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MARKET ENTRY EUROPEAN MARKET POTENTIAL FOR ESSENTIAL OILS Aromatherapy products including essential oils are gaining popularity in Europe. Growing awareness regarding the benefits of aromatherapy at home and the shift to more natural and green ways to improve and maintain health could be reasons for this surge in popularity. As a result, the demand for essential oils is increasing in Europe. It is expected that this trend will continue, as essential oils offer many beneficial properties and can be used as a complementary treatment to conventional healing methods. What makes Europe an interesting market for essential oils? There is a growing demand for niche essential oils in the fragrance and personal care industries. Consumers are demanding high-quality natural products in the European market. The global luxury perfume market was valued at US$11.7 billion in 2018, expected to grow by a compound annual growth rate of 5.3% to reach US$16.8 billion in 2026. Increasing consumer preference for glamour, style, fashion and fragrance are key drivers for growth. Other drivers include the high purchasing power of target consumers and the high presence of luxury brands across the market. Artisanal and niche fragrances are also on the rise. They are perceived to be of higher quality, as they use a greater concentration of extracts. Growth is driven by the consumer demand for natural highquality products in Europe. According to Market Data Forecast, the global natural fragrances market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of around 5% to reach US$39 billion in 2025.


Essential oils are mostly commonly used in cosmetic products such as fragrances, skincare products, haircare products and toiletries. There is a growing market for natural and organic cosmetics in Europe; the market was valued at EUR€3.64 billion in 2018. Ecovia Intelligence projects the market to grow at a healthy rate in the coming years. The consumer demand for cosmetics and toiletries which avoid contentious chemicals is expected to fuel market growth. This healthy growth rate corresponds to a robust demand for natural ingredients, providing opportunities for potential suppliers in developing countries. The demand for aromatherapy products in Europe is also growing, as consumers are looking for alternative ways to treat health conditions. Essential oils have a wide range of properties such as stress-relief, anti-bacterial, soothing, refreshing and invigorating. They can be used to treat or alleviate symptoms of conditions such as indigestion, stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression and eczema. There is a growing trend towards more natural ways of treatment as opposed to conventional medicine. European consumers use alternative healing modalities in a complementary way alongside conventional medicine. This trend generates a demand for essential oils in Europe. The graph to the right outlines the intraand extra-EU imports of essential oils to Europe, 2015-2019. It shows that there has been a slight dip in the import of essential oils and oleoresin between 2015 and 2019. However, several reports suggest that the import value has increased. The majority of essential oils are used by the food industry.

Title Higher priced essential oils are usually used in the perfumer and personal care industries. Fragrances, cosmetics, and aromatherapy generate about one-third of the demand of essential oils according to the European Federation of Essential Oils.

Which European countries offer the most opportunities for essential oils? The countries that offer the most opportunities for suppliers of essential oils, especially patchouli and frankincense, are France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, UK and Italy. These countries are the largest importers of other essential oils. France, Germany, and the UK have the largest consumer markets for cosmetics as well as fragrances. Data published by Eurostat in 2019 shows that Germany is the leading European importer of essential oils (HS code 3301), followed by the Netherlands and France. Germany and France are the leading importers in the case of other essential oils (HS code 330129) as well.

Source: Eurostat, Imports of essential oils (HS code 3301) to the EU, 2015–2019

The graph above shows the imports of other essential oils (HS code 330129*) to the EU from 2015 to 2019. This category includes essential oils other than citrus, excluding peppermint and other mint essential oils. Frankincense (HS code 33012941) and patchouli (HS code 3301295129) are two examples of oils included in this category. Generally, these are high-value oils used in products such as cosmetics and perfumes. The graph below shows the volume of imports to Europe decreased by 7.7% from 2015 to 2019. However, over the same period, the value of imports to Europe increased by 21.6% because of growing demand for high-value essential oils. In 2019, more than 42% of imported essential oils came from intra-EU trade, a slight increase from 2015.

Germany •

Leading European importer of essential oils.

Between 2015 and 2019 the volume of German imports declined 1.3%. However, the value of essential oil imports increased by 26.2% during this period.

In 2019, Germany’s imports of essential oils from outside of the European Union reached 34.1%, an increase of 1.5% from 2015.

Essential oils with HS code 330129 accounted for 15.5% of the total volume imported to Germany in 2019.

The value of high-quality essential oils has increased, thus making it an attractive market for exporters of essential oils in developing countries.

Germany has the largest natural and organic cosmetics market in Europe, valued at €1.3 billion in 2018.

Leading importers of essential oils in Germany include SanaBio and Atriplex. SanaBio specialises in organic essential oils.

Germany has a significant cosmetics and perfume industry, with fragrance sales reaching €2.6 billion in 2019. Source: Eurostat, German imports of essential oils (HS code 3301 and 330129), 2015–2019

Source: Eurostat, Imports of other essential oils (HS code 330129) to the EU, 2015–2019


France •

France is a leading European importer of essential oils in terms of both volume and value.

Rise in the imports of essential oils from 2015 to 2019.

In 2019, 36% percent of essential oils imported to France came from other European countries, an increase of 9.1% from 2015.

Essential oils with HS code 330129 accounts for 41.1% of France’s total essential oils imports. In terms of value, this share is nearly 70%.

Increasing French imports of essential oils in volume and value means France offers good opportunities to exporters of essential oils from developing countries.

France has a significant fragrance industry which achieved revenues of US$2.3 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow by a compound annual growth rate of 1.1% until 2025.

This share has increased in the last few years and is expected to continue in the coming years.

The increasing volume and value of essential oil imported mainly from outside of the European Union makes the Netherlands an attractive market for exporters in developing countries.

Has a growing market for natural and organic cosmetics, valued at €66 million in 2018 and growing every year.

The Netherlands is an important re-exporter of raw materials, such as essential oils, to other European countries thanks to its strategic position as an entry point for raw materials.

The Netherlands is expected to remain an important importer of essential oils from developing countries.

Important traders of essential oils include IMCD and De Lange. Source: Eurostat ,Dutch imports of essential oils (HS code 3301 and 330129), 2015–2019

Source: Eurostat, French imports of essential oils (HS code 3301 and 330129), 2015–2019

Netherlands •

Significant European importer of essential oils.

Between 2015 and 2019 the volume and value of Dutch imports of essential oils increased.

Volume increased by nearly 106% while value increased by almost 206%.

In 2019, essential oils imported from outside of the European Union had a share of nearly 84%, a drop of more than 4% percent from 2015.

Essential oils with HS code 330129 accounts for more than 12%.


Spain •

The volume and value of Spanish imports declined between 2015 and 2019.

Essential oils imports from outside of the EU accounted for a 66.4% share of Spanish imports in 2019, a 13.2% decrease from 2015.

Essential oils with HS code 330129 account for nearly 44% of the total volume and more than 65% of the total value of essential oils imported to Spain.

The Spanish natural and organic cosmetics market was valued at €69 million in 2018.

Spain’s fragrance industry achieved revenues of more than US$1.3 billion in 2020, and is expected to grow by a compound annual growth rate of 3.5% to 2025. Source: Eurostat ,Dutch imports of essential oils (HS code 3301 and 330129), 2015–2019

Title UK •

UK imports of essential oils declined in terms of volume and value between 2015 and 2019.

The volume of imported essential oils shrank by 24.8% while value decreased by 12.7% over this period.

The share of essential oils imported from outside the EU was 67.2% in 2019, an increase of 3.2% from 2015.

Essential oils with HS code 330129 make up 24% of the total volume.

The total sales value of fragrances in the UK was estimated at £1.74 billion.

Although the volume and value of UK imports of essential oils dropped from 2015 to 2019, the demand for essential oils for personal care products is expected to grow.

However, Brexit is likely to disrupt the supply chains for raw materials.

Competitive Landscape The Europe Essential Oils Market has some of the prominent players operating namely Young Living Essential Oils, Rocky Mountain Oils, LLC, Robertet SA, Givaudan, Sensient Technologies Corporation, and the Eden Garden among others. Owing to advancements in technology and cost of capital the entry barriers are high and are likely to maintain low competition among industry participants. In terms of strategy, major players are vying on new product development, with intensive focus on R&D that will enable them to establish a strong hold in the European market.

Source: Eurostat ,British imports of essential oils (HS code 3301 and 330129), 2015–2019

Italy •

Italian imports of essential oils increased in volume and value between 2019 and 2015.

The volume of imports grew by 29.5% while value increased by 22.9% over this period.

In 2019, 13.4% of Italian imports of essential oils came from outside the EU, a 3.6% drop from 2015.

Essential oils under HS code 330129 accounts for nearly 32% of the total volume imported.

Most essential oils imported to Italy come from within the EU.

Italy has the fourth-largest cosmetics market in Europe, valued at €10.1 billion in 2019.

Italy has the third-largest natural and organic cosmetics market in Europe, valued at €425 million in 2018.

Source: Mondor Intelligence

A strategy for sales into the EU markets is essential. While these dominant industry players continue to evolve, the competition among market newcomers is growing. Like all attractive opportunities a strong business strategy and export plan is essential.

Source: Eurostat ,Italian imports of essential oils (HS code 3301 and 330129), 2015–2019


COVER STORY BUSINESS IS A CONTACT SPORT A sit down with World Trade Center Dublin’s Executive Director, David Pierce With a vast portfolio of international business experience, it is without a doubt that the World Trade Center Dublin’s Executive Director, David Pierce, is a fierce driving force behind the work in helping Irish businesses grow beyond the borders of the Emerald Isle. From assisting young companies in strategizing their export plan, providing unique and tailored opportunities in the enormous China market, and connecting mature exporters to big-box retailers in the U.S., the WTC Dublin certainly has not lacked in activity throughout the pandemic.

projects with vital operational elements that have resulted in thriving commercial and residential buildings. Drew operates the second-largest building in the U.S., the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, the hub of international activity in the capital of the U.S. The WTC Dublin provides trade services from its Today, we took a few minutes to get a location in Dublin’s Merrion Square. As a glimpse behind the minds of our operation result, these developments actively play a in hopes of sharing some inspiration on how part in the economic development of the our small business is growing alongside regions in their regions. Ireland’s expanding SME community. To start with some background, the WTC Dublin is an initiative that began just across the pond in Boston, Massachusetts, and amidst the global community of the World Trade Centers Association, which spans over 100 countries. The WTC Dublin is a family-owned real estate development company, the Drew Company. And yes, the family has deep roots in Ireland and has never strayed far from their origins. The Drew Company, best known for the development of Boston’s Seaport District with the WTC Boston and Seaport Complex, has always melded their building

Mr. Pierce, can you tell us a little about your journey as an international business executive? I started as a CPA out of college, which quickly led me into Corporate Banking at Ulster Bank, where I was in corporate lending. I then moved into asset-based lending and the international business world. Under the NatWest International umbrella for Ulster Bank, my role was to sell Ireland internationally but primarily into the U.S. Back then, the FDI coming into Ireland was industrial and manufacturing principally.


My focus was to see what other segments would be attracted to and benefit from locating in Ireland. As we see today, the opportunities were in the tech, financial services, and life sciences business sectors that understood the importance and significance of Ireland’s unique positioning in the European market and the perfect location for a company’s European hub. Ireland had some international presence with Intel and Digital Corporation and a few software companies in the past. In the last ten years, Ireland has solidified our status as the best place to establish a European presence. Today, we have most of the dominant global businesses, including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Air BnB, major medical tech, pharmaceuticals, and many more.

As my U.S. network expanded, it was not long before I was introduced to the Drew Family, starting with their patriarch, John E. Drew. We were of like minds: we both loved to work very hard, and we both value family above all. It was not a difficult connection to make and introduced me to the business of World Trade Centers and understanding this international organization that today has over 300 trade centers in over 100 countries. When the conversation of activating the Drew Company’s WTC Dublin license and its complimenting online platform WebPort Global, I couldn’t think of a better business organization to introduce into Ireland and our SMEs, and I quickly got involved. What words of advice do you have for an owner/manager of an SME who wants to move his business to the next level?

When we were strategizing about how best to introduce WTC Dublin to Ireland as an international business support organization, one of the areas that we saw as an opportunity was on the export side and specifically for SMEs, especially after the market collapse in 2008-2009. There were many avenues of support for businesses coming into Ireland. Still, the support for SMEs to expand into international markets or even understand the basics of exporting was an area where we saw a great need. We found immediate opportunities in the food and drink sectors around the world and have seen growth in this sector and categories such as apparel, beauty, and home goods. Due to my involvement in bringing investment The WTC Dublin focuses on opportunities into Ireland, I have always appreciated that get a product(s) onto shelves. The the value of business relationships. I was process takes time, patience, and tight appointed President of the Dublin Chamber margins; however, the reward in volume is of Commerce from 2004 to 2005. We ran superbly higher and one that any brand with quite a few critical trade missions that a product needs to consider to grow. brought Irish and Northern Irish businesses and representatives together with those of If your company is established locally with Boston and Chicago through the Chamber. a good product and solid investment, my I also got an Irish company, NetWatch, a advice is to work with WTC Dublin. best-in-class proactive video monitoring solutions provider, into the U.S. with their North American Headquarters in Newton, Massachusetts. ________9

Brazil, 97 million in Vietnam. Secondly, successful businesses have all gone international out of Ireland. Many large Irish companies started their expansion in the U.S. If you are in the food industry, this is a powerful category for Irish businesses. While the competition may be significant, Ireland is known for its very green culture, including healthy well-sourced foods. Likewise, the international attraction and Our business services help Irish SMEs demand are high in the drinks industry, overcome barriers to trade in an efficient especially Irish Whiskey. We have seen and accelerated process that will help tremendous growth in inquiries, especially them through trade difficulties. If not from the Eastern European and Asian the WTC Dublin, make sure that you markets, regarding Irish Whiskey. are spending the time to receive sound advice, relevant resources for education, What is your view of alternative finance and the right contacts that will help you be options for SMEs looking to export? successful. Lean on organizations like ours dedicated to bringing wins, expanding If you are going to grow your business, you networks, and infusing innovative ideas need funding and finance. Of course, the and opportunities to your business. Do cheapest financing is getting a loan from not embark on an export strategy alone, a family, but that doesn’t always happen. especially into the U.S. market. You will The critical thing to think about with quickly find that you lack marketing investment is how much equity you are resources, legal advice, and the ability willing to give away with the investment. to efficiently move products across Most businesses have found a way to give the ocean to a market that genuinely equity but maintain business control. Is is 50 unique markets covering land far it better to have small shareholders and more extensive than Ireland’s. And most maintain value or significant shareholders importantly, remember that it takes a risk with a loss of equity? With venture capital (VC) funding, the interest rates currently to gain a reward. are nil, and cash is abundantly around The other advice I would give an Irish with VCs looking to spend; however, for SME owner is to tell your story. One of the SMEs, I caution this space as VCs look for unique differentiators of Ireland’s SMEs their fair share of the return. is the deep history and roots of many of your businesses that go back a few centuries. The historical story coupled with the present-day product is truly a gem that more companies should utilize when marketing their brand globally.

Why should Irish businesses enter into new markets? First and foremost, the size of the market. Ireland’s population is 5 million, compared to 330 million in the U.S., 212 million in

Crowdfunding is an acceptable form of financing; however, for a small business, the initial set up costs may be expensive. With conventional banking options, international invoice financing or invoice discounting is an available option, and trade financing and export financing. However, it would be best if you made sure all your documentation is in place not to jeopardize your funding with these options.

How do networks help a business grow? From my experience, it is all about networking. Business is a contact sport; without contact, you are not making the right connections to achieve a successful goal. Having the right connections with like minds that work together to achieve milestones and goals is the most successful way forward.

Going back to investments, there are a few schemes that Irish businesses have used, such as the Employment Investment Incentive Scheme (EIIS), which allows up to €2m in investment from various shareholders investing in your business with a tax break that gets paid back in time. If you are looking at project finance capital expenditure, go to conventional banking. If you are looking for working capital to grow the business, look at the alternatives, i.e., investment or invoice discounting.

If you are just getting started and need to expand your network, start with your local Chamber, local business groups, accounting bodies, legal bodies, and industry-specific organizations. The World Trade Center again is also an excellent global network. For example, the trade centers in France are also all chambers of commerce in their regions. In contrast, many others are government-affiliated trade centers that act as their economic development arm. These are all excellent connections to have when building your business and essential if you are looking to expand into new markets.


MARKET ENTRY GLOBAL CIDER MARKET POTENTIAL Cider is one of Ireland’s most popular and favourite alcoholic beverages, associated closely with beer gardens and socialising. There is a wide selection of cider brands on offer, from both craft cider producers and well-established brands, scattered throughout the country.

and more refreshing especially during summer. Various cider manufacturers such as ACE Cider and Crispin Cider Co. claim that most of their cider is naturally glutenfree because cider comes directly from apples, which contain zero gluten. This rise in demand for gluten-free products Apple cider accounted for the majority of is due to the rising instances of glutensales in 2020, followed by pear flavour and intolerance associated with celiac disease other fruit-based flavours, which include and increased knowledge of consuming options such as strawberry and raspberries. quality food and beverage. To gain more interest, producers of the Additionally, gluten-free beverages are cider/perry are experimenting with believed to improve cholesterol levels different apple varieties to come up with and promote digestive health. Thus, new product innovations in flavour and consumers are inclined towards natural sophistication. and nutrient-based drinks, which provide One of the reasons accounted for the health benefits and immunization. Health growth of this category is the inclination attributes are particularly important in of the younger population towards developed countries, where consumers the beverage. According to studies are willing to pay a premium price for conducted, people aged between 18 to products with more health benefits. 34 were the prominent drinkers of fruit cider which accounted for around 50% of Market Size overall consumption in 2018. Research done by Calugar (2021) The Global Cider market is also forecasted notes that the global cider production to witness a Compound Annual Growth is constantly growing. The world’s most Rate (CAGR) of 6.12% during the forecast important cider consumption areas are period (2020 - 2025). According to the Western Europe (55.7%), Africa and North market forecast, the global cider industry America (12% each), Australia (8%) and is anticipated to be driven by several Eastern Europe (6.4%). The UK is by far factors, with a significant factor being the world leader in cider consumption. the rising consumer inclination towards low alcoholic beverages. Moreover, the The graph below shows the leading increasing prevalence of gluten allergens markets for Cider between the years 2014is also likely to upsurge the growth of cider 2019. in North America and Europe. Reports suggest that a growing number of alcohol consumers prefer cider over a beer as it is gluten-free, often sweeter,



Source: The European Cider & Fruit Wine Association, 2020; * Including Somersby which is Apple Beer Drink in Poland

In 2019, the European region dominated the Cider Market in terms of revenue with a market share of 39% owing towards increasing consumer base for the cider in this region. This growth can be attributed towards the changing living standards of the population, coupled with increasing per capita income of consumers in this region. Moreover, the rise in the number of bars, pubs, and restaurants that serve cider coupled with increased disposable incomes of consumers in this region. The increasing awareness about the health and availability of gluten-free products are key factors in the growth of the Cider market in this region. Asia Pacific is estimated to record the fastest growth rate during the forecast period 2020-2025.

Considering Eastern European countries, the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovenia recently reached the highest increase in Packaging cider consumption of 121.13%, 117.6% and The global cider packaging market is 53.68%, respectively (ibid.) segmented on the basis of material type into glass bottles, metal cans, plastic bottles, cardboard and wooden cluster Segment Analysis – packaging. Among these segments, For Apple Cider glass bottles are expected to dominate the global cider packaging market. Glass By Type bottles are the traditional technique In 2019, Apple Cider segment dominated to store alcohol thus is widely used the Cider Market in terms of revenue is for storing and packaging of cider. estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.56%. Apple cider is a refreshing alternative that satisfies the variation in day-to-day taste preferences of consumers.


MARKET ENTRY Various lucrative and innovative packaging techniques have been adopted by the organizations indulged in cider packaging. It is also perceived that packaging of cider in bottles leads to taste conservation of the beverage. Market research also shows that cider is either supplied on draft to on-trade distribution channels or packaged in cans or bottles of six packs, four packs, and singles for sale in different off-trade distribution channels. The expansion of can ciders is also being supported due to the emerging trend of craft branding and quality drinks. Moreover, reports suggest that cans cool down faster compared to glass and are infinitely recyclable, thus, supporting sustainable growth.

Challenges •

High Sugar Content

Cider is high in sugar, a result of the fermentation and is high in carbohydrates, which are the challenging factors for the Cider Market.

Segment Analysis – For Apple Cider Vinegar By Distribution Channel •


Traditional grocery stores

Online channels

Other discount retailers and convenience stores

In 2020, the hypermarket/supermarket held the major shares due to the wide Drivers availability of different product ranges. Additionally, the shopping infrastructure of • Rise In Preference For Low these mass merchandisers provides ease Alcohol Beverages of shopping experience to consumers. • Demand for gluten-free Market forecasts also suggest that the products growing availability of cider vinegar The growth of the global cider through convenience stores and online market is driven by high demand retailers are likely to boost the growth of for gluten-free drinks and rise these channels in the future. in preference for low alcohol beverages. Rising urbanization and influence of western lifestyle Drivers among the population is fuelling • Health benefits associated with the t h e m a r ke t ’s g row t h . Th e cider vinegar consumption could natural and fruit base of cider is increase the demand further supporting the market • Increase in the development of expansion. Consumer preference commercial product and its application is shifting towards microbreweries in many industries to support growth producing specialty beverages compared to mass-produced beverages, a further factor driving growth. ________14

Restraining Factor •

that can be as versatile in use as possible. Negative health effects due to the Some of the key players in the market are prolonged consumption of apple cider Golden Valley Vinegar, Bragg, Dynamic Health, and Kevala produces fresh raw vinegar organic apple cider vinegar.

Competitive Landscape

REFERENCES reports/5205560/republic-of-ireland-beer-andcider-market report cider-market-industry Cider_Trends_2020.pdf vinegar-market-105136

Source: Mordor Intelligence, 2021

The global cider market is fragmented, due to the presence of numerous regional and global players. Key players, such as Heineken N.V., Carlsberg Breweries A/S, and C&C Group Plc are using product innovation as a key strategy to expand their product portfolio and increase their market share. The key players are also embarking on expansions, mergers, and acquisitions as one of their key strategies to achieve consolidation and optimize their offerings. Moreover, these players merge with local players to gain dominance in the local markets. The market for Apple Cider Vinegar is highly fragmented with the strong presence of various global and regional key players operating in the market. The companies that are leading the market presently strive to come up with products



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Providing efficient and flexible import and export service to clients in Ireland since 1997

UPCOMING TRAINING Training is important because it represents a good opportunity for everyone within a company to grow their knowledge base and improve their job skills to become more effective in the workplace. Despite the cost of training, the return on investment is immense if it is consistent. Below you will find some upcoming training opportunities you may be interested in. SUBHEAD XXXXX

Introductory Certificate in Bookkeeping using Big Red Cloud

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This practical, certified course with 12 weeks’ access to Big Red Cloud gives you a strong foundation in Bookkeeping Principles using practical worked examples and realto-life case studies. You will also be introduced to VAT and RCT as well the key skill of Cash Budgeting.

24th February 2022 12.30 – 14.00 GMT

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This session is designed for those who have not used Excel in a long time or are intermittent users and would like to refresh their key skills in Excel.



This is a 1-hour session on how to set up your slides to present online and increase engagement using both Zoom and Microsoft Teams. An ideal one hour webinar for companies selling abroad who want to improve their pitch. FIND OUT MORE


MEMBER SPOTLIGHT In this issue we sit down with Jennifer Rock, the CEO of Skingredients Tell us about your background before setting up Skingredients?

What do you enjoy about running your own business?

My passion for skincare began at the age of thirteen. I was an acne-prone teenager and was treated to a facial at a beauty salon as a birthday present. The experience opened my eyes to the vast array of treatments available and enabled me to take some control back when my skin wasn’t behaving in the way that made me feel comfortable in my own skin. I worked for free at a salon whilst I was still at school, and this inspired me to commit to working in the skincare sector.

I am most motivated by learning and whilst being a founder and CEO does bring challenges, it is enlightening to surround myself with people that are experts in various fields, which allows me to amalgamate and bring together their knowledge and insight, with a view to progressing this brand.

I adore what I do and running the business is my passion. Because it is my lifelong goal, I am continuously motivated and driven to evolve the brands. It is important to stay true to our goals as a team and I look forward After becoming a facialist and working in to bringing the next phase of our projects the industry, my desire to learn motivated to fruition. me to empower others via education. I began teaching my clients the simplicity of active skincare. This progressed to teaching on behalf of accrediting bodies and global brands. I could see that branding was attracting the client’s attention rather than the science and knowledge required to achieve optimal skin health. This inspired me to create the Skin Nerd Network® which has 50,000 clients to whom we offer unbiased product recommendations during our consultations. The Skin Nerd provides one-to-one online skin consultations to empower people to feel better in their skin and enable them to make the right decisions for their skin via our online skincare shop where we house 45 different brands via education and constant ongoing support for our community. ________18

Tell us about Skingredients and how it came to fruition?

lot of people as the trust was already there in the brand and in the way in which we Whilst working for other brands, I noticed a worked. niche. I saw that there was a demand from From a Skingredients perspective, market research and my own social media unfortunately a lot of our retail partners audience to reiterate the fact that people closed and understandably had to prioritise wanted simplicity, affordability, colour- health over skincare. Having the online coded, education-driven, science-based platform allowed us to communicate, skincare. educate and support our stockists at both a What has been the biggest challenge you floor level and a digital level, which in a sense has only strengthened our relationships have faced on your journey so far? with both our retailers and consumers. Researching contract manufacturers when it is an area you are not familiar with. It was Logistically, it has been a hard time. From vital to ensure that we aligned with the best an import, tax and logistical element there chemist possible. This allowed us to create has been a lot of unforeseen cashflow formulas to the highest level, and to ensure managements, however thankfully we have that we delivered the efficacious, correct managed to navigate our way through and level, so that our products and claims are see it as our new norm. The reality of being a small business means that you constantly substantiated. assess and reflect on change in a responsive People management, particularly when manner. This allows you to keep an eye on you are moved from a physical to a digital the business and make the best decisions. platform. Keeping culture alive can be a challenge. They say that culture is what happens when you are not in the room and You are an eco-conscious company. Why trying to bring that together when you have is sustainability such an important element a team of 30 people that work in different of your company? countries, can pose challenges at times. The global beauty industry produced 142 billion units of packaging in 2018. * This is a huge figure, but it is not just the beauty industry that contributes to this problem – plastic waste is a global, urgently pressing issue. A whopping 91% of plastic is not recycled** and we found that although 90% of people say that they recycle kitchen waste, only 52% claim to do the same from the bathroom. *** These facts that inspired us to be part of the solution, not the problem. We have taken steps How has COVID-19 impacted your business to go greener in alignment with a more and what do you think will be the long- sustainable approach to product packaging. lasting affects for Irish business and We wanted to make this process easier for consumption trends? consumers and limit any negative impact on Because we set up the online skincare the environment by embracing both multiconsultation business in 2018, we were use and recyclable packaging. certainly ahead of the times. In a sense we We have also partnered with Plastics for were deemed innovative before the world Change to help protect our oceans and the had turned global and so this gave us an ecosystems inhabiting them. opportunity to springboard and attract a



Working from home has allowed some of us a rest from their daily commute, and the pollution that comes with it. Returning to the office means you need to make sure you are protecting your skin from the smog, dirt and pollution that can accompany travelling back and forth to work. Antioxidants are an essential addition and work to protect the skin from oxidative stress.

It’s Plastics for Change’s mission to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans by collecting the waste and providing plastic collectors a fair income and access to better livelihoods. Skingredients has made an annual pledge to Plastics for Change that directly removes 28,000kg of plastic waste from clogging landfills and our oceans. For every Skingredients product that you purchase, you are directly removing one plastic bottle from landfill.

A facial spritz containing antioxidants can be taken in your handbag and applied throughout the day. Those returning to a workplace may also find they are wearing more makeup again, making double cleansing even more important. Take care to remove any impurities, oil and debris at the end of the day to ensure that you don’t go to sleep with clogged pores which can lead to breakouts. Ensure that you apply SPF every morning to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Skingredients advocate a streamlined, capsule daily skincare regime with our Key 4 range. We don’t encourage consumers to have an excessive amount of product on the shelf, and so in that sense we have been sustainable from the get-go. The Cleanse off Mitt was our first product and an alternative to rival one-use wipes, so there has always been an underlying ecoawareness. Arguably, to claim that you are sustainable would mean that you would not create a skincare brand but what we are attempting to do is be as conscious as possible, not just for skin health but for the environment too. As readers prepare for the return to workplace, what would you recommend How do you find juggling the work life balance? What advice would you offer they introduce to their skin routine? to readers thinking about setting up a Regardless of whether you are working business? from home or commuting, you still need to cleanse, apply your topical skincare Achieving a work life balance can be (such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin A) challenging– especially when your office is and wear SPF every single day. This applies in your home! I admit that I’ve been guilty of for everyone, across all genders and rain or working long, unsociable hours in the past but taking some ‘me-time’ away from work shine. is so important. ________20

How has the WTCD helped you achieve your exporting ambitions so far? They have helped us to understand the process and information that is needed as we try to compile and research and choose our target audiences, retailers, and countries as we look beyond Ireland and the UK. The team has been beyond supportive, accommodating, hugely inspiring and very encouraging about the brands. I am very much looking forward to continuing to work together over the coming months and hopefully years.

Not only does it give you time to relax, it also allows you to regroup, refocus and remind yourself of your priorities. Setting personal and professional goals to work towards has helped me within my career. I also advise anyone thinking of starting a business in this industry to keep educating yourself. The industry is constantly evolving, which means that there will always be new techniques, and new ingredients to learn about. It’s important to invest time and energy into expanding your expertise. What are your ambitions for Skingredients over the next few years? Last year was a huge year for us, with our refill launch and with the brand launching on Cult Beauty in the UK. Expanding into other markets is a goal, but I believe in doing everything slowly and correctly and at the right time. Rather than trying to be everywhere quickly, I want to focus on communicating our message, providing education and delivering excellent skincare results.


HEALTHY TREAT WITH REAL BENEFITS! Are you trying to find the perfect protein powder? Try Juspy Powder Blend to nourish your body inside out. It will give you a natural energy boost whenever you need it. It is also the perfect in-between mini-meal, snack, coffee substitute, breakfast, midmorning drink, 3pm slump pick-me-up and chocolate replacement. The uses are only limited by your imagination. Made from natural ingredients, the Jupsy Powder Blend is full of amazing ingredients including the ‘hero ingredient’ marine collagen, beside coconut milk, pea and rice protein, organic cacao, organic coconut nectar, chicory root fiber, organic ashwagandha, organic baobab, Himalayan pink salt and vitamin C. Plus, you will not find any refined sugar or stabilizers or additives. Just lots of goodness. If you enjoy a chocolate shake with amazing health benefits, then Juspy Power Blend is an outstanding protein powder you should try!




VEGAN FRIENDLY AND MORE ETHICALLY SOURCED RANGE OF SUSTAINABLE TOOLS SUITABLE FOR A HIGH PERFORMANCE PROFESSIONAL FIELD! On the lookout for vegan friendly and sustainable makeup product?Our member Nima Brush has just the right product for you. Nima Brush is a highly professional but playful range of cosmetic brushes launched into the Irish market in 2012 by Make Up Artist, Niamh Martin. NimaFil Smart Fibre is an Award Winning technology at Nima Brush that uses vegan friendly, man-made fibre that enables a synethic hair to mimic the design of a natural hair. NimaFil Smart Fibre is a Micron Crystal Filament technology, a process whereby teeny tiny micro crystals are attached to each single fibre on a synthetic brush. This technology allows the synthetic brush to pick up and release product exactly the way a natural haired brush would. The brush hairs are extremely soft, nonporous, durable and non-abrasive to the skin making them the perfect professional tool. The NimaFil technology was gradually extended to all their range which means they offer a more high performance, ethically sourced, vegan friendly range of cosmetic brushes. These high performance synthetic brushes can be used for cream, gel and powderpackaging without plastic. ________22


THIS WOOLOW PILLOW WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU SLEEP – FOREVER! We are excited to introduce an amazing product from our member Woolow, the Woolow Pillow! Each Woolow pillow is filled with 100% naturally Irish hypo- allergenic wool. Scientific testing has demonstrated that dust mites cannot survive in wool, which is why natural wool has been internationally awarded the Allergy Seal of Approval. Sheep’s wool is a natural fibre designed to breathe. This means it adjusts to your body temperature, keeping you warm in winter, and cool in summer. It regulates your body temperature, so you won’t overheat or get cold during the night! Your very own organic wool pillow is wrapped in a soft 300 thread cotton casing and lovingly crafted to ensure you have the best night’s sleep imaginable, every night. Now that’s the stuff dreams are made of.


CHILLI & SESAME KALE CRISPS Swap out your regular potato crisps for these baked Chilli & Sesame Kale Crisps. The perfect healthy snack from Fused by Fiona!

Cooking Instructions: •

Heat oven to 150C/130C fan/ gas 2 and line 1-2 baking trays with baking parchment.

Wash the kale and dry thoroughly. Cut out the centre stalks if needed, then cut/tear the kale into 5cm slices. Place in a bowl.

Drizzle over olive oil and massage gently into the kale.

Drizzle over soy sauce, scatter over the sesame seeds and season with black pepper. Mix well. Toss onto baking trays.

Roast in the oven for 20 minutes, turning halfway through cooking, until still green but crisp at the edges.


For this recipe Fused Cheeky Chilli Soy Sauce is used for a spicy hit, but these would work just as well with Fused Glorious Ginger or Fused Clever Classic Soy Sauces if you wanted to play around with flavour combinations.

Ingredients • • • • •

1 bunch kale 1 and a half tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp Fused Cheeky Chilli Soy Sauce 1 tbsp sesame seeds Black pepper to season



FINANCE & GRANTS FOR EXPORTERS The WTC Dublin’s Guide to Irish SME Short Term Enterprise Allowance The Short-Term Enterprise Allowance Support

(STEA) gives support to people who have lost their job and want to start their own business. It’s paid instead of Jobseeker’s Benefit for a maximum of nine months. It ends when the entitlement to Jobseeker’s Benefit ends (that is at either nine or six months).

At the WTC Dublin, we support and promote Irish SME growth nationally and internationally. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of support options that are currently available for Irish SMEs who are either in start-up or expansion phase. View this guide to find support that best fits your current business stage from new company Three-year corporate tax exemption funding to existing company funding and Under this scheme, you can [technically] earn €120,000 tax-free for the first three everything in between. years. The scheme gives relief from STARTING: EARLY-STAGE SUPPORT FOR corporation tax on your trading income, and certain other gains new companies may COMPANIES acquire, for the first three years. Local Enterprise Office The Local Enterprise Office is for people Back to Work Enterprise Allowance interested in starting a new business If you have been out of work and in receipt or people already trading, including of social welfare for more than twelve entrepreneurs, early-stage promoters, months, under the Back to Work Enterprise start-ups and small business looking to Allowance you can keep your social welfare expand. With 31 dedicated teams across the payment for two years if you set up a Local Authority network in Ireland, Local business (year 1: 100% – year 2; 75%). Enterprise Offices offer a wide range of The Employment and Investment Incentive experience, skills and services. Scheme This scheme replaced the business Bank finance When growing a new business, talk to your expansion scheme and allows individual bank about funding options. Bank finance investors get tax relief on investments they has many features that will appeal to SMEs make in other companies. and early-stage growth businesses. You can calculate your repayments and apply Start Your Own Business scheme for a loan by visiting the website of your The Start Your Own Business scheme provides relief from income tax for longpreferred bank term unemployed people who start a new Start-up Refunds for Entrepreneurs (SURE) business. This is for people who start a company and need cash to fund its growth. You may claim OPTIMISE eCommerce fund back the income tax if you are an employee, The fund gives small business owners the an unemployed person or a person recently e-tools and know-how to ‘optimise’ their made redundant and are starting a business. existing website and grow their business online.



Innovation vouchers If you own or manage an SME, and it’s a limited company, you can apply for an The NDRC innovation voucher worth €5,000. One of the best tech incubators in the world, the NDRC is the place to apply if Feasibility study/innovation grant you are a very early stage digital company. You can get 50% of the costs of your NDRC invests up to €135,000 per company, study, not including VAT, up to €15,000. providing an award-winning acceleration Importantly, you don’t have to pay back the model and tailored investor management money. subsequent to companies completing the NDRC process. Added to this, there is office space in Dublin, Galway and Waterford. Halo Business Angel Network (HBAN) The HBAN umbrella group supports the Investing through an integrated model of early stage entrepreneurial community a modest amount of capital investment across the island of Ireland and actively as well as hands-on expert guidance and works to increase the number of angel support, NDRC’s goal is to help accelerate investors investing in early stage companies. ventures to the next meaningful milestone in their journey. This may be to secure seed investment, bootstrapping early growth or to have gained sufficient feedback to invalidate the initial proposition. The Rubicon Centre, Cork The Rubicon Centre is jointly financed by CIT and Enterprise Ireland and is a leading business innovation hub, helping entrepreneurs to take their projects to the next level. The centre offers a multitude of programmes for firms at all stages. Enterprise Ireland funded campus incubation centres This is a list of incubation centres funded by Enterprise Ireland and located on the campuses of Irish Universities and Institutes of Technology. PUBLIC SUPPORTS FOR START-UPS New Frontiers entrepreneur development programme There are limited places available each year and the successful candidates each receive cash and training in areas like business planning, sales and marketing. It’s a very competitive programme, hence it’s essential that you have a sustainable new business idea that will “trade internationally, create employment and generate revenue”.

Origin8 from NCAD A new on-campus centre for commercialisation and innovation at the National College of Art and Design (NCAD), Origin8 aims to allow industry partners to access the very best and latest in design research. At the same time, it allows oncampus designers and researchers to get access to successful companies that need good designers.


NovaUCD Based in Ireland’s largest University, NovaUCD is a centre of excellence for start-ups from a variety of disciplines. Nova provides mentoring, free legal, tax and marketing advice and helps start-ups securing funding from angels and venture capitalists.

Food Academy Start programme Do you have an idea for a food business or product? Food business start-ups can apply to the Food Academy Start programme, a collaborative initiative between the Local Enterprise Offices, Bord Bia and SuperValu.

Trinity Technology & Enterprise Campus The Trinity Technology and Enterprise Campus have space available to let for small and medium-sized enterprises. It also has bio-incubation space available, funded by Enterprise Ireland, for biotechnology firms. Ignite incubator programme Ignite is the incubator programme at University College Cork (UCC). The college does not take an equity stake in the startups. On completion of the programme, businesses get a further six months office space free-of-charge at the National Software Centre in Mahon in Cork. Entries PRIVATE SUPPORT FOR START-UPS – are welcomed from graduates of any third ACCELERATORS level institution and each year ten teams are chosen for the programme. Propeller Venture Accelerator programme DCU’s Ryan Academy runs the Propeller Invent Centre DCU, Dublin City University Venture Accelerator programme for earlyA core part of the centre’s work is to stage technology start-ups. This three“identify opportunities for partnership month accelerator offers €30,000 seed between DCU and industry through state- funding plus €15,000 in services costs to funded innovation partnerships”. entrepreneurs with winning ideas. The Ignite Technology Transfer Office (Ignite TTO) Galway This centre explores and facilitates commercial opportunities for the research community at NUI Galway.

LaunchBox LaunchBox is a three-month accelerator open to teams of Trinity students (undergrad and postgrad) with an early-stage business. Participants receive funding, office space and mentorship as well as other networking Incubation Centre at Maynooth University supports. Opened in July 2015, this centre is “focused on ensuring a professional and efficient Startupbootcamp Ireland approach to the commercialisation of Startupbootcamp is a global network of research”. industry-focused start-up accelerators. “We take start-up’s global by giving them The Nexus Innovation Centre University of direct access to an international network of Limerick the most relevant partners, investors and Nexus has a number of flexible programmes mentors in their sector.” tailor-made for start-ups. ________26

Seedcamp Seedcamp is a leading European pre-seed and seed stage acceleration fund. “We back ambitious founders from around the world and help them build billion-dollar global companies.”

CROWDFUNDING & PEER-TO-PEER LENDING Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular option for businesses looking to raise seed capital. In Ireland, there are sites such as: • Linked Finance • • Seed Ups • Kickstarter

Dogpatch Labs Dogpatch Labs is a curated start up hub located in the chq building, in Dublin’s digital docklands. With a mission to accelerate the development of Ireland’s start up ecosystem, Here is a list of the top crowdfunding sites it provides a valuable community from worldwide. where to grow, share knowledge and form connections. A key programme it runs is First Fridays for Startups, where start-ups can speak with mentors including founders, VCs, and a variety of experts. Startpath MasterCard has an eCommerce and Fintech focused accelerator for innovative earlystage European start-up’s. Successful companies receive access to ‘experts’ from the MasterCard network. START-UP FUNDS Enterprise Ireland’s portfolio of top startup funds Enterprise Ireland falls somewhere in the middle between pre-seed and seed stage investment. It has a number of solutions aimed at start-ups, including: • The Competitive Feasibility Fund for Female Entrepreneurs • The Competitive Start Fund • The High Potential Start-up Unit • Graduate Start Fund

CREDIT FOR ESTABLISHED BUSINESSES IN IRELAND Bank finance If it’s time for your business to borrow, you can talk to a bank about a small business loan. Banks have secured and unsecured interest rates and more than that, they have many financial products and services for SMEs of all sizes and stages.

Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland The SBCI was set up to offer loans to SMEs that are up to two percent cheaper than There is also now a Competitive Start Fund market rates. For example, an SBCI five-year for Irish graduates worth €50,000. loan of €400,000 will cost an SME between €15,000 and €20,000 less than a typical Google Ventures market loan. Google has set up an arm of Google Ventures (GV) in Europe and allocated an initial fund of $100 million for local startups.



Microfinance The Microfinance fund is aimed at all micro-enterprises in Ireland – start-ups and growth firms. Loans of between €5,000 and €25,000 are available for commercially viable products. Borrowers must pay a commercial interest rate. Borrowers must be based in the Republic of Ireland and have fewer than 10 employees and a turnover of less than €2 million per annum. Microfinance loans are now also available through Local Enterprise Offices with a reduced rate for LEO clients. Credit Guarantee Scheme If you need working capital but can’t get it from a bank, the Credit Guarantee Scheme may be for you. The idea is that the Irish Government provides the lender with a 75% guarantee for which the borrower pays for a 2% premium. Up until now, the scheme was only available to businesses applying for new loans. It’s now also available to companies that want to move loans from a bank that is leaving the Irish market. The maximum length of the guarantee has been extended from three to seven years. The Credit Review Office If you are a small business owner or a sole trader and have had difficulty accessing loans from a bank or commercial lending firm, you can apply for an independent review from the Credit Review Office. You can also apply for a review if your existing credit terms have been changed. GROWING YOUR BUSINESS R&D Tax Credit This is to encourage investment by companies into research and development. The main challenge for SMEs is understanding the difference between everyday commercial activity and R&D. You may need assistance from a qualified accountant to establish what can be claimed against R&D.

Accelerated Capital Allowance This is to encourage companies, paying corporation tax, to buy energy efficient equipment and machinery. You can writeoff 100% of the purchase value of qualifying energy efficient equipment against your profit, in the year of purchase. Source: business-grants-ireland/





growth of China’s imported food trade volume in the recent years, the increasing Rapid Consumer Market Growth With a population of roughly 1.4 billion, it demand by consumers for imported food is no surprise that the Chinese consumer safety, and lastly due to the fact that the market is the world’s largest. Like the EU existing regulations can no longer meet the and United States, the food and beverage requirements of the current growth. sector has a very large piece of the consumer market share. According to the China Chain Store & Franchise Association, China’s food and beverage (F&B) sector reached approximately $595 billion in 2019, a 7.8 percent increase over 2018. Predictions by estimates a massive rate of growth at nearly $2 Billion by 2026.

What Changes to Expect? Upon implementation, GACC Decree 248 now requires all overseas food manufacturers, processors, and storage facilities of all food products (except food additives and food-related products) to register with the GACC. In comparison with the current regulations, the GACC Decree 248 introduces several major changes. • Regulations Change Overview China’s Registration Management System for Overseas Manufacturers of Imported Foods was established over two decades • ago, in 1999. It is with little surprise that the General Administration of Customs of China (“GACC”) announced the Registration and Administration of Overseas Manufacturers of Imported Food (“GACC Decree 248”), which entered into force on 1 January 2022.

The applicable scope is expanded to all food categories; previously regulations only applied to certain categories of foods. Extended registration period - the new version extends the registration period for manufacturers producing imported food overseas, from the current 4 years to 5 years.


Details the specific steps necessary when undergoing an evaluation approach - document review, video inspection, and/or on-site inspection; contrasting to the old version which did not detail how to conduct the evaluation by the GACC.

China Import Food Enterprise Registration System (CIFER system), which is GACC’s registration system, particularly for overseas food manufacturers exporting to China. Another system is the China International Trade Single Window, which is where all of the international trade-related businesses, unlimited to overseas manufacturers, needs New requirements for the labelling of to be inquired, registered, and completed the Manufacturer Registration Number for filing with the GACC. (MRN) on both the inner and the outer package of the product. The old version What are the application materials only required labelling of MRN on the required under the recommendation for outer package. registration?

Hold the overseas competent • authority accountable for truthfulness, completeness, and legality of the submitted documents.

Overseas manufacturers of imported food shall obtain registration from the GACC.

Essentially, the GACC Decree 248 is now imposed on all the imported edible products including foods, liquor, beverage, and traditional Chinese medicines (except food additives and food-related products). • Any overseas manufacturer that wish to import foods into China, including manufacturers of production, processing, and storage must comply with these new regulations. •

Letter of recommendation by the competent authority of the country (region) (The competent authority of the country refers to government agencies in charge of safety and sanitation regulation of food manufactures in the country). Documents certifying identification of the manufacturer, such as the business license issued by the competent authority of the country (region). S t a te m e n t t h a t t h e p ro d u ce r recommended by the competent authority of the country (region) conforms and complies with the requirements of these Regulations. Reports of examinations/inspections/ review conducted by the competent authority of the country (region) to the relevant manufacturers List of recommended manufacturers and the manufacturer’s applications for registration. Unless stated otherwise, the application materials for the manufacturer’s registration must be submitted in Chinese or English.

How to Register? The registration for overseas manufacturers Many questions quickly arise for of imported foods is valid for five years upon international exporters of food such as, and from the official date of registration. where to register? There are multiple systems to choose from, for instance, The ________31




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