there are another 100 yachts and management companies currently testing Deep Blue on test servers. Their client base mostly counts super-yachts, with an average size of 40 meters, as well as a few 20m motor & sailing boats. The largest yachts using Deep Blue at the moment are 70m and 80m yachts. Having tested Deep Blue ourselves, we quickly realized that this is in fact a great tool that could save yacht operators valuable time and money, but we were also eager to hear another opinion from the captain using this software on a daily basis. So we caught up with Daniel Sola, captain of the M/Y Madame Kate, the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show Interior Design Award Winner and one of Deep Blue’s clients. ‘Having used Deep Blue for a year now, I am able to appreciate the various different aspects of this yacht management software. The first thing to catch my interest was the fact that, for once, we could have one unique software to cover all the needs of our yacht. Crew, maintenance, accounting, inventory, yacht documents, MLC. I also appreciated the simplicity of the software’s interface and the fact that we can connect to our yacht server from any device (PC, Mac, mobile, tablet) whether on board or working from home. It is difficult nowadays to find a user-friendly software which the entire crew can use without following a long training process. I would recommend this software to any captain willing to spend less time behind his desk, but also willing to be assisted by a professional software for every thing which has become extremely complex on board large and smaller Yachts now days,’ says Sola. We wish this impressive tool a bright future and are eager to see their presentation in Monaco this year.

Deep Blue olakšava organizaciju rada na brodu, a posebno je koristan kapetanima Deep Blue helps to manage the yachts ‘with a click’ and is especially useful for captains





BRZINA I VELIČINA SPEED AND SIZE Novi model kuće AB Yachts kao da leti nad vodom, prostraniji je nego što smo mogli zamisliti i krase ga osobine koje svim modelima kuće daju izgled koji možemo opisati samo kao senzualnu agresivnost New model of AB Yachts simply flies on water, it is more spacious than we could imagine just by looking at it, and has those typical AB Yachts design features that come together in what can best be described as sensual boldness Text Darko Šupuk Photos AB Yachts

Test Jednostavno i čisto uređenje prostora u svijetlim tonovima drva i tkanina obilježava cijelu unutrašnjost jahte, uz poneki ‘šik’ detalj poput crvene fotelje Simple and clean interior design with light wood and fabrics is visible throughout the yacht, with some chic details, like a vibrant red armchair


Nautički sajam u Cannesu, rujan 2015. Nalazimo se na palubi novog AB 145. Zahvaljujući ljubaznosti Ivana Adžića, koji vodi zastupstvo Maiora i AB Yachtsa za Francusku, imamo povlasticu da smo na probnoj vožnji s klijentom. Zahvaljujući jet pogonu jahta polako isplovljava iz veza i podiže sidra, a mi uživamo u jutarnjim vizurama Cannesa. Ploveći minimalnom brzinom, isplovljavamo na otvoreno more, a onda se svi selimo u kormilarnicu. Tamo nam skiper otkriva što ova jahta zapravo može. Trup od gotovo 45 metara lako ubrzava do gotovo nevjerojatnih 42 čvora, a meni pažnju privlači tišina. Ne samo da je zahvaljujući vrhunskoj izolaciji jahte razina buke jako niska, nego nitko ne ispušta ni riječi, već impresionirani viđenim samo gledamo u GPS ploter na kojem piše 42 čvora. Tako je izgledao prvi susret s najvećim modelom AB Yachtsa, 44 metra dugačkom jahtom koja već na prvi pogled iznenađuje količinom prostora koja se primjećuje i nagovještava izvana.

Salon de Cannes, September 2015. AB Yachts and Maiora dealer for France, Mr. Ivan Adžić, is waiting for us on the deck of the new AB 145, ready to take us on the – privileged – test ride with a potential buyer. The water-jets take us out of the port quietly, slowly, as we’re fawning over the sunny Cannes morning. When we reach open seas, it’s time to visit the skipper and see what the 145 is all about. Almost 45 meters in length, the hull of the new AB is the main culprit for its unbelievable speed of 42 knots in an even more unbelievable silence, accentuated by our own speechlessness as we’re openly staring at the GPS displaying our current speed. The new AB 145 is an impressive 44 meters long yacht that wins you over at first sight with the amount of space it offers outdoors and in the interior. The logical next step in the evolution of the range, it’s larger than the previous hit AB 140, with more space, more


Prirodan korak u evoluciji uspješnog modela AB 140, od njega je veći, prostraniji i senzualniji, ali i agresivniji. Nadgrađe i trup novog modela izrađeni su od superlaganih materijala, jahtu pokreću motori MTU i vodene turbine MJP, a njezin trup dubokog V-profila pravo je remek-djelo. Brodogradilište se silno potrudilo baš oko težine jahte i svaki je detalj dizajniran tako da bude što je moguće laganiji. Rezultat sveg tog promišljanja su nevjerojatna brzina, stabilnost i apsolutno odsustvo vibracija. Estetski gledano, AB 145 je podjednako lijep koliko i praktičan, spaja sigurnost i stil. Komforan je, luksuzno uređen i opremljen, otmjen i agresivan u podjednakoj mjeri. Odražava i tradiciju kuće i krase ga neke sasvim nove osobine, koje su pretežno uvedene da bi jahta bila što udobnija, što prikladnija za opuštene trenutke u krugu obitelji i prijatelja. Posebno je zanimljiva vlasnička kabina, smještena na glavnoj palubi i opremljena centralno smještenim krevetom iz kojega

volume and more of the sensual boldness we’ve all come to expect from AB models. Its hull and superstructure are made of lightweight materials, it’s powered by MTU engines and MJP water-jets, the hull is a deep-V planning masterpiece. The yard made it as light as it could, planing every little detail with that goal. As result, the AB 145 flies on water in total absence of vibrations and with the maximum stability in navigation. The design combines comfort and luxury, safety and practicality, elegance and aggression, tradition and innovation. Newly designed, expanded spaces are all created to optimize the on-board experience, maximize entertainment and relaxing potential of the yacht. Especially interesting is the master suite – located on the main deck, it has a centrally placed bed and a spectacular view from the wide windows straight in front of it. The windows span across the entire cabin wall, flooding it with natural light. Behind


Vlasnička kabina smještena je u pramčanom dijelu glavne palube, a osim što je izrazito prostrana, ima i veliki balkon Owner’s stateroom is located in the bow part of main deck, it is extremely large and has a big balcony on starboard



puca krasan pogled na okolinu. Zid te kabine potpuno je prekriven staklima, pa je kabina preplavljena prirodnim svjetlom. Iza spavaćeg dijela kabine izvedena je vrlo prostrana kupaonica, a do nje i praktična garderoba, a iz ove se kabine privatnim stubama izlazi na vanjski dio palube, u salon na pramcu. Taj je salon jedan od nekoliko privatnih prostora namijenjenih isključivo vlasniku, a kao i ostali, uređen je vrlo raskošno. Vlasnička kabina povrh svega ima i privatnu terasu, na desnoj strani trupa. Zajednički salon na glavnoj palubi je prostran, okupan prirodnim svjetlom i uređen finim namještajem, u svijetlim i veselim bojama. Salon je, prema željama vlasnika, podijeljen na dva jasno odvojena dijela – lounge s naslonjačima i blagovaonicu koja može potpuno nestati iza pomične pregrade. U potpalublju su izvedene četiri gostinske kabine, sve podjednako udobne i raskošno namještene, koje se vrlo malo razlikuju od vlasničke. Sve kabine imaju privatne kupaonice, uređene su u svijetlim bojama i u istom minimalističkom luksuzu kao vlasnikova, a do njih se nalazi i brodska teretana. Na ovom brodu ni posada nije zapostavljena, pa na raspolaganju, osim kabina, ima vlastitu blagovaonicu, do koje se nalaze praonica rublja, kuhinja i smočnica. Fly paluba je impresivna dimenzijama i praktičnošću, podijeljena na nekoliko zona redom namijenjenih opuštanju, druženju, zabavi i – opet prema izričitim željama vlasnika – sunčanju. Udobna jahta na kojoj vlasnik može provoditi vrijeme u obiteljskom krugu ili zaploviti brže ako to želi – tako je vjerojatno glasio opis narudžbe za ovaj krasan brod, a rekli bismo da je klijent točno to i dobio. Lijepi AB 145 najbolje se može opisati u nekoliko riječi: prostor, brzina, stil.

the sleeping area there’s a giant bathroom and a practical walk-in closet. A private staircase leads directly to the outside area, into the bow cockpit, another private space designed to allow the owner total relaxation in intimate luxury. If you thought that was it with private spaces, you’re wrong, as the owner can choose to relax on the cute private terrace starboard off the master cabin. The main deck salon is roomy, well lit by natural light, decorated in light and colorful furniture, divided into two separate areas as desired by the owner – a spacious lounge area with sofas, and the dining area which can be completely isolated by a sliding partition. Below deck there are four comfortable cabins reserved for guests (three VIP cabins and a twin bed guest cabin), all with private heads, as well as an excellently equipped gym. Light colors and lavish fabrics give the guest cabins the same minimalist luxury look seen in the master cabin and the salon. The crew area is in no way inferior to roomy, divided into cabins and a professionally equipped and large galley, a dining area, a laundry room and a pantry. The fly bridge is impressive in size and functionality; divided into a dining area for up to 12 and entertainment and relaxation areas with plenty sun beds, as was specifically required by the owner. A comfortable yacht, where the owner could spend free time with family and friends, but also enjoy the open seas and high speed was what the client wanted – and what the client got. The lovely new AB 145 can be summed into three words: space, style, speed.

Duljina LOA: 44,50 m Širina Beam: 8,30 m Gaz Draft: 1,30 m Motori Engines: 3 x MTU 16V2000 M94 Snaga Power: 2x 2.600 KS HP Vodene turbine Water-jets: 2+1 MJP 650 Najveća brzina Max speed: 43 čv. knots Brzina krstarenja Cruising speed: 38 čv. knots Autonomija Range: 1.000 nm Graditelj Builder: AB Yachts – FIPA GROUP




Još jedna Sunseekerova superjahta, Sunseeker 131, dugačka je 40 metara, ima tri palube i unutrašnjost izvanredno lijepog dizajna, preplavljenu prirodnom svjetlošću Another great yacht is coming from Sunseeker super yacht platform, beautiful forty meter tri deck enjoys special natural light in the interiors, and stunning design Text Darko Šupuk Photos Sunseeker

Na londonskom sajmu nautike održanom u siječnju ove godine, Sunseeker je predstavio nestrpljivo iščekivani model 131 Yacht. Najveća jahta ikad predstavljena na sajmu, 131 Yacht je zadivio i BBC, koji mu je posvetio jednosatni dokumentarni film u kojem su predstavljene njegova gradnja i isporuka. Potražnja za modelom 131 Yacht je neobično visoka, a Sunseeker je već prodao četiri primjerka i prije nego što je jahta dospjela do jesenskih sajmova u Cannesu i Monaku. Razlog toj pomami je raskošna kvaliteta gradnje: Sunseeker nije zaboravio usavršiti ni najmanji detalj, a mnoge je elemente predstavio u inovativnom obliku. Dokazana platforma koju kuća koristi za sve svoje superjahte poslužila je kao temelj i ovome modelu, koji se već izvana ističe obiljem stakla – koje naznačuje prisustvo prirodne svjetlosti u unutrašnjosti – što opasuje vlasničku kabinu te salone na glavnoj i gornjoj palubi i stvara ugodnu atmosferu. Kao i na drugim većim modelima kuće, na 131 Yacht vlasnik je sam odlučio o gotovo svakom elementu rasporeda i uređenja unutrašnjosti, što uz poznatu Sunseekerovu kvalitetu i dizajn vanjskih linija objašnjava popularnost modela. U serijskoj izvedbi Sunseeker 131 Yacht ima pet kabina za deset gostiju, a moguće su i izvedbe sa šest kabina

Dizajn interijera ovisi o željama vlasnika, a količina svjetla i fantastičan pogled iz salona su zaštitni znak ove jahte The interior design depends on the Owner’s wishes; natural light and fascinating view is trademark of the yacht


Sunseeker recently launched the eagerly anticipated 131 Yacht at the London Boat Show in January 2016. At 131ft (40 Metres) it was the largest model ever to make its debut at the show, and as a special feature, BBC dedicated an one hour documentary about process of creation and delivery of this yacht. Demand for the 131 Yacht is already extremely high with the first four already sold, even before being presented at the Cannes and Monaco shows in September. Reason for this is sumptuous quality and attention to detail that has gone into this innovative new takes on Sunseeker’s proven super yacht platform. A standout feature is the addition of feature glass in the master stateroom, saloon and upper saloon to create a light filled relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable environment for owner and guests. As usual on the big yachts, 131 Yacht enables its owner to tailor every element of the interior design and layout to their personal preferences via Sunseeker’s unique Bespoke service. When this is combined by Sunseeker’s recognizable design of exteriors, there is no wonder why this yacht is so popular. Standard guest configuration is for ten guests in five cabins, with scope for up to 12 to be accommodated depending on the layout and options selected. The

Test za dvanaest gostiju, uz nekoliko različitih rasporeda prostorija. Salon na glavnoj palubi ima dva balkona – jedan s lijeve, drugi s desne strane – koji dopunjavaju krasan pogled što se pruža kroz velike prozore. Salon je zamišljen kao lounge bez zidova, u kojem su naslonjači povezani s upravljačkim mjestom. U konzoli prema pramcu skriva se TV s velikim zaslonom, a ta konzola ujedno i razdvaja salon od blagovaonice za deset osoba. Kuhinja je također skrivena od pogleda pregradom i ima poseban ulaz za članove posade. Vlasnička kabina zauzima pramac glavne palube, ima staklene zidove – prozori su visoki koliko i sama kabina – i nenadmašan pogled. Na donjoj se palubi nalaze četiri kabine namijenjene gostima: dvije dvokrevetne (krevete je moguće spojiti) na pramcu i dvije s bračnim krevetima na krmi. Na krmi gornje palube nalazi se prostrana skiperova kabina, što smatramo idealnim rješenjem – sretan skiper, sretna jahta – do nje je i drugi salon s još jednom blagovaonicom. Ova je paluba vrlo prostrana, a na njoj je i sunčalište, na pramcu, tik ispred sekundarnog upravljačkog mjesta. Oni koji se radije sunčaju daleko od pogleda na raspolaganju imaju najvišu palubu, na kojoj se, osim toga, nalaze i hidromasažni bazenčić te još jedna blagovaonica, idealna

main salon has two balconies, on port and starboard, which together with large windows let you have outstanding views. It is arranged as a big lounge area, with central seating naturally connected to cockpit. In the console to the front, big TV screen is hidden, this part of furniture is also dividing the main salon from the big dining area with table for ten people. Behind the bulkhead large galley is hidden with separated access for crew, while the front part of the main deck is reserved for the Owner. Master stateroom also has ‘glassy’ look due to the vertical extension of side windows, all the way to the floor, this cabin is full of natural light and enjoys unparalleled views. Below deck, there are four cabins, two geminis in the bow with twin beds, and two king side bed Gemini cabins in the stern. The twins can be joined together, so you can have all the cabins with king side beds. On the upper deck, we find spacious bridge with Captain’s cabin at the aft, we really like this solution – happy Captain, happy yacht. On the stern part of the upper deck there is a (second) lounge area for the guests and large deck with another dining table. This area is quite big and open with a nice sofa at the back. Maybe more attractive place to enjoy sun would be the bow,



I vlasniÄ?ka kabina ima velike staklene povrĹĄine na boku, a smjeĹĄtena je na glavnoj palubi The master cabin also has large windows and is located at the front part of main deck


Test za večerice na svježem zraku. Prostrana garaža 131 Yacht ima i više nego dovoljno mjesta za tender do šest metara duljine, te dva skutera. Sunseeker 131 Yacht ima trup zanimljivog oblika, čiji je dizajn temeljen na klasičnom Sunseekerovu trupu dubokog V-profila. Najveća brzina koju ova tropalubna jahta postiže iznosi 23 čvora, dok je preporučena brzina krstarenja 10 čvorova, pri kojoj ostvaruje autonomiju od 1.500 milja. Osim kvalitete i brzine, 131 Yacht je privlačan i zbog kratkog vremena gradnje – oko godine dana – što kući omogućava istovremenu gradnju pet primjeraka. Na svoje tri palube Sunseeker 131 Yacht nudi obilje prostora, bilo da ga želite koristiti za uživanje u koktelu, sunčanje ili poslovni sastanak. S ovim je modelom Sunseeker još jednom dokazao da pripada u segment superjahta, ostavljajući pritom dobar broj konkurenata iza sebe. Sunseeker 131 Yacht bit će predstavljen na sajmovima u Cannesu i Monaku u rujnu ove godine, gdje će sigurno privući niz novih i starih obožavatelja brodograditelja iz Poolea.

where there is a sun pad, located just in front of the bridge. You will enjoy full privacy if you go to sun deck where you will find a Jacuzzi and a plenty of space to enjoy dinners ‘al fresco’ or organize parties. The spacious garage can accommodate a tender of up to 6 metres in length plus two PWCs. Another interesting feature is hull shape. Based on the classic Sunseeker deep V hull, this large tri-deck yacht is equally comfortable operating at 10 knots for an extended cruising range of 1,500 nautical miles or at 23 knots for ultimate performance. Build time for each new 131 Yacht is also attractive, it is around one year, with capacity in place to have up to five yachts in build simultaneously. As this is pure breaded tri deck yacht, you will always have a suitable space, to read a book, have cocktails in the sun or organize a business meeting. With her, Sunseeker has once more proved to be in the top of the game for large yachts, with many competitors looking at their wake. The Sunseeker 131 Yacht will be exhibited during the Cannes and Monaco Boat Show 2016., when public will have a chance to view this magnificent piece of work carried by boat builders form Pool.

Duljina LOA: 40,05 m Širina Beam: 8,09 m Gaz Draft: 2,7 m Spremnik za gorivo Fuel capacity: 21.650 l Spremnik za vodu Water capacity: 4.950 l Istisnina Displacement: 189.600 kg Motori Engines: 2 x MTU 12V 4000 Series M93 Najveća brzina Max speed: 24 čv. knots Doseg Range: 1500 nm @ 12 čv. knots Graditelj Builder: Sunseeker Zastupnik Dealer: Sunseeker Adriatic Group





R ZA REVOLUCIJU R IS FOR REVOLUTION Prvo plovilo iz sasvim nove Bavarijine serije koja nosi jednostavan naziv ‘R’ pokazuje jasan zaokret brodogradilišta prema luksuznijim plovilima i nudi niz zanimljivih rješenja, od kojih se ističe vlasnička kabina u širini trupa The first model from Bavaria’s new R series demonstrates a clear tendency toward luxury and charms with numerous smart solutions Text Mlađan Marušić Photos Bavaria


Sunčalište na pramcu ima vlastiti bimini i udobno je za dvoje ljudi, a mala tikova klupica na pramčanoj ogradi kutak je za uživanje u miru Sunpad on the bow deck has a bimini and is suitable for two, while the small teak covered bench on the bow rail is a perfect spot for enjoying some peace

Početkom svibnja u marini Baotić u Segetu pored Trogira imali smo priliku među prvima u svijetu testirati Bavariju R40. Ovaj model početak je potpuno nove linije R koja će biti orijentirana prema luksuznijem segmentu tržišta, a čiji dizajn potpisuje poznati dizajnerski studio J&J. Bavaria se uistinu požurila novinarima pružiti mogućnost testiranja budući da će službena premijera ovog modela biti na ovogodišnjem sajmu u Cannesu, koji se tradicionalno održava u rujnu. Na testu smo imali priliku isprobati pretprodukcijski primjerak, koji će ipak do serijskog modela doživjeti sitne preinake, no u osnovi 99% toga neće se razlikovati od viđenoga na testu. Vanjski izgled plovila uzima neke osnove iz prvog Bavarijina flybridge modela Virtess 420 Fly, no riječ je o potpuno novom dizajnu. Trup ovog modela dug je jedanaest metara i sedamdeset centimetara, a sam brod, zahvaljujući visokoj liniji korita i nadgrađa, djeluje veći. Osim estetskog efekta, ovakvo korito 228otvorilo je dosta mjesta u unutrašnjosti, a linije pramca,

In early May we’ve had an opportunity to test the newest Bavaria in the Baotić Marina in Seget near Trogir, Bavaria R40, the first model in the brand new R series, which marks an interesting step toward luxury for the bulider. Designed by J&J studio, the R40 will debut in Cannes later this summer, so the yard has been making it widely available for testing to make sure it receives plenty of attention even before September. The unit we tested was a pre-production one and differed from the actual model in details, but mostly aesthetic. Although brand new in terms of design, the R40 does share some aesthetic with the previous hit Virtess 420 Fly. Almost twelve meters long, the R40 looks and feels both longer and wider thanks to the smart hull design, which – as we’ve learned from project manager, Mr. Robert Chaffer – primarily serves to break the waves more efficiently. There are several trapezoidal elements on the hull that attract the eye – mostly windows and portholes – which make for a nice recognizable detail to set the R40 apart

Test prema riječima vođe razvoja projekta (i cijele nove R linije) Roberta Chaffera, određene su idejom da se valovi lome dosta više na pramcu nego kod klasičnih glisera ili krstaša. Vizualni identitet upotpunjen je crnom trapezoidnom linijom na trupu koja skriva prozore prednje kabine, na koju se nastavljaju zatamnjeni prozori vlasničke kabine, također trapezoidnog oblika, koji se pojavljuje na dosta mjesta u ovome modelu. Na krmi nas dočekuje prostrana krmena platforma. Poviše krmene platforme Bavaria je osigurala mjesto za električni grill koji će biti dostupan u dodatnoj opremi, što je danas popularno rješenje na Floridi. Krmenim prostorom dominira polukružna sofa s rasklopivim stolom od tikovine u sredini. Sama sofa nastavlja se na onu u unutrašnjosti pa se pomicanjem kliznih stijenki vrata salona dvije sofe mogu spojiti u jednu. Gornji most Bavarije R40 prilično je prostran za dvanaest i pol metara dugu jahtu. Njegovom površinom dominira prostrana sofa koja je dovoljno široka da se koristi i kao sunčalište. Iza nje je rasklopivi stol od tikovine te, naravno, upravljačko mjesto. Zgodan detalj na gornjem mostu je i prostor ispred kontrolne ploče u koji se sklapa bimini top kada nije potreban. Salon je uređen u jako čistim linijama s elementima u wenge drvu te sjedištem od bijele kože. Sama kuhinja nalazi se na lijevoj strani salona. Keramička ploča,

in a crowded marina. The aft platform is wide and safe, as is the cockpit itself. Large enough for a C-shaped sofa and a foldable teak table, as well as the electric grill (optional), the cockpit is connected to the salon – the two sofas can merge into one when the sliding glass door of the salon is open. The fly bridge of the R40 is rather spacious as well, equipped with another sofa that doubles as a sun bed, and another teak table, behind the command post. The command post is neatly designed and has a secret storage space for its own bimini top. The interior main deck salon is simple, but not minimalist. Mostly decorated in white fabrics and leather and wenge wood, the seating takes up the starboard part of the interior, while the galley is on the left. Large and smartly designed, the galley is fully equipped with elements (ceramic stove, sink, fridge, oven) carefully hidden from sight. The interior command post has two seats, a navigator’s corner and glass doors that lead directly to the bow. Up on the bow we’ve discovered another sun bed, with cushions for two persons. At the moment, the Bavaria R40 is the smallest cruiser with full bram master cabin, which is one of its several selling points. Larger of the two cabins on the vessel, the master has a double bed, a sofa and a large window. The VIP cabin is in the bow, also has a double bed (that can be separated into two

Glavni salon je jednostavno uređen, a posebna pažnja uložena je u smještaj kuhinje na lijevom boku The salon features simple arrangement with special attention given to the location of galley on port



Nova Bavaria zapravo ima dvije vlasniÄ?ke kabine, krmenu u punoj ĹĄirini korita (na samo 40 stopa) i pramÄ?anu New Bavaria actually has two master cabins, one full beam astern (in only 40 feet) and one in the bow


sudoper, hladnjak i pećnica vješto su skriveni unutar bočnog elementa, čemu su u projektiranju novog plovila posvetili posebnu pažnju. Ispred velikog vjetrobranskog stakla na desnoj strani nalazi se upravljačko mjesto s dva sjedišta, dok se na lijevoj strani nalazi još jedno sjedište s malenim stolom za navigaciju. Vrlo praktična odlika jesu i staklena bočna vrata pored upravljačkog mjesta kojima možete izaći odmah na bočni prolaz prema pramcu. Na samome pramcu smjestilo se još jedno sunčalište s dovoljno mjesta za dvije osobe. Bavaria R40 trenutno je možda najmanji krstaš čija vlasnička kabina zauzima sredinu broda, što u brodogradilištu vide kao veliku prednost. Uz prostran bračni krevet, u njoj se nalazi i trosjed na desnoj strani kabine smješten uz bočni prozor. Pramčana (VIP) kabina s druge strane pružit će puno veći komfor za više goste zahvaljujući visokom stropu, a pohvalna karakteristika je i mogućnost razdvajanja bračnog kreveta u dva pojedinačna. Obje kupaonice u potpunosti su uređene u wenge drvetu s dobro osvijetljenom unutrašnjošću zahvaljujući velikim zatamnjenim prozorima. Plovidbeni test bio je pravi gušt, isplovljavanje i uplovljavanje maksimalno je pojednostavljeno korištenjem upravljanja preko Volvo Penta upravljačke palice. Bavaria R40 poletna je koliko se to i očekuje od ovakvog krstaša. Optimalna brzina s motorima Volvo Penta D6-370/DP od dva puta po 370 konjskih snaga nalazi se negdje pri 22-23 čvora, dok je maksimalna brzina 31 čvor. Ipak treba uzeti u obzir da je riječ o pretprodukcijskom primjerku koji je u more stavljen bez antifoulinga, a bilo je potrebno napraviti još i fino usklađivanje motora koje bi, prema planovima, trebalo podignuti maksimalnu brzinu na oko 36 čvorova. Ukupni dojam je jako dobar, te će uz sitna uglađivanja Bavaria R40 postati vrlo lijepa kombinacija jednostavnog i funkcionalističkog dizajna začinjena finom dozom luksuza. singles) and is, interestingly, more spacious than the master as it has more head clearance. Both cabins have private heads, both decorated in dark wenge wood and with large windows. The R40 is a real joy to pilot: on our test, the new Bavaria charmed us with its maneuverability and simplicity of its Volvo Penta joystick maneuvering system. Powered by two 370-HP Volvo Penta D6370/DP, the R40 reaches 31 knots of top speed, and cruises at 22-23 knots. The tested unit lacked anti-fouling paint and its engines were not fin-tuned, but those two corrected all following units will reach 36 knots of top speed. Overall, Bavaria R40 is a pleasant combination of functional design, simplicity of use and big step towards luxury for Bavarian boat builders.

Duljina LOA: 11,59 m Širina Beam: 3,99 m Gaz Draft: 1,08 m Spremnik za gorivo Fuel capacity: 900 l Spremnik za vodu Water capacity: 348 l Istisnina Displacement: 9.600 kg Motori Engines: 2 x Volvo Penta Diesel D6-330 EVC - 330 KS HP ili 2 x Volvo Penta D6-370/DP - 370 KS HP Najveća brzina Max speed: 31 čv. knots (D6-370/DP) Brzina krstarenja Cruising speed: 23 čv. knots (D6-370/DP) Graditelj Builder: Bavaria Zastupnik Dealer: Yacht Centar Baotić




SEAWALKER ALL IN ONE Iako najmanji model brodogradilišta Fiart, ova elegantna brodica obiluje vanjskim prostorom, a nudi i četiri ležaja. Uz odlične performanse i malu potrošnju, ona je idealan izbor za dnevne izlete, krstarenja, pa čak i transfere The smallest Fiart in the catalog, the 33 SeaWalker is an elegant little yacht abundant in functional open space. Excellent performance and almost stingy fuel control make her ideal for day trips, shorter cruises and even transfers Text Damir Vantić Photos Fiart Mare

Poznati talijanski škver Fiart Mare iz okolice Napulja još je 1960. godine predstavio prvu serijsku stakloplastičnu brodicu u Europi te je time ušao među pionire suvremene nautičke brodogradnje. Od tada do danas iz njegovih su hala izlazila vrhunska, ali uvijek ponešto drugačija plovila za brodovlasnike koji su se željeli istaknuti svojim specifičnim odabirom. Ni danas nije mnogo drugačije, a ‘gamu’ čine modeli namijenjeni ljubiteljima istinskih mediteranskih jahti tipa open. Mi predstavljamo najmanji model brodogradilišta, Fiart 33 SeaWalker, izuzetno zanimljiv model vrlo atraktivnog dizajna. Namijenjen je nautičarima koji uživaju u druženju te obožavaju more i život na otvo-

Neapoletan Fiart was among the pioneers of European fiberglass production: their first fiberglass model debuted in 1960 and ever since the yard has been delighting us all, and numerous clients looking for something fresh, with yachts different in one way or another from others in their categories. The yard’s catalog currently offers typical Mediterranean opens, again different from the rest. The smallest of them is the lovely Fiart 33 SeaWalker, an exceptionally interesting entry-level model. Attractive in every way, the 33 was de-


Raznovrsna brodica atraktivnog dizajna i odličnih performansi odlično će poslužiti i za dnevne izlete i za kraća krstarenja Versatile boat is attractively designed and has great performance; it is perfect choice for day sailing as well as for longer cruising

renom, a istovremeno su i ljubitelji brze plovidbe. Koncepcijski, SeaWalker predstavlja križanca koji uspješno ujedinjuje sve dobre osobine manje jahte i velikog ‘walk-around’ glisera. Zbog raskošnog kokpita i kapaciteta od deset osoba, izvrsno će poslužiti za dnevne izlete do udaljenih otoka i skrivenih uvala, dok će zahvaljujući potpalublju s čak četiri ležaja, zasebnoj kupaonici i priručnoj kuhinji također biti izvrstan odabir za dvoje ili četvero ljudi. Ujedno, može se iskoristiti i kao shadow tender za velike jahte, ili pak kao plovilo koje će biti na raspolaganju gostima luksuzne vile ili hotela uz more. Izuzetno velika širina od čak 3,72 metra omogućuje veliku prostranost palube, dok neobičan, ali vrlo skladan stil spaja klasično i suvremeno poimanje kompaktne jahte uz naglašenu funkcionalnost svih prostora. Oštar i gotovo okomit pramac daje dozu agresivnosti, dok niska te prema krmi padajuća silueta osigurava iznimnu eleganciju. Time je značajno sniženo i težište plovila koje je, uz tradicionalno sposoban i efikasan trup, zaslužno za vrhunske maritimne karakteristike. Na ovom Fiartu ništa nije prepušteno slučaju, već je svaki detalj pažljivo razrađen i projektiran za maksimalnu udobnost i lakoću korištenja. Na primjer, u kokpitu iz poda, uz pomoć hidrauličnog sustava, izlazi veliki preklopni stol tvoreći ugodan prostor za druženje, ili pak drugo krmeno sunčalište, dok središnji ormarić s vanjskim barom i roštiljem ujedno služi i kao postolje za upravljačku klupu. Opcijski se može ugraditi i stakloplastični krović za natkrivanje upravljačke zone, dok gradnja uz pomoć teh234 nologije vakuumske infuzije dolazi u standardu. Time je osigurana vrhunska

signed for true lovers of the sea and sailing, those who won’t be happy just cruising around at low speed. Conceptually, the 33 SeaWalker is a mix of a comfortable smaller yacht and a wilder walk-around speedboat. Its generous cockpit and spacious cabins for four make it simply ideal for day trips to distant islands and hidden coves – or just tow, if you feel like it. The small and lovely Fiart 33 would also serve as a perfect tender for mega yachts, or a day cruiser ready to take hotel guests to sunlit summer trips, as well as for emergency transfers back to the main yacht in case of bad weather. Its wide hull (3.72 m) allows for an exceptionally spacious main deck, where classical style meet modern functionality. The sharp bow gives the 33 an unexpectedly aggressive look from the side, accentuated by the clean, equally sharp, sloping profile. The elegance of the hull masks its seriousness: the 33 boasts excellent performance, low fuel consumption and exceptional stability. Every detail on this yacht received equal amount of attention from the design team and was perfected for optimal functionality, ease of use or comfort, the perfect example of that being the cockpit table/sun bed that springs from the floor, or the multi-functional outdoor element that unites the bar, the grill and the command post.


kvaliteta izrade, čvršća konstrukcija, ali i osjetno manja masa plovila koja povoljno djeluje na potrošnju. Kupac može izabrati custom boju trupa, jastuka klupa i sunčališta te detalje u interijeru kako bi maksimalno personalizirao svoje plovilo. Za pogon SeaWalkeru služe dva benzinska ili dizelska brodska motora Volvo Penta s krmenim pogonom, snage od 2 x 220 do 2 x 260 KS, no još je zanimljivija izvedba pokretana izvanbrodskim motorima snage do 2 x 300 KS. Bilo koja izvedba omogućit će postizanje iznimno visokih maksimalnih i putnih brzina uz iznenađujuće skromnu potrošnju, ali i sigurnu plovidbu u lošijim vremenskim uvjetima. Stoga je pogodan i za transfere, ali i za brzi povratak na vez u slučaju nevremena. Domaći zastupnik za Fiart Mare, tvrtka Saltus, za predstojeću sezonu pripremila je posebno privlačne pakete s uključena dva izvanbrodska motora Honda BF250 ili Suzuki DF300, po akcijskim cijenama od 170.000, odnosno 160.000 eura, bez davanja.

On the long list of optionals we’ve discovered a plastic roof for this area, as well. Built by infusion in vacuum, the 33 is sturdy, yet light, which inevitably means economic with fuel. The client is free to choose the color scheme – hull color, cushion color(s) – and details of interior design, as well as one of the three engine options: Volvo Penta 2x220hp, 2x260hp, or two outboard engines 2x300hp. Any of the three bring out the best in this little speedster, making it as safe as it is fast, even in less than ideal conditions. Local Fiart Mare dealer Saltus created several interesting packages for the upcoming season, one with two outboard engines Honda BF250 (170.000 euros + VAT) and one with two Suzuki DF300 (160.000 euros + VAT).

Duljina LOA: 10,40 m Širina Beam: 3,72 m Gaz Draft: 0,89 m Spremnik za gorivo Fuel tank capacity: 590 l Spremnik za vodu Water tank capacity: 230 l Istisnina Displacement: 6.566 kg Motori Engines: 220-300 KS Testirani motor Tested engine: 2 x 220 Volvo Penta - D3 220 EVC – D Najveća brzina Top speed: 37 čv. knots Zastupnik Dealer: Saltus



GUMENI FERRARI RIB FERRARI Gumena brodica ili brza jahta? Pirelli je pomirio ta dva pojma u modelu s kabinicom i unutarnjim motorima, koji se odlikuje lijepim dizajnom i visokim performansama A RIB or a fast motor yacht? Pirelli brings the two together in a sharply designed and fast one-cabin inboard engine boat Text & Photos Mlađan Marušić


Kada se spomene ime Pirelli, većina ljudi odmah pomisli na kvalitetne gume za motocikle i automobile istoimenoga talijanskog proizvođača, no nautičari će prije pomisliti na istoimene kvalitetne gumenjake koji već desetak godina predstavljaju sam vrh ponude u svijetu velikih gumenjaka. Istina, istoimeni proizvođač guma nije jedini proizvođač, već su gumenjaci rađeni u suradnji s talijanskim brodogradilištem Technorib koje proizvodi gumenjake još od pedesetih godina prošlog stoljeća. Početkom lipnja dobili smo priliku testirati jedan od njihovih gumenjaka, model Pirelli PZero 1100 Cabin. Gledajući specifikacije, odmah je očito da ovo nije samo poveći gumenjak s plastičnim dnom, već je riječ o punokrvnom dnevnom krstašu s centralnom konzolom i

The name Pirelli immediately brings to mind car and motorcycle tires, but for the last ten years to some of us Pirelli has been the synonym for fast, large, sturdy rigid-hulled inflatable boats, or RIBs. Pirelli is not the sole maker of boats marketed under their name, as they are partnered with Italian boat builder Technorib, a veteran of the segment with over fifty years of experience. Earlier this June we’ve been given an opportunity to test one of their new models, the impressive Pirelli PZero 1100 Cabin. Just one look at the specifications is enough to realize the 1100 Cabin is not simple rigid-hulled boat, but a full-

Test malenom kabinom. S ukupnom dužinom od 10 metara i unutarnjim motorima Pirelli PZero 1100 Cabin možda će nekima i izgledati kao plastični brod s dodanim zračnim komorama, no prednost ovakvog dizajna brodova već desetljećima uživaju službe za spašavanje s obzirom da on omogućuje puno bolje ponašanje na nemirnom moru. PZero 1100 Cabin, unatoč veličini, nimalo ne bježi od svojih ‘gumenjačkih’ korijena te zadržava relativno uzak trup koji mu daje odličnu brzinu, a, kao i svi gumenjaci, ima puno prostora za boravak na otvorenom. Spomenuti model na testu nas je dočekao u ozbiljnom izdanju sa svijetlosivim trupom. Ipak, kada se na njega postave narančasti jastuci, sva ozbiljnost sivog trupa pada u vodu u lijepoj kombinaciji boja, sivog i narančastog. Krmena platforma preko koje smo ušli u brod proteže se metar od kraja samog trupa, što čini odličnu zaštitu od propelera motora i lijepo mjesto za ulazak u more. Cijela krma broda zauzeta je mjestom za jastuke sunčališta, s prolazom u sredini koji se također može pokriti jastukom. Sam kokpit je vrlo jednostavan, s polukružnom sofom te mjestom za montažni stol i dvodijelnim barom u kojemu se nalazi sudoper, mjesto za električni roštilj, te hladnjak. Središnji prolaz između dva dijela bara vodi nas do centralne konzole koja ujedinjuje upravljačko mjesto te ulaz u kabinu, a sama konzola natkrivena je malenim čvrstim krovom koji se nastavlja na vjetrobransko staklo te pruža odličnu zaštitu od vjetra, mora i sunca, a u vožnji i dalje imate osjećaj da ste

Novi Pirelli 1100 Cabin s lakoćom postiže 40 čvorova brzine, uz vrhunsku kvalitetu izrade i privlačan dizajn With appealing aesthetics and high-quality built, the new Pirelli 1100 Cabin easily reaches 40 knots


blooded day cruiser with central console and one small cabin. Ten meters long, powered by inboard engines, the 1100 Cabin looks a lot like a classic RIB, but larger. Proud of its RIB roots, the 1100 is just as fast and safe as they are, steady and stable on rough seas. Its relatively narrow hull guarantees speed, and its deck is wide and deep enough for relaxed and safe sailing. The unit we tested was painted a serious shade of gray, lightened up by orange and gray cushions. The aft platform is one meter long and extends all the way to the end of the hull, protecting the propeller and allowing easy access to the water. The aft is essentially one giant sun bed, as even the central passage can be covered in cushions and mattresses. The cockpit is simple, furnished with a C-shaped sofa and with plenty of room for a foldable table and a two-piece bar with a sink, a grill and a fridge. The central passage leads toward the console, which in turn hides the entrance below deck. The console is well protected from the sun by a small hard top connected to the windshield, and the whole protects the skipper from the elements without taking away the outdoors feeling. Up on the bow, which can be reached via safe teak side pas-

Test u potpunosti na otvorenom. Na pramcu se nalazi još jedno sunčalište, a bitno je naglasiti da su bočni prolazi pokriveni tikovinom umjesto protuklizne podloge, za prolazak do vrha pramca. Kabina u unutrašnjosti je vrlo jednostavna, tu se nalazi tek ležaj za dvoje, malena kupaonica s WC-om, umivaonikom te tušem. Iako sama unutrašnjost nema stajaću visinu, osjećaj boravka u njoj nije nimalo klaustrofobičan, što često zna biti slučaj kod glisera namijenjenih dnevnoj plovidbi, te će poslužiti svrsi ako se želite odmoriti od sunca ili prespavati jednu noć na vikend-krstarenju do malo udaljenije lokacije. Kabina možda i neće biti potrebna s obzirom na performanse ovoga broda; opremljen s dva Mercruiser 4.5 litrena dizelska motora, s po dva puta 250 konjskih snaga, postiže maksimalnu brzinu od 40 čvorova. I pri maksimalnim brzinama PZero 1100 zadržava odličnu upravljivost te zračne komore pomažu u sprječavanju previše naginjanja u okretima. Za krstarenje, optimalna brzina je oko 24-25 čvorova pri 2.300-2.400 okretaja. Za one kojima to nije dovoljno proizvođač je ponudio čitav niz verzija s različitim motorima, bilo benzinskim ili dizelskim, do maksimalne snage od dva puta po 320 konjskih snaga, a isti model dostupan je i u verziji s izvanbrodskim motorima. Pirelli PZero 1100 Cabin pravi je pokazatelj zašto je brend Pirelli jedan od najboljih proizvođača iz svijeta velikih gumenjaka. Nešto poput Ferrarija gumenjaka, samo puno praktičniji.

Duljina LOA: 11,37 m Širina Beam: 3,54 m Spremnik za gorivo Fuel capacity: 750 l Spremnik za vodu Water capacity: 160 l Istisnina Displacement: 3.000 kg Motor Engine: Gasoline Inboard 2 x Mercruiser 4.5L DTS BRAVO 1 (2 x 250 HP) Najveća brzina Max speed: 40 čv. knots Brzina krstarenja Cruising speed: 25-30 čv. knots Graditelj Builder: Technorib s.r.l. Zastupnik Dealer: Navis Marine

sages, we found another sun bed. The below deck cabin is rather simple, furnished with a double bed, and adjacent to the small head with one toilet, one shower and a sink. Although the cabin does not boast impressive headroom, it is everything but claustrophobic as is mostly the case on fast day cruisers, and is perfectly good for a refreshing daily nap or one night in a distant cove. Still, you might not use the cabin at all, as the 1100 is very fast indeed and can take you anywhere you need to go in no time: powered by two 4.5-liter Mercruiser engines (2 x 250HP), the 1100 reaches 40 knots of top speed. Unbelievably stable even at that speed, the 1100 barely leans on the water even in sharpest turns. Those who find the cruising speed of 24-25 knots (at 2.300-2.400 rpm) inadequate will be glad to hear the builder accommodates every need for speed and the 1100 can be powered by gas or diesel engines up to 2 x 320HP, inboard or outboard. Pirelli PZero 1100 Cabin is a fantastic little boat that proves beyond doubt why Pirelli is so beloved among both RIB lovers and speed addicts. If Ferrari made RIBs – and was capable of practical thought – they would still have hard time catching up to the 1100.



BRUNSWICK Press Event Atraktivni modeli na paradi Atractive models on display U Splitu je održana prezentacija novih modela plovila Sea Ray, Boston Whaler i Bayliner za novinare iz cijele Europe, koji su uživali u trodnevnom gostoprimstvu i plovidbi između Splita, Šolte i Hvara This May, new Sea Ray, Boston Whaler and Bayliner models took a walk on the runway between Split, Šolta and Hvar before the hungry eyes of the European media Text Mlađan Marušić Photos Brunswick

Sredinom svibnja tvrtka Nava Boats iz Splita, službeni zastupnik za poznate brendove motornih čamaca Sea Ray i Boston Whaler, pozvala nas je na Brunswick Press Event, prilikom kojega su predstavljeni najnoviji Sea Ray modeli: 19 SPX OB, 250 SLX, 250 Sun Sport, 270 Sundeck, te Boston Whaler modeli: 190 Montauk, 240 Dauntless, 320 Vantage i nekoliko modela Baylinera koji također pripada Brunswick korporaciji. Nava Boats je novinarima hrvatskih i stranih nautičkih časopisa pružila mogućnost da u tri dana isprobaju nove modele na pučini i u uvalama otoka Krknjaša pored Drvenika Velikog, u akvatoriju Šolte, te na Paklinskim otocima pored Hvara. Na put se krenulo katamaranima koje Nava Boats koristi u čarteru, a već od akvatorija splitske luke do otoka Krknjaša mogli su se detaljno fotografirati modeli u plovidbi. Testirali smo neke glisere koji su nam se učinili najzanimljivijima. Model koji nam je privukao najviše pažnje bio je Boston Whaler 320 Vantage, koji je ujedno bio i najveći model predstavljen na ovome događaju. Riječ je o deset metara i dvadeset centimetara dugom gliseru s natkrivenim kokpitom te sofom na pramcu. Ovaj model uistinu se može pohvaliti velikim brojem sjedišta, tako da se, osim mjesta za četiri osobe na polukružnoj sofi u pramcu, iza vjetrobranskog stakla,

Boston Whaler - dojmljiva flotila na Krknjašima; nama je najviše pažnje privukao model 320 Vantage The impressive Boston Whaler fleet at Krknjaši bay. Our favorite is the 320 Vantage


Mid-May Split’s Nava Boats, official Sea Ray and Boston Whaler dealer, hosted a Brunswick Press Event to present to the media the latest models – Sea Ray 19 SPX OB, 250 SLX, 250 Sun Sport and 270 Sundeck, and Boston Whaler 190 Montauk, 240 Dauntless, 320 Vantage, as well as several new Bayliners. Nava Boats made models available for test rides and gave Croatian and international members of the press a chance to see them in action, sailing from Split to the islands of Šolta and Hvar. Sailing on Nava Boats’ catamarans (normally in charter), members of the media were given a perfect opportunity to make photos of the new models from all angles. After the photo sessions, the lucky reporters took some of the faster models for a ride, during which we were most impressed by the Boston Whaler 320 Vantage, the largest of the presented models. This 10.20 meters long speedboat with protected cockpit and aft salon, seats an impressive number of people – four on the C-shaped bow bench and nine behind the command post – and offers several practical solutions (we loved the possibility to create a sun bed by merging seats and lowering back-rests), and unexpectedly hides a small cabin with a foldable bed for two in the super-structure, as well as a separated day head. Powered


Grad Split i njegovo okruženje pokazali su se kao zahvalno područje za testiranje novih modela plovila City of Split with sorrounding area were nice and interesting playground for test of the new models

osim vozača, nalazi dovoljno sjedišta za još ukupno devet osoba. Jako praktična osobina je i mogućnost da se spajanjem sjedišta i pomicanjem naslona može stvoriti i prostrana ležaljka na lijevoj strani kokpita. Iako se to na prvi pogled ne čini, Boston Whaler 320 Vantage posjeduje i malenu kabinu s rasklopivim ležajem za dvoje koja se nalazi u malenom nadgrađu na lijevoj strani, te potpuno opremljenu kupaonicu smještenu na desnoj strani sa zasebnim ulazom od kabine. Opremljen s dvama Mercury 350 XL Verado izvanbrodskim motorima, ovaj model na našem testu postigao je maksimalnu brzinu od 41 čvora pri otprilike 6.000 okretaja sa sedmero ljudi na brodu. Taj model ima odlične plovne karakteristike na kakve smo i navikli od ovog proizvođača, te se brod ponaša stabilno i pri oštrim okretima u velikoj brzini, a zahvaljujući oštrom V profilu i velikoj masi za svoju veličinu, stabilnost po nemirnom moru mu je odlična. Od svih modela Sea Raya posebno možemo istaknuti tri modela: 270 Sundeck, 250 SLX i 250 Sun Sport. Najveći od njih, 270 Sundeck, na testu je predstavljen s kokpitom koji je bio natkriven tendom presvučenom preko aluminijskog roll

by two engiens Mercury 350 XL Verado, this models reached top speed of about 41 knots @ 6.000 rpm on our test, carrying seven people. Fast and stable even in sharp turns, the 320 Vantage is a typical Boston Whaler. Heavy for its size, it handles rough seas with characteristic Whaler calm. Sea Ray delighted us with three selected models – the 270 Sundeck, the 250 SLX and the 250 Sun Sport. The largest of them, the 270 Sundeck, has a protected cockpit (aluminum roll-bar and canvas top), and carries fifteen people, which is impressive seeing how it’s only 8.30 meters long. Powered by a MerCruiser 6.2L MPI ECT Bravo III (350-HP), it reached top speed of 42 knots on our test and proved to be the ideal choice for fast cruising of large groups. More versatile is the 250 SLX. Presented in an orange and blue color scheme reminiscent of racing cars, this eight meters long model appears longer than it really is. Longer than the 250, but with the same fifteen-person capacity is the 270 Sundeck, a fun and fast sporty model with a higher-end interior. This speedster delighted us on our test with impressively prompt reactions in maneuvers and 44-45


bara. Sa samo osam metara i trideset centimetara dužine ovaj model se može pohvaliti s nosivošću za čak petnaest ljudi. No, zato smo pri testu brzine postigli maksimalnu brzinu od oko 42 čvora s MerCruiser 6.2L MPI ECT Bravo III motorom od 350 konjskih snaga. Ako želite brzo prevesti veliki broj prijatelja na kupanje u najbližu uvalu, ovo je brod za vas. S druge strane, ako želite isto, a pri tome uživati u čistom osjećaju plovidbe, 250 SLX mogao bi vam biti interesantniji. Predstavljen u narančasto-plavoj boji trupa, koja neodoljivo podsjeća na boje Gulf Racing trkaćeg tima, ovaj model djeluje i veći nego što uistinu jest. S približno osam metara dužine, istom nosivosti od 15 osoba kao i veći 270 Sundeck, te istim motorom, ovaj model svojim dizajnom više je posvećen postizanju zabavnog osjećaja vožnje i posjeduje luksuznije i sportskije uređenu unutrašnjost. Pri testu brod se pokazao kao pravi bolid na vodi, ubrzanje mu je odlično, a reakcije u manevrima su gotovo instantne, a u konačnici maksimalna brzina sa spomenutim motorom je otprilike 44-45 čvorova. Za one koji više vole izgled klasičnog glisera sa zatvorenim pramcem i malenom kabinom

u istom, najviše bi im odgovarao 250 Sun Sport, a klasičan izgled kod testiranog primjerka bio je pojačan svijetlosmeđom bojom trupa i u unutrašnjosti, što se pokazalo kao odlična kombinacija za ovaj model. Sama kabina sastoji se od ležaja za dvije osobe, dok se u kokpitu nalazi upravljačko mjesto te polukružna sofa s pripadajućim stolom. Pokretan s nešto slabijim Mercruiser 6.2L MPI Bravo III od 300 konjskih snaga, 250 Sun Sport također ima dobre performanse, ali će se više svidjeti vlasnicima koji će ga koristiti za jednodnevna ili vikend-krstarenja.

knots of top speed. For those who prefer classic boats with closed bow, the best possible choice is the 250 Sun Sport, a one-cabin boat with an open cockpit. The unit we tested had a classical color scheme that accentuated its elegant lines, and was powered by a 300-HP Mercruiser 6.2L MPI Bravo III. Not as fast as the larger models, this one is still a great choice for day trips and weekend cruises.

Sea Ray 250 SLX, 19 SPX i 270 Sundeck u akciji; neki od njih opremljeni morskim igračkama koje su neizostavan dio zabave na moru Sea Ray 250 SLX, 19 SPX and 270 Sundeck in action; the boats are equipped with water toys as the part of the ‘fun package’



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BRZI TRANSFERI SA STILOM MOVING WITH STYLE AND SPEED Brzi, diskretni, individualni – transferi su danas postali novi dio turističke ponude na moru. U luksuznim transferima prednjači tvrtka Colnago, a u izletničkoj ponudi s otvorenim plovilima tvrtka Lolivul Fast, discreet, private – speedboat taxis are a new trend in tourism-oriented countries. One of the first water taxi companies and fast boat builders in Croatia are companies Colnago and Lolivul Text Mlađan Marušić Photos Antonio Rossetti & Arhiva

Jedna od najbrže rastućih usluga na Jadranu svakako su transferi brzim brodovima, a ako se pogleda karta naše obale, nije teško zaključiti i zašto. Jadranska obala savršena je za taksi-službe gliserima i gumenjacima koji vas mogu brzo odvesti do željenog mjesta, na ručak u nekom cijenjenom restoranu ili na kupanje u neku zabačenu uvalu često dostupnu samo brodom. Iako je teško za povjerovati, same usluge brzog taksi-prijevoza brodom relativno su nova pojava na Jadranu, koje su u stalnom organiziranom obliku počele tek prije petnaestak godina. Do tada su se svi kojima je trebala ovakva usluga morali oslanjati na ustaljene putničke linije, unajmiti plovilo sami ili u razgovoru s lokalnim ljudima pokušati naći nekoga tko bi ih prevezao do željene lokacije. Jedna od prvih tvrtki koja je pružila ovu uslugu u Hrvatskoj bila je splitska tvrtka Colnago, koja je ujedno i proizvođač gumenjaka, aluminijskih glisera te specijaliziranih radnih brodova. Iskustvo u ovome poslu direktno je utjecalo na razvoj novih modela, od kojih se može izdvojiti Colnago 40, trinaestmetarski aluminijski gliser sa zatvorenim putničkim prostorom. Po našem mišljenju, to je trenutno najbolji hrvatski brod za transfere. Lijepa svijetloplava plovila lako je uočiti na moru, a za vrijeme sezone su gotovo 24 sata u pogonu. Danas, glavni centri odakle posluje većina tvrtki za brzobrodske transfere su Split i Hvar, gdje je cijela priča i počela početkom prošlog desetljeća i gdje se nalazi približno dvjesto

Water taxi is one of the fastest growing trends in the Adriatic and one look at the map of Croatian coast makes it easy to understand why The Adriatic coast is perfect for that type of transfer – a RIB or a speedboat are the ideal means to take you to any of the thousand islands and coves where lately secluded beaches or intimate restaurants have been sprouting almost monthly. It’s difficult to believe the water taxi service is so new to the Adriatic – organized speedboat transfers started barely fifteen years ago – and up to quite recently those in need of fast transfer were left to their own devices, to the mercy of willing small boat owners to help, or expected to wait for a regular and slower boat lines. One of the first companies to offer fast boats and transfers by water taxi was Colnago, maker of RIBs, fast aluminum boats and work boats. The company’s experience in the water taxi segment has had influence on their new model development, as many of their latest models are built as dedicated water taxis. One of them is Colnago 40, a 13-meter long aluminum hull speedboat with cabin, currently the finest water taxi in the region. Its sky blue hull makes it easily noticeable at sea and during the summer months it’s often seen operating between the coast and the islands, almost 24 hours a day. Most water taxi companies – almost two hundred of them – operate from either Split or Hvar,



Splitske tvrtke Lolivul i Colnago predvode tržište specijaliziranih plovila za transfere i izlete Companies Lolivul and Colnago are market leaders in production of boats for transfers and daily trips


tvrtki za transfere. Razvoj ovakvih usluga omogućio je i profiliranje luksuznih vila na hrvatskoj obali čiji klijenti žele maksimalnu diskreciju. VIP usluga nekih tvrtki će goste prevesti iz zračne luke do najbliže obale, odakle će ih brodom brzo prevesti do njihove vile ili hotela na nekom od otoka. S vremenom, zahtjevi klijenata i agencija za iznajmljivanje luksuznih nekretnina koje surađuju s tvrtkama za transfere postaju sve veći, te se tako za VIP uslugu očekuju plovila sa zatvorenim prostorom za putnike, uz opremljenost za plovidbu noću ili u uvjetima loše vidljivosti. Sukladno tome, tvrtke s najbolje opremljenim plovilima na raspolaganju su 24 sata, a u srcu sezone nije neobično da svoje klijente prevoze često i usred noći, u većini slučajeva na neki od noćnih partyja. Ipak, većina plovila korištenih u ovoj djelatnosti su gumenjaci opremljeni ‘jahaćim’ sjedalima, često s izvanbrodskim motorima, koji ipak ne nude mogućnost plovidbe u svim vremenskim uvjetima, no svojim klijentima će pružiti osjećaj vožnje s vjetrom u kosi, što je gostima koji sami nisu vlasnici plovila često veći doživljaj nego dolazak na samu željenu lokaciju. Osim klasičnih transfera, mnoge od ovih tvrtki odnedavno su počele nuditi i dnevne izlete na dobro poznate lokacije ili u uvale po izboru, čineći tako ugodniju alternativu često pretrpanim i sporim izletničkim brodovima. Trenutno su najpopularniji i najbolji izbor za takvu vrstu posla gumenjaci splitske tvrtke Lolivul, najčešće njihov model od devet

where the water taxi segment in Croatia started in the first place. Development of the segment allowed easier access to secluded islands and coves, promoting development of those areas, attracting affluent owners of private villas looking for privacy. Most companies offer VIP services – transfer by boat, and then by car to the villa or the hotel, and some of them cooperate with real-estate agencies to create customized service for clients, adding options like transfers by night, even in poor conditions or in boats with closed cabin. The most successful companies are on call 24 hours a day, often accepting clients in the middle of the night, after long summer parties. Still, most companies offer simple, basic service – open boats and transfer in good weather conditions only – and for most clients, that is exactly what they need: fast transfer and wind in their hair. Other than basic transfer to and from the coast, some companies offer day trips to most popular local destinations, creating a parallel offer to that of travel agencies, whose boats are most often crowded and slow. The most popular model for such trips are RIBs by Split maker Lolivul, usually their 9-meter model. There is still plenty of room left for development of this segment, as none of the companies offer transfer outside Croatia (due to significant safety require-

metara. Mjesta za razvoj djelatnosti još uvijek ima, te tako, unatoč sve češćim zahtjevima klijenata, niti jedna tvrtka ne nudi mogućnost prijevoza izvan teritorijalnih voda Republike Hrvatske, a razlog za to su veliki sigurnosni zahtjevi za mogućnost obavljanja takve djelatnosti, no s vremenom se može očekivati da će se i to naći u ponudi. Usluga brzih transfera otvorila je novi način uživanja na Jadranu za goste koji ne posjeduju vlastito plovilo ili znanje da upravljaju njime, mogućnost da uživaju u najljepšim lokacijama, daleko od gužvi, trajekata te zavojitih putova po otocima, a sve s vjetrom u kosi, vođeni vještim skiperom uz maksimalnu diskreciju. To je način uživanja na moru prilagođen brzom načinu života za one koji ništa ne žele propustiti, koji je očito novi trend.

ments), but that type of service is around the corner, as well. The fast transfer segment has opened up new possibilities of getting to know and enjoying the Adriatic for guests who either don’t own a boat, or can’t pilot it. Secret, secluded destinations far away from the crowd, and the comfort of not having to travel by jam-packed ferries or tourist boats make water taxis the perfect services for curious tourists always ready to try out new trends.

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Ova je godina još jedna godina rasta za grupu Hanse, koja predstavlja dva nova modela i razvija nove proizvode, što je temelj toga uspjeha njemačkog brodograditelja na svjetskom – ali i hrvatskom – tržištu This year is another one of growth of Hanse Group, presenting two new models and developing new products marking undoubted success of German boat builder on the world market, but also in Croatia Text Darko Šupuk Photos Darko Šupuk & Hanse

S generalnim direktorom grupe Hanse, gospodinom Jensom Gerhardtom, susreli smo se u Splitu tijekom regate Hanse Cup. Gospodin Gerhardt nije samo posjetio ovaj vrlo lijep događaj u organizaciji hrvatskog zastupnika Hansea Croatia Yachtinga, nego i dogovorio sastanak i test s potencijalnim kupcem. Hanse za vas nije samo posao, već način života? Idućeg studenog obilježit ću pet godina u Hanseu i presretan sam zbog toga. Ovo mi je najbolji posao u životu. Moj je opis posla upravljanje tijekom promjena – dođem u tvrtku koju nešto muči i okrenem im poslovanje naglavce, promijenim ga nabolje. Mnogo sam puta uspješno obavio takve zadatke u sektoru mobilne telefonije i internetskih tehnologija u Sjevernoj Americi, posvuda po Europi, pa čak i Indiji, ali nikada nisam ni za koga radio pet godina. Ovo mi je prvi dugoročni posao i još uvijek uživam u upravljanju proizvodom, sve mi je to jako privlačno, gotovo seksi. U Hrvatskoj ste i zbog regate i zbog posla? Nastojimo uvijek tako obavljati stvari. Ova fantastična regata, koju svake godine organizira Domagoj Milišić i Croatia Yachting, zaslužuje našu potporu, ali i pruža nam priliku da svoj proizvod prikažemo i testiramo točno ondje kamo pripada, tako da spajamo ovakve događaje sa susretima s potencijalnim kupcima. Najčešće nastojimo spojiti po tri zadatka na istoj lokaciji, a nekad i više. Ionako su takvi sastanci s kupcima dio našeg posla. Naši predstavnici rasuti su po svijetu, ali posluje se ovdje. Croatia Yachting je dobar partner? Oni su naš najbolji zastupnik za čarter u cijeloj prodajnoj mreži. Mislim da je tome razlog spoj Domagojevih izvanrednih poslovnih instinkta i načina na koji upravlja flotom. Brod na kojem trenutno plovimo prošle je godine bio u najmu 23 tjedna, a na njemu nema ni najmanje ogrebotine. Naš je proizvod kvalitetan, a Croatia Yachting njime dobro upravlja. Drugi im je adut lokacija. Vaša zemlja ima jedno od najboljih mora na svijetu za nautičare. Mislim da su Britanski Djevičanski otoci i Hrvatska dva najbolja odredišta na svijetu za jedrenje i plovidbu. Croatia Yachting ima najveću flotu naših modela na svijetu, a prodaju i drugima, pa su nam podjednako važni i za prodaju i za ono što je od nje važnije – zadovoljstvo klijenata. U tome su vrlo uspješni. Hanse ne gradi tipične brodove popularne u čarteru. Kako to da ste i u tome toliko popularni? Naši su brodovi građeni za privatne vlasnike, ali uvijek imamo na umu i čarter, pa modele opremamo paketima potrebne opreme. Ono čime se ne bavimo jest gradnja broda isključivo za čarter. Smatramo da naši modeli moraju biti prilagođeni ljudima koji ih žele posjedovati, da moraju biti izdržljivi i kvalitetni, a to je poželjno i u čarteru, no baš samo za čarter nikada ne gradimo. Naši su brodovi brži, jednostavniji za upravljanje, ljepši od tipičnog broda za čarter i nemamo nikakve namjere ništa od toga ublažiti da bismo ih učinili privlačnijima toj industriji. Mislim da naši klijenti koji brod kupe isključivo za sebe vole baš taj dio našeg identiteta, a svatko tko proba ploviti na nekom našem modelu odmah vidi koliko je brz, okretan, koliko se njime lako upravlja. Ljudi se zaljube u to, pa nema smisla išta mijenjati samo da bi se podilazilo čarteru.

We met general manager of Hanse Group in Split during Hanse Cup regatta. He didn’t only visit very nice event organized by local distributor Croatia Yachting, but also arranged a sales meeting on the sea, checked the boats condition and performance… Living Hanse would be maybe better said then managing? Next November will be my fifth anniversary in Hanse, I am very happy, this is the best job in my life. I am a change manager, I come in the stressed companies and turn them around, I did that a lot of times in mobile and IT industries and at other consumer businesses, in North America, all over Europe and even in India, but never for almost five years. This is the first time it is so long, dealing with product is so appealing, sexy itself. You are here both for the regatta and business reunion? We try to combine both, to be with this fantastic regatta that Domagoj (Milišić) and Croatia Yachting are organizing each year and support them, but also we use our products (yachts) on the location where they are meant to be, and we combine this with internal sales meeting. At least we combine three things, if not more. We have to meet anyhow, our team is around the globe and we do the business meeting here. Croatia Yachting is doing great job for Hanse? They are our strongest charter dealer worldwide. I think this is combination of really great business performing by Domagoj and the way he runs the fleet. The boat on which we are talking has been chartered 23 weeks last year and you don’t see a scratch. We deliver good product, it has good management of Croatia Yachting, and other part of their success is I think this great sailing area, you have one of best destinations in the world. I think British Virgin Islands and Croatia are the top locations on the world for sailing. Croatia Yachting has largest Hanse fleet in charter in the world and also sells to the others and by far they are the benchmark not only in selling, but also what is more important in keeping the customers happy, which they do very well. Hanse is not a typical charter boat but makes good result in this business too? We are very, very, very strong in the owner’s business, but we have a charter package. What we don’t do is creating a charter boat because the boats should be solid and strong and usable for owners, that is also good for charter, but we don’t create a charter version. Our boats are faster, easier to handle, look better and we don’t take design away, or easy handling, to make it more ‘charterish’. I think the genes of Hanse are well developed for owners, and when charter people realize how fast and easy at the same time Hanse is maneuvering, they fall in love with it. So, I don’t think there is a need for charter version itself. Your business is constantly growing? We have been growing this year for 10 million euros again, we grew every year by 10 millions in revenue, that means 100 people more each year, and this is third year in the row where we could have taken more orders than


Rastete bez prestanka. Tako je, ove godine smo zaradili 10 milijuna eura više od očekivanog, kao i svake godine dosad. To znači da svake godine možemo zaposliti još stotinu ljudi, jer ovo nam je treća godina u kojoj smo dobili više narudžbi nego što stignemo izgraditi. Mislim da moramo nastaviti ovako kako smo krenuli. Svake godine EBITDA (zarada prije poreza, kamata i amortizacije) nam naraste za tri do četiri milijuna eura. Ove ste godine izgradili i svoj najveći model dosad, Hanse 675. To je kao u snu. Dva su 675 već na vodi, tri se još grade. Brod je brz, postiže 13,5 čvorova, ali usto je i lijep. Pravi Hanse. Jako je inovativan, njime se može upravljati bez posade i dugačak je gotovo 70 stopa. Ima dovoljno prostora i niz jedinstvenih osobina i detalja, poput recimo fiksne tende, koji mu daju zgodan izgled, ili odvojenog ulaza u potpalublje za posadu. Salon 675 je vrlo prostran, dugačak između pet i šest metara, a vlasnička kabina inovativnog rasporeda i izgleda, s kupaonicom s kamenim zidom. Ovo je prvi put da koristimo kamen u uređenju. Model ima i dosta novih rješenja za tipične elemente koje nalazite na velikim brodovima. Ali ove godine predstavili smo i model 315, koji je jednako tako nakrcan inovacijama i postao je vrlo popularan. Svi prostori koji moraju imati visok strop imaju ga, kupaonica mu ima dimenzije kao da je rađena za brod od 41 stope, a plovi kao san. Već smo izgradili 60 primjeraka tog modela. Pod vašim upravljanjem raste i Dehler. Dehlerovi su brodovi malo drugačiji od Hanseovih, nisu građeni za regate. Lijepi su, vrlo otmjeni i jako brzi. Dehler gradi brodove koji su savršena sredina između regatnog broda i kruzera. Ako vam je do krstarenja, možete polako, brod je udoban i komforan i na palubi i u unutrašnjosti, ali ako želite ubrzati, čeka vas šest vitla i Cunningham. U Sjedinjenim Državama Dehler 38 je nagrađen kao brod godine i u kategoriji kruzera i u kategoriji regatnih jedrilica. Nisu znali u koju bi ga kategoriju svrstali, što vam potvrđuje ovo što sam vam ja rekao. Ovoga ljeta spremamo novi 34, koji će se pridružiti modelima 38, 42 i 46. Ali Sealine stoji... Već deset godina imamo Fjord, no to je tržište vrlo usko. Sealine se kreće u smjeru masovne proizvodnje, a kad takvo što gradite od nule, potrebno je oko šest godina. Prije tri godine smo kupili 90 kamiona opreme od te britanske tvrtke u stečaju, 50 godina star brend. Željeli smo skratiti razvoj i prodali neke već postojeće modele. Sad imamo tri modela, a novi je F530. Svake godine stvorimo dva nova modela i već prodajemo osamdeset brodova godišnje, što je pristojno. Sealine i Fjord godišnje zajedno prodaju stotinu i dvadeset brodova, a svake godine namjeravamo dodati tom broju još dvadeset ili trideset brodova. Krećemo se prema mjestu u deset najvećih brodograditelja na svijetu. Što je idući korak za Hanse? Već smo poduzeli neke velike korake, a sada ćemo se malo vratiti unatrag i popuniti ‘rupe’ između njih manjima. Imamo fantastičan kapacitet za gradnju novih brodova, naši modeli izgledaju sjajno, ali ne sjedimo na lovorikama i gledamo kako izlaze iz mode. Ne mislim pritom samo na estetiku, nego i na kvalitetu, na oblike i slično. Mnogo naših modela stvaramo u suradnji sa studiom Judel & Vrolijk i sa svakim modelom brendova Hanse, Dehler i Variante naučimo nešto novo, zbog čega je idući model bolji i brži.

‘U studenom ću obilježiti pet godina kod Hansea; bavljenje proizvodnjom je vrlo privlačno’ ‘This November I will mark five years with Hanse; dealing with production is so appealing’ we can fulfill. I think we just need to continue this way. We will improve our EBITDA by 3 to 4 million euros each year. This year is marked by presentation of Hanse 675, your biggest boat so far? This is a dream, two boats are in the water already sailing with three more in the production. It sails well, I did 13.5 knots, apart performance it looks very beautiful, it is pure Hanse. It is very innovative, you can maneuver it without a crew and it is almost 70 footer, it has lot of space, and it has many unique features like fixed bimini and boat looks very nice with it. It has second companionway for the crew and the style is like in the rest of the boat, it has a big saloon of 5 to 6 meters like a lounge, it has a very new owner’s cabin, a bathroom with a stone wall, that is the first time we use stone veneer. There are a lots of innovations, that you can expect on the big boat. But we also presented very succesful 315 that has almost as many innovations. It has standing height everywhere where you need it, it has a shower unit of 41 footer, and it sails very well. We produced 60 of it already. Dehler is another brand that grows under your management? It is a bit different story, it is not a real racing boat, but it is very stylish, very nautical – and fast. We have come up with the boats that are exactly in the middle between cruising and racing. If you want to cruise you have perfect cruising boat, but you have six winches, Cunningham where you need it, but if you go inside you will not lack any comfort. In USA the Dehler 38 has won for the both cruising and performance boat of the year, they couldn’t decide in which category to put it, and that is exactly what we meant. In summer the new 34 is coming, after 38, 42 and 46 we already have. But Sealine is not moving fast? For ten years we have Fjord, but that is a niche market, and Sealine is heading in the mass market section, and when you build it up from the scratch it takes about six years. Three years ago we bought 90 trucks of the equipment from the UK from bankruptcy company, and the 50 years old brand. We wanted to take the shortcut and we sold some existing models. We now have three models, F530 is the new model, and we are completing two new models each year, already we are selling 80 boats per year, that is nice. Together with Fjord we are producing 120 boats per year, and every year with 20, 30 boats more we are heading to be amongst 10 biggest builders in the world. What is next for Hanse? We had some big steps, and now we can put some products in between, there are holes to fill. We have a big capacity to build new boats, existing models are looking great, but we are not sitting and waiting them to look old. This is not only aesthetical but also we increase general quality of the boats, shapes etc. As we produce so many new boats with Judel & Vrolijk, we have Hanse, Dehler and Variante, with each new model we make them better and faster as we have proper feedback.

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Ove godine porinut je najveÄ&#x2021;i Hanseov model s oznakom 675, ali je i njihov najmanji model 315 osvojio brojne nagrade This year we saw the launch of the biggest Hanse 675 model, and received several awards for the smallest model, the 315





Imali smo priliku porazgovarati s odnedavno bivšim djelatnikom Hrvatske gospodarske komore, koji je tijekom godina rada postao jedan od najboljih poznavatelja charter tržišta We enjoyed an exquisite opportunity of having a conversation with a recent ex-employee of Croatian Chamber of Commerce, who reaps the benefits of the rich experience in the field of charter business Text Ivana Nedoklan Photos Damil Kalogjera & Mario Jelavić

Zagrepčanin Branimir Mađer, bivši dugogodišnji djelatnik Hrvatske gospodarske komore, svoj rad u Komori posvetio je nautičkom turizmu. Najviše pamtimo njegovu ulogu prilikom kreiranja i provođenja akcije preupisa plovila neposredno prije pristupanja Hrvatske u EU, ali i njegov kontinuiran angažman na unapređenju uvjeta poslovanja nautičkog sektora gospodarstva. O svom radu kaže da je lako raditi kada imate veliku podršku struke i institucije u kojoj radite: ‘Komora je i prije mog dolaska bila prepoznata kao lider u zastupanju gospodarskih interesa nautičkog sektora, a ja sam uz veliku podršku charter kompanija, marina i ostalih članica iz nautičkog sektora nastavio dobar dugogodišnji rad Komore.’ Najviše vremena posvetili ste charteru? Posljednjih 10, pa i 15 godina Hrvatska bilježi kontinuirani rast svih statističkih pokazatelja kad je charter u pitanju. U tom razdoblju udvostručena je ponuda charter plovila, a veliki rast bilježe i ostali fizički pokazatelji, odnosno dolasci, noćenja i ostvareni najmovi. Iako se rast ponude odvijao pomalo stihijski, on je ipak pratio zahtjeve tržišta, tako da Hrvatska danas raspolaže velikom flotom kvalitetnih charter plovila. Usporedimo li se s ostalim mediteranskima i svjetskim tržištima, s pravom možemo zaključiti da je Hrvatska postala vodeća bareboat charter destinacija te sve poželjnija crewed yacht charter destinacija. Koji su razlozi za takvu poziciju Hrvatske u yacht charter svijetu? U prvu skupinu razloga spadaju oni na koje ne možemo utjecati ili utječemo vrlo malo, a to su prirodno-geografske karakteristike naše obale, ljepote prirodnog i kulturnog krajolika, tradicija i geoprometni položaj Hrvatske, odnosno blizina najvećih nautičkih emitivnih zemalja. U drugu skupinu razloga svrstao bih one na koje kao društvo imamo velik utjecaj. To je u prvom redu zakonodavna osnova kojom je osiguran ne-

Branimir Mađer, former well experienced employee of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, has dedicated his work at the Chamber to nautical tourism. He played an important role in creating and implementing vessels reregistration just before Croatia joined the EU, but also enhanced business conditions in nautical sector. According to him it is easy to work when you have a strong professional support as well as vigorous assistance of the institution you work for: ‘Even before I came here the Chamber was recognized as a leader in representing commercial interests of the nautical sector and I continued, with great support of charter companies, marinas and other members from the nautical sector, worthy long-standing work of the Chamber.’ You have dedicated most of your time to charter? In the last 10, even 15 years Croatia records continuous growth of all statistical indicators when it comes to charter business. Within this period the offer of charter vessels has been doubled, also other indicators like arrivals, overnight stays and renting capacity have been in progress. Even though the growth of the offer pursued a rather leisurely schedule, it did follow market trends, so today Croatia has at its disposal a huge fleet of quality charter vessels. If we compare ourselves with other Mediterranean and world markets it is evident Croatia has become the leading bareboat charter destination and each year more desirable crewed yacht charter destination. Why does Croatia enjoy such position in the world of yacht charters? The first reasons are the ones we cannot influence or do influence slightly - these are the beautiful, natural landscaping features of our coast, rich culture and tradition, transitional geographical position of Croatia and the vicinity of the largest tourist generating countries. The second reason, I would say the one we can as a society influence, is legislative basis ensur-


‘Infrastruktura ne prati potrebe današnjih nautičara’ ‘We lack the infrastructure for modern yachtsmen’

smetan razvoj charter djelatnosti. Kao prekretnicu u razvoju chartera mogli bi označiti 2005. godinu kada su donošenjem novog Pomorskog zakonika i pratećih podzakonskih akata konačno određeni jasni uvjeti i načini pružanja usluga u charteru te se stalo na kraj do tada sveprisutnoj pojavi ‘crnog chartera’. Pristupanjem Hrvatske u EU, došlo je do liberalizacije tržišta koja nije negativno utjecala na razvoj chartera. Kao posljednji razlog naveo bih sigurnost destinacije. Naime, u posljednje vrijeme turisti pri odabiru destinacije na prvo mjesto stavljaju upravo sigurnost, a u tom kontekstu Hrvatska se u svjetskim okvirima i dalje promatra kao izuzetno sigurna turistička destinacija, poglavito u usporedbi s nekim, nama konkurentnim destinacijama. Što treba još učiniti? Gdje ima prostora za napredak? U budućnosti bi trebalo ozbiljno poraditi na nautičkoj/ lučkoj infrastrukturi koja trenutno kapacitetom, a ni kvalitetom ne prati razvoj yacht chartera kao ni današnje potrebe nautičara. Dok je na obali ovaj problem manje izražen zahvaljujući privatnim marinama, na otocima, u atraktivnim tranzitnim nautičkim destinacijama, ovaj problem dolazi do izražaja. Ako je problem kvalitete veza riješen, dolazimo do problema kvantitete i obrnuto. Kad je riječ o megajahtama, situacija je podjednako loša i na obali i na otocima. Osim jedne marine prilagođene megajahtama i ograničenog broja vezova u ostalim marinama, Hrvatska ne raspolaže infrastrukturom koja bi na odgovarajući način zadovoljila potrebe najkvalitetnijih, ali i najzahtjevnijih nautičara s velikom platežnom moći. Također, nautičari često ističu kao veliki problem i nedostatak ugostiteljske i trgovačke ponude te ostalih turističkih sadržaja u predsezoni i posezoni u tranzitnim nautičkim destinacijama. To nije problem samo nautičkog turizma već općenito hrvatskog turizma kojeg karakterizira izrazita sezonalnost. Kreatori turističke politike kreirali su niz mjera kako bi se napokon doskočilo ovom problemu, a konkretni rezultati očekuju se od projekta ‘PPS destinacije’ koji se odnosi na razvoj ponude destinacija u razdoblju predsezone i posezone. Turistička godina dolazi do svog vrhunca. Kakva nas nautička godina očekuje? Proučavajući ovogodišnje booking liste, uvjeren sam da nas očekuje još jedna dobra nautička godina. U ožujku ove godine booking liste hrvatskih charter kompanija bilježile su i do 20% bolje rezultate nego u isto vrijeme lani. Jedan od razloga toliko boljem bookingu leži u činjenici da su se naši glavni konkurenti na Mediteranu Turska i Grčka našli u velikim problemima iz svima nam poznatih razloga. Turska bilježi višestruki pad bookinga u odnosu na prošlu godinu, dok Grčka bilježi pad bookinga do 40%. Sve to pridonijet će rastu broja najmova u charteru u odnosu na prošlu godinu u Hrvatskoj, ne baš za 20%, ali je realno očekivati rast fizičkih pokazatelja od nekoliko posto. Kakvi novi izazovi očekuju charter u godinama koje slijede? Za očekivati je da će se tržišta Turske i Grčke u dogledno vrijeme oporaviti i pitanje je kako će se to odraziti na Hrvatsku s obzirom na veličinu ponude u charteru. Grčka, a posebno Turska, ulažu znatna sredstva u promociju te bismo trebali slijediti njihove primjere i znatno povećati sredstva za promociju nautičkog turizma i intenzivirati promotivne aktivnosti na postojećim emitivnim tržištima uz istovremeno predstavljanje na novim brzorastućim svjetskim emitivnim tržištima.

ing free development of charter activities. 2005 could be marked as a turning point, when the new Maritime Code and additional law acts were passed, defining clear conditions and ways of offering charter services, bringing the end to the black charter market. The market liberalization had a positive impact on the development of Croatian charter business. And the last reason would be destination safety. Namely, tourists have been paying a lot of attention to the safety, launching Croatia high on the list of the world safe destinations. What else needs to be done? Where else can Croatian nautical tourism grow? In the future the emphasis should be put on nautical/port infrastructure, which at the moment does not keep up with the development of the yacht charter world or yachtsmen needs, not in the sense of quality or capacity. On the coast this problem is not so evident thanks to private marinas, thus on the islands and attractive transitive nautical destinations this issue is obvious. If the issue of berth quality has been solved, then we have a problem of quantity and vice versa. When it comes to mega yachts the situation looks bad on the coast and on the islands. Croatia has at its disposal only one marina adapted to mega yachts and limited number of berths in other marinas, meaning the existing infrastructure fails to meet the needs of the high quality and the most demanding yachtsmen happy to pay the premium service. Also, yachtsmen complain about a large failure of catering and commercial offer as well as other tourist contents within pre and post-season in transit nautical destinations. This problem effects not only nautical tourism, but also Croatian tourism in general featuring exclusively seasonal-character. The designers of tourism politics have created an array of measures in order to solve this issue and final results are expected from the project ‘PPS destinations’ referring to the development of the destinations offer in the pre and post-season period. Tourism year is reaching its peak. What is the forecast for this nautical year? I studied this year’s booking lists and I can predict another fruitful nautical year. In March this year booking lists of the Croatian charter companies have registered 20% better results than at the same time last year. One of the reasons in booking ratings increase rests on the fact that our main competitors on the Mediterranean, Turkey and Greece are facing big troubles due to well-known reasons. Turkey is facing a drop in bookings in comparison to last year and Greece is also facing a decrease in bookings of up to 40%. These facts shall lead to an increase of charter rentals in comparison to last year, not exactly 20%, yet increase and progress are certain to follow. What new challenges will charter face in the years to come? It is expected that the Greek and Turkish market will recover and the question is how it will reflect on Croatia considering the extent of the charter offer. Greece and especially Turkey invest huge amounts in promotion, we should follow their examples and significantly increase the means of promoting nautical tourism and intensify advertising activities on the existing tourism generating markets, presenting Croatia at the same time on the new fast growing world markets of tourism.

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Godine rada u javnom sektoru, ali i s ljudima koji zarađuju svoj kruh iznajmljujući plovila sa i bez posade, dale su Mađeru široku perspektivu pogleda na taj dio nautičkog biznisa Working for the public sector, but also with professionals in crewed and bare boat charter has given a broad perspective in that segment of yachting business


THE NEXT GENERATION Ú SAZRIJEVANJE ONLINE BOOKINGA U CHARTERU ONLINE BOOKING IN THE CHARTER INDUSTRY Čini se da su vremena slanja papirnatih dokumenata, pa čak i mailova s potvrdama rezervacija, za nama, jer je online booking u svjetskoj yacht charter industriji konačno u punom zamahu, predvođen Booking Manager platformom hrvatske tvrtke MMK Systems It seems the charter industry is finally ready to bid farewell to paper and even e-mail. Thanks to the Booking Manager platform by Croatian MMK Systems, booking is now easier and faster than ever Edited by Ivana Nedoklan Photos Archive

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Svaki početak je težak pa je tako i automatizaciji cjelokupnog procesa rezerviranja i poslovanja charter tvrtki, zamišljenoj 2002. godine, trebalo neko vrijeme prije nego svi uvjeti sazriju. Unatoč dojmu luksuza, charter industrija je uglavnom sastavljena od manjih tvrtki opterećenih kreditima, oštrom konkurencijom i minimalnim operativnim profitom koji zbog pritiska charter agencija (brokera) ostaje nizak. U takvim poslovnim uvjetima bilo je teško investirati u sustav automatizacije poslovanja i pokrenuti se s mrtve točke. Ideja Booking Managera bila je ponuditi sustav koji je inicijalno financijski vrlo povoljan i koji se naplaćuje kao usluga, a ne fiksno kao većina programskih paketa tog doba. ‘Software as a service’ model je danas vrlo raširen, no tada je tek bio jedna od ideja čije vrijeme tek dolazi. Mnogi korisnici su bili spremni platiti fiksnu veću naknadu od male ‘pretplate’ kako bi bili ‘vlasnici’ softvera, ne shvaćajući da im pretplata uz niže troškove nudi trajniji odnos u kojem sustav automatski prati njihovo poslovanje s novim funkcijama i zakonskim prilagodbama bez ikakvog dodatnog troška. Osim tog izazova, situacija s poreznim uređenjem poslovanja u charteru početkom drugog tisućljeća, pogotovo u zemljama poput Hrvatske i Grčke, bila je takva da je puno unosnije i lakše bilo izbjegavati preciznu evidenciju poslovanja

Good things come to those who wait – and the charter industry has been waiting for something like this since 2002. Automatization of the booking process took some time, for more than one reason. Contrary to popular belief, the industry is mostly made up from smaller companies, the competition is merciless and the profit smaller than expected. Such conditions made it difficult to invest into automatization platforms and get the online booking systems off the ground. Croatian company MMK Systems created the Booking Manager with one simple goal – offering an affordable online booking system charged per transaction instead of per software package, as was customary back in the day. Many users were thus ready to pay a lump sum to own software, rather than paying smaller fees on monthly basis just to use it, failing to understand that subscription offers numerous advantages, such as regulation-related updates free and maintenance free of charge. Development of the online booking system was additionally hampered by the ever-present tendencies in many charter-oriented countries (like Croatia or Greece) toward tax evasion – a system that records every little transaction wasn’t exactly welcomed. New and strict tax rules finally cleared the stage and automatization rolled out, but the road ahead – toward the efficiency of the hotel and airline online booking


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Booking Manager je financijski vrlo povoljan sustav koji se naplaćuje prema usluzi

systems – was anything but easy. The main hurdle was charter agencies (brokers), who have been in charge of reservation since the beginning and serving as intermediary, inadvertently blocked the clients from dealing directly with the yacht owners. That system created an unhealthily competitive atmosphere, with brokers squabbling over customers, luring them over to their side with questionable means and often offering discounts at the expense of the yacht owner. Direct booking – with set prices and discounts – was obviously out of the question and brokers had no intention of ever allowing for such a system to come to life as long as they had maneuvering space to negotiate just a couple of euros more by keeping customers and yacht owners apart. The inefficiency of the method was tolerated for the profit. Online booking offers numerous advantages – from the obvious option of serving several customers at once, to bigger profits due to operative cost cuts – and has already attracted a number of new players (encouraged by the simplicity of operation) to the industry. Despite the fact that the online booking platforms have been around for a decade,

Booking manager is an affordable online booking system charged per transaction


kako bi se zaobišlo plaćanje poreza državi, što je također ometalo napredak. Uređenjem poreznih pravila, krenula je automatizacija samih charter ureda, no bilo je potrebno još cijelo desetljeće da se online booking na internetu počne razvijati na način na koji se razvila hotelska i avio-industrija. Glavni kočničar razvoja online bookinga, uz nepostojanje alata, zapravo su bile agencije (brokeri) koji su oduvijek bili glavni izvor rezervacija za ponuđače charter usluga, pa je vrlo mali dio gostiju dolazio direktno ponuđaču. U takvim uvjetima često se različite agencije bore za istog gosta kojem prodaju isti brod i tada dolazi do usmenog pregovaranja i nagovaranja kako bi se ostvarila rezervacija. Često je u tom ‘Grand Bazaar’ modelu i ponu-

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S Booking Managerom možete ubaciti plovila u jedan sustav i automatski ih nuditi preko svih relevantnih charter portala Booking Manager allows you to register and offer your vessels to customers of all internet charter portals at once

đač usluge prisiljen davati dodatne popuste pod pritiskom agenata. Pri takvom načinu rada direktan booking s već definiranom cijenom i popustom se činio nemoguć i tradicionalnim agencijama nije padalo na pamet da ozbiljno krenu s internetskim rezervacijama sve dok su u mogućnosti iscijediti par eura više u usmenom razgovoru s klijentom. Neefikasnost takvog načina rada i količina potrošenog vremena činila se minimalnom u usporedbi s mogućom koristi u tom trenutku. Prednosti online bookinga, poput mogućnosti istovremenog posluživanja velike količine potencijalnih korisnika i povećane zarade zbog manjih operativnih troškova, postale su sve veći mamac novim igračima na charter tržištu neopterećenim starim načinom poslovanja. Unatoč postojanju tehnologije na tržištu već gotovo deset godina, tek su početkom 2010. krenuli prvi ozbiljni pokušaji internet portala za charter koji su, malo-pomalo, počeli uzimati kolač velikim tradicionalnim agencijama. Kako se i nove generacije charter gostiju polako izmjenjuju, baza potencijalnih gostiju koji bi radije pretraživali internet nego listali po papirnatom katalogu postaje sve značajnijom i u zadnjih nekoliko godina konačno eksplozivno raste. Danas su internetski portali jedni od najprofesionalnijih mjesta za charter goste s vrlo konkurentnim cijenama i neusporedivo kvalitetnijom ponudom u usporedbi sa starim modelom. Ako ste krajnji gost, u svako doba dana i noći pod vašim prstima su svi brodovi u charteru i trenutno možete pronaći slobodno plovilo po vama odgovarajućoj cijeni. Možete i usporediti dojmove drugih jedriličara i, naravno, rezervirati svoje jedrenje te ga platiti sigurnom transakcijom putem kreditne kartice. Takvo iskustvo jednostavnosti i brzine je puno kvalitetnije i, u konačnici, sigurnije od starog ‘pregovaranja’ s agentom koji želi od vas izvući maksimalno novca i koji nudi ograničen broj brodova. Ako ste iznajmljivač, vlasnik broda, tada vam Booking Manager pruža jedinstvenu mogućnost da plovilo ubacite u jedan sustav i automatski ga nudite putem svih relevantnih charter portala. To malim charter tvrtkama daje veliku moć koju su prije mogle samo sanjati - pojaviti se na globalnom tržištu uz minimalni trošak. No i malim i velikim flotama, online booking u konačnici znači veći profit i njegov konačni rast u charter svijetu vodi do toga da se one mogu koncentrirati na kvalitetu vlastitog proizvoda i tako se, ne samo cijenom, diferencirati od konkurencije.

dedicated internet charter portals haven’t really existed before 2010. The new generation of charter customers prefer to search the net, rather than visit an agency and look at paper catalogs, so finally the online booking is booming. The professional approach, competitive prices and high-quality offer give online booking portals an undeniable edge over the old model. The end user can choose their yacht from anywhere in the world, any time; see them listed by price, by size, by location, by reviews – and then pay online, as well. Simple, fast and safe, the new system beats the old one on all counts, and according to many, is much more pleasant, as it doesn’t include the often unsavory dealing with brokers. Yacht owners have especially come to see the many advantages of online booking, as Booking Manager allows them to register and offer their vessels to customers of all internet charter portals at once. Smaller businesses have been given an opportunity they couldn’t dream of with the old system: global presence at a low cost. Small or big, all fleet owners ultimately profit more with online booking and can now use the extra time on their hands to perfect their product and differentiate themselves from the competition in more than just the price.


DOJMOVI O HRVATSKOJ Kako je cura s Novog Zelanda završila kao domaćica na jahti u Hrvatskoj? Zapravo lako: došla je, zaljubila se i ostala So how does a girl from New Zealand end up as the chief hostess on a charter yacht in Croatia? Easy really: she came, she saw, she fell in love and she stayed Text Tash Peričić Photos T. Peričić & Archive


Summer Yachts Heritage Sport 2016

Od svih zemalja koje sam na svojim putovanjima upoznala, Hrvatska je osvojila moje srce. Dođoh, vidjeh, zaljubih se (i u Hrvatsku i u supruga, ali to je druga priča), ostadoh. Kao Novozelanđanku koja živi i radi u Hrvatskoj, često me pitaju kakvi su moji dojmovi o državi. Lako bi im bilo pričati o kristalno bistrome moru, prelijepoj prirodi, povijesti, gastronomiji... ali sve je to očigledno, pa bih radije predstavila Hrvatsku kroz pojam ‘pomalo’. Dalmatinski izraz nastao skraćivanjem (naravno da su i to skratili) ‘malo po malo’, na zapadu se vjerojatno predočuje tek opisnim izrazima, ali ovdje je više od riječi: on je način razmišljanja i način života. Kako sam u Hrvatsku došla nakon rada u londonskim restoranima iz Michelinova vodiča u kojima je svaki dan nova bitka, ovakav me način života isprva beskrajno frustrirao. Bila sam navikla na raspored, na to da se stvari obavljaju na određen način i u određenom vremenskom roku, no vrlo brzo nakon dolaska u Hrvatsku shvatila sam da ću morati prilagoditi očekivanja. Rezervacije za vinske ture, restorane, izlete, naručivanje zaliha od dobavljača – sve mi je to nalikovalo na lutriju, koja bi često završila neočekivano: ‘Kakvo kušanje vina ste vi to dogovorili? Ništa ja ne znam o tome.’ Ili čekanje dostave, da neki proizvodi uopće ne budu isporučeni bez ikakve prethodne najave, nego samo uz: ‘Aha, da. Toga više

Throughout all of my travels around the world, Croatia quite literally captured my heart. I came, I saw, I fell in love (with the country and my husband, but that is a different story), I stayed. Coming from New Zealand, I often get asked about my impressions of Croatia as a foreigner now living and working here. I could easily talk about the stunning nature, crystalline waters, history, cuisine… but these are far too obvious, instead I am going to talk about the little-known culture of ‘pomalo’. This is a Dalmatian expression, the full version is ‘malo po malo’, which literally translates to ‘little by little’, but of course even this was shortened! The closest western expression would probably be ‘take it easy’, but pomalo is so much more than an expression, it is a mindset, a way of being. Having come to Croatia after a stint of living and working in the rat race of London and Michelin star restaurants, I can easily say that initially this very relaxed approach to work and life had me frustrated beyond all measure. I was most definitely used to things being done in a certain manner (and timeframe) and I learnt very quickly that I would have to adapt my approach. Booking wine tours, restaurants, excursions, ordering stock from suppliers, it could all be a very ‘luck of the draw’ type scenario as to the outcome – ‘wine tasting you booked? I don’t know anything about it’, waiting on deliveries only to discover that certain products are missing with no prior communication ‘ah, yea, we don’t have that…’ However, understanding that things will not always go to plan is a prerequisite to working on a yacht, so in a sense, learning to work with the ‘pomalo’ attitude was my training. Nothing is guaranteed when you work on a yacht, we are basically a moving hotel on water that is at the mercy of not only mechanics, but also the elements and clients’ whims. Incorporating this attitude into life on a yacht builds resilience, creativity and flexibility – if plan A doesn’t work, there are still 25 letters left in the alphabet! I have always had a personal

Baština Ljeto 2016.

‘Stojeći na najvišoj palubi i promatrajući Jadran, svaki put shvatim da Hrvatsku volim jednako kao i prvoga dana kad sam ovamo stigla’ ‘Standing on the fly-bridge, looking out over the Adriatic, I am just as in love with this country as the day I first arrived’ nemamo.’ Shvaćanje da se ponekad stvari neće odvijati kako je planirano nužno je za rad na jahti – tako je pomalo postao osnovni dio mojeg treninga. Na jahti ništa nije garantirano jer jahta je zapravo pokretni hotel na kojem rad ne ovisi samo o tehnologiji, nego i o vremenu, ili volji klijenta. Pomalo je filozofija koja u takvim uvjetima rada pomaže u razvijanju otpornosti, kreativnosti i fleksibilnosti: ako prvi plan ne uspije, ima još mnogo rednih brojeva iza tog. Dio moje osobne životne filozofije je povezanost s ljudima, s hranom, s trenutnim iskustvom. To je temelj mojeg pristupa radu: pronaći pouzdane suradnike je jedno, ali pronaći strastvene, iskrene suradnike koji utjelovljuju duh Dalmacije nešto sasvim drugo. To iskustvo želim pružiti i svojim klijentima, a da bi doista iskusili mjesto u koje su došli, trebaju razumjeti ljude koji ondje žive, njihov mentalitet. Dio tog iskustva isto je tako i ludnica u kojoj se možete naći – posjetite malu vinariju da biste u podrumu zatekli majku i sina kako se bučno prepiru, ili grupicu veseljaka kako pjevaju, dobro podmazanih rakijom. Ponekad naletite i na drugačije prizore – odete na ekofarmu na Starogradskom polju na kušanje domaćeg sira i maslinova ulja, sjednete i promatrate kokoši kako se šetkaju po dvorištu, ili magarce kako se izležavaju na ljetnom suncu. Dalmacija čak ima i hranu koja utjelovljuje filozofiju ‘pomalo’: hranu ispod peke, najčešće janjetinu, teletinu ili hobotnicu koje se začinjene maslinovim uljem, mirisnim travama i s povrćem peku oko tri ili četiri sata. Jela ispod peke tipična su za male obiteljske restorane poput Konobe Maha na Korčuli: u čarobnom vrtu i dvoru zabavljat će vas braća dok kušate platu njihovih domaćih proizvoda uz zvuk cvrčaka ili pjesmu klapa, i čekate peku – jer za najbolje stvari treba vremena. Sve je ovo dio iskustva Dalmacije, a po mojem je mišljenju najvažniji dio posla hostese na jahti baš to: otkrivanje autentičnoga i približavanje gostima onoga čega u turističkim vodičima često nema. Nakon pet godina u Hrvatskoj mogu reći da je ‘pomalo’ postalo i moja životna filozofija. Za Dalmatince se često (pogrešno) misli da su lijeni, indiferentni, no kao stranac mogu reći da u tome nema ni zrnca istine. Naravno da među njima, kao i među svima drugima na svijetu, ima lijenčina, ali pomalo nema veze s lijenošću. Dalmatinci se ne žure jer shvaćaju situaciju i znaju da stres ne rješava ništa. U svojih pet godina u Hrvatskoj upoznala sam mnoge radišne, strastvene, ponosne ljude i iako priznajem da možda više nisam objektivan promatrač, mogu reći da su posade s kojima sam ovdje surađivala najradišnije, najpredanije posade koje sam upoznala. Klijentima koji dolaze ovamo preporučila bih da ne stvaraju planove: dobro je znati što vas zanima u mjestu koje posjećujete, ali strogo razrađen plan putovanja bez imalo prostora za odstupanja mogao bi vas dovesti samo do razočaranja i, još gore, navesti vas da propustite spontana iskustva, ne otkrijete neočekivane ljepote, poput nenastanjenog otočića Sušca na kojem se uspnete na svjetionik i kad se pred vama prostre zalazak sunca na Jadranu, shvatite da ste jedini brod miljama daleko. Ono što sam u ovih pet godina naučila jest da bi svakome od nas dobro došlo malo te filozofije: pomalo.

style and philosophy of having an emotional connection to people, food and the overall experience. It is the bases of how I work. Finding reliable people to work with is one thing, but finding those who are truly passionate, genuine and embody the spirit of Dalmatia – this, is another. This is the experience I wish to give to my clients; to truly feel a place you need to understand the people and the mentality. So yes, part of the experience, is being amidst the madness sometimes; like visiting a local vineyard – you may walk into the cellar to find the mother yelling at her son, or a group erupting into song over rakija; or perhaps you might head to an eco-farm on the Stari Grad Plain, sample the local indigenous wine, house-made cheeses and olive oil and watch the chickens run around while the donkeys lie lazily under the summer sun. There is even food which completely embodies the ‘pomalo’ attitude – Peka; this dish is traditionally veal, lamb or octopus, prepared with olive oil, fresh herbs and vegetables, slow-cooked in a cast iron dome bell under burning embers, it takes 3 – 4 hours cooking (be sure to book in advance). This dish is typically found in a small family-run restaurant, like Ranch Maha in Korčula: you will walk into a beautiful garden and courtyard, be greeted by two brothers, who will keep you entertained while you enjoy a ‘tasting plate’ of their own products, all while sipping on the local wine listening to nature’s symphony of cicadas or even local klapa (traditional acapella), waiting for your Peka… the epitome of ‘good things take time’. All of these experiences are part of the charm of Dalmatia and this, I believe is the most important role of the hostess – to discover and share the authentic experience, the one that the guidebooks don’t necessarily tell you. After five years in Croatia I can say that ‘little by little’ this attitude has made its way into my being. Dalmatians are often (mistakenly) described as lazy, or indifferent, as a foreigner I can say that this is completely untrue. While of course this can be true for some (it can be true anywhere in the world), do not mistake ‘pomalo’ for indifference; a lack of urgency most likely means that while they understand the situation, they also understand that stress solves nothing. In my time here I have found some incredibly hard working, beautifully passionate and fiercely proud people and though I may be a little biased, I can honestly say that the crew I work with are some of the most hard working and dedicated individuals I have ever come across. For clients coming to Croatia I would say leave the manila folder of your itinerary plan at home. Having ideas and interests is a good thing, but having a strict itinerary with no leeway could not only lead to disappointment when things don’t go according to plan, but more importantly, it could mean missing out on a spontaneous experience or an unexpected destination – like visiting the uninhabited island Susac; climbing to the lighthouse, watching the sunset over the Adriatic and discovering you are the only yacht around for miles, surely this is a treasured moment that just cannot be planned for. In fact, I now believe that everybody could benefit from a touch of this attitude… Pomalo!!

Jedinstvena ljepota Hrvatske ostavila je Tash bez rijeÄ? Tash was awestruck at the unique, natural beauty Croatia had to offer



Posjet pustinjačkom samostanu Blaca moguć je i s mora; prilika je to da uživate u prekrasnoj uvali, zanimljivoj šetnji i fascinantnom naslijeđu koje su svećenici glagoljaši ostavili budućim generacijama The eremitic monastery of Blaca can be approached from the sea; it is an opportunity to enjoy the spectacular cove, interesting hike, and the fascinating heritage left by the Glagolitic priests for the future generations Text Jasna Damjanović & Darko Šupuk Photos Ivo Pervan, Ivan Bura, Milan Alfirević & Franjo Mlinac


Pustinjački samostan Blaca jedan je od najljepših spomenika životu na otocima u cijeloj Dalmaciji, a danas egzistira kao ekomuzej koji rado posjećuju i strani i domaći turisti. Spoj tradicije i urbanizma otoka s naslijeđem koje su ostavili svećenici glagoljaši koji su samostan osnovali u 16. stoljeću malo koga ostavlja ravnodušnim. Svećenici su radom i požrtvovnošću stekli veliki posjed - poljoprivredna zemljišta, trgovačke brodove, bogatu knjižnicu, tiskaru i vrijednu astronomsku zbirku posljednjeg pustinjaka, don Nikole Miličevića. Blaca su zaista izniman spomenik ljudskoga rada i ljudske izdržljivosti, s iznimnim povijesnim, gospodarskim, umjetničkim i znanstvenim sadržajima. Do Pustinje Blaca može se stići iz više smjerova, ali uvijek i samo pješice. Do muzeja i samostana u Blacama može se doći i od blatačke uvale, odakle se nastavlja put polusatnim pješačenjem (ili malo duljim, ako vam se ne žuri). Po nama je to jedan od najljepših izleta koji za krstarenja srednjodalmatinskim otocima možete poduzeti. Sama Blaca lijepa je prirodna uvala orijentirana na jug, sa šljunčanim žalom i zelenim pjeskovitim dnom. Za vrijeme anticiklonalnih vjetrova (bure i maestrala) predstavlja i dobro sidrište na kojem možete prenoćiti, a kao i svaka lijepa jadranska uvala pruža mogućnosti za uživanje u moru i suncu. Ono što je izdvaja od svih drugih je mogućnost posjeta samostanu, koji inače preporučujemo ranije ujutro zbog uobičajenih vrućina. Pristup kozjom stazom otkrit će vam malene dolce u kojima se nekada sakupljala dragocjena zemlja, a zasađena stabla maslina otkrivaju da je to područje odavna kultivirano. Jedna od brojnih The eremitic monastery of Blaca is one of the most beautiful monuments to life on Dalmatian islands and today it functions as an eco-museum, visited frequently by foreign and domestic tourists. The harmony of tradition and urban development left by the Glagolitic priests who established the monastery in the 16th century, leaves no one indifferent. The priests had with their hard work and sacrifice acquired a large estate – agricultural lands, merchant ships, rich library, printing office, and a valuable astronomy collection by the last hermit, Don Nikola Miličević. Blaca is indeed an extraordinary dedication to human work and perseverance, with unique historic, economic, artistic and scientific contents. Blaca Hermitage can be reached from various directions but always and only on foot. The Blaca museum and monastery can be approached from Blaca bay and from there it is a half-hour hike (or longer if you are not in a hurry). We think this is one of the most magnificent Dalmatian island cruises you can imagine. Blaca itself is a gorgeous natural south facing cove, with pebbly beaches, turquoise waters and a sandy seabed. During the anti-cyclonic winds (bora and mistral) it is a good anchorage to spend the night; and as any other Adriatic cove, it offers relaxation in the sea and sun. What makes Blaca so special is the possibility to visit the monastery – we recommend that you take this walk in the early morning as the temperatures usually become very high later in the day. The access via a narrow path reveals small sinkholes where once valuable soil was collected and mature olive trees tell us that the area has been cultivated for a long time. One of the


priča iz života pustinjaka je ona o nošenju klavira od mora, kada su kao nagradu za neoštećeni dragocjeni instrument lokalni težaci mogli popiti ‘popovskog’ vina koliko su htjeli, navodno su popili više od šezdeset litara... Kada vidite stazu koja vodi od uvale do samostana, kojom je prošao i spomenuti klavir, koji danas u samostanu možete i vidjeti, onda vam postaje jasno kakav život su vodili svećenici i ljudi koji su živjeli s njima. Blaca su bila i edukativni centar tog dijela otoka jer su imala i malu školu sa specifičnom školarinom za djecu koja su je pohađala – jedna cjepanica za ogrjev dnevno. Dr. sc. Radoslav Bužančić u svom tekstu o samostanu piše: ‘Postao je spoj udobnosti srednjoeuropskoga građanskog stanovanja i tradicionalnih životnih navika ruralnih sredina Poljica i Brača. U istom su se sklopu tako zajedno našli saloni s knjižnicom i klavirom, radne sobe i glazbeni instrumenti, ali i komini, otvorena ložišta s dimom na kojem se sušilo meso, krušne peći i spremišta. Blaca nisu samo iznimno vrijedan kulturni spomenik, ona su apsolutna točka u prostoru, središte cjelovitog i zaokruženog ekosustava kojem pripadaju obrađena samostanska polja i imanja, te pastirski zaselci s pašnjacima razasutim podno Vidove gore. U svakodnevnom životu tu se eksperimentiralo s novim metodama uzgoja poljoprivrednih kultura, uvođenjem novih tehnologija poput sušenja voća ili proizvodnje i prerade vina zasnovane na suvremenim tehničkim dostignućima, proizvodilo se u iznimno velikim količinama maslinovo ulje i med. Pokusna eksploatacija borove smole uvedena je radi proizvodnje terpentina, a zasađene plantaže buhača eksperimentirale su s proizvodnjom prirodnog pesticida.’ U posljednja četiri desetljeća provedeni su opsežni konzervatorsko-restauratorski radovi na muzejskom kompleksu, dok se od 2007. provode aktivnosti integralne zaštite u sklopu šire definiranog programa Ekomuzeja. U sljedećoj fazi, osim nastavka sanacije i uređenja muzeja, planira se unaprjeđenje muzejskoga programa prema eko-muzejskom konceptu i uspostavljanje rješenja za korištenje obnovljivih izvora energije i revitalizaciju gospodarstva. Jasna Damjanović, ravnateljica Centra za kulturu Brač, ističe važnost pribavljanja potrebnih sredstava iz odgovarajućih EU fondova za završetak ovog iznimnog projekta. Muzej danas radi s minimalnim brojem zaposlenika i ograničenim kapacitetima, a kompletna revitalizacija ovog područja u razdoblju od 2015. do 2020. godine značila bi i velike novosti u kulturnoj i turističkoj ponudi čitavog područja zaštićenog krajolika. Obnovom gospodarskih zgrada stvorila bi se domaća gastronomska ponuda, a Blaca bi, baš kao nekad, proizvodila svoje vlastito vino, ulje i med. Ponovno bi se uspostavila zvjezdarnica don Nike Miličevića koja bi, uz suvremenu tehnologiju, mogla postati novom turističkom i znanstvenom atrakcijom ionako fascinantne Pustinje.

many interesting stories about the life of hermits is the one about carrying a piano from the shore; as a reward for getting the piano safely to the monastery, local farmers were allowed to drink as much of the priests’ wine as they wanted, they apparently drank over sixty litres… Once you see the path leading from the cove to the monastery that the said piano (still present in the monastery) took, you will get the idea of how the priests and local people lived. Blaca was also the educational centre of its part of the island. It had a small school with an unusual tuition fee for its students – one log of firewood a day. In his text about the monastery Dr.Sc. Radoslav Bužančić says: ‘It has become a blend of Mid European urban comfort and traditional lifestyle of rural areas of Poljica and Brač. The same frame contained library and piano salons, studies and musical instruments, but also open fireplaces with smoke for meat drying, bread ovens, and storage rooms. Blaca is not only a priceless cultural monument, it is an absolute point in space, the centre of a complete and rounded eco-system, parts of which are the cultivated monastery fields and farms, and shepherds’ hamlets with pastures scattered across the foot of Vidova Gora. This was a place of daily exploration of new methods of farming, implementation of new technologies like fruit drying or production of wine based on contemporary technical achievements; large quantities of olive oil and honey were produced. A test exploitation of pine resin was introduced for the production of turpentine, and pyrethrum plantations were experimenting with the production of natural pesticides.’ Extensive conservation & restoration work has been done on the museum complex in the past four decades, while since 2007 integrated protection activities are done within a widely defined Eco-museum program. The next phase will, besides continued preservation of the museum, include improvements of the museum program following the eco-museum concept, and coming up with solutions for use of renewable energy resources and revitalization of economy. Jasna Damjanović, the Principal of Brač Culture Centre emphasizes the importance of obtaining necessary financing from appropriate EU funds to complete this brilliant project. The museum today operates with minimum staff and limited capacities and the overall revitalization of this area in the period from 2015 to 2020 would mean exciting new features in the cultural and tourist offer of this listed heritage site. The offer of local cuisine would flourish with the reconstruction of commercial buildings, and Blaca would, just like once upon a time, make its own wine, oil and honey. Don Niko Miličević’s observatory would work again, and with the help of modern technology, it could become a new tourist and scientific attraction in this already captivating Hermitage.

Pustinja Blaca je pravi prirodni i kulturoloĹĄki fenomen, oaza mira i uspomena na proĹĄla vremena Blaca Hermitage is an outstanding natural and cultural phenomenon, a wonderful oasis of peace and memories of days gone by


Ljeto 2016.


MILITARY TOUR VIS Vis je pola stoljeća bio utvrđena vojna baza, izgrađena za preživljavanje čak i nuklearne katastrofe, a 38 vojnih objekata na otoku danas su jedinstvena turistička atrakcija

RAJ ZA PREPPERE PREPPERS PARADISE Text Lari Lulić Photos Robert Matić &

Vis served for half a century as a military fortification constructed to survive nuclear catastrophe, and 38 military facilities left on the island represent a unique tourist attraction Svako zlo za neko dobro, kaže stara poslovica, koja svakako vrijedi za Vis, otok koji je gotovo pola stoljeća bio izolirana vojna utvrda zabranjena za strane turiste, zahvaljujući čemu kao da je zastao u vremenu i tako očuvao čudesne, nedirnute prirodne ljepote, ali i specifičan duh svojih stanovnika, koje masovni turizam i sve što on donosi nije imao priliku iskvariti. Zbog geostrateške važnosti, Vis je u vrijeme Jugoslavije, od 1944. do 1992. godine, bio velika vojna baza u kojoj je stalno boravilo više od 4.000 vojnika, a u tjeskobno i nesigurno vrijeme hladnoga rata cijeli otok pretvoren je u pravu tvrđavu, sa spletom međusobno povezanih podzemnih atomskih skloništa, potkopa za brodove, bunkera i tunela. Grandiozne podzemne građevine, u koje bi se za slučaj neke katastrofe moglo skriti cijelo stanovništvo Visa, uključujući i turiste za vrijeme sezone, do današnjih su dana ostale u izvornom stanju, što je otoku priskrbilo doista jedinstvenu turističku atrakciju, ne samo u hrvatskim, već u svjetskim okvirima. Jer zaista, gdje biste to još mogli nakon opuštenog jedrenja u predivnom akvatoriju ili uživanja u vrhunskoj gastronomiji sjesti u džip neke od turističkih agencija, te u nekoliko sati obići divovski potkop za brodove, podzemnu raketnu bazu, aerodrom na koji su u Drugom svjetskom ratu slijetali saveznički bombarderi, te izlet završiti u atomskoj centrali, objektu sagrađenom 60 metara pod zemljom od armiranog betona, kojemu ni eksplozija atomske bombe ne bi nanijela previše štete. Vis je zbog impozantne podzemne vojne infrastrukture pravi Disneyland za svakog ‘preppera’, no jednako privlači i druge znatiželjne turiste, te ljubitelje vojne povijesti svih razdoblja, jer otok je zbog svog položaja od antičkih vremena bio važna utvrda, na kojoj su trag ostavili još stari Grci, ali jednako tako kasnije i Francuzi, Englezi, Austrijanci ili Amerikanci. Viški Military Tour organizira nekoliko agencija na otoku, primjerice Visit u Visu, ili Alternatura u Komiži, a izlet, ovisno o preferencijama i sastavu grupe, traje između tri i šest sati, tijekom kojih će vas profesionalni, dobro obučeni vodiči džipovima i pješice provesti kroz sve značajne vojne točke na otoku i pokazati vam većinu od ukupno 38 vojnih objekata tadašnje JNA. Krenete li džipovima iz grada Visa starom cestom za Komižu, prva točka Military Toura je potkop za ratne brodove Jastog. Potkop je dugačak 150 metara, visina mu je 16, a dubina, odnosno gaz, šest metara, te je projektiran tako da u njega stanu tri raketne topovnjače ili nekoliko podmornica. Nasuprot potkopa je još jedna značajna točka - obrambena kula koju je dao izgraditi britanski kralj George

Every dark cloud has a silver lining – as the old proverb goes and this most definitely applies to Vis island, which served for almost half a century as a military fortress forbidden to tourists; thus preserving its magical, genuine natural beauty which reflects a distinctive spirit of its dwellers, completely undisturbed by time and the mass tourism effects. Due to its geostrategic importance, from 1944 to 1992 under former Yugoslavia, Vis was a large military base with more than 4,000 soldiers. During turbulent cold war times, the whole island was turned into a real fortress, with a network of underground tunnels and nuclear shelters, marine military undermines, bunkers and tunnels. Impressive underground structures, with capacity of sheltering the inhabitants of the entire island, including seasonal tourists as well, have withstood the test of time, playing a significant part in the island’s world popularity. Having enjoyed a relaxing sailing tour in the fabulous blue waters of Vis or genuine gastro offer, a jeep operated by skilful personnel of tourist agencies shall take you on a historicadventurous island tour and in a few hours you will see a giant marine military undermining for warships, underground military missile base, WW II military airport served for landing of alliance military bombers and finish the tour on Vela glava location - nuclear headquarters, a ferroconcrete structure built 60m under the ground intended to protect from atomic bomb explosion. Due to its impressive underground military infrastructure Vis represents a unique Disneyland for every ‘prepper’, nevertheless it is equally attractive to other curious tourists and military history enthusiasts – since this island has always enjoyed the role of significant fortification ever since the Antique period. Vis Military Tour is organized by several island agencies, like Visit in Vis or Alternatura in Komiža, and the tour, depending on preferences and group character, lasts between three to six hours with professional guides in well-equipped jeeps or on foot. If your starting point is the town of Vis, the first point on your Military Tour is marine military undermining for warships Jastog (The Lobster). This strategic military camouflage is 150 meters long, 16 m high, and of six meters draft, designed to host three missile gunboats or a few submarines. Just across this marine military camouflage is another important point – fortification built by the British King George III at the end of the 18th ct. A narrow rough road leads towards Crvene stine (Red Rocks) just above Komiža, with in-

Military Tour organizira nekoliko agencija na otoku, a izlet, ovisno o preferencijama i sastavu grupe, traje između tri i šest sati Several island agencies organize the Military Tour, and the tour lasts for three to six hours depending on the group character and preferences

III. krajem 18. stoljeća. Uskim makadamskim putem nastavlja se potom prema Crvenim stinama poviše Komiže, gdje se duboko u utrobi planine nalazi informativni centar Tanjug, bivše obavještajno i informativno središe. Military Tour potom vodi do raketne baze Stupišće. Nakon spuštanja u potkop, te dugog pješačenja dobro ventiliranim tunelima, stubama se izlazi do topovskih baterija uperenih prema pučini. Nekada je u objektu Stupišće bilo 12 ruskih 20-metarskih raketa zemlja-more P-21 s bojevom glavom od pola tone, zatim bitnica protubrodskih topova i bitnica protuzračne obrane, ali vojska je nakon odlaska ostavila samo nekoliko pretpotopnih talijanskih topova iz Drugog svjetskog rata. Iduća postaja Military Toura je brdo Hum, najviša točka Visa, nedaleko koje se nalazi baza s radarskim sustavom, jedini vojni objekt u kojem je i danas djelatna vojna posada. Nakon Huma put vodi do Titove špilje, a sljedeća destinacija je Vela glava, na kojoj se nalazila atomska komanda i bolnica. Riječ je o golemom objektu smještenom u srcu brda, 60 metara ispod zemlje, do kojega opet vode dugi, prostrani tuneli, iz kojih se račvaju mnogi sporedni izlazi i prolazi u velike prostorije za smještaj ljudstva i opreme. Unutra se, u slučaju potrebe, moglo smjestiti više od 500 vojnika, koji su imali zalihe hrane i pića za godinu dana. Na povratku prema gradu Visu još je jedna značajna točka: britanski vojni aerodrom iz Drugog svjetskog rata u Viškom polju, na mjestu kojega su sada vinogradi, te spomen-križ podignut u čast poginulih pilota RAF-a. Viško polje na vrhu otoka idealno je mjesto za završetak pomalo neudobne i fizički zahtjevne, no nadasve interesantne vojne ture po otoku, jer tu se nalazi nekoliko restorana i obiteljskih gospodarstava – dovoljno je spomenuti čuveni Roki’s ili Magića – u kojima se redovito priređuje završni, gastronomsko-hedonistički dio Military Toura. Nakon višesatnih putešestvija po tunelima i potkopima valja se prvo okrijepiti domaćom rakijicom i viškom pogačom, a preporučujemo da kušate i neku od ribljih ili mesnih peka, po kojima su konobe u polju nadaleko poznate.

formation centre Tanjug deep down in the heart of the hill, which operated as ex-intelligence information centre. This martial tour takes you further to the missile base Stupišće. After entering the marine military undermining and a long walk down the well air-conditioned tunnels, stairs lead the way out to cannonry facing the open sea. The facility Stupišće provided 12 20-meters long Soviet P 21 anti-ship missiles containing half a ton warhead, anti-ship artillery and airborne defence units, though military left only a few ancient Italian WW II cannons. All cannon positions sticking out of the cliffs above the sea are connected through a web of tunnels and set for sojourning of some two hundred men. The next post of the Military Tour is Hum hill, the highest Vis point, and the route after that leads to ‘Tito’s Cave’. The next destination Vela glava, location of the nuclear headquarters and hospital, is fascinating; it is a huge structure lying in the centre of the hill, 60 meters under the ground, with long spacious tunnels branching into chambers intended for 500 men providing food and drinks supply for a year. On the way back to Vis comes another significant site: WW II British military airport now operating as a vineyard with a cross as a memory on RAF pilots who lost their lives there. Vis field on the top of the island is an ideal place to end this uncomfortable and physically challenging, yet highly interesting, military tour, because it hosts a few restaurants and family farms – like Roki’s or Magić – regularly giving the final, gastro-hedonistic touch to the Military Tour. Hours-long adventure through tunnels and marine military underminings calls for homemade brandy and Vis salted sardine pie, or we recommend ordering traditional fish or meat cooked over a wood fire under an iron dome lid, which field taverns are widely known for.

Summer 2016

Čuvena Titova špilja nalazi se u središtu otoka, na brdu Humu The famous Tito’s Cave is located in the centre of the island, on the Hum Hill


Ljeto 2016.

U pokretu s najboljim prijateljem Moving man’s best friend Vlasnici jahta i privatnih zrakoplova provode mnogo vremena u pokretu, a često imaju i više kuća, pa je njihova potreba za putovanjem s kućnim ljubimcima stvarna As yacht and jet owners spend an everincreasing amount of time on board or at multiple residences, the logistics involved in moving members of the extended family need to be taken into account Text Dr Siobhan Brade Photos Invictus & Qushin


Ljubimci na odmoru Pets onboard Za mnoge vlasnike jahta, privatnih zrakoplova ili ljubitelje krstarenja vrijeme je luksuz, a putovanje radi odmora je rijetka prilika za druženje s onima koje vole, a to uključuje i kućne ljubimce – i naravno, čovjekova najboljeg prijatelja psa. Odisejev pas Argos 20 je godina čekao njegov povratak iz Trojanskog rata i uginuo tek kad ga je dočekao, a nedavno su dva psa i mačka prohodali gotovo 500 kilometara Kanadom da bi sustigli svoju ljudsku obitelj, pa je izvjesno da toj ljubavi nema kraja. Na svijetu trenutno živi više od 500 milijuna pasa, a mnogi od njih blisko su povezani s čovjekom. Bolje prepoznaju naše osjećaje i sposobniji su za komunikaciju s nama čak i od našeg najbližeg rođaka, primata, izvlače najbolje iz nas i iz svake situacije, a bolje društvo od njih teško je zamisliti. Ne možemo stoga zamisliti razlog zbog kojeg bi trebalo ostaviti psa negdje drugdje dok putujemo. Pas voli živjeti s čovjekom koliko i čovjek s njim, stoga naše druženje ne smije biti ograničeno na dom. Putovanje sa psima danas se već smatra uobičajenim, a sve više ljudi vodi pse na ljetovanje čak i kad ljeto provode na jahti, a one koji se još kolebaju želimo ohrabriti. Mnogo toga treba uzeti u obzir prije nego što se krene na put sa životinjama, od pravila u raznim zemljama do duljine putovanja, ali važnije je od svega toga smještaj psa na brodu. Ako planirate dulje krstarenje, dijelove jahte na kojima će se pas zadržavati potrebno je prilagoditi njegovim potrebama, kako sigurnosnim,

For many superyacht, private aircraft owners and charter clients, particularly those who are time poor, travel represent a priceless opportunity to spend time with those they love. With the advancements of internet and connectivity many owners, now able to work from their yachts or holiday homes, are spending extended lengths of time on board or at various homes, with many now owning multiple residences and travelling by private jet between them. From Homer’s Odyssey, where tragically the dog Argos waits patiently for 20-years for the return of Odysseus, and on seeing him at last, dies; to the more modern The Incredible Journey, which tells the story of two dogs (and cat) that made a 300-mile journey across Canada to get back to their owners, our love affair with the dog is a subject we are unlikely to grow tired of soon. There are now over 500-million dogs in the world, many sharing a unique bond with a human. Dogs are more sensitive to our emotions and our intentions to communicate with them than even our closest cousins, apes. Dogs bring out the best in us and make almost every situation more positive and more enjoyable. Travelling with your dog is now something that should be considered normal and to those who consider their pet to be a member of the family, essential. There are many things to consider prior to travel with your pet, from regulatory implications to the yacht’s cruising itinerary or your flight plan,

Ljeto 2016.

Osim što u novo okruženje na putovanju unose dašak domaće atmosfere, kućni ljubimci svojim vlasnicima pomažu u opuštanju Not only do pets provide a happy familiarity that is so often lost with constant travel, they engage ‘their humans’ in their environment tako i onima vezanim uz komfor životinje. Pri najmu jahta dobro je odabrati jahtu koja ima otvor klimatizacijskog uređaja blizu poda, da pas može leći pred njega ako osjeti potrebu za rashlađivanjem, kao i brod s vratima koja se otvaraju uz pomoć senzora, da ih pas može samostalno koristiti. Putovanje na odmor sa psima neprocjenjivo je, a oni koji su prisiljeni ostaviti kućnog ljubimca za sobom kad odu na odmor često se zbog brige ne opuste do kraja, pa čak i ‘komuniciraju’ s ljubimcem uz pomoć osobe kojoj su ga povjerili u svojoj odsutnosti. Povedete li psa na ljetovanje, odmor će vam se pretvoriti u mnogo ugodnije iskustvo nego bez njega, ako ni zbog čega drugoga, onda zbog zaraznog veselja koje je psima stalno raspoloženje, a ako putujete zbog posla i mnogo vremena provodite daleko od doma, ima li boljeg sudruga od člana obitelji na četiri noge?

to ensuring the dog’s comfort on board. In yachting where pets spend extended periods onboard support is key, and this is where many parties play a role, from yacht designers ensuring that the yacht is petfriendly, to the choosing yachts that have included air conditioning vents at floor level for pets to ‘chill out’ near, and electronic doors with sensors calibrated to ensure the resident pet can also use the access safely. The value of travelling with a dog on board cannot be underestimated–for both owners or for their canine friends. Pets can turn an ordinary experience into something extraordinary with their infectious enthusiasm. Imagine what they can do for your overall experience on board a superyacht. As a member of the family there is no reason they should have to stay at home… and in my opinion they make an excellent First Mate.

Kad odete na odmor bez svoga ljubimca, ni vi ni on nećete se osjećati sasvim ugodno. Dobro planiranje može vaš odmor pretvoriti u ugodno druženje s najboljim prijateljem Leaving a member of the family behind can cause stress and anxiety–for both parties. With careful planning you can all share wonderful travel experiences


Qushin Yacht kolekcija Yacht collection Nova kolekcija Qushin Yacht namijenjena je psima koji provode ljeto na brodovima sa svojim vlasnicima. Ona uključuje jastuk za psa, prostirku i dekorativni jastuk u prepoznatljivim nautičkim dezenima. Zbog nepromočive unutarnje navlake, Qushin jastuci su vrlo praktični za brod, dok se pamučna prostirka Qushin2go brzo suši ako se smoči, a dekorativni jastuci mogu predstavljati lijepi ukras na brodu. Ono što Qushin jastuke razlikuje od sličnih proizvoda prvenstveno jest kvaliteta. Jastuci su punjeni najkvalitetnijim silikoniziranim poliesterskim kuglicama kojima se inače pune i jastuci za spavanje za ljude. Kuglice su antialergijske te se optimalno raspoređuju kako bi omogućile savršenu udobnost. Punjenje je dodatno zaštićeno nepromočivom mikrofibrom što produžuje trajanje ispuna, a na sve to ide čvrsta, ali mekana pamučna navlaka koja se lako skida i održava - dovoljno je skinuti navlaku i ispunu prebrisati vlažnom krpom. To je osobito praktično za pse na brodovima koji se vole okupati u moru, pa ako mokri legnu na svoj jastuk, smočit će se samo pamučna navlaka koja se brzo suši, dok će punjenje ostati zaštićeno. Qushin jastuci za pse dolaze u tri veličine i u ponudi je četrnaest različitih dezena vrlo živih boja, a može se kupiti i sama navlaka. Osim kvalitete, velika prednost Qushina je i estetska komponenta. ‘Želim da proizvodi Qushin budu dekorativan dodatak domu, detalj koji može osvježiti prostor i učiniti ga ljepšim. Zato sam u proljetno/ljetno kolekciju ubacila i dekorativne jastuke za dom i brod koji su usklađeni s jastukom za psa. Time zaokružujem cijelu dekorativnu priču i spajam proizvod za kućnog ljubimca s proizvodom za ljude’, istaknula je Iva Goluža koja je osmislila brend Qushin.

New Qushin Yacht collection is intended for dogs spending summer time on board with their faithful owners. This collection embraces a cushion, a mat and a decorative pillow in recognizable nautical patterns. These cushions are practical for boats due to waterproof fabric and cotton mat Qushin2go dries quickly. The decorative pillows can also serve to brighten up your boat interior. Qushin pillows differ from other similar products most notably, in quality; the pillows are stuffed with the high quality silicone polyester micro-beads usually intended for people-focused-pillows. The microbeads are antiallergenic and provide enough support to contribute to the sense of cosiness. The fillers are protected by waterproof microfiber, extending the life of the cushion inners and soft cotton covers, which can be quickly and easily taken off and wiped with a damp cloth. It is highly convenient for enthusiastic four legged swimmers in case they lay down wet on their bed only the cotton cover gets wet and the filling remains protected. Qushin dog pillows come in three sizes, fourteen different vivid colour décors and it is also possible to buy the cover only. Apart from the quality, Qushin also pertains to the sense of beauty. ‘My mission is to make Qushin products home accessories, a detail enhancing the feeling of comfort and elegance. That is the reason my spring/summer collection offers decorative home and boat pillows matching the dogs’ pillows. I aim at encompassing the whole decorative story and matching pets’ products with owner-orientedproducts,’ shared Iva Goluža, the designer of the Qushin brand.


GOLF & YACHT Profesionalni pristup u luksuznom okruženju A professional approach in a luxury environment Text Ida Vickota Photos Francis Jacquemin

Jeste li ikada poželjeli zamahnuti palicom za golf stojeći na jahti? Ako jeste, ostvarenje tog sna sada vam je nadohvat ruke. Golf & Yacht je usluga koja spaja privatne lekcije iz golfa i nautičko okruženje. Bivši profesionalni golfer Francis Jacquemin predan je i uporan instruktor koji će svoje klijente na privatnim lekcijama na najprestižnijim terenima na svijetu podučiti najnovijim tehnikama igre. Priznat kao izvanredan učitelj, Jacquemin sa svojim klubom putuje svijetom i s užitkom će podučiti i amatere i profesionalce, a surađivao je i s poznatima. Klijenti mogu očekivati napredak u mentalnom, fizičkom, tehničkom i osobnom aspektu, kao i u svim dijelovima igre, od zamaha do raznih vrsta udaraca. Svaka se lekcija osmišljava prema individualnim potrebama klijenta, a lekcije se održavaju na nekim od najspektakularnijih lokacija na svijetu. Loptice koje se koriste izrađene su od biorazgradivih materijala, pa nema prepreke za vježbanje bilo gdje. ‘Naše su loptice biorazgradive i ekološki prihvatljive, patentirane i apsolutno ne škode ni podmorskoj flori ni fauni. Ako završe u vodi, unutar 48 sati postaju hrana za ribe’, kaže Jacquemin. Već i taj detalj povećava broj lokacija na kojima je moguće iskoristiti ovu uslugu – jahte, plaže, vile uz more, hoteli na obali, sve to sada može postati teren za golf. Ergonomski oblikovana podloga za vježbanje udaraca dizajnirana je baš za primjenu na jahtama, na čijoj palubi ne ostavljaju nikakav trag. Svu je opremu lako

Have you ever imagined playing golf on your yacht? Now the dream comes true. Golf & Yacht revolutionizes the world golf coaching by combining private lessons and marine environments. A former professional golfer Francis Jacquemin is a dedicated and committed coach that gives private and prestigous golf courses using the last tehniques of training. Recongized as an excellent golf coacher, he travels around the world with his club and provides courses to amateurs, pros and even celebrities. Each lesson is individually designed and he will work with you on all aspects of the game including mental, physical, technical and personal, using the most advanced teaching technology to improve your short game, putting, chipping, pitching and full swing. Thanks to ecological and biodegradable golf balls and specific equipment, you can now practise golf in the most exclusive locations. ‘We use ecological and biodegradable golf balls containing fish food in their core. The balls are patented and 100% safe for maritime flora and fauna. Once the balls are in the water, they release fish food in less than 48 hours’, says Jacquemin. It opens wide opportunity of practising golf on all marine environments: yachts, creeks, beaches, seafront houses and hotels. Also ergonomic golf mats are specifically designed for use on the deck of a yacht (markless) while floating targets are adopted to player’s goal, trajectory and weather. Portable system is very easy to


Počastite sebe i prijatelje privatnim lekcijama iz golfa i uživajte u tom sportu na korak od mora Treat yourself and your friends with a private golf teacher and experience the benefits of playing golf in front of the sea

instalirati i prenijeti, a podloga ima dimenzije 1 m x 1,5 m x 2,7 cm, što je idealno za uvježbavanje savršenog udarca. Golf & Yacht ekološki je prihvatljiva, luksuzna zabava idealna za sve koji žele uživati u smirujućoj aktivnosti, zabaviti se uz more ili samo poraditi na vlastitoj igri u jedinstvenom okruženju. Za više informacija, obratite se gospodinu Jacqueminu na setup, use and move and with a hitting surface of 1m x 1,5m and 2,7cm thick, everything is calculated to help you to get the perfect swing. Golf & Yacht is the best ecofriendly offer for flexible and tailored golf experiences. If you want to escape from the pressures of modern life, enjoy the quiet time, have fun on marine environments and challenge yourself in the most unique eco-friendly golf courses, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Jacquemin at


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Text Richard Aldhous Photos Giorgio Perottino & Giuseppe Cacace / AFP

Talijanski legendarni nogometaš svjetskog renomea Del Piero zabio je 27 golova za talijansku nogometnu reprezentaciju i još uvijek drži rekord Juventusa po broju postignutih golova i nastupa Widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers, Del Piero is the Italian legend who scored 27 goals for the Italian national team and he holds the Juventus club record for goals scored and appearances Ime nogometne legende Alessandra Del Piera nalazi se na listi FIFA-inih 100 najboljih igrača koje je odabrao Pelé. Njegovo ime upisano je i na listi europskih najboljih igrača u zadnjih 50 godina prema UEFA Golden Jubilee Pollu, a njegovi zlatni dani vezani su uz Juve, gdje je igrao 19 sezona, uživajući kapetanski naslov 11 sezona. Ove godine Del Piero je nagrađen članstvom u Laureus svjetskoj sportskoj akademiji (Laureus World Sports Academy), jedinstvenom udruženju koje broji više od 50 svjetskIh živućih legendi, s predsjedavajućim olimpijskim šampionom Edwinom Mosesom. Kako je bilo družiti se s članom Laureus akademije Tonyjem Hawkom? Imao sam priliku upoznati Tonyja i vidjeti njegov dom, pogotovo njegovu fundaciju i njegovo postignuće, što je zaista zadivljujuće. Za mene je to velika čast. Tony mi je pružio zadovoljstvo prve skateboard lekcije. Bilo je doista čarobno. Sa mnom je prošao nekoliko rampi i snimili smo nekoliko odličnih fotografija. Zašto je važno velikim sportašima dati nešto zauzvrat onima koji nisu imali toliko sreće u životu, siromašnoj djeci? To je od velike važnosti jer svim ljudima pokušavamo dati priliku da žive boljim životom, osobito kad je sport u pitanju. Sport je iz mnogo razloga poseban. Tu se rađa povezanost između ljudi, različitih godina, rasa, zapravo svih sudionika. Nama je to prilika nešto pokazati i dati zajednici, jer zaista imamo mnogo i spremni smo podijeliti naše iskustvo, a vrijeme koje dajete djeci je neprocjenjivo. Nogometaš još nikada nije osvojio nagradu Sportaša godine. Mislite li da bi Messi mogao biti prvi? Messi bi definitivno mogao osvojiti tu titulu jer je zadivljujuć i nevjerojatan igrač. Ove godine je osvojio prvenstvo i zato bi mogao osvojiti i taj naslov. Ne znam zašto nogometaš još nikada nije osvojio i titulu Sportaša godine. Možda zato što je to, prije svega, timski sport. Jednostavnije je i vjerojatno ima više smisla dodjeljivati nagrade za individualne sportove. Ali, naravno, i to se može promijeniti. A što je s Neymarom? Kakva nas budućnost očekuje, osobito nakon problema koje je Brazil imao na Svjetskom nogometnom prvenstvu i teškog poraza od strane Nijemaca, hoće li se Brazil oporaviti i povratiti slavu nogometne sile? Neymar je čudesan igrač, pred njim stoji sjajna budućnost. Odlično je izabrao što je došao u Europu. Sada trenira s nevjerojatnim timom. Momčad je pod vodstvom Messija, ali on je jako mlad i svijetla budućnost je pred njim. Za vrijeme Svjetskog prvenstva bio sam 20 dana u Brazilu, sve sam etape prvenstva popratio i atmosfera je bila odlična. Zaista sam uživao, osobito u Riju, ljudi su tamo istinski nogometni zaljubljenici. Mi znamo i ja znam što to znači, jer i sam dolazim iz zemlje koja je nogometno orijentirana. Ne mogu ni zamisliti što se dogodilo za vrijeme polufinala kada su izgubili s toliko velikom razlikom. Za njih je to poput noćne more. I mislim da sada, i igrači i navijači, čekaju priliku za revanš. I zato mislim da će pokazati više srca, spremnosti, intenziteta na sljedećem Svjetskom prvenstvu. I mišljenja sam da se nadaju da će uskoro imati priliku igrati ponovno protiv Njemačke kako bi pokazali da je impresija s

A football legend Alessandro Del Piero was named in the FIFA 100, a list of the greatest living footballers selected by Pelé. He was also voted in the list of best European players for the past 50 years in the UEFA Golden Jubilee Poll. But his greatest days in club football were with his beloved Juve, where he played for 19 seasons and was a captain for 11. This year Del Piero became a Laureus World Sports Academy Member. It is a unique association of over 50 of the greatest living sporting legends under the chairmanship of Olympic champion Edwin Moses. How much did you enjoy being with Laureus Academy Member Tony Hawk? I had the opportunity to meet Tony and see his home, including his Foundation, what he has done and is still doing is incredible. I had my first private skateboard lesson with Tony, which was very good by the way. He even rode a couple of ramps with me and we took some great photos, amazing experience. Why is it important for great sportsmen to give something back to those less fortunate, to underprivileged children? It’s so important to give the opportunity to all people to live a better life, especially connected to sports. Sport is amazing for so many reasons; it is a real connection between people of different ages, races and actually everybody I would say. For us, we have the opportunity to give something back to the community, to be able to give our time and share our experiences with children is very rewarding. A football player has never won the Sportsman of the Year Award. Do you think Messi might be the first man to do that? Messi could most definitely win, because he is an amazing, unbelievable player. He won the championship this year, so that’s why he could do it. I don’t know why no football player has ever won before, maybe because it’s a team sport. It is probably easier and makes more sense to give awards to ‘single person’ sports; but of course, this can change. How good is Neymar. What kind of future can he have and also, after the problems Brazil had in the World Cup with that heavy defeat against Germany, will they come back to be a force again? Neymar is an unbelievable player. He has a great future in front of him. He made a good choice to come to Europe, he’s training now with an incredible team led by Messi, who he is just behind. He is very young, but this is why he has such a strong future ahead. I was in Brazil during the World Cup, I spent 20 days there, between group stage and quarter-finals, the atmosphere was incredible. I enjoyed it immensely, especially Rio, the people there love football and are very passionate. They know as well as I know what that means, because I come from a country where we are passionate also. I can’t imagine what happened during the semi-finals when they lost with such a huge result as that. It must have been a nightmare for them. I think the fans along with the team are just waiting for revenge. That’s why I believe they will put a lot of intensity, effort, mind and heart into everything they can do to win that tournament. I think they will be hoping to play against Germany again soon to show that it was just a big mistake and bad day.


prošlog Svjetskog nogometnog prvenstva bila pogrešna i uzrokovana samo lošim danom. Hajdemo se vratiti na ono što vama znači Juventus. Juve nije samo veliki dio mog života, već i jest moj život. Proveo sam 19 godina u Torinu i Juventusu, a i prije sam bio obožavatelj. Zajedno smo prošli sve situacije koje igrač prolazi sa svojim klubom. Sve smo osvojili. Oborili smo mnogo rekorda. Bili smo izbačeni iz prve lige, ali smo se vratili i ponovno dokazali da smo pobjednici. Proveo sam gotovo čitav život s njima i ponosan sam na to razdoblje svog života. Povezanost koju sam izgradio s navijačima i ljudima iz Italije, ne samo navijačima Juventusa, već sa svima, jest veličanstvena, a ona s Juveom je zaista jedinstvena i osobita. Čak i sada kada više ne živim u Italiji, i zadnje tri godine živim u Australiji i Indiji, zaista je zadivljujuće što navijači žele podijeliti sa mnom. Nevjerojatno. Nešto nezaboravno. To je nešto što ostaje zapisano u mom srcu zauvijek. Gigi Buffon se približava rekordu Sebastiana Rossija u seriji A. Hoće li moći igrati na Svjetskom prvenstvu 2018. s obzirom da će tada imati 40? Rekord je nevažan. On je izuzetan golman i to je najvažnije. On je i dalje jedan od najboljih, ne samo u Italiji, već i na svjetskoj nogometnoj sceni. Nadam se da će osvojiti rekord, jer mi je i dobar prijatelj. Uz takav profesionalni stav i poziciju u Juveu, vjerujem da će igrati na Svjetskom prvenstvu. Vratarima nije lako, ali mislim da cilja na sudjelovanje na Svjetskom nogometnom prvenstvu 2018. A što je sa Zinedine Zidaneom? Jeste li iznenađeni njegovim uspjehom kao trenera Real Madrida? Iznenađen sam što je postao trener općenito, no činjenica da je dobar trener me uopće ne čudi jer je on jedna kvalitetna osoba, a uz to je i pravi profesionalac. Smatram da će odigrati odličnu ulogu trenera Real Madrida. Sada je situacija malo čudnovata, jer je upravo stigao i zamijenio Beniteza. Nije lako zamijeniti nekoga. No sljedeća godina će mu zasigurno biti lakša, moći će provesti sve svoje promjene, a ovo ljeto može izabrati igrače. Sljedeću godinu će zasigurno zasjati u punom sjaju. Imate li vi aspiracije postati trenerom? Nedostaje li vam nogomet? Nogomet mi nedostaje svaki dan, da, svaki dan. Ne znam. Ne, trenutno nemam želje postati trener. Da ste mi isto pitanje postavili prije tri godine, odgovorio bih s ‘Ne’, bez komentara. A sada moj odgovor glasi: trenutno nemam takvih aspiracija. U budućnosti? Ne znam. Zaista, ne znam. Prije tri godine takva mogućnost nije postojala. A sada je ta opcija otvorena. Igrali ste 1995. u Splitu za reprezentaciju Italije. Sjećate li se te utakmice? Pa, naravno, tu utakmicu ne mogu zaboraviti. To je bila jedna od mojih prvih utakmica. Ne prva, ali tada sam postao igrač državne reprezentacije i igrali smo na nevjerojatnom stadionu. Utakmica je bila rasprodana, stadion je bio krcat. Rezultat je bio 1:1, i nakon pete minute postalo je gadno, jer je naš vratar bio isključen, pa smo morali igrati 10 protiv 11, pa je rezultat 1:1 bio odličan. Bilo je gusto, nije lako pobijediti u situaciji 10 naspram 11 igrača za vrijeme cijele utakmice. Bilo je zaista divno. Uživao sam u tim trenucima. Meni kao jako mladom igraču nije bilo lako u toj nevjerojatnoj situaciji, ali usprkos svemu bilo je nezaboravno.

‘Juventus nije samo veliki dio mog života, već i jest moj život’ ‘Juventus is not only a big part of my life, but it’s more my life’


Let’s talk about something which means a lot to you, Juventus. What did ‘Juve’ as a club mean to you, such a big part of your life? It’s not only a big part of my life, but it is my life. I spent 19 years in Torino and Juventus and was a fan before this. Together we made every single situation that a player can think about in a club. We won everything. We made a lot of records. We went to relegation. We came back and we won again. I spent a large part of my life with them and I am very proud of that. The connections that I have with the fans, with the people of Italy, not only Juventus fans – but everyone, is great. Especially with Juve, it’s a special connection. Also now that I’m living outside of Italy and visited Australia and India in the last three years, it’s amazing what the fans want to share with me. It’s great and something I will never forget. This is definitely something that I have inside and will have for the rest of my life. Gigi Buffon is near to Sebastiano Rossi’s record in Serie A. Can he play in the 2018 World Cup; he will be 40 then? It doesn’t matter if you make the record, though of course I think he will make it because he is an unbelievable goalkeeper. He is still one of the best; one of the best in the world, not just Italy. I hope he can make the record, because he is a friend of mine. With his position at Juve and his professionalism, it’s possible he could play in the World Cup. It is not easy for the goalkeeper, but I do think it’s one of his targets – to play the last World Cup in 2018. And what about Zinedine Zidane? Are you surprised he has done so well as Real Madrid coach? I am surprised that he became a coach – that’s why I’m surprised, though after that I’m not surprised he has become a good coach, because he is a good guy and very professional. This is why I am not surprised and believe he will be a very good coach for Real Madrid. Now the situation is a little difficult because he has come in and replaced Benitez, it’s never easy when you replace someone else. But next year will be his year, a year where he can make changes and choose players during the summer. So the real year for him will be next year. Do you have any desire to become a coach yourself? Do you miss football? I miss football every day, yeah, every day. I don’t know. No, for the moment, I’m not looking to be a coach. Well, if you had asked me this question three years ago, I would say no without comment. Now, I say no, for the moment. Possibly in the future? I don’t know, I honestly don’t know. It wasn’t an option three years ago. Now, it could be an option. You played with Italy in Split in 1995. Do you remember that game? Ah, I can’t forget that game. That was one of my first games. Not the first, but I had just become a national team player and we were playing to an incredible stadium. It was packed, sold out. We drew 1:1; after the fifth minute it was very tough because our goalkeeper was sent off, we played 10 against 11, so to draw 1:1 was a great result. It was a plane crash; it’s not easy to win or draw 10 against 11 for the whole game, but I enjoyed that moment. It was definitely not easy for me, a very young player in this incredible situation, but it was great.

Yachts Sport Napadač Juventusa Alessandro Del Piero s trofejem talijanske Serie A, Scudettom, nakon utakmice protiv Atalante 2012. Juventus’ forward Alessandro Del Piero holds the Italian Serie A trophy, the Scudetto, after their match against Atalanta in 2012

Hrvatski igrači Alen Bokšić i Igor Tudor bili su vaši suigrači u Juventusu. Imate li danas kontakt s njima? Naravno, osobito s Igorom, jer smo više puta zajedno igrali. Igor je sada trener. I iskreno, iznenađen sam što je postao trener. On je krasan čovjek i želim mu sve najbolje. Imate li jahtu? Ne, ne posjedujem jahtu. Odrastao sam na Jadranu, ali ne na hrvatskoj obali, već blizu Venecije. Tamo sam ljeti kao dijete odlazio, svako ljeto na taj dio Jadrana, pa zato kažem da sam vezan uz Jadran.

Alen Boksic and Igor Tudor were your teammates at Juventus, Croatian players. Do you have any contact with them today? Yes, especially with Igor because we played together more often. Now he is coaching and honestly it surprised me that he became a coach, but he’s a really good guy and I wish him the best. Did you own a yacht? No, I didn’t own a yacht. I grew up on the Adriatic, but not the Croatian coast, because I grew up closer to Venice. That’s where I was going on summer holidays in my childhood, every summer in that part of Italy. That’s why I’m an Adriatic man.

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SummerEvent 2016

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D-Marine i luksuzni hoteli D-Marinas and luxury hotels Vrhunsko zadovoljstvo i doĹživljaj gostiju na prvom su mjestu turske grupacije koja posljednjih godina strateĹĄki ulaĹže u hrvatsku nautiku i turizam Ultimate pleasure and guest experience is a top priority of the Turkish group which has for the past few years been strategically investing in Croatian sailing and tourism


Šibenska D-Marin Mandalina prva je marina u Hrvatskoj nagrađena prestižnim priznanjem 5 zlatnih sidara D-Marin Mandalina in Šibenik is Croatia’s first marina acknowledged by the prestigious 5 Gold Anchors award

Dogus grupa u Hrvatskoj je prisutna od 2009. godine i od tada uspješno unapređuje hrvatsku turističku ponudu vrhunskim luksuznim sadržajima. Tako se u portfelju marina nalaze D-Marin Mandalina u Šibeniku, D-Marin Dalmacija u Sukošanu i D-Marin Borik u Zadru, dok su u portfelju luksuznih hotela D-Resort Šibenik i Villa Dubrovnik. U gradu Šibeniku, idealnom za upoznavanje bogate dalmatinske prošlosti i obale, smjestila se D-Marin Mandalina. U prirodno zaštićenoj luci, ova je marina jedno od najsigurnijih mjesta na obali i jedina je koja može primiti superjahte do 140 metara. Od ukupno 429 vezova u moru, čak njih 79 specijalno je dizajnirano za privezivanje superjahti. D-Marin Mandalina također je i jedina marina u Hrvatskoj s kategorizacijom 5 sidara od strane Ministarstva turizma, te prva s pet zlatnih sidara dodijeljenih od strane The Yacht Harbour Association, kao i nagradom Five Star Diamond od strane Američke akademije ugostiteljskih znanosti. Osim toga, marina posjeduje i Plavu zastavu kao dokaz čistoće mora. Za one koji žele otkrivati čari srednjeg Jadrana ili se otisnuti na njegov sjever ili jug, pravi je odabir D-Marin Dalmacija u Sukošanu. Ova najveća marina u Hrvatskoj nalazi se samo sedam kilometara južno od Zadra i raspolaže s 1.200 vezova u moru i 300 na kopnu. Zahvaljujući dubini mora i prostranim vezovima opremljenima prema međunarodnim standardima, marina omogućava smještaj plovilima do 80 metara dužine. Uz to, jedna je od rijetkih luka nautičkog turizma koja posjeduje svoju plažu. Restorani Marine Dalmacija odličan su izbor za sve koji rado uživaju u domaćim specijalitetima, ali vole kušati i delicije začinjene idejama moderne kuhinje. Marina je nagrađena Plavom zastavom za čistoću mora, a uz novi luksuzni Beach Club, D-Marin Dalmacija će postati istinska lifestyle destinacija s visokom razinom usluge. Na zapadnoj obali grada Zadra smjestila se pak marina D-Marin Borik koja ima kapacitet od 177 plovila dužine do

Dogus Group has been present in Croatia since 2009, successfully enriching the Croatian tourism offer with their high-end luxury facilities. Their marina portfolio includes D-Marin Mandalina in Šibenik, D-Marin Dalmacija in Sukošan and D-Marin Borik in Zadar, while D-Resort Šibenik and Villa Dubrovnik are among their luxury hotels. D-Marin Mandalina is situated in the town of Šibenik, an ideal location to discover the rich Dalmatian past and its coast. Nestled in a naturally protected harbour, this marina is one of the safest places on the coast and is the only marina that can accommodate superyachts up to 140 meters. Out of a total of 429 berths, 79 have been specially designed for superyachts. D-Marin Mandalina is also the only Croatian marina holding the 5 Anchors categorization from the Ministry of Tourism, as well as the first one with five Golden Anchors from The Yacht Harbour Association; and a Five Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Science. Besides this, the marina holds the Blue Flag, as proof of the clean sea. For those who wish to explore the magic of Central Adriatic, or set sail to the south or north, D-Marin Dalmacija in Sukošan is the perfect choice. The largest Adriatic marina is located only seven kilometers south of Zadar, and features 1,200 berths and 300 dry berths. Thanks to the water depth and spacious berths equipped according to international standards, the marina offers mooring for boats up to 80 meters long. Also, it is among a few nautical tourism marinas to have its own beach. Restaurants in D-Marin Dalmacija are a splendid choice for all who enjoy homemade specialties but like to try delicacies seasoned with modern ideas. The marina has been awarded the Blue Flag for its clean waters; and with the new luxury Beach Club, D-Marin Dalmacija will become a true lifestyle destination with the highest level of service. The west coast of the town of Zadar is home to a D-Marin Borik, which has the



30 metara i dodatnih 50 vezova na kopnu. Kvaliteta usluge i odlična povezanost cestom ili zračnim prijevozom izdvajaju ovu marinu od ostalih. Hotel D-Resort Šibenik, uz odličnu lokaciju u srcu D-Marin Mandaline i veličanstven pogled na grad Šibenik i Kanal sv. Ante, svojim gostima nudi vrhunsku uslugu i smještaj u 63 luksuzne sobe, šest apartmana i tri ekskluzivne vile te brojne druge sadržaje, poput nekoliko restorana i barova, spa centra, teretane, luksuznih trgovina i dječjeg kluba. Villa Dubrovnik je najekskluzivniji boutique hotel u Hrvatskoj, čije mnogobrojne nagrade potvrđuju najvišu razinu usluge i luksuza koju gosti mogu iskusiti tijekom boravka u hotelu. Villa je nedavno potpuno renovirana pa je njezin klasičan stil dobio suvremeni izgled, za što se pobrinula arhitektica Fabrizia Frezza. Ona je provela funkcionalnu i estetsku revoluciju u dvorištu hotela, nekoć neiskorištenom otvorenom prostoru koji je danas moderan atrij. Čista bjelina, tipična za mediteranski interijer, pruža kontrast tamno uređenoj unutrašnjosti kojom dominira dizajnerski namještaj izrađen po mjeri, posebno u baru i restoranu. Recepcija je također preoblikovana, ponajprije funkcionalno, te se sada i s nje otvara pogled prema moru. Ovaj je prostor uređen u prirodnom kamenu iz okolice i tamnom drvu. Pogled na more bio je misao vodilja pri rasporedu prostorija, a pogotovo pri preuređenju bara dok su zidovi restorana ukrašeni starim crno-bijelim fotografijama Dubrovnika, te podsjećaju na njegovu jedinstvenu prošlost, stvarajući istovremeno ugodnu, gotovo obiteljsku atmosferu. Villa Dubrovnik idealno je mjesto za odmor, a uživanje u gastronomskim delicijama restorana, vinskog bara i lounge bara na krovu uz nezaboravan pogled na Dubrovnik i Jadran, iskustvo je koje ostaje u sjećanju svakog gosta.

Villa Dubrovnik utjelovljuje suvremeni luksuz i profinjenu eleganciju Villa Dubrovnik embodies contemporary luxury and refined elegance

capacity of 177 yachts up to 30 meters, and 50 additional dry berths. First-class service and great connections by road and air are what makes this marina one of a kind. D-Resort Šibenik, located at the heart of D-Marin Mandalina offers magnificent views of the old town and the St Anthony Canal, as well as prime service and accommodation in 63 luxury rooms, six suites and three exclusive villas, as well as a number of additional facilities, like several restaurants and bars, spa center and a gym, luxury boutiques and kids’ club. Villa Dubrovnik is the most exclusive boutique hotel in Croatia, with numerous awards showing the highest quality of service and luxury the guests can experience while staying at the hotel. The Villa has recently been fully renovated, so its classical style got a beautiful contemporary look, courtesy of architect Ms Fabrizia Frezza. She carried out a functional and aesthetic revolution in the courtyard, once unused open space which today is a modern atrium. The bright white, so typical of Mediterranean interiors is a gorgeous contrast to the dark interior dominated by designer custom-made furniture, especially in the bar and restaurant. The reception has also been functionally redesigned, with a lovely view of the sea. This space is finished in local natural stone and dark wood. The sea view was the vision behind the layout, which is particularly visible in the bar, while the restaurant walls are decorated with old black & white photographs of Dubrovnik as a reminder of its unique history, at the same time creating a pleasant, almost family atmosphere. Villa Dubrovnik is an ideal vacation spot, and the culinary delicacies of the restaurant, the wine bar and lounge bar on the rooftop with its unforgettable view of Dubrovnik, remain forever in the memory of each guest.

Novi Beach Club u marini D-Marin Dalmacija

New Beach Club in the D-Marin Dalmacija

Usluga i jedinstven doživljaj podignuti su na još višu razinu

Service and uniqueness of experience is raised to an even higher level

Najveća marina u Hrvatskoj, D-Marin Dalmacija uskoro postaje još posebnija. Novi Beach Club, jedini takve vrste na Jadranu, pogotovo u hrvatskim marinama, otvorit će svoja vrata gostima koji drže svoje brodove u marini, ali isto tako i svima onima koji traže vrhunski klub na plaži u kojem se mogu opustiti, uživati na suncu i kušati predivne okuse mediteranske kuhinje. Smješten u srcu marine, s pogledom na otoke Pašman i Ugljan, novi Beach Club naveliko doprinosi jedinstvenosti marine i njene plaže. Dizajniran je s ciljem da gostima pruži vrhunsku uslugu, bilo da žele piti koktele u zabavnom okruženju u prizemlju s pogledom na zalazak sunca, ili pak opustiti se u mirnoj atmosferi ekskluzivnog restorana na katu. Unutrašnji prostor kluba osmišljen je da pruži posjetiteljima maksimalnu udobnost, mir i užitak, kako bi najbolje iskoristili vrijeme provedeno u marini. Novi će klub biti savršen za goste koji žele provesti neko vrijeme na kopnu, kao i za posjetitelje koji nisu korisnici usluga marine. Ovaj klub je također idealan izbor za one koji od marine kao nautičkog odredišta zahtijevaju više. Otvorenjem Beach Cluba, D-Marin Dalmacija postat će prava ekskluzivna oaza s prvoklasnom uslugom i sadržajem.

The largest marina in Croatia, D-Marin Dalmacija will become even more special in the coming period. The new Beach Club, the only one of its kind in the Adriatic, and especially in Croatian marinas, will open its doors in July to visitors who keep their boats in the Marina, but also to the general public in search of a premium beach club where they can relax, enjoy the sun and sea and indulge themselves in Mediterranean seafood cuisine. Situated in the heart of Marina, overlooking the islands Pašman and Ugljan, the new Beach Club will further enhance the uniqueness of the marina and its beach. It is designed to provide its guests with the superior service, whether they are looking for a lively environment to enjoy their cocktail in a sunset lounge located on the ground floor, or for chilling-out in a peaceful atmosphere of the exclusive restaurant on the first floor. Interiors of the club are designed to provide the guests with utmost commodity, tranquility and enjoyment in taking the most out of their time spent in Marina. For guests who want to enjoy some time on land but also for guests who are not using Marina facilities, the new club will be the perfect getaway. It is also the perfect choice for those who seek and demand more from marina as a nautical destination. By opening Beach Club, D-Marin Dalmacija will become genuine lifestyle oasis with superior service and additional content.


Portopiccolo Sistiana Luksuz s pogledom na more Your high-class seaward experience Samo nekoliko minuta udaljen od Trsta i manje od jednog sata od Venecije, Portopiccolo je savršeno mjesto za otkrivanje užitaka boravka u ekološki održivom gradiću, opremljenom najkvalitetnijim uslugama vrhunskog turističkog odredišta Within a few minutes from the city centre of Trieste and just under an hour from Venice, Portopiccolo presents itself as an ideal location to discover the pleasure of living in an eco-sustainable town, equipped with high quality resort services

Smješten u predivnoj uvali Sistiana na sjevernom Jadranu, svega desetak minuta vožnje automobilom od Trsta i u neposrednoj blizini Venecije, Portopiccolo Sistiana jedinstveno je primorsko selce okruženo kristalno bistrim morem i upečatljivim liticama. Ovo izvanredno i luksuzno odredište nudi oko 460 stambenih jedinica s pogledom na more: stanove i vile s površinama od 50 m2 do 400 m2. Neobična najmodernija tehnologija i dizajn jamče prelijepo iskustvo života u skladu s okolišem, daleko od gradske gužve i zagađenja. Primorsko naselje ima i hotel s pet zvjezdica imena Falisia, wellness i turistički centar Luxury Collection, dvije glavne ulice s trgovinama, među kojima su vrhunski butici, kao i dućani poput pekarnice i trgovine s delikatesama, izvrstan izbor uslužnih djelatnosti, kozmopolitski Beach Club, jahtaški klub, kongresni centar te veliki spa nadomak mora. S pogledom na luku i zaštićene stijenama sa stražnje strane, stambene jedinice Borgo Houses kreću se od garsonijera do vila. Ukrašene su kamenim fasadama i paletom boja vezanim uz more; krovovi su im pokriveni crijepom, a svaki objekt ima vrt ili terasu. Drugi tip kuća, Terraced Houses, imaju najljepši i najotvoreniji pogled na uvalu. Naslonjene su na stijene i dekorirane lokalnim kamenjem, a njihove prostrane i udobne terase prekrivene su finim drvom. Nude različita stambena rješenja, a najmanja opcija je garsonijera. I posljednje, ali ne manje važno, mjesna marina pruža siguran vez za brodove različitih dimenzija: 121 vez s prvoklasnom opremom, Wi-Fi, non-stop videonadzor, te stručno osoblje na raspolaganju za najprofinjenije zahtjeve. Jedan od najvažnijih ciljeva cijelog ovog projekta jest održivost: kuće nemaju nikakav utjecaj na okoliš, ne proizvode CO2, a električna energija koristi se samo za toplinske pumpe. Sve zgrade imaju energetske certifikate A+ i A,


Nestled in the noteworthy Bay of Sistiana in the Upper Adriatic Sea - 10 minutes by car from Trieste and close to Venice - Portopiccolo Sistiana is a unique maritime village surrounded by crystal-clear water and distinctive local cliffs. This awe-inspiring and exclusive destination has about 460 seaward residential units: apartments and villas ranging from 50m2 to 400m2. Its unique cutting-edge technology and design guarantee an environmentally friendly experience away from hustle of modern urban living. This maritime village features a 5*L Hotel named Falisia, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Portopiccolo, two main shopping streets including luxury boutiques and shops like bakery and gastronomy, a delightful choice of food service outlets, a cosmopolitan Beach Club, a Yacht Club, a conference centre and a wide seaward SPA. Facing the harbor and protected by the rocks at the back, the Borgo Houses residences range between studio flats to villas. Characterized by a palette of marine colors, tiles roofs and stone façades, this residental units provide either a garden or a terrace. Another type of residental units are Terraced Houses. These residential units enjoy the widest panorama on the bay. Nestled in the cliff and covered with local stones, the Terraced Houses offer different solutions, with the studio flat being the smallest option. The generous and comfortable terraces are clothed with refined wood. Finally yet importantly, the Marina is a safe mooring for boats of diverse length: 121 berths offering first class facilities, Wi-Fi, 24/7 under video surveillance and expert staff who are happy to assist you in berthing operations throughout your stay. One of the most important purposes of this project is sustainability: Portopiccolo is a zero impact building operation where no CO2 is produced and only uses power for heat pumps. All the properties have a certification of energy class


Ključna obilježja Portopiccola su profinjenost, energija i poseban životni stil Portopiccolo’s keywords are sophistication, vibrancy and lifestyle


prema analizi projekta iz 2005., a klimatizacija i proizvodnja sanitarnih voda obavljaju se putem najmodernijeg sustava toplinske crpke koji je razvila geotermalna znanost. U slučaju da gost poželi živjeti u Portopiccolu, dobit će vez u marini. Tu je i prestižni jahtaški klub, s brojnim aktivnostima i pogodnostima za svoje članove, uključujući usluge najma i čartera, kao i priliku za sudjelovanje u vrhunskim međunarodnim regatama. Restorani se mogu pohvaliti velikim izborom tradicionalne talijanske, mediteranske i svjetske kuhinje. Glavni kuhar u restoranu Cliff uspješno kombinira kulinarsku tradiciju s najnovijim trendovima kako bi dobio zdrava i ukusna jela, praćena selekcijom najkvalitetnijih talijanskih vina. Fantastična otvorena terasa s pogledom na Jadransko more i marinu idealna je za nedjeljnu užinu. Također preporučujemo Sunset aperitiv uz more u restoranu Maxi’s koji nudi ribu i plodove mora pripremljene na tradicionalan način, velik izbor prvoklasnog mesa ili vegetarijanskih jela, a ima i odličnu vinsku kartu. Stoga, posjetite Portopiccolo i iskusite ekskluzivan životni stil u jedinstvenom prirodnom okruženju.

A+ and A, a project analyzed and defined in 2005. The air-conditioning and sanitary water production are generated through a cutting-edge heat pump system by geothermal science. In case a resident decides to live in Portopicollo, he/she can have a berth in the marina. The prestigious Yacht Club, with member-only benefits and activities, including rental and charter services, offers exciting opportunities with the chance to take part in prestigious international regattas. Restaurants in Portopiccolo offer a wide selection of traditional local Italian, Mediterranean and International cuisines. The executive chef of the Cliff restaurant combines culinary traditions with the latest fashions, for healthy gourmet dishes accompanied by a wide selection of DOC wines. An extraordinary open-air terrace that faces out onto the marina and the Adriatic Sea is ideal for Sunday brunches. We would also suggest the Sunset Aperitif by the sea at Maxi’s who offers seafood dishes prepared in accordance with tradition, a selection of first-choice meats or vegetarian dishes, as well as an excellent wine list. Therefore, visit Portopiccolo and experience an exclusive lifestyle in a unique natural setting.

U srcu sjevernog Jadrana pronaći ćete luksuzne rezidencije i marinu s potpunom uslugom i jahtaškim klubom In the heart of the upper Adriatic you will find luxury residences and prestigous full service marina with Yacht Club


More than Surface

Monaco (Port Hercules)

Salerno, Portisco, Limassol

Biograd (Marina Kornati) Šibenik (Marina Mandalina) Slano (ACI Marina “Veljko Barbieri”)

What is the name of your port? COMPLETE SERVICE | building marinas | creating a business plan | consulting and feasibility studies We can do it all – contact with client’s desired designers, providing materials and equipment, including floating docks and electric installations materials

Marinetek NCP d.o.o. | Obala Jerka Šižgorića 1, 22000 Šibenik - CROATIA | Tel: +385 22 312 960, Fax: +385 22 312 927 |

Olive Island Marina Uživanje u luksuzu Enjoy the luxury Marina opuštenog ambijenta, prekrasne prirode, nezaboravnog zalaska sunca – i brojnih sadržaja Relaxed atmosphere, gorgeous nature, unforgettable sunsets and endless things to do

Ono po čemu se ova marina izdvaja od ostalih jesu dodatni sadržaji za goste, poput bazena, sunčališta, vrta ili dječjeg igrališta What sets this marina apart are the little extras - the pool, the garden, the children’s playground and the sun terrace

U dobroj zaštićenoj uvali Sutomišćica na istočnoj obali otoka Ugljana smjestila se mala boutique marina, koja ove sezone poprima novu dimenziju. Naime, svi predviđeni sadržaji su završeni, a zahvaljujući kvalitetnoj usluzi i osoblju, te uspostavljenoj rutini, Olive Island se ističe kao marina koja svojim gostima pruža gostoprimstvo za pamćenje. I to kroz mnogobrojne sadržaje – bilo da je riječ o opuštanju na bazenu, plaži, sunčalištu, u vrtu, ili pak druženju u restoranu ili baru. Gosti marine uživat će ovog ljeta u širokoj gastronomskoj ponudi restorana Olive Garden koji, prije svega, nudi autohtona dalmatinska jela u modernoj izvedbi. Od specijaliteta se izdvajaju uvijek svježa riba i meso na žaru, razne tjestenine te veliki izbor slastica. Također, treba spomenuti i novi kok-

Tiny boutique marina Olive Island in the Sutomišćica cove on the island of Ugljan is entering the season ready to dazzle. Finally, fully operational, the marina has now settled into a highly efficient routine; the basis for an unforgettable vacation. Highly trained staff, numerous services and facilities, combined with a genuine relaxed atmosphere, make Olive Island marina an ideal destination. Pools and beaches, gardens, bars and restaurants are all equally welcoming, so all you have to do is choose from the abundance. The marina’s signature Olive Garden restaurant bases its offer on expertly grilled fish and meat, accompanied



tel-bar na bazenu koji će, bez sumnje, pružiti nezaboravne trenutke opuštanja uz zalazak sunca. Zahvaljujući svojoj poziciji, Olive Island Marina ujedno je obavezna luka pristanka u zadarskom arhipelagu, ali i idealna polazišna točka za otkrivanje sjevernog i srednjeg Jadrana. Sa svoja 203 veza, marina posjeduje kategoriju tri sidra i plavu zastavu, a ima i pet suhih vezova, travel lift od 40 tona te usluge servisa plovila. Nautičarima je na raspolaganju i operativni tim marine zadužen za organizaciju transfera, izleta, ronjenja ili pronalaženja najboljih destinacija i atrakcija u ovom arhipelagu. Marina je odlično povezana s gradom Zadrom, no dovoljno udaljena od gužvi, što gostima pruža mogućnost da upoznaju stari način života i tradicionalne dalmatinske običaje.

by light pasta dishes and creative deserts. The location makes this marina the ideal starting point for discovering the Zadar archipelago, as well as northern and central Adriatic. The threeanchor categorized blue-flag marina has 203 berths and five dry dock spots, a 40-tonne travel lift and a repair dock. The staff will readily organize day trips, diving tours and transfers, or suggest best routes and spots in the archipelago for all tastes. Well connected with the nearby Zadar, yet the marina is still far enough away from the city hustle and bustle; perfect for a lazy, relaxing, truly Dalmatian vacation.


Marina Baotić The Great Gatsby Party Godišnje okupljanje za prijatelje, partnere i vlasnike brodova odvelo je uzvanike marine u Segetu Donjem u glamurozne dvadesete godine prošlog stoljeća – u vrijeme najluđih zabava Annual gathering for friends, partners and boat owners, brought the guests of the Seget Donji Marina back to the fabulous 1920s – the time of the craziest parties



U Marini Baotić se svake godine sredinom lipnja održava tematski party ‘Owners get together’ na kojem je ove godine Marina Baotić s velikim zadovoljstvom i ponosom predstavila svoje ‘novo lice’. Kažemo ‘novo lice’ zbog toga što je Marina Baotić danas neprepoznatljiva s obzirom na njezin početak. Uzvanici ovog gala partyja bili su vlasnici brodova na godišnjem vezu, vlasnici brodova u čarter-menadžmentu i kupci brodova. Party je započeo pozdravom dobrodošlice vlasnika marine Željka Baotića, koji je predstavio cijeli svoj tim zaslužan za ovakav izgled marine i pružene usluge u njoj, a zabava se nastavila uz zanimljiv program, dobru glazbu i vrhunsku hranu i

piće iz restorana Yacht Club. ‘Jako smo ponosni što svake godine koračamo naprijed, otkrivamo i nudimo usluge koje vlasnicima brodova trebaju. Na ovaj način dajemo svakom klijentu do znanja da nam je bitan i da ga želimo zadržati. Klijenti se međusobno upoznaju, dajući sve od sebe da zabljesnu u tematskim haljinama i odijelima, na tren pobjegnu od stvarnosti, te danima pričaju o tome, a slike im ostaju zauvijek u sjećanju’, istaknuo je gospodin Baotić. Ove godine je tema partyja bio The Great Gatsby, prošle godine bio je James Bond, a što će biti dogodine, možemo samo maštati. U jedno smo sigurni – u Marini Baotić će dati sve od sebe.

Svojom luksuznom zabavom Marina Baotić oživila je dekadentno razdoblje prošlog stoljeća The glam party in Marina Baotić brought back the decadent luxury of the past century

Every year in the middle of June, Baotić Marina hosts theme party ‘Owners get together’, and thus this year Baotić Marina has presented ‘its new face’ at the party. We call it ‘the new face’ since marina has completely changed compared to its image and services in the beginning. The guests of this gala party were boat owners using annual berth, boat owners in charter management and boat buyers. The party started with warm welcome speech thrown by the marina owner Željko Baotić. Mr.Baotić presented his entire team meritorious for the new marina image and the content of its services, and the party went on with an interesting program, good music and supreme food and drinks provided by the Yacht

Club restaurant. ‘We are proud of our progress, every year we discover and offer new services meeting boat owners’ requests and needs. This way we wish to show our appreciation to every client and point out we care for them. Clients get to know each other, giving their best to look mesmerizing in theme dresses and suits, it is a gateway from reality, they talk about it for days, and the memories stay forever in their minds&souls’, shared Mr.Baotić with us. This year the party theme was ‘The Great Gatsby’, last year it was James Bond, and what will be next year we can only imagine. One thing we know for sure – the Baotić Marina personnel will do their utmost.


Marinetek NCP team Marina Portonovi Na zahtjevnom projektu izgradnje nove marine u Herceg Novom, Marinetek je ponudio vlastita tehnička rješenja, od kojih se posebno izdvaja najnoviji valobranski ponton, prvi takve vrste na Mediteranu Marinetek offered several proprietary technical solutions for the new Herceg Novi marina, among them the first breakwater of its kind in the Mediterranean

Crna Gora, a posebno Bokokotorski zaljev, zahvaljujući svojim prekrasnim prirodnim ljepotama i povijesnim znamenitostima, ali i vrlo prihvatljivoj poreznoj politici, posljednjih godina postaje nezaobilazna destinacija za razvoj prvoklasnih turističkih resorta. Nakon marine i resorta Porto Montenegro u Tivtu, Lazareta u Meljinama, počeli su radovi na jednom od najvećih gradilišta na Mediteranu, Portonovi Resort Village, u Kumboru pokraj Herceg Novog. Na površini od 25 hektara, sagradit će se stotinjak apartmana, četrdeset vila, novi One & Only hotel najviše kategorije, te marina s 250 luksuznih vezova, za jahte duljine od osam do 80 metara. Portonovi se nalazi pokraj predivnog srednjovjekovnog grada Herceg Novog, na manje od sata vožnje automobilom od međunarodnih zračnih luka u Dubrovniku i Tivtu. Kako se radi o jednom od trenutno najznačajnijih gradilišta na Mediteranu, Marinetek je za gradnju marine morao ponuditi široku lepezu vlastitih tehničkih rješenja kako bi se korisnicima usluga marine pružila najkvalitetnija moguća usluga. Izuzetno zahtjevan projekt marine predviđa mogućnost sigurnog korištenja svih vezova u marini tijekom cijele godine, čak i u slučaju olujnog nevremena sa snagom vjetra većom od 44 čvora. Veliki raspon različitih veličina plovila dodatni je zahtjev na koji je Marinetek trebao odgovoriti. Marina je osmišljena tako da pruži siguran vez manjim plovilima u vlasništvu korisnika vila i apartmana u samom resortu, kao i velikim superjahtama tijekom kraćeg posjeta na njihovim krstarenjima. Većina jahti imat će vez uz plutajuće pontonske gatove, a za plovila do 15 metara osigurat će se vez uz Marinetek fingere, dok je za veće jahte predviđen standardni mediteranski četverovez. Za gradnju pontonskih gatova koristit će se više tipova standardnih Marinetek pontonskih elemenata, od najvećih Super Yacht pontona širine četiri metra i mase do 45 tona, do najnovijih All Concrete Heavy Duty pontonskih elemenata širine 2,5 metara. Svi pontonski elementi međusobno su spojeni polufleksibilnim spojnim setovima s gumenim amortizerima i čeličnim vijcima, koji će, uz precizan dizajn gradnje samih elemenata, osigurati dugi vijek trajanja. Cjelokupni akvatorij marine zaštićen je čvrstim nasipnim valobranima, te je ulaz u marinu postavljen prema istoku, odnosno prema Tivtu. Kao dodatna zaštita od valova iz tivatskog zaljeva, ispred ulaza će biti postavljen 180 metara dug plutajući valobran sastavljen od Marinetek

Montenegro, and especially the Bay of Kotor, thanks to its stunning natural beauty and historic sites, as well as very reasonable tax policy, in recent years has become an inevitable destination for the development of first-class tourist resort. After marina and resort of Porto Montenegro in Tivat and Lazaret in Meljine, works have started on one of the biggest construction sites in the Mediterranean, Portonovi Resort Village, in Kumbor near Herceg Novi. On the site of more than 25 hectares, the plan is to built about a hundred apartments, 40 villas, a new One & Only hotel of the highest category, and a marina with 250 luxury berths for yachts from eight to 80 meters in length. Portonovi is located next to the beautiful medieval town of Herceg Novi, less than an hour drive from the international airports in Dubrovnik and Tivat. Since this is one of the currently most important sites in the Mediterranean, for the construction of the marina, Marinetek had to offer a wide array of its own technical solutions to provide users of the marina the highest possible quality service. Extremely demanding marina project envisages the possibility of safe use of berths in the marina throughout the year, even in the case of stormy weather with wind power over 44 knots. A large range of different size vessels are additional requirements that Marinetek needed to respond. Marina is designed to provide a safe berth for small vessels owned by villas and apartments in the resort, as well as large superyachts during a brief visit on their cruise. Most yachts will have a berth with a floating pontoon piers. For vessels up to 15 meters in length will be ensured berths with Marinetek Finger, while for larger yachts it is designed a standard Mediterranean quarter-mooring. For the construction of pontoon jetties will be used more types of standard Marinetek pontoon elements, the largest Super Yacht pontoon, width of four meters and weight up to 45 tons, to the newest All Concrete Heavy Duty pontoon element width of 2.5 meters. All pontoon elements are connected with semi-flexible connecting sets with rubber shock absorbers and steel screws, which will, with the precise design of construction elements, provide a longer service life. The entire aquatorium of marina is protected with breakwaters, and the entrance to the marina is positioned to the east side or to Tivat. As additional protection against waves from Tivat bay, in front of the entrance will be installed 180 meters long Floating breakwater consisting of Marinetek floating breakwater elements type M5300BRK, with width of five meters. This new breakwater pontoon was first built in Marinetek factory in Šibenik, and

Marina Portonovi jedan je od najznaÄ?ajnijih projekata Marinetek NCP teama Marina Portonovi is one of the most important projects of Marinetek NCP team



Jedan od Marinetekovih projekata je i Marina Limassol, luksuzni resort na istočnom Mediteranu One of Marinetek’s projects is Marina Limassol, a luxury resort in the eastern Mediterranean


plutajućih valobranskih elemenata tip M5300BRK, širine pet metara. Ovaj najnoviji valobranski ponton prvi put se gradi u Marinetekovoj tvornici u Šibeniku, i prvi put će, nakon Osla i Brooklyna, biti instaliran na Mediteranu. Valobran, kao i pontonski gatovi u akvatoriju marine, bit će usidreni posebnim elastičnim Seaflex sustavom sidrenja, koji uz minimalno održavanje osigurava pontonskim elementima dodatnu sigurnost i stabilnost. Svi predviđeni betonski pontonski elementi bit će proizvedeni u proizvodnim pogonima u Šibeniku, gdje će nakon završetka u nekoliko faza biti ukrcani na plovnu baržu i dopremljeni do gradilišta u Crnoj Gori. Preuzimanje pontonskih elemenata, instalaciju opreme i sigurno sidrenje svih gatova Seaflex sistemom, kao i instalaciju sidrenih sustava plovila izvest će Marinetek sa svojim instalacijskim timom, posebno certificiranim za Seaflex sidrene sustave. ‘Gradnja marine Portonovi jedan je od najznačajnijih projekata koje je Marinetek NCP team imao u posljednjih deset godina, i svi smo vrlo uzbuđeni zbog veličine projekta i zahtjeva koje je klijent postavio pred nas. Pregovore i same pripreme za gradnju prihvatili smo izuzetno ozbiljno, a našem cilju da uspješno sve odradimo na vrijeme i na zajedničko zadovoljstvo i nas i investitora podredit ćemo sve svoje mogućnosti. Višegodišnje iskustvo, duga lista uspješno odrađenih projekata, te podrška kolega iz Marinetek grupacije iz cijeloga svijeta, naša su garancija da ćemo u tome i uspjeti’, izjavio je Boris Miškić, direktor Marinetek NCP-a. Početak gradnje prvih pontonskih elemenata predviđen je odmah nakon potpisa ugovora s naručiteljem, prvi transport i instalacija na gradilištu očekuje se krajem ljeta, a konačna primopredaja u travnju 2017.

for the first time, after installation in Oslo and Brooklyn, is to be installed in the Mediterranean as the protection in the new marina Portonovi. Breakwater and pontoon piers in the marina, will be anchored with special elastic Seaflex anchoring system, which ensures minimal maintenance of pontoon elements providing additional security and stability. All provided concrete pontoon elements will be manufactured in production facilities in Šibenik, where upon completion in several phases will be loaded on the vessel barge and shipped to the construction site in Montenegro. All works on installation of equipment and safe anchoring of all piers with Seaflex system, as well as the installation of the anchor system of the vessel will perform Marinetek with their installation team, specially certified for Seaflex anchoring systems. ‘Construction of a marina Portonovi is one of the most important projects that Marinetek NCP team had in the last ten years, and we are all very excited about the project’s size and requirements that the client has set for us. We accepted negotiations with clients, as well as preparation for the construction very seriously and we will subordinate all our features to finish this project successfully, on time, and on mutual satisfaction of us and investors. Years of experience, a long list of successful finished projects, and support from Marinetek groups from around the world are guarantee that we will succeed’, points out Boris Miškić, Marinetek Managing Director. The start of construction of the first pontoon elements is scheduled immediately after signing the contract with the client. The first transport and installation at the site is planned in late summer, and the final takeover is expected to be in April 2017.

Luksuzne vile na Jadranu Adriatic Luxury Villas Vrhunski izbor by Starac A top selection by Starac

Veličanstvene rezidencije za odmor izabrala je agencija Starac, kao selekciju svoje ekskluzivne ponude; vile se nalaze u skrivenim uvalama, oazama u kojima ćete pronaći mir, privatnost i tišinu, no dovoljno blizu ‘šušuru’ ako poželite skoknuti do jednog od omiljenih obalnih gradova Magnificent vacation properties were chosen by agency Starac as their exclusive selection for our magazine; villas are located in secluded beach oasis, where you will have your privacy, peace and quiet, yet be able to hop to one of your favorite Croatian cities Edited by Ivana Nedoklan Photos Starac

Perfect Escape

Najbolji izbor za opušteno ljeto u intimnom ugođaju, ali i u srcu grada A premiere choice for relaxing holidays in a private environment close to the city center

VILLA SPLIT Oaza privatnosti i luksuza Ova prekrasna kuća nalazi se na jednoj od najatraktivnijih lokacija u Splitu. Vila je obnovljena 2004. godine. Zbog svoje starosti i izuzetne vrijednosti, pod zaštitom je kao spomenik kulturne baštine Republike Hrvatske. Vila ima tri etaže, s kuhinjom, blagovaonicom, dnevnim boravkom, spavaćom sobom i toaletom u prizemlju, s kojeg unutarnje stubište vodi na dva gornja kata. Na prvom katu je komforan prostor s kaminom, kuhinjom, dnevnim boravkom, blagovaonicom, terasom, saunom, teretanom i bibliotekom. Drugi se kat sastoji od četiri velike spavaće sobe, tri kupaonice i terase. Vila je južno orijentirana pa gosti mogu uživati u pogledu na more iz svih soba. Prostrani mediteranski vrt s bazenom, jacuzzijem, te terasom idealan je za privatne gala večere i koktel zabave.

An oasis of privacy and luxury This wonderful property is situated on one of the most attractive locations in Split. This remarkable house was renovated in 2004; it is over a hundred years old and due to its value it is under protection of The Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of Republic of Croatia. The Villa has three floors with kitchen, dining and living area, one bedroom and toilet on the ground floor, from where you have access to two upper floors using the inner staircase. On the first floor is a spacious hall with fireplace, kitchen, living room, dining room with terrace, fitness, sauna and library. On the second floor there are four double bedrooms, three bathrooms and terrace. Villa is south oriented so guests will have a wonderful sea view from almost every room. The spacious Mediterranean garden with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi tub and an open air dining area is ideal for private gala dinners and cocktail parties.


BELLAVISTA Idealno utočište Villa Bellavista jedinstvena je nekretnina, okružena zelenim vrtovima, maslinicima i borovom šumom. Na samo nekoliko koraka od mora, udobno se smjestila između hridi jedne od najekskluzivnijih dubrovačkih lokacija. Na glavnoj etaži nalazi se dnevni dio s glasovirom, bibliotekom i kaminom. Kuhinja je povezana natkrivenom terasom s vanjskim kaminom i ljetnom blagovaonicom. Na drugom katu su dvije prostrane spavaće sobe, svaka s vlastitom kupaonicom i velikim bračnim krevetom. U prizemlju vile je jedna velika spavaća sobom s kupaonicom, te još dvije spavaće sobe i jedna kupaonica. Vila ima i impresivan vinski podrum s velikim izborom ukusnih i jedinstvenih starih vina, prostor za rekreaciju i wellness sa saunom te veliki grijani vanjski bazen.

A perfect retreat Villa Bellavista is a unique property surrounded by flourishing gardens, olive trees and pinewood, just a few steps away from the sea and nestled amongst the cliffs of one of the most exclusive areas of the Dubrovnik region. The main floor features a wide living room with piano, library, and fireplace. The kitchen opens on to a beautiful, covered terrace with a barbecue area and summer dining. On the second floor there are two spacious double bedrooms, each with en-suite bathroom and king size beds. The ground floor has one large double bedroom with en-suite bathroom and two large double bedrooms with a shared bathroom. There is also a wine cellar with a large selection of exquisite and unique vintage wines, a gym area and a spa with sauna. The outside area boasts a large outdoor pool with heating.

Premda uređena po modernim standardima, vila je zadržala svoj prvotni šarm i stil Villa was built to exceptional standards, whilst preserving the original style and charm

Vila je idealna za obitelji ili grupe prijatelja u potrazi za savršenim mirom i privatnosti The villa is perfect for families or group of friends looking for a complete tranquility and privacy

PINK CHAMPAGNE Pogled od kojeg zastaje dah Ova luksuzna vila mediteranskog stila samo je petnaestak minuta pješice udaljena od grada Hvara. Vila je smještena u drugom redu do mora, pod liticom s nevjerojatnim pogledom od 180° na more. Dvije tisuće četvornih metara posjeda okruženo je gustim zelenilom, borovinom, palmama i stablima agruma. S novog prostranog grijanog infinity bazena također se pruža panoramski pogled na more. Vila ima sedam spavaćih soba, a sve su klimatizirane i opremljene vlastitim kupaonicama, satelitskim LCD TV-om i priključkom na bežični internet. Upravitelj vile živi u susjednoj kući i na raspolaganju je gostima kao concierge.

An amazing view


Mediterranean style luxury villa is located 15 minutes walking time from the heart of the city Hvar. The villa is situated on the second row from the sea level beneath a cliff with a spectacular 180° view of the shimmering Adriatic Sea. The 2.000 m2 of villa’s property is surrounded by the enriched greenery, pine, palms and lemon trees. The newly built large-heated-infinity swimming pool offers a panoramic sea view. All seven bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms, satellite LCD TV, Internet connection (Wi-Fi), air-conditioning (heating or cooling). The villa’s manager lives in the separate house next to the villa and is at disposal for providing concierge services.

Perfect Escape

RED LAND Savršen drugi dom Ova sasvim nova vila smještena je na posjedu od 3.400 m2, na plaži između Splita i Trogira. U njezinih 360 m2 stambene površine gosti će uživati u udobnosti, eleganciji i toplini. Prizemlje je lijep otvoren prostor s kuhinjom, blagovaonicom i dnevnim boravkom iz kojeg se izlazi na terasu s vanjskim bazenom. Unutarnje stubište vodi na prvi kat, gdje se nalazi glavna spavaća soba, VIP i sobe za goste, s vlastitom kupaonicom i bračnim krevetom. Svaka soba odiše svojim posebnim stilom i emocijom, s naglaskom na udobnost i suvremenost. Vila je okružena elegantnim mediteranskim vrtom sa stablima maslina, agruma, lavandom i ružmarinom. U cijenu najma vile uključene su i usluge upravitelja i domaćice.

A perfect second home This brand new villa is situated on a 3.400 m2 property, directly on the beach, between the cities of Split and Trogir. Within her 360m2 of interior space, guests will find comfort, elegance and warmth. The ground floor is an elegant open plan living area with kitchen, dining room and living room in direct connection with the outside pool area. On the first floor you will find the master,VIP and guest bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms and double beds. Each room has her own particular style and atmosphere, blending comfort and contemporary style. The landscape around the villa has been designed as one elegant Mediterranean garden with olive trees, lavender, rosemary, lemon and orange trees. Included with the rental of the villa is the complimentary service of a villa manager and hostess.

VILLA HVAR Dašak povijesti Ovaj impresivan luksuzan posjed sastoji se od barokne palače i srednjovjekovne gotičke kuće, a smješten je u povijesnoj jezgri grada Hvara, samo 20 metara od glavne šetnice uz more. Vila ima pet dvokrevetnih soba i pet kupaonica, wellness s bazenom, masažnom kadom, saunom i sobom za masažu. Na visokom prizemlju barokne palače smještena je dnevna soba s kaminom, udobnim garniturama za sjedenje i kućnom bibliotekom te komfornim balkonom, a u vrtu je još jedan stol, bazen i lijepo opremljena terasa. Na niskom prizemlju gotičke kuće nalazi se vinski podrum, a na visokom unutarnji bazen okružen montažnim staklenim stijenkama.

A sense of the past This luxury edifice consists of a baroque palace and medieval gothic house. It is situated in the historical center of town of Hvar, only 20 meters from the main waterfront and promenade. Villa has five bedrooms each with double bed, five bathrooms and a wellness - spa area with swimming pool, hot tub, sauna and massage room. On the high ground floor of the baroque palace is a spacious living room equipped with a fireplace, comfortable sitting area and home library. In the outside garden area is another dining table, swimming pool with outdoor lounge and sitting furniture. On the low ground floor area of gothic house is a wine cellar while on the high ground floor is an indoor pool with convertible glass doors.

Unutrašnjost je uređena pomalo umjetnički, uz niz raznobojnih detalja Interior has been decorated with special colorful details, adding an arty touch into the whole impression

Iz prelijepe vile puca fantastičan pogled na Hvar i obližnje otoke From this fabulous villa you will have a remarkable view over the Hvar bay and nearby islands

Yachts Design



MARKO MURTIĆ ‘Otac’ novog hrvatskog dizajnerskog brenda za opremanje interijera je Marko Murtić, naš poznati dizajner i arhitekt, koji je prenio iskustvo u proizvodnji i uređenju interijera u proizvode svjetske kvalitete kojima se prostori opremaju prema dizajnerskim idejama

Text Darko Šupuk Photos Damil Kalogjera

The ‘father’ of new Croatian interior design brand is Marko Murtić: our famous designer and architect has joined his experience in manufacturing and interior design into world class products used to decorate and equip spaces following the designer’s ideas Marko Murtić poznat je u sferi dizajna i arhitekture, a naš je stari znanac iz svijeta proizvodnje plovila. Naime, nakon uspješne karijere u promociji, prodaji, proizvodnji i dizajnu namještaja, Marko je proizvodio i tehnološki najnaprednije jedrilice u Hrvatskoj, za čiji dizajn je dobio i nagradu Red Dot. Dolaskom krize, brodovi su prestali biti predmet njegova profesionalnog angažmana, te se posvetio svom ‘starom’ poslu, dizajnu i arhitekturi. U zadnje vrijeme razvio je vrlo lijepu i zanimljivu priču o produkciji dizajniranog namještaja svjetskih standarda za opremanje interijera po mjeri. Novi brend zove se Stuff, a Marko o njemu kaže: ‘Napravili smo novi brend za opremanje interijera, namijenjen turističkim i ugostiteljskim objektima, ali i stambenim prostorima. Stuff je nastao tako što smo za D-Resort u Mandalini sami razvili dobar dio proizvoda koji je unutra instaliran, jer smo htjeli pronaći takvu cjenovnu situaciju da možemo imati dizajnirane stvari, a da nisu brendirane na svjetskoj razini jer to nije bilo cjenovno prihvatljivo. Znamo da hotelijeri takve stvari ne uzimaju jer im je to ekonomski nedostupno. Prepoznali smo nišu da kroz svoj dizajn, razvoj i proizvodnju uspijemo za jedan nivo podići ljestvicu za ono što se inkorporira u hospitality sektoru. Po reakcijama gostiju, mislim da smo to dosta dobro odradili pa smo vidjeli da za takvim proizvodima ima interesa. Tako je nastao Stuff.’ Kako ste zamislili izrađivati namještaj? Imajući prijašnje iskustvo iz proizvodnje, shvatio sam da proizvoditi namještaj nema smisla zato što si limitiran onim što možeš proizvoditi, jednostavno ne možeš proizvoditi sve zbog tipologije strojeva. Vrlo dobro poznajem tehnologiju, koje su mogućnosti i to mi definitivno olakšava posao. Nije jednostavno posložiti cijeli proces da bi funkcionirao. Bolje je napraviti produkciju, pa se pojedini elementi mogu proizvoditi tamo gdje će biti najbolji. Kada se sve sklopi, dobiva se hrvatski proizvod na visokoj razini, konkurentan bilo kojem stranom proizvodu. To je primjenjivo na sve interijere. I, što je najvažnije, košta bitno manje od cijene svjetskih brendova. Imat ćete neke definirane proizvode? Već ih imamo, i određeni dio tog programa ćemo staviti u maloprodajnu mrežu, a neki su proizvodi namijenjeni isključivo za pojedine objekte. Trenutno imamo oko 40 proizvoda. Već smo krenuli s distribucijom kod nas u Hrvatskoj, ali i u regiji, Ljubljani i u Beogradu. Nakon regije, u jesen izlazimo i na tržište zapadne Europe. U Hrvatskoj se Stuff može pronaći u salonima Art Interijera u Splitu i Zagrebu, a cjelokupna ponuda nalazi se na našem webu, koji će uskoro postati i webshop

Marko Murtić is well known in the fields of design and architecture, and is our old acquaintance from the world of ship building. Namely, after a successful career in furniture marketing, sales, manufacturing and design, Marko has also built some of the most technologically advanced sailboats in Croatia, for which he was awarded the Red Dot. As the crisis began, boats ceased to be the subject of his professional efforts and he focused on his ‘old’ passions – design and architecture. He recently developed a very interesting story on the production of prime designer furniture for custom-made interior decorating. The new brand is called Stuff and here is what Marko says about it: ‘We made a new brand for interior decorating, intended for tourist accommodation and restaurants, but also for residential properties. Stuff was created when we developed the majority of equipment installed at D-Resort in Mandalina ourselves, as we wanted to find a financially viable situation which would give us designer items, but globally famous brands were not an option for us. We know that hoteliers never purchase things like that because they are just not affordable. Through our design, development and production, we recognized a niche to elevate the level of what is incorporated in the hospitality sector. Judging from our guests’ reactions, I’d say we did a good job and this showed us that there is room for such products on the market. This is how Stuff came to be.’ How do you plan on manufacturing furniture? Having previous experience in production, I realized that it makes no sense to manufacture furniture because you are limited by what you can manufacture; you simply cannot do everything due to the typology of the machinery. I am very well acquainted with the technology, I know all the possibilities and this definitely makes my job easier. It is not at all simple to organize the entire process to function well. It is better to make a production and then individual elements can be manufactured where they can best be produced. Once everything comes together, we get a prime Croatian product, competitive with any in the world. This goes for all interiors. And what is most important, it costs significantly less than a world class brand would. Will you have any defined products? We already do; a certain portion of this program will go into retail network, and some products are intended for individual properties. We currently have around 40 products. We have already started distributing locally, but also regionally, to Ljubljana and Belgrade. After the region, in autumn, we are going for the Western European market. Stuff is in Croatia and is available at Art Interijeri stores in Split

Tko je danas Stuff? Pokretač projekta sam ja, koji sam se cijeli život bavio dizajnom, i dizajnirali smo velik broj proizvoda, ali ih nikada nismo brendirali. Sa mnom je na projektu radio Simon Morasi Piperčić koji je jako dobar samostalni dizajner, te je već dobio jedan Red Dot za dizajn. Projekt nije zatvorenog tipa i širit će se unutar određenog dizajnerskog smjera. Namjera nam je u projekt uključiti nove mlade dizajnere. Reakcije koje smo dobili sa sajmova u Parizu i Milanu dokazale su nam da se možemo bez problema nositi sa svjetskim dizajnom. Zove se Stuff /Stvari/ isključivo zato jer je to kolekcija otvorenog karaktera – sve što možeš dizajnirati i staviti u prostor. Pokrivamo veliki asortiman, od rasvjete, sofa, ležaljki, tepiha... sve što je dio dizajna. Možete li izdvojiti nešto što je u tom projektu posebno? Posebnost u Stuffu je dizajn koji nije trendovski i moći će se implementirati dugo godina, tako da ga možemo plasirati na široka tržišta, ne samo lokalno. Iako smo počeli tek prije dva mjeseca, već smo prisutni u regiji. Uz moju art direkciju, ali u suradnji s mnogim dizajnerima u cijelom svijetu, stvaramo novi hrvatski brend. Ne namjeravamo se ograničavati Hrvatskom, jer živimo u jednom širem konceptu. Cijela je ideja da se plasiramo vani u svijetu. Kod nas ima jako malo tvrtki koje imaju hrabrosti razviti nešto novo, ali se u industrijskom dizajnu stvari ipak pomiču naprijed. Pojavila su se neka nova imena... a mi smo prije dvadeset godina bili neka vrsta pionira u Hrvatskoj, i u promociji našeg dizajna kroz Art Avantgard i AAG i u promociji najznačajnijih svjetskih brendova. and Zagreb, and our entire offer can be seen on our website, which will soon become a web shop: Who is Stuff today? I am the initiator of this project. I have been in design all my life, and we have designed numerous products but we never branded them. With me on this project was Simon Morasi Piperčić who is an outstanding freelance designer and already has a Red Dot design award. The project is not one of a closed nature and will expand within a certain design direction. Our intention is to include new young designers into the project. The reactions we got at exhibitions in Paris and Milan have proven that we are more than able to compete with world class designers. The brand is called Stuff because it is an open type collection – anything you can design and put into a room. We cover a wide range, from lighting, sofas, easy chairs, carpets... all that is design. What do you think is most special about this project? The uniqueness of Stuff is the design which is not necessarily trendy and can be implemented for many years, so we can launch it to wider markets and not only locally. Although we began only two months ago, we already have a place in the region. With my art direction and in cooperation with many designers worldwide, we are creating a new Croatian brand. We are not planning on limiting ourselves to Croatia as we live in a wider concept. The entire idea is that we find a place globally. There are very few companies here that have the courage to develop something new, but industrial design is indeed moving forward. Some new names have emerged... and twenty years ago we


D-Resort Mandalina

Yachts Design

‘Moja je prva ljubav arhitektura, ali sam imao više interesa: i u dizajnu namještaja, dizajnu i gradnji brodova i svemu kreativnom’ ‘My first love is architecture but I had more than one interest: furniture design, building and designing of boats, and all things creative’ Što vam je na ‘programu’ osim Stuffa? Moja je prva ljubav arhitektura i posvećen sam i projektiranju, što sam kroz godine kontinuirano i radio, ali sam imao više interesa: i u dizajnu namještaja, dizajnu i gradnji brodova i svemu kreativnom. U zadnje vrijeme sam radio dosta u Kairu na jednoj velikoj vili, zvali su me da radim i na jednom projektu u Saudijskoj Arabiji, a u Hrvatskoj sam do prošli mjesec završavao projektiranje interijera za D-Resort u Mandalini. Radim i nekoliko projekata u Dalmaciji koji su u razvoju. Mandalina je dobila sve pohvale, kako biste je vi opisali? To je bio projekt koji ima krajnji rezultat koji je zaista dobar, jer smo arhitekt Nikola Bašić i ja stvorili jedan specifičan zajednički jezik. Točno se osjeća kao da je jedna ruka izašla van iz svega: napravili smo jedan spoj gdje smo išli na varijantu da iz velikog objekta napravimo mediteranski ugođaj, što je vrlo teško. Obično kada gledate sve hotele, većina su korporativnog imidža i možete ih postaviti bilo gdje. Mi smo pokušali s grubim materijalima koje smo unijeli unutra, od grubih betona, grubo formiranih metala i drvenih obloga, postići kontakt s lokalnom prirodom, što nije lako napraviti na velikom objektu. Hotel je bitno drugačiji od onog što postoji na obali kod nas. Što vam je najvažnije kada promatrate novi prostor? Meni je svaki novi projekt novi koncept i mislim da to nije dekoracija ili punjenje prostora onim što vam se trenutno sviđa ili aplikacija neke teksture na zid, što je uobičajeni jezik interijerista dekoratera. To je uvijek neki koncept kojim se prostor sagledava kao arhitektonsko-dizajnerski, a ne samo dekorativni. Tendencija jest u zadnje vrijeme da se ljudi bave samo dekoracijama, i to se osjeća. To nije pravi arhitektonsko interijerski pristup. Na svakom projektu na kojem sam ja radio izradili smo konceptualno rješenje. Uvijek se stvori neki novi ambijent i neki novi imidž koji nije čista senzacija, nego ide na temu arhitektonske kvalitete, prostorne kvalitete i ima dugotrajnu vrijednost i ne zastarijeva s novim trendom.

were sort of pioneers in Croatia, with our design marketing through Art Avantgard and AAG, as well as marketing of the biggest international brands. What are your plans besides Stuff? My first love is architecture and I am dedicated to architectural design which I have continuously done for years. But I had more than one interest: furniture design, building and designing of boats, and all things creative. I have lately done quite a lot of work in Cairo, on a large villa; they called me from Saudi Arabia to do a project; and last month I was in Croatia finishing my interior design for the D-Resort in Mandalina. I am working on a couple of projects in Dalmatia too. Mandalina has received a lot of praise, how would you describe it? This was a project with a truly excellent result, as architect Nikola Bašić and I have found a good common ground. It truly feels like we did this as a great team: we made a fusion where we decided to give a Mediterranean feel to a large building, which is very difficult. Usually when you look at hotels, most of them have a corporate image and you can build them anywhere. We tried to achieve contact with local natural surroundings using rough materials inside, like rough concretes, rugged metals and wooden coverings, which is not easily done on a large building. The hotel is unlike any existing buildings on our coast. What is most important to you when you see a new interior? To me, each new project is a new concept, and I don’t think it is decorating or filling the space with what you like at the moment, or applying a texture to the wall, which is the usual language of interior designers. It is always a concept which observes the space not only from a decorative point, but as architectural design too. A recent obvious tendency is to only deal with the decorating side; this is not a proper architectural-interior approach. We did a conceptual solution on each of the projects I worked with. There is always a new ambiance and a new image which is not pure sensation, but comes into the sphere of architectural and spatial quality, with a long lasting value which does not get old with a new trend.


Lamp Peek, sofa Folder

Hotel Lemongarden

Novi jadranski biser Latest Adriatic gem

Hotels Besprijekorno uređen s nizom detalja, novi brački hotel idealno je mjesto za odmor uz ugodan miris limuna koji dopire iz prekrasnog vrta Impeccably designed with a series of details, the new hotel on Brač Island is a perfect place for a vacation filled with the pleasant lemon scent coming from the magnificent garden U najmirnijem dijelu Brača – Sutivanu, nastao je novi-stari hotel, u kojem se možete diviti starinama, ali isto tako uživati u modernim detaljima na svakom koraku. Upravo ta simbioza starog i novog ostavit će posjetitelje bez daha. Hotel s pet zvjezdica sastoji se od tri kuće, koje pružaju idealan prostor za odmor. Prva kuća, Ilić dvor, pažljivo je obnovljena pod budnim okom povijesnog ureda za očuvanje, a uz nju su i kuće Definis dvor i Vesna. Sve tri kuće su zaštićene kao povijesni spomenici i imaju više od 300 godina. Zanimljivo je da su povezane ‘labirintima’ popunjenima različitim raslinjem (cvijeće, palme, hibiskusi, limuni i sl.) pa imate osjećaj da ste u potpunoj prirodi, daleko od mora i obale iako je privatna plaža u prirodnoj uvali samo nekoliko metara od samog hotela. Sve su sobe u hotelu zaista velike, s visokim stropovima, raskošnim kupaonicama te s pravom mjerom svjetlosti. Svaka je soba priča za sebe, a jedinstvenom je čine i najmanji detalji (boje zidova, namještaj, lusteri, raspored apartmana itd.). Ono što im je zajedničko jest pogled – na more ili na privatni vrt. U lijepo njegovanom privatnom vrtu je veliki bazen, a oko njega brojne palme koje štite od jakog sunca. U vrtu raste i domaće povrće i voće koje se koristi u pripremi hrane u hotelskom restoranu. Ima li nešto bolje od toga? Hotel je također odlično pozicioniran i blizu dalmatinskim top-odredištima, do kojih se lako dolazi automobilom, katamaranom ili brodom. U svakom slučaju, hotel Lemongarden je besprijekorno razrađen projekt koji vas neće ostaviti ravnodušnim i mjesto na kojem ćete poželjeti, ako ne ostati zauvijek, onda mu se sigurno ponovno vraćati.

In the most tranquil area of Brač – Sutivan, a new-old hotel was created, where you can admire the ancient remains but also enjoy contemporary details. This symbiosis of old and new is simply breath-taking. The 5-star hotel comprises of three houses, each providing a splendid relaxation space. The first house, Ilić Dvor, was carefully restored under the watchful eye of the historic heritage preservation office; and next to it are the houses of Definis Dvor and Vesna. All three are listed as heritage sites and are over 300 years old. It is fascinating how they are connected with each other by labyrinths filled with various plants and flora: flowers, palm trees, hibiscus, lemon trees… it feels like the untouched nature which lies far from the coast, even though there is a private beach in a natural cave only a few metres from the hotel. The hotel rooms are spacious, with high ceilings, luxurious bathrooms and just the right amount of light. Each room tells its own story, made unique by attention to detail; from the colour schemes, furniture and chandeliers to the suite layout. The one thing all rooms have in common is the splendid view – either of the sea or private garden. In this beautifully kept garden is a large swimming pool surrounded by numerous palms creating a delightful shade. The garden also features local fruits and vegetables, used to prepare meals at the hotel restaurant. What more can you ask for? The hotel is superbly located, close to Dalmatian prime destinations, easily reached by car, catamaran or boat. The Lemongarden is in every way a gorgeous and impeccably elaborate project which will surely impress, leaving you eager to return, or even stay forever…


Heritage Hotel Martinis Marchi SavrĹĄeno mjesto za druĹženje Perfect place to meet and mingle


Svojim prirodnim ljepotama Šolta je oduvijek privlačila posjetitelje, a danas je to nezaobilazna destinacija za privatna i poslovna događanja Šolta has always attracted visitors with its natural beauty and today this island is a private and business event destination not to be missed U malom ribarskom mjestu Maslinici na otoku Šolti nalazi se tristo godina stari dvorac u kojem se smjestio prekrasno uređeni Heritage Hotel Martinis Marchi, koji sa svojim restoranom i marinom čini idealno mjesto za opuštanje i odmor, ali i za svečane prigode kao što su poslovna događanja, prezentacije brendova ili team building. Romantičan ugođaj dvorca posebno su prepoznali mladenci koji se u posljednje vrijeme sve više odlučuju reći sudbonosno ‘da’ upravo u tom spektakularnom ambijentu. Prilikom organizacije raznovrsnih događanja, osoblje Martinis Marchija ulaže maksimum kako bi se prilagodili zahtjevima klijenata. Pritom valja naglasiti profesionalan i individualan pristup svakom klijentu te podršku i fleksibilnost tijekom pripreme i organizacije samog događanja. Sedam posebno dizajniranih i namještenih soba, uključujući novu sobu u kuli dvorca, čuvaju duh prošlosti i gostima pružaju maksimalnu udobnost. U sklopu dvorca nalazi se i lijepo uređen vanjski bazen, a wellness ponuda uključuje i saunu, te hamam s prostorom za opuštanje i masažu. Za poslovne sastanke, tu je konferencijska dvorana opremljena klimom, projektorom i platnom za prezentacije. U à la carte restoranu gosti će uživati u raznovrsnim gastronomskim specijalitetima, ali i u nezaboravnom pogledu na zaljev uz zalazak sunca. Prostrani mediteranski vrt koji okružuje cijeli kompleks savršeno je mjesto za zabavu i odmor u prirodnoj hladovini s pogledom na marinu i obližnje otočiće. Hotel i restoran su otvoreni za goste od travnja do listopada, dok marina radi cijele godine. Zahvaljujući brojnim pješačkim i biciklističkim stazama, posjetitelji mogu istražiti otok i njegovu netaknutu prirodu, ali i kušati autohtona jela i vrhunska vina koja diljem otoka nude mala obiteljska gospodarstva. Izaberete li upravo Šoltu za vaše sljedeće događanje, budite uvjereni da će biti organizirano na zavidnoj razini, a vaši gosti će dobiti ništa manje nego prvoklasnu uslugu i nezaboravan doživljaj koji će dugo pamtiti.

In the small fishing village of Maslinica on Šolta Island sits a three hundred years old, magnificently designed Heritage Hotel Martinis Marchi, which, with its restaurant and marina, makes a perfect location to relax and rest, but also for more formal occasions such as business events, brand presentations, or team building. The romantic setting of this castle is especially appreciated lately by more and more brides and grooms who decide to say their ‘yes’ in this spectacular ambiance. The Martinis Marchi staff give their absolute maximum when organizing various events, following their clients’ demands. Their approach is extremely professional and individually tailored to each and every client, with support and flexibility in preparing and arranging the event. Seven specially designed and furnished rooms, including the new room in the tower, keep the spirit of the past and offer superb comfort to their guests. The castle includes a gorgeous outdoor pool and the wellness section features a sauna and a Turkish bath. For business meetings, there is a conference room equipped with air conditioning, projector, and a presentation screen. The à la carte restaurant offers a variety of culinary specialties and an unforgettable sunset view of the bay. The spacious Mediterranean garden, surrounding the entire complex, is ideal for entertainment and relaxation in the natural shade, overlooking the marina and the nearby islets. Both the hotel and restaurant welcome guests from April to October, while the marina is operating all year round. Thanks to numerous hiking trails and bicycle paths, the visitors can explore the island and its untouched nature, but also taste local cuisine and highest quality wines, offered by small family farms all over the island. Should you pick Šolta for your next event, you can be sure that the organization will be at an enviable level, your guests will receive nothing short of first-class-service and it will remain a unique event that will stay with them for a long time.

Falkensteiner HOTEL & SPA IADERA Luksuzno utočište stvoreno baš po vašoj mjeri Luxurious Retreat Tailor Made for You

Nadahnjujuća arhitektura, nenadmašan dizajn, prvoklasna usluga, vrhunska alpsko-jadranska kuhinja i mediteranski šarm pružaju ekskluzivnu oazu za odmor koja postavlja nove standarde Inspiring architecture, unsurpassed design, first class service, top rate Alpine-Mediterranean cuisine and Mediterranean charm make this an exclusive vacation oasis that sets new standards


Hotel & Spa Iadera, smješten nedaleko od Zadra, dio je Falkensteiner Premium Collection, s wellness centrom od čak 6.000 četvornih metara. Nadahnuti dubokom plavom bojom Jadrana, ugledni svjetski arhitekti Boris Podrecca i Mattheo Thun sljubili su čiste neupadljive linije s mediteranskim bojama i tako stvorili elegantnu atmosferu i ambijent pun stila. White Spa nudi pregršt wellness tretmana, prostor za opuštanje i rekreaciju u infinity bazenima, dok se Black Spa odlikuje turskim hamamom koji se proteže do 700 četvornih metara, sa sauna područjem i prostorima za masažu i tretmane tijela. Jedinstvena Falkensteiner wellness filozofija koristi vodu kao glavni element zdravog života, a inspirirana je mistikom Orijenta i iscjeljujućim svojstvima kristala i dragog kamenja. Najpopularniji su thalasso tretmani i tretmani inspirirani orijentalnim i sredozemnim biljem. Čarobna moć mora, u kombinaciji sa stručnim rukama terapeuta, pomladit će vaše lice, tijelo i držanje, te definitivno utjecati na vaš unutarnji mir. Iadera, sa svojom kozmopolitskom kuhinjom, vrlo uspješno čuva svoju poziciju na ugostiteljskom vrhu. Restoran Jadran nudi mediteransku i regionalnu kuhinju, kao i nevjerojatan pogled na prekrasno Jadransko more. Uživajte u morskim plodovima u elegantnom à la carte restoranu Bracera, ili pak odaberite Steak-house Planiku sa svojom opuštenom i živahnom atmosferom. Ljepote dalmatinske obale najbolje se mogu doživjeti upravo s mora, stoga hotel nudi i vrhunski Yacht service koji uključuje preuzimanje plovila direktno ispred hotelskog kompleksa, iskusnog lokalnog skipera koji poznaje najskrovitije uvale i najbolje konobe, dok će 12-metarska jahta s velikom platformom za plivanje, kuhinjom i dvije kabine zadovoljiti i najzahtjevnijeg gosta.

Hotel & Spa Iadera, situated near Zadar, is part of the Falkensteiner Premium Collection, with Spa that covers 6.000m2. Inspired by the deep blue of the Adriatic, world renowned architects Boris Podrecca and Mattheo Thun combined clean muted lines with Mediterranean colors, creating an elegant atmosphere and a stylish ambiance. The White Spa offers an abundance of beauty treatments, and infinity pools for relaxation and recreation, while the Black Spa boasts a 700m2 Turkish hamam with sauna, massage and body treatments areas. Falkensteiner’s unique wellness philosophy with water as the main element of a healthy lifestyle is inspired by the Orient and the healing properties of crystals and precious stones. The most popular treatments are treatments that are specific for the region and for the hotel: Thalasso treatments and the treatments inspired by the Orient and Mediterranean herbs. The magical power of sea, combined with professional hands of therapists will rejuvenate your face, body and posture and most definitely influence your inner peace. With its cosmopolitan cuisine, Iadera has no trouble being at the top in this field. Jadran restaurant offers Mediterranean and regional cuisine, as well as a magnificent view over the spectacular Adriatic Sea. You can enjoy seafood in the elegant Bracera À la carte restaurant, or choose Steak-house Planika with its relaxed, lively atmosphere. The beauty of the Dalmatian coast can best be experienced from the water, which is why the hotel offers a top-line Yacht Service, including pickup directly at the resort, an experienced local skipper who knows all the hidden bays and the best taverns, while the 12-meter yacht with a large swim platform, a kitchen and two cabins will satisfy even the most demanding guests.


Ilirija Biograd Premda Biograd budi asocijacije na sajam, taj lijepi gradiÄ&#x2021; nudi i zanimljive luksuzne sadrĹžaje arming Biograd is well known for its boat show, but charming little town offers luxurious services as well


Iskorak iz svakodnevice Step Out of the Ordinary


Mnogim nautičarima Biograd je poznat po marini Kornati i njezinom event kalendaru koji uključuje Biograd Boat Show krajem listopada. No, većina nije svjesna da je matična tvrtka Ilirija d.d. napravila iskorak od uobičajene ponude kako bi gostima pružila jedinstveno i vrhunsko iskustvo. Osim četiri hotela s moderno dizajniranim sadržajem i prostranim apart-manima, Ilirija je nedavno obogatila svoju ponudu jednom novom vilom. Okružena hektarima maslinika, Villa Primorje obuhvaća i hotel očuvane kulturne baštine Ražnjevića dvori iz 1307. godine, s novosagrađenim bazenom pokraj kamene konobe koja također datira iz 14. stoljeća. Osim jedinstvenog smještaja, gosti marine i hotela imaju pristup wellnessu Medical Wellness Salvia s panoramskim pogledom na more, legendarnom restoranu marine Kornati, lounge baru Lavender pored kaskadnog bazena u hotelu Adriatic, izoliranom tenis-centru s 14 teniskih terena te Aquatic Beach Clubu s obiteljskim zabavnim parkom i još mnogim drugim atrakcijama. Za velike evente na kopnu i moru, tu je 36-metarski event brod ‘Nada’ koji nudi luksuzno dnevno ili večernje krstarenje, a gosti mogu večernju zabavu nastaviti u najluksuznijem prostoru za evente – zadarskom Arsenalu, iz 17. stoljeća. Kako bi se ove usluge povezale u jedinstvenu cjelinu koja bi zadovoljila sve potrebe klijenata, gostima je na raspolaganju Ilirija Travel DMC.

Many boaters know Biograd through Marina Kornati and its famous event calendar which includes the Biograd Boat Show in late October. Most are unaware that its parent company Ilirija d.d. has stepped out of the ordinary to offer many unique premium guest experiences. In addition to its four hotels with modern design features and spacious apartments, Ilirija has recently completed the new Villa Primorje surrounded by hectares of olive groves, and the rural resort hotel Ražnjević Dvori with its new pool next to a stone tavern dating back to 1307. Beyond unique accommodation, all guests on land or sea have access to Wellness Salvia with a rooftop panoramic view of the sea, the legendary Marina Kornati Restaurant, the Lavender lounge bar next to the cascading pool at hotel Adriatic, a secluded 14 court tennis center, an Olympic size aquatic center with family fun park and much more. For great events on land and sea, the 36m event ship Nada offers the most luxurious day or evening cruises, while the 17th Century Arsenal in Zadar is one of Croatia’s most luxurious and prestigious event venues. To tie all of this together with personalized service, Ilirija Travel is there to service the most demanding guests. 317

Radisson Blu Resort Split Nezaboravno iskustvo

Unforgettable experience


Hotels Jedinstvene usluge te bogati hotelski sadržaji spojeni sa savršenom lokacijom, jamstvo su luksuznog i komfornog odmora One-of-a-kind guest services and rich hotel amenities coupled with a perfect location serves as a guarantee for luxurious and comfortable vacation

Smješten na jednoj od najljepših i najčišćih splitskih plaža, Radisson Blu Resort Split osigurava nezaboravno iskustvo odmora na Mediteranu. Od 250 soba, posebno se ističu dva luksuzno opremljena predsjednička apartmana koji se prostiru na sedmom katu, više od 296 četvornih metara svaki, te s pripadajućom terasom od 230 četvornih metara. Sadržaji poput prostranog, ostakljenog dnevnog boravka s blagovaonicom i opremljenom kuhinjom, tri sobe s walk-in ormarima, svaka s kupaonicom, privatnom saunom i jacuzzijem na terasi te najljepšim pogledom u Splitu, osiguravaju ultimativni ugođaj za vrijeme boravka. Kao dodatak, hotelska plaža nagrađena Plavom zastavom za čistoću, s Mistral restoranom i barom, nalazi se svega nekoliko stuba ispod hotela. Opustite se uz laganu glazbu i koktele u baru samo korak od mora ili uživajte u slasnim jelima kuhinje restorana. Brzi bežični internet koji je besplatan za hotelske goste dostupan je na cijelom području hotela, a besplatan pristup Spa centru i doručak su također dodatna pogodnost za sve goste. Located on one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in Split - Radisson Blu Resort Split provides an unforgettable experience of a Mediterranean vacation. Among the 250 rooms, two luxurious presidential suites stand out, spread on the seventh floor over 296 square meters with 230 square meters terrace. Facilities like a spacious, glassed living room, dining room and kitchen, three bedrooms with walk-in closets, each with its own bathroom, a private sauna and jacuzzi on the terrace with the most beautiful view in Split, provides the ultimate ambience for any stay. In addition, hotel beach awarded the Blue Flag for cleanliness and the Mistral Beach Restaurant and Bar is located only a couple of steps below the hotel. Relax with soft music and cocktails in the bar just a step from the sea or enjoy the delicious food from the restaurant kitchen. High speed wireless internet which is free for hotel guests is available in the whole area of the hotel, and free access to the Spa and Super Buffet breakfast are also additional convenience for all guests.


Zdravo, autohtono i - organsko Healthy, autochthonous and - organic


Yachts Eco

Dalmacija - regija ekološke hrane Dalmatia – Organic Food Region Nedvojbeni trend proizvodnje ekološki uzgojenih proizvoda dobio je svoj prvi sajam pod nazivom EkoFjera, a proizvođači se polako okrupnjuju u udruge poput one Dalmacija Eko preko koje možete dobiti kvalitetne informacije o njima i njihovim proizvodima The emerging trend of growing organic products has resulted in a new fair known as EkoFjera. Farmers are joining associations like Dalmacija Eko, offering a great source of information on green growers and their products Text Jelena Petrov Photos Ivo Pervan, Tanja Drinković & Dalmacija Eko

Nezagađeno tlo, idealni pedološki uvjeti i veliko zanimanje mladih za poduzetništvo u sektoru ekološke poljoprivrede tijekom posljednjih nekoliko godina doprinijeli su rastu broja ekoloških proizvođača na području dalmatinske obale. Na nekad zapuštenim područjima malih pitoresknih otočnih i ruralnih imanja počela je proizvodnja raznolikih proizvoda, mahom temeljenih na autohtonim dalmatinskim sortama. Upravo zato što se uglavnom radi o malim obiteljskim gospodarstvima, na tržištu se može pronaći široka paleta autohtonih proizvoda, osobito prerađevina pripravljenih po starim, tradicionalnim receptima, kao što su hib-smokvenjak, razne vrste džemova i slično. Recepti se čuvaju i njeguju unutar svake regije, otoka i sela, što se odražava u različitim, specifičnim okusima dajući prepoznatljivost proizvoda svojoj regiji. Sortna maslinova ulja, kao i vina, predstavljaju bogatstvo našeg autohtonog sortimenta, a odlikuju se jakom aromom specifičnom za osunčane i sušne uvjete mediteranskog područja. Mlada vinogorja poput Komarne blizu Pelješca ili nadinskog područja u unutrašnjosti Zadra orijentirala su se prvenstveno

Unpolluted, ideally structured soil and a growing interest from the younger generation in ‘agri-enterpreneurship’ during the last few years have contributed to the emergence of new organic growers on the Dalmatian coast. Abandoned regions of small picturesque islands and rural properties grow a variety of organic products based on indigenous Dalmatian varieties. Small family farms run their businesses, providing the market with a wide range of indigenous products faithfully made to the old, traditional recipes like hib - fig cake, varieties of jams etc. Each region, island and village treasures and cherishes old recipes, bringing a rich variety of specific flavours and aromas and thus enhancing each region with its distinctive original products. High quality olive oils, as well as wines represent a rich indigenous assortment of intense aromas specific to the sunny and dry conditions of the Mediterranean region. New vineyard locations like Komarna near Pelješac or Nadin area in the hinterland of Zadar oriented to organic wine growing, have created distinctive wines

Udruga ekoloških proizvođača Dalmacije promiče ekološku poljoprivredu, brigu za zdravlje i očuvanje okoliša Association of Eco Growers of Dalmatia promotes organic farming, caring for the health and the environment


na ekološki uzgoj stvarajući prepoznatljive i respektabilne vinarske regije izvan granica Hrvatske. Također, sve češći ekološki uzgoj maslina, kao osnovne kulture u poljoprivredi Dalmacije, pridonio je da se danas na tržištu mogu pronaći mnogobrojna ekološka ulja ekstra djevičanske kvalitete pakirana u malim serijama, vrhunskog okusa i arome, koja na renomiranim svjetskim natjecanjima osvajaju brojne nagrade. Dio proizvođača odlučio je osnovati Udrugu ekoloških proizvođača Dalmacije – Dalmacija EKO, kako bi zajednički stupili na tržište, osvijestili potrošače o važnosti ekološke hrane za zdravlje i stvorili platformu za razmjenu znanja. Inicijativa ima veliku podršku javnog sektora dalmatinskih županija, budući da su sve četiri županije strateški orijentirane razvoju prehrambeno-prerađivačkog sektora temeljenog na održivim praksama, s naglaskom na ekološkoj poljoprivredi i valorizaciji autohtonih sorti i pasmina. Sinergijski učinak suradnje proizvođača, javnog sektora, distributera ekološke hrane, ugostitelja i hotelijera rezultirao je organizacijom najvećeg sajma ekoloških proizvoda u Republici Hrvatskoj, EkoFjere 2016., koja će postati tradicionalno godišnje događanje na splitskim Prokurativama u lipnju. Na EkoFjeri 2016. predstavilo se više od 50 certificiranih proizvođača s više od 300

recognised outside Croatia. The olive, a backbone of Dalmatian agriculture, is also contributing to organic farming through the production of a wide range of award-winning, limited edition, extra virgin olive oils of premium taste and aroma. A group of farmers decided to establish the Association of Organic Farmers of Dalmatia – EKO Dalmacija. Focusing on joint marketing, they have highlighted the importance of organic food to consumers and have created a platform for knowledge exchange. Since all four Dalmatian counties are strategically oriented towards the development of the food production sector based on sustainable practices, organic farming and indigenous species; this initiative enjoys great support from the public sector of Dalmatian counties. The synergy brought about by the cooperation of growers, public sector, distributors of the organic food, caterers and hoteliers has resulted in the biggest fair of organic products in the Republic of Croatia: EkoFjera 2016. This will become an annual Split event in June. EkoFjera 2016 featured over 50 certified growers with more than 300 products – from fresh vegetables and fruits, a large number

Yachts Eco

proizvoda – od svježeg povrća i voća, preko velikog broja ekstra djevičanskih maslinovih ulja autohtonih sorti oblice i levantinke, prerađevina rogača, vrhunskih vina sorti tribidrag i plavac mali, tradicionalnih smokvenjaka, kozjih sireva i meda vrijeska i kadulje, do tradicionalnog začinskog bilja. Osim sajma ekoloških proizvoda, manifestacija EkoFjera 2016. svojim brojnim posjetiteljima pružila je bogat edukativni i kulturno-zabavni program, poput koncerta ambasadora udruge Darka Rundeka. Veliki broj proizvođača svoje proizvode nudi i na kućnom pragu, uz mogućnost posjeta imanjima, a planira se uspostavljanje redovite zelene tržnice na centralnoj lokaciji u gradu Splitu. Značenje razvoja ekološke proizvodnje za regiju je izuzetno velik, osobito zbog očuvanja agro-bioraznolikosti područja i plodnosti tla, samozapošljavanja mladih ljudi i stvaranja ponude kvalitetne hrane visoke nutritivne vrijednosti, za kojom postoji velika potražnja, kako domaćeg, tako i stranog tržišta. Više podataka i kontakte proizvođača članova udruge Dalmacija Eko možete pronaći na

Darko Rundek ambasador je ekološke proizvodnje Dalmacije Darko Rundek is the ambassador of organic production in Dalmatia

of indigenous extra virgin olive oils like oblica and levantinka, carob products, premium wine varieties - tribidrag and plavac mali, traditional fig cakes, goat cheeses, sage & heather honey to traditional herbs. Apart from the organic products fair, EkoFjera 2016 also included a rich educational programme, and featured Darko Rundek, an icon of the Croatian music industry, in concert. A great number of producers also offer their products on-farm, opening up the possibility of visiting the organic farms. The city will feature a regular green market at a central city location. Organic production has a significant role to play in the preservation of agro-biodiversity, soil fertility, employment of youth and the production of nutritious high quality food in the region. There is a growing demand for organic food in both the local and foreign market. For more information and contacts please refer to Association Dalmacija Eko at www.

Konoba Žakan

Konoba Maestral

Good food and wine in a true nautical paradise

Where tradition meets modern cuisine

 M +385 91 7260 579  Ravni Žakan, KORNATI

 T +385 20 746 184 / M +385 98 428 890  Okuklje 47, HR-20224 OKUKLJE (Mljet)

 GPS 43° 43’ 35” N / 15° 26’ 18” E

 GPS 42° 43’ 60” N / 17° 40’ 33” E

Gastro Guide

Konoba Hvaranin Authentic Dalmatian food  T +385 98 16 80 381  Ban Mladenova 9, HR-21000 SPLIT

 GPS 43° 30’ 32” N / 16° 26’ 7” E

Restaurant Antonio Patak Your heaven for today!  T +385 21 741 485 / M +385 95 8649 544; +385 91 7230 665  Uvala Ždrilca 1, HR-21450 HVAR

 GPS 43° 9’ 32” N / 16° 25’ 6” E

Gastro Guide

Laganini lounge bar & fish house Visit Laganini. An extraordinary place. A living place.  M +385 91 17 44 976  Palmižana 33, HR-21450 HVAR

 GPS 43° 9’ 27” N / 16° 23’ 29” E




Year: 2016 Layout: 6 CABINS PRICE: 22.250.000 EUR excl. VAT

Year: 2014 Layout: 5 CABINS PRICE: 16.500.000 EUR excl. VAT

Year: 2017 Layout: 5 CABINS PRICE: 16.250.000 EUR excl. VAT




Year: 2017 Layout: 5 CABINS PRICE: 8.500.000 EUR excl. VAT

Year: 2016 Layout: 5 CABINS PRICE: 7.500.000 EUR excl. VAT

Year: 2016 Cabins: 4 PRICE: 3.743.000 EUR excl. VAT




Year: 2016 Cabins: 3 PRICE: 949.900 EUR excl. VAT

Year: 2016 Cabins: 3 PRICE: 1.350.000 EUR excl. VAT

Year: 2001 / Refit: 2012 Cabins. 4 PRICE: 1.350.000 EUR excl. VAT

Navis Marine d.o.o. | VrbaniÃ&#x201D;eva 22, 10000 Zagreb | Croatia Tel +385 1 4635 261 | Fax +385 1 4635 281 | Gsm +385 98 278 275 | Skype: zadrog |



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IZDAVAČ PUBLISHER D.Š. Savjetovanje d.o.o. Obala hrvatskog narodnog preporoda 5, 21000 Split, HRVATSKA (CROATIA) Tel. +385 (0)21 771 517 / Fax +385 (0)21 584 303






PRIJEVOD TRANSLATION Ira Martinović, Tajana Bundara, Linda Senjanović




SURADNICI ASSOCIATES Ivo Pervan, Mario Jelavić, Damil Kalogjera, Lari Lulić, Robert Matić, Ivan Bura, Antonio Rossetti, Đorđe Stošić, Jasmina Stošić, Mlađan Marušić, Matija Longin, Jelena Petrov, Ana Starčević, Tash Peričić, Ivana Matušan, Josipa Vlahović-Cikatić, Jasna Damjanović, Richard Aldhous, dr. Siobhan Brade

TISAK PRINT Printera Grupa d.o.o.

DISTRIBUTERI DISTRIBUTERS (RH) Tisak d.d.; (SLO) Delo prodaja d.d.; (BIH) i (CG) Inter Press d.o.o.; (SRB) Tisak d.o.o.

YACHTS CROATIA licencno je izdanje časopisa YACHTS YACHTS CROATIA is a licensed edition of YACHTS DIREKTOR I CEO DIRECTOR & CEO Sam Richomme /


YACHTS RUSSIA Sergey Rybakov /

PRETPLATA SUBSCRIPTION Godišnja pretplata 226 kn Rukopisi, fotografije i medijski zapisi se ne vraćaju! Zabranjeno je kopiranje i prenošenje sadržaja časopisa YACHTS bez dopuštenja izdavača. Izlazi dvomjesečno. Manuscripts, photographs and media clips are non returnable! It is prohibited to copy and transfer the contents of the magazine YACHTS without the permission of the publisher. Published bimonthly. ISSN 1847-0246


Unmistakable style, understated and elegant, immediately recognizable. Half a century of market-changing innovation. Safety, reliability and comfort in its DNA from the start. This is what distinguishes your Ferretti yacht and makes it unique.













Altura 840







A Ferretti Group Bra nd

YACHTING PIVATUS D.O.O. - CROATIA - Ph. +385.52.215.155 - - MENNYACHT GROUP - SERBIA | SLOVENIA | MONTENEGRO - Ph. +386.5.617.92.00 - -


Yachts Croatia No. 44 HR/ENG  

Yachts Croatia No. 44 - July 2016 Yachts Croatia br. 44 - Srpanj 2016.

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