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Mauro Caballero Consulting

Miami Fashion Institute

El Artista Vitico Cabrera

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Table of contents: Immigration Talk, page: 8 • Education: As Degree in Psychology, page: 10 • Profiles: María Alejandra Peralta, page: 17 • Lifestyle: Amazon Series, page 32 • Around Town Social: Miami International Film Festival, page: 36 • Around Town Social: Communities in Schools of Miami 27th annual Gala, page: 40 • Around Town Social: 3rd Annual Eco Couture Recycling Fashion Show, page: 42 • Lifestyle: Traveling Benelux, page: 44 • Lifestyle: Food, Coconut Chicken, page: 46 • Health: Alimentos Procesados, page: 50 • Health: Tips For Healthy Glowing Skin, page: 50 • En las Redes: Selfies, page: 54 SW The Magazine • www.SWtheMag.com




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Dr. José A. Pérez Psychologist

Glori Acosta

Ray Raposo

Glori is a freelance writer and blogger. With a degree in education and a passion for writing, she has been blogging about life’s adventures for six years and turning young writers into experienced editors for twelve years.

Ray Raposo has been involved in the artistic field since infancy. He knew what he wanted to do and studied it since junior high. At Miami High he majored in Commercial & Advertising Art along with his college prep courses. Ray continued his studies in Art, Design, Typography and Photography at University of Florida and graduated with a degree in Advertising Design. Ray now uses that experience and teams with talented creatives to assure that every project is a total success, creating Advertising & Design that not only is engaging and looks great, but more importantly, works.


Photography, Writer

Editor in Chief Alexandra Lantigua Editor Brian Martinez Art Director Xacir Deric

is the Director of the Psychology Program at Florida National University with 14 years teaching and the university level. He has close to 20 years of experience in the field of addiction treatment and criminal behavior and he is the COO of Clear Steps Recovery, LLC, an intensive outpatient program for clients with substance abuse disorders and other additions.

Writers Brian Martinez, Anthony Fusco, Ray Raposo, Chiqui Rodriguez, Marie Javier, Tony Almonte, Dr. Jose Perez, Gloria Acosta. Photographers: Ray Raposo, Ramon Minino, Eduardo Hernández Mendoza, Bernardo Olmos, Alberto Romeu .

Marie Javier , Esq.

Digital Department Xacir Deric

Immigration Attorney

Eduardo Hernández Mendoza



Omar Carlo

is a Venezuelan entrepreneur with offices in Venezuela, and the USA. He is an International Coach, consultant and advisor with Kairos Coach Consulting and Exotic Photographer and Image Strategist with Pickypics here in Miami, Fl.

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Marie Javier, is a U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Attorney. She got her Juris Doctor Degree from the School of Law of the Inter American University of Puerto Rico in 1999. That same year, she joined the prestigious law firm of Cuevas Segarra, where she devoted herself to civil litigation and medical malpractice. She is part of The Hachar Law Firm in Miami where her focus is mostly in investor’s visa. Currently she participates in the immigration section morning show with channel Telemundo.



C A B A L L E R O c o n s u l t i n g

maurocaballero.com info@maurocaballero.com +1 (786) 426 3000


From the Editor


Welcome to the new image of SW the Magazine! Spring is here and in the spirit of star ting anew, we br ing to you an inspiring issue, filled w it h a r t, food, ma r velous event s, a nd fasci nat i ng stories of success by Miami’s community leaders. I was honored to return back to many of Miami’s professionals’ a l ma mate r, M ia m i Dade College, and enjoy a candid and unique conversation with Dr. Eduardo Padrón, a man whose innovative mind opened doors of opportunities to many professional in our city. O n c e a g a i n o u r w r i t e r, Brian Martinez, gave us an informative report about what is going on in the education field with breaking news of Miami Dade College’s upcoming Fa sh ion a nd Merc ha nd i se program, indubitably a big hit for our Couture industry. We got to meet some of our community entrepreneurs who came from humble beginnings, and along with their success, worked hand in hand to give back to the community, such as Mauro Caballero and Maria Alejandra Peralta. Bathed in a new light: the man behind the artist, Emilio Sauma Jr., tells us more about himself and what’s behind his art. We feature a brilliant Dr. whose art and philanthropist work gives another meaning to the word “artist”, Dr. Constance Silver. I hope you f ind this issue informative, and more than anything, in tune with the pulse of Miami: its people.

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Love, Alexa







c r u i s e

O a n d




v a c a t i o n






s p e c i a l i s t


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Nuestra abogada de inmigración nos explica que debe hacer si usted ha hecho una petición a un familiar siendo residente y se convierte en ciudadano.

1. Cuál es el efecto de convertirse en ciudadano mientras tiene una petición familiar pendiente? Si usted es residente de los Estados Unidos y hace una petición familiar para algún miembro de su fami lia, y mientras esta pendiente el proceso usted se conv ier te en ciudadano de los Estados Un idos, entonces debe notificar al centro del servicio de inmigración donde están procesando la petición, el efecto que tiene es que el proceso se adelanta considerablemente. Ciertas categorías como las de cónyuges e hijos menores de 21 años de edad de residentes tardan aproximadamente dos años, esta es la categoría F-2A si se obtiene la ciudadanía los beneficiarios se convierten en familiares inmediatos y su caso pasa a ser procesado inmediatamente sin tener que esperar que haya una visa disponible. SW The Magazine • www.SWtheMag.com

Immigration By: Marie Javier, Esq.


3. Qué sucede con las peticiones de los cónyuges 2. Cómo se hace y de los hijos? la notificación? Se prepara una car ta informando a inmigración que el peticionario se ha convertido en ciudadano y se le solicita el cambio de categoría. En la car ta, se debe incluir el nombre del peticionario y del beneficiaro con sus respectivas fechas de nacimiento y el numero de caso asignado por el ser vicio de inmigración. Con la car ta debe enviarse como evidencia una copia del cer tif icado de ciudadanía e inmigración, tomará acción y colocara la petición en la categoría correspondiente.

Cuando un peticionar io es residente legal puede hacer una sola petición a su cónyuge en la cual quedan incluidos los hijos o hijastros menores de 21 años. Si el peticionario se convierte en ciudadano mientras esta pendiente la petición entonces los menores quedan excluidos de la petición. En este caso procede realizar una petición familiar a cada uno de los menores por separado y si entran con residencia antes de los 18 años adquieren la ciudadanía derivativa de parte del peticionario.


4. Cuál es el efecto de convertirse en ciudadano mientras tiene una petición familiar pendiente? Se benefician los hijos mayores de e dad solte r os e n dos aspectos, el primero es que se reduce el tiempo de espera en aproximadamente dos años y el segundo es que pueden casarse ya que los residentes no pueden pedir a los hijos casados. Además de reducirse el tiempo para los familiares también se crean otras dos categorías que no existen para los residentes, son las de padres y hermanos.


By: Dr. José A Pérez

At Florida National University

AS DEGREE IN PSYCHOLOGY Florida National University is now offering a bachelor’s degree in psychology. This degree is designed to help students achieve their academic goals, independently of their career of choice. FNU offers 4 major concentrations in the field: Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Addiction Studies, Mental Health Technician, and Forensic Psychology.

For more information call any of our campuses: Hialeah at 305-821-3333 South Campus at 305-226-9999. The program is also offered on line.

The field of psychology is a science that studies processes of the mind and behavior, trying to better understand the dynamics of individual interactions. Psychology uses scientific method to research and understand human behavior. The field’s final goal is to help society to better cope with a variety of mental disorders and adaptation to social interaction. It goes beyond the understanding of behavior; it helps us understand thinking and the perception of possible decisions made by others and the self.

Psychiatry, Nursing, etc. While some students may pursue a doctoral degree or a master’s in psychology, a bachelor’s degree in psychology is sometimes sufficient.

There are several psychology degree options. You have the undergraduate and graduate levels. Psychologists are those who are required to be licensed in order to practice. Psychology is a popular degree that provides education necessary to work in a variety of fields that require a comprehensive understanding of human behavior, management, criminal justice, marketing, and more.

Bachelor’s in Psychology

There are different career choices that require different degree levels in the field of psychology. Contrar y to popular believe, psychology can be used in a diversity of fields and can also be used by many fields in their educational background; take for example Law. The legal field uses psychological assessment in many of its approaches to understand the behavior of victims, perpetrators, police officers, etc. Another example is Education. Teachers and other educators use psychology to understand the process of human development to better attend the needs of their students. Getting into a psychology program is competitive. While most programs degrees don’t require further education, a degree in psychology may lead the student to further their education with a Master’s degree level or even a Doctorate degree. Other students may obtain a degree in psychology before furthering their education with a Master’s degree in Management, Law, Education, Medicine/

SW The Magazine • www.SWtheMag.com


Those students who earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology are normally employed in a wide range of industries. Graduates are accomplished, methodical thinkers who understand human behavior and get ahead in jobs that want strong social and communication skills.

A bachelor’s degree in psychology is one of the most popular undergraduate programs in the field of academics today. There are two types of bachelor’s degrees in psychology. a Bachelor of Arts degree which generally requires more liberal arts and general education classes, and a Bachelor of Science degree which focuses on the general education science courses. Students will choose a BA or BS contingent on their interests and career goals. The bachelor’s degree in psychology popularity is due to the fact that it forms and develops its students for a variety of career opportunities. Some jobs include career counselors, addiction specialists, research technicians, and behavioral technicians. A bachelor’s degree in psychology gives the student a solid foundation for a career in business (Industrial and organizational), or any industry where understanding human behavior is a critical component for the increase of production and its success. A great deal of graduates with a bachelor’s degree in psychology go on to work in careers not related to counseling or therapy and have performed well with knowledge obtained within the degree in psychology.


Services Barinas & Associates, Inc. was founded over 12 years ago by Baron BB Barinas, IRS Enrolled Agent. Our company has been providing accounting and tax preparation services to over 5000 individuals and 400 businesses annually, both nationally and internationally. The office is located in Virginia Gardens, next to Miami Springs and Doral and very close to Sweetwater. Our staff has worked hard to provide quality service and it shows.

Contact Us


• Accounting • Individual Income Tax • Small Business bookkeeping • Payroll & Tax Preparation • Electronic Filing and Rapid Refunds • ITIN Preparation • Audit Representation • Tax Planning

5701 NW 36 Street, Miami, FL 33166 Tel: 305-871-0889 & 305-871-0289 Email: support@barinasassociates.com Web: www.barinasassociates.com


At the forefront of efforts to grow Miami into an expansive ecosystem for new industries is the largest higher learning institution in the country: Miami Dade College. Since its doors of opportunity first opened in 1960, Miami Dade College, or MDC, has been a strong proponent for increased access to education and opportunity. Under the sterling leadership of its longtime president, Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón, Miami Dade College has experienced a nearly unprecedented period of transformative growth and refinement. This coming fall marks the inauguration of the Miami Fashion Institute, or MFI, a brand new degree program and state-ofthe-art facility focused on fashion, design, and merchandising. Several years in the making, the cutting edge Miami Fashion Institute was formed on the foundations of industry collaboration and accessibility. “The goal is to better position Miami as an international fashion hub by creating an ecosystem that supports industr y growth and provides the education to develop a skilled workforce,” remarked Marimar Molinary, the director of Academic Program Development at MDC. With the presence of the famous Design District, and the impending arrival of premier fashion designers like Naeem Khan, the Miami Fashion Institute is MDC’s answer to the demand for skilled professionals in the fashion, design, and merchandising industries.

SW The Magazine • www.SWtheMag.com

By: Brian Martinez


I t s

d o o r s


o f

o p p o r t u n i t y

Known for its warm, inviting sun and the coolest arts and nightlife scene around, Miami is a sprawling multicultural metropolis brimming with entertainment, creativity, innovation, and growing industries. Miami has long been regarded as a premier vacation destination, but over the past decade or two, the flourishing city has garnered quite a reputation for itself as a business powerhouse, solidifying Miami’s position as a major international gateway. Simply put: Miami is ripe for innovation and development, and the word is out.


Miami Dade College continues paving the way forward as a model for academic excellence and success through innovation with the addition of the new M ia m i Fa sh ion I n s t it ute , con si stent ly e x pa nd i ng a diverse portfolio of workforcedriven curriculum in major industr y areas. The Miami Fashion Institute, located at the Wolfson Campus in downtown Miami, is uniquely positioned as the only facility of its kind among public colleges in the state of Florida, offering a r igorous associate’s degree program in Fashion Design and Merchandising. The new c u r r ic u lu m of fer i ngs w i l l allow students to develop skills in ever ything from creative design and production, to a foundation in textiles, product development, and marketing. T he announcement of t he MFI was met with resounding voices of suppor t from the fashion industr y, leaders in economic development, and the community of students, faculty, and alumni at MDC. An entire community eagerly awaits the inception of the Miami Fashion Institute and the new projects up President Padrón’s sleeves.





CABALLERO maximizing Business Management c








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Several years ago, Mauro Caballero Consulting was created as a result of the need for personalized, unbiased consulting on employee benefits. When asked about his services, Mauro remarked, “We are a consultant firm that provides assistance by helping our clients to make educated decisions. We offer a one stop solution to these companies and their HR departments, and give them assistance in building the workforce insurance packages and insurance related solutions that these companies offer to their employees, as well as setting all packages of insurance in all kind of labor related matters. I help my clients by giving them an unbiased consultative approach, where I provide comprehensive cost analysis of their Human Resources related offerings to their work force.” Mauro Caballero’s client base is comprised of companies, their HR departments, and company owners, who need assistance in building the right workforce, insurance packages, and insurancerelated solutions that these companies offer to their employees, while also providing assistance in all labor-related matters. Having attained a wealth of knowledge and relevant experience throughout the years, he’s able to provide a personalized, independent, and unbiased approach to his work as a consultant in the insurance industry. He prides himself on fairness and equality in business, and practices transparency throughout every step of the process. “Doing things with integrity is the only way to conduct business,” remarked Mauro when asked about principles of conducting business. Entrepreneurship has allowed Mr. Caballero the humbling opportunity to consistently focus on the human aspect of business. “We build lasting relationships with our clients. We are not in it for a quick buck; we are in it for a long term relationship.”

Mauro Caballero learned the meaning of ambition at a young age. Having come to the USA at the age of 7 without his parents, he was forced to quickly adapt to a stern situation, and overcome the challenges before him. After having acquired nearly 25 years of experience working with various institutions in the insurance industry, like John Alden and the University of Miami, he felt he had reached the summit. It was time to carve his own path in the industry.

Text by: Brian Martinez Photography: Alberto Romeu



Being an entrepreneur has its challenges, but it’s also afforded Mauro the opportunity to give back to the community. He was able to combine his passion for motorcycles and cars with his efforts in the community by helping organize and participate in charities like Toys for Tots and the Live Like Bella Foundation. After learning of a dear friend that battled and survived breast cancer, he helped organize a motorcycle ride to raise funds for the Force to Support Breast Cancer organization. “I believe in giving back to the community,” said Mauro, when asked about his motivations to help

“I believe in giving back to the community,” said Mauro, when asked about his motivations to help people, “and providing for those less fortunate, because at the end of the day, I’ve been there myself.”

people, “and providing for those less fortunate, because at the end of the day, I’ve been there myself.” Besides organizing charitable events, he also donates his time and resources to the Miami Rescue Mission and Camillus House to help those struggling with homelessness, and in the past, he’s volunteered for little league baseball and basketball programs, as well as being a Big Brother. As a father himself, he maintains that overcoming the challenges he faced on his own journey to independence instilled a sense of social responsibility in him from a very young age, and he stresses the importance of community every day.

SW The Magazine • www.SWtheMag.com



María Alejandra PERALTA “I am committed to having a balanced life. Creating an opportunity to be an entrepreneur, empowering others, and still being able to enjoy my family is my definition of success.”

We all have dreams and aspirations. We are internally guided to persevere; to achieve the goals we set forth and live a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. Sometimes, our inner guiding voice can seem hushed amongst the outside noise; a fading tone in a torrent of distortion. Maria Peralta’s inner voice resonates a song of laughter, harmony, and hope, and these ideals form the foundation for her passion: Flower Fanatic.

Maria balanced a full-time professional career and being a full-time mom, until she quit her job a year ago to pursue a lifelong dream of hers: to be able to nurture and inspire her family, friends, and others by doing something she loves. Created on the foundations of social responsibility, Flower Fanatics provides employment opportunities to female exconvicts, human trafficking and abuse survivors and others who face adversity.

To say that Flower Fanatic is simply an online f lower shop is a nescient understatement, for it represents so much more to ever yone involved in the operation. It is a conduit for her benevolence and altruism; it is a shining beacon of hope in a sea of distress. A warm welcome, br imming with tender ness and compassion, await those women recovering from traumatic situations. After orientation and training, the women of Flower Fanatic craft beautifully unique creations using organic elements of nature. Chocolates, ornate keepsakes, and personalized gifts adorn the exceptional hand-crafted creations.

She staunchly believes that the cooperative efforts of the private and public sectors are necessary for a community to prosper. She credits her beliefs to the lessons she has learned throughout her career. Her time working for the State of Florida, the University of Miami, and Camillus House, a local charity, imbued in her an understanding of the challenges we face as a society, and the power of compassion, dialogue, and the willingness to overcome those challenges.






Dr.Eduardo Padrón P R O F I L E




Reconocido como unos de los principales líderes de la educación en el mundo, Eduardo J. Padrón continua construyendo un legado en su misión de mantener a Miami Dade College como una de las instituciones más destacadas en el ámbito educacional. En tiempo record Miami Dade College paso a ser a una prestigiosa universidad destacada por su diversidad estudiantil, reconocidos eventos y punto estratégico a visitar para debatir temas importantes a nivel nacional. Desde la visita de destacadas personalidades, tales como el Rey Felipe De España para inaugurar el año escolar, anfitriones de Debates Presidenciales, y lograr ser reconocida como uno de los planteles estudiantiles de mas éxito en matriculas con más de 165,000 alumnos, convirtiéndose así en la Universidad más grande de la nación.

Texto: Alexa Lantigua Fotografía: Eduardo Hernández Mendoza

SW The Magazine • www.SWtheMag.com



En cuanto a la contribución a la cultura de nuestra comunidad ni hablar, Padrón se ha destacado por deleitar nos por años con los mejores escritores de fama mundial con Feria del Libro de Miami y con los últimos filmes y documentales con el Festival de Cine de Miami. En el ámbito educacional, Padrón, se ha mantenido a la vanguardia ejecutando programas innovadores como lo es el programa de animación y juegos Miami Animation & Gaming International Complex (Magic). Dicho programa es el único en la Florida de institución publica que desarrolla el potencial artístico y profesional en el ámbito creativo, imitando los mejores estudios de las industrias de cine, televisión y videojuegos. A este programa le siguen El Instituto De La Moda (Miami Fashion Institute), Instituto Culinario, El Centro De Ideas (IC Idea Centre) y La Facultad De Aviacion los cuales ponen a la institución como precursora en el área del Arte Culinario, Moda y Tecnología. Sin lugar a dudas mi programa favorito es el CENTRO DE IDEA (Idea Centre). Este programa es impresionante por que motiva a los estudiantes a ser empresarios creativos e innovadores siempre con la idea central de Padrón de colaborar con los recursos necesarios para el desarrollo de nuestra comunidad. El programa par te de no conformarse con menos y aprender todo lo que se necesita para estar en la categoría superior y lograr el éxito empresarial. Este programa incluye una serie de charlas al estilo TED-Talk como por ejemplo Pioneer, Create, el Sta r t-up Challenge entre otros programas, en las cuales los estudiantes del Miami Dade College son motivados por sus conferencistas, entre ellos Cesar Conde, Manny Medina, Travis Kalanick de Uber y Jim McKelvey el co-fundador de Square por mencionar algunos.



Padrón nos ha dado el honor de decir con orgullo “I am MDC”

SW The Magazine • www.SWtheMag.com



Si de logros se trata, detrás del líder se encuentra el hombre que llego como ref ugiado a la edad de 16 años y se ha convertido en ejemplo a seguir para todos los que llegamos a este país con la incertidumbre de lo que nos ha de esperar en un terreno desconocido. Entre ellos esta la transformación de un colegio comunitar io a una universidad donde un numero extraordinario de sus graduandos se han destacado

por ser elementos claves en el desarrollo y crecimiento de la ciudad de Miami y la nación que van desde Fiscales estatales, congresistas a celebridades en el campo de la cinematografía. Padrón nos ha dado el honor de decir con orgullo, “I am M DC”. Su calidad Humana mueve a todos los que hemos pasado por esta institución a regresar ya que este ha creado todo una cultura de éxito en

nuestra comunidad motivando a los ex alumnos a destacar sus éxitos y con su ejemplo incitar en los jóvenes de nuest ra comunidad a optar siempre por su superación. Su gran éxito se basa en brindarles la oportunidad a todos quienes por sus facultades y determinación aspiran a un entrenamiento de capacitación digno. La escuela no discrimina entre elites y le abre las puertas a todos aquellos con apt it ude s acadé m ica s

conv ir tiendo a M DC en la entidad con el nivel más alto de graduandos minoritarios en la nación, entre ellos hispanos y afro-americanos. Innovador y luchador incansable, Padrón se ha convertido en un icono de transformación y liderazgo. Con su s acc ione s nos ha mostrado que todo se logra con un gran sueño, disciplina, pasión y amor para el bien de nuestra comunidad.



SW The Magazine • www.SWtheMag.com



When visiting Sauma the Artist Gallery in the Bird Road Art District, you may be greeted with a handshake by Emilio Sauma himself. Even though he’s an accomplished artist who has been compared to some of history’s greats, his humble, down to earth spirit shines through. As if running a gallery, putting together the Coral Gables Hispanic Cultural Festival, commissioning paintings for private collectors, designing a fashion line, and collaborating with Bloomingdale’s weren’t enough, Sauma makes time and puts forth effort towards giving back to the community. A young artist with the characteristic of the old masters, he’s committed his time and his work to multiple charities and is never too tired or busy to mentor up and coming artists.


In Our Backyard


Emilio Sauma Jr. An i n t e r v i e w wi t h G l o ri a Acos ta P h o t os b y : B e r n ard o Ol mos

How are you using your 1you. position as an accomplished

Philanthropy is important to artist to give back? Early on I started by collaborating with March of Dimes. Giving back to the community has endless possibilities and I am involved as much as I can be. I’ve worked with the Boys and Girls Club, Baptist Hospital, the Animal Foundation, the Diabetes Foundation, the Make a Wish Foundation, Miami Dade County Public Schools, and Miami Children’s Hospital, to name just a few. In addition, I founded the annual Coral Gable s H i spa n ic Cu lt u r a l Festival and monthly “Art N Biz” magazine, which promotes and creates opportunities for aspiring artists.



Which ar tists have had an

2 influence on your art?

I was most inf luenced by Cundo Bermudez, a Cuban master, whom I was blessed to share time with. I am also very inf luenced by Portocarrero, Mijares, and Amelia Pelaez. I was surprised to find out

were a teacher for many 3 you years. Not an art teacher, but a Language Arts teacher. How did this come about? I went in as a Language Arts teacher and transitioned into drama. My students and I put on a few award winning plays (Titanic and Grease). I even taught, and loved to teach, TV production. Teaching was very rewarding; it was a great experience. It is something that, for me, I took it as far as I could, but my dream was this [my art]. Who has been a big inf luence

4 in your life?

My parents were a big influence on me, but especially my mother. She taught me to be the man that I am today. She taught me how to care for people, for my family, for my health.

SW The Magazine • www.SWtheMag.com



What is next for Sauma?

5 I want my art to be recognized around t he world. I want ever yone to know Sauma. I work with big collectors, but I also think it is important to have more accessible pieces. I have pieces for my longtime collectors, people who have been following and buying my art for decades. But I also a collection called “Detalles� of small pieces, all originals and made with just as much love. What is your legacy; how do

6 you want to be remembered?

I hope people will remember me not only as a great artist and philanthropist, but also a great father, son and friend. I want people to smile thinking about my art, my family and my disposition.



By Brian Martinez

CONNIE McSilver Constance Silver is an extraordinarily consummate and uniquely talented woman. She is an accomplished professional in her fields of expertise. Having earned a Ph.D. from NYU in 1983, and due to her innate drive to flourish, she became a highly regarded psychoanalyst, boasting many years of experience. Ever enigmatic, she is also a gifted artist, recognized for her uniquely creative, captivating style, and sculptures that elicit prodigious emotion from those who bear witness. Above all, Constance Silver is a human being, and that virtue is illustrated by her selfless and implacable altruism.

SW The Magazine • www.SWtheMag.com



Con s t a nc e Si l v e r i s a b ou nt e ou s philanthropist and a staunch advocate for hu ma n r ig ht s. Her success has afforded her the abilit y to contribute to the betterment of our societ y in a colossal way. Together with her husband, Martin, a fellow NYU alumni, Constance established the McSilver Institute for Povert y Policy and Research at N Y U. Her involvement in social work with victims of the harrowing AIDS epidemic resonated with her throughout her life, and she credits it as a driving force behind her magnanimity. “It was a nightmare I shall always remember,” she recollects. “It was frustrating witnessing mankind exhibiting little understanding... My clients died around me.” Endowed with brilliant artistic ability, she is a practiced and renowned artist who uses a variety of mediums to capture and convey the immense spectr um of human emot ion. Her t utelage under A mer ica n a r t i st s Wi l l Ba r net t a nd Frank Joseph Riley remains a guiding light for her abstract artistic direction. Her drawings and sculptures are imbued w it h her e x per iences; a wh i msica l interpretation of the human form often being the subject of her artwork. Elements representing suffering and despair are contrasted with elements of humor and happiness in conceptual interpretations of the slanted dichotomy of the human condition. “I approach my work without restraint, unbridled in conception.” K nown within the ar t world by her pseudonym, C. McSilver, her works can be found in private and corporate collections around the world. A favorite sculpture of hers, WHOOPIE, standing tall at 10 feet, is prominently displayed in the College of Architecture at FIU. Her position as the Vice Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of N Y U is another testament to her philanthropy. All proceeds from the sale of her art are channeled to NYU for the purpose of advancing important research related to poverty and disease, and directly assisting less fortunate students on their road to success. Constance Silver is an enigma; a shining beacon of gallantr y and diligence amongst her peers.

Split Personality 24” x 12” Fiberglass & Automotive Paint



Mother Totem 6’4” x 2” Fiberglass & Automotive Paint

Little Umbrella Man 24” x 12” Fiberglass & Automotive Paint

SW The Magazine • www.SWtheMag.com



Cocky 24” x 12” Fiberglass & Automotive Paint

Whoopie 24” x 12” Fiberglass & Automotive Paint



Por: Tony Almonte

EL ARTISTA Vitico Cabrera

Vitico Cabrera, pintor, fotógrafo y poeta, experto en plasma emociones de forma multimedia e incomparable. Dominicano reconocido internacionalmente por su participación individual y colectiva en lugares como Estados Unidos, Francia, Alemania, México, Brasil, Rusia y España.

Desde temprana edad estuvo envuelto en el arte fotográfico y la pintura, disciplinas que han sido el motor que le habrían impulsado a expresar su visión e inter pretación de su entor no. Vit ico se inspira en lo simple ya la vez complejo, inter pretando la realidad y plasmando en cada una de sus obras su particular visión de esta realidad vivida. Desde una fotografía que muestra la tr iste realidad de la pobreza hasta lo mas sublime de un paisaje.

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Poeta controversial que usa su lápiz para ser vir de voz a aquellos que no tienen la opor t u n idad . Su s esc r itos u s u a l me nte ac ompa ñ ado s por sus fotos y pinturas, le facilitan al amante del arte con propósito el asimilar las emociones plasmadas.

Es fácil ver la belleza y a la vez difícil evitar sentir ternura, y compasión por la foto la cual he bautizado como “mi negrita”. Una foto que muestra la danza entre la inocencia, la escasez y la dura pobreza, o otra que te habla de la dureza del hombre al destruir la naturaleza. Sin lugar a dudas el éxito de Vitico yace en su habilidad para hacer de crudas realidades un arte expresado en los colores, la luz y la poesía. Para más de sus obras visite viticocabrera.com













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Jewlery: Oveja Negra • Model: Gaia Isabella • Photographer: Janel Kilnisan • Make up and Hair: Amanda Gonzalez • Stylist: Cristina Horta

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excelencia médica

“atención personal en todo momento”

305.642.1662 www.leonmedicalcenters.com


Closing Night Party Miami International Film Festival It was another spectacular event hosted by the Miami International Film Festival at Miami Dade College. The closing night party was filled with entertainment, amazing music, and great food. The event was held at a unique outdoor venue, where guests joined the winners in celebrating their astounding work.

Carlos Rosso, Yotuel Romero, Pavel Giroud, Jaie Laplante, Chuck Dixson

Yotuel Romero, Estefania, Carlos Rosso

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Calvin Lewis, Michelle Endora, Tyler, Dalia Sรกnchez




2 1. A. Zhang, Xuejun Yu. 2. Cristhian Andrews, Ruyan Koman. 3. Fawzy Zablhm, David Schroeder, Jordan Millman, Pilar Romero. 4. Pavel Giroud, Orlando Rojas. 5. Juan Mendieta, Pat San Pedro.





6. Caty Giménez, Roberto Giménez.



The Ortega Family

Candido Creis, Carla Cavero, Alina Mayo-Azze, Pepe Freixas

“Dancing for a Cause” was the theme of the annual gala, where over 800 of Miami’s leaders a nd bu si ne s s com mu n it y united to participate in the event and pledge their help in supporting the American Cancer Society. Guests were treated to exquisite food, lush libations, and even special dance performances by the Gala Chair, Ana Ortega, and Co-Chair, Pepe Freixas. At the end of the enchanted evening, a successful silent auction was held for attendees in order to raise money for cancer research and awareness.

Cesar Conde, Ana Ortega, Pamela Silva, Pepe Freixas

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American Cancer Society celebrated their annual Gala with a unique twist


Dr. Raul Rodriguez, Teresita Fernandez

Dimora & Lowell Kuvin, Alexa Lantigua

Monica Veiga & Ana Veiga Milton

Christine & David Martin

Many Machado & María Elena Salinas

Lourdes Giménez & Mayor Carlos Giménez

Lester Domingo, Elizabeth Marchant

Ray & Ann Rich, Andrea & Mark Bennington



27th Annual Gala

Deborah Monaco, Justin Dash, David Moore, Elyssa Linares, Bill Multack, Jennifer Valdes, Marc Schaevitz, Isabel Fernandez, Ivan Garces, Richard Jacobs

Communities in Schools of Miami hosted its 27th annual gala, “Reach for the Moon” in support of its educational programs and services that he lp ove r 20,0 0 0 Sout h Florida students each year succeed in and out of schools. The organization’s President/ CEO, Elizabeth Mejia was honored for her 20 years of service with CIS Miami.

Elizabeth Mejia, Elyssa Linares

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John Sasko, April Murphy

Christian Glauser-Benz, Danielle Neuman

Judy Jacobs, William Lehman Jr. & Shirley Lehman

Charles Auslander, Zara Gerber

Bill & Jill Multack, Kevin & Julie Kerr

Jason Cheverton, Massiel Checo

Nancy & Patrick Lacouty

Eric & Gayle Jacobs, Christine & Jonathan Jacobs



FI U Depar tment of A rchitecture hosted the 3rd Annual Eco Couture Recycling Fashion Show, which drew more than 1,000 guests from the fashion and design world, the Miami community, and Florida International U n i v e r s i t y. F I U D e p a r t m e n t of A r c h ite c t u r e’s Eco Cout u r e Recycling Fashion Show featured a variety of outfits completely made from recycled materials. The event, which was created with the purpose of promoting sustainability through fashion, strives to educate and inspire the community about good recycling habits and an env ironmentallyfriendly lifestyle.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Jessenia Gonzalez PHOTOGRAPHY & FIU Architecture

Ali Dutton, Brian Schriner, Jason Chandler, and first place winners Andrea Canaves and Laura De La Vega and Amira Ajlouni & Jennifer Luis

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Patricia Elso and Matthew Wasala

Mauricio DeleĂłn, Claudia Busch, Gustavo Beremblum, Renate Paris Candela Ferro, Maria Claverie, Rene Ruiz

Mark Marine, Harry Pritchard, Ajani P. Stewart

Jessica Anderson

Barbara Hulanicki

Darci Pappano

Bianca Gutierrez , Luis GutiĂŠrrez

Sir Alan Duddle, Kemo Duddle, Dr. Constance Silver, Amira Ajlouni, Jennifer Luis



These three small counties are in the northwestern European region between France and Germany. The name is formed from the beginning of each countr y’s name. Our travels took in two of the three.

The Benelux is an economic union in Western Europe. It includes three neighboring monarchies, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Amsterdam bicyclists

Amsterdam, the Netherlands SW The Magazine • www.SWtheMag.com

Belgium is divided into three regions and three communities, that exist next to each other. Besides it’s strongly globalized economy the country is famous for beer, chocolate, waffles and french fries. French fries were actually first made in Belgium. It’s capital and largest cit y is Br ussels. Br ussels ornate Grand-Place at the heart of the city has shops and cafes inside 17th-centur y guild houses, and the intricate Gothic Hotel de Ville (town hall) with its distinctive bell tower. T he surrounding area has stores and cafes, many specializing in chocolate and waff les. The Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula is a huge Roman Catholic church that features statues depicting the stages of the cross as well as numerous saints. The stone facade with it’s imposing Got hic st yle towers are 64 meters tall. Outside of t he Vat ican in Rome, it’s perhaps the most impressive church I’ve ever visited anywhere.

Brussels’ Grand-Place cobblestoned square in the heart of the city features the town hall and other Gothic buildings with offices, shops and cafes. Story and Photos by Ray Raposo



The picturesque Bruges is the capital and largest city of the prov ince of West Flander s i n t he Flem i sh Region of Belgium, in the N W of the countr y. A long with a few other canal-based nor thern cities, such as Amsterdam and Stock holm, it is sometimes referred to as The Venice of the North. Bruges has most of its notable medieval architecture buildings still intact. You can walk the beautiful pedestrian f r iend ly st reet s a nd tow n squa re, a l l f u l l of shops, numerous restaurants and take an enlightening canal boat tour. Visit the many historic churches, like the Church of 44




The Atonium, Brussels

Parc du Cinquantenaire Arch, Brussels

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Bruges street & Belfry

Our Lady, as well as it’s most famous landmark the 13th-centur y belfr y, housing a municipal carillon comprising 48 bells. Keukenhof Gardens, Lisse

St. Michael Cathedral Brussels

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is known for its f lat landscape, canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycling routes. It’s city center streets with small bridges are hustling with people walking and riding bicycles... Amazingly there are more bikes in the city than people! Amsterdam is home to the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum, and also the Anne Frank house, now a museum, where she wrote her dairy while the family hid during WWII. Canal side mansions and many works from artists including Rembrandt and Vermeer remain from the 17th-century “Golden Age” of Dutch art. A short train ride from Amsterdam is the town of Lisse, home to the world famous Keukenhof Gardens which date back to the 15th century. The focus in the park is on the 7 million spring-f lowering bulbs of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths that fill over 32 hectares with color and fragrance. The best time to see the tulips in bloom starts around mid March and ends mid May. You don’t have to be a nature lover to be fascinated by these magnificent gardens that seem to never end. 45


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Food Recipe

Coconut Chicken Winner of the 2014 Battle of the Chefs • Catering by Les

Delcious and healthy récipe by an amazng chef. Winner of the 2014 Battle of the chef from Catering by Les. Coconut Chicken is easy to prepare and is a practical meal that could be used as an appetizer.

Ingredients: 1 lb Chicken Breast 1T. Cold Pressed Coconut Oil 1/2c Pineapple juice 1/2c Coconut cream 1/4c Raw Cane Sugar 1 Egg 1/2c. Flour 1c Shredded coconut

Preparation: 1. Remove excessive fat from the chicken breast, cut in even strips, season with salt and pepper 2. In a separate bowl Combine the pineapple juice, cream of coconut, sugar, and egg, whip together

Executive Chef Clifford Allbright Executive Chef Cliff Albright, from Catering by Les uses his expertise and vision of cuisine from Washington, D.C. and San Diego to create an impressive service with local “farm-totable” produce grown by local farmers. The amazing team of Catering by Les is known for designing unique and memorable experiences for their clients at every event. Trusted professionals in the industry, they have been creating unforgettable experiences with mouth-watering meals and decadent desserts for more than 27 years.

3. Dust strips in Flour, dip in coconut batter 4. Toss strips in shredded coconut and press coconut on strips 5. Pan fry until golden brown about 3 minutes per each side


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Ventajas y desventajas de los alimentos procesados Una de las ventajas que tienen los alimentos procesados es la facilidad de preparación, la comodidad y la posibilidad de vencer la estacionalidad de los productos. Así, los adquirimos en una lata o en una bolsa congelada todos los días del año. Para quien no sabe cocinar o no le gusta, los alimentos procesados nos ayudan a preparar una ensalada de vegetales con sólo abrir un par de enlatados o descongelar unos vegetales. Por Valentina Salvat-García Nutricionista Leon Medical Centers



Se define como comida procesada a todo alimento que haya sufrido un cambio antes de consumirse. El cambio consiste en congelarlo o salarlo para preservar su calidad nutritiva o su frescura o también puede ser tan complejo como elaborar un alimento congelado, listo para consumir. Los alimentos procesados cada vez están más presentes en nuestra dieta; por ello nos preguntamos: ¿son buenos para la salud?

Entre las principales desventajas se encuentra el cambio en la composición nutricional que sufren los alimentos al dejar de ser un producto fresco y natural. Muchos pierden la fibra alimentaria; otros, el contenido acuoso por lo que aumentan su densidad calórica. Por otro lado, sufren una pérdida de minerales (potasio, magnesio y calcio) y de algunas vitaminas, mientras que se añade una gran cantidad de sodio (mineral que en exceso suele perjudicar al organismo), azúcar y grasas.

Alimentos procesados: ¿buenos para la salud? No podemos basar nuestra dieta en alimentos procesados, porque sí perjudicaríamos nuestro organismo a causa de un mayor consumo de sodio, grasas, calorías, azúcares, aditivos artificiales, y de una menor ingesta de fibras, antioxidantes y otros micronutrientes sanos. En personas que padecen de hipertensión arterial o enfermedades cardiovasculares, no es aconsejable el consumo de conservas, fiambres, embutidos, comidas pre elaboradas o enlatados, aunque sí pueden ser consumidos con moderación vegetales congelados que poseen menos sodio y sal agregada. Para personas con problemas como colesterol alto, triglicéridos, diabetes u otra dislipemia, lo mejor es consumir más alimentos frescos que conservan toda su fibra, poseen menos sal agregada, tienen más agua y menor densidad calórica que los alimentos en su versión procesada. Este tipo de alimentos procesados pueden ingerirlos personas sanas siempre con racionalidad, es decir, utilizándolos con moderación y conjugando su presencia en la dieta con alimentos frescos y naturales. Todo en exceso es malo, y los alimentos procesados pueden robarnos muchas virtudes de los alimentos frescos que la sabia naturaleza nos ofrece.

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HEALTHY GLOWING SKIN By : Chiqui Rodríguez

Why is it that the tighter our schedules get, the looser our skin feels? Not to mention that nowadays, the skin care aisles seem endlessly filled with rows and rows of countless products that all claim to be better than the next. Let’s not even mention the prices! What’s worse is that we don’t even know what works! I’m no dermatologist, but I want to share with you ideas and tips that have worked for me, in the spirit of skin preservation.

Your skin reveals a lot about you and how you treat your body. Healthy skin is often one of the main components that make us attractive. Having said that, it is important to work on your overall health conditions in order to maintain healthy skin. As we age, our skin gets more fragile and prone to wrinkles. The environment, and the food we consume, play a big role in keeping our skin healthy, yet the process of deterioration could be slowed down if we take the following tips into consideration:




External Agents

Consume organic whole foods as much as possible. Although convenient, processed foods come at a big price, with an ar ray of preser vatives and additives that interfere with t he nat u ra l absor pt ion of nut r ients and create body swollenness. A whole food diet provides us with natural fibers and nutrients that promote skin health.

Drinking plenty of water makes our skin radiant and helps us delay wrinkles. Another aspect of drinking plenty of water is the elimination of toxins from our body, which also translates into healthy skin.

Excess amounts of sun exposure promotes skin damage, and increases the risk of skin cancer. Protect your skin from the environment by moisturizing and using the right protection when sunbathing or performing any outside activ it y. It is also important to establish a nurturing routine that includes the right nutrients for your skin type.

Finally, it is important to take into consideration other agents that promote skin damage, such as coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes. Keep these damagepromoting agents at bay, and you will be on your way to healthy, glowing skin.

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By: Eduardo Hernández Mendoza

EL SELFIE Y SUS MENSAJES Consultor experto en Mercadeo y Redes Sociales Fotografo Profesional www.pickypics.net Instagram @eduardohernandezm

Hoy en dia esta de moda realizarse una fotografía a si mimos utilizando cualquiera equipo,de hecho, los fabricantes de muchas cámaras y teléfonos inteligentes han provisto sus equipos con doble cámara o pantallas movibles para hacer más fácil el uso.

E s i mpor t a nte s abe r que deseas transmitir con el selfie y entender, que ese mensaje, llega a muchísimas personas a través de tus redes sociales que ni si quiera conoces. Piensa antes en lo que deseas mostrar y lánzate tu selfie

No se sabe a ciencia cierta quien y cuando se hizo el primer selfie, pero es hoy un fenómeno mundial que solo en Facebook supera los 300 mil millones de selfies publicados. Una locura. Toda fotografías muestra algo y el selfie no es una excepción. Los elementos, el ángulo, la iluminación y hasta el lugar envía mensajes. Esta modalidad ha creado a us vez distintas sub modalidades de self ies. Mostrando solo rostros, mostrando los pechos dentro de la blusa, close ups y hasta disparos automáticos con una barra que permite fotografiar desde lejos.

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