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Spring 2014

Do you have the writing skills necessary to succeed? Do you know how to collaborate produce winning proposals, applications, and reports? Are you ready for a challenge that will develop your writing abilities and prepare you to succeed in the workplace?

WSC 30 Business Communication TR 11:10-12:35 Professor Robert Vestigo This course provides instruction in crafting effective memos, emails, proposals, policies and reports. Students will learn how to write in team environments and in a variety of organizational structures. The course pays special attention to writing audience-appropriate messages in both digital and print media. Prerequisite/Course Notes: WSC 001. Required for all Minors in General Business

For more information about these classes, please contact the Department Chair, Dr. Frank Gaughan or call 516.463.5467.

Wsc30 businesswriting  
Wsc30 businesswriting  

Business Communication Do you have the skills you need to succeed?