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foKkiu la0 01@2020 /Advertisement No. 01/2020 okWd bu baVjO;w /Walk-in-Interview fuEufyf[kr fooj.k ds vuqlkj fofHkUu ifj;kstukvksa esa izkstsDV LVkQ vkcaf/kr djus gsrq okWd bu baVjO;w dk v;kstu fnukad 30-01-2020 dks fd;k tk jgk gS%& Walk-in-interview for engagement of Project Staff under different Projects to be held on 30.01.2020 as per the details given below:Position Name & No. of code No./ Positions/ iksth’ku dk


vfuok;Z ;ksX;rk


iksth’ku dksM uke rFkk la0 la0

Desirable qualifications/ vf/kekuh


Age / vk;q

Title & Tenure of the project/ ifj;kstuk

Rs. 18,000 p.m. (fixed)

30 Yrs.

DST (GAP0286) “Redox regulation of immune cells, neutrophils in insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.” Tenure upto – 26.07.2021 DST (GAP0269) “Development of small molecule inhibitor specifically targeting Mtorc2 for cancer therapeutics; development of targeted anti-cancer strategy.” Tenure upto – 16.03.2021 CSIR (HCP0010) “Phytopharmaceutical Mission” Tenure upto – 31.03.2020


dk ‘kh”kZd ,oa vof/k



Project Assistant One (01)

M.Sc. in Life Science / Biochemistry/ Zoology/ Biotechnology/ Microbiology with 55% marks M.Sc. in Biochemistry/ Biotechnology or M.Sc. in any other stream of Life Sciences with 55% marks

Experience in animal cell culture, handling of small Laboratory animal


Project Assistant One (01)


Project Assistant-II One (01)

M.Sc. in Life Science / Toxicology with 55% marks


Project Assistant-III One (01)

Experience in animal handling and handling molecular biology tools

Rs. 35 28,000+5600 Yrs. HRA p.m.

CSIR (HCP0019WP5) Nutraceuticals and Nutritionals “WP5.0 Triphala bsed validated formulation for compromised immunity” Tenure upto – 31.03.2020


Project JRF One (01)

M.Sc. with 55% marks in Life Science/ Biotechnology/ Zoology/ Botany/Toxicology with two years research experience M.Sc. in Life Sciences with NET/NET (LS) qualified

M.Sc. Biotechnology/ Biochemistry

Rs. 31,000+16% HRA p.m.

30 Yrs.


Project Research Fellow One (01)

M.Sc./B.Tech. in Life Science/Biotechnology/ Biochemistry/Zoology with 55% marks

Rs. 16,000+20% HRA p.m.

30 Yrs.


Project JRF One (01)

M.Sc. in Life Sciences / Biotechnology/ Biochemistry with NET qualified

M.Sc./M.Tech in Life Science/ Biotechnology/ Biochemistry/ Zoology with prior experience in laboratory animal handling or related work with other common lab techniques Experience in Molecular Biology Techniques and Animal handling

DBT (GAP0337) “To investigate the role of HOXB1 in spermatogenesis and male infertility” Tenure upto – 01.09.2022 SERB, DST (GAP0290) “To decipher the role of RHOG in the endometrial receptivity for blastocyst adhesion and invasion process” Tenure upto – 05.10.2021

Rs. 31,000+16% HRA p.m.

30 Yrs.


Project JRF One (01)

M.Sc. in Chemistry with 55% marks NET-LS or GATE qualified

M.Sc. Organic Chemistry special and NET-LS qualified

Rs. 31,000+16% HRA p.m.

30 Yrs.

06 months-1year experience in Research lab

Rs. 30 25,000+HRA Yrs. p.m.

Rs. 30 25,000+HRA Yrs. p.m.

SERB (GAP0341) “Unraveling the role of RNA-binding protein Quaking in cardiac remodeling with emphasis on Titin alternative splicing” Tenure upto – 19.11.2021 SERB, DST (GAP0318) “Catalytic Asymmetric Dearomatization of (Het) Arenes via Decarboxylative Cycloaddition: Synthesis of Natural Product-Inspired Novel Scaffolds for Drug Discovery” Tenure upto – 03.03.2022

le;%& vgZ vH;fFkZ;ksa dks fnukad 30-01-2020 izkr% 9%00 cts lk{kkRdkj gsrq fjiksVZ djuk gksxkA izkr% 10%00 cts ds i'pkr~ fjiksVZ djus okys vH;fFkZ;ksa dks lk{kkRdkj esa lfEefyr ugha gksus fn;k tk;sxkA vgZ vH;fFkZ;ksa dks mi;qZDr frfFk;ksa ,oa le; ij p;u lfefr ds le{k lk{kkRdkj gsrq lh,lvkbZvkj&dsUnzh; vkS”kf/k vuqla/kku laLFkku] ch0,l0 10@1] lsDVj 10] tkudhiqje~ foLrkj] lhrkiqj jksM] y[kuÅ&226031 esa mifLFkr gksuk gSA vgZ vH;FkhZ iw.kZr% Hkjs gq, vkosnu i= ¼tks fd laLFkku dh osclkbV ls MkmuyksM fd;k tk ldrk gS½ ds lkFk ewy izek.k i=ksa rFkk vadrkfydkvks@ a izek.k i=ksa dh izfrfyfi;ks]a uohure ikliksVZ vkdkj dh QksVksxzkQ ds lkFk mifLFkr gksaA

Timing:- Eligible candidates are required to report for the Interview at 9:00 A.M on 30.01.2020 Candidates reporting after 10:00 A.M will not be entertained. The eligible candidates may appear before the Selection Committee for interview on the date and time mentioned above at CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, B.S. 10/1, Sector 10, Jankipuram Extension, Sitapur Road, Lucknow-226031. Eligible candidates must bring with them a duly filled application (which can be downloaded from our website, with original & attested copies of mark sheets/certificates etc. along with a recent passport size photograph.

lkekU; ‘krsaZ%& 1- lh,lvkbZvkj@foRrh;u vfHkdj.k ds fn’kk&funs’Z kksa ds vuqlkj vuq0tkfr@tutkfr@v0fi0 oxZ@ih0MCY;w0Mh0 vkSj efgyk vH;fFkZ;ksa dks vk;q esa NwV nh tk;sxhA 2- mi;qDr vH;fFkZ;ksa dks Hkfo”;xr vko’;drkvksa gsrq] ;fn dksbZ gks rks bEiSuy fd;k tk ldrk gSA 3- vk;q@vgZrk ,oa vuqHko fu/kkZj.k dh frfFk lk{kkRdkj dh frfFk gksxhA 4- mi;qZDr iksth’ku iw.kZr% vLFkk;h rFkk mfYyf[kr ifj;kstukvksa dh lglkef;d ¼lkFk&lkFk lekIr½ gksxhA mDr ifj;kstukvksa esa vkca/ku ls vH;fFkZ;ksa dk lh,lvkbZvkj@lhMhvkjvkbZ ds inks ads lkis{k fu;ferhdj.k gsrq dksbZ varfZ ufgr vFkok izdV vf/kdkj ugha gksxkA

5- fofHkUu ifj;kstukvksa ds lkis{k iksth’ku dh la[;k p;u ds le; laLFkku dh vko’;drkuqlkj ?kV&c<+ ldrh gSA 6- nks o"kZ ds i'pkr~ foLrkj@,d Lrj ls vxys Lrj ij tkuk] funs’kd }kjk xfBr lfefr dh fu”iknu leh{kk ds v/khu gksxkA General Conditions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Age relaxation will be admissible to SC/ST/OBC/PWD & Women candidates as per CSIR/Funding Agency Guidelines. Suitable Candidates may be empaneled for future requirement if any, under different projects. The date for determining age/qualification and experience shall be the date of interview. The above positions are purely temporary and co-terminus with the aforementioned projects. The engagement in these projects will not confer any right implicit or explicit on the candidate for consideration for regularization against any CSIR/CDRI post(s). The number of positions against the various projects can vary at the time of selection depending on the requirement of the institute. Extension beyond two years / movement from one level to next shall be subject to performance review by a committee appointed by Director.

 lk{kkRdkj esa Hkkx ysus ds fy, vH;fFkZ;ksa dks Vh0,0@Mh0,0 dk Hkqxrku ugha fd;k tk;sxkA  No TA/DA will be paid to the candidates for attending the interview.


vfuok;Z ;ksX;rk ,oa vk;q /kkfjr djus okys vH;fFkZ;ksa dks p;u lfefr ds le{k lk{kkRdkj gsrq mifLFkr gksus fn;k tk;sxkA vH;fFkZ;ksa dh la[;k ds vk/kkj ij ;fn vko’;d gqvk rks] vH;fFkZ;ksa ds lk{kkRdkj ds fy, NVuh gsrq fyf[kr ijh{kk dk v;kstu mlh fnu fd;k tk ldrk gSA lk{kkRdkj vxys fnu Hkh tkjh jg ldrk gS vr% ckgj ls vkus okys vH;fFkZ;ksa ls vuqjks/k gS fd rn~uqlkj viuh O;oLFkk lqfuf’pr dj ysAa


Candidates who fulfils the requisite qualification and age will be allowed to appear before the Selection Committee for interview. Written test in the subject area will be held, if required, to shortlist candidates for the interview on the same day depending upon the number of candidates. The interview may be continued for the subsequent days also, therefore outsider candidates are requested to make their own arrangements accordingly.


Advertisement No: Position Code Applied for:

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Name (in Block Letters) : Fatherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Name : Date of Birth : Age as on last date of Interview: ______ Years ______ Months ______ Days Gender (Male/Female) : Nationality : A. Postal Address : B. Permanent Address : C. Email Address/Tel./Mobile No.: Category (SC/ST/OBC/GEN):

10. 11.


13. 14.

Details of Qualifications: Exam Board/university passed

Experience, if any: Name of the Designation Employer

Affix your recent passport size photograph

Year of Subjects passing

period From

Marks %

Pay drawn


Nature of duties


Details of blood/Close relative employed in CDRI/CSIR: Any other information:

Undertaking/Declaration â&#x20AC;&#x201C; I hereby declare that all the statements made in the application are correct and complete; and nothing has been concealed to the best of my knowledge and belief. In the event of any information being found false or incorrect at any time, action may be taken against me and I shall abide by the decision.

List of Enclosures

: Signature of the candidate with date

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CSIR-CDRI Biotech & Life Sciences Research Recruitment 2020

CSIR-CDRI Biotech & Life Sciences Research Recruitment 2020