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& Grill

With our New Location at The Double Tree Grand Hotel


f its seafood your palate is craving, then look no further than

Each of the locations has daily specials; and can’t miss out on the

Casablanca Seafood Bar & Grill with our two water front

Freshly Chucked Oysters & Drinks available for half price Monday

locations, the Seafood Market on the well-known Miami

thru Friday during the Happy Hours from 5-7pm.

River or the second location at The Double Tree Grand

overseeing the beautiful Biscayne Bay. Casablanca is a place that boasts its own market, employs its fishermen and has over 20 years in the industry. You can bet it serves the freshest seafood! Fishermen deliver daily to their dock and the product is handpicked by for their Market & Restaurants.

Casablanca is open daily and is excelling in providing the loyal and new costumers with the freshest seafood in Miami.

Over 20 years in the industry.

We strive on providing the best experience and we cater to all. The Freshness of our product is the key to our success. We offer a variety of both local and international delectable fresh seafood dishes, prepared to your exacting standards. We are shaping the way people experience life. We have the courage to create experiences that go beyond our guests’ expectations. - Jorge Luis Sanchez, Owner Whether you prefer the Miami River or Biscayne Bay, both offer indoor and outdoor seating with remarkable views for an outing with that special someone, the family; even a unique breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or perhaps simply picking up some of the daily catch to take home and cook from the market. Whichever your preference, come visit us and we will complete your visit with the best quality and outstanding service.

Casablanca is a place that boasts its own market, employs its fishermen and has over 20 years in the industry.

Our experience and background in Commercial Fishing is the key to Casablanca Seafood’s success. South Florida’s best seafood comes in daily from our boats. Doesn’t get any fresher than that!

- Lazaro Sanchez, Owner

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FIU’s success is our community’s success At

FIU we are forging strategic partnerships in our community. We engage in problem-solving research and prepare our graduates with the skills they need to compete.

Here’s what FIU’s expansion will mean: •

To increase our capacity to provide a world-class college education to a greater number of young men and women, we will soon expand.

An initial economic impact of $1.8 billion and an additional annual recurring economic impact of $541 million to our community. That’s above the $8.9 billion FIU already provides.

A $900 million investment in construction.

Last fall, 65 percent of almost 500,000 Miami-Dade voters demonstrated their confidence in FIU and our future. They gave us a mandate to expand to the 64 acres contiguous to our Modesto A. Maidique Campus.

Job creation to support FIU’s expanding student population.

It will be done at no cost to Miami-Dade County or our students. We will raise funds for the expansion without affecting tuition.

This is about more and better educational and work opportunities for our community. We will be able to produce greater student talent in engineering, the sciences and entrepreneurship – areas that are state priorities and keys to economic development.

A vision of the FIU expansion.

March April 2015

We will have more news in the coming months as we continue to work with Miami-Dade County and The Fair on identifying a viable site for relocating The Fair. We need you to support the good work FIU is doing for our students and our region. Help us tell our story and continue to build a world class university! For more information visit fiu.edu.







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14 Simple Life Tips by Coach Ali

6 Questions to FIU President Dr. Mark B. Rosenberg

New Miami to Monterrey Route


“El Pintor de las Cuevas” Ariel Celestino Hernandez

Business is Booming

Around Town

with Mayra Joli

22 Miami Beach: Media

32 Caribbean Dreams

21 Ms. Kibler’s Class Room

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Miami Club Rum Media Event

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Supporting her Efforts

Chamber of Commerce Gala

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24 International Kids Fund Wonderfund

28 Sweetwater as a Business Center

18 Aeromexico

16 Standarized Testing A Call To Action

Keep Your Sanity

Young Entrepreneur

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Casablanca Restaurant

Circle of Heroes Luncheon

Circle of Heroes Luncheon

Aeromexico New Miami to Monterry Route

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THE EDITOR The people are the pulse of Miami... South Florida is home to so many lively and culturally distinct communities, each offering their own flavor to the melting pot we all know as Miami. The cultural differences we have come second to the passion we share for our home and for each other. The people are the pulse of Miami; it is with that notion that we are pleased to present to you the very first issue of Sweetwater Magazine. With our inception, we give another voice to our community. We showcase and serve our friends and neighbors in Sweetwater and surrounding communities. Our Backyard profile section highlights the positive social impact of the expansion of an iconic landmark in our community: Florida International University. We spotlight the economic growth potential of FIU and its partnership with the City of Sweetwater, as explained by FIU President Dr. Mark B. Rosenberg. We iterate educational issues in our public school system such as the impact of standardized testing on our children’s education, and the recognition of educators who enhance our students’ ability to increase their learning potential and succeed. Our Features section introduces you to the labor of love performed by the International Kids Fund in their efforts to save children’s lives, and features helpful prevention tips by our own Dr. Sabriya Ishoof. Our Around Town section gives readers a synopsis of activities of local entrepreneurs that are bringing us together as a community, such as the Chambers Gala and Miami Club Rum’s William Levi. We hope you enjoy the highlights of booming businesses in the area and analysis of current educational issues. We hope that you find our publication meaningful and we look forward to the opportunity to cultivate our greatest asset: people.

Alexa Lantigua Editor-in-Chief

On The cover

FIU President Dr. Mark B. Rosenberg


SWEETWATER Editor-in-Chief: Alexa Lantigua

Art Director: Ray Raposo

Contributing Writers: Marcos Regalado Brian Martinez Libby Perez Nick Marquez

Contributing Photographers: Miguel Aya Ray Raposo

Sales Department: Omar Carlo

Digital Department: Ray Raposo

Published by: Sweetwater Magazine

Sweetwater Magazine 1000 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Suite 104 Coral Gables, Florida 33134 Telephone: 786-401-8624 Sales@Sweetwaterthemagazine.com

Under his leadership as president, FIU has increased enrollment to almost 54,000 students.

Sweetwater Magazine’s liability in the event of an error is limited to a printed correction. Sweetwater Magazine does not assume liability for any products or services advertised herein.

In Our Backyard




FIU President Dr. Mark B. Rosenberg

Q: Sweetwater’s population more than doubled in the 1970s, just as FIU was blossoming. How has the growth of FIU contributed to the growth of the City of Sweetwater? Dr. Mark B. Rosenberg’s Answer: With the construction of the Homestead Extension of Florida’s Turnpike and the Dolphin Expressway (SR-836) in 1974, both FIU and Sweetwater were provided with a great opportunity for growth. As FIU’s student population grew, many students were attracted to Sweetwater’s hometown environment and proximity to the campus. More than 500 FIU students and 350 faculty and staff members currently live in Sweetwater. By 2020 FIU’s enrollment will go from 54,000 to 65,000 students, who will contribute to Sweetwater’s thriving economy.

Q: What would Florida International University’s planned expansion mean to the City of Sweetwater, University City and neighboring communities?


A: Our proposed expansion onto the 64 acres adjacent to the Modesto A. Maidique Campus will enhance our ability to create more and better jobs and more opportunities for our students in engineering, the sciences and entrepreneurship, areas that are state priorities and key to economic development. The FIU expansion will have an initial economic impact of $1.8 billion and an additional annual recurring economic impact of $541 million.


By Alexa Lantigua

Q: FIU recently received an $11.4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation to move forward with University City, which includes among other things, a bus rapid transit system and a pedestrian bridge across 8th Street. How will this project impact the community? A: With contributions from Sweetwater, FIU, and the Florida Department of Transportation, the project expenditures have increased to more than $16 million and will include improvements to the natural, built and electronic environments. The pedestrian bridge linking FIU to Sweetwater will be the most visible aspect of this project and will make it possible for students and residents to go back and forth between the campus and the city in a comfortable, safe way. The grant also allows us to put technology in place that will improve public transportation in the area.


#4 Q: As FIU’s student population continues to increase, do you foresee a spillover effect of student services to Sweetwater such as additional affordable housing, dining, entertainment options, as well as research and office space? A: Yes, of course! As FIU grows, so will our ties to Sweetwater. For FIU, Sweetwater is an invaluable partner. The first student housing building has opened and I’m confident there will be more like it. FIU also has the Engineering Center just east of Sweetwater, which generates additional economic activity.

Q: FIU is well known for the diversity in its student population. What opportunities do you see for increased interaction between students and Sweetwater residents? A: We are very proud of FIU’s diversity and see it as an opportunity for collaboration with all of our neighbors. We have developed deep ties to Sweetwater and have formed win-win partnerships with businesses and schools in the area. This interaction and collaboration allows our students to learn from and contribute to our community. Our Honors College, in particular, has been engaged in Sweetwater for years. Our students volunteer, they work with the elderly and young students, they conduct research and intern at city hall.


Q: This year FIU celebrates its 50th anniversary. What is your vision for the next 50 years? A: Our University is a solutions center for the community. Our mission is intimately linked to our geography and our demography. FIU is, and will continue to be, a beacon of hope for our community. We understand that we have a sacred obligation to prepare our students to make a good living -- to either take a great job or create great jobs. As an anchor institution, we take responsibility for our community and will continue to do so as we grow and develop.

For more information about FIU, please visit www.fiu.edu Sweetwater Magazine www.SweetwaterMag.com


Genuine Old-Fashioned Service Haircuts • Shaving • Grooming

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Sweetwater: 300 SW 107 Ave. 305.220.3550

Localidades Flagler: Doral: 8339 W. Flagler St. 7273 NW 36 St. 305.264.4686 305.418.9188

Bird Road: 9863 SW 40 St. 305.221.9798

Coral Gables: 96 Miracle Mile 305.444.4342

Hialeah: 1738-2 West 49 St. 305.821.3833

Pembroke Pines: 10880 Pines Blvd. http://www.luany.com

On Thursday, April 16th, hundreds of immigration attorneys from around the country will descend on Washington D.C. for our 2015 National Day of Action.

Immigration Talk with Mayra Joli On Feb. 16, U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen issued an injunction in response to lawsuit brought by the states, finding that President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration amount to impermissible rulemaking. The ruling halts temporary relief from deportation and other immigration benefits for more than 4 million immigrants. Obama’s plan directed immigration enforcement authorities to focus on deporting felons, not families. It also allowed parents of U.S. citizens and permanent residents and hundreds of thousands of young adults who came to the U.S. as children to work legally without the constant threat of deportation. Meanwhile , 12 states are reportedly preparing to support the DOJ’s appeal, arguing that migrants provide economic benefits, not burdens, to their states. While the administration should ultimately prevail because the president acted within his executive authority, the appeals process will likely take months or years. In the interim, unless Congress acts on immigration reform,

millions of law-abiding migrants who have toiled in the shadows for years will continue to live in fear that deportation will tear their families apart. On Thursday, April 16th, hundreds of immigration attorneys from around the country will descend on Washington D.C. for our 2015 National Day of Action. This is a call on the 114th Congress to do the hard work necessary on immigration reform to create a common sense immigration policy that recognizes the hardships and contributions of new Americans and aspiring citizens. On this day it is our goal to educate congress about what is really happening on the streets. This is not just an immigration problem, this is the future of the Unites States.

The Mayra Joli Law Firm is proud to be one of the sponsors of the Dade County Bar Association 2014 Installation Gala. “A Celebration of 98 Years of Service to the Bench, Bar and Our Community”

Mayra Joli, Esquire Attorney at Law Joli Law Firm, PLLC

Congratulations and good wishes to President Herman J. Russomanno III and all the incoming Officers and Directorso ft he DCBA.

1221 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1210 Miami, Florida 33131 Phone: 305.722.2828 Fax: 305.722.2830 jolilaw.com


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Simple life from



What I learned today... Boundaries: Office manners “People come to you from their level of awareness. If your coworker’s conversation is about their “BAD NOW”, you must remember that you have the power of changing the subject, hang up the telephone or remove yourself from their presence in order to avoid being poisoned by their misery, for in the end you are only responsible for your own emotions.” Coach Ali. Many of us go through the day with the hopes of surviving our day’s work. Meeting a deadline, and the challenge of dealing with demanding clients, boss, spouses and children increases our levels of stress. Financial obligations often rob us of much-needed sleep. If we add to lack of sleep, poor nutrition, lack of proper exercise and absence of meaningful human relations in our lives, we have a great recipe for developing significant health issues. Imagine going through your day listening to negative conversations from people using you as sounding board to indulge their “pityparty”, chances are that this is just going to add to less joy to your life. It is your responsibility to create boundaries when the situation presents. Here are three of my suggested survival steps to stay focused on : YOUR AWARENESS! 1. Consider the Source: Many of us tend to exaggerate our situation to gain sympathy or simply because we are addictive to drama. Don’t join the party!


Sweetwater Magazine www.SweetwaterMag.com

Once we take responsibility for our emotional health, we have a duty to guard our peace at all time.

Fresh Pasta Ready to Cook

• Lunch


Mondo Pasta is a fresh pasta factory, with more than 50 years old, based on traditional Italian recipes elaborated daily. Our goal is to produce fresh pasta in the same way our great-grandmothers used to prepare it in their own kitchens.

2. Consider the intention: If the person is seeking a solution, you should consider your ability to assist or point them to other sources for solutions. If not, chances are the person just wants to drag you into their drama. 3. What is the outcome for me: If your are not able to solve their issue, them consider how being in this situation is going to help you move forward through your own tasks or responsibilities. Consider how this is going to compromised you, how it could affect your productivity and lastly your peace of mind. Once we take responsibility for our own emotional health, we have a duty to guard our peace at all times. Since it is a duty, we should exercise courage to tell them: not now, but I am glad to help you later, “ is 4:30 pm good for you?” or simply removed yourself from the problem. Make sure you exercise good communication skills to avoid being dragged into their drama by issues beyond your control. In the end you will only create more problems for you and conflict with the other person when you don’t exercise awareness and the power to consider what is best for all.

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Standardized Testing: A Call To Action

imposed on our diverse community and the challenges our most vulnerable students learning English as an additional language must surmount to meet standards as currently measured. Although there are many valid points on all sides of the debate, now more than ever, it is imperative that our elected officials listen to the chorus of disapproval from all stakeholders and take action now, rather than later. Thanks to the leadership of Governor Scott, our legislators, our school superintendents, school board members, as well as our

By Libby Perez “Although everyone agrees on the need to improve student achievement, there has been mounting opposition on how student performance is being used to evaluate not only students, but teachers and school communities alike.” libby@libbyperez.com


n the past few years, there has been a recurring outcry on standardized testing and its unintended consequences on Florida’s public

schools. A shift from the FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test) to the FSA (Florida Standards Assessments) based on Florida’s version of the new Common Core State Standards has generated a renewed concern on the frequency and method in which students are being tested. Media coverage in recent years reveals the impact of these high-stakes exams on student learning. Parents have begun to rally in opposition,

representatives in Congress, we begin

the education success of our children as

forcing school districts to reevaluate

to see a collective desire to find

well as the financial success of our state.

the number of days dedicated to testing

accountability strategies that promote

After all, accountability should really

as well as requesting federal leaders to

equity, increase parent engagement and

mean we are preparing every student

reduce testing requirements.

strengthen schools. Because testing

to be college or career ready as well as

requirements come from the state and

productive citizens. Let our legislators

federal level and are tied to funding, it is

know you are ready to work with them

Although everyone agrees on the need

imperative that all levels of government

to improve student achievement, not

to improve student achievement, there

work together to find the proper testing

by penalizing students or teachers with

has been mounting opposition on how

methods that are in the best interest of all

excessive or unfair testing mandates that

student performance is being used to


steal valuable instructional time but rather

Florida Education Matters

evaluate not only students, but teachers


Sweetwater Magazine www.SweetwaterMag.com

by making teaching the most honorable

and school communities alike. As a public

As the legislative session gets underway, I

and respected profession and learning the

education supporter, I have witnessed

encourage you to call your elected officials

gateway to achieving the American dream.

the unintentional outcome of such

and urge them to make public education a

Helpful Links:

assessments both as a parent and as

priority, not only at election time but every


an education advocate. As a Hispanic

day and for every child. Let them know


and immigrant, I also understand the

you are counting on them to work together


hardships and inequities many times

to find testing solutions that will ensure


“it is imperative that all levels of government work together to find the proper testing methods that are in the best interest of all students.”

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• This new daily service will start on March 26th, 2015 • M iami becomes the ninth international destination served by Aeromexico at Monterrey International Airport, one of its major hubs Miami, FL, March 12th, 2015. – Aeromexico, Mexico’s global airline, announces the beginning of its new, nonstop daily flight service from Terminal B at the Monterrey International Airport in northern Mexico, to Miami, Florida as of March 26th. This new service will offer passengers the possibility of taking a daily flight between these two cities on board a 76-seat Embraer 170 airliner from one of Aeromexico’s major hubs with the Flights schedules for this new route are as follows:

Miami – Monterrey * AM425 03:25 p.m. 05:11 p.m. Daily

Monterrey – Miami * AM424 09:00 a.m. 02:25 p.m. Daily * Times are published in local time and are subject to change without notice.

Miami will thus become Aeromexico’s ninth international destination served from Monterrey, making the carrier the number one choice for customers requiring a quick and easy connection to the United States from cities such as Aguascalientes, Bajio-Leon, Chihuahua, Ciudad Juarez, Guadalajara, Hermosillo, Puebla, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, Tampico and Toluca. Monterrey enjoys a privileged geographic location, in the north of Mexico and very close to the border with Texas. The city has earned renown worldwide for a variety of reasons, principally for


Sweetwater Magazine www.SweetwaterMag.com

its business climate with some of the leading corporates in Mexico, strong entrepreneurial culture, prestigious institutions of higher education and a world-class health sector with leading medical centers. The city has much to offer in terms of tourism - listed as one of the top three sites worldwide to practice canyoneering, and a lot of alternatives among canyons, mountains, ziplines, bungee and ponytail -, entertainment and culture, as well as extensive infrastructure for holding congresses and conventions. Aeromexico continues working to provide more and better flight connection options both in Mexico and abroad; especially Miami becomes one of the airline’s most important destinations in the United States, from where it serves four daily non-stop flights to Mexico City and four weekly frequencies to Merida, Yucatan.

About Grupo Aeroméxico Grupo Aeroméxico, S.A.B. de C.V. is a holding company

most significant

whose subsidiaries provide commercial aviation

investment strategy in aviation history in Mexico, to

services in Mexico and the promotion of passenger

purchase 100 Boeing aircraft including 90 MAX 737 jet

loyalty programs. Aeromexico, Mexico’s global airline,

airliners and ten 787-9 Dreamliners.

operates more than 600 daily flights from its main hub

As a founding member of the SkyTeam airline

in Terminal 2 at the Mexico City International Airport.

alliance, Aeromexico offers customers more than 1,000

Its route network spans more than 80 cities on three

destinations in 178 countries served by the 20 SkyTeam

continents, including 45 destinations in Mexico, 16 in

airline partners rewarding passengers with benefits

the United States, 15 in Latin America, three in Europe,

including access to 564 premium airport lounges

two in Asia and two in Canada.

around the world. Aeromexico also offers travel options

The Group’s fleet of more than 120 aircraft is

through its code share partners Delta Air Lines, Alaska

comprised of Boeing 787, 777, 767 and 737 jet airliners

Airlines, Avianca, LAN, TACA and TAM with extensive

and next generation Embraer 145, 170, 175 and

connectivity in countries like the United States, Brazil,

190 models. In 2012, the airline announced the

Canada, Chile, Colombia and Peru.




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Ms. Kibbler’s Classroom


Barinas & Associates, Inc. was founded over 12 years ago by Baron BB Barinas, IRS Enrolled Agent. Our company has been providing accounting and tax preparation services to over 5000 individuals and 400 businesses annually, both nationally and internationally. The office is located in Virginia Gardens, next to Miami Springs and Doral and very close to Sweetwater. Our staff has worked hard to provide quality service and it shows.

Contact Us


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• Accounting • Individual Income Tax • Small Business bookkepping


First Grade Teacher at Charles R Hadley Elementary School in Miami, Forida

harles R Hadley Elementary School is located in Miami, FL and is one of 301 elementary schools in Dade School District. It is a public school that serves 1025 students in grades PK-5. See Charles R Hadley Elementary School’s test results to learn more about school performance.

vision and are making a decision that is close to your heart. They take the time to understand your goals so they can deliver the best possible outcome. Pierini Esthetic Surgery’s staff also gives you all the information you need, to ensure you have a realistic idea of the results you can expect.

In 2011, Charles R Hadley Elementary School had 14 students for every full-time equivalent teacher. The Florida average is 15 students per full-time equivalent teacher. businesses at have been here for decades. The highly trained surgeons and staff at Pierini Esthetic Surgery combine the highest level of expertise and professionalism with the belief that you are the most important person. Whatever procedure you may be considering, they know you have a unique

English is a second language for my first graders but their achievement in all areas advances by leaps and bounds with hard work and a little tech! Daily integration of technology into the curriculum evens the playing field and helps with socio-economic challenges. I truly believe the sky’s the limit for these kids by the end of the year!

• Payroll & Tax Preparation • Electronic Filing and Rapid Refunds • ITIN Preparation • Audit Representation • Tax Planning

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At your customized consultation for cosmetic surgery in Miami, FL, Ms. Kibbler will thoroughly review your goals and advise you on the procedure or procedures which could best meet your needs questions or share your concerns. body and face. And they also use multi disciplinary practices – such as massages, facials, body wraps and reflexology – to achieve your optimal beauty, both inside and out. Sweetwater Magazine www.SweetwaterMag.com


Around Town Social Westchester Gala

South Beach Media Event

Miami Club founder Matt Malone and actor William Levy at the Miami Club Rum Official Partnership Launch event

Miami Club Rum Unveils New Campaign And Announces Partnership With William Levy at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel on Miami Beach

Herman Echevarria, William Levy, Lili Estefan, Enrique Santos and Alexa Lantigua, Sweetwater Magazine editor

Selenis Leyva castmember of Orange Is The New Black 22

Alexa Lantigua, Sweetwater Magazine editor, and Chamber members

Univision’s TV Host Lili Estefan enjoying the evening’s festvities

Newscaster Gloria Ordaz of Univision Channel 23, TV & Radio’s Enrique Santos and Alexa Lantigua

Ray Raposo and singer Sofia Reyes

Sweetwater Magazine www.SweetwaterMag.com

The First Annual Westchester Dade Chamber GALA “A Night Of Excellence” on February 27, at The Big Five Club.

Tomas Regalado, Jr. and Alexa Lantigua

Paul Camacho, Director of the Chamber and Miami- Paul Camacho, Director of the Chamber, Alexa Lantigua, Dade County District 10 Commissioner Javier Souto, guest and District 10 Commissioner Javier Souto receipient of The Lifetime Achievement Award.

Several members with Commissioner Javier Souto

Several members at Westchester Dade Chamber Gala

Sweetwater Magazine www.SweetwaterMag.com


International Kids Fund Wonderfund Recognizes its Circle of Heroes at Annual Luncheon


Around Town Social Luncheon Event

he International Kids Fund Wonderfund (IKF), a program of the Jackson Health Foundation, provides support to children from around the world who are in need of lifesaving and life-changing medical care that is not available

Maria Isabel Casablanca and INNH’s Doctora Maribel Santa Cruz, NC

to them in their home country. IKF counts on the support of a dedicated group of benefactors and health care professionals – the Circle of Heroes, who through their generosity and volunteerism,

The annual International Kids Fund Wonderfund (IKF’s Wonderfund) Circle of Heroes Luncheon at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Coral Gables.

Ana Oliveira, Nerea Alvarez, Susy DunandSilva and Charmaine Gatlin

make a difference in the life of each child IKF serves. Over 300 guests and philanthropists come together each year at

40% of those children will need medical intervention. “As one might

IKF’s Circle of Heroes Luncheon, to celebrate the many lives saved

imagine, resources for children born in developing countries is extremely

thanks to the generosity of the Circle of Heroes. The luncheon also

limited,” said Dr. Sandhu.

serves as a platform to publically thank the benefactors for their support of the IKF mission.

Dr. Sandhu has traveled to Haiti for several years to see and provide care for patients with heart defects. “In Haiti for example, the

During this year’s luncheon, chaired by Mariana Sanchez, Hope of

resources needed are just not available” she said. “Even a diagnostic

a Miracle Foundation, Major League Baseball player Ervin Santana,

echocardiograph machine is not available. Once a diagnosis is made,

and Maria Sarria and Family, were recognized for their continued

there is nowhere in the country where the type of care needed, can be

support and dedication to IKF. The luncheon was held Feb. 26,

provided. Most children have to leave the country in order to receive the

2015 at the beautiful Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens in Miami.

necessary corrective surgery. In addition, the parents of these children

The event featured an exquisite menu created by Celebrity Chef,

have few or no financial resources available to obtain the care needed

Michelle Bernstein and hosted by Univision23 Reporter Gloria Ordaz

for a child with a severe heart defect.”

Since 2001, IKF has facilitated medical care for more than 650

“Our goal is to assist children from around the world in obtaining the

children at Holtz Children’s Hospital at the UM/Jackson Memorial

medical care necessary for them to live a more vibrant life,” said Mariana

Medical Center. They have been treated for conditions ranging from

Martinez, IKF Chairman and a member of the Board of Directors of

malformations, to cardiac conditions, to organ transplants. Each

the Jackson Health Foundation. “There are numerous hospital costs

year, the number of requests received from parents and guardians

associated with treatments which must be covered, and that is where

desperately seeking medical care for their children, continues

IKF comes in. We want to always have enough support so that we never

to grow.

have to turn a sick child away.”

“There are many children and families that turn to us in hope of a

Joining the Circle of Heroes is simple - with a pledge of $1,200

miracle,” said Niurka Del Valle, IKF Executive Director. “It is because of

yearly, for 5 years, our “Heroes” rewrite a life of sadness, sickness and

the generosity and support of our donors and caring individuals that we

fear into a happily ever after story of triumph. For many children and

can continue to be a ray of hope for so many of them.”

their families this contribution will mean the difference between the

Niurka Del Valle, Mariana Martinez, Heroes Recepients Maria Sarria and Cindy Shutters, plus Dianny Hernandez and JMF’s CEO Keith Tribble

IKF’s Wonderfund Director Niurka Del Valle, Holtz Children’s Hospital CAO Steven Burghart, Alexa Lantigua, Fana Holtz, and JMF’s CEO Keith Tribble

Two of IKF’s Children - Andrea Chirinos and Alfred Cardenas

Dr. Rudolph Moise, Editor Alexa Lantigua, JMF Board Member Mariana Martinez and Jackson Memorial Foundation CEO Keith Tribble

anguish of uncertainty and the comfort of knowing that a needed According to Satinder Sandhu, M.D., Director of the Pediatric Cardiac

surgery, therapy, or life-saving procedure can be performed.

Catheterization Laboratory at Holtz Children’s Hospital, and a guest speaker at the 2015 Circle of Heroes Luncheon, 8 out of 1000

For more information on the International Kids Fund Wonderfund

children in the world are born with a heart defect. Roughly 35% -

(IKF), visit www.wonderfund.org or call (305) 585-5888.


Sweetwater Magazine www.SweetwaterMag.com

Sweetwater Magazine www.SweetwaterMag.com




Khouri Owner of Power Insurance Agency


orn and raised in Miami, Fl Violeta Khouri, 25 year old entrepreneur and owner of Power Insurance Agency began her career at an early stage in life. Coming from a Venezuelan-Syrian

background, her priority being her family inspired her to follow their footsteps into the Insurance world.

“When life steers you in different directions and challenges you, you must learn to accept the experience and make the best of it. There is no better feeling than the smile on a consumers face when you know you’ve provided the best service, service is what makes the difference”. AUTO INSURANCE

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• Condo unit Insurance • Home Owners Insurance • Renters Insurance • Builders Risk Insurance • Home Contents Insurance • Home Inventory Insurance • Windstorm Insurance • Hurricane Insurance


• Term life Insurance • Whole Life Insurance • Universal Life Insurance • Mortgage Insurance • Buy Sell Life Insurance

Get Free Insurance Quotes: Call Power Insurance at 866-985-0066

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Sweetwater ss as a Busine Center


Sweetwater Magazine www.SweetwaterMag.com


Sweetwater Business is Booming as a Business Center



he City of Sweetwater has come a long way during the last few years. It has evolved from a tiny, sleepy town, to a growing city which boasts


Ariel Celestino Hernandez

riel Celestino Hernandez also known as “El Pintor De Las Curvas” was born in Marianao, La Habana Cuba in 1974 and migrated to this country in 1999. Ariel Celestino started his

artwork at six years of age when he did a portrait of his

having major businesses such as Dolphin Mall and

teacher. When his teacher saw the portrait, she knew he

Ikea, as well as important educational facilities such as

would one day make this his career as he was naturally

Keiser University and Gold Coast Schools.

“El Pintor De Las Curvas”


Although Florida International University is not

He did his first art exposition in Cuba at the age of 17;

located within the City limits, Sweetwater is rapidly

since then, he has done many expositions in the United

becoming the FIU “University City”. This is due to the close

States, Europe, and Central America. As an autodidact, he studied many techniques by reading art books filled own radio program every Friday, which serves Sweetwater by providing a forum for community-based organizations, Chamber members and City Officials.

with biographies and pictures of masters inspiring him to create his own unique style and his own master pieces. His artwork is very personal in every way: the colors, the buildings, the streets, the plants, and the people are a reflection of urban civilizations with a touch of movement that define his art work. His artwork can be compared to a universe of light and bright colors with movements. His style is different, colorful, and easily recognizable by its elegant curves with a well-defined personal seal.

cooperation between City Officials with FIU President Dr. Mark D. Rosenberg. The first step is already evident just north of FIU, with the beautiful 15-story 109 Tower student

Ariel Celestino has been featured in several magazines and

housing, at NW 109 Avenue. Additionally, two other such

has appeared on numerous television programs. He has done

projects are in the process of becoming a reality.

The Sweetwater Chamber of Commerce was created

over two years ago, after its founders, President Jesus Castañon and Vice President Tony Rodriguez-Tellaheche realized that the new expanding and thriving Sweetwater was in need of such an organization. The Chamber has its

many murals including a large mural for the Loews Hotel Sweetwater Magazine spotlights art, music, people, entertainment, events, and more. Sweetwater Magazine invites its readers to discover new facets of our community and the businesses that support it. We encourage you to glimpse at what makes our city of Sweetwater such a special place.

in Miami Beach, Florida. Ariel Celestino has donated many of his art works to charitable not for profit organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Amigos for Kids, and St. Jude Research among others. You can reference his website which is www.curvarte.com He will be at The Delray Art Affair, April 10 to 12, 2015


Sweetwater Magazine www.SweetwaterMag.com

Sweetwater Magazine www.SweetwaterMag.com


Mediterranean Restaurant El mejor lugar para reuniones de empresas o familiar con la mejor comida española acompañada de los mejores vinos y cervezas de importación

Porrón Meeting Point Mediterranean Restaurant 4320 SW 8th Street, Miami, Florida Tel: 786-452-9739


CARIBBEAN by Mr. World Traveler



weet dreams are a reality when you travel to the beautiful Caribbean Island of the this Premier Isuue we strive to serve our neighbors and friends alike with an honest and true felling of the Sweetwater and surroung areas. bMuch dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas mollis ligula quis est posuere dapibus. Quisque dictum sceler isque velit sed fermentum. Suspendissers pulvinar, dui at

With our town’s continued growth and expansion into Sweetwater, we try sed elit erat. Nunc dapibus tellus erat. Aliquam eget urna vitae mauris sodales ornare. Praesent ac ligula egestas odio iaculis pulvinar. Phasellus aliquam pulvinar lobortis. Integer eget massa nulla. Nulla facilisi. Aenean et per conubia nostra, per inceptos hime naeos. Vivamus posuere iaculis augue a nunc aliquam sollicitudin more and finally, always striving to serve our community. Suspendissers pulvinar, dui at luctus iaculis, ligula elitivit adipiscing diam, et vest leo striving to serve our community. Suspendissers pulvinar, dui at luctus iaculis, ligula elitivit adipiscing diam, et vest leo striving to serve our community. This, feugiat et imperdiet eu, ullamcorper non orci. Curabitur pos.

With FIU continued growth and expansion into Sweetwater, we try sed elit erat. Nunc dapibus tellus erat. Aliquam eget urna vitae mauris sodales ornare. Praesent ac ligula egestas odio iaculis pulvinar. Vivamus posuere iaculis augue a nunc aliquam sollicitudin more and finally, always striving to serve our community. Today all you really need to enjoy a tropical isle uctus iaculis, ligula elitivit adipiscing diam, et vest leo striving to serve our community. This, feugiat et imperdiet eu, ull like with an honest and true felling of the Sweetwater and surrouding area.


Sweetwater Magazine www.SweetwaterMag.com

Alexa Lantigua is a certified, board approved life coach eu, ullamcorper non orci. Our neighbors and friends alike with an honest and true felling of the

The Dominican Republic’s most scenic waterfront areas are a tropical dream for all visitors to enjoy.

With our town’s continued growth and expansion into Sweetwater, we try sed elit erat. Nunc dapibus tellus erat. Aliquam eget urna vitae mauris sodales ornare. Praesent ac ligula egestas odio iaculis pulvinar. Phasellus aliquam pulvinar lobortis. Integer eget massa nulla. Nulla facilisi. Aenean et per conubia nostra, per inceptos hime naeos. Vivamus posuere iaculis augue a nunc aliquam sollicitudin more and finally, always

With our town’s continued growth and expansion into Sweetwater, we try sed elit erat. Nunc dapibus tellus erat. Aliquam eget urna vitae mauris sodales ornare. Praesent ac ligula egestas odio iaculis pulvinar. Phasellus aliquam pulvinar lobortis. Integer eget massa nulla. Nulla facilisi. Aenean et per conubia nostra, per

inceptos hime naeos. Vivamus posuere iaculis augue a nunc aliquam sollicitudin more and finally, always striving to serve our community. Suspendissers pulvinar, dui at luctus iaculis, ligula elitivit adipiscing diam, et vest leo striving to serve our community. Suspendissers pulvinar, dui at luctus iaculis, ligula elitivit adipiscing diam, et vest leo striving to serve our community. This, feugiat et imperdiet eu, ullamcorper non orci. Curabitur pos. Travel is a certified, board approved life coach eu, ullamcorper non orci. Our friends alike with an honest and true felling of the Sweetwater and surrouding neighborhood area.

Sweetwater Magazine www.SweetwaterMag.com


Since 1975

Miami’s Original Cuban Cuisine Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

At Sergio’s, cooking starts with a philosophy, “Simple, Fresh & Homemade”. By using only the freshest ingredients & combining our homemade recipes with today’s best food ideas, we are able to serve the most authentic Cuban and Latin cuisine. Every time you visit Sergio’s you will experience the same sensation you had when mom cooked your favorite meal at home.

All your favorites Also featuring: La Flaca... Sergio’s Skinny Selections

Take Out Delivery Online Ordering Catering Drive-Thru THE NEW AMERICAN CAFE WITH THE LATIN FLAVOR

Sergio’s Doral


1640 NW 87th Avenue Miami, FL 33172 (305) 639-8960

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SW the Magazine Spring 2015  

SW the Magazine Spring 2015  


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