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Circle of Sharing Official Bulletin of the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District

Volume 20

Issue 7

October 2013

Metro and Southeast combine for joint divisional rally >> PAGE 9 DUE: JANUARY 27, 2014

Meet the E-board of UW-Milwaukee! PAGE 14

Learn about the Preferred Charities PAGE 4-5

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In this issue… Where in the world is W-UM?..…….……….………………………...Page 3 Get to know the Preferred Charities.………………………..….Page 4-5 Gear up for Kiwanis Family Month...…..............................Page 6-7 Fall Divisional Rallies Recapped...…………………………........Page 8-9 Chippewa Divisional Interclub……….........………............Page 10-11 Kiwanis Family Service Day…………………………………………Page 12 Kiwanis Family Hockey Night………………………………..…….Page 13 Club Highlight: UW-Milwaukee..…………….……………………..Page 14 Club Highlight: UW-Whitewater………….………………….........Page 15 Set your sights to the future with CKI…………………………..Page 16 Awards Awareness: Applications Process..…….…………....Page 17 District Goals Update: October 2013……………………….Page 18-19 2013-2014 W-UM District Board Directory…………..……..Page 20 Do you like the new look of the Circle of Sharing? Want to be featured in next month’s issue? E-mail all inquiries to District Bulletin Editor Taryn Grisham at!


Where in the world is


By Taryn Grisham The Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District of Circle K International is a part of something far greater than our shortened acronym, W-UM, suggests.

à This is EVERYONE!

SUBREGIONS A, B, C, D, E, F, G à Subregions are lettered and made of multiple districts. We are in Sub-C!

We are clubs. We are divisions.


We are a district.

à Our subregion is comprised of five districts: Illinois-Eastern Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota-Dakotas and Wisconsin-Upper Michigan (that’s us!).

We are 1/5 of a subregion. But, what does all of this mean? Let me explain:




à Our district is comprised of six divisions named: Capital, Chippewa, Lakes, Metro, Southeast and Superior.




à Divisions are filled with clubs sectioned off in specific geographical areas throughout the district.

Now that you can see how it all stacks up, have a look to the right and see how the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District specifically fits into this hierarchy that is Circle K International!

SCHOOLS à Your school is a club! Welcome to the family! 3

PREFERRED By Taryn Grisham Circle K International serves the children by aiding other organizations that are also committed to serving children. While your clubs fundraise and do service projects throughout this year, keep these wonderful organizations in mind!

MARCH OF DIMES Founded by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1938, March of Dimes is the leading nonprofit organization for pregnancy and baby health. Their mission is: to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. FRIGHTENING FACTS Ø 1 in 8 babies are born to soon in the United States. Ø 534,000 babies are born too soon each year. Ø 13 babies die each day from complications of their early birth. WHAT ARE SOME SERVICE PROJECTS FOR MARCH OF DIMES? Ø Help in a local Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Ø Assist at March for Babies (an annual run/walk) Ø Make and pass out purple awareness ribbons for the cause Ø Make cards for mothers and families affected by premature births

STUFH Students Team Up to Fight Hunger (STUFH) is a U.S. National non-profit organization. Their purpose is to put food in the mouths of those who need it most. Their mission is to increase the gathering of food at college campuses throughout the country, in turn feeding their less fortunate hungry neighbors. WHAT ARE SOME SERVICE PROJECTS FOR STUFH? Ø Encourage members of your club to skip one meal; give that money that would be spent on that meal to your local food pantry Ø Hold a food drive on campus Ø Volunteer at a local food pantry Ø Serve a meal at a local soup kitchen


CHARITIES UNICEF UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, was created following World War II to provide emergency aid to children in Europe and Asia. Today, UNICEF works in more than 150 countries and territories supported entirely with voluntary contributions. UNICEF has saved more children’s lives than any other humanitarian organization in the world. Their two main projects are the ELIMINATE Project and Saving Lives: The Six Cents Initiative. THE ELIMINATE PROJECT CKI’s recently collaborated with Kiwanis International with hopes of eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus from the Earth through this project. The ultimate goal is to raise U.S. $110 million by 2015. It only costs $1.80 (cost of three vaccines) to protect one mother and all of her future children from this relentless disease. WHAT ARE SOME SERVICE PROJECTS FOR THE ELIMINATE PROJECT? Ø Trick-or-treat for UNICEF Ø Shots for Shots fundraisers (selling non-alcoholic Jell-O shots for the price of the real vaccines) Ø Sell crafts that are made in shades of blue with proceeds benefitting the ELIMINATE Project SAVING LIVES: THE SIX CENTS INITIATIVE Saving Lives: The Six Cents Initiative is an initiative to provide clean water to those in need. For six cents a day, you can provide a child with clean drinking water. Currently 1.1 billion people lack access to clean water around the world. An estimated 4,500 children die each day due to waterborne illnesses that can be prevented through fundraising efforts benefitting this cause. WHAT ARE SOME SERVICE PROJECTS FOR SAVING LIVES: THE SIX CENTS INITIATIVE? Ø Collect spare change in a happy/sad jar during club meetings Ø Hand out free hot chocolate or lemonade and ask for donations toward the cause Ø Chalk around campus for World Water Day to raise awareness


Gear up for… KIWANISFAMILYMONTH By Betsy Henderson The time is coming for Kiwanis Family bonding, fun, and service. November is Kiwanis Family Month and it is the best time for getting together with all members of the Kiwanis Family. The best way to kick off Kiwanis Family month is Kiwanis Family Service Day! On November 2, all the branches of the Kiwanis Family will gather in Milwaukee to have fun serving at many locations in Milwaukee. The event runs from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and check-in will take place on the Marquette University campus. There will also be a social to follow. The Kiwanis Family Kindness Month calendar was released at Membership Awareness Conference (MAC) for Circle K clubs in the district. This calendar gives ideas for each day of the month of ways to connect with other branches of the Kiwanis Family. These ideas range from service projects to social ideas that can ultimately create stronger relationships with other Kiwanis Family members all November-long! All of Kiwanis Family month, you will be awaiting an amazing hockey game that the entire Kiwanis Family will be enjoying. We can’t forget about Kiwanis Family Hockey Night with the Wisconsin Badgers Hockey team on Friday, December 6 in Madison! The Badgers will take on the Penn State Lions and the Kiwanis Family members will be there to cheer them to victory! It is a great way to end Kiwanis Family Month of Kindness with some fun! Make sure to send in your ticket order forms by October 25 and partake in this great social event, because tickets are sure to sell quickly!




FALL DIVISIONAL By Katie Hobbs The Lakes Divisional Rally was a WILD good time! 20 people showed up, representing Kiwanis (thanks, Janet!), Michigan Tech, Ripon, UWOshkosh, and UW-Green Bay. We participated in Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary’s “Walk for Wildlife,” in which we walked a three-mile course and came face-to-face with many animals, including owls, porcupines, and turtles. We even got to pet snakes, deer, a skunk, and more! Through our registration fees and donations, the Lakes Division raised over $300 for the Wildlife Sanctuary. Following the walk, we helped tear down the walk’s stations. The sanctuary staff appreciated our help, and yelled, “We love Circle K!” as we walked through the course! We then made our way across the street to Bay Beach Amusement Park, where we dipped brats in nacho cheese (okay…maybe that was just me), and rode rides like the “Zippin Pippin” roller coaster and the “Sea Dragon” boat. Thank you to everyone that attended, it was a great time!


RALLIES RECAPPED By Shannon Thiesenhusen On September 28, members of the Metro and Southeast Divisions joined forces and took part in a morning packed full of service! At 9:00 a.m., members gathered at the Urban Ecology Center in Washington Park in Milwaukee, WI. As soon as members were educated on the park and the task at hand, we split up. One group shoveled dirt into wheelbarrows and one group wheeled the wheelbarrows full of dirt around the building where it was dumped into an empty flowerbed that was destined to become a cedar glade (an ecosystem native to this part of the country). One last group of members was waiting to evenly spread it. After the large dirt pile was gone, a few members helped mix in some minerals into the fresh soil while the rest of the group grabbed bags of alfalfa and seeded some smaller flowerbeds nearby. Our day did not stop here! We all regrouped and half of the group went to weed a small orchard in a corner of the park while the other half headed to a large mulch pile. After filling the truck bed full of mulch, a few members followed the truck back to the building, leaving the others to mulch a small plot of land. Back at the center, the handful of members unloaded the mulch. It was spread throughout the fresh dirt in the large flowerbed and sprinkled on top of our freshly seeded beds. Finally our tasks for the day were completed! After cleaning up all of the mess we had made and putting away all of our, it was finally time to pack up and relax. Everyone headed over to a small sitting area and played lawn games until food arrived. Subs, chips, soda, and many cookies soon filled the bellies of those in attendance. Once everyone had settled down, a roaring game of CKI Trivia arose. After an intense game, UW-Milwaukee came out on top! By now, it was getting late and members had to leave, so a few group pictures rounded out a lovely day of service at the park.


9 Â

CHIPPEWA Divisional

INTERCLUB when? NOVEMBER 9TH 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM where? UW-LA CROSSE what can you expect? Ø Ø Ø

ELIMINATE workshop Thank You Initiative service project Capture the Flag

RSVP to Chippewa Lieutenant Governor Matthew Bowe ( by November 1st to get in on all of the fun!


WANTED Do you have friends that attend…

UW-River Falls


or Viterbo University?

If so, Chippewa Lieutenant Governor Matthew Bowe would love to get in contact with you! You can reach Matt at:!




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W hen: December 6 , 2013 T ime: 7:00pm

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Club Highlight: 2013-2014 Executive Board Morgan Fierro (President) Major: Psychology She also serves as the International Large Scale Service Project Chair for 20132014. Her favorite part of CKI is traveling to meet her friends and new people across the United States (and Canada). Darby Walters (Vice President) Major: Nursing She loves CKI because of all the different opportunities there are for service and fellowship. She fell in love with CKI after attending MAC (which was also her first CKI event) last year! Marcus Keys (Secretary) Major: Film Production The social aspect is his favorite part of CKI. He enjoys doing service, but being able to do it with friends from all over the district makes it even better. Kelly Kloth (Treasurer) Major: Early AdolescentAdolescent Education with a focus in At-Risk Youth She also serves as the Membership, Development and Growth Chair for our district this year. Her favorite service project is feeding the homeless at the Gathering.

Service Panthers on the prowl UW-Milwaukee has been very busy this year! They’ve volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club where they got to hang out with kids and teach them life lessons. They ended the summer with a Beach Bash, which was also attended by Marquette and Alverno. This school year has been filled with many fundraisers! Their first was at BD's Mongolian Grill where they debuted their cooking skills as "Guest Grillers" and in return the customers gave tips to benefit the club. On campus, they held a "Kookies 4 Kids" fundraiser where they had an awareness table set up and raised money for UNICEF through a cookie sale. They have also had a bake sale and Threads of Hope Sale on campus. They just kicked off their October fundraiser, a "Trick or Treat for UNICEF" event that has every office on campus in the process of raising money for UNICEF and will end with the club going door to door trick or treating for UNICEF. Coming up, they will be working with the UW-Milwaukee Athletics department on additional fun fundraisers. They recently attended the Metro Divisional Rally to volunteer at the urban ecology center, and won the Circle K trivia challenge! Circle K at UWM is bringing a Superhero theme to their club this year where they’ll learn about unsung heroes and host socials based on this year’s theme. They have plans to focus on campus clean ups, volunteering with kids and elderly, and fundraising for many great causes. UWM is home to District Governor Lena Scheibengraber and many more service panthers!


Club Highlight: 2013-2014 Executive Board Kate Winkler (President)

Alex Bolstad (Vice President)

Julie Marsden (Secretary)

Jordan Weinfurther (Treasurer)

Ready to serve! UW-Whitewater Circle K is excited to begin a new year! They recruited many new members at their student organization fair, have participated in many service projects and are eager to dive into a year of Circle K! Some service projects they’ve been involved with include, blood drives, “Banana Night,” “Make a Difference Day” and working at the Sausage Races for the Brewers baseball games. They have had members attend many district events this year, including Membership Recruitment Program (MERP) and Membership Awareness Conference (MAC). To keep up with this club, follow them on Twitter at @UWWCircleK. Interested in attending a club meeting? They meet on Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. in Hyland Hall, room 1314.



Set your sights to the future with CKI Midnight Masquerade Milwaukee, WI (Alverno College) October 18, 2013 Capital Divisional Rally Madison, WI October 25, 2013 Carthage Kickin’ it to Cancer Kenosha, WI October 26, 2013

UW-Madison’s Big Ten Food Fight Madison, WI October 26 - November 2, 2013

Trick-or-Treat with UW-Madison, Edgewood and Madison College Madison, WI October 31, 2013

Kiwanis Family Service Day (KFSD) Milwaukee, WI November 2, 2013


Chippewa Divisional Interclub La Crosse, WI November 9, 2013

Kiwanis Family Hockey Night (KFHN) Madison, WI December 6, 2013 Winter Weekend Getaway Houghton, MI January 17-19, 2014 CLUB AWARDS APPLICATIONS DUE January 27, 2014, via US Postal Mail

51st Annual W-UM CKI District Convention (DCON) Green Bay, WI March 14-16, 2014


Awards Announcement:   Applications  Process   By Laura Killingsworth

2013-2014 Awards List

Hello W-UM Circle K! This a special awards announcement article for this month, dedicated to helping YOU and your clubs apply for awards. It may seem like a daunting task but I’m here to help break it down for you and give you some helpful hints along the way.

Executive Officer Awards Outstanding Club President Award Outstanding Club Vice President Award Outstanding Club Secretary Award Outstanding Club Treasurer Award Outstanding Club Bulletin Editor Award

This past weekend at MAC, a representative from your club should have received a CD with all of the 2013-2014 awards applications on it. Couldn’t send someone to MAC? No worries – I will PERSONALLY mail copies of the CDs to the club presidents and the awards applications will also be available online.

Here are the general steps to follow for applying: 1. Complete the application form – read carefully and follow the directions 2. When essays or short answers are required the section is clearly noted 3. Make sure to attach and include all additional materials in the envelope. 4. All events, statistics and materials used or mentioned in the award application must be from April 1st, 2013 to January 27th, 2014. 5. Send in all materials to Laura Killingsworth, postmarked NO LATER than January 27th, 2014 (address listed on all awards applications).

Get your members to help out with the application process; it doesn’t just have to be the president. Decide which awards your club wants to apply for and delegate the tasks to those individuals who are both willing and knowledgeable about what you’re applying for.

Other Awards Distinguished Circle K Alumni Award Frat Crannen Outstanding Kiwanis Advisor Award Outstanding Committee Member Award Outstanding Divisional Unity Award Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award Outstanding K-Family Relations Outstanding Kiwanis Support Preferred Charities Award Robert S. Wilson Single Service Award

When in doubt – APPLY! Every event and individual is unique and the district wants to have to ability to hear all about why it was special to you and your club.


Tips: Don’t leave it until the last minute! There IS a deadline and awards will NOT be accepted if they are postmarked after this date.

Club Awards Club Achievement Award Club Newsletter Award Club T-Shirt Award Club Video Award Interclub Award Member Mile Award Most Improved Club Award Outstanding Club Fundraiser Award Outstanding Club Member Award Outstanding Club Social Award Outstanding Club Webpage Outstanding Freshman Member Award Outstanding New Club Member Award


2013-14 Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Circle K District Goals Update – October 2013

CURRENT: 525 members 75% of our goal


CURRENT: 6,326.25 hours 36% of our goal


CURRENT: $55.15 4.4% of our goal



CURRENT: $880.02 16% of our goal


CURRENT: $1,758.36 19% of our goal


CURRENT: $3,600 65% of our goal

2013-14 Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Circle K District Goals Update – October 2013

GOAL: 130 attendees

GOAL: 15 attendees

GOAL: 15 attendees

ACTUAL: 113 attendees

ACTUAL: 13 attendees

ACTUAL: 13 attendees

87% of our goal

87% of our goal

87% of our goal






GOAL: 50 attendees

GOAL: 175 attendees

GOAL: 150 attendees

ACTUAL: 37 attendees

ACTUAL: 62 attendees

ACTUAL: 93 attendees

74% of our goal

35% of our goal

62% of our goal








2013-14 Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Circle K District Board Directory District Governor Lena Scheibengraber Alverno College 6301A W. Lakefield Drive Milwaukee, WI 53219 414-418-9779

Lakes Lieutenant Governor Katie Hobbs University of Wisconsin-Green Bay 2136 Klondike Road Green Bay, WI 54311 262-515-5375

Kiwanis Family Chair Elizabeth Henderson University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh 810 High Ave, Webster 321 Oshkosh, WI 54901 262-902-2064

District Secretary Briana Tucker Michigan Technological University 301 Isle Royale St., Apt. 2 Houghton, MI 49931 313-910-0304

Metro Lieutenant Governor Lizzie Anderson Marquette University 1311 W Kilbourn Avenue, Apt. M Milwaukee, WI 53233 509-378-4183

Membership, Development & Growth Chair Kelly Kloth University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee 4442 N Oakland Ave., Apt. 8 Milwaukee, WI 53211 414-469-1066

District Treasurer Nicolaus Galles Edgewood College 1725 Madison St. #2 Madison, WI 53711 212-295-5204

Southeast Lieutenant Governor Shannon Thiesenhusen University of Wisconsin-Waukesha 6409 N. Tichigan Rd Waterford, WI 53185 262-492-8626

Service Chair Colin Buckley Edgewood College 1725 Madison St. Madison, WI 53711 920-572-0139

District Bulletin Editor Taryn Grisham University of Wisconsin-Madison 1002 Spring Street, Apt. P Madison, WI 53715 262-271-2620

Superior Lieutenant Governor Hal Holmes Michigan Technological University 504 Shelden Ave Apt#2 Houghton, Michigan 49931 989-751-7958

Special Events Chair Emily Condon Alverno College 2131 N 118th St Wauwatosa, WI 53226 414-403-9744

Capital Lieutenant Governor Monica Wang University of Wisconsin –Madison 1021 Fahrenrook Court Madison, WI 53715 608-239-5707

Awards, Regulations & History Chair Laura Killingsworth University of Wisconsin-Madison 202 Marion Street, #3 Madison, WI 53703 920-382-4425

  Chippewa Lieutenant Governor

Matthew Bowe University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire 325 Towers South, 642 University Dr. Eau Claire, WI 54701 715-933-2404

District Convention Chair Sara Hujar Northern Michigan University 2972 Cedarville Dr., Apt. 3 Marquette, MI 49855 607-242-1744


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“Follow” us on Twitter: @wumcki

Circle of Sharing - October 2013  

The October 2013 issue of the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan's Official Bulletin, the Circle of Sharing.

Circle of Sharing - October 2013  

The October 2013 issue of the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan's Official Bulletin, the Circle of Sharing.