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Spring 2014 Course Offerings

Are you passionate about writing? Do you like working with your peers and designing texts in traditional and digital media? Are you ready for a challenge that will develop your writing abilities and prepare you to succeed in the workplace? WSC 101 Practicum in Writing Center Pedagogy MF 11:15-12:40 Professor Frank Gaughan

Students will study the issues and methods of writing center pedagogy through researching the history of writing centers in postsecondary American education and studying landmark works in composition theory. Students will also observe and participate in writing tutorials at the Hofstra Writing Center. Students who complete this course may be eligible to work as Hofstra Writing Center consultants. Prerequisites: WSC 1 & 2

For more information about these classes, please contact the Department Chair, Dr. Frank Gaughan or call 516.463.5467.

Wsc101 writingcenterpracticum  
Wsc101 writingcenterpracticum  

Study the history of writing centers and learn how to collaborate with other writers, edit, and peer tutor.