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The Capital of Melbourne’s New West

east werribee Plan for 50,000 jobs launched by the Minister for Planning

edition three - autumn 2013

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the capital of melbourne’s new west As recently proclaimed by the Premier of Victoria Ted Ballieu and the Victorian Minister for Planning Matthew Guy, Werribee is The Capital of Melbourne’s New West. The Werribee City Centre and the East Werribee Employment Precinct, which are located side-by-side in the heart of Wyndham, form The Capital of Melbourne’s New West. The Werribee City Centre is the established CBD of Melbourne’s western region. It has a strong urban structure, a high quality river and park setting, and a planning framework designed to facilitate further growth, development and expansion. The East Werribee Employment Precinct has a large existing high end employment base, and plans have been

announced by the State Government to develop East Werribee into one of the largest employment centres in metropolitan Melbourne. Werribee’s growth potential is enormous and unique. No other activity centre in Victoria, and few in Australia, has the population growth of Werribee to support new development, nor the opportunity for expansion and new development of this scale. No other activity centre is strategically located between two major cities, two major airports, two major sea ports, and on national and regional rail lines and freeways. Importantly also, no other activity centre has the same level of support for development from both State and Local Government.

project update

Wyndham City has Place Management and Economic Development teams to support, facilitate and promote the growth of the Werribee City Centre and East Werribee. These teams are based at the Werribee Development Centre, which was recently established in the heart of Werribee. Visit the Werribee Development Centre at 2/10 Watton Street, Werribee or telephone 9742 0788 to find out more about the plans and opportunities for growth in Werribee. Wyndham City Council understands that growth is a priority for business, and that the growth of Werribee as a regional city centre is needed to underpin the population growth of Melbourne’s western region. Wyndham City Council invites business and developers to grow with us in Werribee.

Wyndham Park Pedestrian Bridge The Wyndham Park Pedestrian Bridge is now open. Extending from the Wedge Street Piazza, the Bridge provides a key new pedestrian and bicycle connection between the Werribee City Centre and Wyndham Park. Construction of the stairway at the mid-point of the bridge is scheduled for completion by mid 2013.

Piazza Café The Piazza Café is to be located in the Wedge Street Piazza, and will provide an opportunity for people to sit and enjoy tea, coffee and cake in the Piazza setting. The design stage of the project is nearing completion. Construction is proposed to commence in mid 2013 and be completed by the end of 2013.

Wyndham Park Wyndham Park is planned to become the centrepiece of the Werribee City Centre, a major attraction and centre for recreational and cultural activity. Concept design for Wyndham Park is underway and community consultation sessions will be advertised in the near future.

Werribee River Trail Rail Underpass Construction has commenced on the shared trail link under the Werribee railway line, which will connect Wyndham Park and the new Pedestrian Bridge to the extensive river trails north of the railway line. The link is scheduled to be completed by mid 2013.

new businesses We welcome the following new businesses to the Werribee City Centre: The Park Hotel, Hugo First – Bar.Lounge.Dine, ASDA 30 – Trendy Clothing Boutique, Shirl’s Bridal House, Bunnings, Ashley Institute of Training, Rugs Empire, Potentweb, The Mixing Bowl – Graphic Design, – Your Local Business Guide, Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar, Gujju’s Café & Chatt House, Golden City Restaurant, Anytime Fitness, Muscle Pump Supplements, Olympic Supplements, Herbal Touch & Glow Beauty Salon, and Harcourt Real Estate. Werribee City Scene – News from the Capital of Melbourne’s New West

Werribee City Centre Vision The vision for the Werribee City Centre was exhibited for public comment as Amendments C150 and C151 in early 2012. Adjustments to the Amendment have been drafted following consideration of submissions and consultation. Information sessions on the adjustments and process to progress the amendment are planned.

east werribee precinct structure plan launched In November 2012 the Victorian State Government unveiled a draft Structure Plan for the development of East Werribee, a 774 hectare site proposed to contain more than 50,000 jobs. and Wyndham Private Medical Clinic in the Health and Learning Precinct. Werribee Mercy Hospital is currently expanding as part of a master plan to grow as the major public hospital serving the region, while St Vincent’s has announced plans to develop a major new private hospital in East Werribee. This large scale investment, combined with the substantial existing business base, demonstrates that Werribee is already being recognised for what it offers businesses and the development industry. The draft plans for East Werribee were exhibited for public comment by the Victorian Growth Areas Authority from December 2012 to February 2013. Submissions received will be assessed by the Growth Areas Authority as part of the process to finalise the plans. (Front cover image: The vision for East Werribee)


East Werribee will be a highly accessible business location with easy access to the Melbourne and Geelong City Centres, Melbourne and Avalon airports, and the sea ports of Melbourne and Geelong. Serviced by three train stations, including a new station at Derrimut Road and dedicated bus lanes, it will also be directly connected to the Princes Freeway by a proposed freeway interchange at Sneydes Road. Currently East Werribee is home to a number of major organisations with over 2,000 high-end jobs providing a strong foundation for growth. These include internationally recognised organisations CSIRO, Dairy Innovation Australia and Incitec Pivot in East Werribee’s Commercial Precinct, and Notre Dame Medical School, Victoria University, the University of Melbourne Veterinary School, Suzanne Cory Select Entry School, Werribee Mercy Hospital


East Werribee is a project of state significance. It will be the largest employment project to take place in metropolitan Melbourne. The vision is for East Werribee to combine with the Werribee City Centre and grow as The Capital of Melbourne’s New West. Opportunities for more than 50,000 high skilled jobs, will be created in East werribee, which will close the gap between supply and demand for such employment opportunities in Melbourne’s west. Featured businesses will include research, technology, education, health, business services and advanced clean manufacturing. The centrepiece of East Werribee will be a new lake and Town Centre with a network of water ways and open spaces (see image on the front cover). Grand boulevards to rival St Kilda Road and Royal Parade will feature, along with a diverse range of high quality dwellings, retail and entertainment venues.




precinct area urban growth boundary Hoppers Crossing


town centre commercial precinct health and learning precinct interchange business precinct enterprise precinct

Hoppers Crossing Town Centre Transition

medium/high density residential conventional density residential

Mercy Hospital



community facilities heritage






University of Melbourne

permanent water freeway & interchange

Victoria University



primary arterial road LA

connector street






Wyndham Sporting Complex


Suzanne Cory School

access street (indicative location)

Local Town Centre


boulevard connector street




secondary arterial road

Melbourne Water Pumping Station

reserve for potential future grade separation of arterial road


open space (see details plan 7)



rail line & station Heritage Area

proposed station

East Werribee Town Centre

shared pedestrian/cycle bridge SNEYDES PA





Potential Non-Gov. Primary School





Local Town Centre

Proposed State School (P-9)

Local Town Centre



Proposed State Primary School (P-6)




future urban structure


1:15,000 @ A3 0






Edition Three - Autumn 2013

spotlight on

city scenes

the park hotel - epicurean eatery and beer hall The Park Hotel is Werribee’s most talked about new business. It stands as a new landmark on the corner of Watton Street and Station Place, overlooking the beautiful Station Place lawn. The Park Hotel offers 150 boutique beers and features a working keg room which displays the beers being pumped into the taps. High quality food complements the boutique beer and ambient setting. It is a common sight to see people peering inside to see the striking interior of the Park Hotel as they pass by.

Punctuated by a central fire place surrounded by retro couches, the Park Hotel’s interior is authentic, modern, warm and welcoming. Outside is an inviting space innovatively wrapped in rich timber, for which the term ‘beer garden’ does not do justice. Further alfresco dining areas are also planned, to make optimum use of the park setting. The Park Hotel has become an instant Werribee hot spot. It is well worth a visit.

The Park Hotel Station Place, Werribee

5 minutes with

The Werribee River is a unique feature of the Werribee City Centre, and a major asset. The new Wyndham Park Pedestrian Bridge has opened up stunning new views of the Werribee River and the Werribee City Centre. The new bridge, which winds its way through the tree tops and across the Werribee River into Wyndham Park from the Wedge Street Piazza, is a remarkable conduit between city, river and park. Those that walk along the bridge are struck by the natural beauty of the area and the amazing experience the bridge provides. As you round the first curve of the bridge you leave the city behind and are immersed in the natural beauty of the river environs. As you round the second curve you emerge from the tree tops into the green expanse of Wyndham Park. On reaching the end of the bridge, you can’t help but want to turn around and experience it all again, and you soon find yourself again immersed in the natural beauty of the Werribee River environs, just metres from the bustling heart of the Werribee City Centre.

nick christou

Owner/Developer of The Park Hotel Station Place, Werribee Q. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your business background? A. My business background is varied. Early on I predominantly focused on horticulture. I worked and later ran my families horticulture business from Werribee South (Riverside Australia), expanding the business nationally to supply customers throughout Australia, Asia and the Middle East, before selling the business in 2003. In 1997 I ventured into hospitality, eventually co-owning a number of award winning venues around Brisbane, including: the Monastery Night Club, The Northumberland Hotel, Uber Club and Lounge , Elysium Wine and Tapas Bar and Archive Beer Boutique. I sold my interests in 2011 and relocated back to Melbourne to establish The Park Hotel.

Q. Why did you choose the Werribee City Centre as the location for your latest venture: The Park Hotel? A. I saw it as a great opportunity to be in an area that is in the early stages of development and growth. The Werribee City Centre has some great attributes that are underutilised and now has some 180,000 residents on its door step and is still growing. With good planning, a positive attitude and investment, the Werribee City Centre will continue to undergo some exciting changes into the near future.

werribee from the river

Q. What are your future business plans? A. Firstly to complete the development of The Park Hotel. The next stages of development include a 200 person function space, more alfresco and private dining spaces, and launching a craft beer and food festival in 2013. We are also introducing a vertical herb garden for our artisan kitchen and a brewing facility to complement our range of nearly 200 craft beers. After that I guess I will continue to look for locations and opportunities to further develop businesses.

Q. What can you see for the future of the Werribee City Centre? A. I am hoping to see continual investment into the area that will make it a great place for the residents of Wyndham and Melbourne’s west to work, visit, shop, dine, play and even reside in.

contact Werribee Development Centre 2/10 Watton Street, Werribee Craig Toussaint - Place Manager 8734 5459 Sofia Anapliotis - Place Officer 8734 5442

Werribee City Scene - Edition three - Autumn 2013  

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