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- SURVEILLANT An urban journal project of CCTVs and street vendors A49_MUD_714_01 XIAOHAN_QIU

15.06.2018 16:36 Kerk Street, Hillbrow Kerk street is one of the most intense outdoor market place in Johannesburg. In this picturem, a women wig vendor was talking to her customer. Most of the clothes/fabric vendors were using steel cages as their goods shelf.

14.06.2018 11:05 Albert Street, Marshalltown The camera captured a man crossing the road in a hurry. Camera seems to be one of the common things in people’s daily life, not only in Johannesburg. Living under the surveillance? Who cares!

15.06.2018 16:26 Eloff Street, Marshalltown A vendor was standing behind the bus stop and looking at his goods. Eloff street is one of the businest street in Johannesburg, according to the big flow of pedestrians. It is definitely the most ideal place for vendors to start their business.

14.06.2018 11:14 Ferreira Street, Marshalltown Outside the bank, a group of guards stood on the street under the CCTVs. It’s easy to recognize them though their conspicious fluorescence vest. Unlike the informal guard on the commitioner street, these people were playing the role of eyes on the street.

15.06.2018 11:43 Carr Street, Newtown Right next to the remp, a new accomondation was built, surrounded with fence and cameras. The city was internalized by different developers, while affordable housings are still in great need, asked for a more inclusive urban environment.

13.06.2018 11:52 Jeppe Street, Newtown A wallet vendor sit by the sidewalk of a parking lot, which is adjacent to the Mary Fitzgerald Square. There is only a bagpack with him so he can move quickly if he comes across with the police.

14.06.2018 11:14 Marshall Street, Marshalltown The sign “No Trading� is not enough for stopping vendors from vending on the street. It works only by cooperating with the CCTVs, also the narrowed down pedestrian.

13.06.2018 10:47 Helen Joseph Street, Newtown Textile vendors put their goods on the ground and use fabric as the base. In this way, they can grab their goods easily and run away before the police comes. Besides, the sign of no trading is in a short distence, which makes this activities slightly insurgent.

23.06.2018 09:06 Pine Avenue, Fordsburg There are more intensity of CCTVs in Fordsburg according to the large amounts of warehouses and shops. Armed guards can also be found in this area.

15.06.2018 16:31 Kerk Street, Hillbrow Sportscene is one of the biggest shoes dealer in South Africa, selling well-known world-wide brand shoes such as Nike, Adidas, etc. Ironically, just outside the shoes stores, tens of shoes vendors are selling their shoes in a price of half or even cheaper than that in the shop. The demand of cheap shoes is never ended. So as copycats.

15.06.2018 16:32 Kerk Street, Hillbrow Sometimes informal guards need to earn their live by taking a second job, such as the shopping bags vendor.

14.06.2018 10:57 Loveday Street, Marshalltown A women went by the street.

14.06.2018 12:02 Simnonds Street, Marshalltown A series of CCTVs hanged on the same pole with steps for maintenance man to climb on.

14.06.2018 12:43 Loveday Street, Marshalltown At the moment that the police comes, vendors pick up their goods quickly and run away. There is always someone watch the street and pay attention to the police, shout to their colleagues timely.

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Surveillant | A photo book by Xiaohan Qiu  

An urban journal project of CCTVs and street vendors in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Surveillant | A photo book by Xiaohan Qiu  

An urban journal project of CCTVs and street vendors in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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