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Circle of Sharing

Official Bulletin of the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District

Volume 20


Issue 11 February 2014

WUM ventures to U.P. for Winter Weekend Getaway >> P. 4


Divisions celebrate Chinese New Year PAGE 5

DCON Fundraisers: Revealed PAGE 9-12

Southeast Division Shout-Out PAGE 14-15

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CKIx Nashville, Summer 2014..…….……..…………………..……Page 3 Winter Weekend Getaway….......….………………………..….........Page 4 Chinese New Year Murder Mystery Party………..................Page 5 Passing the Torch: Club Election How-To……………………Pages 6-7 DCON Fundraisers, Last Minute Details Revealed.......Pages 8-13 Southeast Division Shout-Out………………………….……..Pages 14-15 Club Highlight: Lawrence University.………….……..............Page 16 Set your sights to the future with CKI……………………….….Page 17 Awards Announcement: Bylaws, Parli Pro…..............Pages 18-19 District Goals Update: February 2014..…………….……..Page 20-22 2013-2014 W-UM District Board Directory…………..………Page 23 Do you like the new look of the Circle of Sharing? Want to be featured in next month’s issue? E-mail all inquiries to District Bulletin Editor Taryn Grisham at!


Be part of “CKIx” — the ultimate six-day experience that combines the best aspects of the Circle K International convention and Large Scale Service Project. There will be more leadership, fellowship and service opportunities than ever before, so don’t miss out!

THE “X” IS COMING June 17–22, 2014

Nashville, Tennessee 3

Winter Weekend Getaway takes Houghton by storm

By Hal Holmes Winter Weekend Getaway (WWG) saw 37 WUM Circle K members arrive in the scenic snowscape of Houghton, Michigan. The morning service events included dog bathing, and cleaning kitty kennels for the local humane society, as well as wood splitting and, of course, shoveling snow for the Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly. Following service events, everyone met up to eat pasties, a signature dish in Michigan's upper peninsula. After lunch, attendees were free to participate in a number of activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing, peruse the unique shops in downtown Houghton, or just relax and hang out by the pool. Many attendees met up to watch the appropriately titled "Frozen" at a local theater.


Tri-Division Chinese New Year Murder Mystery Party

By Monica Wang What can make a divisional rally even better? The answer to that would be when it’s with three divisions! The Capital, Metro and Southeast divisions got together on Friday, January 31st at UW-Whitewater to celebrate Chinese New Years with a super fun and suspenseful Murder Mystery Party! The script was written completely by ourselves and we had eight roles that members from our divisions all played! Thanks Lena Scheibengraber, Emily Walsh, Wyatt Bricker, Kayla Ahrens, Teasha Kirkwood, Alex Bolstad, Ben Teish, and Sarah Bregant! The plot revolved around a Chinese New Years celebration in Mr. and Mrs. Lee’s restaurant with various characters from Chinatown: Mrs. Lee who is Mr. Lee’s wife, Rachel and Rebecca Lee, who are Mrs. And Mrs. Lee’s daughters, Tai Ming the fortune teller, Yiming Wang the high school drop out, Rongjie Liu the nanny, Yuang Chang the barber shop owner and Shang Bu the Laundromat owner. In the midst of the celebration, Mr. Lee falls over dead! It was up to the detectives (the attendees of the Murder Mystery Party) and the characters to question each other to find out who murdered Mr. Lee. There were different rounds where the detectives and characters could question each other. During each round, something mysterious would happen that would add to the story, such as finding a bottle of potion from Tai Ming’s shop in the kitchen and finding a love note to Rebecca Lee. Characters had cue cards that they could look at to answer questions that we put on a projector for people to ask. In the end, everyone had very complex and interesting accusations of different characters that they thought committed the murder. However, by elimination, we were able to convict the true culprit, Yiming Qiu! UW-Whitewater Circle K took over the decorating and room reservations. They made little Chinese drums with Chinese characters on them saying ‘Beauty’ or ‘Fortune’. They also made little Ying and Yang fans. I was most impressed with the mug shot photo shoot that they had set up! Everyone had a ton of fun folding paper cranes for our service project and was able to meet a lot of new people across the three divisions. In the end, we had around 34 members attend who all had an AMAZING time!



Passing the Torch: By Lena Scheibengraber With the 2013-2014 year coming to a close, we have to start thinking about how to leave our mark on our clubs, divisions, and district, all while seamlessly passing the torch- as so many Olympians do. As we gear up for the next year, I wanted to explain the process of club elections as well as different things you can do to make sure your club is in tip-top shape for the 2014-2015 year. Why should you have club elections? Not only is this written in our policy code and bylaws (stating that clubs and the district much hold yearly elections for officers), but also it is smart for your club! If your club hasn’t held elections in the past, you are doing your members a big disservice. If for no other reason, your club should hold elections to give leadership opportunities to your members; both new and returning. New leadership brings in new perspectives and ideas, and can do wonders for your club! So, now your club wants to hold elections- what the heck do you do? Below is a checklist of things you need to know: Elections should be held at least two weeks prior to District Convention. (And remember, those new executive board members should be attending for training!) Elections should be brought up to members in the following order: 1. Emails or other notifications about executive board positions. 2. Nominations during a meeting or special session. 3. Speeches and elections of candidates. 4. Announcement of candidates. A script is available to all clubs to use; the Membership & Marketing committee will be publishing one, but I have created a “bare bones” (not as pretty) version of this document. You can access it here. After club elections are over and done with, it’s time for some transitioning! Your club may not have a set schedule for training, or maybe you do. Whatever the case, below are some ideas for you to use: Have e-board members create binders to pass along to their successors. o These can include examples of minutes, MRFs, important login information (email, social media, etc.), a list of annual or previous events and more. On or after April 1st, have the past e-board members show the new e-board members the Membership Update Center and have them enter in their information under the "club officers" section. o This will help save a lot of hair pulling and forehead-slapping for the new e-board members when it comes time to enter in new membership numbers.



Club Elections How-To

Have e-board members fill out an “end of year report.” o This recommendation comes straight from the district board, but I think it would be extremely helpful on the club level as well. Creating a survey/report to ask e-board members things such as: § What were your top 3 favorite experiences? § What would you recommend for the next years’ board? § How did you work with your faculty & Kiwanis advisors? What advice do you have with working with both? Have new e-board members attend District Convention (DCON). o While it might not fall on a favorable weekend for some of you, the training opportunities that are available at DCON are insanely valuable. We have training for everyone-Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers and Bulletin Editors. § Special note: New e-board members will get to speak to current district board members with lots of experience with these positions; don’t let them miss out! Host a training day with the help of your Lieutenant Governor. o LTGs are great resources- especially when it comes to getting e-board members ready for the next year! They can help train and transition e-board members, explain the structure of Circle K, what the district board is, and why it is so important to be involved on the district level. Invite the new e-board members to attend e-board meetings. o This might be a no-brainer. If you’re having an e-board meeting after elections, invite the new e-board members! Having them see how things go behind-the-scenes is helpful and reassuring to them. Don’t leave them out in the cold. o I have seen (maybe too often), retired/retiring e-board members “check out” before their term is over. This is not only damaging to the club, but it doesn’t help prepare the new e-board members at all! § Remember: Even if there are personal issues between you and an incoming e-board member, you need to think of the club and your club members. Focusing on yourself and your personal problems while trying to transition is selfish and can do major harm. After everything is said and done, you should have a new e-board full of fabulous, exciting people! If you need help with elections, e-board transition or training, don’t hesitate to contact me. Good luck with elections and remember to end your year strong!


The Road to DCON

District Convention is just around the corner! With less than a month left until WUM invades Green Bay to celebrate our successes over the past year, make sure to get your registration in and to be on the look out for facts about convention each day on Facebook and Twitter! Make sure to use the tags, #WUMDCO N201 4 or #roadtoDCO N to let us know how excited you are for our very own Olympic gathering! As always, if you have any questions contact Convention Chairwoman, Sara Hujar at or 607.242.1744




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The Kiwanis family is working with UNICEF to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus from the face of the Earth… and you can help! !

Donate your spare cash and change during the “Miracle Minute” fundraiser at the District Convention’s Kiwanis Family Luncheon! ! !


Learn more at!



At the 51st Annual W-UM Circle K District Convention


Do you prefer fun in the sun or being on the go in the snow? This year’s district board & friends will bring you the best of both worlds with appropriately themed baskets featuring items from both summer and winter seasons. Whether you’re preparing for a day at the beach or hot cocoa during the first snowfall, you’ll find everything you might need with these.

All proceeds will be donated to Camp Wawbeek 12   and Camp Bay Cliff!


Southeast Shout-Out Get to know some of the up-and-coming clubs in our district! While the Southeast Division has been pretty quite this year, clubs at UW-Parkside and UW-Waukesha have big plans in store for the year ahead. Southeast Division Lieutenant Governor Shannon Thiesenhusen has helped them prep for student organization fairs and recruitment. With members…anything will be possible! Read on to discover more of the WUMderful things that these club presidents have planned!

UW-Waukesha Circle K By Bridget Cull It looks like UW-Waukesha is going to have a great semester. While we lost our club president and some members as they transferred to other schools, our first meeting relieved there are still ten of us who are ready and eager for service. Our first meeting focused on members sharing ideas of service projects for this semester and there was no shortage of them. Just some of the things we discussed were getting involved in Soles for Jesus in Milwaukee, painting nails and hosting a game night at a local nursing home, and creating a March of Dimes event. There aren’t many of us, but I think everyone is looking forward to doing as much as we can this semester.



UW-Parkside Circle K By Aubrey Lukas Here at Parkside, we are definitely in the beginning stages of getting things going, but it is slowly coming together. My biggest challenge thus far was getting enough members who were interested in holding executive positions. In order to be recognized by the school as an official club, we had to have these positions filled. We had members interested in joining the club, but it seemed nobody was willing to hold the executive positions. I recently was able to get all of the positions filled, and the process of being recognized by Parkside as an official club is almost completed! That is very exciting and we look forward to the recognition!! UW-Parkside holds an organization fair every semester so that students can see all of the clubs and organizations that Parkside has to offer. The org fair for this spring semester is going to be held on February 12th. I have a table reserved for this event and I am hoping we can recruit lots of new members eager to serve our community. As far as service projects go, I know Circle K has been dedicating a lot of service this year towards the homeless community. Luckily, we have a homeless organization called HALO (Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization) located in Racine, fairly close to Parkside. It would be amazing to do some volunteering and service at HALO to help fight homelessness in our community. On March 3rd, HALO is going to be hosting a charity event called Empty Bowls. This is a hunger-fighting event to remind us that somewhere in Racine, there is always an empty bowl. For this event, people from the community can come to Festival Hall and pay $15 for a handpainted ceramic bowl full of soup. They get to keep the bowl and the proceeds from the event support HALO and the Racine County Food Bank. HALO is currently looking for volunteers to come to On a Whim Creative Collective to paint the ceramic bowls that will be given away at the event. I think this would be a great first service project for UW-Parkside Circle K to participate in. It will be a fun way to get all of our new members together and get to know each other. I know HALO is always looking for volunteers, and I think UWP Circle K can really help out. In addition to helping the homeless people in the Racine/Kenosha area, it would be great if we could also do something to help the homeless animals. In Racine, there is the Countryside Humane Society and in Kenosha, there is the Safe Harbor Humane Society. It would be great if Parkside's Circle K could volunteer at the shelters cleaning cages, walking animals, and helping out in any way that we can. Also, I think it would be unique to host an animal food/toy drive at our school and donate the items collected to the local humane societies. A larger service project that I would love for UW-P Circle K to participate in is Habitat for Humanity. It would be amazing if we could take a trip (maybe over spring break) to go help Habitat for Humanity. Hopefully we can get enough interested members to participate in this larger-scale service project. I believe it would be an interesting, life-changing experience that nobody would forget. Â

15 Â

Club Highlight:

2013-2014 Executive Board (LàR) Tony Smith (President)

Major: German and Government Hometown: Ripon, Wisconsin Connor Suprock (Vice President)

Major: Biology (Pre-Med) Hometown: Hinsdale, Illinois Gabi Makuc (Secretary)

Major: Music Hometown: Monterey, Massachusetts Lucy Pipkin (Co-Treasurer)

Major: Anthropology and Psychology Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Want to get “LUCKI?”

Joe Bazydlo (Co-Treasurer)

Major: Anthropology / Minor: Chinese Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Join the “LU Circle K” group on Facebook for more information about this awesome Lakes Division club!


The newest addition to the Lakes Division Founding Circle K at Lawrence University has been a challenging, but exciting project. We were initially concerned with differentiating our club activities from our Volunteer Center. In order to demonstrate that Circle K would supplement the activities of the Volunteer Center, we created a new five-pronged program to create effective and committed community service projects. We began by recruiting dozens of committed volunteers through outreach programs such as activity fairs as well as through the use of social media. Next, we chose five community service projects. Because we have five E-Board members, we designated each board member as a coordinator of a particular project. Our club members will be distributed amongst the five groups according to their interests, and they will work with the club leaders on one particular project in order to create a committed relationship with their service site. We hope that by committing to a small number of projects, we will be able to develop a meaningful relationship with our community and help our students seek potential internships during the Lawrence career as well as create a professional network within the Appleton community.


Set your sights to the future with CKI

Running for District Board Webinar AnyMeeting February 16, 2014, 7:00 PM (CST)  

Retention: Tips, Tricks and Ideas Webinar AnyMeeting February 25, 2014, 8:30 PM (CST)  


Proposed Bylaw Amendment Roundtable AnyMeeting March 4, 2014, 7:00 PM (CST)   51st Annual W-UM CKI District Convention (DCON) Green Bay, WI March 14-16, 2014

Circle K International New Year! Worldwide April 1, 2014

UW-Madison’s Shake, Rattle & Roll: A Benefit for Babies Concert Madison, WI April 3, 2014

Kiwanis One Day Celebration Worldwide April 5, 2014


Awards Announcement:   Proposed  Bylaw  Amendments    

By Laura Killingsworth There are several proposed bylaw amendments for House of Delegates at W-UM District Convention 2014. While most are “housekeeping” items (changes proposed to keep in line with International’s bylaws), it is still important to be informed on what changes are going to be voted on and how it affects you and your fellow club members. Here’s a brief rundown and explanation for the proposed bylaw amendments: Amendments 1, 2, and 3 • • • •

Where in the bylaws: various places Current Wording: “dues” Proposed Wording: “district per member fees” Reason for the Change: to keep the wording in line with the change made to the Circle K International Bylaws at the 2013 Circle K International Convention

Amendment 4: • • • •

Where in the bylaws: Article VIII, Section 10 Current Wording: “The Secretary shall submit a detailed written report of the District Convention, as outlined in the Circle K International Bylaws and the Policy Code for this district.” Proposed Wording: “The Governor shall submit a detailed written report of the District Convention, as outlined in the Circle K International Bylaws and the Policy Code for this district.” Reason for the Change: to bring the bylaw in line with the Circle K International Bylaws and Policy Code

Amendment 5: • • • •

Where in the bylaws: Article VIII, Section 5, Subsection a Current Wording: “Elections shall take place during the second session of the House of Delegates at the District Convention” Proposed Wording: “Elections shall take place during the House of Delegates at the District Convention” Reason for the Change: to allow for holding only one House of Delegates for the purpose of the election of officers at District Convention in years where there are no bylaw amendments to approve

Amendment 6: • • • •

Where in the bylaws: Article VIII, Section 5, Subsection f Current Wording: “Once the election of the above district officers is complete, the Lieutenant Governor elections shall be held alphabetically by division.” Proposed Wording: “Each Division shall hold a Divisional Council Meeting at District Convention, following the second round of caucusing, for the election of their Lieutenant Governor.” Reason for the Change: to make the House of Delegates more efficient and save delegates time

18 “W-UM Circle K Bylaw Changes Roundtable” on Tuesday, March If you have   further questions, I encourage you to attend our upcoming 4th at 7:00 PM. I also have PDF copies of the proposed bylaw amendments in greater detail should you decide to peruse further. And as always, feel free to email me at for more information about anything ARH-related!

Awards Announcement:   Parli  Pro  –  what  you  need  to  know    

By Laura Killingsworth District Convention is right around the corner, and new officers will soon be elected to run the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District of Circle K International. Though the officers are the governing voices of the district, the district board is governed by Robert’s Rules of Order on Parliamentary Procedure. Parliamentary Procedure seeks to “maintain common sense and common courtesy” in a governing body. These guidelines are used in board meetings, House of Delegates and for the election of installation of new officers. Here’s what you need to know about parli pro before attending convention! Reasons for Parliamentary Procedure: • • •

Provides framework from democratic process – will of the majority Protects the rights of the minority – guarantees equal voice at the table Provides an organized local structure for conducting efficient, effective and orderly discussion and decision-making

Some common terms to keep an ear out for: • • • • •

Motion – the method used to place an issue, question, or decision in front of the members so it can be discussed and voted on “I move to…” – the phrase preceding a motion that is about to be proposed to the group Second – required for most motions meaning that another member agrees that the question or issue should be discussed Ballot – voting in writing can take place if the issue being discussed is a sensitive matter, i.e. during the elections of District Officers In order – a term meaning that comments or discussion presented by a member when the member has been properly recognized by the individual running the session and the comments made pertain to the issue at hand Out of order – a term used when a member does not meet the two conditions listed above

Having basic knowledge of parliamentary procedure is important for everyone who finds themselves in a meeting or decision-making situation. It ensures that everyone has a voice and that the issues being discussed are relevant and stays on topic. If you or any club members are interested in learning more, contact me, the Awards, Regulations, and History Chair at Hope to see you at Convention!


2013-14 Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Circle K

District Goals Update – February 2014

CURRENT: 644 members 93% of our goal


CURRENT: 12,337.10 hours 70.5% of our goal


CURRENT: $255.15 20% of our goal



CURRENT: $4,493.65 81.7% of our goal


CURRENT: $4,919.67 54.66% of our goal


CURRENT: $3,600 65% of our goal

2013-14 Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Circle K

District Goals Update – February 2014

GOAL: 130 attendees

GOAL: 15 attendees

GOAL: 15 attendees

ACTUAL: 113 attendees

ACTUAL: 13 attendees

ACTUAL: 13 attendees

87% of our goal

87% of our goal

87% of our goal






GOAL: 50 attendees

GOAL: 175 attendees

GOAL: 150 attendees

ACTUAL: 37 attendees

ACTUAL: 62 attendees

ACTUAL: 93 attendees

74% of our goal

35% of our goal

62% of our goal








2013-14 Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Circle K

District Goals Update – February 2014

GOAL: 150 attendees

GOAL: 150 attendees

GOAL: 35 attendees

ACTUAL: 78 attendees

ACTUAL: 213 attendees

ACTUAL: 37 attendees

52% of our goal

142% of our goal

106% of our goal







GOAL: 175 Circle K members 250 attendees ACTUAL: Coming soon!



1 2 3

2013-14 Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Circle K District Board Directory

District Governor Lena Scheibengraber Alverno College 6301A W. Lakefield Drive Milwaukee, WI 53219 414-418-9779

Lakes Lieutenant Governor Katie Hobbs University of Wisconsin-Green Bay 2136 Klondike Road Green Bay, WI 54311 262-515-5375

Kiwanis Family Chair Elizabeth Henderson University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh 14208 58th Road Sturtevant, WI 53177 262-902-2064

District Secretary Briana Tucker Michigan Technological University 301 Isle Royale St., Apt. 2 Houghton, MI 49931 313-910-0304

Metro Lieutenant Governor Lizzie Anderson Marquette University 1311 W Kilbourn Avenue, Apt. M Milwaukee, WI 53233 509-378-4183

Membership, Development & Growth Chair Kelly Kloth University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee 4442 N Oakland Ave., Apt. 8 Milwaukee, WI 53211 414-469-1066

District Treasurer Nicolaus Galles Edgewood College 1725 Madison St. #2 Madison, WI 53711 212-295-5204

Southeast Lieutenant Governor Shannon Thiesenhusen University of Wisconsin-Parkside 6409 N. Tichigan Rd Waterford, WI 53185 262-492-8626

Special Events Chair Emily Condon Alverno College 2131 N 118th St Wauwatosa, WI 53226 414-403-9744

District Bulletin Editor Taryn Grisham University of Wisconsin-Madison 1002 Spring Street, Apt. P Madison, WI 53715 262-271-2620

Superior Lieutenant Governor Hal Holmes Michigan Technological University 504 Shelden Ave Apt#2 Houghton, Michigan 49931 989-751-7958

Asst. DCON Chair Lizzy Johnson University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Capital Lieutenant Governor Monica Wang University of Wisconsin –Madison 1021 Fahrenrook Court   Madison, WI 53715 608-239-5707 Chippewa Lieutenant Governor Matthew Bowe University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire 325 Towers South, 642 University Dr. Eau Claire, WI 54701 715-933-2404

Awards, Regulations & History Chair Laura Killingsworth University of Wisconsin-Madison 202 Marion Street, #3 Madison, WI 53703 920-382-4425 District Convention Chair Sara Hujar Northern Michigan University 2972 Cedarville Dr., Apt. 3 Marquette, MI 49855 607-242-1744


Ass. Special Events Chair Emily Krueger University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

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Circle of Sharing - February 2014  

The February 2014 issue of the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Circle K District's Official Bulletin, the Circle of Sharing.

Circle of Sharing - February 2014  

The February 2014 issue of the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Circle K District's Official Bulletin, the Circle of Sharing.