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Circle of Sharing Official Bulletin of the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District

Volume 20


Issue 8 November 2013

Capital Division gets spooky for Halloween-themed rally >> PAGE 10

Discover the new district website PAGE 4-5

Alverno College serves up a scare PAGE 8-9

Meet the leading ladies of St. Norbert PAGE 16

In this issue… 51st Annual W-UM Circle K District Convention………………Page 3 W-UM website rolls out in style……......….……………………...Page 4-5 MAC recap and meet Mr. WUM.........………………………..…..Page 6-7 Alverno College presents Midnight Masquerade.............Page 8-9 Capital Divisional Rally…………………………………………...Page 10-11 The results are in: Big Ten Food Fight……….......................Page 12 Edgewood serves up pancakes for a purpose…………………Page 13 Winter Weekend Getaway……………………………………………..Page 14 Club Highlight: Milwaukee School of Engineering.………..Page 15 Club Highlight: St. Norbert College…….…………………..........Page 16 Set your sights to the future with CKI…………………………..Page 17 Awards Awareness: Club Achievement Award..…….……..Page 18 District Goals Update: November 2013..………………….Page 19-20 2013-2014 W-UM District Board Directory…………..……..Page 21 Do you like the new look of the Circle of Sharing? 2   Want to be featured in next month’s issue? E-mail all inquiries to District Bulletin Editor Taryn Grisham at!

GO FOR GOLD IN GREEN BAY DCON 2014: Serving Faster, Leading Higher, Making Friendships Stronger By Sara Hujar Who needs to travel all the way to Sochi, Russia for the Olympics when the most prestigious individuals in the world will be gathering for one weekend in March 2014 for the most epic event ever to hit Green Bay, Wisconsin? This year Team WUM is training for it’s 51st Annual District Convention that will take place in Green Bay on March 14-16, 2014. With everything from awards to elections of new District Board members to food that will leave your taste buds satisfied, DCON 2014 is on it’s way to winning a gold medal and we’d like you to help us come and celebrate our district accomplishments! Registration forms can be found on the DCON website: or by contacting me at Make sure you take advantage of pre-registering and get your forms in by January 31st, 2014 to enjoy our early registration savings! If you have any questions about DCON, feel free to contact me via the email listed above or by telephone at (607) 242-1744.



W-UM district website By Lena Scheibengraber Did you know that the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District had a website? NO? Well, if you’re new to the world of technology, only follow us on Facebook or Twitter (which you should, by the way), or just haven’t checked our website in a while, you are in for a treat! This past month has been full of exciting ventures on the web and I am going to share some of the spotlights with you. Feature 1: “About Us” & District Information From District Board member bios to a map of where out clubs are located; you will find any and all information related to our district within this tab. Choose from general information, district board, our goals, or Kiwanis family and you are sure to learn something new! All board member contact information is also listed, so if you need to know who to email for what, you can easily look it over! Feature 2: Event Photos Did you happen to miss out on a district event, or just want to relive those great memories you had at Camp Wawbeek? Look no further than our “event photos” tab, which includes slideshows from Spring Fling, Large Scale Service Project & International Convention, Membership Education & Recruitment Program, Kiwanis Family Baseball Game, Membership Awareness Conference, and Kiwanis Family Service Day. As we continue through the year, we will add photos from Kiwanis Family Hockey Night, Winter Weekend Getaway and finally, District Convention.



rolls out in style Feature 3: Updated Resources Do you need icebreaker ideas for your meetings, eboard training items, or would like copies of handouts from that awesome workshop you went to at an event? Or maybe you’re looking for a great read, like the Circle of Sharing, or would like to learn more about Circle K. This tab, “resources”, hosts everything you need to educate yourself, fellow members, e-board members, advisors, Kiwanians, and more! It is my firm belief that clubs should have access to the resources they need to be successful. This section of the website will help you get there. Feature 4: Contact Us Do you have a question but are afraid to ask? Have no fear, the easy “contact us” form is here! Simply input your general information and the question you would like answered. You will then hear back from me (or the proper person) within 48 hours! Feature 5: District & Club Event Calendar This is one of my favorites. If you would like to know when things are happening, you can look on this awesome and easy-to-understand calendar for different events. If your club has something they want to advertise, you can send it to me and it will be added! So, where the heck do you go for all of these amazing features and more?!?! It’s easy! You can check us out at: Now that you know, share it with your friends, with your members, and with anyone else you would like!! And, as always, let us know if there is anything you would like to see on the website or any resources you may need. Don’t just sit there and read this, GO OUT THERE AND EXPLORE!!!! J


MAC recap By Emily Condon Membership Awareness Conference As you might expect, Membership Awareness Conference (MAC) was Dino-mite! We had a blast as we served it up together. We were very productive and got Camp Wawbeek ready for winter. People were raking leaves, moving dirt, picking up trash and splitting wood just to name a few. We also got to know each other through some crazy icebreakers. We winked each other to extinction and stomped out the dinosaurs. In addition, we had an amazing dance where we shook our tail feather (or should I say dino tails). At the end of the week we enjoyed sharing our favorite experiences, as well as watching a WUMderful recap video of the weekend.

Mr. WUM A new celebrity was named Mr. WUM at MAC – Matt Bowe! Teasha and Colin hosted prehistoric Mr. WUM dressed as Wilma and Fred Flintstone. Although it was a tough competition, the T-Rex was the last competitor standing. For his talent, he wobbled his way into the judges’ hearts as he danced like a T-Rex. Congratulations to Matt, our new Mr. WUM.

Video Did you miss out on all of the pre-historic fun? Here is a link to the recap video of the weekend:


Meet Mr. WUM GET THE FACTS: Matthew Bowe + Senior at the UW-Eau Claire double majoring in mathematics education and physics education. + Chippewa Division Lieutenant Governor + His sister attends UW-Stevens Point. + He enjoys reading (not textbooks), golfing, and having a great time with friends and family. + His talent in the Mr. WUM competition was dancing the wobble.

INVOLVEMENT: + I have been involved in Circle K since my freshman year and have had the leadership roles of club treasurer, district treasurer, and now lieutenant governor. I am also involved with two teacher organizations on campus: Student WEA and Future Teachers’ Club. I also attend events put on by the Newman Student Association and Students for L.I.F.E. I spend most of my days being busy, but in my rare free time I enjoy watching Merlin and Doctor Who, officiating middle and high school football and basketball games, and sleeping.


Alverno College Circle K presents… By Casey Scheibengraber Midnight Masquerade is Alverno Circle K’s award-winning Halloween social. This year, all of the funds raised from Midnight Masquerade went to The ELIMINATE Project. Besides the fundraising, this social gave many W-UM Circle Ker’s and guests the opportunity to show off their dancing skills and awesome costumes! This annual event is held in The Pipeline, which is the subbasement of Alverno’s main residence hall. Since it is already dark and creepy, The Pipeline is a perfect spot for the many cobwebs, ghosts, skulls, spiders, and other Halloween-y items you find all around the dance. Besides the variety of decorations, Alverno also brought in a guest DJ who made sure to keep people on their feet. Rebecca Fuentes (a former Alverno student) volunteered her time to come and energize the dancing crowd! Her remixes, combined with her neon light-up board and song request station, kept up the atmosphere throughout the entire dance. After burning off all of the energy on the dance floor, many guests needed to replenish! There was a full spread from Pig’s Blood punch to Frankenstein pudding cups. The menu also included a nacho bar, veggies, dips (hot and cold), and a wide variety of desserts thanks to many Circle K members (and everything was beyond delicious)! During the night, there were also “Shots for Shots” being sold, which are non-alcoholic Jell-O shots. Towards the end of the dance, there was even a “Shots for Shots” competition, where guests


1 2

Midnight Masquerade could pay to enter either on their own or to enter someone else. Not only was this entertaining to watch, but it also helped to bring in more funds for The ELIMINATE Project!

Overall, the social was great and very successful. All of the volunteers, friends, and family made Midnight Masquerade everything someone could want in a Halloween dance! Throughout the night, there were over 100 attendees and together we raised over $650 for The ELIMINATE Project. One Alverno Circle K member, Alesia said that she “really enjoyed seeing all of the people on the dance floor and enjoying themselves.”

Along with all of the food and dancing, there was a costume contest with four categories: Cutest Costume, Scariest Costume, Best Group Costume, and Best Costume (overall). There was a ton of people entered into the contest! The winners were Spiderman, a headless person, an old couple (Marv and Mable), and the Hulk. Along with the costume contest, there was also a photo booth available throughout the night. The booth was a great opportunity for anyone to capture his or her great costume and memories.

To sum up the night using the words of W-UM Circle K Governor Lena Scheibengraber, “[it was filled with] random dancing with people you don’t know in costume. Shots for shots and an AWESOME DJ. Can it really get any better?”


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A SPOOKY CAPITAL By Monica Wang On Friday, October 25, Circle K joined together to put on a free, fun-filled Haunted House for kids aged four to seven at the Goodman Madison South Library on South Park Street for the Capital Division Rally. Around 38 people were present from the Kiwanis Family composed of club members from the UWMadison, Edgewood, UW-Whitewater, UW-Platteville, Madison College, UW-Parkside, UW-Milwaukee, UWGreen Bay Circle K clubs and other guests. It cost $5 to attend the divisional rally which helped pay for pizza, soda, napkins, candy and decorations. “The Goodman Madison South Library is located in a neighborhood that has lost much of its Halloween spirit,” says Chris, the children’s program coordinator. “Halloween isn’t much fun anymore for the kids because no one gives out candy anymore. For some kids, this Haunted House will be the only Halloween activity they get to experience this year because of lack of money or transportation and for that, they are so, so

grateful for what the Circle Kers are doing today.” Chris also said it was ‘just the right scary’ for the age of the kids who were there. The Haunted House was located in the program room of the library and children were allowed in small groups at a time to keep congestion to a minimum. Once inside the dimly lit room, Circle Kers scared little kids by jumping out from behind closet doors and hiding under tables and grabbing the kid’s costumes or clothes. There were also different stations that kids could participate in, such as ‘Pin the Face on Casper’, Feel boxes (where people could put their hands in containers and try to guess what was inside. Some examples were pretzel sticks as bones, peeled grapes as eyeballs, twine as hair, cooked spaghetti as veins, etc.), and a ‘Guess where the Organs go’ game. Overall, it was an amazing success and we had over 200 walk ins by kids in the neighborhood!



DIVISIONAL RALLY In addition, we had a ‘Best in Show’ costume contest which was won by Ashley Defazio, Brian Gillbank and Bryan Schut from UWPlatteville for being matching bananas! Chris has also decided to make a personal donation to the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Circle K District. She was a joy to work with and her passion for the library and the children she works with is absolutely inspiring.

What other people thought: "The Haunted House was super fun! There was a great turnout!" -Sam Liebl , MATC CKI President "This is like, kind of awesome!” – Child in attendance


UW-Madison wins Big Ten Food Fight By Kaitlin Evans UW-Madison Circle K organized the third annual Big 10 Food fight this year with a total of twelve Big Ten schools. Work began in the summer to prepare for this event, as the fundraising chairs worked closely with the president and vice president to contact all twelve schools and confirm their participation. As the week of the food fight drew closer, our plan for how we were going to knock out the competition began to come together. The first day of the food fight, we decided to hold a “Stuff-a-truck” event. For this, we partnered with The River Food Pantry, a local pantry that we have been volunteering with for a couple of years now. Circle K members took turns standing in front of Copps, asking shoppers to add items to their carts to donate to our cause. This event was a huge success, and earned us a total of 1,600 pounds of food for the River Food Pantry. The second day of the food fight, we sent members out to a neighborhood in the Middleton area to leave empty plastic bags on doorsteps, with a message about the food fight. We informed everyone that we would be back when the food fight was over to collect any items that were left for us. During the rest of the week, we had members bring food to our meeting, and asked other clubs at KFamily Service Day to donate to our cause (HUGE shout out to UWOshkosh for helping us win the food fight with their donation!). Our Madison Kiwanians also had a huge impact on the amount of food we were able to raise for this event, which we are very thankful for. After the week was over, we were able to donate 670 pounds of food to Second Harvest Food Bank! This, plus our 1,600 that we donated to the River Food Pantry, gave us a grand total of 2,270 pounds, landing us in first place! Michigan came in close second with a total of 2140 pounds. Iowa raised a total of 684 pounds, followed by Ohio State with 645 pounds. Penn state earned 77 pounds total, Purdue earned 41, and unfortunately six of the schools did not end up participating (hopefully next year). All of these added together gave us a grand total of 5,857 pounds of food! Thank you to everyone who made this event such a huge success! 12  

Edgewood serves up Pancakes for a Purpose By Marissa Blackmore On Sunday, November 4, Edgewood College Circle K members volunteered with the Madison West Kiwanis club at their annual pancake breakfast. Over 600 people from the Madison community came out to Edgewood High School to enjoy their breakfast with the Kiwanis family. Members from Circle K started setting up at 6:00 a.m. and the event ended just before 2:00 p.m. Members helped clean, set tables, and serve breakfast to community members. Edgewood Circle K members loved being able to work with their sponsoring Kiwanis club and enjoyed getting to know local Kiwanians. The event raised about $14,000, which will allow Madison West Kiwanis to continue to help the Madison community, as well as continue to sponsor Edgewood Circle K.


13 Â

Winter Weekend Get-away When: Jan 17-19 Where: Houghton, MI Registration - $20 - Opens at 6:00pm EST


Club Name:



Preferences Service:

Woodsplitting Dog Walking/Washing


Make Checks Payable To:

Must be Postmarked by: December 20th, 2013 Questions?

W-UM Circle K District

Send Registration and Payment To: WWG 2013 Houghton, Mi Janet Degroot 207 23rd St Dr SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52403

Snowshoeing Skiing/Snowboarding

Janet DeGroot 207 23rd St Dr SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52403

Contact Hal Holmes – or Emily Condon –


Club Highlight: 2013-2014 Executive Board Sherri Biendarra (President) Major: Biomedical Engineering Hannah Torvick (Vice President) Major: Electrical Engineering Elizabeth Crawford (Secretary) Major: Construction Management John Ohme (Treasurer) Major: Mechanical Engineering Tyler Tiegs (Bulletin Editor) Major: Computer Engineering

MSOE: involved and full of spirit This year is off to a great start for MSOE! Many new and old members are ready to get out in the community and serve others. In response, the club has planned and executed a variety of service projects this fall such as working at the Hunger Task Force Community Farm, packing food for Feed My Starving Children, volunteering at the Empty Bowls Milwaukee fundraiser, serving food at the Summerfield Church meal program, helping out at Doors Open Milwaukee, hosting a blood drive on campus, and more. The club members have also had the opportunity to be involved with other Circle K clubs at events such as the Metro Division Rally, Membership Awareness Conference, and Alverno’s Midnight Masquerade. Two of the club’s most memorable events so far have been reoccurring favorites. For one, the club performed another Meaningful Makeover in October for the Salvation Army Emergency Lodge. Club members and the brothers from one of the campus fraternities partnered up to remodel two rooms at the Emergency Lodge: one room for a family and one room for four single females. By the end of the day, both rooms had a fresh coat of paint and all new bedroom and bathroom materials. Another favorite activity was making Halloween goodie bags for children at the Emergency Lodge, Women’s Shelter, and Ronald McDonald House. The club tries to donate goodie bags for a couple holidays each year, to provide the children with


Club Highlight: 2013-2014 Executive Board Brianna Klink (President)

Maggie Lottes (Vice President)

Marisa Strothenke (Secretary-Treasurer)


A club with a legacy A long time ago Circle K was one of the strongest organizations at St. Norbert College. Unfortunately throughout the years the club began to dwindle in numbers and was not as active as in the past. Last spring was the first time in many years that St. Norbert College attended District Convention. From that point on we have been determined to revive our club. In order to attract and retain members, we have made it a priority to choose events that are tailored to the interests of our members. To kick off the year we volunteered at Green Bay’s NAMI Walk, helping to create the balloon arch the participants would finish under. We participated in two of the biggest campus-wide events, FallFest and Make a Difference Day. FallFest is a night during homecoming where many clubs host games and offer treats for the campus to enjoy. During Make a Difference day we were able to help two elderly women in the community by raking their leaves and cleaning windows. Our club was also able to connect with a local museum and help with their Monster Mash event where children participated in Halloween activities and a scavenger hunt. Another connection our club has made is with our campus blood drives, volunteering at the refreshments table at each drive. This year we are attempting something different by having a service project at almost every meeting. We have created cards for the residents of a local nursing home, made cheerful notes for the children of Children’s Hospital, and wrote notes to women recently diagnosed with breast cancer through a program called Girls Love Mail. After watching the video for the Eliminate Project, we have decided to bring a change jar to every meeting in hopes to raise money for this great cause. By providing these service projects we hope they offer a larger purpose to our weekly meetings and allow our members to serve without leaving campus.


Set your sights to the future with CKI ASSISTANT DCON/SPECIAL EVENTS CHAIR APPLOCATIONS DUE! November 17, 2013, 11:59 PM (CST)

World Prematurity Day EVERYWHERE! November 17, 2013

Tomorrow Fund Grant Applications due to International!! December 1, 2013 NOVEMBER SECRETARY AND TREASURER MRFS DUE! December 3, 2013, 11:59 PM (CST)

UW-Madison’s Carol to ELIMINATE Madison, WI December 5, 2013

Kiwanis Family Hockey Night (KFHN) Madison, WI December 6, 2013

UW-Eau Claire’s Habitat for Humanity Lafayette, LA January 5 – January 13, 2014 Winter Weekend Getaway Houghton, MI January 17-19, 2014 CLUB AWARDS APPLICATIONS DUE January 27, 2014, via US Postal Mail

51st Annual W-UM CKI District Convention (DCON) Green Bay, WI March 14-16, 2014


Awards Announcement:   Club  Achievement  Award   By Laura Killingsworth Hello  W-­‐UM  Circle  K!    By  now,  the  school  year  is  in  full  swing  and   Circle  K  is  taking  over  on  your  college  campuses!    Circle  K  has  an   extremely  huge  presence  on  many  campuses  across  the   Wisconsin  Upper  Michigan  district.    It  takes  a  great  deal  of  hard   work  and  dedication  to  stand  out  among  dozens  of  other  student   organizations.   This  month’s  featured  award  is  the  Club  Achievement  Award.     The  Club  Achievement  Award  is  the  most  prestigious  award  that   a  club  can  receive  in  the  district.    It  is  given  to  recognize  the  club   that  has  gone  above  and  beyond  in  m aking  a  significant   contribution  to  their  campus  and  community,  and  strongly   displays  the  three  tenets  of  Circle  K:    service,  leadership,  and   fellowship.   The  Circle  K  Club  of  the  University  of  Wisconsin-­‐Green  Bay  was   the  recipient  of  the  2012-­‐2013  Club  Achievement  Awards  at  last   year’s  District  Convention.    They  held  fantastic  fundraisers  such   as  the  famous  “Pancakes  and  Porkies  “  breakfast  held  on  the  UW-­‐ Green  Bay  campus.    In  addition,  UW-­‐Green  Bay  Circle  K  is   extremely  involved  in  the  community,  volunteering  at  events   such  as  “Terror  on  the  Fox”  or  at  the  National  Railroad  Museum.     Having  a  unique  blend  of  on-­‐  and  off-­‐campus  events  m akes  their   club  especially  unique.   UW-­‐Green  Bay  Circle  K  has  also  seen  an  increase  in  the  number  of   members  in  recent  years,  as  well  in  an  increase  in  the  level  of   dedication.    The  2013-­‐2014  President  Jordan  Grapentine  has   been  focusing  on  bringing  more  service  projects  to  their  club,  and   using  the  enthusiasm  of  new  members  to  encourage  them  to  lead.     With  strong  leadership,  past  success  and  a  huge  number  of   opportunities,  the  Circle  K  Club  of  UW-­‐Green  Bay  is  a  great   example  of  a  high  achieving  club.   Special  thanks  to  Lakes  LTG  Katie  Hobbs  and  UW-­‐Green  Bay   President  Jordan  Grapentine  for  their  contributions  to  the  article!    


2013-14 Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Circle K District Goals Update – November 2013

CURRENT: 614 members 87.7% of our goal


CURRENT: 8,152.5 hours 46.6% of our goal


CURRENT: $255.15 4.4% of our goal


CURRENT: $3,600 65% of our goal


CURRENT: $1,900.70 34.6% of our goal


CURRENT: $3,798.00 19% of our goal



2013-14 Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Circle K District Goals Update – November 2013

GOAL: 130 attendees

GOAL: 15 attendees

GOAL: 15 attendees

ACTUAL: 113 attendees

ACTUAL: 13 attendees

ACTUAL: 13 attendees

87% of our goal

87% of our goal

87% of our goal






GOAL: 50 attendees

GOAL: 175 attendees

GOAL: 150 attendees

ACTUAL: 37 attendees

ACTUAL: 62 attendees

ACTUAL: 93 attendees

74% of our goal

35% of our goal

62% of our goal








1 2 3

2013-14 Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Circle K District Board Directory District Governor Lena Scheibengraber Alverno College 6301A W. Lakefield Drive Milwaukee, WI 53219 414-418-9779

Lakes Lieutenant Governor Katie Hobbs University of Wisconsin-Green Bay 2136 Klondike Road Green Bay, WI 54311 262-515-5375

Kiwanis Family Chair Elizabeth Henderson University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh 810 High Ave, Webster 321 Oshkosh, WI 54901 262-902-2064

District Secretary Briana Tucker Michigan Technological University 301 Isle Royale St., Apt. 2 Houghton, MI 49931 313-910-0304

Metro Lieutenant Governor Lizzie Anderson Marquette University 1311 W Kilbourn Avenue, Apt. M Milwaukee, WI 53233 509-378-4183

Membership, Development & Growth Chair Kelly Kloth University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee 4442 N Oakland Ave., Apt. 8 Milwaukee, WI 53211 414-469-1066

District Treasurer Nicolaus Galles Edgewood College 1725 Madison St. #2 Madison, WI 53711 212-295-5204

Southeast Lieutenant Governor Shannon Thiesenhusen University of Wisconsin-Waukesha 6409 N. Tichigan Rd Waterford, WI 53185 262-492-8626

Service Chair Colin Buckley Edgewood College 1725 Madison St. Madison, WI 53711 920-572-0139

District Bulletin Editor Taryn Grisham University of Wisconsin-Madison 1002 Spring Street, Apt. P Madison, WI 53715 262-271-2620

Superior Lieutenant Governor Hal Holmes Michigan Technological University 504 Shelden Ave Apt#2 Houghton, Michigan 49931 989-751-7958

Special Events Chair Emily Condon Alverno College 2131 N 118th St Wauwatosa, WI 53226 414-403-9744

Capital Lieutenant Governor Monica Wang University of Wisconsin –Madison 1021 Fahrenrook Court Madison, WI 53715 608-239-5707

Awards, Regulations & History Chair Laura Killingsworth University of Wisconsin-Madison 202 Marion Street, #3 Madison, WI 53703 920-382-4425

  Chippewa Lieutenant Governor

Matthew Bowe University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire 325 Towers South, 642 University Dr. Eau Claire, WI 54701 715-933-2404

District Convention Chair Sara Hujar Northern Michigan University 2972 Cedarville Dr., Apt. 3 Marquette, MI 49855 607-242-1744


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“Follow” us on Twitter: @wumcki

Circle of Sharing - November 2013  

The November 2013 issue of the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan's Official Bulletin, the Circle of Sharing.

Circle of Sharing - November 2013  

The November 2013 issue of the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan's Official Bulletin, the Circle of Sharing.