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SVIBANJ / MAY 2021 • Broj 67 • Godina 13

50 KN 13 KM 750 DIN 6,5 EUR

6 3 ( & , $ / ) ( $7 8 5 (


Custom Line Navetta 30, Riva 88 Folgore, Solaris Power 48 Lobster, Sacs Rebel 40, Stabilizers, Croatian Yacht Charter Review


T H E A L L- N E W P R I N C E S S Y 7 2 E X P E R I E N C E T H E E X C E P T I O N A L®




CZECH REPUBLIC RS YACHTS S.R.O. +420 724 700 330

SLOVENIA BP NAVTIKA D.O.O. +386 51 442 222



°®ª÷ ° ¥ ° ° ¦¯¦³¢­¯ª ¼¢´¶·±¯ª¬ ¼¢ ¼¢ ¦±·£­ª¬· ³¸¢¶´¬· Zagreb °­¯¦¨°¸ª÷¦¸¢ #$ ¦­ "# (%"# +++

Zagreb °®ª÷ ª¶» ¶°³¦ °°´¦¸¦­¶°¸ ¶³¨ & ¦­ "# (&)" *+'

Zadar *& ¨¢³¥ª«´¬¦ £°«¯¦ ¦³®ª¶ª &+ ¦­ "$% (%" '$"

Split ·£³°¸¢û¬¢ # ¦­ "$# '&& )$+

Rijeka ´«¦û¬¢ '" ¦­ "'# '"( +*#

Osijek ­ª¤¢ ©³¢´¶°¸¢ $ ¦­ "%# &&' "+"

Pula ·¬ª÷¦¸¢ #¢ ¦­ "'$ $#' $**





Adriatic Group SALES




Grand Hotel Le Meridian, Lav, Grljevacka 2A , 21312 Podstrana

Porto Montenegro, Obala bb, Tivat 85320



GRANDE 32 METRI _ Carbon-Tech

Exterior Design _ Stefano Righini Interior Design _ Achille Salvagni Architetti

AZIMUT YACHTS OFFICIAL DEALER: Azimut Yachts Croatia-Serbia - Navis Marine d.o.o. Head Office Zagreb | Trg žrtava fašizma 5, 10000 Zagreb - Croatia | P +385 1 4635 261 | M +385 98 278 275 | Coast Office Zadar | D-Marine Dalmacija, Bibinje - Sukošan 1, 23206 Sukošan - Croatia | M +385 98 278 275 | Coast Office Split | Marina Lav, Grljevacka 2A, 21312 Podstrana - Croatia | M +385 91 43 43 423 | | |

A brand of AZIMUT BENETTI Group


SL78: Where our journey starts. The entry-level model for Sanlorenzo’s planning fleet. It’s the only yacht in its category to be made to measure in line with its owner’s requests. With many new features that allow more light to enter through the large windows inside the salon. Owners and guests are given a real feeling of enjoying a home a way from home.

SL Demo deal available



Yacht Service We will take care of your beauty You need someone who will make sure that everything is done right. Our in-house team of 35 specialists are ready to service your yacht. Repair, refit and maintenance, all under one roof.





80t Travel Lift

Carpentry and Teakdecking

Technical Work

Paint work

Yacht care

Upholstery and Canvas



For many years Merk & Merk has been regarded as a reliable partner of yacht owners and those who want to become one. The company, founded in 2004 and located at Marina Tribunj / Croatia, represents the brands Princess Yachts, Solaris Power and Solaris Yachts. With their in-depth knowledge of the market, the Merk & Merk team finds the right yacht for every interested party on the pre-owned or new build market.

THE YACHTING BOUTIQUE Luxury lifestyle at its best



+385 (0)99 709-4455

RETROFIT Love your current boat, but hate the roll? Add a Seakeeper! Merk & Merk is the only official dealer and service agent for Seakeeper in Croatia

Contact us now!

Issa 45

Dare to feel True Mediterranean






S | +385 95 9127 412

Pharos 43

Issa 45

Issa 45 Fly

Monachus 70

Monachus 70 Fly



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ACI Free Days Daily berth free of charge for ACI-annual berth holders at all ACI Marinas until June 30th, 2021! All ACI-annual berth holders at one of our ACI Marinas get a daily berth free of charge at all ACI marinas during the period between February 15th and June 30th, 2021, provided they settled all their contractual obligations*. A daily berth can be used free of charge and without limits during the promotional offer at the same ACI Marina on alternate days (every two days - the first, the third, the fifth…) or every first day at different ACI marinas. For terms and conditions and more details about this offer scan the QR code or visit

*This offer is valid for users on commercial annual berthing only and cannot be combined with other discounts, promotions and ACI Card benefits; Charter companies cannot use this promotion for the purposes of crew change. www.aci-m arin

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visionary legacy

Dock right at our front door in Martinis Marchi awarded marina, discover unique heritage castle hotel and dine at our Mediterranean restaurant that reflects the simplicity of perfectly prepared traditional local dishes made from high-quality and healthy ingredients used in this area since the ancient times. Perfect place for special occasions, weddings, business gatherings or refined private events, Martinis Marchi tributes to the pleasure-seeking lifestyle and sense of travel as an experience that respects local diversity and traditions while creating special memories for every visitor.


+385 21 572 768 +385 21 718 838 +385 21 659 093

Save the date! and enjoy timeless memories


SPECIAL OFFER FOR YACHTS CROATIA READERS - 15% DISCOUNT ON ACCOMMODATION Special discount is valid during the whole 2021 season. Book directly using this QR code.



Luxury Marine Toys GmbH

Luxury Marine Toys d.o.o.

Stadtring 13

Mihanoviceva 44a

33647 Bielefeld

21000 Split

T: +49 176 2188 2055

T: +385 99 3609 017



w w w. l u x u r y m a r i n e t o y s . c o m

Opening of the new of¿ce in Split. We are prividing Sales, Rental & Service for all of our Products.

Official Distributor Sales, Rental, Service





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E X PE R IE N CE T r av eli n g h as a u n i qu e w ay o f ch an gi n g th e w ay w e see th e w o r ld . B y co n n ecti n g w i th p eo p le f r o m d i f f er en t cu ltu r es an d li v es, i t can gi v e u s a n ew p er sp ecti v e o f o u r o w n li v es back at h o m e. T h er e’s n o gr eater lu x u r y th an f eeli n g p er so n ally f u lf i lled af ter a tr av el ex p er i en ce.

AUT H EN T IC O n e w ay to co n n ect i s to see a ci ty th r o u gh th e ey es o f a lo cal li v i n g i n i t. T h r o u gh p er so n al sto r i es, gu ests leav e each sto p f eeli n g m o r e aw ar e an d co n n ected to th ei r su r r o u n d i n gs, w i th a d eep er u n d er stan d i n g o f th e p eo p le o f th i s lo v ely co u n tr y .

CR OAT IA C u sto m i ti n er ar i es i m m er se y o u i n to th e lo cal cu ltu r e based o n y o u r i n ter ests. D i v e r i gh t i n to th e C r o ati an an d D alm ati an li f esty le w i th O ly m p i a V o d i ce w o r ld - class, ex clu si v e ex p er i en ces r i f e w i th ad v en tu r e, h i sto r y , n atu r al beau ty an d au th en ti ci ty .

H OL IDAY T H AT YOU SH O UL D T R Y si n ce 19 7 2

B o o k d i r ec tl y u si n g th i s O R c o d e. O u r B est P r i ce G u ar an tee m ean s th at y o u can be su r e o f bo o k i n g at th e best r ate.

DISCOVER THE PLEASURE OF LUXURY LET YOURSELF BE GUIDED BY OUR DEEP KNOWLEDGE IN A JOURNEY OF BOUQUETS, TANNINS AND GENUINE FLAVOURS. A selection of the best bottles of the Istrian and Croatian areas with many Àne international wines. More than 700 labels chosen over time, and with great dedication, to enrich your culinary experience, enhance the Áavours in your meal in the Gourmet restaurant or for meats and cheeses tasting in the atmospheric wine cellar. ŠKRILE 75A • 52460 BUJE • ISTRIA • CROATIA RESERVATIONS 00385 (0) 52 725 300

#marinapunat www.marina—



Jedan od vodećih svjetskih čarter-brokera u nedavnom je razgovoru izjavio kako je Hrvatska prvo odredište koje treba posjetiti ovog ljeta. Više ili manje vjerujući u objektivnost prosudbi mnogih pojedinaca koji privatno ili poslovno našu obalu svrstavaju na vrh odredišta u Sredozemlju, nedvojbeno je da je Hrvatska prevalila golem put prema afirmaciji ‘prave’ jahting destinacije. Koje ćemo mjesto u poretku najpopularnijih na kraju zauzeti, manje je bitno, važna je činjenica da nas uspoređuju s najboljima. Sada je baš pravo vrijeme da zaštitimo naš okoliš, a porast jahtinga u našim vodama istodobno je i prilika da na hrvatskome moru postavimo svjetske standarde jer su skupocjene jahte najspremnije poštovati najviše standarde. Ako kao zajednica uspijemo sačuvati vrijednosti od kojih je neke izgradio još Franjo Josip, onda nam slijedi i svijetla jahting budućnost. Ako onečistimo more, pretrpamo sidrišta i nagrdimo destinaciju radi brzog i kratkotrajnog profita, vjerujem da više nećemo biti tako privlačni. Moje je mišljenje da svi mi koji plovimo našim morem i kojima je do njega stalo trebamo biti ‘sea shepardi’, te jasno vidjeti prioritet, a to je da i naša djeca njime s užitkom plove. U tom slučaju čeka nas i svijetla (jahting) budućnost.

One of leading charter brokers recently picked Croatia as the first destination to visit this yachting season. As much as we love to take pride in compliments and forecasts of industry professionals or individuals who claim Croatia to be the next top charter destination in the Mediterranean, the fact remains that the country has been making strides toward becoming a true yachting destination. Popularity ranking is ultimately irrelevant – as long as we’re on the list of most popular destinations in the first place. Now is the right time to take environment protection seriously and use our growing popularity in the yachting industry to set some standards and keep them high, knowing it’s usually the most expensive yachts and most well-off clients that have the most respect for environmental rules. As a country still adhering to traditional values – some also coming from the Austro-Hungarian empire it used to be a part of – Croatia must uphold those values and build the future on them. Short-term greed that inevitably leads to dirty sea, crowded anchorages and destruction of nature is never the way, and has ruined many destinations. It is our belief that all of us who enjoy sailing and spending time at sea must act as ‘sea shepards’, seeing farther than average, and taking decisive action to preserve the marine environment for generations to come. If we succeed in doing that, the (yachting) future will be bright. Darko Šupuk Glavni urednik Editor in Chief







INTERVIEW Lidija Lijić Vulić


SHARP & SMART Tech & Style


STYLE First Sunglasses, Then Coffee


YACHTS ON WHEELS BMW 4 Series Convertible, Mercedes EQS, Audi Q4 e-tron & Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron


FASHION Intimissimi, Fashion Combination for Sunny Days



PERFECT ESCAPE Perfect Escape by Mercedes-Benz S-Class

DESIGN Luxe Minimalism, Interiors With Soul


WATCHES Watches & Wonders




WATCHES New Rolex Watches 2021 New Tudor Watches 2021


DESIGN Back to Childhood




SPORT Tom Brady


FASHION House of Gucci




JEWELRY Diamonds Are Forever





Custom Line Navetta 30


Manolo Valdés - Mariposas, 2017 Courtesy of Contini Art Gallery

Cruising is an art with Custom Line. An accomplished exponent of timeless Italian excellence from its very inception, Custom Line is on a mission to create exquisite, unmistakeable designs that combine cutting-edge technology and ingenious functional solutions, to deliver an extraordinary experience for every owner. Because cruising is the art of going beyond. The art of being different.



SAILING Brač Island


TESTS Custom Line Navetta 30, Riva 88 Folgore, Solaris Power 48 Lobster, Sacs Rebel 40








WINE Luka Krajančić


CHARTER Croatian Yacht Charter Review


YACHTS RECOMMENDS Taste Like Dalmatia Šibenik


MARINA D-Marin Croatia





INTERVIEW Ivan Kljaković Gašpić

HOTELS Falkensteiner resort Punta Skala, Casa del Mare, Olympia Vodice, Esplanade Hotel Zagreb




PERFECT ESCAPE Private Paradise




Ferretti S.p.A. Via J. J. Pershing, 1/3 61037 Mondolfo (PU), Italy Tel. +39 0721 956211

We Understand Your Needs. Croeat Provision - Croatia’s professional provisioning supplier for exquisite food, beverages and everyday items.

“Working in Michelin star restaurants and private yachts as a Chef opened me to a new horizon of opportunities.“

Chef Teo Ivanišević Croeat Director

CROEAT PROVISION Tel: +385 99 657 4598 |

Yachtualno OCEANCO

Projekt Kairos Kairos je plod prve suradnje između renomiranog dizajnerskog studija Pininfarina i graditelja velikih custom jahta Oceanco, uz pomoć u tehničkom dizajnu i inženjeringu studija Lateral Naval Architects. Superjahta zasad poznata kao projekt Kairos dizajnirana je za život bez granica i razvijena na jednom elementu, pogonskom sustavu E-Hybrid koji koristi baterije kao primarni izvor energije. Stvoren u skladu s Oceancovom inicijativom o održivosti i inovacijama NXT, projekt Kairos daje uvid u to kako trenutno dostupna tehnologija već sad može utrti put mogućoj budućnosti održive plovidbe. ‘Naša strast kao dizajnera je zamišljati nove koncepte prostora koji su sposobni pružiti nešto očaravajuće u svakom trenutku boravka na moru’, komentirao je Paolo Pininfarina, predsjednik Grupe.

Project Kairos Kairos is the result of a first-time collaboration between renowned design studio Pininfarina and large custom yacht builder Oceanco, with technical design and engineering development provided by Lateral Naval Architects. The superyacht has been designed to provide a life onboard that is without boundaries and developed around an E-Hybrid propulsion system that uses batteries as the primary source of energy. Created in harmony with Oceanco’s NXT initiative on sustainability and innovation, Kairos gives an insight into how technology that is currently available can pave the way for a tangible future of sustainable yachting. ‘Our passion as designers is to imagine new concepts of space that are capable of bringing enchantment to every moment of the yachting experience’, commented Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group.


Ultraefikasni projekti Custom superjahta 55-metarska Somnium dizajnirana je za iskusnog vlasnika i ima prostran eksterijer podijeljen na salon, bazen s podesivim dnom i primamljiv otočić s jacuzzijem na sunčalištu. Unutarnji sadržaji uključuju teretanu sa sklopivom platformom, vlasničku kabinu široku koliko i sam trup i s privatnim balkonom, te četiri apartmana za goste. Još jedna revolucionarna jahta, Project 817 napustila je Feadshipove pogone u Kaagu. Naručitelj je postavio jedan uvjet – nizak utjecaj na okoliš. Ova 94 metra dugačka jahta građena je vrlo ambiciozno, a jedan od sustava koji umanjuju njezin štetan utjecaj na okoliš je napredni hibridni pogonski sustav, koji joj omogućava postizanje ugodne brzine od 12 čvorova.

Ultra-Efficient Projects The 55-metre Somnium is the pure custom superyacht designed for an experienced owner. Somnium has vast outside decks, which include an exclusive lounge area, a pool with adjustable floor and an inviting Jacuzzi island on the sun deck. Interior highlights include a gymnasium with a fold-down platform, a full-beam owners’ stateroom with a balcony and four guest suites. Another groundbreaking yacht, Project 817 has left the Feadship yard in Kaag. The owner of Project set the target of keeping the environmental impact of this 94-metre pure custom Feadship. An advanced hybrid propulsion system will allow Project 817 to travel a comfortable 12 knots on diesel-electric power.



Napredak u gradnji M/Y 142 Kuća CRN lijepo napreduje u gradnji custom jahte CRN M/Y 142 od 52 metra. Trup aluminijske megajahte uspravljen je početkom ožujka, a gradnja lijepo napreduje u pogonu u Anconi. Nakon završetka strukturnih radova i predmontiranja počet će i radovi na unutarnjoj stolariji, ugradnji motora i pripremama za bojenje trupa. Polako se naziru prepoznatljive odlučne, skladne, elegantne linije nove jahte s niskim profilom i gotovo okomitim pramcem.


M/Y 142 is Taking Shape CRN is building the fully custom CRN M/Y 142. This all-aluminium megayacht hull was positioned in early March, and construction is progressing at the Ancona yard. After the structural work and pre-fitting is completed throughout, the interior carpentry will begin, the engines will be installed, and preparations for the exterior painting will be made.The new yacht’s distinctive taut, harmonious, extremely elegant lines are beginning to emerge.



Projekti Gemini i Altea Najnoviji projekt Steel Gemini od 55 metara trebao bi biti isporučen vlasniku u listopadu 2022. godine i bit će dostupan na vrijeme za zimsku čarter sezonu na Karibima. Ova jahta ima patentirani čelični istisninski trup koji omogućava nisku potrošnju goriva pri bilo kojoj brzini. Lijepi novi Heesen optimiziran je za udobnost u plovidbi i na vezu. Osim projekta Gemini, Heesen priprema i projekt Altea, 50-metarsku jahtu od aluminija, koja također ima brzi istisninski trup i lakša je od 500 tona. Njezine suvremene vanjske linije potpisuje Frank Laupman iz studija Omega Architects. Heesen Altea ima dugu liniju vode, visoke prozore i odlučan profil s malo nakošenom krmom i širokim rukohvatima na bočnim prolazima.

Project Gemini and Altea The latest in the shipyard’s 55 m Steel class, Project Gemini, is on schedule for delivery in October 2022 and will be available in time for the winter season in the Caribbean. This project sports a patented steel Fast Displacement hull and with frugal fuel consumption throughout its speed range, the Heesen 55-metre Steel class has been optimised to deliver outstanding ride comfort both under way and at anchor. In the meantime, shipyard launched Project Altea, a 50-metre allaluminium, sports a Fast Displacement Hull Form and comes in at just under the 500GT threshold. Frank Laupman of Omega Architects penned her contemporary exterior profile, with its long waterline, floor-to-ceiling windows and a purposeful profile, characterised by a gently reversed stem and chunky spray rails.




Adriatic Wave Rovinj Croatia

Adriatic Wave Venice Italy

+ 98 |

+39 |


Loc. Brondolo, Chioggia 9()

Yachtualno ualn BENETTI

Stiže Zazou Kuća Benetti porinula je Zazou, 65 metara dugačku custom jahtu elegantnih, nježnih linija. Čelični trup Zazou obojen je na zahtjev vlasnika u elegantnu plavu boju, a nadgrađe je izrađeno od aluminija. Vanjske linije jahte potpisuje Giorgio M. Cassetta, a interijere i dio vanjskih prostora nizozemski studio Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design. Jahta, koja ima smještaj za 12 gostiju u šest dvokrevetnih kabina, ima jednu od najvećih sunčališnih paluba u svojoj kategoriji, s teretanom, bazenom dugim pet metara i kinom na otvorenom, koje se nalazi točno iznad kina na glavnoj palubi. Dva motora Caterpillar 3512C omogućavaju jahti autonomiju od 5000 milja pri brzini krstarenja od 15 čvorova.

Launch of Zazou Benetti launched M/Y Zazou, a 65-meter full custom yacht with sleek and sinuous lines. The steel hull was painted at the request of the owner in an elegant carinthia blue color; and the superstructure is made with aluminum. The external lines are by Giorgio M. Cassetta and the interiors, as well as some of the external spaces, are by the Dutch studio Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design. The yacht, which accommodates 12 people in 6 double cabins, has one of the largest Sun Decks in its category with a gym, a 5-meter-long swimming pool and an outdoor cinema on top of another cinema area on the Main Deck. Two Caterpillar 3512C engines allow the yacht to navigate autonomously for 5,000 miles at a cruising speed of 15 knots.



Isporučena Majesty 120 Kuća Gulf Craft isporučila je tropalubnu jahtu Majesty 120, još jednu luksuznu superjahtu svoje najzanimljivije serije. Ova kompozitna superjahta dugačka gotovo 37 metara (120 stopa) i široka 8,1 metar izrađena je od laganih, ali čvrstih karbonskih vlakana i vinilestera. Majesty 120 ima prostrano sunčalište, koje je 30 posto veće od sunčališta drugih jahti njezine klase i može primiti goste u pet velikih kabina koje su dizajnirane asimetrično – što je još jedan prvi korak u dizajnerskom pristupu pametnijem iskorištenju prostora. Interijeri Majesty 120 odišu otmjenim stilom u kojem je vidljiva pažnja prema svakom detalju. Ova superjahta ima gaz nešto veći od šest stopa, pa je idealna za plovidbu plitkim morima, sasvim uz plažu.

Majesty 120 Delivered Gulf Craft delivered tri-deck Majesty 120, another luxury superyacht under its flagship ‘Majesty’ brand. The 120 feet (nearly 37 metres) long composite production superyacht with a beam 8,1 metre is made of lightweight yet sturdy carbon fibre and vinyl ester. She has a spacious sundeck, 30 percent larger than other yachts in her class. The superyacht can accommodate guests in her five large staterooms that are designed asymmetrically – marking another first in its design approach. The interiors of Majesty 120 have exceptional styling and attention to detail. The superyacht has a draft of just over six feet, making her ideal for navigating even shallower beaches.


ALBERTA YACHTS d.o.o. tel: +385 21 398786 info@albertayachts com


Najbrža jedrilica dosad Novi Super maxi ClubSwan 125 polako poprima oblik. Ova najnaprednija i najradikalnija maxi jedrilica u povijesti jedrenja plod je suradnje najbistrijih umova u nautičkoj industriji. Bit će spremna za porinuće u lipnju, a dizajnirana je, građena i opremana s mnogo pažnje posvećene svakom detalju.

Fastest Monohull Ever New Super maxi ClubSwan 125 is taking shape, proving to be the most advanced and radical maxi yacht in sailing history. The Yacht, which sees the cooperation of the most brilliant minds in the marine industry is ready to hit the water for her official launch in June. The ClubSwan 125 is designed, constructed and out-fitted with the best possible attention to details.




Uspješni projekti Lürssen je otvorio laboratorij za inovacije zadužen za simulaciju i testiranje integracije i rada brodskih hibridnih pogonskih sustava koje pokreće metanol. Isto tako, kuća gradi svoju prvu jahtu s tom tehnologijom. Ova inovativna tehnologija omogućuje sidrenje bez štetnih emisija tijekom 15 dana ili plovidbu od 1000 milja niskom brzinom. U međuvremenu je brodogradilište uspješno porinulo i projekt 13800, custom jahtu dugačku 55 metara. Dizajnerski studio Bannenberg & Rowell projektu 13800 podario je vrlo prepoznatljive linije. Hrabra upotreba boja i tekstura, kao i namještaj vrhunske kvalitete, ističu razinu pažnje posvećene detaljima, a koja nije ograničena na uređenje interijera, nego se odražava i na tehničke elemente.

Successful Projects Lürssen sets-up an Innovation Laboratory to simulate and test the integration and operation of a Marine Hybrid Fuel Cell System on board a yacht powered by methanol and building its first yacht with fuel cell technology. This innovative technology makes it possible to anchor emission-free for 15 days or cruise 1000 miles at slow speed. In the meantime, shipyard successfuly launched project 13800 – a bespoke 55 metre yacht. The designer, Bannenberg & Rowell, gave Project 13800 very distinctive lines. A fearless use of colours and textures as well as museum quality interior furniture pieces underline the approach of tremendous attention to detail – not only in the interior spaces but also in the technical areas.

Meet us at CROATIA BOAT SHOW from th May 18 to May 22nd 2021


SPLIT T +385 (21) 332 332


Čelična Mazu 92 DS Mazu Yachts najavio je ulazak u segment čeličnih jahta s modelom 92 DS. Čelična kobilica prvog primjerka već je dovršena, a Mazu se oslanja na svoje iskustvo rada s karbonskim kompozitom za nadgradnju kako bi zadržao malu težinu i nisko težište. Jahtu će pokretati Volvo Penta IPS 1050 s tri motora, koji će joj jamčiti najveću brzinu od 22 čvora i brzinu krstarenja od 16 čvorova. Vanjski profil u stilu crossovera dizajnirali su stručnjaci studija Red Yacht Design, a najupadljiviji element je povišeno upravljačko mjesto s centralnom konzolom pomaknutom prema pramcu.

Steel-Hull Mazu 92 DS Mazu Yachts has announced its entry into steel construction with the 92 DS. The steel keel of the first semi-custom 92 DS has been laid, but Mazu is drawing on its experience of working in carbon composite for the superstructure to keep the weight down and the centre of gravity low. The yacht will be powered by triple Volvo Penta IPS 1050 for a top speed of 22 knots and a cruising speed of 16 knots. The crossover-style exterior profile by Red Yacht Design features a raised pilothouse positioned forward in order to maximise the interior volumes.


Jahte po mjeri I u ovoj netipičnoj godini kuća Monte Carlo Yachts nastavlja raditi na svom pristupu usmjerenom na kupca i sprema se isporučiti različite custom primjerke svojih modela, uključujući i prvi primjerak MCY 105 koji je stigao do Australije. Tijekom sljedećih nekoliko mjeseci ovaj talijanski brodograditelj će isporučiti nekoliko primjeraka raznih modela, koji će udovoljiti potrebama i željama njihovih vlasnika, a odlikuju se visokom mogućnosti prilagodbe kako u izvedbi i uređenju vanjskih, tako i unutarnjih prostora, u skladu s ukusom i željama vlasnika.

Tailor-Made Units In this atypical year, Monte Carlo Yachts continues to strengthen its customer-oriented approach and is about to deliver different customized MCY models on International markets, including the first MCY 105 unit reaching Australia. In the next months, the Italian shipyard will be delivering several MCY models with distinctive customization options both in the exterior and interior arrangements as well as in the decor, according to the owners’ preferences.


Nova dizajnerska rješenja SIRENA YACHTS

Nova Sirena 68 Sirena Yachts najavila je novi model Sirena 68, koji će se javnosti predstaviti na sajmu u Cannesu ove godine. Kao i svi modeli Sirene, 68 je djelo inovativnog studija German Frers. Oblik trupa nagovještava prostranost unutrašnjosti, pa se svi gosti u svakoj aktivnosti mogu opustiti i osjećati potpuno ugodno, ali, ako žele, ne izolirati se od ostalih. Na donjoj palubi, vlasnička kabina se proteže od boka do boka, a vlasnik na raspolaganju ima king-size krevet koji izgleda kao da pluta zahvaljujući inovativnom dizajnu rasvjete i velikim prozorima na trupu.

New Sirena 68 Sirena Yachts announced their all-new addition to the fleet, the Sirena 68 that will make her public debut at the 2021 Cannes Yachting Festival. Like all Sirena models, the 68 incorporates the innovative German Frers hull design. The hull shape encapsulates a cavernous volume of space, allowing everyone onboard to spread out and get comfortable, but still be together. On the lower deck the amidship master stretches across the full beam, where a king-size berth welcomes the owner, a floating sensation is provided thanks to the unique inventive lighting design and the large hullside windows.


Officina Italiana Design iskoristio je svoj svemoćni novi sustav za virtualnu stvarnost kako bi podario zanimljiv i svjež novi izgled popularnom modelu Riva 76 Perseo Super. ‘Novi softver za virtualnu stvarnost omogućuje nam da provjerimo svaki detalj, kao i da do posljednjeg detalja vizualiziramo prostore, linije i proporcije u mjerilu 1:1. Riva 76 Perseo, vrlo uspješna jahta bezvremenske elegancije, dobila je tek nekoliko sitnih novosti u stilu’, kazao je Mauro Micheli, glavni dizajner Officina Italiana Design. Suptilne preinake u dizajnu dodatno su naglasile sportski stil i jednostavnost, pa je tako kruti krović sada tamnije boje i naglašava agresivnost dizajna.

New Design Solutions Officina Italiana Design used its powerful recently-acquired virtual reality system to craft a highly accomplished and fresh new take on the already hugely successful Riva 76 Perseo Super. ‘The new virtual reality software allows us to check every last detail and also perfectly visualise the spaces, lines and proportions in a 1:1 scale. The Perseo, an extraordinarily successful Riva yacht clothed in timeless lines, required only a few small modifications to its styling: this great new technology allowed us to improve onboard liveability’ said Mauro Micheli, OID’s Chief Designer. Subtle modifications were made to Perseo’s design to further underscore the sporty, streamlined aspect of the craft. The hard top, for instance, is now a darker colour, which accentuates the craft’s aggressive stance.

Rebel 40

CROATIA ZAGREB Princess Yachts Adriatic d.o.o. +385 1 6170 068

CROATIA SPLIT Princess Yachts Adriatic d.o.o. +385 21 398 786

SLOVENIJA BP Navtika d.o.o. tel: + 386 51 44 22 22

CZECH REPUBLIC RS Yachts s.r.o. tel: + 420 724 700 330

HUNGARY AND SERBIA Princess Yachts Adriatic d.o.o.

MONTENEGRO Saniteko Group d.o.o. tel/fax: +382 20 643 301


Porinut Endurance 60 Novi Endurance 60 u potpunosti prihvaća filozofiju tipa day & night cruiser. Izvrsna zvučna izolacija jamči tihu navigaciju i malu potrošnju, interijer i eksterijer su vizualno povezani velikim bočnim prozorima na glavnoj palubi i dok su otvoreni, povezuju prostor između kuhinjskog elementa i male unutarnje blagovaonice s prostorom na krmi, gdje se nalazi vanjska blagovaonica. Rezultat je terasa nad morem koja proširuje krmu na 41 četvorni metar, namijenjen samo opuštanju u bliskom kontaktu s morem.

New Sixty-Footer The Endurance 60 fully embraces the night & day cruiser philosophy: excellent soundproofing guarantees silent navigation and low consumption, continuity between interiors and exteriors is ensured by the large side windows of the main deck which, when open, create a continuous space between the bar and the dinette with the external aft table. The result is a real floating terrace that extends the stern area to 41 square meters for complete relaxation in close contact with the sea.




Uvijek prvi Tvrtka Azimut Yachts bila je prvi europski klijent Volvo Pente koji je testirao novu tehnologiju Volvo Penta Assisted. Ove dvije tvrtke surađivale su na ugradnji nove tehnologije potpomognutog pristajanja u Azimut Atlantis 45, a sustav je testirao tim Azimuta na Floridi. Sustav za potpomognuto pristajanje kuće Volvo Penta integrira softver koji je razvila sama kuća s njihovim sustavom dinamičkog pozicioniranja koji se temelji na GPS-u u jedan zajednički sustav nazvan Inboard Performance, koji uključuje sučelje HMI na komandnoj konzoli, elektroničke sustave vezane za rad motora, pogonske sustave i senzor, te sustav za napredno procesuiranje navigacijskih podataka. Sve to olakšava plovidbu čak i u nepredviđenim uvjetima.

Always the Pioneer Azimut Yachts was the first of Volvo Penta’s European customers to test the new Volvo Penta Assisted technology. The two companies have worked together to install the new Assisted Docking technology into an Azimut Atlantis 45 and the system was tested by the Azimut team in Florida. Volvo Penta’s Assisted Docking system integrates a software layer developed in-house with the company’s GPS-based Dynamic Positioning System and proprietary Inboard Performance Systems for a complete package including HMI (humanmachine interface) at the helm, electronics via the engine, propulsion systems, and sensors, and advanced navigation processing power for a much easier boating experience, even in rough conditions.



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Nova Princess Y72 Model Princess Y72 najnoviji je dodatak sofisticiranoj paleti Y Class i pruža novu razinu dizajna, luksuza, interijera i prostora, uz zadivljujuće performanse i tehnologiju. Uz odlučne vanjske linije, novi model izvana privlači velikim prozorima koji se protežu čitavim trupom. Na pramcu donje palube šest gostiju može uživati u tri lijepo uređene gostinske kabine, ispunjene svjetlošću koja prodire kroz visoke prozore na trupu. S glavne palube se do vlasničke kabine silazi posebnim stubištem, a ona je široka koliko i sam trup i ima privatno predvorje povezano sa salonom.

All-New Princess Y72 The all-new Princess Y72 is the latest addition to the sophisticated Y Class range, delivering a new level of design, luxury, interior ambience and space alongside stunning performance and technology. Featuring beautifully sculpted exterior forms, she is fitted with expansive full-length hull windows. Her layout is comparable to that of larger Y Class yachts. Forward on the lower deck, six guests can enjoy three beautifully appointed guest cabins filled with light from the full-length hull glazing. A dedicated staircase leads from the main deck to the full-beam owner’s stateroom amidships, via a private lobby area connected to the saloon.


Inovativan Silent 62 Tri-Deck Novi solarni električni katamaran Silent 62 Tri-Dec ima dodatnu palubu umjesto fly palube koju imala serijska verzija modela Silent 60. Taj je potez omogućio dodavanje 50 četvornih metara korisnog prostora. Treća paluba je izvediva kao dnevni boravak s otvorenim pogledom, kao zatvoreni dnevni boravak ili kao vlasnički apartman. Silent 62 Tri-Deck je opremljena s 42 moćna solarna panela koji jamče do 17 kWp struje.

The Innovative Silent 62 Tri-Deck New Silent 62 Tri-Deck solar electric catamaran is based on the popular Silent 60 model and has an extra deck instead of a flybridge. This allows to add 50 square meters of useful space for guests. Three different layout options are available for the third deck: open sky lounge, closed sky lounge or an owner’s suite. The Silent 62 Tri-Deck is equipped with 42 powerful solar panels achieving up to 17 kWp.




Absolute 60 Fly Absolute Yachts s početkom nove nautičke sezone predstavlja novi model 60 Fly, opisan jedinstvenim riječima ‘apsolutna prizma’. Ovo je jahta koja uvodi nove revolucionarne elemente dizajna, kao što su vlasnička kabina na pramcu ili krmena terasa u kokpitu bez ikakvih fiksnih elemenata namještaja. Vanjske linije novog modela su obogaćene elegantnim prozirnim elementima - ostakljenim balustradama s kojih se pruža pogled što ostavlja bez daha, a koje se nalaze i u kokpitu i na fly palubi. Službeno predstavljanje novog 60 Fly održat će se tijekom nautičkog sajma u Cannesu u rujnu, gdje će Absolute predstaviti i prvi model nove serije, Absolute 48 Coupé. Absolute Yachts approaches the start of boating season with the arrival of the 60 Fly, a completely new model called ‘The Absolute Prisma’. A yacht that will redefine the range with new ground-breaking design elements, such as the Owner’s quarter at the bow and the aft cockpit terrace, free from any fixed furniture elements. The exterior lines are now enriched by elegant transparencies, thanks to the glazed balustrades that offer breath-taking views from both the fly and the cockpit. The official presentation of the new 60 Fly to the public will take place during Cannes Yachting Festival in September, where Absolute will also introduce the first model of the new upcoming range, the Absolute 48 Coupé.


Luxury Power Catamaran Aquila 70 Najveći model game kuće Aquila, model Aquila 70 doseže 27 čvorova, a pri manjim brzinama ima sasvim pristojnu autonomiju. Snagu i manevarske sposobnosti daju mu par motora Volvo Penta D-13 snage 1000 KS i joystick. Pregrade i ojačanja od karbonskih vlakana smanjuju težinu i pojačavaju njihovu efikasnost. Visoko izvedena paluba jamac je ugodne visine u potpalublju, a ima pozitivan utjecaj i na brzinu. Profinjenost i elegancija ispunjavaju svaku prostoriju na Aquili 70. The flagship Aquila 70 tops out at 27 knots yet can still cover long ranges at slower speeds. Power and maneuverability come from a pair of Volvo Penta D-13 1000 hp inboard engines coupled with joystick control. Carbon fiber bulkheads and reinforcements keep weight down while adding to the yacht’s strength. The high bridge-deck clearance allows for even more comfort underway and improved speeds. Sophistication and elegance fill every room on board the Aquila 70 Luxury Power Catamaran.


Revolucionaran Lagoon 55 Kod ljubitelja katamarana koji prate fantastičnu povijest kuće Lagoon ime ovog modela sigurno će pobuditi lijepe uspomene: Lagoon 55 je bio prvi model kuće, predstavljen 1987. godine. No, teško je usporediti Lagoon 55 otprije 34 godine i novi Lagoon 55 iz 2021., jer su inovacije u nautici promijenile i trupove i raspored unutrašnjosti. Na novom Lagoonu krma je iznova dizajnirana oko ideje slobodnog prolaza svim dijelovima palube, pa je jedna golema terasa pored mora. Novi model stavlja naglasak i na svjetlost i prozračenost, a krovni prozori nadopunjavaju velike vertikalne prozore i stvaraju dojam prostora bez pregrada.

Conceptual Revolution For catamaran lovers, who have been following Lagoon’s fabulous history, the name of this model will certainly evoke fond memories: the Lagoon 55 was the very first Lagoon to have been launched, back in 1987. It’s difficult to compare the Lagoon 55 of 1987 and the new Lagoon 55 of 2021, as innovations have changed the hulls and interior layout. The striking innovation on this new, just-launched Lagoon 55 is the aft area which has been totally redesigned to offer optimal circulation on board, creating a vast terrace on the sea. Emphasis has also been placed on light and ventilation, with overhead windows in the coachroof complementing the large vertical ones, creating that ‘open air’ effect.

Yachtualno ualn BAOTIC YACHTING

Novi zastupnik motornih jahti Fountaine Pajot Baotic Yachting najavio je partnerstvo s Fountaine Pajot, te će od sada, kao službeni zastupnik i servis partner motornih jahti Fountaine Pajot, brinuti o klijentima u Hrvatskoj, Njemačkoj, u pokrajinama Hessen i Baden-Württemberg, te u Sloveniji i Bosni i Hercegovini. Sa svojim stručnim timom, postojećim i budućim vlasnicima motornih jahti Fountaine Pajot nude cijeli paket unutar programa Charter Management.

New Fountaine Pajot Motor Yacht Dealer Baotic Yachting announced partnership with Fountaine Pajot. As an official Fountaine Pajot Motor Yacht dealer and service partner, they will take care of customers in territory of Croatia, Germany: Hessen and BadenWürttemberg, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. With their expert team, they offer the entire package within the Charter Management program for Fountaine Pajot Motor Yacht owners.



DEALERSHIP | SERVICE | CHARTER MANAGEMENT ULTRA Ltd, Official dealer for Beneteau sailing boats Croatia Uvala baluni 6A, 21000 Split - Croatia +385 21 398 578 | |

S AT VISIT U IA CROAT W O H S BOAT nd May 2 th 18 - 2 AVA N T- G A R D E I N B O AT I N G


Yachtualno YANMAR

Nautički sustav pogonskih ćelija Međunarodna pomorska organizacija (IMO) objavila je strategiju za smanjenje emisije stakleničkih plinova na nulu do kraja ovog stoljeća, a tvrtka Yanmar među prvima je uskladila poslovanje s propisima o zaštiti okoliša, razvojem brodskih motora koji koriste dvije vrste goriva. Planirajući budućnost pogonske tehnologije, Yanmar je tako razvio sustav nautičkih ćelija koji uključuje module vodikovih ćelija iz Toyotina modela automobila MIRAI. Sustav je instaliran u jedan Yanmarov model EX38A FC, koji je tako postao prvi brod koji službeno udovoljava sigurnosnim smjernicama za brodove s vodikovim ćelijama.

Maritime Fuel Cell System The International Maritime Organization has announced a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by the end of this century and Yanmar was among the first companies to comply with environmental regulations with its development of dual-fuel marine engines. Looking to the future of powertrain technology, Yanmar has developed a maritime fuel cell system that incorporates hydrogen fuel cell modules from Toyota’s MIRAI automobile. The system was installed into Yanmar’s EX38A FC pleasure boat for field testing. The boat is the first to officially comply with the safety guidelines for hydrogen fuel cell vessels.



Srednji-mali model T7 Novi model T7 potpuno je nova vrsta broda u kategoriji srednji-mali day cruiser. Tajna T7 leži u besprijekornom spoju vrhunskih performansi broda s dimenzijama koje se obično viđaju samo na većim modelima. Njegova širina od 3,13 metara omogućava izvedbu šire palube, T7 ima stroge i lijepe sportske linije, crne bokove, detalje od karbona i duboka, luksuzna sjedala s ručno šivanim detaljima – sve lako prepoznatljive značajke bilo kojeg Technohullova RIB-a. Raspored je fleksibilan i omogućava smještanje dva ergonomska pilotska sjedala okrenuta prema središnjoj konzoli, gdje kontrole na touch-screenu omogućavaju pristup svim sustavima. Iako najveća brzina od 65 milja na sat neće nikoga razočarati, prava je zvijezda novog modela izuzetna stabilnost.

Medium-Small T7 Model The new T7 is a totally new ‘species’ in the medium-small category. The secret lies in the seamless blend of top performance with dimensions usually only seen on larger crafts. The 3,13-meter beam allows wider decks, with its crisp aesthetic and sporty lines. Those jet-black tubes, carbon fiber detailing, and deep, luxurious seating finished with hand stitching are all easily recognizable features of any Technohull RIB. The layout is flexible and allows for two ergonomic pilot seats facing the central console, where touchscreen controls put every system aboard at your fingertips. While the 65-mph top speed shouldn’t leave any room for disappointment, it is the supremely stable handling that is this hull’s real star-feature.


MGallery destinacija Accorov brend MGallery ovo ljeto otvara svoj prvi hotel u Hrvatskoj - hotel Heritage FERMAI. Mirna oaza u užurbanom srcu Splita nudi 35 luksuznih, modernih soba, kavanu Fermai i vrtnu terasu, a smještena je u iznimnoj stogodišnjoj zgradi, koja je jedan od rijetkih primjera secesijske arhitekture u gradu. Povijesna zgrada je rekonstruirana i obnovljena s najvećom pažnjom prema detaljima i lokalnoj baštini, s daškom elegancije i luksuza.

MGallery’s Fairytale Accor’s MGallery Hotel Collection is opening its first hotel in Croatia this summer. Heritage Hotel FERMAI will be a peaceful oasis in the bustling heart of Split, offering 35 luxurious and modern rooms, Café Fermai and a garden terrace housed in an exceptional one-hundred-year-old building, which is one of the rare examples of Art Nouveau architecture in the city. The historical building has been reconstructed and renovated with the utmost attention to detail and local heritage, with a touch of elegance and luxury.




Od optimista do morskog vuka Marina Punat oduvijek podržava rad jaht kluba, a u proteklih nekoliko godina ta je podrška sve značajnija. Deset jedrilica tipa optimist, tri lasera, prikolice za transport jedrilica te kombi za prijevoz djece na natjecanja značajno olakšavaju rad i omogućuju postizanje boljih rezultata. Jedri se cijele godine, ali ljeto je najintenzivnije razdoblje za JK Punat. Osim redovnih treninga jedrenja po klasama, od lipnja do rujna traje i ljetna škola jedrenja za djecu i mlade. S djecom u malim grupama od 6 do 10 polaznika radi trenerica jedrenja, mag. cin. Dominik Kopanica i asistent Luka Braut te ih kroz brojne aktivnosti poučavaju o moru, životu na moru i uz more. Škola jedrenja na malim jedrilicama klase optimist kod mališana razvija i timski duh te ljubav prema moru i svijest o očuvanju okoliša.

From Optimist Class to Sea Dogs Marina Punat has always supported the work of the local Yacht Club, and even more so in the past couple of years. Ten Optimist class sailboats, three Laser class, trailers for transporting sailboats and a people carrier available for transport to and from competitions all significantly facilitate work and enable better results. Sailing never ends around here, but summer is the most intense period for JK Punat. In addition to regular sailing training by class, from June to September summer sailing school for children and youth operates in the marina. Instructors PhEd mag. Dominik Kopanica and her assistant Luka Braut teach small groups of 6 to 10 children everything they need to know about the life at sea and by the sea through numerous activities. The sailing school on small sailboats of the Optimist class also builds team spirit, love for the sea and environment.


Vodene igračke sada dostupne i u Splitu Tvrtka Luxury Marine Toys otvorila je ured u Splitu kao službeni distributer skutera za ronjenje Seabob, dasaka za surf Lift Foils, električnih dasaka Awake, bicikala RedShark, platformi NautiBuoy i igračaka na napuhavanje FunAir - tobogana za jahte i dokova za superjahte. Njihova je ponuda orijentirana na najnovije igračke za vodu najviše kvalitete, a novi ured pruža Luxury Marine Toys mogućnost da budu bliži klijentima i nude pomoć službe za korisnike 24/7. U hitnim slučajevima njihovim klijentima dostupni su i popravci na licu mjesta. Nove i zanimljive proizvode iz ponude Luxury Marine Toys možete pogledati u njihovoj trgovini u Splitu, na adresi Mihanovićeva 44a.

Water Toys Now Available In Split Luxury Marine Toys has set up an office in Split as the official distributor in Croatia for Seabob diving scooters, Lift Foils electric hydrofoils, Awake electric surfboards, RedShark bikes, NautiBuoy platforms and FunAir inflatable toys, yacht slides and docks for superyachts. They are focusing on the newest water toys with the highest quality and this new office gives them the opportunity to be closer to clients and to offer a 24/7 customer service. In urgent cases, repairs are also possible on site. Feel free to visit their shop at Mihanovićeva 44a in Split and take a look at these interesting products.


Bed Linen Tvrtka Argola Textile Yacht Design, jedan od vodećih hrvatskih proizvođača u tekstilnoj nautičkoj industriji, uz svoje nautičke madrace, nudi i novu liniju proizvoda Argola Bed Linen. Plahte su to izrađene po mjeri i proizvedene od visokokvalitetnog pamuka s certifikatom Standard 100 by Oeko-TEX. Široki spektar boja i dodir poput svile čine ove plahte savršenim odabirom za miran i opuštajući san na vašem plovilu.


Zanimljive ponude i novi uredi Sanlorenzo Adria nudi vrlo zanimljive ponude Demo jahti, prema kojima vlasnik u sezoni 2021. dijeli vlasništvo s kućom Sanlorenzo Adria i dobiva brojne pogodnosti, poput beskamatnog financiranja, posade i osiguranja, kao i upravljanje jahtom, a po želji i upravljanje čarterom, i to bez ikakvih troškova, u trajanju jedne sezone. Trenutno je u njihovoj ponudi dostupna jahta Sanlorenzo SL 78, a za detalje pošaljite upit na Također, Master Yachting Njemačka-Austrija i Master Yachting Hrvatska otvaraju prodajno predstavništvo u marini Dalmacija Sukošan, specijalizirano za vrhunske brendove kao što su Sanlorenzo Yachts i Frauscher Boats. Glavni ured Sanlorenzo Adria nalazi se tik do ulaza u otmjeni klub Portus Beach, a odmah do njega je identičan ured Frauscher Boats, koji je ujedno i prvi u Hrvatskoj.

Argola Textile Yacht Design, one of the leading Croatian manufacturers in textile marine industry, has added a new series to their catalog. Argola Bed Linen offers sheets made to measure, in high quality cotton and carrying the Standard 100 by Oeko-TEX certificate. A wide range of colors and a silklike feel make these sheets the perfect choice for a peaceful and relaxing nights aboard.

Interesting Deals and New Offices Sanlorenzo Adria offers very interesting Demo Boat Deals where the owner shares the yacht in the season 2021 with Sanlorenzo Adria and receives a number of benefits such as interest free financing, crew and insurance as well as yacht management and if wanted also charter management at no cost for one season. There is one last Sanlorenzo SL 78 Demo Yacht available. For details about this special offer send enquiry to Master Yachting Germany-Austria together with Master Yachting Croatia will open a sales office in Marina Dalmacija Sukošan representing premium brands such as Sanlorenzo Yachts and Frauscher Boats. The Sanlorenzo Adria flagship-office is located right beside the entrance of the posh Portus Beach Club. Right next door is the first in Croatia Frauscher Boats sales office.



Yachtualno |


Dašak glamura uz kolekciju satova MARQ Garmin je redefinirao tržište multisport satova, a sada je stvorio povezive satove - MARQ Aviator, MARQ Driver, MARQ Captain, MARQ Adventurer i MARQ Athlete. Svaki je osmišljen i dizajniran za pojedince inspirirane svojom strašću za letenjem, utrkama, jedrenjem, istraživanjem i sportskim performansama. Svaki sat iz kolekcije izrađen je od titana, koji je lagan, ali nevjerojatno jak, a u kombinaciji s kupolastim safirnim kristalom vrhunske otpornosti na ogrebotine stvorena je čvrsta jezgra za sve MARQ satove. Kako bi dodatno naglasili karakter svakog MARQ sata, inovativan vrhunski remen ili narukvica upotpunjuju dojam, omogućujući vlasnicima prilagodbu vlastitu stilu pomoću Garmin QuickFit remena. Satovi su opremljeni uvijek uključenim zaslonom čitljivim na suncu, GPS-om i naprednim senzorima, poput mjerenja pulsa i zasićenosti krvi kisikom na zapešću, koji omogućuju praćenje širokog raspona sportskih aktivnosti. Uz kupnju bilo kojeg sata iz MARQ kolekcije na poklon se dobije narukvica ili torbica za sat.

Crafted to Champion the Life Garmin has redefined the multisport watch market, and now, it’s created the ultimate connected timepieces – MARQ Aviator, MARQ Driver, MARQ Captain, MARQ Adventurer and MARQ Athlete. The MARQ Collection uses very select materials, meticulously crafted and designed with the utmost attention to quality that help guarantee performance in the most demanding

of environments. Each watch is built from titanium, which is lightweight, yet incredibly strong. Combined with a domed sapphire crystal for ultimate scratch resistance, this creates the solid core for all MARQ watches. To complement the character of each MARQ watch, an innovative premium strap or bracelet completes the look, allowing owners to match their style with Garmin’s interchangeable QuickFit strap solution. The watches feature an always-on, sunlight-readable display, performance GPS and advanced sensors like wrist-based heart rate and wrist-based pulse ox2 to track a wide variety of sport activities. Free bracelet or watch pouch with purchase of any model from the MARQ collection.


Renovirani spa centar Spalato Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Split otvorio je vrata renoviranog spa centra – Spalato. Moderan i luksuzan spa centar prostire se na više od 2000 četvornih metara unutarnjeg i vanjskog prostora s pogledom na more, te pruža vrhunsko opuštanje i odmor. Spalato spa filozofija u tretmanima uključuje tri elementa prirode - vodu, zrak i kamen, koji će dovesti u sklad vaše tijelo, um i dušu.

Refurbished Spa Centre Spalato Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Split opened its renovated spa centre – Spalato. The modern and luxurious spa centre covers more than 2000 m2 of indoor and outdoor space with views of the Adriatic Sea, providing superior relaxation and rest. Inspired by the power of diversity, the Spalato spa philosophy combines three natural elements in their treatments – water, air and stone that will bring harmony to your body, mind and soul.




Chef s dvije Michelinove zvjezdice Stefano Cosattini je nakon impresivne karijere diljem svijeta, iz Italije, preko Francuske, Engleske, SAD-a i Japana, prije 25 godina stigao u Hrvatsku. Nakon dugogodišnjeg uspješnog rada u Zagrebu, odlučio se preseliti u Istru, točnije u Novigrad, u kojem se nalazi prelijepa marina Nautica u sklopu koje su hotel Nautica i restoran Navigare. Chef Cosattini iza sebe ima bogato kulinarsko iskustvo, nositelj je dviju Michelinovih zvjezdica, a u njegovoj kuhinji prevladavaju mediteranska jela. Restoran Navigare otvoren je za hotelske i vanjske goste, te goste marine, koji Cosattinijeva jela mogu kušati u prekrasnom ambijentu s pogledom na more. ‘Osnovna je ideja napraviti nešto drukčije, to jest u jelovnik ukomponirati moj stil kuhinje s istarskim naglaskom’, naglasio je Cosattini.

Chef With Two Michelin Stars After sculpting an impressive career in restaurants in Italy, France, the UK, the United States and Japan, chef Stefano Cosattini selected Croatia for his new workplace 25 years ago. After many years in Zagreb, Cosattini decided to move to Istria, where he now works in Novigrad, in the beautiful marina Nautica. Hotel Nautica and restaurant Navigare welcomed chef Cosattini, holder of two Michelin stars, who now focuses on, ‘Mediterranean fusion personal style’ cuisine, in his own words. Restaurant Navigare welcomes guests of the hotel and of the marina, who can enjoy Cosattini’s creations and spectacular views at the same time. ‘I am guided by desire to create something new and different, marrying my personal cooking style with Istrian flavors’, says chef Cosattini.

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3LGRFD 'HELW se vole ŠIBENSKA RIVA /ÕÀ ÃÌ ʼn > â> i` V> . Li à à i =Õ«> i À> i ,Õã V> LL] . Li +385 22 219072


Hedonistički mediteranski odmor

Hedonism in the Mediterranean

Savršena slika Mediterana kako ga zamišljamo je sigurno razglednica imanja Martinis Marchi, koje se sastoji od nagrađivane male luksuzne marine, restorana s pogledom na more i baštinskog dvorca, jedinstvenog objekta na Jadranu u kojem možete osjetiti iskustvo luksuznog odmora uz potpuno personaliziranu uslugu. Gostima marine na raspolaganju su suvremeno opremljeni vezovi i brojni dodatni sadržaji, na svega nekoliko koraka od ulaza u hotel, gdje se nesmetano može uživati u potpunoj privatnosti imanja. U baroknom dvorcu Martinis Marchi njeguju osobni doživljaj i užitak u svakom trenutku boravka, kao i lokalnu raznolikost uz vrhunsku gastronomiju. Martinis Marchi danas je restaurirani luksuzni hotel sa samo sedam prostranih apartmana, otvorenim bazenom i raskošnim vrtovima i terasama, što ga čini savršenom lokacijom za okupljanje i uživanje u trenucima koji se pamte. Dojam savršeno upotpunjuje istoimeni restoran, koji vodi talentirani chef Toni Miloš, u kojem ćete uvijek naći svježe, pažljivo birane lokalne namirnice uz vrhunska vina.

The picture-perfect image of the Mediterranean in your head looks just like a postcard from the Martinis Marchi estate. The award-wining small, but deluxe marina, the restaurant looking at the big blue, the heritage mansion – Martinis Marchi is unique in the Adriatic, and waiting just for you, to welcome you to a luxury vacation with fully personalized service. Guests of the marina have at their disposal modern and well equipped berths, and numerous additional facilities just a few steps from the hotel, where they can enjoy in complete privacy. Martinis Marchi is all about customized experiences and pleasure in every moment, and that philosophy is reflected in everything. The baroque Martinis Marchi castle is now a beautifully restored luxury hotel with only seven spacious suites, outdoor pools and lush gardens and terraces, making it the perfect location to gather and enjoy memorable moments. The final touch in this perfect picture is gastronomy: restaurant Martinis Marchi run by talented chef Toni Miloš will delight your palate with fresh, carefully selected local ingredients and finest wines.


Yachts Tech

SHARP&SMART PELOTON Peloton Bike+ nudi mogućnost razgibavanja cijelog tijela, s naglaskom na kardio. I to sve iz udobnosti vlastita doma. The Peloton Bike+ offers ultimate cardio with the full body workout right from the comfort of home.

PHILIPS SONICARE Najnaprednija električna četkica za zube na tržištu, Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige, koristi tehnologiju SenseIQ koja omogućava preciznu njegu zubi i usne šupljine. Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige is most advanced electric toothbrush with SenseIQ technology, designed for a personalized approach to oral health.

MONTEGRAPPA Ove godine Italija obilježava 700. obljetnicu smrti Dantea Alighierija, a vodeći talijanski proizvođač opreme za pisanje odaje počast najslavnijem talijanskom književniku ograničenom serijom pera i olovaka pod imenom Inferno. As Italy marks 700 years since the death of Dante Alighieri, Montegrappa is dedicating a new limited-edition series to its greatest literary treasure.


Yachts Style

SHARP&SMART DESIGUAL Nova kolekcija jeansa kuće Desigual predstavlja novo lice hibridne jakne - sad potpuno crna ili potpuno bijela, jakna je dostupna u različitim krojevima, od parke do motociklističke. Desigual's new denim collection revamped the hybrid jacket concept of past seasons and have gone all in for total white, total black, parka style and even biker jackets.

DIOR Kalifornijski dizajner Shawn Stussy surađuje s kućom Dior na kolekciji kojom dominira ruksak koji podsjeća na kožne torbe kakve se viđaju na opakim motociklima. The crossbody backpack is part of the capsule collection in collaboration with the Californian designer Shawn Stussy that has a practical silhouette inspired by the Rider backpack’s lines.

HUGO BOSS Lice kuće Hugo Boss, Chris Hemsworth, u novoj kampanji za proljeće i ljeto 2021. utjelovljuje novu filozofiju i predstavlja uspješnog muškarca u viziji dizajnera kuće. Chris Hemsworth takes the spotlight as the international face of Hugo Boss, with a new campaign for Spring/Summer 2021 representing a man that redefines what it means to be successful.







Poslovni centar 96, Vitez


Bosna i Hercegovina


+387 30 717 733

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Ekskluzivan osjećaj u vožnji Exclusive Driving Pleasure

BMW 4 SERIES CONVERTIBLE Karakteran dizajn, vrhunski motori, karakterističan spoj sportskog duha i sofisticirane elegancije odlike su novog bavarskog premium automobila The new premium model from the Bavarian brand has strong character, impressive engines, and the recognizable mix of sporty spirit and sophisticated energy


Yachts on Wheels

Istaknuti element modela u novoj BMW seriji 4 je poboljšanje njegovih sportskih sposobnosti. A sada se taj osjećaj sportske vožnje može kombinirati sa zadovoljstvom u vožnji automobilom s otvorenim krovom. Svojim senzacionalnim stilom, potpuno novim dizajnom krova, raznolikom ponudom motora, vrhunskom tehnologijom i inovativnim značajkama opreme, novi BMW serije 4 Cabrio zaokružuje zadovoljstvo u vožnji u posebno ekskluzivnom obliku. Dizajn karoserije ima dinamično razvučene proporcije i siluetu. Izražajni prednji kraj spaja tradiciju te bogate i moderne stilske značajke. Istaknuta, uspravna BMW bubrežna rešetka odnosi se na legendarne sportske automobile iz prošlosti i signalizira visoku potrebu za hladnim zrakom tehnologije pogonskog sklopa. Izuzetno tanki LED farovi su standardni, a BMW lasersko svjetlo opcija. Novorazvijeni pokrov s platnenim krovom udružuje snage uvlačivog tvrdog krova i privlačnost pokrova od tkanine, kombinirajući tako najbolje iz oba svijeta. Njegova elegantna površina graciozno se nadvija nad putnički dio novog BMW-a serije 4 Cabrio. Krov je 40 posto lakši od prethodnog, a zvučna i toplinska udobnost daleko su superiorniji od konvencionalnog dizajna. Soft top se standardno isporučuje u crnoj boji, a kao opcija ima i antracit srebrni efekt. Moderan vrhunski ambijent i karakterističan spoj sportskog duha i sofisticirane elegancije u interijeru. Dizajn kokpita usmjeren je na vozača, električno podesiva sportska sjedala sprijeda s automatskim izvlačenjem i uvlačenjem remena, Vernasca kožna obloga i grijana sjedala, kao i kožni sportski upravljač kao standard te jastučići za koljena na središnjoj konzoli kao opcija. Dva stražnja sjedala jasno su oblikovana kao pojedinačna sjedala. Skladno dizajnirane površine instrumentploče i stražnji putnički prostor stvaraju ugodno okruženje. BMW nudi i 430i s 258 KS, kao i 420i s 184 KS, oba s četiri cilindra. Dizelaši su 190 KS snažan 420d, 430d s 286 KS, a vrhunac predstavlja M440d koji razvija 340 KS i 700 Nm. On je opremljen tehnologijom blagog hibrida koji mu omogućuju 11 KS više i za ubrzanje do 100 km/h treba mu 5,1 sekunda.

The standout element of the models in the new BMW 4 Series range is the carefully judged enhancement of their sporting abilities. And now, this can also be combined with the pleasure of open-top motoring. With its sensational styling, brand new roof design, diverse line-up of engines, top-class chassis technology and innovative equipment features, the new BMW 4 Series Convertible packages driving pleasure in a particularly exclusive form. Standalone body design has dynamically stretched proportions and a low-to-the-road silhouette. Expressive front end brings together tradition-rich and modern styling features. Prominent, upright BMW kidney grille references legendary sports cars from the brand’s past and signals the high cooling air requirement of the powertrain technology. Extremely slim LED headlights are standard, BMW Laserlight optional. Newly developed panel bow softtop roof marries the strengths of a retractable hardtop and the puristic appeal of a fabric hood, thereby combining the best of both worlds. Its sleek surface gracefully arches over the passenger cell of the new BMW 4 Series Convertible. Roof is 40 per cent lighter than the predecessor car’s, acoustic and thermal comfort are far superior to those of a conventional design. Softtop comes in Black as standard and Anthracite Silver effect as an option. Modern premium ambience and characteristic blend of sporting flair and sophisticated elegance in the interior. Driver-centric cockpit design, electrically adjustable sports seats in the front with automatically extending and retracting belt feeders, Vernasca leather trim and seat heating, plus leather sports steering wheel as standard, knee pads on the centre console as an option. Two rear seats clearly styled as individual seats. Harmoniously designed surfaces of the instrument panel, door panel trim and rear passenger compartment create an enveloping environment. BMW also offers the 430i with 258 hp, as well as the 420i with 184 hp, both with four cylinders. The diesel models are the 420d (190 hp), the 430d (286 hp), and the highlight is the M440d, developing 340 hp and 700 Nm. That model is equipped with mild hybrid technology that allows it to develop another 11 hp, and needs mere 5,1 seconds to reach 100 km/h.


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Prva električna luksuzna limuzina na svijetu The First Electric Vehicle in the Luxury Class


Mercedes je novim modelom još jednom pomaknuo granice visoke klase. Novi EQS pravi je automobil budućnosti, koji spaja vrhunsku tehnologiju, dizajn i funkcionalnost Mercedes has once again pushed the boundaries of high class with the new model. The new EQS is a true car of the future that combines technology, design and functionality

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Model EQS je prva potpuno električna limuzina iz serije Mercedes-EQ. S ovom limuzinom Mercedes-EQ ponovno definira ovaj segment vozila. EQS je također prvi model koji se temelji na modularnoj arhitekturi za luksuzna i poslovna električna vozila. Spajanjem tehnologije, dizajna, funkcionalnosti i povezivosti, EQS oduševljava vozače i putnike. Prvi modeli na tržištu bit će EQS 450+ sa snagom od 245 kW te dosegom do 770 kilometara (WLTP) i EQS 580 4MATIC sa snagom od 385 kW, a u pripremi je i inačica visokih performansi sa snagom od 560 kW. Mercedes navodi kako se na brzim punjačima energija za dodatnih 300 kilometara (WLTP) može napuniti za samo 15 minuta. Iako je model EQS bliski srodnik s novom S-klasom, izrađen je na potpuno električnoj arhitekturi. Ovaj potpuno novi koncept omogućio je strogi svrsishodni dizajn (Purpose Design): sa svojim zakrivljenim linijama i s prema naprijed pomaknutom kabinom i izvučenim stražnjim krajem, model EQS odmah se jasno razlikuje od vozila pokretanih motorom s unutarnjim izgaranjem. Uz veliku količinu obrade detalja i na osnovi ‘smjernog’ dizajna, stručnjaci za aerodinamiku su u uskoj suradnji s dizajnerima uspjeli postići novu najbolju vrijednost koeficijenta otpora zraka cd od 0,20. To čini model EQS najaerodinamičnijim serijski proizvedenim automobilom na svijetu. Vizualno impresivno, radikalno, lako za uporabu i ekstremno spremno za učenje: MBUX Hyperscreen sučelje jedna je od istaknutih značajki EQS-a. Ono predstavlja emocionalnu inteligenciju novog električnog modela: veliki, zakrivljeni zaslon proteže se skoro cijelom širinom od lijevog do desnog A-nosača. Ovaj estetski tehnološki napredni izgled je emocionalna dimenzija MBUX sučelja. Tome je pridodana umjetna inteligencija (AI): uz softver koji je sposoban učiti, zaslon i upravljački koncept se u potpunosti prilagođavaju korisniku te nude prilagođene sugestije za razne funkcije informacija i zabave, udobnosti i vozila. Novi Mercedes EQS u prodaji je od 15. lipnja 2021., a prva vozila se u salonima očekuju u studenome 2021.

The EQS is the first all-electric luxury saloon from Mercedes-EQ. With it, Mercedes-EQ is redefining this vehicle segment. The EQS is also the first model to be based on the modular architecture for luxury and executive-class electric vehicles. Fusing technology, design, functionality and connectivity, the EQS delights both drivers and passengers. First models on the market will be the EQS 450+ with 245 kW with range up to 770 kilometres (WLTP) and the EQS 580 4MATIC with 385 kW. A performance version with up to 560 kW is being planned. Power for up to another 300 kilometres (WLTP) is recharged in just 15 minutes at fast charging stations. Although the EQS is a close relative of the new SClass, it is built on an all-electric architecture. This completely new concept made a rigorous Purpose Design possible: with its one-bow lines and cab-forward design with fastback, the EQS is clearly distinguishable from vehicles with combustion engines even at first glance. With a great deal of meticulous detail work and on the basis of the Purpose design, the aerodynamicists, in close cooperation with the designers, were able to achieve a new cd best value of 0.20. This makes the EQS the most aerodynamic production car in the world. Visually impressive, radically easy to operate and extremely eager to learn: the MBUX Hyperscreen is one of the highlights in the EQS. It represents the emotional intelligence of the all-electric upper-class model: The large, curved screen unit stretches almost the entire width from the left to the right A-pillar. This aesthetic high-tech look is the emotional dimension of the MBUX hyperscreen. Added to this is artificial intelligence (AI): With software capable of learning, the display and operating concept adapts completely to its user and makes personalised suggestions for numerous infotainment, comfort and vehicle functions. The new Mercedes EQS is on sale from 15th June 2021 and the first vehicles are expected in showrooms in November 2021.


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Električni, učinkoviti i emotivni Electric, Efficient and Emotionally Appealing

AUDI Q4 E-TRON I Q4 SPORTBACK E-TRON Audi Q4 e-tron i Q4 Sportback e-tron prva su kompaktna električna SUV vozila marke s četiri prstena. Oba modela oduševljavaju novom dimenzijom prostora u unutrašnjosti te revolucionarnim rješenjima u pogledu rukovanja, prikaza i sustava potpora The AudiQ4 e-tron and the Q4 Sportbacke-tron are the first compact electric SUVs from the brand with the Four Rings. Both of them impress with a new spacious dimension in the interior and pioneering solutions when it comes to operation, display and assist systems

Yachts on Wheels

Oni su svestrani talenti za svakodnevicu, dovode progresivan dizajn i konceptualne studije u serijsku proizvodnju te voze bez lokalne emisije ispušnih plinova. Marka Audi modelima Q4 e-tron i Q4 Sportback e-tron čini sljedeći korak u pogledu dizajna svojih električnih modela: oba kompaktna SUV vozila u serijsku proizvodnju dovode linije kojima su se već odlikovali izložbeni automobili Audi Q4 concept i Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron concept početkom 2019. godine. Vanjski dizajn impresionira markantnim proporcijama: kratki prednji prevjesi, veliki kotači i markantno oblikovani atletski elementi. Tipičan za Audi je progresivan dizajn marke koji je kako funkcionalan, tako i aerodinamičan: Q4 e-tron postiže cw vrijednost od 0,28, a kod modela Sportback ta vrijednost iznosi svega 0,26. Unutrašnjost modela Audi Q4 e-tron i Q4 Sportback e-tron doima se prostranom i prozračnom, a instrumentna ploča usmjerena je prema vozaču. Ona je podijeljena na zasebna područja i sadrži dva zaslona koji su istovremeno dizajnerski elementi. Ponuda infotainment sustava u električnim kompaktnim SUV vozilima koncipirana je u tri stupnja – od sustava MMI, preko sustava MMI plus pa sve do sustava MMI pro. Ovisno o varijanti dostupne su različite funkcije, između ostalog Augmented Reality Head-up zaslon i Audi virtual cockpit plus. Ponuda se sastoji od triju varijanti pogonskog sustava, a najbolja od njih predviđena je za quattro model s najvećom snagom od 220 kW (299 KS). Svima zajedničko: vožnja bez lokalne emisije ispušnih plinova i veliki dosezi, vremena punjenja od svega desetak minuta za doseg od oko 130 kilometara u idealnim uvjetima (WLTP ciklus) te komforno punjenje uz uslugu punjenja e-tron. Model Q4 40 e-tron sa stražnjim pogonom ostvaruje doseg do 520 kilometara prema WLTP ciklusu. Uvođenje na tržište očekuje se u lipnju, dok je pretprodaja započela krajem travnja.

Versatile all-rounders for everyday use that transfer the progressive design of the concept cars into series production and that can be driven locally without any emissions: With the Q4 e-tron and the Q4 Sportback e-tron, Audi is taking the next step in the design language of its electric models. The two compact SUVs bring into series production the body line that the Audi Q4 concept and Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron concept show cars demonstrated at the beginning of 2019. This body line impresses thanks to the striking proportions – short front overhangs, large wheels, and powerfully toned muscles. The brand’s progressive design is typically Audi, as functional as it is aerodynamic: the Q4 e-tron achieves a drag coefficient of 0,28, and the Sportback gets to an even lower figure,with a drag coefficient of 0,26. The interior of the Audi Q4 e-tron and the Q4 Sportback e-tron comes across as spacious and airy; the instrument panel is turned toward the driver. It is divided into separate areas and integrates two displays, which are design elements at the same time. The Q4 e-tron models offer a fully digital user experience. The infotainment package in the electric compact SUV is structured in three levels –from MMI through MMI plus to MMI pro. Different functions are provided depending on the configuration level, including the augmented reality head-up display and the Audi virtual cockpit plus. The range comprises three drive versions, spearheaded by a quattro model with a maximum output of 220 kW (299 PS). Attributes that they all share are zero local emissions driving and high ranges, charging times of around ten minutes for sufficient power to travel about 130 kilometers in ideal conditions (WLTP) and convenient charging with the e-tron Charging Service. The rear-wheeldrive Q4 40 e-tron achieves a range of up to 520 kilometers in the WLTP cycle.


OPTOČENI ZVJEZDICAMA SURROUNDED BY STARS Savršen bijeg Mercedes S-klasom do nove luksuzne destinacije na Jadranu – resorta One&Only Portonovi Perfect escape by Mercedes-Benz S-Class to a new luxury destination on the Adriatic coast – One&Only Portonovi Resort Text Darko Šupuk & Hrvoje Bulešić Photos Miloš Samardžić & One&Only Portonovi


Perfect Escape

Englezi imaju jednu lijepu frazu za osobu ili kompaniju koja je u stanju nadahnuti ili utjecati na druge. Riječ je o tzv. game changerima, idejama koje ruše postojeća pravila i stvaraju nova, dizajnima koji postaju bezvremenski ili naprosto o proizvodima i uslugama koji pomiču postojeće limite i ostavljaju neizbrisiv trag u povijesti. Kada je riječ o luksuzu, Riva je dizajnom, kvalitetom i marketingom promijenila jahting, Rolex je točno pogađao ukuse međunarodnog jet-seta, a Mercedesova S-klasa postala je mjerna jedinica za profinjeno i luksuzno putovanje automobilom. Sonderklasse ili specijalna klasa prvi je put predstavljena 1972. godine, a u proteklih šest generacija postala je flagship kompletne autoindustrije. Automobil koji ne samo diktira trendove, nego nameće nove koji će se tek za nekoliko godina pojaviti u masovnijoj proizvodnji. S-klasa je model koji gleda nekoliko koraka ispred sebe, i u doslovnom i prenesenom značenju. Mercedes voli reći kako slovo S označava najbolji automobil na svijetu koji korištenjem moderne tehnologije i samim iskustvom putovanja predstavlja Enterprise, da se poslužimo rječnikom iz Zvjezdanih staza. Sedma generacija jedan je od najnaprednijih automobila na svijetu, a kako bismo provjerili kako sve to funkcionira u praksi, odveli smo novi S 350 d 4MATIC na ‘đitu’ od Zagreba do nove luksuzne destinacije na Jadranu, resorta One&Only Portonovi u Herceg Novom, prvog re-

There’s a nifty phrase in English to describe a person or company able to inspire or have an impact on others – game changer. These are ideas that break existing rules and create new ones, designs that become timeless or simply products and services that push the limits and leave an indelible imprint in history. When it comes to luxury, design, quality and marketing, Riva changed yachting, Rolex knew just what the international jet set wanted, while Mercedes S-Class is a unit of measure for refined and luxurious car travel. Sonderklasse or ‘special class’ was introduced in 1972 and over the past six generations it has turned into the flagship vehicle for the entire auto industry. A car that not only dictates trends but also sets new ones that will not appear in mass production until in a couple of years. The S-class is always a few steps ahead, literally and figuratively speaking. The new SClass underpins Mercedes’ claim to produce the best automobile in the world. Using Star Trek terminology, its combination of modern technology and the experience of travel makes it the Enterprise. The seventh generation is one of the most advanced cars on the road nowadays, so we took the new S 350 d 4MATIC for a spin to see how it works in practice. Our trip from Zagreb to the Adriatic took us to the new One&Only Portonovi luxury resort in Herceg Novi, the first resort by the prestigious brand in Europe. More

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sorta ovog prestižnog brenda koji je otvoren u Europi. Više od 1000 kilometara do Crne Gore i natrag bio je idealan ‘casting’ za S-klasu u ulozi kraljice putovanja na kojem su sve finese i inženjerske tajne mogle doći do izražaja. Autocesta je prirodno mjesto za Mercedesov admiralski brod koji je stvoren da kilometre pretvara samo u statističku kategoriju. Motor snage 286 konja, automatski mjenjač s devet brzina i pogon na sve kotače rade u maniri sinkroniziranog orkestra, sva sila senzora i kamera te autonomna vožnja trećeg stupnja misle na vašu sigurnost, a prekrasna udobnost i tišina koja vlada u kabini zasluga je vrhunske aerodinamike i uvlačivih kvaka zbog kojih imate osjećaj da automobil klizi kroz zrak. Za zen-mod zaslužan je i zračni ovjes koji vožnju S-klasom, da upotrijebimo jahtaški termin, pretvara u plovidbu na asfaltu. Bez obzira na kvalitetu ceste, Mercedes lebdi poput tepiha, pa svako putovanje sliči na put svile. Urbana legenda kaže kako je inženjer S-klase jedno od najstresnijih zanimanja na svijetu zbog velikih očekivanja koje se postavljaju pred svaku novu generaciju, a oni su iz svoje ‘komfor zone’ izišli kada je u pitanju unutrašnjost automobila. Usuđujemo se reći kako je S-klasa jedinstven primjer spajanja tradicionalnog luksuza s digitalnom erom. Ekran koji lebdi nad centralnom konzolom u savršenom je spoju s biranim materijalima poput drva, kože i aluminija, a sam ugođaj u unutrašnjosti podsjeća na vrhunski spa. Wellness na kotačima ima grijana i hlađena sjedala s 10 programa masaže, posebne programe za opuštanje, ambijentalnu rasvjetu, a opcijski 4D muzički sistem s 31 zvučnikom kabinu će pretvoriti u privatnu ‘La Scalu’ ili ‘Covent Garden’. U svemu tomu će najviše uživati putnici na stražnjim sjedalima, pardon foteljama, gdje se obično i vozi vlasnik S-klase. Dovoljno je samo reći: Hej, Mercedes, ja sam pod stresom i automobil će u maniri najboljeg osobnog trenera krenuti na posao… Ono u čemu je Mercedes najviše odmaknuo je funkcionalnost i intuitivnost digitalnog sučelja. Virtualna stvar-

than 1,000 km to Montenegro and back was an ideal casting for the S-Class to star as king of travel on a journey that would highlight the finer points and the engineering expertise. The motorway is the natural habitat for the Mercedes flagship that was designed to turn kilometres into mere statistics. The combination of a 286 Hp engine, 9 G-tronic automatic transmission and 4-wheel drive deliver a perfectly in-sync symphony, a myriad of sensors and cameras and Level 3 system automated driving are all about your safety, while the supreme comfort and quiet in the cabin are the result of top aerodynamics and retractable door handles that give the impression of gliding through the air. The credit for creating a zen mode goes to the air suspension that turn the S-Class drive into a cruise on asphalt, to put it in yachting terms. Regardless of the quality of the road you are on, the Mercedes glides like a magic carpet, so your every trip is like an adventure on the Silk Road. As urban legend goes, S-Class engineers have the most stressful job in the world due to high expectations for each new generation, but they have definitely stepped out of their comfort zone when it comes to the vehicle interior. We dare to say that the S-Class is a unique blend of traditional luxury and the digital era. A large screen floating above the centre console matches select materials such as wood, leather and aluminium perfectly, while the general ambiance of the interior will make you feel as if inside a high-class SPA. This wellness on wheels features heated and ventilated seats with a 10-mode massage option, special relaxation programs and ambient lighting, while the optional 4D surround system with 31 speakers will turn the cabin into your private ‘La Scala’ or ‘Covent Garden’. The benefits of this will be best felt by passengers in the back seat, or rather armchair, which is where an S-Class owner normally sits. All you have to do is say: ‘Hey, Mercedes, I’m stressed’ and, in the manner of top personal trainers, the car will get to

Bolje odredište za ‘photo-session’ nove S-klase nismo mogli pronaći, a u putovanju do resorta One&Only automobil nas je jednostavno očarao We couldn’t find better spot for photo session of the new S-class Mercedes which took our breath away during drive towards One&Only Portonovi resort


Ljeto 2015. Perfect Escape

nost, 3D instrumenti i pet ekrana u unutrašnjosti primjer su tehnologije u službi korisnika, a naglasak je na lakoći korištenja. Reći ćemo to ovako, novo Mercedesovo sučelje svidjet će se poslovnim ljudima koji su navikli na Zoom, ali ni oni malo iskusniji vlasnici navikli na poslovne sastanke uživo neće se pri korištenju druge generacije MBUX-a osjećati kao da ih je pregazilo vrijeme. Mercedes je iskustvo korisnika doveo do savršenstva. A nezaboravno iskustvo je riječ koju dosta često upotrebljavaju i ljudi koji upravljaju novim hramom luksuza na jadranskoj obali, u neposrednoj blizini Herceg Novog, na ulazu u Bokokotorski zaljev. Radi se o kompleksu Portonovi nastalom na nekadašnjoj bazi hidroaviona bivše države, koji se sastoji od tri cjeline – marine, luksuznog resorta i najluksuznijeg hotela u regiji, koji je svoja vrata otvorio prvog svibnja. Riječ je o hotelu One&Only Portonovi, kao prvom objektu toga luksuznog brenda koji je otvoren u Europi, a mi smo nekoliko dana prije službenog otvorenja imali priliku napraviti ‘sneak preview’ onoga što čeka buduće goste, ili posjetitelje koji će po uzoru na elitne europske destinacije u posjet resortu moći dolaziti i jahtom. One&Only Portonovi je poput S-klase ‘game changer’ kada je u pitanju luksuzan boravak u cijeloj regiji, a na koji način stvara takav ugođaj, uvjerili smo se iz prve ruke. Kao prvo, prirodna kulisa je savršena, najjužniji fjord u Europi u kombinaciji s azurnoplavim morem i snježnim vrhovima planina, koje izgledaju kao da diraju nebo, predstavljaju perfektan akvarel za nova iskustva i istraživanje ljepota ovog dijela ja-

work... The greatest leap forward is the functionality and intuitiveness of the digital interface. Virtual reality, 3D instruments and five screens in the interior are an example of technology in the service of user, focusing on the ease of use. Let’s put it this way: the new interface will be liked by businesspersons who are used to Zoom, but even the more experienced owners used to meeting in person will not feel behind the times when using the second generation of MBUX. The user experience was honed to perfection by Mercedes. ‘Unforgettable experience’ is a phrase that is also used often by people managing the new temple of luxury on the Adriatic coast, at the mouth of the Bay of Kotor, right next to Herceg Novi. We are talking about the Portonovi complex, built on a former Yugoslav seaplane base comprising three parts – marina, luxury resort and the most luxurious hotel in the region, which opened its doors on 1 May. The One&Only Portonovi Hotel is the first hotel by the prestigious brand in Europe and a few days before the official opening, we were given a ‘sneak preview’ of what’s in store for future guest or visitors who will be able to sail into the resort with their yachts, just like in other elite European destinations. Like the S-Class, One&Only Portonovi is a regional game changer when it comes to luxury accommodation and we got a chance to see the magic happen first hand. The combination of southernmost fjord in Europe, azure-blue sea and snow-capped mountains that look as if they’re touching the sky is a perfect painting for new experi-

Portonovi resort nudi moderno okruženje s odlično ukomponiranim tradicionalnim i prirodnim elementima Portonovi Resort offers modern surroundings with excellent mix of traditional and natural elements


dranske obale. Portonovi je stvorio jedan od najšarmantnijih kutaka na jadranskoj obali, u maloj, ali prelijepoj Crnoj Gori. Da bi zadržali kontakt s bogatom baštinom, u sklopu resorta su i dva parka u kojima se nalaze sačuvana stabla više od stotinu godina, stara kao i mala crkvica iz 16. stoljeća, a kao direktnu poveznicu s okruženjem u sklopu hortikulturnog uređenja resorta naići ćete na brojna stabla maslina i palmi. Kao značajno modernija građevina, marina u resortu može poslužiti kao izvrsna polazišna točka za otkrivanje njegovih čari za sve morske posjetitelje. D-Marin Portonovi ima kapacitet 238 vezova, može primiti i megajahte duljine do 120 metara, za VIP goste tu je i helidrom, a ono što će posebno zanimati vlasnike i kapetane jahti, u marini je moguća opskrba bescarinskim gorivom. Ali ako vam se boravak ovdje svidi, na raspolaganju vam je stotinu smještajnih jedinica koje se nude za najam i ‘charter management’, od luksuznih apartmana s pogledom na more, do One&Only vila koje se smatraju krunskim draguljem trenutne ponude nekretnina u ovom dijelu Europe. Bilo da vas zanima turizam ili dobra investicija, graditelji resorta pobrinuli su se za visoku kvalitetu nekretnina i sadržaj koji, osim trgovina osnovnih potrepština, nudi nekoliko restorana, a ences and exploring the beauties of this part of the Adriatic. Portonovi has undoubtedly created some of the most charming places on the Adriatic coast, in the small, but stunning country of Montenegro. To keep the rich history alive, within the grounds of the resort there are two parks with trees over a hundred years old, as well as a small 16th-century church. As a direct link to its surroundings, the resort gardens feature numerous olive and palm trees. The resort’s marina is a contemporary building that can be a great gateway for marine visitors to discover what the resort has to offer. D-Marin Portonovi has 238 berths and can accommodate yachts and superyachts of up to 120m. There’s helipad access for VIP guests, while the duty free fuel supply will make owners and yacht captains particularly happy. If you like staying here, there are over one hundred accommodation units for rent and ‘charter management’, from luxury apartments with a sea view, to One&Only villas, thought to be the crown jewel of real estate offer in this part of Europe at the moment. Whether you’re interested in tourism or good investment, resort designers had high quality and amenities in mind, so, in addition to convenience stores, there are several restaurants and an haute couture store is set to open soon. The Village itself is a charming, low-rise oasis of beauty and tranquilly featuring residences with interesting façades, alleys


Resort One&Only je krunski dragulj luksuza u regiji One&Only resort is a crown jewel of luxury in our region

Perfect Escape

Louis Vuitton unikatne torbe inspirirane Crnom Gorom Louis Vuitton bags inspired by Montenegro

u najavi je otvaranje i trgovine visoke mode. Samo naselje šarmantna je oaza ljepote i mira s niskim zgradicama koje imaju zanimljiva pročelja, malenim ulicama koje završavaju fontanama, a kafići i restorani na malenom trgu idealno su mjesto za jutarnje ispijanje kave ili opuštanje s pogledom na jahte vezane u luci. Mi smo prilikom obilaska resorta zavirili u nekoliko izuzetno lijepih vila za koje trenutno vlada interes među kupcima iz cijelog svijeta, a vrhunac ponude cijelog kompleksa svakako je novi hotel, kao dio prestižne grupacije One&Only, koja ima resorte na 12 pomno odabranih lokacija diljem svijeta. Kompletno uređenje interijera podsjeća na otmjene venecijanske palače, a ukusni i pomno birani luksuzni detalji isprepleću se s onima koji obilježavaju destinaciju na kojoj se nalazite, poput motiva crnogorskog zlatoveza. Crveni krovovi od terakote, veličanstvene kolonade, prostrani vrtovi i ukupno 21 vanjski i unutarnji bazen slave bogatu prošlost ovog kraja i grandioznost Herceg Novog, Kotora i Perasta, a novo isku-

ending with fountains, while the cafés and restaurants on the small square are an ideal location for drinking your first cup of coffee in the morning or relaxing overlooking the yachts in the marina. During our tour of the resort, we got a chance to peek inside several breath taking villas that are currently sought-after by buyers from around the world. As part of the prestige One&Only group with resorts at 12 carefully selected locations around the world, the new hotel is undeniably the pièce de résistance of the entire complex. The interior evokes the style of posh Venetian palaces, while tasteful and carefully chosen lavish details are combined with destination-specific details, such as the traditional Montenegrin golden embroidery. Red terracotta roofs, glorious colonnades, spacious gardens and 21 indoor and outdoor pools celebrate the rich history of the area and the grandeur of Herceg Novi, Kotor and Perast, while 123 rooms, apartments and villas with large windows and terraces to soak


stvo luksuza pružaju 123 sobe, apartmani i vile s velikim prozorima i terasama koji slave prekrasno prirodno okruženje. Efektan i emotivan detalj predstavlja otvoreni kamin u svakoj sobi, koji simbolizira ognjište koje kao mjesto okupljanja i druženja ima poseban status u kulturi Crne Gore. Zvijezda hotela je predsjednički apartman Suite One na vrhu s pogledom od milijun dolara i privatnim vinskim podrumom (kako bi smanjili tzv. karbonski otisak nude se vina iz regije i Europe), vanjskom blagovaonicom te zasebnim ulazom za batlera, koji svojom prostranošću, komforom i udobnošću podsjeća na superjahte, a za one koji žele potpunu privatnost na raspolaganju su vile koje predstavljaju vrhunac smještajne ponude hotela. Svaka vila smještena je u svom mirisnom vrtu s privatnim bazenom, kao i hidroterapijskim bazenom sa šest masažnih stanica i nevjerojatnim pogledom na zalazak sunca, a sve u kombinaciji s izuzetnom uslugom predanog tima koji gostima stoji na raspolaganju. One&Only također nudi mogućnost kupnje vila s privatnom plažom i privatnim vezom. Ono što je zanimljivo jest da će, osim za goste hotela, mnogi resursi biti otvoreni i za posjetitelje,

Do kompleksa Portonovi možete ‘skočiti’ i jahtom, te uživati u gotovo svim sadržajima koje nudi You can also visit Portonovi by yacht and enjoy almost all of it’s rich offer


in the gorgeous scenery provide a new experience of luxury. An effective and emotional detail adorning each room is the open fireplace, symbolising the hearth that is an element of particular importance and status in Montenegro’s culture as a place of gathering and socialising. The presidential Suite One is the star of the hotel. The penthouse with a million-dollar view and a private wine cellar (offering only regional and European wines to reduce the carbon footprint), outside dining area and separate entrance and a service lift for the butler reminds one of mega yachts with its spaciousness and comfort. If you’re looking for complete privacy, you should opt for one of the villas that represent the culmination of the hotel’s offer. Each villa has its own fragrant garden and private pools, as well as a hydrotherapy pools with six massage stations and incredible sunset view, topped with exceptional service by a dedicated team at the guests’ disposal. You can also purchase a One&Only villa with a private beach and a private jetty. Many resources will also be available for visitors that are not staying at the hotel, while the only thing off limits for outside guests

Perfect Escape

kojima će biti zabranjen posjet jedino hotelskoj pješčanoj plaži (za koju je pijesak dopremljen iz Egipta). U skladu s globalnim trendovima, One&Only Portonovi se želi nametnuti i kao nezaobilazna stanica za vrhunsku gastronomiju, a svaki od tri restorana unutar hotela nudi jedinstvena iskustva. Sabia by Giorgio Locatelli nudi jela inspirirana Italijom, za koja je zaslužan jedan od najboljih talijanskih chefova Giorgio Locatelli, koji Michelinovu zvjezdicu dobiva već osamnaest godina zaredom. Tapasake klub stavlja naglasak na modernu japansku kuhinju, a bazen, mogućnost priveza i potencijal za after beach zabave osobito će se svidjeti nautičarima, te mu predviđamo zvjezdani status jahting destinacije. Ljubiteljima lokalnih specijaliteta namijenjena je La Veranda, koja oduševljava hemingvejskim ugođajem, dok će Caminetti bar smješten u predvorju predstavljati idealno mjesto za opušteni odmor uz čaj ili konjak nakon romantične večere. ‘One&Only želi gostima kreirati jedinstvena sjećanja koja traju čitav život. Od zalogajčića koje nudimo na plaži, prirodnih sokova, doručka, ručka ili večere… Okus divljih jagoda ili borovnica, miris svježih začina ili kompleksnost lokalnih sireva. Sve mora biti nezaboravno iskustvo koje ćete ponijeti kući u svom srcu’, pojasnila je izvršna chefica One&Only resorta Nancy Kinchela, koja je sa svojim timom došla iz Australije da bi postavila One&Only standarde i, kako sama kaže, oduševila se lokalnom ponudom namirnica. Iako njezina sommelierka dolazi iz Ekvadora, u hotelu ponosno ističu kako je 70 posto radne snage crnogorskog porijekla. S veseljem smo vidjeli i hotelski dućan, koji balansira između ponude svjetski poznatih i boutique luksuznih brendova, a čiji su trenutni hit dvije unikatne torbe Louis Vuitton s uzorcima koji podsjećaju na crnogorsku zastavu i koštaju dvadesetak tisuća eura. Osim luksuznog shoppinga, najbogatije posjetitelje dodatno će privući i poseban dragulj u One&Only kruni, čuveni Chenot Espace koji ćemo detaljno predstaviti u ljetnom broju Yachtsa, a sada ćemo samo kratko napomenuti kako je riječ o pionirskom pristupu wellnessu koji kombinira najnovija znanstvena dostignuća te najbolje metode kineskog i tradicionalnog načina liječenja. Na karti luksuza rađa se nova zvijezda i sretni smo što će One&Only u našu regiju privući još bolje i bogatije goste. Baš kao Mercedes S-klasa, i One&Only Portonovi nudi potpuno novo hedonističko iskustvo. I da se vratimo na misao s početka teksta, riječ je o pravim ‘game changerima’ u svojim kategorijama. Vrhunac suvremenog promišljanja luksuza u 21. stoljeću koji će vas s lakoćom osvojiti.

will be the sandy hotel beach (the sand for which was brought all the way from Egypt). In line with global trends, One&Only Portonovi wants to establish itself as an essential stop for top gastronomy and each of the three restaurants within the hotel has its own vision and story. Sabia by Giorgio Locatelli offers Italy-inspired dishes prepared by Italy’s very own Giorgio Locatelli, a top chef who has been awarded a Michelin star for 18 years in a row. The Tapasake Club focuses on contemporary Japanese cuisine, while the pool, berth and potential for after beach parties will make it particularly interesting to yachtsmen, which is why we predict that it will become a top yachting destination. Lovers of local cuisine will adore La Veranda and its Hemingway-style design, while the Caminetti lobby bar is an ideal location for enjoying tea or cognac after a romantic dinner. ‘One&Only wants to create one-of-a-kind memories for guests that will last for a lifetime. From snacks on the beach, natural juices, lunch or dinner... The taste of wild strawberries or blueberries, the fragrance of fresh herbs or the complexity of local cheeses. It’s all part of an unforgettable experience that you will take home with you and cherish forever’, says One&Only Resort Head Chef Nancy Kinchela. She and her team arrived all the way from Australia to set One&Only standards and, in her own words, fell in love with the local ingredient offer. Even though her sommelier is from Ecuador, the hotel is proud to say that 70 percent of their staff is Montenegrin. We were happy to visit the hotel shop that has a balanced offer of world-renowned and boutique luxury brands. The current ‘it’ pieces are two unique Louis Vuitton handbags with patterns that resemble Montenegro’s flag and cost around 20 thousand euros. In addition to luxury shopping, persons of means will be particularly drawn to a special jewel in the One&Only crown, the exclusive Chenot Espace that we will have a detailed feature in Yachts summer edition. For now, let us only drop a hint that it takes a revolutionary approach to wellness blending Chinese medicine and Western technology. A new star is born on the map of luxury and we are thrilled that One&Only will attract even better and more affluent guest to the region. Just like Mercedes S-Class, the One&Only Portonovi also offers a brand new indulgent experience. Going back to our note from the introduction, these are true game changers in their categories. The culmination of contemporary 21st century philosophy of luxury that will win you over in a heartbeat.

a unique formula of swiss technique and italian style new since 1950

apply to the new panerai pam.guard program to benefit up to 8 years of international limited warranty register your timepiece on

Vlaška 13, Zagreb


Šest čuda Watches & Wonders

Industrija satova drugu je godinu zaredom online predstavljala novitete na eventu nazvanom Watches & Wonders. Među 38 brendova izdvojili smo šest modela satova koji jednostavno imaju ‘ono nešto’ The watch industry has presented their new products online for the second year in a row. Watches & Wonders debuted new models from 38 brands, and we selected six among them that just had a little extra 89



Nautilus 5711/1A-014

Patek Philippe prvo je pojavljivanje na Watches & Wonders iskoristio za novu verziju legendarnog Nautilusa. Još od 1976. godine dizajn Gérald Genta podario je ovom satu epitet ikone sportske elegancije. Nova, maslinastozelena boja brojčanika sjajno se uklapa u svjetski trend korištenja zelene boje za brojčanike i mijenja, može se reći, kultnu referencu 5711/1A-010 s morsko plavim brojčanikom, za koju je navodno lista čekanja iznosila deset godina. CEO Patek Philippe Thierry Stern ovu je promjenu pojasnio činjenicom kako svaki brend novim izdanjima pokušava iznenaditi svoje vjerne kupce.


Patek Philippe used their first appearance on Watches & Wonders to debut the new edition of their legendary Nautilus. In 1976 designer Gérald Genta has given this watch all it needed to become the synonym for sporty elegance. The new olive green color of the dial fits perfectly into the global trend of using green for dials, and takes over the iconic navy blue, part of what made the 5711 / 1A-010 so popular that the waiting time to purchase your unit was allegedly ten years. Patek Philippe CEO Thierry Stern explained this change by the trend of brands trying to surprise their loyal customers with new releases.


Big Pilot’s Watch Shock Absorber XPL Od pionirskih dana leta do mornaričkih nadzvučnih aviona, piloti djeluju u ekstremnim uvjetima skučenih kokpita. Stoga je izvanredna robusnost oduvijek bila jedan od ključnih funkcionalnih zahtjeva koji su se postavljali pred IWC-ove pilotske satove. Inovativni Big Pilot’s Watch Shock Absorber XPL djelo je novog inženjerskog odjela IWC Experimental, koji se bavi razvojem naprednih materijala ili većom otpornošću na udarce. ‘Veliki Pilot’ prvi je IWC s patentiranim SPRIN-g PROTECT sustavom, a prema testiranjima provedenima u Cavendish laboratoriju Sveučilišta Cambridge zaštićeni mehanizam preživio je ubrzanja veća od 30.000 g.


Oyster Perpetual Explorer Oyster Perpetual Explorer nastao je iz duboke povezanosti tvrtke Rolex i istraživanja. Ovaj sat ide tamo gdje se malo ljudi usudi ići. Sada u verziji žutog Rolesora, spoja čelika Oystersteel i 18-karatnog žutog zlata, nova generacija Explorer modela vraća se svom izvornom izgledu s 36 mm kućištem. Nova generacija modela Explorer ističe se decentnim dizajnom i iznimno čitljivim crnim brojčanikom s velikim oznakama za sate i karakterističnim 3, 6, 9 brojkama. To je alatni sat, stvoren za precizno mjerenje vremena u svim uvjetima. Dugo nakon što svjetlo nestane, vrijeme se može očitati. Oznake za sate i kazaljke Chromalight modela Explorer sadrže svjetleći materijal koji emitira trajni plavi sjaj osiguravajući izvrsnu čitljivost čak i u mraku. Novi Explorer opremljen je kalibrom 3230 i ima rezervu snage od otprilike 70 sati. The Oyster Perpetual Explorer evolved from Rolex’s deep involvement with exploration. This watch goes where few people venture. Now in yellow Rolesor, a combination of Oystersteel and 18 ct yellow gold, a new-generation Explorer returns to its origins with a 36 mm case. The new-generation Explorer set itself apart with a simple design and a highly legible black dial with large hour markers and characteristic 3, 6, 9 numerals. It is a tool watch, created to tell time accurately, whatever the circumstances. Long after the light dies, you can tell the time. The Explorer’s Chromalight hour markers and hands contain luminescent material that emits a lasting blue glow ensuring excellent legibility even in the dark. The new Explorer is equipped with calibre 3230 and has a power reserve of approximately 70 hours.,

From the days of pioneer flights to the times supersonic jet fighters, pilots have been operating in extreme conditions and cramped cockpits. Because of that, extraordinary robustness has always been one of the key functional requirements set before IWC pilot watches. The innovative Big Pilot’s Watch Shock Absorber XPL is the work of the new engineering department of IWC Experimental, which works on development of advanced materials and greater impact resistance. Big Pilot’s Watch Shock Absorber XPL is the first IWC with a patented SPRIN-g PROTECT system, and on tests conducted at the University of Cambridge’s Cavendish Laboratory, the mechanism has survived accelerations greater than 30,000 g.


Reverso Hybris Mechanica Calibre 185

Kada prvi put ugledate novo Jaeger-LeCoultreovo remek-djelo, obuzet će vas strahopoštovanje, divljenje i osjećaj kako ovaj sat potječe s nekog drugog planeta. CEO brenda Catherine Rénier usporedila ga je s konceptnim automobilima. To nije samo najkompliciraniji Reverso koji je ikada napravljen, to je jedan od najsloženijih satova koje je Jaeger-LeCoultre ikad napravio. Ukupno 11 komplikacija i četiri lica čine ovaj sat pravim artisanskim primjerkom koji će biti napravljen u vrlo limitiranoj ediciji od samo 10 primjeraka. Pritom, za razliku od nekih drugih satova iz tzv. visokog urarstva, novi JLC izgleda nosivo.


Lange 1 Perpetual Calendar

Ovo je prvi model Lange 1 Perpetual Calendar koji nije uparen s drugim komplikacijama. Ludo je to reći, budući da Lange već 27 godina izrađuje satove Lange 1, a već dvadeset godina radi ure s vječnim kalendarom. No, još od originalnog Langematik Perpetuala iz 2001. godine, ova se komplikacija uvijek pojavljivala udružena s tourbillonima i kronografima. Lange 1 Perpetual Calendar pravi je primjer otmjene elegancije, a dolazi u dvije varijante. Ružičasto zlato u kombinaciji sa sivim brojčanikom Langeov je klasik, a limitirana izvedba koja će biti napravljena u samo 150 primjeraka kombinira bijelo zlato i ružičasti brojčanik. This is the first Lange 1 Perpetual Calendar model where that complication is not paired with another. That sounds crazy, we know – since Lange has been making the Lange 1 for twenty-seven years, and models with a perpetual calendar for twenty. However, since the original Langematik Perpetual in 2001, this complication has always appeared associated with tourbillons and chronographs. The Lange 1 Perpetual Calendar is a true example of class and elegance, and it’s available in two versions: the classic version in rose gold with a gray dial, and the limited edition made in just 150 units, in white gold with a pink dial.

When you first lay your eyes on the new Jaeger-LeCoultre masterpiece, which brand CEO Catherine Rénier compares to concept cars, you will be overwhelmed with awe, admiration... and perhaps get the feeling this watch was made on another planet. Hybris Mechanica Calibre 185 is not just the most complicated Reverso ever made, it’s one of the most complex models ever made by the brand. A total of 11 complications and four dials make this watch a real artisan work of art, and it’s quite understandable it will be part of a limited series counting only 10 units. Finally, unlike some other models with all these features, the Hybris Mechanica Calibre 185 is actually very wearable.

Watc Wa Watches tche hees hes



Kad je Ulysse Nardin u pitanju, teško je ne razmišljati o inovativnom i avangardnom dizajnu, najmodernijim materijalima, inovativnim mehanizmima i bogatoj prošlosti brenda koji se proslavio radeći precizne mornaričke kronometre. Kada spojite gore sve navedeno, nastaje Ulysse Nardin UFO, stolni sat s rezervom snage od godinu dana, za koji CEO švicarske kuće Patrick Pruniaux kaže kako je njihova vizija mornaričkog kronografa iz 2196. godine. Ovaj primjerak urarske umjetnosti bit će proizveden u 75 primjeraka.

When it comes to Ulysse Nardin, nothing is too out there – from the innovative and avant-garde design, state-of-the-art materials, innovative mechanisms, to the long and interesting history of the brand who have became famous for making unbelievably precise naval chronometers. The new Ulysse Nardin UFO combines all of the above into a desk clock with a one-year power reserve described by the brand CEO Patrick Pruniaux as their vision of the naval chronograph for the year 2196. The model is part of a limited series and will be made in 75 units.



Stvoreni za avanture Made for Adventure

New Rolex Watches 2021 Text Ida Vickota Photos Rolex

Rolex predstavlja najnovije kreacije koje su oživljene njihovim jedinstvenim urarstvom. Ovi nas satovi vode od najdubljih špilja do najviših planinskih vrhova, od vanjskih dijelova Sunčeva sustava do izoliranih polarnih područja, i od iznimno precizne tehnologije do zahtjevnog urarskog izrađivanja. To su satovi koji vas pozivaju u avanturu – bilo geografsku, tehničku ili estetsku. Rolex is presenting the latest creations brought to life by its unique watchmaking expertise. These timepieces take us from the deepest caves to the highest mountain peaks, from the outer reaches of the solar system to isolated polar regions and from ultra-precise technology to exacting artisanal craftsmanship. They are watches that invite you on an adventure – be it geographical, technical or aesthetic.

Oyster Perpetual Explorer Rolex predstavlja novu generaciju Oyster Perpetual Explorer modela. S promjerom 36 mm, vraća se veličini originalnog modela predstavljenog 1953., nakon prvog uspona Sir Edmunda Hillarya i Tenzinga Norgaya na Mount Everest 29. svibnja te godine. Explorer nove generacije posebno je predstavljen u verziji žutog Rolesora, spajajući čelik Oystersteel i 18-karatno žuto zlato. Crni brojčanik, koji je sada lakiran, ima pravokutne oznake sati i karakteristične brojeve 3, 6 i 9, koji su temelji osobnosti modela, podsjećajući na odlučnost i avanturistički duh koji rađaju velika postignuća. Prikaz Chromalight modela nove generacije Explorer posebno je impresivan. U tamnim uvjetima intenzitet plavog sjaja koji emitiraju oznake za sate i kazaljke sada dulje traje zahvaljujući inovativnom i ekskluzivnom luminiscentnom materijalu kojim su ispunjeni ili obloženi. Explorer nove generacije opremljen je kalibrom 3230, mehanizmom koji je preteča urarske tehnologije.

Oyster Perpetual Explorer Rolex is presenting its new-generation Oyster Perpetual Explorer. At 36 mm, it returns to the size of the original model launched in 1953 following the first ascent to the summit of Mount Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on 29 May that year. The new-generation Explorer is notably released in a yellow Rolesor version, combining Oystersteel and 18 ct yellow gold. The black dial, now lacquered, bears the index hour markers and emblematic 3, 6 and 9 numerals that are the cornerstones of the model’s personality, evoking the determination and spirit of adventure that give rise to great achievements. The new-generation Explorer’s Chromalight display is particularly impressive. In dark conditions, the intensity of the blue glow emitted by the hour markers and hands now lasts longer thanks to the innovative and exclusive luminescent material with which they are filled or coated. The new-generation Explorer is equipped with calibre 3230, a movement at the forefront of watchmaking technology.

Oyster Perpetual Explorer II Rolex predstavlja novu generaciju modela Oyster Perpetual Explorer II. Ovaj tehnički sat, u čeliku Oystersteel, stvoren je za najsmjelije istraživače, a sada dolazi s redizajniranim kućištem i narukvicom. Na bijelom lakiranom brojčaniku oznake za sate, čiji se crni premaz nanosi pomoću PVD (fizičkog taloženja pare), i crne lakirane kazaljke za sate, minute i sekunde ističu se svojim matiranim završnim slojem. 24-satna kazaljka zadržava karakterističnu narančastu nijansu, koja je iste boje kao i natpis Explorer II koji se od 2011. nalazi na brojčaniku. Model nove generacije, Explorer II, također koristi optimizirani prikaz Chromalight. Ovaj redizajnirani sat dostupan je u dvije verzije brojčanika, bijele i crne boje, te je opremljen mehanizmom 3285, koji je preteča urarske tehnologije.

Oyster Perpetual Explorer II Rolex is introducing its new-generation Oyster Perpetual Explorer II. This technical watch, in Oystersteel, was created for the boldest explorers and now features a redesigned case and bracelet. On the white lacquer dial, the hour markers – whose black coating is applied using PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) – and the black lacquer hour, minute and seconds hands stand out for their matt finish. The 24-hour hand retains its characteristic orange hue, which is the same colour as the Explorer II inscription that has featured on the dial since 2011. The new-generation Explorer II also benefits from an optimized Chromalight display. This redesigned watch is available in two dial versions, in white color and black color, and equipped with calibre 3285, a movement at the forefront of watchmaking technology.

Satovi SSa atovi toovi v

Ekskluzivni brojčanici jedinstvenog dizajna Novi brojčanici na modelima Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36 sadrže motiv palme, nadahnut tropskim šumama, ili rebrasti motiv koji sadrži prepoznatljivi potpis Rolexa. Maslinastozeleni, srebrni ili zlatni, izrađeni su od drevnih materijala poput bakra, cinka, nikla, kroma, titana i silicija, u kombinaciji s vrhunskom tehnologijom za stvaranje dubokih, živopisnih metalnih boja. Nove verzije modela Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona izrađene su u 18-karatnom žutom, bijelom ili Everose zlatu. Njihovi meteoritni brojčanici svjedoče o energiji koja je putovala kroz vrijeme i prostor. Ovaj materijal prikazuje uzorke koji su nastali kao srce asteroida koji se polako hladi na putu kroz kozmos, proces koji traje milijune godina. Rolex odabire metal meteorita prema vrlo strogim estetskim kriterijima. Svaki djelić ima jedinstvenu unutarnju strukturu, što svaki model Cosmograph Daytona s meteoritskim brojčanikom uistinu čini jedinstvenim.

Exclusive dials with unique designs The new dials on the Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36 feature a palm motif, inspired by tropical forests, or a fluted motif that incorporates one of Rolex’s aesthetic features. Olive green, silver or golden, they are made from age-old materials such as copper, zinc, nickel, chromium, titanium and silicon, combined with cutting-edge technology to create deep, vibrant metallic colours. The new versions of the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona are in 18 ct yellow, white or Everose gold. Their meteorite dials bear witness to energy that has journeyed through time and space. This material displays patterns that were formed as the heart of an asteroid cooled slowly on its journey through the cosmos – a process that takes millions of years. Rolex selects metallic meteorite according to very strict aesthetic criteria. Each fragment has a unique internal structure, making every Cosmograph Daytona with a meteorite dial truly one of a kind.



Otkrivajući svjetlucavost dijamanata Nove verzije modela Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 sadrže oznake sati i remen od kože aligatora u odgovarajućim bojama. Bojane su koraljnom bojom na modelu u 18-karatnom žutom zlatu, tirkiznom u verziji u 18-karatnom bijelom zlatu i bordo na satu u 18-karatnom Everose zlatu. S ovim satovima, prestižni i prepoznatljivi Day-Date 36 iznova je predstavljen u dijamantnim uzorcima. Novi Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust, ukrašen s 1089 dijamanata na kućištu, prstenu, brojčaniku i narukvici President, izuzetan je sat čija briljantnost i sjaj savršeno odgovaraju vitkom zapešću.

Revealing the radiance of diamonds The new versions of the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 feature hour markers and alligator leather straps in matching colours. They are coral coloured on the 18 ct yellow gold model, turquoise on the 18 ct white gold version and burgundy on the watch in 18 ct Everose gold. With these watches, the prestigious and iconic Day-Date 36 is reimagined in swathes of diamonds. The new Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust, set with 1,089 diamonds on the middle case, bezel, dial and President bracelet, is an exceptional watch whose brilliance and sparkle is perfectly suited to a slender wrist.,

New Tudor Watches 2021 Bezvremenski i elegantni Švicarska urarska tvrtka Tudor otkrila je svoje najnovije modele i predstavila dvije nove verzije popularnog sata Black Bay Fifty-Eight, Black Bay Chrono i nova izdanja svojih klasičnih modela, Black Bay 32/36/41 i 1926

Timeless and Elegant Swiss watch manufacturer, Tudor, unveiled its new models and presented two new Black Bay Fifty-Eight versions, with Black Bay Chrono and new editions of its classic models, Black Bay 32/36/41 and 1926 Text Ida Vickota Photos Tudor

Black Bay Chrono

Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18K

Kako bi obilježio 50 godina svojih kronografa, Tudor ponovno predstavlja svoj model Black Bay Chrono u čeliku s redizajniranim kućištem i dvije mogućnosti brojčanika s kontrastnim podbrojčanicima. Prepoznatljive karakteristike modela Black Bay očuvane su u čeličnom kućištu 41 mm promjera, dok fiksni prsten od nehrđajućeg čelika s umetkom s tahimetrijskom skalom u crnom eloksiranom aluminiju, upotpunjuje istaknuti izgled ovog novog sportskog kronografa. Tudor Black Bay Chrono opremljen je manufakturnim kalibrom MT5813 s rezervom snage od otprilike 70 sati. Ovaj prepoznatljivi model dostupan je na čeličnoj narukvici, crnom tkanom remenu, i, u skladu s duhom ‘utrka 1970-ih’, na remenu od vintage crne kože.

Tudor predstavlja novu hrabru verziju svog popularnog modela, Black Bay Fifty-Eight, koji je izrađen iz jednog komada 18-karatnog žutog zlata i ima otvoreno kućište. Matirano 18-karatno žuto zlato modela Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18K naglašava se elegantnom kombinacijom brojčanika i prstena, koji su u bogatom zlatnozelenom tonu s mat zlatnim detaljima. Ista paleta boja nalazi se na tkanom i kožnom remenu koji dolaze s ovim modelom. Manufakturni kalibar MT5400, koji pokreće Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18K, prikazuje funkcije sata, minute i sekunde, i pohranjuje 70-satnu rezervu snage.

To mark 50 years of its chronographs, Tudor is relaunching its Black Bay Chrono model in steel with a reworked case and two dial options with contrasting sub-counters. The recognisable characteristics of the Black Bay are preserved in a steel case with a 41-millimetre diameter. A fixed bezel in stainless steel with a tachymetric scale insert in black anodised aluminium completes the distinguished appearance of this sporty new chronograph. The Black Bay Chrono model is equipped with Manufacture Chronograph Calibre MT5813, with a 70-hour power reserve. This distinctive model is available on a steel bracelet, a black strap, and, in keeping with the spirit of the ‘1970s racing’, on an aged black leather strap.

Tudor is introducing a bold new version of its popular model, the Black Bay Fifty-Eight, in solid 18 ct yellow gold with an open case back. The matt 18 ct yellow gold of the Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18K is emphasised by the elegant combination of dial and bezel, which are a rich ‘golden green’ in tone with matt gold details. The same colour palette is found on the fabric and leather strap offered with this model. The Calibre MT5400, which powers the Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18K, displays hour, minute and second functions, and stores a 70-hour power reserve.


Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925

Black Bay 32/36/41


Predstavljena je još jedna verzija popularnog Black Bay Fifty-Eight modela izrađena u 925 srebru nudeći otvoreno kućište. Idealan je za tanka zapešća i ljubitelje vintage stila. Svojstva legure, u kojoj je izrađen ovaj novi model, takva su da nošenje sata ne utječe na izgled kućišta Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925. Također, kućište je naglašeno svojim brojčanikom, koji je taupe boje, i odgovarajućim umetkom prstena. Ista paleta boja nalazi se na tkanom i kožnom remenu koji dolaze s ovim modelom. Manufakturni kalibar MT5400, koji pokreće Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925, prikazuje funkcije sata, minute i sekunde, i pohranjuje 70-satnu rezervu snage.

Dizajnirani za muškarce i žene, modeli Black Bay 32, 36 i 41 zadržavaju estetiku linije Black Bay, posebno karakteristične kutne kazaljke ‘pahulje’, kao i pouzdanost i dugogodišnju povezanost s ronilačkim satovima Tudor. Ovim modelima predstavljen je satinirani srebrni brojčanik s efektom sunčevih zraka, s oznakama za sate i kazaljkama od švicarskog fosforescentnog materijala Super-LumiNova®. Ova nijansa nudi izvanredan kontrast i bistroću, dok luminiscentne oznake za sate pomažu osigurati čitljivost u svim uvjetima.

Linijom 1926, Tudor odaje počast svojoj ranoj povijesti nizom mehaničkih satova koji su bezvremenski i elegantni. Klasični ženski i muški sat, Tudor 1926 dolazi u četiri veličine sa širokim izborom brojčanika. Tudor je predstavio novi brojčanik, sada u bijeloj boji, i smeđi kožni remen obložen gumom za dodatnu udobnost i poboljšanu izdržljivost.

Tudor also launched one more version of a popular Black Bay Fifty-Eight model in 925 silver offering an open case back. Ideal for slim wrists and vintage enthusiasts. The properties of this alloy are such that use does not affect the appearance of the case of the Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925. The silver case of the Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925 is also accentuated by its dial, which is taupe in colour, and its matching bezel insert. The same colour palette is found on the fabric and leather strap offered with this model. The Calibre MT5400, which powers the Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925, displays hour, minute and second functions, and stores a 70-hour power reserve.

Designed for both men and women, the Black Bay 41, 36 and 32 models retain the aesthetics of the Black Bay line, particularly the characteristic angular ‘Snowflake’ hands, as well as its reliability and long-standing connection to Tudor divers’ watches. The satin sun-brushed silver dial, with applique hour markers and hands with the Swiss SuperLumiNova® phosphorescent material, has been introduced to the collection. This shade offer outstanding contrast and clarity, while luminescent hour markers help ensure legibility in all conditions.

With the 1926 line, Tudor pays tribute to its early history with a range of mechanical watches that are timeless and elegant. A classic watch for women and men, the Tudor 1926 comes in four sizes with a wide choice of dials. Tudor presented a new dial, now in white, and the brown leather strap lined with rubber for additional comfort and enhanced durability.,


Photo by Robert Matić

Special Feature

LIDIJA LIJIĆ VULIĆ Osvajačica i čuvarica morskih dubina Conqueror and the Shepherd of the Sea GUCCI Stoljeće luksuza, glamura i intriga A Century of Glamour, Luxury and Intrigue DIJAMANTNI NAKIT Chaumet, Damiani i Messika u butiku Mamić 1970 DIAMOND JEWELRY Chaumet, Damiani and Messika in Mamić 1970 Boutique PLAVA I BEŽ Modna kombinacija za sunčane dane BLUE AND BEIGE Fashion Combination for Sunny Days

House of


Stoljeće kuće luksuza obilježavaju filmska drama Ridleyja Scotta s Lady Gagom u glavnoj ulozi te raskošna rođendanska kolekcija Aria, u kojoj Alessandro Michele radikalno modernizira pristup modi A century of luxury house is marked by Ridley Scott’s drama starring Lady Gaga and a glamorous birthday Aria collection in which Alessandro Michele radically modernises the approach to fashion

Text Dubravka Tomeković Aralica Photos © 2021 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc., ©Farabola/Leemage/AFP & Gucci


ada je početkom ožujka Lady Gaga na svom Instagram profilu objavila fotografiju sebe i glumca Adama Drivera kraj brvnare u Alpama i ispod nje jednostavno napisala ‘Gospodin i gospođa Gucci’, bilo je jasno da će stotu obljetnicu brenda više od svih aktivnosti obilježiti film o svjetski poznatoj dinastiji luksuza. Megazvijezda talijanskih korijena nominirana za Oscara za ulogu u filmu ‘Zvijezda je rođena’, u biografskoj drami ‘House Of Gucci’ Ridleyja Scotta glumi Patriziju Reggiani, blago rečeno - osebujnu pripadnicu obitelji Gucci. Dakako, proslava ovakvog jubileja nije mogla proći ni bez grandioznog modnog showa. Nimalo slučajno, kreativni direktor Alessandro Michele za mjesto radnje odabrao je hotel Savoy u Londonu. Pod neonskim svjetlima njegova kluba predstavio je bogatu rođendansku kolekciju u kojoj je reinterpretirao srž brenda i naglasio iskonsku povezanost sa svijetom konja. Jahaće hlače hit su sezone, manekeni ih nose uz jakne sa zlatnim gumbima i kožne torbice oko struka. Čipkasta haljina uparena je s kožnom zapregom, upečatljivi logo ističe se na odijelima, kaputima, hlačama, čizmama, torbama i kapama, odjeća je šivana od fine vune, čipke i blještavih tkanina, nakit je bogato ukrašen draguljima, a raskošan je čak i prsten za nos. Torbu u obliku jahaće kacige na pisti hotela Savoy, modni svijet tumači kao odu prirodi i slobodi kuće, koju su obilježile originalne kreacije, ali i za-

When Lady Gaga posted a photo of herself and actor Adam Driver near a log cabin in the Alps on her Instagram profile in early March, with a simple caption ‘Mr and Mrs Gucci’, it was rather clear no other activity would mark the brand’s 100th anniversary more than the motion picture on the dynasty, known globally for its deluxe items. In Ridley Scott’s biographical drama ‘House of Gucci’, the Oscar-nominated (A Star is Born) superstar of Italian descent plays Patricia Reggiani, who is, to put it mildly, a singular member of the Gucci family. Naturally, the celebration of such a jubilee had to include a grand show and the Savoy Hotel in London was intentionally chosen for that occasion. Under the neon lights of its club a creative director Alessandro Michele showcased an exuberant birthday collection, in which he reinterpreted the core idea of the brand, accentuating the primordial connection with the world of horses. Riding pants are the statement piece of the season, models wear them with jackets with gold buttons and leather waist bags. The lace dress is paired with a leather harness, the striking logo stands out on suits, coats, pants, boots, bags and hats, the clothes are sewn from fine wool, lace and glittering fabrics, the jewellery is richly adorned with jewels, and even the nose ring is lavish. The bag shaped like a riding helmet, presented on the runway of the Savoy Hotel, is interpreted by the fashion world as an ode to nature and the freedom

of the house, deriving from its original creations, but also for conspiracies, murders, and scandals. The founder of this fashion empire, Guccio Gucci, was born in 1881 in Florence, in a family of Tuscan tanners and merchants, who nurtured aesthetics, as well as cultural and artistic tradition. At the age of twenty, the young Gucci, seeking new challenges, went to London and got a job as a lift boy at the luxury Savoy Hotel. It was the meeting place of the British business and artistic elite, and hosted the richest people in the world. Instead of opening the elevator door and bowing to them, he came up with a better idea: he would turn them into clients, use his family tanner heritage and start producing fashion accessories from the finest leather. He returned home and after gaining a reputation as a master of high quality and beautiful bags, he founded the ‘House of Gucci’ in Florence in 1921. In the family shop, they sold their own handmade shoe and bag creations. In the mid-thirties, the range was expanded to include belts, gloves and suitcases. They opened a boutique in Rome, the capital of Italy, and wealthy world travellers would always bring home a little something from the Italian Gucci. In that period, they created the famous moccasins for men and women, which are still a status symbol and an epitome of ultimate elegance, comfort and performance. It was precisely the English cavalry aristocracy that inspired Gucci to create authentic riding equipment with a horse’s head logo. Also the famous Bamboo bag was inspired by the shape of a saddle. In the 1940s, the whole world knew of Gucci. Following the death of Guccio Gucci in 1953, his sons Aldo and Rodolfo took over control of the company, and a red and green stripe was introduced into the brand’s identity. In the 1960s, the famous logo was created – the double letter G. The Italian family house became a symbol of fashion luxury, and the most famous people became fans of Gucci. Everything worn by Jackie Kennedy – the US first lady, Grace Kelly –

FAS H I O N 103

vjere, ubojstva i skandali. Osnivač tog modnoga carstva Guccio Gucci rođen je 1881. u Firenci, u obitelji toskanskih kožara i trgovaca, koja je njegovala estetiku, tradiciju kulture i umjetnosti. Napunivši dvadesetu, mladi Gucci željan izazova odlazi u London i zapošljava se kao lift boy u luksuznom hotelu Savoy. U njemu su odsjedali najbogatiji ljudi svijeta, okupljala se britanska poslovna i umjetnička elita. Umjesto da im, uz naklon, otvara vrata lifta, na pamet mu je pala bolja ideja: da ih pretvori u klijente, iskoristi obiteljsko nasljeđe i počne proizvoditi modne dodatke od najfinije kože. Vratio se kući i nakon što je stekao reputaciju majstora za izradu kvalitetnih i lijepih torbi, 1921. u Firenci je osnovao ‘House of Gucci’. U obiteljskom dućančiću prodavali su torbe i cipele, sredinom tridesetih asortiman su proširili na remenje, rukavice i kovčege. Otvorili su butik u glavnom talijanskom gradu Rimu, a bogati svjetski putnici obvezno bi iz Italije ponijeli nešto iz Guccija. Tada su nastale i čuvene mokasine za muškarce i žene, koje su i danas statusni simbol, sinonim za vrhunac elegancije, udobnosti i izvedbe. Upravo engleska konjička aristokracija nadahnula je Guccija za izradu autentične opreme za jahanje sa znakom konjske glave, a i čuvena Bamboo torbica nadahnuta je oblikom sedla. U četrdesetim godinama za Gucci zna cijeli svijet. Nakon smrti Guccia Guccija 1953. tvrtku preuzimaju njegovi sinovi Aldo i Rodolfo, a u identitet brenda uvode crvenu i zelenu prugicu. U šezdesetima nastaje prepoznatljivi logo - dvostruko slovo G, talijanska obiteljska kuća postaje simbol modnog luksuza, a najpoznatiji ljudi svijeta vole Gucci. Sve što su nosile Jackie Kennedy

MODA 104

- prva dama Amerike, Grace Kelly - glumica i monegaška princeza, i Elizabeth Taylor - holivudska diva, garantiralo je fantastičnu reklamu Gucciju. Uslijedila su desetljeća ekspanzije, a u Firenci, odakle je sve i krenulo, veliki svjetski uspjeh 1981. obilježavaju prvom modnom revijom. No, kako to obično biva, nakon osvajanja vrha slijedi spuštanje. Nevolje su počele smrću Rodolfa Guccija 1983., a njegov sin jedinac Maurizio naslijedio je očev većinski udio u tvrtki. Sa stricem Aldom započeo je mučni sudski spor za preuzimanje tvrtke i izgubio milijune, a ruže nisu cvjetale ni u privatnom životu. Maurizio se 1973. oženio Patrizijom Reggiani, kćerkom konobarice i kamionskog prijevoznika, a par je ubrzo dobio dvije kćeri. Posjedovali su luksuzne nekretnine širom svijeta, a u jednom trenutku Guccijevi su zbog svoga glamuroznog stila života postali slavniji od svojih proizvoda. No, osamdesetih Maurizio Gucci prečesto je supruzi Patriziji tvrdio da ide na poslovna putovanja, zaredale su svađe. Nakon jedne Maurizio se više nije vratio kući. Do iznenadne smrti u ožujku 1995. živio je s mladom dizajnericom Paolom Franchi. Naime, Maurizija je ubojica pištoljem likvidirao u predvorju njegova ureda u Milanu. Reggiani je odmah osumnjičena, te osuđena na 29 godina zatvora, premda još uvijek poriče bilo kakvu upletenost u ubojstvo muža. Na izricanju kazne u sudnici se pojavila poput revne ambasadorice brenda, od glave do pete u Gucciju. Ipak, bilo je to privilegirano izdržavanje kazne: u ćeliji je smjela držati biljke, pa čak i ljubimca tvora koji se odazivao na ime Bambi. Kada je u listopadu 2016. puštena iz zatvora, mediji su je opsjedali, a danas živi u Milanu od godišnje apanaže iz Maurizijeve zaklade. Čuvena je njezina izjava u sudnici: ‘Cijeli svoj život nisam radila, nemam namjeru sada početi.’ U međuvremenu je otkrila kako je više od bračne nevjere mužu zamjerila nagomilane dugove, zbog čega je 1993. bio prisiljen prodati svoj udio u Gucciju za 120 milijuna dolara Investcorpu, korporaciji registriranoj u Bahreinu. Nakon izlaska iz zatvora, za talijansku ‘La Repubblicu’ je izjavila: ‘Još se uvijek osjećam kao Gucci - zapravo od svih njih Gucci sam najviše - ja.’ Posve je jasno zašto ne može prežaliti gubitak udjela

actress and the princess of Monaco, and Elizabeth Taylor – Hollywood diva, guaranteed fantastic PR for Gucci. Decades of new expansions followed, in Florence, where it all started, the great global success was marked in 1981 by the brand’s first fashion show. But, as is usually the case, the overwhelming success was followed by a decline. Problems began after the death of Rodolfo Gucci in 1983, his only son, Maurizio, inherited his father’s majority stake in the company. He lost millions in a legal battle with his uncle Aldo, seeking full control of the company, and his personal life was also troublesome. Maurizio married Patricia Reggiani, the daughter of a waitress and truck driver, in 1973, and the couple soon welcomed two daughters. They owned luxury estates around the world, and thanks to their glamorous lifestyle the Guccis suddenly became more famous than their products. But in the 1980s, Maurizio Gucci too often travelled for business trips. Patricia resented him for neglecting the family, and quarrels ensued, until Maurizio never returned home. He moved in with young designer Paola Franchi and lived there until his sudden death in March 1995, when he was shot in the lobby of his Milan office. Reggiani immediately became a suspect, and was subsequently sentenced to 29 years in prison, although she still denies any involvement in her husband’s murder. At her sentencing hearing, she arrived dressed as a zealous brand ambassador, head to toe in Gucci. Still, her life in prison was full of special privileges: she was allowed to keep plants in her cell, and even have a pet ferret called Bambi. Upon her release from prison in October 2016, the media besieged her, and today she lives in Milan, supported by the annual appanage from the Maurizio Foundation. Her court statement is still infamous: ‘I’ve never worked in my life and I certainly don’t intend to start now.’ Meanwhile, she revealed that she blamed her husband for the accumulated debts more than marital infidelity, as it forced him to sell his stake in Gucci for $ 120 million in 1993 to Investcorp, a company registered in Bahrain. After she was released from prison, she issued a statement for the Italian ‘La Repubblica’: ‘I still feel like a Gucci – in

Gucci kao stil života: od dragulja do jahti Lifestyle of Gucci: from jewels to yachts

Film Ridleyja Scotta adaptacija je knjige ‘House of Gucci: Senzacionalna priča o ubojstvu, ludilu, glamuru i pohlepi’, autorice Sare G. Forden. Premijera filma najavljena je za kraj studenoga. Premda će se film, očekivano, više baviti slučajem Patrizije Reggiani nego modnim izričajem kuće, Alessandro Michele može biti zadovoljan. Svaki komad odjeće na Lady Gagi, u godini jubileja, postat će ikona za novo stoljeće Guccija. Ridley Scott’s film is an adaptation of the book ‘House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamor and Greed’ by Sarah G. Forden. The premiere of the film has been announced for the end of November. Although the film is expected to deal more with the case of Patricia Reggiani than the fashion expression of the house, Alessandro Michele can certainly be happy. Every piece of clothing on Lady Gaga, in the jubilee year, will surely become an icon for the new century of Gucci.

u tvrtki, koja je u međuvremenu postala dio moćne francuske grupacije Kering. Unatoč za modnu industriju teškoj prošloj godini, Kering je uprihodio 13,1 milijardu eura, od čega im je 7,44 donio Gucci. Čak 55 posto prihoda brend ostvaruje od prodaje kožnih proizvoda, cipele im donose 18 posto prihoda, moda 14, satovi i nakit 5, a ostala roba 8 posto. Gucci je i danas sinonim za luksuz, simbol vrhunskog ručnog rada, dizajna i kvalitete. Otkako su 2015. na čelo modne kuće došli direktor Marco Bizzaro i kreativni direktor Alessandro Michele, Gucci se bori s redefiniranjem poimanja luksuza za 21. stoljeće. S jedne strane Michele želi zadržati konzervativniju stariju klijentelu koja inzistira na klasičnom dizajnu, a s druge strane želi poetičnim, androginim i šarenim dizajnom brend Gucci povezati s mlađim generacijama. fact, the most Gucci of them all.’ It is quite clear why she cannot get over the loss of stakes in the company, which in the meantime became part of the powerful French group Kering. Even though last year was a difficult one for the fashion industry, Kering reported earnings that amounted to 13,1 billion euros, out of which 7,44 came from Gucci. As much as 55 percent of the brand’s revenue comes from the sale of leather products, while shoes bring in 18 percent of revenue, fashion 14%, watches and jewellery 5%, and other goods 8%. Simply, Gucci is synonymous with luxury, a symbol of superior craftsmanship, design and quality. Ever since director Marco Bizzaro and creative director Alessandro Michele took over the management of the fashion house in 2015, Gucci has struggled to redefine its notion of luxury for the 21st century. On the one hand, Michele wants to keep a more conservative older clientele, which insists on classic design, while at the same time, he wants to connect the Gucci brand with younger generations, who are fond of romantic, androgynous and colourful design.

Kolekcija Aria: snažna veza sa svijetom konja Aria collection: a strong connection with the world of horses



U Hrvatskoj su od sada dostupni prestižni, svjetski poznati brendovi dijamantnog nakita: Chaumet, Damiani i Messika The prestigious, world-known diamond jewelry brands are now available in Croatia: Chaumet, Damiani, and Messika

Diamonds are Forever Renomirana tvrtka Mamić 1970, s tradicijom duljom od 50 godina, koja je prepoznata kao shopping destinacija za ljubitelje luksuznog i bezvremenskog stila, svom je bogatom portfelju pridružila jedne od najprestižnijih svjetskih brendova nakita: Damiani, Chaumet i Messika. Renowned company Mamić 1970 with a tradition of over 50 years and recognized as a shopping destination for lovers of luxury and timeless style, to its rich portfolio welcomed one of the world's most prestigious jewelry brands, Damiani, Chaumet and Messika. Text Frida Lalić Photos Mamić

Damiani Nakit Damiani savršen je odraz talijanskog šarma i pristupa životu. Profinjen, bezvremenski i inovativan, ovaj nakit istodobno je jedinstven i uočljiv. Njegov svaki detalj predstavlja tradiciju i strast obitelji Damiani prema zlatarskoj umjetnosti, koje traju već tri generacije. Nagrađivan raznim prestižnim nagradama, poput Diamond International i Vogue Joyas, Damiani na najbolji način predstavlja oznaku 'Made in Italy'. Damiani jewelry is a perfect reflection of Italian charm and approach to life. Sophisticated, timeless and innovative, this jewelry is both unique and noticeable. Its every detail represents the tradition and passion of the Damiani family for goldsmith art that lasts for three generations. Awarded various prestigious prizes such as Diamond International and Vogue Joyas, Damiani is the best presentation of the label 'Made in Italy'.

Chaumet Chaumet is a respected French brand with a tradition of jewelry making dating back 240 years. The valuable history of the Maison is also connected to Empress Josephine, for whom the Maison Chaumet has been the official jeweler. Grace and elegance intertwine in each piece of jewelry, offering a unique contemporary look imbued with tradition and jewelry. This jewelry, made in the heart of the Place Vendôme, is a reflection of outstanding expertise and pays homage to the Parisian style.



Chaumet je cijenjeni francuski brend s tradicijom izrade nakita koja datira unatrag 240 godina. Vrijedna povijest kuće veže se i uz caricu Josephine, kojoj je Maison Chaumet bila službena draguljarnica. Gracioznost i elegancija isprepleću se u svakom komadu nakita, nudeći jedinstven suvremeni izgled prožet tradicijom i draguljarskim umijećem. Ovaj nakit, izrađen u samom srcu trga Vendôme, odraz je izvanredne stručnosti te odaje počast pariškom stilu.

Josephine je jedna od najprepoznatljivijih kolekcija luksuznog brenda Chaumet Josephine is one of the most recognizable collections of Chaumet brand

Komadi nakita Messika izraženog su karaktera i odražavaju ženstvenost i suvremenost The pieces of Messika jewelry have a distinct character and reflect the femininity and modernity

Messika Od osnivanja svoje draguljarske kuće 2005., Valérie Messika uspješno spaja bezvremenost dijamanata s modernim dizajnom. Dijamantni nakit brenda Messika nepokolebljive je ljepote i stvoren za svakodnevno nošenje dajući osjećaj samouvjerenosti i odvažnosti. Komadi nakita Messika izraženog su karaktera i odražavaju ženstvenost i suvremenost dizajnerice čijim se kreacijama dive najutjecajnije žene svijeta, žene koje su cijenjene zbog svog talenta i osobnosti.

Since founding her jewelry house in 2005, Valérie Messika successfully combines the timelessness of diamonds with modern design. Diamond jewelry from the Messika is of unwavering beauty and created for everyday wear, giving a feeling of self-confidence and boldness. The pieces of Messika jewelry have a distinct character and reflect the femininity and modernity of the designer whose creations are admired by the most influential women in the world, women who are valued for their talent and personality.

Istražite čaroban svijet luksuznog nakita u butiku Mamić 1970 u centru Zagreba, u Ulici Frane Petrića. Discover the enchanting world of luxury jewelry at the Mamić 1970 boutique in the centre of Zagreb in 7 Frane Petric Street.


Višestruka svjetska i europska prvakinja u ronjenju, alpinistica, letačica jedrilicom i direktorica hrvatskog ogranka organizacije Sea Shepherd govori zašto je svoje adrenalinske strasti objedinila u misiji zaštite mora Multiple world and European freediving champion, alpinist, glider pilot and director of the Croatian office of Sea Shepherd explains why she poured her passion for adrenaline into marine environment protection Text Dubravka Tomeković Aralica Photos Robert Matić & Archives Lidija Lijić Vulić


Although there’s no telling when she will get another chance to break a freediving world record, Split-born Lidija Lijić Vulić trains every day. Dedication to diving, mountaineering and flying gliders even in the time of Corona is part of her lifestyle. Holder of multiple world and European gold medals in diving, she also conquered the highest summits of the Alps and Kilimanjaro. She made a new Guinness World Record for the highest dive in the world. At 4,130 m in the Himalayas, she and colleague Vitomir Maračić went freediving under ice. She graduated architecture in Venice and in addition to working as architect, engaging in adventure sports under water, in the mountains and in the air, Lidija also heads the Croatian branch of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. What is the undersea landscape like when you dive into the Adriatic? I find the marine ambiance magical. The Adriatic is my ‘home’, blue and cold, but unfortunately desolate. I know that it will never be as rich as tropical waters, but it bothers and saddens me that it’s desolate when compared to the Adriatic of my childhood. Over the past fifteen years that I’ve been diving professionally, I’ve witnessed the marine world being progressively depleted. Unless you’re an experienced fisherman, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll see a dentex or a gilthead seabream in their natural habitat. There are more and more boats at sea and therefore more trash, which is sometimes not intentionally discarded, but ends up in the sea because of tourism anyway. We lack ecological awareness. There are entire garbage dumps on the sea bed, which got there because of locals. For starters, we need to educate the local population, from small children to the elderly, to make them realise just how valuable the sea really is and how important it is to protect it. What steps are you taking to make a difference? The Sea Shepherd, international marine conservation society invited me to join them as an ambassador, which is an honour for me because they make concrete steps in the prevention and rehabilitation of the destroyed sea. Instead of protesting and petitioning, their form of protest over the past four decades has included direct boat action with crew consisting of volunteers from around the globe. Their numerous actions, from saving the whales in Japan to fighting against poaching in the Mediterranean indicate the need for a Marine Environment Protection Act and therefore its enforcement. Zones prohibited for fishing have proven to be efficient in Italy, Spain and France, which means that designated areas in the Adriatic could be replenished with fish stock in 3–4 years. This is an initiative we are trying to implement with scientists from the Ruđer Bošković Institute. We also need appropriate legislation to be able to send volunteers in these zones at a later stage, to make sure that there is really no fishing going on there.



remda ne može predvidjeti kada će joj se ponovno ukazati prilika da na natjecanjima obara rekorde u ronjenju na dah, Splićanka Lidija Lijić Vulić trenira svaki dan. Posvećenost ronjenju, alpinizmu i letenju jedrilicom i u doba korone, za nju je stil života. Višestruka svjetska i europska prvakinja u ronjenju osvajala je i najviše vrhove Alpa i Kilimandžara. U Guinnessovu knjigu rekorda ušla je s najvišim zaronom na svijetu. Naime, na Himalaji, na visini od 4130 metara, s kolegom Vitomirom Maričićem zaronila je na dah pod ledom. U Veneciji je stekla diplomu na studiju arhitekture, a uz rad u struci i adrenalinske strasti pod morem, na planini i u zraku, Lidija je i voditeljica hrvatskog ogranka Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Kakvo podmorje vidite kada zaronite u Jadran? Ambijent mora meni je čaroban. Jadran je moje ‘doma’, modar i hladan, no nažalost i pust. Znam da nikada neće biti bogat kao tropsko more, ali me smeta i rastužuje što je pust u usporedbi s Jadranom kakav pamtim iz djetinjstva. U posljednjih petnaest godina koliko profesionalno ronim, vidim kako se podmorje progresivno osiromašuje. Ako niste iskusni ribolovac, teško ćete uopće vidjeti zubaca ili komarču u njihovu prirodnom ambijentu. Na moru je puno više brodova, a time i smeća. Ne nužno namjerno bačenog već kao posljedica turizma. Nedostaje nam ekološka svijest. U moru su čitavi deponiji otpada, koji odlaže lokalno stanovništvo. Za početak, potrebna je edukacija od najmlađih uzrasta do starijih kako bi postali svjesni vrijednosti mora i važnosti njegove zaštite. Što vi poduzimate da se nešto promijeni? Međunarodna organizacija Sea Shepherd pozvala me da im budem ambasadorica, što mi je iznimna čast jer se oni najkonkretnije bave prevencijom i saniranjem uništenog mora. Njihov način borbe već četiri desetljeća nisu prosvjedi i peticije, nego stvarna akcija brodova čije posade čine volonteri iz cijelog svijeta. Brojne njihove akcije, od spasa kitova u Japanu do borbe s ilegalnim ribarima u Mediteranu, ukazuju na potrebu uvođenja zakona o zaštiti mora, a time i njegova provođenja. Na primjeru Italije, Španjolske i Francuske dobrim se pokazalo proglašenje zona zabranjenih za ribolov, što znači da bi se u Jadranu za tri do četiri godine označena područja obnovila ribom. Tu inicijativu pokušavamo provesti u suradnji sa znanstvenicima Instituta Ruđer Bošković. Dakako, treba je ozakoniti kako bismo kasnije u te zone mogli poslati volontere, da se uvjere kako se tamo stvarno ne lovi riba. Kojim zonama u Jadranu je potrebna hitna akcija Sea Shepherda? U Jabučkoj kotlini zabranjen je ribolov, ali Jabuka je naš


najudaljeniji otok pa se, daleko od očiju, tamo svakodnevno lovi. Drugi veliki problem su ilegalne, a time i neoznačene mreže. Puno ih se baci u more, vrlo često ih ne pokupe, pa dugi niz godina plutaju. Riba se u njih zaplete, kada se mreža napuni potone na dno, a nakon što riba istrune, mreže se opet dignu na površinu. I tako se godinama nepotrebno ubija velika količine ribe. Prošle godine Sea Shepherd International dobio je 13. brod, za patroliranje Mediteranom u Italiji, Grčkoj i Hrvatskoj. Dok on ne stigne u naše vode, na raspolaganju nam je brod talijanskih kolega. Čim se malo stabilizira epidemiološka situacija, nadam se da ćemo krenuti s proglašavanjem i označavanjem zona te slanjem volontera na lokacije, da se u njima ne odvija ribolov. Kako vas se dojmio dokumentarni film ‘Seaspiracy’, u režiji Alija Tabrizija? ‘Seaspiracy’ je fantastičan dokumentarac jer prvi put iznosi činjenice o globalnom problemu izlova ribljeg fonda i njegova utjecaja na okoliš. Autor je izvrsno ispričao kako prosječno ekološki osviješten čovjek može biti u zabludi da radi za spas oceana. Na vidjelo je izišla istina o jednom od najvećih problema današnjice, o čemu sve države svijeta šute, a to je kritično stanje života u oceanu. Posebno mi je drago što je kroz tu priču prikazan i rad Sea Shepherda, te što gledatelje potiče na razmišljanje - da li neznanje ljude amnestira od

Which zones in the Adriatic need an urgent Sea Shepherd action? Fishing is restricted in the Jabučka Kotlina (the Jabuka pit sea waters), but as Jabuka is Croatia’s most remote island, there’s fishing going on there daily, out of sight. Another big problem are illegal, and therefore unmarked, fishing nets. Numerous are thrown in the sea, often they get lost at sea and become ghost nets. Fish get tangled in them, the net gets full, sinks to the bottom, and then when the fish rots, the nets resurface. Huge amounts of fish are needlessly killed each year because of this. Sea Shepherd International got its 13th boat last year, for patrolling the Mediterranean in Italy, Greece and Croatia. Before it reaches our waters, we have our Italian colleagues’ boat at our disposal. As soon as the epidemiological situation stabilizes, I hope that we’ll be able to declare and mark zones and send out volunteers to locations to stop fisheries there. What was your impression of Ali Tabrizi’s ‘Seaspiracy’? Seaspiracy is a fantastic documentary, presenting for the first time the facts about the global issue of overfishing and its environmental impact. In a great way, the director tells the story of how an average environmentally conscious person can be under the delusion that he or she is dedicated to preserving the ocean. The truth is out in the open about one of the biggest issues of today that all countries have kept quiet about, which is the critical condition of marine life. It makes me happy that the film also shows the work done by the Sea Shepherd, making viewers think about whether ignorance grants you amnesty from responsibility. What will



be left from the sea and us if the marine life is no more? If only one species goes extinct, the entire ecosystem is affected, but you still have people engaging not only in large-scale fishing, but also in fishing for endangered sharks for a soup made only using their fins. They throw the remaining carcasses back into the sea. A European Citizens’ Initiative was launched in order to put an end to this. Naturally, as an EU member, Croatia is also a part of the campaign, so citizens can contribute to the campaign by signing the initiative at: You are president of Sea Shepherd Croatia; what can regular people do for the organisation? We are financed through donations and profits from selling T-shirts, hats and various other items. Companies need to adhere to specific criteria for us to accept their sponsorship, so we refuse companies that do not implement an environmental policy. Since its inception, the Sea Shepherd has insisted on promoting its core values, which is why people still trust them. The fact that there’s a 5-year waiting list for becoming a volunteer is a good indicator of how sought after their membership is. The Croatian branch could use all the help it can get, so anyone who is interested is welcome to get in touch. Volunteers record all activities in endangered zones at sea. Where do you report poachers to and what are the penalties? Sea Shepherd director Alex Cornelissen was there at the presentation of the Croatian branch last year. A hundred volunteers of various occupations already got in touch with us. However, neither the fleet nor the number of people are sufficient to detect and collect evidence of all prohibited fisheries. We have support from marine surveyors and port authorities that will fine violators based on our evidence. We also remove illegal nets and, as we are stationed in zones prohibited for fishing, potential violators are deterred. Is your work dangerous for your volunteers? It can be. I haven’t had any bad experiences, but a Molotov cocktail was hurled at a Sea Shepherd vessel during its last operation in a vaquita refuge in Mexico’s Gulf. Poachers threw stones at the ship until the police came. Fortunately, our actions are state-approved, so in cases of conflict, the police protects volunteers. What do you think about when you dive at 225 m? It is said that a scuba diver looks around him or her and a free diver dives to look inside him or herself. When you dive, you are truly alone with yourself and you try to eliminate your thoughts. Each diver wants to be as dedicated to the moment as possible, to feel it and not think. It isn’t easy, but when I truly manage to disconnect at the moment of the dive and feel the water down my face, the pressure of the water, shades of blue getting darker... I hear the cracking of the sea and try to enjoy the weightlessness. The sensation is similar when you parachute from an aeroplane; it’s just that flying is more aggressive, faster and adrenaline-filled. Freediving and descending into the deep bring calm, and that’s why each diver comes back for more.


odgovornosti? Što će ostati od mora i od nas završi li se život u oceanima? Nestanak samo jedne vrste utječe na kompletan ekosustav, a mnogi još uvijek ne samo da masovno izlovljavaju ribu, nego i osobito ugrožene morske pse zbog juhe koja se radi samo od peraje. Ostatak bacaju natrag u more. Da se to zaustavi, pokrenuta je građanska inicijativa na razini Europske unije kako bi se zakonom zabranio uvoz peraja morskog psa. Dakako, Hrvatska također sudjeluje u toj kampanji pa građani mogu svojim glasom pridonijeti inicijativi na Vi ste u Hrvatskoj na čelu ove inicijative, no što obični ljudi mogu napraviti za Sea Shepherd? Naša organizacija financira se od donacija te zaradom od online prodaje majica, kapa i raznih artikala. Postoje određeni kriteriji za prihvaćanje sponzorstva, pa tako kompanije koje vode ne-ekološku politiku - odbijamo. Od svog osnutka Sea Shepherds su ustrajni u promoviranju svojih temeljnih vrijednosti pa im zato ljudi još uvijek vjeruju. Koliko je cijenjeno biti njihovim pripadnikom, najbolje govori činjenica da se za učlanjenje u globalnu volontersku mrežu čeka pet godina. Hrvatskom ogranku svaka je pomoć dobrof došla, svi zainteresirani mogu nam se javiti. Volonteri snimaju sve aktivnosti u ugroženim zonama na moru. Kome prijavljujete krivolovce i kakve im sankcije slijede? Na predstavljanje Sea Shepherda u Hrvatskoj prije godinu dana došao je i direktor organizacije Alex Cornelissen. Već tada nam se javilo stotinjak volontera iz različitih struka, no ni flota ni broj ljudi nisu dostatni za detektiranje i prikupljanje dokaza svih zabranjenih izlova. Podržavaju nas pomorski inspektori i lučke kapetanije koje će temeljem naših dokaza kažnjavati prekršitelje. Mi uklanjamo i ilegalno postavljene mreže, a kako smo stacionirani u zoni zabranjenoj za izlov, samim time plašimo potencijalne prekršitelje. Je li to opasno za vaše volontere? Može biti. Loših iskustava još nemam, ali na posljednjoj operaciji Vaquita u Meksičkom zaljevu, gdje su štitili ekstremno ugrožene pliskavice, na brod Sea Shepherda je bačen f molotovljev koktel. Ilegalni ribari su sve do dolaska policije volontere gađali kamenjem. Srećom, naše akcije odvijaju se uz odobrenje države, tako da u slučaju sukoba policija štiti volontere. O čemu razmišljate kada zaronite na 225 metara dubine? Kaže se da ronilac na boce gleda oko sebe, a ronilac na dah zaranja da bi pogledao u sebe. U trenutku zarona stvarno ostajete sami sa sobom i pokušavate otkloniti sve misli. Svaki ronilac tada želi biti maksimalno posvećen tom trenutku, osjećati ga i ne razmišljati. To nije lako, ali kad se zaista uspijem isključiti, i u trenutku zarona osjećati vodu koja mi klizi niz lice, pritisak mora, nijanse plavog koje postaje sve tamnije… čujem tada pucketanje mora i pokušavam uživati u tom bestežinskom stanju. Sličan je osjećaj i kada skačete padobranom iz aviona, samo je let puno agresivniji, brži i više adrenalinski. Ronjenje i pad u dubinu su smirujući, a to je ono što svakog ronioca iznova vraća ronjenju.

‘Sat na ruci meni je ronilački kompjutor, zamjena za trenera. Kada sam u morskoj dubini, o njemu mi nekad i život ovisi’ ‘The watch I’m wearing is a diver’s computer, my coach stand-in and when I’m deep under the surface, my life sometimes depends on it’

‘Moj uspjeh u ronjenju nisu samo zaroni i oboreni rekordi, nego čitava piramida širokog aspekta treninga: snage, izdržljivosti, brzine, tehnike i taktike’ ‘My diving success is not measured merely in dives and records, but in the entire spectrum of acquired skills: strength, endurance, speed, technique and tactics’

Koliko vam je u tim ekstremnim uvjetima važan ručni sat i kakve tehničke karakteristike mora imati da bi vam bio koristan? Sat je jako bitan dio opreme. Uz dobro ronilačko odijelo i peraje rekla bih da je najvažniji, o njemu nekad i život ovisi. U trenutku zarona mjeri dubinu mora, otkucaje srca, pokazuje vam razinu opuštenosti, trebate li se još posvetiti svom opuštanju, jeste li spremni za taj zaron ili ćete ga otkazati. Roniocima je ključan alarm u dubini jer u nekom trenutku zarona zatvorimo oči i ne znamo na kojoj dubini zakačeni uz konop propadamo. Kad alarm zazvoni, ja otvorim oči, napravim okret i krenem u izron. Sve ono što sat na ruci očita prilikom zarona, meni su dragocjeni parametri pomoću kojih kasnije analiziram trening. Garmin Descent MK1 je moj ronilački kompjutor, zamjena za trenera kad sam u dubini. Svaki trening upisan je u tablicu, a analiza svakog podatka vodi do boljeg rezultata. Moj uspjeh u ronjenju nisu samo zaroni i oboreni rekordi, nego čitava piramida odrađenog širokog aspekta treninga: snage, izdržljivosti, kompenzacije, brzine, tehnike i taktike. Što je zajedničko ronjenu, alpinizmu i pilotiranju jedrilicom - adrenalinskim vještinama koje već godinama ispunjavaju vaše slobodno vrijeme nakon redovnog posla arhitektice u Brodosplitu? Sve te sportske aktivnosti pomogle su mi izgraditi osobnost. Ronjenje me naučilo što znači sebi postaviti dugoročni cilj, kako doći do njega, svladavati prepreke, spoznati ustrajnost, požrtvovnost i gubitak, te kako nakon neostvarenog cilja ustati i krenuti dalje. Ronjenje je prije svega mentalni sport, kao i alpinizam. Alpinist Stipe Božić kaže da je teško odustati kada dođete na 200 metara do vrha, no umijeće je obuzdati se, povući se na vrijeme i pokušati ponovno kada osjećate da vaše tijelo i um mogu pružiti maksimum. Isto je i s letenjem: tu sam učvrstila uvjerenje da za dobar let sve mora biti savršeno. Zbog urođenog perfekcionizma ili zato što i najmanja greška može biti fatalna? Ovo drugo. Po prirodi nisam perfekcionistica jer se bavim s previše stvari, a za svaku pojedinačno imam premalo vremena. Letim četiri godine i sada se dodatno školujem za upravljanje motornom jedrilicom. Prije nekoliko mjeseci išli smo do Biševa i Palagruže, a ti letovi iznad mora uvijek su najuzbudljiviji, kao i preko Biokova i Svetog Jure. Na tom niskom letu iz ptičje perspektive naša obala izgleda neopisivo lijepo. Moja baka uvijek kaže da ne razumije zašto se bavim svim tim sportovima jer ona uspone Stipe Božića može gledati iz fotelje, bez da se popela i na jednu planinu. Ima baka pravo: trebala bih i ja snimiti neke lijepe dokumentarce o moru i planinama, pokazati ljudima kakvu ljepotu imamo iznad kopna i mora, te što se krije u podmorju. Mogla bih tako kod njih pobuditi senzibilitet za očuvanje planeta.

How important is a wristwatch in these extreme conditions and what technical characteristic does it need to have to be useful to you? A watch is an essential part of equipment. Paired with a great diving suit and swim fins, I’d say it’s the most important, sometimes it can mean a difference between life and death. When you dive, it measures the water’s depth, your heart rate, shows how relaxed you are and indicates if you need to relax some more, whether you’re ready to dive or you need to cancel it. The alarm is crucial for divers because at one point, you close your eyes as you descend the rope and don’t know the depth you’ve reached. This is why I set my alarm and when it rings, I open my eyes, do a turn and start ascending. The dive logs store valuable data that I later use to analyse my training. Garmin Descent MK1 is my dive computer and a replacement for my trainer when I’m under. Each training is recorded in the table and analysing each piece of data leads to better results. My success in diving is not measured only by dives and broken record, but an entire wide range of training aspects: strength, endurance, compensation, speed, technique and tactics. What do diving, mountaineering and flying gliders have in common, as these are all adrenaline skills that have been filling your free time for years now after you clock out from your day job as architect at Brodosplit? All of the above has helped me build my personality. Diving has taught me what it means to set a long-term goal for yourself, how to reach it, overcome obstacles, realise what it means to be persistent, devoted, experience loss and move on after you’ve failed to accomplish your goal. Just like mountaineering, diving requires mental toughness training. Croatian mountaineer Stipe Božić says it’s difficult to give up once you’re 200 m away from the top, but it takes skill to control yourself, step back and try again when you feel that your body and your mind can give their very best. The same goes for flying: I’ve strengthened my belief that everything needs to be perfect for a good flight. Because you were born a perfectionist or because the smallest mistake can prove to be fatal? The latter. I am not a perfectionist by nature because I have too many interests and too little time to tackle each of them individually. I’ve been flying for four years and have recently started going to additional classes for flying powered sailplanes. A few months ago, we flew to Biševo and Palagruža and these flights over the sea are the most exciting, as are the ones flying over Biokovo and Sveti Jure. Flying low gives you a bird’s eye view of our stunning coast. My grandma always says that she has no idea why I engage in all these sports when she can watch Stipe Božić climb from her chair, without climbing a single mountain. Grandma might be right: I should make beautiful documentaries about the sea and mountains, show people the gorgeous landscapes and what’s hidden in the underwater world. Maybe I could raise their awareness and make them more passionate about saving the planet.




‘Sea Shepherd International dobio je svoj 13. brod, za patroliranje Mediteranom u Italiji, Grčkoj i Hrvatskoj, pa se nadam da ćemo uskoro krenuti s označavanjem zona u kojima se neće odvijati ribolov, kako bi se oporavio riblji fond’ ‘Sea Shepherd International got its 13th vessel for patrolling the Mediterranean in Italy, Greece and Croatia, and I believe we will soon be able to mark fishing-free zones designated for fish life recuperation’ 021

Text Frida Lalić Photos Optika Anda


Prvo naočale, a onda kava! First Sunglasses, Then Coffee! Titulu naočala sezone uvjerljivo osvajaju bijeli modeli koje su popularizirali svjetski i domaći trendseteri



Made popular by local and global trendsetters, white frame sunglasses are without a doubt the season’s ‘it’ item

Bottega Veneta


ri djevojke, tri karaktera i tri jedinstvena modna stila. Protagonistice nove kampanje za Optiku Anda obožavaju naočale, modu i nove trendove, a riječ je o omiljenim Anda djevojkama i trima prijateljicama Jeleni, Pameli i Dorici. Anda girls znaju da je najvažnije pravilo koje trebate slijediti ovog proljeća – prvo naočale, a onda kava! Prije nego što odete u šetnju, na kavu ili na ručak, nemojte zaboraviti ponijeti sa sobom vaš zaštitni znak koji vas ujedno štiti od štetnog utjecaja sunčevih zraka. Svako lice ima svoje naočale s kojima se ljubi, a u novoj kolekciji proljeće/ljeto za 2021. godinu možete pronaći ponešto za svakoga. Pamela voli autentične i pomaknute modne dodatke, popularnih oblika i efektnih boja. Jelena je klasičarka u duši koja za sebe bira predimenzionirane ili okrugle modele, koji su se vratili na velika vrata. Dorica je modni kameleon koja svoj stil mijenja prema raspoloženju, a svaki outfit s lakoćom povezuje koristeći urbane modele naočala. Titulu naočala sezone uvjerljivo osvajaju bijeli modeli koje su popularizirali svjetski i domaći trendseteri. U kategoriji dioptrijskih okvira ističe se trend metalnih okvira koji je, uz pripadajući lanac, postao najtraženiji ukras godine. Zavirite u ponudu Optike Anda i ukrasite vaš pogled naočalama koje će vas pratiti na svakom koraku! Three girls, three characters and three unique fashion styles. The new campaign ambassadors for Optika Anda eyewear are in love with sunglasses, fashion and latest trends – they are our favourite Anda girls and friends Jelena, Pamela and Dorica. Anda girls know that the most important trend to follow this spring is – first sunglasses, then coffee! When going for a walk, a cup of coffee or lunch, don’t forget to take your signature feature with you, the thing that sets you apart from others, but also offers protection from harmful UV radiation. There is a frame for every face shape and there is something for everyone in the new spring/summer 2021 collection. Pamela likes one of a kind and unusual accessories, in popular shapes and bold colours. Jelena is more traditional at heart and prefers oversized or round models that have made a huge comeback. Dorica is a fashion chameleon and adapts style to her mood, tying each outfit together with ease by wearing urban sunglasses models. Made popular by local and global trendsetters, white frame sunglasses are without a doubt the season’s ‘it’ item. When it comes to corrective glasses, metal frames are the absolute winner and, paired with a glasses chain, they win the accessory of the year award. Check out what Optika Anda eyewear has to offer and give your eyes an ornament to accompany you everywhere!

Bottega Veneta

Dolce & Gabbana



Miu Miu

Saint Laurent

Dolce & Gabbana


Text Frida Lalić Photos Intimissimi



Putovanja su ograničena, ali ne i maštanje. Ako se već ne možete nagraditi istraživanjem čari Pariza, tradicionalnih britanskih vrtova ili ležernog Los Angelesa, priuštite sebi intimno putovanje u novoj proljetno-ljetnoj kolekciji Intimissimi Trips may be limited but not your imagination. If you can’t reward yourself with the exploration of vibrant Paris, the traditional British gardens or relaxed city of Los Angeles, afford yourself an intimate travel in the new Intimissimi spring summer collection

Underclothes you wear define your sensuality but also can change one. It is completely personalised because it is something that almost no one else, except you, sees. Lingerie is your hidden fetish, sweet secret for different occasions. But work from home deleted all imaginary boundaries in everyday choice of wearing underwear: relaxed and airy for long hours in the office, lacy and silky to hang out in two, or comfortable cotton for sports moments. There are no rules when to wear lace or cotton lingerie, creation for bedroom time or for the living room that has become the office. Someone feels better wearing a soft bra without push ups, and someone prefers an extravagant silk pyjama or kimono. The new collection Intimissimi follows three world locations, each with a different atmosphere, to shine the spotlight on the tiniest details. Collection ‘From Paris with Love’ is immersed in a romantic atmosphere of the city of light and its historical quarter of Le Marais. Black and white tones of silk, lace and tulle, sleek crossed elastic details, a multitude of tiny ribbons, skilfully enhancing the curves and create a sensual interplay of light on the skin. Collection ‘British Secret Garden’ is a completely different story: flowers are the dominant motif featured in lace, as embroidery and print on pale or white surfaces. Third destination - Los Angeles at the Pacific coast - is reflected in the collection ‘LA Sunset’. In its simple style, loose-fitting cotton bras, panties, pyjamas and hoodies combine the boho influence, cosmopolitanism and healthy lifestyle. Intimissimi in its new collections combines practicality and femininity, and each day brings an opportunity for an intimate journey around the world.




ublje koje nosite defi nira vašu senzualnost, ali je može i promijeniti. Ono je posve personalizirano jer ga na vama malo tko može vidjeti. Rublje je vaš skriveni fetiš, slatka tajna u različitim prigodama. No, rad od kuće izbrisao je sve imaginarne granice u svakodnevnom izboru i nošenju rublja: ležernog i prozračnog za duge sate u uredu, čipkastog i svilenog za izlaske udvoje ili pak udobnog pamučnog za sportske trenutke. Nema pravila kada odjenuti čipkasti ili pamučni komplet, kreaciju za spavaću sobu ili za dnevni boravak koji je postao ured. Netko se pritom bolje osjeća u mekanom grudnjaku bez žičanih podizača, a netko u ekstravagantnoj svilenoj pidžami ili kimonu. Nova kolekcija Intimissimi slijedi tri svjetske lokacije, svaka ima drukčiju atmosferu, naglašenu kroz najsitnije detalje. Kolekcija ‘Iz Pariza s ljubavlju’ uranja u romantičnu atmosferu grada svjetlosti i njegovu povijesnu četvrt Le Marais. Crni i bijeli tonovi svile, čipke i tila, ukršteni elastični detalji, mnoštvo sitnih vrpci, vješto naglašavaju obline i stvaraju senzualan prikaz svjetlosti na koži. Kolekcija ‘Britanski tajni vrt’ posve je druga priča: cvijeće je dominantan motiv utkan u čipku ili pak kao vez i print na nježnim ružičastim ili bijelim podlogama. Treća destinacija - Los Angeles na pacifičkoj obali - ogleda se u kolekciji ‘LA Sunset’. U njezinu jednostavnom stilu, komotnim pamučnim grudnjacima, gaćicama, pidžamama i hoodicama, sjedinjuju se boho utjecaj, kozmopolitizam i zdravi način življenja. Intimissimi u svojim kolekcijama spaja praktičnost i ženstvenost, a svaki je dan vaša posebna prilika za intimno putovanje oko svijeta.


andy storm

Chopard Zlatna ogrlica s dijamantima i ružičastim sedefom Golden necklace with diamonds and pink mother of pearl

Maison Michel Paris Šešir od rafije Raffia hat

Louis Vuiton Zlatni sat Golden watch Tambour Spin Time Air


Chanel Sunčane naočale Sunglasses


Nanis Libere Zlatni prsten s dijamantima Golden ring with diamonds

Loewe Pamučna bluza s kapuljačom Cotton C otton hooded ed blouse Paula’s Ibizaa Max Mara Midi haljina od pamuka i popelina Cotton poplin dress

Dior Sjenilo za oči Eye shadow

Gianvito Rossi Mrežaste tenisice Mesh style pattern sneakers

Max Mara Torba od rafije Raffia shopping bag

L’Elixir des Glaciers Emulzija i krema na bazi jesetre Sturgeon fluide and creme Merveilleux

Veronique Gabai Parfem / Parfume Signature

Castaner Espadrile s platformom Wedge espadrilles

Riva Collection Kapa šilterica Cotton cap

Bottega Veneta Pamučna jakna Cotton jacket Calzedonia Kupaći kostim Swimsuit top Sea Shepherd Pamučna majica T-shirt

FreyWille Naušnice / Earrings Hommage a Claude Monet

Rolex Sat / Watch Oyster Perpetual Day Date 36

Faliero Sarti Pareo od kašmira Cashmere pareo Sicilia

Chloe Kožna torbica Mini Bag Alphabet Max Mara Hlače od lana i gabardena Linen and gabardin trousers


Missoni Maxi suknja Maxi skirt Mare

Loewe Torbica / Bag Octopus Chanel Sandale od jeansa Slingback sandals in denim

Loewe Tenisice / Sneakers Paula’s Ibiza

Valmont DetO2x Pack Maska za detoksikaciju kože lica Detoxifying oxygenating face mask

ydra therapy


Missoni Pulover od pamuka amuka amu Cotton pullover ver

Loewee jeansa Šešir oodd je jea ansa Denim m hat hat

ig blue

Morel Sunčane naočale Sunglasses g Azur Az Azu zur

Dolce & Gabbana Lanena košulja Linen shirt Orlebar Brown B Polo majicaa Towelling po polo shirt sh

Panerai Submersible Blu Abisso Sat od bronce Bronze watch

Dolce & Gabbana Platnena torba Canvas bag Sea Shepherd Hlače za kupanje Swimming shorts Francis Kurkidjian Paris Parfem / Parfume L’Homme L’Homm omme A la ros rosee

Paul Smith for Cast Ca Castaner astaner Espadrile od nabuka uka uk Nabuk espadrilles es Polo Ralph Lauren Hlače od jeansa Cargo denim

Loewe Kožne tenisice Leather sneakers

Gucci P amučna ppolo majica Pamučna Cotton C tt polo l shirt

Borsalino Šešir od rafije Raffia hat

Dolce & Gabbana Sunčane naočale Sunglasses Ralph Lauren Capsule Pamučna košulja Cotton shirt

Omega Sat / Watch Seamaster 300 Bronze Gold



Goutal Paris Toaletna voda Eau de toilette Eau de Monsieur

Loewe Pamučne hlače Cotton trousers Paula’s Ibiza Collection


esert style

Dolce & Gabbana Pamučne kratke hlače Stretch cotton shorts Berluti Platneni ruksak Canvas backpack

Santoni Kožne tenisice Leather sneakers

Bottega Veneta Kožne papuče Leather slippers

Birkenstock Natikače od antilopa Leather slippers


LUX E M I N I M A L I S M Najnoviji trendovi u uređenju interijera temelje se na prirodnom, opuštajućem ugođaju i smirujućim bojama. Izbjegavanjem suvišnih elemenata uređenja postiže se sklad minimalizma, jednostavnosti i funkcionalnog modernog dizajna The interior design trends revolve around zen-like relaxing spaces and natural, pleasant and calming colors. Avoiding excessive decor creates harmonious blend of minimalism, simplicity, and functional modern design Edited by Ivana Nedoklan Photos Vondom, Bloc Outdoor, Ethimo, Zanette, Artisan & Kristal

VONDOM VINEYARD Vineyard, djelo Ramóna Estevea za Vondom, rođen je iz ideje o utočištu. Sastavljen od aluminijske konstrukcije i dvostrukog madraca koji se može nagnuti i spustiti, Vineyard je udoban i svestran naslonjač-krevet-ležaljka i sve drugo što poželite. Čiste i jednostavne linije i oblik trostrane prizme čine ga idealnim okruženjem za odmor, razgovore, meditaciju, spavanje ili samo – opuštanje.

Designed by Ramón Esteve for Vondom, Vineyard was born from the idea of a place of refuge. This piece consists of an aluminum structure and a double reclining mattress that ensures it is a comfortable and versatile daybed. Its pure and simple lines and its shape of a prism make it the ideal setting for rest, conversation, meditation, sleep – or simply relaxation.


BLOC OUTDOOR OASIS OF STYLE U srcu zagrebačke poslovne zone, na Radničkoj cesti 1a, nedavno je otvoren showroom i trgovina južnoafričkog brenda ekskluzivnog visokokvalitetnog vanjskog namještaja Bloc Outdoor. Vrhunsko zanatstvo, kvaliteta i dizajn po mjeri u prvom su planu proizvoda koji se mogu naći u novoj zagrebačkoj oazi stila. Njihovi proizvodi oblikuju se u tvornicama u Cape Townu i Johannesburgu, u Južnoafričkoj Republici, a svaki je komad namještaja izrađen od prirodnih visokokvalitetnih materijala i raskošnih tkanina, s dozom šarma i po mjeri kozmopolitskog životnog stila, koji će zasigurno obogatiti vaš životni prostor. Bloc Outdoor, South African company manufacturing high quality outdoor furniture recently opened their showroom in the heart of Zagreb business zone at 1a Radnička cesta. Fine craftsmanship, quality materials and tailor-made products are what this new oasis of style in Zagreb focuses on. Their products are manufactured in factories in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, and each piece is made with high-quality materials and rich fabrics, with a touch of charm, made to fit the cosmopolitan lifestyle that is sure to refine your living space.

ETHIMO HUT Hut (Koliba) mnogo je više od vanjskog namještaja, a proporcije je dovode do razine prave arhitekture. Izrađena je od accoye, drva vrhunske kvalitete koje uporno pruža otpor elementima pri vanjskoj upotrebi i godinama zadržava prirodnu ljepotu. Hut se može premjestiti i prilagoditi bez potrebe za pričvršćivanjem na tlo, a može se prilagoditi željama korisnika elegantnom zavjesom koja zatvara ovo gnijezdo, ne priječi prodor svježeg zraka, ali štiti od izravne sunčeve svjetlosti. Prema riječima dizajnera Marca Lavita, ‘Hut je mjesto za odmor, predah i meditaciju, za uživanje u vremenu provedenom na otvorenom’. Hut is much more than outdoor furniture, its proportions elevating it to bona fide architecture in Accoya, this wood with extraordinary qualities that resists perfectly to outdoor use and preserves its natural beauty over time. It can be moved and adapted without needing to be fixed to the ground and it can be customised with an elegant curtain that closes this nest, allowing the air to filter through while protecting from direct sunlight. In the words of its designer Marco Lavit ‘hut is a place for resting, pausing and meditation, for enjoying time spent in the open’.


ZANETTE AKITA Kolekcija Akita nudi vodoravne i okomite komode geometrijskih oblika, koje karakterizira skladna izmjena punine i šupljine, završne obrade i boja. Svaki element kolekcije nadahnut je japanskom životnom filozofijom wabi-sabi, koja se temelji na strogoj i bezvremenskoj ljepoti. Komode su dostupne u četiri različite veličine, s mat lakiranim ili termički obrađenim hrastovim drvenim završnim slojem, podlogom iste boje i s metalnim nogama od postolja ili mat antracit završne obrade. Vrata skrivaju praktične police i otvaraju se bešumno, zahvaljujući inovativnim šarkama. The Akita collection includes horizontal and vertical sideboards featuring geometric volumes and a balanced alternation of solids and voids as well as of finishes and colours. The arrangements are inspired by the eastern wabi-sabi philosophy which is a tribute to austere and timeless beauty. They are available in four different sizes and with matt lacquered or heat-treated oak wood finishes and a tone-on-tone base with plinth or matt anthracite finish metal feet. The doors conceal handy shelves and feature a practical and noiseless push-to-open mechanism.

ARTISAN NARU ARTI Artisan je specijaliziran za ručnu izradu visokokvalitetnog namještaja od madrva. Inzistira na tome da na kraju proizvodnog procesa namještaj bude sivnog dr jednako pprirodan kao i drvo od kojeg je nastao. Njihova stolica Naru ima prepoznatljive obline i taktilnost, a dostupna je za personalizaciju u nizu detalja. poznatljiv Sjedalo i naslon mogu biti presvučeni visokokvalitetnom kožom ili tkaninom, ukrašeni metalnim detaljima od nehrđajućeg čelika ili mesinga. Iza dizajna stolice Naru stoji studio Says Who, tim dizajnera iz Danske koji rade u tradiciji skandinavskog dizajna. Njihov stil je jednostavan, funkcionalan i prepoznatljiskandinav a uspjeh se zasniva na kombinaciji dobrog dizajna i promišljenih vog karaktera, karak rješenja. ‘Tko kaže da dobar dizajn ne može biti za svakoga’, slogan je studija Who. Upravo zbog svega navedenog stolicu Naru prepoznali su klijenti Says Who svijeta, te se izvrsno uklopila u njihove interijere. diljem svi Artisan sspecializes in hand-made furniture made in high-quality wood. The company takes pride in creating furniture as natural as the material it was from. Artisan Naru chair has easily recognizable shapes and offers made fro memorable tactile experience, and is customizable in many details. The memorab seat and the backrest can be covered in high-quality leather or fabric, decorative details in stainless steel or brass. Naru was designed by with dec Says Who, a Danish team of designers who draw inspirations from studio Sa Scandinavian visual tradition. Their style is simple, functional and unmisScandina takably Danish, and their success based on smart design and carefully considered solutions. ‘Who says good design can’t be for everyone?’ Says consider Their philosophy and vision have turned Naru into a beloved item Who. The recognized worldwide, which adapts well into almost any type of interior. recogniz 128


KRISTAL STAKLENE PREGRADE GLASS PARTITIONS Staklo je idealan materijal za praktičnu i estetsku transformaciju stambenog ili poslovnog prostora. Iako se ostakljenje tradicionalno smatra praktičnim aspektom arhitekture i građevine, ono danas igra značajnu ulogu i u dizajnu interijera. Za razliku od pregrada od netransparentnih materijala, staklene barijere osiguravaju osjećaj otvorenosti prostora koji je iznimno moderan i privlačan. Također, prirodno svjetlo nesmetano prolazi kroz staklene plohe i time čini boravak u zatvorenim prostorima ugodnijim i zdravijim. Uporabi stakla u interijeru značajno je doprinijela mogućnost zadovoljenja sigurnosnog aspekta njegova korištenja, izradom kaljenih i laminiranih stakala, kao i dostupnost široke palete boja i ornamenata. Za detalje na staklu dostupne su tehnike emajliranja, pjeskarenja i digitalni tisak. Pored besprijekorne estetske funkcije, staklenim barijerama se može utjecati na nivo buke apliciranjem odgovarajuće folije u strukturi laminiranog stakla. Glass is an ideal material for a functional and aesthetic transformation of your home or office. Even though glazing is traditionally considered a practical aspect of architecture and civil engineering, it also plays an essential role in interior design. Unlike opaque dividers, glass partitions provide the feeling of open space, which is both stylish and appealing. Additionally, natural light passes unobstructed through glass panes, which makes staying indoors more comfortable and healthier. One factor that contributed significantly to the use of glass in interior design was meeting the safety requirements for using it, which was made possible by making toughened and laminated glass. At the same time, the availability of a wide range of colors and ornaments is another factor that contributed to its popularity. Techniques available for adding details on glass include enameling, sandblasting, and digital print. Besides the impeccable aesthetics they provide, glass partitions can also reduce noise levels by adding an appropriate interlayer.


Primat RD

Interijeri s dušom Dugogodišnje iskustvo tvrtke Primat RD u opremanju svih vrsta prostora jamči najviše standarde i osmišljen dizajn koji odgovara potrebama korisnika

Text Niko Vučković Photos Primat RD

Primat RD has many years of experience in furnishing all types of spaces, which is the best guarantee for highest standards and a design centered on the needs of user

Namjena prostora, koja određuje svaki detalj u izradi i montaži namještaja i opreme, velik je izazov u realizaciji projekta. Zahvaljujući dugogodišnjem iskustvu, tvrtka Primat RD takve izazove uspješno i stručno rješava, pridržavajući se pritom najviših standarda struke. Tako su, primjerice, prilikom uređenja hrvatskog ureda tvrtke McKinsey & Company, najveće američke konzultantske tvrtke na svijetu, izveli građevinskoobrtničke radove u uredu koji se proteže na 600 četvornih metara i opremanje interijera koje je uključivalo najnoviji uredski namještaj i popratnu opremu, modernu čajnu kuhinju, sobu za opuštanje, prostor za druženje te terasu s golf-terenom. I interijer zagrebačkog Aparthotela Republika, koji karakterizira odmjeren dizajn, uredila je i kompletno opremila tvrtka Primat RD. Uz neutralnu paletu boja, s pokojim tamnijim naglaskom, u osam apartmana hotela postignut je osjećaj topline i ugode, dok je dašak suvremenosti unesen pomoću pomno odabranih detalja. Upotrebom prirodnih materijala i svijetlog drva, interijer Aparthotela uspješno je povezan s prirodom Park šume Tuškanac koja ga okružuje. Ljubiteljima prirode dobro je poznat i hotel Lyra, smješten u Ličkom Petrovom Selu, nedaleko od glavnog ulaza u Nacionalni park Plitvička jezera. Riječ je o boutique hotelu čije uređenje potpisuje arhitektonski ured P Plus arhitekti, koji su naglasak stavili na korištenje prirodnih materijala i neutralne palete boja, u kontrastu s tamnim naglascima kako bi prostoru dali dodatnu dimenziju i dubinu. Tvrtka Primat RD u ovom je hotelu uredila sobe, recepciju i pultove za posluživanje u restoranu i blagovaonici. Predvorje hotela obložili su zidnim stijenama i drvenom stropnom konstrukcijom, a opremili su i kupaonice i suvenirnicu te restoran i vanjsku terasu. I veličanstveni srednjovjekovni istarski kaštel Morosini Grimani, čije su zidine obnovljene zahvaljujući zajedničkim sredstvima Ministarstva kulture, Istarske županije, regije Veneto i Općine Svetvinčenat, opremila je tvrtka Primat RD pa je sada bogatiji za pet etaža raznovrsnog sadržaja.

The purpose of the space, which determines every detail in the manufacture and installation of furniture and equipment, is always a challenge. Thanks to their many years of experience, Primat RD solves such challenges successfully and professionally, adhering to the highest standards of their profession. For example, during the renovation of the Croatian office of McKinsey & Company, the largest American consulting company in the world, they were in charge of construction and craft work, in the office that stretches over 600 square meters, as well as furnishing the interior, which they equipped with modern office furniture and accessories. The offices include a modern tea kitchen, a relaxation room, a lounge and a terrace with golf course. The interior of the Zagreb Aparthotel Republika, standing out for balanced, sober design, was decorated and fully equipped by Primat RD. The selected neutral color palette with several strategically placed darker accents has created a feeling of warmth and comfort in all eight suites of the hotel. Carefully selected details added a modern touch. Natural materials and light wood have successfully visually connected the interior of the Aparthotel with the natural feeling of the Tuškanac Forest Park that surrounds it. Nature lovers are probably familiar with Hotel Lyra in Ličko Petrovo Selo, near the main entrance to the Plitvice Lakes National Park. This boutique hotel designed by P Plus Architects is special for the use of natural materials and a neutral color palette with contrasting dark accents that create the illusion of extra dimension and depth. In that hotel, Primat RD has designed rooms, the reception and service counters in the restaurant and the dining room, all the bathrooms and the souvenir shop, as well as a restaurant and an outdoor terrace. The hotel lobby boasts monumental walls and a wooden ceiling construction. The magnificent medieval Istrian castle Morosini Grimani, whose walls were renovated thanks to the joint funds of the Ministry of Culture, Istria County, Regione del Veneto and the Municipality of Svetvinčenat, was designed by Primat RD and now boasts five new levels brimming with various content.

McKinsey & Company

Naru stolica Says Who

Lana ogledalo Silva Mikelić

Kaštel Morosini Grimani

Hotel Adriatic Rovinj

Hotel Lyra

Aparthotel Republika

Uputite se na virtualna putovanja, usavršite nova znanja i trikove ili iznenadite svoje najmilije jedinstvenim iskustvima koja nikoga ne ostavljaju ravnodušnim Embark on virtual journeys, hone new skills and tricks or surprise your loved ones with unique experiences that will leave no one indifferent

Putovanja su ono što nas ispunjava, bilo da se radi o upoznavanju ljepota naše zemlje ili o zbližavanju s kulturom, tradicijom i posebnostima zemalja svijeta. Nije novost da obožavatelji putovanja sve manje žele ulagati isključivo u ekskluzivne destinacije i smještaje, a sve više u putovanja koja uključuju razne oblike doživljaja koje će neupitno pamtiti čitav život. Upravo je iz tog razloga globalna Mastercardova platforma Priceless Cities, u sklopu koje i Hrvatska svijetu prezentira svoje posebnosti, zaista neprocjenjivo mjesto gdje putoholičari mogu dobiti puno više od samoga posjeta atraktivnoj destinaciji. Kako je nepredvidiva 2020. svoju izazovnost prenijela i u ovu godinu te otežala donošenje odluka vezanih uz putovanja na kakva smo do sada navikli, platforma Priceless Cities postala je jedinstveni digitalni hub koji nudi neprocjenjiva virtualna iskustva, uz koja možete otputovati u različite kutke svijeta iz udobnosti vlastita doma. Svakodnevnom suradnjom s više od 40 zemalja, ono najbolje i od naše zemlje putuje izvan njezinih granica. Tako korisnici diljem svijeta mogu saznati izvorni recept za pripremu tradicionalnih zagorskih štrukli, naučiti sve tajne DJ pulta uz renomiranu hrvatsku DJ-icu i producenticu elektronske glazbe Insolate, poslušati niz modnih savjeta poznate dizajnerice Aleksandre Dojčinović ili, pak, uživati u virtualnim koncertima uz neodoljiv prizor ljepota Hrvatske. Upravo među tim jedinstvenim iskustvima baš svatko može pronaći nešto za sebe – bilo da ste gurman željan novih gastronomskih doživljaja i vještina, avanturist koji obožava prirodu, zaljubljenik u stjecanje novih znanja koje donosi digitalna tehnologija, osoba koja želi uvijek pratiti najnovije modne trendove ili se jednostavno želite odmoriti na manje uobičajen način. Jednostavnom registracijom pomoću Mastercard® kartice na stranici, u ovom je sadržaju moguće uživati u bilo koje doba dana, iz udobnosti i sigurnosti vlastita doma, a većina je sadržaja i u potpunosti besplatna.

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Whether it’s enjoying the beauty of your own country or getting to experience the culture, tradition and specificities of countries around the globe, travel is what makes us complete. It comes as no surprise that globetrotters are less and less inclined to invest solely in exclusive destinations and accommodations and are more and more inclined to invest in travel that involves various types of experiences they will treasure for a lifetime. This is why Priceless Cities, a platform by Mastercard that also showcases Croatia’s attractions to the world, is truly a priceless place where traveloholics can indulge in far greater things than they would be able to by merely visiting a beautiful location. As the unpredictability of 2020 continued into 2021 and our standard travel-related decisions were made more difficult, the Priceless Cities platform has become a unique digital hub offering priceless virtual experiences allowing you to embark on incredible journeys to the ends of the Earth from the comfort of your own home. Through daily cooperation with more than 40 countries, the best our country has to offer extends far beyond its borders. Users around the world can therefore discover the original recipe for a traditional dish from Croatian Zagorje – štrukli, learn to work the turntables from world-renowned Croatian DJ and electronic music producer Insolate, get fashion tips from acclaimed fashion designer Aleksandra Dojčinović or revel in virtual concerts with harmonious images of Croatia in the background. These unique experiences are sure to satisfy every taste – a gourmand craving new gastronomy sensations and skills, a nature-loving adventurer, a technophile passionate about latest developments in digital technology, a fashionista who Martinis Marchi Heritage Hotel likes to keep up with up-and-coming trends, or someone simply looking for a less conventional vacation. A simple registration using your Mastercard® card at will allow you to enjoy all of the above at any time of day, from the safety and comfort of your own home and, what is more, most of the content is completely free.

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Yachts Recommends Na platformi Priceless Cities možete uživati u ekskluzivnom koncertu benda Jonathan, održanom na vrhu šibenske tvrđave Exclusively on Priceless Cities platform, concert by Jonathan from the top of the Šibenik city fort

Pripremite tradicionalne štrukle prema receptu bistroa Darling & Shegrts Make delicious štrukli following the recipe of the Darl rlin ingg & Sh Sheg egrt rtss bi bist stro rott

Kroz sve tajne koje krije DJ pult vodit će vas Insolate Insolate will take you on a guided tour of the secrets of the DJ set

Saznajte korisne modne trikove uz Aleksandru Dojčinović Learnn us Lear u ef eful ul fas a hi h on o tips ti ps and trickks withh Alek Al eksa sand ndra ra Doj ojič ično n vi vićć

Dizajn DDi izzaajn jn

Bez obzira na modernu tehnologiju, društvene igre ostale su omiljeni način zabave. Bilijar, stolni nogomet ili Lego pravi su klasici koji oduševljavaju i djecu i odrasle Modern technology might offer many new ways to play, but classics are classics: pool, foosball or Lego arre just as fun now as when we were little kids Edited by Ivana Nedoklan Photos Impatia, Fusiontables, Teckell, Lego, Riva & Pinetti

Impatia Lungolinea STOL ZA STOLNI TENIS Model Lungolinea je interpretacija stola za stolni tenis kao elegantnog, luksuznog dizajnerskog predmeta. Rezultat je potpuno prozirni stol za igru izrađen od kristala, koji se ističe genijalnom uporabom materijala. Naime, izuzetno precizne proizvodne tehnike korištene pri obradi stakla čine stol prikladnim i za najzahtjevnije profesionalne igrače. Stol je trenutno dostupan u tri verzije – krom, crni krom i premium zlato.

PING PON PING ONG G TA TABL BLE E Lu Lung ngol olin innea ea is Im Impa pati tia’ a’ss re reinnte t rp r retatiionn of th thee Ping Ponng table into an eleg egan ant an andd ex excl clus ussivee de desi s gn obj bject. t The resultt is a com ompl plet etel elyy tr tran ansspare r ntt cryystal glaass gam ame tabble that stands out ffoor its brililliant use of materials. The high-preeci c si s on produ d ction tteechniques utilize zed in process s ing the glass, makes the table su s itable even for the most demandingg proofe fessionaal players. The table is currently avaiilable in three versi sion o s: chrome, black laackk chr hrom omee an a d premium gold.


Fusiontables STOL ZA BILIJAR Funkcionalan, s bezvremenskim i elegantnim dizajnom, stol Fusion stvara opuštajuću atmosferu dok na njemu večerate i jamči nezaboravne trenutke s obitelji ili prijateljima. Zahvaljujući velikodušnoj širini udobno smješta deset gostiju, a usto je elegantan i vrlo praktičan. Nakon obroka potrebno je manje od jedne minute da stol prenamijenite u vrhunski bilijarski stol: samo spremite klupe ispod stola, uklonite tri gornje ploče i dohvatite bilijarsku palicu, trokut, kugle i kredu – i spremni ste za početak igre. BILLIARD TABLE Functional, with a timeless and elegant design, the Fusion table creates a relaxing atmosphere for dinner and unforgettable moments with family or friends. The generous width of the table offers you the opportunity to set a table of rare elegance and will be very practical and comfortable for 10 people. After the meal, it takes less than a minute to change the Fusion table into a top-of-the-range billiard table. Just slide the benches under the table, remove the three table tops and pick up the billiard cues, triangle, billiard balls and chalk and you are ready to start a game.

Teckell STOLNI NOGOMET Novi Cristallino Outdoor je vanjska verzija Teckelleva poznatog stola za stolni nogomet, izrađena od prozirnog kaljenog stakla ojačanog elementima koji omogućuju instalaciju na otvorenom i jamče izdržljivost u morskom okolišu. Corian, materijal od kojeg je izrađena površina terena, nije porozan i otporan je na mrlje, a šipke na kojima stoje mali igrači izrađene su od nehrđajućeg čelika 316, koji je ekstremno otporan na koroziju. Čiste linije i elegantan izgled stola Cristallino omogućuju lijepo uklapanje u svaku sredinu, ali najvažnija mu je osobina što se (uz upotrebu posebnih elemenata) može instalirati na jahtu ili bilo koji brod. FOOSBALL TABLE The new Cristallino Outdoor is an outdoor version of Teckell’s famous foosball table in glass. The structure is made in extra clear tempered glass, but with some special materials that allow to place this foosball table on marine atmosphere. Corian, the playing field’s surface, is non-porous and stain resistant and the players bars are stainless steel 316, a type that is highly resistant to corrosion. Cristallino’s clean lines and sleek look allow it to fit in beautifully with any décor, but the most important novelty is that it can be installed on a yacht or any boat with a special kit.


Lego PORSCHE 911 Ljubitelji Lego kockica i ljubitelji automobila ponovno su nakon djetinjstva našli zajedničku temu: novi set Lego Porsche 911 omogućava gradnju popularnog modela 911 Turbo, i to u dva stila, kao klasični coupe ili kao kabriolet. Baš kao i na pravim primjercima ovog legendarnog njemačkog sportskog automobila, mali Porschei od Lego kockica imaju aerodinamične linije, nakošena prednja svjetla, isklesan poklopac motora s Porscheovim znakom i motor instaliran straga. U obje verzije su sportska sjedala 2+2 i upravljačka konzola izvedeni u tamnonarančastoj i boji nugata, eklektičnoj shemi boja koja krasi suvremene primjerke modela 911. Daljnji detalji interijera uključuju ručnu kočnicu, mjenjač i funkcionalno upravljanje, a prednja sjedala se čak mogu i nagnuti prema naprijed za pristup stražnjim sjedalima. Lego builders and classic car enthusiasts alike will love the dual building routes of new Porsche 911 set. The set can be built either as the fixed roof 911 Turbo model or as the open-roofed 911 Targa at one time, allowing fans to choose between classic coupe or convertible style. Channelling the essence of the ubiquitous German sports car, the variants feature all the hallmarks of their namesakes, from the aerodynamic shoulder line to angled headlamps and sculpted bonnet with Porsche badge and rear-mounted flat six ‘boxer’ engine. On both versions, the 2+2 sports seats and dashboard are finished in dark orange and nougat, an eclectic colour scheme based on contemporary upholstery options from the Porsche 911. Further interior details include a handbrake, gearshift and functional steering, while the front seats also tilt forward for access to the rear bench seats.

Riva TRIK-TRAK Kuća Riva ostavlja svoj dizajnerski trag na najpoznatijoj društvenoj igri ‘iz kutije’. Riva Trik-Trak nije igra, već pravo umjetničko djelo, dostupno u plavoj koži. Konstrukcija od mahagonija i javora izrađena je vrhunski pedantno, s čeličnim logotipom Riva koji izgleda kao da lebdi na vodi. Kockica i elementi u bijeloj i tirkiznoplavoj boji imaju umetke od mahagonija i izrađeni su jednako pomno kao i jahte Riva. Bez obzira na rezultat igre, igrači će pamtiti sjaj nenadmašnog seta koji nudi zabavu, služi kao element uređenja i jednostavno očarava. BACKGAMMON Riva imprints its aesthetic DNA on this revisiting of the world’s best-known ‘box game’. The Riva Backgammon set isn’t just a game but a genuine work of art available in blue leather. The mahogany and maple construction is a jewel of craftsmanship, with a steel Riva logo with a ‘transparency’ effect. The white and aquamarine dice and pieces have mahogany inlays and show the same passion for detail that makes the world’s most coveted yachts so inimitable. Whatever the result of the game, the players will remember the splendour of a matchless object that entertains, furnishes and enchants.



Pinetti Sve Pinettijeve igre ručno se izrađuju u Italiji, od kravlje kože i plemenitih materijala poput drva oraha, alabastera ili mjedi. Njihova nova igra Mlin ima luksuzno polje prekriveno mekanom telećom kožom i ukrašeno blistavim zlatnim detaljima. Zlatni sjaj i pijuni od eco-shella daju bezvremenu privlačnost ovoj vrlo staroj igri, a čine je i elegantnim dodatkom koji će oplemeniti svaki životni prostor. Igra Reversi ima set sa 64 pijuna od finog eco-shella sa sjajnim zlatnim finišem, te drvenu igraću podlogu s mekanom presvlakom od teleće kože.

All Pinetti games are handmade in Italy from artisans combining the soft genuine calf leather with noble materials such as walnut wood, alabaster, brass. The new brilliant Mill game is crafted with a luxury field covered in soft calf leather embellished by shiny gold details. The gold brilliance and the eco-shell pawns give the timeless allure of the classic game and make it also elegant and perfect to enhance your living spaces. Presented with 64 pawns made in a precious eco-shell with shiny gold finishing, the Reversi game set has a wood structure with a soft calf leather cover.

The Greatest

Tom Brady Njegova veličanstvena karijera sjajno se uklapa u tezu kako se football igra glavom, a ruke i noge su tu samo da pomažu. Brady poput Takumi majstora posjeduje savršenu kombinaciju vještine i strasti His magnificent career speaks to the theory he plays with his head… and a little help from hands, arms and feet. Like a Takumi master, Brady simply has the perfect combination of skill and passion Text Hrvoje Bulešić Photos IWC & Business Wire

GOAT. Termin koji označava najboljeg svih vremena u engleski je jezik ušao u doba Muhammada Alija i od tada su održane brojne rasprave na temu koji je najveći u američkom sportu. Jedni će u prvi plan gurnuti gore spomenutog Alija, čiji je britki jezik bio jednako učinkovit kao i udarci kojima je rušio suparnike. Drugi će ponuditi Michaela Jordana čije su letačke sposobnosti prkosile gravitaciji, dok će treći istaknuti Waynea Gretzkyja i njegovu poeziju na ledu. Na tim se listama redovito nalaze i Serena Williams, Michael Phelps, Tiger Woods, no nakon 7. veljače 2021. stvari su postale potpuno jasne. Igrač američkog footballa Tom Brady je nakon sedmog osvajanja Super Bowla postavljen na Olimp američkog sporta kao apsolutni GOAT. A priča o najuspješnijem američkom sportašu svih vremena počela je

Tom Brady is the GOAT. The term has entered the collective public mind a long time ago, with Muhammad Ali, and ever since sport fans have been debating who has the right to bear it. For some, the GOAT is Ali himself, whose sharp tongue KO-ed as many opponents as his punches. For some, it’s Air Jordan, whose basketball skills defied gravity, or the miracle on ice that is Wayne Gretkzy. Or it’s Serena Williams, Michael Phelps, Tiger Woods… Well, the GOAT debate is over. It ended on February 7th 2021, when Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl, sat on the throne and accepted his crown. That’s the ending – but how about the beginning? Pure Hollywood. The year is 2000, the place is San Mateo, California. A 22-year old quarterback is getting ready for the biggest day of every football player’s life: the NFL Draft. Scouts described him

Interview Sport



Brady je u konkurenciji Jordana, Alija, Gretzkyja, Phelphsa... postao najveći američki sportaš Brady beats Jordan, Ali, Gretzky and Phelps... and became the greatest American athlete of all time

kao dobar filmski scenarij. Godina je 2000. Na samom početku novog milenija 22-godišnji quarterback iz kalifornijskog gradića San Matea spremao se za NFL draft. Prema izvještajima skautova, bila je riječ o mršavom, fizički nerazvijenom mladiću bez dovoljno snage za duele. U skladu s tim opisom prošao je i na draftu. Uzeli su ga New England Patriotsi kao 199. izbor u šestoj rundi, a Brady je šefu momčadi rekao: ‘Nećete požaliti što ste me izabrali.’ Tom rečenicom počela je jedna od najvećih dinastija u povijesti američkog sporta koja je trajala punih 20 godina. Mastermind Bill Belichick na klupi i Tom Brady kao njegova produžena ruka na terenu zajedno su šest puta osvojili Super Bowl i još tri puta igrali u finalu. A onda je 2020. stigao kraj jedne ere. Tom Brady je završio u Tampa Bay Buccaneersima i već u prvoj sezoni sedmi put podignuo trofej Vince Lombardi. Toga 7. veljače završile su sve rasprave o GOAT-u. U čemu leži tajna uspjeha Toma Bradyja? Njegova veličanstvena karijera sjajno se uklapa u tezu kako se football igra glavom, a ruke i noge su tu samo da pomažu. Brady poput Takumi majstora posjeduje savršenu kombinaciju vještine i strasti. Iako će u kolovozu navršiti 44 godine, potpisao je novi ugovor s Tampom Bay koji traje do 2022. godine. ’Zašto nitko ne pita glazbenike hoće li prestati svirati u 44. godini ili slikare hoće li prestati slikati u 44. godini. Football nije moj posao, nego ljubav i zašto bih prestao s time jer je netko drugi procijenio kako sam star?’ zaključio je Brady.


as thin, with not enough muscle mass, with not enough strength for a duel. His draft performance was meager: he was picked by the New England Patriots in the sixth round, 199th overall. Said Brady to the Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft: ‘I am the best decision this organization has ever made.’ And so began the longest friendship in the history of American sport. Mastermind Bill Belichick and his eyes (and head, arms and legs) on the field have won six Super Bowls, and reached the finals three more times. And then in 2020 the era ended. Tom Brady moved to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – and won his seventh Super Bowl trophy in his first season. The great GOAT debate ended. So what is it that makes Brady special? His magnificent career speaks to the theory football is a head game – with hands, arms and feet just helping out a little. Like a Takumi master, Brady has the perfect combination of skill and passion. Brady, who will turn 44 in August, has signed a new contract with Tampa. ‘How come no-one asks musicians whether they’ll stop playing music at 44, or artist whether they’ll stop painting. Football is not a job, it’s the love of my life,’ says Brady. ‘Why would I quit it just because someone says I’m old?’

Tom Brady sedam je puta osvajao Super Bowl, a pet je puta bio proglašavan za najkorisnijeg igrača velikog NFL finala Tom Brady won seven Super Bowl titles and five individual Super Bowl MVP titles


Petica iz biznisa A Straight A in Business

Luka Abrus Jedan od suvlasnika agencije Five za naš magazin govori o prodaji tvrtke, budućnosti s Endavom, projektu Dorado, koji je koristio pobjednik Vendée Globea, američkom snu… We spoke to co-founder of Five Agency, Luka Abrus, about selling the company, future with Endava, the Dorado routing solution that was used by the Vendée Globe winner, the American Dream... Text Hrvoje Bulešić Photos Damil Kalogjera


Početkom ožujka agencija Five pridružila se velikim pričama u hrvatskom IT sektoru. Zagrebačku agenciju kupila je britanska Endava za 250 milijuna kuna. O počecima tvrtke, uspjesima, budućnosti, jedrenju… razgovarali smo s Lukom Abrusom, koji s osnivačem Viktorom Marohnićem i Svenom Marušićem čini vlasničku strukturu agencije, koja ima urede u New Yorku, Zagrebu, Osijeku, Rijeci i Splitu. Zašto ste se odlučili na prodaju tvrtke? U segmentu u kojem želimo rasti dvjestotinjak ljudi je jako mali broj. Za Hrvatsku je to O.K. brojka, ali u svjetskim okvirima firmica od 200 ljudi je na razini statističke pogreške. Hoćemo raditi s klijentima koji vrijede milijarde dolara, a njima je takva mala tvrtka preveliki rizik za posao. I to nije imalo veze s našom kvalitetom, nego naprosto s našom veličinom ili, da se slikovito izrazim, ‘manjinom’. Dosta nam se puta u posljednjih nekoliko godina dogodila rečenica: ‘Imali ste daleko najbolji pitch, imate odlične reference, cjenovno ste idealni, ali nama ste preveliki rizik.’ I tada smo shvatili da moramo agresivnije rasti. Odlučili smo se za prodaju kako bismo mogli prijeći u višu ligu. Razgovarali smo s desetak potencijalnih kupaca, ali da se nije pojavila Endava, vjerojatno se ništa ne bi ni dogodilo. S njima smo se baš lijepo našli, u toj njihovoj strukturi ima prostora za naš daljnji rast i igranje u ‘Premiershipu’. Njima nedostaje ono što mi imamo, a nama fali nešto što oni posjeduju, tako da sada imamo najbolje od oba svijeta. Viktor, Sven i ja ostajemo raditi to što volimo, a dobili smo partnera s kojim se možemo jako dobro nadopunjavati i zajedno rasti. Sada želimo napraviti još bolju Endavu. Osnivač startupa Viktor Marohnić živi u New Yorku već nekoliko godina. Koliko je bilo teško uspjeti u Americi? Puno nam je bilo lakše uspjeti u Americi nego u Europi. Kada bih ta naša iskustva otprije 10 godina trebao sažeti u jednu rečenicu, rekao bih: ‘Mi smo u Americi prihvaćeni kao Amerikanci, a u Europi kao Hrvati.’ Razlog je vrlo jednostavan. Amerika je jedno veliko otvoreno tržište koje komunicira istim jezikom, dok je Europa određena granicama, jezicima, kulturama. Ta sintagma zemlje otvorenih mogućnosti nije neka izlizana floskula, nego je to način razmišljanja. Amerika prihvaća sve, otvoreni su za strance jer su tamo svi stranci. Ili u prvoj, ili u drugoj, ili u trećoj generaciji. Otvoreni su za sve mlade, prihvaćanje novih ideja, njihova kultura poslovanja je brža, otvorenija, direktnija, slobodnija. Nama referenca iz Hrvatske malo vrijedi u Njemačkoj ili Francuskoj, dok u Americi referenca iz New Yorka vrijedi i u Seattleu, i u San Franciscu, i u Washingtonu. Na našim počecima smo se prezentirali kao hrvatska agencija koja želi uspjeti u Americi, a danas se prezentiramo kao američka agencija s jakim prisustvom u Hrvatskoj. U IT sektoru inače sve gravitira prema Americi, koja je vjerojatno pet godina ispred svih. Nismo mi bili nešto posebno pametni što se tiče izbora tržišta, ali bili smo na pravom mjestu u pravo vrijeme i dokazali se na najzahtjevnijem svjetskom igralištu radeći za Napster, Rosetta Stone, Marriott, Penguin Random House i mnoge druge istaknute klijente. Osnovani ste 2005. godine. Sami ste u brojnim intervjuima nakon posla s Endavom istaknuli koliko ste naučili iz vlastitih pogrešaka. Možete li to pojasniti? Jako smo bili kritični prema sebi nakon svakog projekta jer samo tako možeš nešto naučiti za budućnost. Na svojim lošim iskustvima stvorili smo

In early March, the Five Agency became one of the great stories in the Croatian IT sector. The Zagreb agency was acquired by the UK’s Endava for HRK 250 million (approx. EUR 33 million). We sat down to discuss the early days of the company, success, future, sailing... with Luka Abrus. Together with founder Viktor Marohnić and Sven Marušić, he manages the agency operating out of offices in New York, Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka and Split. Why did you decide to sell the company? A 200 people team is not a huge number in the segment we want to grow in. It’s an OK number in terms of Croatia, but globally, a 200-people company is a tiny company, a margin of error. We’re interested in working with billion-dollar clients, and they see this small company as too big of a business risk. This had nothing to do with the quality of our work, it was merely a matter of largeness, or smallness, if you will. We were given the following feedback many times over the past few years: ‘Your pitch was the best by far, you have excellent references and an ideal price, but you are too big of a risk for us.’ That’s when we realised that we needed a more aggressive growth strategy. We opted for selling to be able to move to a bigger league. There were talks with a dozen potential buyers, but I don’t think any of them would come to fruition had it not been for Endava. We really hit it off, there’s room for us to grow and play in the ‘Premiership’ in their structure. They have what we need and lack something we have, so we got the best of both worlds. Viktor, Sven and I can continue doing what we love, now with a partner that complements us and allows us to grow. We now want to make Endava even better. Startup founder Viktor Marohnić has been living in New York for several years now. How difficult was it to succeed in the USA? It was much easier to make it in America than in Europe. If I was to summarize our experience from 10 years ago into one sentence, I’d say: ‘America sees us as Americans, Europe sees us as Croats.’ There’s a very simple reason for this. The USA is a huge open market using the same language for communication, while Europe is defined by borders, languages and cultures. ‘The land of opportunities’ is not just a cliché, it’s a way of thinking. America accepts everyone, it’s open for foreigners because everyone is foreign there, it just depends on whether it’s first, second or third generation. They’re open to all young people and accepting new ideas, their business culture is quicker, more open, more direct. Here, a reference from Croatia doesn’t mean much in Germany or France, but in America, a reference from New York counts in Seattle, San Francisco and Washington. In our early days, we presented ourselves as a Croatian agency trying to make it in the USA, while today we present ourselves as a US agency with a strong presence in Croatia. Everything normally gravitates towards the USA in the IT sector, as it’s probably five years ahead of everyone else. We weren’t really playing it smart when it comes to market selection, we were just in the right place at the right time and proved ourselves by working for Napster, Rosetta Stone, Marriott, Penguin Random House and many other prominent clients. Your agency was founded in 2005. You said it yourself in various interviews after landing the Endava deal that you learned a lot from you mistakes. Can you elaborate on that? We were really self-critical after every project because that’s the only way to learn something for the future. We’ve turned our bad experiences into a foundation for an agency that can deliver premium products to clients. And


Najbolji mogući PR za projekt Dorado je činjenica da ga je koristio pobjednik Vendée Globea Yannick Bestaven

The best bit of PR for project Dorado is the fact that it’s the choice of the winner of Vendée Globe, Yannick Bestaven

agenciju koja može raditi vrhunske produkte za klijente. I to produkte koji klijentu donose dodanu vrijednost i profit. Možda zvuči okrutno, ali na kraju svakoga projekta gleda se je li završio u crvenom ili zelenom. Tu više ne pričamo o ljepoti dizajna ili funkcionalnosti aplikacije, nego je samo bitno ‘show me the money’. I to je bila neka transformacija naše tvrtke u posljednjih nekoliko godina, kada smo izišli iz dječačke razigranosti i pretvorili se u momčad koja igra na rezultat. Sve te naše pogreške došle su zbog toga što smo se maknuli iz komforne zone, a kada kročiš u nešto nepoznato, onda i griješiš. Bitno je poslije da iz tih pogrešaka izvučeš pouke. Kako je nastao projekt Dorado i kako ste dospjeli na Vendée Globe? Ivica Kostelić nas je spojio s Jurom Jermanom (slovenski ARSO) i krenuli smo raditi s Charliejom Dalinom, koji nam je dao dosta korisnih savjeta i specifičnosti što njima treba, što koriste, a što ne koriste na regati. Imali smo suludo malo vremena jer je prvi kontakt s Dalinom bio na početku kolovoza, a mi smo sredinom listopada imali spremnu prvu verziju koja je poslana direktoru Vendée Globea na odobrenje. Produkt je morao biti finiširan nekoliko dana prije 8. studenoga, kada je bio start regate. Jako smo zahvalni Dalinu koji je odradio jako puno PR-a za Dorado tako što je o našem proizvodu proširio vijest po jedriličarskom selu. Javilo nam se desetak skipera kojima smo dali accounte za testiranje. Tijekom regate njih šest-sedam aktivno je koristilo aplikaciju, a Yannick Bestaven je bio najredovitiji korisnik. Nama je to bilo malo nezgodno jer smo krenuli raditi s Dalinom, a na koncu je njegov konkurent osvojio regatu. Yannick nam je poslao video s riječima zahvale na super softveru koji smo razvili mi i ARSO. Što se tiče našeg proizvoda, bolji PR i preporuku od pobjednika jedne od najekstremnijih regata nismo mogli dobiti. Sljedeći korak za projekt? Na redu je beta verzija koju će moći koristiti obični korisnici. Maknut ćemo neke Vendée Globe specifičnosti, razvijat ćemo mobilnu aplikaciju koja je prikladnija za normalno korištenje. Jedriličari na Vendéeu u tim svojim ljušturama od brodova imaju računala, pa smo prvo razvijali desktop verziju, ali za komercijalno korištenje mobilna verzija je musthave. Imamo planova ponuditi Dorado i na ostalim regatama. Jure Jerman i ova pobjeda Yannicka otvorili su nam mnoga vrata. Softver koji smo razvili ima nekoliko prednosti. Od izračunavanja rute na serveru, algoritama iskusnih meteorologa koji su specijalizirani za jedriličarske regate, korištenja europskih meteoroloških podataka (ECMWF), do optimizacije meteoroloških modela na bazi povijesnih podataka s regata te podataka koji se dobivaju u realnom vremenu s broda. Za kraj, Yachts je revija koja se bavi i morem i brodovima. Kakvu su ulogu brodovi odigrali u vašem životu? Svenu, Viktoru i meni jedrenje je strast i ispušni ventil. Volim tu nesputanost, slobodu i ovisnost o prirodnim silama koje pruža more. Sedam dana muvanja Kornatima najbolji je način opuštanja. Brod, more i dobro društvo. Ništa mi drugo ne treba.


these products bring added value and profit to the client. It may sound cruel, but after each project is finished, we review it to see if it ended in the red or in the green. This doesn’t refer purely to how beautiful the design is or how functional the app, the only thing that matters is ‘show me the money’. This was our company’s big transformation over the past few years when we moved away from the playful boyhood stage and turned into a team playing to score. All of these mistakes were caused by the fact that we stepped outside of our comfort zone and when you tread new paths, you’re bound to make mistakes. It’s important that you learn some lessons from these mistakes. When did the Dorado project come to life and how did you end up in the Vendée Globe? Ivica Kostelić put us in contact with Jura Jerman (from ARSO Slovenia) and we started working with Charlie Dalin, who gave us some really valuable advice and insight into what they need, what they use and what is useless during a regatta. The deadline was insanely short – we first contacted Dalin in early August and the first version was ready and sent to Vendée Globe CEO for approval in mid-October. The product needed to be finished a few days before 8 November, which is when the regatta started. We are extremely grateful to Dalin for the immense PR he did for Dorado by spreading the word about our product across the sailing community. Some ten skippers got in touch with us and we gave them test accounts. Six or seven of them used the app actively during the regatta, with Yannick Bestaven using it at regular intervals. It was tricky for us because we’d started working with Dalin and then his competitor ended up winning the regatta. Yannick sent us a video message thanking us for the software we developed together with ARSO. As far as our product is concerned, there’s no better PR and recommendation than one given by a winner of one of the most extreme regattas. The next step for the project? Our beta version, which regular users will also be able to use, is in the works. We’ll remove some Vendée Globe-specific features and develop a mobile app that is more user-friendly when it comes to regular use. Vendée sailors have computers in their boats, that’s why we first developed a desktop version, but a mobile one is a must-have for commercial use. We also plan to offer Dorado to users of other regattas. Jure Jerman and Yannick’s victory have opened many doors for us. The software we’ve developed has several advantages. From calculating the route on the server, algorithms by experienced meteorologists specialising in sailing races, using European weather predictions data by ECMWF, to optimising meteorological models based on historic regatta data and boat data collected in real time. Finally, Yachts is a magazine reporting on the sea and boats. What kind of a role did boats have in your life? Sailing is a passion and an outlet for Sven, Viktor and me. I love being unrestrained, free and depend on natural forces at sea. Seven days spent cruising around the Kornati is the best way to unwind. The boat, sea and good company. That’s all I need.


‘Amerika je jedno veliko otvoreno tržište koje komunicira istim jezikom... Ta sintagma zemlje otvorenih mogućnosti nije neka izlizana floskula, nego je to način razmišljanja’ ‘The United States are a large market speaking one single language. This idea of the land of opportunity is still alive; not an empty phrase, but a way of thinking’



Adriatic Plovidba Pearls


Poluotok sreće The Happiness Peninsula Zadar je usprkos svemu zadržao identitet gradskog i urbanog središta, pa vas, za razliku od drugih obalnih gradova, šetnjom kroz labirint drevnih ulica, ne prati osjećaj da se krećete ispred turističkih izloga, već osjećate puls grada na pjacetama, u malim trgovinama i zanatskim radnjama, galerijama i barovima Against all odds, Zadar has managed to retain its identity as a city and urban centre, so, unlike many other coastal towns, while wandering through a maze of ancient streets, you will not feel like you are passing by storefronts. Instead, you will feel the city pulse in the small squares, tiny shops and craft workshops, galleries and bars Text Filip Bubalo Photos Boris Kačan

Kalelarga, najpoznatija ulica, žila je kucavica Poluotoka The most popular street in town is the largest, most vibrant place on the peninsula

Kada se ispred jednog grada složi prirodna scenografija s toliko lijepih otoka, ne čudi što je svjetski bard kinematografije Alfred Hitchcock, ne baš poznat po velikodušnim izjavama, upravo u Zadru doživio najljepši zalazak sunca i to javno proklamirao. Nije tada bilo društvenih mreža, niti ga je tko lajkao na digitalnim platformama, već je veliki sineast jednostavno imao oko za lijepe i jedinstvene prizore. Šarm i ljepota ovoga grada kroz stoljeća su poput magneta privlačili mnoge ‘osvajače’, od Rimljana i križara do ‘digitalnih nomada’, a posljednjih desetljeća postao je turistički centar srednjeg Jadrana. Od prekrasnih kamenom popločanih ulica, najpoznatija i najveća je Kalelarga (lat. calle larga) – žila kucavica starog grada smještenog na poluotoku, s koje se kapilarno razdvajaju uličice koje vode do brojnih trgova i palača i svakodnevno ubrizgavaju život u tkivo grada. Bogatstvo jedinstvenih prostora, poput Narodnog trga, Varoša, brojnih crkava ili Arsenala, mamci su za posjetitelje željne koliko zabave, toliko i lokalne kulture. Zadar je, usprkos svemu, zadržao epitet urbanog povijesnog središta ovog dijela obale, pa vas, za razliku od drugih obalnih gradova, šetnjom kroz labirint drevnih ulica ne prati osjećaj da se krećete ispred turističkih izloga, već osjećate puls grada na pjacetama, u malim trgovinama i zanatskim radnjama, galerijama i barovima gdje se još uvijek okuplja lokalno stanovništvo, puno ponosa i dišpeta, ne prepuštajući svoj grad tek tako turističkom tsunamiju. Tragovi turbulentne antike i srednjeg vijeka, pa mletačke vlasti i razvojnog uzleta Zadra kao upravnog središta habsburške provincije, do poslijeratnog Zadra koji se na ruševinama uzdignuo do modernog i privlačnog mjesta za život, ali i svjetske turističke destinacije, vidljivi su na svakom koraku i to mu daje neopisiv šarm. Ući u samo gradsko tkivo možete kroz nekoliko gradskih vrata, a najimpozantnija su Kopnena vrata, na predjelu Foša. Danas se tu skriva malena gradska lučica, a uski prolaz u dnu renesansnih zidina vodi vas do zgrade Zadarskog sveučilišta, najstarije sveučilišne institucije na hrvatskom tlu, pa dalje na Rivu, gdje uz more možete zaokružiti cijeli poluotok. Prolaskom kroz monumentalna vrata otvara se

As the scene is set with so many gorgeous islands in the background, it is no wonder that the Master of Suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock, known for his reluctance to give praise, publicly declared that Zadar has the most beautiful sunset he had ever seen. There were no social networks at the time, nor did anyone like him on digital platforms, but the great filmmaker simply had an eye for beautiful and unique frames. The city’s charm and picturesqueness have attracted many ‘conquerors’ throughout centuries, from the Romans and crusaders to ‘digital nomads’, and in the last decades, it became a tourism centre of the Central Adriatic. The gorgeous streets are paved with stone and the biggest and most famous one among them is the Kalelarga (lat. calle larga), the main artery of the Old Town located on the peninsula, with alleys spreading out from it and leading to numerous squares and mansions, pumping life into the tissue of the city on a daily basis. The grandeur of distinct places such as the People’s Square, the Varoš historic district, numerous churches and arsenals attract both tourists looking for entertainment and those in search of local culture. Against all odds, Zadar has managed to retain its identity as a city and urban centre in this portion of the coast, so, unlike many other coastal towns, while wandering through a maze of ancient streets, you will not feel like you are passing by storefronts. Instead, you will feel the city pulse in the small squares, tiny shops and craft workshops, galleries and bars, where locals, filled with pride and defiance, meet, not allowing their town to be taken over by the tourist tsunami. Traces of turbulent Antiquity and the Middle Ages, the Venetian Republic and the city rapidly developing into the administrative centre of the Habsburg Provinces, to post-war Zadar that rose from the rubble and turned into a modern and attractive place to live, but also a world-renowned tourism hotspot, are visible at every step, which gives Zadar a considerable amount of charm. You can reach the Old Town through several town gates and the Land Gate, located in the area known as Foša, is the most impressive. A little harbour is hidden here and a narrow passage through the Renaissance ramparts will take you to the building of the University of Zadar, the oldest university in

Adriatic Pearls

Trg pet bunara, jedan od najpopularnijih gradskih otvorenih prostora, koji ljeti, poput prave mediteranske scenografije, ugošćuje ljetna događanja i mami mnoge domaće i strane posjetitelje zbog opuštajuće atmosfere. Slojevi povijesti ovjekovječene u kamenu mogu se nizati unedogled, no preuređena Kneževa palača, koja danas služi kao multimedijalni centar, posebno se ističe, kao i Providurova palača, koja će uskoro zasjati kao dio velikog centra kulture. Uz mnoštvo poznatih ličnosti iz Zadra, ovaj grad dao je čak i jednog papu, dok je možda najpoznatiji stanovnik ujedno i zaštitnik grada - sv. Donat. Jedinstvena kružna crkva posvećena tom svecu simbol je jednog od omiljenih trgova grada - Foruma. Otvoren prema Croatia. A stroll along the waterfront (‘Riva’) will take you across the entire peninsula. When you pass through the monumental gate, you will reach the Five Wells Square, one of the city’s most popular open spaces and a perfect Mediterranean backdrop for numerous summer events that attracts both locals and tourists with its relaxed ambience. Layers of history embedded in stone stretch as far as the eye can see, but the renovated Rector’s Palace, now a multimedia centre stands out, as does the Proveditor’s Palace, which will soon become part of a big cultural and historical complex. In addition to producing numerous celebrities and even a Pope, Zadar’s most famous resident is its patron saint – St Donatus. A unique circular church dedicated

Forum je omiljena ‘šentada’ svih Zadrana Forum is the locals’ favorite promenade


Jadranski biseri

Morske orgulje i Pozdrav Suncu svjetske su atrakcije The Sea Organ and the Greeting to the Sun monument are world-known attractions moru i za lijepih dana okupan suncem, ovaj gradski trg nastao na ostacima rimskog foruma uvijek je prepun ljudi, opet dovoljno širok da primi sve. No, prebogata baština tek je fasada bogatog kulturnog života, a Zadar je oduvijek bio centar velikih umjetnika, glumaca, pisaca, a naročito pjevača, pa ne čudi što se na Forumu i po drugim mjestima u gradu često odvijaju umjetničke večeri, koncerti, poput međunarodno prepoznatih ‘Glazbenih večeri u Sv. Donatu’, ‘KalelargaArt’ ili festivala suvremenog kazališta ‘Zadar snova’, kada gradom zavladaju glumačke trupe, muzičari i vesela atmosfera. Nakon ovakvih događanja, izvođači i publika rasprše se po restoranima i barovima, kojih naročito u Varošu ne nedostaje. A nešto više o lokalnoj gastronomskoj sceni najbolje je doznati za vrijeme trajanja festivala dobre kapljice ‘Zadar Wine fest’, koji se održava krajem travnja, ili ‘Craft Beer’ festa, kada imate priliku kušati proizvode više od dvadesetak lokalnih malih pivovara. A da se prošlost i sadašnjost mogu spojiti u neobičnom i originalnom spoju, preciznije suveniru, uvjerit ćete se ako posjetite relativno mladi Muzej antičkog stakla, gdje ne samo da to St Donatus is a symbol of one of the most popular places in town – the Forum. Sun-kissed and overlooking the sea, the town square was built on the remains of an ancient Roman Forum. Although filled with people, there is always enough room for everyone. The rich heritage is visible on the outside, but Zadar has also always been a spot for great artists, actors, writers and singers in particular, so it comes as no surprise that there are often music events and concerts at the Forum and other locations in Zadar. After the events, such as world-renowned Musical evenings in St Donatus, ‘KalelargaArt’ or ‘Zadar snova’ International Festival of Contemporary Theatre, acting troupes, musicians and merriment take over the city. Both the performers and the audience head to restaurants and bars afterwards, and there is no lack of these in the Old Town, Varoš in particular. The best way to get acquainted with the local gastronomy, though, is through ‘Zadar Wine Fest’, taking place in late April, or ‘Craft Beer Fest’, which will give you a chance to taste beer made by more than 20 local micro-breweries. Proving that the


Zadar je, usprkos burnim vremenima, zadržao epitet urbanog povijesnog središta

ćete imati priliku diviti se antičkoj umjetnosti, nego i uživo vidjeti proces izrade staklenih predmeta, a ako ste kojim Despite some turbulent times, Zadar has remained its slučajem uzeli čašu kao suvenir, vašu inicijaciju na lokalni način najbolje je započeti degustacijom domaćeg ‘kralja identity of a busy urban center with rich history likera’ - Maraschina, koji se već pet stoljeća tradicionalno proizvodi u Zadru od maraske, autohtone dalmatinske vrste višnje. No, past and the present can combine in an original way, or rather, in an original nije sve u iću i piću, jer Zadar je, zbog svoje lokacije, idealna destinacija souvenir, is the relatively young Museum of Ancient Glass. Not only can you za sve zagrižene ljubitelje aktivnog odmora, a ‘Zadar Outdoor Festival’ admire ancient art here, but you can also see live how glass artefacts are idealna je prilika da se trčanjem, plivanjem i kajakarenjem upoznaju oblimade. If you by chance buy a glass as a souvenir, the best way to start your žnji otoci. Svaki će se posjetitelj nakon nekog vremena zaželjeti mira i rite of passage as a local is by trying the king of liqueurs – Maraschino, trapotražiti mirnije kale i kantune, a Kalelargom koja se s Foruma proteže ditionally produced in Zadar for more than five centuries using indigenous smjerom zapad-istok doći će do još jednog omiljenog gradskog sastajaDalmatian Marasca cherries. Naturally, there’s more to Zadar than eating lišta - Narodnog trga. Užitak je osobit za vrijeme sparnih ljetnih dana, and drinking – thanks to its location, Zadar is an ideal destination for avid kada ovaj centar gradske uprave s Gradskom ložom, vijećnicom i stražom, fans of active vacations, with Zadar Outdoor Festival being the ideal opporkulom i satom, postane dio mediteranskog teatra u kojem se miješaju tunity for you to explore nearby islands by running, swimming and kayaking. domaći i strani, šetači i oni koji opušteno sjede i samo uživaju u prizoru. When you inevitably want some peace and want to look for quieter alleys Dokaz kako arhitektura može imati povoljan efekt na čovjeka, ali i postati and corners, take the Kalelarga running from west to east from the Forum 151

Jadranski biseri

Pet nacionalnih parkova te tri parka prirode u okolici Zadra pružaju nevjerojatnu ljepotu

and you will reach another local meeting place – the People’s Square. It offers a uniquely pleasant experience, particularly during sweltering summer days when this centre of the City Five national parks and three nature parks in the vicinity Administration occupied by the City Loggia, City Hall, City Sentinel and clock tower turns into a Mediterranean melting pot of give Zadar a dose of extraordinary beauty locals and tourists, people walking and those sitting and simply enjoying the view. Proving that architecture can have a beneficial effect on humans, but also turn into a world-famous attraction without svjetska znamenitost a da ne pripada klasičnoj arhitekturi, pokazao je being part of traditional architecture, Zadar architect Nikola Bašić created zadarski arhitekt Nikola Bašić s dvije jedinstvene instalacije – ‘Morske two unique installations – the Sea Organ and the Greeting to the Sun. One orgulje’ i ‘Pozdrav Suncu’, koja jedna s iluminacijama, a druga sa zvukom, with light, the other with sound, with the sunset as background, they prou pozadini sa zalaskom sunca, pružaju posjetiteljima jedinstven audiovide a one-of-a-kind audio-visual memento to visitors. It quickly turned into vizualni memento. Tako je ova lokacija vrlo brzo postala najpopularnija the most popular city location for taking photos and getting likes on social lokacija za fotografiranje i skupljanje lajkova na društvenim mrežama. U networks. As is the case with so many other places, Zadar is an example Zadru, kao i drugdje u manjoj ili većoj mjeri, zrcali se monokultura naciof monoculture in national economy based solely on tourism, but thanks to onalne ekonomije bazirane gotovo isključivo na turizmu, no zahvaljujući its hinterland and the beauty and potentials of Ravni Kotari, Bukovica and zaleđu, odnosno ljepoti i potencijalu Ravnih kotara, Bukovice i Zrmanje, Zrmanja, as well as the incredibly rich water area ‘on its doorstep’, Zadar te nevjerojatno bogatom akvatoriju ispred ‘kućnog praga’, Zadar ima sve has what it takes for it to transform in a modern way. It has a diverse offer atribute da se transformira na jedan moderan način s raznolikom ponuable to relieve the Old Town off some of the burden, while branches of tourdom sadržaja koja će gradsku jezgru rasteretiti, a s granama turizma, kao ism such as rural, bicycle or health tourism give a chance to the islands and što su ruralni, biciklistički ili zdravstveni turizam, pružiti šansu otocima i the hinterland to develop. Five national parks: Paklenica, Kornati, Plitvice zaleđu da se dodatno razviju. Pet nacionalnih parkova: Paklenica, Kornati, Lakes, Krka Falls and Northern Velebit and three nature parks: Telašćica, Plitvička jezera, Krka i Sjeverni Velebit, te tri parka prirode: Telašćica, Vrana Lake and Velebit (a small portion of it) are destinations of unparalleled Vransko jezero i Velebit (manji njegov dio), odredišta su koja svaki na beauty and relaxation each in its own way. Thanks to the Tankerkomerc Zasvoj način nude neusporedivu ljepotu i odmor. Uz marinu Tankerkomerc dar Marina and the newly renovated Marina Borik, Zadar is ideal for starting Zadar i novouređenu marinu Borik, Zadar je idealno mjesto za početak your nautical adventures. Some of the day tours suitable for short cruises nautičkih avantura. Neke od jednodnevnih tura koje je moguće obići brzim have already been described on Yachts pages, the only thing that we need krstarenjem već smo dočarali na stranicama Yachtsa, a jedino što treba to add is the heart-shaped islet of Galešnjak in the Zadar water area that dodati je posjet malenom otočiću Galešnjaku u zadarskom akvatoriju, čiji made the beautiful Croatian Adriatic famous around the world. We haven’t je oblik srca pronio glas o našim jadranskim ljepotama diljem planeta. forgotten about the reefs and the submarine world around Silba, a singular Nismo zaboravili grebene i podmorje Silbe, jedinstvenog otoka za koji se island that we hope to present to you soon in one of our pieces. As the nadamo da ćemo vam ga uskoro otkriti u nekoj od budućih reportaža. number of vessels is significantly smaller due to the pandemic, this season Kako je zbog pandemije broj plovila na moru znatno manji, po svemu suwill by all accounts be ideal for visiting normally crowded locations such as deći ova će nautička sezona biti idealna za posjet inače pretrpanim loka-

River Krupa




Korisne informacije


Adriatic Pearls

Ako želite putem svog mobilnog uređaja imati pouzdani izvor informacija, savjetujemo instaliranje aplikacije Secret Zadar Turističke zajednice Zadar, koja će vam otkriti najveće znamenitosti, skrivenu povijest Zadra, ali i aktualna događanja u gradu. Za jednodnevne izlete zadarskim arhipelagom preporučujemo unajmljivanje broda u jednoj od agencija, a u Marini Tankerkomerc (+385 23 332 700), Marini Borik (+385 23 333 036), u Bibinju marina D-Marin (+385 23 200 300) ili u vrhunskoj Marini Kornati (+385 23 383 800) u obližnjem Biogradu, potražite vašeg najboljeg partnera za iznajmljivanje plovila. Za sve druge informacije tu je Lučka uprava Zadar (+385 23 201 201) i Županijska lučka uprava Zadar (+385 23 250 565). Svakako preporučujemo instaliranje aplikacije nIS, koja nudi prognozu i pruža sve potrebne informacije za sigurnu navigaciju Jadranom.

Useful info If you want a reliable source of information on your mobile phone, we advise you to install Secret Zadar, an app by Zadar Tourist Board that will show you the most famous landmarks, Zadar’s hidden history, but also current events in the city. When it comes to day trips in the Zadar archipelago, we recommend renting a boat at one of the agencies, and you can find your best partners for chartering vessels at Tankerkomerc Marina (+385 23 332 700), Marina Borik (+385 23 333 036), D-Marin in Bibinje (+385 23 200 300) or the exquisite Marina Kornati (+385 23 383 800) in nearby Biograd. The Zadar Port Authority (+385 23 201 201) and the County Port Authority of Zadar (+ 385 23 250 565) will answer any additional questions you may have. We also suggest you install the nIS app, that has weather forecast and gives you all the information necessary for navigating the Adriatic safely.


Ravni kotari, Bukovica i obale Zrmanje mamac su za sve pustolove Ravni kotari, Bukovica and Zrmanja are always calling adventurous spirits

cijama poput plaže Sakarun na Dugom otoku, 25 milja udaljenim klifovima Parka prirode Telašćica, pješčanoj plaži Lojena na Levrnaki ili uvalama nestvarnih Kornata, stoga ne propustite ovu životnu priliku i uživajte u Zadru i njegovu akvatoriju usprkos svemu. the Dugi Otok’s Sakarun Beach, cliffs of the Telašćica nature park, located 25 miles away, Levrnaka’s sandy beach Lojena or the small coves of the surreal Kornati, so do not miss the opportunity of a lifetime to enjoy Zadar and its surroundings, despite all odds.





Prvi kamenčić do Splita First Rock From Split

Sjeverne obale Brača većini su nautičara nepoznate, a među njima se nalazi nekoliko otočnih bisera koji bi vas mogli navesti da im se svake godine vraćate. Mala otočna mjesta smještena u najboljim lukama daju plovidbi dugoj dvadesetak milja poseban šarm Most sailors are not familiar with the northern shores of Brač, but they include several island gems that could make you come back year after year. Small island villages located in the best ports give the 20-mile boat trip a special charm Text Josipa Vlahović Cikatić & Darko Šupuk Photos Mario Jelavić & Boris Kačan

Na otoku Braču naići ćete na vizure Dalmacije kakva je nekada bila, i uz more i u unutrašnjosti otoka Island of Brač hides spirit of the past times, being equaly interesting by the sea or inland

Vijest da se u Sutivanu na otoku Braču gradi lukobran koji će od zapadnih vjetrova zakloniti ovu malu luku primili smo s radošću jer će obližnje luke, u prvom redu Stomorska i Milna, dobiti zdravu konkurenciju u odabiru prvog ili zadnjeg čarter noćenja ako vam je baza Split. Ali to je bio i znak da realiziramo davno planiranu reportažu o plovidbi sjeveroistočnom obalom otoka Brača, od Povlja na istoku do Sutivana na zapadu. U neposrednoj blizini Splita nalazi se obala koja pruža sve ono što današnji nautičari traže. Istodobno, to je jedan od nautički najslabije posjećenih dijelova Dalmacije, koji čeka da bude otkriven. Mali otočni gradići zidani od kamena pružaju dojam čarobne prošlosti otoka ‘kakav je nekada bio’, nenaseljene uvale pružaju lijepe mogućnosti za provođenje vremena obilježenog morskim radostima, a unutrašnjost otoka nudi jako puno za one koji će tražiti više od plovidbe. Ali, sjeverne obale Brača imaju i snažnog neprijatelja koji se zove bura, vjetar koji će se ravno s poznate Vruje sručiti na otok svom svojom silinom, pa posjet odredištima koje opisujemo savjetujemo samo za stabilna vremena. Inače, na Braču, kao kolijevci kamenoklesarstva na ovim prostorima, umjesto uzrečice ‘šlag za kraj’, vrijedi ona ‘kamen za početak i kraj’ što potvrđuju mnogobrojni kamenolomi razasuti po ovom dijelu obale, a koje ćete najbolje osjetiti u Pučišćima, mjestu sa svjetski poznatom kamenoklesarskom školom. Naš obilazak ćemo početi u susjednim Povljima, u kojima je moguće pronaći tek desetak vezova za nautičare. Ovo mjesto

We were thrilled by the news that works on a breakwater in Sutivan, the Island of Brač, are underway because this will give the nearby ports, primarily Stomorska and Milna, some much-needed healthy competition in the selection of the first or last overnight stay for your yacht charter when your base is Split. This was also a sign for us to finally turn into reality our feature story, long in the works, on sailing Brač’s north-eastern coast, from the town of Povlja in the east to Sutivan in the west. This coast, located in immediate proximity of Split, offers everything a modern yachtsman could ask for. At the same time, it is one of the least explored parts of Dalmatia in terms of sailing, and we feel that it is just waiting to be discovered. The small island town built in stone evokes the magical past of the island ‘as it once was’, uninhabited coves provide ample opportunity to indulge in the joys of the seaside, while the interior part of the island has plenty to offer to those who want something extra during their sailing trip. However, the north-eastern coast of Brač has a formidable enemy called the bora, a wind that will unleash its ferocious gusts from the wellknown Vruja and hit the island will all its might, so we advise you to only visit the destinations we are about to describe when the weather is stable. As the cradle of stonemasonry in the area, instead of the phrase ‘cherry on top’, the one applicable to Brač would be ‘stone as the Alpha and Omega’, as evidenced by the various quarries scattered throughout the island. The best place to experience this is in Pučišća, as the world-renowned stonemason school is



Uvala Luke zapadno od Povlja najzaklonjenija je uvala na sjevernoj obali Brača, s priveznim bovama i dva odlična restorana uz more The bay of Luke on the west side of Povlja is the most sheltered harbor of the north shores or Brač, with mooring buoys and two excellent restaurants


poznato je po Povaljskoj listini, koja je najstariji dokument pisan hrvatskom ćirilicom, a čiju repliku je moguće razgledati u župnoj crkvi. Zapadni dio ovog razgranatog zaljeva zove se Luka te predstavlja omiljeno odredište nautičara. Osim što njegovi sjeverni krakovi pružaju zaštitu i od najjačih refula bure, tu su se smjestile i dvije gastronomske meke koje osiguravaju i vezove, kao i bove koje se nalaze u uvali. Od Povlja prema istoku slijede Pučišća, kao kruna ovog dijela otoka. Mjesto koje se svilo u dnu duboko uvučene uvale svoju ljepotu prvenstveno zahvaljuje kamenu i ljudima koji su tom kamenu ‘podarili dušu’. Čitavo mjesto nalikuje otvorenom muzeju sazdanom od kula i palača koje se skladno nižu te istodobno ‘hipnotiziraju’ svojom bjelinom. Istočni krak, Stipanska, pogodan je za ljubitelje sidrenja, dok se u onom zapadnom - Pučiškom dolcu - smjestilo samo srce mjesta, kao i gotovo svi vezovi za nautičare. Simboli Pučišća, koje svakako treba posjetiti, jesu Kamenoklesarska škola, luksuzni hotel Puteus Palace (ex Palača Dešković) kao zaštićeni spomenik kulture, šest sačuvanih kaštela od kojih se kao najljepši izdvaja kaštel Cicarelli, te kamenolom prikladnog imena ‘Veselje’, koji se nalazi na samom ulazu u luku. Gurmani neizostavno trebaju degustirati bračke ‘težačke specijalitete’ od kojih se ističe vrsna janjetina i kozletina, odnosno čuveni vitalac, za što je najbolje zaći u unutrašnjost otoka te posjetiti konobe smještene u okviru pastirskog naselja Gornji Humac. Kada se zaputite prema sljedećem otočnom mjestu - Postirama, možete pronaći lijepe uvale za sidrenje, poput duboko uvučene uvala Konopjikova, ukrašene borovinom, bijelim žalom te slikovitim vinogradima, a kao zaklon mogu poslužiti i uvala Težišće, odnosno Česminova u kojima su još vidljivi ostaci kamenoloma. Najpoznatija od njih je Lovrečina, koja je jedno od najznačajnijih arheoloških nalazišta na otoku, ali i jedina pjelocated here. We will start our tour in the neighbouring Povlja, where you can find merely a dozen berths for boats. The place is famous for the Charter of Povlja, the oldest document written in Croatian/Bosnian Cyrillic and its replica can be seen in the parish church. The western part of this branched out lagoon is called Luka and it is a favourite destination of yachtsmen. Its northern branches offer protection even from the strongest gusts of the bora wind and it is also home to two culinary Meccas that also have berths, as well as buoys in the lagoon. East from Povlja is Pučišća, the crown jewel of this part of the island. Nested deep into the deeply indented lagoon, it has its beauty to thank primarily to the stone and people who ‘gave soul’ to it. The place looks like an outdoor museum consisting of towers and mansions in a harmonious sequence, hypnotising you with their whiteness. The eastern branch, Stipanska, is suitable for anchorage lovers, while the western, Pučiški Dolac, is the heart of the place, where the majority of berths are located. Symbols of Pučišća not to be missed are definitely the stonemason school, the lavish Puteus Palace (formerly Dešković Palace) that is one of Protected Goods of Croatia, six preserved forts, the most beautiful of which is the Cicarelli fort, and the quarry aptly named ‘Veselje’ (Croatian for ‘joy’), located at the entrance of the port. Gourmands cannot miss the Brač ‘peasant foods’, including premium lamb and goat meat or the famous vitalac (offal skewers) and the best place to try it is in the interior of the island, visiting the taverns of the Gornji Humac shepherds’ village. Once you head to the next place on the island – Postira, you will find beautiful bays where you can anchor, such as the deeply indented Konopjikova Bay, lined with pines, white sand and picturesque vineyards. If you seek refuge, you can find it at the Težišće Bay or Česminova, where quarry remains can still be seen. The most famous is the Lovrečina Bay, known for one of the most important archaeological sites on the island, but also as the only sandy beach on Brač, which is why yachtsmen and excursion boats often visits. If you’re familiar with the game, this is the perfect place to hone your picigin skills.


Sailing ščana plaža otoka Brača pa je kao takvu rado posjećuju nautičari i izletnički brodovi, a ako znate tu igru, ona je idealna postaja za picigin. Postira su najribarskije mjesto na otoku, čiji je zaštitni znak tvornica ribljih konzervi, a najupečatljiviji simbol ‘Mala noćna regata’. Ovu osebujnu regatu, koja se održava sredinom kolovoza, ‘pokreće’ lokalni noćni vjetar gažul, dok sveukupni doživljaj upotpunjuje Mozartova ‘Mala noćna muzika’ koja se čuje iz pozadine. Za nautičare je u Postirama uređeno dvadesetak novih vezova, a planira se i daljnje povećanje tog broja. Postira su nastala kao luka obližnjeg Dola, mjesta osim što osvaja svojim autentičnim izgledom predstavlja pravi raj za gurmane i vinoljupce. Mi bismo nautičarima preporučili da posjete Dol, kao jedno od najljepših otočnih naselja koja nisu izgubila štih prošlih vremena. Sljedeća perla ove skladne bračke ogrlice je Splitska, čiji posjet se svakako preporučuje nautičarima. Siguran vez može se pronaći u samoj luci ovog skladnog mjestašca koje krase kamene kuće i bujna borova šuma, a za sjevernih vjetrova sidrenje u susjednoj uvali Zastup poslužit će kao odlična alternativa. Tu se nalazi i obiteljski dvorac koji je zaslužan što se Splitska obranila od napada gusara s mora. Splitsku samo dva kilometra

Postira is the most traditional fishing village, known for its fish cannery, but the most memorable symbol of the town is the ‘Little Night Regatta’. This oneof-a-kind regatta that takes place in mid-August is ‘powered’ by gažul, a light wind that blows at night, while the experience is made complete by Mozart’s Little Night Music playing in the background. Twenty new berths were made available to yachtsmen in Postira and additional ones are also planned to be added. Postira was formed as the port of nearby Dol, place that will win you over with its authentic look and its culinary and wine offer. We recommend visiting Dol as one of the most beautiful villages on the island that still has a spirit of days gone by. The next pearl on this harmonious Brač string is the Splitska that is another port not to be missed if you’re a yachtsman. You can find a secure berth in the port of this scenic village adorned by stone houses and lush pine forests and when northern winds blow, the neighbouring lagoon of Zastup will provide an excellent alternative. This is also a location of a citadel that is credited for Splitska fending off pirate attacks from the sea. Splitska is merely 2 kilometres away from the fairy-tale Škrip, tucked away in the interior of the island. This is the oldest and most authentic place on the island

Pučišća nalikuju kamenom muzeju sazdanom od kula i palača Pučišća looks like outdoor museum consisting of towers and palaces Lovrečina



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Supetar je najveće mjesto na otoku i nudi mali broj komercijalnih vezova te pravi ‘šušur malog mista’ The biggest town on island is Supetar, with commercial moorings and vivid atmosphere


Sailing dijele od bajkovitog Škripa, koje se zavuklo u unutrašnjost otoka. To je najstarije i najautentičnije mjesto na otoku Braču, u kojem se nalazi i jedan od osebujnijih hrvatskih muzeja – Muzej otoka Brača. Osim toga, svakako treba posjetiti i rimski kamenolom ‘Rasohe’ čiji je kamen korišten za izgradnju UNESCO-om zaštićene Dioklecijanove palače. Najveće mjesto na otoku je Supetar, koji kao glavnu luku na otoku karakterizira gradski šušur i vreva. Kao nautička destinacija tek je odnedavno prepoznata, za što najveću zaslugu ima povećanje broja komercijalnih vezova, kojih je trenutno oko 30. U susjednim Mircima ćete, pak, moći uživati u miru, a iako se minijaturna lučica nalazi u obližnjim Podmircima, mnogo bezbrižnija varijanta im je kopnenim putem prići. Ruta koja uz obalu vodi prema zapadu na kraju nas dovodi do Sutivana. To osebujno mjesto kao da se razlilo oko male lučice koja je uglavnom zauzeta lokalnim barkama, a trenutno slobodan vez uz novouređeni lukobran više nalikuje glavnom zgoditku na lotu. Ali kada dobije prikladnu zaštitu od zapadnih vjetrova i nešto kapaciteta, sigurni smo da će ovo mjesto biti pravi hit. Sutivan je mjesto koje krase kuće u obliku kula i pravih malih palača, zatim Aleja palmi i stoljetni gradski park, katakombe i još pregršt zanimljivosti, a danas ga snažno obilježava i sjajni luksuzni hotel Lemongarden. Duh Stivana, kako ga njegovi stanovnici zovu, upečatljiviji je i od prelijepih vizura ovog mjesta, a najbolje je bio opisan kroz ime, kreativnost i energiju festivala ‘Vanka regule’. Čini nam se da će s godinama Brač, do sada među nautičarima uglavnom percipiran kao kopnena destinacija, ubrzo ući u itinerare posjetitelja koji traže autentičan ambijent i mir.

of Brač, home to a wonderful museum – the Island of Brač Museum. Another unmissable location is the Rasohe Quarry from the Roman Period, stone from which was used for the construction of the famous UNESCO site in Split – the Emperor Diocletian’s Palace. The biggest town on the island is Supetar. Being the island’s main port, it is marked by hustle and bustle of the city. It wasn’t until recently that it was recognised as a destination, mainly because new commercial berths were added, making the grand total of 30. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of the neighbouring Mirci, and even though a tiny port is also located in the nearby Podmirci, getting there on foot will be a hassle-free option. The route taking you west along the coast ends in Sutivan, a quaint little place that looks as if it is pouring down from the tiny port that is mostly occupied by local boats and you currently have more chances at winning the lottery than finding a berth at the renovated breakwater. Once it gets the protection from western winds it needs, and new berths are added, this place is sure to be a hit. Sutivan is a place filled with tower-shaped houses and distinct little mansions, there’s the Palm Avenue, the hundred-year-old town park, the catacombs and a plethora of curiosities. Today, one of the landmarks is the wonderful Lemongarden Luxury Hotel. The spirit of Stivan, as it’s called by the locals, is even more striking than the gorgeous sites and it is best described by the name, creativity and energy of the ‘Vanka regule’ Festival (Brač dialect for ‘Out of the Ordinary’). It seems to us that as the years go by, Brač, which was mostly considered by yachtsmen to be a land destination, will soon become a part of travel route of visitors seeking genuine ambiance and serenity.


Text Filip Bubalo Photos Boris Kačan, Marina Korkyra, Damir Pačić, Saša Prizmić & TZ Vela Luka

Mjesto umjetnika i dobrih vibracija The Spot of Art and Good Vibes

Vela Luka Gotovo desetkilometarski zaljev u dnu kojeg se smjestila Vela Luka, nekad jedno od najrazvijenijih mjesta na Jadranu, danas je pomalo uspavan gradić koji se s nekoliko projekata u sljedećih nekoliko godina želi probuditi iz tog sna Almost ten kilometers long, the bay where Vela Luka sits peacefully once was one of the most developed spots in the Adriatic. Now sleepy and half-forgotten, the town is looking at several projects in the near future to wake it up from long slumber

Destination Možda vam neće privući pažnju na prvi pogled kao grad Korčula, ali niska ‘perli’, malih hridinastih i šumovitih otočića, koji okružuju Velu Luku, kao i razvedenost obale prošarane vinogradima i maslinicima, od kojih mnoge pružaju mirna utočišta tijekom ljetnih mjeseci, lagano će vas uvući u priču o ovom mjestu koje ima pomalo umjetničku dušu i šarm mediteranske dokolice. Gotovo desetkilometarski zaljev u dnu kojeg se smjestila Vela Luka - najmnogoljudnije mjesto na hrvatskim otocima, nekad jedno od najrazvijenijih mjesta na Jadranu bilježi neprekinuti kontinuitet življenja od preko osam tisućljeća, kao malo koje mjesto na našim prostorima. Danas je pomalo uspavano mjesto, na razmeđi prošlosti i želja, koje se ipak s nekoliko projekata kroz sljedećih nekoliko godina želi probuditi iz toga teškog sna. Gledati na Velu Luku iz perspektive grada Korčule, čini se nepravednim, jer dok Korčula obiluje kulturnom i povijesnom baštinom, Velu Luku je raspad industrijskih djelatnosti, od kojih su brodogradnja, pomorstvo pa i ribarska industrija igrali značajnu ulogu, nekako izolirao od glavnih turističkih ruta. Brojne privatne kuće razasute po okolnim valama, poput uvale Gradina ili Stratinčica, dokaz su nekadašnjeg prosperiteta stanovnika Vele Luke, a kad je mjestu dobro, onda je i njegovim stanovnicima dobro, a tada i umjetnost postane ‘raison d’être’ (razlog postojanja). Stoga ne čudi da su iz Vele Luke poniknuli brojni i veliki umjetnici, a jedan od njih, pokojni Oliver Dragojević, svojim karakterističnim glasom uspio je zacementirati dalmatinski mentalitet, a i svoju ostavštinu na najljepši mogući način. Tom velikom nautičaru Vela Luka je bila životno ishodište, ali i omiljeno nautičko utočište. Dugačak zaljev definitivno je jedno od najsigurnijih nautičkih odredišta, a već na samom ulazu dočekuje vas otočić Proizd, s predivnim plažama poput one u uvali Bili bok. Dublje u uvali maNot as showy as Korčula, but still a pearl, Vela Luka is surrounded by small islands covered in thick forest at sea, and vineyards and olive orchards at land. This serene spot on the famously bustling Adriatic coast will lure you in with its quiet, lazy Mediterranean charm and artistic spirit. Almost ten kilometers long, the bay where Vela Luka sits peacefully once was one of the most developed spots on the Adriatic and the most inhabited part of the coast – with continuous human presence for over 8000 years. Today this spot is a bit sleepy, a bit stuck between what was and what might be, and is looking at several projects in the near future to wake it up from long slumber. It is perhaps unfair to compare Vela Luka to the more famous nearby Korčula. The bigger Korčula is a place of ancient culture and rich history, while the smaller Vela Luka depended heavily on industry – boat building, fishing, navigation – and quietly lost its luster as those activities ceased over decades. Never interested in becoming dependent on tourism, Vela Luka was the place to have a second home in - numerous private homes sprinkled across coves like Gradina or Stratinčica stand as proof of former prosperity of this micro-region. Vela Luka was also home to many local and regional artists - another testimony to the good life of the good old times – and home port to the most popular Dalmatian singer-songwriter of all times, the late and great Oliver Dragojević, whose melodies and lyrics sang the soul of the islands. This small town on the island of Korčula has always been popular among yachtsmen. The long bay it sits in is among the safest yachting locations in the whole of Adriatic, and lovely beaches are easy to find wherever you look. At the mouth of the bay sits a small island by the name of Proizd, whose Bili bok beach is a favorite of the lo-


Destinacija leni otočić Gubeša, poput nekog čuvara, stoji ispred uvale Gradina i štiti ovo popularno sidrište za brodove plićeg gaza od zapadnih vjetrova, a dodatnu zaštitu pruža poluotok Glavica na jugozapadu uvale. Uopće ne čudi popularnost ove uvale kada se ljeti nagura dvoznamenkasti broj brodova, kako zbog pijeska koji daje tirkiznu boju, tako i činjenice da vam je Vela Luka udaljena tek pet kilometara cestom ili oko milje ako idete brodom, jer nakon izlaska u grad možete se povući u mir ove vale. Uz otočić Kamenjak, pa malo veći Ošjak, pred ulaz u samu luku još je jedan prirodni zaklon, a pod njegove obale može se sidriti i provesti zanimljivo popodne, a nakon toga uputiti se u obližnju valu Pičena, gdje je Mario Dragojević, od nekadašnje obiteljske vikendice, stvorio ‘gastro-kantun’ - najbolje čuvanu tajnu ovog dijela otoka. Raditi stvari, pa i voditi posao na malo drukčiji način, u ovim (ne)vremenima znači i raditi po mjeri (čovjeka). Prevedeno na gastronomski rječnik u njegovu restoranu, to znači samo dva menija: riblji ili mesni. Malo u šali, malo ozbiljno, ali čini se da je Mario svoju mjeru našao i bez uobičajene opsade, s desecima otkazanih rezervacija, jer je korona postavila ograničenja koja dugoročno mogu i pozitivno utjecati na neke grane turizma. U njegovu primjeru reklame nećete

cals, while just a bit farther the island of Gubeša protects Gradina cove and its popular anchorage from the western wind. Glavica cape protects the cove from the south – and due to all this serendipity, it’s beyond popular in the summer, where boats stand shoulder to shoulder on its crystalline water. Part of the appeal certainly lies in its sandy beaches, as well as in the fact that Vela Luka is mere five kilometers by road or a mile by sea away. Other smaller islands, like Kamenjak and Ošjak, serve as additional protection for this lovely cove with abundant space for anchoring. A bit larger is the nearby Pičena cove, where Mario Dragojević turned his family summer home into a gastro-corner – the best kept secret on the island. In these times where every place, every business and every menu seems like a product catering to the social media crowds, Mr. Dragojević is doing things his way. First and foremost, the menu is sparse: surf or turf. If you can get past that and still feel like dropping by, beware – reservations are not a thing, the number of tables served is limited (especially during the pandemic), you can only come in for dinner, the dock is still being built, and the restaurant is famously un-present in the social media and avoids almost all other types of advertising. This approach, which probably would do won-

Desetljećima uspavani turizam sada dobiva novi zamah Local economy is awakening after decades of slumber


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Izgradnjom marine Korkyra zaokružena je priča o Veloj Luci kao idealnoj nautičkoj destinaciji Completion of Marina Korkyra finalizes the idea of Vela Luka as a yachting destination par excellence

uočiti, na društvenim mrežama ga nema, priprema samo večere pa nema izmjene stolova, privezišta (još) nema, a kako sam kaže, u korona sezoni poradili su na kvaliteti i digli cijene, pa je prošla bolje nego prethodna. Kao i mnogi mještani, slaže se kako potencijal razvoja leži u nautičkom turizmu, pa mnogi vide šansu oporavka u marini Korkyra koja se nakon desetljeća ipak otvorila, nažalost u najnesretnijim okolnostima. Naime, do prošle godine, unatoč gospodarstvu okrenutom moru i pomorstvu, Vela Luka nije imala nautičarsku privlačnost. Marina Korkyra projekt je koji bi u nekoj daljnjoj perspektivi trebao omogućiti ovom mjestu tranziciju u nautičko odredište, jer sa 132 veza marina može primiti i jahte do 50 metara, što u ovom slučaju otvara sasvim nove perspektive. Direktor marine Ivo Šegon kazuje kako su prirodne predispozicije i interes potencijalnih korisnika bili već neko vrijeme prisutni, pa su zaključili da je pravo vrijeme da krenu u projekt koji će ovo mjesto staviti na nautičku kartu Hrvatske i omogućiti dulju turističku sezonu. Dodaje kako su njihova ciljana publika prvenstveno nautičari iz susjednih zemalja te gosti zainteresirani za tranzitne vezove, ali i za stalne godišnje vezove. No, na tome se ne staje, jer je marina zamišljena kao dio resorta s hotelom Korkyra, također u njihovu vlasništvu, pa korisnicima marine na raspolaganju potpuno besplatno stoje dodatni tuševi, teretana i bazen hotela, a u marini se nalaze bar i à la carte restoran ‘Luky’, koji uz nezaboravan pogled na otočić Ošjak pruža i istinski gastronomski doživljaj baziran na autentičnoj domaćoj kuhinji i visokokvalitetnim namirnicama lokalnih dobavljača. Šegon ističe kako je izvedena tek prva faza marine, jer će se nakon izmještanja trajektne luke izgraditi dodatnih 30 vezova i lukobran koji će osi-

ders in many branches of tourism, yields a lot: the food is great, the atmosphere is relaxing and the prices are justifiably high. Mr. Dragojević and his unique approach to dining are looking at a really good season. Tourism is still something locals prefer not to think about, but they do agree it has potential. The ace up their sleeve is the long-suffering marina Korkyra. Finally opened for business after ten years in re-development limbo, the marina was ready to bloom in the year… 2020. Despite being smack in the middle of the Adriatic, and despite being birthplace of many professional sailors and crew members, Vela Luka lacks presence in the yachting world. Marina Korkyra, with 132 berths and welcoming yachts up to 50 meters in length, could be just what Vela Luka needs to put it on the yachting map of the region. Marina manager, Mr. Ivo Šegon, says natural predisposition is undeniable, and interest from many a potential guest have been around for a while, so management sees potential despite the global circumstances. The project that should, according to Mr. Šegon, put Vela Luka on the yachting map of Croatia and lengthen the yachting season, is aimed at boats from neighboring countries, as well as boats in transit through the region. If everything goes as planned, the marina will find itself in the heart of a project encompassing a hotel, a gym and a pool, a bar and a restaurant. The one restaurant in the marina, Luky, boasts the view of the picturesque island of Ošjak across the bay, and promises simple excellence of locally grown ingredients. Mr. Šegon says the project is merely in its first leg, and adds that the soon-to-be-built ferry port will add another 30 berths and a breakwater. This marina is just what Vela Luka was missing to blossom into a regional tourism powerhouse – other infrastructure (fueling

Destinacija Na samom ulazu u zaljev dočekuje vas otočić Proizd s predivnim plažama, poput one u uvali Bili bok At the entrance into the bay, the small island of Proizd lures with its pristine beaches, like the one in the Bili bok cove

gurati plovila na vezovima. Izgradnjom marine zaokružena je priča o Veloj Luci kao idealnoj turističkoj i nautičkoj destinaciji, jer je infrastruktura opskrba gorivom, carinski prijelaz, servis pa i trgovina nautičke opreme - već prisutna. Desetljećima uspavana ekonomija turizma sada dobiva nov zamah, a prema riječima direktora lokalne turističke zajednice Damjana Dragojevića, promociju će od 2021. godine značajnije fokusirati prema nautičarima, s obzirom na izgradnju nove marine. Činjenica je da se mještani Vele Luke sve više orijentiraju na turizam, a mjesto polako postaje turistički poželjna i ‘googlanija‘ destinacija. Tome u prilog ide i ogroman porast broja privatnih iznajmljivača, kao i investicije koje su se dogodile ili se upravo događaju, od čega je možda najvažniji novi putnički terminal. Uplovljavajući u zaljev dugačak skoro deset kilometara, sigurnu luku koja će vas štititi od svih vjetrova, prepoznali su i prastanovnici Vele Luke, koji su na brdu Humu, tek tridesetak minuta šetnje od samog središta današnjeg naselja, osnovali svoju zajednicu. Lokalitet Vela spila, prema riječima Dinka Radića, ravnatelja Centra za kulturu, centralne ustanove lokalne kulture, koji pokriva od prapovijesne zbirke, preko maketa brodova do zbirke umjetnina, jedinstven je i svjetski relevantan uvid ‘u prošlost Vele Luke, ali i cijelog otoka’. Upravo kreće proces elektrifikacije samog lokaliteta kako bi intenzivnije počeli radovi na nešto suvremenijem prikazu cjelokupnog života i kulture otoka, a povijest i arheologija postali su jedinstvena turistička ponuda. Drugi nevjerojatan arheološki lokalitet jesu Kopila - prapovijesna nekropola, čime se može zaokružiti jedna lijepa pješačka tura u trajanju od sat vremena za sve one posjetitelje željne istraživanja zaleđa. U samom mjestu, poglavito na Maloj rivi, krajem lipnja u spomen na sv. Ivana, čija se crkvica iz 14. st. nalazi na vrhu Glavice, u uvali Gradina, održava se tradicionalna veslačka regata (Gradina - Vela Luka), koja je ujedno jedna od najomiljenijih pučkih fešta, dok je ona sv. Josipa (19. ožujka) nešto svečanija, kako i priliči zaštitniku mjesta. Tada je možda i najbolje vrijeme pogledati ‘ples od boja’ kako Lučani nazivaju kumpaniju, specifičan ples s mačevima s Korčule, još jedan mjesni kulturološki adut i dokaz kako su Lučani ljudi o’umjetnosti, plesa i pjesme. Centar za kulturu ‘odgovoran’ je za široku lepezu ljetnih kulturnih događanja koncentriranih kroz srpanj i kolovoz, poput Luškog ljeta, brojnih izložbi te velike koncertne posvete Oliveru Dragojeviću - ‘Trag u

stations, customs office, boat repair shops and equipment shops) is already present. The place that spent decades napping in the sun is ready to wake up, and will in the nearest future, according to the director of the local tourist board, Mr. Damjan Dragojević, focus on yachts for the 2021 season. Even before the marina was completed, Vela Luka warmed up to tourism. The locals are business-minded, investments are many and generous, and the town with its surroundings is gaining popularity – at least if you ask Google. In addition to private accommodation, the town will soon have a tourist terminal ready to welcome the masses. The ten kilometer long bay that protects every town on the coast from wind is the most appealing part of the island topology – and always has been. First settlers on the island selected Hum hill for their prehistoric dwelling. Thirty minutes on foot from the heart of Vela Luka, the Vela spila prehistoric location gives a unique insight into the past of the entire island, according to Mr. Dinko Radić, director of the Vela Luka culture center. The center gathers exhibits ranging from prehistoric objects to boat models to works of art, with the goal of presenting the culture of the island through the ages. The center is currently working on adding the prehistoric dwelling site to the modern power grid for easier exploration, and in the future the history of the island should become another tourist attraction. Other than Hum hill, there are other historic sites on the island, including the necropolis of Kopila in the hinterland. The town of Vela Luka celebrates many historical events – at the end of June there’s the rowboat race of St. John (to whom the small 14th century church atop of Glavice hill in the bay of Gradina is dedicated). The race, which takes boats from Gradina to Vela Luka, is the most popular local event of the year, second perhaps only to the fest of St. Joseph (March 19th), patron saint of the town. The world-famous sword dance Kumpanija is performed in Vela Luka as well, under the name of Ples of boja. The Vela Luka culture center keeps a busy schedule and has an event for every week of the year, but the most interesting ones come in the summer months of July and August, gathered under the umbrella term Luško ljeto. The most recently created event celebrates the beloved local singer Oliver Dragojević (Trag u beskraju concert), but if you prefer quiet activities to music and dance, there are numerous exhibitions for every eye. Director Radić says the center plans to add more events to the celebration of the greatest voice of the island, and is planning to open (in two years, if all goes well) the Oliver Dragojević Museum. The museum will take a modern approach to presenting and celebrating the life and opus of the artist, and should attract many of his devoted fans – or inspire new ones. The town authorities have other, more ambitious plans as well – standing out among them is renovation of the old town dance and concert hall into a modern complex of museums and art galleries. After decades of sleep, after a difficult and confusing post-industrial period and the decidedly unfavorable transition into the new century, Vela Luka seems to be on the right track for success. Here’s to hoping that the new era of tourism and yachting will build on the island’s past, tradition and the good island vibe instead of outgrowing it fast and pushing it into a corner for another couple of decades.

Lokalitet Vela spila jedinstven je i svjetski relevantan uvid u prošlost Vele Luke, ali i cijelog otoka Vela spila archeology location gives a unique and relevant insight into the past of Vela Luka and the entire island

beskraju’. No, kako ne bi sve ostalo na ljetnoj smotri poznatih pjevača koji odaju počast legendarnom pjevaču, Dinko Radić, kroz dvije ‘optimistične’ godine, najavljuje otvaranje Muzeja Olivera Dragojevića, koji će na moderni muzeološki pristup prikazati život i djelo ovog jedinstvenog umjetnika, što će vjerojatno privući velik broj ljubitelja Oliverove ostavštine, a možda uputiti i neke strane posjetitelje na glazbenu kartolinu Dalmacije u čijem je središtu, barem za ovog pjevača, bila Vela Luka. Prema planovima Općine, kroz pet godina planira se i obnova starog zadružnog doma, koji bi trebao postati novi suvremeni muzejsko-galerijski prostor, kako i zaslužuje ovakvo mjesto. S obzirom na sve veću zainteresiranost gostiju, pogotovo nautičara, Vela Luka ima sada sve kako bi se konačno iz postindustrijskog razdoblja i nepovoljne tranzicije krajem prošlog stoljeća preselila u plodne turističke sfere budućnosti, a stara slava i tradicija dobrih vibracija otočnog mjesta bila zanimljivije interpretirana i postala novo nautičko odredište.

Važniji telefonski brojevi Useful phone numbers Info o vezovima: +385 (0)91 571 03 40,+385 (0)91 180 67 27 Lučka uprava Vela Luka Tel: +385 (0)20 813 520 Pičena Bay / Mario Dragojević: +385 (0)91 950 12 78 Centar za kulturu Vela Luka: +385 (0)20 813 602 Useful phone numbers Info on berths: +385 (0)91 571 03 40,+385 (0)91 180 67 27 Vela Luka Port Authority: +385 (0)20 813 520 Pičena Bay / Mario Dragojević: +385 (0)91 950 12 78 Vela Luka Culture center: +385 (0)20 813 602


The Art of Luxury

Meneghetti Raskošan multifunkcionalni resort u pitomom krajoliku Istre, s uglednom vinarijom i svjetski renomiranim maslinovim uljima, hotelom te restoranom, niže komplimente i priznanja sa svih krajeva svijeta An opulent multifunctional resort in the dreamlike Istrian landscape featuring a prominent winery and boasting world-renowned olive oil, hotel and restaurant is praised and recognised worldwide Text Hrvoje Petrić Photos Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery


Velebno i ekstravagantno ladanjsko imanje Meneghetti svoju priču započinje prije nešto manje od dva stoljeća. U vrijeme Markgrofovije Istre, koja je tada bila pripojena Habsburškoj Monarhiji i Austro-Ugarskoj, tu se nalazila vojna utvrda sa šestotinjak vojnika. Gospodin Meneghetti, čije je ime ostalo kroz povijest nepoznato, tu je kupio velik komad zemlje i krenuo saditi maslinike i vinograde, uzgajati stoku, graditi štale i podizati imanje s kojeg je opskrbljivao obližnju vojnu utvrdu te ugošćavao austrougarske časnike. Godine 2000. imanje obraslo gustom makijom i šumom kupili su Miroslav Plišo i njegova supruga Romana Kajfež te, uz puno truda, smisla za estetiku i s vizijom perspektivnog imanja, posjed pretvorili u raskošan multifunkcionalni resort s danas uglednom vinarijom i svjetski renomiranim maslinovim uljima, ali i hotelom te restoranom koji nižu komplimente i priznanja sa svih krajeva svijeta. Imanje se prostire na gotovo 400.000 četvornih metara, tako da je centralizirani hotel s vilama i rezidencijama okružen hektarima vinograda i maslinika te šumom, uređenim puteljcima k privatnoj plaži s pogledom na Brijune. Hotel je inače od 2013. godine član prestižne grupacije Relais & Châteaux. Suvremeno dizajniranim rezidencijama, vilama i suiteovima dominiraju kamen i drvo, što istodobno odiše rustikalnošću i elegancijom. Osim raskošnih smještajnih jedinica, tu je i restoran koji vodi chef Damir Pejčinović. Nedavno je napravljen i konceptualni zaokret u kulinarskoj filozofiji restorana koji aludira na suvremenu istarsko-talijansku tratoriju s izvrsnim servisom. Jela koja smo kušali iznimno su ukusna s naglaskom na sezonu, tradiciju i lokalitet, no prije svega znalački pripremljena i od visokokvalitetnih namirnica lokalnih dobavljača, poput sirane Latus i Kumparička, suhomesnatih proizvoda Franjul, mesa boškarina iz AZRRI-ja, svježe ribe iz sjevernog Jadrana, školjaka iz Limskog kanala i Kvarnera, povrća iz vlastitih vrtova, koje za njihove potrebe obrađuje OPG Božić, svega kilometar od ima-

To get to know the history of the glorious and extravagant Meneghetti estate, we need to go back a little less than two centuries ago. In the period of the Margraviate of Istria, then part of the Habsburg Monarchy and AustriaHungary, a fortified military compound accommodating some 600 soldiers was located in the area. A Mr. Meneghetti, whose name remains a mystery to this day, purchased a large piece of land here and started planting olive groves and vineyards, rearing livestock, building barns and shaping a property that would supply the nearby military compound and where he would host Austro-Hungarian officers. Overgrown in Mediterranean shrubland, it was purchased in 2000 by Miroslav Plišo and his wife, Romana Kajfež. With a lot of hard work, a keen sense of aesthetics and a vision for the promising estate, they turned the property into an opulent multifunctional resort with a prominent winery and world-renowned olive oil, featuring a hotel and restaurant praised and recognised worldwide. The estate spreads over nearly 400,000 square meters, the central hotel with villas and residences nestled amidst acres of vineyards, olive groves and woods, with idyllic pathways leading you to a private beach with a view of the Brijuni Islands. The hotel has been a member of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux association since 2013. Stone and wood dominate contemporary residences, villas and suites, exuding rusticity and elegance at the same time. Complementing lavish accommodations is a restaurant with Damir Pejčinović as head chef. The restaurant’s culinary philosophy has recently taken a conceptual turn, evoking a modern Istro-Italian trattoria charm with outstanding service. The dishes we tasted were delectable, focusing on seasonal food, tradition and location, but above all else, skillfully prepared using premium ingredients by local suppliers, such as the Latus dairy and Kumparička cheese farm, Franjul cured meats, Istrian cattle (boškarin) meat from AZRRI, fresh fish from

Coolinadriatica nja, dok kruh i brojne druge namirnice spravljaju sami. Novitet je i VIP private dining room limitiran za maksimalno osam osoba koji je od prvog dana iznimno tražen i koji oduševljava goste na najvišem nivou. Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery, uz glavni restoran, nudi i al fresco restaurant & lounge bar OlivetO, smješten u živopisnom eksterijeru tik do jednog od vanjskih bazena s pogledom na vinograde. Učestalo dupkom ispunjen za vrijeme ručka, OlivetO nudi konvencionalnu lokalnu kuhinju s određenim twistom i ponekim talijansko-istarskim klasikom. Osim vanjskih bazena i fitness centra u sklopu objekta, brojne rezidencije i vile također sadrže privatne bazene, a za slučaj lošeg vremena tu je i unutarnji bazen, sauna, te spa i wellness centar. Za one koji svoj odmor žele provesti uz more, Meneghetti je prošle godine otvorio Boho beach club na svojoj plaži u Barbarigi, udaljenoj nešto manje od dva kilometra od stancije. Do plaže možete doći autom, biciklom, hotelskim shuttleom ili pješice iz hotela hodajući kroz vinograde, maslinike i šumu, što će mnogima poslužiti kao idealna ruta za jutarnji jogging. Meneghetti je svoju veliku popularnost stekao i cijenjenim vinima te maslinovim uljima kojima već godinama niže nagrade na svjetskoj sceni. Od prve je berbe grožđa prošlo gotovo 18 godina, a ove je zime započeta i gradnja novog kompleksa vinarije koji bi trebao biti dovršen do konca ove godine. Kompleks će se prostirati na 15.000 četvornih metara i brojit će niz sadržajnih jedinica – vinski podrum s privatnom VIP degustacijskom salom, prostor za arhivska vina Meneghetti, ali i drugih vinara, kušaonicu te zgradu za proizvodnju vina. Ulaz u vinariju nalazi se nasuprot glavnog ulaza u imanje. S deset vinskih etiketa i gotovo 100.000 boca, vina Meneghetti krase sve vrsne vinske karte domaćih restorana, a perjanica vinarije Meneghetti Red simbolizira visoku kvalitetu i nosi renome jednog od najboljih crvenih hrvatskih vina.

the North Adriatic, clams from the Lim Channel and Kvarner, vegetables from their own garden, cultivated for them by a family farm Božić, just a mile from a property, while bread and many other products are prepared directly on the estate. A new addition is a VIP private dining room with an eight-person maximum capacity that has been highly sought after since it was introduced, enthralling high-level guests. In addition to the main restaurant, the Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery also has an al fresco restaurant & lounge bar, OlivetO, located in a picturesque setting right next to one of the outdoor pools overlooking the vineyards. Often chock-full at lunchtime, OlivetO offers conventional local cuisine with a twist and an occasional Istro-Italian classic. Other than outdoor pools and a fitness centre on the premises, many residences and villas also feature private pools. In case of bad weather, there is also the indoor pool, sauna and a spa and wellness centre. For those of you wishing to spend your vacation by the sea, last year, Meneghetti opened the Boho beach club on its beach in Barbariga, less than two kilometres away from the estate, known locally as Stanzia. You can reach the beach by car, bike, hotel shuttle or on foot, wandering through vineyards, olive groves and woods on your way from the hotel, which is an ideal route for your morning jog. Meneghetti owes its fame to renowned wines and olive oils, winning award after award worldwide for several years now. It has been nearly 18 years since the first grape harvest, with a new winery complex in the works since last winter, set to be completed by the end of the year. The new complex will cover 15,000 square meters and have a number of facilities – a wine cellar with a private VIP tasting room, a space for archive wines from Meneghetti and other great winemakers, tasting room and a wine production building. The entrance to the winery can be found opposite the estate entrance.

Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery je hotel s 40 soba, izvanrednim restoranom, vrhunskim i nagrađivanim vinima i maslinovim uljima Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery has 40 rooms and a fine dining restaurant where you can choose from their long, exquisite and award-winning wine and olive oil list

Perfect Pe erf rfec rfe ect EEscape sca cape pe Novi jelovnik Meneghettija kombinacija je istarske i talijanske kuhinje s naglaskom na sezonu, tradiciju i lokalitet The new menu at Meneghetti brings together Istrian and Italian cuisine, finding inspiration in finest local and seasonal ingredients

Ovog smo proljeća imali priliku kušati i novo vino vinarije Meneghetti, malvaziju Moni Emvasis iz 2017. godine, koja je 18 mjeseci odležavala u inoks tanku, a zatim dodatno dvije godine u bocama. Vinogradi vinarije Meneghetti nalaze se na pozicijama Val Gambalera u Balama, dok im malvazija potječe iz najboljeg istarskog područja za tu sortu – motovunske regije. Ne zaboravimo njihova nagrađivana maslinova ulja koja su već 15 godina u samom svjetskom vrhu sudeći prema najprestižnijem svjetskom vodiču maslinovih ulja Flos Olei. Još je 2006. godine na ocjenjivanju u Rimu, buža pod nazivom Meneghetti Izbor proglašena najboljim maslinovim uljem na svijetu u kategoriji intenzivno voćnih okusa u konkurenciji 6000 maslinovih ulja iz cijeloga svijeta. Istra, koju je Flos Olei već šestu godinu zaredom proglasio najboljom maslinarskom regijom, savršena je za uzgoj maslina, a uz bužu u Meneghettiju kušajte i bjelicu, rosulju te leccino. Vjerujem da smo vam uspjeli prenijeti bar djelić impresija koje smo doživjeli u Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery. Razloga za ponovni dolazak imamo pregršt i nestrpljivo iščekujemo novu priliku da ih posjetimo i uživamo svim osjetilima. With 10 wine varieties and nearly 100,000 bottles, Meneghetti wines adorn all top wine lists at Croatian restaurants, while the winery’s flagship wine, the Meneghetti Red, is a synonym of high quality and has a reputation of being one of the best red wines in Croatia. This spring, we had the privilege of tasting the 2017 Meneghetti Moni Emvasis, a Malvasia aged in stainless steel tanks for 18 months and then two more years in bottle. The Meneghetti estate vineyards Val Gambalera are located in Bale, while the Malvasia comes from the best part of Istria for the variety – the area of Motovun. We mustn’t forget the award-winning olive oils that have been at the very top worldwide for 15 years now according to world-renowned olive oil guide Flos Olei. The Meneghetti ‘Izbor’, made from the indigenous Buža olive variety, was named the best olive oil in the world in the category of ‘intensely fruity aroma’, competing with over 6,000 olive oils from around the world in Rome in 2006. Named best olive oil region in the world by Flos Olei for six years in a row, Istria is perfect for growing olives. In addition to the Buža, you should also try the Bjelica, Rosulja and Leccino varieties when in Meneghetti. We trust that we have managed to convey at least a fragment of the impression that the Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery has made on us. There are a myriad reasons to revisit and we can’t wait to do so and experience a treat for all the senses.


Svaka boca Luke Krajančića neopterećena je, ali ne i lišena tradicije, i ispunjena vinom s jasnim okusima i mirisima Korčule, crnog otoka bijelih vina

Text Filip Bubalo Photos Damir Pačić & Mario Zlokić

Every bottle of wine Luka Krajančić makes is light – but not because it’s deprived of tradition – brimming with clear aromas and flavors of the Black island famous for its white wine


Luka Krajančić u vinarskim krugovima sinonim je za ‘nadrealno’ dobre pošipe poput Intrade, dok je, za prave poznavatelje, svoje mjesto pod reflektorima vinske scene izborio odležanim vinima (sur-lie), koji otok Korčulu, ovu sortu i njega samog predstavljaju u novoj perspektivi. Svaka boca Luke Krajančića neopterećena je, ali ne i lišena tradicije, i ispunjena vinom s jasnim okusima i mirisima ovog crnog otoka bijelih vina, kako on to voli reći. Kao i sve njegove etikete koje pomno slaže sa slikama i riječima za svaku ediciju, od ozbiljnog Statuta, preko Opere i Mora, pa sve do zaigranih edicija Ježine i Rosea, Luka je nositelj nekoliko talenata, od kojih se s filozofijom vina savršeno isprepleće njegovo pjesništvo, koje nesebično dijeli kad god je dobra prilika. Sljedbenika obiteljske tradicije, ali i u potpunosti predanog viziji što bi moderno vino trebalo biti, Luku smo posjetili u njegovu domu/kušaoni u Zavalatici, s pogledom prema moru i nekoliko milja udaljenom Mljetu, te uz ‘orange’ pošip Operu, Moro, i njegov budući plavac, pokušali otkriti tajnu korčulanskih vina na Krajančićev način. Vinarija Krajančić svakom svojom novom sezonom oduševljava ljubitelje vina, pošipa naročito, i tako još od 1993. Povijest vaše obitelji vezala se uz vinovu lozu davno prije. Što za vas osobno znači bavljenje vinarstvom? Moj posao je usko vezan uz obiteljsku tradiciju jer se moja obitelj spominje na venecijanskom popisu 1538. i od tada do danas vezana je uz vino i masline. Kao šestogodišnjaka dida me stavio u badanj, govoreći: ‘Sinko, sad si dovoljno star da možeš mečit grozje.’ To je bila moja inicijacija u svijet vinarstva. Za mene vino nije egzistencijalna stvar, vino je filozofija, a u cijeloj priči moja obitelj usko je vezana uz dobru energiju. Ako mi možemo proizvesti nešto, napraviti vino koje je po našem guštu i ako ono dođe do srca konzumenata, onda je to zatvoreni krug. Vino je nešto što je duboko ukorijenjeno u našu bit - nas ljudi s otoka. S vinom se rađamo, a i kad netko umre, uz vino se okupimo i slavimo život. Koliko vam znači ovaj krajolik, kamen, odnosno suhozidi iz kojih su vinogradi izniknuli i pristave kojim su čak i cijela brda kultivirana? Kada čovjek dođe u neku životnu dob, kada treba dokazati sebe kroz nešto, otok ne ostavlja puno alternativa. Okreneš se oko sebe, sve je maslina i loza, kamen i more. Mi se tu bavimo prvenstveno pošipom, grožđem koje je autohtono korčulansko, koji je nastajao križanjem drugih dviju autohtonih sorti - bratkovine i zlatarice, bez upliva čovjeka, samo priroda. Položaj Čare i Smokvice priča je koja se razdijelila pojavom filoksere. Prije pojave te bolesti vinove loze svi položaji su bili zasađeni, a nakon toga loza se udomaćila u ravničarskim terenima tako da je bilo lakše za obrađivati. Ono što me svaki put fascinira kada dođem na taj položaj iznova, priča je o Pavlja luci i Žrnovskoj defori (južna strana). To su vjerojatno i najekstremniji položaji za sadnju na svijetu i još je jedan jedini vinograd koji je ostao tamo, urezan u brdu. Račišće je isto zaboravljena priča, nevjerojatni splet suhozida, stotine tona kamena za tristotinjak loza, pa skaline od jednog loza do drugog. Kada se iz dna vinograda penješ prema gore i dođeš na vrh, osjećaš se poput Zeusa! Na natjecanju Decanter, Jakša Krajančić je za pošip Nericu 2018. donio prvo zlato za Korčulu. Može li se na tom planu napraviti malo više? Bilo koja nagrada na svjetskim izložbama dio je naše priče. Tu moram spomenuti Branka Cebala, izvanrednog čovjeka, koji je prvi krenuo vino raditi u privatnom angažmanu. On je 2019. godine na IWC-u dobio medalju za svoj Grk, a malo se o tome pričalo. Što god više bude novih generacija vinara, ti ponekad

Any wine connoisseur, will immediately connect the name Luka Krajančić with surreal good Pošip wine (like Intrada), but the few true masters will tell you he has fought his way onto the stage with sur-lie wines, putting a new spin on the island he comes from, the grape and his skills. Every bottle of wine Luka Krajančić makes feels light – but not because it’s deprived of tradition – and brimms with clear aromas and flavors of the Black island famous for white wine, as he likes to say. Luka is talented in more ways than one. His labels are a work of art, with images carefully selected to represent local milestones and icons - the very serious Statut, the very stylish Opera and Moro, but they can also be playful and light like the wine Ježina and Rose. His poetry is a gift he is ready to share with everyone with an appreciative ear. We visited this dedicated poet of wine in his home/tasting room in Zavalatica, where gazing towards the blue and the neighboring island of Mljet we tasted his orange Pošip Opera, Moro and a future Plavac, and had the privilege of discovering the secret of Korčula vines through his eyes. Krajančić winery brings joy to all wine lovers with every new season, and has been since opening in 1993. Krajančić family has been making Pošip for centuries before that. What does winemaking mean to you? My job is my family tradition. My family name is already mentioned in the Venetian census in 1538, and already then we were olive-oil producers and winemakers. I remember the day when my grandpa lifted me into a barrel when I was six years old and told me, son, you’re old enough to stomp grape. That was my initiation into winemaking. For me, wine is not an existential need, it’s a philosophy. And our family philosophy is all about positive energy. If we can make something, if we can create a wine, we like and present it to wine lovers, we’ve succeeded in our mission. Wine is deeply ingrained into our way of life here on the island – we’re born into that culture, we celebrate life enjoying wine. How much does the island mean to you – the scenery, the specific stone walls around the vineyards, the cascading terrain of the hills where grapes are grown? When you reach a certain age, you realize you need something to define you, but on an island, your choices are limited. Wherever you look, it’s just olives, grapes, stone and the sea. On Korčula, we almost exclusively grow Pošip, our local variety created naturally from two other local varieties, Bratkovina and Zlatarica. The villages of Čara and Smokvica were isolated by chance, when grape phylloxera devastated the grapes – before the epidemic, the island was all under grape, but later, the plants were transfered to valleys for easier processing. It never ceases to amaze me where grapes like to grow: ‘Pavlja luka’ and ‘Žrnovska defora’ on the south side of the island surely are among the most extreme grape-growing locations in the world. There is but one vineyard left there, high in the hills. The village of Račišće is another extreme spot; an unbelievable combination of dry stone walls, hundreds of tones of stone upon which around three hundred plants grow. The climb up there to the top of that vineyard makes you feel like Zeus climbing to Olympus. Decanter lists Nerica Pošip made by your cousin Jakša Krajančić won the golden medal in 2018. Have winemakers from island set goals higher? Any world award is an achievement, and local wines have won several. First and foremost, Branko Cebalo, winemaker extraordinaire who set out to make wine before any of us ever did, won IWC gold for his Grk wine in 2019 – and that story went under the radar. Generally speaking, we are an industry of individuals, but as our



tvrdi odnosi bit će sve mekši, a jasno je da bez zajedničkog pomaganja i zajedništva neće biti napretka, pa i nagrada. Što vas je privuklo toj metodi sur-lie (odležana) vina, koja su sada sinonim za vina Krajančić? Sur-lie, kao i većina mojih vina, došlo je kao odgovor na najvažnije civilizacijsko pitanje: Zašto ne? Sad davne 2006. prvi sam krenuo u tu igru s finim talozima u drvenim bačvama. Kritike su u početku bile izrazito negativne, no to mi je bilo poticajno za daljnja istraživanja. Godinu kasnije preskočili smo zbog suše, no zato smo 2010. u Bordeauxu za ‘Pošip Sur-Lie 2009.’ dobili zlato. To je bilo prvo suho bijelo vino koje je dobilo zlatno odličje. Nakon toga, mnogi su krenuli s eksperimentiranjem u drvenim bačvama. Macerirana vina vaše su polje za eksperimente. Kako odrediti granicu dobrog okusa i koje sorte imaju još potencijala? Odnos čovjeka s maceriranim vinima sasvim je osoban, to je kao odnos čovjeka i Boga, muškarca i žene. Ako niste kliknuli, to ne ide. Vino ima poslanje, prije svega da isprovocira moždane vijuge i da vam probudi uspomene. Svi ti mirisi koji putuju po glavi, po njima možete složiti sliku nekog prostora. Naravno, poslanje vina je i da vas promijeni, da vas učini boljim ili gorim. To, naravno, ovisi o čovjeku, ali i o vinu. Vino iz 2012. smo radili sa sto dana odležavanja, iz 2019. s 39 dana, a sad idemo na 28 dana. To je priča koja mene kao čovjeka vraća na početak jer takva su vina početak svih ostalih vina. To je i najteže vino za napraviti, pogotovo ako želiš napraviti vino koje nije opterećeno nekim efektima koji ne pripadaju vinu, koji nisu ugodni nosu i nepcu. Pošip ima potencijala za to, a posebno me veseli priča s maceriranim grkom (autohtona korčulanska sorta) koja će se pojaviti kroz koju godinu, a koju još nitko nije pokušao. Moj prijatelj Bire (vinar Frano Milina) upravo eksperimentira, pa ćemo za koju godinu vidjeti što nam ta korčulanska sorta nudi u maceriranoj verziji. Vaša kći Ivana definitivno nastavlja obiteljsku tradiciju? Ove godine Ivana je završila studij agronomije i vinu treba nova energija, drukčiji pristup. Dat ću joj odriješene ruke, jer sam svoj veliki dio ispričao, a sada ona nastavlja sa sličnim provokacijama! Kad su me jednom pitali tko mi je uzor, odgovor je vrlo jednostavan. Prvo did, pa otac i mati, koji su dijelili ljubav, a ništa nisu tražili zauzvrat, a sada kći. Sva ta inspiracija dolazi iz komunikacija s njima kao nositeljima prostora, onda i sa mnom, kao dijelom tog mikrokozmosa koji me čini takvim kakvim jesam. Nekad malo težak, malo uvrnut, ali to me određuje. Naša maksimalna proizvodnja je pedesetak tisuća butelja, na oko 6,6 hektara. To je dosta i previše.

story continues, I believe we’ll come together. New generations of winemakers are already co-operating, helping each other with progress in mind. Success and awards will flow organically from this trend. What was it that initially attracted you to the sur-lie method for which Krajančić wines are famous for? I got the idea for sur-lie just like I got the idea for all my wines. I answered the most important question in the history of our civilization: why not? Back in 2006, I left some sediment in wooden barrels and presented first sur-lie wines – they were almost extremely negatively received, but that only made me want to do better next time. We skipped the process the following year due to drought, but in 2010 we won gold for our Pošip Sur-Lie 2009. It was the first dry white wine to even be given that particular award. After that, many other winemakers have started experimenting with wooden barrels. I have tasted your macerate wine (48 days) which is extreme. How do you draw that line of good taste? Macerated wine is all about instincts. There’s a very personal relationship between the maker and such wine, reminiscent of the relationship one has with a woman or God. If you’re not feeling it, it is not it. Every wine has a mission: to provoke the brain, to elicit memories. All those aromas float around in your brain and can take you to a place or a time. Wine can change you, turn you into a better person – or a worse one. That does depend on the person, but it also depends on the wine. Back in 2012 we aged the wine 100 days, in 2019 we aged it 39 days, and now we’re aging it 28 days. Making macerated wine is something basic, and that’s why it’s tricky: you want to make a light wine, a wine that doesn’t contain unpleasant elements and will not tickle the palate or the nose the wrong way. Pošip has a lot of potential for maceration, as does another local variety, Grk. My friend Bire (vinemaker Frano Milina) is experimenting with maceration on Grk, as am I, so in a couple of years we’ll see if it was worth it. Your daughter Ivana is following in your footsteps? My daughter has recently graduated agronomy, yes. Winemaking needs fresh energy, a fresh approach – and I’ve decided to let her do her thing. I’ve told my story, and now it’s time for her to come up with her own ways to tickle the palate and the mind. Sometimes I’m asked about who influenced me as a winemaker, and my answer never changes - my grandpa, my father and mother, who spread the love and expected nothing in return, and now my daughter. I’m inspired by people and places, by the notion I’m part of a microcosm that shaped me into what I am. I can be difficult, I can be weird, but it’s who I am. Our maximum output is 50.000 bottles from 6,6 hectares – it’s more than enough.

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Višestruko talentiran, Luka Krajančić filozofiju vina savršeno isprepleće s pjesništvom As a multi-talented man, Luka Krajančić perfectly intertwines the philosophy of wine with poetry

Čovjeka veseli raditi posao koji voli i onda ga ne smatra poslom, nego nadogradnjom sebe. I zato se smatram ispunjenim čovjekom. Gdje vidite Korčulu u sljedećoj dekadi u smislu klimatskih promjena? Evidentno je da klimatske promjene utječu na kulture koje su stoljećima tu, poput loze i masline. Mi smo evo ove godine prvi put bili prisiljeni navodnjavati jedan mladi vinograd zato što je počeo pokazivati nedostatke u smislu da dobivamo sirovinu iz koje ne možemo napraviti ništa. Za nas je to ozbiljno ulaganje i tu nema isplativosti. Klimatske promjene se događaju periodično nekih deset tisuća godina, sad je pitanje koliko čovjek utječe na to. Mi smo na otoku prošli i puno gorih stvari. Pandemija koronavirusa je u okruženju u kojem se ja krećem složila neke prioritete i stvari na svoje mjesto. Sad je najbitnije biti zdrav, čuvati obitelj i uživati u ‘malim’ zadovoljstvima, kao što je čaša vina.

If you’re doing something you love, it’s not work. It’s an extension of my personality, and it makes me complete. Where is Korčula heading in the decade to come in respect to global climate changes? It’s obvious the climate change has forever impacted cultures like grape and olive. This year, for example, we were forced to irrigate a small vineyard that never needed extra watering before. It just stopped giving us what we need to make good wine. Climate change seems to occur every ten thousand years and it still remains to be seen how much of it is our fault. Safe to say, this island has seen worse. As for the covid pandemic, at least in my community it has set some things right, it made us see priorities clearly. All we care about at the moment is health, family and small pleasures – like a glass of good wine.


Text Davorka Krnić-Trick Photos TZ Šibensko-kninske županije / Valerio Baranović & Ivo Pervan

TASTE LIKE DALMATIA ŠIBENIK Neka vas od 3. do 6. lipnja zavedu okusi šibenskoga kraja. Doživite vina, maslinova ulja, rakije i craft piva kroz manifestacije ‘Dani otvorenih kušaonica’ te ‘Pidoča & debit se vole’ This June, from 3rd to 6th, allow yourself to be seduced by the flavors of Šibenik and its region. Enjoy wine, olive oil, rakija (schnapps) and craft beer during events ‘Dani otvorenih kušaonica’ and ‘Pidoča & Debit se vole’ Od Pirovca do Primoštena, od Šibenika preko Plastova, Oklaja i Drniša sve do Knina, pa od planina Dinare, Promine i Svilaje preko rijeke Krke te natrag do mora i otoka, proteže se raznoliko područje Šibensko-kninske županije, gdje se na manje od 3000 četvornih kilometara i manje od sat vremena vožnje izmjenjuju klime od gotovo planinske i kontinentalne do tipične mediteranske. Na ovom relativno malom području uzgajaju se i babić i debit. Blizina mora, škrto tlo i obilje sunca babiću daju snagu, a samo nekoliko kilometara dalje u zaleđu, gdje je tlo dublje i noći hladnije, udomaćio se debit. Preferirate li autohtone ili internacionalne sorte, suha vina ili slatke prošeke, raritetne pjenušce od babića, opole (rose) od lasine ili plavine... ovdje sigurno možete pronaći svog favorita ili otkriti nekog novog. Na širem području Šibenika i Knina, od 3. do 4. lipnja, održat će se ‘Dani otvorenih kušaonica’, na kojima će hedonisti uz kupljenu dnevnu kartu moći obići i kušati više od 100 različitih finih vina, maslinovih ulja, craft piva, rakija i likera na dvadesetak lokacija. Organizatori će se pobrinuti da posjetitelji dobiju sve potrebne informacije i usluge, a prvi kupci ulaznica dobit će i neke posebne benefite. Sigurno ste na području oko Šibenskog mosta primijetili i uzgajališta školjki - dagnji ili, kako u Šibeniku kažu, ‘pidoča’. Zbog utjecaja rijeke Krke i fitoplanktona kojima se pidoča hrani, ona ovdje posebno brzo raste i bogata je mesom. Iako bi u slatkoj vodi uginula jer se radi o morskoj školjki, hrana koju joj nosi rijeka koja prolazi kroz krški, vapnenački kraj značajno utječe na njezin rast i kvalitetu. U proljeće, kada zatopli, počinje bujanje mesa u ljušturi pidoče i ona postaje sve punija i ukusnija. Otprilike u isto vrijeme mladi debit puni se u boce i spreman kreće prema tržištu. Upravo na stolu oni se susreću i nastaje ljubav između pune, mlade pidoče i svježeg, lepršavog debita – pozivamo vas da ih kušate i uvjerite se da su stvarno idealan par. U subotu 5. lipnja, u večernjim satima, na šibenskoj rivi kuhat će se, peći i jesti: pidoče na buzaru, na latu, na salatu ili dimljene, pohane i u rižotu. Uz svako jelo preporučit će vam i debit koji je tom jelu najbolji par. Dopustite da vas Taste Like Dalmatia Šibenik zavede i oduševi.


From Pirovac to Primošten, from Šibenik through Plastovo, Oklaj and Drniš to Knin, from the mountains of Dinara, Promina and Svilaja to the Krka River and back to the sea and islands – the Šibenik-Knin County covers less than 3,000 square meters, but in less than an hour’s drive, you can experience nearly Alpine, continental and typical Mediterranean climates. Both Babić and Debit varieties are grown in this relatively small space. Proximity of the sea, hard soil and plenty of sun make Babić a potently flavored wine, while some kilometers into the hinterland, where the soil is softer, deeper, and the nights are colder, variety locally known as Debit reigns supreme. Regardless of whether you prefer indigenous varieties or international ones, dry wines or sweet prošek, rare sparkling wines made from Babić or ‘opol’ (rose) wines made from the Lasina or Plavina... you will undoubtedly find your favourite here or even discover a new one. The region around Šibenik and Knin will this June 3rd and 4th host local event ‘Dani otvorenih kušaonica’, during which hedonists can taste more than 100 wines, olive oil, craft beer, schnapps and various alcoholic beverages, all for a day’s admission. Additional benefits await first customers, and the organizer will provide a detailed guide with every ticket. You must have noticed shellfish farms near the Šibenik Bridge, where common mussels, known as ‘pidoče’ in Šibenik, are grown. Thanks to the Krka River and phytoplankton that provide food for mussels, they grow particularly fast here and are quite meaty. Being a saltwater shellfish, it would not survive in freshwater, but nutrients provided by the river that passes through karst and limestone areas have a major effect on its growth and quality. When it gets warm in the spring, the meat starts to grow in the mussel’s shell and it becomes fuller and tastier. Approximately at the same time, young Debit is bottled and heads to the market. This perfect marriage of two soulmates, the fresh, succulent mussel and the crisp, flirty debit wine, is a joyous occasion you should definitely grace with your presence and your palate. In the evening of 5 June 2021, at the Šibenik Waterfront (‘Riva’) mussels will be cooked, roasted and eaten buzara-style, in a salad, smoked, fried breaded or in a risotto. You will naturally get a recommendation for a Debit that pairs best with a specific dish. Allow yourself to be seduced and delighted by Taste Like Dalmatia Šibenik.

Yachts Recommends Na škrtoj zemlji babić ima potencijal dati vino punog tijela, umjerenih tanina, lijepe voćnosti i svježine Hard soil brings out the best in Babić - full body, moderate tannins, lovely fruitiness and freshness

Lasina je svojevrstan endem, sorta prisutna isključivo u vinogradima Plastova i Oklaja. Svilenkasta tekstura ovog vina mnoge podsjeća na eleganciju crnog pinota. Neki ga zovu lasin, drugi lasina, ali svi mu odaju priznanje riječima ‘nema vina do lasine’ Lasina is an endemic variety found exclusively in vineyards of Plastovo and Oklaj. The silky texture of this wine is reminiscent of an elegant Pinot noir. Some call the variety Lasin, others Lasina, but everyone agrees that there’s no wine like Lasina

Najraširenija bijela vinska sorta na šibenskokninskom području je debit: pitak, nježnih aroma, umjerenih kiselina i niskih alkohola The most widespread white wine variety in the Šibenik-Knin area is Debit – goes down easily, has delicate aroma, moderate acids and is low in alcohol

Jeste li znali da je pidoča ili dagnja ‘superhrana’? U 100 g mesa dagnje ima 86 kcal energije i 11,9% proteina. Obiluje vitaminima A, C i B12, selenom, manganom, željezom, jodom, kalijem, natrijem, mineralima, folnom kiselinom, omega-3 masnim kiselinama i bjelančevinama Did you know that pidoča – or mussels are – a superfood? 100 g of mussel meat has 86 kcal of energy and 11.9% protein. It abounds in vitamins A, C and B12, selenium, manganese, iron, iodine, potassium, sodium, minerals, folic acid, omega-3 fatty acids and proteins



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Marijan Dželalija, CEO Yacht-Pool Croatia and Dr. Friedrich Schöchl, founder and CEO of Yacht-Pool International

Yacht-Pool je 1976. godine osnovao dr. Friedrich Schöchl, koji još uvijek vodi tvrtku. Poticaj za osnivanje i održivi pokretač rasta Yacht-Poola tad je, kao i sad, bilo slabo poznavanje pitanja oko pomorskog prava i pravnih rizika kojima su izloženi skiperi i vlasnici jahti. I sam aktivan jedriličar s mnogo prijatelja koji vole plovidbu, dr. Friedrich Schöchl je shvatio da mnoge uobičajene police osiguranja plovila imaju značajne praznine u pokrivanju te određenu pravnu nedorečenost, koja ide na štetu nautičara. Tako je 1976. osnovao Yacht-Pool kao ‘bazen’ vlasnika i skipera jahti, s namjerom da uvede ravnotežu u neuravnoteženi odnos između vlasnika i skipera, na jednoj strani, i osiguravajućih društava, na drugoj. Već i zbog velikog broja klijenata, Yacht-Pool postao je ozbiljan partner za osiguravatelje, što je omogućilo razvoj i primjenu vlastitih, prema potrebama klijenata, pomno skrojenih uvjeta osiguranja. Umjesto da traži klijente za osiguranje, tvrtka se od početka usredotočila na potrebe klijenata i razvila prikladne koncepte pokrića, za koje je tad pronašla osiguravatelje spremne i sposobne podnijeti novi rizik. Jedno od većih postignuća je bilo uvođenje police koja pokriva svaki rizik (osigurano je sve što nije isključeno), koje je u svakom pogledu bilo superiornije od uobičajenih polica koje su pokrivale samo jednu vrstu rizika (osigurano je samo ono što je izričito navedeno). Još jedan izvanredan koncept Yacht-Poola je osiguranje odgovornosti skipera, koje je danas postalo uobičajeno za gotovo svakog rekreativnog skipera. Sve ostale vrste osiguranja u čarteru, koje su danas opće poznate, također potječu iz think-tanka Yacht-Poola. Kuća još i danas razvija sve svoje proizvode osiguranja i usluge bez iznimke – iz prakse za primjenu. Sve od razvoja proizvoda i politike do upravljanja potraživanjima u rukama je tvrtke, a upravo koncept usluga orijentiran na praksu i stručnost razlog je zašto je Yacht-Pool danas jedan od glavnih europskih osiguravatelja skipera, vlasnika jahti i operatora čarter flote. Yacht-Pool je prisutan u mnogim zemljama, od Finske do Grčke, s vlastitim podružnicama i kroz suradnju s odabranim agentima i stručnjacima, a od početka 2018. godine direktno je prisutan i u Hrvatskoj, kao nositelj franšize na čelu s kreatorom i vlasnikom dr. Friedrichom Schöchlom.

Yacht-Pool was founded in 1976 by Dr. Friedrich Schöchl, who still leads the company. The founding impetus and sustainable motor of the growth of Yacht-Pool was the insuficient knowledge at that time on the subjects of maritime law and legal risks for skippers and yacht owners. As an active sailor and through family ties, Dr. Friedrich Schöchl found that many of the boat insurance policies common at that time had significant coverage gaps and legal uncertainties to the disadvantage of sailors. In 1976 he founded Yacht-Pool as ‘Pool of Yacht owners and Skippers’ to counterbalance the asymmetrical relationship between the always alone standing owners and skippers and the always strong insurance companies. With its total volume, Yacht-Pool has become a serious partner for insurers. This enabled YachtPool to develop and implement their own insurance conditions, carefully made for the needs and interests of the customers. Instead of looking for customers for insurances, company focused from the beginning on the needs of customers and developed suitable coverage concepts, for which insurers were then found who were willing and able to bear these new risks. A major achievement was the introduction of ‘All-Risk Coverage’ (everything that is not excluded is insured), which was far superior to the usual ‘single-risk-coverage’ (insured is only what is explicitly stipulated) in every respect. Another outstanding invention of Yacht-Pool is the SkipperLiability-Insurance, which today has become a matter of course for almost every skipper. All other charter insurance that is common today also origins from the Yacht-Pool think tank. To date, Yacht-Pool develops all its insurance and service products without exception itself - from practice for practice. Everything from product development and policy to claims management is under the control of company and this practice-oriented service concept is the reason why Yacht-Pool is nowadays one of the major European insurers for charter skippers, owners and charter fleet operators and is represented in many countries from Finland to Greece with its own branches and selected surveyors and experts. From early 2018, Yacht-Pool has been operative in Croatia as well, as a franchise holder led by the founder and owner Dr. Friedrich Schöchl.


Budućnost elitnog jedrenja Future of Sailing for the Elite

Ivan Kljaković Gašpić Kroz projekt ACI Sail Hrvatska se razvija kao ekskluzivna destinacija za regate koje su dio prestižne ClubSwan obitelji

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Through project ACI Sail, Croatia is aiming to develop into an elite sailing destination with races in the prestigious ClubSwan family

Istaknuti hrvatski jedriličar Ivan Kljaković Gašpić, osvajač srebra i bronce na svjetskim prvenstvima, višestruki europski prvak i trostruki sudionik Olimpijskih igara, nešto više od godinu dana aktivno radi kao projekt-menadžer ACI Sail projekta za koji vjeruje da će obilježiti budućnost jedrenja na Jadranu. S ciljem stvaranja novih vrijednosti i obogaćivanja kompletne turističke ponude jedrenja i nautike u Hrvatskoj, ACI Sail i flota od šest najnaprednijih svjetskih jedrilica ClubSwan 36 jamče jedinstveno jedriličarsko iskustvo. Prva skradinska regata, održana sredinom travnja, otvorila je nautičku sezonu za 2021. godinu, gdje je i ACI Sail imao priliku sudjelovati, a bila nam je povod da s Bambijem, kako ga vole zvati, porazgovaramo o planovima za nadolazeću sezonu i budućnost jedrenja. ‘Sudjelovanje na prvoj skradinskoj regati dogodilo se spontano na poziv organizatora i našeg kolege Slavena Boguta, direktora ACI marine Skradin, koji je izrazio želju da kao ACI Sail uveličamo regatu, ali i da zajedničkim snagama promoviramo Hrvatsku i nadolazeću sezonu koja, po mome mišljenju, sramežljivo dolazi i za koju se nadam da će doći u punom jeku kroz lipanj i srpanj. Na regatu smo došli bez prevelikih očekivanja, koja je unatoč pandemiji uspjela okupiti impresivnu flotu od 19 brodova, od kojih je sedam-osam bilo ozbiljnih regatnih jedrilica s kvalitetnim posadama, a i uvjeti za jedrenje bili su savršeni. Bilo je 10 do 20 čvorova juga u jačanju kroz dan na Prokljanskom jezeru, koje je pružilo prekrasnu vizuru, a more je bilo bez vala. Zaista smo guštali u jedrenju četiri štap plova koja su prošla bez ikakvih lomova i nezgoda, što je i bilo najbitnije, a regata nam je poslužila i kao dobar trening za upoznavanja broda za sezonu.’ Mogli bismo reći da je regata poslužila kao svojevrsna stilska vježba, ali što je zapravo sezona za ACI Sail? Sezona za ACI Sail započinje s Trening centrom, u ACI marini Split, koji je ujedno i prvi ekskluzivni ClubSwan 36 centar na svijetu. Trening centar je već aktivan, odnosno prve klijente smo imali krajem veljače, pa bih mogao kazati da je naša sezona počela vrlo rano. Isti vlasnik, koji se priprema za regatnu sezonu 2021., početkom travnja je ponovno došao sa svojom posadom na novu lekciju jedrenja. Očekujemo dobar odaziv za nadolazeću sezonu, za koju imamo i jako dobre naznake, međutim pandemija koronavirusa dosta toga sprječava. Trenutno smo u fazi čekanja da korona da zeleno svjetlo da krenemo u trku. Ako sezona bude kakvom se nadate, što od nje očekujete? Uvjeren sam da ćemo ove godine sigurno imati tri do četiri broda iznajmlje-

Successful Croatian competitive sailor Ivan Kljaković Gašpić, winner of silver and bronze medals in world championships, multiple European champion and three-time Olympian, has for the past year or so been putting his know-how into the service of project ACI Sail, which he says will shape the future of sailing on the Adriatic. Aimed at adding value and meaning to Croatian tourism and sailing, project ACI Sail – backed by a fleet of six ClubSwan 36 sailboats, one of the finest sailboats at the moment – is set to offer sailing experience on a whole new level. The opener of the 2021 sailing season was the Skradin race, in early April, where we talked to Bambi, as Ivan is often called, about the project, plans for the upcoming season and the future of sailing in Croatia. ‘We entered the Skradin race without planing to, after being invited by the organizer, a good friend and colleague, Mr. Slaven Bogut of ACI Marina Skradin. He believed our presence at the race would add to the competition, but also wanted to talk about the upcoming sailing season, which, in my opinion, is merely limping along and will reach full swing in June or July. We joined the event without expecting much, but despite the pandemic, the race saw an impressive number of participants – 19 boats altogether, among them seven or eight serious crews with lots of potential. We were blessed by perfect sailing conditions; 10 to 20 knots of southern wind and perfectly calm water. We really enjoyed the four legs, had no incidents at all, which is always important, and got to practice for the season ahead. So the race was practice before practice.’ When does the ACI Sail season begin and what does it look like? Our season begins in the Training center, in ACI Marina Split, which is now the world’s first exclusive ClubSwan 36 center in the world. The training center is already open, we had first customers in late February – so our season begins quite early, I’d say. One of those customers, who is getting ready for the 2021 racing season, has returned in early April, with his crew, for additional lessons. We are expecting a good season, even thought the pandemic is slowing things down. We are currently waiting for the green light, and we’re ready to hit the ground running. What are your hopes for the season? I am convinced three or four of our boats will be busy for the entire duration of the season. One of the boats in our fleet is already sailing in Italy; it has been chartered by Italian crew Vitamina for the whole

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na za cijelu sezonu. Naime, jedan brod je već u Italiji i za cijelu sezonu je iznajmljen talijanskoj posadi Vitamina. Također, imamo potvrđenog klijenta za cijelu sezonu koji je s brodom već u Splitu, a očekujem da ćemo još tri broda uspjeti iznajmiti i da će kalendar biti popunjen. Pretpostavljam da ćemo jedan brod ipak ostaviti u Hrvatskoj za lokalne aktivnosti, team buildinge i događanja koja su uvijek zanimljiva. Prilikom razrade projekta ACI Sail namjera je bila da prve dvije sezone, 2020. i 2021., iskoristimo za promidžbene aktivnosti i odradimo što više jedrenja po Mediteranu za ClubSwan ligu, te da tako osiguramo prihode i istodobno promoviramo Hrvatsku kao destinaciju, za koju očekujemo da će kroz sljedećih nekoliko

season. Another boat has also been confirmed, and if everything goes right, we will have three more boats busy throughout the season. I assume one of our boats will remain in Croatian waters, for local events, team building and such; that’s always fun. In the planning stage of the project, we intended to spend first two seasons, 2020 and 2021, almost exclusively in the Mediterranean, doing promotions for the ClubSwan league, which would secure our budget and promote Croatia as a sailing destination. One of our goals is to establish Croatia as an elite sailing destination, and we believe we’ll make that happen in the following couple of years. Our plan is to attract as many clients from



‘Ima puno vlasnika koji bi se okušali na Grand Prix natjecanjima, ali nisu sigurni mogu li to sebi vremenski priuštiti‘ ‘One of our most interesting services is aimed at private owners who would love to try Grand Prix racing without huge costs’ godina i sama postati dio elitnog svijeta jedrenja. U sljedećih šest do osam godina glavna tržišta na koja ciljamo su klijenti iz srednje i istočne Europe, od Austrije, južne Njemačke, Poljske, Češke, Mađarske, Slovačke do Rusije. Što potencijalni klijenti mogu dobiti od ACI Saila? U sklopu ClubSwan 36 trening centra, ACI Sail nudi kompletnu uslugu škole jedrenja, prenošenja znanja i obučavanja, rezerviranu za profesionalne jedriličare i za entuzijaste koji nemaju iskustva, a imaju želju iskusiti jedrenje s ozbiljnim regatnim brodom, s najkvalitetnijom opremom i sa stručnim pojedincima. Organiziramo trening kampove, individualne treninge, a moguća je i organizacija regata unutar već postojećih regata, ali isto tako se mogu organizirati i zasebne regate na bilo kojoj lokaciji od 22 ACI marine na Jadranu. Klijentima, također, možemo pružiti kompletan hospitality paket - uslugu team buildinga, korporativnog jedrenja i organizacije mono tip regate s ClubSwanom 36 i, naravno, natjecanja u bilo kojim postojećim regatama. Paket se odnosi i na organizaciju smještaja, hrane, te organizaciju zabavnog i društvenog programa, ali i svega onoga što prati jednu korporativnu biznis regatu ili privatnu regatu. Ono što je bitno za naglasiti jest da imamo jako puno vlasnika koji bi se okušali na Grand Prix natjecanjima, ali nisu sigurni mogu li to sebi vremenski priuštiti. Tu onda uskače ACI Sail sa sistemom ‘turn key’. Odnosno, klijent izrazi želju da bi sudjelovao na regati Club Swan Nations League koja se na Palma de Mallorci jedri u sklopu prestižnog eventa Copa del Rey, mi im zatim izdamo ponudu, organiziramo da ih brod čeka na vezu ispred Real Club Nautico de Palma, gdje je važno da klijent dođe nekoliko dana ranije zbog organiziranog treninga. Nakon što završi regata brod ostaje naša briga, a klijent nastavlja dalje sa svojim poslom. Pružamo kompletnu uslugu, od transporta, logistike, pripreme broda i servisa, do održavanja broda za vrijeme regate, edukacije i svega onoga što klijentu može zatrebati, a da mu ne predstavlja logističko-organizacijski problem. Ovim sistemom rada klijentima osiguravamo ulaz u svijet ClubaSwana, koji je zaista jako specifičan i iznimno ekskluzivan. Koji je plan ACI Saila s razvijanjem nautičke sezone za Hrvatsku? Za početak nam je važno nastupati i biti dio ClubSwan mediteranske lige, a u budućnosti težimo tome da organiziramo što je moguće više regata u Hrvatskoj. S ugovorom koji smo sklopili s Nautor’s Swanom, koji nije samo kupoprodajni već i partnerski, ostvarili smo zagarantiranih sedam godina ekskluzivnog prava na održavanje ClubSwan regata na Jadranu. Prve dvije godine, 2020. i 2021., trebale bi biti pozivne regate za odabranu klijentelu. Prošle godine smo regatu zbog pandemije, nažalost, morali otkazati, a regatu za ovu godinu vjerujem da ćemo uspjeti organizirati koncem listopada u Rovinju. Godine 2022. ugovorom postajemo dio službene ClubSwan lige, gdje vjerujemo da ćemo uspjeti dovesti više od dvadesetak brodova, što 36-ica, što većih brodova kao što je ClubSwan 50, ali i druge klase koje su dio ClubSwan obitelji. Krajnji nam je cilj da Hrvatska sa svojim destinacijama poput Splita, Dubrovnika i Rovinja, ali i drugih gradova, postane standardna ruta unutar Swanova kalendara, koja će ljudima biti zanimljiva

Central and Eastern Europe as we can in the next six to eight years – Austria, southern Germany, Poland, Czech, Hungary, Slovakia and Russia. What can your customers expect? Through the ClubSwan 36 training center, ACI Sail offers a full spectrum of services – they can learn how to sail, how to teach others how to sail. Our training center is ready to welcome experienced sailors looking to further their skills, as well as beginners and sailing enthusiasts who wish to experience what it’s like to sail on a large sailboat, with a professional crew, top quality equipment and under expert guidance. We offer training camps and give individual lessons, organize races within races, or custom races in any of the 22 ACI Marinas in the Adriatic. Part of our offer are hospitality packages, which include team building, corporate sailing and mono-type races on ClubSwan 36 boats, and, of course, a chance to race in any of our races. That package includes accommodation and food, as well as entertainment, and everything that goes with sailing races, be they corporate or private. One of our most interesting services is aimed at private owners who would love to try Grand Prix racing, but aren’t sure they have the time. Through the ACI Sail ‘turn key’ service, we can arrange for such clients to, for example, participate in the prestigious Club Swan Nations League race in Palma de Mallorca, during the elite Copa del Rey. We can arrange for a boat to wait for them in the Real Club Nautico de Palma, where the client is expected to arrive several days ahead of the race and attend practice. After the race, we take care of everything and the client just walks away with a new experience. The package is basically all-inclusive, meaning we take care of everything from transport, boat maintenance and prep before the race, to maintenance during the race, education and everything else a client might need. This allows our clients to step into the world of elite ClubSwan racing with very little effort. What is your plan for developing sailing in Croatia? For starters, our plan is to join the ClubSwan Med league, and in the future we are looking to organize as many races as we can here in Croatia. Our contract with Nautor’s Swan guarantees an exclusive partnership, so for the following seven years we will have an exclusive right to organize ClubSwan races in the Adriatic. The first two seasons, 2020 and 2021 are meant to include invitation-only races for selected clients. Last year, the pandemic forced us to cancel the race, but this year we’re hoping to race in Rovinj, in late October. In 2022 we will sign the contract to officially join the ClubSwan League, and we’re hoping to attract more than twenty boats, both model 36 and larger models, for example ClubSwan 50. Our ultimate goal is to put Croatia on the ClubSwan racing map – and not just one or two locations, but all of them; Split, Dubrovnik, Rovinj and others. We wish to see Croatia become a popular sailing destination and a regular stop of the ClubSwan racing circus, as appealing as Porto Cervo, Palma de Mallorca or St. Tropez. Croatian waters, especially Split, can provide excellent racing conditions for Grand Prix races, and not only in terms of weather, but com-

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jednako kao što su Porto Cervo, Palma de Mallorca, St. Tropez i ostale. Hrvatska, pogotovo Split, može se podičiti izvrsnim uvjetima za Grand Prix jedrenje, prvenstveno zbog vremenskih uvjeta, a zatim i kompletnom logistikom, kao što su međunarodni aerodrom, lučka infrastruktura i prvoklasni hoteli. Jako je bitno napomenuti da se sve regate događaju u predsezoni i posezoni, a naša su nastojanja da strateški obogatimo ponudu u Splitu i cijeloj hrvatskoj nautičkoj industriji. Koja je vaša uloga u razvoju projekta ACI Sail? Od početka suradnje dobio sam veliko povjerenje od uprave ACI-ja i na neki način upravljam projektom od idejnog začetka, kada sam napravio detaljne analize tržišta u Hrvatskoj i cijelom svijetu te tržišnih uvjeta i prilika. Danas, na poziciji projekt-menadžera, operativno upravljam projektom, što podrazumijeva brigu o plovilima, ugovaranje novih destinacija, organizaciju evenata i regata. Zaista vjerujem u ovu priču i u hrvatsku nautiku. Ono što je ACI radio prije 20-ak godina s flotom Jeanneaua i organizacijom Match Racea, danas je, uz pomoć moje vizije i suradnje s kompletnim ACI-jevim timom i upravom, novi smjer kojim će Hrvatska uspješno zaploviti u idućem desetljeću. Vjerujem u priču o hrvatskoj nautici koja neće biti samo fokusirana na čarter ponude, već i na kvalitetno jedrenje koje nastojimo ostvariti.

plete logistics and infrastructure. We have international airports, ports and marinas, first class hotels. Finally, I’d like to stress that all ClubSwan races take place in pre- and post-season, which would certainly extend the tourist season in Split and the entire country. What is your role within ACI Sail? ACI Management has entrusted me with managing the project from day one, as I was the one responsible for detailed market analysis for Croatia, as well as opportunity analysis. Now, as project manager, I am tasked with managing the fleet, negotiating contracts with new destinations, events and races. I am a true believer in the potential of this project, as well as of the potential of Croatian sailing. What ACI did twenty-odd years ago with the Jeanneau fleet and Match Racing we’re doing now, only on another level. I will put my skills and vision, as will the entire ACI team and management, into the service of a single goal – setting a new course for Croatian sailing in the following decade. I believe that Croatian yachting can be much more than charter, and we will focus all our skills into elevating it to a new level.


CRN Voice

Jahta s karakterom Yacht With Personality

Moćne i moderne vanjske linije, zanimljiva, jedinstvena boja trupa i prepoznatljiv pramac koji odmah odaje da je riječ o jahti kuće CRN glavna su obilježja ove nove jahte snažnog karaktera. Porazgovarali smo s njezinim tvorcem, Carlom Nuvolarijem, kako o njoj, tako i o novim trendovima u segmentu superjahti Powerful and modern exterior lines, very special color tone and unmistakable foredeck give new CRN yacht certain personality. We spoke with Carlo Nuvolari about their newest CRN launch, and also about the trends in the super yacht industry


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Design O najnovijoj superjahti kuće CRN, nazvanoj Voice, imali smo priliku porazgovarati s njezinim dizajnerom Carlom Nuvolarijem, suosnivačem – s Danom Lenardom – svjetski poznatog talijanskog studija za navalnu arhitekturu Nuvolari Lenard. Voice ima moderne vanjske linije. Čime ste se vodili pri dizajniranju? Stilska obilježja jahte Voice proizlaze iz želje da stvorimo jahtu snažnog karaktera: dinamičnu, moćnu jahtu sportskog duha. Najupečatljiviji detalj dizajna su izduljene linije koje se pretaču jedne u druge bez vidljivog spoja. Ograda palube spušta se u neprekinutom potezu od pramca do krme, a kao i na svim jahtama kojima smo kroz godine podarili taj element, naš svojevrsni zaštitni znak, i na Voice to stvara dojam fluidnosti i naglašava duljinu. Voice je vrlo otmjena i krase je linije koje naznačuju njezinu brzinu, ali istodobno ima prostran, svijetli interijer poput doma. Ova jahta ima snažan karakter, lako je prepoznatljiva i ističe se ne samo zbog custom boje, nego i zbog aerodinamičnih, odrješitih linija i snažnog identiteta. Koji su jedinstveni ili najzanimljiviji elementi projekta? Jedinstven dio jahte Voice svakako je njezin karakter, koji spaja ekstremnu čistoću linija s odbacivanjem svega nepotrebnog, što se najbolje vidi na njezinoj širokoj, prostranoj palubi s koje je uklonjen svaki suvišni element. Jedan od zanimljivih detalja je i pogled iz panoramskog salona na pramcu gornje palube, koji je namijenjen isključivo vlasniku. Taj je salon jedinstven jer nudi apsolutnu privatnost, ali je i savršen za druženje. Druga je posebnost ove jahte stručnost kuće CRN, golemo iskustvo u gradnji custom jahti i posvećenost svakom detalju, koliko god sitan bio. Kao i svaka druga jahta na kojoj smo surađivali s CRN-om, Voice je izrađena savršeno do posljednjeg detalja. Neki elementi, recimo, rukohvati od nehrđajućeg čelika, prava su remek-djela. Zanimljiva je i veranda s panoramskim prozorima na najvišoj palubi, idealna za pogled na more kojem ništa ne stoji na putu. Što je još custom na jahti Voice? Voice je potpuni custom, kao i sve druge jahte koje smo oblikovali za kuću CRN. Nijedan dio njezina dizajna nije izrađen ni serijski, ni bez savjetovanja s vlasnikom, sve je po mjeri. Vlasnik je vrlo odlučna osoba koja zna što želi, a na nas i CRN je prenio svoju jasnu viziju i entuzijazam. Želio je jahtu koja će odraziti njegov karakter i stil, ali i biti zanimljiva općenito. Vlasnici custom jahti više od svega žele da njihova jahta bude samo njihova, da ih predstavlja, da bude jedinstvena poput njih. To smo i ovaj puta postigli, u suradnji s CRN-om, i stvorili jedinstvenu jahtu moćne osobnosti, na kojoj su svi elementi u savršenom skladu.

We had a chance to speak about the latest CRN super yacht called Voice with her designer Carlo Nuvolari, co-founder along with Dan Lenard of world known Italian architecture studio Nuvolari Lenard. Voice has a modern exterior look, what were her design guidelines? The stylistic cue of Voice refers to a design that creates a forceful, dynamic, powerful and sporty impression. But her signature feature is the long cadence of her lines. The gunwale swings along and down in a smooth unbroken curve from bow to stern; this has been a visual hallmark of ours for many years and creates an impression of extreme length and fluidity. The yacht is really sleek and conveys a feeling of extreme speed but at the same time is characterized by wide and bright interiors. Voice has a really strong personality, she is unmistakable and stands out for miles not only for her bespoke colours but for the aerodynamic, taut and fluid external lines, with a strong identity. What would you say are the highlights of this project? A distinctive feature of Voice is her strong personality, combined with an extreme cleanliness of the lines and the research for essentiality that is unmistakably found in her extremely wide and uncluttered foredeck. A highlight is also the view of the panoramic lounge at the bow on the upper deck, which is the owner’s exclusive domain; it is a truly unique area that offers maximum privacy on board and can also become a social space. Another notable characteristic, courtesy of CRN’s in-depth expertise in designing and building tailor-made yachts, is the meticulous attention to the finest detail. As with every yacht that we have helped to make with CRN, Voice has been crafted with pinpoint precision; some stainless-steel fittings are real masterpieces. Also, the veranda structure with panoramic windows under the tree on the top deck is a wonderful area for enjoying breathtaking views of the sea. What else makes her a bespoke yacht? Voice, like every other yacht we have realized with CRN, is a fully custom yacht, there is nothing that has not been expressly conceived, designed and made to measure for her Owner. The Owner is a very determined person, he has transferred to us and CRN his clear vision and his enthusiasm. He wanted a yacht that would represent him, that would make a lasting mark. Owners of fully custom yachts, first of all, want their vessel to represent them, to be as unique as they are. A result that we have certainly achieved, together with CRN, a highly distinctive yacht with a potent personality and yet an exquisite balance among all her component elements.


Dizajn Koji je vaš stav o odnosu svijeta superjahti i potrebe za zaštitom okoliša? Vjerujem da se naša industrija sve više zanima za zaštitu okoliša, kao i vlasnici superjahti. Ugradnja hibridnih ili električnih brodskih sustava, odabir pogona i smanjenje potrošnje goriva neke su od glavnih tema kojima se bavimo, ali još je mnogo elemenata u igri. Među njima je svakako najvažniji stav vlasnika, kao i ponašanje u plovidbi, izbjegavanje plitkih voda gdje bi jahta mogla oštetiti podmorje ili zbrinjavanje otpadnih voda i drugog otpada bez utjecaja na okoliš. Razmišljanje o okolišu mora postati esencijalan dio razgovora o gradnji svake nove jahte. Živim u Veneciji i predan sam smanjenju utjecaja jahti na morski okoliš, jer je nama to već stvaran problem. Kako bi se, prema vašemu mišljenju, industrija superjahti mogla razvijati u idućih pet godina? Trenutno svjedočimo situaciji u kojoj vrlo malen broj vlasnika raspolaže vrlo velikim svotama novca. Zbog toga dimenzije superjahti rastu, brodogradilišta dizajniraju i grade sve veće jahte. S druge strane, raste i potražnja za manjim jahtama. Njih ponajprije naručuju vlasnici koji su već posjedovali veću jahtu, na kojoj su shvatili da im je zbog pretjeranih dimenzija jahte ograničeno kretanje, da im je onemogućen pristup nekim vrlo ugodnim lokacijama, malim otocima, malim lukama. Superjahtama je pristup ili nemoguć ili zabranjen u neka vrlo zgodna mjesta, a pravila i zabrane postaju sve strože.

What do you think about environmental protection and its connection to yachting? I believe that there is a growing sensitivity in the sector and among Owners towards this issue. Installing hybrid or electric systems onboard, paying attention to the type of propulsion and decreasing the amount of fossil fuel burned are some of the main topics to be concerned about but there are many other factors to keep in mind. Among these, the behaviour of the Owners is also fundamental, such as making sure to navigate away from the coast, avoiding anchoring where there is seabed of particular value or avoiding unloading solid or liquid waste into the water. The topic is certainly felt but there is still awareness to be acquired. This is why it is important to promote dialogue on these issues; I commit myself on a personal level also because I live in Venice, a reality that is really exposed to this problem. How do you foresee the future of the superyacht industry evolving over the next five years? We are witnessing the concentration of large spending power in a relatively small number of possible Owners. For this reason, the average size of mega yachts is increasing and shipyards are designing and building larger vessels. Also, there is a trend towards the request for smaller yachts especially by Owners who have already had larger boats that can preclude very pleasant types of cruising such as enjoying exclusive, small islands, ports or secret places where large yachts are unable to access or where access is denied by regulations that are increasingly strict.

CRN brodogradilište

CRN Shipyard

Stručnost kuće CRN, golemo iskustvo u gradnji custom jahti i posvećenost svakom detalju jasno su vidljivi i na jahti Voice, o kojoj su nam iz brodogradilišta sa sjedištem u Anconi rado kazali nešto više. Voice ima posebne boje trupa i nadgrađa. Čija su ideja bile te boje i kako ste odabrali točne tonove? Te zanimljive, jedinstvene tamne boje je odabrao sam vlasnik, koji je želio da Voice bude iste boje kao njegovi najdraži automobili. Naš odjel za vođenje projekta bio je zadužen za boje i sve su custom: trup je tamnosiv poput kvarca, nadgrađe srebrno s mat finišem, a detalji crni. Ovisno o vrsti, količini i kutu upada svjetlosti, boje se mijenjaju i dojam je fantastičan. Ovo je prva jahta kuće CRN građena prema standardu IMO Tier III. Što je to značilo za projektante i dizajnere? Voice je početkom 2020. dobila potvrdu da odgovara svim zahtjevima standarda IMO Tier III, koje će slijediti i sve druge jahte koje CRN trenutno gradi. IMO Tier III odnosi se prvenstveno na zagađenje zraka, a za dobivanje certifikata potrebno je smanjiti štetne emisije dušikova oksida u plinu pogonskog sustava za najmanje 70 posto. Projekt je u potpunosti vodio i izveo tehnički odjel CRN-a, odabirom i ugradnjom sustava SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) koji omogućava smanjenje udjela dušikovog oksida. Modifikacije potrebne za ugradnju sustava pretežno su se odnosile na dizajn strojarnice: cilj nam je bio ugraditi taj katalizator bez smanjenja dimenzija vlasničke kabine. Da bismo to postigli, naši inženjeri su morali optimizirati raspored svih elemenata u strojarnici, kao i preoblikovati raspored cijevi i kabela, koji su isto tako svi morali zadržati i funkcionalnost i ostati lako dostupni. Jahta je građena u Italiji. Odražava li se u njoj doista sva vještina talijanske brodogradnje? Talijanska tradicija je apsolutno odigrala ključnu ulogu u oblikovanju Voice, kao

The expertise of the CRN, vast experience in building custom yachts and dedication to every detail, is clearly visible on the yacht Voice, about which the shipyard based in Ancona was happy to tell us something more. Voice has a special color applied, whose wish was it and how did you select the exact tone? These dark, personalised, colours of the hull are a precise custom request: the Owner wanted to replicate the colours of one of his favourite cars. The CRN yacht project management dedicated team obtained fully-custom colours with a smokey quartz hull, silver sand superstructure and jet black details with a final striking result of changing colours depending on light reflections. This yacht is the first yacht from CRN to be IMO Tier III compliant, what did this mean for project and design? Voice obtained IMO Tier III compliancy in early 2020 and will be followed by the other fully custom CRN yachts currently under construction. IMO Tier III requirements have been very important for the prevention of air pollution; the compliancy with the regulatory standards guarantees a certified reduction of 70% in harmful emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in engine exhaust gases. The project was coordinated and completed by CRN’s technical office engineering team with the installation of the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system that works by injecting urea in the exhaust system reducing the formation of NOx. The modifications for the SCR implementation have affected the design of the Engine Rooms; the goal was to install the catalyst without taking anything away from the Owner’s living space. To achieve this result, the Engineering team focused on an extreme optimisation of the machinery layout and piping coordination (tubes, ducts, cable routing, etc.), which had to remain functional and accessible. As this yacht is built in Italy, did you use Italian craftmanship while shaping her?

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Voice je definitivno jahta s karakterom, a lako ćete je prepoznati po posebnom izboru boje vanjštine Voice is a yacht with unmistakable character, easily recognizable due to specific exterior color

i u oblikovanju svake naše custom jahte. Ponosni smo što CRN ima stručnjake za svaki dio procesa – majstore brodograditelje, zavarivače, mehaničare, električare, proizvodne mehaničare, mehaničare zadužene za instrumente, stolare, tesare, malere, stručnjake za rad u gipsu i mramoru, tapetare, dekoratere – svi oni svojim znanjem i vještinama doprinose izgradnji svake naše custom superjahte. CRN ima vlastiti odjel za izradu namještaja, to je kuća Zago u vlasništvu grupe Ferretti, koja dulje od pola stoljeća izrađuje vrhunske drvene elemente. Ovi vješti radnici su naša specijalistička tajna, a njihov doprinos svakoj custom jahti odražen je u savršenstvu svakog detalja. CRN surađuje i s nizom malih i srednjih tvrtki, a sve to je temelj našeg dugogodišnjeg konstantnog uspjeha i omogućava nam da radimo na visokoj profesionalnoj razini, ali i fleksibilno. Sanlorenzo 44Alloy Italian craftsmanship played a crucial role in the creation of Voice and of course in the realization of all our bespoke yachts. At CRN we are proud to have an inhouse select group of elite craftspeople: master shipwrights, welders, engine mechanics, electricians, production mechanics, instrument mechanics, joiners, carpenters, cabinetmakers, painters, plasterers, marble-workers, upholsterers, decorators, who, with their know-how, are always primed to provide bespoke solutions. CRN also boasts an in-house carpentry, Zago (company part of Ferretti Group) with over 110 years of history behind it and more than half a century of master cabinets makers know-how. These master craftspeople are a specialist all-Italian resource and their contribution brings a superlative level of minutely detailed customisation. CRN works also in collaboration with small and medium-sized enterprises. These excellent specialists and local Italian craftspeople underpin our long-term production continuity, working with total professionalism and flexibility.





UMJETNOST U PLOVIDBI THE ART OF SAILING Iznimno skladan novi dizajn interijera i treća paluba krase ovu trideset metara dugu jahtu s pet kabina, kojom je Custom Line dokazao kako je globalni predvodnik kad su jahte tipa navetta u pitanju Harmonious interiors and a third deck are what most people will recognize this beauty for, but the five-cabin new Custom Line Navetta 30 is much more interesting than that – it is a fresh proof that Custom Line dominates navetta yachts corner of the market Text Darko Šupuk Photos Custom Line



Dizajn unutrašnjosti nudi posve novi koncept, za koji je zaslužan dizajnerski par Antonio Citterio i Patricia Viel Fascinating interior design offers completely new approach created by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel

U slučaju nove Custom Line Navette 30 talijanski brodograditelji izišli su iz svoje komfor-zone i pokazali kako može izgledati jahta budućnosti. Nju krasi novi stil uređenja unutrašnjosti, koji obiluje šarmom, obilježen snažnom vezom s morskim okolišem, dodali su treću palubu (da, nova Navetta je ‘tri-deck’) i uz to ponovili brojne uspješne elemente dosadašnjih modela. Vanjština jahte ne otkriva veliki odmak od postojećeg dizajna, koji krasi Custom Line Navette, a linije trupa i oblik prozora vješto ‘maskiraju’ široku jahtu čija istisnina pod punim opterećenjem premašuje 130 tona. S druge strane, pravi vatromet ideja počinje u unutrašnjosti, a za to je zaslužan novi dizajnerski par Antonio Citterio i Patricia Viel. Oni su brodu jednostavno udahnuli posebnu dušu, s obiljem detalja koji dizajn čvrsto povezuju s morem, njegujući oble površine i rubove. Njihov dodir vidi se odmah u krmenom kokpitu do kojeg vode stepenice s obiju strana krmene platforme i u kojem ćete vidjeti veliki kauč od tikovine u bijelo-plavim tonovima tkanina i mali stolić kao jasnu poruku da je taj dio broda zamišljen kao zona za opuštanje, a ne za blagovanje. Pomična staklena stijena vas dijeli od salona koji je dizajniran s obiljem svjetla i primjetnom količinom drva, poput podnih obloga. Iako smo pomislili kako se na podu nalazi parket od tikovine, riječ je o specijalno obrađenoj hrastovini koja salonu daje posebnu toplinu, a korištenje prirodnih materijala drva, kože, čak i konopca190 provlači se kroz cijelu jahtu. Oni su vješto ukomponirani s pastelnim i

Custom Line Navetta 30 exceeded our most daring expectations seeing the Italian builder left their comfort zone and showed us what future could look like. The interior is charming, to say the least; well connected with the marine environment through design and functionality of the spaces and stretched over a new third deck – yes, the new Navetta is a tri-deck! The exterior doesn’t stray much from the family style, some will say it took the best from previous 28 meter model and combined it with ‘family’ styling of the Navetta 33. Anyway, clever lines mask the true size (and width) of the 130-tonne yacht - but… The fireworks of ideas that explodes in the interior, designers Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel were obviously inspired by the sea, as every shape and line seems to copy the shapes and lines of the marine environment. Their inspiration is easily recognizable from the moment you step aboard. In the aft cockpit, the large white, blue and teak sofa, and a small coffee table send a clear message – no eating here, just relaxing. Into the main salon you’ll notice ‘excess of’ natural light and natural wood. Although at first we believed the wood to be teak, we were informed it was indeed oak wood, used to create warmth and treated to last in the harsh marine environment without losing its sheen. Natural materials are used throughout the yacht – wood, leather, even rope, shipyard names it as the living materials. And harmonize well with the color scheme based on pastels and marine blue

Test plavim tonovima koji interijeru daju jedinstven izričaj. Osim velikih svjetlosnih otvora, staklena se bočna stijena otvara i s desnog boka nudeći izlaz na palubu (opcijski je isto moguće i s lijeve strane), a zanimljivo je kako je glavni salon izveden bez uobičajene blagovaonice. Namještaj koji ćete u njemu vidjeti također je dizajniran od strane dizajnera unutrašnjosti, a osim drva i velike količine svjetla lako je primijetiti da su baš svi rubovi zakrivljeni, uključujući i postavljanje oblih drvenih okvira prozora. Skladni, ali zahtjevni oblici te obilje drva i svjetla stvaraju modernu skladnu cjelinu koja odiše svježinom i koja je protkana pokojim zanimljivim detaljem namještaja ili neočekivanim ‘dezenom’ zidnih obloga od papira i plastike. S lijeve strane glavne palube je hodnik u kojem je smješten dnevni toalet, a koji vodi do vlasničke kabine. Ona obiluje svjetlom, ima jednostavno (pomalo minimalistički) smješten krevet, mali ured, kozmetički stolić, ‘walk in’ ormar i veliku kupaonicu u pramcu, koja je ukrašena uz pomoć Micromosaico mozaika napravljenog samo za ovaj projekt. I u ovoj će vas kabini dizajner iznenaditi neočekivano raskošnim kožnim uzglavljem kreveta ili zaobljenim prelaskom stropa na zidove. Silaskom u potpalublje nalazimo četiri kabine za goste, ‘dotaknute’ akvamarin plavim detaljima koji ih još čvršće vežu uz more, dvije VIP su u krmi i dvije

and few surprises you will find covering bulkheads. All in all, the interior of the new Custom Line Navetta 30 is unique in aesthetic and has very gentle flow while excelling in harmony of colors – the real artistic touch based on the sea metaphore. The free standing pieces of furniture were also designed by Citterio and Viel, who have once again avoided harsh lines and went for soft and wavy, round shapes that are repeated everywhere, even on wooden window frames. Harmonious and complicated shapes, natural light and real wood come together to create modern, fresh interiors with unexpected accents – an interesting piece of furniture here, whimsical plastic and paper wallpaper there. The master is light and simple, almost minimalist (but not really), and has a large bed, a private office, a walk-in wardrobe and a beauty corner, as well as a large private bathroom with custom Micromosaico tile in the bow. Look for details and you’ll find them – Citterio and Viel designed an unusually decadent leather headboard and curved the line where walls and ceiling touch. On the lower deck, there are four guest cabins, all of them sharing the same style and feeling, all of them with a touch of marine blue. The two afts are VIP, the two in the bow are twin, and the port-side twin has a third (Pullman) bed, raising bed number to eleven. The glass element that



Plava boja i korištenje tikovine u interijeru sugeriraju snažnu vezu s morskim okruženjem Navy blue color and use of teak in the interiors suggest strong bond with sea environment


‘twin’ u pramcu, od kojih se u lijevoj može spustiti i pomoćni krevet (eng. pullman). Dizajnerski trik u gornjem salonu je propusno staklo prema naprijed u kojem možete gledati televiziju, ili ako želite preko pramca kroz prozore kormilarnice, tu su i jako lijepi bočni prozori (naravno, obloženi zakrivljenim drvenim okvirima) pa salon potpuno opravdava pridjev panoramski koji mu je dodijeljen. Vanjski krmeni dio i unutrašnji salon na gornjoj palubi čine jednu zajedničku cjelinu, a spojeni su i šarmantnim jednakim dekorom stropa od tikovih ploča. Najupečatljiviji dizajnersko/ funkcionalni detalj na cijelom brodu su zakrivljene karbonske stepenice koje vode na treću ‘sunčanu’ palubu i koja nudi mali šank (napravljen od, pogodit ćete, tikova drva). U njegovu prednjem dijelu je panoramski šank, koji gleda prema naprijed. Ovo je prostor na kojem možete imati i jacuzzi i cijeli se, po želji, natkriva biminijem. Ako tome pribrojimo i lijep

separates the upper salon and the bridge can become transparent, or you can watch television behind it. Other glass surfaces in and around the salon – including the windows with those very special wooden frames – open the interior toward the sea, allowing the eye to roam freely and earning the salon the advertised title of panoramic. The a and the salon are connected to the cockpit both functionally and visually – they share the same charming teak-covered ceiling and are generally the part of one living space. Our favorite eye catching part of the yacht seems to be the designers’ favorite part, too – the stairs made in carbon fiber and aesthetically curved that lead to the upper, third deck simply seem to be too charming not to be someone’s favorite. The sundeck is a cozy space complete with a small bar in – have you guessed yet? - teak that separates the bow from the aft with seating on comfortable sofa. The

prostor na pramcu ispred kormilarnice, ova revolucionarna jahta ima čak četiri odvojena velika vanjska prostora. U krmenoj garaži smješta Williams 435 i jet ski, čija su vrata izvedena kao od Ferrettija patentirani Dual Mode Transom. Za kraj bismo istaknuli kako je i kormilarski most izveden kao i na velikim jahtama, a dvije ‘lastavice’ s bokova olakšavaju manevriranje u luci. Prototip na kojem smo plovili bio je opremljen i klasičnim stabilizatorima s podvodnim perajama i Seakeeper žiroskopskom kuglom pa je bio izuzetno miran u svim okretima. Treba istaknuti da ovu jahtu od čak 130 tona istisnine krase zaista veliki prostori, ali ona je po pitanju performansi pravi ‘deplasmanac’. Opremljena dvama MAN motorima od 1000 KS (moguće su i slabije i jače konfiguracije) ona krstari brzinom od 10 čvorova, pri čemu troši samo 70 litara na sat (zajedno s generatorima). Ako plovite s dvanaest čvorova, potrošnja skače na 150, odnosno 230 litara na sat ako plovite s trinaest čvorova. Maksimalna brzina iznosi 14,5 čvorova i potrošnja je tada 415 litara na sat. Međutim, ova jahta idealna je za malu potrošnju pri brzinama oko deset čvorova i to je njezin ‘sweet spot’, a autonomija joj iznosi preko 2000 milja, te nosi CE kategoriju A. Vjerujemo da će sretni vlasnici s njom prevaliti velike udaljenosti. sundeck is large enough for a jacuzzi if Owner wants (35 sq.m.), and can be covered by a bimini top. The aft garage is large enough to house a Williams 435 and a jet ski, and closes with a Ferretti-patended Dual Mode Transom door. Custom Line Navetta 30 has a bridge like a much larger yacht, and two wings that make maneuvering in limited marine space easier. The prototype we tested was equipped with classical fin stabilizers and a Seakeeper gyro, meaning the yacht was unbothered by all our attempts to test her patience in turns. This true displacement yacht weighing 130 tonnes and as spacious as one would expect is powered by twin 1000-hp MAN engines (other power options are available too) and reaches cruising speed at 10 knots (using mere 70 liters of fuel including that necessary for powering the generators) per hour. At 12 knots, fuel consumption jumps to 150 l/h, or to 230 l/h at 13 knots. Top speed of Navetta 30 is 14,5 knots, with 415 l/h, but the sweet spot lies just around the 10-knot cruising speed. This CE Category A yacht has autonomy surpassing 2000 miles, carries two 35 kW generators and powerful watermakers, so her capacity for avoiding ports is limited only by food supply capacity. We are certain that lucky owner of the yacht we tested will live many happy moments on their new navetta which truly adds something worth admiration into the Custom Line family.

Duljina LOA: 28,43 m Širina Beam: 7,31 m Gaz Draft: 2,20 m Spremnik za gorivo Fuel capacity: 14.500 l Spremnik za vodu Water capacity: 2500 l Istisnina Displacement: 115 t Motori Engines: 2 x MAN 1000 KS HP Najveća brzina Max speed: 14,5 čv. knots Brzina krstarenja Cruising speed: 10 čv. knot Graditelj Builder: Custom Line Zastupnik Dealer: MennYacht


MUNJEVITA JURILICA ITALIAN LIGHTNING BOLT Na talijanskom ‘folgore’ znači munja, a točno takav dojam nova Riva ostavit će na tržištu; uz osvježeni dizajn ova skupocjena jahta ostavit će bez daha ljubitelje bezvremenske elegancije i luksuza In Italian language ‘folgore’ means lightning as the perfect word for the impact of the new Riva to the market, with fresh styling and impeccable quality, the new yacht will leave fans of elegance and luxury simply breathless Text Darko Šupuk Photos Riva




Sjajni detalji od nehrđajućeg čelika i lakiranog mahagonija dominiraju interijerom spajajući moderno s tradicijom Shiny details of stainless steel dominate the main salon connecting modern with traditional look of the interiors

Riva 88 Folgore je još jedan savršeni plod suradnje kuće Riva i studija Officina Italiana Design, koji je i inače zadužen za dizajn cjelokupnog asortimana toga brenda. Novi dizajn prozora na trupu, koji podsjeća na potez kistom umočenim u crnu boju duž srebrnih bokova jahte, vizualno ih podiže prema palubi i spaja se s originalnim i inovativnim sustavom spajanja trupa i palube, uz koji krma ostavlja dovoljno prostora za otvore ispuha. Prepoznatljivi detalji od mahagonija i nehrđajućeg čelika u kombinaciji s elementima od karbona stvaraju savršenu ravnotežu između prošlosti i sadašnjeg izgleda modela Rive. Novi model još je upečatljiviji zbog jedinstvenog prednjeg stakla izrađenog od kugličastih kristala, koji omogućuju izvedbu blago zakrivljenog elementa – već vidimo da će to prednje staklo postati novi zaštitni znak brenda. Krma modela 88 Folgore redizajnirana je do posljednjeg detalja i ima stražnja vrata koja je moguće otvaranjem namjestiti u dva položaja: paralelno s vodenom linijom, u kojem slučaju služi kao beach club površine šest četvornih metara, ili potopljenu, za spuštanje i dizanje tendera. U garaži ima dovoljno mjesta za tender Williams SportJet 395 i jet

This yacht is another unmistakable product of collaboration of Ferretti with Officina Italiana Design, that designs the entire Riva range. The new design of the hull windows, reminiscent of a black brushstroke along the silver side of the yacht, rises towards the deck and meets an original and innovative hull-deck coupling system, where the stern area makes space for a steel-edged air intake. The iconic mahogany and steel detailing, combined with carbon fiber elements, epitomizes the perfect balance between past and present. Making this boat even more unique is the innovative windscreen, manufactured with spherical crystals that result in a slight counter-curvature, a detail that looks set to become a Riva hallmark. Riva 88 Folgore delivers a comprehensively redesigned stern concept, with a rear door that swings open into two different positions: parallel to the waterline for use as a six square meters beach club, and submerged for launching and recovering the tender. The garage can house a Williams SportJet 395 and a jet ski. Two sets of teak side steps



ski. Dva seta bočnih stuba obloženih tikovinom vode do multifunkcionalnog kokpita površine 22 četvorna metra. U prednjem dijelu se nalazi blagovaonica s naslonjačem koji se može pretvoriti u sunčalište. Na desnoj strani, pomični element pored stuba koje vode na sport fly palubu ima mramornu radnu plohu Stone by Florim, koju je moguće podići uz pomoć električnog sustava, te dvije barske stolice. Na pramcu se nalazi salon s komfornim naslonjačem u obliku slova C i stolićem za kavu, a na samom pramcu leži sunčalište za najmanje četiri osobe. Sport fly paluba površine 20 četvornih metara nudi još rješenja za opuštanje u vrhunskom komforu: na krmi su veliko sunčalište i naslonjač, još jedan stolić i tabure lijevo, te još jedan naslonjač s desne strane. Upravljačko mjesto s elementima od nehrđajućeg čelika smješteno je na sredini. U unutrašnjost se ulazi kroz staklena vrata u kokpitu, a interijer je na glavnoj palubi podijeljen na salon, blagovaonicu i upravljačko mjesto. Salon je izveden kao open space, ima neometan pogled na more i savršen je primjer prepoznatljivog stila kuće Riva. Pomno odabran spoj drva, kože i čelika dominira i salonom i svim drugim prostorijama, kako na glavnoj, tako i na donjoj palubi. Dizajneri su za uređenje prvog primjerka pretežno koristili polirano ružino drvo u kombinaciji sa svijetlim

lead down to the 22 square meters multifunctional cockpit area. In the bow, the first unit has a huge dining area with a sofa that can be transformed into a sunpad. On the starboard side, the mobile bar next to the stairs to the sport-fly has a Stone by Florim marble top that opens electrically and two stools. In the bow, the layout of this first unit features a huge C-shaped sofa with a coffee table and, further forward, a sunpad on the deckhouse that can accommodate at least four people. The 20 square meters sport-fly offers the owner even more ideas for ways to relax in comfort, with a big sunpad plus sofa in the stern, another sofa with a coffee table and pouf on the port side, and yet another sofa on the starboard side. The helm station with its stainless steel inserts is centrally positioned. Entered through the glass door in the cockpit, the interiors on the main deck are divided into lounge, dining and helm station areas. The open space lounge has an unimpeded view of the sea and is a perfect example of the unmistakable Riva style. A carefully chosen mix of wood, leather and steel characterizes the onboard decor on both the main and lower decks. The dominant wood on this first unit is polished rosewood, combined with pale or dark coloured leather in-



ili tamnim kožnim umetcima i bijelim parketom. Salon je opremljen velikim naslonjačem boje leda s potpisom kuće Poliform na desnoj strani, koji gleda na ormarić sa televizorom s ekranom od 55 inča. Stol od sivog mramora kuće Poliform posljednji je veliki element uređenja. Na lijevoj strani ovog prostora nalazi se blagovaonica s velikim stolom od tamnog stakla i stolicama kuće Minotti za osam osoba. U pramčanom dijelu na desnoj strani nalazi se upravljačko mjesto s dva kožna sjedala podesive visine, odvojeno od salona pregradom od zatamnjenog stakla, što povećava privatnost. Skiper ima pristup palubi zahvaljujući i vratima pored upravljačkog mjesta na desnoj strani. Na donjoj palubi izvedene su četiri kabine: vlasnički apartman

serts and white parquet. The lounge is furnished with a big ice-coloured Poliform sofa on the starboard side, facing a cabinet with a TV up to 55 inches in size. A grey marble Poliform coffee table rounds out the furnishings. Also on the port side is the dining area, featuring the big tinted glass table, with a stainless steel base and grey Minotti chairs. In the bow, the helm station with two adjustable-height leather seats is positioned on the starboard side and separated from the lounge by a full-height tinted glass partition, a solution that amplifies the pleasure of privacy. The captain can also enter and leave through the door next to the helm station on the starboard side. The lower deck offers the owner

Donja paluba ima četiri kabine, uređene s maksimalnom pažnjom prema detaljima Lower deck has four cabins, decorated with immaculate attention to smallest details



u srednjem dijelu trupa, VIP kabina u pramcu s bračnim krevetom i dvije garderobe, VIP kabina na lijevoj strani s garderobom i dva kreveta koje je moguće spojiti, te dvokrevetna kabina s garderobom i dva odvojena kreveta. Sve kabine imaju privatne kupaonice, a kupaonica desne kabine služi i kao dnevni toalet. Prvi primjerak modela Riva 88 Folgore opremljen je parom motora MTU 16V 2000 M96L od po 2638 KS, postiže najveću brzinu od 39 čvorova i brzinu krstarenja od 33 čvora. Standardno pogonsko rješenje je par motora MTU 16V 2000 M96 od po 2435 KS, uz koje postiže najveću brzinu od 36 čvorova i brzinu krstarenja od 30 čvorova. Opremljena jačim motorima Riva 88 Folgore pri brzini krstarenja od 22 čvora bilježi potrošnju od 200 litara goriva na sat, a pri brzini od 29 čvorova nešto više od 300 litara na sat, dok pri 33 čvora troši oko 350 litara. Možemo kazati kako su vam na raspolaganju različite brzine plovidbe pri kojima je potrošnja blizu deset litara po prevaljenoj milji. Pri najvećoj brzini od 39,5 čvorova model troši nešto više od 500 litara goriva na sat. Nova Riva po želji naručitelja može biti opremljena i žiroskopskim stabilizatorom. four cabins: the full beam owner’s suite in the center of the yacht; a VIP cabin in the bow with a double bed and two wardrobes; a VIP cabin on the port side with a wardrobe and convertible twin beds; and a double cabin with a wardrobe and twin beds. They all have their own bathrooms. The starboard cabin’s bathroom also acts as a day head. This first Riva 88 Folgore unit is fitted with a pair of MTU 16V 2000 M96L engines rated 2,638 mhp for a top speed of 39 knots and a cruising speed of 33 knots. The standard propulsion solution is a pair of MTU 16V 2000 M96 engines rated 2,435 mhp, which drive the yacht to a top speed of 36 knots and a cruising speed of 30 knots. With stronger engines, the speed of 22 knots saw consumption of 200 liters per hour, while with 29 knots of speed it exceeded 300 liters, with consumption of about 350 liters at 33 knots. We can conclude that you have nice range of speeds that are close to 10 liters per mile consumption. The maximum speed of 39,5 knots was achieved burning a bit less than 500 liters. The new Riva also can be equipped with gyro stabilizer.

Duljina LOA: 26,92 m Širina Beam: 6,31 m Gaz Draft: 1,97 m Spremnik za gorivo Fuel capacity: 8000 l Spremnik za vodu Water capacity: 1200 l Istisnina Displacement: 70.000 kg Motori Engines: 2 x MTU 16V 2000 M96 2435 KS HP 2 x MTU 16V 2000 M96L 2638 KS HP Najveća brzina Max speed: 36/39 čv. knots Brzina krstarenja Cruising speed: 30/33 čv. knots Graditelj Builder: Riva Zastupnik Dealer: MennYacht




Jahta nenadmašnog dizajna i visoke kvalitete izrade skriva i iznenađenje u unutrašnjosti, te očekivano dobre performanse iznimno dobro izbalansiranog korita Unmatched design and unprecedented quality outside, lovely surprises inside atop a well-balanced hull capable of interesting performance Text Darko Šupuk Photos Solaris Power



Jednostavno namješten salon izrađen je precizno poput luksuznih jedrilica, koje su zaštitni znak brenda Simple and logical main deck layout is built with highest precision and attention to details like Solaris luxury sailing yachts

Solaris Power 48 Lobster testirali smo prošlog rujna, uoči njegove svjetske sajamske premijere (i jedinog javnog prikazivanja) na sajmu u Genovi. Taj novi model nastao je na platformi od 48 stopa koju dijele modeli Open i Flybridge, i predstavlja jednu od najljepših jahti koje smo u toj duljini uopće vidjeli. Solaris Power je kao brend počeo s modelom lobstera od 55 stopa, čiji smo prototip imali prilike testirati, da bismo sada, malo više od godinu dana nakon toga, na modelu od 48 stopa imali priliku vidjeti evoluciju brodogradilišta koje je inače poznato po perfekciji u izradi luksuznih jedrilica. Jako pažljivo dizajnirana vanjština izrađena je jednako savršeno, a njezina kvaliteta najbolje se vidi u načinu na koji je ova jahta obojena u metalik plavu boju, jer ima površinu poput ogledala u koju se lako možete zagledati. Kada se to spoji s prepoznatljivim visokim bokovima koji, kao dizajnerski detalj, imaju u sebi ugrađenu letvu od tikovine i ‘flush mounted’ privezne

We tested the Solaris Powerl 48 Lobster last September, during her debut and so far the only public presentation in Genoa. This new model built on the 48 platform – shared by models Open and Flybridge – is one of the most beautiful yachts her type and size we have ever seen. The first model of then new brand Solaris Power was 55 Lobster, which we also tested. A little more than a year later, the brand has demonstrated how quickly they evolve. Already known for perfectly crafted sailboats, the builder used their skills just as wisely on this lovely lobster that announces its quality with the hull glazing – the metallic blue is so perfect it shines like a mirror. The unit we tested reminded us of expensive sporty cars not only because of the hull color, but for many other details – sweeping, tall sides, teak sidedecks, flush mounted cleats and bollards just like on large sailing boats. Solaris seem to have used all the know-how and skill acquired


bitve (detalj s velikih jedrilica), onda testirana jahta više izgleda kao skupocjeni automobil nego morska igračka. Pritom je lako primjetno iskustvo koje Solaris vuče iz gradnje luksuznih jedrilica, a koje na modelu ovog ‘seksi’ motornjaka posebno dolazi do izražaja. Međutim, osim dojmljivog dizajna, ova jahta ima još nekoliko zanimljivih cjelina. Jedna je svakako skrivena u potpalublju, a radi se o činjenici što je primjerak koji smo testirali po želji vlasnika izgrađen s jednom jedinom kabinom. U pramčanom dijelu potpalublja nalazi se jedan ‘kraljevski’ krevet s lijepo dizajniranim ladicama za spremanje, toaletni prostor smješten je u krmenom lijevom dijelu, mali kauč desno, dok je u krmenom dijelu potpalublja veliko spremište koje je na našem plovilu u sebi imalo perilicu za rublje i dodatni hladnjak. Iako je ovo rješenje pravi luksuz i rijetko da će se ponoviti na sljedećem plovilu, ono je jasno svjedočanstvo da ste sa Solarisom zapravo u ‘semi-custom’ odnosu i da brodogradilište može ispuniti svaku vašu želju ‘začinjenu’ talijanskim dizajnom i visokom kvalitetom izrade. Na glavnoj palubi nalazi se kormilarsko mjesto s desne strane i mala blagovaonica za

building sailing boats on this sexy little motor lobster, applying some time-tested tricks to make her as perfect as she is. In addition to impressive design, Solaris Power 48 Lobster boasts volume and comfort. The unit we tested had one large cabin below deck – and nothing else, as the owner requested. In the bow, there is more than enough space for a king-size bed with lovely designed drawers, the head is aft port-side, while aft starboard there is enough room for a small salon with a sofa. Additional storage can be found aft below deck, and on the unit we tested that space is used for a washing machine and an additional fridge. Although this one-cabin solution is pure luxury and there probably won’t be many units repeating it, Solaris has undoubtedly proved what they actually mean when they say the model is semi-custom. The interior is very Italian, very high-quality and boasts several cute details that demonstrate how far the builder is ready to go to make the client happy. On the main deck, the command post is starboard, while a small diner with seating for four is portside. The table folds, and the space can be used as an additional salon


Unutrašnjost testiranog modela ima samo jednu kabinu, koja ‘diše’ toplim tonovima drva The interior of tested model has only one cabin dominated by the warm atmosphere of wood

četvero s lijeve strane koja se po potrebi može pretvoriti u pomoćni ležaj. Simpatičan i koristan detalj je rukohvat od inoksa na stropu salona koji se u prednjem dijelu i otvara. U krmenom dijelu salona smještena je kuhinja, s lijeve strane nalazi se kuhalo, koje ima plinski plemenik i indukcijsku ploču, s desne strane je sudoper, dok je hladnjak smješten u kokpitu, a cijela kuhinja okrenuta je prema vanjskom dijelu plovila. U kokpitu se nalazi stol za četvero koji se, uz nekoliko jednostavnih operacija, može pretvoriti u krmeno sunčalište, a u krmi je skrivena garaža u koju se smješta tender veličine 2,50 metara. Kao i na Open modelu,

or for sleeping. Our favorite detail indoor was the lovely stainless steel handrail integrated into the ceiling of the salon, which allows opening of its front part. Aft in the salon, the galley is well equipped with a stove (both gas an induction) and a sink, while the fridge has been moved to the cockpit. The galley faces the deck and is visually connected to the cockpit. As for the cockpit, it’s brimming with excellent solutions. The dining table seats four or folds into a sunbed in a couple of easy moves and the aft deck hides a garage for a tender up to 2.50 meters in length. Just like on the Open, the bow is essentially a large sunbed, stretching

Test i na pramcu se nalazi sunčalište velikih dimenzija koje prekriva gotovo cijeli pramac. Testirano plovilo bilo je opremljeno dvama IPS 650 motorima od 480 konjskih snaga, što je jača inačica pogona, inače možete izabrati par slabijih motora, a mi smo s ‘našima’ zabilježili besprijekorne performanse. Maksimalna brzina koju smo uhvatili bila je 32 čvora, pri kojoj je potrošnja gotovo 190 litara na sat, međutim na jahti je bio njezin skiper koji je prošlog ljeta s njom prevalio gotovo 2500 milja. On nam je kazao kako jahta najbolje plovi brzinom od 22 čvora, kada je potrošnja 115 litara na sat, a autonomija oko 300 nautičkih milja. Zanimljiva je i potrošnja pri brzini od 10 čvorova, koja tada iznosi samo 25 litara na sat, a raznovrsnost dobrih rezultata ova jahta zahvaljuje patentiranom trupu koji potpisuje Victory Design, a dijele ga svi modeli Solaris Powera od 48 stopa. Solaris Power 48 Lobster zaista nas je oduševio kao uravnoteženo plovilo koje ne zaostaje ni na jednom području dizajna ili kvalitete, te jedva čekamo da, osim na zapadnom Sredozemlju, ova plovila vidimo i na Jadranu.

side to side. The model is available with various engine configuration, and the unit we tested was powered by two IPS 650 480 hp engines, which is the more powerful configuration – and the one that convinced us Solaris Power 48 Lobster isn’t just beautiful, but ready to take you for an exciting ride. On our test, we reached top speed of 32 knots (with fuel consumption reaching almost 190 l/h), but the skipper who assisted us – and who covered 2500 miles on the 48 Lobster last summer – informed us the model is equally impressive at 22 knots, with consumption falling to 115 liters per hour, and the autonomy rising to 300 miles. We found this beauty interesting even at low speed – 10 knots and mere 25 liters of fuel per hour – which only goes to prove how far you can take a model based on hull design above anything else. Just like all Solaris Power 48-footers, this one was also designed by studio Victory Design, so kudos to them. Solaris Power 48 Lobster is a truly balanced vessel, equally well designed and well made in every detail, and we can’t wait to see new units cruising the local waters of Croatia.

Duljina LOA: 14,86 m Širina Beam: 4,87 m Gaz Draft: 1,05 m Istisnina Displacement: 17.550 kg Spremnik za gorivo Fuel capacity: 1500 l Spremnik za vodu Water capacity: 430 l Motori Engines: 2 x Volvo Penta D6 IPS 600 435 KS HP 2 x Volvo Penta D6 IPS 650 480 KS HP Najveća brzina Max speed: 32 čv. knots Brzina krstarenja Cruising speed: 21 čv. knots Graditelj Builder: Solaris Power Zastupnik Dealer: Merk & Merk





U dvanaest metara duljine upakiran je komfor nekad nezamisliv za gumenjake, a sve zahvaljujući Sacsovu tridesetogodišnjem iskustvu i rješenjima dizajnera Christiana Grandea Twelve meters offer comfort that once would be incompatible with a RIB, all thanks to thirty years of experience behind Sacs and solutions by Christian Grande Text Filip Bubalo Photos Sacs

Gumenjaci već neko vrijeme nisu poluindustrijska plovila namijenjena roniocima i jedriličarskim trenerima, a Sacsov Rebel 40 najbolji je dokaz za to. Premda je u ovoj klasi maxi gumenjaka iz serije Rebel 40-ica najmanji, svejedno posjeduje isti gen svoje veće ‘braće’. To je, prije svega, dinamičan dizajn uparen s maritimnim svojstvima koja će vas sigurno dovesti do željene luke, It’s been ages since RIBs have been clunky working boats used by divers or to accompany sailboats during practice. Sacs Rebel 40 is as far away from those as possible. Although the smallest model in its range of maxi RIBs, rebel 40 is just as accomplished as its larger predecessors. Dynamic design and excellent performance, sturdiness that guarantees safe arrival into


Test bez obzira na uvjete. Naime, u 12 metara duljine upakiran je komfor nekad nezamisliv za gumenjake, a sve zahvaljujući tridesetogodišnjem Sacsovu iskustvu i rješenjima dizajnera Christiana Grandea. Pogled ravno s krme ne daje naslutiti da je riječ o gumenjaku, jer tek pogled sa strane otkriva anti collision tubuse od hypalon neoprena u obliku slova D, s diskretnim, ali jako korisnim rukohvatom koji ovaj gumenjak čini sigurnim walkaroundom. Korištenjem izrezanih tuba u unutrašnjosti se dobila pozamašna voluminoznost, pa se čini da je Sacs uspješno spojio najbolje karakteristike od cruisera i maxi gumenjaka. Takav dojam nastavlja se u interijeru, gdje se kombinacijom svijetlog furnira i bijelih površina dodatno naglašava korisni prostor, ali i doza luksuza. U ‘utrobi’ Rebela mogu se ‘ispružiti’ i oni preko 1,90 m, a stajaću su visinu dizajneri uspjeli postići i u toaletu s odvojenom tuš-kabinom. Spremišta su smještena gdje god je za to bilo prostora i nadohvat ruke, a s desne strane se čak smjestio i TV. Jedan king-size ležaj u pramcu, drugi ispod kokpita, zavidnih su dimenzija kada se (pod)sjetimo da smo ipak na gumenjaku. Vrhunski kokpit s tri više pilotska nego skiperska sjedala jako je udoban i isprofiliran da vas drži na mjestu pri velikim brzinama, za što je Rebel 40 i stvoren, a najznačajniji element dizajna cijelog gumenjaka je svakako stakleni krov, koji je s vjetrobranom napravljen iz jednog komada, te izvrsno štiti od vjetra (i sunca) kojeg ne manjka pri 40-ak čvorova maksimalne brzine. Konzolom dominiraju dva multifunkcionalna Raymarine zaslona, a analogni pokazivači daju ‘racing’ osjećaj. Iza sjedala postavljen je kuhinjski

Korištenjem izrezanih tuba u unutrašnjosti se dobila pozamašna voluminoznost, pa se čini da je Sacs uspješno spojio najbolje karakteristike od cruisera i maxi gumenjaka Anti-collision tubes made in neoprene have been designed to add to volume, allowing Sacs to successfully combine the best of cruiser and maxi RIB types


port no matter the conditions – and comfort to boot. Only 12 meters long, Rebel 40 offers plenty of comfort indeed, thanks to the joint effort of the builder and their thirty years of experience, and designer Christian Grande. Viewed from the aft, the 40 doesn’t look like a RIB, but like a walkaround day boat with anti-collision tubes made in neoprene and the discreet, but useful railing. The interior is voluminous, so it seems Sacs have successfully combined the best of cruiser and maxi RIB types. Below deck everything is white, and the color adds both to the size and to the luxury feel. Clearance is impressive – even if you’re over 6 ft., you’ll find that you can stretch with no problem at all – and there’s enough space for a head and a shower booth. Storage space is everywhere, and the TV is on starboard. The beds, both kingsize, are in the bow and under the cockpit, and impressively sized for a RIB. The cockpit is equipped with three pilot seats, very comfortable and shaped to keep the body comfortable and safe even at high speed Rebel 40 was designed for. The deck is protected by a glass element combining roof and windshield, which guarantees protection from everything coming at you at 40 knots of maximum speed. The console is dominated by two Raymarine screens, and analogue instruments give the console a racing feel. Behind the seats, there’s enough room for a galley with grill, sink and two fridges, as well as a folding table – everything you need in a cozy cove. When you drop the anchor, this

blok sa sudoperom i grill pločom, te dva hladnjaka, do kojega je smješten i rasklopni stol, i to je praktički sve što vam treba za lagane ‘snackove’ u kakvoj uvali. A kada se usidrite, pomoću motki u tren se razvije bimini od pramca do krme, pa ‘buntovnik’ omekša i postane brod za opuštanje. Ogroman prostor na krmi rezerviran je za sunčalište koje je izvedeno u dvobojnoj koži, a iako nešto uži prostor na pramcu, pruža jednako komfora za dvoje i više ljudi. Blagodat testiranja novih modela, osim gušta u vožnji potpuno novog broda, ponekad ima i svoju ‘tamnu’ stranu, a to su neka ograničenja kad je riječ o motorima (2 x Volvo Penta D6/400 KS) s tek dva radna sata kao u ovom slučaju (!). Stoga smo ga i iskušali pri manjim brzinama i tu se nema što (pri)govoriti, jer već s 1500 okretaja Rebel 40 ide deset čvorova, a na 3000 rpm doseže svoju brzinu krstarenja od oko 33 čvora, s potrošnjom od 100-tinjak litara. Okreti nisu nagli kao kod gumija s pentama, već blagi i odmjereni, gotovo elegantni, pa je i vožnja opuštenija čak i preko valova zahvaljujući četirima uzdužnim šinama na trupu. O konačnoj brzini preko 41 čv. (150 l) vjerovat ćemo skiperu Juri, koji ga je prvi testirao na moru, i koji na manevriranje nije imao ni najmanjih zamjerki. A o maksimalnoj brzini Rebela 40 može se govoriti tek s opcijom 2 x Yamaha 425 KS, kada će ‘buntovnik’ s 200 kg manje težine doći do punog potencijala. Jurnjava s brodom koji kombinira elegantan izgled i obilje prostora klasičnog cruisera i moćne sposobnosti gumenjaka odvest će užitak do maksimuma, bez ijedne poprskane kapi mora na vašem nasmiješenom licu.

Duljina LOA: 12,32 m Širina Beam: 3,98 m Gaz Draft: 0,85 m Istisnina Displacement: 8,5 t Spremnik za gorivo Fuel capacity: 2 x 550 l Spremnik za vodu Fuel capacity: 220 l Motori Engines: 2 x Volvo D6 400 KS 2 x Yamaha 425 KS XTO Najveća brzina Maximum speed: 42 čv. knots Graditelj Builder: Sacs Zastupnik Dealer: Princess Yachts Adriatic

rebel turns into a meek little boat ready to laze around in the sun. Aft sun mattresses are huge, comfortable and decorative, in a two-color scheme, while those on the bow are somewhat smaller in size, but still big enough for two and more. The unit we tested was equipped with two Volvo Penta D6/400 hp, and while we enjoyed riding a completely new boat, we were also met with certain limitations and only got two hours of ‘engine time’. We decided to stick to lower speed, and found Rebel 40 to be perfectly interesting even when just cruising around. At 1500 rpm we reached 10 knots, and topped out at 3000 rpm and 33 knots, with fuel consumption of around 100 l/h. Sacs Rebel 40 handled every challenge we threw at it with poise, turning much more calmly than a large RIB with Volvo Penta engines – we found the entire experience almost elegant and relaxing, even when jumping over larger waves. As for maximum speed, announced at 41 knots (fuel consumption 150 l/h), we had to take the word of our skipper, Jure, who tested the unit in the open sea and found it responsive, prompt and stable. Sacs Rebel 40 reaches top speed only equipped with two Yamaha 425 hp engines, 200 kg lighter than the engines we tested. This lovely RIB that combines the elegance and comfort of a classic cruiser with impressive performance and maneuverability of a RIB is the right choice for everyone looking for speed, comfort and safety – and wants to avoid getting splashed by even one drop of water.

Brodski stabilizatori: Tehnologija za miran san Stabilizers: For a Good Night’s Sleep Svi veliki proizvođači najpoznatijih brendova jahti nude opciju ugradnje žiro-stabilizatora prilikom kupnje njihovih brodova, i to one najpoznatijeg brenda Seakeeper

Text Filip Bubalo Photos Seakeaper & Princess Yachts

All major yacht builders offer gyro-stabilizers as part of their extras list. Most popular across all types and brands of yachts are those designed and made by Seakeeper



Nekim nautičarima su valovi zabavni ili čak umirujući, no u većini slučajeva valjanje i poniranje trupa broda, bilo u plovidbi, na sidru, gdje vas iznenade zalutali valovi, ili dok čekate u redu za gorivo ili muring, zadaje glavobolje pa i (morsku) bolest, a da ne govorimo o padanju posuđa i čaša po kokpitu, posrtanju putnika po palubi i ostalim neugodnim situacijama. Premda je valjanje sastavni dio plovidbe, a naročito na brodovima s visokim nadgrađima, rješenje je vrlo jednostavno – ugradnja stabilizatora. Bilo da se radi o žiroskopskim stabilizatorima, aktivnim perajama ili flapsovima, neka vrsta stabilizacije postala je dio opreme koja je dostupna ne samo kao dio standardne opreme prilikom kupnje novog plovila, nego i kao dodatna opcija, i to na sve manjim plovilima. Razvoj ove tehnologije doveo je stabilizaciju i na brodove do deset metara, a naročito je tržište malenih ‘fishermen’ brodica u SAD-u profitiralo, pa uređaji poput Seakeeper 1, pogonjeni izvorom napajanja od 12 V, postižu stabilizaciju u svega nekoliko minuta, a da zauzimaju minimalno mjesta (kubus oko 50 x 50 cm). Opcija ugradnje ovog uređaja sve se više čini kao dobar potez, čak i ako vam brod služi samo za ribanje ili ronjenje. Princip rada žiro-stabilizatora je vrlo jednostavan. Uređaj stabilizira valjanje, tako da proizvodi energiju vrtnjom zamašnjaka unutar vakuumske komore, a dobivena stabilizirajuća snaga određuje se težinom, promjerom i okretajima zamašnjaka, te se mjeri u Newton metrima. Baš kao i u autoindustriji, više okretnog momenta daje veće ubrzanje, što rezultira s više ‘anti-rolling’ energije za stabilizaciju plovila. Poput dizajna, i drugi trend iz autoindustrije – elektronička kontrola kretanja,

Some of us find waves fun or even calming, but most of us will react differently to rolling or pitching – even at anchor in a peaceful cove, in line for tank refueling, rolling and pitching is a problem nobody wants to encounter. Best case scenario – it startles you. Everything else – appliances and dishware flying around, passengers stumbling – is more of a headache and best avoided. Although there is nothing unusual about rolling, especially on yachts with tall superstructure, we all prefer to have it ‘fixed’ – and that’s where stabilizers come into play. Gyroscopic stabilizers, active fins or flaps – stabilizers in some shape or form are standard equipment on bigger boats and available as extra on smaller ones. Research and development have made this technology applicable to boats 30 feet in length, especially little fishermen boats so popular in the States. Seakeeper 1, powered by a 12-V battery, work their magic in several minutes and take up no more than 50 cm x 50 cm of space. Installation of this kind of stabilizing system is a good idea even if you only use your boat occasionally, for diving or fishing. They work on a simple principle: they stabilize rolling by way of producing energy by rotating the flywheel inside a vacuum chamber. The obtained stabilizing power is determined by the weight, diameter and speed of the flywheel, and is measured in Newton-meters. Just like with cars, more torque gives greater acceleration, resulting in more ‘anti-rolling’ energy to stabilize the vessel. Like design, another trend from the automotive industry - electronic motion control, has shifted to the yacht industry. Its benefits are obvious: rolling cancellation (up


Neka vrsta stabilizacije broda postala je uobičajeni dio serijske brodske opreme, a naknadna ugradnja stabilizatora prilikom refita jahti jednostavna je i vrlo učinkovita Some form of ship stabilization has become standardd ship equipment, and installation of stabilizers duringg yacht refit is simple and very effective

prebacio se u nautičku industriju, a beneficije su očigledne: anuliranje valjanja (i do 95 posto), manji zamor putnika i posade, povećanje brzine, ali i cjelokupne sigurnosti plovidbe. Osim toga, nautičari često zanemaruju činjenicu da se zbog valjanja gubi i do 15 posto brzine, a što onda dovodi i do veće potrošnje goriva. Stabilizatori su postali skoro kao klima-uređaji u automobilima – neizbježni. Svi veliki proizvođači najpoznatijih brendova jahti nude opciju ugradnje žiro-stabilizatora prilikom kupnje njihovih brodova, i to one najpoznatijeg brenda Seakeeper. Zahvaljujući vrhunskoj tehnologiji ove žiro-stabilizatore moguće je ugraditi na brodove od 23 do preko 85 stopa, a koji će eliminirati valjanja uzrokovano valovima, bilo da se plovilo nalazi na sidru ili u plovidbi. U desetak godina postojanja ove američke tvrtke, ne samo da je pojačana potražnja za ugradnjom stabilizatora u nova plovila, već je i porastao retrofit na rabljenim plovilima, pa tako retrofit čini čak 25 posto njihove ukupne prodaje. Kompaktan dizajn ključan je za ugradnju, pogotovo u limitiranim prostorima kao što su brodske strojarnice, a tehnologija koju koristi ovaj proizvođač omogućava i nekoliko spojenih jedinica, kao i smještanje izvan linije kobilice. Tvrtka Merk & Merk već tri godine ekskluzivni je zastupnik za Seakeeper za Hrvatsku, pa pokrivaju područje od Istre do Cavtata, a u posljednje tri godine često su u projektima refita imali zahtjeve za ugradnjom stabilizacijskih sustava. Premda nije jeftina investicija, ovakvim ‘upgradeom’, osim poboljšanja ugodnosti pa i ekonomičnosti plovidbe, vašem plovilu se povećava i tržišna vrijednost prilikom daljnje prodaje, a upravo je to

to 95 percent), less passenger and crew fatigue, increased speed, and most importantly, overall safety. Furthermore, owners often overlook the fact that up to 15 percent of speed may be lost due to rolling, which in turn leads to higher fuel consumption. Stabilizers have, almost like air conditioners in cars, become inevitable. All major yacht builders offer gyro-stabilizers as part of their extras list. Most popular across all types and brands of yachts are those designed and made by Seakeeper. Thanks to their state-of-the-art technology, these gyro stabilizers can be installed on yachts from 23 to over 85 feet in length, and successfully eliminate rolling caused by waves whether the vessel is at anchor or sailing. In the ten years they have been around, American company Seakeeper has seen increased interest in marine gyro stabilizers, both for new vessels and retro-fitting on used vessels, which counts almost 25 percent of their sales. Their compact design is their key advantage, especially in limited spaces such as marine engine rooms, and the technology used by Seakeeper allows installation of several connected units, as well as placement outside the keel line. Merk & Merk has been exclusive Seakeeper dealer for Croatia for three years, covering the coast from Istria to Cavtat. In these past three years they have installed stabilizers on many a retro-fitted vessel. Although installation of stabilizers after the vessel has been completed is neither cheap or simple, that kind of upgrade allows more comfortable sailing, increases fuel economy and adds to resale value – which are all reasons so many yachts are retro-fitted with stabilizers. Differences from

Technology jedan od najčešćih razloga za ugradnju stabilizatora. Razlike od proizvođača do proizvođača uključuju horizontalnu, odnosno vertikalnu os kretanja stabilizacije, prirodnu ili vođenu precesiju, te aktivnu kontrolu kretanja kojom se optimizira okretni moment žiroskopa za najbolje performanse, odnosno pasivnu kontrolu kod koje se uređaj mora isključiti u težim uvjetima plovidbe i pri većim brzinama. Seakeeper s aktivnom kontrolom, naprednom tehnologijom hlađenja i vrhunskim performansama (9700 rpm), te širokom distributerskom i servisnom mrežom prednjači na svjetskom tržištu. Osim brodova za razonodu, na popisu sretnih vlasnika ujedno su i radni brodovi, poput vatrogasnih i spasilačkih koji dolaze na retrofit ugradnju stabilizacijskih sustava. Julian Merk, vlasnik tvrtke Merk & Merk, kazao je da zapravo nema broda na koji se ne može ugraditi žiro-stabilizator, bilo da je riječ o jednoj ili više konfiguracija, te da za svaku ugradnju postoji rješenje. Prije svega treba se dobro posavjetovati, a kako jedinice dolaze iz SAD-a (odgovor u roku od 24 sata), potrebno je oko mjesec dana za isporuku odabranog modela. Kako u tvrtki Merk & Merk odmah započinju pripreme unutar roka isporuke, za samu ugradnju, kada je jedinica u Hrvatskoj, potrebno je oko desetak dana, ovisno o tipu plovila i, naravno, probnoj vožnji, no prije svake ugradnje stručni tim dolazi pregledati brod kako bi se našlo najbolje rješenje. Seakeeper mora biti montiran na strukturu broda, a što je niže pozicioniran uređaj, to bolje eliminira valjanje broda. Važno je istaknuti da se retrofit može ugraditi gotovo u bilo koji trup, no svaki od njih zahtijeva stručno održavanje jer, kako Julian Merk iz iskustva kaže, puno novih brodova većih od 50 stopa s već ugrađenim Seakeeperima nemaju redovne servisne intervale. Kako govorimo o uređajima s cijenom od oko 100 do 200 tisuća eura, za koje neodržavanje poput zamjene cinkova može biti od velike štete, redovni servisi spadaju u red sitnih troškova održavanja (ciklusi su oko 1000 sati/ili barem jednom godišnje). Ekspanzione posude ili akumulatori, sustav cirkulacije mora, cinkovi u hladnjaku važne su komponente za sigurnost i dugotrajnost rada sustava. Svaka jedinica ima drukčiji servisni interval, stoga se najbolje savjetovati sa stručnim timom Merk & Merk. Naime, iako Seakeeper ima dvije godine tvorničke garancije, imali su slučajeva da se na prvi servis dolazi tek u trećoj godini. Svjedočanstva vlasnika koji plove sa stabilizacijskim sustavima unisona su: nitko se ne vraća na plovila bez stabilizacije, makar im to služilo u najvećoj mjeri kada su na sidru. Za Seakeeper volimo reći da je ‘wife keeper’, jer je miran san bez ljuljanja valova prolazećih brodova ili ‘zalutalih’ valova jednostavno neprocjenjiv.

manufacturer to manufacturer include the choice of horizontal or vertical stabilization axis, natural or guided precession, and the choice between active motion control (which optimizes gyroscope torque for best performance), or passive control where the device must be turned off in difficult sailing conditions and at higher speeds. The most popular model on the market is an active-control model with advanced cooling technology and top performance (9700 rpm), meaning it’s also easily available for purchase and can easily be serviced in one of the many service licensed centers. Other than on leisure boats, gyro stabilizers are installed during retro-fit on work boats – fire and rescue boats – that come in for retro-fit installation of stabilizers. According to Mr. Julian Merk of Merk & Merk, there is no vessel that cannot be retro-fitted with gyro stabilizers. The first thing interested owners should do is come in for consultation with specialists, to discuss number and configuration of units to be installed. After ordering the selected model order confirmation comes within 24 hours, but the delivery can take up to a month, as all units arrive from the States. Once the unit arrives, installation specialist at Merk & Merk can install it in roughly ten days (depending on the type of the vessel), and then the vessel is ready for a test ride. Seakeeper gyro stabilizers are installed on the superstructure – the lower they are, better can they eliminate rolling. Once installed, the unit must be checked and tested regularly. Mr. Merk says maintenance is key to keeping your gyro functional, adding many new vessels up to 50 feet fail to come in for maintenance regularly, after every 1000 hours or at least once a year. Such laziness cannot be justified, seeing how steep the price of stabilizers is – 100.000 - 200.000 euros – and how badly they can be damaged due to poor maintenance. Expansion vessels or batteries, the marine water circulation system, parts of the refrigerator made in zinc – those are the components that guarantee both safety, and longevity of the system. Every unit follows a unique maintenance cycle, so the smartest move is to come in for consultation. Specialists at Merk & Merk tell us they have even had cases where units needed first maintenance after three years – one year after the expiration of the two-year guarantee. Owners of vessels with installed Seakeeper gyro stabilizers all agree on one thing: once you go gyro, you never go back. Even if you primarily use the system at anchor, there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep on a calm vessel undisturbed by waves, and that is why Seakeeper is often called Wife Keeper.

Seakeeper proizvodi vrhunske žiro-stabilizatore za brodove od 23 do preko 85 stopa Seakeeper makes state-of-the-art gyro stabilizers for ships from 23 to over 85 feet Princess V55

Julian Merk


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Croatian Yacht Charter Review

In Love With

the Sea Na hrvatski Jadran svake godine stižu sve zanimljivije i modernije jahte, a na ovim stranicama možete vidjeti neke od njih, doznati o kompatibilnim uslugama koje idu uz čarter, poput dobre opskrbe ili edukacije, kao i doznati detalje o ljudima koji stoje iza uspješnih čarter kompanija. U svakom slučaju nadamo se da ćete pronaći informacije važne za odmor iz snova.

Croatian Adriatic experiences more modern and interesting yachts every year, We believe that you will find some of these vessels on these pages too, together with information about compatible services like supply or education which are essential for good charter. In any case, we hope that you will find useful information that would lead you to the dream vacation.

Princess Lona Jadranska čarter princeza Adriatic Princess of Charter

Izvrsna posada, potpuno obnovljen izgled i odličan izbor morskih igračaka čine Princess Lonu jednom od najpoželjnijih čarter jahti na Jadranu Excellent crew, complete refit inside out and great choice of water toys make Princess Lona one of the best charter yachts at the Adriatic

Među mnogim dobrim jahtama za čarter, Princess Lona ističe se kao najmanja jahta sa šest kabina za čarter na Jadranu. Pretvarajući brodski ured u ‘gaming room’, te po potrebi u udobnu kabinu s dvostrukim ležajem i mogućnošću spavanja čak dvanaest gostiju u pet kabina u potpalublju, ova jahta može se realno podičiti svojim smještajnim mogućnostima. Ali više je drugih čimbenika koji je čine savršenom čarter jahtom. Njezina standardna oprema dopunjena je hidromasažnom kadom velikih dimenzija i dodatnim sunčalištem koji se nalaze na gornjoj palubi, sjedištu na pramcu pridruženo je veliko sunčalište, a taj prostor ima i nesvakidašnje kino na otvorenom. U standardnoj ponudi ova jahta kao luksuzni ‘chase tender’ nudi i sasvim novi Invictus 280, a potpuno je preuređena prije dvije sezone, kada je na unutrašnje uređenje potrošeno bezbroj radnih sati i pozamašan iznos kako bi je stavili uz bok najmodernijim plovilima za najam. Veliki trud uložen u opremanje jahte ne bi bio dovoljan da

Princess Lona is one of the many yachts available for charter in the Adriatic – and the smallest one with six cabins. Her supremely designed space offers plenty of sleeping room for up to twelve guests, and still has enough space left for a gaming room. Princess Lona is the ideal charter yacht in every way, well equipped and furnished, with extras like the large jacuzzi and the additional sunbed on the sundeck, or an open-air movie theater, also on the sundeck. This luxury yacht comes with brand new Invictus 280 chase tender, and has been fully refurbished and redecorated two seasons ago. Hundreds of working hours and plenty of resources spent have elevated Princess Lona onto a new level, and now she stands proudly next to the most modern charter vessels available in the Adriatic. Popular among Hollywood actors vacationing in Croatia – whose discretion is just as important as that of any other client – Princess Lona sails guided by the sure hand of skipper Tihomir Koludrović, whose exten-


ona zasja na čarter tržištu da nije vrhunske posade koja se do sada može podičiti i plovidbom s holivudskim glumcima, čija imena radi diskrecije ne možemo otkriti. Glavni ‘krivac’ za ekipiranje dobrog tima je njezin kapetan Tihomir Koludrović, koji je u ovoj jahti okrunio svoje bogato iskustvo u jadranskom čarteru te je od početka projekta zajedno s vlasnikom jahte sudjelovao u njezinoj kupnji i uređenju. Osim posade od povjerenja u tehničkom funkcioniranju jahte, ističe se i personal zadužen za zadovoljstvo gostiju ‘svim čulima’. Kulinarski talent Vedran Stojanac kombinira najbolje lokalne namirnice s modernim kulinarskim trendovima, a poznata je njegova prilagodba najrazličitijim prohtjevima gostiju, od ‘običnih’ vegetarijanaca do pripreme zahtjevne halal i kosher hrane, dok kao najbolji ambasador prema gostima s njim u paru radi glavna hostesa Jelica Ganza s petnaestogodišnjim iskustvom u jahtingu. Princess Lona ponosno vije hrvatsku zastavu te je dostupna za čarter u Hrvatskoj i Crnoj Gori. sive experience is the best guarantee of customer satisfaction and who has been with the project since day one, involved into everything from purchase to selection of equipment. Princess Lona boasts one of the most experienced and professional crews in the Adriatic, well versed in all technical aspects of sailing, as well as hospitality personnel ready to delight all the other senses and meet every need. Star chef Vedran Stojanac creates magic from finest locally sourced ingredients combined into dishes following latest culinary trends, and will be happy to accommodate any dietary need or preference, from vegetarian to kosher or halal. His partner in crime is hostess Jelica Ganza, whose fifteen years in the yachting industry guarantee service worthy of kings. Princess Lona is registered in Croatia and available for sailing in the waters of Croatia and Montenegro.


Hidromasažni bazen na gornjoj palubi idealan je za uživanje na suncu Jacuzzi located on the fly brodge is ideal for enjoying at the sun



Amada Mia

Nova razina luksuza Next Level Luxury

Bilo da ste ljubitelj dobre gastronomije, jutarnje joge na pramcu ili avanture s vodenim igračkama, na Lagoonu Sixty 5 svima će se ispuniti želje Lagoon Sixty 5 Amada Mia stands ready to fulfill all your vacation needs, from morning yoga on the bow, delicious dinners or playful days in the sun


Lagoon Sixty 5 nudi novu razinu luksuza u duljini od dvadeset metara Lagoon Sixty 5 offers new dimension of luxury in the length of twenty meters

Dvadeset metara čistog komfora novog dvotrupca i novog modela Lagoon Sixty 5 donosi novu razinu luksuza, koji je od ovog ljeta na raspolaganju čarter klijentima, kao nadogradnja kakva se i očekuje od najprodavanijeg brenda katamarana na svijetu. Dizajneri su ovom modelu donijeli ne samo ‘wow’ efekt, već velike te funkcionalne prostore rezervirane za opuštanje, poput pramčanog loungea ili krmenog beach cluba. Bilo da ste ljubitelj gastronomije, jutarnje joge na pramcu ili, pak, avanture s vodenim igračkama poput seaboba, supova ili skija, na novom Lagoonu svima će se ispuniti želje. Obilje spremišta i svi potrebni kućanski aparati, veliki tankovi, dva generatora (10 kW), te DAR smart sustav za upravljanje brodskim sistemima, od rasvjeteM/Y do radara, pružaju ultimativno stres free krstarenje. Veliki flybridge pravo je mjesto za organiziranje koktel zabave, jer, uz al-fresco bar, pomične sofe, diskretno osvjetljenje, imate i predivan pogled na zvijezde kroz transparentni hard top. Stoga Lagoon Sixty 5 Amada Mia jest savršeni izbor za klijente koji traže više od svoje plovidbe, bilo u diskreciji ili s jedrima punim vjetra, ali uvijek željni zabave. Za garanciju dobro provedenog vremena brine se kapetan Ratko Tomić s velikim iskustvom na luksuznim katamaranima, koji u svom timu ima kuharicu Nikolinu Šestak i hostesu Arijanu Musić s dugogodišnjim iskustvom i na velikim katamaranima i motornim jahtama. Nakon pedeset dana provedenih na palubi Amade Mije prošle jeseni Ratko je kazao: ‘Mogu poručiti gostima da je brod izuzetno komforan i autonoman, a s obzirom na opremu nemamo potrebe za pristajanjem u marinu tijekom sedmodnevne plovidbe. Uz pomoć moje posade siguran sam da možemo ispuniti očekivanja i najzahtjevnijih gostiju.’

Twenty meters of pure comfort on two hulls: the new Lagoon Sixty 5 Amada Mia, ready for charter during this summer season, brings a whole new level of luxury to the Adriatic. This upgraded version of the most popular multi-hull in the world has – in addition to the wow-effect – large open spaces ideal for relaxation, like the bow lounge or the aft beach club. Whatever your daily pleasure may be – yoga on the bow, delicious food or playful days in the sun with seabobs, SUPs or skis, the new Lagoon is here to make your dreams come true. Plenty of storage space, large water and fuel tanks, modern appliances, two 10kW generators and a smart system that runs all the ship’s systems from lighting to radar all guarantee stress-free sailing. The large fly bridge is ideal for cocktail parties, with its al fresco bar, movable plush sofas, discreet lighting and breathtaking view of the starry night above through a transparent hard top. Lagoon Sixty 5 Amada Mia is the perfect choice for everyone who wants more sailing, more cozy days in hidden coves, more wind in their sails – and more fun. Skipper Ratko Tomić puts his extensive experience at your service, as do members of his crew – chef Nikolina Šestak and hostess Arijana Musić, who have in their years of sailing on large multi-hulls learned everything they need to know. After fifty days on Amada Mia last year, skipper Ratko is sure of one thing: ‘Amada Mia is an extremely comfortable boat capable of large autonomy, well equipped for staying at sea for seven days without having to dock. Me and my crew can’t wait to welcome guests and meet expectations of even most demanding and sophisticated guests.’

Croatia Yachting Bali katamarani su poput doma na moru Bali Multi-Hulls – Home at Sea

Croatia Yachting se prilagođava ukusima i potrebama modernih nautičara, a Bali katamarani brodovi su koji u prvi plan stavljaju udobnost, komfor i maksimalno opuštanje Croatia Yachting will adapt to the taste and needs of modern sailors, and Bali multi-hulls are true examples of the modern yachting philosophy where maximum relaxation and socializing are more important than anything

Charter Odlučni u tome da zadrže status najmlađe flote na ovom dijelu Mediterana i ove pandemijske 2021. godine, Croatia Yachting se prilagođava ukusima i potrebama modernih nautičara. Tako je njihova čarter flota s više od 120 brodova bogatija za dva najnovija modela katamarana s bazom u marini Kaštela. Katamaran Bali 4.6 jedinstven je po tome što je jedini brod s pet kabina u svojoj kategoriji, dok je Bali 4.2. prepoznatljiv po direktnoj vezi između salona i prednjeg kokpita, koja je samo jedna od posebnosti ovih brodova. ‘Dom na moru’, kako ih često nazivaju, Bali katamarani jedinstvena su plovila koja pružaju visoku razinu udobnosti, sigurnosti, ali i dodatnih prednosti kao što su veliki prozori koji omogućavaju panoramski pogled, komunikaciju između salona i prednjeg kokpita s prostorom za druženje koji uključuje stolove i mjesto za sjedenje umjesto uobičajene mreže, uz jedinstveni flybridge na kojem se također nalazi prostor za sjedenje i, sad već zaštitni znak Bali katamarana, mogućnost potpunog otvaranja salona. Izgrađeni 2021., Bali 4.6 i Bali 4.2 pravi su primjer modernih brodova u kojima je maksimalno opuštanje i druženje stavljeno u prvi plan. Namijenjeni su svim nautičarima kojima je, osim prirodnih ljepota jadranske obale i samog jedrenja, bitna prostranost, udobnost i komforan prostor u kojem će stvarati nezaboravne i inspirativne trenutke.

Determined to maintain the status of the freshest, youngest fleet in this part of the Mediterranean even in 2021, Croatia Yachting adapts to the tastes and needs of modern sailors. Their charter fleet with more than 120 boats has recently been expanded by addition of new units, which have joined others in the Kaštela marina. The new Bali 4.6 multi-hull is unique as the only model in her category with five cabins, while the new Bali 4.2 is already famous for the direct connection between the salon and the front cockpit. ‘Home at Sea’, as they are often called, Bali multi-hulls are unique and provide a high level of comfort, safety, but also additional benefits, such as large windows that provide panoramic views, communication between the salon and the front cockpit, with a space for socializing that includes tables and a seating area instead of the usual net, and with a unique flybridge also equipped with seating. Built in 2021, the new Bali 4.6 and Bali 4.2 are true examples of the modern yachting philosophy where maximum relaxation and socializing are more important than anything. Built for travelers who, in addition to the natural beauty of the Adriatic coast and sailing itself, care about volumes, coziness and comfortable spaces that become the background for picture-perfect memories and unforgettable moments.

Bali katamarani pružaju nezaboravan užitak plovidbe zahvaljujući visokoj razini udobnosti i sigurnosti Bali catamarans offer unforgettable sailing experience thanks to high level of comfort and safety




Sibari II

Ova neobična jahta nudi odličan izbor za udoban čarter na Kvarneru This unusual yacht offers perfect options for comfortable charter in Croatia


MennYacht je za nadolazeću sezonu u svoju čarter ponudu uvrstio i sasvim drukčiji motorni brod Sibari II. Nekad ribarica, ova potpuno preuređena 25 metara duga brodica iznimnih plovnih performansi, pruža jedinstven nautički doživljaj. Uigrana posada, četiri udobne i luksuzne kabine, prostrana gornja paluba, kao i odlična gastronomska ponuda, učinit će plovidbu na Sibariju nezaboravnim iskustvom. MY Sibari savršen je izbor za korporativna okupljanja, team buildinge ili privatne događaje, ne isključujući obiteljsko ljetovanje. Velike zalihe vode omogućavaju višednevnu samodostatnost i istinsko uživanje čak i u najizoliranijim dijelovima jadranske obale. Od prvog kontakta s MennYacht timom, klijenti su u mogućnosti vrlo detaljno kreirati svoje ljetovanje na ovom zaista kvalitetnom i povoljnom motornjaku.

The brand new and very different motor yacht Sibari II has been finished and will be available for charter through MennYacht in the upcoming season. Formerly a fishing boat, this 25-meter long yacht has been completely refurbished and refitted into a boat capable of impressive performance, ready to provide a unique sailing experience. Her experienced crew, four comfortable and luxurious cabins, a spacious upper deck and delightful food and drinks available around the clock all come together to make cruising on Sibari an unforgettable experience. MY Sibari is the perfect choice for corporate gatherings, team building or private events, including family vacations. Large water supplies allow for several days of self-sufficiency and true pleasure cruising through remote parts of the Adriatic. From their first contact with the MennYacht team clients can expect a full custom holiday experience, which now includes this sturdy, comfortable and affordable motor yacht.


Besprijekoran klasik Gentleman’s Choice

To je to Ovaj Benetti Classic ima četiri udobne kabine i elegantne vanjske prostore This Benetti Classic has four comfortable cabins and elegant exteriors

Čarter ponuda na Jadranu konačno je bogatija za punokrvnu klasičnu jahtu. Benetti Classic od trideset pet metara zanimljivog imena ‘To je to’ pravi je primjer uređenja jahte retro stila, kakvih ima na zapadnom Sredozemlju. Jahta je potpuno obnovljena 2020. godine, uključujući pažljivo obnavljanje unutrašnjosti, te bojenje vanjštine, čime je zasjala punim sjajem. S četiri udobne kabine u potpalublju i pet članova posade pod vodstvom kapetana Zlatka Plenkovića, ‘To je to’ nudi vrhunski komfor za vrijeme čartera kao pravi ‘gentleman’s choice’. Jahta je to za biranu publiku koja će pravi luksuz prepoznati u duhu prošlih vremena, po uzoru na slavne dane jahtinga u stilu ‘dolce vita’. S druge strane, izbor morskih igračaka, kao i modernizirani sustavi jahte omogućuju komfor dostojan najmodernijih plovila današnjice, dok će vam se mirna plovidba čeličnog trupa možda posebno svidjeti. Matična luka jahte ‘To je to’ je u Trogiru, a za čartere je slobodna kroz srpanj i kolovoz. Adriatic charter industry adds a classy classic with ‘To je to’, 35 m (114,10 ft) Benetti Classic. This retro beauty shares style with several classic yachts sailing western Mediterranean. Refitted in 2020, the yacht shines like a jewel with her renovated interior and brilliant hull. Four comfortable cabins below deck and fivestrong crew lead by skipper Zlatko Plenković are at your service. ‘To je to’ is very comfortable in every aspect, and the definition of gentleman’s choice, ideal for sophisticated clients who find luxury is best when it’s classic and wish to spent their vacation sailing and enjoying the dolce vita. Modern amenities and a selection of water toys are on par with that of modern yachts her size, and her steel hull guarantees stability and safe sailing. You can find ‘To je to’ in her home port of Trogir, and she will be available for charter throughout July and August.


Okus Hvara, uvijek s vama A Taste of Hvar, Wherever You Are

Projekt Hvarwine, koji vode Zoran Pejović i Sara Rasmussen, predstavlja otok Hvar kroz bogatu tradiciju stvaranja jedinstvenih vina


Kroz stoljeća bogate i burne povijesti Hvarani su obrađivali svoje vinograde s velikom vještinom i pažnjom, blagoslovljeni bujnošću Mediterana. Već u 4. stoljeću prije Krista stari Grci su donijeli vinovu lozu na sunčani otok i posadili je na plodna polja starogradske ravnice. Starogradsko polje danas je pod zaštitom UNESCO-a, ali ostala je priča o vrijednim ljudima i strastvenim vinarima koji su u specifičnoj klimi od lokalnih sorti stvarali jedinstvena vina. Dalmacija općenito, a posebno otok Hvar, ima stjenovit krajolik i obronke s beskrajnom raznolikošću mikroklime, što rezultira vinorodnim područjem u kojem je terroir presudno važan čimbenik. Najpoznatiji su vinogradi na strmim južnim padinama otoka gdje je grožđe okupano suncem, ali isto tako izloženo djelovanju mora i kamenog okoliša. Premda će svima prva asocijacija za Hvar biti snažna crna vina od plavca malog kao najraširenije dalmatinske sorte, istina je kako je Hvar otok na kojem dobro uspijevaju i svježa i voćna bijela vina od sorti prč, maraština, bogdanuša i pošip. Upravo na tih 2500 godina tradicije nastao je projekt Hvarwine, kojim Zoran Pejović i Sara Rasmussen žele svijetu predstaviti i ponuditi samo najbolje od vina s otoka Hvara ili, još bolje, toliko specifičan hvarski način života. U njihovu web shopu zasad su zastupljeni Jo Ahearne (MW), Andro Tomić, Ivo Duboković, Tonči Marijan, Juraj Vujnović, Milko i Luka Pavičić kroz bijela, narančasta, crna, rosé i desertna vina. Za više informacija posjetite

Photos Nikola Radovani

The Hvarwine project, run by Zoran Pejović and Sara Rasmussen, presents the island of Hvar through its rich tradition of creating unique wines

Through centuries of rich and turbulent history, the people of Hvar have cultivated their vineyards with great skill and attention, blessed by the Mediterranean’s exuberance. It was in the 4th century BC that the Greeks introduced vine to the sunny island and planted it in the fertile Stari Grad Plain. The Stari Grad Plain is now part of UNESCO World Heritage List, but the story of hard-working people and passionate winemakers remains, creating one-of-a-kind wines in a specific climate using local grape varieties. Dalmatia, and Hvar in particular, has rocky hillsides and slopes with an endless variety of micro-climates, resulting in a wine-growing zone where the terroir plays a crucial role. The vineyards on the steep Southern slopes of the island are the best known, as grapes are sun-kissed, but also exposed to the sea and the rocky environment. Even though Hvar evokes full-bodied red wine in most people’s mind, such as the Plavac Mali as the primary red grape variety in Dalmatia, the truth is that fresh and fruity white varieties also thrive in Hvar, such as Prč, Maraština, Bogdanuša and Pošip. The 2,500 years of tradition was the basis for the Hvarwine project, envisaged by Zoran Pejović and Sara Rasmussen as a way to acquaint and offer to the world only the best wines the island of Hvar has to offer, or, better yet, the unique Hvar way of life. Their webshop currently features white, orange, red, rosé and dessert wines by Jo Ahearne (MW), Andro Tomić, Ivo Duboković, Tonči Marijan, Juraj Vujnović and Milko and Luka Pavičić. For more info visit:


Croeat Najbolji dio svake plovidbe The Best Part of Every Voyage Croeat je profesionalni dobavljač hrane i jamac za izvrsnu hranu i piće, kao i za svakodnevne potrepštine, koji djeluje duž hrvatske obale. Tvrtka nudi usluge za sve kulinarske potrebe, uz personaliziran postupak naručivanja i isporuke. Cilj im je pružiti najbolje proizvode i najbolje iskustvo u svakom trenutku i gdje god se klijent nalazio, kao i izgraditi dugoročne odnose sa svakim klijentom kojeg opskrbljuju. Budući da je svaka narudžba jedinstvena, baš kao i nepce osobe koja ju je sastavila, Croeat svakom klijentu pristupa osobno. Uz pristup širokoj liniji kulinarskih proizvoda iz globalne distribucijske mreže, Croeat u svojoj ponudi ima ekskluzivne namirnice, veganske i vegetarijanske, autentične lokalne i egzotične specijalitete, vrhunska pića, vlastite proizvode i proizvode svjetski poznatih luksuznih brendova. Agenti tvrtke isporučit će odabranu robu na traženo mjesto i u traženo vrijeme. Iza projekta Croeat stoji šef kuhinje Teo Ivanišević, koji je stekao značajno iskustvo radeći u restoranima s Michelinovim zvjezdicama i na privatnim jahtama, što mu je otvorilo nove mogućnosti. Osobno je uvijek na raspolaganju klijentima kako bi im pomogao pronaći najbolje sezonske i autentične proizvode za njihovo jedinstveno kulinarsko iskustvo na Jadranu.

Croeat is a professional provisioning supplier for exquisite food and beverages as well as everyday items along the Croatian coastline. They offer service for all culinary needs with a highly personalized ordering and delivery process. Their goal is to provide the best products and experiences, any place, any time, and to build long term relationships with every client they supply. Since every inquiry is as unique as the taste pallet of the person placing it, that’s why Croeat deals with all their customers on a personal level. Having access to a broad line of culinary items from a worldwide distribution network – Croeat is able to provide fine dining products, Vegan & Vegetarian gourmet revolution products, authentic local and exotic specialities, exquisite beverages, interior line products and global luxury brand products. Their fulfilment agents will deliver selected goods at requested time and place. Behind the project is Chef Teo Ivanišević who has gained significant experience working in Michelin star restaurants and private yachts as a Chef which opened a new horizon of opportunities. He is personally always at client’s disposal to help them find the best seasonal and authentic products for a unique culinary experience.

Široka ponuda proizvoda potrebnih za autentično gastronomsko iskustvo na Jadranu Providing exactly the products you desire for your authentic experience along the Adriatic M/Y DAR

Čarter Najveće pomorsko učilište na Jadranu svojim edukativnim programima priprema osoblje za vrhunsku uslugu The largest maritime training center in the Adriatic offers training courses that prepare crews for top quality service

Adria Libar Izvrsnost nije vještina – to je stav profesionalaca Excellence is not just a skill, it’s professional attitude

Welcome pristup, safety pristup, organizacija i administracija posla, klijentela ekstravagantnog načina života, proizvodi od najfinijih materijala besprijekorne izrade, oprema velike vrijednosti, najsuvremenija tehnologija... Kako biti savršen u ulozi pružatelja usluge bilo da ste brodovlasnik, čarter ili član posade? Pitanje je to koje se nameće jer je riječ o procesu koji nikada nije konačan, bez obzira na stečeno iskustvo, a sve gore navedeno nije dovoljno bez odličnog osoblja. Otvoren pristup novim informacijama, tehnikama i vještinama je ono što izdvaja vrhunsku uslugu. Adria Libar, najveće pomorsko učilište na Jadranu, godinama osluškuje potrebe jahting tržišta i nudi obuku usavršavanja procesa i operacija pri pružanju profesionalne usluge na plovilima, a kao partnera za edukaciju odabrala ih je čarter tvrtka Adriatic Sailing, nagrađivana kao najbolja čarter kompanija na Jadranu, koja je razvoj iz bareboat (bez posade) u crewed (s posadom) segment najma plovila pratila uz edukaciju menadžmenta i posade. ‘U pristupu poslu otvorenost prema edukaciji je imperativ, pogotovo kada je provodimo s punim povjerenjem u stručnjake ovog učilišta, a preporučili bismo je i ostalima na tržištu’, kazala je Tamara Jadrić iz Adriatic Sailinga. Ove uspješne tvrtke prepoznale su problematiku i s velikim entuzijazmom u predsezoni odradile model edukacije posade tijekom plovidbe uvježbavajući vrhunsku uslugu, gdje se svaka situacija analizira do detalja, a kvaliteta usluge dolazi do izražaja. U komunikaciji s menadžmentom i edukatorima, usluga je standardizirana na crewed plovilima i podignuta na razinu zbog koje se gost želi vratiti i ostaviti preporuku.

There are many skills one needs to master to be successful in the charter industry – being welcoming, thinking of safety, being excellent at organizing, having sharp administrative skills, minding quality, handling expensive equipment and dealing with modern technology. Owners, crew and industry professionals are living and working in the state of continuous learning, seeing how no matter how much experience you have, your skills can always be honed a bit more. Open access to new information, techniques and skills are all available through Adria Libar, largest naval college in the Adriatic, that have for years have their ear on the yachting market, offering instruction in skills necessary for successfully operating a boat, owning, managing or simply working in the yachting industry. Adria Libar has recently been selected as education partner of Adriatic Sailing, the awarded charter agency in the Adriatic, who have kept in step with their growth and development by educating their staff. Operating both in the bareboat and crewed segments, Adriatic Sailing is recognized as the most successful charter broker in the Adriatic. ‘In our business, continuous education is a must, and we must be able to rely on our partners. Adria Libar is reputable, successful and we would like to recommend them to everyone in our industry’, says Tamara Jadrić of Adriatic Sailing. These two successful companies have recognized the issue and tackled it with enthusiasm, educating crew members during the off season, with utmost attention to detail and many hours of practice. Customized classes that use analysis and focus on quality of education, excellent communication between the management and the educators, standardized service for crewed vessels and high level of skills acquired are all basis for successful co-operation and customer satisfaction.

e r u t u F e Shape th r e t r a h C t of Yach er 2021

-12 Novemb 0 1 , b re ag Z n In en d ar Hilton G


Booking Manager Summit Globalno središte yacht charter svijeta The Global Center of the Yacht Charter World Booking Manager Summit nastavlja sa svojom misijom educiranja i osnaživanja charter industrije treću godinu zaredom. Danas je imperativ svih sudionika turističkog sektora brzo reagirati na promjene u poslovnom okruženju, a yacht charter profesionalci više nego ikad prije trebaju posegnuti za inovativnim, učinkovitim i dugoročnim rješenjima privlačenja gostiju. Hibridno izdanje ove edukativne konferencije ponudit će kvalitetna predavanja i inovativne radionice uživo i u virtualnom formatu. Tri dana, od 10. do 12. studenoga 2021., Hilton Garden Inn u Zagrebu bit će globalno središte edukacije yacht charter svijeta. Više od 30 internacionalnih predavača, poput Andyja Prestona i Chrisa Crofta, stručnjaka za prodaju, marketing specijalista za yacht charter Bena Taylora te LinkedIn stručnjakinje Kotryne Kurt, pružit će učinkovite odgovore na sve aktualne izazove, a uvijek dinamični i zanimljivi paneli analizirat će i segmentirati nove trendove. Osim edukacije, iznimno važan dio konferencije je i povezivanje svih sudionika s ciljem razmjene iskustava i sklapanja novih partnerstva. Međusobna interakcija i sastanci planiraju se omogućiti uživo u prostranom Booking Manager Summit loungeu, smještenom u Garden Inn hotelu, ali i putem unaprijeđene i brze virtualne platforme. Za očekivati je da će Booking Manager Summit ove godine kvalitetno prenijeti inovativne ideje i znanja charter profesionalcima te postaviti temelje za održivu i profitabilnu budućnost industrije.

Booking Manager Summit continues its mission of educating and strengthening the charter industry for a third year in a row. Today, it is imperative for all tourism sector participants to react quickly to changes in the business environment, and yacht charter professionals more than ever need to reach for innovative, efficient and long-term solutions to attract guests. The hybrid edition of this educational conference will offer creative lectures and innovative workshops both live and in virtual format. Three days, from 10th to 12th of November 2021, Hilton Garden Inn in Zagreb will be the global education centre for the yacht charter world. Many renowned speakers such as Andy Preston and Chris Croft, international sales experts, yacht charter marketing specialist Ben Taylor and LinkedIn expert Kotryna Kurt will provide practical answers to all current challenges. At the same time, dynamic and exciting panels will analyze and segment new trends. In addition to education, an essential part of the conference is to connect all participants with the aim of exchanging experiences and concluding new partnerships. Mutual interaction and meetings will be organized in a spacious Booking Manager Summit lounge located in the Garden Inn hotel, and through an advanced and fast virtual platform. Booking Manager Summit will transfer innovative ideas and knowledge to charter professionals and lay the foundations for the industry’s sustainable and profitable future.

Međunarodni predavači s bogatim iskustvom praktično znanje približit će i prenijeti yacht charter svijetu International lecturers with rich experience will present practical knowledge and transfer it to yacht charter world


Kvaliteta ispred svega Quality Over Quantity

Barbara Grgurević Škoda Yacht IN ima individualan pristup, a dugogodišnje iskustvo u jahting industriji omogućava nam da svako iskustvo na našim brodovima bude iznimno - naglasila je čarter menadžerica Barbara Grgurević Škoda Yacht IN takes pride in individual approach to clients and our many years of experience in the yachting industry allow us to make every experience special, says charter manager Barbara Grgurević Škoda


Charter Superjahta Alalya od 47 metara najnoviji je član flote Yacht IN-a The 47-meter superyacht Alalya is the newest member of the Yacht IN fleet

Tvrtka Yacht IN sa sjedištem u Zadru specijalizirana je boutique tvrtka za jahting usluge, uključujući prodaju luksuznih jahti, iznajmljivanje, upravljanje i savjetovanje. Dugogodišnje iskustvo u jahting industriji, kao i uspješno internacionalno poslovanje, omogućili su mladom i dinamičnom timu Yacht IN-a stvaranje profesionalne i prijateljske poslovne klime, koju su prepoznali mnogi vlasnici plovila kao i čarter klijenti kojima pružaju bezbrižno jahting iskustvo uz maksimalan užitak na obostrano zadovoljstvo. O svim novostima u tvrtki Yacht IN porazgovarali smo s čarter menadžericom Barbarom Grgurević Škoda. Kako ste se našli u jahtingu? Da me netko prije pet godina pitao kako zamišljam svoju budućnost, sigurno ne bih pomislila na jahting, no danas mi se moj put čini logičan. Zapravo, odmalena sam imala doticaja s jahtama, moj otac je vodio tvrtku za refit jahti te sam često posjećivala brodogradilište. U mladosti sam radila kao stjuardesa na privatnoj jahti i stekla uvid u operativu jahte. Detaljno sam upoznala našu obalu, otoke, skrivena privezišta, restorane, što mi uvelike koristi u poslu danas. Nekoliko godina radila sam u hotelijerstvu, u marketing odjelu Falkensteiner grupe. Sve to omogućilo mi je da vrlo sigurno i s entuzijazmom preuzmem poziciju čarter menadžera za Yacht IN 2017. godine. M/Y DAR Kako danas izgleda vaš posao u tako dinamičnom okruženju? Zahtjevno, ali ispunjavajuće! U Yacht IN-u radi tim mladih profesionalaca, no tvrtka ima dugogodišnje iskustvo. Vlasnici i partneri Slaven Knežević i Matija Zelić su kroz odjel prodaje i financijskog menadžmenta jahti čvrsto pozicionirali tvrtku na tržištu i stvorili dobre temelje za rast i razvoj čarter odjela. Radimo u sinergiji i međusobno dijelimo znanja i iskustvo, što svakako doprinosi tome da naša usluga bude sveobuhvatna i prilagođena svakom klijentu. Godina 2020. za mnoge je bila izazovna. Kakvi su vaši dojmovi? Istina, bila je izazovnija od prethodnih, no unatoč tome za nas je bila uspješna. Tvrtka je prošle godine proslavila 10 godina poslovanja. Yacht IN je osigurao ekskluzivno RIBCO zastupništvo za jugoistočnu Europu. Također, postali smo korisnici Yachtfolio platforme, najistaknutije i najpreciznije B2B platforme jahti i superjahti dostupnih za čarter na globalnoj razini. Yachtfolio platforma otvorena je samo za kvalificirane yacht charter brokere i čarter menadžere koji udovoljavaju visokim zahtjevima MYBA udruženja. Pridruživanje Yachtfoliju velika je potvrda višegodišnjeg rada, ali i poticaj za daljnji napredak.

Zadar-based Yacht IN specializes in boutique yachting, including luxury yacht sale, charter, management and consulting. Their many years of experience in the yachting industry and successful presence on international markets have allowed the young and dynamic crew of Yacht IN to create a friendly professional working atmosphere, which was recognized by their many satisfied customers relying on them for a carefree, pleasurable yachting experience. Charter manager Barbara Grgurević Škoda of Yacht IN kindly answered all of our questions on their current and planned activities. How did you enter the yachting industry? If you had asked me five years ago what my professional plans were, they certainly would not have involved yachting, but now that I’m here, it seems like this is where I’ve always belonged. I’ve been around yachts since childhood, as my father managed a refitting company and I visited him often. In my younger days I worked on a yacht as a hostess and got an insight into how things are done on yachts. I got to know the Croatian coast in detail; every island, every hidden cove, tried every restaurant, which certainly comes in handy in my current business. After that, I have spent several years in the hospitality industry, with Falkensteiner group. All of my experiences combined have allowed me to accept the position as Yacht IN charter manager with confidence and enthusiasm. What is it like to work in such a dynamic industry? Demanding, but fun! At Yacht IN, we have a team of young professionals who benefit from the experience of the owners, Slaven Knežević and Matija Zelić. They have built a sturdy company through sales and financial management, and allowed us to build our charter division fast and with plenty of success. The synergy of our experience, skills and know-how is what makes Yacht IN so successful in every aspect and what allows us to offer each and every client a uniquely customized, comprehensive service. Last year was challenging for so many businesses. How did Yacht IN fair? True, 2020 presented us with a lot of challenges in general, but we handled them with poise. Last year we celebrated ten years in the business, became exclusive RIBCO dealer for Southeast Europe, and joined Yachtfolio, the most successful and precise B2B global charter platform for yachts and superyachts. Yachtfolio is exclusively used by qualified charter brokers and managers who

Čarter Možete li nam reći više o svojoj čarter ponudi za nadolazeću sezonu? Posebno bih istaknula novu uslugu unutar našeg čarter segmenta - Superyacht tender and luxury day boat rental service, kao odgovor na rastući regionalni trend u potražnji za maxi-RIB tenderima i luksuznim dnevnim brodovima. Trenutnu flotu čine dva modela RIBCO Seafarer 33, no u narednom razdoblju floti će se pridružiti i ostali modeli ovog grčkog proizvođača. U čarter floti u kategoriji do 24 metra imamo dva popularna modela Ferretti – 24 m Ferretti 780 HT Tesoro i 21 m Ferretti 681 Dominique. U kategoriji do 35 metara imamo već prepoznatljivi 33 m Sunseeker Predator 108 Quantum, koji se svojom specifičnošću, sportskim izgledom, vrhunskom posadom i izvrsnim recenzijama izdvojio od konkurencije. Sa zadovoljstvom mogu reći da su se našoj čarter floti, za nadolazeću sezonu, pridružila dva nova člana. Prvi je luksuzni katamaran jedriličarskih performansi, Skimmer. Ono što ovaj 23-metarski katamaran razlikuje od ostalih je kombinacija sportskih performansi racing katamarana s komforom i luksuzom motornih jahti. Superjahta Alalya od 47 metara najnoviji je član naše flote te se u njoj ogleda vizija budućnosti Yacht IN čarter odjela. Na Jadranu nedostaje superjahti za najam u toj klasi i njezin dolazak u čarter menadžment Yacht IN-a neminovno nam otvara brojne mogućnosti. Što Yacht IN razlikuje od ostalih? Prije svega, rekla bih da je to pristup. Mi smo boutique tvrtka i to je vidljivo u svakom segmentu našeg poslovanja. Svakoj jahti u našem čarter menadžmentu pristupamo zasebno, analiziramo njezino stanje i savjetujemo vlasnika oko pripreme broda, maksimalno posvećujući pažnju posadi s kojom svakodnevno i blisko surađujemo. Trudimo se da svako čarter iskustvo na našim brodovima bude izuzetno, a to postižemo dobrom i detaljnom pripremom te pravodobnom komunikacijom sa svima uključenima. Nije jednostavno izgraditi dobar imidž čarter broda na tržištu, no u tome i jest ljepota ovog posla, od mene zahtijeva puno, ali isto toliko i vrati kroz zadovoljstvo klijenata, posade i vlasnika. Što biste naveli kao izazov u vašem poslu? Ponekad je izazovno biti spona između vlasnika jahte, posade i klijenta, no kada je komunikacija jasna i transparentna, svi uključeni mogu biti zadovoljni. Pristupamo i vlasnicima i klijentima s istom idejom, da svojim iskustvom i kvalitetom stvorimo temelje za dugoročnu suradnju. Mislim da ona poznata fraza ‘quality over quantity’ posebno vrijedi za nas!


satisfy MYBA standards. With joining Yachtfolio, we have confirmed our past efforts have paid off, and found new zeal for the future. What will your offer include in the upcoming season? I would like to begin with introducing a new type of service within our superyacht segment – superyacht tender and luxury day boat rental service, our answer to the rising regional popularity of maxi-RIBs and luxury day boats. Currently in our fleet we have two RIBCO Seafarer 33 tenders, and we are planning to add several new maxi-RIBs of the same maker in the foreseeable future. Our category up to 24 meters includes two popular Ferretti yachts – 24 m Ferretti 780 HT Tesoro and 21 m Ferretti 681 Dominique. In the category up to 35 meters, there is the beloved 33 m Sunseeker Predator 108 Quantum, whose uniqueness, sporty looks, highly skilled crew and excellent customer reviews set it apart on the market. I am pleased to tell you we have two new additions to our fleet for this season: luxury multi-hull Skimmer and superyacht Alalya. Skimmer is a high-performance racing multi-hull, 23 meters long and as comfortable as a luxury motor yacht. Alalya is a 47 meters long superyacht and a true reflection of our vision for the future: the superyacht segment in the Adriatic is underdeveloped, and Yacht IN is looking to add to it, starting with Alalya. What sets Yacht IN apart? First and foremost, our approach. We are a boutique company and that reflects onto every segment of our business activity. Potential of every yacht under our management is analyzed according to individual parameters, we consult owners on how to manage their yachts, we take care of our yacht crews. We want to make every contract special, to offer every client a unique experience, and we rely on detailed preparation and timely communication. It isn’t easy to build a favorable image of a yacht in this market, but that challenge is what makes this job so beautiful. It is demanding, but the reward for a job well done is overall satisfaction of the client, the crew and the owner. What is the biggest challenge in your business? Sometimes it isn’t easy to serve as liaison between the owner, the crew and the client, but consistent and transparent communication makes it easier for all of us. Our approach to clients and yacht owners is the same: we want to put our experience to good use and create basis for long and fruitful co-operation. You know what they say – quality over quantity. That’s our motto!

Skimmer 232



~50 km/h

BATTERY ~45 min

ENGINE 14 hp

CHARGING 120 min

Čarter menadžment u krvi Charter Management as DNA

Marin Gabrić Rastom flote luksuznih jahti, agencija Touch Adriatic se pod Gabrićevim vodstvom pozicionirala kao lider u segmentu motornih jahti srednje veličine, a ove godine bilježe i izlazak na tržište susjedne Italije Fleet expansion has allow Touch Adriatic to, under the leadership of Marin Gabrić, position themselves as number one charter broker in the mid-size motor yacht range. This year the company is entering the Italian market

Charter Nakon deset godina rada u čarter industriji u Hrvatskoj, Marin Gabrić se profilirao za najam luksuznih jahti s posadom. Danas uspješno vodi tvrtku Touch Adriatic, specijaliziranu za čarter menadžment, a o trenucima svoje karijere, kao i trenutnim uspjesima, rado govori za naš časopis. Koliko godina ste u čarter industriji? U čarter industriji sam već više od deset godina. Sve je počelo već sada davne 2011. godine, kad sam dobio priliku raditi za tada veliku lokalnu čarter tvrtku. Od samog početka bio sam zadužen za ‘bukiranje’ motornih jahti. Poslovanje tvrtke temeljilo se na internet oglašavanju i na takav način smo dolazili do klijenata. Zbog sve većeg interesa klijenata za Hrvatsku, s vremenom se pokazala potreba za okupljanjem flote brodova na jednom mjestu i tada počinjem s čarter menadžmentom. To je bio sasvim logičan slijed u mojoj karijeri i nakon dosta godina rada i zalaganja danas s ponosom mogu reći da u svojoj današnjoj firmi u čarter menadžmentu imamo 30 motornih jahti. U praksi vlasnici jahti kompletno vođenje prodaje, marketinga, komunikaciju s agentima, komunikaciju s kapetanima, izradu čarter ugovora, organizaciju transfera i svih drugih detalja prepuste čarter menadžment tvrtki. Tako se kompletno poslovanje broda, ali i sama usluga čartera, podignula na višu razinu, a brod koji posluje kao mala tvrtka postaje ‘stress free’ zona za vlasnika.

After ten years in the charter segment of the Croatian yachting industry, Marin Gabrić has become an expert in managing crewed luxury yachts. Now at the helm of Touch Adriatic, Gabrić talked to us about his current endeavors and victories. How long have you been in the charter industry? I’ve been working in the charter industry for more than ten years. In 2011 I got a chance to work for a local charter broker considered big at the time, on booking large motor yachts. Our business was mostly advertised online, that’s how we found clients or they found us. As interest in Croatia as charter destination grew, so did the need to gather a fleet in one place, as well as to venture into charter management. That was the logical next step in my career. After years of effort and hard work, I can proudly say that my current company manages 30 motor yachts. Yacht owners can now lean on us for sales, marketing, communication with brokers, communication with skippers, contracts, transfer organization and all the other details. That way, yacht management and charter itself can operate on a higher level, and a yacht that is essentially a little company, becomes a stress-free source of income. You are operating according to international standards. For the last three years I have been director and partner at Touch Adriat-

Pod Marinovim vodstvom Touch Adriatic prednjači u ponudi jahti s pet kabina Under Marin Gabrić, Touch Adriatic has excellent offer of the five cabin yachts

Princess Lona



Seventh Sense



Marin Gabrić vodi mladi tim suradnika koji radi po MYBA standardima Marin Gabrić leads a team of young professionals working by MYBA standards

Poslovanje temeljite na međunarodnim standardima? Poslovni put me odveo do tvrtke Touch Adriatic u kojoj sam direktor i partner zadnje tri godine, a koja se temelji na čarter menadžmentu. S velikim ponosom mogu izdvojiti da je naša tvrtka, kao jedna od rijetkih s ovih područja, pridružena članica najprestižnije čarter organizacije na svijetu koja se zove MYBA. Ta asocijacija je ujedno i sinonim za izvrsnost i jedina garancija kvalitete na području jahtinga. U 2018. godini postao sam individualni član MYBA-e, na što sam posebno ponosan. S kakvim jahtama danas radite? Kao tvrtka profilirali smo se za čarter menadžment motornih jahti s posadom od 20 metara naviše. Već prije sam naveo da trenutno u floti imamo 30 jahti, od toga se 24 jahte nalaze u Hrvatskoj i Crnoj Gori, a šest ih se nalazi u Italiji. Sve naše jahte imaju profesionalnu posadu, koja se brine da se za vrijeme čartera gosti opuste i imaju nezaboravno iskustvo. Svakom klijentu pristupamo individualno i sukladno željama gosta prilagođavamo svaki detalj čartera, bilo da se radi o hrani i piću ili itineraru. Kuhar na brodu za svaki čarter kreira poseban jelovnik, poštujući želje pojedinog gosta. S kapetanom izrađujemo rutu putovanja i pazimo da brod bude na mjestima za koje je gost pokazao interes. Takvim pristupom ništa ne prepuštamo slučaju i osmijesi na licu prilikom odlaska gostiju ne mogu izostati. Klijenti i njihovi agenti nam daju povjerenje i bukiraju brodove, a mi moramo napraviti sve u našoj moći kako bi oni zauzvrat dobili baš ono što i žele. Značajno je to da ste počeli poslovati i u susjednoj Italiji? Upravo tako. Odnedavno u svojoj floti imamo i šest luksuznih motornih jahti u Italiji. Pet brodova je strateški pozicionirano na južnoj obali, u bli-

ic, a charter management company, and I am proud to say our company is one of the very few in the region that is a member of MYBA, the most prestigious charter and yachting association in the world. The association is synonym for excellence and the only guarantee of quality in this industry. In 2018, I am proud to say, I have joined MYBA personally as well. What does your current fleet offer? Touch Adriatic manages crewed motor yachts with lengths of 20 meters and above. As I’ve said, we manage 30 yachts; 24 of them in Croatia and Montenegro, and six of them in Italy. All our yachts are crewed, and our professional crews are capable of taking care of absolutely everything, which allows the guests to simply relax and enjoy their vacation. Our approach to every client is individual, be it food or drinks, or the route. Every yacht comes with a chef who creates menus fully adapted to the taste and needs of all guests. We work on the route with the skipper, making sure to include locations of special interest to guests. That kind of approach leaves nothing to chance, and so the satisfaction of our clients is guaranteed. Clients and their brokers book with us and we repay that trust by making sure everything is to their liking.

zini Napulja (područje Amalfi), i jedan brod se nalazi u Veneciji. Svi brodovi kompletno su pokriveni našom logistikom. To je veliki korak naprijed u našem poslovanju i odličan je pokazatelj da se za kvalitetu našeg rada čuje i izvan naših granica. Kakva je perspektiva vašeg posla s obzirom na to da je Hrvatska sve popularnija kao čarter odredište za velike jahte? Smatram da imamo još dosta prostora za napredovanje, ali jednako toliko i za širenje kako na području Jadrana, tako i na Mediteranu. Luksuznih brodova na tržištu ima dosta i ono što će izdvojiti Touch Adriatic u odnosu na druge tvrtke iz branše jest individualan pristup i dostupnost u svakom trenu. Naša trenutna baza su brodovi od 23 do 40 metara i u navedenoj klasi smo tržišni lider na Jadranu. Logičan razvoj našeg poslovanja je i rast flote po pitanju veličine brodova i ulazak na područje superjahti, što u praksi znači brodovi od 50 metara i više. Koje još usluge nudite? Uz naš ‘core business’ čarter menadžment, našim klijentima i vlasnicima nudimo i neke druge usluge, kao što su prodaja brodova, savjetovanje i concierge (najam vila, bukiranje privatnih letova i transfera). Sa svojim uslugama nastojali smo zaokružiti kompletnu priču i ponuditi sve što može vlasniku broda ili klijentu zatrebati. Naravno, popis usluga se konstantno proširuje i prilagođava potrebama tržišta. Imate li savjet za vlasnike brodova? Postoji jedna stara izreka za vlasnike brodova. Dva najsretnija dana u životu vlasnika broda su - kada brod kupi i onaj dan kada ga proda... Naš zadatak kao čarter menadžment tvrtke je uljepšati razdoblje između kupnje i prodaje. Vlasnici koji posluju u segmentu luksuznog čartera znaju da je on u COVID krizi najmanje patio. Gostiju visoke platežne moći uvijek će biti (na globalnoj razini), a luksuznih brodova, za koje je u pravilu povrat uloženog teže ostvariti, zbog specifičnosti investicije u pravilu će uvijek nedostajati. Ulaganje u izvrsnost se u tom segmentu lako prepoznaje i moj je savjet vlasnicima da kada već imaju skupocjene jahte, iste drže u optimalnom stanju, što tržište uvijek prepozna. Možete li nam otkriti vašu formulu za izvrsnost? Govoreći iz vlastita iskustva, mogu reći da se upornost i dugotrajan rad u konačnici isplati. Od inicijalne borbe i afirmiranja na tržištu prošlo je dosta vremena i uz pošten rad sada smo napokon u poziciji da brodovi i sami po preporuci dolaze u našu flotu. Ali ne mislimo spavati na lovorikama, već i dalje uspješno graditi tvrtku uz timski rad, što smatram drugim važnim faktorom za uspjeh. Uz veliku pomoć sjajnih mladih kolega iz tima, čiju srž čine dvije Ivane, jedna Željana i jedan Marino, imamo snažan motiv da zasjamo još jače kao pravi specijalisti za jahting na Jadranu.

You are now present in the Italian market as well. Indeed. We have recently added six luxury motor yachts to our Italy-based fleet. Five of them sail the waters around Naples and Amalfi, and the sixth one is in Venice. All of them are completely managed from our center in Croatia. This is a big step ahead and an excellent indicator that the quality of our service has outgrown Croatian borders. As popularity of Croatia as a charter destination for large motor yachts is rising, what comes next for your company? I believe there is still room for growth, as well as for expansion, both in the Adriatic and in the entire Mediterranean. There are plenty of luxury yachts on the market, but what sets Touch Adriatic apart is individual approach and availability at all times. Our current base are yachts 23 to 40 meters long, and in that segment we are the market leader. The next logical step is fleet expansion in terms of vessel length and entering the super-yacht segment, meaning yachts 50 meters and longer. What other services do you offer? In addition to our core business, charter management, we offer other services, like sales, consulting and concierge, which includes villa rental, private flight booking and transfer. We aim to offer everything a client or an owner needs at any time, and, naturally, add to our list of services as the market evolves. What advice would you give to yacht owners? You know what they say – The two happiest days in a boat owner’s life are the day you buy the boat and the day you sell the boat. As charter managers, we must make sure the time between the two is just as happy and pleasant. Owners of luxury yachts available for charter know that the pandemic has had almost no impact on it. High purchasing power individuals are a global constant, and luxury yachts are always in shortage, most often because investment returns are difficult to attain. Investing in excellence in the super-yacht and luxury yacht segment is a good idea, and my advice to owners of such yachts is to keep them in top shape. Those kind of yachts are quickly identified on the market. What is your excellence formula? Speaking from experience, I’d say perseverance and hard work do pay off. A lot of time has passed since our initial struggle and carving our own place on the market, and now we are in the position to welcome yachts into our fleet without seeking them. Still, we have no plans to sit back and relax: we are determined to keep expanding through teamwork, which is another part of that formula. Our excellent team – among them two Ivanas, one Željana and one Marino – is strongly motivated to shine and become top expert for charter management in the Adriatic.



D-Marin Croatia

Neka počne sezona uživanja u moru Let the Season of Enjoying the Sea Begin D-Marin Hrvatska ove sezone donosi sjajne vijesti i posebna iznenađenja - kako bi se gosti u marinama osjećali još ugodnije i još više uživali u svom boravku D-Marin Croatia brings great news and special surprises this season and its guests will feel even better and their stay will be more enjoyable Text Niko Vučković Photos D-Marin Croatia

Marina D-Marin Hrvatska punim jedrima plovi prema novoj sezoni. Počnimo s viješću da se sada sve tri D-Marin marine u Hrvatskoj, D-Marin Borik i D-Marin Dalmacija te D-Marin Mandalina u Šibeniku, mogu pohvaliti nacionalnom oznakom sigurnosnih protokola u turizmu i ugostiteljstvu ‘Safe Stay in Croatia’. Osim toga, D-Marin Hrvatska s ponosom objavljuje kako je obitelj megajahti u D-Marin Mandalini, poznatom središtu sa znatnim brojem godišnjih i srednjoročnih vezova u Jadranu, dobila novu članicu, jahtu AIAXAIA, čiji je dizajn vođen načelima luksuza i udobnosti. AIAXAIA je dugačka 46 metara i klijentima jamči sve pogodnosti suvremenog luksuza, uključujući prostrane kabine, brojne sadržaje, rekreacijske aktivnosti, vlastita chefa, te iznimnu uslugu pri ispunjavanju baš svake želje. Recimo i da je D-Marin ove godine ugostio već nekoliko regata: nakon ovogodišnjeg ORC Prvenstva Hrvatske, koje je održano u ožujku u okolici Zadra, u svibnju su D-Marin Mandalina i JK Val bili domaćini regate u šibenskom akvatoriju. Forty Bar, popularno mjesto za odmor u D-Marin marini Borik, proširio je svoju ponudu, pa od ovog proljeća i tijekom ljetnih mjeseci svi gosti mogu uživati u laganim jelima. Osim toga, poznati Portus Beach Club & Restaurant uskoro će završiti s renoviranjem i otvoriti svoja vrata gostima. Osim novog izgleda, svojim će gostima predstaviti i potpuno novi jelovnik, s potpisom poznatog hrvatskog chefa. Kako bi se gosti u njihovim marinama osjećali još ugodnije i još više uživali u svom boravku, u D-Marin Hrvatska za njih su pripremili cijeli niz posebnih pogodnosti. Zahvaljujući ponudi Happy Berth Days, svaki gost koji ima plaćeni godišnji ugovor u jednoj od D-Marin marina, do 31. prosinca ove godine može sedam dana besplatno koristiti vez u bilo kojoj drugoj D-Marin marini. Nakon besplatnog sedmodnevnog razdoblja gost ostvaruje pravo na 40 posto popusta za boravak do četiri mjeseca. Nadalje, bilo koji gost koji u marinu dovede prijatelja ostvaruje pet posto popusta na cijenu godišnjeg veza kod produžetka svog ugovora na sljedeće obračunsko razdoblje. Spomenuta pogodnost vrijedi za D-Marin marine Borik, Dalmacija i Mandalina. K tome, svi gosti D-Marin marina Borik, Dalmacija i Mandalina, uz nagradnu karticu, dobivaju poseban popust do 15 posto na hotelske usluge D-Resorta Šibenik.

D-Marin Croatia is going full sail ahead in the new season. Let‘s start with the news that all three D-Marin marinas in Croatia, Zadar’s Borik and Dalmacija, and Šibenik’s Mandalina, now carry the ‘Safe Stay in Croatia’ label of safety protocols in tourism and hospitality. Furthermore, D-Marin Croatia is happy to announce that the mega yacht family at the D-Marin Mandalina, a renowned hub for sizable annual and mid-term berthing in the Adriatic Sea, has a new member, AIAXAIA, whose guiding design principles were luxury and comfort. Forty-six meters in length, this sailing yacht guarantees modern luxury with generous cabins, numerous amenities, recreational activities, an onboard chef, and personal attention to every client’s wishes. DMarin has also hosted several regattas this year: following this year’s first Croatian ORC Championship, which took place in March in the Zadar area, this May, D-Marin Mandalina and JK Val co-hosted a regatta in the waters off Šibenik. Forty Bar, a popular place to relax at the D-Marin Borik Marina, has decided to expand its offer. As of this year’s spring, and all through the summer months, the Forty Bar’s guests will be able to enjoy snacks. Moreover, the trendy Portus Beach Club & Restaurant will soon open its doors after undergoing a renovation. In addition to the new looks, it will also bring its guests a completely new menu, prepared by a well-known Croatian chef. To ensure its guests will feel even better and their stay will be more unique and enjoyable, D-Marin Croatia has prepared a number of special benefits. As part of their Happy Berth Days offer, any guest with a prepaid annual contract with a D-Marin marina until December 31st, 2021 can stay free for up to seven days in any other D-Marin marina, apart from their home port. Berthing beyond the seven-day complimentary period will be subject to a 40-percent discount for up to four months. Any guest who brings a friend can enjoy a five-percent discount on the annual berthing fee in the next accounting period at D-Marin Borik, D-Marin Dalmacija and D-Marin Mandalina. All D-Marin Mandalina, Dalmacija and Borik guests will be entitled to Reward Cards enabling them to enjoy a special discount of up to 15 percent on DResort Šibenik’s hotel services.



Falkensteiner resort Punta Skala

Text Niko Vučković Photos Falkensteiner

Top Level Ovdje su se hedonizam, mediteranski šarm i suživot s prirodom spojili na najbolji mogući način! Fantastična lokacija, decentan i impresivan interijer, hrana koja postaje senzacionalan doživljaj, vrhunska usluga, grandiozni spa, kilometarske plaže, posebna briga za sigurnost i zdravlje svakog gosta – Punta Skala je destinacija koju treba otkriti. Stižete li s mora, lako ćete pristati u resortu na slobodnom vezu ili vezu u luci u Petrčanima, odakle ćete organiziranim transferom stići do resorta.

Hedonism, Mediterranean charm and coexistence with nature here merge in the best possible way! Fantastic location, discrete, but impressive interior, food that turns into a sensational experience, top service, grandiose spa, kilometers of beaches, maximum attention to safety and health of each guest - Punta Skala is a destination to discover. If you are arriving from the sea, you will easily dock at the resort for free, or berth in the port in Petrčane. From there, you can reach the resort by dedicated resort vehicles.

Najveći spa u Hrvatskoj

The biggest spa in Croatia

Neka vaša avantura na kopnu započne u elegantnom Hotelu & Spa Iadera gdje ćete otkriti fantastičan Acquapura Spa centar i mnoštvo tretmana koji će vas opustiti i razmaziti vaša čula i aktivirati za iduću etapu vaše plovidbe. Elegantno, prostrano i ugodno okružje AcquaPura Spa na 6000 kvadratnih metara mami s čak 17 prostorija za različite tretmane, tri privatna Spa suita i više relax prostorija, u kojima se poslužuju opuštajući čajevi te suho i svježe voće nakon tretmana. Tu su i vodeni svijet sa šest bazena, od kojih je jedan bazen s morskom vodom, sauna svijet s jedinstvenom panorama saunom smještenom ispod zemlje s prekrasnim pogledom na zadarski arhipelag, slanom saunom, BIO saunom, herbal finskom saunom te moderna interpretacija turskog hamama.

Let your adventure on land begin at the elegant Hotel & Spa Iadera, where yo can discover the fantastic Acquapura Spa and their multitude of treatments that will relax and pamper your senses and recharge you for the next stage of your sailing trip. The elegant, spacious and comfortable environment of AcquaPura Spa stretching on 6000 square meters includes 17 dedicated rooms for various treatments, three private Spa suites and more relaxing rooms, where you can enjoy a calming cup of tea, snacks and fruit, fresh or dried, after your treatment. There is also a water-park with six pools – one of them with seawater – as well as a sauna complex with a unique underground panoramic sauna allowing a peek into the beautiful Zadar archipelago, salt sauna, BIO sauna, Finnish herb sauna and a modern interpretation of the Turkish hammam.

Za ljubitelje aktivnog života

For fans of active life

Za ljubitelje aktivnog života, osim duge šetnice uz more, staze za trčanje, biciklističke staze, brojnih morskih sportova i atrakcija, predlažemo rezervaciju individualnog treninga s našim iskusnim trenerima bilo na nekim od terena našeg vanjskog sportskog centra (sedam teniskih terena i tereni za mini golf, nogomet, košarku, odbojku, badminton, dva padel terena i dva terena za odbojku na pijesku) ili u fantastičnom prostoru za vježbanje s najmodernijim spravama u velebnom Fortis Clubu. Falkensteiner Punta Skala sportski je i ekološki resort, jedinstven u Hrvatskoj. Stoga ne čudi što su brojni sportaši svjetskog glasa odabrali Punta Skalu za svoje profesionalne pripreme, ali i privatni odmor.

For fans of active life, there are walks along the long promenade by the sea, running trails, bike trails, numerous water sports outlets. To those with even more stamina we suggest booking individual training sessions with our experienced coaches, either on any of the outdoor courts (seven tennis courts, mini-golf courses, football, basketball, volleyball, badminton courts, two paddle courts and two beach volleyball courts), or in the marvelous gym at the Fortis Health Club with state-of-the-art equipment. Falkensteiner Punta Skala is a sport- and nature-resort unique in Croatia. It is not therefore surprising that many world-renowned athletes have chosen Punta Skala for their professional training, as well as private vacation.

Mediteranske delicije na tanjuru

For the duration of your visit, pamper your taste buds with delicious Mediterranean dishes in any of the restaurants within the resort. If you’re looking for a unique experience, Bracera will delight you with seafood fresh from the sea, be it at lunch or at sunset, for a romantic dinner. Perfect food, excellent wine, the smell of the sea and the sound of waves – all senses will be pampered for a memorable experience!

Kad se već nalazite na kopnu, razmazite okusne pupoljke mediteranskim delicijama u jednom od restorana unutar resorta. Želite li nešto posebno, tu je riblji restoran Bracera uz samo more za dnevni ručak ili romantičnu večeru. Savršena hrana, čaša vrhunskog vina, miris mora i šum valova – doživljaj je koji ćete pamtiti još dugo!

Mediterranean delicacies on the plate

Luxury hotels

Falkensteiner resort Punta Skala skriveno je mjesto koje nudi vrhunsku uslugu, savršene delicije, sigurnost i netaknutu prirodu Falkensteiner Resort Punta Skala is a hidden gem where top service, delicious food, safety and pristine nature come together


Text Niko Vučković Photos Casa del Mare


Casa del Mare

Mediteran na bokeški način Hoteli Casa del Mare pružaju jedinstveno iskustvo na Crnogorskom primorju kombinirajući bogatu gastronomsku ponudu, prekrasnu prirodu i vrhunsku uslugu Casa del Mare hotels bring something unique to the Montenegro coast, combining fine gastronomy, breathtaking nature and top service

Luxury hotels

Ušuškani na pet najljepših lokacija u zaljevu Boke kotorske, između Herceg Novog i Kotora, hoteli Casa del Mare pružaju jedinstveno mediteransko iskustvo na Crnogorskom primorju. Dvostruki dobitnici prestižne nagrade crnogorske turističke privrede za najbolji brend boutique hotela na ovom dijelu Jadrana, hoteli Casa del Mare svojim gostima pružaju visoku razinu personalizirane usluge. Prilagođeni su obiteljskim, ali i romantičnim boravcima, te omogućavaju direktan pristup plaži, a F&B sektor nudi širok spektar gastronomske ponude – od tipičnih crnogorskih i bokeških jela do internacionalne i mediteranske kuhinje. Tucked away in the five most beautiful locations in the Bay of Kotor, Casa del Mare hotels provide a unique Mediterranean experience on the Montenegrin coast. Double winners of the prestigious award of the Montenegrin tourism industry for the best boutique hotels brand in this part of the Adriatic, Casa del Mare hotels provide their guests with a high level of personalized service. All their hotels are suitable for both family and romantic getaways, have direct access to the beach, and their F&B sector provides a wide range of gastronomic offer ranging from typical Montenegrin dishes to international and Mediterranean cuisine.

Casa Epico Casa Epico je jedinstveni gastronomski spoj dvaju inovativnih brendova - Casa del Mare i Epico – koji su ujedinili snage da prikažu Mediteran na bokeški način. Zajedno sa chefovima Casa del Mare hotelske grupacije, Michelin star chef Eros Picco priprema najbolja mediteranska jela koristeći najkvalitetnije crnogorske tradicionalne sastojke. Kristalno čisto Jadransko more i bujna vegetacija, u kombinaciji s kamenim površinama, velika raznolikost na jako maloj udaljenosti, spoj različitih podneblja, kao i mediteranska i bokeška atmosfera u dodiru s kontinentalnom klimom – samo su neki od jedinstvenih osjećaja koje će gosti Case Epico kušati ovog ljeta. Casa Epico is a unique gastronomic melange that merges two innovative brands - Casa del Mare and Epico in presenting the Mediterranean Bokelian way. Together with Casa del Mare chefs, Michelin star chef Eros Picco is preparing the best Mediterranean recipes using the highest quality Montenegrin traditional ingredients. Crystal clear Adriatic sea and lush vegetation, combined with stoney surfaces, immense diversity at a very short distance, blend of different climates, and the Mediterranean and Bokelian feeling meeting the continental climate - all of this is to be tasted in the dishes Casa Epico will be offering its guests this summer.

Bocasa Beach and Restaurant Prostrana, a istodobno intimna Bocasa Beach and Restaurant postala je jedna od glavnih plažnih destinacija na Crnogorskom primorju. Savršen plažni meni praćen velikim izborom vina i koktela idealan su partner u relaksaciji uz more. Bocasa je dostupna s kopna i s mora. Spacious, and at the same time intimate, Bocasa Beach and Restaurant has become one of the must visit beach destinations on the Montenegrin coast. The blend of a perfect beach menu and an impressive selection of wines and cocktails make for an ideal partner for relaxation by the sea. Reachable by both car and a boat.

2 243


Olympia Vodice

Autentični Mediteran Posebna priča u slagalici hrvatskog turizma, koja broji već gotovo pola stoljeća, okrenuta je jedinstvenoj kulturi življenja gdje ljudi dobro znaju što žele, a mi moramo priznati da u tome i uspijevaju A unique piece in the mo mosa saic ic of Cr Croa oati t an tourism, whose history sp span anss ne near arly ly hal alff a deca de cade de and tha hatt fo f cuses on a particular culturre of lif ifee wh wher eree pe peop ople le kno now ex exactl t y what they want and, we must adm dmit it,, th they ey get it wi with remarka kabl blee su succ cces esss Text Ida Vickota Photos Olympia Vodice

Na 9. katu hotela Olympia Vodice nalazi se Aria bar, najviši bar u Vodicama The 9th floor of Hotel Olympia hosts Aria bar – the highest located bar in Vodice 244

Kompleks hotela Olympia i Olympia Sky smješten je tik uz plažu u dalmatinskom slikovitom gradiću Vodice. Tamo ćete pronaći oživljenu dalmatinsku tradiciju kroz premium gastronomiju, arhitekturu hrvatskih vizionara, priče iz davnina kroz turističke ture koje će vas odvesti u neka nova/stara vremena. Definitivno mogu preuzeti krilaticu ‘Svjetsko, a naše!’. Kada vas ugoste, spavat ćete na hrvatskom madracu, jest ćete hrvatsku ribu, kušat ćete njihovo maslinovo ulje, a ako poželite vidjeti masline od kojih je ulje napravljeno – dovoljno je prošetati se vrtom hotela. Također ćete jesti domaći sir i pršut, a ako želite, osoblje vam može pokazati gdje i kako se ta čarolija stvara. Istinski domaće, s pravom kišom i pravim suncem i s ljudskom rukom – kvaliteta je u ovom kompleksu misao vodilja. Ne treba zaboraviti na lokaciju hotela, koja je svega nekoliko kilometara udaljena od najljepših nacionalnih parkova na svijetu. Hoćete li cijeli dan provesti na biciklu otkrivajući skrivene plaže, ili ćete uzeti gastro-ture inspirirane domaćim proizvodima i kušanjem vina domaćih proizvođača, izbor je na vama. Od panoramskog leta i upoznavanja Dalmacije iz zraka, zipline avanture iznad Čikole na visini do 130 metara, otkrivanja Krke biciklom, pješke ili brodom, ili pak Kornata, do radionica o maslinovu ulju – ovdje ćete pronaći sve što zaželite. Zategnite jedra i istražite krajolik, probudite svoju inspiraciju i budite dio priče koja će vam otkriti pravo blago!

The Olympia and Olympia Sky Hotel Complex is located right next to the beach in the picturesque Dalmatian town of Vodice. You’ll find revitalised Dalmatian tradition here in premium gastronomy, architectural masterpieces by Croatian visionaries, old stories given new life thanks to travel tours that will transport you to new days of yore. The catchphrase ‘Global, but ours!’ is unquestionably applicable here. Once you are welcomed in the Complex, you’ll sleep on a Croatian mattress, eat Croatian fish, taste local olive oil, and, if you wish to see the olives the oil is made of – a stroll through the hotel garden is all it takes. Enjoy local air-dried ham and cheeses, and if you are interested, ask the staff to see where and how those delicious products are made. Truly homegrown with real rain, sun and human touch – quality is the guiding principle in the Complex. We mustn’t forget the hotel’s location, merely a few kilometres away from the world’s most beautiful national parks. Spending the day cycling and discovering hidden beaches or going on a food tour inspired by local produce and tasting wine produced by local winemakers – the choice is yours. From panoramic flights and getting to know Dalmatia from air, zipline adventure 130 m above the Čikola River, discovering the Krka by bike, on foot or by boat, wandering around the Kornati archipelago or taking an olive oil workshop – you’ll find all you need here. Trim your sails and explore the sights, awaken your inspiration and go on a true treasure hunt!

Restoran Sky poslužuje hranu koja se temelji isključivo na domaćim i svježim proizvodima Sky Restaurant serves food prepared exclusively from fresh and local ingredients

U sklopu ponude moći ćete kušati ‘jelovnik izgubljenog vremena’ i posebne wellness i spa tretmane inspirirane djelom i likom Fausta Vrančića Part of the package are the Menu of Lost Time and spa treatments inspired by the genius of polymath Faust Vrančić

Esplanade Zagreb Hotel

Zvijezda regije

Elegantan interijer, visokopersonalizirana usluga, visoka gastronomija restorana Zinfandel’s pretvaraju boravak u zagrebačkom hotelu Esplanade u vrhunsko iskustvo Elegant interior, bespoke service, haute cuisine at Zinfandel’s Restaurant turn your stay at the Zagreb hotel Esplanade into a premium experience Text Ida Vickota Photos Esplanade


Hotels Prestižni zagrebački hotel Esplanade, poznat desetljećima kao hram vrhunske gastronomije, tradicije, dizajna i užitaka, izgrađen je davne 1925. godine s ciljem pružanja luksuznog smještaja i usluga putnicima glasovitog Orient Expressa, koji je prometovao na liniji Pariz – Istanbul. Ovaj arhitektonski dragulj Zagreba od svojih je početaka bio mjesto ključnih društvenih događanja glavnog grada, stoga ne čudi da su poznate osobe oduvijek odsjedale upravo u hotelu Esplanade. Elegantnom interijeru suvremena ozračja, uz očaravajuću kombinaciju secesijske arhitekture, doprinosi i visokopersonalizirana usluga te najnoviji tehnološki trendovi. Osim usluge Health Cluba, koji nudi kolekciju vrhunskih tretmana za lice i tijelo, hotel nudi mnoge inovativne usluge, poput vlastite aplikacije s digitalnim jelovnicima, besplatnog superbrzog bežičnog pristupa internetu, destinacijske punjače za Tesla i Porsche električna vozila te ‘press reader zonu’ za besplatno preuzimanje novina i časopisa. Hotel je nadaleko poznat po visokoj gastronomiji i kreativnom kulinarskom konceptu koji predvodi nagrađivana chefica Ana Grgić. Profinjeno ozračje restorana Zinfandel’s s kultnom terasom Oleander očarat će vas nezaboravnim fine dining iskustvom, a ako ste, pak, u potrazi za ozračjem pariškog šika, svakako navratite u Le Bistro, koji će vas šarmirati najboljim štruklima u gradu i svojom živopisnom terasom s pogledom na grad. Ovaj simbol Zagreba, sinonim za vrhunsku uslugu i eleganciju, uspio se nametnuti kao istinska zvijezda u regiji, što dokazuju i brojne nagrade za besprijekornu kvalitetu, a dodatno potvrđuju i inovacije koje ovaj hotel redovito uvodi u svoje poslovanje. Tako je nedavno za goste hotela omogućeno PCR testiranje na COVID-19 u prostoru hotela – brzo i sa stilom. Poželite li iskusiti spoj tradicije, profinjenosti, izvanredne usluge i posebne, iskrene veze sa Zagrebom, sugrađanima i svakim gostom, uputite se u Esplanade, jedinstveni hotel u svijetu.

Zagreb’s prestigious Esplanade Hotel, known for decades as a temple of top gastronomy, tradition, design and leisure, was built back in 1925 to provide luxurious accommodation and services to passengers of the Orient Express, the famous Paris–Istanbul train service. This architectural jewel of Zagreb has been the location of key social events since its inception, so it comes as no surprise that celebrities have always chosen it as their preferred place to stay. The elegant interior with a modern air to it and enchanting Belle Epoque architecture is complemented by a bespoke service and cutting-edge technology. In addition to Health Club, a collection of supreme face and body beauty treatments, the hotel offers many other innovative services, such as its own app with digital menus, free high-speed Wi-Fi, destination chargers for Tesla and Porsche electric cars and a ‘press reader zone’ where users can download newspapers and magazines for free. The hotel is famed for its haute cuisine and creative culinary concept developed by award-winning Head Chef Ana Grgić. The air of refined elegance at Zinfandel’s Restaurant and its well-known Oleander terrace will captivate you with its unforgettable fine dining experience. If you are looking for a piece of Parisian chic, you mustn’t miss Le Bistro, which will charm you with the best ‘štrukli’ in town and its lively terrace overlooking the city. This symbol of Zagreb, synonymous with superior service and elegance, has managed to make a name for itself as a regional star, as evidenced by numerous awards for unimpaired quality and reaffirmed by all the innovations this hotel regularly introduces into its operation, such as COVID-19 PCR testing at the hotel premises that was recently made available to guests – quick and in style. If you wish to experience a blend of tradition, refinement, extraordinary service and a genuine, special relationship with Zagreb, its citizens and each guest, head to Esplanade, a oneof-a-kind hotel in the world.

Private Paradise Boravak na privatnom otoku pravo je oličenje luksuznog putovanja. Ako od odmora tražite potpunu intimu, savršen mir, prvoklasnu uslugu i netaknutu prirodu, ovih je pet mjesta kao stvoreno za vas

Thher eree is no tr true uerr lu ue luxu x ry tha xu hann st stay ayin ay ayin ingg onn a pri rivva vat ate isl slan and. an nd. If yo your urr ide deaa of o a va vaca cati ca tion is pe ti peac ace, ac e, top op-c -ccllaassss ser ervi v cee and vir vi irgi ginn na gi n tuuree, onne ooff thheesee five fi ve priiva vate te isl slan ands an ds jus ustt miigh g t bee the he place laace youu’r ’ e lo look okkinng fo okin forr Edited by Ivana Nedoklan Photos Six Senses Zil Pasyon, Thanda Island, Laucala Island, Petit St. Vincent & Brando / Romeo Balancourt


Perfect Escape

SIX SENSES ZIL PASYON, Seychelles Smješten usred dramatičnih granitnih stijena prošaranih malim plažama i okružen netaknutom prirodom, otok Felicité na Sejšelima dom je jedinstvenog resorta Six Senses Zil Pasyon. Resort se sastoji od prostranih vila s bazenom i dviju veličanstvenih rezidencija, a otok nudi iznimnu osamu usred tropske prirode i neprekinut pogled na ocean s privatnih terasa. Six Senses Zil Pasyon dostupan je samo helikopterom – slikovito putovanje traje dvadesetak minuta - ili uzbudljivim jednosatnim izletom motornom jahtom. Set amid undulating and dramatic granite boulders with pockets of jewellike beaches and untouched nature, Felicité Island, Seychelles, is home to the incomparable Six Senses Zil Pasyon. Comprising spacious pool villas and two striking residences, the island offers exceptional seclusion nestled among the tropical landscape with uninterrupted ocean vistas from private decks and swimming pools. Six Senses Zil Pasyon is accessible only by a scenic 20-minute private helicopter journey or an exhilarating one-hour boat trip on a private motor yacht.

THANDA ISLAND, Tanzania Thanda Island, koji se smatra jednim od najekskluzivnijih tropskih odredišta na svijetu, nalazi se između kopnenog dijela Tanzanije i otoka Mafia. Okružen vlastitim koraljnim grebenima koji ga štite od snažnih oluja, otok ima samo jednu privatnu vilu s pet apartmana i dvije rustikalne tanzanijske kolibe. Uz obilje sunca, otok napaja održiva energija bez negativnog utjecaja na okoliš, a on je utočište u kojem možete uživati u potpunoj osami, okruženi obitelji i prijateljima. Thanda Island, considered one of the most exclusive tropical getaways in the world, is located between the mainland of Tanzania and Mafia Island. Surrounded by its own coral reefs, which protect it from heavy storms, the island features only one private villa with five suites and two rustic Tanzanian Bandas. With ample sunshine, the Island is powered by sustainable energy with no negative environmental footprint, and is a sanctuary to enjoy in complete seclusion with family and friends.

LAUCALA, Fiji Privatni otok i resort Laucala smješten je na 3500 hektara usred plantaža kokosa, pješčanih plaža i zelenih planina. Pravi luksuz očitava se u privatnosti vila, koje su raštrkane po sjevernom vrhu otoka, daleko jedne od drugih. Neprimjetni prijelaz iz otvorenih u zatvorene prostore stvara opuštenu atmosferu koja odiše tihim luksuzom. Laucala pokazuje svoju eteričnu stranu u bogatom kaleidoskopu sportskih i kulturnih aktivnosti. Resort se ponosi i integralnom filozofijom koja uključuje sve elemente otočnog života i to iskustvo pruža svakom gostu. Set upon 3,500 exclusive acres, Laucala private island resort is set amidst coconut plantations, sandy beaches and rich green mountains. True luxury is appreciated in the privacy of the resort’s villas widely spread on the northern tip of the island. Seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living creates relaxed yet luxurious atmosphere. Laucala shows its most ethereal side in an iridescent kaleidoscope of sporting and cultural activities. The resort prides itself on an integral philosophy, incorporating elements of the entire island into each guest’s experience.


Perfect Escape

PETIT ST. VINCENT, Grenadines Petit St. Vincent je mali dragulj na prekrasnim Grenadinskim otocima. Kao što mu samo ime govori, malen je, ali savršeno oblikovan, s netaknutim bijelim plažama na gotovo svakoj strani obale. Budući da je resort ekskluzivan, neće vas smetati društvo na plaži, a otok možete rezervirati i cijeli za posebne prigode, poput vjenčanja ili druženja s najbližim prijateljima i obitelji. Petit St. Vincent is a tiny gem in the beautiful Grenadine Islands. As its name suggests, it is small and, you’ll soon realise, perfectly formed with pristine white beaches on just about every side of this island. And because it is an exclusive resort, there will be very few other sunbathers to bother you. You can also make it exclusively yours for an upcoming celebration, destination wedding, or a long-awaited get together with your closest friends or family.

BRANDO, French Polynesia Brando je jedinstven luksuzni resort u Francuskoj Polineziji, na prekrasnom privatnom otoku Tetiaroa – atolu koji se sastoji od desetak malih otoka sjeverno od Tahitija. Otok je dostupan samo privatnim zrakoplovom, ali resort je all-inclusive i sastoji se od 35 vila na plažama s bijelim pijeskom, koje posjećuju morske kornjače, mante i egzotične ptice. The Brando is a unique luxury resort on French Polynesia’s breathtakingly beautiful private island of Tetiaroa - an atoll composed of a dozen small islands north of Tahiti. With access to the island by private plane, the all-inclusive resort features 35 villas on white-sand beaches frequented by sea turtles, manta rays and exotic birds. Each luxurious villa has its own plunge pool and private beach area.





Sunseeker Predator 74 | 2018 | £2,250,000 Tax Paid

Sunseeker Predator 74 | 2009 | £890,000 Ex Tax

Sunseeker Manhattan 65 | 2015 | £1,389,000 Tax Paid




Sunseeker Predator 60 | 2011 | £795,000 Tax Paid

Sunseeker Predator 52 | 2009 | €440,000 Tax Paid

Sunseeker San Remo 485 | 2014 | £595,000 Tax Paid

REF 1762176 Sunseeker Yacht 76 | 2021 | £3.770.012 Ex Tax

Buy with confidence. Sunseeker Croatia | +385 9131 43016 Grand hotel Le Meridian Lav Grljevacka 2A, Podstrana 21312, Croatia

Sunseeker Montenegro | +382 6701 9773 Porto Montenegro Obala bb, Tivat 85320 Montenegro





2015 / Full optional PRICE: 14.900.000 EUR / VAT paid

2017 / Full optional Price: 19.500.000 EUR / VAT paid

2019 PRICE: 2.200.000 EUR / VAT not paid




NEW 2021 PRICE: 16.500.000 EUR / VAT not paid

NEW 2021 PRICE: 4.000.000 EUR / VAT not paid

NEW 2021 PRICE: 5.800.000 EUR / VAT not paid




NEW 2021

NEW 2021 / 2x F300 VERADO PRICE: 280.000 EUR

NEW 2021 / 1x Mercruiser 300 PRICE: 99.000 EUR

PRICE: 1.800.000 EUR / VAT not paid

Navis Marine d.o.o. | Trg žrtava fašižma 5, 10000 Zagreb - Croatia | T: +385 1 4635 261 | F: +385 1 4635 281 | M: +385 98 278 275 |

BrokeƯagô Section YAC H T S AVA I L A B L E I N C R OAT I A

Carefully reC ed to highest standards, featuring converࢼble sixth cabin

True charter machine, one of the Cnest charter yachts of the decade is now on sale

TECNOMAR NADARA 35 FLY ‘Princess Lona’

SUNSEEKER 34M ‘Cassiopeia’

Length: 34.80 m | Year: 2006 | Full refit: 2020

Length: 33.91 m | Year: 2009 | Light refit: 2020

Cabins: 6 | Asking: € 3,400.000

Cabins: 5 | Asking: € 3,800.000

Unique opportunity to own a piece of sailing history in immaculate condiࢼon

PICCHIOTTI BERMUDA KETCH ‘Bel Ami’ Length: 15.6 m | Year: 1931 | Cabins: 2+1 Asking: € 159.000

SUN‫ݭ‬ANA PUTOVANJA d.o.o. Njegoševa 6, 21000 Split - Croatia T: +385 21 583 813 | M: +385 91 380 8012 |

touch@driatic W W W . T O U C H A D R I A T I C . C O M


Ferretti Navetta 33

Aegean Yachts

Johnson 87




From: 90.000 €

From: 36.800 €

From: 45.000 €

Year: 2008 | Refit: 2016 | Lenght: 32,62 m

Year: 2013 | Refit: 2018 | Lenght: 28 m

Year: 2006 | Refit: 2013 | Lenght: 26,50 m

Cabins: 5 | Guests: 12 | Crew: 6

Cabins: 5 | Guests: 10 | Crew: 5

Cabins: 5 | Guests: 10 | Crew: 4

Azimut 27 Grande

Benetti Classic

Sunseeker Yacht 105




From: 69.000 €

From: 35.000 €

From: 45.000 €

Year: 2020 | Lenght: 27 m

Year: 1980 | Refit: 2020 | Lenght: 35 m

Year: 2003 | Refit: 2018 | Lenght: 32 m

Cabins: 5 | Guests: 10 | Crew: 4

Cabins: 4 | Guests: 8 | Crew: 5

Cabins: 4 | Guests: 8 | Crew: 6

Ferretti 880

Fairline Squadron 78

Azimut 66 Fly




From: 35.000 €

From: 29.000 €

From: 23.000 €

Year: 2004 | Refit: 2020 | Lenght: 27,03 m

Year: 2014 | Refit: 2019 | Lenght: 24,37 m

Year: 2017 | Lenght: 21 m

Cabins: 4 | Guests: 8 | Crew: 4

Cabins: 4 | Guests: 8 | Crew: 3

Cabins: 4 | Guests: 8 | Crew: 2

* Prices do not include 13% VAT + expenses

Sunࣂana putovanja d.o.o. | Njegoševa 6, 21000 Split - Croatia T: +385 21 583 813 | M: +385 91 600 2254 |

CroatiÙ , IŗÙly & MonteƫƢgƕo T H E B E ST C H A RT E R AT T H E A D R I AT I C

Sunseeker 34M

Azimut Grande 35 Metri

Tecnomar Nadara 35 Fly




From: 80.000 €

From: 130.000 €

From: 69.000 €

Year: 2009 | Refit: 2020 | Lenght: 33,91 m

Year: 2018 | Lenght: 35 m

Year: 2006 | Refit: 2020 | Lenght: 34,80 m

Cabins: 5 | Guests: 10 | Crew: 6

Cabins: 5 | Guests: 11 | Crew: 6

Cabins: 6 | Guests: 12 | Crew: 6

Check our website for

Special offers and more Yachts!

touch@driatic W W W . T O U C H A D R I A T I C . C O M



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