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Volume 20


Issue 12 March 2014

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CKI Service Week..…….……..……………………………………….……Page 3 Spring Fling…………………..….......….………………………..…....Pages 4-5 Leadership Academy…………………………….………………………..Page 6 Key Leader……………………..……….............................................Page 7 Senior Send-Offs…………………..........................................Pages 8-17 Set your sights to the future with CKI……………………….….Page 18 Awards Announcement: International Awards...............Pages 19 District Goals Update: February 2014..…………….……..Page 20-22 2013-2014 W-UM District Board Directory…………..………Page 23 Want to be featured in next month’s BONUS DCON issue? E-mail all inquiries to District Bulletin Editor Taryn Grisham at!


Get the inside scoop on

Circle K Service Week By Amelia Ahnert CKI Service Week is all about performing service with other Circle K'ers and members of the Kiwanis Family to make an impact on communities all around the world. Plus this is the perfect way to celebrate our Charities and Partners! This year's event runs from March 30 - April 5. You can increase awareness by changing your cover photo and participating in some of the events listed in the schedule.



By Emily Condon Service is Service, No Matter How Small This Seuss-ariffic event is going to include amazing, crazy, funtastic workshops, service, and fun! Spring Fling takes place at Camp Wawbeek in the Wisconsin Dells area. It is only $20 for the entire weekend. We will be doing some Dr. Seuss themed fun, a ton of service for camp, and enjoying the Miss Universe Competition. Bring your best Dr. Seuss skills and be ready for an event that is sure to be full of super fanantasical, ultra magnificent, beyond believable fun! For questions, contact Special Events Chair,, or Assistant Special Events Chair,

Spring Fling this year is going to be great; Once the registration forms are out you won't want to be late! You may be wondering what the theme is this time, So I hope to help you out with a rhyme. He's tall, he's smart, he will sure make you look; This cat in a hat you'll know from a book. Childhood stories made him his name; The one about the Lorax is so not lame. Come on now, you've had to guess it! At least I've hope you tried. Dr. Seuss is the theme, I swear I haven't lied. So put it on your calendars for April 25th. This is an event I know you sure won't want to miss!


Dr. Seuss Theme

Service is Service, No Matter How Small. Fundraisers: •

Oh the Places You’ll Go o Raffle&off&board&Members&have&to&complete&a&set&of& tasks&featured&in&Dr.&Seuss&books. One&Fish,&Two&Fish o Buy&a&fish&to&add&to&the&sea&of&CKI&and&have&a&chance&to& win&a&prize. Miss&Universe o Competition&for&the&ladies&of&WUM&to&compete&in& (includes&a&talent,&interview,&and&a&surprise&round)& Baked&Goods&Sale/Mascot&Auction

Friday'Night'Activity:' •

Different&SeussLaLriffic&stations&such&as: o Rhyme&time o Match&the&book&with&the&character&pictures o Pin&the&hat&on&the&cat& o Dr.&Seuss&Trivia o Make&an&interpretive&dance&for&a&Dr.&Seuss&quote&given o …and&MORE!

See you all there!



By Janet DeGroot CKI Leadership Academy is an investment in the members of CKI. The six-day event is intense and focuses on the E6 Framework created by Brendon Burchard. Facilitators walk students through the steps to envision, enlist, embody, empower, evaluate, and encourage. Students learn that true leadership is based on servant leadership, which requires leaders to put the needs of others first, and to realize that no matter whether or not you have a title, there is always a need for service to one another and to the world. This program takes members of CKI through an adventure, starting with the CKI amazing race and ending with a plan in place to serve. The most unique part of the program—and what sets it apart from others—is that students and facilitators have an opportunity to do a service project during the program. Leadership Academy is an excellent opportunity to prepare club leaders for the coming year and develop club presidents and emerging leaders within the district through participation in a lifechanging leadership experience. The 2014 Leadership Academy is open to any student from a CKI club. There is a focus on personal growth and development, which in turns makes you a better leader for you club. Leadership experience is not a prerequisite for attending Leadership Academy. You are all leaders and can grow from this experience. This year’s event takes place Sunday, July 27, through Friday, August 1. Participants must arrive at the Indianapolis airport by 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 27, and may depart after 3:00 p.m. on Friday, August 1, if flying. If you are driving, you may depart after 12:30 p.m. Do not book return flights before 3:00 p.m. Taking place at Waycross Camp & Conference Center in Morgantown, Indiana. Be prepared to live without cell phone coverage and Internet for the week— other than that, you will have access to modern conveniences and excellent food. Now to the nitty gritty what does all this cost. The majority of the costs of the program (lodging, meals, and materials) are covered by CKI and courtesy of a grant from the Kiwanis International Foundation. There is a $195 registration fee. This fee is non-refundable, but clubs or districts may send substitutions to the Leadership Academy if the CKI staff is notified by Friday, July 11. After July 11, no substitutions will be allowed and the registration fee will not be refunded. You will be responsible for your own transportation to the event. Once in Indianapolis, CKI will provide transportation to and from the Indianapolis International Airport. Upon arrival in Indianapolis, there is no additional need for money for anything relating to the Leadership Academy experience. WUM has one full scholarship that pays for the cost to attend and we also have some funds to assist other students in attending the event if there is interest. If you have interest please contact District Administrator Janet DeGroot at for information and current funding available. Apply online. Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified within 14 days if you have been accepted to attend this year’s event. Once accepted to Leadership Academy, you will receive a separate registration form to provide payment and your travel information. Your credit card will be charged upon submitting this registration form to Leadership Academy. You must submit a credit card for your Leadership for your registration fee. If you are approved to attend and you have financial assistance coming to you from the district you will be reimbursed after attending the event. Applications will be accepted for Leadership Academy through Monday, July 7. Registration closes for the Leadership Academy on Friday, July 11.  


KEY LEADER By Justin Hahn Greetings WUM Circle K! I am here to tell you about an amazing opportunity. Are you looking for leadership and development? A fun filled weekend of fellowship? Maybe even just another chance to visit Camp Wawbeek? Well I have a great opportunity to achieve all of it. Key Leader is a weekend experiential leadership program for today's young leaders hosted by Kiwanis International. This life-changing event focuses on service leadership as the first, most meaningful leadershipdevelopment experience. A Key Leader will learn the most important lesson of leadership—it comes from helping others succeed. Since April 2005 Key Leader has served more than 16,400 students at 317 Key Leader events in 39 U.S. states, 5 Canadian provinces, Malaysia, Brazil, Cayman Islands, El Salvador and Singapore. Participants begin by attending a Key Leader conference, which is a weekend retreat. Large and small group workshops; discussions and team-building activities take place over the course of the weekend. Students have opportunities to learn leadership skills that will help them to change their schools, communities, and world for the better. While exploring leadership in a whole new way, participants will make amazing new friends and have experiences they will never forget. Positive, ongoing interaction with other Key Leader graduates offers continuing reinforcement, encouragement and growth of leadership skills. This year Key Leader is taking place at Camp Wawbeek in Wisconsin Dells from September 19-21. Registration is open to all young leaders under the age of 21. The registration cost is $175, but if you are worried about the funds, you can contact Key Leader Chairperson Gail Pachucki at and she will help find alternatives for funds. There are plenty of grants provided by our own Kiwanis Clubs here in Wisconsin Upper Michigan to assist with getting young adults to participate in a one-of-a-kind leadership weekend. This is one of the most amazing weekends you will have and there is so much to gain. Register now and if you have any questions, please contact Gail or myself at I look forward to seeing you there.



As we come to the end of the 2013-2014 Circle K year, we want to celebrate the accomplishments of our senior members who will be graduating in either May or December 2014, and moving on to bigger and better things. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2014!


Lizzie Anderson, Marquette University

Sara Bernardy, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Major: Biomechanical Engineering with a minor in biological sciences Next Steps: Peace Corps teaching position in Guinea Words of Advice: "Never give up, never surrender" -Galaxy Quest

Majors: Human Development and Psychology Next Steps: Looking for a job to gain experience and then potentially grad school to get my masters in counseling. Words of Advice: “Don't think that you're unable to make a difference. Everything volunteer job no matter how small makes a difference to somebody and for them it may be a big deal. Keep in mind my favorite quote, "What lies before us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sherri Biendarra, Milwaukee School of Engineering Major: BioMolecular Engineering with minors in Chemistry and Math Next Steps: Mayo Graduate School Ph.D. program in Molecular Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Words of Advice: Take advantage of all opportunities you are presented with to develop yourself personally and professionally. You never know what will happen until you try!


Shelby Campbell, Alverno College

Emily Condon, Alverno College

Major: Interactive Media Design Working hopefully in Milwaukee Next Steps: Words of Advice: Try something new no matter what grade, age (mental or physical) you are. Just try something new!

Major: Elementary to Middle School Education Next Steps: Applying to any and every school in Wisconsin Words of Advice: Do better than you think you can do. You can accomplish more that way.

Elizabeth Crawford, Milwaukee School of Engineering Major: Construction Management with a Business Management minor Next Steps: Project Manager at Michels Corporation! Words of Advice: Smile all the time!!!! It is contagious!!!!

Sarah Dreifke, University of Wisconsin-Madison Majors: Dietetics and Life Sciences Communication Next Steps: Dietetic Internship and an MS Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics to become an RD Words of Advice: Find something you love doing and keep doing it!


Melissa Esser, Northern Michigan University Major: Psychology/Behavior Analysis with minors in Human Group Services and Sociology Next Steps: After graduating from NMU in May, I will be going to Graduate school for a Masters degree in Behavior Analysis. I will either be attending a school in downstate Michigan or a school in Massachusetts (currently still trying to decide!) Words of Advice: It's important to give back to the community in which you live. People that decide to give back are the ones bettering the community. After living in Marquette and seeing the impact you can make, I will forever try to help my community (wherever I end up!)  

Alex Folz, Milwaukee School of Engineering Major: Mechanical Engineering Next Steps: Still figuring this out; more than likely attending graduate school for mechanical engineering but we'll see where the cards fall! Words of Advice: “So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they're busy doing things they think are important. This is because they're chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.” ― Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie

Sarah Fonger, University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Majors: International Studies with minors in Business Administration and Political Science Next Steps: Taking a year off of school to hopefully work in non-profit and then hopefully going to grad school for either Non-Profit Management or Youth Development. Words of Advice: My words of advice are to follow your heart wherever it may lead you. The experiences you have in college will shape you for your future so take advantage of everything that comes your way. 11

Nicolaus Galles, Edgewood College

Taryn Grisham, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Major: Business (emphasis in Management) with minors in Economics, French and Communications Next Steps: HR/Finance career opportunity post-Graduation Words of Advice: Treasurers are leaders too! #NotMad

Majors: Journalism (Strategic Communication & Reporting), German with a Certificate in Leadership Next Steps: Joining Kiwanis wherever I find a job! Words of Advice: College is a time to experience; so do not sell yourself short of any opportunity that lets you try something new. Introduce yourself to that person down the hall, join that student org, apply for that internship, go on that trip - because four years goes by really fast and you don't want to look back and consider all of the "what ifs."


Betsy Henderson, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Majors: Dual Education Degree-Regular and Special Education: Grades 1st-8th Next Steps: Finding a teaching job in my hometown and joining my hometown Kiwanis Words of Advice: College is a time for learning and fun. Becoming a part of Circle K has changed who I am and will change every person that you are able to get to join. Make sure to make the most of your time at college. I heard at a presentation to "Live, and Let Live" and it is stuck with me ever since. Be you, serve, and have fun.


Katie Hobbs, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Hal Holmes, Michigan Technological University

Majors: English and Philosophy Next Steps: I’m job searching now, hoping to work for a few years. After that, I’d like to go back to school! Words of Advice: Get out of your comfort zone and experience life! Also, be nice to people. It makes life far more pleasant.

Majors: Biomedical and Electrical Engineering Next Steps: Graduate School in Biomedical Engineering Words of Advice: Slotted spoons don’t hold much soup.

Chris Hoffman, University of Wisconsin-Madison Major: Person Finance Next Steps: Taking a job as an associate in the Fox Cities for a financial planning firm. Hopefully passing the CFP exam, and becoming a financial planner myself. Words of Advice: No one can live your life better than you can, so go live it up.


Sara Hujar, Northern Michigan University Major: Entertainment and Sports Promotion with a minor in Marketing Next Steps: Extending my stay in Marquette and at NMU by pursuing a MBA and hopefully working as a Graduate Assistant. The summer months in Marquette are just too enchanting to leave right away. Words of Advice: Follow your heart and make your own mark on the world. I was completely prepared to enter workforce after May until I realized there was still so much I had to offer to the Marquette community. It took me a while to decide what the best decision was for me, but I finally took some time to reflect and realized that my heart was still in Marquette.

Kelly Kloth, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Major: Early Adolescent-Adolescent Broad Field Social Studies Education Next Steps: Find a job teaching 6-12th grade in an urban setting! Words of Advice: "Look at everything you do as a learning experience. Keep an open mind, think positive and never forget to take time to help others even if it is just taking time to see how somebody is doing."

Laura Killingsworth, University of Wisconsin-Madison Major: Rehabilitation Psychology Next Steps: Looking to do a long-term internship abroad before entering the “real world” Words of Wisdom: Take time to remind yourself about why you love to serve others; it will always motivate you!


Emily Lingeman, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Kelli McCabe, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Major: Biochemistry Next Steps: Ph.D program in Biochemistry Words of Advice: If an opportunity presents itself, just go for it. You never know where it will take you.

Majors: Sociology (and almost Communication Arts) Next Steps: Currently have no idea what future me is doing, fingers-crossed for ending up in Sales. Fallback: Making my Disney Sing-it Super Star abilities into a career. Words of Advice: Let your freak-flag fly, no matter how large and in charge it may be. Best way to live life; fully and with no regrets. Have fun with it!

Sarah Nolan, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Major: Social Work with minors is special education and communicative disorders. Next Steps: My plan is to get some social work experience and then go to grad school for School social work. Words of Advice: My suggestion for you is to never give up even if you are denied something you wanted there are always different opportunities to try. You don’t realize how much you have learned through Circle K for your future until it is time for you to go out into the real world.


Kirsti Pajunen, Milwaukee School of Engineering

Dalton Robaidek, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Major: Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics Next Steps: Graduate school for PhD in Aerospace Engineering Words of Advice: Don't be afraid to make major changes in your life. It may seem scary and daunting at first, but it could end up being the best decision

Majors: International Economics and Foreign Policy Next Steps: Next step is to get a "big person job" and be super rich and successful. Words of Advice: Study, but have fun. These four years go by far too quickly.

Briana Tucker, Michigan Technological University Tyler Tiegs, Milwaukee School of Engineering Major: Computer Engineering Next Steps: Full time employment Words of Advice: Try something new.

Major: Communication, Culture, and Media Studies Next Steps: Graduate school at Indiana University of Pennsylvania for Student Affairs Words of Advice: Do what you’re drawn to, and not what drives you.


Jeff Verhoeven, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Allison Verre, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Majors: Risk Management/Insurance and Economics Next Steps: Underwriter Trainee for Great American Insurance in Cincinnati Words of Advice: Work hard, but play harder.

Majors: Biology and Criminal Justice Next Steps: Applying to crime labs to hopefully be a forensic analyst one day, Words of Advice: Never doubt yourself, things will work out in the most unexpected ways, but be true to yourself during your journey through college.

Amy Yan, University of Wisconsin-Madison Major: Biochemistry with a Certificate in Global Cultures Next Steps: Taking a gap year while applying to medical school! Words of Advice: Don’t be afraid to take risks! College is about meeting new people, making connections, and learning about yourself. Find your passion!


Set your sights to the future with CKI

51st Annual W-UM CKI District Convention (DCON) Green Bay, WI March 14-16, 2014

CKI Service Week Worldwide March 30 – April 5, 2014

Circle K International New Year! Worldwide April 1, 2014

UW-Madison’s Shake, Rattle & Roll: A Benefit for Babies Concert Madison, WI April 3, 2014


Kiwanis One Day Celebration Worldwide April 5, 2014

Spring Fling Camp Wawbeek April 25-27, 2014

CKIx Early Bird Registration Deadline Worldwide May 1, 2014

UW-Green Bay’s Benefit for Kanisha Flemming Green Bay, WI May 3, 2014


Awards Announcement:   International  Awards    

By Laura Killingsworth We are in full swing at District Convention! Awards have been sent in, voted for and will be presented this evening. While recognition at the district level is extremely impressive, your club can take it to he next level! International Award applications have been released and are now available for submission. Here is the list of International Awards available for the 2013-2014 year: The Club Achievement Award is designed to recognize and honor those CKI clubs that have excelled in all aspects of club operation. The Club Newsletter Award is designed to recognize and honor those Circle K clubs that produce a high-quality newsletter and update it on a regular basis, providing an effective communication tool for the club and its members. The Club T-Shirt Award is designed to award those clubs that reach excellence in club T-shirt design and distribution. Many clubs create T-shirts and use them to promote the ideals of Circle K International, their home club, and/or their school. Such clubs should be recognized for their work. The Club Video Award is designed to recognize and honor clubs that produce a high-quality video that promotes all aspects of Circle K International. The Club Website Award is designed to recognize and honor those Circle K clubs that produce a high quality website and update it on a regular basis, thus providing an effective communication tool for the club and its members. The Non-Traditional Club Scrapbook Award is designed to recognize and honor those Circle K clubs that produce a high-quality scrapbook chronicling the activities of their Circle K club. Scrapbooks are non-traditional if they are larger than 18” by 27” or not in book form. The Traditional Club Scrapbook Award is designed to recognize and honor those Circle K clubs that produce a high-quality scrapbook chronicling the activities of their Circle K club. A traditional scrapbooks is in book form, smaller than 18” by 27”. The Outstanding Kiwanis Family Relations Award is designed to recognize and honor those Circle K clubs that have participated in activities and events to enhance Kiwanis Family relations. The Circle K International Preferred Charities/Service Partners Award is designed to recognize clubs who organize and perform outstanding projects focused towards the Circle K International Preferred Charities: Better World Books, March of Dimes, Students Team Up to Fight Hunger and UNICEF’s Six Cents Initiative. The ELIMINATE Project Award is designed to recognize clubs who organize and perform outstanding projects focused towards the ELIMINATE Project. Some of these awards may look familiar to you. Many of the district awards have been modeled after the ones given out at International Convention. This will make the applications even easier for your and your club to fill out. So what are you waiting for? Get applying! The applications need to be postmarked by June 1st, 2014. For more information about applying for international awards, please visit the Circle K International website at


2013-14 Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Circle K

District Goals Update – February 2014

CURRENT: 644 members 93% of our goal


CURRENT: 13,245.85 hours 75.69% of our goal


CURRENT: $255.15 20% of our goal



CURRENT: $4,712.22 85.68% of our goal


CURRENT: $5,508.79 61.21% of our goal


CURRENT: $3,600 65% of our goal

2013-14 Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Circle K

District Goals Update – March 2014

GOAL: 130 attendees

GOAL: 15 attendees

GOAL: 15 attendees

ACTUAL: 113 attendees

ACTUAL: 13 attendees

ACTUAL: 13 attendees

87% of our goal

87% of our goal

87% of our goal






GOAL: 50 attendees

GOAL: 175 attendees

GOAL: 150 attendees

ACTUAL: 37 attendees

ACTUAL: 62 attendees

ACTUAL: 93 attendees

74% of our goal

35% of our goal

62% of our goal








2013-14 Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Circle K

District Goals Update – March 2014

GOAL: 150 attendees

GOAL: 150 attendees

GOAL: 35 attendees

ACTUAL: 78 attendees

ACTUAL: 213 attendees

ACTUAL: 37 attendees

52% of our goal

142% of our goal

106% of our goal







GOAL: 200 attendees ACTUAL: 168 84% of our goal



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2013-14 Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Circle K District Board Directory

District Governor Lena Scheibengraber Alverno College 6301A W. Lakefield Drive Milwaukee, WI 53219 414-418-9779

Lakes Lieutenant Governor Katie Hobbs University of Wisconsin-Green Bay 2136 Klondike Road Green Bay, WI 54311 262-515-5375

Kiwanis Family Chair Elizabeth Henderson University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh 14208 58th Road Sturtevant, WI 53177 262-902-2064

District Secretary Briana Tucker Michigan Technological University 301 Isle Royale St., Apt. 2 Houghton, MI 49931 313-910-0304

Metro Lieutenant Governor Lizzie Anderson Marquette University 1311 W Kilbourn Avenue, Apt. M Milwaukee, WI 53233 509-378-4183

Membership, Development & Growth Chair Kelly Kloth University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee 4442 N Oakland Ave., Apt. 8 Milwaukee, WI 53211 414-469-1066

District Treasurer Nicolaus Galles Edgewood College 1725 Madison St. #2 Madison, WI 53711 212-295-5204

Southeast Lieutenant Governor Shannon Thiesenhusen University of Wisconsin-Parkside 6409 N. Tichigan Rd Waterford, WI 53185 262-492-8626

Special Events Chair Emily Condon Alverno College 2131 N 118th St Wauwatosa, WI 53226 414-403-9744

District Bulletin Editor Taryn Grisham University of Wisconsin-Madison 1002 Spring Street, Apt. P Madison, WI 53715 262-271-2620

Superior Lieutenant Governor Hal Holmes Michigan Technological University 504 Shelden Ave Apt#2 Houghton, Michigan 49931 989-751-7958

Asst. DCON Chair Lizzy Johnson University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Capital Lieutenant Governor Monica Wang University of Wisconsin –Madison 1021 Fahrenrook Court   Madison, WI 53715 608-239-5707 Chippewa Lieutenant Governor Matthew Bowe University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire 325 Towers South, 642 University Dr. Eau Claire, WI 54701 715-933-2404

Awards, Regulations & History Chair Laura Killingsworth University of Wisconsin-Madison 202 Marion Street, #3 Madison, WI 53703 920-382-4425 District Convention Chair Sara Hujar Northern Michigan University 2972 Cedarville Dr., Apt. 3 Marquette, MI 49855 607-242-1744


Asst. Special Events Chair Emily Krueger University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

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Circle of Sharing - March 2014  

The March 2014 issue of the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Circle K District's Official Bulletin, the Circle of Sharing.